Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 17, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 17, 1843 Page 3
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I (" JOHN C. SPENCKR. AND THE TARIFF. At Mr. Spencer lias boon appointed Sec retary of the Treasury, it becomes a mntter of interest to know what bis views aro on the subject of tlio Tarifl. Whatever modifi cations or changes nro to bu made with it du ring tlio present administration will doubt- his bo in accordance with his views, if ho continues to bo tho Secretary. Wo find tho following exposition of his views on t! lubject, in his Rochester letter, of 19lh Nl 1842. Referring to tho President's mcssa at tlio opening of tho preceding session of Congress, ho says : -Upon thnt most difficult nnd perplexinfj topic, a titifTpf duties on imports, tho jnncmagcof tlio mcs f sgo defines with great accuracy, clearness, and pre cision, the true principles of protection consistent with revenue. After spcakinir,of the rrpiiRnnnce of tho peo ple to the imposition of burdens not ncccssnry to the tupport of Oovernmcnt, the President says ( " In im posing duties, however, for Iho purposes of revenue, richt to discriminate ns to tho articles on which tho duly shall be laid, ns well ns tho amount, necessarily and most prooerly exists.'' After showing that the imposition of duties indiscriminately on articles would defeat the very purpos of oblnining n revenue, he re marks! "So nlsj the Government may lie justified in 0 discriminating, by -reference to other considerations of domestic policy connected with other manufactures. So Ions as the duties shall ho laid with distinct refer ence to tho wants of the Treasury, no well founded objection can exist against them," nnd ho concludes the remarks on that subject by urging tho importance of certainty imd permanency in the system which ahould to adopted., Jt is I cheved that no just man, who regards the various interests of tho whole eoun try.who would notcompel that portion of our fellow citizens who have no manufactures, to pay taxes for the support of ihoso who hnvo them, without any equivalent, nnd who yet would protect American in dustry from foreian cheap labor, in those articles which a-re essential tons in peace nnd in war, and for which we ought not to be dependent on any other na tion, it is believed that no just man, who will lake uch an enlarged and patriotic view of the subject, will hesitato to nnprove the principles ptomutentcd in the message. While they nre ndverso to prohibitory duties on the one hand, they provide for abundant in cidental protection on the other. They arc those, and those only that will secure harmony as well ns justice in (be adjustment of a mntter involving so mnny nnd o various conflicting interests, nnd produce that per tnanenco which, in this country, can bcobtaincd'only by the general acquiescence of the people in the equity nd honesty of any system. And if the liberality so unusual, thus evinced by a statesman coming from that portion of our Union which has no manufactures, be reciprocated nnd met in tho same spirit by those who ara most anxious to promote those interests, a UnitV of feehn? will exist thrmifrhnnt tho innfrtrW-,ii' which will afford more stable, and therefore, more ..... u.iU auua,.imul piuituuuii iu uur own inuustrv, than any laws iltat may be passed under occasional no spasmodic excitements, uhich will bc'suio to in- wrmii wiin tno cessation of the stimulants that pro duce them. Should the Tariff law that has been passed and re ceived the signature of the President, be found in prac tice to differ in important particulars from the just nnd liberal principles advanced by him, ho will doubtless bt found ready to sanction such necessary amend ments as may be proposed by that body, in which the vuusmuiion lias exclusively vesica ino authority to originate and pass revenue bills. On the subject of protection we havo found no cause to complain of President Tyler. He took in tho outset, a decided stand in for tho principle of discrimination; and this is fundamental to all the protection asked. In tho appointment of Mr. Forward, (an able and staunch friend of linmo industry,) ho did lis good justice; and now in the appoint ment of Mr. Spencer, wo have ample assu rance that there is to bo no change of policy in this respect. Tho turilTof 1842 romains unaltered, and though doubtless in many points defective, is yet slowly, but surely, doing its perfect work Tho importations ot protected articles are comparatively triflinp, and our return car joes are now, to a large extent, specie, the real chiii'i, instead of foreign cow-caws. Tho result is, that money is accumulating in quarters tho nature of things, it can not long remain idle, and so soon as the mar ket is fairly cleared of the immense stock of foreign goods with which it was surfeited, that moment will there be a demand for do tnetttc goods, and this idlo capital will flow to tho interior. Give tho American manu facturer possession of tho home market, and there will then be a demand for American raw material, and profitable employment for labor labor kept up to remunerating pri ces by this very protection against foreign pauper prices. Convert one fourth of the present producers tntoconsumors, with means to buy, and the farmer then has a ready mar ket for his stnplus, at his own door, at better prices. That wo nro again to realize this atate of things, wo most sincerely hopo and pray. The elements aro in motion to pro duco it ; and if tho country is but trim to it elf will but profit by the lessons of expe rience a " better day " must indeed dawn upon us. ACKNOWLEDGMENT. e are indebted to tho kind nttention of Hon. He.nrv L Eu.swonTii, Commissioner of the Patent Office, for numerous parcels of raro and valuable seeds, for which ho will accept ourvcry hearty thanks. Among them are two varieties of winter wheat, not known in tins region: tlio Valparaiso, nnd the 'white bluo-steni" tho latter tho most beau tiful article of tho wheat kind wo havo ever aeen. Their success in this climate remain: to bo tested by experiment ; and of their no culiarities, experience will enable us to speak more advisedly hereafter. Wo shall, how ever, subject them to careful cultivation, nd apprise the public of the result. (17Burlington was again taken by storm on Monday and Tuesday snow havine fill len, during those two days, to tho depth of between one and two feet. ' Another Brilliant Wiua Victory Utica Redeemed. Tho Western Mail last evening, conveys us tho agreeable intelli- jenee that in Utica, N. Y. as in Trov, tho I ... ... - . " . . tt nigs nave swept tne neia. in both cities the contest was an unusually severe one, and in both tho Whig triumph is complete nnd decisive. Utica elects a Whig Mayor, Su pervisor, Justice, Assessors and nine Whiff ail Aiaerman out or twelve. Last year tho Lo Co Focos elected their Mayor by 131 majori- yr, ana carried tho Assessor, Justice and sov n out of twelvo Aldermen! This is a triumph maeeo. A windfall.- Tho heirs of onn of niirn1flft no. wesiiiiiesi citizens, who died a few weeki back, on taking possession nt ! i,m, j . ' - erad large sum of money of which they had no previous: knowledge whatever. They conttnu. jy wie.r res-sarciies until tn9 ,, of on j,un. ed thousand dollars was ccllocted (of which Uere is no account left hy tho deceased,) part in bank bills, but the larger portion in checkf, one, two, and three years old, unon mi? lit E "nt ce,tined and yflt every dollar of -J. .... ,..uupi,jr pain on presentation at the "Mvivut uaun, nucn Wlnrlfal ar rar t. y, Atmntan. 