Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 5, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 5, 1843 Page 4
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'He touched hishnrp,and nations heard, entranced. THIS l'OUNTAIN. BV J. R. LOWELL. Into the sunshine, Full of tlio light, Leaping and flashing, From morn to night 1 Into the moonlight, Whiter than snow, Waving so flower-like, When the winds blow I Into the star-light, Hushing in spray, Happy ut midnight, Happy by day ! Ever in in jiioii, Blithesome and cheery, Still gushing hcacmard, Never swenry 1 Full of a nature Nothing can lame Changed every moment, Ever the same ! Ceaseless aspiring, Ceaseless content. Darkness or sunshine Thy element I Glorious Fountain, Let my hcaH bo Fresh, chanceful, constant, Upward, like thee! POLISH WOLF SHOOTING. Tim following sketch, liy ;i French officer, may not, purliiips, butiiuntercstintr. It cer tainly cives llic picture of it novel snort : and, as such, I consider it may he welcome to Iho pages of your Magazine. Whether any paper on n similar suliject has ever yet appeared, I really cannot poslively say ; hut I lather think not. I give it nearly ver batim : After the peace of Tilsit, the corps tl'ar mce of Marshal Davotist took tip their quar ters in Poland. My regiment u;isquailered near Hlone, in iiWoJiboiliuotl ol Warsaw. Billeted myself in the house of Count Las sear, in the lillle village uf Cuzcrki, I n as sunied as I had ever done when my duties permitted me lo do so tho character of a sporlsmaii. I ficqtirntly filled my game bag, and often met with much success. On ono occasion, I killed u wolf a fact of which I was so proud, that, when the peasant brought it home to mt, I carried it down in triumph to my host, and boastinuly exhibited it to him. Is that all V asked tho Count, with rather a sneer at dm povetly of my sport ; is that all you can do J Why, my friend, if you Rind of shooting," I can at once gratify y otf. I will show you a mode hv which you may kill ten or it dozen larger wolves than that any mnrniiic you choose ; that is, if you think it worth tlie'trouhle.' The trouble ! I'd travel a hundred miles to enjoy such sport,' Well, then, what sav you, tomorrow?' 4 With all my heart,' replied 1 ; and I re tired lo my room (o prepare for tho treat which awailcd me. Tho earlli was covered wild deep snow, and the weather was remarkably cold, A l daybreak I was aroused anil invited to cu ter a sledge drawn by four hoi set, and in which 1 found the Count nlieady ei, sconced, warmly wrapped up in fnr. As no were starling, the servant tluew in under our feel a young sucking pig, which began ? qnai kini; III III .Mil II I i o.uAl UIIIU MtlLL'IV bear ils slit ill cues ' Good gracious, sir !' I demanded. 'What is this noisy unite placed here for?' ' You'll see, by nnd by. Sit quiet, and I'll fulfil my promise.' 1 Ah ! it is for our breakfast, I suppose. Surely, if this bo the case, vuu hud better have it killed before Mailing.' Bo quiet ; wo have ample provisions without eating this lillle animal;' and my friend again relapsed into smoking silence, drawing on his ample nicershuum for the present enjoyment. Tho horses now plunged into the forest at full gallop. Tho little pig, tired of squeak ing, had become mute. 1 confess, the whole affair puzzled me. When we had travelled about three leagues, the Count suddenly addressed me, 1 Pull his car.' 1 Whoso earl' The pig's.' I did so, and tho littlo thing began cring out in lliu most piercing and piteous manner. making the whole forest around ring with its stirill voire. In less titan live minutes three largo wolves appeared, mid started olTin pur suit of our sledge. I now understood, for too tirst lime, that our sucliing tnend was to act as a decoy to attract these ravenous ani- nials. Although as yet tnofar off lo justify a shot at them, I was still doubtful whether I would not take a pop at them, when the chasseur suddenly tlir-cw down a small pig's skin stuff ed with straw, which ho had attached to the sledgo by n corif sonic-twenty or thiity yards long. TJio "instant, he did so, tho voracious monsters, thinking that our littlo squeaker had fallen" out, sprang forward to seize llicii victim, almost tumbling over each other to secure their prize, In a moment more the Count and myself had fired with such precision that two wolves lay stretched on the road. Wh'at splendid sport !' cried 1, delighted at my performance. Wait a little. I havo not fulfilled mv promise. Wo will not leltirn until a dozen moro are shot.' Tho sledgo kept moving rapidly on. In about a quarter of nn hour wo again had re course to our noisy dero'y, and by repeating tho samo stratagem of the shifted pig, nnro moro inveigled iho hungry inhabitants of tho woods within tho rango tif our rifles. This experiment we repealed at least a dozen times dining our drive, which extended over about fivo leagues. Fourteen wolves were thus destroyed, which I left wiih much re gret behind ns. On this head, however, my friend assured mo I need not bo uneasy, as wo should ypt secure our prizes. Tired nt length wiih even this fine sport, wo turned round, nnd at a more moderato paco rotraced our way. On the spot where they had fallen, wo found eleven of tho four teen animals tvo had destroyed. These our chasseur, in tho most dexterous manner stripped of their skins as ho enmn up to ilium, tho operation not occupying nioro than three minutes