Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 16, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 16, 1843 Page 3
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Communication. Dote andatc, canaglta berrtltina, " Senra ordiimnza e s'nza tUsclvlina I" Mil. EniTon ; Having in some of iho profuse pages or chronicled roiiinncc, tend of buoIi things as Bards, Troubadours and Knights, wlio in pood olden times would nssut their claim to tlio faVnr of their "I.adjo love by deeds of valour, and would charm tier rosy bower by tlio dulcet tones of llio Inspiring t.yro or soatlia her slumbers by tlio sjt, sued slrains of tlio moonlight serenade, having, I sirewJ of such things, I had formed some vague idea of the enchantments of chivalrous nge. Of Ihcso enchantments, however. it must be confessed my conceptions were very vague, until In : t night when I became illuminated in my ro tnanlieloro bylhovcry delicato homage paid to the Ladies of the Seminary by some of tlio "preuxchova liors" of this village, in tho fashion of astronado quite unique of its sort and which differed lolocalo from my placid and pleasing imaginings on (lie sub joct or serenades and romance. I shall no doubt bo condemned for my lad lasto and set down ns a Vandal for being callous to lli charm ol their sleep-? lirring music, but 1 cannot help thinking thai if the Mania and Trobadours of old, resembled in aught our Trotil adours and Hards, their scrcnadis were nt best but tq-iivocal compli mcnts, anil tho nymph they saluted must have re tired from their balconies oflcncr .fiended than fiat tcred, and more indignant than pleased. The fcrcnadors of last niaht, no doubt meant a ompliment-it could not be otherwise, it would im peach tlicir knighthood, nav their manhood loo Hern. Iy to impute to them vvilAiI insult to the fair daughters of Columbia met together nt the shrine of tho arts and sciences and under the sole Egis of tho Muses tat tho Graces. Nevertheless ns their serenade how aver delectable, was a causa of general dismay and is left to the chivnlreof the aercnaders whether its repetition is very desirable Uurlington, Juno 13, 1913. IVANHOE MR. CLAY AT HOME. Tlio Western Cliristinn Advocate, otio of tho organs of the MetliodistEpiscopal Clmrcli, is published weekly nt Cincinnati. Its Edi tor lias recently visited Kentucky, and, from an interesting account of his journey, tho United States Gazette extracts tho following paragraph concerning the great man of the nation, and his household affairs. A person who sees so tinny newspapers as an edi tor s exchange- list furnishes, could scarcely visit Lex ington without linking some inquiry concerning Ash. land and its proprietor. It happened that our well tried friend, brother Bascomb, was the long and inti mate friend of 31r. Clay. Their acquaintance was rmed when the former travelled Danville circuit m 1916, who, by his powerful eloquence, cogent reason ing, and overwhelming Scriptural authorities, gac a death-blow to the rife Arinni'm of that county, which threatened to overrun Kentucky. Our kind host con veyed us to Ashland ,- but the proprietor was not at home. On bearing. however, of our vis-it, we receiv ad a most cordial invitation Iodine at Ashland, of which we availed ourselves, and spent thrcefull hours in ery pleasant chat with our hind entertainer, and I inrecmore ngrccaoie hours we never spent in all nur life. Mr. Clay is sity-livo years of nge, but might pass for fifty, and will, in all probability, bo well capa ble for public business till fourscore pass over his head, if God spare him that long, His manners are as pliin and republican as they are gentlemanly and umtlected. Tho moral principle, prodneni" honesty and conscientious fitklity to his trust, seemed to us to have taken deep