Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 14, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 14, 1843 Page 3
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Wc find tho following pniagrapli in llio last number oflliu Lnmoillo Stuiidiiid, mid arc gratified to luiirn tlial Jmlfio Ilebnrd gives so good satisfaction in that section (if tho state. IIo is 11 now Judge, and will of course find difficulties enough In his fust your. IIo produced a very f.ivorabhi impression in this county, during the lalo term of the Supremo Court, and wo understand he has been cipiaU y successful in Windsor and Orange coun ties. The Supreme Court hold its session for this county 't Hydepatk on Tuesday and Wednesday of this work present, Judges Royce, Bennett and H chard. Very little business was done, occupying hut two days. We lesrn that Judge Hebard's official course thus for elicits verv sreneral aDiirohaiinn. He cerlainlv rri- ides with dignity, delivers opinions wilh promptitude, and ability, and bids fair to be an efficient and popular juuge. A correspondence has lately taken place between Mr. Webster, Secretary of State, and tho British Minister at Washington, re lative to the" disputed territory fund." Mr, Fox complains thai the resolve of the Main Legislature in regard to the mutter is drawn up in " unbecoming and disrespectful Ian guage," but promises immediately to forward Mr. Wobster's communication to the govor nor of New Brunswick, and to ncquuint Mr. Yf. with bis excellency's reply. The Has. Hudson of llio Worcester district, Massachusetts, has been re-elected to congress by about three hun dred majority. In the other four districts there was no choices at tho late election, though thero was a decided Whig gain in all but one. Cr Those opposition Journals in this Stnto (the 'Burlington Free Press, Franklin Messencer, Ac.) which hare garbled our article on "Political Tenden cies," will confer a favor on us, and probably on their readers, (which we will repay in kind,) if they will copy our article entire. Come, be manly for once. Vermont Patriot. We should rually like to oblige our neich bor of the Patriot, but us we luivo already copied the most interesting, important, and candid portion of the article in question the very cream of it in fact wc presume our 'readers" will be satisfied wilh the exhorts we havo made. The renriinder of it was mere gammon, and llio Patriot must there fore excuse us from reptihlithing it. 05" All tub LKAtixtNo." Tho Al bany correspondent of tlio New York American tells the follnwinc excellent story of Isaac Varian, a Loco Foco Senator in the Lcgislatuio of New York, and lale Mayor of the goodly City of Gotham It is decidedjy " a good 'un." Some one was talking with him in tho lobby about the street-sweeping contract in New York. In the course of the conversation it was aid that the 12th Ward was generally mvepl by Old Birreas. " Old Boreas," replied the Senator, " who is he 1 I never hoard of him ! THE TRIAL OF MERCER. Tbi trial of young Mercer fur shooting Heberton, tkeaedueerof his sitter, has been going on in New Jersey for aims daya, and the pica made by the de fendant's counsel is insanity. Some accounts Bay that IheCoun smiled when iheplra was first men tioned i and well Ihey might, or insanity is a chinned word now-a-days, and embraces a variety of mental affections no! drenmed of undpr the old philosophy. It it natural that a brother should be willing to sacri fice himself in order to remove from the earth the monster who had ruined his s ster, and was base enough to boaatof his crime; hut it is wrong tn per vert terms, and excuse crimes, ns the fashion is, in stead of baldly declaring that the chasiisement.though not authorized by the lorms of law, was justified by the provocation. We hope?ihe lesson will not be lost upon that class of miscreants who are always on lha watch to be.ray innocent nnd ronfldini females but we are more anxious that the lesson should be a warning to young and thought! ea girl- who, like Mi Mercer, encourage iho ndvanccs of strangers-, and run as it wero into ihe jaws of ihodevourcr. Guil ty os Hcberlon wa, th-rc can bo no doubt that her own imprudenceat the first meetiivr paved the wav fir the ruin that followed. first sh should not have looked round; clip idiould not have agreed to meet hi n ; the should have d'ed rather than have his will. VV Impe ount! Mercer wil bencquitted, but nt on the ground nf in sanity. Wecon-tdcr the rcmoial of urn b a unirha thisse'ucernolonlyaju.l sacrifi-,-in mitrngi-il i tne, but as Ihe surest guaranty society can have ajmmt any further outrages. 'I ho son of Jacob for a similar provocation slew the better part nf.i hole- tribe, mid the plea ofinsinity wis the last they would ucr hate resorted tn. notion Gazette. A Dead Shut. We understand that Mr. Erasius Geer, of West Rupert, in litis State, shot a bald eagle, a few weeks since, measuring seven feet from the extremity of one wing to that of the other. A dmihlu spring steel trap was attached to ono of its feet. (DThk iip.tort courteous. Edward Everett, our present .Minister to England, delivered an oration before tliu Phi Beta Kappa Society, at Cambridge, nt their an nual celebration, a few years ago, and, after tho public exercises were over, tho society had a dinner, as is usual on tuch occasion::. JUDGE Story, who presided at llio tables, is Said 10 haVO nronosed till) fiillnwinrr simli. , . . r- tnent, after the cloth was removed, in com pliment to tho orator : "The oATOi or tiic day. Applause follows the footsteps of fame whereeetr i((lvvereit) goes." ' This directed thu attention of tho whole company to Mb. Eveiibtt who immediate ly arose and madu tho following very happy retort. The members or THE Lr.GAt. PROFES SION. However lofiv their aspirations may bo, tlioy never can riso higher than one Sto W , CoNNtTNDftVMS Why is a binknipt rnakinf an ssstgriniet t of his wardrobe, like anatlorney decla.J ir U, on specialities ? ! you pjvo it up! Because he is '-assigning his breeches." Why is a negro wlto lias properly left him by will, like a gambler drinkinjr lea ? Do yon giot it up f Beac.uw lie is u black Ugattt, ( black-lefr at to.) " Mr. Swipes I havo just kicked your ' William out of the office," nid JJr. Snooks. "Well, Mr. Snooks," replied Mr. Swipes, "it is the first bill I over knew you to foot. A chance on Somebody. There is an old maid at Natchez, Miss., worth 8300,000, earn ed by herself in trade, first commenced by petl dling apples, r.andy, fiic.