each. Tho other three wolves had Bculiwlly been devoured by their hungry brethren. Louden Sport, Mug. TO FAMILIES & INVALIDS. The following inillticnnblc family rrmt. illc-i limy be round nt the vlllngc drug stoics nnd soon nt eicry country store In the Mate Itcincmhcr nnd never get tlicin unless thej Imvc the fiic-simllc signature of &vtsk'iC'Oij on the wrappers, as all others by the same names arc base itnpisitions and counter, fcils. If the merchant nearest yuu has them not. urge him to procure them nt 71 Mniden.lane, the next time he isits New Yurk, or to write for them. No family should be a itrtk without these remedies. BALM OF COLUMBI A.FOllTIir. HAIR, which will stop it if falling out, ot restore it on bold places i and on children make it grow rapidly, or on those who have lost llic hair from nny cause. ALL VERMIN that infest the heads of children in schools, arc prevented or killed by It at once. Find the name of ?jffrtJ&ferfy&0 0,1 it, or never try it. lUmmbtr thi$ always. RHEUMATISM, positively cured, and nil shiirelled muiclrs and limbt aro restored, in tho old or young, by the Indian Vegltable Elixir and Nerve and Hone Liniment but nctcr without the name of Comstock &Co. on it. are wholly prevented, or governed if the attack lituj come on, if you use the only true Hays' LiNi.vtNT,frum ind every thing relieved by it that admits of an out. ward apptieaiion. It acts like a charm. Use it. HORSES that have Ring.Bone, Spavin, Wind-Galls, Ac, arc cured by Uoors' Specific; and FOUItdCVCd horsis entirely cured by Roofs' Founder Ointment. Mark this, all horsemen. Dalloy's Magical Pain Ex tractor SalvO.Thc most extraordinary remedy rcr invented for all new or old and soies, nnd sole mm It has delighted thousands. It will take out and no failure. It will cure all pain in ten minutes LIN'S SPREAD PLASTERS. A belter and moro nice and useful article never was made. All should wear ihcin regularly. &I.VS ti:mii:k, iutteks: an the principle of substituting the tonic in place of the stimulant principle, which has reformed so many drunkard. To he ued with LIN'S jgjBSBj PILLS, superior to aH others lor cleansing llic sjstcm and the humors affect. ing the blood, and for all irregularities of the bowels. nature, thus : " ' ' " HEADACHE DR.SPOHN'S HEADACHE REMEDY w ill effectually cure sick headache, cither from tin mmm or bilious. Hundreds uf families an using it with great joy. DR. SPOHN'S ELIXIR OF HEALTH, lor the certain prevention of Bgjjjy jgjgfl ur any general sickness ; keeping the stomach in most per. feet ordtr, the bowels regular, nnd a determination to tho suiface. pains in the bones, hoarseness, and j are quickly cuied by it. Know this by trying. CORNS. The French Plaster u a sure cure. hair any shade you wish,Eiif i.-sil colonthe .kin J - SARSAPARILLA. comstock-s com POUND EXTRACT. There is no other prepara. lion of Sarsaparilla that can exceed or equal this. If you are sure lo get Cojistock's, you will find il superior to all others. It docs not require puffing, CELESTIAL BALM OF CHINA, A positiv c cure for ihe pile, and all internal ailings all internal irritutiuus brought to the surface by friction with ibis Balm ; so in coughs, swelled or sore throat, lightness of the chest, this Dalm applied on a flannel will relieve and cure at once. Fresh wounds or old sores aro rapidly cured by it. Dr. sU.utiiolri.Kto'3 will prevent or euro all incipient consumption. taken in tune, and is a delightful remedy, ber the name, and get Comstock't. Kemcm. Kill MSTOmrS VERMIFUGE m eradicate all LVQJ jflfSj m children or adults with a certainly quite astonishing. It is the same as that made by stock, and sells with a rapidity almost incredible, by Comstock ,J- Co., New York. TOOTH DROPS. KLINE'S-cure elTectuslly. KntrrrilBfcoritinstonclof tjunercs, in llis ysir 1817, lirGsnHlvcl Co., in the Clerk'n utile of die Siiutlirm lluLrict uf New Yuik. By applying lo our agents in each town and village, papers may be had free, showing llic most respectuhle names in llic country for these facts, so that no one can fail lo bellevo lliem. CO-He sure you call for our nrlicte,n.nil not be put off with mi - stories, Unit ihers nre ai Rood. IIAVK THESE OH NO. I", should be your motln..and these never can lie true and gmuins tcithout our names to Uiim. All thco articles to be had wliolesnlc mid rclnil only of us. Wholesalo Druggists, 71 Mniden.I.ann. New York, nnd of our ngents. PECK A ."sPI'.AR, Cliemitts and Urueeists, and S. E' HOWARD, Burlington. I1AGAR & ARTHUR. AUK now rcteiving new new Mipplies-of SADLERY, COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE, in all its varities. ALSO, DRUOS & MF.DICINK PAINTS, OILS, VAK- INlaUI'.s, eve. &c. ButlinRton, Vt, ( lllh Nov. 1S42. $ Valuable Estate For Sale. THE Subscril er oilers for tale the dwel ling home and lot, roniling of about one and a quarter acre of laud, situated on College Street, lelongiog to Ihe estate orihe late lr. Itoberl Moody, ineiioiise is of brick, thoroughly biull, and very conveniently arranged. Thu garden is will supplied with fruit, mid in n stale of ciilluation. A credit will le given, for a portion of Ihe purchase inoiiey, ol two yearsfrom UtOctcLcr, lPt-2. GEO. U. SHAW, Admr. Burlington, Sept 21, 1812. -1 7tl SANDS'S SAItSAPARILLA. FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OK ALL DISEASES ARISIN FROM AN IM PURE STATE OFTHE IILOOD, OR HAB IT OF THE SYSTEM, NAMELY s SCROWLA, OH KlNO'l-, rheumatism, odstinate