Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 21, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 21, 1843 Page 3
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CommunlcatlMt. ROMANISM AND TIIU r.1()TP.ST.NT RE FORMATION SOCIETY. The importance of mcctinc; the catholic mind, in a kind sp'rit and wiili right instruction, cannot do tun do ply f'lt by fie people of tin Unl ed Slates. Chilstisns of every denomination, nnd (it lens of every political party, have nn interest nnd responsi bility in this matter of which they rnnnol tiyhifiilly divest themselves. For while ihete have Icon in 1 lie Rom'uh Church a few men of cxftllent pkty, the grest body of that tomnmnity ntc In he rrpardid as a pirty organise I and tnilinp fortlte ntr) lisiiion nf po litical power. In this view paptcy ever has I cm, i now, and ever must lie n subject tf terror to n'.l en light mcd Christians. F.'nltinc; herselfand despisinc II others, she aims to conquer nt any siciificr. she comes in upon us li e n fliod; not satisfied M I c n we are, and to liven we lives she claims prerogatives that we dare not claim, nnd makes demand? that vr cannot crnnt. She despises our Institutions nnd burns our lliblfs. Among the means which llio benevolence of the aze has devised for stayinfr the progress nf thi mighty system nnd for opening nnd insttucting the two hundred thousanit, wlwcnmc nninuu hp, nntmnlly from foreign shore", many of whom nre nut able tn resd, and all of whom nre poisoned I y n forrivrn nlle giin:', is ttu AMsaicvs PsoTSSTAXTRcronMATtos SOCIITV. This Society wan formed in New York in It object is to awaken the attention of christian generally to this subject and serine the word of lift and the means of grace tn nil who will receive them What may be accomplished bv such labors may be sen at Grand I.mne and St. Pip. This soricty has an able and discreet agent nnd re presentatixe among us in the Rev. William I'rcwn who has visited many of the churches nf Venw 1 1, tnd designs to prosecute his work antonum for some months to come. We learn that his romniimiealioi s hsvc awakened m-l- .'"'""nT fmrr ptic of Ybc Vi'i. to'ddtfri-. fi,"?fits, is the establishment, ii the Valley of the Mississippi, of a Dr.rosi-roav of Bibles, Tracts and Rooks, expressK fur llie benefil nf the Catholic population of ihnt w dc return In this work atl evangelical denominations nre united. Having had the pleasure nf an aequiinlanre with the Rev. Mr. Brown, nnd helicvinn him tobe n mnn of prudence and good qualifications for his ivoik, 1 am but complying with my own convictions nnd the wishes i f the friends of ihis cause, in wrnini this no tice for the purpose of tmnmendini! him nnd bis object to the patronage of the Churches nf the community nt Urge J.N'O K. CO?VF.RSE. THE COMET, ONCE MORE. This illustrious interloper scents to have attracted a pood d.;il of attention in till sec tiims of tliu country, nnd among all classes of mo community, it nus inspired a (.-real number and variety nf poets ; it lias increas ed tins confidence nf the whole herd tlf'iMil luriles to a most niarveiloiis extern ; it lain excited the curiosity of a preat ntinilier of young children and of quite a respectable corpse of old women ; it 1ms civen rise tn a great many foolish prognostication of wise men and wise prognostications of foolisli men ; it lias induced some nf the most dis tinguished astronomers in tlm country in burnish the rusty mirrors of their long neg lected telescopes ard resnir.n their astrologi cal pursuits, and played sundry and diveis Other " fantastic tricks before high heaven " which are too numerous to mention. Out lite last scivervto have heard of the celestial fat'.boarei 's rutting was plaed off mining the down E-isteis, and is recorded in a lite number of the Kennebec Journal. It seems to have upset the gravity of a whole body of sago Legislators. Tim .Journal thin "Mr. Perkins of Ilallowell a member nf the House of Representatives nn the last day of tliu sessiun, while the llnnm wen waiting the report nf lint committee sent to notify the Governor that the Legislature had passed on all business before it anil wen ready to adjourn, laid on the table the fol lowing bill, and the I tiles were suspended and the bill read by the .dssistant Cleik. Tilt! readin.; of llie bill occasioned conside rable laughter, and as il contains some pret ty good hits on llie anion nf the Legislature, wo publish it : " SPATE OF MAINE. In the year of nur Lnl one thousand eight hun dred mid forty. tlnee. AN ACT to define the leng'h nf Conic's' ta:'K, and other purpuspp. Sep. 1. lie it enacted by (lie .Senate nnd I Inline nf Representatives, a lollows: Fimii and allm the first diy of April not, no (TnuiL-t shall he allowed to come within our plane'arv t-vvum with a tail of greater length th in one inild ,i miles, e.scept in the Co igression il D.strit-t ni 1,'iiriMii ami wnnrti, in wincn r.n-es it nnv e' teml northwesterlv and southeasterly in a crunk ed direction, to the ultimal Itin.ts of sa.d (lis trier. Scc'2. Re il further enacted, That for everv ..:..! .i.- .. : . t .i . r. i ,MfiiMfi ,ii ,i,jviMiiim iii mis aei a line sfi ill be paid to the enmity by the mil ibitatits thereof, of not less than five tlmusund or inure than ten thousand dollars, at the discretion ol the Clnel Justice of the Tmvn Court whnrn the nlL-nrc may be committed, payable within thirty -Jiys after convictonr, in gold, silver or nionulone.' Sec. 3. He it tarlher enicted, Tint for aidtti" or abetting any violation of this art, the private property of the inhabitants of said Coui-i, and ol all other persons within llie range of its orbit, shall be holden ":lirnugh all coming time." Sec. 4. Bfc it further enacted. That it inavand shall be l iwful for the Democratic, candidates for Congress (not exceeding tucnly-ihreo in any one district) to ride on said comet, or the tail thqrenf, without chargo, for the purpose o' effecting their own elec tions. Sec. 5. Ba itfurther enacted, That the pro. visions of Ihis aet relating tn Comets shall be held to snrily to all oilier vagjanls and vai'a. bonds, indue' pj phrenologists, animal magin-t. izers, jiifglers, locnrrnitivei, Inco.focop, pedlars, tiicht.walkerf, Millerites, Mormnnr, and all other persons poiiifr about from town to town witchnifftail of extraordinary length. Sec-6. Beit further enarted, That this law (hall take effect from and after the first day of April next; any law passed hy CongresF, oranv Veto of Captain Tyler, orany forcible resistance, of Thng. W. Door to the contrary nutwithstand- See. 7. Be it furlherenaeted, Tiiat if anv pr. son before the 23d day of March, A. D, "1814, (hall illuminate the people of this Suto with northern lights on llio subjects of Biuks and Banking or defeat llio treaty of Washington, or make the State liablo forsc'izing plundered tim. ber, he shall bo exempted frnm llio