Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 12, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 12, 1843 Page 3
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Ex-I'rcsident Aiiams, ilia venerable Rep reicntati've in Congress from Massachusetts, left tllu city early in this wouk, on his way liome to liis tieruditary mansion'. Mr. Senator TALi.M'troc, wlio lias buun detained licro from tliu adjournment of Con troll until now by serious indisposition, hav ing almost entirely recovered his health, left this city two days ago for his residence- at Poughkefepsie. Mr. Attorney-General Lroare has return ad to this city from his visit to Charleston, S. C. (his former residence.) Mr. Secretary Porter is at present on a visit to Pennsylvania. Nat. Int. (UWo have been requested by several young gentlemen connected with the Uni versity to publish the following communication. Mn. Editor: Tho statement In tire last -Sentinel that C. G. Eiisman Esq. had been elected Poet by the two Literary Societies in the University, though apparently well founded, was not correct. On account of some informality in tno organization of the "University Institute, all tho proceedings of this Society have been declared to bo illegal and those relating to Mr. E. among the rest I havo felt called upon to make this state ment that Mr. E.istman's friends and the public may understand the circumstances, if wo should have no poem at our annual joint celebration. A Member op the Institute. VIRGINIA ELECTION. The result of the late election in Old Vir ginia is truly cheering to every true Whig in the country. The Locos have almost always carried this state by overwhelming majorities. But tho Wjiigs have proved in tins contest that they are stronger now than they were in 1840. They have gained 11 or 12 mem bers of the House of Delegates and carried Jive probably of tho members of congress. They have lost three other members by very small majorities. The followingis from the New York Tribune of Monday. OMENS IN VIRGINIA. Westmoreland County, the birth-place of Washing ion, has given the largest Wilis mi. iority she ever cave, at tho late Election, putting a Whip; Congressman in place of a Lor.o. Her vote is some three Whig to one Loco. Fairfax, the County in which Washington pent the last years of his life and gave his last vote, lias also gone Wing often Loco. Albemarle, the County of Jefferson, has elected two Whig Delegate.', one of whom teas not a candidate, turning out two Loco-Foco?, and giving a decided majority lor Congress againBt tier own apostate son, i nomas w. dinner. Loudoun, the Coumy of Monroe, has given a largo Whig mijoritv, as usual. Hanover, the birth. place of Patrick Henry and Henry Clay, which gave Van Jiuren a ma jority lor President, lias turned out her Loco. Foco Dolegate and given a majority for John M Botts for Congress. These are but a few items. There is scarcely a Countv in which a large vote has been called out in which the result is not auspicious to the Whiff cause. And best of all, tho Whigs have every where fought tlio battle as Whigs have the most decided stand for the principles and measures of their party. fjy'Mu. Marsh's lecture before tho Me chanic's Institute, last Friday evening, was listened to by u very largo and respectable audience, and wo are quilo suro every one who heard it will be gratified to know that Mr. M. has consented to have it published. The first pa it of it will appear in our paper next week. (tJRcad tho address to alio People of the "Free Slates signed by JofjN Quincv Adams, John Mattocks, and otlteis, which will be found in our paper to day. HOW TO EVADE A LAW. The State of Virginia somo timo since passed a law inflicting a tax of sixty dollars on every concert held in the Slate. Mr. ISacki., during his recent trips to the South advertised a concert at Richmond, , in con nexion with Mr. Dempster. The Norfolk Herald thus describes the mode in which the law was evaded by these gentlemen : " Understanding that, under the new tax law, they would oe 01 liscu to pay tno enormous sum 01 siuy uuuars lor una cahiuiiiuii, nicy auvjcu uio loiiow ing device to evade the law : They upenened the doors free of charge to all who chose to enter. When the audience bad nssemblrd, Mi. Nagel nnnonnced that, between the parts of iho concert, 'a hat would be han ded round,' ond persona iniiht throw in what they pleased. This was accordingly done. A sum of money was collected be the musicians, and the trea sury of the Commonwealth is not one brass farthing the richer because of Ihe concert the tax of sixty dollars to the contrary nolwlhsionding. Civilization is ceilainly gelling in ad t ancc of the law. Awful Murders in Nr.w Jersey. 1000 Reward for the Murderers. A whole family was murdered, men, women and children, on Monday last, near Port Culden, Warren Co., New J er acy, with every circumstance of deliberate bar barity. Mr. John B. Park, an ajed man, who for years lias had tho mania nf ennvertin all his property into Fpecic, and the folly of boasting of the amount thus accumulated, lived on his farm a bachelor having in his house, his brother, in-law, John Cartner, who worked the farm his wife and four children together with a eer vant woman. Yn6terda'y morning the neighbors were thrown into consternation, by hearing tint all these per tons, except the maid servant, who was not at home the proceeding night, wero mur Jcecl. On reaching the spot the most dreadful open, tacle was presented. Cartner, who ap;.cara In have been decoyed out of the house, was found partially thrown into a limekiln, his head liter ally beaten to fragments with a rail, which was picked up close by with all the horrid marks of the use that hau been made ot it. On entennsr the house, Mr. Park was found in his bed, dead, wilh his throat cut from ear to ear. His sister, Mrs. Cartner, and the infant al htrside, in like rmnner murdered, and a little Eonoffour or five years old stabbed in several places anu only not dead. There were two other