Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 3 Mart 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 3 Mart 1843 Page 3
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WHIG NATIONAL CONVENTION. In llio Ndtiuinl Iiitulligunci'r of Monday last, wo find tlio following official nccottnt of tho proceedings of llio Whig Mumln-'M of Congress. Wo luivo no doubt thoy ill moot with tho cordial mid undivided approbation or tho party. Wo iiavo nlroiiily noticed tho fact that a National Convention scented to bo generally desired by our political friends throughout tlio country. From the account which follows our renders will prcccivo that tho utmost harmony and good fooling pro vaded on tho occasion : or A meeting or the wmo mcmecds or coNcnnss. At a ioint meeting of the whiij mcml crs nf the Sen ate and House of Representatives of the U. Slates, held in tho Senate Chamber, on Saturday evening, the lSlli. Feb. 19)3, for the pnrnoso ofcoiisidcrlng llio propriety eif holding a Convention, to nom inate c.indidatcs lo liu supported by llio ihig parly hi the next election of I' and Vice President of the United Slates Ilicltaid II. Uayarel, of Delaware w9 called to Iho choir, and Alcxnn ler II. II. Stuart, of Virjfiiui, find Julin t. Clark, ol New Yoilt, were nppnintid seciclnrie". Mr. Tollmie'go, of New York, on behalf of a joint committee appointed nt a previous meeting to cons-id-er wlnt measures should be ndoptcd, made a report, which, limine been discussed nnil t nmended, was unanimously tuloptc.1. The report is in the following words, viz : " Whereas, the expediency of holding a National Convenlion for the nomination of President ami Vice President, has been suggested by tho wliigs in vari ous parts of the Union ! and it having been referred by iliem to the whig members of Congress, to desig nate the lime and plfice of holding said Convention : therefore, "Resolved, That the vvliig members of Congress, concurring in thc.cxpcdicncy of tho proposed Conven tion, and lo the wishes exploded that they should designato ibn lima and place, do respectfully recommend that a U'.ii.j National Convention for the nomination of candidates for President and Vice President of the United Slates beheld at the city of Iialtimorc,'on Wednesday, thc3d elay of May, 1S14, and that tho said Convention bo composed of Dele gates from the respective Slates, crpial to tho numLcr of Representatives of each State in tho Congress of tho United Slates." RICHARD II. BAYARD, Chairman. Alex. II. tl. t-TCAnr, John C. Clark, Secretaries. A wAru.iKi: sit.ui; i.v nun nontzpx. The Now Orleans Courier of tho 14th inst. con tains the following important paragraph: ''The bulletin of tho Mcichants' Exchange announ ces, on the authority nf tho olliccisof llio steamer Now York, that tho United States revenue cutter Woodbury arrived at tho Rnlizc, yesterday morning, with Gen. Wadely Thompson, our embassador to Mexico, on board. As llio negotiation with which the General was charged was certainly a very impor tant one, weprcsumo ho did not quit his post in Mex ico until ho lost all hopes ofan ami -able arrangement. War, then, between the United States and Mexico, may be looked upon as inevitable, if the report or our embassador' withdrawal should be confirmed." If all this bo correct we see nothing start ling in it, as Mr. Thompson asked permis sion to return some time since. Mr Walsh, in a letter lo tho National Intelligencer, dated Paris Jan. 7, sajs "A ludicrous scene occurred in tho royal court of justice ycueiuay. un t'resse nau issued anaudt'ionai sheet for law and police cases j ihe attorney general claimed tin pecuniary dcpo-ite, us secuiity,for a dis linctj urn,il. La Prcsso resisted, and was exempted by tha inferior tribunal. The royal court wascmploy cd with tho crown apparel. P.nllet, lawyer of I. a Prcsse. delivered unfolded the largest of the American monster hebdomadal?, stretched it out, with both arms e.Mcnded lo llio ntinosl, so as to render it n com-plstt-sSrccn from head to fool, nnd from behind it, ex cltimcd to the bench : ".--ee! ilia Americans arc not a neonlowho dread n-nntitv of mailer and nancrs thev Tecod from no dimensions they allow all scopelo the freedom ol'lho pen nn I scissors.- Our prosecutors nro niggatds th i-ourl will lo more liberal nnd broad sightcd. The spr leiroflot' rs cm no where i'o harm." All tho auditor, of P.nllu (judges lint excepted) were convulsed with bushier. Tlio decision sanctioned tho supplement nf La Prcs-o." The MadUonian copies Sir Kuliort Peel's speech on the right of search, and remark: "Tho mol amusing pait oT .Sir Ro' en's speech is the considerate and putionizint? dccl.uation that 'Wc claim the right lo know whciiic-r n grecroits irroii! his not been offered to the American flag!' And h;nce they wool I board our vcsje'snii I make seareh to ascertain thofict! What control has Fiu-lnnd ovcrourrnol Oca rno fhotected itseli nctiiso the last wen. Wo had sup;io-i-d we weie nn inde pendent nation, mi l no longer lubiiinry to, or under tho parental protection of, our cruel old mother. Wo had thought wo could icscnt and redress nny 'griev ous wrong,' ofH-rcel us by any nation, ourselic3." From thoTrov (N. Y.) Budget. Feb. 22. ANOTlir.R LAM) i-LlDE. Aboul half-past 3 o'clock, jestcrday P. M., another elide occurred im-iiediati ly on the south of ibenvnl nnche of tho 17th. Its movement wns witnessed bv many, nnd was nt first so tlow ihn! any one within its reach could easily have got out of the way. This movement occurred whi-ic the-ic was less pros pect fur its starting than ihiro was on the norlh side of this precipice. Onh n tingle hou.o being within its reach, and that having been vacated, Ihcro i ouhl have I een and of course wns no injury dune to per sons. The wood-shed attached Ion elwelhimat llio basoof ihn hill on tho south of llio avalanche was was carried away, and the houso had a narrow es cape. The amount of earth brought down by this slide is nol by Ihe quantity which descended on Friday. A large ponton of the old elepositc was moveil ny tnoi.asisiiu ntii'linceeu marly nny r.-el. A portion of the lull nn the north of the nval m chc, bids fair scon lo come down. After lhat Ins fallen if thodiyeing is s o;iii'd, we lln k there can bo no further danger. Meantime, persons hing in the vicinity of danger should bo induced to vacate the E remises. By this we nould nol nlarm the ne:gh orhoodottbii slide, but simply wnm ihosain dinger. P. S. 12, M Wo have just relurn"d from ihe slide. The earth has niottd eonsielerable sintc last evening, making, wo think, ihcnfgregaiotf the last slide equal in nmeuint lo tho first. The hill nt this lime prcscHls a peculiarly interes ting appearand!. Besides the mass lhat hns found A resting i.laco on tho level below, there is a huge pile or mound separated from tho hill nnil icslingat about fifty feet fn m it, leaving a chasm of much depth be tween. In llio f.ico of llio lull, about forty feel from tho summit, th -ro are two largo holes through which a powerful s'ream flowed during ihe night nnd spent its force not until ibis morning. '1 ho npcrturcs arc two or three le.