penalties of this act, and shall bo allowed the privilege of ridinjrfrpe of expense, beyond the reach of day. beht, upon the tat! of any comet lie may choote to ride. Sec. 8. Be it further enacted, That this act shall continue in fnrr.n until tho Legislature of Maine shall have recaptured the Cahfornianf, effected a treaty the Cnlcstial Empire of China, reformed the South Sea cannibal?, in. (tructed the inhabitants of Nova Zernhla in th (Cience of democracy, regulated the affairs oral) other nations, Rhode Island included, paid Gen erl Jackson fine, rejected the distribution money, executed sunimiry vengeance upon nil tanks and bankrupt, abnhBh9, all justice and equity in tho State, converted a 10 ,lt aw yers, substituted bar rooms f(,r i,1r rll((, nf eqtiahied tho population ami properly of the Wliat do y, think r h Conui ? ' said Olie tjontluman to another llio nihar dav. Iuni non-Comet-al, on that subject' AsTnoNioricAt. ArrAitATUs, Tliu cunirt It. is i'xiciiJl'J ii litvoriiliit! Itifliiriicn in out! rcs)tii'l, nt nil uvt'iit. It It. is i.x pust-il tliu t'xri'i'tlinc tlisrreilitiiblt) ili'licit'iicy nl mir It'iiriiud inn! srii'iitilii' ii stitniions in iistrono tnini! iitiiiriitiis, mid produced efforts to sup ply 1 1 io want, I'spctinlly mining lliu Boslon- littis. It is nut it litili-icniHikiililii tlmt tl.c Very best st:t nl'liisti'iinit'iits in lliis Uiiiun is, tit llio icpiitt (lives, tit tin; AVt-strrii Reserve Cnllegu lii Ohio. Tliu Bustuit Daily Ad- Vet User says : We iiiblilied, a few thvs tea. the nrocctdinirs nf a mti'iitiL' (iluciilloiiien. who iisscmbtctl for thu pur pose in miopunir measures to ntitaiti lite means ttipro- rurr n tett-oMiiii", suited ror the must exact nslionoiiii- til observations, A riunmlllre wn unnointrd for ihi' ut nscnf riiiiu'jt subscriptions for this nhjed. Wmre happy In learn tint the snhsbiiiilioii has been ipentd under favninhle niispu-i s, nnd that il basal rt-a.ty rrrcivcd the name ut one )L'i-n I icinni won n su srriptiun nf SKCO. and four ccnili'tiiin nf 3)C0 each In addilion, nnnthi r nrnllcniau Ins iffciid l etve In the same id jwt the sum nf Si COO nn Condi Hon tin llie other subscriptions shall ainoiiiit to 20 00 within the iw ' iiinpth". The Snriiiy for the dif fusion of Useful Kntiwlediie hns vntrd'to cnnttiluitr In the fund the sum nf 81,000 It is believed tint the sum propositi lobe ruicd will the expet ses not only id such n tilescope n it is ilistrril tn procure, hut of soinculhrr necessary as rntiiiniicn) insirunicnts. DEATH OP SENATOR MellonEitTS. The Htm. Samuel Mrltoberls Senator in fniHitPFS frrtn lltii o'f, died in Cincinnati m Monday la', njiml about 40 year?, u tT a short lines?, rrsuillin;; fi'iun a cold taken in cros:n.' tin niMiliitailis, on hi.sivay hninc trinu the se lion w hich lias recently rlo-tvl. fl. Clipper. .C.iUTitisV. A ymmg tM'tiilcnianiii lliis ril v ictrivcil ii (JiHircssini: injiii v, a f i w (his "il Illlli jinnrtltll; rl, ''( , , t , t "( . end ol'one of llie legs flew into his face, tlriv ing a strap button into one of bis eyes, where it was so firmly embedded that a violent jetk separated it from the strap, ami left it in the eye ! which bled profusely, of coiiise, and threw the suffeier into the most ncntn dis tress. Dr. Pennington being immediatelv called in, found it completely inserted iinde'r the outer shin or coal, nnd succeeded in with drawing it with as little injury as possible by llio delicate use nf his insi'miHem. There is some slight hopo wo utider.-land, that the hall of llie eye may bo preserved, but thu pinhahilliy is tliat ilie sight is destroyed. Xiwark Daily Adcirthu: Lonn Lv.NCDiicii a .i) Loiti) Hrhiciiam. The following is ;l t) extract of a letter from London, dated 27lll February. 1843: "You may hive heard that Loni Luiedmh challenged Uioiigliain. B. in ii teceiii ilidiati- chose lo alluile In tin.- taking of St. .Sabastian, ulieielie vniil nil atrocities wen l otiiniiiled under a ' Whig Crmral,'1 Lmd L. sent Lotd William Itossell (Inolher of llie Duke of Bedford) todeinand salisfaciioii, when II. wrolo him, that what he lel'mcd lo was meiely 'mutter of history.' Lord L. lenlied, he cotilii I not understand that any thing w as matter nf history till the people weio dead. R, llim pioiiiised to apologii'.e in Ihe House of Lords; hut as he has del.iM'il, Lord William has again been sent him lo know the reason, and it is said, with a gentle hint, that tin: old 'Whig Gene ral' will pull his nose." Caltdtmian Mcr mrif. Too tiili:. The celeluateil John Ran dolph, on a visit to a female fiioml, found her sun minded with her seamstresses, milk ing up a quantity nf clothing. "What wink have Mm on hind ? "Oil, sir, lam piepai ing this cliiileng lo send to the poor Ci'ieeks." On taking leave, at the steps of the mansion, he s iw some of her servants in need of the verv clothing which then lendei-heniled mis- Irrss u i,p sfittliut! tttin.M.t. tl ex. l.iitoeil, "Madam, madam, the Creeks arc at the dour!" Tub Hi:i:t. Tho little I have seen of llie win Id, mid known of the lnstoiy of man kind, leaches nll, ),, (M)X tl,,,,, ihe'enors of olheis in soiiow, not in nugi r. When 1 take the histoiy ol'one pooi heail that hassinueil and siifl'eied, and tepieseitt lo nr. self the stiogglis mill tt mpl.nioiis it i;i's passed ihieugh; the lis it; lil piiNalions of jn ; the I'eM'iish iiiquieiiide iifhoe and fear; tile pressure of want ; the ileseition nf fi iends ; .i i . i ' uie sioio in me wm in Hint has hllle i liantv the (lesnl.nion of the snol's s;i, hiiii . ihieateiiing vices within 1 ;,h, nom I a la I ' li p- ini,-ss j.'iitii eeu Hope tlmt uuiaihs lui -"est gum I would lain ,..ive the ening snul of ni lellow loan wiili him Imiiii whose handi il r.itn: Laiififi Hi ir. Ax I1omt Wo.nw. A iNiw Oilinns paper sis that soon al'ier lie Tiiasnier if Mississippi 11, ( his w 'e called on the (loyer-noi- of the Stale and ileliv ii f-Ofidflll b, gold and Tieasiny imtes, with a panel con taining Nate IJonds. Hire is aeother in stance of ihe supeiior homslx of the gentle sex doiiblh ss thai wifo peisiiailid the dis lionesl man, for ihe sakonfhis fatnil'.s iep iilatioii, lo leave his booty. Spimno Thu Blue bird, the Clterrv bird, and "llohO'Lincoln." hae waibleii mosl ghnioiis canticles over tho depaiting miiiw dining llie last day or two. livery day will add to this feathered Hip. choir. llurrisburgh (r..VTt.EM... Tim neatest definition per haps of this term, thai is, ihe most philoso phic, was by a mir pnl who spoke futiii.thu fulnes of mi inspired heart: "a human 'be ing, ciiinbiniug n woiuaii'i it iiderneas with u man's courage," Kkpt ins wnitn. A poor scamp left his wife In a greal rage, declaiiug slin should never seo his fare again, till ho was lii li ennich to come hack 111 a carnage. He kept his word, for in two hours ho was brought homoJriiiik,on n wheelbariow. "The man that misses funrire, loses the sweetest part of his exirtcner. I love to wateb the firet tear that glistens in the opening eye uf tnorninj tim client song the flower breathe the ihnlhri;; melody of the woidland minis, trch. lo which tl.o intdest brook trickles an- plauso Ihete, mellmg out tho sweetest strain of sweet creation's matmr, seCrn to pour nine soft and merry tale into the daylight, ear B if tl.c world bad dreamed a happy thing, and nnw muled o'er the telling of it!" sr.vrn of vch.vqn-i , ) A T n Proln c ins n.