possesion of his mind, and wo be lieve, governs hi heart. Ho is now closely en"a"ed in his duties as a lawyer, and does not 'forget Ins farm, which is in admirable order. His bonsai plain indeed, and Ins improvements around it, consisting nf grass lawn, and rows of shade trees planted by "his own hand., are in goo 1 taste, and in complete keep, inp with his republican principles and minimr of life And then, airs. Clay is more linn a pattern she is an exact model for all the Indies in the hnd. Slia minutely superintends all her household ntTiirs. Her mile green house, and collection nfilowers an i shrub. nromosinstv and well selected. Hut her hniter- her but er, (for we eat some nf ii)-ij sursrinr -i'bvi".1" ?1n'l",c";'l miller her eye, -he sup- S n,ll pTc'!,al h"lcl3,or Lexington t ami it is n mall glory to her, lint her son Thomas showed, Iho other c ay, the oit which his innihcr nnrchnsod lor him with theavatlsuf her butter. Whether her first uu uncrein or not, wo cannot sav j but then u miiiu deserves it. Tlio topics of convcrsa tion were moral. rnli'.imiR. nn.l ml..-!!., .,,.,.., m. .i. and we wcro clad lo Icirn io our satisfaction that Air.' .u Vi " "V'criu mo unristian rclieion thai ha read his bible, and attended, with his excel lent lady and f imilv. tho Prniestint I'. '-e,ci'iItor' and frequently hears ministers of other SMUIV.US-.3. From tho Watchman. a FitF.n trade argument answered. A little more than a year ago, if we do not misroinember, tho Vermont Patriot was in the habit of using iho argument of free trader that protective duties arc taxes upon the consumers ; for instance, protection on any class of goods must necessarily raise the price of those o-ooil?, and thus draw tho price of protection out of tho pockets of those who purchase, the goods and put it into tho pockets of tho manufacturer. 1 his may indoed ho true in some circumstan. ecf, such as the commencement of a new branch of nnniifactttroF, when for want of skill, facilities and experience, the cost of the domes, tic article is enhanced, whilo tho foreign is perhaps put far below its real ccst in order to break down the domestic But more generally tho reverse is tho fact. While foreigners ron. our markets they fixed the prices nearly at will, and reaped tho profit!', and experience has fully proved that these prices wcro exhor bitant. By tho introduction of domestic mmu farturcp, competition was produced, both bo tween the domestic manufacturers'individually, rind between them as a class and tho foreign. By that competition their articles have boon reduced to fair remunerating prices, and the prolilH have boon kept within the country. 'I hus are tho free trade arguments triumphant iy answered, and the sound policy of protection demonttrated. Tlio i V. Tritiimn h sl,n n up this free trado fallacy most beautifully, and I .u .iv.ui unri-uivcs oi us article. In order to see what tho free trado iloctriuo if, tho annex, ed is quoted from tho New York Evcnin" Post of March Till a blue-light federal organ of old, but now one of tho biggest of tho locofoco leaders : From the N. V. Evening Post, Starch 7. " IIW strcics are charged with a duty of ci?hly per cent, ad valorem, making the retail price net much leas than tlonblt, it imported under tho present TaTO. ar'r ircc importation, Mut thisarticlo is prohibited, and tho domestic article will be sold in--stead, causing the consumer to pay no tax, indeed, to tho Uni'cd Slati , but a tax to the Eastern manu- jaiturtrof one third the price, far xhe privilege of ' mjenar ariiac. inu flomestio article is handsome lo tho eve, being nndo by machinery ; but on Recount of tho high price of I ihor, has to bo made oat of wire, instead of forged blanks; and so in- time many a carpenter to frraan orer heads ttcisted ef.t