children, but they slept in a distant part of the house unknown probably to tho murdcrerF. and. most fortunate. Jy, thoy were not awakened by the deeds of hell perpetrating below, and theroforn gave no indi cation of their presence, and only knew they -ware orpnanr, wnen going in the morning to re ceive their mothera's accustomed kins. The house was rifled completely but what mount of plunder was obtained, no ono oould ytt conjecture. The news spread rapidly, the country is raised; and handbills are already circulating in all diree. tions. onenniTi in the name nf ih nrviulna mi. ativea, CI 000, for the arrest and conviction of we inuruerers. "Pltrrider, undoubtedly. WSI ttiA mntivA. anil nniversil opinion ascribed the horrid desJs to iranger, who must have come from a distance, Al thero must have been two nr il,ran ..n. M"P"di -he hope -earns reasonable that a clue imjnb fijuiid, and due punishment be awarded 'ltheunpi-a)!eloa massacre N. Y. Amtri. GyThe following communication, though written by a foreigner and ;i Cutholic, we aro suro will be read with Interest and ap picbation by every good citizen in this com munity. We know nothing of the partial I ns except as detailed by Mr. Ancc, but have no duubl ho has tinted them correctly. Commuulcatbn. Mi. Eoitobi I extremely regret the necessity which urges me to corns before the public through the columns of a newspaper. But fearing that silence might give sanction to ungrounded and false reports, I beg leave to occupy a brief apace in your columns. The aulject to which I wish to direct attention, Is the late suit before a magistrate of this town, for a disturbance of religious worship in iho church of which I hnvo charge. The case terminated m these quittat of the young man who was arraigned I and be- in; aware that tins circumstance might tend in the es timation of those who are ever ready to cry out per secution, to impeach the course of conduct which I have pursued, I think proper to lay before the public a full atateinent ol the matter. It was proved on the trial that the person in question had been a frequent member of my congregation, and that some weeks since he persisted in refusing to kneel with the rest of the assembly on the holy Sabbath, as Is lha custom among all the Catholic church throughout the world, and that while in ihepoich of the church he used harsh language and applied the vilest epithets to the Pastor who requested him to comply with the estab li.hed usages of the church. It was also shown that this had been repeated bv him from time to time in the grossest manncr,& that he had refused complyingwith the terms and rules on which my society is organized, neither contributing to sustain the church nor treat ing the Pastor even with the ordinary respect which one man owes to another. It was in consequence of this continued ill treatment, and total disregard both for my feelings and station, and contempt of the holy ordinances of the church, that I requested him to leave the house on the last Snbl ath. This he declined do ing, and at my request was removed from the house by some members of my congregation. At the time when I requested him to leave the house he was stand ingercctand wilh a swaggering air of defiance, osif ready to improve the first opportunity for mischief. When the attempt was made to remove him wilh gentleness, he resorted lo kicks, blows, and curses, and entirely interuptcd and disturbed the exercises of the day, and this loo was continued after he was re moved, and he remained about the house, profaning both the day and the place wilh the most shocking vulgarity and profanity. For this offence this young mm was tried and acquitted, on the ground that no thing done more than thirty days before the arrest could bo shown in evidence according lo the Statute Law, nnd that nonet of violence or disorder waicorn mitted by him immediately before he was requested lo letve llie house. As 1 am aware that by many my actions miy be misconslued, I would wish to appeal from tin-judgment to lint of public opinion. It is well known that I have caused to be erected a chapel in this place, upon ground presented by the Right Reverend Bishop of Boston, for the sole use of the Canadian Catholic pcpulalion in this vicinity. Of this chapel and the grounds I am in full posses sion, and wilh as full authority as in my own privato house. Tho chapel has been I uili m large proportion nt my own private expense, and the sole charge ofil (under my superiors) belongs me alone. And as a Priest of the Catholic church I have full authority to prescribe the terms and conditions on which persons may become members of my congregation. Accord ing to the rules ond regulations by mo often repeated and publicly declared, no person is entitled lobe con sidered one of my Dock who doe3 not conform there to. In this country wlure somauy haveapostntiied, and where the most dd'gent and persevering watch fulness is consiontly requ'ued of the Piiests of the Catholic church, not a few perverse and evil disposed persons are found who rejoice in deranging tny plans for the common good of my congregation and ouch persons who refuse all assistance, and nil compliance with tlis ru'esand ordinances of the church, it would seem that tho law of the land lliru-ts upon me, ond obliges mo to receive into my ionrjrcenlion, and to submit not only to the indignity of tln-ir presence, Lut to their open scandal and disorder. The precedent established by this decision con bill hove n most per nicious tlTect upon public order. Although the sub ject of it escapes on a legal lechnicalit), the impres sion will be given lo Iho many ignorant, and unfortu nately abandoned characters who frequent the Colli o'ic chapel in this place, that they may pursue the dicllcs of their own untutored ond unhallowed pro pensilics wilh impunity. Eicry friend of order, wnctner uainonc or 1'rolestant, must regret it or indeed the weokening of any influence winch tends lo keep down in this class of community the disposition to