6 Punishment for Seduction. A bill call ed 11 an act to punish seduction, nnd to u fiord a moro ndequalo remedy for tho Injury " has been read in tho Legislature of Pa. This bill declares that seduction of any female is an indictable offence, olid in nddition to tho remedies now given by law,nny person con victed of this olfenco in any Court of Quar ter sessions, shall bo sentenced to pay a fino not less than $500, nor moro than $10,000, at tho discretion of tho Court, and further, to go solitary confinement, at hard labor, l'cnitentiary not less than ono year, oro than ten. and that tho action for seduction may bo sued by any mother or other relative of tho femalo seduced. Tho laws nt present do not punish seduc tion, it merely gives tho father of the victim n claim to damages for certain reasons affect ing his pocket, nnd the only remedy tho vic tim has, is in damages for breach nf promiso of marriago, a remedy which amounts to no thing nt all whan tho seducer is without prop erty. Hon. John C. Spencer has tcsigned his commission as Secretary of War nnd accepted tho appointment of Secretary of thoTreasury. Ilecntcrs uponthodu tics of the office this day. James Madison Porter, of Pennsylvania, has been appointed to fill the vacancy in the War Department, nnd will enter upon lliediiliesol Secretaryship of War without delay. .flatiisotiian. Communications. Mn. Ediioh! Mn.JoiiN D. Johnson, whose death was noticed in your last paper, was, ns you nre aware, the Secretary of tho Mechanic's Institute. At a meeting -of the Directors, called for the purpose, on tho day of his death, it was Resolved that the Institute attend his funeinl in their associated capaci ty, and wcat tho usual badge of tnourniug. A circu lar of invitation was issued and tho call was respon ded to by the members with a promptness and unani mity worthy of the occasion and creditable aliUo to the Society nnd to tho character of tho deceased. At the meeting of the Institute, held on Tuesday night, a Committee of thrco was called for and nomi nated by tho President, consisiing of Messrs. Flotchcr, Dow and Pangborn, to prepare and report resolutions cxprcssivo of tho feelings of the associa tion on tho occasion of the death of their lamented brother. Tho committee reported the following which was adopted. Itcsottcd, 'I hat by the death of our late Secretary, John It. Johnson, our Infant Association has lost one of its most devoted and faithful officers. Resolved, That wo who knew him ns nn efficient and vnluablo member, as n generous nnd warm-hearted friend, do svmnatliisc most deenlv in the fnr keen. er anguish of thoso who in his untimely death are mournim; cue toss 01 a eon nnu a urouier, the morn ing of whose life was so full of promise. Ilesolred, That a notice of his death, together with these resolutions, ho tUefirst entry mado on the re cords of the Institute afiir the last made by him, hnse loss w e so much deplore. iccsoircu, mat a copy oi the proceedings of tho Insti uto on the subject referred to. bo furnished in the hmtor'a ot holli papers, Willi the request of the oocieiy uiai u may ue puuiisncd. UI-.U. A. ALLEN, President, X. Pas-ghosNi Sec. Pro. Tern. D. At a special meeting of tho Burlington Total Ab stinence Society, convened to consider such meas ures as may be appropriate on the recent death of John B. Johnson, a member of that Society. On motion of Charles Adams, Esq., it was llcsohcd, That this Society deplore tho afflicting dispensation, which has llius suddenly stricken down one of our most valuable young members. liesohed, 'that,' while ibis Society tender to the Mother, tisters nnd Brothers of the deceased, our hrarl-fclt svmnalhv for Ibis their m-eat ln we m. joicein the nssutnntc that ho has left behind a name worthy to be remembered by this Society. n-iolvcd, That in the death of this promising ycune man, t tic public halo sustained a loss which cannui easily lie supplied. Resulted, That ibis Society has great cause to re gret the loss of our friend. He was among the most ardent in the reformation, nnd hy his energy and firmness, gavohigli promise of Inline usefulness. llesolrcd. That ns a murk of respect to his memo ry, this Society will attend his funeral to-morrow. llesolrcd, Thai a copy of these resolution bo res pectfully tendered to ihu Mother of thedeceascd, and bo also published in tlio "reo Press nnd Sentinel. Wm. I). MBUUILL, Prtsident. E. A. Stansbcrv, Secretary. B. M. 7. An adjourned meeting of the .Mechanic's Institute, will be held this (Friday) evening at 7 o'clock. A lecture may bo expected by a member, on tho means and materials which were employed for the trans mission and preservation of knowledge, previous to the invention of punting. Admission free. D. K. PANGI30KN. Sec. Pro. Tern. NOTICE. Rev. Mr. Nat-ping. Universalis!, will preach at the Town house, in Williston, on Sunday, JDth inst. Brighton Market. Monday, March G, 1843. At Market 4G0 Beef Cattle. 1000 Shrrn. Swine. 100 Beef Cattle and 400 Shrrn unsnM. PillCF.S. Iletf Cuttle. Veins chlamed hl uk generally, for a like quality, were not sustained. lleiter cattle were nt market, some of which brought our highest quotations, viz: extra, S4.73 a S3 00. f?i rat. I,.!!... OI )". n L. J f. ,,a ,ll,al vi.ui. oui-uim quaiuv, ssi.iu. iniru quality, a Stp. Dull. Lots were sold from SI. 50, to 81.75. Stelne. Pr lots were sold. A few wcro retailed from 4J to 5j. Mairciicsfilj, In Plattsburgh, on the 27lh ult., by the Rev. An drew Wilherspoon, Mr. Ebastcs Truer, to Miss Lu cy M. Parish both of tho formtr place. Bfi rj7 In this town, on tho 13ih inst, of Bilious Lung Fe ver, Mrs. Jcdith Davis, wife of Daniel Davis, aged 59 years. In this town, on the 12th inst. William Flaco Oocll, aged 4 months and 4 days. Atthehousoofafriend in Fayette Co., Texas, on the 20th of Nov., 1812, tho Ho. Wiilabd Wad hams, in the 23th year of his ngc. The subject of the obove obituary notice was a mem ber of the graduating class of the University of Wr. mom for the year 1832, and rarely indeed has ihefirst degree in tho arts been moro fillv awarded il,n m young Wadhams when scarcely seventeen years of age. uoy as no was in years when he entered col lego, and naturally of a remarkably social n'nd gene rous disposition, he soon distinguished himself no less by his assiduous and persevering attention to his studies, than by Ins rapid progress in th em. An nr. dour in the pursuit of knowledge which nevrr cooled, uuu uo uiiiuncuing ueietnunalion toconquer every dif- ncuity which he might encounter, instead of lazily evading it, enabled him to accomplish during his four years icsidenco at tho University very much more uiuu inu prcscriucu course of study. It is well rc " practice wos to read tlio entire works in Latin and Greek from which extracts only uIU required 10 do read Dy the rules of tho institution! and in Mathematics and Philosophy he adhered tn similar plan of reading extensively other than thepre scribed authors on the same or collateral subjects. mmo,ine every well balanced and truly excel lent mind, was of that delicate yet strong and com- pronensive order which apprehends nnd enjoys alike the highest beauties of poetry and tho abstrusest parts ..p.u..Unio,wai employed for few months as teacher in ihe Burlington High School, but as soon na IriA nuraitnrv nrrMnrAmnn uuiu uo, ue emuarKea lor Germany, where iiccjicui ,wo years ui uoitingen in the study of the German Languago nnd Literature, which he had commenced at IheUniversily of Vermont, or the OH ental Languages, Philosophy. History. nnd Civil Lnu, His health having become impaired during his resi- denco at Goltingen, ho left lhat placo late in the Spring of 1835, and travelled southward, chiefly on foot, into Swinerland, Italy, Fiance, and