Resides, l'ie worm it not so aoodfor a carpen ter s vse (w the foreign article. Thrso inconvenien ea are to bo borne, for tho privilege of contributing '''?. illt:tttn raits of the manufacturers of the East," (Stc. A c. &c. Now for tho answer, and a complete ono it is, quoted from tho samo paper of a subsequent date : From the N'. V. Evening Pot t of Slay Is. "American Wood scretcs. Wo have been showed a sample of ferews manufactured ly iho New Hn" land .S'crew Company nt Providence, It. I. They ir remarkably neat and renular in their workman ship, compared with the Jlritish article, te.'mi is rough and course lo the eye. U'c nro told that the east of manuf tcturing them is about a cent a gross, that a girl will turn out, with tho machinery, sixty gross a day, and that tho manufactory of tho compa ny makes about a ton of them daily. 7'Aty t.iny be furnhhii titcnlij.jlxe per cent, cheaper than 'the .iig htharticte, which willcnmro thrir ealein ihiJ coun try, wo suppose, Tariff or no Tariff.' Tho Fame is true nf cutlery. Witness the annexed from tho samo Jocofucofroo trado news paper: "American Cutler j. Wo were intrrcstcd in the examination yesterday of somo beautiful specimens of American Cutlery manufactured by J. JtussrKt o. at urctn lliver Vork, GrceuiVId, Mass. The articles nro luuy e-iunl in material and finish to the best specimens of iho nif.1 wnranr a,nm.t. ,i.n blades arc of tho best cast steel Mho handles nro nf ivory, uono, nn.i i.cauiiiUy polished wood. Not only are theso articles fully cquil m merit lo Iho rival English goods, tiutihcy nro afforded at a prico be hv that at which Cutlery wns ever sold in this rounlry btforo tho imposition of our presnt Tanfl'. iii e'irn wimpieasureinai lie market for American Cutlerv, at well at other articles protected by the New Tariff, it steadily extendinc, rring- wider and under employment to Amtriean Isibor. At present, ihe Green River Work aio making ono hundred doicn of knives and forks per day, and ara making ertangf mcnts for a still further extension of their bu r r.ess." f he jurr-e it &"so frue of cotton j r-odf, ce has been demonstrated by tlio recent exportation to England of American articles I In fact, the American is not only cheaper thin English cot ton, but bolter. In thuso circumstance?, however, tho Trco Traders now take a nuvv turn : behold I say thoy, Americans can boat llritislt manufactures therefore thero is noticed nf protection. Wo answer, that if tho Dritisli aio frculy admitted to our markets-, through their superiority in point of capital they could and would Hood those markets do;; cheap and prostrate tho domestic manufactures. Then would thsy amply repay tho sacrillco by extortion. THE CHOI'S. Tho Now York Express of last week puli lishes nn Agricultural report for that vicinity. It appears from this report that tho season has heen quito favorable for grass. Ilyo and Wheat also look uncommonly well. Tlio Ityo stands in many of the fields fivo or six feet high with ;t very healthy culor. Most of tlio fluids of corn arc up, hut, in all sections it presents n sickly unhealthy appearance, nnd n warm sun and frciiucnt showers nm absolutely necessary to restore this plant to its usual complexion. Tho early potatoo crop lias just showed itself above ground hut it is hardly possible to predict what it will he. Tlio fruit trees look well, nnd tho blossoms having disappeared tho fruit seems to bo well set, tlio cherry has half of its growth, nnd tlio plum so fir, is perfectly healthy. All tho forest trees with tlio exception of tlio Syca more, look well: Many of tho strawberry brds have been severely injured by tho late frost; a black mould is forming upon many of tho gooseberry bushes which is destructive to the fruit ; currant bushes look thin, and the