anarchy and riot, unfortunately too prevalent. But tho good anj faithful Catholic has a more sure refuge than the law cf any counlfy, or the tender mercy of a mob. The faithful pastor can look on high for strength in the day or troublo. And if per secution comes, he can retire with the good nnd faith ful of his flock, if necessary, even to the fore-t and mountains, and in solitu.'e like that of the Garden of SulTcnng, crc l the allar of his fonh, and pray for his enemies who know not what they do. This time has not arrived, and we trust it miy never. Hut while I am in charge of my flock as a Catholic Priest I will try n best tflbrts lo put n stop to impiety and disor der within the temple of the Most II . To flinch from this duty would be to break down the principle 1 "'authority in out midst, and thai which bepan in not, might one day end in insurrection. If the Priest 3 Je emed the ri;(ht of expcllinK a disorderly ncrson from Ihe church, on the same principle he mbht be lorceu 10 admit to burial wiihin tho cemelry of ihe J - . .. - - , cnurcn, tnoso who held 110 communion with Calho licism. Tho cemelry is not more sacred than the church, and I lie cannonicnl laws with reirard to both. have no other foundation than in cood sense nnd rea son. The Priest is no more obliged to receive Ihe hody ofotie who dies without the pole of the church, man to admit to the holy ordinances ol his rehzion. one who comes only to mock and insult him. The decision of which we havo spoken- will not ar rest our efroils in behalf of rcligionand of order. We shall continue our course in thedischarroofourduiv. and find in our motives sufficient reward. 1 submit lo the laws of 1 he country where Id we' 1 1 nnd would do llie same at Constantinople. But I feci it my duty lo point out to others the dangers of this precedent, and to show them the chains which they may be forcing for themselves, in countenancing the unbri-Hed con duct of ihe licentious and abandoned. It is surely from no motives of self love or nersnnsl interest that I have nisum d Ihe difiicult charge of a conjugation dispersed abroad, sometimes ignorant and, too often, abandoned lo wrrlchednees boih of boJy and soul, ss all who aro acquainted with the people 01 my eharga can conceive for themselves To collect this wan''erin flock, lo instruct, toeletate nnd fit ihem for happiness, is the dearest wish of my soul. In this labor I have had the countenance and support of ihe hospitable people of Ilurlinston, and the favorable regard of the public who have witnessed my exertions. And I csnnot refrain from pointing out ihe danger of the precedent "liich the late decis ion hos established, 10 those whoso constant kind ness and benificcnco in all ihe relations of life, have reconciled me loabsencc from my naiiie land. May 4, 1843. F. ANCE. The Railioad Accident. Wo rneniioned yester day Ih-t Samuel IL Drown was killed immediately yesterday, on Ihe Charleston Branch Railroad, hy Ihe nnforiunnte accident of the ears running ofT ihe track. Wo since learn llinl David Hosmer, or Acton, who was employed to labor on the Fltchburtr rail ioau, was so nadly injured that he died a few hours after the accident. Mr. Chiniheis. ih .ni.., ;,i feared cannot recover. 7 he other persons who were "..ib luiivnicDtcill. Th caus of the accident is unknown. On Thurs (fay the tram ran off ihe track on ihe bridge in nn sequence of oneo ihe rails having been loorethe ion, nriwever, was imrnedialelysecured. and Ihe track careful yexamined, and believed 10 ba in cood eondi. lion. The rails on that portion of the track where the accident occurrnd, appeared lo ba particularly solid and firm. It is supposed thai there was eom onstruciion on the rails, which threw theenginsofT w, unio ucrangemeni occurred 10 ihe iiiiiciiiici j ui 11, t, cnpino This branch railroad has been years and for nearly two years lha cms have run reg'darly to Fresh Pond, several times a day, friight trains and passenger trains, hut this is the only ncci- M.. ...., n. uctuirru. mr. oarKer, inn onperin tendent, has alwavs borne the rspulstion of an t9 cient, attentive tnd esrefbl office. Juurncl Oreiit Fi3E at Wilmington, N. C An extensive and valuable portion of our unfortun ate town had bean within the past fow hours laid in ruins by a tiro probably mo most calam itous one that ever visited it. At least two hundred buildings we think nf every kind aro destroyed, busidea an immense of property of other kinds. Between 11 and 12 today, whilst a very heavy galo of wind was blowing from the South, tho greater part ot the intianiiams Doing at the time engsge at the various churche?, the roof of the old warehouse known as McKay', on the alley next North of the Bang of Cape Fear, waa discovered to be on fire. Almost im mediately the flames took hold of other wooden buildings near by, and swept in a fow minutes across Princes street to the d wellings of Mrs. Robeson, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Calder, when all hope was lost of saving any of the Northern part ot tho town auove those points, Between Front and Water and Front and Second street. Onward and onward tha flames progressed, leaping from building to building with fearful rapidity. In two hours from the time the alarm was given, the fire had reach the Rail Road De pot buildings, a distance of three eighths of a mile from where it commenced. Between Princess street and the Rail Road, and Second street and the river, not more than a dozen build ings are left standing. On tho upper wharves there was an immense quantity of country pro duce, such as naval stores, lumber, cj-e., all of which was destroyed. Many families lost the whole of their furuituic, others t. part. We do not think there was a very great value in mer chandise destroyed, the greater part being got out, as the stores were not so directly in the range of the fire as the dwelling house. Ma ny of the house were among the best in town, and a very large proportion were valuable ones. 7'he loss by this dreadful fire is estimated at 8300.000. There is insurance to the extent of of 8100,000. as is supposed, Icavin2 a sad deficit to be born by our citizens, under all the other depresing circumstances of the times. The above is from a slip from the Chronicle office dated on Sunday afternoon. It goes on to give a list of the sufterers and the property de stroyed. Among the greatest losers ie the Wil mington and Raleigh R. R. Co. all of whose Depot buildings were consumed, together with five locomotives, somo ears, the bridge over the revinc, and twoor three hundred yards of the road where there were several tracks. Their books and paper were saved. Brighton Market. Monday, May 6, 1S43. At Market, 320 Beef Cattle, 10 pairs Working Oxen. 230 Sheep, and 1400 Swine. Prices. Beef Cattle. A lew yoke emtio wero probably sold a trifle more than our highest quota tions. First quality $1,75 a 6,00 Second quality, 34,50 a 81,75. 