-Her operations are now very large, and she owns about a dozen of the finest houses in Vickeburjr. She Jatoly of. fered an old bacflelor onn hni .i... r.t..i Jaw, which she counted out before him. if he would take her with it; but he declined the of- ivnicn was toe goose. Patriot, The the one, for sho could have bought a "an. tier for a smaller sum in these "hard limes."'' Mn. EniTon, I desiro to call public at tention to tho following paragraph from tho Clareinont (N. II. Englu : tea Parties, in aid of tho funds of the vari ous benevolent inlitutlons of tho day, aro ho. cnmitij; quite f.tshinnablo in Boston nnd vicinity. They are jjnt up by tlio ladies, the tickets sold at n stipulated pi ice to tho "lordit of creation," nnd tlio proceeds, winch usua'ly amount to a nnnu wane sum, aro appropriated to relieve the wants of tlio destituted, And ! od 'lie hungry. Social progress In society is promoted nnd kind and friendly feeling- in thus ucueratrd The New lleill'nrd Balletitt in ih;srnliiiijr one i these social festivals reietl'ly held In old Fan cuil Hal), savs " nt these tea drinkm," yn'i have the ineetiinablo privilege of fcul.u that while you aro clearing olTtlie spread, and cm ptyinir the e.upy, yntl are, at the saino time, put tinir shoes upon naked feet, food into empty KtomacliF, nr CKltnentc upon inwt-tmton irami.'H. It is a kind ol involuntary rhariiy. Ynu take a sw allow of tea, and though it is very weak, yet you hear some litile child hlcFsitijj you. You take a bite of muffin, nnd some helpless widow adores you. It's the nicot.swcetcst, pleasantcst way of giving Ever while I live shall I patron, ize tho tea-parties ! And then only think of the associations of the ptare, to say nothing of the pictures. Hero you will say, our fathers rock, ed the cradle of liberty, anil then in order tn keep up the steam, you drink Washington's Health, bowing very politely to Stuart's portrait before you. ( A great thing is a tea party, in "Old Fun It is not generally known that during the last winter a charity school has been kept up In litis town by the united efforts of the Epis copalian, Congregational nnd Unitarian so cieties, tho object of which has been to res cue from vice and to train up to intelligence and usefulness the multitudes of destitute nnd wretched children who fill our streets, nnd throng our houses in the capacity of beggers. The paragraph above, contains an excellent hint to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Bur lington, which 1 trust tliey will not he slow to take. I venture to say ihat if tho Ladies of Burlington will but set a "ten party " on foot, for the benefit of tho Charily School, thu aforesaid " Lords of Creation," will be proud anil happy under such auspices, to season their tea wilh the blessings of the poor little child, mid butler their muffins with thu adoration of the helpless u idow ! S. in"LiTK!tATiinr. of the siiAsoN." Under this head, wo find the fnllnwinr remarks in a late number of Graham'j Magazine. Tho life and Remains of the kite D.t. Marsh, to wliith the writer refers, will be comprised in one vol. u ue, odav ,itid s.wc underhand already in the hiiidanf the. publishers. Tlu "manuscript trans. la'!tn"en Fine Arts, to which reference is nlso in ide, i, we bel.cvc, from the original cf Schel- Wo aw ait with interest the appearance of the Life and Remains of the late Dr. James Marsh. of the University of Vermont, from the hands of I'rofessor Torrey, his successor in the chair of Moral anil intellectual I'htlosuplry. Bes'des many philosophic sermons and occasional dis. courses, with an outline nf Psychology, and a Treatise on Logic, Dr. Marsli lelt behind him a large collection of letters, which we understand will make up the body of these volumes. To lha young, limy will be among Ihe most valu able and instructive publications of tho day. The spirit nf a scholar, of a profound thinker, and abiuoull of one who through his life was the "bondman of duty" and of truth, marks ihose-ns well ns all his other productions', nnd gives to them a far higher worth than belongs to much of thu more amb'tioim literature of the time. The Memoir b Pn fersur Torrey will bo a chaste and tastelul rrco-dofa life not abounding in striking incident, but distinguished by a stalely growth, and a true development of the highest principles of action ami of thought. We under, stand Ihat ihe work will comprise two large oc tavo volumes, and that it will be published du ring the coining Summer. There are several other book of great value at Rurlington, awaiting the pleasure of those who have them in charge to be allowed to see tho light. Wo fear tho distinguished literary gentlemen of that vicinity aro selfish in Ihoir views, finding, perchance, a sufficient owaru lor tlioir productions in Ihe labor ol pro. da in, i iniiiKing not enoitaii ol tiie w ants of the world uhuimI thom. We aro especially .u!e,ii& in i-u" in print I'rniP'oor Turret- h Imiis. .alum ol Cirn.-li Hi-iorv', a work .thh-Iv needed by the a In, ,. ti,,,-c,t fi,e dn.'.rti s'liileou in (I, s i,.iin ry. I' i0- tb ot.'y ". , d.' i- li nish'lnll ol V io,l r , . . I'w m line- h it , U!li-ll die;.., n 1, e, i , I '"ever lou- b-.-en ,i i u of a new el.ti.m n, tbe i.r.i.i, , I , irn prolnb,v H em-c nine.'t.t'ei w itn urn . its publication, l'r.iio.-so:- 'I'oir. y Irii ...-o ,i uiHimscripl a translation ol S leliui.''.- D.'i nurse on Fino Ait, which we shmi'd be giad to see printed. 1'roiesEor RenediclV work on Conclio. logy un announced sevornl months ago, and considerable progress was mio in the p'reuara lion of the plates. Wo aro not advised of ihe probiblo tiuio of its appearance. Wo hear also of u very profound Treatise on Music, by the late Dr. Lincoln, of Burlington, ono of tbo most gifled and scioutilir. men of his time. It was hilt, we believe, in t lie hands of Mr. George P. M irsh, know to the public chiefly by his exTend ed researches into Scandinavian literature, and Icelandic philology. Wo trust it will bo pub lished. POWERS, THE SCULPTOR. A Lite number of thu Baltimore Patriot contains n letter Irom an European corres pondent, which gives iho following account ol tin distinguished artist. Tho frionds of Powers in this statu will ho gratified to know that ho is npparelly in easier circumstances in regard to pecuniary matters than ho has turmerly beon. "I havo a letter from Hiram Powerp. the din linguished sculptor, dated Florenrp, Jan. 9, which, Dy smno untoward circumstance, arrived but a few days since. He mentions with feel, ings of gratification the nuiiv kindnesses whir.h have been shown him during his Slav in Italy, by tho Indians-, travellc'rs. and his countrymen, who have all liberally patronized h:m, not alone with the coin of praise, but they havo given him m ue solid evidenre of their' esteem. He has copied in marble all the plaster cast portraits which he carried over from Cincinnati and your Bisteru ntie, wliich will soon roach their res-pec-live owner. His lovely creation of "Eve," winrii ue lias long had modelled in clay, is now blocked out in mirhle ; i nd ho speaks in high terms of the block which ho Ins succoeded in goiting, it being the most faultless he ever saw. He is all hope n regard Inn ultimate success in the embodiment of one of the most