Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 10, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 10, 1843 Page 4
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THE QUAKER-GIRL. Concluded from Crtt page. Its touched Mi harp, and nation heard, entranced. From the St. Albans Republican. A BALLAD. IT TOM HOOD, Jl. There li'd an honest fisherman, I knew him passing well , Who dwelt hard by a little pond. Within a little dell. grave and quiet man wai he, Who lov'd his hook and rod 60 ectn ran hie line of life, His ncigbors thought it odd. For science, and for books, he said He never had a wish 1 No school to him was worth a fig, Except a " school of fish." This single minded fisherman A double calling had To tend his flocks in winter time, In summer, fish for shad. In short, this honest fisherman All other toils forsook, And though no vagrant man was he, He liv'd by "hook and crook." All day that fisherman would sit Upon an ancient log, And gaze into the writer, like Some sedentary frog. A cunning fisherman was he, His anglu all were right And when he scratch'd Mb aged pell, You'd kn ow he'd got a bite. To charm the fish, he never spoke Although hisvoico was fine, He found the most convenient war Was just to " drop a line." And many a " gudgeon " of the pond, If made to speak today, Would own, with grief, this angler had A mighty " taking way." One day while fishing on the log, He mourned his want of luck When suddenly he fell a bite, And jerking caught o due. Alas! that day the fisherman Had taken too much grog, And being but a landsman, too, He could nrt "keep the log." In vain he strove with all his might, And tried to gain the shore Down, down, he went, to feed the fish He'd baited oft before ! The moral of this mournful tela To all is plain and clear A stag b " drop too much " of rum. May make a watery tier. And he who will not " sign the pledge," And ktep the promise fast, May be, in spite of fnte, a stiff Cold-water-man at last I fO FAMILIES & INVALIDS. Improvements In the Agriculture, Arts, ana t'roauction or ine United States. It was alone time beforo Clomonlino could find utterance, and at lost alio said "Oh ! Lydia I do not expect you to forgivo mo so kind at you nave uern, ana ior mo to make such a return Tor all your coodnoss as to steal secretly into your room to find out' what you havo been doing tor the last three davs.rf "My impatienco to see my grandfather as soon as I heard of his arrival," said Lydia, "made mo run down stairs without taking tho precaution of putting my work in a drawer, which for several days I have bcon in tho practice of doing, lest some ot the servants 1 1 .11. . ( I !. II snouia nappen to come in ami see 11. "Uh!" exclaimed Ulementine, "i am worse than tho servants 1 do not betiovo any of them would have done so mean an act as i havo just been guilty 01." She was still crying when Mrs. Emsworth entered the room, and immediately said "Will it be unpleasant to Ucmentine to tell m CmnA iitim uniieil nf liar rrrXnf 1 a II IPIJU Mil VI I1W "Oh I" cried Clementine, "L deserve to be humbled, and I will humblo myself." 'If thou hast committed a fault, said Airs. Emsworth, "the shame is in the act itself and not in the confession of it. Nevertheless, as thou art a guest in my house, I hopo thou wilt do nothing that is painful or unpleasant to thee." "Dear, kind Mrs. Emsworth," exclaimed Clementine, "I feel now as if I cannot be at peace till I acknowledge tho whole In short, my curosity, of which 1 own I have Tar to large a portion, has been much excited by the unusual circumstance of Lydia seclud ing herself in her chamber: and this morn iug, while she was with her grandfather, I determined to enter her room privately, for the purpose ot discovering in what manner she had been engaged for the last three days. "And you lound the rulllod shirt on the bed," said Mrs. Emsworth. "I did," replied Clementine, "and I can offer no excuse for having taken so unworthy a method of gratifying my desire to know what could in no way concern me. "Lydia," said Mrs. Emsworth, "as thy grandfather will dine with us, I wish theo to go down and make his favorite pudding." Lydia immediately left the room, evidently glad ol an opportunity to escape being pre sent at the explanation which she knew was coming ; and Mrs. tmsworth, turning to Clementine, said to her, "Since thou hast already discovered so much, I must now tell thee the whole. Wo know a poor semp stress, in whom we take considerable inter est. She has recently made up two dozen shirts for a gentleman who is said to be very vain and frivolous, and apt to talk too much about every trifling thing that comes within his knowledge. The cambric for the ruflles was not sent to Margaret Warner till every other part of the shirts was completed, and she sewed the linen with great difficulty on account of a whitlow which was coming on her fore linger. By tho time the cambric arrived, her finger was so bad as to make impossible for her to sew at all. Lydia, who often goes to see her, and carry her assist ance, full much compassion. The shirts are wanted as soon as possblo, as tho gentleman is shortly to embark tor south Amorica. INo The following Indlspcnviblo family reme dies mny be round nt the vlllugo ttriig stores nnd soon" nt every country store 111 mc stntc Itemcmbcr nnd never get them unless thc tmvc the Ihc-slmttc signature or 'fS7;tvy&fc on lno wrappers, as all others by the same names are base impositions and counter felts. If tho merchant nearest you has them not, urge him to procure them at 71 Maidcn.lane, the next time he visits New York, or to write for thctn. JVo family should be a week without these remedies BALM OF COLUMBI A.rOll THE HAIR, whirl, will stoo it if falling out, or restore It on bald placesl and on children make it grow rapidly, or on those who have lost tho hair from any cause. ALL VERMIN that infest the heads of children In schools, arc prevented or killed by it at once, Find the name of -fJsVfO it, or never try It. Remember this always. RHEUMATISM, positively cured, and all ehrivelled mutclei and limbi aro restored, in the old or young, by