even Spain at thst time a theatre of civil war, in the hope, happi ly "allied, that change of sceneand occupnl.on would restofo to him again the physical strength and tho buoyancy of spirits which were native to him. To wards Ihecloroofihis year ho returned to the United Slates, and was next employed asTetchsr of Lnngua ges tn KboolinUppville,riqtjierCo. Va., proae wtmi at th Mint time tin study of th. Monicipa! Law, Subsequent!) he removed to Columbus, Colo rado Co., Texas, where ho first entered into tho ser vice of tho government as o land surveyor, but his sterling talents and raro attainments soon attracted a notice which his frankness and obvious sincerity converted at once into confidence and esteem. After about a year's residence in Texas ho was appointed Chief Justice of tho county in which he resided an office which ho resigned at the end of another year, as it debarred him from the practicoof law. Ho was af terwards appointed Judge of Probate, which oflica he continued to hold till the lime of his death. Ho left Columbus, for tho last time, elate with the expectation of revisiting the scenes and the friends of his earliest years in belovod New England, but had scarcely pro ceeded twenty-five miles when ho experienced o vio lent attack offcvcrnnd-ogue.followcd after a fewdays by inflammation of the brain, which put a period to his life and to the high raised hopes and expectations of his fiiends together. Thus, in tho inscrutable providenco of tlio All-Wise, has fallen one at the very threshold of active life whoso enterprising spirit and noble qualities of mind nnd heart eminently fitted him to promote the wellare of his racct and wc who knew him in the happy days of collego life, n dozen years ago, nnd loved him for his ever Mowing spirit of humanity, and respected and admired him for the conscientious uprightness of his daily life and for his intellectual powers nnd attain ments, art not surprised, assuredly, that his most in- tiiiioto friend in the Und of his adoption should have cancludcJ tho letter in which ho communicated the mournful intelligence of llielr bereavement to tho pa rents of thedeceascd, with tlio brief but expressive eulogy, " He was the best man I ever knew." Com POST OFFICE NOTICE. THE Pt Muster General has ordered the discon tinuance cfafllhe Sunday trip j and, until fur ther mail will be received nt. or sent from. this office on the Sabbath. The office will therefore not be opened nl all for the transaction of business on Sind.iy. Letters deposited in (be oittidc box at 7 P. .M, will bom season for the morning mail. 11. B. STACY, P.M. P.O. Ilurlington, March 15, '43. I1U0POSALS for earrvimr the Mails of tho Uni I tcd Slates from the 1st of July, 1 813, to the 10th June, 18-15, on the following Post routes in Ver mont, will uo received at me Department until 2 o -clock, P. M., on the 13th of Aprii 1843, to be decid ed by the lCth of May : VERMONT. 3G3. From Bellows Falls to Paper Mill Village, 5 miles and back, once a week. Leave Hollows Falls every Thursday ot 0 A. M.-, arrive al i-apcr .Mill village same clay uy 11 A. ill. Leave Paper Mill Vill ige every Thursday at lit M.j arrivoat lidluws Fnlls same day bv2 P. M. 3G1. From East Charleston, by Morgan nnd Holland, to Derby, 12 miles and back, once n week Leave East Charleston every Thursday at 8 A. M.; aruve at Derby same day by 12 M. Lcavu Derby every Thursday at I p. m.j arrive at East Charleston tame day by 5 r. m. 3G3. From Hyde Park, Lnmoilvillo C. H., by North Hyde Park, Uclwderc, Four Corners, Avery's Gore and Montgomery, to East Berkshire, 33 miles Leave Il)dc P.itk, every Friday at 9 a. m.; arrive at l.asi licnisiiuc same any oy lu p. u. Leave East Berkshire every Saturday at 6 A. M. arrive at llvdo Park same day by G r. M. 3GG. From Ilucheslcr, by Brandon, to Shole'i Landing, 33 miles nnJback, once a week. Leave Rochester every Wednesday nt 7 A. m.j ar rivoat Sholc's Landing samedavbvGr. m. Leave Sholc's Landing every Thursday at 7 a. m.j anivc nt Rochester s-aine day by 0 p. M. ICrProposals to carry three times n week will be considered : also lo carry in two horso coaches. 3G7. From Tovvnsenu, by Grafton, to Chcs cr, 30 miles and back, once a week. Leave Townscnd every Wednesday at G A. it-i ar rive at Chester same day by 12 m. Leave Chester every Wtdncsdayat 1 r.M.j arrive at iownsenu same nay by 7 p. u. NOTES. 1. Seven minutes are allowed for oneninf and closing tho mails at all office.-, where no particular time is specified. 2. Post Office Blanks, and mail bags are to be conveyed without larincr cnarge on mail lines admit tint; sue ti conveyance. 3. In all cases, there is to bo a forfeiture of tho pay of the trip, when the trip is not run ; a forfei ture of nt Icisl one fourth part it, when the running or nrrivni is so lar oeniua time as 10 lose me connec tion with a denendinn mail; and n forfeiture of a dm proportion of it, when a grade of servico is rendered inferior to that in tho contract. These forfeitures may bo increased into Dcnalnes of hie her amount. according to the nature and frequency of the failure, and ino imnonnnce oi inc man. l ines wilt be imposed, unlrss the delinquency be satisfactorily explained in duo lime, for lading to take from or deliver at a post office, the mail, or any part of it : for sufieriner it to be wet. ininrnl. lost nr destroyed j for conveying it in a place or manner lhat exposes it to depredation, loss, or i.ijury ; and for not arriving at the time set. And for setting up or run ning nn express to transmit commercial intelligence in ntlvnnco ol the mail, a penally wilt be exacted equal to a quarter's pay. Tho Posi Master General may annul tho contract for repeated failures ; for violating iho Post Office i.nvvsi lor cnsoueving tho instructions of tlio De partment for assigning tho contract without the consent of tho Post Master General, or for setting up or riinninirun express as aforesaid. G. The Post .Master General mnv niter Ihe eon. tract, and after tho schedule, bo allowed a prorata in crease of compensation, within tho restrictions im posed by law, for the additional service required, or ior mo iiicrcascu speeu, h mc employment oi addi tional stock or carriers is rendered necessary, but the contractor may, in such ease, relinquish the con- iraci, un uineiy ounce, u lie preicrs it 10 itie change. Ho may also th-continiie or curtail the serv ice, ho al liiwin!! one month's extra pay on the amount dis pensed iniih. 7. The payments will be mado thrnnnh draft nn post offices or othetvvise, nfler tho expiration of each quailcr, say in Fel tuaiy, May, August, and Novcm- oer. 8. 77i distancet are gicen according to the best information i but no increased vav will be allowed. should theij prore to be vreater titan is advertised, if tic jhuccs lire lurrciffy iiumru. y. 'i lie rust Blaster ueneral is prohibited by law from knowingly making a contract for the transpor tation of the mail with any porson who shall have entered into nny combination, or proposed to enter into any combination, to prevent the making of any bid for n mail contract by nny other person or per sons, or who shall have made any agreement, or shall have given or performed, or promised to give or per form, nny consideration to do, or not to do, anything whatever to induce any oils pcrsan not to bid for a mail contract. 10. A bid received after time , to wit I the 13th April next nt 3 p.m.. or without tho gunrantee re quired by law; or that combines several routes in ono sum of compensation, cannot be considered in competition with a legular proposal not adjudged to be extravagant. 