Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 24, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 24, 1843 Page 3
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SU0AI1 FKOM CORN. We linvu copied to-tlny, from Ellsworth report, thu t'titiro article! on tliU subject, nml recoiiinioiid it to the caroful attention of Tory readttr who luKes mi interest in the promotion of domestic industry, nml tho do T!o e.uont of those resources with which n bountiful provlJenco hns so profusely strewn our path. Tho nrticle embodies tho rc- uiii 01 niiniorntis rrnorimonis in u ncrcnt parti of tho country, u scientific analysis of of tho subject, mi J sufficient practical instruc tion to enable nny ono to niako a fair exper iment. Tho mill for grinding need not be txpensivc, and tho report from which wo quote is accompanied by cuts illustrating its construction. Tlicso wo cannot of courso transfer to our columns, but shall most cheer fully hold them at tho scrvico of any one who may take an interest in the subject. The process is perfectly simple, and the result assuming the product at GOO to 1000 lbs. per acre must surely be satisfactory. It is confidently bclivcd by many that com will eventually supersede the cane, even in latitudes where tho latter flourishes ; but, if we could only mako it. a substi tute, and between corn and the maple sup ply ourselves liberally with a most whole tome luxury, it would bo another death blow to " hard times " in Vermont. All accounts concur in rcprcsantiiig tho juice of slti iitliAii it tine Iwimm rri-mfii .villi ro. ". .TI.V.1. It.MM-I Ul.W. VK... ...... .w- fgrpneo to the inrrrase of its sncrtinrino mat ter, M'suino 20 per cent, i ichor than that of cane, growing in Louisiana, and sixty per cent richer than the beet, from which France now derives a largo proportion of her sugar. It hat many other advantages in tho produc tion of sugar. Cane is only propagated by layori.nnd it takes the entire crop of one acre to plant three. One acre or good corn will plant a hundred. The machinery for crush ing cane and expressing its juice cost at least three times as mucii as that required to per form the sumo opperation on corn stalks. Wo cannot but hope that somo individual among us, who has tho means, will make an xperiment, in a way to test tho subject, and give the public the result. 05Melancholy Death. Tho body of John Lagan, of this town, was discovered on Wednesday morning last, lying cold and life lets upon tho ice on the Lake. He was an industrious shoemaker, and bad been at work, at his trade, for some timo past, in Kccsc ville, Now York. Ho left that place Tues day afternoon, and came to tbc half way houso, as it is called, where he stopped to take some refreshments. He remained there till evening, and started with tho intention, it is supposed, of coming hero to visit his fami ly. But, as tho night was dark and some what chilly, it is probable that he lost his way, and, becoming weary, bewildered, andgrad ually benumbed, he fell upon the ice and was frozen. A coroner's inquest was held upon hit body on Wednesday inoritinc, and tho Verdict was that tho deceased came to his death by freezing. EXECUTION. Bishop, who murdered his wife nt Ches terfield, last fall, was executed at Elizabeth town, agreeable to sentence, en Friday last. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the day, a largo concourse of people braved the storm till 3 o'clocki P. M. to witness tho last sad gony of one, who, nfier all, was perhaps t much sinned against' us sinning. Ha made a full confession upon tho gallows, and assigned as the reason for his desperate deed, that thrco of his neighbors were in tho lubil of visiting his wife in his absence. lie was perfectly cool and collected, and gave the signal for the drop. Tho rope having swolcn by the storm, tho knot did not render, and tho poor wretch sufTorrd a world of agony struggling with convulsive effort for more than five minutes. Our informant made a journey of fifty miles to witness tho accne ; and, says ho, " I have had enough. " Sleeping or waking, I am haunted with it, " and would give all I possess could I shake off the horrid recollection." Hon. Thistam Shaw, late Representative in Congress, from N. II., died at his residence in Eater, on Monday last, in the 07th year of his age. A correspondent of the Hoston Atlas says 'Mr. Shaw's health has been fast declining for tome months. He arrived here on the 8th, and was soon after attacked with a fever, which ter minated his life a few hours since." CTNew Ijajipsiiire. The result of the election which took pljce in litis State on Tues day of last week was any thin!.' hut patirfa'fo-y to the Loco Feci. liiiLb.'nci it. elected, if at by the ekin of his teeth. He has lost more than four thousand since last year. The Legislature stands, as far as heard from, 105 Locos to 103 Whigs and conservatives. Last year the Locos Atd 70 majority. ' A great Tyler meeting was held nt tho Tabernacle, in New York City, on Wednes day evening of last week. Mr. Cushing was present and addressed tho assembly. Pres ident Tyler was nominated for a re-election, subject, however, to the decision of a Na tional Convention. The Metropolis. This is the title of a new weekly Gazette of literature, etc., tho first num. fcer of which was issued in Now York last week, by Strgent &. Co. at tho low price of 61 a year. "Every number contains sixteen largo octavo psges, in double columns, and is published with new type on fine paper. The work will form at the end of the year, two handsom volumes of four hundred and sixteen pages each. The matter settled. Tho Albany Even ing Journal says tho Hon. Silas Wright, gave out to the Locofoco members of the Legislature, who surrounded him on bis arrival at Albany, that Mr. Van Duren's nomination by the Conven tion and histleQtion by the people',. u-ere certain. American tin. Profeff or Jackson of Hoston hss tent to the National Institute, at Washing ton, an Ingot of pure, tin, which ho had extract td from a Jot of tin oro obtained in Jacl6on, Now Hampshire. Tho compact tin oro of Jackson yields 73 per cent, of pure' tin ; and tho ore, as it if usually got out ty blasting, yields 00 to 40 AMERICAN GOLD. The Gold Mints throughout tho South aro now actively woikcd, and with consider able success. A new mine has been discov ered in Muoro country, N. C, in which GOO persons arc engaged, raising 830 or $10 uer week to each hand. Thu 'shining dross' is found in lumps just below thu surface, and tho search for it is very rudely conducted. Ono lump worth $1G was found. In Stanly county a rock mine is worked by machinery with great profit. In Georgia and Alabama tho business is actively prosecuted. Tho Fayottcvillo Ob server says: It Is sen reel y too much to say, that the entire mid die section of North Carolina is one great gold mine. The ore hnshecu discovered in so many places, some nt the surface, nml some deeper, that wo may reason, ably conclude, that it nbounds throughout tho whole region which presents tho samo general fentures. It is not in every instance, however, that the laborer has been rewarded for his lime, even whero cold has been found. The person who found tho largest lump of nold ever discovered, died n bankrupt, and till who hnvo been in tho neighborhood of ono of the mines, will admit that instances of poverty and dissipation