tho Indian Vegetable Euxm and Nmive and Bone Liniment but never without the name of Cotnstock &. Co. on it. are wholly prevented, or governed if the attack has come on, if you use the only true Hays' LtNiMENT,from Mid every thing relieved by it that admits of an out. ward application. It acts like a charm. Use it. HORSES that have Ring.Bone, Spavin, Wind.Galls, &.c, aro cured by Roofs' Specific ; and JFoUitdei'Cd horses entirely cured by Roofs' Founder Ointment. Mark this, all horsemen. TJalley's Magical Pain Ex tractor SalVCThe most extraordinary remedy ever invented for all new or old and tore; and soreKtSt It has delighted thousands. It will take out all pain in ten minutes and no failure. It will cure the j5ilWrf LIN'S SPREAD PLASTERS. A better and more nico and useful article never wat made. All should wear them regularly. H.I.VS TEMPERANCE BITTERS on the principle of substituting tho tonic in place of the stimulant principle, which has reformed so many drunkards. To be used with UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN BAKRUPTCY. Notice to show causo against Petition of CALVIN WHITK,ofMitlon, for his Discharge and Certificate, as a bankrupt, nt the Court House, in Windsor, In" raid District, on Wednosday, the 24th J... nru... k T loiq 1.. In A M liny ui way, n ui ioij, ui lu n. .... OUSTAVUS A. DEMINU, of Milton, In said district. to ucueciarcu a uankrupi, at mo uniccoi oamuei Prcntis-, In Montpclicr, In snld District, on Tues day, the twenty-first day of March, 1843, at ten o' clock, forenoon. DANIEL, WARD, of Milton, in said District, to he declared a Bankrupt, at the office of Samuel Prcn the, in Montpclicr, in said District, on Tuesday, the 21 M day of March, 1843, ten o'clock, forenoon. JOSEPH SMITH Junior, of Bolton, for hi Discharge and Certili ate, as a Bankrupt, nt the Court Home in Windsor, in snid district, on Wednesday, the 24th day ol May. A. D. 1843. at 10 A. M. HARRY B. IlINK, of Burlington, for hit Discharge and Certificate, ns a Bankrupt, at the Court House. in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 24th day of May, A. D. 1843. at 10, A. M. HARVEY WARD, ol Essex, for his Discharge and Cerllfieate. as a Bankrunt. at the Court House, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 24lh day of May, A. D. 1843, at 10, A. M. AI.VAII C. JENNINGS, of Burlin&ton in said dis trict, to be declared a Bankrupt, at the ofBco of Samuel Prentiss, tn Montpclicr, in said district, on Tuesday tno fist day ot Marcn, IBM, ten 0 Clock, torenoon. JAMES L. MORTON, of Mi'ton. in said District, to be declared a Bankrupt, nt the office 0! Samuel rnillll.s, iiia"iuillic,ici, III sum ioui.i, vii . ui-o- .lavthnQlst riav of March. 1R13. ten o'clock. A. M. CAMPBELL REMINGTON, of Huntington, in said district, to be declared a Bankrupt, at the office ol Samuel l'rcntiss, in Monlpelier. in said district, on Tuesday, tho 21st day of March, 1813, ten o'clock tnrrnnnn. LEONARD MARSH of Burlington, in said district. to bo declared a lianKrunt. nt tne oinco 01 samuei l'rcntiss, in Montpclicr, in said district, on Tuesday thc21stldav of March.18 13. at ten o'clock, forenoon. ELIAS DOTY, of Huntington, in said District, to be dec area a Uankrunt. at the olticeolbamucl l'rcntiss in Montpclicr, in said district, on Tuesday the 21st dav of March. 1 R 11. ten o'clock, forenoon. SBMUEL WHIPPLE, of Williston.forhis Discharge and Certificate, ns a Uankrupt, at the (Jour t House, in Windsor, in said District on Wednesday, the 24th dull nf Maw. A. D. 1813. at 10. A. M. ALBRO E, BISHOP, of Burlington, for his Discharge and certiticate, as a uannrupi, ai wo uouri nouse, in Windsor, in said District.on Wednesday, the 24th uuy oi iay, j. u. into, u, iw, j. .... PIIANCTS H. tnVNEU. ofRichmond. for his Dis charge and Ccrliticite, as a uankrupi, at ine -jouri House, in Windsor, in saiu uisinci, on vrcanesaay. tin, 24tn rinv nr niav. a. u. iqu. at iu. a. m. ASA SNOW, of Jericho, for his Discharge and Oer- iincm.?. ilk ii naiikni II. ni I, c uvui i ..wui hi .mu BUI, ill S.UU I'IMrii;!, uu " tutitaunj, in. v. MA1T. A. II IHJ'l nt III A.m. JOSEPH COOK, of Burlington, for his Discharge ana uertuicaic, as a uansrupi, ai inc t,uuri nuusc. in winusor, on vveanesuay, me u uay vi may, A. D. 1R43. m in A. M. ALVAH JOHNSON, of Burlington, for his Discharge ami Certificate, asm uankrupt, at tne oouri nouse, Ill If IIIUSU1, 111 t IU UlOllltli VI, ..H.iivm, lth day ol May, A. v. ism, ai iu a. ra. JOHN MITCHELL. ofBurlincton.forhia Discharai 1 f . I) .... 1 ....... , ,L. I '., tlAtiia unit i.i;ruiiu.i'. UN it unimiiiiii. tu urc vuu, i uu.svi in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 24th ilnir rf M.iv. A. D. 1843. at 10 A. M. JOHN OAKS, of North Hero, for his Discharge and uertihcale, as a Bankrupt, ai ine iouri nousc, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 24th PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrticlois too well known i to need commen- jrm COUGHS. COLDS, ASTHMA or PHTH1S datlnn and tho ezncrience of seven vears nasi ri if. niva,i(fitmiA.T' ii.itMAniwn .nfim demonstrated to tho, commercial community, lM and all Pulmonary AfTections and Diseases of tho for accuracy, convenience nnd durability, thev are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 6 tons. Dotmant Warehouso do. to wciuh from w Id, tnRnOnihn.. Portable ilo. to wpitrh from 1.2 or., to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a now article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Agents, Burlington, April 8 1841. CURE FOR WORMS. Fahncstock'g Vermifuge, Prepared by the subscriber, nnd sold Wholealc and Retail at the Drue Warehouse of B. A. Fahnestock & Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. THIS preparation has now stood the test of several years' trial, and 1 confidently recommended as h safe and ellectual medicine ior expelling wonnB irom uii: systcm. The unexampled success which has attend ed its administration in every case whero the patient was really afflicted with worms certainly renders it wnrihv ilm attention of nhvMcians. 