-l 1.1 1 rmiendrn. . J IV Conn htl J al uuriiiiiii..ii, wiui.ii uno unr.e 1 i iral u.uieui', 011 the J h lav U .t;rl, A. I'. J843. an Iielrou en piirperoni 10 le the la 1 Will and To lameal of AtJ,l. F Or.Ull, lav if U r.iicu,,,, in kii.I D 1lnct1e.-e.1nsi, was pre entel io the Co-n litre fur Proln e, by VVillum P. Ur:SSs tbetxevutor, tbeteiu naire'. I HF.Hr.FOKr: il i erdercl lv ,ai,f '( nun that p'llniu noniD 1 0 civen to all nenons edn'ernnlil.rr,-. 111 to appear lefore sud C.'ri, at n tcrriim ilierei f 10 be In. I kn III llie Id "i lur'. i riu m .mil ! ! 1 1 rl r. . -, . , ,. on the .eaond v6fMay, A. P. lS13,anilii nl iei ihe prnl a'e ol said Will mid n i fur.bir nrdercl bat tins 1 r.'er ten I li.hul iln- u..L in ibe It irliusnm Fiee Pie u ir pr n e.1 .11 o ir 111,11 ii, 111 i.ii.i oia e.ihe ia,t , f w, ,up c prevn it 10 inn nay a s'sntsi, nr if. aid fur J-curius. miryl wkstov, r,tuur, FOR SALE, I YOKE of WORKING CAHLr. 5 at, old, 1 MarUi4, IS.3. II. W. C'AILI.N. I. 31. f. A Meeting uUbuhtld at tho Society Rooms this (Friday) evening nl half past 7 o'clock, tn adopt by laws for thu Heeding Room. By order of the Directors. f. ! l.r.TCIinri, Sterttary. Ilrlglilou Maiket. Mtndny, April 10, 1843. At Mattel 350 Utrf Otitic, 300 Sheep,, and 1700 Swine. 30 heif entile unsold. Pmcre. Off Cn;f.-Lnsl week's pilres were fully susln ned, Mid we quote t'ie same, h. a few F.xtrs, S'i'Jo. Pirn omliiy, SI 75 a BfO. Stcnnd quality, 81 60 a 4 75. Third quality S4 00aS4fO. ShciT S.ili were made from S 2 25 lo 83,75. Sici'nc. I.nta to peddle, at 3 3-4 for s'iw, and 4 3 4 for barrows. Old bnrrows 4 1-2. At retail, frnm 4 In 5 1-2. M Ji? ff ii d! ? In Wliisiot, April I3ib, Mr. TiiAnLcs H. MltLM tu Miss Emily Clark, both ol Willision. BjiBa, In Hincsbnrg'i, on tlivOih int., Gmnor. D. Dors--ton-, youngist son of Jededinb Boynton, ojreii 14 ytars. At tlicrcsi l.-ncoof his falher, in Sheridan, Chatau Si" i'ii.jNi V.. nn the 12lb of March, Ms. David I'mck, in the '27ih year of his nee. .Mn. IIlack w as a native of Scotland, whence he reiii iveil, with his parents, lo this country nt the Be of 14. lie became a member nf tho University of VI in thu spring of 1E3S, and graduated with the class nf tall. After srailu iilng he spitit a ytnr as Principnl uf the Academy, in C'nnlon, N. V nnd dun became connected ns teacher of die laneunces, in the Colic ciate Institute nl Hrnkpnrt; where be remained until disease (ih eotui'inptnn) lempdlnl him to abandon li s occupation and return to his father's, that he mishl have the kVul nltemions and sympathies of household i ....a in in-, suui i jinn my in me rrnve. Only the few who knew Mr. Black well, can nr predate the loss thu cause of truth and solid learninsj his sustained in his dcnih. Naturally possessed of talents ol a lilli order, lie had so cultivated them that lie cnuU npply ihe energies of his mind with a power a id co ist.incy rarely dualled. Allhoueh he was fur behind his class when he enteitd, nnd was ob'ined to depend mainly nn'his own cxiriions for support, he crammed me most llioruiifli nnd critical scholar in tho Colli rc. He had nitnintd tins distinction, not tieeause lie possessed stronier powers of mind, bur mlnr because he had learned to make a constant and viiorous nppl calion of those powers. He trusted to no future limn or cimtmpent circumstances tn favor his exertions i but llion-ilu to icnlize his high hopes uy nnnntiy lcjr.ia tnetn out. He s.-emed to be one of the Taw who love the study of truth for its own sa .e, and to whom il brines its ow n reward. As n friend he was anient and sincere. Asa Christian he cons antly sought In ndorn lite profession he early made, by a r gi I adherence to triiih nnd duty in nil his it tily walk. He seemed to keep llie true end of mccver before turn, and conscious that it cannot be attained without libor, ho was unwilling that an hour should I e spenl in vain. Willi the brightest pro-pect of future usefulness, be nis licen stayed nt the very ilireholl of bis labors hy a tnysieriois dn.iensinm of Pruudjnce. We who knew hi n aa chss-nnle nnd fiiend can derply sym palbi7o with those ho mourn ihe loss nf a son nnd hroiher, an! with ihenirejiice ct ihe bright assu rance he cave tint death found him not unDrfDircd : bin lint with jiy he could lay aside his plans of fu ture Ivor anil usefulness and meet the king of ter rors wiili a smile. He dies not prematurely who hm answered life.s treat end. Comm. It EM Eh V FOR II MID TIMES. BJOIJACre COOK WOlf. I) inform the public that he i snpplyine T. W. Olltll w.ib inek nf ihe first nuniityi fur nil hinds of wort usually ki pi ut a Saddler's shop. From the well known ihniacter of Mr. Gibs's woik comuiciiilatinn is ttniiecesary. An cv-rllcm nsottinent of work now on hand tor ab' at pt lie- tncnricspnnd Willi ihe limes. (onilcmen who wi h t,i find their own leather will bewairautid best pi mi hnrntsses at S'iS. IliiKsborKli, April 21. 4v-17 ''. W. GIGB. noticj:. 'T'HOSF. who have un--rttled mailers with S. 15. , . .Slc.TT nn, mini ri-siFclnllvinririne,l thai ho will d lnnii h Die p'easure of leaving them for collection it not nrr.inired uniiiu Inn ly. THE WEST. A rr.uso.v who Ins spent srveral years in Ohio 111. Will -I ,rt for lllll.rf SltnlUQ ,1... 1 nnd Michigan, will , openini-of navignnon, on business thai will htm In slop at most ot the larger intermediate town n well as iho'e on and near lakn Krie Any business in htm will be liiitliliillv attended to. H, refeis by permission in C. OooDn'cn, II. B. Stacv, and Dana Wi.neli.w Ki-qis. L'tirhnsiton, April, 13. 1313. 45 H8iAC!iS.1BITf!IXG. , - 1 " 1 1 " 111 1 EY l""-a l,nv(' lo f"1'"" 1 J.X ibose wbi, are not a rem v niiniier.l ,.r it,, r.n. ' na 1 he hns 11 utmcd lis 1 smhlisbiui 111 to ihe new 10 en -r.op .oilier .,t Mid il- ne.v road, where be will be Inppv t,, nehis o'rf trinnds. and 111 ike js nnuy u uiws as piumplness and fidditv iiiayfteurc. tVAr;C!()Xi. He Ins on hand 3 Double Wnccnns, made of the best maii iii. s, wnb iton n.hs, and warramed 10 do St 1 Two one-horso LUMDER WAGGOXS-s good niliele. b AIo, n number of i.peiior t ONCORD GO.s, wiili wood ninl nun axbs. WAG- AIIoIwIikIi will besnlil veryeheap for cash, and at prictsndiij led to ihe nui, f ir L-ood papcr.9 Til HUNT. The second stnrvnf the building above alluded to being .1 ro 101 26 hy 40. ami an excellent stand for a Painter or Wbeebwriyhr. n . . 