Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 2, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 2, 1843 Page 4
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He touched his harp,and nations heard, entranced.' "UFU'S A MOMENT!" The dew-drop on the blooming flown Reflecting rainbow tints at morn, May sparklo brightly fur nn hour, The gulden cup awhile adorn. 'Twill vanish in thu sun-ray's gleim, Like the dim phantom or a dream t The mist that gathers on the hil), As light and transient ns the nir, Its somcbre hues the distance fill. And seem to hold mluclting thoret But like a thought, a glance, 'tis past, ltd essence in oblivion cast. The waves that seek some distant shore, Are borne along the sounding sea, Anil joyful in their stormy roar, To far off lands in mountains flee : Hut ere they reach thesnuglit-for born They sink, and others rtsuin turn. And like the dew-drop's fleeting hour, Or like the vapot'a transient May, Or hl.e tho wave s ephemeral power. Man's lifa and death are but a day j At morn, tho revel and the crowd, At eve, the death knell and the shroud. " SHE SAYS SHE LOVES ME DEARLY " She says her heart is in her kiss, She says sho loves me dearly t Why meet I not her tenderness As fondly as sincerely ? Ah I once I trusted all I met, With warm and nrtlcss tiuth And once my words were frum my soul, But that was in my youth. And trust betrayed and vows forgot, And wrong returned for kindness, Havo chilled my heart and changed my lot. And cured my blissful blindness. No longer tender, guileless, meek, Confuting as the dove, Too oft I think before I speak, And doubi In fore 1 love I THE RACHKLOR'S TOAST. "A bachelor 1 a bachelor 1 He livis and dies thu sumo, No wife to wcipwhfii he is dead, No child to hear his name." Though disappointed lovers boast Of leading single lives, The-simple reason is with most, They really can't get wives. Foxes against sour grapes will preach When they the tempting fruit can't reach. Then, bachelors, your glasses fill, Cans on all si.lea distress us I Now drink my toast, I'm sure you will " May wo have wives to bios us!" By wedded lovers 'lis confessed, That wedded life is doubly hlcss'd Liverpool Albion. From Sirgcnt's Magazine for May. A'SKKTCII OP 31 US. TROLLOPE. rsoa tiik roiiTioLto or who knew iieb. BY IIF.l.CN IILRKLEY. Mns. Trollope ! What a name ! Sure ly Juliet was wrong if sua tliotiihi a rose would smell ns sweet were it called a dan delion! To my mind, at least, tlie name ever sonveys an idea of the person or thing. I cannot help thinking that some of the pre judices against Mrs. Trollopo havo heen cal led into existence by thu inharmonious sound of Iter name. But if they have birth at the echo of that namn in her absence, how soon rc tliev doomrd to lustinc oblivian when tho same unmusical dissylLblu is onco pro nounced in her presence. Lady Duhver said to mo ono morning, as wo wero riding together on Fes champs chj ucs, "You must become accqttainted with my friend Mrs. Trollope. 1 think you will appreciate each other." Mrs. Trollope !" exclaimed I, endeav oring to. impart to my voice and countenance an expression, which I intended to be super cilious -"Airs. Trollopo ! What ! After her abuse oiVAmcriru ?" " Do you not call tho holding of a mirror to your eyes abuse, said Lady Ilulwcr mild ly. "There might have been a defect in the glass of the mind whence the reflection pro ceeded ; and the most sj metrical objects might thus have assumed a distorted shape, uui is not mat tne nest ot reasons lor uccom ing acquainted with the mirror-holder, and correcting nor errors ! on certainly must know she is a coarse woman, is she not?" " Caaise 1 Why, if you apply the word to her skin, I cannot say that it is of the fi nest texture. Out if you allude to the com plexion of her mind, I have never discover ed its want of delicacy." A few days after this conversation, a note from L tdy IJtilvver was pi iced in my hands. That day was the first of the Long Champs festival, and she ofiered me a seat in her car riage to join the possession. Hit billet con cluded with these words: "I think it right to forewarn you, that Mr. Trollope will be with me I ! ! Hut for my sake, 1 hope you will bo magnanimous !" I return a hasty and delightrd acceptance and had not yet decided upon the best man ner of receiving Mrs. Trollope, when Lady Dulwer's carriage drove to the door. She was about tho medium height. Her figure was good, but somewhat inclined to tnboti point. Her age sho bore so well, that 1 could not oven guess it. Her features were irregular but f.wi ; and there was n marked expression of benignity in her countenance, which was exceedingly prepossessing. Her dress and theio is nothing more certain than that tho dress of a woman does bespeak her mind was rich, elegant, and vet panic ularly neat. 1 kept asking myself as I look ed at her : "What can bo more tasteful than that superb black satin, so closely fitted to her form those culls, and that collcrrttn of boint lace that quiet looking cap, disclos ing h small quantity ol hair neatly loltJed be hind her ears that simple bonnet of shirred rrape, with the singlo roso on ono side I Most assuredly, this is not my Mrs. Trol lopo I 1 cannot trace the slightest resemb lance to the individual I expected to sco !" Lady Dulwer looked at us, and laughed, without any very obvious cause, while her glance plainly said, "Now, at least, I hopo you will know each other, if you happen to meet in a crowdl" Sho perceived that a light degree of restraint was still apparent in our demeanor; and determining to remove the cause, from which it proceeded, sho ad dressed Mrs. Trollopo, rather abruptly, with: Do you know that my vount? friond hero, accuses you of injustice towards her countrymen, and especially her countryww mm 1" "Perhaps I am Yankeo enough myself to havo been ablo to guess it," said Mrs. Trol lope. "But I should hardly think that her rendered her a competent judge of tho (ruth of my return ks on America, ui they wore published somo ten or twelve years ago, and an infant country is daily undergoing changes and improvements. "You round, then, very litllo refinement amongst tho Americans twelvo years ago 1" said I. "I must confess that I havo seen moro re fined Americans abroad than 1 over beheld in their own country," was her reply. 