sublime, yet simple, conceptions that ever stamped ilg imago upon the mind of a sculptor. I regret lo learn, however, ihat he has some what changed his first model of ' Eve. The original creation was first suggested by a little ennee wliich I remember to havo read in the French, I think, of Jaques Varnet. It is called " Eve on beholing the firEt murder." A lovely idea it is, and most beautifully illustrated The foundation of this fablo is laid previous to the fall when Eve was all purity, and had yet beheld no murder. The victim she now beholds is an ex. ptrmg dove at her feet which has been killed by a Jargor bird. Her unsordiuiiratod and sorrow was exquisitely concolved and de picted by Powers in his first model, as might be expected by all havimr tho merest knowladrro of his genius. I have not at this time the means of describing the present statue with minuteness, which I sincerely regret, as this work I fear will never reach the United States, for Dome Italian noblemen aro oven now negotiating for its pur chase. Powers has nlso modelled a new statue which 1 have not seen mentioned ; he calls it the "Greek Slave," and appears to think it fully equal In excellence with his former efforts. So soon as his unfinished works are completed he will return to the " Queen City " where ho will be cordially welcomed by many, who, a few years since, would havo been ashamed to be seen speaking to the honest mechanic, but will now consider it an honor to grasp tho hand of a great sculptor. Hj-J'he folI'iA-mg right "tip and down" good a.lviro is f - m n late noin!)"- of the Woodstock Mercury. Paving Vv ami Paino i v. -T'r't.mcs lint l. in). Keivlio,!v mi v"ii g is do.vti ,iid filling omo 'I-'Iim due i -they aro on the rise and tinenne in aiuonni tl.nlv. ray. inifilebtfi, at this tune, ,niv wnll be called liny. log up, for raising Iho ine-an lo disclurgn debts is a haul and up.lnll business, i'u those wlto have money to make pin chases, paying down is a very pleasant affair. When a uiao ran pur chase a decent dress for his wife for a dollar, and articles of clothing for himself ut the same rate there is some sense In paying down. The fluc tuation in tho times , tho' severe upon all and distressing tn many, may, and possibly will teach us a useful lesson. Wo are trying the experi ment ifscnnorm --of dispensingwith many thines, hitherto thought indispunsible, because we have not money to' purchase thorn and have a dread of running into debt. We are getting into the habit of paying dWnattd are contriving to avoid tlio misery ol paying up, and this is to be, here after, wo verily believe the custom of the com- munitv. Many of our worthy citizens are m Dcrioncinir the untoward consequences ol a eeneral credit svstein. We trust, however, that thev will soon rise from their temporary embarrassments and return to thfilV business with the benefits of the experience which trie times arc calculated to impart. In tho midst of the gloom which spreads over the commuhity. there is one hopeful promise of a restoration of activity and business, upon a safe basis. The farmers around us are generally unshaken. No class of men are so independent. It is true they have not as much money as in former years bul they have not as much use fur it. They are not in debt and consequently, not in trouble. So long as the firme s, who are the source of all business in this inland country, are sound and prosperous, all other clashes may expect that the wheels will again be set in motion. But when they do tin we, and trade and manufacture again nourish, let us not forget the lessons ol experience, but as we would avoid tlio incon venience of paying up, defer our purchases till wc can pay down. By a rigid adhcranre to this rule many of the tips and downs which disturb the course of life will be avoided and we can keep the even tenor of our way, "using thp things of this world as not abusing them" and renueriiig to every one n,s just due. The New Orleans Tropic of a late date re lates the following capital story. An amusing incident orcurred at Virksburg while Mr. Clay was on his way lo New Orleans. After Mr. Clay had received ttie hearty welcome of tho generous Vicksburghers and taken leave ui mem, i lie Kaiubow, mi which he was a pas sengnr, was just about to shove offl'rom the land ing, wneti an enthusiastic little Frenchman a good Whig, and well known to manv of the citi zens of Mississippi, was seen running down the hill at full epeid, crying "stopde boat stopde boat ! 1 shall seo Mr. Clay." lie succeeded in getting on board before the plank was pulled in, but in answer to Ihe retnonstrancees of tho mate that the boat would start before he could have an opportunity of seeing Mr. Clay, he replied, "Start if you dare! Supposo you take me to New Orleans 1 I shall not care I have come all dc way from Jackson to see Mr. Clay, and have jest arrived in de cars, and I shall see him by gar t" Saying which he rushed up into the cabin, and cleared for himself a passage through the crowd which surrounded the (Treat states. man, and placed himself in front of Mr. Clay. "Are you Mr. Clny 1" he demanded. I am, sir. repneu oir. uiay. -jien, sir, shall be very happy to make you acquainted wid tne." I am very happy to make your acquaintance, replied mr. uiay, exienamg nts nanc to the good French man j pray, sir, favor me with your name. '-Oh ! never mind do name," said the Frenchman, grasping Mr. Clay's hand, "suppose I tell you my name, you shall not recollect him five min ute. I have come all do way fron Jackson lo see you Mr. Clay, and I am so happy you shall not suppose. I nevair was so happy but one time before, and that was when I shake hand with do grand Napoleon. Now I am satisfy, and I must go. Good by, Mr. Clay. I hope you shall be our next President. By gar, I know you shall. I have bet my whole pile on you, Mr. Clay, and I don't care'if I lose or if I win. Adieu, Mr. CUv. God bless you and tn-ike yon de President." Then giv ug Mr. Clay a i Mr'v cliahe of thj m-imi', he retired and rrjich . d ,-; ,.,. M j ey lNC n'MW t0 pjU ,, r. ; ". c, -- " Rf.t ' '.! oi I'.r... ....;jPj . K.-i .c.;y 'I i i.a w Representatives, tu,.i o c.i ilju-.-i . limit founded solely upon ca- it, w, lion a i'u ar of cap ta', and withhou: In- i.o,l- ot evi.-t one cent of gold or sil ver in us viu ts. M a ir ir a t cdl . In Wiiliston on thu Dili inst by the Rev. Mr. Par- malee, Mr. Dixtib M. Baiass. of Richmond, to Miss Emiit Baow.