raspbery bushes look well. Garden vegeta bles of nil descriptions aro three weeks later than usual. In allusion to tho weather, prospect of crops vvc. the American says : The weather, that unfailing tonic of nnlinnrr rnn. versation. is. this car. more than numllt nrr.,!,,,.,;, of speculation as it varies from hot to cold, and wet iu ury. Thus far, summer has been more capricious than spring, nnd with n little hot mingles n crcntdeal of cool weather, iniliau corn, tint loves sun, and de- Iy. The gardens show the presence of recent frost nnd although, according to the Almam.c, summer I12I1IS in II !UIS01 SWC tennrv nnUq ftm nm s r-lr. lias Come, t ie warilrn msnf umlrr inteniil inn ,.l feminine, nro still in pleasant use. The cereal grains, however, wheat nnd r-.-o. and ilm grass, promise my well, anil thrive in Ibis cool moist wciiiucr. ro, too, oi lliclruits, which, though late, y-i"-""') oiiiinui-iiiMj Mm uo Duunaaiii ; ana out door work is pleasant to man in this cod, clasticicm ncrattire. The locusts throng longgrass and their,' ail the trees, nnd swarm in the , till 11. nnf lllstflllf lllliml.m fills the air. Their fiiin'o. or ouKr case, iulnpl! looks hko a complete and close fitting suit of armor,) adheres to tho t pot where Ihe full formal insect cincr" i d from it, sometimes on a spear of grass, some times, by dozens, on the trunk of a tree, or half way up a board fence, on which iho vet encased insect had crawled up, until the precise moment, when instinct Willi new 1 fo and powers, and abandoning its tene ment, it could trust itself on filmy wings taanewele mem, a creature nf light nnd air. There is a moral and a type in this, which rannot cscapo tlio commonest obaervcr, nnd which, from eve ry hee, does indeed, furni.-h a sermon. I ho h'o of these mysterious insects seems innocent or the ravages so generally connected with the name nf locusts. It seems, indeed, th" perfection nf tho dolcefar nicntc, like the lazzarani of Naples, lolling in the sunshine, without nny thing to do, and like Uo many or them, without any thing to cat ; for it is not olivums tint these locims consumo or mime any tiling Luting, or ra'her t. tz nv-ay their limn nl lotien portion of hoii' s, ami t .'-n Tall to the earth from whence they came to bo reproduced nfier n stated interval, a mystery and a uural, nnd withal a leston with those who will apply it. WHITFIELD. Tho'fullowing description of this extraor dinary man is Horn tho Edinburgh Review. Taking his stand on some rising knoll, his tall and graceful figuro dressed with elaborate propriety, and composed into nn easy and commanding altitude, nrutuclrl s clear blue eye ranged over thousands and tens ol thousands, drawn up in close files on the plain below, or clustering into masses on every adhcent eminence. A "rabble, rout" hung on tho I skirls of the mighty host i and the ft clings of tho devout were disturbed by the scurnle jests of the illiterate, and the cold sarcasms ofthe more polished spectators of their worship. Hut the rich nnd nnV,l ",,;,i "" "inn aim compass qiiic-Kly silenced every ruder sound-as in rapid succession itscm chnngin'' melodies passed from tho calm of simple narraliie to .,n, U..I .I....I. ....I ---- - . .."w." 'W-VM nm nn.-im! hi i u.siinciness oi argument, to Iho veho mence of reproof, and the pathos of heavenly conso laton. ' .Sonictimes the preacher wept exceedingly, stamped lo-.idly and passionately, and was frco ientlv so overcome that for n few seconds ono would sus pect ho could never recover, and, when hodid, natnro required sonie htilo tnno to compose herself." In words originally applied to one nf the first German ltifoimers nruiu rutins, riridi oculi, ricidaz ma. mis, ilctuquc omnia rivida. 