1 felt n smilo forming about my lips, when I caught tho expression of Lady Bulvvcr's speaking eyes. They were looking "there's a douceur for you I" And that look put me on my guard. I answered with tho least flat tered air I could command : "I think w hile you passed over the sterling virtues of tho Americans, you took pains to bold up to nu iculo their unimportant peculiarities and magnify their foibles into vices." " I hope to prove to you that you tiro wrong. I clul not caricature the Americans, thcreforo I did not hold them up to ridicule. I cave no touches to the picture w Inch were prompted by malice; and imparted no lutes which were tho colorinns ol lancy. 1 pro tested against tho charge of injustice in rela ting what I havo actually sen. When 1 have detailed a conversation, or described an incident, it was written down immediate ly after the occuranco look place. And 1 took especial pains to bo guilty of no cxag geration." Oranted. Hut was not a talso coloring given to the objects around you by your own mind I Hlost probably they wore a hue to my eyes, different from that which they assumed in the sight of those habituated from child hood to the American mode ot living. Wero I now writing a work on your country, it would probably bear little resemblanco to my former production. Tho batiks of the Mississippi, twelvo years ago, were not the most favorable placo lor receiving pleasant first impressions. Then, I think your gov ernment an experiment, which in the end may not prove successful. I prefer ours I readily admit that this fact nlonn would quicken my perceptions of the disadvantages arising from republicanism. A contrary conviction would quicken yours probably, in travelling through England, to the disadvan tage ot n monarchy. As long as 1 strictly adhered to tho truth which 1 feel I havo done, I cannot bo justly censured for having openly expressed my opinions. l No nor censured at all, if the example of too many others, who havo visited our shores, and partaken of our hospitalities, to laugh at our kindness, could keep you in countenance. " If you class mo amongst such persons, I shall beam to accuse you ot injustice. My case differed from that of most travellers through your country. I had no claims on America, and did not receive that hospitable reception, v Inch should seal the lips. My circumstances were then far from good, i endeavored to establish in Cincinnati a ba znar, such us you havo seen in London and Liverpool. 1 met with neither support nor encouragement. 1 bo hand of friendship which has been extended towards many of my counirvmcn, was not ollered to mo, bad no civilities to acknowledge by especial forbearance. Whv, then, should I lose the opportunity of obtaining a livelihood by us ing my pen in delineating traits of American character otild you scruple to ptiblisl the notes, which yon may havo made in trav oiling through England Answer mo that question before wo discuss any further. "Coitainly not; if I imagined them worth publication." " 1 sco tho implied severity ot your re mnrk. "still your answer ends tho discussion You havo acknowledged that you would yourself write ns freely of mv country as havo wiillen of yours; and of course you do not object to being done by as yon would do to others." " You are right. And I do not see but but" " But that you will have to bo good friends en depil dc vans manes," said Lady Ilul wer, coming to my assistance. " Undoubtedly, the tie between us is a great ono," replied Mis. Trollopo, bowing to her friend. " Unquestionably a girat one!" said La dy Bulwer, comically surveying her own finely formed but by no means fragile per son. From that day I looked upon Mrs. Trol lopo as a friend, and found her a warm and true one. I esteemed it a piivilego to visit her; for her boitndoir was tho favorite re sort of the English and French Literati. She was always kind, very agreeable, and perlectly lady-like, hho had seen so much of tho world, that her conversation wascqual- instriictivn and amusing. Her luud ol inecdotcs wa as inexhaustiblu ns the wid ow s cruise. 1 never lieaiu her maKc use ol a coarse word, or knew her guilty of an un- rrfinctl action. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE anil well selected assortment, consist V ingof (lilt, Mahogany and dill, Mohopany.and Fancy framed Looknu' Glasses, for S'.le at greatly reduced prices at the Hardware Slore, Crner n'f ejiiureii and Uolicgc sis., Iy IIAtiAll iV .Mil 111,11. STOCK OK II Alt 1W A HI". KOIt SAI.C. THIIE rfUIISC'RIHIiH. baving dilcrmmcd to leave X Ilurlington iu the soring, olli-rs for sale, for eab, his entire slock of llARHWAHI.', nt the mve.ii e co-t in iew i eirk, uddiiigtlierciinto two per ceut.lo exiienso iiftran-pi nation. As bis sloe-1; j rntircl new, mid xtcll selected, (for proe f uf wbii h be would refer loany llurdwnri- lucre-banl) ami wa iure haeil prrviout to tno p is-age ol iho iie-w I nrnl ill I, he thinks it uim d bo iiunoiblo lor any ncisenwbc wi-be'd to engage in the I u-liic'ss, lodo sounder mi re iavnra! le eimiin.taiiccs, vji. J. 1II.M . Slrong's Huiiding, Dee. 30, 1812. 31 TO LET. A Commodious STONE HOUSEnt present occu pied by Dn. HisEccna. Fur terms apply at the urcmises. Ilurlington, Sept. 15, 1812. 15 If Tin Plate &.c, Ofl Boxes Tin Pluto. 25 Hill". Russia and English Shirt Iron, assorted neisj -10 UdK Iron iru usorled, 5 rent Sheet ( op per, linneii aim oi.ick rivet", nru x-iiiiui, lira KetlleeVc.-. STRONGS. Nov. 17. 1812. NOTH.H. rnilF. subscrdrr having bis son IL.snr 11 X boollTTI K into Ci partncrslup, lln biisincs w ill bu coutliliieuiil lu old Hand under ttie'liruiol I. Ii II II. DooiitiIX. PHILO DOOL1TTLE, flurhiigton, 17th April, 1S13. Wanted to Exchange, A flr.t rate DWrLLING HOUSE and I.OT.e jV tiri.inir near half an acre of 'and without build log, for a larm m inu lieigui,onieiei.i eu iiuriingiuii. A goenl I nrgain will bu given lo my one who wi-bes t move into iho village of Ilurlington for tho purpose of seeping hoarders, o for piofcs-iounl services, as this house is near the square. ..... . II. THOMAS, Aeent. Utirlington, Feb. 15, 1813. 33tl I'KKIODK AI.S. Tllllstihsi'riberis prepared to furnish nny of lb" Pcrioelical puliheatious of the eljy, Reviews, Magazines, or Monthly Reprints of foreign works, nl llielowest publisher's prices, and free of postage, ii dclivere-l in Hfirhngton, A catalogue nnd specimen nuinl crs of som of tfii' works may I e seen nt Mr. Sibley V Mam street. Or ders left as above, or al Box 15, ro-t Olfice, will be piomptlyatteuded lo bv the cash 1 , vv 11 r. r. i, .i.i'. Agi-nt for ilderiv Co., O.n. D 'tributiii,; Apcnt Hosten, J) If UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN UAKKUPTCY. Notice to show cnuscngnlimt Petition of OAMPRELL REMINGTON, of Huntington, for Ins Discharge and Ccrlilicatc, as n llankrupt, at tho olliee of Samuel Prentiss, in Montpchcr, in said District, on Wednesday, tho 30th day of August, A. 1). itm. nt in A. M. r.I.I AS DOTY, of Huntington, for his Discharge and t crtificate, as n uniiKrupl, nt tneoineooi Manilla Prentiss, in Montpclirr, in said District, on Wcdncs ehiv the 30th tin' of Annus!. A, D. 1BI3. ot 10 A.M. ,YMAN D. CHURCH of Jiricho for hi Discharge anil Certificate, osn llankrupb. at luoonTccoft-ain ticl Printiss in Montnclier in said District, on Tues day, the 1 1th day of July, A, D. 181;!, at 10 A. M. OUSI'AVrSA. DE.MINU, if Milton, for his Dis charge nml i crl ideate, n a u.inuiiipl, at the eutiie of Samuel Prentiss in Monlpi'hor, in snid District, on Tuesday the I lib day of July, A. I. IS 13. nt in A.M. AI.VA1I C. JENNINGS of Ritrlinglon, lor hi Di- ihargo and l crlilie-nto, n n llanurupt, at tho oHice ofSaniuel l'milK", in Montpeher, in mi id District, on Tuesday the 1 1th day of July,. n. 18l3,at 10 a.m. REMOVED. riMli: HnVenltr would inlorm X hi customers that bo liataUn feumeily uccupicd hi IV Samuel Huntington, ns n Hoed, Hinder y,r in-door cist ol H. Thomas Auction and Commission Slore, on College st., whole- a good ns-ort-ini'iit of re'ady made SADDLES, HAKXKSSIiVTltr.NKS, CAHPI7I HAG!?, and all such articles an are usually kept in Ins hue of business, may bo had at lair price J Terms ot payment mnuu ca-y. ,1 LIVERY STABLE Abo kept I vtho Gentlemen; two sulscribor,n lew lour or ix hors rods oast i f the team furnished Court lton-0 Sipiare, and livo or m south ol on short notice, A p p 1 i c a 1 1 on undent tho the shop or barn will receive hilltop on Col lege st, (looil Saddle Ilurs aw. prompt lor Ladies and -i-. i'litviO.oWi'' alcntion S. S. SKINNTR. Ilurlington, March 22, 1SI3. d3u8 i?j:ssi:n d i:n '.s American GAHDKM-It. JL Linillev Horticulture, for ale bv April v;s, IH13 11. J Slll.MWAY,gif. LISTS FOR TAXES 1843. BLANKS lorllstsfor ISlS.furni-hednt short no lite for 81,00 per 100. C. GOODRICH. .April I, isij ij White Lead. 1TOX White Lead ill Oil, 2 do dry do. warranto equal in quality lo any maiinlct'iri'd in the ,1 I'niled Slate price unusually low. S'lROiGS. Nov. 10, 1S32. REMEDY FOR HARD TIMES. HOESACR COOK. WOULD inform the public that be is supplying T. W. ClillJ with stock of tho first quality, for all hinds of worl. usually lupt ma Saddler's shop. From tho well known character of 3In. Ginn's work commendation is unnecessary. An excellent assortment of work now on hand for sale at price- to correspond with the times. Gentlemen who wi-li to find their own leather will be warranted best plain harnesses at S'i".. Ilincsburgh, April 21. 4wl7 T. W. Gil!!!. LUMBER YARD. fP HE subscribers keen on hand a suimlv of hum L bcr of various kinds nt their yard on Pearl St. wncrc incy will promptly wait on customer, l.uiii bcr saucd to order. Applvtn Henry P. Ilickok. march 10. UICKOK & STEVENS. 5 5 A C K S M I T S 1 1 N G. TTI5MIV HTI1TMJV bens kavo to remind JLX those who are not already apprised of tho fact, that ho has removed Ins eslublisbincnt to the new brick shop corner uf Pcarl-st, nnd tho new road, where ho will bo happy to serve his old friends, nnd inaKeas many nttr ones as promptness and fidelity may secure. UAfiOONS. He has on hand 3 Double Waggons, made of the oest materials, nun iron axles, and warranted to tin good Two onc-horsa LUMHER WAGGONS a good article. Also, n number of superior (.ONCORD WAG GO.N'S. with wood nnd iton axhs. All of which will be sold cry cheap fur cash, and tit prices adapted to tlie tuns, lor good papcr.c TO ItKXT. The second story of the building above alluded to ucing a room m ny iv. and an excellent sianu lor Painter or Wheel-w right. HENRY WHITNEY. Rurlington, April 12, '-13. -It! 3in 1IOUSU I'lllt SAI.K. A Neat and convenient HOUSE, with rV g.inlen and golwuicr attached, t S plevniitly situated near the I u-ine part ifik'SK of the idage J a ery eliira1 lc re-n'cnee and will I u.old low. I'm-term-apply to J OS L I'll WAIT. Corner nf Church and College st. liiirliugion, April 12, 1813. 5 -lfi T ""HAS for sale by the Llicstand Caddy boxes of 13 103. OLD IIY.ON, YOl'NG HYSON. HYSON MUN. W.M. HURL1IUT. Ilurlington, Mare h 31, 1813. -II TO MERCHANTS Who wish t iuii':li:isc CrocUory, Importer and Packer of rockery, Utinit iy utass IVarc A.rOl'Ll) givo notice lhat ho is prepared V Pack any amount of Wareaccording lo order, at New York and Huston prices, sniug freight and hieakai'e to all who purchase of him. He has a good assortment, and respectfully solicits Merchants to can uiiu e.aiiiiue nid siucit ueioro uuun: Market. Slore, corner ot Church anil College Streets. Huthngton, 20ih Oct. 1810. JOSB?H V7AIT Has received a lull supply of CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE I (3 9 Which, nd.le.1 to thu foimcr Mb tock. makes hi' assort m e n t quite complete, and it is ei it-reel reryloicprices injeeiijcorres- pondiug with the pie-s-ure of llietiinos, 1 ;iimlicin w'antul tiooel in buliiii'. will lo well to call anil exaniiuu atleast nl the corner nl Church nnd t ollego street. lliirlinglon.Oet. SOili, 18 K. xuti I'OR SALE. YOKE of WORKING CATTLE 5 years old March 1, 1813. U. "'"' -1 nnf "V Piet-es HOUriE PAl'LR, a gicat variety ol pattern at iiiannlacturcrs onic for sale I v H. W. CAT LIN. April 11,1513. AO It A'.flltS. RODGHtS et SONS' and other line Razors, ulso Straiu, lirushcs, Lather Hoxes, Mtnps, &c. leir a!eby Pancbcun Uni.NsMAin. Man h 31. 1813. BISHOP HOPKINS ON ROMAN- ISM. A speniwl letter In tbe RIGHT REV. FRANCIS J P. KENRICK, Ionian Catholic Ilithnp of Philadelphia. Ily JOHN HENRY HOPKINS, I), D. llishov of the liioccstif Vermont. Just published Fro Silo hy II. J. SIIU.UW ai , ijir. API 10. la SMAliI, TWIST COM1JS, Nr.WONES. 