11. A bidder may propose different days and hours of departure and arrival, provided no more running lime is asked, and it is obvious that no mail connection or other public accommodations is preju diced. He may ask for a sneciftcd numhur nr Jat. for more running time to the trip at certain seasons of peculiarly Dau roaus. iiui ocyond these changes, a proposal for servico different from the advertisement will prevent its being considered in competition with a regular Did, not set aside for ex travagancej and where a bid contains nny ot ino above alterations, their dis advantages will be estimated in comparing it with oth er proposals. 12. Thcro should bo hut ono route bid for in a pro posal. 13. The route, the service, tho yearly pay, the bid der's name and residence, and the namo of each member of tho firm, where a company offers, should be distinctly stated. 14. Tho following is the form of the guaranty which should be filled, the first blank with the nmnnriha guarantor, ihes"cond with that of the bidder; and the third and fourth wilh the ticcinninir nnd terminatinc points of the route: and after beim? dated should bn signed by the guarantor, who must be shown by the wiiiieii ccriiucnie oi n posiniasicr, or oilier equally satisfactory tcstimcnial, to I e a man of property, and able to make cood his suaranty. This guaranty, so ccnified, should accompany each bid. "Tho undersigned, guaranties that if his uin ior carrying uie man i roni 10 be nc cepted by Ihe Postmaster General,- shall enter into an obligation prior to the 1st day of July nrxt with good nnd sufficient sureties, to perform the ser vice proposed. "Dated " 15. The bid should be sent under seal, addressed to Iho First Assistint Postmaster General, with "Mail Proposals in the State of ," written on thefaee oflhe letter) and Hhnuld he despatched in time lo be received by or before the 13th of April next, at 3 o'clock, p. m. 10. 'I he contracts are to be executed before the 1st ot July next. Post Orncr Departmext, Feb. 13, 1843. C. A. W1CKLIFFE, P. M. General LOOK AT THIS FARMERS I THE nhrril er wj MANUFACTURE WOOL EN CLOTHS for customers, the eominf; eesion, Satinetl', for 25 els per yard, Shecn Grey, plain, 25 rents per yard, Mixed and mil) colours 30 do Caimrres 31 do f also have a q-iantiv ol CLOTHS on band wblob we will exchange for Wool. MURRAY A PATRICK. Hineslsrgh, March 14, 1643. 4 r. HO YE! I SAND'S SAIISAPARILLA FLUID, Compound Syrup of SarsapariUa, Sarsaparilla Syrup, for making Carbonated Mead,) Extract of Sarsaparilla, Spanish and American Hoot SarsapariUa; All renowned for PunlrviNo the Blood. Invigorating the unhealthy, and Restoring Soundness to the Con stitution. At 42 PECK &. SPEAR'S, Druggists. NOTICE, IS heteby given that the note nnd accounts duo to D. A. BRAMAN nro lranferred and assigned to Wm, A. G1USWOLD, to whom payment can bo made without cots, at the Book Store lotely occu pied by taid Bralnan, at Rny time on or hofore tho 1st day cf April next, alter which nil demands not paid will le placed in the hnnd ofCha's D. Kasson, Esq. Attorney at Law, for - B.irltngton, March IS, 18-13. ' 42tf Encouragement. A Snrini? visit of 1C nehps snow arrived on Mo XX day and evening laM, which is yet with ns pro naratorv loiN denarturcfor ihc Gulnh oflhe St. Law reiK-eand thence onward intotba wide Atlantic, from whence it return may I e expected in a distilled form by an a:rial paase inabout the month ol May next to again revivify and cheer up the valleys, hill sidei nnd mountain top. But thus i the now encourage ment that in it- prc.-cnuorin iiinvite an assemmage oflhe People to meet immediately at their own Cheap Ca."h Siore and procure such articles as fancy or use fulness may dictate ol which there is yeteveiy des crintion and cheap at HOWARD'S uurnngton, maren, lu. IN CHANCERY. Eleazer. Austin, ) STATE OF VERMONT, vs uiurcnatn bounty, tt. Amel CorrnEN. "IT7HKRKAS. Elcaxcr Austin of Milton, in said VV county, has filed in theofficeoflheClerlt oflhe Court of Cham-cry in said County, his bill of com nlaint. therein statute, that tho said Ariel Cofl'ren. late of Milton aforesaid, now none without thU stato to pans unknown, on tne zsin nay ol January, A. v. 1810, leing jii.tly indebted to Zcbediah D. A-hlcy of said jntlton, in Ihe sum ol S'JUU 00, a specified in 4 promiaory notes of that date, for $225 00 each, the nrst payable in two vcars irom the 1st day of March then next, the f ccond in three years, the third in four Years and the fourth in five years from the snid hmt of March then next, respectively, and in order to secure the navmcnt of aid notes, on the same 2Sih nt January 1040, liv deed ol mortgage, conveyed to the said A'liley the follovvins described land, in Milion nfore-aid : viz. Ono half acre of land, on nnd near Lheekcrberrv Green, as in said deed and bill mora particularly descrtlcu. And fuither slating, that on tlio 13.h Dtceml er, A. U. 1811, the said Ashley as signed, and by deed conveyed to the Orator, the taid Mnrliraire deed, nnd the three- last de.cril ed notes, for S715 00, reserving the ripht of ii'ing said Mortgage ureu 10 cniorce me payment ol the first above des cribed nolo.; and further natino. that the said three latdccribed notcs,hadnot in any part been paid, and praying a foreclosure of tho equity of redemption ol said Mortgaged premises. ylnd the said Collren residing without this state so that a snl penn cannot bo sued upon him, therefore, it is ordered lhat tho i-nid Ariel Collren, be and appear before the said Court of Chancery, next to be holden at Burliimlon, within and for said County, on th,, Q, Tuesday of May next, on the first day of said Term, nuu umho answer io saju utu ; ana it is lurtner order ed that the said voirplninanl cau-e this order and 1 lie suu-tance ol said IJill to be published three weeks siiece-sively in tho Burlington Free Pre?s a news paper printed in said Utirliuglon, the la-t of which to be at least 20 days I cfcro the setting of said Court at it uext Term ns aforesaid, which will bo deemed sufficient notice to the said Cofiren lo appear and make answer lo -,-vil Bill. Dated at Burlington aforcai!, thi 14th dav of .uarcn, it. idij. vv.ii. i. u 13 L. r., Cleric. A. U. Whitemobe, Solicitor. 42w3 IN CIIANCI3KY. Onvr.n Howard jr. audi STATE OF VERMONT, Abigail Howakd, ( Chittenden County, ss. vs. f Tutnr.AS, Oliver How- OLtVEIt G. Zowaed. J V nrdjr and Abigail Howard, 1 oth of Milton in said County, have filed m the officeol'the Clerk of the Court o( said County, their Bill of complaint, therein stating that tho said Oliver G. Howard, now gone to parti tin known without this Slate, on the 2d day of February A. D. 1833, K'ing jii-tly indebted to the said Abigail, then and still the wife of the said Oliver Howard ir.. in the sumofS300 OOni specified in a prcmisory note bearing date on tho 2J day of February, A. 1). 1833, and payable in two years from the date thereof with in!crrs',anii in order lo secure the payment I liereof,t!ie said Oliver G. on ihe said 2J day of February, A. D. 1833, by deed of Mortgage conveyed lo the said Abi irail the follovvine de-cnLeJIand. in Milton aforesaid. viz: The East half" and enstendof lot No. 60, in the 3J division of the original right of Samuel Dodge, containing ntiy aciesni land; anuinrtner statins: that the said note had notm any nart Leen naid. and tirav- ing a foreclosure of ihe equity of redemption of said inortgaseJ premise. And the said Oliver G. Howard residing without mis siaic so that a suupena cannot be servo upon him, therefore, it i orderu.1 thnt the said Oliver G. lie and appear Before me sau co.irt of Chancery, next to Lo holden at Burlinfiton within and for said County of Chittenden on the 2d Tuernay of May next, on the hrst day ol said 'lerm and make an swer lo said ill: and it it further orJcnd lhat the jaid complainants cause this order and the suLsiance of said bill to be published three weeks s uVes-ively, in ihe Burlington Frio Press, a news paper printed in said Burlington, Iho last of which to be at least twenty days previous to the commence mcut ofsaid Torino! said Court, wliu-h will I e deemed suiiicient notice lo mo said Ulivcr u. Howard to a: pear and make answer to said Bill. Dated at Burlington afore.