1 S, '"RV WHITNEY. fUrhnginn, April 12, '43.. 46 3m HtiUSU I'lllt S I.E. A e. am! conveaicnt HOUSF, wiili XL garden unl siolwner aiiacbeil, plea uii'ly .tioa e.1 iicht ihe I u-ine-i. part nt ihe village j a very de iral le n-.n'enee ami will I e sold low. ror'erin. applrto jur.rn wait. Lurmr of Ihirch apd 1 (lleje .t,. Hi'rlins'fin, V r ' I?, I'PU. J 46 Sl'IUXG FASIIIOy FOR HATS. 'PilR Silwrri'er ha revived J. Ihe Sprtn Parcrn- lor II AT S an I is cum lanilyiruiufacturinsand o era to the piflio hats of every quality sold m ihe eity ercoun'ry. 'I he mem on hand 11 n-hir in par', of llie fo lowinjr, vis. l.'Irs'K HFU'FD IIitc i"s 11 er nutria " K ne llr 1 h , Cum mo n Do ' ' ' aimere n ' Imi ation and Cranmnn " JlUO, Txira fine Mo'e Sim " lir .itwrior In most of thb Hai tearing that cams of w hi' h me have tern sold in lh place. A- thu sidnmler is aware that omu gendeman have la en a fancy 10 this kin I id hi', he ha incurred III) IMHl'Vliitiiii.H. il..l. . .-.l.l... t - . . . 1 . s. .......... .n.v,. v,.. uiiuii iiicio 1 iiitiirriaitf iis in their mannlne' are, and al-o one bf Ihe very lest city IIUllflB. nnil I t, .firfmn !. n. ..I I.. . rf- ' . - ' ''.'ti, 1- ii"-c-ii4i iu luuueraii ariu te in thu linn not inferior 10 ihe Ir-t city maiU h.)l. in i.i.i,,, at Lt..U ..-.I....!. 1:... n.i ' . -r " . '" ""inuoi's, aiio iiivrcs scni'e iuni to rail, examine, and compare quality andnrirv liilnri ll.t. nn..!.... 1 ....I vi... ' ,1 . . . w.w .... j i cwi.crc. rials n.ja iy mi uli,cri rr aiewarrented 10 si tain wetting without unary. H'. inadeionr&r n ihiirl no'iie. tioysoloih caps constantly on han.1, all (fwh'ib wallc sold cheap athe rb-ane-t. ,. CIlARLtS A SLY.MOUB. Iurhn;lCin, Pearl S'rri-, i . April 7, 1813. t 1B!,f HKHDfi CRA&J & CLOVJn SEU , a iperior q ialu mid nl a very low pri AIo, a low hindrelb shrl-of Com. Hje an 1 Oat., I y Mar.h 23, 1833. H. W. CaTLIN. IHSUOP HOPKINS ON ROMAN. ISM. Asfcnnd btler tn the RIGHT RF.V. FRANCIS , P. KKNKICK, Human Catholic JiUhop of PMIailtlhia. Hy JOHN HKNKY HOPKINsCd. D. IJUhupoflhc DLccsnf Virmnnt, t Just nuMiiahttL H.J.SHUMWAY, Agent. .5 PREDICTION Or THE ADVLNT JN 1843. 1 ' '" i'j J -i'' Si-Vi.'V lOI'KINi. I).- I)., ja-f iijii j ( isiy 1 ? j vt tiOnt, 1 KnAr F,f i u f -U.HV.'.y A2ent. Asa Allen's Kstatc. WK the subscribers, having been nppoinled by the Honorable thu Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, c.t- amine nnd adiusl the claims nnd demands nf all Per- : .it .,.,! IC1 JIII. V !., of r'JII? UVJllini 1IIC lltum w. Illnesburfth.lnsaid District, deceased, rcprrstnleil in solvent, nnd also nil claims nnd demands exhibited in offset thereto nnd six months fiom Ihedny nf the date hereof, being allowed by sa d Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give tiolicc.that we win attend lo tne misin'n oi our appointor. ni, ai Ihe dwelling of Can!. Harman M All' n. in Hines- lurth, in said District, nn Ihe Inst Tuesdays of June j . . . in. , t --u ,.r days. Hated, this 1st dav nf March, A. D. 19)3. 43 Wm Kl. JOT, j Commutionnt. William 1. IMIIUps' Instate. 1T7ETHK SUUSCttlRKR-J. havimbeen anDoinl V en by llie Honorable the Probate Court for the District oruniitenuen, coiiimisioiirrs to receive, ex ninineand adjust the claims and d 'imnds of all per 8uns,ni!aint ibecsistei.f WII.t.lAd P. PHILLIPS, laic of Hurlinton, in said District, derrnaed, represent ed insolvenl. and also all clniias and demands exhib ited in i its. t therein , and six months from the day of the dntu hereof, btinp allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give ncli. c, llint we will attend to the business of our appointment, nt the Exchange Hotel of Moses L. Hart, in Hurlinif said District, on the second Tuesdays of June nnd September next, at 10 o'clock, A, M., on each of Sni'tdays. Dated. Ihis first dav of April. A. D. 1841 1HAVO NVK. C'ommis- HR.RY JIAVO, 2d. J sinners Roswcll Crow's listalc. STATE OF VKUMONT. ) A T r I'mbate Court IliMriet ol'Chittenilen, .. -is- held at Uurlinifinn, within and for the d.str.ct of Chtttein'en on Ihe 8 h ,tau nf 1uN-h 1.411 eiiines A'ltlurt tiniliii ul' Wei li rd, in mid ili-lrnt, a bnini-'ra or ol the e. ta.enf Ko-well lirow late of sai I W, dwva nl, in- e-late, and tiles in ntd 1 rl his pe ition in writing ett itg fur;li that the sad Ornv died iczeJ of nlout four acre- of I.111.I in taid Wsttonl, lying on loth it, ol the road lea ling trnni tiieeouiiuoii in e t ford lu ibe stnreh lac.orv in vVcnl r.l. tie nz the same 'nndiee el l.yjuse.ih il. Urtiv tn tne mid ltu-wcll Urow, 011 wbu h land i-a hu i cand I arn that mid land Is jueuiniereJ iWlh s int.r'pure to said Jo epb II. cxecuirilby tliejaid Jlo.well in bis lil'elime to e e.tre the pay.netii ot six hundred dollars ; Ibat the inventory ul the cia!e ol tfiesaiJ Ilo.well auiouma to I3I,oG, and the claim" allowed against Mii I e. la.e am suits 10 inure ih.ln S700 00, of said inoriftaee debt s that I Ml- expense;. 01 settling Miil e-i e are nut ies than lony 001 nr-, and that a sale ufllieeii iii; of redeinplion in satj real enil e ine-ecs-ury f, r the payment of the del t ailoweJ againt 1 aide. la e, and praying said co at tu liecn-e han, the aid admiiitsiiauir, iuivlUsllre.ti t-.tate, airrecni ly to the statute, tie. Whereupon, ibe Court sluriaiil doth a,ipohit ihe fir-t WeJne-day of May, 184J, or hearing and decidius 011 raid pc':iiion nt the oilice ol'the Keirierol'said Court, m raid Horlinplun, mid doth order thai nil pvr-ons iutere-ted le nutnicd llierenl by publieatiou of ihl order, eunlainm ihe siib-tance of said pe ition, three wee is siuvc-ivcly in Ihe U irlinsrtuii tree 1'ies., a new-paper primed m aid llorliiiijluii, ihe lal nf which pal liialuin- 10 I e previous to Ihe sntdiir-t Welne.ayol iMay, 1813. tiiven miller my hand at taid Uaninifliiii, ihis 8 II day of March A.U. 1S1J. 46 3w WM. W1STON, Hegl-ter. LIST OF LliTTIiltS REMAIN' INT. In the Post Office at nur. Huston, VI., April 1,1813. J'din Arnold. Alexis Lallechc, 2, Frederick Lyman, Russell Lawrence, Miss M. l.anc, J. W. Lynde, Jacob Lewey, John Lawrence, Adulph Mnhriand, Thomas M Carty, 5, James Mitchell, 2, Mr. Mocrage, .Mr. Morice, John Morrison, George Monroe, Michael M' Gowan, 7, I.tcphen Mvers, Yonni( Mansfield, Joseph Mnlhuit, Huirli M'Kennca, J. W. Milk Kmehne M'Corter, Lrceister Morton, Michael Momu, Joseph Mnrquet, Batttst Mish. ''eorpe Mood), Otis Morean, Kluar Morion, Win. Mead, lleuiy Nash, I'. F. Norton, Joshh Palmer, li.,ipt Prry. Ts. I'aubin, Doctor Peck, Mrs. J. S. Polwin, Hrnry.Potwin, Reldiiie Paitee, Urmia Palniiier, Lvdia Palmer, John W. Pendtjrass, Genrce Paige, A. Pollard, Mr. Parsons, printer, I nniel Prior. Oi-lestm Rucicot, Patriili Rrily, 2, Nelson Rnkrts, A. Ronenlibot. Jonph Kindull, 2, Has ilin" C. Reed, I.oiiisn Randall, F. R. Itohertton, Pierre Hondo, T. J. Raymond, Sirah Ra'nney. Josiph Itiivvrn, Lewis Saunders, C. A. Seyino r, .fames Sreward, Winslow Spears, Isaac Sanderson, G. N. Spear. Elii;deih Saffiird, Almiia A, Stevens, Ashnel Stacy, 2, Nathaniil Sulion, , .Moses ip Aaron Spear W. A. S uiih, Charles E. Shetff, J. A. Stetson, S. A. Smith, it. P. Stacy, L. W. Spauldinp, Patrick Miendan, E. J. Siimsun, il. Spears, Marsnal Shrdtl, R. T. .