CtlTANNEOU EtlVfTKiKS, rlMfLES, (in PUSTULES ON THE FACE, BLOTCHES, BILE-, CHRONIC SORE ETE, BINO WORM OR TETTEn, SCALD HEAD, ENLARGEMENT OF THE BONES AND JOINTS, STUBBORN ULCERS, SrrillLlTIC St MTTONS, SCIATI CA OH LUMBAoo,anddienscs nrilng Irom an injudicious ucol. Mercury, Ascilie,or Dropsy, exposure or im prudence In lile. .so, Chronic Constitutional Disorders will be remo ved by tins preparation. Improvement in whatever regards the happiness nnd welfare ofour race i constantly on the tnarrh to perfection, nnil with each succeeding day some new problem I- solved, or some profuund secret revealed, having an important ami tin reel bearing over man's highest destinies. II we lake a retrospective view ....... .t... ....... .in ......... ...... J.. .niMit klriifL' Willi wonder t What rapid slriJe ha science made 111 every department oi civilized niei particularly in lhat which relate to the knowledge of the human svs tcinln health nnd diea e. How valuable and indis pcnablcnrethe curative mean recently di-covcrcd through the agency of cheinilry I How iln I lie imagination kindle and our admiration g'ow at the ingenuity, the near approach lo the standard of per fection, of the pre-enl time I Through th; clal oralci investigation of Phy.iology, or the science ol Life, and the Pathology of prevalent di-ea-e, much valua I le practical knowledge ha I een gained. Ineon-e. quenceol becoming acquainted with the organiia- lion, the elements oi tue various tissues ami sinieiure of the sy-iLin, remedies have been sought aficr nnd di-covcred exactly adapted lo combine with, neutral ize and expel morbific e mailer, the ea'i-e of diease, andsiibstitule healthy action hi lis place. The beau tiful simplicity ofiln moJc of ueatmcnt is not only sugge-ted by the pathology of disease, not onlv gralnrul to the sullerer, but pcrlectly in consonance with the operations of Nature, ami satisfactory loth views and reasonings of every intelligent, reflecting mind. It i Sands's Saiisaparilla. a scientific combination of essential principles! film mo-t valua ble vege'ablc sul stance", operate- upon die system. The Sarsaparilla i combined wiih the most c'eclual ait'-', the mo-t salutary protl'iclion, me most putent imiiles of the vegetable king loin : audits unprece dented success in the restoration lo hcalih of tho-e who had long pined under ilie ino-t di-lres-ingchron- ic maladie-, ha given it an exaueu i liarlcter, lur iiishing as it does evidence of its own intrinsic value, nnd recommending it to the amic'ed in terms the at dieted only can know. It ha-long leen a mo.-t im portant desideratum in llic practice of medicine to ob tain n remedy similar to I h i.- one that won niton the liver, siummh and I owels with all the previ ion nnd no'enev of mineral preparations. cl witho'it nny of their deleterious cliccls upon the vital powers ol i tie syiem. The attention of the reader is respectfully called lo the fo'lowinsr certificates. However ureal achieve ments have heretofore leen made bv the n-e of iln- inviilual le medicine, vet daily ixnerience shows re suits still moro rcmarkal le. 'I lie proprietors here avail ihem-eUes ofihe opportunity of nyiiiR it is a souree ot con-iant sati-i.iciion lhat liiey are made ine means oi relieving nt-n an amount ol mi .erin?. Nkwauk, N. J., Kee. 13, 1812. Messrs. Sands : Gent Words cannot exore-s tli .gratnude 1 feel for your treatment In ine, a stranger siillcring under one'of ihe mot loathsome ibsea es that nnlure is ean.i! le of I earine. 'I he disease wiih which I was afiheted commenced with inrlaniation ol tbeeve-i in the vear 1830. which caused almost to'al blindiie.-s. Fer thi-1 was treated and finally relieved, but the remedies were such as to cause the develop ment of a scrofulous afieelioii on mylefiarm near Ihe ciuow The pain extended from the shoulder lo ihe end o. mylinirer-, and for two ears mysu.'cringsuere be yond ile-i nption. I tried various remedies ind con sulted ditleirnl phy-irian-in New York, nndnmongsl uiein ine mte nr. uu-lie, who low memo in-ea-o el the arm was can-ed by ihe large quantity of mercury taken to cure the infla'malion of mv eve-. My Miilerings continoed, the arn enlarged, tumors lormtHiin niiicrent place-, and in a lew mouth, iti charged, making len rouuiiigo'ciTS nt one lime, some above nnd some below the elbow, and the discharge was so oilensive that no person could I ear to le in Ihe room where I wa. I I hen nonbedto anoiher dis tinguished physician, who told me ampuin:ion of the iiini wns iiiyuiny iiiiug mat coiuasavemv me, as it was impos-il lelbcnresodreadfil a disease ! but as I wns unwilling lo consent toil, he recommended me to n-e Swain's Panacea freely, winch I did without deriving niuiiiiienenent. t or 1 line years 1 was un able lorai-emv hand to mv head, or comb mv head. nnd ihe scrofula now made it npprainnce on my head, cle-troying the bone in dillcrc:,. j.laccs, i ansing exten-ive liberation, and I feared ii might reach and deslroy tlie brntn the bead swellel cry lunch, nc-c-ompnniuil will, nlnl pain. Miinieni', exturnal remctie were recommeinii.!. bm i ,ev du nn iml I About a ear since I wa taken .-..