Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 14, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 14, 1843 Page 4
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'Hb touched his hnrpiand nations heard, entranced.' Prom tho Richmond Enquirer. I hive felt so forcibly tho moral sublimity nf the Ecene of tbo presentation of tho sword of Washington ami tho cano of Franklin, that I bavo made an attempt to exhibit that scene In vcrflc. I submit it to your judgment. THE PHESEN'TATIOX. I. Bay, why, in lengthen'd lino lintli rush'd thm thronging crowd, Up to our Hill Capitoline, Where flag9 arc waving proud 7 Is it In thii high hull Some pageant to survey 7 Or, is dome glorious fesiivnl Of freedom held to day 1 II. Lot every 9fat I'still'd Doorway and stairs areblock'd And, now, that sea ofhesds isstill'd Which late with motion rock'd Why cathcr thus the free With one consentient will 7 In breathless awe. thsys;em to ho ti...i.,i ... ... .tk -.m J..U.II vt B.1 411 UlUlil) till I lllll. Ill I sec an old man rise. And with a sword in hand: And, glancing arc a thousand t yes Upon that gleaming brand, 'This is the sword,' ho erics, 'Which made our People free; 'No spnt, nor stain, upon it lies 'Twas yielded but to yc. IV This sword, Historians tell, One hundred years ago, Saved Braddock's army, when ht fall Before a s wage foe. This is the sword whose shine Our fathers led, like star ; It is the sword of Brandywinn, Of frozen Dehwar. V. In Monmouth's aultrv sir, It did its gallant work, And siw, amidst the cannon's glare, Old England yield at York. 'Twas thine, great Washington ! And, in thy valiant hand, Like ttsord of God and Gideon, Swept Midian from cur land. VI. A shout bursts from the thrnn? Which shakes this whilo.papp'd Hill But hush! we hear again that tonrme tie still J warm hearts ! be still 1 1 This ftafT to you I bring The staff of that lov'd sage, Who snatch'd tho sceptie froi,i a King, And calm'd the lightning's rage. VII. ' On it, our Franklin lean'd, Whom countless thousands bless Tho ereat Philosopher the Friend Of Ploughshare and of Press. Franklin and Washington 111 What mighty names are here! Will ye accept 1 ' 'Tis done, 'tis done, With one tremendous cheer. VIII. Where sho'nld wo place this sword 7 This staff ot one so wise? A flaming sword, by God's high word, Was placed in Paradise. It flamed there, night and day, To guard, of Life, the Tree, So, let those relics guard ahvay Our tree of Liberty. SONG OF THE SEA ROVER. ST DB. JNO. C. St'cADE. Fill, fill to the brim ! the stars grow dim, And over the quivering sea, Tho night-winds leap in their onward sweep Fill up, I will drink to thee! Then away with Care, let us dry the tear, Thai from Feeling's fountain would start; While Memory's hand with its mystic wand, Stirs the deadened flowers of the heart. Ob ! Iam not old, but my heart is cold To woman's beautiful smile ; And a cheek's rich dye, and a dreamy eye Cannot' witch ma with their guile. But fill to the brim ! the stara grow dim, And tho moon woos tho rising tide I'm away for the sea farewell to theei My blithe bonnie barque is my bride ! - INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE, ENGLAND. China, cracked j you've hod a fall ! Wa've thrown you downj so, once for all. Do take a lesson by't Beware lest, when our will it fits, Wo roughly smash yon into bits, And Itave you then outright. CHIN A. tile cannot fight j but you must trade, And all your tea-pots stand arroj'd To spout for us a pica. The fact that in your faces atarcs Your very alphabet (If clues U must come after T. DUTCH EPIGRAM. On anctorioui and unfeeling Usurer of Amsterdam, A Silver store his grinlcd pate reveals : A mine of yellow Gold his chest conceals s His nose is shining Copper ; and his head A solid lump of undiluted Lead : His forehead beams a ptatx of triple Brass, His heart is forged of Iron's toughest nia? s ; In short, Tom.e carcass (may't be flayed with net ties!) It Satan's choicest Cahinet or Mxtais. Ayr reply. Ail honest son of Erin, erecn from his porigrination, put his head into a law. yer's office anil asked the inmate, "and what do you sell here!" "Blockheads," replied the limb of the law. "Och ! then to bo sure," said Pat, "ii must bo a good trade j for 1 boo that tnero e but one Jen. Robert Tannehill, a Scotch, poet, is the author of a pretty little epigram on Woman : "Nature, impartial in her ends, When she niado men the strongest, Injustice then to make amends, Jlsdo woman's tongue the lout-cat," Hope. In the morning of lifo our hopes are the very reverses of our shadow the former eeeminp long and bright, a3 they lure ua onward into fate's unknown and too often dark and per ilous vista; indeed, what the great heathens so beautifully said of the Deity that "Uod is truth, and light in his shadow" may be paraphrased with regard to our earlier years, for youth is Lope, and light is its shadow. A man with eleven (laughterx wan lately com plaining that he found it hard to live. "You must husband your time," said the oth er, "and then you will do well enough." "I could do much better," was the reply, "if I could husband my daughters." To Sjsbp a Fit or Couomng. A correspon dent ol the London Medical Gazette, stales that to close the nostrils with the thumb and finger during breathing out, and leaving them free during breaming tn, will relieve a lit ol cough Inff lit m mhnri imn In addition to the above, ue can stain from personal inowlcdge, thatlo press the finger on the upper lip, just below the nose, will make the iseverest premonitory symptoms of a sneeze pass oil barmicEs. e (ijivo loutid the remedy utter m uwuy a i.iiiiu. iunn jiujvr. Why It tbe letter S like dinner 1 OocaubO it comes before tea. Why i a nail strong in a wall, liko a feehli &iu iiiau : uttauct jt in jinn. TO FAMILIES & INVALIDS. Tho following InilNpciisnlile fiimlly reme dies limy tfu fiiinul tit llic 1 illugc drugstore nml soon nt rvefy country store in the Mntc itcmeiiiticr nml ncirr get them unless the) hnve the fncf initio signature ol' '(3f7Uct on 'be wrapper", ai all olhcr by the same names are baas impo'itioni and counter, .'cits. If rhu merchant 'neareo you bus them noi, nrgo him to proctiro ihem at 71 Maidrn.l.nio, llir next timo he visits New York, or to wnto for them, Xo family Aould be a iceck without these remedies nALMOFCOLUMBIA.FOIt TUB HAIR, which will stop it If falling out, or restore It on bald places i slid on children make It grow rapidly, or on thoo who have W the hair from any cause. ALL VERMIN that infest the bead? of children in schools, are prevented or killed by it at once. r.ud the