-t in diameter, and some ndicnlurous ones who have climbed within n few feel of them say thoy penetrate far into tho bosom of the lull. The remainder of the hill is now merely a "hoys back," nnd although the summit is not less thin 2G0 or 300 feet above tho original level of the adjacent ulain. nt no distnnt day. wo think will bo levelled, so as to form an can- declivity down to Washington Park, between which nnd it ihcronreno buildings' yet erected. Un inn eiecicwly, niter Ihe troubled earth lias subsided, ihere will be some "eligible building lots." Mt.,Ida, norlh nf tho avalanche, we nrei informed is composed of dilli-rent material, being chiefly rock. So there can be litl'e, if any danger of farther slides. Loss of One IIunuhi:i Lives. Tho following is a copy of :i slip from tho Wash ington (Arkansas) Telegraph : "In conwquenco of tho melting of iho snow in the mountains, Red River has been so flooded thai nil its bottoms lie buried beneath iho heavy mass of moving water, whoso appearance was so sudden and rapid, that it has homo down every vestigo of human industry, cotton bales, cotton presses, corn, cattle, horses, nogs, etc., in ono wide and genernl ruin, Du ring tho period of halfn century, there was never known such an overwhelming Hood as that with l which wc arc now vtsitcel. At Kort Teiwnson, on llio 25th ult , ihe river roso fifteen fact hijher than ever j, beforeknown, spreading over the wholebottom,dcs , Iroying tho warehouse nt the public landing, and weeping in one common rrnve all species of nnima lion. Joncsboroughi Rowland, nnd llcilin, in Texas, have been wholly inundated, some of ihe houses washed awa-, nnd many of ho inhabitants drowned. Some few .N 'groes escaped from Joncsboro igh on a fift, an I when passing Iho residence, of Col, James H.Johnsan, ihoy saw him wilh his family on the house top, but could render ihem no assistance and soon after nastinir ihev heard n crash nnd oug wilil cream, nuil all was silent sgain, except the roar of the rushing torrent. Amid the general distress, Cap!. Crooks, of iho stenmboal Hunter, proceeded to Mill reck, nnd rem . tiered the sufferers cveiy poss bio succor in his paw. art Roing from place to place, pi .-king up tho survl Torsfrom the tops of the houses end trees j ihus res ntny from a watery crave some sr-wn.flvftnr it hnn. Arj ne-rsens. Soruu were nerpfiRnritv ift nArl.l, in the csne and limber, as there was no possible way of reaching Ihom, their cries olten being heard nhove ths notseoi ino nemcms. on lamiiics or Indian", fourlsen miles this side of Joneslorough, nro lenerl- i lost, and Onl. Mibitn, of Kenturkv, wilh n lidv, uiis niece, nno .11 r. nicivmucy, nriucu. it thought Hhit over n hundred lives bnvo been lost between CTullon snrt Jonesltorougli now ninny wens yelran nut say wilh certainly Owing to llio crrat number of Killer on the bottom of Hod River, ihe loss of properly and hiimsn life must bo immense, Al lht ttctccnts ths rivir was t nil rising." HUItLINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY We find tho following noticn of this insti tution v in tho Philadelphia Christian Obser ver, from "a correspondent in Now Eng liinuV' who scotns to have regarded our lo cal advantages with some favor. Wo would like to get hold ofsomo of these letters. Beside tho University, there is another Institution of high character and importance in tho village of Bur lington, deserving of a notice in itiis sketch of its lite rary advantages. I refer tn tho Kr.MAt.fc Semisahv. Tins was established in 1S33, under n charter from tho Stale. It now occupies the spacious buildings erect rd, some years since, bv the Rev. Dr. Hopkins, for nn Episcopal InstiliitentiifThcologie-al Seminary. That cnlcrpnso having failed, the buildings have been pro cuicel d r the I.aelie-s' Seminary. These ore tlegant accomodations sufliciml for from ono to two hundred young Iodic. Wo hazard nothing in .saying, that n more healthful, appropriate, and beautiful spot for such a ochuol cannot be found in llio country. Tho -.I ni ...i :.t,.u and valley, is tho admiration of all who visit tho place and has ihe power nf charm to awaken intellect and e'cclopo the idea of basic nnd beauty. 1 lie number ot pupils mat navn uicn in nticnuanco upon this Institution, annually, has been nbntit one At present, nn account of tho " hardness of the limes," it is less than usu d. Wo have looked somewhat minutely into llio cottrso of instruction and lui'thod of teaching adopted in this school for young ladi-s. In tlusageof nnvt Itics. experiments, and pro ject", we havo had all kinds ofscbools manual lalior t.rn mis nnu piny school, schools clienp nnu expen pile ! but, after all, no royal or rail roads havo been discovered to good nnd substantial learning. While the Institution at Ilurlinglon embraces nil real nnd well-tried improvements in the nrt of teaching, it seeks to promote intellectual growth in llio pupils, not by pouring knowledge into them, but by waking up nnd bringing into vigorous exercise their own pow ers. Mr. D. A, Rraman,a gentleman of piety.libcral educa tion, nnd peculiar qualifications, is nt tho head nf the boaidins establishment, nnd presides over the family affairs. Mrs. Martha Paine (sister-in-law of his excel lency, the Governor of the State,) is to preside over the school in government and insttuction. Three gentleman professors nro employed tn the sevcrnl de partments of music, drawing, nnd languages-, while voting lady professors assist in oilier nnd ordinary branches. The course of instruction is thorough: nnd it goes upon llio principle that young ladies nro to boeducali-d lo houseful rather than to' thine. The result is, that, being thus educated, thoy really do shine not because they make the effort to do n, bit lo calise, being, like the sun, full of light, they cannot help shininir. Another merit nf this Institution, which may bo considered in these hard times, is economy, the ex pense of board and trillion in common English branch es being only 120 a year. In short, if the young ladicsofvour pond cily wish lo breath lhat pure air, thai will' unfold most perfectly the rose upon their check, while acquiring their education, let them, with thoopening of another spring, como on with the birds from lluir soutlfrn passage, and spend the summer hero amid their carols, nnd among Ihe most attrac tive .md beautiful scenery nny where to bolound. CJTitt; I'or.xnv or the Phofessio.v. Wc find tins following law case reported in n late number of the Hartford Courant. Tho caso was tried before tho Supremo Court of Connecticut, at its late session at Hartford: Silas Collins vs. Daud V. Hill. This was an action of book bronchi, to recover the value of a certain dark ceiloted horse, called the "Black Prince." The damages wore alleged to bo one hundred and twenty five dollars. It appeared in evidence that tho distinguished naino of this borso indicated in some measure the elevated tiositiem lie had occupied during a long time in tiio service of Ins country, having had the honor f ,r tnnro than eight years of trans porting the United .States mail from Hart ford to Ilartland, via Barkhainstcil. After completing tint seivice ho was fatted and shipped lo Char leston, South Carolina, and though it did not appear in evidence for what purpose such a character phould be taken from an important post and sent oil to so great a distance, yet it was shrewdly suspected thai the object wns to employ the "Jll.icl; Prince" in the more distin gui'hed service of carrying baggago for the army in the Florida war. 