Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 7, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 7, 1843 Page 3
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Q7"Thg Weathbii. This it getting to bo quite a fiivoiitu topic (if remark us wi'll in the newspapers us in private circles. Ami wo aro quite sure tlmt oxceudingly respecta ble old gentleman "tlio oldest inhabitant," would be sonicwlint puzzled to recollect a spring so "backward in coming forward" as this. Snow full on Wednesday evening to tlio depth of two or three inches, and sleighs, overcoats, and umbrellas aro in ns good de mand now, as they have beed nt any part of the season. Wo arc not quite so forward in this respect, howover, as our brcthcron over tho mountain. The Chronicle of the 5th instant says snow in Windsor is two feet deep in the open land and nearly thrco feet in tlio woods and that the thermometer, on the 4th of April, stood nt zero I SECOND ADVENT LECTURES. Mr. C. Green will commence a course of Lectures, in this place, next Sabbath, April Oth. Brighton Markct.Mondny, March 27, 1843. At Market 47S Beef Cattle, 00 Cows and Calves, 000 Sheep, and 870 Swine. 50 beef cattle unsold. Pncxt. Beef Cattle. Extra, 85 12 a 5 25. First quality, SI 75 a 500. Second quality, 84 25 a 4 50. third quality S3 75 a SI 25. Cows and Calves-Sales none. Sheep None at market. jjteine. A lot to peddle, 4c for sows, and 5c for bar ows ; a lot of old hogs 4 3-4c. At retail, from 4) to 6 Boston MarketMarch 29, Ftoca. 4 75. dtirrtia 'Chcise Genesee, 4 81 a 4 67, Ohio, good, 4150 a 12 a 13 per lb. 6 a 7 per lb. Wool. . Saxony and Menao fleeces, Full blood, blood, blond, Common i blood, Smyrna washed, Dengati, Buenos Avres, 33 a 31 31 a 33 28 a 31 22 a 27 20 a 22 25 n 28 9 n 13 5 a 10 In this town, on the 26 ulto., William S. Moons, on of Mr. Asahel Moore, aged 34 years. In Alburch, on the 23th inst. Sophia wife of the Hon John M. Sdwles, a;eJ 41 years. In this villngo, on StbSnlh list, the 25th inst., Mrs Mciinda Catlin, wife of Guv CatlIit, Esq., in the 55 h year of her age. Seldom does death, by a single stroke, afflict so miny hearts, disappoint so many hopes, or take from the walks of private life an individual charged with such peculiar responsibilities. Seldom docs he take from amongst us, one whose example was so bright, whose preparation was so mature, or whose existence eemed so necessary to the happiness of others. As a neighbor, a christian, a wife, a mother, she was a rare example of excellence. All who knew her, will feel that it is not the language of men- eulogy, when we say that she filled all these relations with peculiar dignity.kindness, wisdom and grace. All who have ever dwelt by her, as a neighbor, will remember with gratitude her generous kindness, her deep sympathy in their afflictions, her prompt nnd efficient aid in troul le and her safe counsels in the hour of perplexity. For us to fcpeakofher ns a wife; a mother, might be an intrusion into the sanctuary ofchcrishecd and acred feelings. There are those who know and feel Iter woith in these tender relations, as no tonruc can speak or pen describe it. Th(ir hearts only, know the sorrow which this dentil has occasioned. The loss of a pious, affectionate andprvdent mother, the tk.tnltt nnA lirafilcn ienlr fit lit flrrdn rf hnm. ! necessarily an irreparable loss. The death of Mrs. Catlin will be deeply frit beyond the circle of relations; for she filled nn impnrlant plhcein society. Possessed of a sweet and even 1cm fssi, nnl of nn cxcrllcnl mini! nnd Iimi t she boil lUe ill will of non end the tcfpccicJ, affections of all. While all,' Ind no ns'! for the f ivi lous atri'St'1 ents and the empty pneintry of fislnm, s''o po'$esed a quick relish for the purer enjoyments of high and re fined intercourse. Mrs. Catlin was born in LilllefiVld County, Conn. She had a praying mother, wlio still lives, nt the a?c of 95, to mourn her daughter's death. Ftom child hood the manifested unusual tenderness to religious obligations. She made a profession of religion and united with the Congregational Church in this place in Jan. 1317. That profession she adorned till ihe day of her death, and her path was that of the just " shining more and more unto the perfect day." While she was every where a cansi'tcnt anil active christian ; the sphere of home was that which she most loved ami adorned. There, she exlu' tied a I combination of virtues, social, intellectual, amiable and religion , constituting a character of no ordinary worth. We shall ever remember tho sweetness of her disposition, the blindness of her manners, her evenness of temper, her courteo isncss and patience and unostentatious and extensive charities. The leading attributes of her religious character were humility, candor, consciectioiisnessanddecision. Slit possessed great candor. She was ever ready to perceive and admit the good qualities of others ; she gave, readily, the tribute of prnise to whom it was due, and was more ready to perceive and deal severely with her own faults, than with the faults of others. Her heart knew no concealment, and her conduct no digutse. She was a humble disciple. Grace had taught her to rule her own spirit she was not one of those ' shi ning ones,' whose upward path was attended with transports of joy, hut rather one of those, who walk in the valley of humiliation. She was conscientious ; binding herself indissolubc ly to truth and duty. She loved her Bible, 1 ecause it eentaincd the counsels of n Father -i Heavenly Fa ther to a child. It was the food of her Soul. Its development of the plan of redemption its promises of the Spirit's teachings its high anil holy precepts its wide unvcilings of the eternal world nil fastened powerfully upon her heart. She was a student of the Blb'e even on the death-bed, often asking her Pastor and other friends the meaning of passages occuriing to her mind. She loved ihe sanctuary. She loved the ehurch' all its interest were near to her heart. She loved re ligion for '$ own value and for the honor which it brings to God. Her soul panted after perfect holiness of heart and life. Sheendeavorcd constantly to walk with God m the dischargcof piivate duties and in this way sho enjoyed steadily atalm assuroncc of his love Whatever attainments sho made, in grace, resulted, in part, at lea-t, from a rule of life, which (she stated to a friend,) he had attempted to observe "I have tried" she said "to live under the lull consciousness that the ive or God was ero.N me." Mrs. Catlin generally enjoyed good health and was able to attend with energy to her numerous duties un til within a few months of her decease. She began to decline tn August last but did not relinquish her do mestic cares until October. From that period, she was a great and constant sufferer, her disease being a tumor in Ihe face. Tho writer visited her frequently from the commencement of lier illne-a. On the com mencement of her disease aha felt assured thai it would terminate in severe sufleiing and death. Sho was tt this time able to tit up most of the day. On her remarking- that the labors of her life were done, I asked her what were her feelings in view of death 7 she reptied, " lhate teen examining anew, thefoun daion of my hope," then looking up with characteris tic mildness, sail, think Mr J hate no rtatontoftar. find in Christ a riehness-a street nut, an atl tujjlcitncy for all my icanff. trust Christ it my rocfc and hat been for many years. J hat no hope of mercy but through hit atonement and righteousness, and hating this hope J think I ell ready to tctlcomt death at any timeH cannot take