name of &lfix$tfjlc it, or never try it. Kcmrmhci this always. RHEUMATISM, nml positively cured, all shrivelled muscles and limb arc restored," in the old or young, by the Ixmas VtucTABtt Elixir and Nerve and Bo.vr. Liniment but never without tho name of Cunistock it Co. on it, are wholly prevented, or governed if the attack ha! come on, if you use the only true IIavs' LttiENT,from ind every thing relieved by it that adniils of an out. ward application. It ncL like a charm. Use it. ITOItSKS that haw Iting-none, Spavin. Wind.Oalli, itc, air cured by Roots' Srraric ; ant' Foundered boms entirely cured by Roof?' milder Ointment. Mark this, all horsemen. Bailey's XVIagical Pain Ex tractor Salve The most extruordinar) remedy rrr invented for all newer old iritl tores, ani sore Syg SgfSj it has deligiitci thousand. It will take out all pnin in ten minute.' . i i m . . .... and no failure. It will cure the UN'S SPREAD PLASTERS. better and more nice and useful article never va- made. AH should wear them regularly. .IS'S TKJIPr.IASCK BITTERS: m the principle of substituting the funic in place ol the stimulant principle, which has reformed so man) irunkards. Tube used with LIN'S ISTyejBl PILLS, superior to ah others tor cleaning tho system and the humors alTc ct ing the blood, and for all irregularities of the bowels, and tho general health, jjj See Dr. Lis's sig nature, ihtis : HEADACHE DR.SPOHN'S HEADACHE REMEDY will effectually cure eick headache, cither from tin HM'XVAgM or bilious. Hundreds of fainilii3 an mm using ii with great joy. DR.SPOHN'S ELIXIR OF HEALTH, fir the etitain prevention of ga5M3KSjj "r am general sickness; keeping the stomach in most per fect order, the bowels regular, and a determination to tho surface. pains in the bones, hoarseness, and are quickly cured by it. Know this by trying. CORNS. Tho French Plaster is a sure cure. hair any shade you wish, but w ill not color the skin SARSAPARILLA. comstock-s com POUND EXTRACT. There is no other prfpara. lion of Sarsaparilla that can exceed or equal thi. If you are euro to get Comstoce's, you will find it luperior to all others. It docs not require puffing. CELESTIAL BALM OF CHINA. A positive cure fur die pile, and all external tilings all internal irritations brought to the lurface by friction with this Balm; to in coughs, "veiled orrorc throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm applied on a flannel will relieve and cure at once. Fresh wounds or old sores arc rapidly cured by it. 33t gartiiolrmrlu'fl iSfcaMSSillfiiaQ ivill prevent or euro all incipient consumption. taken in tune, and ia a delightful remedy. Rcincm. her tho name, and get Comstoek's. Kill MNTfinK'N VERMIFUGE n eradicate all kWJMj?j in children or aduht with a certainty quite astonishing. It U the samo as that made by Btock, and sells with a rapidil almost incredible, by Comstock Co., New York TOOTH DROPS. KLINE'S cure effectually. Eiil'rcncrnritinnlrt aclnf ('onirr.s, in tlis yrnr IHI'J, liyOiwislo'A d- (., in llic L ink iullH'e unite nuutlimi lli.tnctot .Vw l urk By applying to our agents in each town and village, papers may be had free, showing the most respectable names in tho country fur these facts, so that no one can fail to believe them. fjj-IJe sure you cull for our articles, nml not be put off with liny stories, Hint others nrr n good. IIAVi: TIIESK OK NO., I,', should be your niottoaiui then never can br true anil gintiiiu u-ilhout our names to them. All these articles to be had wholesale nnd retail only of us. Wbolcsalo Druggisls 71 Midr n.I.nni'. New York, and of our ncoiits PECK & SPHAH, Chemlits and Drugehts, and S. E- HOWAUD, llurlington. COP All TNERS1UP. THE undersigned have ill's day entered into Par1 tner-lnn in Attornirs and Counsellors nt Luw SOLICITORS Yn CHANCERY. Any business cunhded them will receive their uu mediate and undivided atlenlinn. JACOH MAKOk", J. McMKLLKN SIIAFTI-H. nurlington, March I, IS13. Cash paid for Oats, (N delivery at their Store, Old Dock. uiji,ii-iT llurlington, Dec. 22. 1842. & MIADLKY. 30 Wanted (o Exclinnco, A first rate DWKLLINO HOUSK and LOT. com - prising near half an acre of land with nut build ings, for a farm in tit neighborhood of II irliugton A goodi aiHirVMviUo giirn fo'tny one who wisho; to move into the village of Huriini!lon fur tho nurnosi of I ceping boarders, o for piofcssional services, as mis iioubu i neur uic suuure, II. THOMAS. Acent, llurlington, Keb. 15, 1813. 33lf WANTED. 340 BBLS. Superfine flour or superior l..a.l.. 1... O'l'tlllVfll Nov, 15. ,n5 SANDS'S SARSAPARILLA. TOR THE KtiMOVAt, AND PKHMANLNT C1JHK OK ALL DISKASKS ARISING I'ltOM AN IM 1'IMIK STATK OKTHK HLOOI), OK HAU IT OF TI1K SYSTLM, NAMKLY : scnortiLA, rnittNo's eil, riiromatish, obstinate CUTANNEOUS FRUITIONS, rlMM.CS, On TUSTCtES OX THE PACE, tll.OTCttCt, WLE, ClmONIC SOIlF. EtE', SIN" WORM m TETTER, SCALD HEAD, ENLARGEMENT PF THE BONES and joints, stutwrn, StrimtTlC3TMrT0NS,SC!ATt ca on LUMtiAOO,nndth.cacs nning trom nn Injndicicus ueol MercnrsAEcitie'r Uropsv, exposure orfm prudence In life. Also, Chronic Contitntlonal Disonlcrs will bo remo ved by this preparation. Improvement in whatever regards the bappinos and welfare ofonr rare is eonjtnntly on the march to perfection, and with each succeeding day some new problem i solved, or some profound seeret revealed, having an important and direct bearing over man's lilghet detinics. II we lake n retrospective view over the pat tweniy vear, how is tbo mind struck with wonder! What rapid stride has eienco made In every department of eivilizrd life! partieiilnrlyXin that which relate? to the knowledge of the human sys tem in health and dieac. How valuable and India pensnMc nrotbe curative means recently discovered through the agency of chemistry 1 How doc the imagination kindlo nnd our admiration g'ow at the ingonuily, the near apprnarh to tho Mannard of per fection, of the present time ! Through the elnl orate investigation of Phy-iology, or the science ol Life, and the Pathology of prevalent disease, much valua ble practical knowledge has been gained. In conse quence of becoming acquainted with the organiza tion, the elements of the various tissues and structures of the system, remedies have been sought after and discovered exactly adapted to combine with, neutral ize and expel morbificc matter, the cause of disease, and substitute healthy action in its place. Tho beau tiful simplicity of this mode of treatment is not only siigge-ted by tho pathology of diseases, not only grainful to tho siillerer, but perfectly m consonance with thcnpcratlons of Naturc,nnd satisfactory tothe views and