'J'lic counsel who made the! opening argument in behalf of (lie plaintiff, in discussing the ques tion as to the v,-i!uc of this " noble steed," inti mated lhat t ho defendant had proved too much, by witneECs who s voio that this horso was not worth mure t'lan his "hide and kIiocs. and likened the effect of such evidence to tho over loaded muskets, desciibcd in iU' : "And Iho' well aiai'd at duck or plover, llearwiJe, an.l kick their ownirsuicr;" The Counsel on the other side, in replying to this part of the remarks of tho opening Ceniusel, seemed to think ln brother opposed to him had exhibited some flights of imagination, anil ic cninmended that ho should indulge Ins poetic vejiu in writing a suitable epitaph for tliC'I'rince;' and turning to his "worthy Inend" in a iciy mirthful pleasant manner, mule a formal leques't nf hint, lint ho would do justice tn tho memory of the "Black Prince." Tho gentleman thus called upon, who always " comes to time," and is never at a loss fur an answer in Court or else where, in a few moments produced tho follow ing lines, which were handed round tho bar, and eletorve to bo embodied in Ihe report of the case. Ilowciur true it may be, that "republics are un grateful," theie are individuals who. will long remember with suitable feelings, the many vir tues, thu noble example, -aiid prtriotic services oi the "IJlaeJ: Prince." A faithful steed who long had served, An.l never Irotn hit. duly surrv'd, llnd diawn for jcars o'er lull ami dale Th Hint and and I5ci mail, Who new., m his youih or prime, Wa-1 vi r unco behind iho lime. An.! "'en though always pomly fed, Was j i iiid nnd stntcly in Ins irad, At l.i t was l iken from the stage, llccause of bis advancing age, And turned lu rang) and feed at will, Upon n barren Harllntd lull: He faltod there, grow she't and nice, And would command most nny price, When he, in latter part of fal, Wns led nwny by David Hall : The owner, never s'nee that day, lias seen tho lintcor poi his pay, And thinl.s it elon'l surpas f, That thu " Black Prince " has died of grief. Wo omit a few of tho closing lines.which refer to an accident which recently bcl'ol the horso of tlio counsel who called for tho cnttaph, which. though thoy gave much point to the epitaph, contain allusions which wo prefer to suppress, because tncy might no misconstrued. The Jury returned a verdict in favor of plain tifffor S80S0 damages and costs, hut the Court sent them out again for re-consideration, and being afterwards unable to agree upon a ver dict, tho papers wore taken back. Counsel lor plaintill, leiurey anil Chapman: r... .l r, l ... i.'ii i r mi uuiuiiuiiiii, i.iisi. in in iinu iine:. IIoitRinix TjtAOCDV. Iii tho last Vicksburg Wliijr wc find tho Pi rticulars of a sintiularlv fatal'cdy in 'I'ehulia, Holmes county. Miss. itseeins that a eJilliculty tiau existed lur some time between two persons named Newman and Sanford, both citizens of Ilohnao. On the day on which tho trageely was onactcel, Newman cancel at tlio resilience ol rjanlortl with a view of effecting a reconciliation of their difficu! ties. The parlies conversed for some time and their difference was supposed by ISauford in havo been amicably adjusted. Tho parties shook hands and wore about to separate, when .Sanford's side being turned towards him, New. man raised a largo duublo-barrellcd gun, load eel with buck shot, and forced tho whole load into tho abdomen of his adversary. Sanford staggard hack against the wall whero his gun was hanging on a rack, and though almost in his last grasp, he succeeded in levelling his gun and lodging tho load in tho abdomen of Now. man, literally tcarirg out tho entrails. In a few seconds after tho second Bhot, both parties fell dead, side by side. Murder at a wedding Wo learn from tho OulTilo Commercial, lhat a young man named English, was murdered nt a wedding party in that place, on Friday last, under tho most aggra. vatinjr circumstances. It scorns that a man named McCullock was, ainoiirr others, nresnnt. ' r.uiuuraiiii inu iiiiirnuge.' ui mo bister ol tho do rcaseil, whon yoiing Knglisli playfully took ofT aict;iillocit s lint, nut which im immediately rc. placed again, whereupon McCullock btabbed him, and lie dioel in fifteen minutes. The anas sin was secured and committed to prison. (tTCutttous EriT.irus. Lord Brough am, when in a playful mood, is said to havo written thrj following epitaph upon himself. 1 Here, reader, turn your weeping eyes " My fnto n u-cful mornl leaches, "Tlmholo in which my body lies "Would not contain ono hall my speeches." Tho author of tho next is unknown. " Hero lio John and Lucy Leaven. "They wctcltillcd by lightning sont from Heaven, "In seventeen hundred seventy-seven " Tho following is the death bed production ofn man who died of n wound received by being thrown from his chaise. It is truly an nppropriato and touching inscription. "Here I lay "Killed by n shay." Tho next is an anonymous production. "Hero l.o two children, " lly water confounded, " Onodicd of tho dropsy, " And tothcr wns tfi oicnettl." Luutencus Mnr.ou. Franklin, when ho was ambassador tn France, boinjr at a mcotino; nf a literary society, and not well understanding the French whon ""declaimed, ho determined to ap plaud when ho saw a lady of his acquaintance express tatif-fartion. When they had ceased, Ins little child said to him: "Jlut, grandpapa, ynti always applauded the loudest, when thoy were praising you." Tho good man laughed heartily, and explained tho matter. A Paris paper gives the following extract from M. Jacqueminot's .address to tho electors of that city : "Gentlemen s I have shed all my blood for my country, and I am rcaely to shed it again." That is almost equal to the old Revolutionary hern who said he "lougltt, bled, and died, at the Battlo of Bunker Hill!" NOTICE. The Ilurlington Total Abstinence Society hold their regular meeting this evening, nt tho Court House, at hali'past G o'clock. Several resolutions, of vital Im portance to lbs society, will bo called up for discussion. A general attendance) of tho friends of temperance is desired. The principles of tho Washingtonians are progress ing gloriously in our village j and may we not chciish tho hopo that Ilurlinglon will ere long become as beautiful in a moral point of view as it ever has been in its natural scenery 1 1!. F. McFARLAND, Secretary, Brighton Market.--Monday, Feb. 20, 1843. At MarleetC20 Hecf Cattle, 10 Cows and Calves, nnd 2000 Sheep. 100 Reef Cattle unsold. Paicr.s. Beef Cattle. Last week's prices w erenot sustained. A few extra S3. First qaality, si 50 3 175. Sccondqinlity, 81 10 & 23. Third quality, gti 50 Er -I 00. Cotes and Calces. Sales from 815 lo S3'. Sleep. Sales were mado from S2 50, to 1 73 Sicine. None nt market. Mairiri fl , In this town, on Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. B. O. Meeker, Mr. GEOnoE Satwell of this town, to Miss Maiiv M. HonTos, of Chazy, X. Y. In Jericho, on tho 2?J inst, by Rev. S. Ilicknell, Mr. Joseimi Goodhue to Miss Emma O. Cnrisr, all of Jericho. In Jericho, on the 21st inst., by Rev. Samuel R. Costwick, Mr John C. Omrn.w, of Willislon, to Miss Ltoia Wiiitcoms, of Essex. Bn ffl, At Tinmnuth, Vt., on tho 13, Hon. Nathaniel CmrMAS, LL. D. Professor of Law in Middlcbury College, in the 91st year of his ngc. UNITED STATUS DISTIUCT COURT, Vermont District. IN MAKUUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of CALVIN WHITE, of Milton, fur hi. Di-charge anil Certificate, n- u ll.iiiknipt, at llio Court Ilou-e, in Wiiul-iir, in Mil I Dimmci, em Weilnctday, tin- 2-lih I'ay nf.May, A. D. 1813, at 10 A. 11. uuaiAviD.i. u i. u u w, oi in i inn, tn nio ui-irict, lo 1 oilt-e nreM n Il.iul.ritpl, at 1 lie ei'Iie-o of S unt el Picnti"-, in Munipcl or, in -aid Hi-inrt, on Tin. day, thu tweniy-lir-telay of March. IS 13, aitcn o' cliic. fori-iimm. DANIKL WARD, of Miltor, in tai l Di-triei, to ! eVMureiin li.inKr.ipt, at the e'lh -e ct nniuet I'rcn-li-s, in Monit'clier, in -aid Dis'rict, cui Tue-day, the 21-t ilav ofMareh, ISO. ten n'e-loe-l:, lureoeion.' JOSEPH' SMITH Junior, iiflliilton, for In. Di-e barsu and (.iTIiti n't", n- a ll.uik rupl, ai the Court I!ou-e in Wuvlsor, in niJ di'sincl, on '-Vc-ebio-day, tbc21th ilav eilM.iv. A. I). IS 13. :( 10 A. M. HARRY II MIX):, nfll rlmgtiui, for hi. I)ihargc an I Ccruri'-.ite-, a a ILinliiupt, n tlio Lourl Hon-c, in U'ni'Ue.r, nt Mil 1 Di.'rict, em Weilno-t'av, the 2lih ilav nf.Mav.A.D. 1813. at 10.A. M. ' HARVEY WAltl'l.eil Fs-ox, lor lii- Di-cbario anc Oriuie-nlo. a n Haul, nip', nl llio i-nun Hewn', in Wiml-nr, in saitl Ih'trH, on We', tlic' day of May, A. D. 1813,nl 10, A. M. FIRE NOTICE. TIIF. Annual Me'i-tin?ol the Ilurlington fire Com pany will be' hoi. ten al J. Howard's Hold, tin Wcdiifilij, the &th day of March iit-t , at 7 "'clock St., I y auieitiininem. RTP'llii-ine' eif imporlanro Hill nendinr. Shall o have n l!ral.u l'ii;ino I .Member- intercnted will iilen.e tnl.e noltie nnil nttcnel this time or it mav l.e loo laie, ns una is iicsunciy ine last can. u. u.UJll.NUS, Clerk. March 1, 1RH. COP All TXEllSlllP. THE underjigned have tit's day entered into Par iiier-inp us Atloruics nnd Counsellors nt I.tiw solicitohsYn chancery. Anv bu.ines. c-otili led them will icceive their im- niediale anel undlVKli-.l nltetilion. JACOI1 .M AI'CK, J. MeMKLLEN KIIAFTER. Ritrlin-,'ton, March I, IS 13. DISSOLUTION. WE have ibis day, by mutual i-oiiftnt, dissolved nil 0 lr I uiuce'. l einnee lion.. which have lure- tofore I een carried on by u under the ilrm nnd i-l)lcof GAY ?C UD W A R I)S The Iron-foundry bn.ine will hereafter be carried on by Jr.str. Gav in all its varum. Irrane lief. Allele in.ind. due tho late lirm eif Guy Eehvarel. are in the ' ', ...". VL.r, i .1. X.,, rnuot"w-rouo,lnns against the c.i.alo of ASA I.. LYON, late of i r. ..i ..... iii. saul firm mu-t be promptly met or a collection tf ihem will be cnlorceel. JESSE GAY, JAMES H. EDWARDS. Burlington, Feb. 28, 1813. BOO KS. BYRON'S WORKS. Jobosou's Works, 2 vol, ltu-wclP. Johnson, do Maryan' Works, do Si-oil's do 7 vols Naluralist'i Lil rary wilh 4C0 Engraving', liroo'.iV Universal Gnzeitei-r 1 mucin elown lo the ptesent tunc containing the Census of 1840. Trunibe-U',. Re'iniiiisicnce, Sloven's Central America, 2 vcls Seai'i- Ptciorial llln-trntions ofthe Bible, 3 do Gol btnith's Animated Nature 2 do Jo.ephu.' Works, Lives ol ihe Presidents. Sterne's Workf, lluwiti'si Vi-itstoRcmarkablcMaee!, t& Sd Series Siuilenl's Life in Germany, Coleridge. Works, do Aid to Reflection, do Sin!c.inan' manual, Cooper' Naval History, Wirt'. Patrick, Ilemaa.' Works, Cr.ibli', Hclernnd Pnllok, .Millen, Yei-ilig, nnd Gray, Rogcri-', Campl ell, he' Cowper and Thnnip-iin, Gltmpics of the OU World, vols. Se'ee-l P cm-, by Mrs. SigourntT. mil. lluntinglon's Poems, Sierling'i. Works. Dic'..'i. Siderial Heaven's, Lnvennd midne-i' of Tasso Torejusto, Life of Ito-eex-, 2 volume-, Ea-tcrn Art nud Antiqtiitie, gill. Bible Quadrupeds, rill, Ve'. eStc. ef-e For mle by II. J. SHUMWAY,iffnl. March 2, 1813. '40 NOW IS THE TIME. My Storo Is sold and possession to be given tlio last of litis mouth. "PERSONS wishini to purchase tin nssortment of X liiKKi or sieiru i-iiriiilurci-nneio so cneape-r man elsewhere, nnd llty-e that wih to save ihein-elves from toil will ptea e call immeuiateiy,ior my erc-Ji tor. shall letatisfieU il possible-. SIDNEY BARLOW. i'urhngton.Peirl St.) Mtrck, , IMS. ) FRENCH BOOKS, MEADOW'S Dictionary, Ntizenl's do Charles XII. Le Urun'sTe'letmqtie, Uolmar's Phrase.. do Levizac'-e Orammar, Wnnojlroti bel's Orammar, ru.elick's French Inttodualioo, llugnrd'.! IVae-her, Peirin'n KnUc, Do Sacv's tlrntnmar, Vie do Washington, Le Olancur, French (inlele, do Recitation., do Drnmatinue, GuillaiimeToll, For sale by II. J. SttUMWAY, cn BLANK BOOKS. if1AP. Medium, and Demy Leduersr Journal-. Dav J Hiitil.s, Re-oeipl, andn grnenal nsortmcnl ol half ho imi uiant: uouus, at too oiti -mml uttslairs. 40 II. J. SHU.MWAY, Aqint Alplicui Hall's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T n Probate Court District of Chittenden, . J XI held nt Uitrllnirlnn, wiihinnnd for the district of Cliiltciulen on tlie 23-1 day of February, A. D. 1813, Alphens Hail nnd Coro linu Hall, two of thu liuirs to lite Etnte of AlplieiH Hull, lato of Milton, in naid ebslricl, elcccascil! tiled fn cni'l court llieir petition, In writing, setlinff forth tliat they each hold one .ovenllr purl of the ctnte of tbcfnid ilc-cen-cl in e-ommon with Ihu other heirs tn said estate and prnyfng nid court lo oreler a division of.uiel eslalc, nnd lo appoint commissioners to make Mich elivi.-.ion, agreeably to the sintule In such rase mado nnd provided. Wlirrcttpon,!tbe Court a(oreaid doih appoint the fourth Wedne-tlay of March, 1843, for hearing and deciding: on tnid petition nt tho office of the RegMcrof snid Court, in nnl Uurlinglon, mid eloih onler lhat nil perrons intercj-ted le notilied thereof by publication of llii order, e-emtnining the sub-lance of mid petition, three week.. Mice-e-MVcly in the-1 trlington Free Press, a new? paper printed in raid Ilitrliticlon, the la.) of which publication, lo 1 e previous to t be said foitrlh Weilne.elay ol Mareh,18l3. Given under in hand this 23J elny of February. A. D. 1843. ' ' -10 3w W5I. WESTON, Register. REMOVAL. n. n- KKMiOGG, TAir.on, BEGS leave lo inform Iho publiu that be has ro inove'd to the new Uriel; Building opposite Guy Callin's E-q., and take, tbi.opnortuniiy to ibank hi, friend for their support Mnce lii comincneing lui-i-ne.. in thi vieinily, and to a-Urc Ibein lhat be will cnileavor to ele-erven i-eititinunnce of ibeir favors by con-tnnt niiplicatinii lo bis bn-ine-j. N. H. Culling done In order. llorlingion, Fell. 20, 1813. 39 tf Urisis. Keep it before the Pcnplc. The Great Fire Engine. DAYS before the i'..uing ol another paper may be deei.leil lliecau-c of one of lite must fortunate: eie-e-urrene-c. in the annals of our own l elovevl and I dutiful Village, inlheaccumplMiment of a full, lair, bone.i, honorable, jiulieioiis sub-cripiion nnd dona tion lor the buying nn Engine loan! in the protection and pro-'.-rvnliem ol our lives home and property ; and for the furtherance of .-ucli jut nnd worthy object, the Peop.'e'i Agent i not only willing but s-uliciious lo act in eoncert with the heraldic printer and others hV'clhng Goo 1 cheap, which mav Lefullv learned bv looking at Ihu goods and prices nt huwahd'S. P. S. The Fire meeting stands ae'j'd. to Wednes day evening 1 March. 1 hurray inorniiig,23 1 Feb., '43. SAVE COST. ALL peron- indebted to the late firms and Wait, and Fnrrar Wait and Root, late firms of Fnrrar are noti fied Unit lo favc cosl and trouble there mu-t bean immeihate-ctllement with the subcril cr at the Crock- erv Store. JOSEPH WAIT. Feb. 23, 1813. 39 White Washing. LCOUGIILIN would rc-pectlully inform ibcpub- ho lhat he will nn.wcr a'l call in the above line in a neat and workmanlike stvle. All annlk.-a- lions for his crv:cc will be prcrnptly attended to ami nan. lacuon warrantiu. , Referenceto Mr.JohnM.ycrs. Ilurlington, Fek 22, 1843. 39 w3 Extracts from a Letter. Saxton's Ritcre, (near Belloxts Falls,) Jan. 3lst, 1S43. J l!cr. PANfinoaN & UniNs.MAin. I am in ereat want of the genuine MimiUtosV Pill, or llygetan Mcilictne, wbie lt I upiio:eeau bo bad in this State on ly of you. My health, which has bee-n exeeeJinslv noor for several year- past, I ecamii la. I August very alarm ing. I-ur tiiri-u iiiuiiiii. in y irieuo. expet'tvu m n, live but n .hurl lime. Mv ili-e.l-e wa iimno-mccd tl.e WORST POSSII1LF. form of DYSPEPSIA. In I!eee'iuler I pn e-iiri.l fiom yo tr ugcnl at lielloiw. F.tll-, Mr. M. S. H icUand, a dollar package of.Mor. ntsox's 1'itl.s, made nt the Urui-h College of Health, It wa. the I.e.. I he bad. 1 commenced the u.-e of ihem when I could h.inlly bold my head from my pillow ; I e-o iJ lake no nnuri.limrnl. 'exeent it iniiihl be al onl half a ten-eup of gruel eir mgn, eir some light ihing of ifiaileiml; my nnei leu me so that my itiiimatc friend, c ould scarcely rocecni-emc; my bowels were .it shrunk up, so ccintipaJ, ihnt it wa. with great dillicidiy I e-e ulet gel ordinary ineilicine to eiperate', i coiefei.cce nny unci, oone oy placing my nana upon my abdomen. " Your MeJiciue acted like aiharm. Myl owel. have not been in -a rcgilar und geiol n s'a'e for some year-. 1 wi-h vo t In tend me a largo (S3) nacknire Hume-bately, Mr. Jntne. I. Cuile-r of nfateiiijy lu able lei toll yen of a private opportunity lo' n", senu letcm uy man, uirccit-u in me, e-are en veinr agent, .11. h. Itueiildiiu, Uclluwt Fall-, Vt. Do ne t fail to send them. Yours, truly. m , , , . , , LUCIUS A. SMITH.