merom my Savioua, but will convey me to him." When about to Inecl with her in prayer, she said, " I think I feel wholly resigned to the will of God. If it it his pleasure to lake me away, perhaps it is better 'that I should go now," She then requested us to fray that God would spars her from long continued and severs bodily suffering, which the nature of her disease led htr to expect. The above eipiestion of her faith w as about the first of December. It has b.en often icpcaltd since. In many subsequent interviews, sho cxhiMcd Ilia samo unwavering confidence In tho promises of her covenant God, and spoke of heaven and heavenly things like one who enjoyed a near view of them. For several weeks she has been waiting nnd willing to depart at any moment, often requesting lo have sung that beautiful hymn, Jesus, lover of my soul Let me to thy bosom fly. As sho approached the grave, she exhibited the same calm and peaceful framo of mind. Hcrconvcr anion and hopes seemed tn grow morcand tnoro heav enly, until upon the last joyous Sabtath, her faith was lost in sight and her hope in full fruition. Bles sed arc the dead which die in the Lord, for they rest from their labors and their works do follow them." In Jericho, on Tuesday, the 7th ult., Hannah Ma ria Riplcv, only daughter of Charles and Olive Rip- Icy, aged 3 years and 1 month. She hath passed from the earth, but wo may not la ment her, Nor mourn her return to a holier clime ; She but lingered below, until He who had sent her, Recalled her to Eden in morning's sweet prime. Could the beauty and freshness of youth have retain ed her, We had not been called o'er her slumber to weep Yet mourn not, since death in his power both but gain cd her A joyful awaking from earth's transient sleep. Ere the sorrows of earth or its passions had moved her, Ere dmhened the light of her innocent brow ; She bade a farewell unto those who had loved her And whispered my father, I coma lo thee now. In her beauty she sleeps, but wc will not regret her Our tears may not moisten '.he flowers on her tomb ; For the smiles of her Saviour in mcicy have met her Oh death thou art vanquished and pastis thy gloom. Then calm be the spot where her form now reposeth May the friends who so loved her revisit the grave, And feel though the cold sod her ashes encloscth She lives in the presence of Hun who can save I Comm. In Richmond, March 24, after an illness of only few days Mrs. Louisa M. Hardch, wife of Thomas Rather, and daughter of the Hon. Eli Brownson, aged 21 years. She was a young Lady possessing a most amiable disposition and eminently calculated to cn dear herself lo all those who were favored with her society, and her diath at such a period in life, is an event of the most painful and affecting nature to her husband and friends. Vet of her it may well bo said, ''She had not lived in vain nnd her dealh was not as those who had no hope." One year ngo, (about thc limeof her marriage,) herself and husband were thP first f nil , unto God of a most interesting revival. She lived for Christ, and in her last illness her faith was so strong, that thc pai I and distress made her at times insensible toother objects, yet when Christ was mentioned her mind would compo-c itself nnd slio could readily say, ' I know that my Redeemer livcth." Com. IjIST OF LETTERS REMAINING lii the Post Ofllcc at Bur liiigton, Vt., 4M-1I 1, 1813. John Arnold, Alexis Lafleclic, 2, I). P. Adams, Frederick Lyman, Charles Aiken, Charles Alexander, Ucv. Mr. Ancie, 3, R. Austin, Elizabeth Braman, Nn ncy Harney, Joel Bishop, 3, Thomas Ucattey, Seth llimop, 4, Eno' llliint. 4, Ebcnezcr ISriggs, Ann M. lilair, II. F. Brooks, John Brunnellc, S Barlow, r,ci llnthnne, co Isidore Honin, Amos E. Beorhett, R. S. M. Rouchett, E Brown, Allien G. Burr, 5rphia Hliss, It 1 Ine Illnneliard, Mnxham I'lair, R. I.. Harrows, Daniel tlrnwn, Perilla Hates, Elijah llarsinw, II. & It. Bishop, John W. Drugs, Georze Barstow, Joseph llatkman, Nathaniel Bosworth, Benj. I). Brownell, U. S. Custom House, Thomas Cross, Edmund Conner, James I. Culler, Rosa Chicnine, I'nniel Crinkling, Peter Culbett, Kussell Lawrence, Miss M. Lane, J. W. Lynde, Jacob Lewey, John Lawrence, Adolph Mabiiand, Thomns M Carty, 2, James Mitchell, 2, Mr. Mocrnio, Mr. Morice, John Motnson, George Monroe, Michnel M' Guwan, 2, I.lephen Myers, Yuiins Mansfield, Joseph Mnlhuit, HiiL'h M'ICennea, J. W. Mills Eineline M'Carter, Leeeister Morton, Michael Mornu, Joseph Miuquet, Mish. (iforfrp M!idy, Otis Morcati, E luar Morion, Wm. Mead. He ry Nash, '. F. Norton, Josiah Palmer, Daniel Perry, R. Pntelun, Doctor Peck, Mrs. J. S. Potwin, Henry Potwin, Sliding Pattee, Ursula Palnuter, Lydia Palmer, John W. Pendigrass, George Paige, A. Pollard, Mr. Parsons, printer, Daniel Trior, Cclestin Rncicot, Patrick Reily, 2, NtUon Roberts, A. Rosenblatt, Joseph R.imlall, 2, ltos ihno I'. Reed, Louisa Randall, F. 11. Robertson, Pierce Hondo, T. J. Raymond, Sarah Ranney. Joseph Howen, Lewis Saunders, C. A. Seymo ir, James Steward, Winslow Spears, Isaac Sanderson, G. N. Spenr. Elizabeth Saflbrd, Alniira A. Stevens, Ashnel Stacy, 2, Nathaniel Sutton, Moses f- Aaron Spear, W. A. Smith, Charles E. Sheen", J. A. Stetson, S. A. Smilh, R. P. Stacy, L. W. Spnuldinr, Patrick Mieridan, E. J. Stimsun, It. Speats, Marshal Sbedd, R. F. ,-taniford, G. M. Stacy, Shepherd & Martin, Sulomon A Smith, Warren Thayer, Milo Thorn; son, John F. 'I huinpson, I.u'.e Thompson, Bostwick Tousley, Charles Teaman, I lijah Timer, Dorothea tlifr, Thomas Vnnkirk, .taints Vin ent, D. M. Varney, Claik Vniiuhan, Louis Vnllier, Charles J. Walker, Hares Wnlaee, Betsey Willey, Roser Wndsworth, David Well, James I. Wallace, M. Coming. Marv Ann Chamberlain, R. M. Crosman, Dennis Chnpin, Levi Carrinston, 2, Calvin Clark, 2, Oren Clark, John Chel.ind, Rufus M. Crosman, Albert Chittenden, Ann Dolan, Louis Dcllett, Jed. Drew, Mary Dyer, Win. L. Dixon, Michael Doraughey, Prosper Durpha, Pierro Dyon, Antony Dcvereux, Daniel Drew, Lewis Duke, Elisha Drew, Widow Elder, A. W. U. Edwards, Isaac Ely. Mil A. Evarls, casimere foy, Uavnl l-isn, Ed. SI. Felix, Peth Folger, 'I'. 1-OllClt, T. Fri-bee, E. Fnrr, E. Fiupatrick, Nnlhaniel Gage, Fnnny Green, Edmund Gates, I. . J. Germain, Itulh deep, Joseph GuiliJ, ('. Goodrich, 9, Simeon Hutchins, 2, Lamina I. Hatch, Hnl'and Howard, Julia Hyde, Cbarle II. Howard, 2, II. S. Hnrsley, Murray S. Hart, Win. ti. Hunt, Sarnh R Iloyl, Henrv Harricker, Mrs. 'Hicks, 2. Sarah A. Holioway, S. Ii. Isbam, Angel Ieham, J. S. Johnson, John JudFon, E. W. Johnson, J. A. Jcnner, Win. R. Lawrence, Charles Lyon, Charles Lanilv. Samuel Weller, GiifTin Winir, Jonathan Wainwright, 12, John Wight, Elizabeth Wadsworlh. HENRY H. STACY, P. M. James Lamberton, PREDICTION OF THE SECOND ADVENT TN 1843. rai wn tlienrA nn ,i.A c.nn.i A,iu.n, nr ihd n 1 dremer with specinl reference to the vear 1843 UJ duna iir.nin 1MM'KIA, u, u, Ilishop of the Dioces of Vermont. For sale by H. J. SHUMWAY Agent. April 6, 45 THE SCRIPTURAL DOCTRINE OF ATONEMENT. A Sermon orenched before the first Congregational jx. Church and Society in Burlington, Vt., By KKY. J. K. CONVliKE. For sale by H. J. SHUMWAY Agent. April 6, 45 BISHOP HOPKINS ON ROMAN- ISM. A second letter lo ihe RIGHT REV. FRANCIS JL P. KENRICK. Roman Catholic Jtishop of. t-miaaeipma. iiy junn nr.miy IlurKIPiB, u. D. Bishop of the Diocesof Vermont. Jusl published, rH q; si, J. onUAiiTAi , jigent. April 6, 45 Wool, iSL Wool! T" OELOFSON Sc. RATIII1DN havinir Leased the JLA, commodious Manufacturlne Establishment, of the Uuriington Aim uu., anu connected tncm-eives in hiWncswim sir. Sidney lunLow, (torincr Agent lor aid Co..) are nowreudy to receive Wool to manu failure lur cntotner into Broadcloth. To those that have had work done heretofore by Roelfson and Rathbun, little need le said to induce n continu ance of oatronairc. and to all others wc would ray that ihe work will 1 e-done lit a workmnnlie manner. Farmers, Merchants nnd others wishing to have wool Manufactured for their own u-e or for market may rest a-sired that no pa'n or attention will Le spared to give the le-t of satisfaction. Term of payment maueea-v tor an ioi ni wool irom iuuu ins anu up ward''; Small lot- Cash or one halt of the cloths when fini-hed. Thc business will be conducted under the firm of ROELOFSON, RATHBUN & Co. April 5, 1843. 