1 CI Do. Small Plati'd Horn Twist Combs, 0 eloz, 1 small plum horn Twit Coml s, Cdoz. Manilla Shell und 2 do Tortoise shell Twist Combs, born nnd bell side and I aek Combs, very fine Ivory Combs, horn nnd other kinds ofline Dressing Combs, Pocket Coinhs nnd a leantiful ussorlineut of Hair llriuhe's, Toeitli and Nnd Hrushe'S, line Comb Cleaners Cs'c, rereiviil nt the Variety Store-. -1 1 March 31, 1813. lANOtionN it BniNssuin. USTHAY. rnAKEN FP by the s-uhscril er, on the Cth inst. 1 nthrfo or four year old HAY MARK COLT. T he owner is to prove property, pay char go and take her away. MVXm.tUm. .Sbelburn, May 11, 1813. 50w3 MOAHDl'.ItH I7I10M tho Court House Sijuureor Ciillege may ,)y niIiy?tl? t0 WARREN SIHLEV.on Maiustriet. I Souse Inlcly ociuiucd by Gen 11, Shaw. L'sip - , , jj1v 1 jij I9n'3 r . 11 SPUING FASHION FOR HATS. I TIIK Suhcril er lias received the Spring Pattern lor II ATS andlscontantlvinnufaeturingand oilers totho nublio hats ofowTv i quality sold in thu city or country, pi'lic nortment on hand consists in pari, ofthefollo'.vnip, viz. I.-1NH lirAVEIl HATS Super Nutrh " Kmc l'rii-li " Common Dft " Cnnnicre " Imitation and Common " Al-SU, Kxtra lino Mole SI. In " lar superior to most of thu Hats bearing that name of which tomu have I ecu sold in thu place. A the suh'crilcr is aware Ihat some gentleman have taken n fancy tq tlnx Kind of hat, he has Incurred no little expeii'O hi procuring the best materials ti-oJ in their manufacture, ami aho one of the very bet cily bat makers, and by sodomg, i now enable lo oiler an article intlilsline not inferior to tho bet city made hat, in point of slvlo or durability, and invites gentle men to call, examine, and compute quality and price beloro they purclm-u ebowliere. Hat" sold by the subserilor atuwarrenled to st-tuin welting without inpiry. Hals made to order on short notice. Hoys cloth caps canslntuly on band, nil of which will be sold cheap as the i-hcnpiM. CIlAllbia A SEYMOUR. Ilurlington, Pearl Sirccl, ) Ar. . ,t lpr.17, 1813; 40 ,U FOR SALE; Till, new, rommnlion, brntitiinl HRICK nWKU.ING llOl'SKiuid hot m the corner of College nnd Pine ftreei, winch i not lor prospect or con M'nune excelled bv nuv situation in payment iu part may remain on time. Apply It. W. 5HKUMAN or S. i:. HOWARD. Ilurlington, March 30, 1SI3. d Itf C'nuli until for lork. TMlK Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for X Wl.LL KATTLiST.H POHIC. KOI.LUTT & IIRADI.EY, Ilurlington, Dec. 22. 1RI2. 30 NOT1C12. TMIOSF. who havo nnsrtlled matter? with S. 11. JL Scott are most rcsiu nlabiv informed that ho will do himself the pleasure of leaving them (or collection l not arranged immciliatuy. HO YE!! SAXD'S SA USA PA TilliLA VJ.VW, Compound Sirup if Sartavarilla, BARTON'S SYRUP OF SARSAl'ARILLA, fur the immediate pmlvcdon nf the CARliONAT ED MEAD. Extract of SarsapariUa, Spanish and American llmt SarsapariUa ; All renowned for PUHIFYINC TIIEHI.OODi INV1GORATINO THE UNHEALTHY, AND RI'STORING SOUNDNESS TO THE CONSTI- TUTTON. At whoh-alc nnd re tail, by 12 PECK &, SPEAR, Druggists. AMERICAN STORE. PERSONS in tcant qf proieries of any kind, or nure Smrils or II ines Tor medicine." or lor any etiner purpeie, will eiei we.ii to can oinnu sunst-ri- i e-r.wuo coiisiuutlv Keeps an Kinei ot tne aiiove urn- W, as pure and unadulterated, to say thu lca-t, as :in I e bought nt any Oerniau Slore. Ho dues not lepend on thesilly pull's of the time-serving oditeir ol nine ircaniv ncw-oa icr to etaon-n lie cnaracier r purity of lu liuuors and wine.--, but more upon his iiavtng. lornear v tweniv ve'ar-, sow toinot eu tne r.nern keepers within tiliy mile many ed'tbein still continuing to buy iif linn. And oven this sapient editor, who has lately found such obliging neighbors, (but w-io, it seems, prai-es his liquors most who gave in ij i in i.isi,j iias i.iicil, in a inus tMiugini; iiianni-r, drank of theub-cnl it's wine-, and called them the best he ever taste-,!. The Mibcnler eloo notinrry ins liquors ni out the country, snowing ami palling the m. lie thinks the people have 1 ecu uupo-ed upon nougb of Inieb v such miliars. Rut if pcr-ons wani ng such articles will call nt his store in Ilurlington. Iircctly opposite Mr. S. E. Howarel's Sure-, iu Cliure h -trcct, lie will sell them the purest and I ct nrlie-lc fortlie lowe-t prices, and they will always hud Ibei uniform iu price and quality. "AUiM'.ll. n irlington, Fell. 1, 1813. 30if OA B INENT FURNI TURE. rTTMIE SL'HSCRIBEll would remind the Public1 X that he siill continues the IMMINENT lit :?I. NFSS nt the 01,1 Stand, on C.'urch form' .'y n-liols ,! llcrnck, and ovti Mi. Ilurliju. s "line. whrrchc hasa good assortment of Mniiogmy, lll.ick Wnlnut, Cherry and Pino FURNITFRF., I'o'iisisling of Secretnricsi Ihirenus; Sofass Dining, Tea, Work ml Toilet, Tables: lledstcnds and Stands, which he will sill for cash unusually low, according to the

times. WANTED. In exchange, Rirch and Maple SCANTLINO, suita ble for Redsteels 2 inch, 1 inch, 3 Pth and 1-2 inch ItASSWOOD, WHITE PINE HOARDS, 1S1RCTI HOARDS, nnd most kinds of Country Produce. Please call and examine for yourselves. SAJ1ULL NICHOLS, fiiulington, Jan. 13, 1513. 31lf LOOK AT THIS FARMERS! THEsiibscnTcrs will MANUFACTFRF. WOOL EN CLOTHS for cu-ton ers the coining s.cason, at the following price-, to v it t-atinctls for 2a i'ts pT yard, Shceps (irey, plain, 23 cents per yarel, Mixeelnnd mill colours 30 elo Cassimeies 3t do Wo also have a nuaniiv of CLOTHS on hand which we will exchange for Wool. .iirjiKAl is r.llllUK, Ilmesl tirgh, Mnrch 1 1, IS13. .12inG BLANK BOOKS. I A P. Medium, nnd Peine Ledgers.' Journal'. Dae ' Books, Records, anda gencaal assortment of half hound Blank Books, at the olel -lain! upstair-. 10 11. J. SIIU.MWAY, Ag)nt. Salt. lOOO BUSHELS Courso Western Salt, 500 elo Tories island elo BOO do Sl.Ules do 151) llhls Western hnu do 111 Sacks Liverpool I ovn do CO Sacks We-tern line do fi Cases Salt in loaves for tnblctte,iv Nov. 12. STRONG?. EXCHANGE HOTEL. Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf IStiiiiiigioii, Vermont. I1Y MOSES L. IIAUT. mill.S establishment, so tavorablv loe-atctl for the A accommodation of the biisiie-s and travelling community, is now open tolhc piililii'. Po-t Coaclii: upon thu various, routes e all at tho Fxchunge Hotel tor passengers, nnd ihose arriving or eleparting by Steam Boat, in w hich e-ase I heir baggage is removes! without charge-, will find this, house peculiarly to their eonveniente. Tho keeper tenders hi services, w-iih the assurance, thai in all re-pects, the hous shall deserve the favor able consideration of all who may patronise it. llurlmion, April 1, 1812. 43lf. MILITARY Olt ANY OTIIKK C!OOI)S. Wl! have a person in New Vork selecting Goods for ui bewill be iheresomeilays, perhaps two weeks or more any articles in our line or out of tl will I o forwarded for all who leave orelers nt the Variety Store-. As wo wish tusend some money south wo wi-h those who owe us to pay now. Pasuui hn ie, HniNSMAtn. May 1, 1813. 49 NEW ESTABLISHMENT, TIIK Subscrdcr liaviug inovrel in to tho NEW BRICK BITLDING, joining the County Building-, on Church street, is carrying on the II AT MANUFAtrrUHLNU lir.SI.NI SS 111 all its various brunt lies. He now oilerstollio pub. lie n ppneral nssorinirnt of the mo fashionable Hats 111 tisuj among wliii-H is a ery superior urlicle of MOhlJ SKIN HATS, equal in neatness and stylo and I elievcel to I c far su perior fordurahiht) 10 any thing of the kind ti er be loro olleriii in nils market, mso, u niy suinuur u, DASTDItii noil coiuiiioii liutsi. anion; which nie a few of the smooth Castors known by Hie namo of Cassiheiie Hats. Any particular fashion or style varying fiom the general lasliioti made to orucr nt tne Mien ii-si iiuiui All tho alove will he sold as cheap in thoclieapest. JOlIN STETSON. Ilurlington, April 27, 1813. -lSlf 1M1H KAIii:. fllHE lloitsennd lot belonging to James Langshore -a- situated on ttio inow llonu leading irom nuiimg ton Snunre lo tho Foils. For terms apply ie town ; to ApidV7 IH13. 111 11, . PLATT SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OF ALL DISEASES ARISINtl FltOM AN IM PURE STATE OFTHE IILOOD, OR HAH IT OF THE SYSTEM, NAMELY : screorui.A, on kino's mil, hiirvmatism, onsTiMATE cutanneoU" EnvrnoKs, t'lMri.r.s, on i-usiclks ON TItE TACE, nl.OTCIIES, ntl.E, CtlUONIC sonn EtE, BINO WOHM on TETTEn, SCAl.t) HEAD, r.NI.AnOEMENT OF1IIR BONES and joints, sTUnnonx vixens, SVrtltl.lTlCSYMI'TONS,SCIATI- t.i on l.UMnAoo, and disease's nriina from an injudicious u'o ol Mercury, Ascitic,or Dropsy, exposure or Im prudence: in life. Alo, Clirouio Constitutional Disorders will ho rcnto Veil, by this preparation. Improvement in whatever re-gnrds the happiness and welfare of our rneo i i-nnMnully on the inarch to perieeiion, aim wnn enen sucireiling elay some new problem Is snUeel, or some profound secret revealed, having nn Itnp'Ortant anil direct I earing nverinan'i higlicst (le-tiuics. II welnku n rctrospcclivo view oyer the past twenty years, ),ow H (1C m;nj struck with wonilerl What rapid slride'i has science made in every department of civilized lifol narlienhirli' in that which relaletiillie'knowliilgeoftheliumansy- tcinin heallh and eiisc.Tc. llow valunMu and indis pensable are the curative lueani recently di-i-ovcred tlirouah tho niency of chemistry I How eloet thu imagination kindle and our admiration g'ow nt the inirenuity, tho ne-nr nppraai-li to the -milliard ol per fection, of the present timo 1 Through the cln! orate investigation of Physiology, or the science ol Life, and thu Pathology of prevalent dise.-nc, much valua ble practical knowledgu has Urn gained. Iiu-huh- epience ot I ecoming ae-quainted with the orgnniza lion, the elements of tliu various tissues and structure of the sysiini, rinieibos have beem sought after and discovered exactly ndnple'd to e-oinbinewith, neutral ize and expel morbilieo matter, the cause of iliea'e', an i siinsiiiine ne.muy aciiou iu us pinee i no oeau lifnl simplicity of this mode oftreatment is not onlv suggested by the pathology of disease-, pot only gratnfid to the snllercr. but perlectly in consonance Willi tno operations eu niure,anu snnsnictory tolh views and reasonings ol every intelligent, re llecting mind. It i lint fsAvns'i HAtcAi-Aiiii i.a, n scientific comtunation ol essential prineiplesed the most valua ble veire'ab e su! stance-, operates unou the wstein The Sarsapanlla i- romhiniil with tho mo-t e.icctiini aids, the mo-t salutary produttiuus, tlie uio-t potent simples of tho vcgctal'le kingiloui ; nnd its unnre'co- dented success in the restoration to health of tho.-e who had long puu-d tinner the inostdistressjngehrrin' ic lmladics, lias give-n it nn exalted, fur nisbing as it does evidence of its own intrinsic value', nnd ree'ommeiidiiig it to the nlllieled in terms the nf- llie-tod euily run Hiow. It lutsioug Icen a mo-t nn. portaiit elcsiileratuni in the practice of medicine to ob tain a reineiiv similar to tu one mat won ,' m-toii the liver, stomach nnd bowels with all the precision and potency of mineral preparations, jet without any en uieir uuiciltiuus unuets upon inc vital powers oli lie system. The attention of the reaele-r i rcpcclfullv called to the tollowmg eertilicatcs. However gre-at acliu-ve tiients bne heretnfoie I ecu made by the n-e of till; invaluable medicine', vet eUily experience shows re suits still moiu rcniarkallo. Tho proprietor- here: avail thciu.-clves ol Hie opportunity of aymg it i soure'C ol ronstant sail-faction thai they are made Uio means en leiievimrsucil nn amount ot slUJcring. Nkivamc, N. J.. Dec. 13. 1812. HTcsm. Sands: (h-nt Words cannot express tlie gralilude I feel for your Ire'aiment lo me', a stranger sintering under one- ol the most loathsome ih-ea- that nature nenpa'Ieol earinc. T lie eh'scn.,. u-iil, which 1 was nllhclel commenced with inilaination of Iheeies, in Iho year IfcUb, which caused almost to'nl Mnvlness. 