The letlef from winch the nl ove extracts are taken can I e seen l y any person at the VarlelyStore. The Me licine io!.eii eil'. i. lirbiei" it ri iniiniinu even ng.utist tlio nttnost unconn u-ral le nre-itiiliee. eif me pin ite-, niatn-e me nuuo.t unite-el opposition ol Ihe Mcdicnl Prol'e-sion, and in the mid-t eif n perfect ueuiguiu new mo ticino, iin.i unai lei Py pulling, or even ordinary ndverli-m-.', a. eve have not a.liertiscd it lo nny ex'ent since 1SI0 iliroiizhout ihe Slnte, and welind in iheeotintie. w beie we-'bave nol ndver'ti-til for IHeycar-.lhe sale, are eloubluig every j ear. Tho call, for the iiu-dicine llii win'er, (caueJ, probal ly, by iinu-ual -icknejs,) show qmie an iucreaec com pared with la-t year. We wi-h no person lo take medicine nei-Jle-ly. If you need nieeiie-ine, we know thi. in be n GoeiD one, PAXCIIOllX & nRINSMAII) State Agents for Mi-,.rs. Morri-on of the llrilish College of Health, London. We hotel our appointment directly from ihem, nnd siin our names upon every package anel box sold in the State. Feb. 23. 39 PANGUORN it DRINSMAIP. French prepartid Mustard and Fresh Citron, (new fruil) just received by Jacob's Exprcts, and which is nflcrcd for sale nl the German Store. OSTHEI.M & MICHOLLS. Asa It.'s Estate. WE iho subscribers, having been appointed by ihe Honorable tho Probato Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex I niiiiiiu 4i i m diii'isi iiiu i.i nil 9 tiiin laiiuii"-) ui nil urr Shi.i .n, in said District, decenscd.rcprcsentcd insol vent, and also nil claims nnd demands exhibited in olTset therein; and six months from the day of ihe dato hereof, being nllowedby said Court for thai purnose, wo do ihcrcforo hereby givo noiiee, wo will ntti'uu to tno tiusiness ot our nppoimmenf, at Ihe dwelling of the late Asa L. Lvnn. in Slielburn. in said District, an ihoCthdiy of May, nnd 17th of July, next,nt iu n ciocti, A. on encn ol days, uatcu, mis tuin oav ni jnniinry, j. v. iota. G.' ifuRn?lTTr' ComTnisintTi- Plastering and Stucco Work. fTMIE Sub.eriber bej leave lo lender hi service m j- mepuijiioin me auovenne. iiavmg serveu a regular apprentice. hip lothat I unnes exclusively, in the city of D il lin. and had home years experience in this. country, he fi-el quite rontielent of liialulily lo giveentire satisfaction. For n sampleof hi. work he would refer to the New Briek Church in lhiiDwn He may ie found at the corner of Pearl and Lafay eite sts., near RussellV Tavern MICHAEL PRINDERGAST. Burlington, Feb. 20, 1813. 39 3w DISSOLUTION. rilHE Connrtnershin heretolore existine between M lae subscriber, in lite Ci-lcrn business, i this day by mutual con-cnt eh-solveil. The business of Ihe firm may le tetlleJ wilh either of the partner. JOSEPH LAN DON, ORLANDO OWEN. Ourlington, Feb. C, 1813. 37 3w t NOTICE, TS hereby given lo nil cone-erne) lhat I have this elay etven my sons, Mitchell flonibanl, Jr., and FranciN Uombarei. Ibeir time, dnrini; their minority : and I will not payany debts of iheir contracting, nor claim nny of their wage, but iheyare l liberty to transact an ousiness lor tnemteives. Attest, Lewis, Jr. his MITCHELL & UBOMARD. Alburgh, May 21, 1812. maik 37 w3 Look at This! GREAT inducrmcnts nre oTereil bv the ubscriber In tho-e who wi.h to pay Cash for Dry Goods or Dry Gro-cries, a Ihe change l wanted and must Le till, 11 setting sooun very cAeaowi 1 procure 11. P. 8. PIum girt m a tall sod you will find it no humbua. h:w. oatmn. rifirina, my ZERO. THERMOMETERS cra.luatcd to 40 below O. lllack Snaps, Clarinet Reeds eVc, just received, Feb. 22. PANOIIORN & 1I1MINSMA1D. I.ttthcr Carpenter's; Instate. STATE OF VERMO.YI , ) TTjTlIEREAS John F. Dislrietof Chittenelen,s. 5 VV Tirrell, adimnl. lratoroflhectato of Luther t'nrpentcr late ol Hunt fhgton. In said district, decca.eel, inle.tnlu, hath ap plied to said Court to extend tlio lime fur tho pay ment of the debt nnd settlement of said eslatu one y;ar from iho lSlli day of March, A. I). 1813. WitEnEUioN the courl nfore-nid eloih order nnd n. siinlhu3J Monday of March. 1843. nt the Eagle Hall Tavern, in Willi-ton, in said district, nt 10 o'clock, A. SI., for bearing in Iho preml-c. And doth (iirlbe-r order that notice be give'ti to nil person intereslol in said elate lo appear al the lime nnd plne e nforesaid, and slmwca ne if any Ibev h.tvo nernin-l snid npplien tion, and forlliat purpo-uibat thu suli.tane-o of said ap plicnliou together with thi order be publi-bel tbrio weeks siie-ee-sively previous lo the time of be aring, in the tree Pre.., printeil nl U irlington, in sntJ eb.lriet. Dated nt Hurlmerton, In 1 liu County of Chittenden, the 21st elay eif Feb'y. A. D. 1813. 39 w3 C. RUSSELL, Judge. Hiram Clark's r.-etntc. STATE OF VERMONT, I rpHKIlon.tlieProbnto District of Chittenden, ss. ( X Court for tho Dis trict of Chittenden I To nil persons concerned in tho estate of HIRAM CLARK, late of Milton in said dis trict, deceased, CinErrivo. WttKnEAs, Elijah Herrickand Linus Ilascom. Ex ecutors ofthe last will and testament nrtbc said de ceased, propose to render an account of their admin istration and present their nccount against said estate for examination nnd nllowanco nt a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden nt tho Register's office in Ilurlington, in said district, on Ihe secunel Wednes day of March next. Therefore. You nro hereby noti fied to nppear before sud court nt the time nnd place nfuresakyind shew cnusc,if nny you have, why llioac count aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Ilurlinglon this 11th day of February A. D. 1313. 33 WM. WESTOX, Register. BOOKS, Retailed at Wholesale Prices. THE .iib-e-nber ha taken iliuv.vcn.ivu and valu able .luck of Law, Medical. Thi'rilugu-al, Mi cellancou, Cla-sicat, nnil School Iloek, lately le longing to C. Goodrich, comprising the target and 1'f-t selected lttek in Ihu State, which bo oilers at retail for ca-h nt whole-nlu prices. Many valuable boeik will I o seild nl one ball iheir original price. Call at the old .laml SCJl'p Slur. II. J. SI1UJIWAY, Agent. Feb. 13, 1813. 3Slf LAW BOOKS. IpNGLISH Common Law Report', 39 Volume U " CoiHlen'edCli.ine-eryR.'porls.tcall. I3ytl,'. K... Vni-t- l!..,,nn; 'll.l.. 11 elo New York Dige.t, elo elo American Chancery Diere.-t, Starkic'. Evielener,'(new edition) Keaii't, (new edition, call.) Chilly on Hill-, ' ' Comyn em Ctitiiracts, Are.-liil.alil'-. Criminal Pleading, Gould' Pleading, R'Ksell on Crime, Toinlin's Law Dictionary, I!ouv'ei' do elo ' Ceiwen's Justice, Mngi-trates Criminal Law, Clarke's Rudiments nnd Practice, Tlioma' Col-c. l do 2 do 2 e!o 3 do 4 do 3 vols. S do 2 do 2 do : vol-- LawofiheEnilcd States, by Slory end SUar.wood m -1 veilume-, Oliver's Law .Summary, Owen on linukrupte-y, Archiboldi Ulackston, 4 volumes. Chilly's do 2 volumes. Al-o, A general assortment of LAW flLANK'S, Jusliee'.. Docket, io. &e. fur saleul the old stand, one door cast of Wail' Crockery Slnte-. by 39 H. J. SHU.MWAY, Agent. PAPER. 