45 FOR SALE OR TO IIRNT. mHE FARM known as the Vernon farm, situated L on Winooski Ititcr. One mile below Winooski Village, in Colchester. Containing about two hundred and fourteen acres of land, (Mostly intervale,) with a good story and a nail noose, corn House, two good Barns and a good Well of Water. Said farm is in good condition and is ottered lur sate low, or louent; pos session given immediately. For terma applv to GEORGE H. MOORK. Burlington April C, 1343 45 2w LISTS FOR TAXES 1843. T3LA.NKS lorlMs lur 1843, furnMie I at i-horl no j- iKeturet.uu tier luu. C. GOODRICH. April I, 1343 45 SPRING FASHION FOR HATS. BRAVER HATS OINE S mer Nutria " Fine Brush 11 Common Do " l'aimere " Imitation and Common " ALSO, Extrutine Mole Skin " Of superior quality for a!clv CHARLES A SEYMOUR. UNITED STATUS DISTRICT COURT, Vermont IHsUicl. IN I5AKKUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of GUSTAVU A. I)EMHG, cf .Milton, for his Di charge an 1 Ceritfi.a c, a- a Bankrupt, at the office of Samuel Pmiti-, in JItmipelivr, in said Di-tnct, on Tin.-d.iy the Ilth day of July, A. D. 1S at 10 A.M. ALV'AII C. JKNNINnS of B irlington, lor hin Dis- rhargc aim Certihca'c, a n Bankrupt, at the olfiee of Sainuel Prenli", in Mi ntpel.c, i.i -nid Di-trict, on 'l'lhc-il.iv thu ll.hdjynl July,A.o. 18t3,at 10a.m. ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. NOTICE i hariby given that by virtue oil he sev eral orders an J 'decree- in Ltaiil.runicv in il. fnl- lowina rnse i-tied oit of ihe District Court ol the United S ales, for lliu Di-trict of Vermont 1 will f ell at Public An mv oillce In Hnrlin"lon. on Saturday, May 0, at 2 o,cloek, P. M., sneh cfl'ecls ol the llanl,ru'il nanicl I clow n- became veied in me by virtue oi'lhe decrees afuaid. EfTccts of Samuel Uartlctt, or Jericho. Al ont 15 ncrtx of Land, on which i creeled a mall boii-cand barn, ritua'c in Jrrico, subject to a claim of abo it Ho-ea Spaiildinsr, and a quit claim ilvcd Eivcn by tail llanleit to Pollv Rood, as ,cllorlhin Iih fauUchednle. Sale at '2 o'clock, P. M. Effects ofVcruoti Harrington, of nuiilngton. Sondrv note- and account-, rrendcred bv said Harrington and eonta.ned in hit taid elcdule. a against T. B. Wat-on nnd other. Sale at 2 o'clock, '. M. Effects of Nathaniel T. Stiles, of Undcrhlll. All the interc-t of Nathaniel T. Sti ci to an aaree- meut mailc with Peter Gilc, Ira Gile, Truman Gile, and A-a Tyrcll and Oli Knight, relating to the con- vevanecoi renain nropenv nun miieuiuerv siitia e on Brown' River, in Undeihill. which was deeded lo reter Uile anil other-, I cms I ho same premise which wa formerly occupied byaidSiilc. All the interr-t of aid Stile- to a contract made with Spald- ms in Uv-toier id-iu 10 iwo note ncncu ov Arie Blo lrelt, payable in fulled cloth, and l dged with laid npioi.tinc a tccnritv tor munvv nuvaiii-eu hv him, AM the in cre-t of said Sn'lc to an asreement made wiili tnhrnim stile fur llio conwv nine of about 40 acre-ol lauili'ctiiitl to linn Iv Ariel liliklseit, in Annl 1340. Al-o, nin.lry nc oin'.- Mimm'cred by KaiJ Su'e-, all of which will lo particularly itescrileJ at inutiiiicoi ate. sa e a' a o .ice c r. .u. Kni-ctsoflt. r. Alcl'niland, of ntirllneton. Oncolddoi lu ,Icil1i an I harnc--. abo the note. claim- and aecouiit- n rrein'i icJ bv him. which wil I c panic larlv detirilcd at the time tf sale. Sale at o'clock, P. .M. nffects of L. 1. Illxon, of Undcrhlll. o icli account-, nine- iicman'i-, &'c. a mav remain nneollec c.l. a!u bv a ho riiinent fn in Feb. 17. to mv officii m B.irluii'ion, Saturday, .May 8, l43,at 2 oVkcf; i'. -U. Eflccts ofT. Y. It. Nichols, of Essex. S leh acco nits no'e- nnd o 'ects a mav remain nn coIlecteJ. fca'e hv a Ijonrniuent from reb. 16 to Saturday .av 0, 1843, at my othce in u irlington, al O-fll'CK, I". .11. Also. SiiiuIiv l'.neet-ol Mark A orris, of Colche ter, which will I c naitictilailv i'c-cnI wl at ihe lime of talc, on Saturday, .nay u, isi i, at a o'i lock-, I', al. i.viii.iih i. iiahwul, Assignee. Burlington, April 5, IS43. Jacob llliisdlll's Estate. STA TE OF VERMOST, r1I.F.S S. HINS Di-trut of Chiiicniicn, ( VJ DILL, admini. tralor ol the otato of Jacob Itin-ilill. lait? of Si. George in said district, cceased, having filed in laid court Ins peiition inwritintr, setting forth that the in ventory ol Ihe personal e-latc ol Hie said decea-ed nmotints- tn S'25,47 ; that theclaiinsallowed again-l said c.-tale by tlie commis-ioner- amount to S 15,48; that the expense- of adminNterinc (aid c-iale are noi le-.-tban fifiv ilolleis ; lliat thede. easeJ died seised of a tnrm connstins oi no acre ot land, or thereabout-, siiuatcM in sam at. luorgc, tieing ihe homestead ol nill deceased, which i mcimlerel with a mort;aqe to oiinei'ii uitueio; inui inc personal etate t- tn tullicient to nay the del nlloweil acain-t said ss- tale nnd Ihec.xnen-e- of a Imimsiralion. and nravinc said court lo licen-cthe said ndmini-trntor to tell so much of said real e-latc a- inay I e llecesary to pay smu uciiio .iiiu , a .. ii'v i ,i iii-miion me conn aiore said doib assicn the second Wtvlnesdav i f Mai-. IRJr fur hearins and deciding on iai.4 petii'ion at Ihe offii-e of the He2i-tcr of said toiirl in Burlinirton. and dmh order that all per.-i ns iniere-ied bonoiitied thereof by pibli.liinR thi or'er, con'aining the sub-ianee of snui pciniiiii, iimo- wciihs smic-nvciy mine JJur linston Free Press, a newspaper printed in raid Run Huston, previous) to said second Wednesday of May, IOiJ. Given under my band at Burlington this 31 it day Wm. WESTON, Register. STATE OF VERMONT, I p!IE Hon. ihe Un-trii t or (J H ttrnurn, s'. J X rrol ate Court ,ir tne 1)1, tint ot (..hittien ten ; m all persons con' Ci rned in Ibecstae ifJaiol, Hinsdill late of Si Gcrse in sail 111 lri."l, i'li rased. GiEETiKr.. Wllf'.RfAS, Gile- S. llin-itilljndminiMratorof the e-taic of sai li'eiea-eil, propo-c" lo render an account of lu-a bni i stiatiini, an I prc-ent hi- against ai I c-utel'ori'xaniina'ion and allowance at a se-sjnn ofthi! Court ol Pr date, to beholden at the Regis ter's, otliie in lliirlinsiiii in i out district on the second We Ino-tlay of May next. 'I licrefurV, yo I arc hereby notified to appear before said court nt the lime and place aforesaid, and shew cau-c, if any yoi have, why Ihe account aforesaid should not I u allowed. Given under mv band at Burlington Ihii 31itdsv wi .uuhii, n. is. laid. Wm. WESTON, Register. 