1 hird quality, 83,50 a 4,25. Wotktng Oxen. No silos noticed. Sheep. A lot (sheared) from ?1 to 2,75 i lot not sheared from S.,50 to 3,50. Swine. Prime lots to peddle at 4 1-4 for sows, and 5 I -4c for barrows. A few lots, not so good quality, 4 and 5. At retail from 4 1.2 to Ce. Died, In this town, at the residence of Daniel Davis, Coa.NEt.iA II., eldest daughter of John H. and Elvira King. NOTICE. DOCTFR HEINEBKRU respectfully announces to hi friend., and the public generally, 'hat in eon scpicmecf continue! indiponion, hleel it duly uoe to umise I to retire rroin me pracuc c ui 1119 pry tesion for the precnt, with a v ew to restore in.-own health. On hi- ability to ic-uine the came, due no tice will be given. Burlington, Muy 10, 1S13. 3w 50 PKKIODICAl,-.. THE mh-eril er i prepared to I'.irni-h any of the Periodical puMicaiioiis cf the day, Reviews. Jlagoz ne, or Monthly Reprint of foreign worts, at the lowe-t puhli-hei's prices, and free of postage, if de'iverul in R irlmglun. A catalog; 10 and spenmcn niiml cr. r.f .nmj of llio works- may le seen at Mr. Siblev'r, Main street. Or der left a- al nve, or at Box 43, I'o-t Olfice, will Le pionipilyaltendcj to if accompanied by the cash. J. W. MAY, Afrcnt for Wilder & Co., Oen. Di-triluitins Agent, Bo.ton. 50 tf USK OP MONEY. With the New (Joods was received a Way of using money nt Howard's. '"HE way m which money could I u-ed to ad--1 vantage has always. I ecu one of aiixiou-nc-s to it- po-te-M r-, and that'a way i- now found out, par lii'iilarly in the e tune-, shou'd I c a ia'.e of it 1 eing inimcdia'.cly far an. I wile, and ex ensivcly mai'.e known. The discovery can I e real scl I y npplyinc nt the ever l'p and I'om, Q u'ck and Cheap for Cash, nnd No iinpri-onnient for debt e-tal li-hmeut, and e'e.itng ttierclioin lor use nnu Uis'rii.ution siu-n evi 'enccs ae.ich mav think for Ihem-clvts mo-teflect- ual and conclusive 10 1 heir imagination or in sati-fy-inj their many and varied de-ires, which will tear the te or I cinz put fully into practice 111 all the use f il and la-hionahledepanmenl-, for it i so arranged mat earn at a g nncem.iy tc con-cio's ot ine great miliiv 10 I e atiaine I l.y paving the C.i h fur Goods diWilv 10 the PeonlcV Agent HOWARD. Burlington, 10 Mav, '43. 50 TO LET. 'YMIE Lot on Pearl street, known by ihe Munson a Lot; containing about three acres divided by a fence into two lots, which can be rented separately. The cround requires ploughing and enriching. Fur that use it will he rented low. Il contains about reventy-five good apple trees, pirt grafted fruit. 1-nquireof LYMAN it COLE. May 12, 1813.' 50 ESTHAY. ihe sitli-cril er. on the Ch inn? ur year old UAV MARK COLT, icsteu to prove properly, pay char. wa) . V".ll.U TltAUV Shelburn, May 9, 1813. t U J'b0w3. ""' 7'' Liucnczer Alien s instate. STATE OF VERMONT, jHMlE Hon. the Dis rict of Chittenden, ss, ) X Proha e Court fur the District of Chittenden, to a norsons con cerned in the estate of KHENUZER ALLEN, late of Colchesier, in said District, dei cased, Gsektino. WHERF.AS. Charles Collins, administrator of tha or said deceased, proposes to render an nccount or his administration, and pre-ent his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a ecs ion of the Court ol rrohate, t o bo holden al Ihe Register's office in Burlington, in said district on the second Wednesday 01 June next. Therefore, you nre hereby nolified lo nnnear be frc said couit at the timo and place nforesiid, and enow cause, 11 any yon have, why tne account afore, said should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this tenth dav 01 may, a. u. is j. . r . . r .n.i ' w.m. WESTON, Jtteuttr, STATE OF VERMONT,) rntiE Hon. the District or Chil'enden. ( X Probate Court , a- within and for the Dis net or Chittenden. To the creditors and others concerned in Ihe estate of EHENKZER ALLEN, late of Colchester, in said uisuici, CieCCHbCfl. Whereas Charles Collins, administrator of the r tale nr said deceased, hae made application to this Court, to ex'end the lime limited ror iiMkinenavment of Ihe dtbts of Slid deceased, nnd settling said estate one yearirom tne a.iuayoi July, ISu, nnd Ihe sec ond Wednestav or Juno next, beini; nssinned for 1 henring in the premises, at the office of the Register of this Court, and it having been ordered that notice thereof he given, hy publishing this decree three weeks titccessitcly in llie Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, before tho time fixed ror hearing. Therefore, vou are hereby nolified. to nDPenr befor said Court, nt the lima ond place aloresaid, then and mere, 10 maae oDjecnon 11 any you nave, to the said lime of payment being further extended as aforesaid. Given undr mv hand at Burhnrrtnn. this ln,h iltv Ol I'!")', n. U. IMi. wa. WiJSTON, fitgitlrr. Sotoimn f. Miller's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) TUF. Hon. ibe Distttct ol Cnntenden, 5 -I fro) sis Court for Ihe District 1 f Chittenden, to nil rrnn concern ed in the rstate of SOLOMON P. MILLER, late of Wiiii.ton, in said distriei deceased, (iestInc. WHEREAS, Harry Miller, administrator ot tbe relate ol