'J'he agitated assembly caught the passions of Ihespeaker, and exulted, went or trembled nt Ins Ho stood before them in popular belief, n nersecired mm r-m,, ,, l .,.i jVcied by lordly prelates, jet still n prethjierof the . u.. lIU,, ., mr nuinortiy i his meek and lowly demeanor chastened nnd elevated by the eonsciousgrandeiirof the apostolic succession Tho thoughtful gazed earnestly on the scene ofsolemn in terest, pregnant with some strange nnd enduriii" in fluence on the futiiro condition of mankind. HuFlhc wise and tho simple alike yieldej lo the enchantment and tho thronging mulliiudo gave iilteranca to their emotion m every form in which naturo scel.s relief from feeling too strong for mastery. Whitfield had cullitnted tho histrionic nrl to a per fection has rarely been obtained by any who bajo worn tho sock or the buskin. I'ooto nnd Gar nek were his frequent hearers, and brought away with them tho characteristic nnd very just remark tint "his oratory was not nt its full height until hei had repeated a discourse forty times." The transient delirium of Krnnkhn attested by tho surrender on ono occasion of all tho contents of his puree nt a "chanty sermon," and by the Quaker's refusal to lend moro lo a man who had lost his wits-did not prevent his investigating tho causes of this unwonted excitement. "I came," ho says, "hy hearing him often to distinguish between sermons newly compo ed and those he had preached often in Iho course of his travels. His delivery of tho latter wns so impro ved by frequent repetition, that every accent, every emphasis, every modulation of Iho voice was so per fectly tuned, that, wltlnutbeingintorestod in tha su b jeet, one could not help being pleased with the dis-course-a phasureof much the tamo kind as thai re ceived from an excellent piece of music." Tun Ooi.n U atcii. I have now in my hand a gold watch, which combines unbelishment nnd utility in happy proportions, and is usually considered a ery valuable nppendngo to the person of n gentleman. Its gold seals sparkle with the ruby, tho sapphire nnd tho emerald. I open it, and find that tho works, witliout which this elegantly-chased caso would bo a mere shell, thoso hands motionless, nnd thojo fi" ures without meaning, nrc made of brass. I invest! gate farther, nnd ask, what is tho spring, by which nil theso aio put in motion, made of 1 I nm (old it is steel. I nsk what is steel? The reply is, thai it is iron which has undcrgono a certnin process. So, then, I find the main-spring, without which Iho watch would Ic motionless, nnd its hands, figures and em beluhmenlshut toys, is not of gold that is not suf ficiently good i nor of brass that would not doj but of iron. Iron is, therefore, the only precious metal, and this watch an apt emblem of society. lis hands and figures, which tell the hour, teseinblo the master spirits of iho age, to whoso movements every eye is directed, lis useless but spaikling seals, sapphires, rubies, top-iz nnd embellishments, Aristocracy. Its woiks of brass, the Middle Has, by tho increasing inlflligenccnndpnwerof which tho master-spirits of ihe ago aro moved s nnd its iron main-spring, shut up in a box, always nt work, but nevcrthought of, ex. cept when it is disordered, broken, or wants winding tip, symbolically tho Laborious Classes, which, hko tho main-spring, wo wind up hy tho payment of wages j nnd which classes, shut up in obscurity, and absolutely ns necessary to Iho movement of society ns tho iron main-spring is lo the gold watch, aro nev er thought of except when they requiro their wages, or aro ineonm want or disorder of tome kind or olh ex.Hdieard Krerett. CoMrilMENT TO New Evr.t.AK-n..