-r, daughter of John Brown, Jr. of wiiiition. In Milton, on the 20th, ult., Mrs. Akka Bsioham, wifuof Lorin Drigham, aged 67 years. In Jericho, on ihe 22d ult., Capt. RccssM Masct, in the 4th year of his sgt. In Ksicx, on the marninj of tho 24th ult., Mr Jons Halszst. aged, 63 years. Mr. H., for some time had been laboring under severe attack of lung fever, but had so far recovered as to I e able to go about among his friends but while wat in? his mom on ihe mwntng of his dscsast, be ten ana i nmeaaie yexprel. lla wuaaeiempUry, wotthy man the ricolleeiion of whose many vir tues will belong cherished by his friends and neigh bors. THE WEST. A PERSON who has sp-nt several ysarsinOhio and Michigan, will ti nt for those States on the openinpof navigation, on business that will require "'"' onr intermediate towns. as well as those on and near lake Erie. Any bas.ness entrusted? him. will be faithfully attended lo. He refr'sbyjiermiseionto C. Coobsich, H. B. Stact, and Oaha Wiislow, Esqr. Burlington, April, 13, 1543. 45 li LACK SMITHING. HBMIV WHITNEY begt leave 10 rnind these who ar not already apprised of lha fsel, Ihst he has removed h s establishment lo the mw brick shop corner of Pearl-si. nd lha new read, where he will be hippy lo serve his old friends, and mike as many new ones as promptness sad fidelity rosy eecure. WAGGON. Ha has on hand 3 Double Waggons, mads of the best matesjds, with iron axles, and warranted lo do good hivA Two one-horse LUMBER WAGGONS food article. B Also, a number of superior CONCORD WAG uON4, with wood and iron azler. All of which Kill be fold very cheep for cash, and st prices adapted to the 1 ms, for good pspsr.a TO RENT. The second Horynf the building above alluded to being a room 26 hy 40. and an excellent stand fr a Painter or Wheel-wright. ,. HENRV WHITNEY. B'jrhngion, April 12, '43. 46 3m liOUBE FOR RaLE. si A Neat sod convenient HODSE, with ppl"'"i.,,y Miuicunir toe rosiDm part IJUof the village 1 a very detirablt widMos JOSEPH wHf. Corner of Church and College st. ) Burlington, April 12, 184 J. ( SPRING FASHION FOR HATS. THR Snbfcrilcr hai received the Spring Pattern" lor II ATS andlconvantlyinnufaciurinRnnd olicrslolhe liat of every quality Mild in the city or coun'ry, 'I he aortinent on hand oi'iilts (apart, of the following, tis. VINE BEAVER HATS Super Nutria " Fine Brash " Common Do 11 CtMimere " Imitation and Common " ALIO, Extra line Mole SMn Isr s'lHeriorto mot of the Han hearing that name of which some havelccn sold In this plate, As the stih-cril cr is aware i lint some gentleman have taken a fancy to this kind of hat, he has incjrred no little expen-e in procuring the I e-l materials u-ed in their manufacture, and al-o one nf the very le-t city hat makers, and by sodoing, L now enable to o.l'er an article In lhihne not Inferior to the I et city made hat, in point of stvlt or durability, and invite-i gentle, rnen to call, examine, and compare q ialiiy and price. i.pinri) tiiev n'ircna-e locwnere. nan soiu i v tne snhscrllier Btewarrented to si-taln welling without injury. Hats made to order on horl notice. Uoys cloth cap. t'OnMsnlly on hand, all of which win m soiu cua mc neapci. UHAHLKS A StVJIULK. Burliagton, Pearl Street, April 7, 1843. 1 46! tf Asa Allen's Estate. 1T7E the subscriberi, havine been appointed by VV the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adiustthe claims and demands of all per sons against the estate of ASA ALLEN, late of mnesDurgn, in eaiu isiiuici, ucceaseu, rcprcsvuiL-ij in unUpnt. and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto 1 and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice,that we will attend1 to the business of our appointment, at Ihe dwellinr -of "Cant. Harman M. Allen, in Hines burgh, in id District, on-the last Tuesdays of June and August next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this let dav ot March, A. D. 1813. JOSEPH MARdH, . . 43 Wm. ELLIOT, ' j Commissioners. William P. Phillips' Estate. WE THE SUBSCRIBERS having been appoint en by the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons, asainit the estate of WILLIAM P. PHILLIPS, late of Burlinton, in said District, deceased, represent ed insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhib ited in offset thereto j and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore htreby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, at the Exchange Hotel of Moses L. Hart, in Burlme ton, in said District, on the second Tuesdays of June and September next, at 10'o'clock, A. M., on each ot said days. Dated, this first day of April, A. D. 1843. ISAAC NYE, M'ommis HENRY MAYO, 2d. sinners. Roswctl Crow's Estate. STATE OK VERMONT, A T a Pr.d ate Conn District of Chittenden, t. XA. held at Burlington, within and for ihe district of Chittenden on the 8 h dav of March. 1S43. comes Almon Uriiliuoi' Wo-l- lord, in said di.-tnct, dmini-tra:or ot ihe e.-tate of no. wen uiow laic ot sail vyc-uun, ut-ieuieu, in-le.-late, and hies in said court his pe mon in writing ctt ug forth hat ibe said Grow died seized of nl.out foir acre if Ian I in said Wesifo-d, lying on Loth de-ol'lhe ro id leading from Iheconiiion in West ford lo the lnr.h factory in WeailtrJ, be ng tlictame innautciei ny Jcaepn u. uruw 10 uiu aiu iumvcii Grow, un which land i. a ho i e and I am that said land t. iacumliercd with a mortgage to sail Joseph B. executedby the said Hoeell i h lifetime lo se cure the payment ol six huildrcl dollar- : that the inventory ot the estate ol the said Rowcll amounts to HJI.bS. and the claim allowed axain-lsnid e.- tate amounts to more than 8700,00, exclusive of said mortgage debt i that the expense ol etiling sail e-tate are not less than forty del ar, and Ihat a sale ot tnevquit) oi redemption in said real estate i-nu-ccs-arvfor the Day-meat of the debts allowed attains! said e.-tate, and praying said court to liccu.-e hun, the saidadminitiaior, tosclUaiJ real. c.-tate, agreeably to the statute, Ac. ' Whereupon, t lie Conn afure-aid doth annoliit the first WeJne.-dtv of Mav. 1843. lor hearing andtteeidinz on said neiiuon at ihe otlice ui ine negisicroi saiu uouri, in saiu uiirungiun, unu dotb order, that all ner.-oni iutereteJ Lc notified thereof by pubticaliou of tin'. order, containing Ihe sunsianceot eai4 pennon, three wee!; sueceoiveiy tn ihe B irliniiou Free Pre. a new-naner oriuieJ in said.Burlingiou, Ihe la,t of which publicanon to If pravioiit to, ih id tir-t Wolue.ayol Ma, 1843. Oivpn under my. band at said Dnrlnif tun, ihisS h day of March A.U. 1843. W aw ww. wtsiw, Kegi-ler. tIST OF LETTERS -DEMAINING In the Post OlBee at Bur. xv iiugtou, vi., prn i, laid, John Arnold. Alexis Lafleche. 1. 0. P. Adams, Charles Aiken, ". Charles Alexander, Rev. Mr. Ancie,- 3, R. Austin, Elisabeth Braman, Nancy Harney, Joe) Bishop, 3, Thomas Uea lry, Seth Bishop, 4, Eno Blinn, 4, Ebenexer Briggs, Ann M. L'lair, H. P. Brooks, John Brunnelle, S Barlow, Levi Rathune, j Isidore Bonin, mos E. Ueorhelt, R. S. M. Bouchett, E. Brown, . . Albert O. Rurr, Sophia Bliss, Bridge Blancliard, Maxham Ulair, R. L. Barrows, Daniel Itrown, Perilla Bates, Elijah Bsrsiow, H. de H. Bishop, -. John W. Brugs, Otorgs Barstow, Joseph Bsekman, . Nathaniel Bosworth, Benj. B. Brownsl), U. S. Custom Hopie, Thomas Cross, Rdinund Conner,, James I. Cutler, Rosa Chicaine, Daniel Conkling,,. Pator.Culbert, M. Corning, . Marv Ann Chamberlain, R. M. Crnsman, r fonni Chapin,- . Levi Carringtoni 2, . Krcdenok Lyman, Russell Lawrence, Miss M. Lane, J. W. Lynde, Jacob Lewey, John Lawrence, Adolph Alabriand, Thomas M t'arly, 8, James Mitchell, 2, Mr. Mocrage, .Mr. Moricc, John Mouison, George Monroe, Michael M'Ouwan, 2, I.tephcn Myers, Younit Mansfield, Joseph Malhoi', Huirh M'Kennea, J. W. Mills, Emcline M'Carter, Leceister Morton, Michael Morau, Joseph Marquct, Batiist Mith. fieorpe Moody, Otis Morgan, Elgar Morton, Win. Mead, Henry Nash, C. F. Norton, Josiah Palmer, Dsniel Perry, R. Patchin, Doctor Peck, Mrs. J. S. Potwin, Henry Potwin, Selding Patter, Ursula Palmiter, Lvdia Palmer, M John W. Pendigrsss, A. Pollard, Mr.. Parsons, printer, Daniel Prior, Celestin Raeicot, , ratlICK Keily, 2, . ,!jelson Roberts, ..A, Rnsenhlatt, 't Joseph Randall, 2, ' Ros dine C. Reed, .ncLiiiiu Randall, rFsR. Robertson, Pierce Rondo, T, J. Raymond, Sarah Rmney.