1 00 proprietor litis lliauu ll u ,uiill iu iisuriuiii uii; result of it use in such cases ns came within his knowledge and observation and he invariably found it toproduce the mot salutary euects not unirequcnt' lv nfn-r nearly all the ordinary tircnaidtions rccom' mendctl for worms had been previously resorted to without any permanent advantage. The fact is at-1 tested by the certificates nnd statement' of hundreds nf respectable rersons in different iiarts of the country, and should induce families always to keep a plnal ol the preparation in their possession, it is mnu in its operation, and may be administered with perfect safe. ty to ine mosi ueiieuiu iiiiuiu Lunirs.thU Is believed to 1m the most nontitar &elh cacious Medicine ever known in Amencn,for proof of winch, we would rclcr to those who have used II, anu to the numerous certificates of Physicians nnd others attached to the inside wrapper of each bottle. Dr. Amory Hunting, ol franklin, Mass. write that after havlns nresenbed the usual remedies without relief, nnd having consulted with several eminent physicians, lie has lound tho ejctable i'ulmonary Balsam to have had tbodonrcd oiled, and recommends it ns a safe, convenient nnd efficacious medicine. jJr. 'i nomas nrown, ot woneoru, . u., writes mat to his knowledge, it has never disappointed tho rea sonable expectations ol those who havo used it. The public are particularly cautioned against the many Counterfeits or imitations which have partial ly or wholly assumed the name of the genuine article. iUjr-uc assurcu mat it is not genuine union one or both of tho written slenntnrcs of SAMPSON REED or WM.JON'N CUTLER, are found attached ton yellow label on a blue envelope. (All labels of and after the dale of Dec. 1839, will have the written sienniurc of Win. Jon'n Cutler. Prepared by REED. WINO & CUTLER, (late Low & Reed.l Wholesale Mruggist, Si uiiatnam si., uoston, anu sold by Druggists, Apothecaries and country mer chants generally. Price 50 cents. i'EUrv & S-'tSAK, Agents. Burlington, Dec. 1, 1812. ly. PERU IRON COMPANY. AVE, and will constantly keep in deposits' with . ,,iii ,ifii,a ui iiuiiiiigiuu, . i.j rnu d Nails and Iron, of tho following description-, ii i t NAILS. 3d, 4d, 5.1, GJ, 8,1, lOd, 12d,20d,21d, 30d, 40dlE0d,M PU'lKllS.i inch. 4 1-2, 6, 5 1-2, and 6. FINISHING NAU.S.-6d, ed, lOd, 12d, man.r tutcd specially for finishing nico woik. FLiUUli, -uu, ana IRON. HOUND 0,-3-8,7-16, 1-2, 9-16,5-8, 1119 3-4, 7-8, 1 inch, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-B, 1 1-2, 1 1-9 1 3-4, -i inch, 'i 1-4, z l-z, A, and i l-i. S QUA NTS moN,3-S, 7-16, 1-2, 9-16, 6-B, 11-16 3-4, 7-8, 1, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. BAND IltON,-l 1-4 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 ! 2 3-4.3.3 1-2. 4, 4 1-2, 5 inch. TlltB tnoN,- 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, and from 3-8 to 5-8 thick. HOUSE SHOE tnON, various sized. HAME AND SCllOLL IRON. do. do. MARBLE SAW PLATES, cut to order short notice. The Peru I ron Co. manufacture their goods at Clin tonville.N. Y. from Iron of their own make. The intend to keep in the hands of their agents a more ful nnd complete assortment than can be found fa the State. It is believed that the noods from this estab lishment arc better manufactured, than those Croat any other in its vicinity. rurcnasersarerespectiuiiy solicited to inspect too Goods of this Co. Prices as low and terms as favor able, as can be obtained in the Slate. t. r . oz w. Li. oik v.iu, Agents. Aug. 25th, 1842. EXCHANG EI10TEL. fed Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf iiuriinsion, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART THIS establishment, so lavorably located for the nneommodalion nf the bnsness nnil Iravellinir The lienuine ermiiuce IS nuw mil III Ulie tllinee I mmmnn v. l now nppn In l ip mil, p. I'nel f nnM,i. phial, with this impression upon the glass,"FAH- lln0n the various routes call at the Kxchansre Hotel NESTOCK'S VERMIr-UGb," and the directions i. nassenecrs. and those arrivins or denartinK by accompanying each vial have the signature of the gteam Boat, in which cae their baggage is removed proprietor j any medicine put up in plain.ounce vials without charge, will find this house peculiarly to their and the signature of which docs not correspond with convenience. me auuvc ueseripiion, IS nui my ui-iiiuhc tciuiiiii&i:. The subscriber deems it nis uuiy to use tne anove New Establishment. THE subscribers having opened a Paint Shop la the building one door South of Bishop's Hotel, would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic that they are prepared to execute all kinds ot House, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in tho neatest possible manner, and hope by stritt personal attention to business to receive a share of the Public natronaire. IX. G.SPAULDINO, S. II. RUSSELL. Burlington, April 29, 18d2. 47tf. DRm LIN'S lilWnbm PILLS, superior to ali others for cleansing tho system and the humors affect. ing tho blood, and for all irregularities of the bowels, and the general health, See Dr. Lin's sig nature, thus :j We have just received, through the kind- other semsptress could be engaged to finish ness of Hon. H. W. Ellsworth. Commies. ioner of Patents, his Report, for the year 1843, of the Inventions, Improvements in Machinery, in rtrie, aim in inuustnai ana ucnuomical 1'ro cesses, with Statistics of the Population, Pro. Suction, &c. &c. of the several States for the year 1842. The amount of information herein presented of profound and positive practical in terest to the whole People of our country has rarely if ever been excelled by the contents of any public document. The nature and scope of its topics will be gleaned from tho following numeration : Patsnt Office, January Gl, 1843. Dear Sir : Allow me to say that I shall this day forward to the Speaker my Annual Report ; and beg leave to remark that I have, during the year past, taken much pains to collect facts and atatistics, which I hope will bo interesting to the community. In addition to the ordinary details of tho Of fice, which show a net surplus of over $5,000, I have presented, t 1st.