45w3 Ilciijamln II. Skill's Estate. STA TE OF VFRMONT, ) CJALl.V H. SK District of t'h iteiiden, ss. J O administratrix of ineesiaicot iicnjainin II. Skill, late of Charlotie in said di.rict, cltxcased, having filed in laid court her petition, selling lorth that it is nece-snry to have thetiinc forfi ltliiiRtnid e-tnte I'nrlher extended, and prayinar said couit lo extend aid lime one year from the 3th dayol April, 1643 i Whereupon the Court afore-atddoiliappo nt theseconl Wedne-dayof May, 1843 for hearing and deciding on said appliiation, at lilt tfll "6 Of the Register Of said court in I1i,rl,nfflnn. and doih onler that all person inierrslcd Ve notified thereof by publication of Ihii order, containing the fulnance of laid petition, three weeks successively ia Ihe Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed in laid Burlington, lhola-1 of which publication' lo be preiiou to raid second Wedne-eay of May, IMS Given under my hand al Burlington, in said district ait 3.1 uay ci April, ib-u. Wm. WESTON, RigUlsr. 4S-3w HERDS GRASS &, CLOVER SEED of a superior quality and at a very Jew price. Also, a lew ,..,u,ca I.H9HCI ui iorn, Aye anu uais, ny March SS. 4 u ui i'i H. W. CATLIN. TO LET. FROM (he 8ih of April, a Iwo story DWELL ING HOUSE near the College Green. Toper urns desirous of taking I oarders from the I'niversity, this pU'e furnishes a convenient and suitable loca tion. Enquire of Col. Ii. Thomas, or . . . A. STANSBURT. March S3, 1843. 43if LISTER'S NOTICE. rflllK Inhabitants of Burlington liable to Taxes, A or nntinml thai the Listers will nroceed to take their lists Immediately after the 1st of April next, aad Ihey are hersby requeued lo I prepared lo exhibit their psrsoaa. PPL'LYIYj-AN( ; JOHN BARSTOW, March 48, IB43. 44 SMALL TWIST COMBS, NEW ONES. IO Dot. Small Plated Horn Twist Combs. 6 dot. m, at finiau plain aurn a wi vuuiijb. uuva. mibu.hb Shell and 3 dot Tortoise shell Twht Combs, horn and hell side and back Comb", very fine Irory Combs, horn and other kind ofline Dressing Combs, Pocket Uombsand a beautiful assortmeat of Hair Brushes, Tooth and Nail Brushes, nne i;omb Cleaners c, received at the Variety Store. 44 aiarcn 3, IBIJ. . i anosohn at drininaiv. "LIVE AND LET LIVE." rpHK subscriber hi several small accounts and X notes due htm Irom 29 cents to 85 dollars and ntwiMli-ami alt nertons interested are hereby not!- tihed (particntarcontracta excepted) that if they wish intesi the uiilitv of tenting- wild ihe" Land Shark." that an opportunity will le given very soon, unless this notice shall convince thera.ldat they can settle with me on better term-. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Msrch 31, 1843. 3w44 FOR SALE: I 'lift IICVYi WUIIMIIUmUlli siaiuiiaue 1 BRICK DWELLING HOUSE and Lot at the corner of College and Pine street, which i not lor prospect or con venience excelled by any situation in smtir I! town payment in pan may remain on lime. Appiy to H. W. SHKKIUAM Or 8. E. HOWAKU. Burlington, March 30, 1843. , 44tf NOTICE. rPHE Stoclholdersof the Chamnlain Dock Com X. nanv are notified to meet at the Inn of Mosei L, Hart, Burlington, on Monday, the 10th day oi April next, at 4 o'clock, aiierno m, lor ine purpose latot dec inz rive Liirccior. lor I he vear ent na 3d To antliori-e the sale of such cortion or norltons of the Company's Real Kftate a may lelhouihl ex pedient. JOHN BRAULEV, Clerk. uuriincion, marcn zs, ion. 41 REMOVED. rTMIB sub-crilrr would inform X hi customer that he has taken the fhop formerly occupied by Samuel Huntington, as a Boot Bindery,onedooreat ol H. Thomas Auction and Commission Store, on College M., where a good assort ment of ready made SADDLES, HARNESSESTRUNKS, CARPEl BAGS, and all such articles as are usually kept in hi line of bu.-ine-s, may bd had at fair prices j Terms oi payment mauu ey. A LIVERY STABLE Also kept by the suSscrilr,a few rod-east of the Court H011-0 Gentlemen; two tour or sixhor.-e teams furnished on short notice. Application made at the the shop or barn will receive prompt Square, and live or six south 01 hi shop on Col lege st. Good Saddle Horses lur Ladici and Wo.oV otcntion. S. S. SKINNER. Burlington, March 22, 1843. 43w8 NOTICE. THE copartner-hip of URADLEY & HYDE will expire by limitation on the 1st day of April next. All perrons indebted to (aid firm are reqiie.-ted to make

immediate payment, or their demand.' will be left in thc hands of an Attorney for collection without re serve. HARRY BRA OLE Y, HENRY HYDE. Burlington, March 22, 1813. 43w3 WOOL! WOOL! THE Sub.-cril cr wi-hes 10 purchase Wool, and will nay in cool", train or accounts, at his Store, Burlington Falls. SllJiltr IIAHLUW, March 24ih, 1813. LOOK HERE. I7ARMERS. who wish 10 purchase Stoves, for I wood, or nroduce of almost anv descriDtion. will please call ai the "Stove store, west end or Amen can Hotel, basement story. 9. IV. 1A1 L.UII Burlington, March 22, 1843. 43-lf POST OFFICE NOTICE. ffHE Po-t Mn-ter General has ordered thediscon M tiniiance ofa the Sundav trin't and. until fur. ther notice, no mad will I e received at. or sent from. lhi. office on ihe Sal I ath. The olfiiv will therefore not I e opened at all for Ibetran-action of buaine on Mimiay. Letters oenviteii in tne outside boxat? P M. will Le in season for the morning mail. M. li. S 1 At;r, I . Al. P.O. Burlington, March 15, '43. BE PREPARED BY 12th MAY. A l.L persons indel teil to the sul scril rr will please 'TL take noti that their accounts raui I e naid bv me ut uay ot may next, or he will I e under the ne- ce-stty of leaving them with an Attorney Ifor imme aiatc collection, nease iai,e tin- as a Mitucieni warn. ng, and expect it will Le followed to the letter. utA.: v. uuai&iucK. Shelburn, March 34, 1843. 43w3 rpF.AS for sale by tho Chest and Caddy boxes of j. a IDS. OLD HYSON, YOUNG HYSON. HYSON SKIN. Wm. HURLBUT. Burlington, March 31, 1843. 44 NOTICE. rTHE Morgan Hoise. BASHAW, will stsnd this X season nt the following places, viz : Ilurlinf ton. aneiuurn ano nartotie. ine days anu lime will be made known by handbills circulated before the sea son commences. Bashaw is as full blond Morgan as you can find now days; is of a blood bay color, weiehs eleven hundred and fUtv Dounda. and for strength and speed ia not surpassed by any horse now on the turf. Any persons wishing to improve their atocK oi norscs, win now nave an opportunity which all will acknowledge after looking at said horse. He can be seen at Ihe American Hotel until ihe season commences, where Mr. L. Church will take pleasure in snowing nun wiuiuui anv cnarge. Burlington, March 29th, 1843. 44 w3 Mark Mice's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) THE Hon. the Pro District of Chittenden, ss. ( cate Court for Ihe I)ilnct of Chiiteiu'en : lo all perrons concerned in the Estate ol MARK RICE, late of Burlington, in taid Di-trict deceased, GntETINO. WHERE tS, Louisa Walling, formerly Louisa Rice and former admiaistratrix of the estate of said iledeaseJ, propose to render an account of her ad ministration, and nre-ent her account acainst said e" tatefor examination and allowance at a session olthe t ourl of Pro' ate, to I e holJen al Ihe Regi ter office. in said uuriington, on the. third Saturday oi Apri nexi. Therefore. You are hereby notified to annear le fore said co.irt al the time and place alorsaid, and shew came, n any yo,. have, why Ihe account alure said should, not le allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this JOth day of niarcu A. u. 101 J. Wm. WESTON, Register. NOTICE. rTMUS ceriifie ihat I have given my son, Thomas x irwin noi inson, nis time during ni minority, anu snail nereaiier claim none oi nir earnings or pay any u ms ueuis irom tne sin oi marcn, ifh. ISAAC ROBINSON, Jericho, Feb. 5ih, 1843. 