-aiJ, this 14ih day of .uarcu, a u. io-ij. W.M.N OBLC, Clerk. A. G. WiitTEMonz, Solicitor. 42w3 Kcmiiigton Hltgooil's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T a Probate Court, District of Chittenden, ss. j Xx. held at Burlington, in said District, on tho 9th day of March, A. I). 1843, tipcn application t.f Hannah Mills, oneol the heirs to the U-tiite of Remington Uilgood, late of said district, deceased inic.-taie. reuuestimr a division of two certain pieces ol land and the appurtenances thereof, siniateJ in Shelbur.i aforesaid, which were assigned anu sol out to Alia migood, widow of said inle-tate, as her dower in the rial e-.-tate of which said intestate died seized in this stale, among the heirs of said Estate and the persons legally entitled thereto. The said Court doih hereby order and nwiVn rh,. ,. ond Wednesday of April next at the otTiecof the Regis lcroflhi!Courtafore.aid,at lOoVlock A. M.for hearing in Ihe premises, and doth fuither order lhat the said ap plicant duly notify all persons interested toappear before -t,iu svviji i, ml .us, o.iv. murcsuiu, ana make o'ioclions, ifthey seocaure, io such division, by nub- lisliing the substance of said application together this order three weeks successively in th Kn-n Press-, printed at Burlington aforesaid, the last of wniui puDiicauuns nHiiiie previous to the time set for hearing. Dated al Burlington, in the District of Chittenden,

tins uni uay ui murcn. a. u. io?3. 42w3 CUA'S RUSSELL, Judge. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN UAKRUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of DEXTER M. FAV, ol Burlington, for his Discharge and Certificate, as a Bankrupt, at the Court Hou-e in Windsor, in said Di-lnot, on Wednesday, the 24lhday of May. A.D. 1843, at 10 A. M. BENJAMIN F. McFARLAND, ol Burlington, for his Disc harge nnd Certificate, as a Bankrupt, at the iOiirt Mouse,iu Wind-or,in saiddi-tricion Wednes day, the 24ih day of May, A. D. 1843, at 10 A. M. ELKASER H. BHOWN. of Hurlinuton. for bis Di charge and Certificate, as a Bankrupt, at the Court timi'v, iii i iniisMr, in taiu ui-inci, un vveuncsaay, uiu i-rni uay oi .'lay, a. idu, at lu A. m. A CHANCE FOR A CASH JOB!! TMIE Committee annointed for the nnrnoseof re X pairing or rebuilding the COUNTY JAIL, for the County of Chittenden, would give public notice mat tney have come to the conclusion lo pull down tne old jail and build n now one attached to the pre sent dwelling house, and lhat the materials oflhe old Jail so far n. they maybe suitable will be made use of in uuiiuing ine new one. A plan ior tne oew jail and the addition to be made to the House, may he seen at the dwelling house of John Herrick, Esq. in uurnngton, who will also shew mechanics or other persons wishing to make propo-als for Ihe Job, the pretni-es and the material' i the old Jail. Sealed Proposals lor budding and furni'hing materials for Ihe enp're job according lo plan will be received until ihe first Monday of April next, at John Howards, in Burlington, at which place the said Ci'mmittre will meet at 9 o'clock, A.M., oflhe sameday, to decide. The Committe further give notice lhat they shall not feel themselves bound to accept of any cl ihe propo sals that may be made, unless in their judgement such proposals may 1 e moie advantageoiiH to Ihe County than for them io proceed to hiiildby hiring apd super in'ending it themselves. It is further expected that whoever may take Ihe tcb will proreej under the su pervision oflhe Committee, and the tame must be done to their acceptance. JOHN VANMCKLEN, ) TRUMAN CHITTENDEN, Committee. JOHN ALLEN, i 2w41 REMOVED. SN. GAUT & Co. refctfully inform their friends and the public jpthey have removed their Goods to the stora recctmy occupied by W. II, Curtis, on Church Si. three doors south of Mr. Wait'a Crockery Stora. March 10. FOR, BALE, yore of woRjrw rf cattle Mirth 4, my H. W. CATMK. SANDS'S SARSAPARILLA. FOR THE ItEMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OK ALL DISEASES ARISING FIIOM AN IM PURE STATE OF THE BLOOD, OR HAB IT OK THE SYSTEM, NAMELY : SCROrcLA, on XINO s EVIL, nilKtJMATl9M, OBSTINATE CCTANNEOVS EnUFTlOKS, FIMPI.ES, OR rUSTCLES ON THE FACE, BLOTCHES, KILE, CHRONIC SOBE EtE, UNO WORM OR TETTER, SCALD HEAD, ENLARGEMENT OF THE BONE! AND JOINTS, STUBBORN I'LCERI, TPHILtTICSTMFTONS,SCtATl ca or lumbago, and diseases arising Irom an Injudicious use ot Mereury,Ascitic,or Dropsy, exposure or im prudence in life. Also, Chronic Constitutional Disorders will be remo ved by this preparation. Improvement in whatever regards the happiness and welfare of our race i constantly on Ihe march lo perfection, and with each succeeding day somo now problem Is solved, or some profound ferret revealed, having an important and direct bearing overman's highest destinies. II wc lalto n retrospective view over the past twenty vcars, how is the mind struck with wonder 1 What rapid strides has science made in every department of civilized lifel particularly In that which relateto the knowledge of the human sys tem in health nnd disease. How valuable and indis pcnsable nre iho curative means recently discovered through the agency of chemistry! How does the imagination kindle and our admiration c'ow at the ingenuity, the near approach to the standard of per fection, of Ihc present lime ! Through the elaborate Investigations of Physiology, or the science ol Lire, and the Pathology of prevalent di'sae, much valua ble practical knowledge has been gained. In conse quence of becoming acquainted with the organiza tion, the element" oflhe various tisMics and structures of the system, remedies have been sought after and discovered exactly adapted to combine' with, neutral ize and expel morbifico matter, the oatie of disease, nnd sutaiitute healthy action in its place. Tho beau tiful simplicity of this mode of treatment is not only suggested by the pathology of diseases, not only gralnful to the suttercr, but perlectly in consonance with Ihe operations of Nature, and satisfactory tolhn views and reasonings of every intelligent, reflec ting mind. It is that Sands's, a scientific combination ofesential principles of the mot valua ble vegetable sul-stancc, operates upon the system. The Sarsaparilla is combined with tlio most cllectiial aids, the most salutary productions, the most potent simples of the vegetable kingdom ; audits unprece dented success in the restoration to health of those who bad long pined under lhemotdistressingchron ic maladies, has given it nn exalted character, fur nishing as it does evidence of its own intrinsic value, nnd recommending it lo the afflicted in terms the af- mtiuu iiiny uan kiiuw. ii nasic-ng neen a most im portant desideratum in the practice ol medicine to oli- iuiii ii-mi-iiy similar tu mis one mat would act on the liver, stomach and bowels with nil the preci-ion nnd potency of mineral nrenarations. vnt .:,t,n.,i any of their deleterious cuteta upon the vital powers ol the system. The attention oftbc reader i respectfully railed to tne uuiuwiiiK certiucaics. However great achieve mem, imve nercioiure t,een maun hv ttt nr,in. invaluable medicine, vet daily suits still more remarkable. The proprietors! here iivuii im-uiseivcs ui me opportunity oi saying it is n source ot cons ant sa inaction i . n. itie means oi reuevine such nn amount of suflerin". ftRWlnir IV I tin ,1 to. n Messrs. Sands : Gent Words' cannot 'exnress t'lm gratitude I feel for vour treatment to me. n .in.,.. suflering under one of the most loathsome disea-es that nature is capable of bearing. '1 he disease with winch 1 was afflicted commenced with inflaniation of u iri vesjiuiiie year itwo, winch caused almost to'al imnuness. rer this i ws treated and finally iclirvcd, but the remedies were such. -is in il,;. ,i,-..t,..' mcntofa scrofulojs affection on my left arm near the elbow. Tho pain extended from tho shonMr.s In ,t.n n.l nf my fingers, and for two years my suilerings were be yond description. 