9flO RE,AJIS wrapping, assorted sizes! Best isJYj quality of Letter, Note, Envelope nnd lllut tin Paper, for sale by Feb. 23d, '43. 39 H.J. SHl'MWAY, Agent. Spruce Clapboards and Shingles, On veiy reasonable terms by Feb. 23. '43. J. & '. H. PECK & CO. DR. MAHSIIAliIS AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CATARRH SNUFF. THIS Snuil' is superior tn nny thing jet known for removing that Iroul le-rme di-i-ii.e, the Ca tarrh, and alo a cold in the head, nnd headache'. It open, nnd pur-rc. out nil ob-iructiori., .ircnslbrn. !lu r-,,ii,s an,! n i,-il,lii o,.il. .. .. .l.7,,., n'leclcil. II I perle'e-ily Ire-e Ironi any lliittg iii !e'eri ou. in its e-oinpo-ition basa plea ant flavor, ami ii. immediate elect nf'er Icing u-ed, i, agreeable Prte e 37 etc per I oltle. Each l.oi tie contain about three time the quantity ... ...i. .-..tiKii Lulu- in v;ii;irrn Diiu.t, uoc se-llttt"- at a lower price, nu.l is iherefi ru cheaper, ns well a. better than any thing of the- kind in market. DOCT. JAItVIS' TOMATO SSSESOUS PILLS. THESE Pills contain no Cub mel, but nre compc c I finitely of Ve-actnble Mi'slanees, and liavein Ibctr eumpii.uion n large portion eifiho pne e.trae-t of that highly nritcle, ihe Tomato Plant, constituting Ibemi'-.e-tiiially, TOMATO PILLS. The proprietor f.-el a eoniide-nce in recommending llient a Mtpene-r to mu., and inferior to ncnu of the Pills which are making .o much noi-e at the present day, as a purifier of l liu blood, u corrector of a helium or ily.peptie.taioand habit, or n a e-euninoncniliariii-. He n-s ire iho pnl liu that they have the cordial and elaci-led approbation of'physician ol the Inghe.t re-lie-tiabililv.whoiieihetn in tluiFi,r-,..iir... Sold I y the Proprietor, CilA ltl.i-:-j UOWEN, Mid dlelitiry, . Win. C. Siimp-on nnd Iice.1, Eelward """i r.' ,JLVi '." "ostonj lleiailley Pbe-lps is. Co,, A. 11. it I). SA.NDS. an.i enlier. in V... v.L-. PECK Oi SPEAR and HAGAlt .V ll' ilinn ...' linplon, 17., and by Ur t-rgi.ti, generally ilirougbotit """ " .. ...fc,. .Mill Vj.lll.lU.1. Felruary23, 1313. Ij-33 Notice. Til II-. inhabitants ol tbctoxnof Iliirlington, nuali fiediovotein TOWN MELTING, are hereby notiftcltoanpear AT THE TOWN HOUSE in eai'.t town, nn jiu.MtAI, Hie rjl.VUI tiny of MARCH next, at TEN o'clock forenoon, for the purpose ol I'lccung iowii oiueer.-, anel let transact other busiues; mill may enmu i noro sunt meeting. eioriiiigiou, reu. u, 33 1 3w Music. FKnitUAHY 15lh. Two 1 eautiful toned Double llaS IIOIs, nail-IIOZCU ll.l.. VlO .. I brill Meeulmn C nnd A Tuning Furl,, nalcni be.uls lor bn. vie.1 l a viol tail piece., 1 ridie' an 1 1 ows, irimr, hair forbows, ef-e. Clioir. or individual, who wi.-b goeil ln-trument are Inviliilln e-nl n;.d si-elln superior a.sorimeiit. .13 P v nnnn V .c mil vcit . t n Wantetl to Excliance. A first rate DWELLING HOFSEand LOT, com prising near half an acre of 'and wuhmit build ing., for a farm in ihe neighborhood of I! irlinstan, A good I argain will bu aiven to -mv one who wtshe. to move into ihe vtllaiu of Darlington for the purpo-e I : I l 1 r. f Z , . . . . i.e.-epiiiH i imr.icr., nr u r proie-9,iunai services, ns tiiu nuusu is near lite square', II. THOMAS, Agent. Riirlington, Feb. 15, IS13. 3U;f Now is tlio time. HOWARD IS AT 1IO.ME. Coiisideringlhe good sleichinr. Good, arc nninzinir che-nii ni Hnev. nrel?, nnd never, never. noi-r. was there I cforc tocb n gooeliime as now for ilieisc having money lo pay wilh. Why iho pi?opleV agent ha. no charging at his store mine sjetsis ju.i wieai muypny, Cliu surely lliai chea t enough. i nur-uay .Homing. ; 33 lOdiFcb. 1813.$ ENGLISH WATCHES. A VARIETY of low priced double nnd single ca-ed Engli-li Wnte-hes. Just received, some fine tin glish Levers of our own importation. Those think ms eif luymgn good Lever, nre ele.irel In look at them. 37 PANGI10RN ef. IIRINSM.1ID. STOCKS. WHITE Satin Stock suitable for wedding and oilier parlies ; blne-k satin nnd bomlnzine siocks, ptatn nnu Willi luiws; scarl slocks; idetej anel plain stex-ls; we have rcceiied a variety n( .' i . . ii) ri'-vni., i-ueiurs, uosnm-, M-ari-, etc. Sioctsof fine'l qualities and inanufacluiesel lina at from 25 to 50 cent lower thaa former price.. Wo are receiving by llarndcn'i. and Jacob's Ex-re.M-, every ten day, new good. 10 keep our a., sortment errv cnmii!.is nn,l ..- ;n..ii n . - - - -. - i , ,.,ii. ,. , Auiiiiua tton by all before purchasing! goo.1, of the same quality cannot be pure-ha.od on mure favorable terms. 0 r.i.MiDueer. s. uuiivsmaiii, BASS VIOLS. MELODI ANS, llaBS Viols, and Double Pass Viols; very fine ones, suitable small or large Church- ea. inoiviuuais or i.noirs nre inviicel 10 pxnmine vuem. raiMinuiii IUUNSMAID. Jan. 1843. 34 Cash paid for Pork. THF. Subscribers will ray cash on dtliverv tor WELL, FATTENED PORK, ulu,"J' w ,. rui.i.r.1 1 ec HKADLr.T Burhagion, Pie. H, I8. 30 In Chancery. CtiAntts F. STAHtrono, ) Chittenden County, vs L November Term, a.d. 1942 James LANOinonn nnd f Josemi Fairfield. I Wbcrca, Cbn' I. Stsni ford, Of Ilurlinglon, in said comity, by Charli' lli.s-ell, Solicitor, fileel bis Hill In Chancery, nt the November Term, 18 12, of Ihe Courl of Chancery. In said Conn. IV, ngain.l James Longshore, id Ilurlington, in snul County, nnd Joseph l-'airlield, of E-eX, in said Cejun ty, tbcrem slallni.', that on Ihu 2lt eliy o( O.-to-her, A. D. 1810, llio said tang-bore being indebted lo the snidStatnfofel, in iho siimol S230,00, n3 sneci fie.l in lliree promlory note.ol dial date, payable in one', two nnd three year. Willi interol, in orlor to secure! the pavmeitt thereof, mule nnd dclivi'."-'d to the 'said S'aniford n mortgage elce'd eif Iho fullowing ue criLol land, m Ilurlington nfore-uid! viz. A cO'tain parce-1 of land, on Iho wvtwnrdly side til the new remel, to called, leading front Peat I slre-i-t to Norl.'i slreel, I eginuitig at tho north eal Corner eif n picee of Vin-I by said iSlnniford e-emve-yed to one' Ro-Well G. Spaolding by deed, Ibr 10th day (. June, A. D. 1310, thene-c northerly on the wet line ol sni-l rond, lour reiels ibene-o we'twardlyon a line parallel with llio nnrlb line e.ftlte land soeonveyeil to said Spauldmg, 18 roel. to the east line eif tlni burying ground lot, tltene-u southwardly, on ihe eal lino ot the burying ground lot, -1 rexls lo the north wet e-omcr ol rnid land eonveyed to snid Spaulding, thence eastwardly on the r.orlb line eif said land, soeonveyeil lo sntil Spanieling, If! rods to the place of leginning. And further stntinir, that on thu 23lh day eif May, A. D. 1811, thu .aid Lang-hore', by mortgage deed, convey ed the said to Ihu said Jivenli I'airfield to secure the payment tn ald Fnlrfie-ld eif hi., the nid Lnng-hore' note to said Fairlicld of that ilatf, for Ibe sum nl 81-13,00, payable ia three ye-ar from the elate wilh ialcre t uunually, whe-reby the said Fairfield Claim title tothe said prenu-e.j nnd ftrther stating that the said note had nol in any part been paid, and praying a elccreu of foruclo.itre on the said prctni-e- again-1 the said Lnngshnru and Fairfield, and all other person claiming uadcr litem. And it notleing made lo appear to said Court that tho said defendant have bad ie-rs.onal nottee of the .crvici;nnd pendene-y of --aid Hill, tbee-itn-ei i-emtir." iicel to the ne-xt stateel term ol .iiid e-eturl, nn-1 It i fmlher ordt-rcil by said courl that Ihe .aid Staniforel cause noticuthi'ieofto le given to tlic-ail Lang. bore and Fuirlie-lil, I y publi.hmg thu Mib.tance of ..aiil Hill and tin order lltre-e ee-ek. ..tice-olvely, in the "Iktr liugton Free Pre-.