1 er tin- 1 was treated and dually relieved but the remedies we re sueh a- to cause tl.e dm, !..,. incut of a scrofulous alleetion on inylcliarm near the cioow T he pain cxtendetl from the sboulde'r to the end o. my lingers, and lor two years my siiilerings w ere I vun i iiescri ni'in. i irieei various reilleilies n ,-nn stilted dule re-nl physicians in New Vork, and Miiiong- thcin the late Dr. liu-hc, wlio told Inotlio di-eae of the arm wns cnued i,y the large quantity of mercury tal.i-u to euro tlie iullaiuniion ol mv eves. .My Millcnngs continued, thenr'n enlarged, tumors formed in dillerent place-, and iu n few months di charged, making ten runningtilccrs nt onetime, some nhoxe and some below the elbow, ami lliedi-cliarge w as so oneiisivo mat no per-cn could hear to le Ihcroom w here I was. I then nnnlie-dto ano-lier.i; tingiu'slied physician, who told me amputation of the arm w as the only thing that cnubUnvi-nn- life. a u was iinpo-il lotociiresodrcadfiil a ilisca-e ; hut as I was unwilling to consent o it, he rceeimmi'tideil mo to u-e Swam'- Panacea ti eel v, wh -h I did without deriving but little benefit. Fur three year- I was im. able to rai-e my band to my head, or comb my hcail, .nr. me si ruuia now 01,110 lis apperiraiie'e on my,iiesireiviiig n i paiu iu loiu si-ies, at iiipcs so Hard 1 c it ,r t y . ii nd my Irtatb. A ba ing e-c Ii eem 'an''j uu-' I in v-sliiie, and hisci mi nclw'h iy oilier mi ie-, I run lcreslme tr ly mi i a e. S , erie i ba- e'en my -ituainiii I. r sewn cur 1" i .de. w -u I coiiiiiicnceu uu- n-e 01 your ; out as inv case was cem-werco nojietess, and the near pro-pe'd ofa speedy dissolution seemed uievr.i' Ic, I felt but In tlccucoiirugimcni to pcr-evcre. The per uasion of fr.ends induce-d mo to try your meibeine whii-h iu a few days produce I a great clian.'ein my sy-tem gen erally, l.yenu-ing nn appetite, rehe-vingtliepains.nnd giving me stienglh. As siic3 lu-piie-cunlidence, I wu-eni'O'iragcil lopersi'vcrc. .ilyiMni- arewe-a-i- er, my strength returneel, loeid relt-he'd, the ulcers lual- cd, new lle-li loriued, and 1 eine-e moie fe't wi'lim me that I might get well. I have now u-eel the Sarsapa- rilla about two months, and ant like a eli lerent be ing. Tlie arm that teas to be amputated has entirtly healed, n thing thai sccineil impo-she. I can searce ly biliove heevieleniv of my own 05 e-, but Mich i- the fact J and it is now as n-clul as at any period of my life, and my general health is better than it lias been tor year- past. Heallh, what magic in tlie word 1 how many thousand- have sought it iu fereimi lands and sunny clime-, and hale sought in vniu I Yet it came 10 me when I had give., up to die : 11 ml as I feel the pul.a- tionsofhealth coursing through my veins, my whole iic.inaiiii sum i, loriu 111 icrve'iii gratiliiuoto iiieaii their of all our sure nicri-ie-, that he ha I ecu cm e ieiii-1 v pleased lo 1 It-.-the means, made u-e of. 'Tru ly have you proied yourself the good Samaritan lo 1 he alliictcd, fur next to my Creator mv hie Is indclileil to you (or rather) the u-eof your invaluable Sar-aoa-rilla. T he mine of Mich a medicine is countless be yond price, money cannot nay for it. I lnve I een raie 1 Irom eleath, I may say, lor my friend-and my self thought it imnossiblel could recover. And now gentlemen sutler mo to add another prool certified tno by my fncnd and guardians a a ju-l neknowli-dgt-mciit of the vii tnes of your health testoring Snr.-itpa-rilla. That the aUlicied may al-o use it and eiiioy the lenelits it alone can cunler, is ihe heartfelt, fer vent wisti 01 unir and your Irieml. .MARTHA CONLIN 1 know Martha Conli'n and I e-heve what she states in tins document to I o perfectly e-ornvt. JOHN POWFR, VlCin CfENKRALOK NEW VeiRK, Re-ctor eif Si. Pele-r's Church. Given at New Vork this 1 lib , iv of Dee.. IS Ii. 1 know Marihii Conlin, and have known oflierstif- lenng nines-. JOHN DUBOIS, Bishop of New-Veirli I place full confidence in the statement made by Mai thu Conlin, having known. her the pasl twenty jsiii. 1 win eiiiiTiiniy Kit: nny parunnars in leiu lion to her case to those who may wish fiinber infor nianon. Sr. ELIZABETH. Superior of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asvlum, Prince street. N. V. Dee. 1 1. IS 12 I have'conlideii'-e ill the representations, made by .'lanua ivoiniu, auu uaieiuii isiiowu-iige 01 ucr i-asi I.I.IJ.Ml I'. I'l uu 1 . AMerman 10th Ward of tho City ol New Vork, Dec. II. 1812. Martha Conlin has lives in my family the last 13 year, nnu 1 nori'iy e-ertuy inu lureomg siuieiiieiu maue ny tierscii is. corrcci. airs. .u.ui 11. i.ui ii, No. C01 llrond street. Newark. N. J. Prepared and s,obl. whole-ale and retail, nnd for exportation, by A. B. SANDS it CO., Druggists and Chcinlt. Granite Buildings, No. 273 Broadway, cor ner ol uiiami ers-strivi, ie'w on.. tiEOUGE PETERSON. Aeent Hy special appointment for the Proprietors for Rur lt..ntnn I'trjnnul. nnd for sale In DrugiFl-tk generally. TRICK 51 pe r oeiuie, u i.iiues lur ?-. Ilurlington, March8, IS 13. -II ly PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Aiso,-I)RUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Itiirllugtoii, Yt. C. BENNS jr. & Co. DRAPERS & TAXX.ORS, lid Door South of Ihe Jlanl;, Lhurch street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CLOTH & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Cutting dono In the most approved stylo and W avranted. Ilurlington, November, 1812. 2Ctf. CASH PAID for FLAX SEED T1N.SEE1) OIL and OIL MEAL for sale by J STILES ,t McELIIOV. At the Oil Mill at the Falls. H-hIhmioii, Nov I, I$19. -,ly I.- I M ... ..r.M.f T.T ,1 ... , ni.,,? I?OK COUtl IIS. COLDS, ASTHMA or PHTHIS IC. CONSUMPTION. WIIOOIMNO COU1IL and nil Pulmonary Aifcctiono nnd Diseases of the LtingSjthis is behevi'd to 1 e thu mo-t popular &clu cncious "Medicine ever known in America, fur proof ol which, wu would reier lo those who have ntecl it, ami to the niimcreui" i crtificales of Physicians and others atinciieu totho tnsi'iu wrapper oi each Lottie. Dr. Amorv Hunting, of Franklin. Mns. writes that alter having prescribed thu ti-iinl remedies williout ret let, nnd Having rotiuucii wnn several eminent Physician, ho lias Found the egelal to I'm mnniipv llaUain to have had the iks-irededcct, and recommends it ns a snfe, convenient nnd efficacious medicine. Dr. Thomas Drown, of Conce.rd, N. II., writes that to hi knowledge, it lias never disappoinie 1 iho rea- soiiauioex peemuons ot i nosu w no iaveii-,s ,t. Tlie public are particularly cautioned ngaint the many coimreyeirs or imiiniions wlneb have partial- ,j ,vii,,ry u-miiiii-,i uiu inuiie eu me gi-nuine article iLZr"IIe assured tliat it is not genuine unless one or both of the written signntnrcs of SAMPSON REED or WM.JON'N CITLEH, are found attached ton yellow label on a blue envelope'. (All labels of and after the elate of Dee. 1839, will haolho written signntuio of Win. .lon'n Cutler. Prcpaml by REI.I), WINO it CUTLER, (lato Low et Heed.' noie-nle Druggist.