Joseph Rnwen, Lewia Saunders, C. A. Seymo ir, James Steward, WinsMw Spears, Isaac Sanderson,- G. JV. Spear". Elittbeth tafTord, . Almira A. Stevens, Aehael Stacy, 2, .Nathaniel Sutlon, , Mooes 4 Aaron Spear . W. -A. Smith, Charles E. SheetT, J. A. Sietsnn, S. A. Smith, H. P. Stary. L. W. Spauldinp, Patrick Wieridan, E. J. Stimson, R. Spears, Marshal Shrdd, R. T. Manifold, G M. Stary, Shepherd it Martin, Solomon A. Smith, Warren Thayer, Milo Thompson, John F- 1 hoinpton, Lute Thompson, Bostwick Tousley, uaivtn uiaiK,- A Oren Clark, -, John Chtland, Rutus M.'CnMsm .WV. W,I1(IVIIUV,, Ann Dnlsn.'s Louis Dellelt, ' -Jed. Drtw, , Mary Dvt, -Wm. L. Dixon, Michael Moraughey, Prosper Durphs, Pierre Dyon, Aetnny I'cvereuf, Daniel Drew, i Lewis Duke, ' Elisha Drew, . Widow Elder, - A. W. B. Edward, Isaac Ely. . . Miles A. Evarls, Casimere For, ' David Fish, Ed. St. Felix, th Folger, ' T. Follett, T. Frl.b-e, E. Karr, R. Fiispalriek, Nathaniel Gage, Fanny Green, Edmund Gates, L. J. Oerniain, Ruth Green. Joseph Guild, I!. Goodrich, 9, Simeon Huichtns, 2, Lamina I. Hatch, Holland Howard. Julia Hyde, ijnaiie iratnan, Fhjah Thaver, Dorothea Utl-r, Thomas Vankirlr, "James Vini-ent, D. M. Varney, Clark Vaushan, Louis Vallior, Charles J. Walker, Hares Walaee, Betsey Willey, Roger Wadsworlb, David Well., James I. Wallace, Samuel Weller, Griffin Win. Jonathan Walowrlght, John Wight, Elisabeth Wadsworth. unarie n. iiowara,- , H. S. Horslsy. Murray 8. Hart, Wm. B. Hunt, , Sarah S. Hoyl, Henry Harricker, Mrs. Hicks. 2, Sarah A. UoUoway, a. n. isnam, Anff-1 Isham. 3. S. Johnson, John Judson, K. W, Johnson. J. A. Jenner, Wm. R. Lswtmio, 13, Charles Lyon, Charles Lanav. Jsmes Lsmbsiteo, HENRY B. STACY t P. M. t!is3 John Lee's Estate. WE THE SUH3CRinERs), having boon ap. pointed bv the Honorable the Probata Court fur the District of Cliitlcndciii commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust ihe claims and demands of nil persons, ngstnst Ilia estate of JOHN LEE, late of Jericho, in said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and alio all claims nnd demands exhibited in otl'iet thereto and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for mat purpose, we oo inereioro ncretiy give notice, that we will attend to tho business of our appoint ment, at llio dwelling nl tho wi low of thn tni,l de cease1, In Jericho, in said District, on tho Ut day of March nnd 1st day or May next, at lOo'clocli, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 16;h dav of Jan-mrv, A. D. 1943. 43 1.1X1 HER BROWN, ) Commia- JOHN (I. TOWER. sioucrs. 1 nflf "l Plece HOl'SE PAPtR, a arenl variety JLJJJ ol patterni at lnannlactnrcr price-, lor snlebv H. W. CATI.IN. April 14,1813. 46 JUST received nt the Vnricty Store Ladies Silver Pinril.. niir. 2!! nml 571 ponla. I'ANGUORN if- BRINSMAtl). April, 13, 1843. 46 Wool, f Wool! T3 0EL0FS0N A, RATHHIIN havine Leased the J.V couimodiotis ilanuacurin E$tablithmtnt, of ine niiriinginn Aim v;o., nnu uonneclea tneni-ctve in bu.ine-s with Mr. Sidkev Barlow, (former Agent for said Co..) are now ready to receive Wool to maiiu ftcture lor cu-tomer into Broadcloth. To tho-e that have had work done heretofore by Roclf-on and Rathlinn. little need I e said lo in, Inn- n t-ontinn- nnce of patronage, and to all other we would tay thai Ihe work will I e done in n workmanlihe manner. Farmers, Merchanlt and olAers wMiing to have wool Mnuiifaulureil for their own u-c or for innrl.el may rest a-s ired that nn pa'n or attention will I e spared to eive the I c-t of ,atisfactian. Term of payment iiinuei-a.v lorau lot ot wool Irom IIWJ Ihe anil up ward j Small Ion Cash or one ball cf ihe t-loth-when hni-lied. The business will l.c cundjcleJ under the firm of ROELOFSON, RATHBt.'N & Co. Apr.l 5, 1843. 45 FOR SAIiE OR TO RENT. THE FARM known as the Vernon farm, situated on Winooski Ititer. One mile below Winooski Villaee. in Colchester. ContaininB about two h'-ndred nnd fourteen acres of land, (Mostly intervale,) with n sroou story ana a nau imiue, uorn House, two goud Barns and acood We I of Water. Said farm is in isond condition nnd is offered for snlelow, or to Rent) poi- session given unmeuiaieiy. r nr irrms appiv io GEORGE H. MOORE. Burlington April C, 1643 43 2w LISTS FOR TAXES 1843. T3LANKS lor lil I, r 1843, 1'urni-hel ai -hor; no. U ine for 81,00 per 100. C. GOODRICH. April 1, 1343 45 UNITED STATUS DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN IIAKIlUrrCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of LYMAN D. CHURCH of Jericho for his Discharge ana icriincaie, asa nanKtiipt. at tiicomccol nm uel Piintiss inMontpeher in saidDiiUrict, on Tues day, the llth day of July, A. D. 1843, tit 10 A.M. GUSIAVU-J A. Minon, for hi Di chareeanl Certifi.'ae. n-a BanUrnnt. Httheoffici of Samuel Prentiss in Montpelicr, in snid Di-trici, on Tue-day the 1 1 tlx day of July, A. I). 1313. at 10 A.M. ALVAII C. JENNINGS of B irlhifton, for hi Dis- t narpe ami icrtineate, a a uani.rnpt, at theoilicc olMainucl l'renti-, lu Alontpel.e, i.i -aid Di-lrict, onTue-dav ihe llthdayol July.A.D. 1813,at IOa.h. ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. NOTICE i.hareby Riven that by virtue olthc sev eral orders aud decree in Bankrumcy in the fol towinii taw i.ucd out of tho Diftricl Court of the United S ales, far the: Di.trni of Vermont I will sell at Public my office in Burlington, on Saturday, May 6, at S o.cloel;, P. M., such eflicts ot ine nauKrupi namcu t eiow a Became veed in me hy virtue ol tne decrees aforesaid. Effects of Samuel Barltctt, of Jericho. Alo-it 15 acrts of Land, on which ( erected a small hou-eaad barn, situa'e in Jerico, subject to a claim or about 8150.10 Ho-ea Spauldinf, and a quit claim deed given by said Barilett to Polly Rood, a et lonhin hi said schedule. Sale at 4 o'clock, P. M. Effects of Vernon Harrington, of Burlington. Sundry not!, and account., surrendered ),y saiJ Harrington andcontaned in his said schedule, a against i . u. wat-on and others. Sale at 3 o'clock, Effects of Nathaniel T. Stiles, of Underfill!. AM the InlcriM of Nathaniel T. Sri e to an hsh. mem made with Peter Gdc, Ira Gile, Truman Gilc. .mw tyiwii nnu vii swnipni, reianngto itittcort' yeyanceoi i-eriain rroneny and machinery silnate on Uruwii". Kivcr, in Underbill, which wa deet'ed to Peter Gile and other, I eing Ihe same premise., which a. luriiit-n ucciijjivuiiaiuciiie. ah uie iniere-t of said S'lle. lo a contract made with Ho-ea Spald in; in O.