-," n ncw.ptpcr prm'el in liurliug ton, m mid county, lite la-t of whi-h publication to beat le.i.l 20 day., before the next stated Icrnt of (his!, to be holden on the 21 Tue-day of May next, which shall I decino I -f.tlic.ciit notice to the said Lang-bore and Fn rficld to ajipear und mane au.wcr to said Hill. VV. NOIILE, Cler!:. Ilurlington, Feb'y 1 1, 1813. 33w-3 ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN JjANKIiUPTCY. Kflccts nf Hcliajah S. I'liclps. BYVirtuu efnn order is-itcd out eif ihe U. P. Dt trict Courl, for the di.tricl of Vermont, I will sell ill Public Atu-tion, nt the Inn nf Thomas 1). Fletcher, in Alb inlt, Vermont, on Friday, Ibe 3 1 elay of March, IS 13, at one o'clock, P.M., all the note-, account., jinUmcnt nnd eillii're-lniin specified n. ilue lleiiajal: S. Phelps in Iii. sciied dj on tile in the o lice of the Cle'rk of thelh'.'.ncl Court of the U. S., for the dis'rict ol Veruion' AIo, sundry articles of household fur niture. Tern. s caii. 33 II. I!. SOVVLE, Special Assignee. Ufl'ects of Tabor I. Scwcll. BV Virtue of nu order i--ueJ out of the U.S. Dis trict Court fcr the Di-tne-t of Vermont, I will -ell at Public Auction, at ihu Inn of Thomas I). Fletcher, in Albunrh, Vermont, on Friday, Ibe 3d day of March, S43. at 10 e.'clo'-k, A. M., nil the interest which Ta bor 1. Sou ell bud on the first day of August, 181-J, in and to certain rent dale lying in Alburgh, and nil Ihu inlore.t said Sewell hail in 3C00 brick,-and nil the interest he had in a certain Engine nnd Machine ry, and nil the interest be has in a certain iiielgment in f'.ivor ol-anl Sewell agatti.t Lder D. Moure, of Troy, N. Y., and nil the note., account, judgment' andexevution mcutiouul a due said Sewell in his schedule eti file in the ollice of the Clerk of the Di.-irii-t Court nfore-iiid, logetltcr with about twenty thou-atid f'e.'t e f pin.- and hemlock hind er, and a sil ver watch. The situation ol" thu above real estate will le more particularly described on tho day of sale. Term-, Cash. 37 H. II. SOWLES, Special Assignee. JNeiv Kstuhlishiiicnt. THE undcr-icne-d having loushl out the entire stock of 11ARNI.S cc KEhLl.R, leg leave to inform the puellic that they intend to continue the CAI1I.NET and CHAIR MAKING IIL'SIN ESS, in n'l it. brnnche-, at Ibe old stand of Darns nnd Kecier. The public generally, nnd the citiKens of Ilurlington iu particular, nre rc'que.tcdtocall and examine their work nu I iheir pnee-. They will sell any nrliele in their line cheaper than can be bought in tin's market. A. & G. F. UARNES. Burlington, Feb. 10, 1813. TIIR Hook, and paper, ol thu uudcrsiVncd will be l.e-ot for II e pre. em "1 it. su,p heretofore occupied i.y lite-it , iney req-ic-.t all per ni,v,ie, call and piy inline b uely, 1 r they will I eutider ihe necesaiiy of leaving il.e-ir dein mil. t', ,r (olleclinn. Allper..on having claims aeain-l the are -if illy re le.te I m prl-en! tlium for adi ist uieni,a. iney are He tfnnineJ 10 bring all their bu-i-ne-s toncio-e asoon as pu. HAltXES ef- KEELL'R. Hurlmgton, Feb. 10, IS 13. Best i''auiily Groceries at the NEW CASH STORE. Old Hy.-on, ; Y. Ilv-eui, TEAS Poucltnng, ) Java, ) Mncl-n, JCOITEE. orecn S tpe'iior Yo utg Hyson, in cadlie.of 13 lbs each. Alspiiv, C.tpe'r, Ginger, Mula-se', Codlish, Clove. Nutmegs,. Cinnamon, Al.o, Lntnp Oil of iliiTcrent ei't.alilie.. Any of 1 lie above article' will bu.nM for Ri-selv Ca-hat price. eorrepoiiding with Ihe nun... V..1, 1 1241 Ill-nl ,-,, ". J, liiu. ,, 71. 11 HV.I.IIU 1 . EXCITEMENT. THE .trong feeling 1 eing wromrln nmongiiur cit izen, for the procuring a l-'ire Engine for tho pre-crvation and proteciton of our dwelling, shop-, e-haiiel-, goodinnd eiiecis from the destructiv.' conse e tences of one of our most umTuI element'-, il 1. tliotiirlit will lf nllayiil in nn curly accomplMiment of tliewi.h''. e-f ll.c most ardently desirous, and thai tho People's. Agent may be ronefy to act in concert with hi follow citizens, on Monday evening next, In. application 10 the bu-ine. of his profession oi selling good, cheap lo the People theniselve, will be nro-eciited to the extent of his ability and the Publiu requirements, which come strictly in nc-orJance with biscbeerbil, Up and Doing, Q 110k an 1 Cheap fur Ca-h and No Imprisonment fi r Debt Sy.luin, which wa. commenced in April, 1S2J, nnd yet thus contin ue 1, and for aporlion of the credit e'ficiugsei, i wil ling lo allow a e-o-wormg of t lie lioxer I ngtne Company, n-ho-e ever watchlulne'.s nn I exertion nave 1 een a .mew to the continuance 01 tlie opera tions, and lhat they may receive a partial equivalent, for Iheir zeal and as. ellnty in the e-aii'C, a portion of the avail of ilouii. will I e appropriated tor n contin uance of iheireM.lencc ol al lea-t tl.o pro!i. un sales thai may le made previous to the adjiiurne.1 inec'ing, w ben every citizen Is expected lo meet his neighbour and greet and ee ngrntulato on thu hoped haitpv result of having nccom ili-hed by vo'untary su'scripli-an lhat whi.-h they could have no hearl in doing by cold and uuceremonieius Ttx.ition, all of which is duly Mibinitteel for the I encdt ol the buyer of goenl-, and tuucau-eoi i-fuiecuein ironi tlie ravam-s o t-tr-. The plan of which will Ic lully maile l.noee 11 by np plying at VlOWAltli'S. lnha-ic, Tbur-elay morning, Dili Feb.,M3. 37 February 8l'.,. 18i:i. WM. HPRLUUT ha op. hand a well se-!cel 1 a sorinient ot DRY OOODS p iicha-e'J 111 NVw York, in Noveml cr la.t, at ihe lowest rale, which ho j.elc tcrinined lo sell at uch prices a. will corre.-ponl wilh the low prices of produe-e. The-e goe-el ctst money and nvi-t 1 e sold lo raise money again. Cheap goeJ. m-,y le, "The New Cheap Cash Store." As there', now n little sleighing we invite nil lhoe persons who vi.ilUurliuzlon for lra1e, toe-nil nnd e-x- auime Cur geioels. 37 W.11, 11UKL.UU1. Wanted, TN exchange for Good, Wool, SheenV Pell, Wheat. 1 Rye, Corn. Oats, ice. II. W. CATL1N. Ftt. I5:b,1813. 38 THE GERMAN STORE. rrtHE s ibscnl er I eg leave 10 renew to the public .L of th.s place nad the surrounding country, Ihe intimation lhat llivy conlmue to kieji coiistamly on baud a choice as-orimenl of DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES, all of which in Iheir particular kind, are of superior quality and surpassing cheapness. Especially would ibev invite public nilentiein lo Ibeir imported Gcrmin, Fbexcii i&SrANt-u WINES, iheir Coon'ac UUANDY, and Holland (Se-h-cdam) GIN', mo.-t of wlui-h have already I ecu for ome jear under their own particular survey nnd inspec lion, and the age o( which neldeid 10 iheir unqnf.lion able purity renders tbem peculiarly fit for medicinal use.. They also respectfully inform Store-keepers anel iavern-t.eepcrs.oi inc bojhccui iown, wno are eie sirou of numlvin! Iheir Customers with rename article, lhat they can le supplied wilh Ihcin nt the German Sum', in Ucrlingion, whero the subscril crs will ,'e-ave it 10 the discrimination rf Iho-o who mav call lo judge how far they have a claim to assert the urttnotuvoi me article, iney oner lor sale. ' 03TIIEIM it MICHOLLS. College st., next 10 Mr. WalrV extenle Cruckery Sipre. Jan. 26. 1813. 35 HO 11 MS taken in t-xchanac for COMBS ly CPOPOT it TIMANtB. FK 14, IMS. Si AUCTION SALES; Wednesdays, Wednesday Evenings, and Saturday Evenings, B Y II. T IIOMAS. STOVES anel PIPE, KT1CHEN FURNITURE', Farming Utcnsilet, Sleighs and Waggons, Dnr Goods, nnd India Rubber Clothing. Also, A lore' hi qfFur and Cloth Winter Caps. Sales continued in tho evening. 