reasoning of every intelligent, reflet ting mind. It is that Sands's, a scientific combination ofcssential principle of the mo?t valua ble vegetable siilslanccs, operates upon the system, The Sarsaparilla is combined Willi the most cllecltiai nuls, the most salutary productions, the most potent simples of the vegetable kingdom j and its unprece dented success in the restoration to beallh of those who bud long pined under the most distressingchron ie maladies, has eivc" " n exalted character, fur nMiing a it does evidence of it own intrinsic value, and recommending it to the afflicted in terms the af flicted only can know. It halong been a most im portant de-ideratum in the practice of medicine to ob tain n remedy similar to this one that would acton the liver, stomach and bowels with all the prod-ion and potency of mineral pieparations, yet without any of their deleterious effects upon the vital powers o! I he system. The attention of the reader i respectfully called to the following certificates. However great achieve mcnts have heretofore leen made by the use of this invaluable medicine, yet daily experience shows re sult still more remarkalic. The proprietors here avail themsehes of the opportunity of saving it is a source ol constant sati-faclion that they are made the means of relieving such nn amount of sull'erin". r, , tWAnK, IM, J., Deo. 13, 1812. Messrs. Sands : Gem Wr.nk mint r,.... gratitude I feel for ynur treatment tn me, a stranger suilermg under one of the most loathsome di-ea-c that nature is capable of U-ariue. '1 he disea-e with wnicu i was niiticliKi commenced with inflamation of Iheeve-, m the year IS3G, whiel: caused almost total blindness. I er thi I was treated andtinallyrelieved, but the remedies were such as lo r.unn ibn.i.-ln.. ment of u scrofulous adVction on my left arm near the elbow The nam extended from the .bnnl.W n my finsers, and for two vcars my sui'ering were l e vond I'escriniion. I tried various irmi.lin. Milted dillerenl phy-ieians in New York, and nmona-.i the late Dr. Dushe. who told melius ,l,.m.n r,r the arm was caused by the large quantity of mercury taken to cure the inflamation of my eyes. uj uiivi-iiii; uuiiiiiiui'u, iiienrni eniargea, tumors formed in dilieient place-, and in a few months dis charged. Making: It'll rilllllin'rnlcerft nl nnnlimr dhove and some below the elbow, and the di.-r'liarge was- pu i'iiciimu- uiiii no perton ccimt i-car to Ije in the room where! was. (,L.n apphedto ano:her di tiiiguished physician, who told me amputation of the arm wa the only thing that could savemv life, a it i.- iMii'i'tLtwuiiiii-ouiiicuui-ii u uisease j iiiu as 1 us unwilling to con-entto it, he recommended mo i u-e Swain's Panacea fieelv. which 1 did wiilmm leriving but little benefit. For three years I wa un able to rnie niv hand to mv head, or comb mv limd and the scrofula now made its appearance on my head, destroying the bone in dillereiii plati-s, cauwng eMciisive ulcerations, and 1 feared ii might reach and destroy the brain the head swelled very much, ac companied .with violent pain. Numerous external remedies were recommended, but Ihey did no good. About a vear since 1 wa taken snvrrelv ill mHi s riling ('l the bodv from head to foot, so that 1 was i iiuray neipic-r. i ne uoeior lutviicd me to go to the hospital, for he did not understand nivi'.ns. l-'n, ihi. 11.11 few mouths I bail been alllicied with a scven am in both Side, at time, so hard 1 rnnld irnrovlr Kild my bicath. A hacking cough constantly nn iioved me. and this combined with mv other mnlnilioc. lendciedme truly miserable. Such, i-entleman. lm been my situation for seven years cf my lite, when I commenced the use of your Sarsapan'lla j but as my easewa con-idered hopeleso, and tbe near prospect i, u siji-cu, uipsuhiiiuii si-i-iiicil UH' IC, I IUII (Mil lit tle eii"Ouragemeiu to persevere. Tiie per-uasjon of irienu- inuiiceu me iu iry your meiiicine wlui'li In a feu days produced a great clianze in my system gen erally, bycauM'ngiin appetite, relieving thepains.and giving me stienglh. As success in-pirca conlidence, I wdscncouragwl to perseveie. My pains eiewea-i- er. mv strencth leturneil. food relished, tlip n i-prs bnnl. ed, new fle-h formed, and I one e more felt within me lliall might get well. I liavetiow used the sar-apa-rilla about two months, and am like a duli-rom b- lg. I ne arm mat ua? to be amputated a- eiitnelv ealel, a thing that teemed impossible. I c in tcaroe-i- believe the evidence of inv own "ve-. but . h is ibe fact ; mid it is now as n-tful as at'any period of my life, an'lmy general health is Li'lier thou it has Leeu tor vear- past. Health, What ma-ric in the word! Iiow manv tbon anu navo tonsiii u n lurei-m am and sunnv climes, and have sought in vain ! Yet it came to ine when I nau gie., unto die: and a I feel tho nul-a- tionsofhealtli coursing through my veins, my whole iir.Kiauu sun, junu iii lei veni giaiiuuieio luuau thor of all our sure mein'u. ilat ui has been era. i iou-Iy pleasoi to bless the means made use of. 'Tru ly hae you proved yourself the cood Samaritan in io atliicted. for next to mv Cn:mr mv lili, is md,.,t,l to you 'or ralliei ) the use or your invaluable Sarsapa rilla. The value of such u medicine is countless be yond price, money cannot pay for it. I have li en r.u-cci from death, I may say, tor my frieud, and my self thought It IlllliOssible 1 rnnld recover. And nnw entiemen sutler me to niM another prool certified too ' inv iriuuus ami e:uaroians n n nisi ar .nowi,.L 2e ment of tbe virtues of vonr health rcsiorimr Sarsana iiii.i. i inn ,iii; uni i-it, itiav a su hu 11 n m rn ov the benefits it alone ran confer, is the heartfelt, fer- -veniwisji ui uieir aim your irienu. 1 know Murlha ConlinKl bebevt- u -lint slm ht.ltt.- in mis ustuuiiieiii iu lc peiiecuy rorirri. juii. run i-.u, Vicak Gr.NF.nAt. or Nr.w VonK, Hector of St. Peter's Church. Given at New York this 14lb day of Dec, 1812. 1 know Manila (Jon in. and have Known nl'lit-r snf. icring nines. JOHN DUBOIS, Itxltn,. nT t.,t-. nil- I tdaCC full eonfldt-iu-n in 1ih stitli-in,.nl Nt!i,1.. l,v Marlha Conlin. Iiaving known her the past twenty years. I will elieerfully give any particulars in rela tion to her case to those who may wi-h further infor mation. . Sr. ELIZABETH. superior of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, rince street, N. Y, Dee. 1 1, 1842. I have COnfldt-ni-o in ibn rrnn-spntntinn.. , liv Martha Conlin, and have lull knowledge of her case. i.l,i.iaii r. ruituv. Alderman 10th Ward of the City ol New i'ork. Dee. 14, 1812. Martha Conlin has lived in inv familv ibe last 13 years, and 1 hereby certify the foregoing statement made by herself is eorreet. Mrs. MAitV II. L.OVD. No. COI Broad slrect, Newark, N. J. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, nnd for exportation, by A. B. SANDS oi CO., Druggists nnd Chrinit, Granite Buildings, No. 273 Broadway, cor ner ol Uhanihers.sirccl, New York. (iEOHGE PETERSON, Agent Ilv special apnointment for the Proprietors for Jlur. linnton, Vermont, and for alebyl)ru'rgii generally. l luce 91 per ouiiii-, u iii'iiics ior ea llnrlinglon, March 8, 1813. 41 ly AMERICAN STORE. ( iTJ ERSONS in iranf of groceries ofanu kind, or J. vure Spirits or W ines for medicine." or for any other purpose, will do well to call ontheMibscn ler.who constantly keen all kinds of ihe above aril les, as pure and unadulterated, lo say tho least, a ran I bought at any German Store. H does not uepenu on tne silly pulls of tlio time-serving minor ol a little ueakly newspaper to establish the churai ter Or purity of hu liquors and wines, but moreupon his having, lor nearly twenty years, sold inmost of the Tuvern keepers within fifty miles many of them still continuing to buy of him. And even this tapicnl editor, who has lately found such obliging iieiirbl.ura (but who, it teem, jiraie his liquors most who gavo lo him last,) has often, in a most obliging manner, drank of the subscriber's wine, and called them the best he eur lasted. The subscriber does not carry liii In... ...-a nt.tlll ll... i.r... ...... . 1. ..... I .. .. I ll- t,t ..... ...v. v, rillflVIII Ullll 1 1 1 1 J- tin-ill. HuihiiikHihupeoplohavebeeii imposed upon enoughoflaluhv suchncillars. Bui ifnersoas wani ng such articles will call at his store iu Burlington, directly opposite Mr. S. E. Howard's. Store, iu Chun h street, hu will sell them the purest and lest articles for tho lowest prices, and they will ttliviiy, find them uniiorui in priiii nnu iiuainy, ISAAC WAI1NKK. llurlington, i cb. , 1813. 3O1 1" 1UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont IHstrlr.t. IN IJAKllUPTCY. Notice to allow caiinc against Petition ol' DKXTI5H M. KAY, ot Burlington, for bis Discharge nnu ueriiuraic, as a uanKrupt, ni ine ooun iiouse in Windsor, in enld Distriot, on Wcilncsday, the 2lihdnv of Mnv. A.D. 1313. nt 10 A. M. BENJAMIN F, MoFAHLANI), ol llnrlinglon, for ni I'lsrnarge and ceniiicaio,ns a naniinipt, nt mo Court Housedn Wlndor,in said district on Wednes day, the 24lh day of Mav. A. P. 18-13, at 10 A. M. KLLASLR II. BltOWN, of nurlington, for hi Di.- rharge and Ceriilicate,ns a Bankrupt, at the Court Home, in Windsor, in said district, on Wednesday, tho 21th dav of Mav. A.D. 10 A. M. CALVIN WHITF.ot'Milton, for his Discharge and Ccrlificate, ns a ltankrupt, at tbo Court House, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the Uiiii day of May, A. D. 1843, nt 10 A. M. GUSTAV1ISA. D KM I NU, of Milton, in said district. to bcitecinrcti a uannrupt, nt the oince ot aamtici Prenlis. in Montnelicr, in said District, on Tues day, the twenty-first day ol March, 18-13, at ten o'. cltR-k. foienoon. DANIEL WARD, of Milton, in said District, to be declared a uanurupt, nt the otiice ot satnuci irrcn lis, inMontpelicr, in said District, on Tuesday, the 2 11 dav of March, 1813. Icn o'clock, forenoon. JOSEPH SMITH. lunior, of Bolton, for his Discharge and t.crtin nic, n a uantirupt. nt ine uouri iiouse in Windsor, In said district, on Wednesday, the 2 1th .1 .ill... I, toil . n . tinv in ii.i , t. i.. io-ia, ui iu a, i-i. HARRY I). 11INE, ofHurlington, for his Discharge and tjeriiticaie, ns a uanurupt, nt the iourt Iiouse, in Windsor, in said Disirict, on Wednesday, tho 21th day of May, A, D. 1813. at 10, A. M. HARVEY WARD, ol Kssix, for his Discharge and Certificate, ns n UanUript, at the Court House, in Wmd-or, in said District, on Wednesday, the 2Kb dav of Mnv. A. D. 10. A. M. ALVAII 0. JENNINGS, of llurlington in said dis trict, to no occiarca n mnisrupt. at tne oince ot Samuel Prentiss, in Montnelicr, in said district, on aamuci i-reiiuss, ui Auunmciicr, in saia aisiricr, or Tuesday tho 21st day of March, 1843, ten o'clock; iorcnoon. JAMES L. MORTON, of Mi'ton, in said District. to nc ucciarcu a naiiKrupi, at the otiiceoi Samuel Prentiss. inl.Montnelier. in said nislrirt. nn Tiips- dav lbo21st day of March, 1813, ten o'clock, A. M. CAMPBELL REMINGTON, of Huntington, in said district, to bo declared a Uankrupt, nt the otiice or Samuel Prentiss, in Montpchcr. in said district, on Tuesday, the 21st dy of March, 1313, ten o'clock furrnnnn. LEONARD MARSH of Burlington, in said district. to bo declared a UanKrupt, nt the otiice or Samuel Prentiss, in Montpelier, in said district, on Tuesday the 21si!dav of March,1843, at ten o'clock, forenoon. ELIAS DOTY, of Huntington, in said District, to bo declared a uamtrupt, awnconiceoir-amueiivcntiss in Montpelier, in said district, on Tuesday the 21st dav of March. 1843. ten o'clock, forenoon. SBMUEL WHIPPLE, of Williston.for his Discharge and Certificate, ns a Bankrupt, at the Court House, in Windsor, in taid District on Wednesday, the 21th dav nf Mnv. A. D. 1 R 13. at 10. A. M. ALBRO E. BISHOP, of Burlington, for his Discharge nnd ucrtilicatc, as a lianiuupt, at tne i ouri Mouse, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 2-lth j... nru... a n iqii n, io a ill FRANCIS H. JOYNLR.'of nienmond, for his Dis charge and ucrtiucitc, nsa lianKritpt, nt thetjourt House, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, Ibi. 24lhd.ivnrHnv. A. D. 1B43. at 10. A. M. ASA SNOW, of Jericho, for his Discharge and Cer- tuicaie, a a iiaiiKrupi,aiuieiuuriiiouse, in ma sor, in said Di-trict, on Wednesday, the 21tb day of Mav. A.I) 10 A.M. JOSEPH COOK, of Burlington, for hi. Discharge and uerlilicate, a a uani-rupt, at tneuourt House, in Windsor, on Wedne-day, the 21th day of May, A. I). 1843. at 10 A. M. ALVAII JOHNSON, of Burlington, for bis Discharge ami certmcate, aa uanurupt, at ineuourt iiouc, in Windsor, in said district, on Wednesday, the 24th dav cf May, A. D. 1813, nt 10 A. M. JOHN .M fTC HELL, of Burlington, for his Discharge and ucrlilicntc, as a uanurupi, ai ine wouri iiouse, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 2 1th dav of Mav. A. D. IS 13. at 10 A.M. JOIIN OAKS.of 'Nonh Hero, for his Discharge and ueriiricatc, nsa uamtrupi, ai uic vvoun iiuusc, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 24th rlavnf Mnv. A. D. 1813. at 10 A M. CUY SPENCER, of Burlington, for hi Discharge nnd Lertiiicaie, as a uani.rupi, at me uouri iiouse in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the r. ,.!. .1 rMn.. A 11 1Q,1 n. ,n A TIT llll ul -,I-1V. .1. I'. IOIJ JL iu n. u. GEOKGE WRIGHT, ol" Colchester, for bis Discharge nnd uerlilicate, as a uanurupt, ai tne uoun iiouse, in Windsor, in said Di-trici, cn Wednesday, the 2 lib dav of Mav, A. D. 181.3, at 10 A. M. DANIEL B. Tl'CKKIt, of Huntington, for his Dis charge nnd Certificate, as a Bankrupt, at the Court Iiouse, in'Windsor, in said ditriel, on Wednesday, lbn21lb dnv of Mnv. A. D. 1813. nt 10 A. M. LEVI BROWN, of llurlington, for hi Discharge and Uertihcaie, ns niianiirupi, attne uouri riouse, in Win-lsor, in said District, on Weluesday, the 24th doyof.May, A.I). 