raid deceased, proposes to render an account ol his administration, end pre-ent hi, account against snid ealyte ftir'eaamination andtllowanceat a re-aion 01 tne i-oon r 1 rrobate, to I e holden at Ihe Register' -V1 tt- l lllfceTcTr T11 N lief owner i req1 eel and take her vTire, in liurlinclnn, 111 saiil dislricl, on ihe second Wednesday of June next; Therefore you are hereby nolified 10 npyear I efore said conn at ihe lime and place aforesaid, and shew cause if nny yon have, why the account aforesaid rhruld not I e allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this fourth riav of May, A. P. 184 J. eowS 1 WM. WESTOri, RcgUttr. MUSIC PAPER for sale by H. J. SHUMWAY. Agt. May 12, 1SIJ. 60 Amos ClarSCs Eftalc. STATS OF VERMONT,) rpilK Hon. the District of Ctiiiiendoii, ss. J J. Probate Court lor the District of Chittenden, lo ollncrsons concern ed in the estate of AMOS CLARK, late of Hin.v bireh In aid nMrictdeceae-J1 CncCTino. WHEREAS, Homer Clark, executor of tbc list will nnd testament ol said deceased, prep5cs to ren der an account el hi adtnini-tration, and present nls account ngninu -aid estate for examination end al lowance nt a session of tho Court of Probate, to be holden nt the Register'. nfBce in Bur'ington, In raid District, an the rerond YYcJne.dav of June next. Therefore, you are hereby online I lo appear before sa' I court attbetimsaud place, and shew emu ', if any you biye why the account afore-aiJ should not I allowed. Given under my hind at Burlington, tbls lOib day ofMav, A. D. 1813. 'Qw'J W. WESTON, Ittgltttr. Marianne Audat's Estate STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden, ss. .(AT a Probate ( . Court holden at Burlington, wiihio and forthedi-iriol aforc.-aid on thee 11 uay ol May, a. u. itj-u, en instrument pur porting to l the la-t Will and Te-tsment of MARI ANNE AUUi.T, It'eot Burlington, in said di-trict deceiseJ, wa prcen:el to the Court hero lor Probate by Jean Dutille the executor, therein nameJ. Therefore, it is orJered by -aid Conn, that pul he notice be given to all persons concerned therein to anuear before said Court.'at n se-slon thereof to be holdeo at the Register' other, in Burlington, 011 the second Wedoeday of June, A. D. 1813, nnd contest ihe probate of said Will, and it is further ordered that this orJer I e publl-hed three weeks successively in the uurnngton free rrc, a newspaper printed at uur lingion, in this Sine, the la.-t of which shall Ic pre ious to the diy a -signed, a-ntore-ni I lor hearing. Given under tny haul nt the Reeislei's office this CI. day of May, A. D. IH43. ni wl ,t.r.rt.rti r . ..... 00 ,11,310, cejutcr. Mettnda Catlln's Ustatc. STATE OF VERMOS'T.i AT a Prolate Hi-tricl of Clii'tenden, ,s. ( ! Court holdcn at Burlinston, wi'hin and lor the His rict afure-nid, on the 28;b, day of April, A. I). IS43, 1111 Instrument Eurnorlinff 10 Ie the jt Will and To-taincntof ME 1NDA t'ATLIN. late of liurhne ion. in said di-tfict i'erfa.ed, was proentei to the Court here for Probote, by Henry w, cailin the executor, tiicrein named. Therefore it is ordered by aid Court, that public no lice I e given lo nil person." concerned therein to op near I efore -aid Court. t a -cj-ion thereof to I e hoi den at the Reeiier's office in .aid Burlington, on the seeiond Wed:.c-dav of June. A. I). 1843. and conte-t the pro' atecf said Will, an. lit i further ordered that Ihi-order I e pul liheil three week Miccevively in the Burlington Free Pre-s, a newspaper printed at Burlington,in Ibis Malc.the lat of which publication shall beprcviou' to the diy assigneJ, as arore.-aid for bearing. Given under mvhand at the Registci'd office, this 23lhdayorApril,A. D. 1343. SO WM. WESTON, Register. Amy IloardmanS li state. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpHE Hon. the District of Chittenden, s. J A I'rol ale Court for the district of Clrttenden, to all per-on. t encern eJm the estate of AMY BOARUMAN, late of Mil ton in said Di-trtci. decen-ed. Unr.ETiNO. WHEREAS, SamuW lioardman, odinini- ralor cf the e la-e of said de.-easeJ, propose to render nn ac couiit if hi, ndtniiii-tr.ition. anl pre-ent hi account against said e.iaie lor examination and allowance, al se non of tneCo in of Probate, to I e liolJen at the Regi-i'er' office, in Uiirhnglon, in said district, 0:1 the second Wedne-day ol June next. Tlicrefuri", you are here! y notified to appear I elorc soi I court at the tune Hud p'ace nfore-nid, and shew cau e, if any you have why tho accoint aforesaid sho'ild not be a'lowed. O ven under mv hand al Burlington, tins fourth day of Mav, A. D. 1843. 50 WM. WESTON, Rcgitter. UNITED STATUS DISTRICT COURT, Vermont llstrict IN IJAKKUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of CAMPBELL REMINGTON, of Hnnlinglon, for his Discharge and Certificate, as n Bankrupt, at the office of Samuel Prentiss, in Montpelier, in said District, on Wednesday, the 30th day of August, A. D. 1843, nt 10 A M. EI. IAS DOTY, of Huntington, for his Discharge ond l ertincate, as a bankrupt, at ilicothccot hamuel Prentiss, in Monlpelier, in said District, on Wednes day the 30th nay of August, A. D. 1S43, at 10 A.M. JAMES II. IM.ATT, HOOT SHOE MAKER, HAS remove I he shop to Warner' row, opposite to Howard's Stoie, on Church street. Hehan large a-orlincnt el Ladies and (ientieiiteu' L'cots, all uailer. lioolee aniiaiioe: also, JU-su aim Bov',. Thick lioot- and Itrniran. nil of li eh lie will self at very low pike for ca-h. All kind tf wnrli in 111s. line niaue to oroer. j-ieae can anu exaimiii hi work and price-, I. e .'eei-, confident that Klh will meet your approbation. u irlingion, Jlay 3, 1513. VICTUALING SHOP, ny 11. rtisTrnt. fTNUKR tho Unci: Store l itc.'v oe-uriieJ I v W, H. U C1HI19. nnd at pre-ent I y S. N. l nil if- Co., on Church st., where he will I e hanpv to icrve all who mav call upon him with the choicest refre. Iiinent. the se-on and market mav adord. Burlington, May 5, le43. 