1 tried varioiH remedies and con sulted dillerenl physicians m New York, and amongst them the late Dr. Bu-he, who told me the dnea-eof the arm was caused hy the large quantity of mercury taken to cure the inflaniation of my eyes. My suilerings continued, lh? arm enlarged, tumors formed in dillercnt n aces, nnd in t.- ,.i.l.. .i:. charged, making tun runningulcers nt onetime, some above nnd some below the elbow, nnd the discharge was so ollensive that no person could bear to be in iiiuruuui wnerei was. i men applied to nno'hcr dis tinguished physician, who told mo amputation oflhe arm was ihe only thing that could save mv life, as it was liiipossililctoeuresodreadfiil a disease; but as I was unwilling to consent to it, he recommended me oiviiin s i -anacea Ireeiy, winch 1 did without uurivuig nut nine neneiit. 1'orllireu years Iwasun- ntile to rai-e my hand lo my head, or comb my head, ami the scrofula now made its appearance on my head, destroying the bono in dil! extensive ulcerations, and I feared it might reach and ueiroy uie nrain the head swelled very much, ac companicd with violent pain. Numerous external remedies were recommended, but they did no good. About a year since I was taken wrmli' ill .,,,'it. swelling ot (he body from head lo foot, so that 1 was entirely helpless. The doctor advised me to go to-the hospital, for he did not understand my case. For the last few mouths I had been af.'licted with a severe i.i ii in i.uin siucs, at tunes so hard I could scarcely hold my breath. A backin- cough uoii.iantly an noyed ine, and this combined with my other maladic, rendered me truly miserable. Such, gentleman, has been my situation for seven vears of my life, when I commenceJ the u-e ofyo'ir Sarsaparilla ; but as my case was considered hopeless-, and ihe near prospect of a speedy dissolution seemed inevitable, I fell but lit tleenconrageincnt lo persevere. The pi-r.-ua-ion of friends induced mo to try your medicine which in a (ew days produced a great change in my system gen erally, by causing an appetite, relieving tl.epiiins.und giving me stiengih. As success in-piios confidence, I was encouraged to persevere. Myiuuis crewca-i-er, my strength returned, food re.'i-bej, the ulcers heal ed, new fle.h formed, and I once more fe't iihiu me lhat I might get well. I havenow used the Sarsapa rilla about two months, an I am like a dilerent be ing. The arm that was to be amputated has entirely healel, a thing that seemed impossible. I can scarce ly believe the evidence of my own eves, but such is the fact ; nnd it is now as u-cful as many period of my life, and my general health is beiiertlwu it has leen for years pat. Hc.iltb, what magic in the word I how many thou sands have sought it in foreign lands and sunny climes, and have sought in vain ! Yet it came to ine when I had rive., up to die; and as I feel the pulsa tions of health coursing through my veins, my whole heart and soul go forth in fervent gratitude to the au thor pf all our sure men-ie-, that he ha. been gra pleased to I less the means made u-e of. 'Tm ly have you proved yourself the good Sninarilon to Ihc alhicted, lor next lo my Creator my life is indebted to you 'or ralhcr) the use of your invaluable Sar-apa-rilla. The value of such a medicine is c ountless be yond price, money cannot pay for it. I have lieen raised Irom death, I may say.lor my friends and my self thought it impossible I could recover. And now gentlemen suiTer me lo add another prool certified loo by my friends and guardians as a just acknowledge I?,?nt Lyie virtues of your health restoring Sarsapa rilla. That the afflicted may also use it and entoy Ihe benefits it alone can confer, is the heartfelt, fer vent wish ol their and your friend. .MARTHA CONLIN. , I know Martha Conlin nnd believe what she states in tins document to be perfectly correct. JOHN POWER, Vicab General or New York, Rector of Si. Peter's Church. Gi ven at New York this 11th day of Dec., 1842. I know Mariha Conlin, and have known of her suf fering illness. JOHN DUBOIS, , , , , , Bishop of New-York-. ' P'lce roll confidence in the statement made hy Martha Conlin. having known her the past twenty years. I will cheerfully give any particulars in rela tion to her case to those who may wi-h further infor n",l0n , Sr. ELIZABETH, Superior of ihe Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, Prince street, N. Y, Dev. 1 4, 1812. I have confidence in the representations made ly Martha Conlin, and have full knowledge of her case. ah ,nL,,. , KLIJAI;'- PURDY. Alderman 10th Ward of the City olNew York. Dec-. 14, 1812. Martha Conlin has lived in my family ihe last 13 years, and 1 hereby certify the foregoing statement mado hy herself is correct. Mrs. MARY B. LOYD. No. CO! Bread street, Newark, N. J. Prepare! and sold, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by A. B. SANDS & CO., Druzgists and Chemists, Granite Buildings, No. 273 Broadway, cor ner of Chambers-sl reel, New York. GEORGE PETERSON, Agent By special appointmentor the Proprietors for Bur lington, rrmonl, and for sale by Drusrgists generally. Price SI per bottle, 6 bottles fur S5. Burlington, March 8, 1643. 41 ly John If. Joslin's Estate. WE THE SUBSCRIBERS, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Probata Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against the estate of John II. Joslln, late of W'estfcrd, in said District, dectased, repre sented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed bv said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wo will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at thedwelling o Wm. Wood, in We-iford, in said District, on the fourth Monday of April and the last Monday of May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 13th day of February, A. D. Ie3. 41 WM. BOWMAN. JCmmis- HORATIO ALLEN, j eiontra. LUMBER YARD. THE subscribers keep on hand a supply of Lum ber of various kind at their yard on Pearl St. whtr thst will promptly wait on euiton-Nt. Lnm Mr aawsd to orasr. Applr to Vtntf P. Hiekok. March 10. HICKOlf k STEVEN'S. YANKEE SPIRIT. NKVKH, even in days when Ihe Tea was loused in Boston Harbour, was it more vislbla than here a few evcninns since, on Ihe subject of levying a TAX on the People to get a Fits Engine-why it was resisted, resisted, resisted, nnd had not a few rnnb rf plitiprftt) cnlenUftnir nerinnl. together with the reopies Agent auvsncea into mc onsen, me vtuuibui ctherial as to have vanished Into thin air together nil. nsm en ann nism nrs vn u nnve uccumv withal tho combustible materia sin tno vinaect.c- fore there would have been a yielding of an iota of tho right either to Tax on tho one side or topay it on the other; but hoppily it is fully and omicably adjus ted, and each stnnds squarely on their reserved rights nnd tho division lino expunged from even on appearance by being submerged in a united, gener ous, magnanimous, voluntary subscription, adequato to the expectations ol the t'eople themselves, nnu ns an enrnrst it was last evening over one thousand dollars high, well, close and compactly piled up, and such being the enso T. F. Strong, Esq., and the Peoples Agent, who werofoudoys in accomplishing their mission, have found leisure to neain attend to their own affairs, in which they wish both to net well their uart. How well Ihe Peonies Acenl will conduct tho Peoples Cheap Cash Store, they, tho People, are invited to examine nt lluwAliu a, Burlington, March 5, 143. Genso "Feathers. VfV LBS. Live Geese Feathers, just received Uvs'v and for sale for cash lowcrthancvcr before sold in town. C. L. NELSON. May 13. 