-ttJer 1810 lo two note -igned by Ane1 Bio Icett.payal le in fulled cloth, and 1 dgod with aid sipa-iflinc; a- security for money advanced ly him. All the in ercst td" said Side, to an azrecmeni'made wiih Lphraitn Stiles for the conveyance of nl out 40 acre, cf land deeded to him by Ariel Blixlzeil, in April 1840. Al-o, sundry socoinis siirrcni'ercd l,y said on e-, an ni waicn win ie partienlailv ilescnUJ nl Ihe time of -ale. Sale at 2 oVloc:.- P. if. Effects of D. F. McFarland, of Burlington. fine, ,1,1 .inn Im .l.lli a n.t l. .nn.- .1 ... " " ""I n---( B,-U uie-IIUIC, claim and acco-ints siirrendeied by him, which will i,c imriiL-uinriv uvecriLcu at I lie time oi sate, bale at Effects of L. M. Ulxon, of Underbill. a icu accounts, note. uemanu-, Ac. mav remain uncbitte'ao, sate by adjournment from teh. 17, to inj offico m Burliugton, Saturday, May 8, i43,at 3 o'ckel P. M. Eflects of T.'W. rTnIcIioIs, of Essex. Srch accoint, note aud elects a tnav remain un ronrricu. sate by adjournment from Keb. 16 to Bstiiruay -"aye, lb43, at my oiiice in B jrlington, at 2 uvliick. P. M. Also, S indryErect-ol Mark Norrls.ofColchr ler, will I e particilarlv docrit tsl at the time of saie, un oaturuay, may e, isjj, at i o'i lo.-k, P. M. NATHAN B. IIASWEIX, AsiiMic. Burlington, April 5, 1843. Jacob nins.llll's Estate. STA TE OF VERMONT, I ILE3 S. HINS. uistnct t,t i.hitten,ten, . J J DIM,, a.lmini. trator ot the estate ofJacob Hin-dill. Ine if S Georre in said dittricAHceased, luvini? lilsl in aid court his nviition inwrnV. seiii'in-inrdi ihm iiin. .ventory of ihe personal c-taleol the said dsoea-eJ amonnis to o.'3,7 thai tlit-c aim-allowed a?ain t said esta'e by the vunims-ioner amount to 315 48; that iherxtiense. of adminiVt-rlnv nid la-sihan filly iMIers j iliai iheiV-ea-e I dittlcis.-d of n lariiironsisnna m tin aire oi laim, i r thcreahi ut , siiua'ed in said Si. (ieorpe, I ems the homes t-a I nl tasl I'ccca ed, winch inc. un' ere I wi h a inoreaRu jo Simeon Wal e(it-ld that theprrii mil eiati-i in tuOicirnt to, pay the del t i.llowed apan-l -aid it late and theexpen-e-i f a Iminiairation. und praym; saidcourlto licen-eibe raid nduiini-trator to itll so much of taid real e-iatea may le nece-inryto pay iaidde!tsaiideipen-e . Where ipon ihecoirl afore said doih assign ihe ten nd Wtdnc dav i f May, IS43, for hearmtr an I deciding on iai ne-ii'ion nt llio ottiie of the Regi-ter of said conn in Uurhnorion, and di ih orter that all iierM ns in ere-ted I e un-in'ed ihereof 1 1- p.blohing lha or er, con aining the snbsiance t'f saiu peirion, inree weeks noce.svely in the Bur lington Fret Prttt,t newspaper priuttsj in raid B r linston, previoul toiaid second Wednesday of .Mav. 1843. ' 1 ' Given under my hand at Burlington tbi- 3st day of March, A. D. 18-13. WM. WESTON, Regitttr. STATE OF VERMONT, i THE Hon. the Diirict of Ch tienden, s. J 1 Prol air Court for the Dirtrict of Cluutenden all person con cerned in ihe r.ta'e if Jacob Hinsdill ae..f St. Ge"rg-e i.i said Di in:-l, ifeceaiwl, WIURI Af, Gde- 8. Hm.dill,admini-ira orol the e.late of raid cVa-eil, propn-e in remler an aevnunt of hi-a Imit'stration, an I pre -cut his aci-o int a;aia-t aileia'f(,rrsamina"ion andallowancs jtai n of the I'tKiri o pr-late, lo beholden at the Regis ter', office in llurlinsion in raid district on Iberccuod Wnlne-day of May next. Therefore, yo i are hereby notiSrd to apoejr ttfore said court at the lime and nlaie aforc.aul.and ahrur cause, if any vo i have, why Ihe account afbrti.-aid bouiiiu not i u anou'L Given under my hand atfliingtoa tbi 3litdiv Wm. WESTON, Register. 4Jw3, HERUS GRASS & CLOVER SEED ol' a superior oualitv and at a n,rvlmu npii. Attn u hnndre I bushel of Corn, Rye and Oats, bv ' March 23, 1833. 11. W. CATLIN. BISHOP HOPKINS ON ROMAN- ISM. AXc$&lfX,tZ!P lhi WOHT REV. FRANCIS P. KENRICK. Roman Catholic Hi,op of PhlhftJpUa. By JOHN HENRY HOPKINS? D. H. J. SKUMWAY. ,4en. April o, - is LISTER'S NOTICE. TUB inlial itant- of Rurlington liable lo Taxes, are notified that Ihe Lister will prof ecd to take their ll-t Immediately aftur the 1st of April next, and they sreherel.y requeued to Ic prepared to exJiiUt their peraonal properl v fur nppraisal. wr I.L.TS UTtHAli. 1 BURHEI.L MPE, IA$tttt. JOHN BARSTOW, ) March 83, 1843. 4t SMALti TWIST COMI1S, NEW ONES. 1 Q D( z. Small Platt-d Horn Twist Com! s, G dot. 1 X mnll iilnin horn Twi-l Coml s. Cdoz. Mauilla Shell and 2 duz TurttiisahellTwitCoinb, hornand -iiuii M'le nri'i I n'jk V.OHID-, very line ivory t;omii, horn nml other kind of line Dn-dnir Comix. PocUet Comb, and a IcauiiTnl asurtmcnt of Hair llniihe', I until nnd INnil Urn-lie-, tine Comb Cleaners &C, received at llio Variety Siort-. 41 March 31, 1313. I'ASODctiN & Dnts-aMAiD. "LIVE AND LET LIVE." TIIE eub-rnler ha several small account and notes due bun Irom '2,i cent to 25 dollars and upwards and all pcr'Oii interested are hereby noli tifil (nrtici:!arcontrai-ls cxcctitcil) Ihat if they wish to lest the utility i,f.etlliii(f with the " r:no! i'iar.," that an opportunity will l ttiveu very soon, unle.-s thi notice shall convince tlit-mtdat Ihey can settle wilh me on Letter term. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. March 31, 1813. 3w4t FOR SALE; THE new, commo-ltou', teaulilul BRICK DWELLING IIOUSKnnd Lot at the corner of College and Pine street, which i not lor pro-pect or con venience excelled l,v nnv situation in town; payment In part may remain nn time. Apply to it, v, ?Hr,it.iiAii or S. E, HOWARD. Bnrlineton, March 30, 1843. 44lf NOTICE. THE Stockholders of the Cliainplain Dock Com nam are notdied to meel at thu Inn of Moe L, Hart, liiirlinitton, on Mondav, the 10th day ol April nexi, ai 4 o ciocK, at-crno. n, lor tlie,nr,o-c 1st oi iM! ii five Director, lor the year emuing, 21 To authori-cthc sale ofsuch portion or nortton: of the Company's Real Estate a may I cthuutrht ex- pvoiciiu .lutin mtauijLi , uicrsv. tiurnnf on. .narcu 2d, 1B. 41 REMOVED. rpilK smViriler would Inform L he shoii follllerlv occunied l,v Samuel Hnniin? ton, a a Book Binderjv nrdoorea-t ol H. Thomas A'lCliun nud Ce.inmi.sK n S ore, on ti.'letre st,, where a good assort ment "of readv made SADDLKS, ii A ick risr--, I KUAIV, t-A IIP. I IIAO?, nn I all such nrlicles a nre ii-uallv l-ept in hi line of hu-ino-s maybe bad at fair price ) Terms oi payment maue easy, A LIVERY STABLE Al-o kentl vibe Gentlemen; two ulscrilcr.a few nxlea-t of the Court Hon. u Sq iare, Ritd live or ix -outb ol hi shop on Col lege t. Good Saddle Horses lur 1-aJica and tour or -ixtior-e tcain.v fiirnl-hed on shun nt tne. A p p I i c a t i-on made at the the hoii or barn will receive nromnt iiWSQO.aVi'' ntention. S. S. SKINNER, nurliut-ton, March 22, 1343. 