-, 31 Uhailiam st., iioion, nuel semi iv Druggists, Apoiiu-iarics and coun rv mcr ciiauis generally, i-riee ou e-e-nis. PECK iSi SPEAR, Agents. nurlington, Dei'. 1, IS 12. ly I)lt. MARSHA !,IS AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CATAUUII SIVIFt THIS Snnll'ls superior to nuythingjet known, for removing! that trouble-tune di-ca e-, the Ca tarrh, and al-o a cold in the head, and headache. It opens and purges out all obstruction', strengthen the glands and gives a hcalihy nctiun lo the part allccted. It n perfectly free from any thing eleleteri oils in its coinpo-ition ha a plca-aut fhnor, audit immeniaie u.icci niii'r lemg used, is agreeable. Priie 371 cts. per 1 otile. Each I ottle eoiilnuis about 1 h roc times thenuantitv of the seeral kind- of Catnrih Smilf, now elhng nt a lower price, and is iherctore cheaper, as Well a ucucr than anything ol the kind in lrnrl.ct. DOCT. JAItVIS' TOBSiiTO B II, I, SOUS PI LLS. THESE Pillsi'iinlam no Calomel, but arc compos cdeutilclv of Vegetable siibstanee's. and have n their e ompr lt'ion a large portion e f the pure exiract oi niai nigiiiv medicinal article, the Tomato iTant. con-tituting them essentially, TOMATO PILLS. Tho proprietor fills a eonlideiu-e m rivomniendiii them as superior t" most, and inferior to nonu of the Pills which nre making so much noise at the present nay, as a purmcr ot tin; mom, a corrector ol a lulioi or dvspcotic state' n lid hit I nt. or as a eolninon e.rliarh. Ho n-surcs the public that they have the curdial and unencu npprutitiiou nt pnysieiaus tit the Inglie-tres pei-tnliililv.uhnuse Ihcni in 1 heir nraeiiee. Sold 1 y the Propneior,CHARLF.S HOWEN.Mul died -uy, I. Win. C. Stiinpson nnd Ree-.l, Inward Hrmly, Mcr-. I.i'w., lloston ; Hundley Plielps & I o., . II. it I). SANDS, and oilicrs in New Vork Pl.CK itSPLAR nnd II AtlAR ART HIT!, llur linvtun, IV., and by Druggi-ts generally throughout me e iiiieu oleics anu u;anaua. February 23, IS 13. Iy33 House and Store To Let. A Neat and Convenient House, out fjss.;i Ei xjl. buildings, and small garden. At a convenient STOnr, in as good stiualiou liyiHfiit as any oilier in Church street fiHWCss Hi.ili nreither of the above tenement to 1 e let fur one- er more year, and po-scssion g, the first e!ay ol'M.ij nixt. ISAAC WARM.l! I'clruary 2, IS 13. 3G Cash paid for Oats, ON delivery at their Store. Obi Dock. FOLLF.TT & BRADLEY. Ilurlington, Dec. 22. 1812. 30 AMKRK'AN 51 -TK1,. AND GENERAL STAG B HOUSE, I'.Y S. W. TAYLOR, C.' H ' -u ."-'ii'-xrr:, Pcr.i inoiov, Vt. 2Gtf M)ITI V. rpiIIS Cert lies H at I g J WILLIAM A. IT), ven to my son, hi- tune during bum ni'iie e f I11 'laclin ''freiin this C. FOWLI.R. 13w3 est ut In-nrnori'y, and -had nor pay any dihts of In- eon dale. JOjIIUA Col-Lester, April 1, 1813. Iron, Sttic utc. orTO.S asstirti'I English' Tjre Iron, tCJ 1 O " do. Swede- and Peru do. do. It " Hits-in Old Salle do. IK) " Per 1 maniita'durcd ronndand snnnrelron em' rai'iiig all m.c- lioin 1 in. to 2 111. 1() tons assorted brand Iron. 1 O " Srrull Iron nnd shoe shapes, ;t " Russia hi,r-e nail i..d-, Anvils, Vice-, Sledge-, Trace Chain-, Borax, File and lta-ii, Shovel-, Spades, Cro Bars-iXc. Slcel. Sanderson's Cast Slcel, (ireave- German " Knglish bb-td. " American " 1.50 Setts Steel platcel.Cutter and Sleigh Shop Sir. sVc. just Hei eivel by STRONGS. PECK ifc SI 'EAR, AGENTS FOR Sill RM.WS I.OZI NOES. . !j SHEfiMANs n 1111. in ii v or j'ojt 'r 111UN PEOPLE say they are the pY-i-ante-i VJ and ineist e.le-i-tive ine'du-ine 111 use. i.normous liianlitii's are sold, and eie-ry benly likes tbein. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZFNGES havo saved Ihe lives of thousands. SIIFRMA.VS CAMPHOR I.07.ENG1S are rea antidotes to headae-he, palpitation, sea-sickness,low ne-ss of spirits and despondency or the elleets of tin, sipalion. 1'tJllll J,.a a I liAO 1 r.u oncriiiau swe liieieu- costs 'Z cents, and tseeriniu 10 cure rueumaiisin, liinibngu, pain or weakness in tne urc.isi, side or back, also piles. SOKb; Nll'l U.1.B 1 'Jsiiive'iy cnreii oy onerman s Papillary Oil, williout taking Ihe child from the breast. Dr. Sherman elc-in's particularly that purchasers should becaiefid lliatthey gel llse genuine Sherman's Lozenges and Plnstirs, as he cannot be accountable for the worthiest articles that may otherwise be palmed upon tlie in. ' Likewise all Gescisb PATENT MEDICINES PR II FEMES, SOAPS. INKS, BLACKINGS MEDICAL WINES and LIUUORS, pure,; STL'. Alt'rs com 'ucTiu.i:itu:s, PECK &. Sl'FAIt. Wholesale and Retail Druggists, PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. miTIR nrtieleis too well known to need commcn J elation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to Ihe commercial community, lhat for accuracy, convenience) nnd durability, they nro unrivalled Coal yard scales to wcign irom s 10 ' inn. Dormant Warchouso do. to weigh from 1-2 111 to 5000 lbs., Portablo do. towiigh frenn 1 2 01. to 200 lbs. Pot table Counter do anowatticic toweigl from I 2 07 to 4U ma. J iV. J II PurK 1 Cn.-.lqrnrV Jlailington, April R IPH PERU IRON COMPANY. TTAVt? ...:n 1.. -l-. . J I thrir Arrnnla nt lt..linniAn V. TI,..., . h. ti,rA Vi1a nr., I I f .1.' t It ...' t r ' ' .uiuu.uuiouim aiuii, uiu lUllUWlNg UCiCflpUUIl III WU I AM 3d, fid, G1,8d, lOd, !2d,Md,2ld,30d,.0d,:0d,60d SfIKKH.i inch. I 1-2, B, 5 1-2. nnd 0. 7iV.SV.Yf !i A U.S. bd, Bd, lOd, 12d, manufoo luted ptcially for finishing nice work. I.OOlt AM.&'. 12H,20d, nnd 21d. IRON. novsn mox.-z-s.i-iG, 1-2, 0-16, 5-9, n-ic 3-1, 7-9, 1 ineh, I 1-8, 1 I-i, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, 15-3 i -i-1, men, i 2 i, A, nnu j SriUAlli: r-OA',-3-8, 7-1G. 1-2, 0-1G, B-S, IMG a-1, (-0, i, l i-H i i-i, l 3-h, a, l. -i inches. 