49if. CABINENT FURNITURE. THE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Public, thnt ho siill rontinues tho CABINENT BUSI NESS at tho Old Stand, on Church Street, formerly Nichols if. Herrick, and over Mr. Hurlbul's Store, wlicreho has a good assortment of Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cherry and Pino FURNITURE, consisting of Secretaries; Bureaus; Sufast Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet, Tables; Bedsteads and Stands, which he will sell for Cash unusually low, according to the times. WANTED, In cxclianrc, Birch and Maple SCANTLING, suita ble for Bedsteds 2 inch, 1 inch, ! 8ths nnd 1-2 inch BAS3WOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS, BIRCH BOARDS, and most kinds of Country Produce Please call and examine for yourselves. SAMUELNICHOLS. Burlington, Jan. 13, 1843. 34tf Wanted, TN exchange for Goods, Wool, Sheep's Pelf, Wheat, live. Corn. Oats. 4ic. il. W. CATL1N. Feb. 15th, 1813. 33 CO PAR TNERSHIP. TUB undersigned have th'j day entered into Par tnership as Attornics and Counsellors at Law solicitohsYn chancery. Any business confided them will receive their im mediate and undivided attention. JACOB MAECh', J. McMELLEN SHAFTER. Burlington, March 1, 1S43. DISSOLUTION. WE have this day, by mutual consent, dissolved all our businecs connections, which have here- tcfore been carried on by us under the firm and style of GAY cc EDWARDS. The Iron-foundry business will hereafter be carried on by Jna-r. Gav in all us various branches. Allde m inds due uie ia:e nrin oi uay r.uwaru.s are in ine bands of Je-se Gay for settlement, and debts over-due said linn mu-t be promptly met or a collection of llicm win Dc cniurccu. JESSB GAY, JAMES H. EDWARDS. Burlington, Feb. 23, 1843. BOO KS. TJYRON'S WORKS. Johnson's Works, 2 vol do do XJ Boswell's Johnson, Maryatt's Works, seoit's oo 7 vols Natural alist's Library with 400 Engravings, es' Universal Gazetteer brought down to the llrooke: present tiniecnnlainingihe Census of 1840. Trumbell's Reminiscence-, Steven's Central America. 3 vols Scar's Pictorial Illustrations of the Bible, Gel i-iniih's Animated Nature Joseph..' Works, Lives oi the Presidents. Sterne's Works. 3 do 3 do Howiti's Visits to Remarkable Placwj, lit A 2 J Series omuenrs in uennany, Colcridgcs Works, do Aids to Reflection, do Statesman's manual. Cooper's Naval History. Wirt's Patrick, Heinans' Works, Crabte, Heber and Pollofr, Miltcn, Young, nnd Gray, Rogers', Camplell, ice. Covvticr and Thomn-nn. Glimpses of I lie Old World, vols. Se ect Poem-, by Mrs. Sigourney, gilt, Huntington's Pccms, Sterling's Works. Dick's Sulerial Heaven's, Love and madness of TassoTorquato, Life of Roscoe, 2 volumes, Eastern Arts and Antiquities, gilt. mue vjuaurupeii!, nut, ac. o.c. if-c ror taie uy II. J. SHU.MWAY, Agent. March 2, 1813. 40 NOW IS THE TIME. My Store is sold and possession to be siven the last of tlilsi month. PERSONS wishing to purchase un assortment cf Goods or Store Furnitiiiecan do so cheaper lhan ebewhere, and tho-e that wih to save them-e'ves from Cost will please call immediately, for my credi tors shall LesatisfieJ it possible. SIDNEY BARLOW. Burlington, Pearl St. March .2, 1843. j FRENCH BOOKS. MEADOW'S Dictionary, Nucent'a do Charles XII. Le Oriin's Telemaqur, Bolmar's Phrases, do Levizac's Grammar, Wano-trotchet's Grammar, Fosdick's French Introduction Bugnrd'j Teacher, Peirin's Fable-, De Sacv's Grammar, Viede Washington, Lc Glancur, French Guide, do Recitations, do Dramatiques, Guillaume Tell, For sale by II. J. SHUMWAY, Agent. BLANK BOOKS. CAP, Medium, and Demy Ledger-.; Journal', Dav llooks, Records, and a geneaal assortment ol half bound Ulani: nook's, at the old stand upstairs. 40 II. J. s-HU.MWAY, Agtnt. Atpliein Hall's Kstate. STATE OK VERMONT, ) AT a Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss, J XV held at Burlington, within and for the district of Chittenden on the 23d day of February, A. D. 1843, Alpheus Hall and Coio line Hall, two of the he.'rs to the Estate of Alpheus Hall, late of Milton, in said district, deceased: hied in said cuun their petition, in writinc. setting forth that they each hold one seventh part oflhe estate of mesnui uecea'cj in common wiin inc other heirs to satd estate and praying said court to order a division of said estate, and to appoint commissioners to make such division, ngreeal ly lo the stntute in such case made nud provided. Whereupon, ihe Court aforesaid doth appoint (lie foi.rlh Wednesday of March, 1843, for hearing and I'eeidins on a:d petition at the office of the Register of said Court, in said Burlington, and doth order thai all persons interested be notified thereof by publication of this order, containing the substance of said petition, three weeks successively in ihe B.trlinglon Free Press, a newspaper printed in said Biirlinglon, Ihe last of which publications lo re previous to the said fourth Wednesday ol Mareh,1843. Given under m hand this 231 day of February, A. D. 1813. " 40 3w WM. WESTON, Register. THE GERMAN STORE. THE s ibscril ers 1 eg leave lo renew to the public cf this place and ihe surrounding country, the intimation thai they continue to keep- constantly on hand a chuice assortment of DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES, all of which in their particular kind, ara cf tvptrier quality and turpasting cheapness. Especially would Ihev invile public attention to their imporieJGcaMAK, French cVSfAW-n WINES, their Coonac BRANDY, and Holland (Schiedam) GIN, most of which have already len for some years under their own particular surVey and inspv tion, and the age ol which added lo their unquestion able purity renders them peculiarly fit for medicinal uses. Tbeyalio respectfully inform Store-keepers and Tavern-keepers of the adjacent towns, who are dt sirous of supplying their Customers with genuine article-, that Ibey can le supplied with them at ihe German Store, in B-'rlington, where the mbscriher will ieave ii to the discrimination cf those who may call to judge how fir they have a claim to assert Uie superieriiy of the articles ihev offer for sale. OSTHEIM fc MICHOLLS. Colics at-, ntoit to 54 r. Wait's cx'anstva Crjckcrjr oiorr. wan. no, imj. ia Spruce Clapboard and Shingles, fhwr rsasrr.ib's uims h Ft. . 'ii. J. 4 'J. H. ftCX CO. Extracts from a Letter. SAiTON'sRirER,(nrarJBUetri,a..,) Jan. 3I, 1843. I Messr. I'ancsorn it Brinsmaid, I am ui great want of the genuine Mottuitcn'a Pills or HygiJ! Medicine, which 1 suppose can be had fa this State bu ''Myhealth, which has been exceedingly poof for several yesrs'past, became lat August very alarm ing. For three months my friends expected me f. live but a short time. My diease whs pronojet-eJ the WORST POSSIBLE form ol DYPKPSIA. In December I procured from your sgent tt Bellow. Polls. Mr. M.S. Huclland. a dollar packnite ofMcis- rIson's Pills, made at the British Col'ego of Htihi, Il wa the last be had. 1 commenced the uie of them when I could hardly hold my head from my pillow J I rould take no nouri'timcm, except u inigm dc aievt half a tca-eup ofgruelor sago, ermine light thing U that kind ( my lie-Ii had left me ko lhat my intimate friends could scarcely recognise me ; my bowels wen so shrunk up, so constipated, that it was with teres, difficulty I cruld get ordinary medicine to operste, I coti'rf fetl my bach lone by placing my hand up.