-The census pf the .inhabitant? in each State and Territory up to JarViuary, 1843. 2d. The amount of agricultural products, and the surplus, with the causes of failures in some Slates. 3d. The disposition of this, and the increas ing surplus, by diversion of labor or exporta tion. 4th. The present value of American produce in foreign markets, with price of freights &c. 6lh. The tariffs of foreign nations on our ag ricultural products. 6th. The ability of this country to compete with continental Europe in the British mar ket. 7th. The colonial tariff of Canada. 8th. The admifsion of American nrodnen in. to England via Canada at colonial duties, espe cially the operation of the duty on wheat and uour alter juiy next 9th. The experiments of sugar-making from corn-BiaiK m me aincrent aiaiee, with direc tions how to overcome remaining difficulties. luth. Manufacture of oil una candles from lard j our ability to export SIOO.OOO.OOO annu ally. 11th. The comparative value of sperm oi) iiu uru uh, aa leeiea Dy numerous experiments. 12tb. An improved mode of enclosing prairie i-iiub, aim uiu turner moae oi cultivating lim ber lands. 13th. An economical mode of building, espe cially on the prairies, and all places where tim, ber is scarce ; together with many other sugges tions for the improvement of agriculture. Much of the information is given in a tabular form, accompanied with a few plates, to be im pressed with woodcuts (at' a very trifling ex- yvntvj explanatory. Toavoid importunities I have added instruc lion ior tne manuiaciure oi corn-stalk sugar, and also oil and candles from lard. As the sea. ion is so short, will not the House consent to receive tne Report, and order it to be printed, as some matters suggested may require correc tion! Should it seem latn to nrptent ihs Tl - port, I would observe that the ! law allows me the month of January to complete it, and the desire to embody the latest information from Europe and tne Lanadas, will, 1 trust, apnea ausisciory. Respectfully yours, HENRY L. ELLSWORTH, Hon. Robert McClellan, Chairman of the Committee on Patents, House of Repreien t, WIIV-B. CLEANLINESS. Ctonf i a mark of politeness, for no one naoorned with this virtue can go into company without giving a manifest offence. It may be aid to be the foster mother or affection. Beau ty commonly produces love, but cleanliness pre erves it Age itself Is not unamiabla when pre served clean and unsullied. Cleanliness is in tiiiiatelylconntcted wrth purity oXttiid. aiuInat urally inspires refined sentiments and passions. MttuaisM ahd IiUhacv. Out of eighteen ortwtn- tfio th Lunatic Asylum in Concord, ticiltt are the them, as all tho women wo know of that take in work, happen just at this timo to have as much as they can possibly do. Lydia at last determined to ruffle the shirts herself, know ing that she could do them well, and exactly according to tho directions given to Margaret Warner by the gentleman, who was particu larly desirous of having the frills nicely tuck ed. By this means they will bo done in time; and the sooner they arc completed the soon er poor Margaret will be paid for them. It was planned that Margaret should bring the shirts under her cloak, a fow at a time, and take them away as they aro finished. Of course Lydia does not wish this business to bo made public, and therefore sho cannot sew at them down stairs, as her doing so ould excite curosity, and cause questions to be asked : it being well known that neither er father nor any of her connections wear ruffled shirts. 1 regret that my eyes are not good enough to help her. 1 need not tel thee, my dear Clementine, that this little se cret, which thou happenest to havo discover ed, must still remain one." Oh I my dear Mrs. Emsworth," said Clementine, "though I was so mean as to tako such a dishonorable method of finding it out, I am not quite so bad as to tell it Do let me finish sewing on this mule, whilo Lydia is making the pudding. Indeed I can sew very well. Airs, bmsworth, alter some hesitation, as sented, and left her to co down to tho old gen tleman. In a short lime Lydia returned, and and found that Clementine had sowed on tho remainder of the ruffle as neatly as possible, "Dear Lydia," said Clementine, "1 shall not bo sure that you forgivo mc, unless you allow me to help you with these frills. If 1 cannot tuck them as nicely as yourself, I can at least gather them and sew them on the shirt. 1 hus they will bo done the sooner and tho poor woman can get the monev which no doubt she is in want of. "Thou art extremely kind and consider ate," replied Lydia, "but I shall bo sorry to see thee confine thyself closely to this sow ing." The pleasure of being with you," said Clementine, "will make mo consider it no confinement at all ; and if wo both work as siduously, the business will soon be accom plished." Lydia, seeing that Clementine would feel really hurt if she refused Iter assistance, ac cepted the offer, and kissed her kindly, they sat down and sewed industriously all tho re niainuer ot the day. liy the end of the week, tho shirts wero completed, and poor Margaret Warner glad ly took away the last of them, having prom ised strict secresy lo tho two young ladies. Clementine had never in her lire fel so happy as while the was employed in this be nevolent occupation; and she was glad to hear that Margaret's finger was getting well, and that she had as much work engaged as would keep her busy all winter. When Mr. Selbury had finished his busi ness in Philadelphia, lie announced to his daughter that she must prepare for her return to Baltimore. Out tho Emsworllis urged him so earnestly to allow her to pass the remain der of tho winter with them, and Clomcntlne herself was so very willing to slay, that ho concluded to leavo her, knowing that she would improve greatly in such a family. lie left her unon condition that Mr. Emsworth (wlio proniiscd to take herlinmo in the spring,) would bring Lydia to Baliinioro to return Clementine's visit. Clementine passed a delightful winter. Lydia taught her many uselul things winch lie never could havo learned at home ; and tho example of this sensible and excellent cirl effected n lasting improvement' in her' mind and habits; whilo her visit to I'hiladcl- it I, . HEADACHE DR.SPOHN'8 HEADACHE REMEDY will effectually cure sick headache, cither from the or bilious. Hundreds of families an using it with great joy. it.ivnf Mnv. A. D. 1843. nt 10 A M. GUY SI'ENCKIi, of Burlington, for hi- Uncharge ami Certificate, as a uanurupi, at ineuouri nouse in Windsor, in fcaid District, on Wednesday, the 24th dav of Mav. A. D. 1843. at 10 A. M. GEORGK WRIGHT, of Colchc.