493. NEW EST.vni,lSIIMENT. THF. Undersisuel havin; puriliaed lh- entire stock of Orville S.nclear, i leave lo inform the p-il lie that ihcy intenJ to coutini e tho Pail and Tub Manufacturing il iiiie- in all it various I ram lie at Ihe ol Island of Orville, It irliniton Fall. I hev will hole sale or retail n best ,uit the pur chaser. All orders proinptly anemic I to. BARNES &. THATCHER. Burlington, May 1, 1843. 3.c49 Tlmiilliv ItlKc I'.ulat... WF. the subscnbeis, having been appointed by Ihe Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive. t. amine and adjust the clnim9 and demand of all per sons agiinst the estate ol TIMOTHY RLISS.lae or Jericho, in said District, deceased, rcpresentid in Bonent, nna aiso an cinims nnd demands exhibited in olfset thereto j and six months fiom the day of llie oate hereof, being allowed by said Court for thai purpose, wo uo tnerelore hereby give nolice,ihat we will nttend to the business of our appointment, at ,the dwelling or Zel ina l!lis, in Jcrithn, in said Dis trict, on the 4th Saturday of May nnl NowmLer next, at 10 o clock, A. M.. on each of said da vs. Dated, this lsi dn or March, A. D. 1313. 40 OLIVER I.OWRV. n AARON IHtOWNrXU -"nmissionera. ItOAIIIlEHS FROM llioCo'iit Hou-e Square or College may find eool aceominrrflntion. nn innrlpri,, isrm.. by applying to WARHI'N Si BI.EY, on Mam street. jiou.e iaieiv oecupietl l.v lie. li. Shaw. May I, 1813. '.133 NtiTicr. . THE s'lhscnler his son Hent.t II. Dooiittle inio Ci partnership, the husine... will le continue! at his old .tan J under the firm cf P. til. II. DOOlITTtE. PHILO DOOL1TTLE. Burlington, I7ih April, 1343. "Afc TO THE LADIES " Or. Hull's Utcro Abdominal Supporter. THIS new In-triiinent for Ihe radica rure nf Prolapsii- Uteri, or falling ol .the Womb, l eilernal eppliealion 'siiper-eding Ihe ii.-e of the objection al.le Pessary, i. confidcnllv recom mended to the 'afflicted a the means of nerfeel re-lorntion to health, it nev er having failed r.f performing a cure, even under the nwi aggravate-i eircnmsianc e. The Supporter ha. attained n very high character in Europe a well ainthicounirv.. Il is adopted in theeatifedi-nse ofpe aric, ami nil other painful Mir- icai expcaicnls,ln tne i.ying-m iin-punisoi i.onjnn by medical men of the highest rank. In I hi country il ini-tainedhv'he leading meml ers ol the facnllies of college and llospiiais , and by all tue eminent pn vate practitioners. THIS Eminently snceersfii! Jnttrnment for the enre of Hernia in its every form, in loth Male and Female from tba in.'aai to tha J.lull, isleing reor.mmen.lwJ ly the Bursical Department anJ muTiimdes at i'Jivsl riant in ihe la'eoMtachu.eii, andU)ra,c,m1s of tba Union among tha variety of Trpsie n'd and riupiovcu ,n mi sinie iuis arucie l roost rugmy teemed bv Practitioners and actual ilmi. it I. esnoaallv lenommended by our townsmen Doctors Hatch and tlHHtaOAGU. PECK &. SPEAR. At which nlare mav nl-ol e had.Ht-iL'a MAasii'a and Twitchiu'sHEKNIA 1 RUSS, for mpiurcs in Ibe Matt Pifisok, from tbe infant l the ndull. ICyThe.-e and the shove for sale i-lnglv or lv ibe desso. On hand contlanlly a rood ntsortmtnt oj r MIMTARY Oil ANY OTHER GOODS. WE have a person In Now York "eleclins; Ooods fur u ho will l there somedays, perhaps two weeks or moreony ariicle In our line or out of ii will lj forwarded for all who leave orders at tbr Varieiy Store. As w wi?b lo sud some money asutb wb Wish those who otrtu to pay hoi. PaKoboaM Sc. flp.MSMjt.16. May 1, 1843. 49 COM.RCTiMt'S OFFICE,) DISTRICT OF VERMONT, Burllnaton, April 86, 1813. ) PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby c-iren that a circular ha been received at this office trom thcTrcasury Department, giving Information that a large quantity (in numlr audnmount,) of Treasury Note-, redeemed by the Collector at New Orleans, and alleged to have leen by him Iran-mined to the Treasury 1 n theSCih davol July 1B42. havine never been received there. nre prenmcd to have l-cen purloine.1 either from the mail or from the Custom Hou-e, nnd all persons are herein- cautioned arainsl reeeivinsor nrtrotifitinff nnv of .aid Note, which nre doclared by the Sccrstary of the Treasury to lo "no tonier valid In-rumcnts." A descrptfvo -chcdule of the Notes above deseriled can L Ken at tnts owce. 43 WILLIAM P. BRICOS, Collector. NEWEST ABLISHME NT. THK Subscriler X havine moved in. tr the NEW BKICK UUILUINO, joining the County Building, carrvmtr on ihe HAT MANUFACTURING BUSINI SS 111 all its varioti branches. He now oiler; to the nnl. lie n general assortment of the moif fashionable llatt m use) among wnieti is a cry uprnor arucie n MOLE SKIN HATS, equal in neaiiies anl style and lehevcd to lo far u nenof lor t urao iltv to unv imnz 01 uiu Kinoucriv R rn nIT.reil in this market. ANo. a very -iiDCrior ar ili-'ccif CASTORS and common 'lints, among wlnth are a few or lire smooth Castors known by the name of Cisshitnc Hats. Any particular lU-hion or stjle varying from the general lasuion maut: iu uruir i iiiv ruuin -i iiumv. All the .HOVe Will ue soiu as lllcap n incriieapc-i. JOHN S I E l SON. Burlington, April 27, 1843. 48tf 1IUCK WHEAT. Very ulterior nitule 10H SI F.D, for sale by April 25, 1613. UIXJ. n.TKKtUiW, 17ESSEN DEN'S AMERICAN GARDENER, X. Lindlev Horticulture, lor sale hy April 28, 1843 H. J. SHUMWAY, Agent. INK. A Superiors article of BLACK INK, inn received April 28. by II. J. SHUMWAY, itgenr. William V. I'hllllps' Estate. A17ETHE SUBSCRIBERS, havinsbeen appoint en by tho Honorable the Probole Cuutt for the uistricl ol lyliillenden, cotninissioners to receive, amine and adiust the claims and demands of all tier. sons, against the estate of WILLIAM P. PHILLIPS, laic ol liutltnton, in said Dislricl, deceased, represent cd insolvent, nnd aim all claims and demands e.vlub ttcd in cllsct thereto ; nnd six monllis ilorn the day of tho date liereor. being allowed by snid Umil lot that purpose, we do therefore hereby mc notice, tha we uill atend to the buiness of our nnnoinlincnt. a the Exchange Hotel of Moses L. Hon, in Bulling Ion, in said District, on the second Tuesdays ofjuin and September next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each 0 said days. Dated, this first dav of Anril. A. D. 1S43. ISAAC NYE. JCommis HENRY MAYO, 2d. J sinners 1 I If V Piece. llOiyi-; PAl'tR, a great vur.ct J. J ,J of pattern nt mannlncinrur; iirice-. lo salehv II. W. C.V'ILIN. April 14, 1813. 