3w43 J. & J. II. Peck 4. Co. Chittenden County Court Vf. li ov. i erm, a. u. ivu. Gouldino cV Peabodt, TN this came, the nlalmili-, as partners, de,-are j. against me ueieniiants, J. uooiding ana unver Peabody, ol Keesevillc in the Stale of New York, aa partners, in an action on note dated July 13, 1841, fur the sum ol S108 60 cents payalle in 4 months from date, at the Essex Conniy Bank Also, on one other note dated Manh 15, 1841, for the sum of I61.S4 . in six months from date thereof at the Esex County Bank. The defendants leing absent from this State at Ihe lime ol the service of the plaintiff's writ, and not hav ing returned within the same Lelore the lima of trial, Ihe cause is by order of Court continued, and ji is fur ther Ordered by said LJoiiri, ihat notice ol Ibis suit be given lo the defendants', by Publishing this order, and the suhslance of the pi tinliff 'sdeclaration.thret weeks successively in Ihe " B irlington ! ret Press," a news paper printed in Burlington ia said county of Chit tenden, ihe last ol which In be at least twenty days before Ihe next Term ol ibis Court to t holden at Burlington aforesaid, on the second Tuesday of May next, which will be deemed sufficient notice to the said defendant! to appear and oak answer to this auit. Dated at Burlington aforesaid, this list Oar of March, A. D. 1843. WM. NOBLe, Clerk. Anns tc, Platt, Alttrnry. RAZOBfS. RODGERS & SONS' and other fine Raaors.alro Strap, Brush.', Lather Boxes, Boeps.Ac. mr tale by PANsaoan h Banrtsuie. March SI, 1843. 44 FOR SALE, 1TOKE of WORKING CATTLE I Mara ol Mufth 4, 164. H, W. CATLW. Hlioda Stvnln's Estate. WE the subscribers, having been appointed by tho Honorable tho Probate Court for the District of Grand Isle, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons against the tatsle of RHOUA SWAIN, late of South Hero, in ssid District, deceased, rcptcsentcd in solvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto 1 and six months from the day of the aaie ncrcol, being snowed uy saia uourt lor mat purpose, wo do therefore hereby give nolice,that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the dwelling house of David L'orbin, In South Hero, in ssid District, on the fourth Tuesday of July and the second Tuesdsyof August next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 21st day or February, A. D. 1843. AHNER KF.RLER, r,m..., 43 HENRY SMITH. Commissioner!. TO the Probate Court for the District of Chitten den t The undersigned Almon Griffin, adminis trator of the cststc of Roswell Grow, late of West- lord in ssid district, deceased, shows to said court that tne deceased died seixcn 01 about tour acres 01 land sit uated fn said Wcstford. I vine on both sides of Ihe road leading from the common in Westford to the starch factory in Westford, being the same land deed ed by Joseph B. Grow to the said Roswell Grow, on which land is a house and barn that said land is in cumbered with a mortgage to said Joseph B. executed by the said Rotwell in his lifetime to secure thc pay ment or six hundred aonarsi innt tne inventory ot the estate of the said Ro9well amounts to913l,SG,ond the claims allowed by the commissioners against said estate amount to upwards of seven hundred dollars, exclusive of said mortgage dib' that tho expenses of settling ssid estate arc not less than forty dollars, and that a sale or the equity or redemption in said real estate is necessary for the payment of the debts against said estate. He therefore prays said court to authorize and license him, the said administrator to sell said real estate, nsrceably to the statute in such case made and provided. ALMON GRIFFIN. Burlington, March 8, 1343. 43 IN CHANCERY. Wiiliam P. Batccs, 1 CHITTENDEN COUNTY, Leander Marshall k I Nov. Term, a. d. 1842. iiisav noDfics, 1 'WHFRrcAS, William P. J VV Uriirg ol Dinlinginn, William R. Lane. Lcander Marshall and Henry llodcf both of Rich mond, all in said t'ountv of Chittenden, nt the Novem ber Term, A. D. 1812, of thc Court of Chancvy, holdcn nt llurlmgion, within nnd tor said Lmmiy ol Chittenden, hied their U1II0I Review azain-l William R. Lane, formerly of Jericho, in said county of Chit tenden, now ol New Lyme in the state of Ohio, there in stating that on the 3th day of December, A. I). l84l,helorclhchaid Court of Chancery, then sitting at Burlington, the said William It. Lane ol tamed a decree In In lavor, against tticin liiesam liriggs, Marshall and Hodge' that they should pay the said Lane, on or lelore the 12lh day of May, A. I). 1812, with interest thereon from aid 3 1 day of December, A. 1). 1841. the sum ofSlSa 5j cents debt, and Sjj E0 as co-Is ci'procc". nnd from which -aid l)ccri; the said Brigg1Marhall and Hod?C' then and there en tered their appeal. And fur 1 her sUitimr, that simc the making ofliu said dcrce, the said complainant have ill-covered new and ina'enai tu-tiinony, which will fully show ihat a ii 1 Lane va not entitled to any decree tn his favor in the premise, nnd playing that Ihe -a'd ilcciee may I u reviewed and rewed. The said William li. Lane re-iding without Ihi' state, ,o that a Mibpena cannot l.c served upon him, Ihe snu! cau-c i: continued, and it I' ordered that tho said William R. Lane lu mi l appear I cfure the said Court of Chancery, next to beholder: ut Burlington, within and for saideounty of Chittenden on the sci on I Tue-day ol May ncx', on the fir-t day of said Term, and mal.c answer 10 the said lull of review: And it is further ordered, that the said tomplainatiN cati-c tin-order and the suh-tanec of Ihcir -ail hill, to lu published three week-siicce-ivciy in thu " Iliirlinsto 1 Free Pres.-," a new-paper prime I in said liurliniun. the la-t of which to I e at lca-1 twenty day- previous to the commencement of said Term, which will be deemed siiilieient notice to the said William It. Lane to appear and make answer to aul bill. wm. iNUllt.K, Uerk. Baiocs Sc. Ali.f.n & Platt, Solicitors. Moses Wanzer, ) CHITTENDEN COUNTY v COURT, Noaii Barlow. 5 November Term. A. D. 1BI2. rPHE Plainii I'declaic agam-t the defendant in an JL action of del t, on note, dated Mav 4. 18.19. fm the sum of $192 14 cent' Ic six month- from Ihe date, in the oily of Natchez, in the State of Mis-i sippi, and which the planum aver- ha- not I ecu paid. Al-o in a further plea ol debt on iiidmnonl recovered by tire plainiid' amim-t the de'endant. Icforc the County Court at Nali bcz afi rc aid, on thi- 21 day of Ptovcmler, A. I). 1810, for ihe sum of S57I CI ecu's damage-, and 550 40oenn cot ot sun, and which said judgment thc pl.nntid'nvcr is in lull force, and not pant, sati-lied or di. charged. And the defendant I eing ah-ent from this stale at the lime of the scrvu c of the pla nli I'.- writ, and not having returned vvrlnn the same before the time of trial, this cause i by order ot court continued, and it is further ordered by said court that notice of iln suit be givrn to the said Noah Barlow, by publiOnns this oruer anu tn eunsianec ot tun piaiuu I- I'eclarailon, inree weeks successively, in inc " ll'trlington Free rre-." a newsiiaper nrmled in Uur iio'Idii. in -aid County, the last of which to 1 c at Ica-t iweniv days 'eiore the next icrm ol sam court, to Ic hrl.len at Burlington within and for thi-cotinly of Chittenden on ihe second Tueslav of Mav nexi. whiih will le deemed suflicicnt notice to the sni I Noah Barlow to annear and make an-wer to i hi - sui'. Ilaicd at Burlington afoie.aid, this 27lh day of .uureu, a. u. 10 u. Wm. NOB LI", Clerk. A. G. Wiiittemori:, Attorney. Henri l'nr.Lrs,.ppcllent, 1 CHITTENDEN vs ) COUNTY COURT, tstate ot I'harez PiiELrsct ( Nov. Term, A.b. IRI2 Anna Phelps, Appelec. ) IN Ibis cau-c, the said Henry Phelps ha nppenleil from the order and ludgment of the Court of Pro- bale for the district of Chiticnden, in nid co mtv of Chittenden, made nn the 27th day ol .March, S. D. 1812, by vylnch oiderand iudniiieJit, the said Prol a'e lyoun assigned lo .niial'help-,widowof sul I'harez Phelps, deceased, such portion of thu personal ctntc of the aid dcccj-el, to le selected by her. from the inventory, a- will amount to thc nun of $350. 