-h-i-Ii' ill .uiii. n swelling ol I lit" body (rom head lo too', so (hat I was entirely helplc-s. Theiloc or advised me to go to ihe hospital, lor lie did not understand my ca c. For ihe ia-i icw Minimis i mi i oecn uuuc'cj Willi a severe pain in I otti side, ill tune so liaM I coul.l n an e v I.. .i.i i -...i. a i i : l . iiini ui iKuiii. n nn. s,iiK s-wKii eunsinn iy an novd me, and tin-cmnl med wiih my other malndic- rendered me iroty Such, genlleman, lia I ecu my situa'ion fur seven vear of mylile, when I commenced ihe n-e of your Sar-aoaiilla' : bm n. m,. cae wax cou-ideied bbpele, and ihe near prospect ol'a speedy dissolution seemed inevitul le. I fell but lii. 1" c" : I'r'-1- 1 '." yon of 7,,.t - - ui - Miij"ir,i iiu in ,ry your medicine wh cb na few- days iinun' r 'im ' ILILcbange in my s...icin crally, Ly causing an appetite, relievriigiriL-pa-,islUt,a giving me siieiigin. As siktcs in-pires confidence, I wit-encouraged to pcr-everc. Mypain ?rewea-i-er, my strength returned, loed relishcl, ihe ulcers heal ed, new llc-b formed, and I once more fe'i within ine inai i iiiigni get wen. 1 have now used the Sar-apa-nlla about two month-, and am hU- a di lerent be ing. 1 he arm lhat trus to be amputated has enlirely heale I, a thing thai seemed nnpo-sil le. I can scarce' ly I cbeve Iheevioence of my own eye-, but such i ihe fail ; and it is now a u-clul as ai any period of mv life, and my general health is better than it has lech for vear past. Health, what magic in tho word! bow many thousand- have songhi it in foreien lands and sonnv dime-, and have sought in vain 1 Yet il came to me when I had give., up to die ; and a I feel the p'ba tioiiMif heal in coursing through my veins, whole heart ami soul go forth in fervent gratitude 6 I lie au thor of all our sure men-ie-, that he has leen gra ciously pleased tol less the means made n-e of. 'Tm ly have you proM-d yourself Ihe good Samariian lo ihe alliicted, lor next lo my Cieatormvhfe is indebted to you (or rather) the use of your invaluable Sarsapa rilla. The value of Mich a medicine i coiintlcs be yond price, money canimi pay for il. I hae leen r.ii-e.1 Irom death. I mav ear. tor mv friends nnd my elf ihoighlii impossible I could recover. And now gentlemen sutler me lo add another prool certified too nymy menu anu g 'aruian a a jii-i ncknnwieoge ment of the vinues of your health restoring Sarsapa rilla. Thai the afflict el may also use it nnd emoy the I enetits it alone can confer, i. the heartfelt, fer vent wi-n ol iheir and your tnend. MARTHA CONLIN 1 Manha Conl'n nnd I elieve what she ttates in this document to le perfectly correct. JOHN POWER, Vicar General or Nr.w York, Keclor of Si. Peter's. Church. Given ai New York ibis 14ih day of Dec. 1842. 1 know Martha Conlin, and have luowo of her tuf- lermg illness. JOHN IILIIOIS, ltishon of Ncw-VnrL.. I place fill confidence in the statement nude Iv Martha Conlin, having known her ihe past twenty year. I will cheerfully give nny particulars in rela lion in her case totho.-e who may wi-h fur-her inl'or 'nation. Sr.' ELIZABETH, Superior of the Roman Catholic Orphan A-vhim, Prince street, N. Y, Dec. 14, 1642. I haveconliden'e in the representations made I y Martha Conlin, and hare full knowledge uf ber iasc. ELIJAH F. PURDY. Alderman 10th Ward of the City of New York. Dec 14, 1812. MaNlia Conlin ha lived in my family the last 13 (ears, and I hereby cerlify the foregoing statement made by herself is correct. Mr. MARY B. LOVD. No. 601 Broa I street, New ark, N. J. Prepared and sold, wholesale and reiail, and for exportation, by A. B. SANDS ft CO.. DruggiVs and Cheilosis, Granite B.nldings, No. 273 Broadway, cor ner of Cbaml ere. si reel. New York. GEORGE PETERSON, Agent Hy special appointment for the Proprietors for Bur linston, Vermont, and for sale by Druggists generally, Pliicr. SI per bolilc, 6 I utiles for S5. Burlington, March8, 1643. II ly PECK &- SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Ano, DRUGOIST'S GLASS WARE. Ilurllngton, vt. C. BENNS jr. & Co. DRAPERS fit T AII.ORS, (Sri Door South qf tht Hank, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CLOTH & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY OX HAND. Cutting done lu the most approved style and . Warranted. Burlington, November, 1312. 26tf. CASH PAID lor FLA A SEED. LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for .ale by STILES & McELItOY. At Ihe Oil Mill at Ihe Fulls. Burlington, Nov. I, 1842. 23,y UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN UAKItUPTCY. Notice to show cause against I'etltlon of LYMAN D. CHURCH of Jericho for his Discharge and Certificate, ssa tlanktupl, nt tho office of Sam uel Plintiss in Montpclicr in said District, on Tucs day, tliellthdr.yof July, A. D. 1813, at 10 A. M. OUS'l'AVUS A. llEMINU.of Milton, for hi Di chargoand Cerlifica'e, a a Bankrupt, at the office of Samuel Prentis, in Montpclier, in said District, on Tuesday the 11th day of July, A. I). 1913, at 10 A.M. ALVAII C. JF.NNIN0S of Burlington, lor hi Dis charge and Certificate, a a bankrupt, at the office of Samuel Prcntl. in Montnelie.. in said District. onTnc-dnv ihe I lib day ol July.A.D. I813,at 10 A.M. M. KAY, ol Burlington, for hi Discharge and Certificate, a a Bankrupt, at the Court Hou-e in Windsor, in said tli-triot, on Wednesday, Ihe ailhday of May. A. I). 1813, at 10 A. M. BF.NJAMIN F. McFARLAND, ot Burlington, for hi Discharge nnd Certificate, n a Itanl-r ipt, nt the Court House,iu Windsor,in saiddt-tricton VVeilne. day, the 2tih day of May, A. D. 1843, ni 10 A. M. KLKASKR II. BROWN, of llorlinirlon. for hi Di- .llil,JjCUII,ls.s.,IIUIIis,ll-.i lliiinillll, III llicsiiiui Hou-e, in Windsor, in saiddislrict, on Weilc,day, the 21th ilav of May. A. I). 