-tnnilord, G M. Slaey, Shepherd & Martin, Solomon A' Smith, Warren Thayer, Mtln Thompson. John F. 'Ihompson, Lu e Thompson, Ilnstwick Tousley, Chsrles Tearrian, I bjah Thaver, Dnro'hea Uttr, Thomas Vunkirlr, Janes Vin ent, D. M. Varney, Clark Vanvhan, ijiuis Vnllir, rkarle. J. Walker, Hares Walaee, Bflsey Willey, Royer Wadsvtorth, David Wells, Jsmes I Wallscs, Samuel Wnller, GiifSn Win Jonathan Wamwrifiht, John Wiehi. I'. 1'. Adams. Charles Allien, Charles Alexander, Uev. air. Ancle, J, II. Austin, Elizabeth Braman, Nancy Harney. Joel llishnp, 3, Thomns Ueniley, .Selb lltsliop, 4, lllinn, 4, Rbcneier llricce. Ann M. L'lair, 11. r . urnoks. John Orunnelle, itarinw, f.cii llathune, Isidore llonin, mos K. Iteiiihett. R. S. M. Uouchett, B. Brown, Albert O. Iturr, ....1 siioia miss, Bndae Itlancliard, Maxhatn Hlair. II. I.. Birrows, I) Intel Itrown, Perilla limes, Klijah HarBtow, II. & II. Bishop, iohn W. Rrues. Ueorifn Itirslow, .Ipsepti llnekiiian, Nathaniel liosworlh, Itenj. li. Brownell, IJ. rt. Cuftntii House, Tliomss Cross, Edmund Cunner. .bones I. Cutler, ansa, onicmne, Hanicl Conkliurr. Putcr Colbert, 11. i.ormntr, Marv Ann Chamberlain. II. M. Crnsnian, Dciinii, Chanin. Lvi Carrini'ton, 2, Calvin Clark, 2, Or.-n Clark, John t'heland, itntus .vi.- Urossman, Albeit Chittenden, Ann Dolan. I.o iis Dtllett, Jell, uri Marv Dvei. Wm. 1.. Diann. Mtrliarl I orauebev. Prosper Durpha, Pierre Dyon. Aninny I'cvereux, Dmirl Drew, f.ewis Duke, F.lishl Drew, Widow Klder, A. W. li. Edwards, Isaac, Miles A. Evarts. Casimere Foy, u.iviu r ifn, Ed. St. Felix. Seth Folder, r. hollell, T. Fri-bee, F.. Farr, E. Fuzpatriek, Nathaniel Gage, Fanny Green, Edmund Gales, I.. J. Germain, Ruih Green. Joenh Guild, , '..Goodrich, 9. Simeon Hntehins, 2, Lamina I. Hatch, Holland Howard, Julia Hyde, Charles H. Howard, 2, H. S. Hnrsley. Murray S. Hart, Win. B. Hunt, Sarah ST. Hoyt, Henry Hsrrie'ker, Mrs. Hicks. 2. Ssrh A. Holfoway, S. B. Isham, ' Ane l Isham, J. S. Johnson, John Jurtsnn, F. . W. Johnson, J. A. Jennsr, Wm R. Lawrence, 12, Charles I.ynrl, Charles Landv-". Jams Lambertoh, F.liiabeih Wadsworth. HENRV B. STACV. P. M. Beriamlii H. Sklfl's Estate. STATS Of VFRMONT, QALI.y H. STIFF finrtci tif i'h nemlen, sr. O admin'stralrii of he of Benjamin M. Skiff, la1 r.f Cha'rh le n said di, trie, ilweasnl, having filed in isid conn ner pemicn, setunc iorlh that il is nece-sary to have netlme r(ir,,.jn(r,n d e tate ( ir.hlr ix ended, an.1 rayin; .aiil rn-ul in rxlrnd -aid ome one yinr Irnm be 3lh davol April, 1613; Wheieupon Ihe Ceurt ifnre-aiililoth appoint ihenxsinl We-lne dayi.fMay, 1813 fnr heanntr and I'ts-slinj on said appliraijon, at ill- tlCQ 'IS Of IhA Hl'9'lBler tif ,d Isl trl in II i.lmn'nn and rich ori'er that all per-nns hterrste I fe nwiiittl hereof hy p d lira lion of thiior'er, coa'nlniot the u'.ianrv i,f , nid pvinion. three we'i rii(t ive.'y 'a Ihe Burlington Free Press, a new-pafrr tir n'eil u ail II irling ton, the la I of whi.-h pnb'icalii-nsio li nrevio i 10 ,aid srssin t Wolne s-ay 1 f May, 184.1. Given under my hand i Uarlington, in said diitriu ihis 3ldayc.f Apr,), 1843. 4w3 WM WESTON, RtgaUr. LUMBER YARD. THE siibscrihers keep on hand a supply of her of virious kinds nt 'heir yard on Pearl St. where lhav will promptly wait on eusiomeis. Lum bf awH o order. Anplvt'i Henrv P. Hikolr. March 10 HICKOf & STEVENS. THE SCRIPTURAL DOCTRINE OF ATONEMENT. A Sermon preacaVd Mutt the first Conjreeational Church nnd Snielv in Rurlintttnn. Vl.. Itu HEV. J. K. CONVER'E. For sale by 11. J April 6, 6HUMWAY Agtnt. 45 John face's Instate. WE THE SUBSCRIBER, havine been ap pointed by theHonorablo the l'tobatn I'ourt for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to ic eelve exatnineand adjust the claims and demands ol all persons, ngnlnst the clntu of JOHN l.KK late of Jericho, in said District, deceased, ri pre sented insolvent, nnd also all claims and demands exhibited in oll'sct thereto nnd six months frnm ihr Oly of the date hcrsof, being allowed bv said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby yive notice, that we will attend lo tho businos nf nur appoint' merit, nt thetlwellln? 1 1 tho wi'ow nf Ihe mid At. reuse', in Jericho, In said District, on the 1st ilaynf .vinrcti and 1st day or .May next, nt IP o'cloc' , A M on each nf paid days. Dated, this lC.h day nf Jm -arc. A. D. IP43. 4G I Ul HER ItrtOW.S, J Cntninis- JOHN II. sioucts. 1 finf l 'ecc, ,I0WI: P.-l'tR, a imat variety X.JJ of paiiernsat inaiinlm tuier pruv . lur alely 11. W. C.VIL1N. April 11,1313. 4C JUST received at the Variety Store Ladies Silver Pencils, pi ice 25 nnd S71 rents. PANQUORN 4. DR1NSMAI April, 13, 1913. Wool, S. Wool! TOElOFSON A ItA'liiiiUMiaiintr I inset .I,,. IV commodious ATunuaetuHnt F.slnllhhvitnl, of uir u inuiMin mill 1,11., nun i.vune "ril inein eive 111 bu-ine swi'ili Mr. rioxcv Barlow, tfotincr A'jcut for aid C11..J ore iinwie.idy tu re.riic Wool to inaiiu failure lor c eloniers into Hroadc'"lli-. T'l lim e that have had work 1'one heretofi re t v Kie!f-on and Rathbun, little need I e 'Aid to fn ti-fj n run iti't nnce ofnatrona re, and to all 0 lev we wo- Id ay that he work "ill I,. ,toie in n workman'! n manner. Farmers, Merchants nnd otAcrsu-i h inrlotave wool .Man ifaetureil for the r own nnr fur 11 ar el lion rvt'n 9 reil that no pa n ir n 'eirn n will lu(irf loyit-lhc Is- t of to islaiiioii. Terms nf paviiien' madeea y liira'l lot. i f wool Irian Kj03 I' - nnd up wards; Small lnt Cash or one In I if 'be ilo-h when lini hed, 1 be bu-ir.e.s w-JII I e cmd ele.l uin'er ihe arm ul nOEI-OKSON, RAHlDt'N & Apr.l S, IS43, 43 FOR SATiR OH TO It RNT, T known ns the Vernon farm, situated on Nmnnski Ifhrr. One mile below Winnnski Vil aee, in Cob hester. Cnnlalninir nbout two h ndrcd and fourteen acres of land. (Mostly intervale,) Willi n trood story nnd a ha'f hmi-e. Corn House, two kooi) Harns and a eond Well nf Water. Said farm is in l'ooiI condition and is offered for sa'e low, or in Bent s pos session given immediately. For terms npnlv to , GEORGE II. MOORE. Burlington April G, 1343 45 2w LISTS FOR TAXES 184a BLANKS lor lists (or 1313, 1'uruMie I nl slier no tii e fur 81,00 pr ICO. C. COODlill II. April I, 1843 .15 UNITED STATKS IJIHTIUCT COURT, Vcrmoiii IHslilrt. IN IJAKUUPTCY. Notice to allow cause against IVtllion of LYMAN D. CHURCH of Jericho for his Discharce and Certificate, as a Bankrupt, nl llieniricciif-ani-uelPiintiss in Montpeljer in said District, nn Tues day, the 1 1th day of Inly, A. D. ISO, at 10A. M GUSIAVU A. I hWI.Mi, 1 f Jli'ton, lor his I)i . 