abound there. A few individuals, liko the Messrs, Itcarne, have goodsense to profit by thediscovery i but the great majority of gold hunters would be much more profitably and respectably employed in digging their corn and cotton fields, even at present lowpri- A Saist in urn cnLi,Ait. Tho Brooklyn News closes an Article in reference to tho late snow storm, with the following narrative: "On our way to our office this morning wo were surprised to hear cries proceeding as from under a snow drift on tho side walk. Wo men tioned tho circumstance to several passers by, shot els were soon procured and several persona "cf about digging with a will to discover the cause. The deeper the shovels descended in the snow, tho plainer was hoard the cries, until nt last a negro was discovered digging for day light from a cellar, which he had no eooncr dis covered than ho enquired, "Is tho oncl come 1 On being assured that it had not, ho replied "I thought it was, by gosh, and they had forgot this saint altogcdder." OJThe Maryland Legislature has nd- journcd without electing a U. S. Senator. This body, our readers will recollect, was decidedly Loco Foco. This leaves tho Whigs a clear majority in the National Sen ate. The modern democrats aro in troublo about their candidate for tiio Presidency. One faction ia for Calhoun, another for Van Huron, another for Johnson, another for Cass, and another, and bv no means an inr.nnsidnrahlG fap.tinn. are fnr Nathan bmilic. We have a little State pride in tliis matter and confess that our sympathies arc on tho side of "the farmer of Lamoille." lie would secure tho "grogory" interest through tne country, and would make a very good presi dent for the party. Woodstock Mercury. Washington The President told a contlo man, the other day, that Mr. Webster would go io r.ugjancl as Minister ; but that lie had some business connected with his Denarlinent to fin. ish, which might keep him in it a thort time. Upon the new orcnnintioti of the Ministrv. Mr. Gushing will probably he called to tho head of a Department. Correspondent of the Baltimore rmnwi jiiarcn. STATE OF VERMONT, nv ins excellency" CHARLES PAINE, Govek.w., A lMtOCUVMATION. In compliance with tho wishes of the people, I hereby appoint Firnuv, the 14th day or Aran, next, to bo observed throughout this commonwealth as a day of Humiliation, Fast ing and Prayer to Almighty God, on account of our individual nnd public transgressions : And I respectfully recommend to the people of this State, abstaining from unirccessaryjcinploy ment, to devote the day to those religious solcm- tntics which aro appropriate to tho occasion, which arobocominga Christian community, and expressive of a sincere Eorrow for our nuiner ous and aggravated sins. Ghcn under my hand at Northficld, this 20ih day of March", in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three, and of the independence of tlio United States the sixty-seventh. CHARLES PAINE, By tho Governor, Henry Hale, Secretary. Hrightoii Market.--.Monday, March 13, 1B43. At Market -175 Iiccf Caltle, CCO Sheep, and 290 Swine. 120 lieef Cattle and 200 Sheen unsold. I'mcES. Beef Cattle. Wc quote to correspond with last week, viz: extra, SI 83 a S3.00. First quality, SI 50 a SI 73. Second quality, $H0 a $4 2; Third quality, S3 50 a $3 73. Sheep. We noticed lots sold from SI 50, to 84 75 Sicine. Sales were made of lots to nciblln nt 1 R.f a 3 3-4 for sows, and 4 5-8 a 4 3-1 for barrows. At retail from 4 to 5 1-2. MmffirS (3 , In WestfoTd, on the 14th ult. by the Rev. J. H, Woodward, Mr. Ki-rus II. Curr, of Burlington, tc Miss Mama S. Woodhitf, of former place. In Sheiburn. on ihc 17ih inst. bv Cleveland, Mr. Timothy Peters to .Miss Eliza Jane Chittenden, both of Sheiburn. In Sheiburn, on Monday cvcnini the 15th ins!.. Jtcv. Jot'ina Poor, Mr. Samuel S. Kelson, of Shei burn. to Miss Sabaii T.Deehe, of Charlotte. Bfi afl, Died nt Sheldon, on tho 11th inst, J. Q. Cahlisle of the firm of J. Q. f. II. Carlisle, in his 4Gth year. In Jericho, on tho 13th January, Mr.Ron'T WnioiiT, ngcu a years. iTintcrs in New York and Ohio requested, ifcc. REMOVED. rTMIE MUWrilcr would inform JL Ji i.- customers that he ha. taken the shop fornieily occupied by Samuel Huntington, ns a Boot Uiiidery,onodooreast of II. Thomas Auction mid Commission Store, on College st., where n pood assort ment r,f ready made SADDLES, 1 1 A RNES3Er5.TR UNKS, CA KPEl DAGS, and nil such articles as arc usually kept in his lino of business, may be had at fair prices ; Terms of payment made easy. A LIVERY STABLE AUo kept by the subse-rilicr.a few Gentlemen; two tour or six horse teams furnished on short notice. Application made at the the shop or tarn will receive the rem, cast 1,1 l,e Court House Square, and live or six south of his shop on Col lege H, Good Saddle Horses tor Ladies and promptest at- -c'iiQu.oVi0 lenu'on. S. 8. SKINNER. Uurlington, March 22, 1843. 438 HERDS GRASS & CLOVER SEED of a superior quality nnd nt a very low price. Also, a lew bundled bushels of Corn, Ryo nnd Oat, bv March 23, 1833. II. W. OATL1N. r NOTICE. THE copartnership of HRADLEY it HYDE will expire by limitation on the 1st thy of April next, AH pcrson.s indebted to said firm are reque-tril to makr immediate payment, or their denunds will bo Ion in the hands of ait Attorney for coJIrciinn without re serve. 11 A lilt V Hit A UUi Y, li us it v uYvv. Burlington, Mirth S3, 1843. 433 WOOL! WOOL! rpHK Subscriber wishes to purchase Wool, and L twll in crouds, crratn or accounts, til his Store, Ihirllnylon I'nlls. .-SIDlM.V IIAKL.UW. Mnrrh Still, 1813. TO LET. 7HOM the lSih nf April, n two story MI'KAiV . UOIKN nvar theCollrffO Orcen. To Per son desirous of taking boarders from thu University, this nlaee furnishes it convenient mid suitable loea 1.'... lTnl II Tl, ,,1,,.,. ... null, .iriiinw w ... w. L. A, dl A.IOIIUll I . March 23, 1613. 43if Notice. A1-T.W ItOARDMUS can tc accommodated on moderate terms, by npplvina to MuMUKL cum IS. Burlington, Match 24, 1S43. NOTICE. THIS certifies that 1 have given my son, Thomas Irwin Robinson, his time thinner his minority, and shall hereafter claim none of hisearnings or pay any cflns debts lrom lliu Olli ol .March, 1812. IZIAAU UUU111IOU.1. Jericho, Fek 5ih, 1913. 3w l3 BE PREPARED BY Zih MAY. ALL. persons indebted to Ihc sul seril er will plcne lake, notice Ihat their accounts imisl he naid bv the 1st tl.iv ol May next, or he will I c under the ne- ccsny oi leaving mem wnn an Atiornev tor imme- timic collection. J'icnse inheiins n a mimcicnt warn ing, and expect it will be followed to Ilia Idler. Sheiburn, March 24, 1843. 43w3 r.nnrc itviiv. nWRMERS, who wish to purchase Stoves, for L wood, nr nrotllirc of almost nnv rb'srrinticn. wilt -.1 It ... .1... iiu. ...... e. it ... i t k ... : pieusu i .hi ui iiiu uiuvu uiuu-, utri cnu ui iiincri can Hotel, basement story. i5. V. i'Al L.UII Burlington, March 22, 1813. 43-tf Ithodn Swain' I'.stntr. TXTF. ihc subsenbers, bavin" been appointed bv the Honorable tho Probate Court for the District of (iraml lle. commissioners to receive, ex amine and ndiust the chum and tlcmahi's of all ncr- sons against the estate of UIIODA ,VII'.4.V, latoof tjoutli Hero, in said District, deceased, represented in solvent, anil also all claims and demands exhibited in oll'set thereto j and six months ftom tho day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give noticc,that wo will attend to the business of .our'nppointment, at Ihc dwelling house of David t'orbin. in South Hero. in said District, on the fourth Tuesday of July and tno secona lucsaayoi August next, at 1U o cioclt, A, it., on cacu oi said uays. Dated, tiiis-lst dav ol l curuary, A. D. 1813. 