-ler, for his Discharge and Certilicale, a a Uankrupt, nt the Court House, in Windsor. in aid District, en Wednesday, the Mill dav of Mav. A. D. 1813, at 10 A. M. DANIEL b. TUCKER, of Huntington, for his Dis charge and Certificate, as a Danurtipt, at ine iouri Houi-e, in'.winu-or, in saw winci, on hpjiiwuj, the24th dav of Mav, A. D. 1843, at 10 A. M. LEVI HROWN, of Burlington, for his Discharge and Certificate, as a Bankrupt, at the Court Mouse, in Windsor, in saw insinei, on etineiaay, ine u day of May, A.D. 1843, at 10 A. M.

The keener tenders his services, with the assurance, thai in all respects the hous shall deserve the favor able consideration of all who may patronise it. nurlinton, April 1, IBM. 43ti. MAGNETIC ODONTICA. THK TEETH 1 THK TEKTH ! ! Tlie Tncomnarable Tooth Prcnaration. THE fact it proved, and ihe most incredulous and doubting are tally convinced of its ijreat utility, as we have the evidence from the tale of about 25 - 000 boxes of the Odontica, within the past year. It .- ..: l r.m .1.,, ...I,.... .. ,i .1... IP- . . . " . j.. ... . i ih iiai.1.1 luiiiuu it ui.i u.mji.1 iv.iivi.1 uiu. yii(,,i u;lu, II1V and local physicians mane constant use oi it in tneir lccth wil, nevcr jecaV) blIt rcma in ,m lhe iate,t age ot man. wiintneir natural wear : anu more n t ion- CA, J1 r n?rc,lsan article ca icu "foim-i an(s '0f cases, nervous toothache, (thai climax of mu.-ko Tciiiiiiuv ; iv"," -;' "i ""-inain) has at once been e.lectuaiiy cured by tins most nouseoi ivOinsiocKY,u'u',eVwh'wrTi'A-f- popular dentrilice in America. And in conclusion, nrmspnii'd nslieinc the "same as Fahnestock." This ' i .i... i. i.. .i ' i" , . , , i ..... I wnere.ur WIIU ISIUU suuiii lauy ui uuiiiieuiuii, njc, is not the case, for Kolnv-toek's t a base ; imitation lhein(ivijlia that value-a Leautiful set of teeth, sound sweet breath more than filly cents, thai ser destitute of a box of Dr M. Hitch, ock's Odontica. nnvnntinns in order to guard the nublic astainst mis taking other worm preparations fcr his deservedly nnnuiTir v i-riiiiiiint:. This medicine has licen known but a short time in Burlington, but through the wester States it has been ih mi nnnulnr and efficient worm remedv for a e- riod of nearly 15 years being used in the practice of regular physicians. In the Canadas where it has been known but about two years the'sales have been very great, being about 500 gross. The Surgeons of Her Maicsty's troops preserving none of the virtues of our excellent mcdi- amj a cine. The only security to the publie is lo enquire I hrill'be Ion"1 particularly for B. A. Fahnestock's Vermifuge, and Mat,ncta o Life ! Lite ! ! Life ! ! ! Jonathan Moore's ESSENCE OF LIFE. Tha most highly esteemed Mcdieine that has evar been discovered for curing Coughs, Colds, Asthma, i i,M.-MHImftve, 1. n . - T anti i.unoiJ.uriiu,iat ii wiuuisu rcmuvc mc Whooping-Cough in one week. Prepared byHm nT Seymour, from Ihe original receipt, by the direc , lion of said Moore. For sale wholesale, by PECK & SPEAK, Burlm ton, and at retail, by the principal Druggists in United Stales. Orders directed to Henry Seymour, Hadley, uaa will receive prompt attention, and any quantity Medicine immediately furnished. Caution. As there is much of the spurious arti cle for sale, ICPhe particular to enquire for that pre pared by Henry Seymour, Hadley, Massachusetts. avoid all other articles bearing similar names. Vnr sale, sinclv or ner dozen, liv PUCK & SPEAR. Manufacturing Druggists, and vendors of all Uen- Uine J'aicni iicuittiica. Burlington, vt Jan IB, itSVi. im3l DR. SPOHN'S ELIXIR OF HEALTH, fir the certain prevention of I SUM 31 SCSI or any general sickness ; keeping the stomach in most per fect order, the bowels regular, and a determination to I PECK &, SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Ilurlingtou, Vt. the surface. pains in the bones, hoarseness, and are quickly cured by it. Know this by trying. CORNS. The French Plaster is a sure cure. AMERICAN H DTEL. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, BY S. W. TAYLOR, Coubt Hocse Sqcabe, Borlinotom, Vt. 26tf M. Gf RATH BUN, DRAPER AND TAUOR, (Nearly opposite the Bank,) Church St. 32 if Bublingtos, Yt. hair any shade you wish, but will not color the skin. SARSAPARILLA. comstock s com POUND EXTRACT. There is no other prcpara. tion of Sarsaparilla that can exceed or equal this. If you arc sure to get Comstock's, you will find it superior to all others. It does not require puffing. JAMS W. HICKOK, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office west side of the Court House Square, Dec. 12, 18-42. 29-tf Burlington, Vt. CELESTIAL BALM OF CHINA. A positive cure for the piles, and all external ailings all internal irritations brought to lhe urface by friction with this Balm; so in coughs, welled or sore throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm applied on a flannel will relieve and cure at once. Fresh wounds or old sores are rapidly cured by it. 33r. iJnrtholcmeto'fl HAGAR & ARTHUR, A RE now receiving nevy J.X. new supplies oi SADLERY, COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE, in all its vnrities. ALSO, drugs & medicines; PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, &c. &c. Burlington, Vt, J llihNov. 