1 bar jean I t'ertifi a e, n-11 1! oil.r ,pt, m i. iii;,.L. of Samuel Preiilis-, in Montpeher, in tin I Dt tnel, '' Toe-day the Mill day of J.,h, A. I). 1313, al ALVAII V. JKNNINCS or B irbnqion, lor hi- Dts rharsre and Ccilttiea v, as n IJin!,r ipt, at tin; oilier; ol'Snmiiel Pn-n't", 111 Mnnttl e, 1.1 -aid I)i tni l, oiiTiie-dav llie 1 1 h day ol J iIv.a.b. IS 13,01 10 -1. ASSIGNEE'S SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. NOTICE 1. bar. bv a-iven lint I y virlue nit he sev eral order, and dei ree- in ll.nil.ruotry in the f0. lowiiis rnses is-md oil of thu Di trirt Co rl of the Unite I S ivi s, for ihe Di-iri. t of Vrrmoni I will -el! at I'nblie Am my 01II1 e in II irhnztun, on Satnr'ay, May 0, a 2 o.rlo I,', I'. M., ellbc:- ot he llatiKr ipinaniu I le ow a. brt'anie vciul in in by virtue ofihe devices aforesaid. Effects of Samuel Hartlctt, or Jericlio. Aloit 15 aerts of Land, on whti li i- erei-tnl a small hoioeaiid bam, ritua e in Jinyo, ub:eel to 11 rlaitn of about 8150.10 Ho ea Spi'ildiuir, and n nun 1 laun deed irivtn t v sai t Harden to Polly Itoo I, .1. ct lcr:hin Ins saidtehed de. Sa'cat ii.Vlorl;, I'. .M. effects of Vernon Uai i lmjloii, of lturlliiRton. S indrvnote- and areount-, lurren.'erid ly said Harrini;tin and i nula ned in his raid m 1 cd ile, a. niram-i T. B. Wat -on an I other'. Sale ai 2 uVloel., EOects of Natnatilcl T. Stiles, of Undci lilll. All the in:ere-i of Njilnniel T. So e 10 an .vice, ment made wnb Pe-er tide, ra G.'e, Tiuinan C'c and A-a Tyrell and O i, Knielr, re'a mi 10 1he11.11' vryaui i-iil . ertam properly an I 11111 Inner.' ,, Brown'. Ruer, in Underbill, whi. h wa. dew'e I to I etrr Gde and other-, I cms the prenn-e- w hie1 w-a. formerly occupvlhy said Sale-. All ihe. in'eie-i ofatd ft lie. in a ronira.-l ma c wrh Hn r.i Si,a,. fii!j inO. ioler 1S(0 10 iwo nmu. -I by r ?i Ulo Itett, payable 111 fulled Woih, and 1 dfre I wt.h .nnl -in 101115 a. tccitriiy 11 r liionev a Ivamel I y liiiii aii ine in eru.-t 01 ram 1 1 1;. 10 an uinreiuent made wt h ti.hratm Sides fur the .,f , .,. in ... ,c ,.i i.iumivi in 111 mm 1 y ,ne lianseti. 1,1 Ann . ?""',r' Hu-uur- nrruiiiril l I So e , all nf wh i'h will ' e mm,. 1 '.,!,-.,,,''.. I ... ins-nine in air, .a.e ai la. I . .M. Efllctsor H. I'. Mcl'-ailaiiiLofniifllcston. One old doi lo -,'i.ish an I lurar-s, n' o il ,t. claim, and nivoiu.t- n rren tried by him, whehwi i e panic uar-y cjcnri' e.1 at the lime i f .a'e. .-., ie at ii sili: i , ji. nrtccth of I,, ai, Dixon, of Underbill. C .. I s ii i nxuun,., nuir. iiimano., r. as ni.iv retmiin ..!'. """ a'jo riin.enl In in le' . 17, tu niv 1' M ''"iu"' mraiiy, .nay S, le-)3,:it 2 o'cliel Eflcets oflV.V. It. Nichols, or lUscx. SiehaLvomt- nive-anle ret- a may rnnam rn twin-en. e nv aijni.iniiient frnm Kel . G to 1 ' 1 1 i i ' ,0,J' Hl " ol"l 111 " "dingim, ut Also, Sundry Ei . ol Mark NorrIs.nfCi.lrlie ter, wtnrh willlepaitni-larly,',. , i,r nn.c of roiv, uii ooiiiruar, iii ay 0, ISI.J, a1 2 w lot'., P M NMHAN It. IIASWEI.I, Assignee. IWIniainn, April 5, IS 13. Jaco"j Illnslilis Esiatc. A i .1 I K UP VERMONT, ) p II.E3 3. ItiWS- i-i-irii i 01 1.11. urn ien, ... 5 KJ I)II.I,,u niim irator ol Ihe c-tHie if J.-uob Jim-dill, In if S oinrsc in sail iiiis'rtr', icrasl, lav n tilel in -aid rnun lib ir:uion nwit in?, trill ie or h -hai lb- m- veutory ot llie personal eaav nl ihr .-aid deiea e.l iiiiiii iuis 11 a;3,i7 1 mat Hire. ami. allow e I ii'.'.irii 1 saidesia-rby the 1,11111113 Inner, amount to $13 45: hat tlieix.ieiue. i f adniini- rung raid e in iire'noi le-slhan fitiy U-lIri-; 'hni thedr -ei e I i'n-l-riz -I nf a tarmeunnsi ns of MOairr- ol'land, 1 r ihrrcab. ut., riliia'etl in, aid St. (,'ioipe, I emir the hnniej ra I o rani ie.ea nl, whn-li is iiiJini'rrel wi h a nior na-r toSitnei'ii WaUfrht- ihutbr pir-i nal e-iatei lu rufficitfiit to pay ihe de' ti idWWe.l ajjam-i ,ni,l a late and Ihecxpen-e. if a iniin suaiion and prayin sid court to licen-e 'he raid adnitni tniior 10, ell ro niii'-h nf .aid reale-iatea. msv I e uecer.nry tn pay raidileltsaudrxpen e-. Whrriipim iheroih afW said dnth Srngn ihe rrn nd Wolne i'v , f Msy, 1S13, fnr hearinc sud drriding on ,aiJ pe'ioon nt llie orh.r of IhrRrci-tcrid said roon in Hurt, nmn 0...1. 1...1, L' sl' PfM,n in cre lnl leno-itied Iherrof ly )iblihins this or er, con ainmg the subsianm of -iu (iciriuii, inrei- wsess suissr-riveiy 111 Ihr Bur lington Frts Press,tneietisprr prime I in ,aid B r lineion, previous to, aid nx-ond Wcdne-day of .May, 18 13. Given Under mv hand al Burlin-tnn !,;. si., .1-.. of March. A. D. 1843. W". WKSTON, Register. STATE tit" VERMONT, ) rpHK Hon. the Distnei 01 Ch'ttenden, S'. $ I Prol ale Coon for the Oirtrirt 01 C'hiitiendea ; 10 all iron in vrnd in the ertae if Jacob Ilinrdill lae-f St. George in sail Di in;-l, I'eeea e Csrtn-sc. WHFBf A", G.Ier S. lltn.rlill, a orot the ertjic 1 f riu li'crj isl, pro,o es 10 rtn 'er an aivount of bis a Imii .tration, an I pre ei' hi. a -roini ajain.i ailcs'a elnrrxainina ton anla'lnwan s itaeir,n ofthntouriot Pr-lale, 10 be hol.Vn at Ihe Rr-t-Jf.''."' '"ri'ns'i'n in -oiddittrkt on the eccnJ Wtslne ilay of May nex'. 'I ben fore, yo 1 are hereby nn-.iir.l 10 a.-i-rear I cf. re said w.rt at the unit- snd'p'ar jfnrsraul, an I shew cause, if any voi hays', why tlj inx.ti.ut afore.uid rbouldnot to allowel. Givni under my han I at B:irl!ns:on this 31, t day of Man h, A. D. 18-13. w3 WM. WE5TON, Register. NOTICE. 'pHB Morgan Horse, BASHAW, will stand this season al the following plares. vii! limlin mn. soft oorrimenies. Hasha is as full blond Morgan ss you can find now days; is of a blood hay color, weighs eleven hundred and fifty pounds, pud for strength snd s.wod is nal surpassed hy ny horse now on the turf. Any persons wishing io improve iheir stock of horses, will now havoan ojpo'tunity which all will acknowledge after Inolcinirat said Imrse. Hs can be seen at the Amrfe.jn ffuUl until the season eomtnenres, whsre Mr. L. Church will take pleasure in showing hun without any churgc. BarlingtoD, Mai cb 29th, 1 41 w 3 "LIVJ2 AND LET LIVE." THE sib rrl' rr has irirral small niToun's nn' iiiite due bun Irum 25 rents to 25 dol'nrs nnd upwards an I all per-on hittre-trd nre bcrel y noil lifted (panic hrcutitrae's ex vitn') that if they wish to test tho utility nfrcphriir Willi lliu".nnii Slinr:," that an u;)iortuniiy will le (riven very -non, utile thl notice rhall runvfnee them tlat they can selllr vl h tne on letter term-. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON. Mardi 31, 1S13. 3.v4l POR SALE; fTMIE new, roinino lion., Iinutild X BRICK iiWEI.1 1NG llOUrfl-'nn.l Lot al the corner of Uulti-jrc nnd Pme street, whuh I- not li.r pro-peel or run. venirtn'e ex el ed ly nnv -il mtion in lownj layment in part tuny remain hi lime. Apply to It. M. SH HUMAN or S. r. HOWAItD. r!'irtin;f'on, March 30, 1843. -tltf NOTICE. rpHE copartner-hip of diiADLEV A HVDE w ll 1 expire I y liiiiitnlion on the .' diy i f Ai rd next. Ad KT-on iiidebttsl tu -ai I firm aio r.