43 HENRY SMITH. J Communonen. nPO tho Probate Court for tho District of Chillen X den ! Tho undersigned Almon Grillin, adminis trator of the estate of ltoswell Grow, late of West lord in said district, deceased, shows to said court that the deceased died seized of about four acres of land sit uated ill said Wcslford. lvitl" on bath sides nt Ihc road leading from tho common in Wcslford to the starch factory in Wcslford, being tho same land deed ed by Joseph H. Grow to the said Roswell Grow, on which land is a houso and barn ) that said land is in- cumbtred wtlli a mortgage to said Joseph 11. executed bv the said Rotwcll in his lifetime to secure the nnv- inent of six hundred dollars! that tho inventory of tne estate oi luos.itn tvosweu amounts to si3l,bu,and tnu iiuiina uiiun iu iy i nu luiiiiinasiuilCTf s ugilltlsl said pslntn nmminl tn miii'nrils riT Envan ilnlln-a exclusive of said morlgage debt ; ihat tho expenses o: seining sain estate arc not less man lorty dollars, and that a sale of the cnuitv of redemntion in said real estate is necessary for the payment of the debts aiiiusi b.iiu L-iuii. iiu uiercture prays satu court to authorrzo and license him, the said administrator to sell said real estate, agreeably to tho statute in such ease maue iiuu pruviueu. AL.iuurs llurhngton, March 8, 1943. 43 Thomas Mills, ) Chittenden Comity Court, vs. Nov. Term, A. D. 1812. Richard I, yon. 1 X this cause, the said Thomas Mills declares nualnst X the said Riciiard Lyon, late of Hincsburgh in said county, since, ofF.ssex in tho Stale of JVcw York, in a plea of debt on judgment rendered by Henry Leav enworth, I.'sq., Justice of tho Peace, on the 29th day of March, A. D. 1S12, for tho sum of 53,75 cents damages, and S2.19 cents costs of suit, which judg ment the Plaintifl'avers is in full force, and not in any way paid or satisfied. And tho Defendant being 1 sent from this State at the time of the service of the Plaintiffs said writ. nnH not having returned within tho same before the time of trint. llin sift misi. ie hunrii nriVnrt i.i.h.:h....J and it is further ordered by said Court, that notice of ui!) euit ue given to tne ueicnuant Dy puuiislnng tins order, ond the substance of tho Plaintiff's declaration, three weeks successively, in the "Uurlington Free Press," n newspaper printed in Rurlinglon in said county, ineiasioi uiiicn toncot lea6t Iwentydays be fore tho next term nr tins Cnurt In hrinM.n nt U.,r. lineton aforesaid on ihe second Tuesday of May next, win uu uerint-u Gtiijicicni notice to tuesaiaue fondant to appear and make answer to this suit. Dated nt llurhngton aforesaid, this 21st day of iuuicii, n.u. leu. vvm. iuni.f;, uierk, H Leavenworth, Attorney. 43 w3 jeorge Powebs, 1 Chittenden County Court vs. isov. Term, A. u. iti. George WADswonrit. S rillirc Plainlifl'deelarcs in a plea of tho case, on a J" uiiioi i.xcn.inge, arawn on the iirslday of Sep tember, A. D. 1833. bv one Decius Wndawotth. nn the Defendant, rt quiring him to pay to the order of s;iiu wccius, uirec inontiis irein oaie, at me v tinners and Mechanics llnnk, tho sum of S200.00, and the said Decius then and llierc endorsed thesaid Bill and there by directed the snid Georgo Wadorth to pay thesaid lidl to thcl'laintifT which snid Hill the Defendant then mid there nci epicd and promised to pay to the Plain till', but has wholly neglected so to do. Also, in nfur ther plea for other sum of S200,00, for money laid out, paid and expended. And the Defendant being absent from this State at the timo of tho scrvico of the Plaintiff's writ. nnH not having returned within the same before ihe time of trial, tne cnusu is tiy order orcourt continued, and it is fuilherorcleied by said Court, that notice of this suit bo given to tho Defendant by publishing the substance of thel'lainlifl 's said declaration, and this order three weeks successively in the " Uurlington Tree Pross,"a newspipcr printed in Uurlington in said county, the last of which lo be nt least twenty days before the next term of tUa Court to be holden on the second Tueslayof May next, which will bo deemed sufficient notice to thesaid George Wadsworth, to appear and niaKC ntiswerio sntu sun. Dated at Uurlington, this 21st day of March, A. D 1843. Wn. NOHLE, Clerk. . C. Adams, Attorney. 43 w3 J. 6i J. II . Peck et Co. i'o, 1 Cert ,! Nov- ttenden County Court v. GoDLDisr. it Pritnonv t erm, A. I). 1842. IN this can-e, the nlaim!!, n partner, ihvlare against the delendants, J, Gotilding and Oliver Peal ody, of Keeserilk- in the Stale of New York, ns partner-, in nn nrlion on note daled July 13, 1841, fur the nun i.l S103 CO tents payal Ic in 4 inunilu. from dale, at the Im-x Co in'v ilaitk AI,o, on'nne other note daie.l March 15, 1841, fi r the sun nf?GI.54 ets. in six months from dale iheict.f nt the E-srx County Hank. ' 'I he iVIendanis I eing al sent from lln'i Sialc nt ihc time ol ilifH'rvi-eMifiheplainiill' wril,andnol hav ing relumed within the same Icfurethe time of trial, tliei-au-e i by emler of Court continued, and it i fur. liter i rdered by said Court, ihat notice nl this suit l.e given totliodefeiulanlsj bv publivhing ibis order, and the subMonceofthe plaintiff's dee-laraiion.ihree weeks sucees-ively in the " Burlington tree Prei," a news paper printed in Uurlington in sail county nfChit ictiden, ihe last nl which lo Lc at lea twenty days l efotcihu next Term of this Court to l e holden at Uurlinjinn aforesaid, on the second Tuesday of May next, which will be deemed sufficient notice lo lite said defendants lo appear and make answer to this suit. Dated al Uurlington aforesaid, this 21st day of '.nn.U, JX, LI. IQiO. WM. NOBLE, Clerk. Aile.v & PtATT, Attorneys. POST OFFICE NOTICE. THE Post Master General has ordered Ihe discon tinuance of n7 the Sunday trip ; and, until fur ther notice, no mail will be received at, or sent from, this office on the Sabbath. The olGeo will therefore not 1 opened at nil for ihe transaction of business on Sunday, letters depo-itcd in the outside box at 7 P. .M.will Loin season for the morning mail. II. U. STACY, P. M. P. O. Burlington, March 15, M3. Encouragement. A Spring of 1G inches snow arrived on Mon xV day nnd evening lnl, which is yet with ns pre paratory lo its departure for the Oitlph of the St. Law rencennd ihcme onward intoiho wide Allnnn'c, from whence ns return may be expected in a i!iiiled form by an icnal passage in about the month ol May next to again revivify nnd i-hciT up tho valleys, hill sides and mountain lop... But thus i the now encourage ment that in its present form it Invhe nn assemblage of tho People to ine'ct immediately al their own Cheap Ca-h Store nnd procure such articles ns faney ortite-fulne-s may dicialo o) which theieis yeneveiy des cription and cheap at HOWAltD'S Burlington, March, 10. Music. K Hit UA It Y 1 th. Two l eant iful I oned Double llass Viols, half dozen Ila VfoN, Ihreo Melodiad-, C nnd ATuaing Forks, palent lietnU for ba-s vlol, bak viol tail pure, bridges and I ows, strings, hair for bom, if-c. Choirnor indiviiluaN who wish good instruments arc Invited to call nr.d sec this superior aMOitmtm. 