-, my aldomtu. l our Aicuicmc acted nuc a charm, my uowe-s ar not been In so reg.ilnr und good a siate for tcoist years. 1 wish vou lo send me a largo (63) picVagu immediately. Mr. James I, Culler of your place tsar be ableto tell you of a private opportunity to tcnd,if not, send them by mail, directed to ine, earcofyow agent, M. S. Buckland, Bellows Falls, Vt. Do nU fail to send them. Yours, truly, LUCIUS A. SMITH. The letter from which the above extracts arotaVen can I e seen by anv person al the Variety Store. Tim Muliuinc spoken of, is cstnl lishlnir its reptitnticr even ncainst the almost unconquerable prejudices cf the pui iter, against the almost united opposition u the Medical Profc-aion, and in the midst of a perfect deluge of nuw meJicine, and unaided by puffing, i-t cteu urtunury uu vci u-hik, us vk uutu noi auvs-nif-rs it lo any exient since 1310 throusrhout the State, and welind in thocountios where we hnvo act adverti.'cJ for five years, the sales nre doubling every year. TLg calU for the medicine this winter, (caued, probably, uy unusual sicKness,- snowi quite an increase euiu pared with last year. We wi'h no pcrion to la1 medicine needlessly. If you need medicine, wekuov this to be n oood one. PANGIIOIIN A. IIRINSMAID State Axent. for Messrs. Morrison of the British College of Health, London. We hold our appointment directly frow them, and .sien our names upon every package anJ dox soiu in ine .-tate. Feb. 23. 3D PANODORN & BR1NSMAID, French prepared Mustard and Fresh Citron, (new fruit) just received by Jncol.'a Exprccs, and which is offered for sale nt the German Store. OSTHEIM & MICHOLLS. Asa Ii. liyoii'a Estate. WE the subscribers, having been appointed L; tho Honornble the Probate Court for th nistrict of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex- amino and adjust tho claims and demands of all per sons against the estate of ASA LYON, late nf Sheiburn, in said District, deceased, reprcsenien insol vent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in ori'set thereto; and six months from thodsyof the doto hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wc uo nicrciore ticreoy give uunvi;,iiiuv its will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling of the late Asa L. Lynn, in Sheiburn, in said District, on the 6th day of May, and 17th of July, next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said day. Dated, tuts 16th dav ot January, A. u. itm. H. S. MORSE, ) -;,.,, O. ISUIUUTT. -ommiiontri. Look at This ! GREAT inducements are oITered by the subscriber to those who wish to pay Ca-h for Dry Goods of Dry Groceries, as Ihe change ts vantej ana must lc had, il selling goods very cheap wi I procure it. P. S. Please give me a call and von will find il do humbug. H. W. CATLIN. Feb. 15lh, 1843. 33 Cash paid for Pork. THE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery fox WELL FATTENED PORK. FOI.LETT cfc BRADLEY. Burlington, Dec. 22, 1842. SO Wanted to Exchange, A first rate DWELLING HOUSE and' prising near half anacre of land without huilJ ing, for a (arm in the neighborhood of Burlington, A good bargain will be given to my one who wishes to move into ihe village of Burlington for tho pnrpost of keeping boarders, or for professional services, J this house is near the square. II. THOMAS, Agent. Bjrlington, Feb. 15, 1813. 39J Music. FEBRUARY 15th. Two beautiful toned DuuU Bass Viols, he If dozen Bass Viols, three Melodians, C and A Tuning Forks, patent beads for bass viol", bass viol tail piece-, bridges and l ows, strings, hair for bows, oj-e. Choirs or individuals who wish good instruments are invited to ralnr.d see this superior assortment. 33 PANGnOKN & BRINSMAID. HO It - S taken in exchange lor COMBS by CROFUT & T1MANU3. ..ieb. 15,13-13. 33 BOOKS, Retailed at Wholesale Prices. THE subscriber has taken the extensive and valu able stock of Law, Medical, Theological, Mis cellaneous, Cla'sical, and School Books, lately l longing to C. Goodrich, comprising the large.-t and best selected stock in the State, which he o.Ters al retail for cash nt wholesale prices. Many valuable books will le sold at onehsjtlhafr original price. Call at ihe old -land iC"L'p Sj II. J. SHUMWAY, Ags rco. ij, is-u. LAW BOOKS. I ENGLISH Common Law Reports, 39 Volumet. J " Condensed Chancery Reports, (call.) 1 3 vols. Johnson'-. New York Reports, 11 do New York Digest, 4 do do do 2 do American Chancery Digest, 2 do Siarkie's Evidence, (new edition) 3 do Kent's, (new edition, calf.) 4 da Chitty on Hills, Comyn on Contracts, Archibald's Criminal Pleading, Gould's Plcadinc. on Crimes, Tomlin's Law Dictionary, Bouy.'er's do do Ci wen's Justice, Magistrates Criminal Law, Clarke's Rudiments and Practice, Thomas' Cole. visit. Ida Sdo Id vol. Law ofthe United States, by Story and 6barswai4 in t volumes, Oliver's Law Summary, Owen on Bankruptcy, Arehibolds Blackston, 4 volumes. Chitty' du 2 volumes. Al-o, A pencral assortment of LAW BLANK, Justice,' Dockets, Ac, skc.for saleat the oldjtaod, one door cast of Wait's Crockery Store, bv 33 H. J. SHUMWAY, Agent. DR. MARS-UAIMVS ' AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CATARRH SjVUFF. THIS Snuff is superior in any thing jet known for removing that troublesome disrate, ihe Ca tarrh, and also a cold in ihe head, and headache. It opens and purges out all obstructions, strengthen it e glands and gives a healihy action to the pans a Tec ted. It is perfectly free from any thing deleteri ous in its composition has a plea-ant flavor, and its immediate e.lect after lelng used, is agreeable. Price 371 ct. per lonle. Each bottle contains about three times the quantity oflhe several kinds of Catarrh SnuiP, now selling af a lower price, and is iherefore cheaper, as wells belter than anything oflhe kind m rrarketr DOCT. JARVIS' TO.MATO BUHOUS PI LLS. THESE Pills contain no Calomel, but arcmpo ed entirely of Vegetable substances,- and have tit their composition . large portion ef the pure extract of that highly medicinal article, the Tomato Plant, constituting 'iiem e.,enliahy, TOM A TO PILLS. The proprietor feels a conndence in recommndm( them as superior inmost, and inferior to none ofihs Pills which are making so much noie at the present day, as a purifier of ihe blood, a corrector ef a bilious, or dyspeptic state and hibit, eras a common caibartic. He aisurcs the public that they have the cordial and daci-led approbation of physicians ol the highest w uoutability, who us them in their practice. Sold by the Proprietor, CHARLES BOWEN.May dlebury, Vt. tVm. C Stimpson and Heed, Edvrart! Brioly, Messrs. Lewis, J3o.on ; Hoadlet Phelps M Co., A. B. cV. D. SANDS, and others in New Yorli t PECK k SPEAR and HAGAR at ARTHUR, Bur, lington, ft., and by Druggists generally ibrongboirl the United Stales and Canada. February 23, 1843. tyjg TO RENT, A DWELLING house, two Barns, and fifiatfj acres of land a few tods south of ihe CoJlrjn, Inquire of LOVELY & SETMOUItT March 8ih, 16.3.- REMOVAL R. B KEMrtK-R, TAirydk, "! BEGS leave to inform the put lie thst b - moved to the Mir Bfis-k BjilJing opposrta Oor , Cailiu'e Erq ,and takes this opportunity to thank hi fritodt for their support in.- JJji tairttr hurt-' un in thkvijuty. a i to startvttlwa ia.?Mt mil roafUiBE-i N.B. Bjrl'og'on,"!!! tf

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