43w8 NOTICE. THE copartner-hip of tlRADLEY & HYDE will expire by limitation on the I-t day of April next. All cr-uii!. indebted to said firm aic rci'ie-teu to make . . , iirniiuuiiut: nuyiiieni, ur intir uemanu win uu icii in the hands of an Attorney lor collection without re, serve. 1IARII Y BRA OLE Y, IIENR Y HYDE. Burlington, March Z2, 1843. 433 WOOL! WOOL! rpHE Sub.-cr:'lcr vi-be to purchase Wool, and m. wm puy in roous, gram or nscounis, at di. Store, Burlington Falls. SIDNEY BARLOW. March 24'h, 1843. LOOK HERE. IT'ARMF.RS, who wish to purchase Stoves, for . wood, or produce of almost any description, will I'icaste cph ni ine oiove oiorc, west cna at Aiucrf can notet, oascmcnt story. 3. W. TAYLOR Burlington. March 22, 1843. 43-tf BE PREPARED BY VHth MAY. A I.L person indel ted to the snl scnlt-r will please a. take nnti-c that their acronnts mu?t le paid by iuc tsi uiy oi way nexr, or tie win ie itncer me nr-ce-sity of leaving; ihem with an Aliornt-v ' for imnie dia'e collection. Please; tat-thi- a? a sutficieni warn, my, nud expect It will Le followed to the letter. , GEO. D. COMSTOt K. Shellmrn, March S4, 1843. 43w3 rI,EAS for sale by the Chest and Caddy boxes ef li IBS. OLD HYSON, YOUNO HYSON. HYSON SKIN. , Wm. HURLBUT, Burlmzton, March 31, 1943. 44 NOTICR. riHE Morgan Hoise, BASHAW, will sisnd this m season at the fullowinir places, vis: Burlinsrlon, aneiuurn ana vnanoite. The flays ond time will ba maue Known oy rmnaouis circulated before the sea son comincn-cs. Bashaw is as full blond Morgan as you can find now days: is of a blood bav color. weighs eleven hundred and fifty pounds, and fur strength and speed is not surpassed by any horse now on lha turf. Any persons wishing to improve their stoik of horses, will now have nn opportunity which all will acknowledge after looliine at said horse. He can be seen at Ihe American Hotel until Ihe soasnn commences, where Mr. L. Church will take pleasure ui siiuwiiii; nun wiinoui any cnarge. Burlington, March 29th, 1343. 44 w3 NOTICE. THIS ceniue that I have given my ro i, Thomas Irwtn Rolinson, hi lime dnrins; hi-minority, nuj siidii ni-rcaiier ciaou none oi ni earnings or pay any cf his delta from theS.h ofMart'h, 1842. ISAAC ROBINSON. Jerich", Fe!-. B h, 1813. Sw-t3 FOR SALE, YOKE of WORKING CATTLr. S vears old. March 4. 1343. H. W. CATLIN. 1 PREDICTION OF THE SECOND ADVENT IN 1843. raiWO discourses on Ihe Second Advent of the Re J decmer with pseial reference tn the year 1S43, uy jii,i ucant iiurnins, u, , Bishop of the Diocit of For sile by II. J. SHUMWAY Agent. April 6, 4S TIIE SCRIPTURAL DOCTRINE OF ATONEMENT. A Sermon preached before the first Con eeational Chii'cli and Society in Burlincton, Vt,, By nr.V.J.K. CONVERGE. For sale hy H. J. SHDMWAY Astnt. April 6, 48 Itr-!'amln If. Skta's Estae STA TE OF VFRMONT. ) C? ALLY H. SKIFF Oi-'ri -t ol" I'h lieu Irn, s. j O administra'rix of the e.t,Vf cf Benjamin H. Skin, la-e of Chariot e in aliddi Irio', ilcfaie.', harni; lib-d in said court her neiitii n. seltinir lurlh Ihat it i neee-sarv lo have thetimc furrctilingtO'd e late iVher ex'endrd, sjnd pravintr -aid conn tn extend .aid time one yrar from lhe'13th davol April, 1813; Whereupon the 0urt afir aiddothappo'nt ihe reron t Wclne dav of May, 1843 for hearinsrsnddtsvidin-ron said annlit-allon. at the i Hi e of the Repler of raid court in B irhnaion, aud dn'h or'erlhal all pr-nns interrslel Ve notifie.1 thereof by publication of thi.or'er, containing the sul-n'anpsi of raid peiitjon, three weeks successively in ihe Burlington Fret Prut, a new-paper printed iu rail Rirbngton, thola-l of which puhlieatinnain be nrexjivi tn raid nnJ Welna eay of May. 184J Given under my hand at U ijlineion, in suid district this Jl day cf Apr.l, 1843- Jl. ssi.aiUN, Htrultr. 45-3 TO LET. FROM the tSh of April, a two story DWELL ING HOUSE near the Colhwc Green. Tpr sops de-inri of laklng I oanUr- from the t'niversity, thi. plai-e furniahe. a convenient and suiiabls Iocs linn. Eni'itre of Col. II. Tboma-, or E. A. aTANSBURY. March 93. 1043. 43tf BLANK BOOKS. CAY, Monium,anu 1'tiny Led;ers.-Joamap, Day Bonks. Re-ords.anda eeniMal aArtmut ef had bonna BUoL oooKr, at ine old naqj imstirs. LUMBER YARD. THE subscribers keen on hind a supply ef Lum ber of varioua kinds at I hair vardan Pearl Si. where thev will nromatlv watt on customers. Lam. br sawed to order. Apply Henry P. Tliekok. March ID. HICKOK fc STEVENS. French prepared Mustard and Freeh Citron, (new fruit V just received by Jacob's Express, and wliich ia offered far sal at tha German Store. OJTiTEJM di MICHOU.D. HO YE! ! SAffD'S SA USAPA RILL A FLUID, Compound .Syrup r,f Sarsaiiariitti, BARTON'S SYlfA'P OK SAItSAi'AIIlLLA, for the immediate proA'vclion nf the CARIION.VI El) MI.A1). Extract if Sdrsitp'irUta, Spanish and Amefkdil lltmt harsiparula ; All renowned for PURIFYING THEtL'ODi INVIGORATING THE LMIEtLTHV, AMJ RKSTOR1NO SOUNDNESS TO THE CONSTI TUTION. At ihole ale and retail, I v 42 PECK oeSPKAR, Iruri'tifs. Mary Elizabeth narnum's Estates STATE OF VERMONT, J The Hon. ihe Prol at District ol Chittenden", ss. CoMttfor the Dijltict if Chittenden, lo all eroil concerned ;n Ihee-ti'te l MARY MIAiih-H BARIUM, late of Milton, ih said di-trict, decca-ed, Cltr.ETs.Oi MtKi-,A&, Arlii'ir Ituntinj, a,iin:nt'tiiitor cf ihr c5tateof said deceased, nrono-es to rem'tr an nc- count of hi adnrui-lration and precnt Ihk aciomit against said estate for examination and allowance at a reion oi trie tonrt ci rrolatt, to be hoken at the iteRi-ter'sotticein uurtinjton, Insaiddi-tuctontlio llurd Saturdat cf April next. Therefore. You are herehv notified to I cfnM saidCourl althe lime and place aforc-aid, and sht-W came, if any you bae, why Ihe ecioiint uloio tnJ should not le alloucl. Given under my hand at llurhngtoo this 1G li dtf ot March, A, f). 1843. 44 w ai , ts I UN, Ittgitter. IN CHANCERY. ' WiiuamP. Barocs. 1 CHnTENDEN COUNTY. Leandfk MaaSHALL &t I NoV. Term, a. t. 1S43. lUNar iiodgks, v j TTf HEREAS, William P. William R. Lane. VV Leander Mar-hall and Henry Hodge loth ol'Kidi inond, all in -aidCountv of Chitlenden. at the Novem ber Term, A. D. 1812, of the Coi-rl of Chancery, iioi,'cn ni Burlington, w tnin anu lor saiu wounty ci Chitlenden, tiled their Bill ol Review again-t William R. I.anr. fonnerlvol Jericho, in raid ronnii- of Hhit teni'en, now ol New Lyme in the state of Ohio, thert- i:, siaiing mat on the 3:n dav oi December, A. U. I84I.-J etore the said Court of Chancerv. ihen siiiinf at Rurlinzton. Ihe said William R. Lane ot.imne,la ilecree in' hi favor, apains! them the said Bnpg, .warsiiau anj ftoogo mat tuey snoiuu pay ine saia Lane, on cr It-tore the 12, li dav of Mav. A. D. 1842. with nucre-l thereon from raid 31 day of December, A. I). 