53 PAKGBOHN & BHINSMAID. PROPOSALS for tarrying lln Mnili of tho Uni I ted Slntes from tho 1st of July. 1B13.IO tho lOili June. 184S. on the following Post routes in Ver mont, will bo received nt the Department until 2 o' clock, P. M., on tho 13lh of April 1843, to be decid ed by the 16th of May t viiimun i. 3G3. From llcllows Kails to Pnner Mill Villsse. 5 miles and back, onco a week. Lcavo llcllows Tails every Thutsday at D A. M. arrive nt Paper Mill Village samo day by 11 A. M. I.eavo Paper Mill Vilhigo every Thursday nt 12 M. arrive nt llcllows I'nlls Bamo day by 2 P. M. Jin. i-roin t'.ast unaricston, uy itiorgan anu Holland, to ucrny, n nines anu untu, onco n wceit y, 12 miles and back, onco n week. Imrleslon every Thursday at 8 a. m. Bamo day by 12 M. :vcry Thursday nt I r. m. arrive nt i samo day by o r. m. t.rove I'.ast L. naries on ever nrnvo nt Derby samo i.eavo ucruy every Hast C bar cslon samo dav I 36'). r.rom Hvdc Park. I.aminUi o C. II.. bv North Hyde Park, Ilclviderc, Four Corners, Avery's Goronnd Montgomery, to East Berkshire, 39 miles nml back, nnce n wrelt. Leave Hyde Park, every ! riday at 9 a. m.j arrive at Knst llctkshirc same day by 10 r. ft. LcnvcKast llcrkshiro every Saturday nt 6 a.m.) arrivo nt Hvdc Pnrlc snmo dav bv G r. m. 300. From llucucstcr. by Urandon, to Sliolo a Landing, 33 miles and back, onco a week. Lcavo iiocncstcr every ivcuncsuay nt a.m.) ar rive nt Sholo's Landing same daybyGr. M. I.eavo Shole's Landing cverv Thursday nt 7 A. 11.1 arrive nt Rochester samo day by G r. m. Jyrroposals lo carry tnrco tunes a wceK will uc considered also lo carry in two horse coaches. 3G7. From Townsend, by Grafton, to Chester, 30 miles and back, once a week. Leave Townsend every Wednesday nt G A. m. nr rive at Chester same day by 12 m. Leave Chester every Wednesday nt 1 r. si.; arrive nt Townsend same day by 7 r. at. NOTES. 1. Seven minutes ore allowed for opening and closing tho mails nt nil oflicc.-, whero no particular time is specified. 2. Post Office Blanks, and mail bags nre to be conveyed without farther charge on mail lines admit ting such conveyance. 3, In nil cases, there ia to bn n forfeiture of tho pay oi me trip, wncu inc inpjsnoi run j a lonci lure of nt least one fourth part it, when the rumiin; or arrival is so far behind lime ns to lose '1110 conncc lion with a depending mail; and n forfeiture of a d: e proportion of it, when n tirade of service is rendered inferior to Ihat in the contract. These forfeitures may he increased into penalties of higher amount, ucciiruiim lu iiiu iiuiiuu uiiu ncqucnuy uj tile laiturc, and the importance of the mad. Fines' will be imposed, unless the delinquency be satisfactorily explained in duo time, for failing to take front or deliver at a post office, the mail, or nny part of it ; for sufTering it to bo wet, injured, lost or destroyed ; for convcvincit in a place or manner that exposes it Jo depredation, loss, or i.ijury ; and for not arriving at tho time set. And for setting up or run ning nn express to transmit commercial intelligence in advance ol tne mail, a penalty will oe exacted cohal to n Quarter's nny. Tho Post Master General, may nnnul the contract for repeated failures ; for violating tho Post Office Laws; lor disobeying tho instructions ol the De partment: for assigning tho contract without the consent of tho Post Master General, or for setting up or runmngnn express as aroresaid. G. The Post Master General may alter the con tract, nnd after the schedule, be allowed a prorata in crease of compensation, within the restrictions im posed by law, for the additional Bervico required, or for the increased speed, if tho employment of addi tional stock or carriers is rendend necessary, but tne contractor may, in sticn case, relinquish inc con trnct, on timely notice, if he prefers it to the change, He may also discontinue or curtail the service, he al lowing one month's extra pay on tho amount dis pensed num. 7. TJie payments will be made through drafts on post offices or otherwise, after the expiration of each n In ....... M... .. -....1 -V ijuut.b., otxj ui i i;uiuiiij 4iit,j, .kuust, UIIU 1SU1LIII bcr. 8. The dtetancet are f;iccn aceo) dine to the best information ; but no increased van will be allowed. should they prore to be greater than is advertised, if tne places are correctly named. 9. The Post Master General is prohibited by law from knowingly making a contract for the transpor tation of the mail with any person who Minll have entered into any combination, or proposed to inter uiiu any i-uinuniiuiun, 10 prevent tne mauiiig oi any bid for n mail contract bv nnv other rirrsnn nr mr. sons, or who shall hate made any agreement, orshalt have given or performed, or promised to give or per form, nny consideration lo do, or not to do, anything whatever to induce any oihcr person not to bid for a mail contract. 10. A bid received nfler timo, to wit: tho 13th April next nt j r. M.. or without the guarantee re quired by law; or that combines several routes in one sum of compensation, cannot tin eonairWnl in competition with a icgular proposal not adjudged to uc extravagant. 11. A bidder may nroDOsa dlflL-rcnt rlnvq nnH hours of departure and arrival, provided no more lulling iniiuiau.n.UUiiua lauuiiuua IIIUIIIU Ilin.ll connection or other public accommodations is preju diced. He may ink fur n specified number nf ilnm for more running time to tho trip at cei tain seasons of peculiarly oati roaus. nut oeyono tneso chaii"c, n proposal for service dilleront iroin the advertisement win prevent us octng consiucieu in competition uith a regular bid, not sot aside lor extravagance; and where a imi contains any oi tne nuovc alterations, their dis advantages will be estimated in comparing it with oth er proposals. 12. There should bo but one route bid for in a pro posal. 13. Tho route, the service, the yearly pay, tho bid- ub. u il-iiii mm . 1,0 it,! I lid-, .1(114 me IIUII1U I1J CnCIl member of the firm, where a company offers, should be distinctly staled. 14. The following is llieformof the guaranty which should be filled, tho first blank with tho n-imcoflha guarantor, the second with that of tho bidder; and the third and fourth with the beainning and Icrmimtinj points of the route; r.nd after beim: dated should be signed by lite guarantor, who must be shown by tho written ceriuicnie oi a postmpster, or oilier rqually satisfactory testimonial, to I e n man of property, and able lo make pood his guaranty. This guaranty, o certified, should accompany each bid. "The undersigned, guaranties that If his bid for carrying the mail from to be ac cepted by the Postmaster General, shall enter into on obligation prior to the 1st day of July next uith good nnd sufficient sureties, to perform the scr vico proposed. . "Dated " 15. The bid should be sent under seal, addressed to the First Assistant Postmaster General, with "Mail Proposals in the State of ," written on the faco of tho letter: and should be desnatehril in limA fn hi. received by or before the 13lh of April next, at 3 u kiuun, ill. 1G. The contracts are to be executed before the 1st of July next. Post Oei-ice Department, Feb. 13, 1843. C. A. W1CKLIFFE, M. General. Look at This! GREAT inducements are ollcred by the subscriber lothoewhowMilopay Cash for Dry Goods, or Dry Groceries, ai the change i wanted and must I e hajl, if selling coihIh very cheap wi'l procure ii. P. S. Please give me a call and von will find it no humbug. H.' w. CATLIN. Fi-K I5:h, 1S43. 