40 LISTS FOR TAXES 1843. B LANKS lorlillor IS 13, lurni-h-1 al lior no lice for 81,00 ncr 100. C. GOODRICH. April I, 1913 45 NOTICE. nPHIR Ccrl.lic that I hac stiven to my fo 1 WIU.IAM A. FOWtsER. hi tium durin the re.-t of In iniiioriiy, and slull i Iniin none of h aces nor pay any dd'ts of hi contract in? from tli d.tte. JOsIIUA O. I'OVVLKR Colche-ter, April 1, 1S43. 43iv3 VOll SAM". mm. House and lot bclonsina lo James L.nshon i situated on tho New Road le idin;; from Hulling ton Mpmre to lliul alls. I nr terms apply to ApulJf, lil3. 43lf L, II. PLATT. Daniel Itleliarilnin'i Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) THE I'rol.nle Cou District of CliiMuudcu, s. ) for il.e Di-iric! t'hiili niVn : To all pei-'.ns intcrctej in th" Estate l)..lEt. RICHARDSON, la:e of Wc-tford, laid Hi-tiict clue casf.1, In'e.inti?. WIiriti:S, Satly Ricliar,l-cn, adinini-tratrix of tne e-wteoi llie sai l m-ciasej, uain ii'aue .ipplu nnon to anl coin to extend the tunc limitcj r. r -cnling said elaie one jear from the 20 h day ol 3ny, 1S13 an i ai-o propo-c to rencer a'l account '.I tier a. iui.ii-.iraiioii, nnd pre-ent her account against 'aid c lalefur examination and allowance. Tin'icfc-ie. th court a for-anl doth appoint the lourth Wednesday cf 1 ... 10,1 IV . P liu , I P (, n I .lillil.T .Ml -11.1 lion'aiid for i,-.aiiiiiiiiir and ollowini; -aid imiuat, at the otlicc, ofthu lie'i.icr of'o'irt, in I! ulinli n, nnd doth order that all per-on- ton' crmil lenotincJ thcrcol hy publication ofthi order thne wec!. sue cesuclv'in the tlurl.nutoii Kite Pre-., a new-pa per printed in Uurlinirion, in s.ndcli-irict, the last of which piiblicniiun to lopicvioiis to the day appointed a nfore-nid foi Itcarin.'. fineii under mv hand at said I!iii!inrton. thiitS h day of Aj-nl, IS 13. 49v.a wm. r.MO., Jttgislcr. WA.vri:i. 31-0 BBLS. Superfine flour of superior brand., I,v STRONGS. REMEDY FOR HARD TIMES. II OK AC R COOK WOULD inform the public that he is supplying T. W. Gllllt with stock of llie first ounlity, for all kinds of iorl. usually kept in a Siddler's shop. From the cell known i.lnincter of Mr. tiico's woik coiunicndntiuii is iiniiecess.iry. An e.'.ellenl nssotlnient of work now on hand for sale at price- lo correspond with the times. Gentlemen uhn ui h to find iheir own leather will be wirranttd best plain harnesses at 82 J. Htncsburgh, April 21. 4wl7 T. W. GIBB. LUMBER YARD. TTIHE subscribers keep on bond a supply ofbuin 1 her or various kinds at iheir jaidon Pearl St. here thev will nromnllv wait on custometn. Lum ber sawed lo order. Applvtn Henry P. Hicliok. March 10. HlCKOlv fe STEVENS, li Yj A C IC S 31 IT II I X G. HEMtY WHITNEY begs leata lo remind ihoso who are not already nppnsed or the hct, that he h;iB removed his establishment to the new brick shop currier or Pcarl-st. nnd Iho new road, where he will ba happy to serve his old friends, and nnkcas many new ones as promptness and fidelity may secure. WAGCIONsS. He has on hand 3 Double Waggons, made or the best materials, With iron axles, and Warranted to do good Two one-horso LUMBER WAGGONS a good article. Also, a number or superior CONCORD WAG. GONH, with Wood nnd iron axles. All ol which will be sold very cheap for cash, and at prices adapted to the tints, for good p.fer.o TO RENT. The 6econd story of the building above alluded to being a room ?6 hy 40. and an excellent stand ror a Painter or Wheel-wright. HENRY WHITNEY. Ruilingion, April 12, '43. 46 3m HOUSE FOlt S A I.E. A Neat nnd convenient IIOU3K wnh A carden anl grolwater atiached. I pleasantly eitimtcd near the lu.ine- pan of the village : a trv de-irable residence 'and will le told low. Fortermapplvto JOSEfll WAIT. Ccrnef of Church and College sis. ) Burlington, April 2, 1513. 43 Wool, gar Wool! nOELOESON & RATH HUN having Leased ibe TL commodious Manufacturlne Establument. ol tne uuning'on .uin on., anu cyine-'iecj mciu.eive,. in ruisiness wun ;ur. cxdnlv ujirloiv, (loriner oni ioj saldCo.,1 are now reudv to recti e Wool to manu facture toreistomer. into Droedcloth. To thott that have Sid wo.-!c dona heretofore by JtoellsOa and jeatnnitn, utile nood le saict to inuucj a coatinn ncar.fpa!ronase,anJtoalUiihrrTOivTt!d,ay that the work will her done in a woricmanfi.sraanaer-r Fdrmtrtj-JtitdiaAtt una other wifhinfto hive wool Manufactured for their own u-e or for msrlet may rest assured that no pa'n or attention will I e spared togive tbe lest of -aiisfaeiion. Term or payment madeeasv for all lot of wool from 1000 Ihs and up raiiK "I'nfei iilbsSI ward-1 Small Ici'.s Cash or one ball of ibe cjoib. v.-hen fiai.hed. Tbe Uuine will be conducted under lha firm of . RQELOr&ON, HATHBUN & Ca A-ril f 1M3. H SPRING FASHION FOR HATi THE 9ub;crilcr bas recelrt the Spfmg Patterns tor HAT andlsconsiantlymDUfacturlngat offers tothe puhlfc hats of ere quality sold in tbe city or countr; 'I be. sorimtot on hand o&csJ in pan, of the following- tit . FINE BA7ER HATS Super Nutria " Fine Brush " Common Do " Caimere " Iiiiltatioa and Common " ALSO. Extra Hoe Mole Skin " tsr superior to most of the flan bearing that eAra 01 wcicn somo nave icn 104a in tnis pi see. As the sub'criler is awaro that some gtailtaw bare takes a fancy to this kind of hat. he has lecurre no little expense in procuring tbe host materials Use inttieir manuiacture,anu ai.ooneoiinavery tje-tej' uai maters, anu ny souoing, I- nowcnameiooneri article in thisline not inferior to the lst city m . bat, In point of style or durability, and invites gentt men to call, examine, and compare quality and prfco Iclore they purchase el-ewbere. Hats sold by lb aic warrcnteu to su-tain wetting wiuto. injury. Hats made to order on short notice. uoys ciotu caps constantly on cano, an ca want will Lc sold cheap as tbc clicapet. Curlingtoo, Pearl Street, I April 7, 1843. i 46 1 tf FOR SALE: THE new, commo'liou, leautif. BRICK DWELLING HOUSE ns Lot at the corner of College and Pit street, which i not lor prospect or coi ven fence excelled I v any situation . town; payment in part may remain on time. App' to 'R. W. SHERAIAN or S, E HOWAKO. Burlington, March 30, 1843. 