-rj"e tc i lo make inline hale payment, or iheir deinaad- will be lefi m Ihe hands tf an Attorney lor ri ,'lrs-tn n withn d re crve. HA Hit Y IMA OLE V, HENRY 11YDH. fliirlinjiton, March 22, 1813. I3v.3 WOOL! WOOL! rplin Sib crder wi-bc to puii-ha e Wool, and I will nay in cooN, grain or nccouil, at hi Store, Bjrliiiijtoii Kails. SIDNCV BARLOW. Mnn h 21 b, 1813. LOOK HERE. lARMERS. who wish to purchase Stnves. for I wood, or produce of almost any deseripti, r., will ph ae cull at the ' Stovn Store," weft end of Ameri can Hotel, bascnient story. , ,. S. W. TAYLOR Burlington, March 22, 1913. 43-tf HE PREPARED IiY 12th MAY. A LI. per-1 n- uu'e! ted 10 the -id sen' r will pli a a taki" niiiiiv that ihetr a, roiin's must I v paid by llie l-t day ol May next. , r he will I e under ibe ne' er sny of 'ravin? ihem wnb tin Attorney for Imitie- oin cto'liTiiou. riea-e ial "ihi. a-a -ullirirni warn, inf.', and expect P will I -.- followed tn li t- Vntr. V.rO. D. COMSIOI K. Shrlbrrn, Mareh 21, 1313. 4J.i3 NOTICE. THIS nriiiics that I have irfvcn my on, Thomas Irwin Itol in-ou, his time' his inmority, and shall hereafter claim nunc nl'lin earn 012s or pay any of Ins del is from the 9 h ofMin h, 1812. ISAAC ROBINSON. Jeri'ih", Fe'-. 5:h, 1943. 3.v43 BLANK BOOKS. CAP, Medi 1111. and Dnuv Usurer-; Joirnal , Day lion1;-, Re,-nWfcnda crnea d n-si mnent ol hall I (inn I lllau'c Buol;-7at ti,e ,,ld stand mi -intr-. 10 li. J. SHUUWAV, A?inl FYpiicIi prcpnrcd Mustard iitid I'resh Citron, (new fruit just received bv Jnctd's Esprees, nnd which is ofb-ied for ale al the.Girman Store. O&THEIM i MICHOLLS. Mary lillznbeth ltni'itiini's t: state. STATE OF VlltMONT, JTI.e Hon. the Prolan Dis'net 1 1 I hit rudrn, . J Co ut li.r the Di-lini 1 1 Chi'irni'in, ma I per on- innerinrd mi I lire late 1 1 MARV illZAlJI-IH BAKNUM, lale 1 1 Miln 1 said di trie', i'i'ra ed, tinnETiM;. UEUKAS, Artier HuiiMn?, adin 111-liator i f ihr u-ta'eof .-aid itvra-ui, propo rs to rrmVr an nr-co-mi ol his an I pre rnt In. aii 0 11' a.aiinst Miidrs a'e for rxamii a Hon and allowance ul a session i.l Ibe Coin ol Prolan,, lo beholden at the UeL'is'ri'.Hialiiein B-.rlmsKai, 111 tai'ddi titctouthe llnr I Sniurdai if April neX . 'I hereforr, Vounrc heietiy not nied to Appear I efore said Court ulthe tune and i'are afore-aid, nnd shew ra-ie, if any yo 1 lne, why lite account afore aid hroldnot lo allowel. loyen under my hand at Burlinirton this tf! I, dev Mareh, A. D.1SJ3. is 11 . . ' WM. WESTON, Heghter. 1 1 Mosrs Wavsfr, ) CHITTENDEN COUNTY X C .. . vttmr. -snAii iiAnLon, oremoer rcrm, A. I). 1842. rpill. Plaui'i I declares asain-t llie I'elrndanl tu an i. action of debt. 011 unit-, ilaied May 4, f,,, 'he -inn of 8192 14 rents payable .ix iuni,,l,."f,uui the dale, in then y ofNat.-h. 7, tu il.e Sa'leol .Mis-i-i'lpi, ami wli ch ibe plainli I'nver. hn- nr.! I mi paid Al o in a I, r her plea nt del t on iid--meut rccm etc i ly tl.e idaoi'il nga n-t the deVn tan', leloro tin t'i unty Court at Nat hiz af. re ai,', on thr o ,1.,.. ,,1 Noveuder, A. I. 1810, lor the .11111 of $371 01 rrn'-dannur-, and S50 40 ii-nts m.-i ot miii, mil win. b -ai-1 j-htzinriit llie plamti I'aier. is 111 t:t tlrw, ami not pud, rn'i (led or di harmed. And ihei'icnilanl Iciniral ent from ibis ria'L. a, ihe time nfih,. -emir of the pla nil .'- wro, ami 110 I. ivine ri turned wi Inn Iheraine lifnre the nun- it trial, Ibis rai sU i. I j (,r .r (1f t-riiri cm nr e ', and 1 isf irilieror'rre.l I y -,ni.,n- rt that uuinr , f , . lo civn 111 ihe -ail Noah B.ulow, I y publi bin? tin or'er and lb- su'.-tanic ol ihr pla jr. i'c -larmioii brie wee.., snnes.n-ely, m ihr "I! ibii-.-mu I'm I ro- , n nrw. paper piuiteJ 111 Hurlinir'nii, in -m o my. ibe la-t of wbuh to I at le-t iivr'i'y day. ' it r- the next irrin nf -m'-l lonrl, to I . Iiii'mal U irlm-.'inii wiihui and i;.r thi i-o-urv nl Chiitendi-n mi the second Tiles lay ot'M iy m-v". wlm-li w- ! I, I'reiuel .u-fli-iriit notuv 10 il.t-rni I Noah li.ulow In 1ppr.11 and in.-.'.rau.W'-i- to tin- .in'. Va'n irni)l!sn''::!al 271,1 iUy U , ,.' ' " " Wm. NOIILL, Clerk. A. O. niTTrMi r.K, Atlorniy. I'ltri.i-s, Ap, el, en', y. CHITTr-M US I, fid'.sTV (il'ItT lls'a'c id I'lunr.z PuFLPi.t .Vi Anu I'iiglps. Aooe'i I ir. I vrm, a. 11. 1 rt 12 I.S ihis ra 1 r. iho -:i,, Henry Phelii. has n,i-rnlr-' (Tin ihenmer and 1 .iL'innit nf iheC , o'l'I'ii n e li.r tbedistnoi 1 f Cbioet.drti, in M ,n inn o' niuitrn Vii.malerii the 27lh dav ol .Mar -h, A. 1). IS 12. I V W-lllt'll nideritn I m.tir.M. t,r ,1,.. --...I O. ....... Court a'sa ini-d m Anna I'lu-l,, ,-vt.'lo.rnl s ii I I'liariy I helps, iVrea rd, 'Url1iMr11u111f1lepp1s1natp.ini,. 1 1 i tie - at i i.ecc i-i t, to it .re-id ly her. In 01 thr invroinrv, a-will ninounl to tl.e nun ,f 3j0o0m Ihe pn is i here n nanird. And the sail llemy nvrr hat br is line of ihe n Imini-tra or- rn rnul I'sl ile iirerrh rd herein a- nnenf ihe heir-there-ot, an I is mptre Ian I assrte.eJ I y the at'i-rysaid ordei i f t lie I'm n e Co ir". And the eai I Anna Pl.clp. ben: at sent Irnm tits r latent ihe time nf sti.I in-.tcr and appeal, tin I of I en'ry ofil e amein ihi. Co -r1, and imi liaim? ie'urn el wdliiu the -anie Icl'ire ibn tune 1 1 tr al, llr rait-i I. ' y or-'rr of rimrt rotittn rd, and il is I uilirr rdri e I I y .aid rn t! th.v nntu nl tin. so't I r uiwn in b, raid Anna Phelp-, hy nnl In bms ihi. on'tr and ihi uh.'amr of the nid Henrv '.- romplniui and Hppia lime ii'i-e. . snecc-siirly, in ibe "II rbnr'nn Fn. i'rrs-, 'a lews a er prmird ill rail llurbn-.' on, ll t latif whs-li 10 Ir at Ira I lv en y i'av. belnir th, in xt term of ihis i-ourt, lo I r In I eii al Hi iin rn in -mi rn n iv. nn ine se-na linUi .a ai.... winch ul le drrimd ru'rirtent ro'iiie lo tl, Anna Phe'i s to ap earan I ma' e answer 'n ihi- .nn Drisl nt II rime on, miaiacoi.n v, i!o-J7 h dayot .Man h, A. i. 1S43. ' ' , . Wm. NOBI.E, Clerk: A. G. Wiiittemobe, Attorney. J. 4s J. 11. PttK t Co, a. ) CMttenctm County Court Nov. Term, A. i . 151.. (Jnctrivc & Ptiarnr. I il'is ra i.r, il.e iilatn l -, ns partnrr-, iV -lare a.-am t Ihe drlrndani.. J. Cn.d.linr. ..n.l n Peal ody, of Kteserdlt in ibe r-ta e of ,N,-w Vnr' , as par ner-. in a i a-o'on on nie da l Jute 11 ikJi r . Ihe Him i I 103 0 rent., naval Ih ill 4 mtirttl.. rfn. d,Ve, at Ihe K-rex Co -my Bank Al.o, nn one other no'e d3'el JIarrh 15, 1811, f"r 'he imof$6.i ' ... uion.ns ;rom ua e tncieol at the Ks,e Coanty U'i'l'i, I the iVIendaiit. leing al sent frnmibi. ii. lime nl iherervi -eof ihe plamti I's wrn.andnoi hav ing ret rae.l wnhin ihe same I elore tho lime of trial, ihe ciu-e is ly order of Co in com in- vt an.! r.. I ner or.errd I y .aid Ceeif, thai no ice o( ihi. suit I e riven tnihederendan'-, iy mil li-hms ihi- onVr.srid the siih-iaive of the ji'ainiirT'sdrrlar-ifo.-;, h.