1843, at 10 A. M. PECK & SPEAR, wholosalo dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE, llurlington, Vt. AMERICAN HOTEL. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, BY S. W. TAYI.OK, Couar House Suvake, Bcrlisotos, Vt. 26tf M. G, RATH RUN, DBAPF.R A N D TAILOR, (Nearly opposite the Bank,) Ciicnctt St. 32 if BunusoTON-, Vt. C. BENNS jr. & Co. DRAPERS & TAXX.ORS, id Door South of the fiattk, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OK CLOTH & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Cutting done in the most approved style and Warranted. Builmston, November, 1812. 2Ctf. 11 AGAR &, ARTHUR, ARE now receiving nev new supplies of SADLERY, COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE, mull its varitie.. ALSO, DRUGS & MEDICINE PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, Ac. &c. Burlington, Vt, 11th Nov. 1812. 5 AliltANY AND HOSTON HAIL ItOAD Faro through (n llostnii 80. MnrniiiL' train through to Bo-ton leave. Giccubush at 1 beibre7 o'clock, daily,Sunday'scxceited-arrives at Boston CJ. llrcahjasl at Ultatliam. The afternoon train 10 Siinngfield only, lenves Greenbush at i before 1 o'clock. P.tengc can leave Springfield at u A. ju and airive 111 lioston at 111 a.iw. Passengersinustleavo Albany atoi or lajooiocK, and not later 10 insure a passage. I on New-York via lUnTroiiD and iNew-iiaven Passengers leaving Greenbush i lefore 7 A. M. lake stage ai npringueiu nt ii) ai. reacu iiaruoru at -1 P. M. and New Haven at 7 P. M.Icxlge leave New Haven by steamboat at 81 A. M.,and arnvein New-York at 2 P. M. Passengers may also leave Greenbush at before 1 P. M-, reach Springfield CJ, ihonee by stage at SJ to Hartford lodge leave Hartford at 6J next morning !n cars for New Haven, and theneeby steamboat, ar riving iu New York al 2 P. M. Fine through to New York SC. Fun New York, by Ibe llcusatonic Kail-road. Fare id. A Irani of ears will leave Gieenbiish daily, (Si.n. days excepted) at 5 P. M., reach Bridgeport nt 2 J A. M., take boat at 7, ami reach New Vork at 1IJ A.M. Pas-eimcrs must be al South Ferry in Albany at 51 P. M. Freight transported daily by this lino between Alba ny and New York nt rales from SO to SI 0 per ton. Flour in lots of 500 barrels at 50c. per barrel, and for anv less quantity COc. per barrel. Passengers must procure tickets before lakiiig Cars. Tickets can be obtained 111 Albany at l. u. Payne ofllcr, 2J Broadway, or at Ticket Ollico iu Depot at Until bush. FREIGHT DEPARTMENT. A Freight Train will leave Grcenbtish daily (Sun day's exccpicd) fur Boston u 51 A. M, Every information will bo given at the office in the Depot at Grceiiliush. Deeemler lft 1812. W. Il.TOWf SEND, Master of'l ' importation. Notice. A FEW BOARDERS can 1 accommodated on XX moderate terms, by applying to LEMUEL CURTIS. Burlington, March 24, 1843. Cash uald lor Pork. TMIE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for 1 WELL KATTKNEUI'lIllK. FOLLETT & BRADLEY, Uuilinr-ton, Dec. 22, IMi. 30 r PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrticlcis too well known to need commen dation and the encrirnrn nf seven vrnra has demonstrated to tho commercial community, that for accuracy, convcnicnco and durability, they arc unrivalled Coal ynrd scales to weigh from 3 to 0 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 12 lb. to 6000 lbs.. Portablo do. to wcir-b from 1-2 oz. to 200 lbs. PortabloCounter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1811. CURE FOR WO xllflS. Fahticstock's Vct-mlfugc. Prepared by the subscriber, and sold Wholeeale nnd Retail at the Drug Warehouse of 11. A. Fnhnestock & Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, THIS preparation has now stood the test of several years' trial, and is confidently recommended a a safe nnd effectual medicine for expelling worms from the syslcm. Theunexainplcd success which ha attend ed its administration in every easo where the patient was really afllictcd Willi worms, certainly render it worthy tho attention of physicians. Tho proprietor has made it a point to ascrtain the result of its use in such case n camo within his knowledge nnd observation and he invariably found it to produce the most salutary ellects not iinlrequcnt ly nfler nearly all the ordinary preparation recom mended for worm had been previously resorted to without any permanent advantage. The fact is at tested by the certificates nnd statement of hundreds of re-nectable person in dillerenl parts of the country. nnd should induce families always to keep a phial of the preparation in their possession, it i mild in its operation, and may be administered with perfect safe ty to the most delicate infant. The Genuine Vermifuge is now put in one ounce phial, with this impression upon the glass, " FAH NESTOCK'S VERMIFUGE," and the direction. accompanying each vial have ihe signature of the proprietor j any medicine put up in plain ounce vials and the signature ol which docs not correspond with the above description, is not my Genuine Vermifuge. The subscriber deems it his duty to use Ihe above precaution in order to cuard the public against mis taking other worm preparations fcr his deservedly popular ermiiuge. This medicine has been known but a short time in Burlincton. but through the wester States it has been the most popular and eificient worm remedy for a pe riod of nearly 15 years being used in the practice of regular pnysicinns. In the Canadas where it has been known but about two years the sale have been very great, Icing about 500 gross. The Surgeons of Her Maesty's troop and local physicians make constant tue of it in their practice. CAUTION. There is an article called "Kolm stork's Vermifuge" lately put in circulation by the house of Comstock & Co., of New York, which i re presented a being the "same as rahnestocl-." 1 his is not the case, for Kolm-tock's t a base imitation nreservinz none of the virtue of our excellent meiii cine. The only security to the publie is to enquire particularly lor u. A. J annesioccs i crnnjugc, and aVOtUUll Ullier ailll-ICJ, UL-til lii siitniur unities. 