21, tf Stephen llalglit's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ; AT a Probsts Court District of Chittenden, ss. ! XL hold at Rurlingbui in said District, on tho Dili day of February, 1813 Fpon application of Anah Haight, as Guardian 1.1 iilarv I.. Hairrht. of said liurlinnlon. n female infsht. one of llio burs to tho estate of Stephen llnight lata of Ilurlington aforesaid, deceased, requesting a illrii mn of saiel cstnto among tho heirs thcreoi 1 neri." upon, tlio Court aforesaid doth appoint the 2d Wed ncsday of Jlarch next for hearing in the premisai at tho office of the Register of thi? Court, in Hurling Inn aforesaid, nt 10 o'clock. A. SI. And said Con re doth further order that tho, said applicant cause tin several persons mieresieu in euo saiu csiaec, or incir nttornic, if living within this State, tobo notified tJ appear before said Court at the time and place ofore' said, to make objection lo such division, if they 8M cause, and that for that purposo tho substance of siJ application, together witii Ibis order, bo published irt tlio Free Press, prinlcd at Ilurlington, mres weekJ successively previous lo the tirncof heating. In witness whereof, I have hercunM nflWcd ihe seal of sai l Coutt, and sub L. s. scribed my namo at Ilurlington, In said District, this Oth day of February, Ae D., 1S13. 37 C. RUSSELL, Judg: John Mncnmbcr's f'statc. STATE OF VERMONT, I rpilE Honorable tt.a Di-lrie l ofChitle nden, J X Probate Court f.f thu District ol Chtttemlen : To all person concern ed 111 tne e-tiite of JOI1S MACOMUMt, late e( Wo.tford, in ..a.d District, decea-ed, Gnr.r.TtNa. Wnnnrm, Daniel Jackson, almlnistralor of lbJ estate of .aid ile.-cear.ed, propose to render an account of hi admmistf itton, nnd prcent hi ae'oount again! said estate for examination and allowance nt 11 se- sion ol Ihe Court of Probate, to Le holeten at the Reg' istcr'- ollice in Darlington in said District, on thu -ccond Welne-day of March next. Therefore.! Yo 1 are hereby notifieil in appear 1 efurc said e-ourl nl llio time and place nforeaiel, nnd show catfC, if an you have, v It iho account aMru-aid .hould not Leal lowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 8'h day ol February, A. D. 1813. 37 3w WM. WESTON, Register. .lames Marsh's IJstatci WE THE SUIIjl-'ltmERr, having been tp pointed by tlie Honorable tho Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to rc ceivc, examine and adjust Ihe claims and demands of all persons, against tho estatoof JA3IUS .VAtlSIt lato of Ilurlington, in said District, deceased, rcpre sentcd insolvent, an-J also nil claims nnd demands exhibited in oilsct thereto and six months from tha day cf tho date hereof, being allowed bv said Court for lhat purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to tho business of our appoint' ment, at the Ufi.-e of Lyman &. Marsh, in Unrlinglon, '.1 said District, on thcilurd Monday of March nnd thtl 1st Monday of May next, at 10 o'clock, A. JI., ort each of said days. Dated, this 3 1 day of February, A. D. 1842. 37 GEO. P. MAR-!!, J HUMAN ALLEN, Commissioners. L. LOOMIS. S AMERICAN STORE, i ' TJER50NS in ttant of groceries of any kind, of JL pure Spirits or Mines for medicine,'' or lor any other purpo-c, will do well to call on the xiibscri 1 er.who eotistantly keep all kinds cf ihe above arti ele., as pure and unadulterated, to say the least, as can Le bought a, any German Store. He does R0t depend on the silly pud's ofthe time-serving editor ol a little veakly new.papcr u otablish ihe character or purity 1 flu liquor and wine, In it more upon his having, lor nearly twenty year-, sold 10 most of th Tavern keeper within filiy mile. many of them Mill continuing 10 buy of him. And even this sapient editor, who ha lately found such obliging neighbors, (but who, it scein.,prai-eAi liquors mot whogavs to him Inst,) ha olien, in a mu-t obliging manner, drank of the sulLCriber'n wine-, nlid called them the best l.e ever ta.ted. The subscriber does not carry hi. liquors about thu country, showing and pcdling Ihem. He think the people have I een impo-cd upon enough of late by such pedlar.. Dut if person want ins such article, will i-,tll al hi store 111 Burlington, directly oppei.iie Mr. S. E. Howard's Stere, in Cbureh -!rcet, he v;!l tell ibetit the p,,ie-i atiJ 1 est nrticlus lurilie leiwe-t price's, nnd tliev will always find them unifjrm in prie-e and quality." , ISAAC WARNER, n.irlington, Feb. 1, IS 13. 3G:f DnUGSS,!MEDICINES fs3-A The' er. nre conlinu -i2i--3 al v suuobed with EVERY Alii 1CLK 111 the above 1 ranch, 1 oth of ibeO.licinal and Paten' kind; Medicinal waters from Saratoga; elo. from Cr.lei'onia, Canada ; Medical Wine, and Liquor-, (pure) Live-lies ; Surgical Ins'rjnientsjVMm cral Teeth, &v. 23"Irescriplion put up at shorteai notice. iLj-Shop open at all hourt. , PECK & SPEAR, Apothecaries. B.irlinglnn, I-cb. , IS43. y36 House and Store 'i'o Lot. pjL A Neat and Convenient House, out ftVv'&Sjr building, and small garden. Also, !!,isan convenient Stoki:, in a good stiuatioa Jtfca-'' other in Church street. '"' Rotii or either of the above tcnontei tcnenients to be let for one or more year, and possesion 51VUI the llr5t elay of May next. ., , ISAAC WARNER. IVUuary 2, 1813. Dissolution of Copartnership. TIIECeipartnersbip heretofore exUting under th lirm of PEARL k STUEITl'ER, i, thi day dis. solvl by mutual consent. The bii.ine willLecaa tinLfdand all tleiuanJ settled by A.S. Print.. A.S. PEARL, OSCAR STR.ELTER. Milton, Vt., Jan. 1st, 1843. 37 3w TO MERCHANTS Ylto wish to iHirclinsc Crnckcrfs Importer and Packer of Crockery, China ff Glass Traruj Al Ot'LD gtvo notice lhat ho is prepared to V v Pack any amount of Ware according to ordar. at New York and lloslon prices, saving freight and bteakago to all who purchase of him. Ho has gone! assortment, and respectfully solicits Merchants to call nnd examine tin stock befoto baying ia Market. , . Store, corner of Church nnd College Streets. Hurlmgton, 20th Oct. 1340. Iron, Steel &.c. OA TONS assorie.l English Tire Iron, iU IO" do. Swede and Peru do. do. 3 " Russia Old Sal le ilo. GO " Peru manufactured roundand snuarslro embracing all si?.e. from J in. 10 2 i ia. IO tons a.sortel brand Iron. IO " S'roll Iron and shoe shitpes, 3 " Ru..ia hor-e nail rod-, Anvils, Vices, Sledge., Trace Chain, Borax, Fil anil Rasps, Shovels, Spades, Cro Bars &c. Steel. Sanderson' Cast Steel, Gre-ave German " English blu-td. " American " 1,30 Setts Steel plated Cutter and Sle'ich Shc &C.1S.C. just Received by STRONGS. Flour. 340 BBLS. Supurfnio Dour of suporiof LranJ, bv STRONGS. Nov, 15. n2J Coil Fish and Rlackerel. 3 TONS Cod Fish, and afewbalfBb! Nol Mack, erel jusirccd.l STRONGS. Nov 16. n2.1 (.ieese Feathers. 3V LBS. Live Geese Feathers, jusi received lJvV and fur saleor cash lowcrlhancver before sold in lown. C. L. NELSON. May 13. 49lf. CABINENT FURNITURE. THE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Publie, that he still continues the CABINENT BUSI NESS at the Old Stand, on CAiirrt Street, formerly Nichols if- Herrick, and over Mr. Hurlbat'i Store, wherehe hasagoodnssorlment of Mahogany, Blaer Walnut, Cherry and Pino FURNITURE, consisting of Secretaries; Bureaus; Sofasi Dining, Tea, WurE and Toilet, Tables; Bedsteads and Stands, which he will sell for cash unusually low, according to lh times. WANTED, In eichsnce, Rirch and Maple SCANTLING, suita ble for lledsirds 2 inch. 1 inch, 5 fthsnnd 1-2 inch BASSWOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS. WBCil BOARDS, and most kinds of Comity Produce'. Please call and examine for yours elves. SAMPELNIOHOLS. 0Lulinjrtoti, Jtn. i, ItlSe S4t