00 at ine pri'.rs mere n named. And the sat I Henry aver, that he is one of the ndmini-trn'or- on smd I'smr,. andi.-al-n incrcs'cd ibcrcina' one of ihe heir- there of, and is iiijureJ and aggrieved by the aforesaid order of the Prol ate Court. And the said Anna Pbeln beirg al sent Irom this state at the time of said order and appeal, and of the enlry of the samo in this Court, and not having return ed within ihe same I eh'rc tho time of trial, tho ca i-e is by order of court continued, and it is f iriber order ed I y said court that notice of thi- suitlccivcu lo Ihe said Anna Phelp-, by mil li-hing thi- order and ihe sub'tame of the -aid Henry'.- complaint and appeal, three weeks succc-sivcly, in the " II irlmgion Free Press," a newspaper printed in said Burlington, the la-t of whu h to I eat lea-t twenty dav- before the next term of this court, to 1 e hidden at Uuriington, in sbiii eouuiy, on ino second iue-day ot .aiav next, which iu ie oeeinca tuincient notice to ttiosnui Anna Phelps to appearand make ansn-rr in this snu. Dated at Uuriington, in said county, lhi27ili dayof ., Wm. NOBLE, Clerk. A. G. Whittemore, Attorney. Thomas Mills, vs. Richard Lvon, Chittenden Comity Court, Nov. Term, A. D. 1842. IN thiscause, thesaid Thomas Mills declares against tho said Richard Lyon, lateof Hincsburgh in said rminlV. fdnrA nfpsis in thS-ntn it Kr,tu 't,rtr in a plea of debt oniodpmcnt rendered bv Henrv Leav enworth, Esq , Justice of the Peace, on the29lh day of March, A. D. 1842, for thc sum of 853,75 cenis damages, and S2.19 cents costs of suit, winch judg ment the Plainiifl'avers is in full force, and notin any way paid or satisfied. And the Defendant being al sent from this Statoot the limeof thc service of the Plaintiffs said vvrir. and not having relumed within Ihe same before the time of trial, the said can so is by order of Court continued, and it is further ordered by said Court, that notice of una ouu iwcitunuinc ui'icnunnt oy iiuuiisiuug nils order, and the substance of the Pl.iintifP declaration, three weeks successively, in ihe " Burlington Free press," a newspaper , printed in uurhni'tnn in said county, tne last oi which to neat least twrnlydays be fore ihcnexi term of this Court lo beholden nl Bur linglon aforesaid on Ihe second Tuesday of May next, which wiii ueoeemen iiiiiiciem nonce to ine raid Lie, fendant lo appear and make answer In this suit. Dated at Turlington aforesaid, this 21st dav of nisrcn, a.u. ibu. wm. INUIH.I., uietk H Leavenworth, Attorney. 43 w3 (j'rostiE Powess, ) Clilttoiidcn County Court, vs. i Nov. Term, A. D. 1S42. Geoboe Wadswohth, j 'IHE PlniniifTdeclates in a plea of ihe case, on a 1 Bill of Exchange, drawn nn the first day of Pep. lember, A. D, 1938, by one Dccius Wadswoilh, on ih Defendant, rrauirinz him to pay to the order of said Dccius, three months from date, al the Farmers and Mechanics Bsnk, the sum of $200 00. and the said Deeius then and there endorsed thesaid Bill and there hv directed thesaid George Wad-worth tnpar the said Bill to the PlointirT, which said Rill the Defendant then and there accepted and promised to pay to tho Plain tiff, but haa wholly neglected to to do. Also, In a fur ther plea for other sum of 4200,00, for money laid out, paid and expended. Ana tne ueienaani oemgansent irnm this state si ihe limeof the service of the Plaintiff's writ, and not having returned wiihin ihs same before ihe lima of trial, the causa is by order of Courl continued, and it is An Ihsr ordered hy said Court, ihat notice of this suit be riven to the Defendant by publishing the snbstsnce of ihePlalnlhfs said declaration, and ihisnrdar Ihrea weeks successively in the " Burlington Free Press," a nawrpap'r printed in Burlington in said county, the last of which tn be at leas', twenty days before lha next term nf this Coot I to be holden on lh second Tuee lay of May next, which will be deemed sufficient nolle to lha said George Wadsworlh, to appear and make answer to said suit. Dated at Borlinglon, LhlsJlsldsy of March, A. D. 1B43. Wm. NOBLE, Clerk. O. AeAMS, Attorney . 43 w3 IN CIIANCEHV. ELEAZEft Austin, ) STATE OF VERMONT, va V Chittenden County, tf. Amel CorrntN. ) WHEREAS, Klcozcr Austin of Milton, in said county, has filed 111 the office of Ihe Clerk tithe Court of Chan'iry In said County, hi bill of corn plaint, therein slating, ihatlhe said Ariel CofTrcn, lato of Milton aforesaid, now gone without tbi stale to parts unknown, on the 28th day of January, A, D. 1840, Icing Ju-tly indebted to Zebediah D. A-hlcy cf raid Millon, in the sum ol 900 00, a specified in 4 promlsory notes or that date, fur S22S 00 each, the tirjt payalle in two year' from Ihe 1st day of March then next, the second in three years, the third in four years and the fourlhiu five year- from the said tlrst of March then next, respectively, and in order to secure the payment of t a id notes, on thc same 19: Ii of January 1640, by deed ol mortgage, conveyed lothe said Atliley the fo'lowina descril ed land, in Milton aforesaid 1 vis. One half acre of land, on and near Checl.crberry Green, as in said deed and I ill more particularly dcscnlcd. And f nther Statin?, that on tho 13:h Deceml cr, A. D. 1841, the 1 aid A-hlcy a- s'gneu, anu uyoecj conveyed to itic urator, the laid M orlgage deed, and the three last ue-crilrd notes, for 8715 00, re-crving the ricbt of n-ing said Mortsspe deed to enforce Ihe payment of thu first above "des cril ed nole-j and further slating that the said three lastde.-crilcd notes, had not fn any part been paid, and praying a fureelo-ure of the equity of redempllon ol said Mortgaged premises. Ami Ihe said Co'Iren rcidi'ng without thi flato to mat a sin pena cannot oe sued upon mm, ineroiurc, it is ordered that the said Ariel Coiren, be nnd appear belore the said Court of Chancery, next lo le hidden nt B irlington, within and for said County, on the 2d Tne-day of May next, on Ihe first day o'f said Term, and make an-wer tosaid Uill : and it is firlher order ed Ihat the said coii'ii'nmant cau-e this order and the sub-lance of said Bill to be published three weeks Micce-tivcly in. the Burlington Free PrcJJ, a news paper printed in said BiirlinKlon. thu la-t of which 10 beat lea-t 20 days I cfure the setting of aid Court at it' uext Term a aforesaid, which will Ic deemed sufficient notice to the said Cofiren 0 appear and make answer to a d Bill. Dated al Burlington afurcaid, thl 14ih day of marcn, a. u. isij. vv.u. fuUL,r., Ulcrk. A. G. WiiiTEMOnE, Solicitor. 