1-or sale, smsly or per dozen, p,jv & Manufacturing Druggists, and vendors of all Gen uine I'aieni iiicaicines. Ilurlinirton, Vt Jan 18, 1842. 4m3l PECK & SI'EAR, AGENTS FOR SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. CHILDREN CRY FOR THEM! . GROWN PEOPLE say they are the p!easantet and mot ed'eciive medicine in use. Enormous quantities are sold, and every bodv them. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES have saved the live ofthousand. SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZENGES are real antidote to headache, palpitation, sc-i-sicknes,low- nes. of spirits and de-poudency or theellects of dis sipation. ruuic .viAiVS i'L,Abii-.K Sherman's we mean co-t 12J cents, and is certain to euro rheumatism, lumbago, pain or weakues-, in the breast, side or back, alo piles. SOHE NIl'PLES-Positivelv cured bv Sherman's Papillary Oil, without lakmg the child from the breast. Dr. Sherman dene particularly that purchaseis should be careful that they get the genuine Sherman's Lozenges and Plasters, a he cannot be accountable for life worthies articles that may otherwise be palmed upon them. Likewise all Genuine PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMES, SOAPS. INKS, BLACKINGS, MEDICAL WINES and LIQUORS, pure.; STU AR TS CONFECTIONERIES, PECK & SPEAR. Wholesale and Retail Druggi-ts, Iron, Steel &c. QA TONS assorted English Tur Iron, J I O " do. Swede and Peru do. do. a " Russia Old Sable do. flO " Peru manulactured roundand square Iron embracing all sizes from in. to 2 t in. IO tons nssorle.1 brand Iron. 1 0 " Scroll Iron and shoe shape, 3 " lliisia hore nail rod, Anvils, Vice, Sledges, Trace Chain-, Borax, File and Rasp, Shovels, Spade-, Cro Bars iVe. Steel. Sanderson's Cast Steel, Greaves Geiiiinii " English blistd. " American " 1 ,3 O Sclt Steel plated Cutter and Sleigh Shop &e. 6sc. jut lieieivud by STRONGS. LOOK AT THIS FARMERS! THIE subscril-er will MANUFACTURE WOOL X EN CLOTHS for customers the coming season, at tne louowmg price, to 11 S.iunctl, for 25 rts per yuid, Sheep Grey, plain, 25 cents per yard, Mixed and null colours 30 do Cus-iineres 31 do We also have 11 quantiy of CLOTHS on hand which we win exchange lur ooi. .MURRAY ii PATRICK. Hinesburgh, March 1-1, 1843. 42mG TIIE GERMAN STORE. fTHlE subscribers 12 leave to renew 10 the public L of this nlnco nnd ibe surrounding eountrv. the intimation that they continue to keep constantly on nanu u cnoice assortment 01 DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES. all of which in their particular kind, are of superior quality and surpassing cheapness, Especially would ihev luvile public attention to their imported I, human, rnnsiiut si-ani-ii V INKS, their Coonac BRANDY, uud Holland (Srhicilain) iu, most 01 which nave already been tor ome years under their own particular survey and inspec tion, and the age of which added to their unquestion able purity renders them peculiarly In for medicinal uses-. They also respectfully inform Storekeepers nnd lavern-iicepcrnoi tne nujacent town, who aro ue- siiuus m siit, tying meir vtusuuiier wnu genuine articles, that thev ran be sunnlieil with them ut Ihe German Store, in llnrlinglon, wheio Ihe .ubscrilers will .'euvu it to the discrimination of llio-e who may call to judge how far they have a claim 10 asierf the superiority 01 1 lie articles tnev oiler lor sale. OSTHEIM i, M1CI10LI.S, College st., next lo Mr. Wail's extensive Crockery "luie. Jdll.iO, 1B-IJ. ja CAJHNENT FURNITURE. rpiIE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Public, X that bo still continues tho CABINENT lit SI NESS at the Old Stand, on CAurcA .S'fr, formeily Nichols if- Hcrrick. and over Mr. Hurlbut'a Store. where be bus a eood assortment nf MahoiMnv. lllnt-k Wulnul, Cherry and Pino FURNITURE, consisting of Secretaries! Bureaus) Sofasi Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet. Tables 1 Bedsteads and Standa. which he will sell for cash unusually low, according to ihe uiiiei. WANTEn. In exchange. Birch and Mania SCANTLING, mii.i blefor Bedsteds 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Ellis and 1-2 inch BASSWOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS, BIRCH HUAiU'a, anu most Kinus ot uountry Produce Please call and examine for yourselves. . SAMUELN1 CIIOLS. Bui lingtou, Jan. 13, 16 U. 31tf I70R COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA or PHTHIS IC, CONSUMPTION, WHOOPINO COUGH, nnd all Pulmonary Affection nnd Disca-e of the Lungs, thi is believed to lo the most popular & effi cacious Medicine ever known in Aincrien,for proof ol which, we would refer to those who have iitcil It, nnd to the numcron certificate of Physician nnd others attnehed lo the inside wrapper of each bottle. Dr. Amory Hunting, of Franklin, Mass. writes that after having prescribed the usual remedies without relief, and having consulted with several eminent physician, ho ha found tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam lo have bad the desired cdect, nnd recommends it as n safe, convenient nnd ctficaciou medicine. Dr. Thomas Brown, ofConcord, N. II., write that to hi knowledge, it has never disnnnnintrd ihn rt-n. sonnblc expectations of those who havcii-cdit. The public nre particularly cautioned against the many Counterfeits or imitations which hnve partial ly or wholly assumed the name of the genuine article. iCrBe assured that it i not genuine unlcs one or both of the written signatures of SAMPSON REED or WM.JON'N CUTLER, are found attached ton yellow label on a blue envelope. (All label of nndnficrthc datcofDce. 1830, Will have the written signature of Wm. .lon'n Cutler. Prepared by REED, WING & CUTLER, (late Low & Reed,) Wholesale Druggist, 51 Chatham St., Boston, nnd sold by Druggists, Apothecaries and country mer chants generally. Price 50 cents. PECK & SI-EAR, Agents. Burlington, Dee. I, 1812. ly. EXCHANGE HOTEL. Water street, at the head nf the Steamboat Wharf nurlltigtnu, Vermont. IJY MUSES L. HART. THIS establishment, so favorably located for the accommodation of the liiine and travelling community, l now open to the public. PostCoache upon the various route call at the Exchange Hotel for passengers, and those arriving or departing by Steam Boat, in which case their baggage i removed without charge, will find this house peculiarly to their convenience. The keeper tenders hi services, with the assurance, that in all re-pects, the hous shall deerve the favor able consideration of all who may patronise it. Burlinton, April 1, 1842. 