1842. $ CHILDREN CRY FOR THEM! GROWN PEOPLE say they are the pleasantest and moil e.lccn've medicine in use. Enormous uantitie-iare wold, and evcrv liotlv likes them. SHERMAN'S WORM LUZENUKS have saved thn livi of thnnwnniU. SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZK.NGI.S are real antidotes to headache, palpitation, sea-siel;ne-s,low- es oi spirits anu uepoiuiency or tiiee.ieets oi uis ination. POOR MAN'S PLASTER Sherman's we mean- costs 12V eenf. and is certain to cure rheumatism, lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, side or hflek. n!o m es. -Sunt; niti'L-.s rosmveiy cureu ny onerinaii s Panillarv Oil. without taking the child from the breast. vr. onerman ueires particularly inui pureimsers hou d be carefu that thev sret t he centime bherman's Lozenges and Plasters, a he cannot be accountable for the worthless articles that may otherwise be nnlmed unon them. Likewise all Gescisf. PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMES, SOAPS. INKS, BLACKINGS, MEDICAL, wiiKSnnd uuijukh, pure,; a t n- ART'S CONFECTIONERIES, l'1-.UK. It ai'i-.AIl. Wholesale and Retail Druggists, nkU mi Fdli if! mWM Ali J i m uivm satj L.1L.Y syrup: will prevent or cure all incipient consumption, taken in lime, and is a delightful remedy, ber lhe name, and get Comstock's. Kemcni. KOLMSTOCK'S VERMIFUGE " cradicato all EQaHI?! 'n c'"'rcn or B('L1'U with a certainty quito astonishing. It is tho same as that made by stock, and sells with a rapidity almost incredible, by Comstock d Co., New York. TOOTH DROPS. KLINE'S-cure effectually. Comtttek phla converted her prejudices against qua le era into esteem and admiration fur this most Enlered ecorilin to -ctof ConBr, in the f r l8, kjrl Co.. in llm Clerk's ofBce of lhe tfoulaero Dumet of N, By applying to our agents in each town and village, papers may be had free, showing tho most respectable names in the country for these facts, so that no one can fail to believo tnem. fin-Bo snre you call for our articles, nnd not be put off with any stories, that others are as good. HAVE THESE Oil NONE, should do your niottonnd these never can ot mi ana genuine tcUAout our nanus to them. All me htucici iu ho had wholesale and retail only of us. fyfttffrefafo Wholesale DruggUls. 71 Malden.I.anc. New York, and of our Brents. PECK A. SPEAR. Chemists and Druggists, and S. E. HOWARD, Burlington. Valuable Estate For Salo. rr I! V. S,,lner:Ur offers for sale the dwel JL ling home nnd lot, conM'.ling of about one anu a quarter acre oi muo, situated on College Street, belonging lo lheu-iaie of the late Dr. Rolen Moody. The hoiite is of I rick, thoroughly built, and very conveniently arranged. Tliu uarilen is well sunlilied with fruit. and in a high stato of cultivation. A credit will le given, for a portion of tho purchase money, of two year, from.l.t October, 1812. ' flEO. II. SHAW, Admr. Burlington, Sept. 24, 1812. 17-11 Sloro For Salo, HE sulwriber offers lor sate his New llrlck Store, silualed in elburn Villago. losclher with lhe B(irl and fcirnitimysiich as Kairl anlV Plalform and Counter Sealex, Wf iliug Desk, show Cote, Stoves, Oil Can, measures, &c. J'hU i one of the lst location, fora country .busi ness m iiiiuenuen county, aim win i soiu iow. OEO. D. COMSTOCK. Slutburn, Nov, 18,1812. 25tf TiHI3lknnwnnnil nnnarallcled remedv for Couzhs, JL Intttitnrn. Colds. Asthma. Soittina of Blood, Whoonintr Caueh. Irritation and d iiseascd stale of ine L.unes, ana coniumpiion. r or mio uy PECK & SPEAR. Druggist. 27tl Agents tor tsurungion anu us vicinuy, UIU Ii URLING TON JIREWER V iTS nownHill optralibil und Can to, lurnisnaiioruers ior rir.r.n not urpawed in quality I jf any ether -iircwcry. ALBANY ANU nOSTON BAIL ROAD Fare through to Boston 80. Morning train through to Boston leaves Greenbush at t belore7 o'ciocK,uaiiy,iJuiiuay bwiinomiiou at Uoston ui. lireaktasi ai onninom. ti -fiernnon train to Springfield only, leaves Greenbush at i before I o clock. .... , Passengers can leave Springfield at 6 A. M and arrive in Boston at 11) A. M. Passengeruiust leave Albany at 61 or 12J o'olock, auuu. -.v. . v u . .. Fob New-York via iiubtiokd nu i.e. loavino- Greenbush i before 7 A. M. !7,.:".nf. , s.inhchl at 121 M. reach Hartford at 4 P. M. and New Haven at 7 P. M. lodge leave New Haven by neameoai ai or a. m.,ouu wmiu New-York at 2 V. M. ....... .. . , r. n.a.pnnpf. mtf n so leave ureeuuusn u i utiwiv P. M., reach Springtleld GJ, theneo by stage at 8t'to Hartford lodE'1 leave Hartford at CJ next morning in carifur New Haven, and thence by steamboat, ar riving in WW i orient r. in. I,,.,. il,nnrli In Neu- orlv SO. i'on New York, by thu Hcusatonic Rail-road. l-aro 80. , , .',.., ic a i.,n if enr wil leave Greenbush daily, tun days excepted) al 51 P. M., reach Bridgeport at SI i M mL. .l,i,l nt 7.and reach New York at Hi A.M. Passengers must beat Somh Ferry in Albany at 51 P M I.,.li,.r.iip!iiiiinrin1dailvbv ihislinebetween Alba- ,.,! Vnrl.- ni ratei from S3 to 810 Per ton. Flour in loKof 500 barrels at 50c. per barrel, and for any lest, .iuanlilyUUO. pvtnarrci. Pii.sengtjrmul procure tickets beroretaking Cars, t;,.i o, .nn in Albanvnt O. It. Pavne'i olTn. . Broadway, or at Ticket Oilicc in Depot at urecn,! nan. vnr-iniir ni-'.PAIlTMENT. - A Freight Train. wilHea.y) (Jrecnluish daily (Sun .. ..Tii'uiedl for Bustbnnt St A.M. Kvcrv fnforhiMltn-Will bi'civen'ot the ofnee in tba Depot atOreeill-ufh. 'Decfeml? (V 1848. ' ! i V. H.TOWM1END. Master cf Irmsporlatian PECK & SI'EAK, AGENTS FOR SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. BtTRI.INe'FON CHAIR FACTORY fl L. NELSON, continues tne V business ol manutacturing nhnirs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl Maplo Grecian, Cane Scat, Common Cane and Flag Scat, Large and Small Haiscd Seat llocKinf, ao ao com mon do. Common Dinin?. &c. &c, All of which are warranted a first rato article and will be sold at prices to rorresnond with the times. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY MA UK. Constantly on hand, a supply of warranted Live Grcese Feathers, which will be sold Iow for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Birds Eyo Maple, delivered at his shop in Church street, opposite the old Bank. C. L. NELSON WINDOW SASH. The subscribers havenur chased the Machintry for me manutaeturooi winuow Sash formerly owned and ueil by Sidney Smith, at Winooski City,and are now manufacturing every des cription, and keep constant lyon hand an assortment of 7 bv 9 Sash. at the following prices. . ...... ... Vi lighten casements J) cts. per LUgnt. 