1843. at 10 A. M. r-.,:i:..a,a n . n tlanl ...... . at... r...... CALVIN WHITE, o'l'Milton, for hi Di-ihatge and Certificate, a a tiaimrnpt, ai ine v.onri Mouse, in Wind.or. in ssiid District, on Welnc-day, the 24 lb , . rs ini, .. In i ,1 oay oi i-iav, a. l. ioij, "i iv n ! JOSEPH SMITH Junior, of Bolton, for hi- Discharge and t.crtiti ate, as n uankritpt, at ine uourt noil c Hi Windsor, in said dis'nci, on vvtdiic-any, mem;" day ol May. A. D. 1843. at 10 A. M. HARRY B MINE, of Burlington, for his Di-ehargc and Cerlificnie, a a Bankrupt, a' the Uoort House, in Windsor, in said Di'ricl, on WedneVav, the !4ihdavofMav.A.D. 1843. at 10. A. M. IIARVF.Y WARD.ol Essex, lor his Discharge n;n Certificate, a n Bankrupt, at I lie ionrt lion-c. in Wind-or, in said District, on Wedne-day, tlie 24th day of May. A. D. 1843.01 10. A.M. JAMES U MORTON, of Mi'ton, in said Di-tricl, to 1 c declared a nam rupi, at I lie omce oi canine Prentis, fn'Monlpelfer, in said Di-tricl, on Tuesl ilavlhc21si day ofMareh. 1843. ten o'clock. A. M.- SAMUFX WHIPPLE. ofWilhston.forhia Discharge and Certificate, asn HanKrupt.nt theUourt House, in Windsor, in said District on Wednesday, the 21th clnv of May. A. D. 1813. at 10. A. M. ALBRO F. BISHOP, oflturbngton, for I119 Discharge anil Ucrtiticntc, ns a uannrupi, ni ine i. ouri House, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 24th Hnv of May. A. D. 1B43. at 19. A. M. FRANCIS H. JOYNi-R, ofRichmond, for his Dis- chaigo anil Certincite, as a Bankrupt, nt the court House, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesday, the 24th day of Mav. A. D. 1843. at 10. A. M. ASA SNOW,' of Jericho, for hi Discharge and Cer lifica'e, n- n .ianknipt,aniie irtinriuouse, in Wind sor, in tmtl Di iricl, on Wedne-day, the 24th day o May. A.D.1S43..11 10 A.M. JOSI'PII COOK, of H'irlington, for hi Discharge ami Cerlifica'e, a a lianUrupl, at the Court IIM.sC, in wind-or, on weune-uay, ine xiin cay oi ia; A. I). 1813. ni 10 A. M. ALVAII JOHNSON, of Burlington, for his Discharge an l i erlituM'e, a a uaiiKropt, in tno court nou-e, in Windsor, in said district, on Wedne-day, ihe 24ih day of Mav. A. D. 1843, nt 10 A. M JOHN MITCH KCL, of Burlington, for h s Di-charge and Cor ihcale. as n Uankr ipl, at 1 lie Lourt no i-e, in Windsor, in said Di-tricl, on Wedne dav, the 24i h dav of May. A. I. 1813. at 10 A M. JOH.VOAKS.of 'Norih Hero, for bis Discbarge and t criihcale, oj a nam. upt, at tnc uourt tiouse, n Windsor, in said Dilricl, on Wednesday, the 24th davof Mav. A. D. 1S43. at 10 A M. CIIV SPKNfiKII. of II irbneton. for hi Discharge and Certincite, a a Uaukriipl, nt iheCo-ri House m windsc.r, in sum msiri-,, mi , i.r-...,,, , . n ion n. tp , t nil mi - "i i'-v, .'1. lOsl, i CKORGK WRIGHT, of Colche-ier, I'm Ins D.'scharge nnd Certificate, a a Bankrupt, at the I i.url Hon-e, in Wind-or, in said 111 trnt, cn Wednesday, the 24th day ol Mnv. A. I). I81J, at 1U A. M. DANIEL B. 'IFCKI-R, I' Huntington, for hi Dis charge and Certificate, n n Bankrup', at tbeCourl House, m Windsor, in said di.iru't, on vveune-aay Ihe2lih day of May . A. D. 1813. at 10 A. M. LEVI DROWN, oflfiirbngton, I'm hi-Di-char.'eand Certificate, as a llanKrnp', ai the Uourl llivce, Windor, in said District, on Welne.-day, the 24tli day of May, A.D. 1813, at 10 A. M. AM KM CAN IIOTKL. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE JIV S. W. TAY I. OR, Cocbt IIocsi Sqi-AKE, Burlington, Vt. 26tf M. G, RATI I BUN, DRAPER AND TAILOR, (Nearly opposite .he Bank,) Church St. 32 If Burlington, Vt. CURB FOR 7T O B. HE . Falincstock's Vermifuge. Prepared 1 y the so' m-h' er, and sold Whole ate and Retail at the Drug Warelnu e uf B. A. Fahne'.ock & Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. THIS preparation ha now stood the tesi r f -eve ral j ears' trial, and t conlidenily recommended a u sale and eleciunl medicine fur expelling worms from the eys'cm. Theuncxainpb'd success which has attend ed its adminisira'iun in every case where the patient wa really aniie oil wnli worm, certainly render i wor'hy ihe ailenuon of phy-id'api The nrno'ieio'..U i.'.aot! u a point toa-erlain ihe result uf it use in such ca-es as came within his knowledgeand observation -and heinvarial ly found it in produce the mo-i salutary e :ecli not iinl'req' cul ly afer nearly all ihe ordinary prepa..ttion recotn mended for v-i rm ha.1 leen prevniu-ly re-uricd to wilhoutnny permanent advantage. I tie lact is at-te-ted by the certificate and statement- of hundred of re-pcitahle per.un' in dirlercnl parts of the country, ami should induce families always lo tcep a phial ol the preparation in their possession. It is mild in i's operation, and may be administered with perfect safe ty in the ino-t delicate infant. t lie urnuiiic . ki iiitiuv i ii. ii "ii in siiiv; i i r phial', wiih ihi upon ihe pla, "FAH NESTOCK'S VF.IIMIFL'GF," anJ Ihe direction accompanying each vial have ihe signature of the proprietor; any medicine put up in plain ounce via e and the signature ol which doe- not correspond with the above de-enption, i. not my Genuine Veriiuluge. I hi suiiscrtner uteuis il nt ruiy to u-c the ai oe precautions in order lo guard ihe pul lie agaiiit ni'B laking o'her worm preparation fer his deservedly popular Virmifuge. Thi me-lieine has leen known but a shorl lime in Burlington, bin through the wester State- it ha I een ihe mo-t popular und edicienl worm remedy for i , e- noil of nearly 15 years leing used in the pra . i f regular r.hveician. Tn ihe Canada where it has I een known I ot al out two j ear the sales have I een very great, I eing al out 5(H1 irro.. The Surgeons of Her Maestv' troons and local physician make constant use of it in their practice. CAUTION. -There isan article catlcl "Kolm stock's Vermifuge" lately put in eircu'ation I vile house of Lonistocu ct l.o., oi jncw 1 ork, which is re prc-cnled a 1 eing the "same a Fatine-lock." 