33 Cash paid for I'ork. THE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for WELL FATTENED POIIK. ,. FOLI.ETT & BRADLEY. Burlington, Dec. 22, 18-42. 30 Wanted to Exchange, Aflrsl rate DWELLING HOUSE and near half an ai re of land with out build ing, for a farm in ihe neighborhood of Burlington. A good 1 argain will be given to nny one who wi-hes lo move inlo the village of Uurlington fur the purpose of keeping boarder-, or fur piofessional services, as this house is near the square, H. THOMAS, Agent. Burlington, Feb. 15, 1813. 3Dlf LOOK AT THIS FARMERS! THE subscribers will MANUFACTURE WOOL EN' tllilTHS tn. ..uimmer. il. -m;.. at Hie following prices, lo vit oiitiiietis, lor 3 cts per ynra, She-CP Grey, plain, 25 e-ents per yard, Mixed and null colours 30 do Casimeres 34 do We nlso have n quantiv ol CLOTHS on hand which we will exchange for Wool. MURRAY & PATRICK. Hineslurgh, March 14, 1843. 42m6 LA W BOOKS Jill WW J V J v . - . IpNOLISI! Common Law Reports, 39 Volume-. J " CondenieilChanceryReiiorls,(calf.l I3ynls. - vyuiiiirii, cu enuill rry , Johnson' New York Reports, 11 do 4 do 2 do 2 do 3 do 4 do do ,lo American Chancery Digest, Siarkie's Evidence, (new edition) Kmil.(lninnii.nii,i In-m-lllm. -w Chilly on Bill., euuiyn nn wotiiracts, Archibald's Criminal Pleading, Gould's Pleading, itusseii on i;rime., Tomlin's Law Diciinnan, llnue-Wa rln .!.. ' 8 vols. 3 do S tin I do Cnwen's Justice, Magi-iraies Criminal Law, n-i..-.- I r.i. ' LawsofiliL-United Slates, by Slory and Shgrswood Olivi-r's Law Summary, wwrn nn iiankruptcy,, L lll.n.-L-in.. A . Chitty's ,lo ' 2 volumes! rtiso, , general assorlment of LAW BLANKS, jii.ui:suockeis,evc. Cvo.for salem theoldstand, one door rt of WajiV Crockery Store, by 33 II, J. SilCMWAY, Agent. HO YE!! i.VO'S UAHSAVAIIU.LA Fl.Vlt), Compound Syrup if Narsaparilla, Sarsaparitla fiyrup, for maUng Carbona'eJ Mead,) Extract if Hartaparilla, Spanish and American lion Sarsaparilla ; All rtiinwneil for PURIFYING TIIEHLOODi INVIGORATING Till! UNHEALTHY, M) RESTORING SOUNDNESS TO THE CONSTI TUTION. At wlmle-nlc and relail, by 42 PECK & SPEAR'S, Druggists. NOTICE, S h'ercbv given that lh note nnd accounts duo lo D. A. IIIiA.MAN nro transferred nml,,.,l m Wm. A. GRISWOLD, In vvhoni pavinent tnii lo Inadi! wiihotil eo-t, nt the Bool; Sto'rc lately oeeu- linn ij sum iiLiiiuiii, in nny nine on or I uioro Hie 1st day ef April next, nfler which nil demand? not paid will le plat ed in the handi of Cha's 1), Kuson, Esq. Attorney at Law, for collection. , . Wm. A. GRISWOLD. B.irhnglon, March 15, 1313. .J2tf IN CIIANCUItY. I-LCAZtn Austi.s-, ) STATE UP VERMONT, vs Chittenden County, ts. Amr.t. CnnitEN. J WHEREAS, lilcazcr AttMin of Milton, in said county, hn lilc.lm IheoniceolibuClerl. of ihe Court of Chancery in stud County, hi-, bill of com plaint, therein stating, thatllte said" Ariel Coilren, Inlo of Milton aforesaid, now gone without thi" stnto In narli unknown, on the 2sib ilnv nf a n 18 10, 1 eingjit.tly indebted ro Xi-bediah D. A-h'cy nf 'ni.i iiiiitou, m nio Bum ol b'JUU 00, n- specified in 4 promisor notes of that due, for S225 00 eai Ii, the lirst payal le in two ears from thu lsi day t f March Ihen next, the mtoiiiI in three car, the tliir.l in li ur years and the foiirlhiti (tyo jin'r- from ihe sail fust i f March Ihen next. re'BI ct-tllelv. nml ill i.ri'.r I,, se-i-ure tho payment cf said nolc8,nu the same 23lh nf juiiiiary ioio, nv need oi inorlgtige,i-oinevcd lo the said Ashley the fo'lowms descril cd land, in Milton aforesaid : viz. One half acre of land, on nnd near Cheel.erbcrry Green, ns ill said deed and I ill more parliciilaily tlescriled. And fuither slating, ihat on tho 1 3th Decern) ir, A. D. 1811, the 'aid Ashliyn signed, and by deed conveyed to the Orator, ihe snid Morlgage deed, nnd Ike thrcu last dccril.ed Holes, for S715 00, re-erving the right of ti-ing said Mortgage deed lo cilforcu tho payment of the first ttl-ove dcs cnletl ii(.te and furilier Haling that the said three la'tdcscril ed notes, had not in nny part been paid, end praying a forei lo-uio nf tho equity of redemption nl said Mortgaged preini-c-". Am the Eatd Lo Iren re-iding wiihont lln'-s Hale so that a Mil pena cannot bo sued upon him, therefore, it is ordered ihat the said Ariel Co.lren, be and nppear bclnro thesaid Cnurl of Chancery, next to le holden in iiiiniiiguui, wiinin anil lorsatd Unuiiiy, nn Hie 2J Tuesday of May next, on the first dav nf said Term, nnd maVe answer to said Bill ; nnd it is firlhcr order ed that Ihc said cnmiilainnni r.-ni.e Hif r,-l,.r n,t ii. siib.lante til said Bill In bo pnblisbej ilireu weol. MictC"ivcly in Ihe llttrlinglon Free l'res-, n news paper printed in said Burlington, the- last of which to no nt lea-t 20 nays i.ciort! tlio setting of stud Court nt it-ucxt Term ai aforesaid, wbicb will In .l,...n,i stilliciint notico to ilit- snid Ccfficn to appear and make answer to saM Bill. ia eu at liuriington alore-aiJ, litis 1-t h day of luiiruti, ,. ,t. loij. vv ,11. iNUIlia-:, Clerk. A. G. WiitTEMQnn, Solicitor. -12,v3 IN' ClIA.VCI-.Itl-. OuEn HnwAitojr. and 1 STATE OF VERMONT, AnldJllr llnu'inn I ... ' - - - . imtlKIIUll, svitllll, SS. ' I T7'iieiii:as. Oliver How Oliver G. ow.nn. ) V nrJ jr. nn I Abigail Howard, botb of Millon in snid County, hate filed in the ofliccoflhu Clerk nfthcCourl of ('lianct' raid wsiiHii,, 11 uii- uni ut cuiiipiatnt, lticrctn tiiaiing mat thu said Oliver II. Howard, now rune to parts un- lfiinu-n Millinnl tin's ltin- r... it... n.l .1 r . , A. D. 1833, leingjii.tly indebted lo ibesail AbigaiL then and still ibu wile nfthe mini cv.wor ll,.,.,..l ,r in the sum ofS300 00 as specified in a prrinKory nule Dfiniig udic uti me,- zj oav oi t-eurtiary, A. 1). 1833, and payable in two years from the dale thereof wilh inlcrcsi.and in order to secure the payment the-rcofthc said Oliver G. on ihe snid 21 day of February, A. D. 1S33, bv deed of Morleaire cinive.viil in ill., bnt.l .11.:. gail the' following dc-ril vdl.ind,'iu Millon aforesaid, vt.: 1'ho East halfand caMend of lot No. 69, in the jjutvisiun ni me original right of Samuel Dodm-, containing fifty acres of'ltmdj and l.irihe-r 'latintr ilitit the snid note had not in nnv nan I ecu nni,l. nl'inr. ing ti foreclnsiire of the equity of rodeinpiiun of sa'jd morlgaced prcmue-s. Anil Hie snid Olher G. Howard residing without this Statu so that a subpena cannot be 6e-rvtl upon hiin, ihcruforc, it is ordered that the -aid Oliver U. be and nppear ijolbru the said Co in of C'hamvry, next in to noiuen at IJiirlmliion wnhm and for said fiiimiy nt e-niiieiHien on the Sil Tiicuay of May next, on the first day ol said Term and make an swer to said Will; and it i further ordered that Ihc said cnmolninnnu em,..,, ihi r.-.l... l .1... MiUtance nt said l-ill in be published three wceln a tci-essivcly, in the Uurlington Free Press a news paper printed in J Uurlington, tho I isl of which to le.mi iwcttiy cay previous to tlio e-nmuience-mcat ofsai.-l Term of -nid Cnurl, whieh wih 1 odeemeJ sullicicnt notice to the said Oliver G. Ilon aid lo ap pear and make- aii'wcr In said Dill. Hated at Burlington afi-revaiJ, this 1-1 .It day of .lii-li A IV ,0,1 ' -u(v.., ... Hi lli.' WM. NOBLE, ClerK: A. G. WiitTr.Mor.E, Solicitor. 12w3 Itcniliigton IJllgoou's nslale. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T a Prolate Court, pisinut of J ii bed at Burllnatoit, in said ilislncl, on Ihe Dili day nf March, A. 1). lg3 upon application i f ilanmih Mill-, im-iol tho heir, to tho l.-talo ol'R -niituioti Ilitgoixl, late i f Sheiburn, in said dislnci, e!c vascJ inlc.-ta:e, rc itte-ling a division ol two cciiaiu pieve-s ol land an 1 the appurtenance .....v. ., .4,ih..i in .3111.-1 uni ii .nurcs.itti, wuie-ii were assigned and sel out to Alia 1,'i'guod, widow of said uo unwer in inc rtni t'siate-nl whi'li said miesiaieiiicdsu.'Ee.l Hi Ibis Male, am mgihe heirs l.J:''ate mid ihu per-ons- legally entitled here-!e. HtesniJ Cuurldolh hereby orde-rnnd ns'lgn the-second Hcdiicil.iy of April next nt Ihe nrticenf ihc Itegu tcr orihis Court 10 tiVloclc A. M.for bearing in the premises, and doth Inilheri rdcr lhatllicsai I ap plKant duly notify all per.nns in'eri-ste-dlo.ipnear before rant Court, at lite time and place aforc-aid, and make p'jijciiuiis, ifihcy such divi-ioti, by pub lishing the sub'ianco cf tail application together this order thie-i! weeks Hievo.-siielv in ibe Free i rc-s, printed at Birlington aforesaid, the last of wincn ptililications shall lc previous to the time set forhe-aring. P.itcdat Biirlinglon, in the Di-trict of Chittenden, Olhday of March, A. I). 1813. CIIA'S RUSSELL, Judge. A CHANCE FOR A CASH JOB!.! THE Committee appointed for the purpose of re pairing or rebuilding the COU.NTV JAIL, for the County of Chiiler.den, would give- public uoiice thai they have eoine to the conclti-ion lo pulldown Ihe old Jail and build it new ono allachi-d to the- pre sent dwelling hnuse, nnd ihat the ma'criaUof lite o'd Jail so far a they may le sttiial Ic will I e'maJeusc of in building the- new tine. A plan for tho Now Jail and the addition lo I o made lo the Hou-C, may l-c sce-ii at the dwelling house of John Derrick, Esq. in Burlington, who will also shew Mechanic or oilier person wishing to make proposal- for ihu Job, the and Ihe material, ol the old Jail. Sealed Proposals for building and furiii-buig male-rials for ihe entire job according lo plan will be rivcivej until the first Monday of April next, nt John IIuwnids,in Biirlinglon, nl which place Ihc said C"niniittee will meet nt 8 o'clock, A. M., of ihe sameday, lo decide. Tin; Comniiltcfurlhcr give notice that they slmllnot feel lhenischoboiinl to accept of nny of ihc piopo sals that may I e made, nnle-s m their judgement such proposals may be mon-advantageous to the County than for them io proceed to build by hiring nnd super intending it thein-elves. It is fiinher expe-eted that whoever may lake the job will proceed under the su pervision nl Ihc Committee, and ihe same must be done to their ncrcpiani r, JOHN VANPICKLEN, ) I Hl'MAN ClIil'l ENDEN, Commte. JOHN ALLEN, 2w41 FOR SALE, 1YOKE of WORKING CA1TLE 5 years old. March 4, 1843. 11. W. CA'ILIN. French prepared Mustard and Fresh Citron, (new fruil) just received by Jacob's Exprees, and which is oileied for sale at the German Store- ua i iir-i.H w juevnui.i.o. IIORAh taken in i.chanc for COMBS by CltOFUTA: TIMAMJri. aeh. 1M&13. 33 TO MEUCIIANTS "Wlio wish lo purchase Crocker)', Importer and Fackcr of Crockery, China Glass llrrf, WOULD give notice that ho is prepared to Pack any amount of Waro according to order, at New York nnd Boston prices, saving freight anj hieakneo to nil who mirchnso of him. He has a good assortment, nml respectfully solicits Merchants to call and examine his stock before buying in Mntket. , Store, corner ol unurcii spa woufjftfjc-cts. ttsulingtcn, 20th Oct. WO. SANDS'S SAHSAPARIUA. FOR THU REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OF ALL DISEASES ARINIiMl 1-KO.M All i.u PUItE STATE Ol'TIIE IILOOD, OR HAD 1 1' OF THE SYSTEM. NAMELY ! ICftOri'l.A, oil KINo's TAIL, lltlCtlMATHM, OBSTNATE CUTANNEOlfs KlltTTIOKS, I'IMrLr.J, Oil rusi 01.1.1 on Till- I'Atc, iiLOTtiii., uiLr,, cliaoN ic sons ETC:, tllJ.ll Wnr.M Oil TETTEn, SCALII HEAD, LMUnOEMENT OFTIIE DONSi AND joints, srunnonN 1-UEIiS, StrlllLITICSIMrTONS, SCIATI CA OR i.UMnAoo,nndiliscaos arisinc lrom nn injudicious use. ol Mcrciiry,Ascitic,or Dropsy, oxpiiuru or im-prndciK-e In Itfu. AUo, Chrotiiu Conslilutiona! Disorders will be remo Voby this preparation. Ilniirnvcment 111 whatever reuards ihc liamihn.-os nnd welfare of niir rncu Ii constantly on the march lo perie-ciion, nniiwnii cacu sucecenui? nay somo new problem I; solved, or somo profound secret revealed, having an important nnd direct I earing over in in' highct ilc-linics. II we take n rc-lru-po-livo view over the past Iweniy year-, how I the mind struck Willi wonder! What rapid lrMe hai scicncu ntade in every iicpar'inent oi rivilizol lirul particularly in Hint wliieh relalctolhknowlclgi-ofthoiumaii v lem in he-alih nnd dica-o. How valuaMu and indis pensable nre tho curalivo nioaiii riTcnlly elicovereJ through tho agency of ehciui.iry t How ehei the iningiuatioii kindiu and our ndnnration g'ow nl Ihe Ingenuity, tho near nppraaeh to the standard of per. fceu'on, of the pri'-vnl lime ! Through the elnl orate inve-siijnlions of Physiology, or ihu scicncu of Lire, and thu Pathology of prevalent di-ease, ni.ich valua. Mo praclical knowdedgo hai been gained. In const--il'ienceof becoming ncrpininled with tho ora-anizn I inn, mi! element-, oi the various tiuci nnd structure of the system, reniedic hnvo been snnfrlii nfmp n,l ili'iovcieil cxnclly nihipleil to combine wilh, neutral tzc nnu expel moroiuce mailer, lite eau-e of disrate, and siibstitiite healthy action in lis place. Tho beau tiful simplicity ofthii mode of treatment is not only suggested by the pathology of dis.eiic, not only ki;i"ihi iu mo siii.sii.-i, inn pcTiecuy in cnnonattcc wi h lh operations of Naliire-,andsiit.fhctory tothe views and rca-onitlg-i nf every inti-Miscm, it'flei ling mind. It i. Ihat Sands's SAti'sArAiiii enmbination ofc-si'iitial principles of the nin.t vnlua He M-ge-nble sul stances operate, upon the system The Sarsiparilla N coinbineii wjtb ile inot ciectual aius tiiemosi sanitary produelions the most poient simiilu. of the vcirctalJe I.iiil-iIoiii nml ii. ,,,,,,,-..,.. denied success in lite restoration to bcahh of ilm-e Who had long pined tinder Ihu luostdistressjnguhron ie maladies, ha given it nn exalted character, fur nishing at it does evidence! of it own intrinsic value, nnd rccoinniundiiig it to the alllicted in termi the nf flieled only can know. It lmlong been n most im portant i!cidcrniutii in the practice nf medicine to ob tain a lemedy similar to thi' one that woul I acton the liyer, stomach and Lowcls v.ilh all the precision and potency of mineral preparation-, vol without any of their delclcrious cilecta upon the vital powers, of I he system. The attention oflhe render i- respectfully called to the fo.'lowm? certificates. However great achieve, mom's have heretofore I ecu made by the inc of this invalttal le medicine-, vet daily crnem-n.-,. st,i... ro. sulli still more rcuia'rkal Ic. "Ihe proprietors here avail thennelvcs of the opportunity tifsnviim it is a source nl con.lant satisfaction that they nro made the me-ans of relieving 'in-h nn amount of sitflerin". ir ? ; nv,'A?S J 1,ro- ,3 18"-2-Messrs. Sands : Gent Word cannot express the gratilude I Icel for your treatment to Inc, a slraiver sulliring tinker one of the most loathsome disea.e-s that nature is capa! le of bearing. 