13ANt .OA',-1 1-4 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 3-4, 3, 3 1-2.1. .1 1.2 5 Inch. 2 1-2 , mi i,.. ,,teyi, i i-a. i i j.i. -'uido. anairom 3-9 In B-8 thick. lions: SlIOi: IllOX, various sizes. ItAMi: AX1) SCllOI.t, UinX. do. do. AlAIllil.i: SAW l'I.ATi:s. cm lon-Wi hurt notice'. The Peru Iron Co. manufacture their goods nt Clin. tonvilie,N. V. from Iron of their own make. They intend to keep in thebauus of their agent a more ful and complete ns-oriinenl than can 1 e found in tho siato. it is lieiievcd that the goods irom this estab lishment are better manufacttircil, than those from any other in its vicinity. Purcha-crsarc re-pectfully solicited to inspect the Goods of this Co. Prices as low and terms as favor able, as can Le obtained in the Stale. T. F. it W. L. STRONG, Agents. Aug. 2alh, 1312. New Establishment, THE subscribers having opened a Paint Shop in the building ono door South of Hishnn'n llntd. would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic that they nre prepared to execute all kinds of Jluusc, Carriage ana Sign Fainting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in Iho neatest possible manner, and hope by strict personal attention lo business to rccehea share o tlie public patronage. 11. u. sl'AUIilJI.NU, S. II. RUSSELL. Burlington, April 23, 1S42. 47tf. Life! Life!! Life!! ! DR. Jonathan Moore'. ESSENCE OF LIFE. Thu mo-t highly esteemed Medicine that has ever 1 een disrovcreil for curing Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and CONSr.MPTIONS. It willnbo remove the Whooping-Coiigh in one week. Prepared by Ht.s r.T StiYJiovn, from the original receipt, by the direc lion of -aid Moore. For sale w holesale, by PECK & SPEAR, Burlin Ion, ami at retail, by the principal Druggists in Lniicd Slates. Orders directed to Henry Seymour, Hadlcy, Mas ill receive prompt attention, and any nuantitv Medieine tmini-dialely furnished. Caution. As there is much of the spurious artt clefor sale, ICFM e particular to enquire for that pr pared i,y Henry Seymour, iinnicy, Massachusetts. MADAM JIOIVIN'S ANTI -SPASMODIC EMMENAGOGUE Dc jfrmair 2.UflitIntoc. For Irregular and Painful Menstruation, and fir thf Siwnression or Retention of the Menses WllKNEVl.R any of the organs of the human frame cease or refuse to perform their olfice, me 'ee is ti (o-cac are sown, ed which tne narvesi is death, unless, l,y timely attention the obstruc tions are reuuned and nature is thereby restored to her w.inte-d ae-t..n. Through carelessness and ne glect thousands e f females in this northern climate have gonedeiwn to an early grave of Consumption, n di-e-ase that with females is invariably prcniotvd by. Hid in most ea-es has its origin in a derangement of tlu'su organs upon which the Esime.smkogie i- es pecially designed to ne-t, most, if not all of whom might have been saved by a timely resort to this medieine. VERBAL TEST1MON V-thel ot thatcan 1 e otTtr cd in firoofof i's eilicacy, may be found in every neighborhood where the Emmenecocce has been employed in accordance witli Madam Botvin's direc tions. It is prepared in wine, and though powerful is nevertheless a safe medicine fe r family use. Each bottle contains about 2 1-2 ounces Price 73 cts. A III oral discount will 1 e made lo Physicians w ho a-e it in their practice, and to pcr-ons w ho pur- chase b quantity. Sold in Burlington anil vicinity by PKCK & frPEAR, gentt. Dec. 22, 18 12. 30 GROCERIES. A ( Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orlean Hiv Sugars, 10 Ton Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar 5 bldst. Crushed nnd Powdered do do 0' hhds Porto K'co Molasses. 10 bids. New Orleans do 10 Chcts Hson, Hyson Skin, Young Hjion and I'': Tias. 2 tons S ileraius, 23 kegs and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Sheep Tobacco. I barrel Lordlard's Maccaboy Snuff, 1) bids Sip. iking nnd fine cut Chewing Tobacco 50 Iiom-s Hum h Raisins, 30 bags old Java, Gran Java, Ilio, and La"uira Colli c, C elo Pepper and Pimento. Also, Starch, Cin mninn, Nulmcgs, Clnirs, Pipes, Rur Lamp, Sperm Candle, Gmgcr, Cod Fish, Markirel, f-nlnion, dc. Willi the above, and many other Goods, we wish to buy money, and offer more for it than is usually paid in'this ncinity. Purchasers arc respectfully in vited to call. STRONG'S. Nov. 17, 1912. 25 L.IL1Y SYRUP rpillSiknown and unparalleled remedy for CougAn, injiucma, uoim, Asmma, spitting or ISlooa, Whootiinc Cyueh. irritation and di seastd state of the Lungs, and Consumption. For sale by I'f.UK CC Sl'I-AK, UrUggltl. 'tf Agents fur Burlington and its vicinity. DRUGS & MEDICINES The subscrilers nre eontinu- al y supplied with EVI.liV ARlKLE iu ihe nbove branch, loth of the Omenta anu l'.iieni kind; .utsucinai waicr- irom &aratogs; do, from Caleelonia, Canmla : Medical Wines and Liquor-, (mire) Leeches J Surgical Instruments j'Min- rat iceiii, iVf. 1 'rcscriptions put up at shortest notice. II - C.r. n. - ' --.,. PECK & SPEAR, Apothecaries. Ilurlington, Feb. 1 , IS 13. Iy36 TO THE LADIES nr. Hull's! IJtciei Abdoniliial Supporter. lilts new instrument lor the radicn cure of Prolapsus Uteri, or falling ct tne iomti, tij external application siipi'r'i'dmg the use of the objection nble Pe-sarv, i eontidently reeom" meneled to tlie afhicied as lhemcan of perfect restoration to he'alth, ttnev er having failed cf performing n cure, even under the 1110-1 aggravated I'ircum-tatues. T he Supporter has attained a very high character in 1 urope as well ns in this country. It i adopted to tlie entire iti-tisc 01 pessaries, ami an inner painim sur gical expedients, in theLying-in Hospitals of London met i'ari-, aliens univiTsuii) 1 .-vvmiiiiv,-iiu,ru m curopc by medical men ol the highest rank. In this country 11 I SllsiailHU HV ins: iinums iiisiii.cis ui llir lai'UllICS . f Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent pri ate praciiiioiicre. THIS Eminently successful Instrument for the cure of Hernia in its t- cry form, in both Male and Ferrule from the infant to the adult, is I eing recomnieneled by tho Surgical Depsrtment and multitudes of Physi cians in the slnttol Massachusetts, and other secttona of the Union 1 among the variety ofTrusses sold and employed in mis slate this article is most highly e tei'inev.1 l,y Practitioners and actual use, it is especially reooiiimcncd by our townsmen Doctors Hatch anil llKiKEuincu. PECK Si SPEAR, At wheh place may aim bo bad, Hull's Marsh's and TVitcheil'sJHEKNIA TRUSS, lor lupturee in tin MiK Person, from the infant to the adult. ttjcThese and the alKivr for tale sintrly or by the ? en On hand tonstantly a food assorimeiltf Sl'H(!lnAh ISSTliVMLWlS. ffm M.R.FLETCHER f