43tf. Dlt. iMAHSIIATtlS AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CATARRH SIVCJFF. THIS SnniTi. superior lo any thing yet known, tnp rcmnl'lnff llial Itr.lil.ln.nmn Ji.nn.a .I.a r"- tarrh. and also a cold in the head, and headache. Ii opens and purge out all obstructions, strengthens the glands and give a healthy notion to the parts affected. It 1 perfectly free from any thing deleteri ous in its compo-ition has a pleasant flavor, and its immediate eflect afier Lelng used, is agreeable Price 3, J els. per 1 ottle. Each bottle contains about three times thcnnaniltv of the several kinds of Catarrh Snuli; now selling at a lower price, nnu is inerctoro cheaper, as well as better than anything of the kind in irarkei. nt)CT. JAKVIS TOMATO BI1IIOUS PILLS. THESE Pills contain no Calomel, lint arc compos ed entirely of Vegetable substance, and have in their composition a large portion of tho pure extract of that highly medicinal ai tide, the Tomato Plant, constituting them e-enliallv, TOMATO PILLS. The proprietor feel a conlidence in recommending them as superior to most, nnd inferior to none of the Pills whii-h are making so much noi-e at the present day, as a purifier of the blood, n corrector of a bilious or dyspeptic state and habit, or ns n common cathartic. He n-snie- 'he public that they have the cordial nnd laei let approbation ol physicians of the lugbe-t res peria' i'ity, wh-i use iheni in their practice. Sc'd ' y the IV pm .or, CH. RLE BOWEN.Mid dle' irv, ' Win. C!. Stin ,-on and Heed, Edward llr Mesrs. I 1 1 a i-v Phelp- A. ' er in New Yorl. : ll sV ARIHCK. Ilur- generally throughout Can l -a. J3, 1843. lv33 jDRUGS&MICINES f&l The s'ibcnLers are eontinn-IS- allv suniibed with EVERY AlMllLE in the above branch, lolh oftbeOilicinal and Patent kind; Medicinal water from Saratogas do. from Caledonia, Canada j Medical Wine and Liquor-, (pure) Leeches j Surgical Instrument s'.Min eral Teeth, &e. Prescriptions put up at shoilesl nonce. IttShop openat all hours. PECK & SPEJ R, Apothecaries. Burlington, Feb. 1,1913. lyjo HOOKS, Retailed at IVtulcsalc Prices. THE subscriber has taken the extensive, nnd valu . ,a.i. ,.r 1 ..... -IT...1...I -rt...AlnMlnnt 1T.. uuiu siutts i-t uaw, ttit-i, ii,. ii, i iicuiuiv.1,1, ,.is- cellaiieous, Classical, nnd School Books, lately be longing to i;. (.mod! ich. coninrising tne largest aim bet selected stock lit the Stale, which ho oilers at retail for cash nt wholeale prices. tViunv valuable boons will bo sotit at one nan Ilieir original price. Call ill the old innd iu"l' alairs Jl. J. SIIUMWAY, Agent. Feb. 13,1813. 33lf Salt. lOOO BUSHELS Course Western Salt, &U do Turks Island 500 do St, Ubes 150 Bbls Western fine 40 Sack Liverpool blown CO Sack Western line do do do do do G Cases Salt in loaves for table use, bv Nov. 12. STRONGS. CASH PAID for FLAX SEED. LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for sale bv STILES it MoELltOV. At the Oil Mill at the Falls. Burlington, Nov. 1, IS 12. 23, 1 y House and Store To Let. A Neat and Convenient House, out XSl building, and small garden. Also, a convenient Store, in a good stiuation as auv other ill Church street. Both or either of ihe above tenements to bo let for 0110 or more years, and possession given tho lirt day 01 .May next. IBiU'j ll All.U-.ll February 2, 1813. 3C New Establishment. rrtHE undersigniHl having bought out ihe entire 1 stock of BARNES cV KEIXER, beg leave to inform the pudlic that thev intend to continue the OAIIINKT nud CHAIR MAKING BUSINESS, all its brunches, at the old stand of Barns nnd Keeler. Thoiiublie "enerallv. nnJ the citizens of Burlington 111 particular, are rcqiit sun iu uu i-auuuiic uis-ii , D . . - 1 ... i, .i .1 wort; and Ilieir prices, 1 ui-y win sen uny urncic 111 their line cheaper than can be bougiu in tins market, a. & g. f. Barnes. Burlington, Feb. 10, 1843. TIIE Books and paper ol tin.' undersigned will be kept for the present at the shop heretofore occupied bv them . thev reuuctnll persons indebted lo call and pay immediately, or they will be under the necessity of leaving their uemanos ior coueciuui. All persons having claims agaiut the subscribers are respeellully requested to present mom ior adjust ment, ns iney are ueiermiiico iu oiiug uu mcir uusi nes to aclosc us soon as possible. iiAii.r.- ,j. A.r.1.1,1,11. Burlingion, Feb. 10, 1813. Valuable Estate For Sale. rrMlE Subscriber oilers for sale the divel X ling house und lot, consisting of about one and a quarter acre of land, situated oil College Slrect. beloiuriqn 10 ihe estate of tho late Dr. Robert Moody. The houc is or brick, thoroughly built, and very conveniently arranged. The canlen is well siinnlieJ wiih fruit. and 111 a high stale of cultivafion. A credit will lc given, torn portion ol the purchase money, 01 two ycarsiroin 1st wciober, lb4S. GEO. B. SHAW, Admr. Burlington, Sept. 31, 1812. -I7H JOSEPH WAIT Ila received a lull supply of CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, added lo the fanner stock, makes his assort in u 11 1 quilc cumplete, and it is ollcred al rerytouprlces wilh the prcsturu of llioliines. Fanulicsiii want of Goods 111 his line, will do well to cull and examine ut least; at 1 lie comer 01 1 iiuicii aim -.oucjcvsircci. llurlington, Oct. COlh, 181. 20if PERU IRON COMPANY. HAVE, nnd will constantly keep in drposite with their 'Agents at Biiilmgion, Vt.. Peru manufac- i. .....I Tv'-M- n.l I-.., -f tl.- r.ll ' t .. iinrti isiiiin nnu nun, ui iiiu lunuwing uescnptions, to wit : NAILS. 3d, -Id, ."id, Gd,ed, lOd, 12l,20d,24d, 30d, 40d,B0d,60d SI'IKi:s.4 ine h, 4 1-2, 5, 6 1-2, and C. MNISIIlNfl NA1I.S.-Cnl, Bd, lOd, 12d, manufac tured specially for finishing nice woik. FI.OOll iVa,.S,.-12d,20d, and 24d. IRON. IWVNn 70A',-3-8,7-lG, 1-2, 0-1G. 5-8, 11-16 3-4, 7-8, 1 inch, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, i 1-2, 15-8 1 3-1, 2 inch. 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 3, nnd 3 1-2. SfWAIli: lh()N,-3-S, 7-1G, 1.2,9-16,5-9, 11-16 34, 7-8, ,1 1-8, 1 1-1, 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. nAXpMON.