1 he dt'sea-e wilh winch I was flliclcd commenced wilh iii.liimatiou of the ryes, in Ihc- year 1830, which caused nltno,i lo'al blindness. I' cr this I as ireatej nnd finally relieved, but the remedies were such ns io cause the develop ment oru scrofulous ufTi-ction on my lefiann near the tllmw 'Ihe pain extended from the sho ildcr to the end of mi miners, nnu lor two years iiiysu !eringsv;cre le-yondilo-cnpiion. I tried various reineibes ind con stilted dillcrenl nhysici.iiistii ",.i,-A'..i. . thein the late Dr. Bu-he, who lold inc'lhe d'sCa.e"of me anu was e-.iti,e.i ny me- large quantity of mercury taken to euro the inllaiualioii ol" my eyes. My 'iillcrings continued, the am enlarged, tumors formed in diilercttt place-, nnd in n few months di,. e nrgeil, making ten riiniiingulcers nt oneliine, some above mid sonic below the elbow, and the di-cliar"e va so oSeii'ivc- ihat no person could bear to I.c7u ue ro.,.,. wrre i was. i t,cn applied lo ano:hcr dis tinguished physician, ho told me uinputniii.ii of the arm was tin; only thing could save mv life, as it was impossiblelocure a disease ! but as I was unwilling to con-em to it, I,e recoinmcndr.1 me to ;i.e Swain's Panarea freely, wliieh I did without deriving but little- benefit. For three years I was im able lo raise my hand lo my head, oreomb my head, and Hie scrofula now made if appearance on my lirail.tVslroying the bono in ihilerent place.-, catiaiii" exti Hsive ulcerations and 1 it might reach and ilcsirny the brain the head s,wellc.l very much, ac cmnpaiiied wilh vinlrnl pain. Nnmcrou, external rcmclies were ree-ommcndeil, but they did no gon.1. Aboiil a year hiicc I teas laken severely ill with a swelling ol ihe body from ,c.a,l 10 fool, to ihat 1 was entirely he-lple... The doctor aJvNed me lo go tollic hospital, fnr he did not understand my cave. For the last few muuihs 1 haj been uiliiete.1 with a severe pain in boih sides, nl limes so hard 1 could scarcely hold my I reath. A hacking cough constantly an nojeilinc, andl his com! mod with my oilier maladies, rendered me Irnlv n.i.erabe. Such, gentleman, ha! Iceiimy siitia ioun.r cven years of my life, when I eommcnecJ Ihu ti-e ofyo-ir Saraparilla ; but as my case was considered hopele-s.-, and ihe near prospect i-ra .peedy disoluiion seemed mevitnUr, I felt but lit tleenconrasciiient io per .eve-re. The pcr.-nasion nf friends induced me tn try your medic-mo which in a few days produce In great change-in my syslem geu erally, byeaii'iinr an appetite, relieving thepainsaitd giving me sliciiRih. As success m.pire confidence. 1 was enronrajre.! to per-evcre. My iia ins - rew ea-t-er, my 'Ircngili rciiirneHl, (bed rolishul, ihL. lvr heal il, new fle.h fi.rmed, and I tune more fell within me that I might Rct well. I have now u-ed ihe Snr.-apa-nlla about two inonihs, and am like n dilcrenl be ing, fhcarni that was to be amputated has entirely hcalel, a thing thai seemed niiposs,,;e. I ran K.arcC. IV I clevo ihe evidence nfmy own eve.-, but such i the act ; nnd ii is now as ..,.!.i as at'any perinl nf my life, aiidmy general health is letter ihau it has 1 ecii for year pai. Health, what magio in ihe word ! how many thou sand have sought it in f, n-gn land and sunny cliine., uni have sought in vain ! Yet it came lo me when I had gne.. up to die; audas I feel the pul-a-lonsoriic.iltli coursing thrimgli my vein., my whole licannn.l ouI go forth in fervent gratitude to the an tlioror all our sure mercie-, that ,u ha been gra-eioii- ly pleasul lo I Ie-sthe ,e.ln9 ma,it. .e of rril. ly have you proved yo-,r.elf H,o gowl Saiuarilan lo I he alliicleil, for net to my Crcaior my life i in !e!jed '"ir'"'1 Sl-'f rall',er "'f "f vourinvnluable Sar-apa-rilla. 1 ho value of such a medicine is couniles be yonil price, money cannot pay for it. I have teen rat-e l from ilcaili, I may sav.tor my friends and my self thought it inipo,ib'e 1 could recover. Anil now gentlemen me to mid another proof certified too Lymy li-icnJ and guardians as n jut acknowledge nient ol tho vii lues of your health restoring Sarnpa nlln. Ihat the nlllieie.1 may nlo use it and cniov Ihe I ene-tiis n alone can confer, is the heartfelt, fer vent wish of iheir and your friend. MARTHA CO.NLIN. 1 know Mnrtlin r'isnt.n .1 I -I.- 1. . . e . : .. , ,., i, iiuu iivTiic-ic Mimisuc states tn this document to le perfectly correvi. juii. rowEn, icAn Gr.NEriAL or Nr.w Ycrk, r. ... , R;lor nf St. Parr's, Church. G ten "t New or!; this 1 Ph day of Dee-., 1S4S. 1 KnOW M.lrll.l I'nlf.. I ii 1- e . ,, -vW1iiUtiu titisu hiiuwu ui iter sui fering illnej,. jqjiv DU1IOIS. , , , Bishop of New York. u r. i- -'""-'"-c in int.- Muieiuciii maue ny Jvi.niin. naving Known her Ihe past twenty j ears. I w, clirerfully give any particular in rela tion lo her case to those who may vvi.b further infor mation, s. Kr.iXAiirvrii Superior of il.o Roman Catholic Orphan Ayhim, Prince street, N. Y, Dec. 14, 1812. i haveroniWcnre m ihe representation made by Alartha Conlm, and have full knowlnlgeof her case. tl ti. r ...rn...t Alderman 10:h aril of the City oNcw York. Dee. 1-1, 1 S 12. Mnrtlin l.s. It. 1!. ....-1 Msi-ii iii mv laiutiy inc ISs vearh. and 1 here iv rrrnr,. tl... r-..n:nn - . j ...j ..... vi.j.i.ip riaiiriiieiii made by hersell is correct. airs. .HAKV U. LOYD. No. C01 Broal street, Newark, N. J. Preimrrsl ami ...I.l. !.. J...I i' --i-"." . i . ' " ""'----lis1 ""si rem ii, anil ior exportation, by A. B. SANDS &.CO.. Druggists and Chemists, Granite Building., No. 273 Broadway, cor ner of Chamtcr-lrcri, New York. i , L'iMIl L" T. m 1 . ur.uiie.r., lgtn By special appointment for the Proprietors for Bur ttnston, Vermont, and fnr sulc by Druzgist generally. l-nlr-r 41 ,wp l.i.lil.. ft ImiI.- e. Uurlington, March 8, IS 13. j jy John II. Jobllii-s Instate. WE THE SUBSCRIBERS having been ap pointed bv iho llnnnrnhln tt. fA..- for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to re- v-titc, i.wiiiuiu ami auiuei me claims ana aemanas 01 all persons, against tho estate of John D. Joslln. int.. nf v...t r, I ;ortl.i ,i;, J j " .u.w v. t .--,1,1.114 4,1.1, 11.1, uccciiscu, icpre- .nlnl innnK-f-nt nnH nlcn nil i,tfl:n.. ...! Jnn.-. . , . , . ,- ...... hi. v-iut.ue uiiu uL-iimnua exhibtleilin otlset thereto 1 and six months from the ujj v. ntu u.iii.-111-icu!, uciii,; auuira dv saHi uouri lor ui4i I'lnpusr, no uu uieieiore nercoy give notice, that wo will attend to tho business of our nppoint- .unnt tl,.l.i-,.llin V.n VVi..l 1.. it.'1..--.! ' iii-vii.Miiip ...... iiuiAi, in iirsiiuni, in said District, on iho fourth Monday of April and the ....-iu... .-. i.a, m tv u e-iocis, n, -u., on each of said days. Dated, this 13lh day ofFel-rtiarv. A. D. If43. 