8 do 31 do 9 do 3J do 6 do 3 do 4 do 5 For sale at their Shop al the Falls, and by Gcori 'eterson. All orders m the nbove line addressed to Catlin it Chae, will Le thankfully received and promptly attended to. iuiir.n CIL,ll.ZO. EDWIN W. CHASE. J Burlmgion, April 'J, I si-;. HAIR! HAIR!! BATiDN ESS. Important Discovery the Great Mystery found out at last. DR. STERUV'S ll'Alll REGENERATOR. Dr. Sterry, after much attention to tho important subject of preserving the hair, has after many experi ments chemical and physical, been able todiscoieran article which is now oli'ered with tho greatest confi dence for the toilette, as the best thing cicr discover ed, for its softening and penetrating quality, to pro duce a good head of hair to prevent it from falling off when baldness is apprehended to restore it when baldness has taken place, and to prevent it from turn ing gray. It is more nourishing than pomatum, an tique oil, or Colo;ne water. Il is a beautiful article for ladies' curls it makes Ihe hair soft and lively, and produces uncommon brilliancy. Thousandshave tr-'i-l :'i I'ifvrior virtues nnd excellence, and inevc- nee it 'a.. N unrivalled, ft is an infallible ui all allbcii -lis of the skin on the head as dan mil; itc i.c. Every family should be supplied Willi , bnltln of this oil, tint by itsnpplicition lo the head nd hair of children, the beautiful and ornamental np iMirlnnR of n fine head of hair, with which nature has supplied us, may be preserved. O ' K A T THIS .J llnvn vnn n fnucll t rf( rvfifi mi: OF CONSUMPTION every i VJ.VJUV. vear in the United States, and mif- .- ' rt . . . LI L . I 1.1 .1. - . lions guuer iroin irouoiesoine couiiiia uuu emus, inui can bo cured by Dr. M. Hitchcock's Vegetable Cream Cough Drop-,, a safe medical prescription, contain inir no poisonous drugs, and used in an extensive practice for several years will most postivcly afford re let. nnd save vou irom inai awiui uisease. uuiiiiuu- ary consumption, which sweeps into the grave hun dreds of llio young, tho old, the lovely and the gay. Have vou a coui!li I lie persuaded to purchase n bottle of the Cougli Drops to-day To-morrow may be too late. Price 30 cents per bottle. WOll MS! WO It MS I DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S unrivalled and unequal led Worm Tea. a sovereign remedy for Worms. This invaluable medicine has been tested by the ex perience of more than ten years use, and administered totnorcinan lesuuu personnel wuiuusic.-, mm not one solitary complaint ; for in no one of the thou sands of instances, where it has been used agreeable to tho printed directions, nasil ever laiicu. N. B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, as there are many nostrums abroad for the destruction of worms. 1 , srvui-f only i wciiiy-uve veins. DR. M. HITCHCOCK'S newly inventd SiNUKl, the best article ever discovered by scientific mon. ;,, F.ninnn or America, for the curcand absolute relief of. Catarrh, Dizziness of the Head, Weak Eyes, Nervous Headache, Fallen Sickness, Fits, and In fants trouoleu wiin onumes, partial shocks ui i iu- sey, etc. Dr. Evans' Beautifying Lotion. HIGHLY esteemed for curing all Eruption, Coarseness, Redness, and Pimples on lhe h ace, Neck or hands, and effectually cleaningtliccomplex ion and removing all diseases of the skin. Nothing contributes so much to our general suc cess in life, as an engaging first appearance. The Lo tion is admired as a most fragrant, mild, safe wa-h, and greatly esteemed for its virtues in cleansing, soft ening, nnd purifying the ekin of all eruptions, so inju rious to female beauty, and restoring it to a high dc grco of purity. ... .. , A beautiful and healthful complexion is tho pride or all who possess it, and tho envy of thoso who are de prived out. A good appenranco is tho best recommendation j and ns the Ueautifvin" Lotion nurifies tho skin, nnd removes nil Pimples. Blotches, Tan, Sunburn, and Redness, and produces a beautiful hue, it is the only cosmetic a lady should use at her toilette. Uentlemen will also linu llns a cieiignuui rc;neuy to remove all Roughness, Pimples,Ringvvorms, Spots, Redness, Soreness of the face and nose, and every kind of eruption on the surface of the human body. Il i imriienlnrlv recommended to ccntlemcn to be used after shaving, as it will prevent thu otherwise certain effect of all common soap, in turning the nenrn nrpmaiureiv prev. For salo wholesaToand retail, by Foster & Dick inson, solo I'ropnetors ana oucccssors iu A. IlllCU cock & Co., 117 Genesee Street, Utica, N. Y. ; in Georgia, by L. Janes s Milton Falls, by Barrett & Sawyers Johnson, by G. L. Warner & Co. ; Burling ton, anu Dy 1'liUh CC SfbiMl, Manufacturing Druggists, and Venders of Genuine Patent Medicines. MADAM BOIVIN'S ANTI -SPASMODIC EMMENAGOGUE t iFemalc itroulntoc. For Irregulor and Painful Menstruation, ona for the Suppression or Retention of the Mmttt WHENEVER any of lhe organs of the human frame cease or refuse to perform their office, lhe seeds of disease are sown, of which the harvest is death, unless, by timely attention the obstruc tions are removed nnd nature is thereby restored to l,ir wnntil nr-tinn. Through carelessness and ne glect thousand!, of female in this northern cnmais have goneiiown lo an eariy grave oi ,ansumpian, a disease that with female l invariably promoted by, and in most cac has it onginn a derangement of iho.e organ- uroii which the Emmen'agogue is es pecially designed to act, most, if not all of whom might have been saved by a timely resort to this medicine. VERBAL TESTlMONY-thebetthatcanbe offer ed in proof of its efficacy, may be found in every neighborhood where the I-.mmenecogue has been employed in accordance with Madam Boivin's direc tion-, it is prepared in wine, ana mongn poweriui is nevertheless a safe medicine for family use. fcacti bottle contains anoui a 1-. ounces rric- 75 cts. A liberal dicount will be made to Physicians who useit in their practice, and to persons who pur chase byquanlity. Sold in BurlniRton and vicinity uy rci;&. ao si-r.An, jigcms. Dec. 22, 1842. 