'I hii is notlheca-e, for Kolm-tock s is a la-e imitation preserving nonL uf the virti e of our excellent medi cine. The only security to the piblie i- io enquire particularly lor B. A. Faltncstock's Vermifuge, and avoid all other articles bearing similar names. For sale, tingly or per dozen, by PECK & SPEAR. Manufacturing Druggists, and vendors of all Gen uine t'atenl Maicmts. Burlington, Vt,, Jan 18, 1842. 4m31 ALBANY AND HOSTON IC All. ItOAD Fare through to IJoston go. Morning train thruugh to Bo-ton lcave.Greenb ish 1 1 1 efore7 o'clock, datly.siuiiday'scxcepled-arriyes at Uo.ton 6, Drtakfasl al Ch'itham. The afiernnon Irain lo Springfield only, leave Greenbn-h at 1 before 1 o'clock. Passengers can leave Springfield at G A. M,, and arrive in Boston al 111 A. i. Passengers must leave All any n 6J or 12 J o'olcck an I not Inter In m-iirc a pa sage. Fon New-York via llAtiTFonn and New-Haien' Passengers leaving Green' oh 1 lefore 7 A. M. lake stage at Siirmgheld nt 121 M. rcai h Hartford at 4 P. M. nnd New Haven at 7 P. M. -lodge leave New Haven bv steauiloal at 8 A. M.,anJ armeiii Piew-vorl, at a l . ai. Pas-engers mav also leave Greerl ush at 1 1 efore I P. M., reach Springfield 6J, ihenee bv stage at 8J lo llortfonl Ini'gt leave Harllord at 6) next morning In cars tor iew iiaveu, aim tuenieoy steamboat, ar riving in jew I ori. ai r. m, Faie through to New York SC. For New York, by Ihe Hcusamnic Rail-road rare 50. A tram of cars will leave Greenbush daily, (Sun. day excepted) at f J P. SI., reach Bridgeport nt 2J A. SI., take boat at Land reach New York mill a.m. Pas engers tnuil Leal South Ferry in Allunynl Freight tnii-porleddaily by tin', line let ween All nvandNcv York ut ra'es from gninSIO ner ton Flour in lot of 500 I arrels at 50c. per larrel.and for uiiv icsst ,u.ii,iiy ou. . icr ourrci. Passengers must proourelicketsbeforeiakinff Cars Ticket i an I e obtained m All any at (i. R. Payne's office, 2J Broadway, or at Ticket Odne in Depot at urtenotisii. FREIGHT DeRaRTSIFNT. A Freight I'rnin will lea Grceubiith daily (M day's executed! for Boston ut Si A. M. .very information will be giien hi the office in the t'epot ai breenbUili. I'ecemi er iiv. isij. W. It.TOWf tJEND. Master oi l -in.portation FOR CODCiHS, COLDS, ASTHMA or PHTIIIS- i v., uunuumi a -v.., "iivvi uin sw. .-, and all Pulmomry Affection and Disease of the Clings, thi is biMicvcd to le the ino-t popular Ctclli- caciou-Jlcilicine ever known In America, for prooloi which, we would refer to those who have used it, and tolhe iiuineroii certificate of Phv-ician nnd others attached to the inside wrapper ofeach lottlc. Ur. Ainory lliiiiiing,ot f rnnkiin, .nas writeihat aller having prescribed the usual renie e without relief, and having consulted with eminent iihvsieiiin-. he ha found Ihe Ve-reta! , i Pulmonary Balsam to iiavehad thedc ircdellcct, aniireromnieiids it as a sale, convenient nnd e;b' acious medicine. Dr. Thomas Brown, of Conci rd. N. II.. wri'csthnl to his know ledge, ii ha never disappointed ihe ren- icexneciauons id tno-e who haveifetl il. Thepuhbc nre particularly cautioned again! ihe many Counterfeits or imitations whiih hnvcpartial y or wholly aMiineil 1 lie name urine genuine article. ' ICJBe a-siired that il i not genuine mile- one or I mli of the wri'ten siirnal-ire of SAMPSON REED or WM.JON'N L'TI.FR, nrclound attach.d lo a yellow la1 el on :i I ine envelope. (All label ol and after the date uf Doc. 1839, will h.nelhe written siffuature of Win. .lon'n Cutler. Preparcil bv REI D, WINO & CUTLER, (late Low &. Reed,') Wholesale Drugzisis, 54 Chatham st., uocon, and old Iv Drugci-ls, AnolhccnriC" and country mer chants generally. Prue 50 ccn's. PECK tc Sl'EAR, Agents. Biirlinglon, Dec. I, 1842. ly. nit. MAitsiiAi.!.' AROMATIC AND HE AD ACHE CATAKKH S1UFF. THIS Sniifl' i superior in any ilnng et known, for removing thai trouble-uine di-ci-e, ihe Ca tarrh, and also a cold in the heal, and headache. It open and purge out all oh-triielions, strengthens the guild nnd gne a hc.iiihy nciion to Ihe pan a.lected. It 1 perfectly free from any llnnr; delelen uus m its conipo-i'iou has a pleasaui flavor, and it immeiiia'e e :cct aller lelng used, is agreeable.- Price 37 ct-. per lonle. r.ncli I ol tie contain about three time thenuantitv nf llin ..