-re weeks meres ively in the " II 'riin.-tna r ree Pre,. ,a nrw. paKr prminl in Surlinston in raid couniy i.fCh.'l lendrn, ihe la-t ol which to 1c at lea-t iw'eatv doy. lefoielhe next Tirm ol thi- Court to le holden at U rbni'on afore ai I. on Ibe iron I T te-dav f M.iv nex-, wluh wil bo deemol sifti-iuu non'rc lothe said itefrnJar.t to tvp-ur an I ma' e aiiiwcr to this B III. I'a'isl m llurlington aiorcsa.'d, thi. Slit dav of Ma.vb, A. D. 1813. ' WM. .VOQLE, Or . Aiicx Si TuTi, Attsrn'is. Mark Rice's Kstalr. STA TC OF VERMONT, ) 1 HK Hon. ihePrr Disirin oi Ct,neudn, .. J ra e Cnirt for ihe rt.irui eifChi'len'Vi. ; "In all perrons con'-erne.! in thr Ksta'e ol MARK RICE, late of H irlinron. In ra il Ui-iri -li't'varol, GreciIjis. WHERIIVS, Louj.a Willlnfj, formerly Leausa Hire BnlfuMieradmiairtratrix of the o-ta-e of ,asj ad- ...,...r,tu j.v stjii iicrui'Uimi usinsi miii ro tate fur examina'Mand adowantn at a re-n'rn oltsc Cttiri of Pro' ate, tole hoi 'en at tio Ee' tt' e!$e, in said Barlingtwi, oa the third Saiuniay e April nex. ' Therefore, Yo i are hereby nntlfislto appear le fore sai I coin at the time and phi:-a alorMi.l aaj thevvcaii-e.if any you have, why lliaae-coyaiafore-mll should, not te allow eJ. tiiven un k-r my hand at Unrhngton this 3(Xi dydf March A. 0. J813. VM. WESTON, Regit!, TO FAMIJJES & INVALIDS. The following Indlspcnsulile fiur-lly remr dies inny tin Ibiinil ut I tic tlllnce drift; More nnil soon nt every country stoic In thn slnw Itcinrinbcr nuit liner set llienf unless lUiy tin v! the fiic-slniilo slxmitttrf of '(i?'!k-(fi on the wroppir", as oil niluf by the same nimes nre base itniosiliuns nod counter, tuts. If the merchant nearest yuif has them nor ure him to irmuic. ilutn a: 7! Ar.idcn.latip, lli. le.xt lime he virits New York, or tti wnti for them. X'i family tlioulJ be n ireri mtl,i,t tl.fte iei,teiU. BALM OF COLUMBIA, I'OI! Till: 11AIU, Alnch will stnp it if filling out, or restore il on bal l pi ices; and on children make it grow rapidly, or w those who have b)t the htrr from any cause. ALL VURMIN that into the fn aili efchHdreu in schools, nic prevcntid or killed by il al once. Find tl.e name of " it, nr never try it. UnnrmUr lliis always. RHEUMATISM, and ij&AZjy pusiiiiely cured, and all slirhelkd muscles and limh arc restored, In the old or young, by the I.sma Veuctacu Kt.ixtrt and NiT.vr. and Likimmt but never without the name of Comstock it Co. an it. are wholly prevented, or governed if the attack hat come on, if you lire the ony true Hau' LiNi.ML.vT.from ind every thin? relieved by it that ndmi's of an ouu sanl application. It act. like a charm. Use il. HORSES that have Rinf.Bon", Spavin, Wind.Calls. etc., nre cured by Uoors' Srtctue; and FOMHllri'Cfl horses entirely cured by Rio.' Fiiur.Jir Ointment. Mark thi3. all horsemen. Dalloy'a Magical Pain Ex tractor SalVC.--The moat exlramdinury remedy ever invented for all newer old ,..-T.i.nsrM. ISIS 1 nnl rote, and sore Syd3sffi It has deKglit,-, ibousauds. It will take out all piin in ten tninatc nid no failure. It will euro the I'f jjjjsg LIN'S SPREAD PLASTERS. A better and more nice and useful article never wia made. All should wear them regularly. -i.v.s 'H'!:.wii:k, v:cc bitters i ai tin prim ip!.. of substituting the roni'c in place nf die stimulant ptiacipie, which lias reformed so many Irunkards. To be used w ith I'l'S iZWtltfti PILLS, superior to ari ithers tor cleansini; the sjstem and the humors affect. :n? tho blood, and for al! irregularities of the bowels, and the general health. a , I --see Ut. lav's stg. c-g Cf Qt-Vf Vfi rtsjv natiirr, tuns :t DR.SPOHN'S HEADACHE REMEDY nil rll'eetually cure sick headache, eilber from tl i lfyggl nrbdiom. Hundreds of families are using it wilh great joy. DR.SPOHN'S ELIXIR OF HEALTH, 'br the certain prevention of tiaWaigj or any .-encral richness ) keeping the stomach in most per. li ft order, the bowtlj regular, and a determination to ho surface. ;ahi3 in the bones, hoarseness, .md ne quu-lsl) cured by it. Know this by tf) CORNS. The Trench Plaster is ,i a sure cure. 'lair any shade you wish, but will net eoLr the skiu. SAflSAPARILLA. co.mstock-s com POUND KXTI! ACT. 'i'htrc u no other prepara. Hon cf Sarsaparilla that can eveccd or equal thjj. If von arc sure to get Co.vstock's, yuu will find it inferior tu all others. It dors not require nuti'm". CELESTIAL BALM OF CHINA. A pibiftve cure for the piles, and all fMcrnal iniings all internal irrttatieiis brought to the mrfnee by friction wiili hU Halm; m cough', im elrcd or sore thr m', 'igliinrM of ihe chest, this B-lm ipplied on a flannel will relieve and cure at once. I'resh wounds or old sores are rapidlv cured by it, Dr. tfmlrmrfaj'ja m vol prevent or cure nMawlsiM IT isi iii nine, and is a delightful remedy, liiinent. -r tlis name, and gel Camstack's. KOLMSTOCK'S VERMIFUGE i radicate all IV alrJ.Tlt?l in children nr adulu miouuipii with a cirtainty quite atomhinj. It is the same as that made by stock, and sells with a rapidily ahuifal incredible, by Cvnistoek ,J- Cj., N'ew Vork. TOOTH DROPS, klink-s cure effectually. t'j-. rritsrcuritiss lsrl.rC.lrei. in llie ssr ISrJ. l.rCnrrr de,.. iii tlicl'isrV .vllictt ui'ttis rujth.(iu lli.uictuf .Scs. Vwik. By uppljiiv lu onr agents In each town and village, papers may be had free, showing the mosl respectable names in the country for these factt, sa that no one can kit to believe thlm. CEJ-De sure yort call for our articles, and not bo pot off with any stories, that others are as Eood. ll.VVt; TlIESn OR .NONE, should be laaT iiu.., ,V. A, , ZJ.Zr. irilumt our names to Htm. All these articles to be had wholesale nod retail only of ass -- - - ..... Wholesale DrutfjtsJs, 71 rsiden.Lne. New York, and Of our BiCuts. tF.GK RPKAR, C4"iiij and Erugtisti, tai S. F IIOWAKD, nurlington'. , TO MEPvCIIANTB who wish to purchase Cftfckr-ry, st(D33i WAH. Importer and Tackcr cf Crockf.ry, China S? (ilasi Wart, WOULD s ve noue that he is prepand to Park any amount of Ware accordtnj la Ofiier, at New York and Boston prices, saving freijhisnd bieaiiace U all who pukase (,f him. He has a good assamaent, aid respceifullv solicii Merchants to call ar.d nammc his stJik before bujing in Market. Store, corner nf Church and Col!e;c Sirwts. Bnrlinclon. JGih Oki. 164?. HAZOItFi RO DOERS & SO.V&'aij o ner tine Razor-, th'a Stra;.', Craiia-, Lath Boxes, Ki an-. &. m Mar li', 1S13. 4 SMALL- T.VIST COMKS, NEW ONES. ti) Di S; Small Plated Horn Tw'.t Ci mt s, 6 i'tz. l& son! plain biraTw-M Comls, Celt. Manilla Shell an 1 2 di s TortoiM b l! Twi l Coml , born and she'l sJloanJ Im kCor.ib-, very fiaa lyory Combs, hnrn and ither kinds ofliaS Dmns Combs, porl et Combi snJ a lesulifnl anoriment oflla-r Bnuihst, Tooth ad Nad llrmhes, line tomb Conner jo-ivtl ntihe Voftty Sterev . 4 Match 31, 1313. 1" ijicicjes) ct Ctuxsnxiv.

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