1841, the sum ofJ485 SS cents debt, and 55 SO a co-Is ofprore, and from winch said Decre the said BrigR, Mar-hall andllodec.. then and there en iercd their appeal. And further, that sinte the making ol'lhc said dei-ree, the said fomplatnants nave oi-covereu new ana ma:ensi ietimony, wniclt wdlf dlv show ihat s.ii I Lane was not entitled to an? decree in his favor in the premise, and ptaying that me -H-u ucciee may i rcvieweu ana reversed. ine sam William K. Lane re-idini? without Ihu state, .-o that a subpena cannot I e served upon him, tlie-ni'l t-aure i coniiniieJ, and it i orJereil that ihe said William R. Lane l and anpear lefure the said Court of Chancery, next to beholden at Buriington, within and forraid county ofChillen,1en on Ihe second Tue-day ol May nex', on the first day of raid Term, nnd make answer lo the raid bill of review; And it is uriner oruereo, mat tne saia lompiainanls- cause Ihe last cf which tole at lea-I twenty day. previous to the commencement of raid Term, which will h? deemed uHicient notice to Ihe said William R. Lano to appear and make answer to -aid Mil. Wm. NOBLE, CierX-. Briogs & ALtEsr ct Platt, Solicitors. Mosts Wanses, 1 CHITTENDEN COUNT? vs J COURT, Noau Barlow, J A'oremtsr Term. A. D. 1842. THE Plainti.l declare against the tfelendant in an action of debt, on note, dated May 4. 1638, for the sum of $49J 14 cents payable six month from the date, In the city of Natche, ih the State of Missis 'ippi, and which the plaintiff aver has not lcen paid. Al-o in a further plea ol debt on judgment recovered by the plaintid' again-l the delemlani, lefore the County Court stNatchet aft re-aid, on the 8d day of November, A. D. 1840, (or the sum of 1574 64 cents damage, and t50 40 cents cost ct suit, and huh said judgment the plaiotiTavers Is in lullfurce, acd not paid, sail-fid or di-fbarred. And thedelendsnl leing absent from this state the time of the service of the planlil' writ, and not having returned wrbm theame before the time ci trial, this cause is by order ol court continued, and it is further ordered 1 v said court that notice of thi mt he givrn io the said Noah Barlow, y nubliOiing Ihu order and the eubstanceofthe plaimlfs- iTeelaration, three weeks mcrivly, m the " Burlington Frest Pres.," n newrpaoer printed in Burlinsron, in rtiid County, the lat of which to I M lea-l twenty days lefore the next lerm ol saf,t court, to 1 hollenn Burlington within and for thi-connty ol ChittencVn on ihe second Tuesday of May next, which will l deemed sufficient notice to the said Noah Birlowto appear and make answer to this suit. Datod at Burlington aforesaid, tbfs 37ih day oJ March, A. D. 1843. . n ro . W' SOBfcE, Clerk. A. 0. WarTOHQItt, Attorney. HesaTPBttK,Apptl!cai, I CHITTENDEN . ICOC.NTY COURT. Lsiate ol PhaI Vatin Si ( Nov. Term, a.d. 1R IAra Pksws, Appelcc. J N lhi cau-e, ihe said Henr-Phelp h appealed from the order and judgment of the Court of Pro latoforlhediainct of Chittenden, in 'aid co-inty nt Chitt-odeo. madr on lhe27lhday ot March, A. D. 1812, by which onleran i judgment, the said Pro' ete Court assigned io AnnaPhelp--,widovvofsiil Pharee Phelps, deceased, such iioriion of ihe. personal e-tato of ibe said decease!, to le relented l,y her. from ihe inventory, a will amount lo the Mint of 350 00 at the prices there:n named. And tho saf-l Henry avers that be is one of the admini-lre cr-. on said TslatA and is al-o Inicres'ed therein a one.Of the heir- there of, and is injure-1 an J aggrieved ly tie afore-aiJ orJer if the Prolate Court. And the said Anna Phelp fcefrg a) sent Irom this tate at the time cf said onler and appeal, an I of tho e.Try of the amein thi. Court, and not having return J within the same llore the lime of, ihe ca i-e i l,y order of court conlmi ed, and it is f inker order ed I yhaid court that notico o thi s-r't le j-ieu to the sai.l Anna Phclp, by pulli-hing thi-order and ihe ub.tance of the -aid Henry. comlaint and appeal, three weeks successively, in the " B Tling-ou Free Press," a i.ews,raper prin'ed in saM Uurimeion, lha la-i of whiihtoleat lca-l twenty davs betore ihe next term of this court, to 1 1- holi'cn at Burling i it, in salJ county, on the se-ond Tue dty ol Mat-next, which will le deemed sufficient noiir to the. aid Anna Phelps to appear an I make answer io thi .n;r. Dated at Burlington, inraidcoiin'y, thi- 27 it dayot Mtnh, A. D. I84S. , m . Wk. NOBLE, Cltri: A. O. WniTTtWoat, Attorney. 1. & J. It. PtCK & Co, Chittenden County Court Nov.Trm,A.H.1842. v-. GoeteiNS dc Psascdt, IN this cauie, the plain l, a partner, de-lar agaimt the defendants, J. Goutdine ami O ivrr ftJiouy, ot Kt-eserille in theSta'e of ew York, nj pnnnsr-, in an action on noredavd Ju'y 13, !S41, f- r he sum Id 8103G3 i-entit itsvalluinA nruinih. fpnm due, at the E.rex Connty Hank Abo, on one tuher tiute uaij warcn 15, 1r, mr the a ;m t-r;6l.54 t:s. in six months Irom d:e thereof at the Km ex County 'I he defendants leinr ! sent from thi Sine nt the lime ol the rvi,' i f ihe plainu I writ, amino' hav me reiuracu wumn ine same itiore ine tune ct t iai, thecnu-ti i. bv order of Coin conlinced.and ii i lur. ihsr ordered I y said Court, thai no-ice ol Ihu sun tr riven to the dtK-ndants, I y mil li-hmsr thi- order, and lhasub.tan'-roftheplaintifT'sdeclaraiion,krewtek -ucce ively tn ihe " llirliagton frrcePres-,'' nevn paper pnnieu in ii, riinzon in ran county- ofi;hil- nuen, me ia-1 oi wnicnto teat ieatiwentv ojys efore ihe next Term ot ihi Conn to le holden at Burlincton ufcre.-ail. on the a-ond Ti -!is of V.i next, which will be deemed sufficient notice to tha said defendants to appear and ma'.t aa.wvr to this suit. Patcd at Burlindon afonsuid. iti. 21. i ,l ,J March, A. D. 1843. WM. NOflLE, Ciert. Alir.K &. TuTT, Attorneys. Mark Rice's Eatate. STATE OF VERMONT, THE'g6h. the Pre. ui.irici oi liuinenuen, s. i-o!e i ron icr the Pi-lricl of Chiiteni'eu : In all nanoaa concerned in Ibe Est ite ol MARK RICE, laje of Jturb'ns'on, m said Oi-'ricttlccoascil, GasETto. WHEBKVS, Louj,a Wal lies', formerly Ur Rlos and former admiairtratrix of ttnstate of mid dodeased, propo.e- to render an account of br a,l miiii.traiion, and pre-cnt her account ajaiast raid es tate for exammatioa and allowance, at as.ion of tha Court of Prolate, toU hclWn at 'tha f egi ter'oftleei . la sail Burliajton, on tha third $etttidjajf otAri Teerafor. You are hereby notifisd ttf sepasa , foresaid coin at the limo sad plxca itnisaql. aoj shew cu-e, if any you hare, why the atceuat aj' . said .bould, boi le allowft. Given under my haodirtt Burlier M this , day of March A. 0. IV .. Wm. WESTON, RegUter. 1 'W nAZORS. lODGERS A SONS' and oihar aea RasrSrs. al A, straps, crush.-, Lamer Poxes, osjips, c. ay-. tsithy j'ANaiPitton-Mio. Mr-h 31, 1843. 44