-..rl L In,! ,,f Cvtnr.U Mn,.l- iinii. . nl I n n. a lower prite, and i therefore cheaper, as welf a better man any tiling oi me kind in irarket. DOCT. JAUVIS' TOMATO BIZ.LZOUS PILLS. THESE Pills cun-ain no (..ib-mel.biit nre compos ed entirely of Vecetable snbiance, and hove lit their composu'ion a large portion of the p te extract of that highly medicinal article, the Tomato Plant, constituting them ccniially, TOM A TO PILLS. The proprietor feeU a conndence in recommending Iheui as superior lo mo-i, and inferior lo nunc of the Pills which are making (! much noi-e at ihe present iUv, as a p irilier uf the blood, a corrector of a I ilious ur dyspeplic iate and hit il, or a a common ca har'i -. Ilea s lie the put be that lliey have ihe cordial and ilacile.l approbation ol physicians ol the highe-l res pectability, wh-nise them 'in ibeir practu e. Sold I v the Proprietor. CHARLES llOWEN.Mid- dlebiiry, Vt, Win. C. Slimp.on nnd Heel. Fdward Brinlv, Messrs. Lewis, Hoslon ; Hi adley Phc'p- 4. Co., A. U. & 1). SANDS, and uiber. in New York PECK & SPEAR nnd HAGAR &L AIM HUR. Hur linpton, VI., and I j- Druggists generally ine tnileii .sie ami canaua. Felruary23, 1343. Iy33 House nnd Store To Let. A Neat and Convenient House, out building, and small garden. Also, a convenient Sroni', in a good situation as anv other in Church street. Bot h or either uf I lie above tenements to 1 e let for one or more years, and po session given llic nrst uay oi .nay nexi. ISAAC WARNER. February 2, 1843. 3G Iron, Slot! I &c. 00 TONS asorled English Tire Iron, 55U 1 0 " do. Swedes and Peru do. do. 3 " Riis-ia Old Salle do. 10 Peru iiiaiiiilaeture.l roundnh I .iiiarclrou i-mfiracing nil size irom in. to 2 j in. 1 O ton asstiriel brand Iron. 1( " Scroll lion and -lice shape, 3 " Russia bur c nail ril, Anvils, Vice, S'e.lge-, Tra' e Chains, Borax, File and R.i-p-, Shovels, Spade-, Cro Bars tc. Slet'l. San'ersun'- Cat Steel, Greave German " fngli-h Ib-td. " American " 1 ,50 Setts Steel pl'fd Cutter and Sleigh Shop ate. -Ve. ju-t lie civ el I STRONGS. .WJl'H WAIT Has received a full supply of CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, added to the foimer -lock, makes hi- a s o r I in e n I quite complete, and i I o ereu al rerylowprices in leed,eorre---on ling with the pressuie oflhelinie. F.i.iulic in wutot Goods in bis line, will do well lu call and examine at lea-l, at the corner of Ch irch and College slicci., Ocl. 20 h, IS42. 20 f PECK & Sl'EAR, AGENTS FOR "HERMAN'S LOZENGES. CUlLUliluiS CUV FUU tullM! ""1ROWN PEOPLE say they are ihe p'ca-ante-t J and ino-t e leettve mejicine in use. r.normous iiuanlilies are sold, and every 1 odv likes theni. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES haie saved the lives of thousand. SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZENGES are real antidotes to headache, palpitation, sea-sick ne-s.low' ne-s of spirits and despondency or ihce.lcct. of di sipalion. POOR .MAN'S PLASTER Sherman's we mean costs 12 cents, and is certain lo cure rhciiOMti lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, side or I ack, also pi e-. SOKE NIPPLES Positively cured I y Sherman's Papillary Oil, without taking Ihe child from I he I rea-t. Dr. Sherman de-ires parlicuhirlv that nurcha-ers should I e careful lhat I hey get the genuine Sherman's Lozenge, and Piasters, he cannot be accountable lor ihe worthless articles that may otherwise be panned upon lliem. Likewise all Genuine PATENT MEDICINES, PERFUMES, ROAPS. INKS. BLAIKING-, SIKUIUAL. vvi.M'.o ami l.muuHsS, pure,: S J U ARTS CONFECTIONERIES. PECK & SPEAR. Wholesale and Retail Drugg""i UL I PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articlcis too well known to need commen dation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to Iho commercial community, lhat for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 6 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. lo 5000 lbs., 1'orlahlc do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to 200 lb PortnbleCounterdo anewattk to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J, ifc J, II. PrcK & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1B11 1 PERU IRON COMPANY. HAVE, and will constantly keep in deposito with Ihcir Agcnla nt lluilingion. Peru manufac tured Nails and Iron, of tho following descriptions, to wit i 3d, 4d, Bd, Gl,8d, lOd, 12d,20d,2ld,30d, 40d,50d,CGM SI'IKIiS.l inch, 4 l-i, b, a i-i. ana o. FINISHING NAlI.S.-&i, 6d, lOd, 12d, irunufiic. tuicd spccinllv fot finishing nice woik. FLUOR NA1LS.-I2d,-M. and 24d. IRON. HOUND rtOA',-3-8,7-115, 1-2, 9-16, 5-8, 11-16 3-4, 7-8, 1 inch. 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, 1 5-8 1 3-4, 2 inch, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 3, and 3 1-2. SqiAlll-: O.V,-3-B, 7-16, 1-2,9-16,6-8, 11-16 3-4, 7-8, 1, I 1-8, I 1-4, 1 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. HANI) IHON,- 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2 2 3-4,3.3 1-2,4, 4 1-2, 6 inch. TIHE IHON,- 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, and from 3-8 to 6-8 thick. HOHSti SHOR WON, variou size.. IIAMi: AND SCHOU. WON. do. do. MARBLE SAW PLATES, cut to order a short notice. The Pern Iron Co. manufacture their goods at Clin toiiMlle, N. Y. from Iron of Iheirown make. They intend lo keep in thehandof their agents a more fut nnd complete as-onmenl than can I e found In tht Stale. It i-1 ebeved lhat the goods from this estab lishment are I etter manufactured, than those from any other in it vicinity. Piircha-ersnre rcncctfully solicited to inspect the Good ofthi Co. Prices a low and terms as favor able, ascan teohtained intheStne. T F. & W. L. STRONG, Agents. Aug. 25'1i, 1842. INew EAtahlislimcnl. THE subscribers having opened a Paint Shop in the building one door South of Bishop's Hotel, would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic that Ihey arc prepared to execute all kinds oi House, Carriage and Sign Paintingt Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in the neatest possible manner, and hope by strict personal attention lo business to receive a snare o tne puunc patronage. n. G.SPAULDINO, S. H. RUSSELL. Burlington, April 29, 16d2. 