41 WM. BOWMAN', ) Commis HORATIO ALLEN, J tioners. LUMBER YARD. rpHE subscribers keep on hand a supply ofLnm J. bcr of various kinds al their yard on Pearl Si. where they will promptly wait on cutlomeis. Lum ber lawrd 10 order. Apply 10 Henry P. Hiekok. Ssrch 10. HICKOK It STEVEN. YANtCKK SPIRIT. EVER, ovon in days when thT was ouri' in Boston Hatbour. was it mors smbls Uhh here n few evenings since, on tho subject r lcvyin a TAX on the ltoplo to get a Firo Engins- M - was resisted, resisted, resistca, ana nnu cooi, deliberate, calculating persons, together with Mo Peoples Agent advanced into tho breach, the vtholoel' tha assailed and assnilors would havs becotna cthcrinl as lo have vanished into thin sir togslhi with nil the combustible malcrialsin lb Village) Ic foro Ihero would hnvo been a yklding of an iots o the tiglit either to Tox on Iho one side or to pay it on tho other but happily it is fullr ntxl ninicabiy adjus; ted, and each stands squarely on Iheir rewvt. tights nnd Iho division lino expunged from even at. appc-aranco by being submerged in a united, genor. ous, magnanimous, volunlnry subscription, ndequati to tho expectations ol thePoopIo themselves, and o an earnst it was last evening over one thoussn! dollars high, well, close and compactly piled up, ti. such being tho esse T. V. Strong, Esq., and h. Peoples Agent, who werofour days in oecompliiliiiii their mission, have fonnd leisure toagoin attend t their own alfuirs, in which they wish both to ail well their part. How well Iho Peoples Agent wi'l conduct iho Peoples Cheap Cash Store, they, lb People, ore invited to examine nt HOWARD'S. Burlington, March 9, lc43. , (cose Feathers. '-'IS. Live C.'cese Feathers, just receive! Ulv and forsnlebr caA lower ilia never befr" sold in town. C. L. NELSO. May 13. -lf. CABINENT FURNITURE. THE SUI1SCRI11ER would remind the PuMi'c. Hint ho still continues the CAHINENT BUS I NESS nt the Old Stand, on Church Street, forrmril Nichols if- HrrricU, and over Mr. Hurlbul's Store, whero he has a good nssortment of Mahogany, Block Walnut, Cherry nnd Pino FURNITURE, consislintj of Secretaries ; Uureausj Sofas t Dining, Tea, Work nnd Toilet, Tables j Bedsteads nnd Stands, which he will se-Ufor cash unusually Inw, according lo lbs times. WANTED, In ctchanic, Birch nnd Maple SCANTLING, suita ble for Bcdsteds 2 inch, 1 inch, S Sihs nnd l-2inc'i BASSWOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS, BIRCH BOARDS, and most kinds nf Country Produce- Please call and examine for yourselves. S A M U EL N I CHOI. 9. Builington, Jan. 13, 1913. 34tf Wanted, N exchange for Goods, Wool, Sheep's Pells, Whnt, Rye, Corn, Oats, iie. 1L W. CATUU. Feb. 15'h, 1813. 33 COP Alt TNERSIIIP. TI1E underrijned have ih's day entered into Par tnership a Attomies nnd Counsellors nt Law SOLICITORS Yn CHANCERT. Any business conlided them will receive Iheir I Js mediate nnd undivided attention. JACOB MAECK', J. McMELLEN SI1AFTER. Biirlinglon, March 1, IS 13. DISSOLUTION. "VXE have this day, by mutual consent, deiolr! t all our btisinces connections, which have here tofore I ecu carried on by tts under the drill and stylt-of GAY & EDWARDS. The Iron-foundry bttsinc-s will hereafter be carries on by Jks.f. (Sav mi nil its various branches. Allele minds due ibe late firm of Gay Edwards are in the hands of Jt-se Gay for setllemenl, and debts over-due said firm must be promptly met or a collection of ihe-m will be enforced. JESSE GAY, JAMES II. EDWARDS. Burlington, Feb. 29, 1S43. BOO KS. BYRON'S WOHKS. Johnson's Works, Bu'well's Johnson, M aryau's Works, Scon's do Naturalist's Library wilh 400 Eneravinirs. S vol do do 7 vol Brooke.' Gazetteer brought down lo ih present timecmitniningthu Census of 18-10. Trumbell'.s Reminiscences, Steven's Central America, 3 vol ScarS Piclorial Illustrations of the Bille, 3 de Gnld-miih's Animated Nature 8 d Joscphus' Wnrk, Lives ol ihu Presidents. Sterne's Work's. Ilowin's Vi-its to Re narks' JePlicen 1st Student's Life in Germany Ceilcridgci Works, do Aid. lo Reflejlkr-e, do Sinlesnian's. nsnsl. Cooper's Naval History. Win's Patrick, Hemans' Works, Crabl e, Heber and Pollot, Milton. Young, and Grav. fc'Sst. i Rogers', Campbell, &c. ' i-iowper anu Tiinmp-on, Glmip.e. of the Old World, Select Poenit, by Mr. Sigourney, gilt, Hiintinclon's Pue-ms, tvaes. merlins- ivori... Dick'.. Siderial Heaven's, Lovean.l madness of Tasso Torqusto, Life of Ro coe, 2 volume-, Eastern Arts and Antiquities, gilt. Bible Quadrupeds, ijilt, eVc. er. if-c For salo b II. J. SIIUMWAY, Agmt. March 2, 1313. 40 NOW IS THE TIME. ' My Store Is sold and possession to bo siren , the last of till-, month. PERSONS wishuitr to purchase an assortment of Goods or Store Furniture-can do so cheaper than, elsewhi-re, ami ilio.e that wish to save thein-elvs lrom Cost will plca.o call immediately, for my credi tors ahall be satisfied if possible. SIDNEY BARLOW. Iiiirlinzlon, Pearl St. I March .2, IS43. FRENCH BOOKS. MEADOW'S Dictionary, Ninrenl's do Charles XII. l.e Urun's Te-Icmaque, Bolmar's Phrase. do Levizac's Grammar, ya!iOsrolchel's Grammar, Fndick's French I iitrodueuon, II igard'.i Teacher, rci rin r at.ic, De Sacv's Grammar, Vie de Washington, l- lilaneur, French Guide, do Recitation, do Drainatiques, GiiillauracTell, For sale by II. J. SIIUMWAY, Ajmf. BLANK BOOKS. CAP, Meiluim, and Demy Ledgers; Journal-, Day Ui.nks, Rei-onl.,andii gcneaal a.sortment ol hif 1 Blatik Books, at iho old stand upstairs. JO H. J. SHUMWAY, Agtnt. Atpheiu Hall's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) AT Probate Court DisirinofChiiienden, i..(A held at Burlington, wi bin and for the district of Chittenden on the Jjj day of February, A. D. 1343, Alphens Hnll and Coro lint Hall, two ofihe heirs to ihe Estate of Alpheus Hall, Isle of Milton, in said district, deceased : hied 111 .ni l court their petition, in writing, setting forth thai they each hold one seventh part oflhe etle of the said deceased in c,omnion with Ihe olher heirs lo said estate and praying snid court to order a division of said estate, nnd to appoint commissioners to maka such division, to the statute in such rasa made and provided. Wheretipon.'ihe Court aforesaid doth nppoint the fourth WeJnc-day of March, 18-IJ, for hearing and decidine. on said petition at tho oflies' oflhe Regislerof said Court, in said llurlington, and ilmh order ihat all person interested be notified thrreofby publication of this order, containing lh substance of said petition, three weeks successively in the B irlington Free Press, n new.paper printed in said Burlington, the last of which publications to It, previous to Ihe said fnurlh WeilnesdnvolMarch.lfMS. A Civen under my hand line 23J day of February, jo 3w' WM. WESTON', Regi-ier. THE GERMAN STORE. IX.IIE e ibscril ers 1 eg leave to renew to ihe puMfe -- of ihia place and Ihe surrounding country, tho intimation ihat they continue to keep constantly oi hnnd a choice asortmenl of DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES, all of which in Iheir particular kind, are of superior auality and surpassing cheapness. Especially would ihev invite public attention In Iheir imponeJ Gesmas. Fremch ASr-AKt-n WINES-, their (.oa.VAC BRANDY, and Hollaho (Sch''edan GIN, most of which have already been for ncme years under iheir own particular survey end inspec tion, nnd the nge of n hich added to their unquestion able purity renders them peculiarly fit for ue-licinsl uses. 'I hey aim respectfully Inform Store-keeper unJ Tavern-keeper, of the adjacent towns, who nre de sirous of supplying their Customers with genuine articles, that ihry ran I supplitil wilh them el Iho German Store, in Burlington, where tho ulerilr will .'rave it to ihediscriininaiioa of ihos who may call 10 judge how far they have a claim to auirf tt superiority of ihe article thee oiler for rale. P OST11EIM & MICHOLLS. College tu, next lo Mr. Wait' extensive CrocLrry Siore. Jan. 26, 1813. 3 T'- n r nrrn A DWELLING house, two Barns, end Meet acres of Und lew roda south of the Cohan.

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