42u3 IN CIIANCEHY. Oliver Howard jr. audi STATE OF VERMONT, Abigail Howard, 1 Chittenden County, ss. vs. f 1T 7iiereas, Oliver How Oliver G. ovvard. J VV ardjr and Al ipad Howard, I oth of Millon fn said County, have filed in the office of the Clerk of the Court of said Counlv, their Bill of complaint, therein stating thai the said Oliver (). Howard, now cone lo parts un- Knowii wunoiit tins a ate. on I he ad uav ol Kebrnarv A. D. 1833, leingju-ily indebted to the said Abigail, then and still the wife of the said Oliver Howard jr., in lliesiimofS300 0l)a spccilicd in a prcmi-orv note bearing date on the 21 day of February, A. D.'l833, nnd payable in two yeai from I lie dale thereof wnli m'ere',anil in urder io-eeurellic payment I hereof,! hu aid Oliver (i. on the said 2.1 day ol" February, A. D. ioj, uy uceo oi luoricnue convcyeti lu tne said aoi gail the following de-cril cd land, 'in Millon alorcsaid, viz: 'IheEa-t half and en-! end of lot No. C9, in the 3Jdivisiiu of thu original right of Samuel Dodge, conlainiug lifiy acre of kind j and lurther slatina tlmt the said note bad not ill any part I cen paid, and prnv - iii ., iviL-eio-iircoi ui eqiuiy ui ruueiiijiiiun oi said morl paired premi-e-. And the said Oliver O. Howard residing without this Slate so that a ubpcna cannot be serv 'd upon him, therefore, it i- ordered thai the -aid Oliver (f. be and appear i,cfore the sail Co irt of Chancery, next to Ic holden at llurliiihtoti within and for said County of Chittenden on the 2d Tuc-nay of May next, on ihe nrsi nay (i said term ami male an swer to said Will; 'and it i further or.'crcd that the said luniplainant.s cnit'c thi' otder and the stance i f said I ill to be published three week- sucee ivcly, tn the lluiliugtoii rice Picss, n news paper prmied in said Uuriington, the last of uluili to beat least twenty day? previous lo the commence ment of said Term of said Court, which wil I e deemed siiilieient police lothe said Oliver G. Howard to ap pear and make answer to said Hill. Dated at Burlington aforesaid, this 14th day of .uarcn, a. u. ibij. A. G. Wiiitemore, Solicitor. 42.v3 Alary Elizabeth Itanium's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) TI c Hon. the Prolate liistrict t ihit-riiden, -s. v (;ourt lor the Uislriit ot Chilti-nden, to all per-on- ci neeriied n thec-late cf al Alt i 1 1 i..iif.i li UAKiUJl, latcot Aiiiun, in said ili, Giieetiso. Ilt.lll-.AS, Arthur Humiiitr, adm ni-tiator cfthe c-la'col said I'cca-ed, proioru9 lo icmer an i co int of In- admiiii-trauon and present In.- aeeount against said cs atu for examii.ation and allowance at e-Mon va lhc t.ourt ol rrolau, to be hotccn at the Itegi-tcr's olliectn llurlmgion, in saiddistiicton the t un Maturuat ot .vnnl nex . I herelorc, l ou arc heieby nolihcd lo appear lelore said Court at the time and place nlbrc.-aid, and shew cau-e-, il any vo l have, why the account aiuic-aid hould not I e allowed. Given under my hand at Uuriington Ibis 1G h day oi Aiareti, a. ii. leu. 1 1 WM. WESTON. Register. Kcmliigtoii Hi( good's Kstafe. STATE OF VERMONT, ) AT a Prolate Court. District ol Cliiltciu'cn,s.. J XI. bed at Burlinaton, in said Di-trict, on the Oth day of March, A. I). 1313, upon app'aation i f Hannah Mill-, una ol thc heirs to the E-iale ofReininzton llilgood, late of Shelburn, in .-aid di-tric, dc.cased mte-tate, reiiue-tmg a division of two certain niece- ut lanj an I the appiricnniiec- tlicrcit, siti'iitcd in fthcll.ur, alore-aid, which were a-signcd and et to Ada Bitgood, widow- of said mlc-talc, as her dower in lliu rial c-late of whiih said iiitc-talci'ied -c zctl in tin-stale, am, uur ihe heirs of sai I E-latc anil the person- legally entitled ihcieto. Thu sail Court do'li hereby order and assign the scc- on.i vvcdnu-itay oi .;inl next at Ihe othce of the Kegis lerot tins i.iiuriaiore ai i,ai luoeloek- A, al. lor hearing in iliepiem'se-, and doth I'm then rder that the sai I ap plicant duly notify all per-onsiiuere-tclicappiar bifore said Couri, at lhc tunc and place aforc aid,and make o'juctiou-, iftbcy such dii-i-ion, by pub lishing the suh-tancu if sail application to'gc her w.tb this order thice wcca-s st.cic-sivtlv in thu Free Pre-.-, printed at U irlington afoicsaul, the la-t if which pul lieanons shall Ic previous to ihe time e: or hearing. Datal al Uuriington, in the Di-trict cf Chittenden thi-Othdav-ofMarih, A. D. 1813. 42 CIIA'S RUSSELL, Judge. Alplictts Hall's I'statc. STATU OF VERMONT, ) AT n Prolate Conn District of Chittenden, i..J A bold at Uurlinglon, within and for the district of Chittenden on thc 23 I dayiifFolir.iarv. A. D. 1343. Altdiei- Hall and Com- line Hall, iwo'of tlio heir- t the E-latc of Alpheu Hall, late of Millon, in -aid di-tru'i, deceased : hied in sail court their petition, in writing, forth Ihat ihey each hold one scvcnlh pari of the c-tatc ol llli.snid ilwcn.,.1 ,1, I'dlllltlnn will, th, (itlier I,,., rsi ,,, saide-tatc and praying said court lo order a divi-ion of said estate, and to appoint coinnii ioncr- to make such division, agrccal ly to the stniiilu Hi sin h case mailo and provided. Whereupon, the Court afou-aid doth appoint Ihe fourth Wcdiic-day of March, 1S4.1, for hearing and decidius on said peiition at the cilice of '.he Regi-terof said Courl, in -aid llurlmgion, and doth order that all per-on intere-lcd le noliliol thereof by pullication of tin- order, containing the substance of said petit ion, three week- successive! in ihe B, irlington Free Pre--, a newspaper printed in said Burlington, the la-t of which publication' lo 1 e previous to the said fourth Wednc-cavolMarch,l843. Oiveii under m hand this 231 day of February, A. D. 1813. 40 3w WM. SVESTON, Rcgi-ter. John II. Jnsliii's Instate. WE THE SUBSCRIBER.-, having been ap pointed by the Honorable ihe Probate Court fur the District of Chittenden, commissioners to re ceive examine and adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against the estate of John II. Justin, late of Wc-ifird, in said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and olso all claims nnd demands exhibited in oll'scl thereto) and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allow ed bv said Courl for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, Ihat we will attend to the business nl our appoint ment, nt lliedwelling id Wm. Wood, in Westford, in sakl District, on the fourth Monday of April and the la-l Monday of May next, al 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said davs. Dated, this 13ih day of February. A. D. IS43. 41 WM, 110 W.MAN. JCommis- HORATIO ALLEN, ) sioucrs. 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Apply to Hepry Hiekok. ber eawi March 10- us. Djiivcno- HO EI! A SAND'S SAHSAPARILLA FLUtt), Crmtpound Syrup of Sarsaparilln, lOHION'S SYRUP OF SARSAPARIIA, fur tht immediate production cf Out CARbONA1:i) MEAD. Extract of Sartaparilla, Spanish and American Rout Sariaparilla ,' All renowned for PURIFYING THE BLOOD t INVIOORATINO THE UNHEALTHY, AM RI'STORING SOUNDiNES-I TO THE CONSTI TUTION. At whole-ale and retail, by 42 PECK it SPEAR, DruggUt: SANDS'S SAUSAPARILLA. FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURK OKAI.I.DISEASKS ARISINU FROM AN IM PURE STATE OFTH E BLOOD, OR HAB IT OF THE SYSTEM. NAMELY : SCROFULA, OR KIN'o's EVIL, RtlEL'MATlSM, OESTtN'ATa cutannecok r.ncrTioNs, fimfles, cr fustclu CN THE FACE, RLOTCtlES, BILE-, CHRONIC SOTOS EIE-, HINO WORM OR TETTER, SCALD HEAD, ES'LARCCSIENT OF THE &OMCS AND JOINTS, STCBSORN CLCERl, STFII1LITICSTMPTCNS, SCIATI CA cr lumbago, and di-ei-OM aritlns Irom an inj ldic.ous U'c ot Mcrcnry,Ascit.'ev r Drop-y, cxpo-iire or Im prudence in life. Al-o. Chrouio Ccnstilnliona! Disorders will I e remo ved by tlita preparation. Improvement In whatever regards the happlnel and welfare of our race is constantly on the march to perfection, and with each succeeding day some new problem i-solved, or s,ome profound secret revealed, havhig an impoilaiit and direct bearing overman's higlie-t (IcMin'cs. II we take a re ropeclive view over the pa-t tw-cniy vtar, how i tlie mind struck with wonder ! What rapid stride ha' science made in every department of civilized life I particiilarlyiirt that which relate-to the knowledge of the human sys tem in lieallh and di-ea c. How valuaUe and indi. pensal le ere the curative mean, recently discovere! through the agency of chemi-try 1 How dees lha imagination kindle'and our admiration g'ow at ttia ingenuity, the near appraai li tn the standard of per fection, of the pie-ent tiniel Through the clalorate iiivc-tijalions of Phy-iology, or the science ot Life, and lhc Pathology of prevalent di-ca-c, much valua 1 lc practical knowledge has been gained. In conse quent of Iccomiiig acqnaintcil wnli the organiza tion, inc elements oi inc various u-sues ana structure of the sy-ttin, remedies have been sousrbt af:cr am! ovcrcd exactly adapted to combine wilh. neutral ize and expel morbiike matter, lhc cau-e of disease, nnd -nb-titutc healthy action in it- place. The beau- tilut siuipiicitv oi thi' mouc ol treatment is not on siigge-lod I y lhc pathulogy f di-ra-cs, not only grainful to ihe sul crer, hut perfectly in consonance wiili lhc operations of Nature, and sati-factory to tho views and roa-onuig' of every intelligent, reflecting mind. It i' that Sands's Svrsafarilla. a seicnlific i omhtnalion ofc-sential prineiplu.