44tf Cash nalil for Pork. THE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery ft WELL FATTENED PORK. FOLLETT &. BRADLEY. Burlington, Dec. 22. 1842. 30 NOTICE. THOSE who have unsettled matters with S. B. Scott ore most rcsDcctablv informed that he will do himself the pleasure of leaving them for collection f not arranged immediately. HO YEI! SAND' H SA USA PA RILL A FLUID, Cumrmind Syrup nf Sarsaparilla, BARTON'S SVIit'P OF SARSAPARILLA, fur the immediate prodttc'fon if the CARIIONA'IKD MEAD. Extract nf Sarsaparilla, Spanish ami American Riml Sarsaparilla ; ll renowned for PURIFYING THE BLOOD; INVIGORATING THE UNHEALTHY, AND RESTORING SOUNDNESS TO THE CONSTI TUTION. At wholo-ale sinJ retail, bv 42 PEC C ctSPKMt. Orugiri.!? AMERICAN STORE. ( TDERSONS fn tranf of groceries of any kind, or X pure Spirits or tl inesjor medicine," or for any ol her purpoe, will do well in call on the -uhscri-I er.u ho conslanllv l.cen all kind of the alove aril vie, a pure and iinailulleratcd, lo ny the leat, nS can ue uouqiit at any uerman more, lie uocs hoi depend on the silly .inIV. ol'lhe time serving editor of a little ceaUy new-paper to e-tahli-li ihe character i r purity c f hw lnj iors and wine, hut more upon his having, lorncarlj twenty year.-, sold to most of the Tavern I ceper within fifty irile many nflhcm still couiiiiiiing to buy or him. And even thi sapient editor, who ha. lately found Mich obliging neighbors, (hi. I Vtlio,u seem-, prai-c his liquor mot who gave to him lai,) has cfen, in a mo-t obliging manner, dranV of the-ul,-cril cr'j wine, and calleJ thun the bet lie eter ta-'i-l. The tulscriler doe not carry hi liquor al out the countiy, -bowing and pedling ihem. Heiliink ihepeople have been impo-cd upon enough of laiohy siith ullar-. Rut if peron want ng such article will (all at his store in Burlington, directly opp'i-neMr. S. E. Howard' Sure, in Chun h .treei, he will -ell them llie ntrct and I est articles forihe lowet prices, and ihey will always find them uniform in price and quality.' ISAAC WARNER. Rtirlingioii, Feb. 1, 1843. 36tf C A JUNE NT FURNJ TURE. THE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Public, that he tull continues the UABINENT BUSI NESS at the Old Stand, on CiurcA Street, formerly Nichol il Hcrriclt, and over Mr. Hiirlbiu's Store, where he has a good assortment of Mnhnginv, Blsck Walnut, Cherry and Pine FURNITURE, consisting; of Secretaries! Bureaus; Sofasj Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet, Table. ; Hedslrnds and Stands, which he will sell for cash unusually low, according to tho times. WANTED, In evclnnge, Birch and Maple SCANTLING, suita ble fur lleiUtcU 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Bthiand 1-2 inch ItASSWOOD, WHITE PINK BOARDS. BIRCH HOARDS, and moat kinds of Co mtry Produce. Please call and examine for yourselves. SAMUEL NICHOLS. Butlington, Jan. 13, 1913. 34tf LOON. AT TJJ1S FARMERS! THn.tilwrileM will mTnITACTURK WOOL liN CLOTHS for cuion er the conuiif; season, at the followinz iiricc, to vit Satmclls for 25 el per yard, Sheep- Grey, plain, 23 ecnts per yard, Mixed and lii, II colour- 30 do Cuiincre 31 do We al-o have a q-tantiv ol CLOTHS on hand which we will exchange lor Wool. muhray & Patrick. lime,' urgh, March 14, 1843. 4JmG JiLANJC JiOOJZS. CAP, Medi'im, and Dciny Lciliicr.; Journal, Dav lion!., Rei'orl-ndn geneaal a-nrtmem ol half bo'iiiJ Uiank Boohs, ti the old ianc' upstairs. 10 II. J. fHUMWAY, Aetnt Salt. lOOO UUSHELS Course Wcitern Salt, ouu do l nrBs. l-lun-J uo 500 do Si, , do 150 Bids We-lern line do 40 Sac-k Liverpool blown do CO Sack We-icrn line do 6 Cas.-s Salt in loaves for table tire, bv Nov. 12. STRONGS. Notice. A FEW BOARDERS c-nii le accommoJatett on xi moderate term., ly applying to 'LEMUEL CURTIS. Burlington, Muich 24, 1S43. EXCHANGE HOTEL. Water street, al the head of the Steamboat Wharf Ilili-liiigtnn, Vermont. BY MOSES L. IIAKT. THIS etablishment, so Uvorably located for lha ncoommoclalinn of llie Lusne-sand travelling community, i now 0 en tome putiiie. i;ost uoncnes upon the various route- tall ot the Exchange Hotel for pa-s.enger, and those arriving or departing by Steam mini, in wmcn mci uacs icmu-cu wilhoutcharscj will tind this house peeuliaily to their onvenicncc. , Tile Leeptr tenders histervice, wuh the assurance. that in all respects, the hou. shall deierve the tavor- h!e consideration ot an wno may patronise it. Uurlinton, April 1, 1812. 43tf. LOOK HERE. 17AUMERS, who with to purchase Stoves, for P .nnd nr nroduee oralmosi anv descrioticn. will please rail al iho "Stovo Store," west end or Ameri can Jjotei, Dasemen. sioi j. S. W. TAYLOR 43- tf Burlington, March 22, 1S43. SMALL, TtVIST COMIIS, NEW ONES. 1 O Dei. Small Plated Ilorn Twst Comb, 6 t'oJ 1 4t small plain horn Twit Coml s, 6dox. Manilla Shell and 8 dor Tortoise shell Twi.t Comb?, horn soa hell ride nnl I act Comb, very fine Ivory Combs, horn and other kind- office Dreeing Combs, Pocket Combs and a leautiful assortment ofHsir Brusbetv Toclb and Nail Brushes fine Comb Cleaners if-. yoeeivol at the Vaf.ety Store. ii March 31, 1343. Pingborh ct BarNsMaHk. Fronch proparctj Mustard and Fresh Cilron, (nsw fruit) jutjeceied by Jsosb'f Exrrees. and which is ofWd for sale nt thsGsrmaa StnVs. , OSTHEIM &. MICHOLL8. ' RAZORS. " RODGEHS ct SONS' and other Ana Rarors, aJM Straps, Brutbas, Lather Boxes, Soaps, &t. lot , ale by PiUOlcs. t CjcXjfiMJOO., March 31. JB43. Hi BISaOfrJiOPKlNB ONROMflf- ISM. Ascco-reMtttar to- Iho RIGHT REV. FMNCJII D. iiUMtHi f"" JjfiJf ' A rro eaia-tiy Apn!, ll. 3. SHUJIWAY, Men. it o uteniuAL. jN& JKuMnn I B,

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