-l 1-4, 11-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2 2 3-4.3.3 1-2.4, 4 1-2,5 inch. Timi li:oS,- 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-1, 2 wide, and from 3-8 to 5-8 thick. ItOtiSIi SHOE IRON, various sizes. lIAMi: AND SCROLL IRON. do. do. MAlllILK SAW PLATES, cut to order a short notice. The Peru Iron Co. manufacture their goods at Clin tonvillc,N. Y. from Iron of their own make. They intend to keep in the bands of their agent a more ful and complete assortment thnnran be found in the State. It is believed that the cood from this estab lishment are belter manufactured, than those from liny oilier in us vicinny. Purchasers are respectfully solicited to inspect th Goods of thi Co. Prices a low and terms as favor able, nscan be obtained in the State. T. r . &, W. L. STRUNG, Agents. Aug. 25th, 1842. New Establishment, THE subscribers having opened a Paint Shop in the building one door South of Bishon'a Hotel. would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic that tliev nre prepared to execute all kinds ol J louse, Carnage ana Hign raxnlmg, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper llansinn. in the neatest possible manner, and hope by airiest Iiciduuui uiittii nun iu uushicsb iu icbiite B snare V tho public patronage. K. U. SlAUL.DING. S. H. RUSSELL. Burlington, April 2D, I8d2. 47tf. Life! LUc!! Life!! ! DR. Jonathan Moore's ESSENCEOF LIFE. Tha most hirrhlv esteemed Medicine tbni h been discovered for curing Coughs, Colds, Asthmas. and CONSUMPTIONS. It will also remove the Whooping-Cough in one week. Prepared by Him it Snr.Moi-R, from the original receipt, by the direc nun ui -urn ttiuure. For sale wholesale, by PECK & SPEAR, Burlm ton, nnd at retail, by the principal Druggists in United Slates. Orders directed to Henry Seymour, Hadley, Mai will receive prompt attention, nnd any quantity Aicuicine immtdinteiy lurnislicd. Caution. A there is much of the snurious arti cle for sale, JCPbe particular to enquire for that pra pared by Henry Seymour, Hadley, Massachusetts. MADAM HOIVIN'S ANTI -SPASMODIC EMMENAGOGUE Oc jj-rmalr Krflulatoc. For Irregulor and Painful Menstruation, and for the Suppression or Retention of the Mensei W HENEVER any of the organ of ihe human frame cease or refuse to perform their cffice, the seed of disca-e arp sown, of which the harvest is death, unless, by timely attention the obstruc tion nre removed nnd nature is thereby restored to her wonted action. Through carelessness and ne glect thousands of female m this northern climate have gonedown to an early grave of Consumption, a disease that with female is Invariably promoted by, and in most eases ha its origin in a derangement of those organs upon which the Ejimlsagogce is es pecially designed lo act, mo-t, if not alt of whom might have been saved by a timely resort to this medicine. VERBAL TESTlMONY-thc best thatcan be offer ed in proof of its eilicacv, may be found in every neighborhood where the Emmenegooce has been employed in accordance with Mauam Boivin's direc tions. It is prepared in wine, and though powerful is neverthelcssn safe medicine for family use. Each bottle contains about 2 1-2 ounces Price 75 ct. A liberal discount will I e made to Physician, who no it in their practice, nnd to person who pur chase b quantity. Sold in Burlinaton and vicinity by PECK & t-PEAIt, Agents. Dee. 22, IS 12. 30 LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE and well selected assortment, consiif inuof Gilt. Alnhozanv and Gilt, .tfnhntrnnu.nnrt Fancy frnnud l.ookini Glasses, for s.!e nt nrcnllr rrdtirt-d prirc- nt tit, Ilnrdwnrc Butte, Corner of Uliurcti and uoiiego sib., by llAUAll ct ARTHUR. STOCK Ol' II A W A HE FOR SALE. 'piUItsUBSCRlBER, having determined to leave J Builinton in the siirnur. oilers for sale, fnr cash, his entire stock of HARDWARE, at the invoice cost 111 New Vork, adding ihcrcuuto Iwo per cent. for expense of transportation. As his stock is entirely new, and teen seicclea, (lor prool or which he would refer to anv Hardware merchant) and was nurcbased previous to the pas-age of the new Tariti' Bill, he thinks it won d be impos-ible for any person who wihed 10 engage in thel usines, todo so under more favorable ciroiimtances. WM. J. HUNT. Strong's Huildina-, Dec. 30, 1612. 31 TO LET. A Commodious. STONE HOUSEat prcsentoceu picd by Dr. Hinebeko. For terms apply at Iks nrcmise. uurungion, rcpi. o, io-ij. 15 tf While Lead. 1TON White Lead in Oil, 2 do dry do. warranted equal in quality to' any mannf eturcd in tho United Stale price unusually low. STRONGS. Unite Nov. 10, 1332 Tin Plate &c, 80 Boxes Tin Plate, 'Jj ndi. liu-sia and i-.ngiish Sheet Iron, assorted no-; 4U Udls. iron ire assorted, scent Sheet Cop per, Tinned and black rivets, Wire Vellum, Bras Kettles .ve. Ac. STRONGS. Nov. 17. 1342. GROCERIES. A f Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orlcani ftiU Sucars, 10 Ton Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar, 5 bbls. Crushed and Powdered do do G' hhds Porto Rico Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 40 Chests Hyson, Hyson Skin, Younc Hyson and Pouchong Teas. 2 tons Saleratus, 23 keas and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Sheep Tobacco. 1 barrel Lorillard's Mnccaboy Snub", 15 bbls Smoking and fine cut Chewing Tobacco 50 boxes Bunch Raisins, 30 baas old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and Laguira Coflec, 6 do Pepper and Pimento. Also, Starch. Cin namon, Nutmegs, Cloves. Pipes, Bur Lamp, Sperm Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, ttc. With the above, and many other Goods, we wish to buy money, and offer more for it than is usually paid tnlthis vicinity. Purchasers are respectfully in vited locau. -UKUAlia, Nov. 17, 1842. 25 L.1L.Y SIRUP! "IMIISjknownaud unparalleled remedy for Cought, Influenza, Cold', Asthma, Spitting of lilood. Whooping Ctugh, Irritation and ditseaieit statt of the Lunes, and Cvruuiiipffon. For sale by s 1 PECK & SPEAR. Druggist. 2- Agents for Burlington and Us vicinity. TO THE LADIES. Ir. Hull's Utero Abdominal Supporter. 1 ins pew instrument lor the radical cure 01 rroittpsti I'teri, or tailing of iuu nuiiin, iij external application, superscilmg Ihe use of ihe objections able Pessary, is conlidently recom mended to the alllicied as the means of nerfect restoration lo health, it n. er having failed ot performing a cure, even under tho most aggravated circumstances. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe as well as in this eountrv. It is adopted to the entire disuse of pessaries, and all oilier painful sur gical expedients, in tbe Lying-in Hospitals of London und Paris, andia universally recommended in Europe bymedical men ol'ihe highest rank. In thin country t is siistainedby the leading members ol the faculties f Colleges and Hospitals, and byall the eminent pri ale practitioners, PECK & SPEAR, At which place may also lio had, Hi-ll's Maesii'b and TwiTciiEtL'slHERNIA TRUSS, for luptures 111 the Mali: I'crson, from the infant to the adult. SCJ"These and tho above for sale singly or by Ihe dozen. On hand constantly a croud assortment rf SLE(il"AL lNSVRL'MLWTS. 'Ji"L!u'!7ia

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