-i f the mn-t valua ble venc'ahlc sul s'uncv, operate- upon the si-stem. 1 he Sirsaparilla U combined wi.h the most c. eclnal am-, thu niot -attitary prod.iction-, the most potent -iinplu-of the vegetal le kingdom ; and its unprece lentel success in the restoration to health of ho9 who had lone pined under lhc mo-tdi-tre-M'nzchron- ic tuatadic, has given it an exalted chancier, fur nishing as it docs evidence of it own intrinsic value, and recommending it lo the afllicted in term.' the af flicted inly can know. It ba-long leen a most im portant de.-idcra'um in the practice of me.l.cine to ob tain a remedy similar to tin one that wul 1 actoa the liver, stomach and 1 owcl with all thc preci-ion and potency cf mineral preparations, yet without any of their deleterious clfects upon .he vi al powers oi i nc system. Thc. -mention eft lie reader!' respectfully called to the fullowin? certificates. However great achieve. mcnts have heretofore I cen made by the u-e of this invalual le medicine, yet daily txperienceshovvs re sult' still more remarkal le. 'ihe proprietors hero avail llicin.e've-of lhc opportunity ofsaving it is a source oi con-iant sa:i faitinn that they arc mada thc means of relieving such an amount of suTcrin?. Nkivakk, N. J., Uec. 13, 1812. Messrs. Sands: Gent Word-cannot cxpreslhe gratitude I feel fur yo-ir treatment to me, a stranger siil.'ering uieVr one oftbeinot loathsome discves nature is caps! lu of bearing. The disca-e with which I was aflbcted commenced with inflamation of llicevc-, in Ihe year ISdO, which caused almost to'al I lindne.-s. For thi-1 wa treatcJ and finally relieved, but the remedies were up h as lo cause the develop ment ofa scrofulous affection oa my left arm near lha elbow T he pain extended from the -hajlder to the end of myfinicr-, and for two year- mysutleringswere be-jonddc-cription. I tried various remedies md con sulted ditlercnlphy-ieian-m New York, and amongst them the late Dr. Uu-lie, who told me the di-ca-C of Ihe arm was earned by the large quantity of mercury taken lo cure the inllamation of my eves. My Milk-ring-continued, thearii enlarged, tunnr formed in didcrent place-, and in n few months dii clnrgeil, making tun riinninguhcrs nt onetime, soma above and some Iclow- the elbow, and the discharge was so o'lenve that no ner-on could 1 car to le in thcroom vvhercl was. I then applied lo ano. her dis tinguished physician, who told me amputation of the arm vva ihe only thing that could save my life, as it wa- impo-ibleiocuresodicadful a disease j but as I was unwilling to con-ent lo it, hu recommended me to u-e Mvvdiii's l'nnaiea ficely, which I did without deriving bin link-benefit. Fur three years I was un able to rai-c my ban I to my bead, or comb my bead, and the scrofula now made its appearance on my beadji'c-tioymg thu I one in ihl'creni plains, tai sing cxten-ivu liberation-, and I feared it might reach and dc-troy the brain thc head swells I very much, ac companied with violent pain. Numerous external remedies were recommended, ,m ihey Jul no goisd. About a ear simc I vva taken tevrrely ill wiiha swelling ol lhc from held lo foot, so that 1 waa entirely belplc-s. The dor'or advised mo to go to the ho-piial, for be did not under-tan I inyca-e. For tho la-t few month I had been afflicted with a severe pain in loth side', at times vn hard 1 cOUJ scarcely hold my I rcalh. A haekins cough eon-iantly an iioyctl mc, andthi- combinol with my other maladie-, rendered mc truly mi-cral le. Such, gentleman, lias 1 cen my siimiMon fijr -even vear- l mv life, when I coniiiciiccd thc ne ofyoir Sarnpaiilla'j but as my cn-evv-as con-ideied b'opek , and the near pro-pect ol a speedy ill-solution seemed inevitul Ic, I felt but lit-tlecnioiiragt-ment to per-cverc. The per msion of irien i- inu ieeu ine 10 iry your medicine which in a j 'ew day- prod uel a great' cbaoge in my system gen' trally, l ycau-iug nn appetite, relieving lhepam,and giving me sticngih. A. -ncccs- in-pues confidence, 1 w-a-eneo iraged to persevere. My pains reweai cr, mysirengih reinrned, lord reli-bci, the ulix-rs heal, di, new fle.h formed, and I once niure fe t within ran that I might get well. I havenow used ihe Sarsana. nils about two month', and am like a dilerent be ing. The arm ilnttrai to be amputated has entirely healel, a thing thai seemed impo-sil le. I can scarce ly I elcve the evidence of my own eye, but such i ihe fai t j and it i' now a o-cfiil a at any perio.1 of my life, and my general health is Letter than it has leen for veur- pa-t. nealih.whaiinaiijin the won) ! how tnAnv ihmi. I sands have sought it' in fere gn lands and sunny I climes and have sought in vain ! Yet it came to ma wucn i tiau uivc. up to die ; and as I feel the ptiUa tionsofhealth cour-ing through my veins my whole hr-an and soul go forth in fervent gratitude to the au. ibnrof all our sure merries, that he has leen gra. i ion ly pleased tol lesthe means made u-e of. Tru ly have you proved your.-elf the good Samanian to ihu atHietcd, for next to my Creator my life i- indebted to you nr rather) thc use of your invaluable Sar-apa-rilla. The value of such a medicine is countless be yond price, money cannot pay for it. I have leen rai-el from death, I maysay,for my fr;endj and my self thoightil impossible 1 could recover. And now genlleinen sutrcr me to add anoiherprool certified too by my friend, and gi ardian a. a ju-t aeknovvleJjse. mcnt of il e viitues of your health restoring Sartapa rilla. That the afllute-l may also use it and enjoy Ihe lenelit'it alonecsn center, is ihe heartfelt, fee vcutwiih of tbeir and your friend. MARTHA CONLIN. 1 know Manhs Conl n and I ebeve what she stale in thi documeoi to le icrfccllv i-orreci. JOHN POWER, Vjcaii General or New You, I!e-icr of Si, Peier's Cbnnh. 0 ven at New i ork lhi 14 h day of Dec., IgiJ. 1 know Martha Conlin, and havelnow.iofhersuf fermg illness. JOHN DL'BOla, , , , , . H'-'hop of New-York. I place full confidence in Ihe siatemeai made by Martha Conlin. having known her the past twenty years. I will cheerfully give any particulars in rela. lion to her case to those who may wish fur her iafor "lion. Sr. ELIZABETH, Superior of tho Rooan Catholic Orphan Asvlom, Prince sirett N V, Use, If I haveconfiden'-e in the reprcsenlan'on' made b .Martha Conlin, and have full knowledge of her caws. ELIJAH f. PL'RDY. Alderman 10th Ward of ibe City of New York-. Dec. 14, 1842. ' Martha Conlin ba lived In my family lke.lartlS year, and 1 hereby certify the foregoing ttttaBM made ly berself I. correct. No. 604 Broad street, Newark, J.J. frepared aod sold, wholeule and ratal), and r M0(iation,by A. B. SAND5&.C O.. QrurgU s Ciemi.ts Granite BiUI&ag., No. in Broadway, eor nex of Chsmlers.trcet, New York. GEORGE PETERSON, Agtnt By tptcial appointmentor tht Proprietor! fat Sur linzton, Vermont, and for sale by Druggists geaeraliy, Paict tl per bottle, 6 bottles for 5. Durlipgtcn, March 8, IfMJ. 41 ly