30 CASH PAID for FLAX SEED. LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for sale by STILES & McELltOY. At Ihe Oil Mill at the Falls. Burlington, Nov. I, 1812. 23, ly C. BENNS jr. & Co. DRAPERS & TA1XOR3, (2rf Door South of the Bank; Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CLOTH & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY O.N HAND. Cutting done in the most approved style nnd vv urraiiicii. Burlington, November, IS 13. 20tf. JOSEPH WAIT Has received u full supply of CltOCKERT-flASS & CHINA WARE Which, added to lhe foimer stock, makes hi a it. o r I m c n t mute conijiU'lc, mid il isoleredat riryloi nrim n finiii jl the pres.ure of Iht times, l'uiuflic la na'u C-'i ! in inline, will do well to cull :)nj ck-lmu'ie aileast, at the corner of Church and College meet. Burlington, Oct, 20lh, 1843, 20lf BURLINGTON COMB FACTORY. niHF. .Subscribers having taken the well known L Establishment, formerly occupied by Vilas, Loomis, & Co., arc now manufacturing, and will keep constantly on hand, a general assortment of COMBS, of superior qualities, which will beafforded nt the lowest prices. Merchants, and others, wishing for a superior article fur retail, will find it to their advan tage to call nnd examine our stock. CROFUT d TIMANUS. Burlington, Sept. 8 1842. 14 tf LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE and well selected assortment, consist ingof t7i7, Mahogany and Gilt, Mahogany , and Fancy framed Looking Glasses, for sile at greatly reduced prices at the Hardware Store, Corner of Church and College Sis., by HAGAR & ARTHUR. Salt. 1000 BUSHELS Courso Western Salt, 500 do Turks Island 500 do Si, Ubes 150 Bbls Wclern fine 40 Sacks Liverpool blown GO oacKs western lino 6 Cases Salt in loaves for SIHUiSliS. Nov. 12. TO THE LADIES. Dr. Hull's Utcro Abdominal Supporter. THIS new n.trnmpnt for lhe radical cure of Prol.uiMi 1'teri. or falling of ,tno vtouin, iij external "I'l "miium, 'super-eding the uo of the objection- able Pessary. i ronlidently recom- meiulei to the allliclivi a tne mean r,r..rf,.,.i rn.toration to health, it nev er having failed ol performing u cure, even under the i. nffnrni-9,,1 I'lrCltlllStUllvCS. l he Slipperier lias aiuuucu u utj ihhu "wii Ulll'lllll 11. Unr- Ixmdon ,iiroiie bymedical men of the highest rank. In llii country t i Mi.tainedby lhe leading mcml ers ol the faculties f College and Hpspilals, nnd by all the eminent pri ale praelitioiiers. . ' PECK &. SPEAR, v iji - av d ' "film's Min'a and IVitciiellVHEUNIA IRIISS, for lupturea in Ihe Mali: I'ei'.bon, from the (iilani I" the adult. lr-jwrhp.i nml the aboVe fi'r sale singly or by lhe do-en. On hand tonslantly a good assortment qf S VRGICAl. ISSTRVMUNTS. in KiiroiiuasWCII as ill llns ciiiiiury. u i .i,.,..ui,mili,ieofiiessaries. and all other painfu gical expedients, in the Lying-in Hospitals of U S.l l',,r!s. and is universally recommended in V. LOOK HERE. FARMERS, who wish to purchase Stoves, for wood, or produce of almost any description, wUl please call at the "Stove Store," second door west of J. & J. II. Peck, .f Co. S. W. TAYLOR Burlington, Nov. 21, 1312. 25-tf STOCK Ol-" HARDWARE FOR SALE. THE SUBSCRIBER, having determined to leave Burlington in the spring, offers for sale, for eah, his emirestock of HARDWARE, at the invoice cost in New Vork, adding thereunto two per cent, for expense of transportation. As his stock is entirely new, anil well selected, 'tor prooi nt wmcn ne would refer to any Hardware merchant) and was purchased previous to the passage of the new Taritf Bill, he thinks it wou'd be impossible for any person who wished to engage in the business, todo sounder mora favorable circumstances. WM. J. HUNT. Strong' Building-, Dec. 30, 1842. 31 TO LET. A Commodious STONE HOUSE at present occn pied by Un. xIinebero. premises. iJurungton, rept. la, ih-. For terms apply at tba 15 tf White Lead. TON White Lead in Oil, 2 do dry do. warranted equal in quality to any mannr ciurea in tno suauyiow. oiuumio. United State. price unu Nov. 10, lOii. Tin.Plate &c, gO Coxcs Tin Platc 25 Bdl. Russia and English Sheet Iron, assorted nos; 40 Bdls Iron Wire assorted, 5 cent Sheet Cop per, Tinned and black rivets, Wire Vellum, Brats KetilesvVc.&c. STRONGS. Nov. 17. 1842. GROCERIES. A f Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans 4AJ Sugars, 10 Ton Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar, 5 bbls. Crushed and Powdered do do 6' hhds Porto Uico Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 10 Chests' Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and PouchongTeas. 2 tons Saleralus, 25 kegs and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Shp Tobacco. 1 barrel Lorillard's Maccaboy Snuff, 15 bbls Smoking and fine cut Chewing Tobacco 50 boxes Bunch Raisins, 30 bags old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and Laguirt Codec, 0 do Pepper and Pimento. Also, Starch, Cin namon, Nutmegs, Cloves. Pipes, Bur Lamp, SLptrm Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, '-&, With lhe above, and many other Goods, wei wish to buy moiiry, and ofTer more for it thin is lasuallr Jlrtllt llllllia tlllllliy. . " - .w .baww.iuiny m Mteuiocaii. oiuuiTia. Nov. 17, 181 S SS GEO. PETERSON Ol-'PEIIS FOR SALE, on terms adrtpted to lh times, J IS bbls. fresh ground Ruckwfheat Flora. 1 0 bbls Mncinack TROUTA and lOO Cords Hard WOOD. each a good article of its kind. ' .' 91 tf Oct. 25, 1942. MAHOGANY & Jit OSEVOOD riMIE subscriber has received a large lot of Afa X hogany and Roseinod on Consignment, which he is authorised to seli "t New York prices- consist in" of Crotch Shade ami, Mottle Veneers of all quali ties nnd prices Hoards of 1. t,ff -8 -Saiut 1 Inch thick, Hoards sultablo'for Tables and Coolus, Mahogany l'la "k of 1 l-l,!t and a l-ftlncb thick. T.IVE GEESE FEATHERS. large si-l'l'ly on hand of Live Geese Feathers, St intry cl,ecl'on, for 50 cents per pound, Cash, CHAI K AT WHOLESALE Si RETAIL. rail inJsandalwas car.Jle bought in Vermout. may .c Wmd al the old stand of Nelson and Gate. 0p,,f jsite the old Bank on Church street, or two doora no',lh of the Catholic Church, Si. Paul sirefl. Burlington, .Nrv, 10, 1843, ' Nf-U?M A eou! tiatrotaM (hi mama. valuable society.