47lf. Lilc! Lite!! Life!! ! Jonathan Moore's ESSENCE OF LIFE. The Din most highly e.-leemeJ Medicine that has ever been discovered for curing Couqhs, Colds, Asthmas, and CONSUMPTIONS. It will also remove the Whooping-Coiigh in one week. Prepared I y lies rt Setmour. from the original receipt, by the dircc lion of said Moore. For sale whole-a'c, by PECK U SPEAK, Burlio ton, and at retail, by the principal Druggists in Unocd States. Orders directed to Henry Seymour. Hadley. Mil will receive prompt attention, and any quantity .Medicine luiin-uiateiy turni-licd. Caution. A-there i much ul llic spurious am clefor -ale, Cp"l e pa rticular to enquire tor that pre pared hy Henry fteymour, Hadley, liiisetts. MADAM HOIVIN'S ANTI -SPASMODIC EMMENAGOGUE t if email- lAtDiilatoc. For Irreguhr and Painful Metislruction, and fur the Suppression or Retention if the Menses WHENEVER any uf the organ of the human frame ceae or refuse to perform their i flice, ihe -ee l- uf ili cn-e are sown, ul which ihe harvest is death, iin'ess, I y timely attention the obstruc tions are r" -' a'ud ti.ilure i there! y re-lored tc her won'i a i Through carele-sne-s and ne sleet tho 1 1 a'e- in this northern climate have goi" u i in early grave of Consumption, a di-o.i c b . luiiale ! iniarial y pri mo'ed by, and in iiio' a c ba its origin m a derangement of those organ upon n huh the FsiMr.NACOccr. i- es pecially -o act, mo-i, M not alt ct whom might have leen saved lya timely resort to this medicine. VERBAL TESTI MONY.thc I e-1 1 hat can I e o.Ti r cd in proof of rs eilicacv, may be found in every neighborhood where the Fmmfnecogce hos been employe I in accor lance with MaJam Botvin' direc tions.' It is pn paied in wine, ami though powerful i neverthele-sa safe incdicii.c fi r family use. Each boltle contain about 2 1-2 ouncesPrice 75 ct. A Id eraldi-count wi 1 1 e made to Physicians w ho us c it in I heir practu e, and to penon vho pur chase oyquaniny. ouiii in niirimeion nnu viciuuy uy n.v,i. cc ;, Arenis. Dec. 22, 1842. 30 LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE an I well selected nsortmcnt, consist ing of Gilt, Mahogany and Gilt, Mohogany,and F'ancy framed Looking Glasses, for s.!c at greatly reduced prices al the Hardware Store, Corner of Church and College Sis., by HAGAR & ARTHUR. STOCK til'' UAItDU AltR IMtlt SALE. 'IMIK MUISCIUBEH, having iVermineil lo leave L Burlingion in ihe -iirinir. offer for sale, for oa-h, h's em ire stock of IIARI.WAHF, at the invoite co-l in New 'ork, adding ihereciiio twoper cent. for xpeii'e uf Iran-pi rtalii n As h's stock I entire'v . . . ... .. r nnu i.i a men n-- u-nnlil refer loany Hardware merchant) and wa purchased lireviou to the pas age uf ihe new Tnriti' Bill, he ihinks it won d be impossible for any persrn who wi-heo to engage in I he I u-ines-, to do so under more favorable circinn-tnnte. WM, J. Ill'NT. Strong's Building, Fee. 30, 1S42. 31 TO LET. 4 Commodious TONE HOUSE at present occu pied by Dr. HisEctna. Fer terms apply at the premises. Burlington, Sept. 15, 1S42. 15 tf White Lead. 1TON White Lead in Oil, 2 do dry do. warranted equal in qualily to any maiinf clured in the Uiii'ei S a'c price unusually low. STRONGS. Nov. 16. IS32. Tin Plato &c, SO Boxcs Tin I-nt(, 25 Bdl-. Ru-sia and English Sheet Iron. AoVted no-j 40 Bdl-. Iron Wire n-sorled, 5 cent Sheet Cop- ccr, 1 1 n ne.l and black rivet-, Wire vellum. Brass Ketlles-VcsVo. STRONGS. Nov. 17. 1842. GROCERIES. A f Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans V. Sugars, 10 Ton Lump nnd Double Refined I.oafSugir 5 bbls. Crushed and Puwdered do Co 6' hhds Porto R co Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 40 Chests Hyson. Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and PoucbongTeas. 2 tons Saleralus, 25 kegs and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Sheep Tobacco. 1 barrel Lorillard's Maccaboy Snuff, 15 bbls Smoking nnd fine cui Chewing Tobacco 60 boxes Bunch Raisins, 3C bags old Java, Gran Java, Rio, tnd Laguira ColTee, 6 do Penner and Pimento. Also. Starch. Cin. namon, Nutmegs, Cloves, Pipes, Bur Lamp, Sperm Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, Ac. With the above, and many other Goods, we wish to buy money, and offer more for it thsn is usually paid in!ihi vicinity. Purchasers are respectfully in vited lo call. STRONGS. Nov. 17, 1942. 25 L.1L.Y SIRUP! mm Lnnu'n nnt! iiniinr.itlil'hi ,i s iitftucnza. otat Astmna. aofMimmv tht Lungs, and t .,..f...ft ....u..w,i unit tm ntumition. For is la i-t us a Qi-tARi 27tl rre stor Burlington and Th . i, l,s..ll ... ...:-.. us. i. si m nil, It'llllUU- al y upplied wtlh EVERY All I it-ur. m ' .! aoove orancli. loih ufih aim raicni kiuu; I'leiucinai water. Irom sas do. from Caledonia, Canada : Mnliol W,J .Innnp. lnn.,11 iss.hii.l Kii... , ..'HI v,n, ,-v.ii, wvi ij ft ivrvupuoiis pui up ar-- C3Shop open at all hours. llilrlintlnn. Fth. 1 IKJl 1 BOOKS, Retaileil nt Wholesale Prices. rrrlE subscril er has taken iii--eieit ive ami vi X able slock of Law. MeJic , Theological, Mi is, rl-.-l..l n.l Ssolin., ll.u.Ls. IfltelV I longing to C. Goodrich, comprising the large.1 a rest selected stoci. in ine oiuir, wuieu h s.s.- rumi lurmsii m ..s..r.s ., .. so. . . 1 I I. i.Fir- original price. Call at the old stand II. J. Mll .V Feb. 13, 184.1 m inJInii'vWfllsW run m w - t I I B- 61

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