-In n rvfVi mado by Mr, I.yell, iho eminent geologist, nt a late meeting of tho llritish Geological Association, he said: " Were I ever so unforlunain mih rmi land, lo reside permanently elsewhere, I should, wilhotit hesitation, choose the United States for my second country, especially New England, whero a population of mora than two millions enjoya a higher averags standard of prosperity and inlejleelua! ad varifftnent. ihsn tnvdbtr roru!tf!enefniiilm".i ( on tha globa." STATE CONVENTION. TO THE WHIGS OF VERMONT. A Slnto Convention of tho Whigs of Ver mont will bo holdon AT RUTLAND, ON WEDNESDAY THE 28TII DAY OF JUNE NEXT, for tho purpose of nominat ing State Officers, and for thu transaction of other matters deemed necessary, preparatory to thu Annual September Election. And also to appoint two Delegates and two Sub stitutes at largo to attend tho National Con volition to bo holdon in May 1844, for tho nomination of candidates for tho offices of President nnd Vice President of the United States. Tho Whigs at their several District Conventions in the Slato lire requested also to appoint ono Delegate nnd Substitute each, for tho purpose tibovo stated. U is specially important, and therefore particulaily desired, that not a single town in Vermont should bo unrepresiuitcd nt said Stale Convention bv two or nt o delegates, C.U.VI.V Townsluv, ) Lrastus Faimm.nks, John A. Co.vant, E. P. Walton Jn., Gcoitci: A. Ai.i.n.v, Harmon Cani'iuld, John A. Pratt, Artemas Cusiima.v, May 1G, 1813. Stnto Central Committee. NOTICE. The Wings of Burlington nro notified to meet at the American Hotel on Friday, the 23 inst., nt half past seven o'clock, In the evening, for tho purpose of electing delegates to tho Whig Slato Convention to bo held at Rutland on tho 28th inst. Gr.o. K. Pi.att, ) T !r.o. K. Pi.att, ) K. Gray, C . L., ) J Committee. Burlington, Juno 12, 1813. CHITTENDEN COUNTY LIBERTY CONVENTION. Tho Liberty Party men. one. .m,l Tt ;,, tho Countv of Chitti'ndi' 11. arn in meet in tlio Town Ilouso in Willislon, on Wednesday the 18th day of June inst.. t in ('clock, A. M., for the purposo of nomina ting candidates to bo supported by tliom for mi.- unite oi ocnators at the next election. Speakers may be expected from abroad. Lucius Baiinkv, I County Smith Biiniiam, f Committee. Ei.isiia Mtu.r.r;, Jr. j niUGHTO.V MAIUUrr JmT5, 1SI3. At Market, 310 Ileef Cattle, 15 Cowi and Calvci 300 Slicep, nnl 1210 Swine. I nicEs licet (.attic Via quote first nunlitv. 5 SOsecond quality S3 & 5, third quality, 81,23 i,i.i. Cons and Calves Sales at 817. 822. and 10 Sheep Sales were mada at 1 73. 1 3. 2.00 2 2., nnd Sicin-I.ots to peddle llc8 4lc for Sow ..M Bl & 51 for Harrows j At retail from 5 to 7e. IJOSTO.V JUAItlCKT.-Juno 7. Ttccn. Genesee, 5 50 a OCO, Ohio, good, 6 00 a HerTrn. 12 n 13 per lb. Cheese. C a 7 do do Voor.. Small f-avonv and .Merino fleeces, 33 35 I' nil blood, 11 , o I lood. 0.1 n Common blood, n n, Smyrna washed, 915 ' ol r I a 13 t em r ' EiTnc ii Notice. Mr. Alonzo Ilvnr. of Saratoga Springs, will Lecture on Temperance as follows: ,c,f,l?l!"rsh Centre Junol3th, at lOo'cloek. A. M Starksboro " lGih " 1 and C P.M. Juno 17lh, at 1 o'clock, P. M. " " " c " " Ilincsburgh " Uurlington " Wdhston " Itichmond " Jericho Cornera " Ksscv Centro " Jlilton " Georgia " St. Albans " St.Albans Hay " South Hero 19 13 ii 20 21 I) 22 23 21 " Plaltsburgh Thu Lectures will bo held at such places as tlio friontls of Teniieranco may provido. NOTIClI 3fr. A. Hy.lo of Saratoga, will deliver a lee turo on Toinperanco in tlio Court House, on Sunday next, Juno 1?, at 5 o'clock, I 31. M ei r b - In Wilh'ston, on thc22d of .May, by the Rev. S. Par ma!ec,3Ir.F.McnsONj. Adziinc II. Paem.uee. Dues (3, lnllutown,.May2J, Mr. Caroline, wifoof Car. los Hater,i:s(.,ased 31 years. In Will won, -May 20th, Mr. Phinehas Randall aged 73. Printer!, in Mas-at-IiU'clts and New York ore recpio-ted, if-e. TO PRINTERS. 7-ANTn, A GOOD C03IPOSITOR. T, , S. FLI.TCHnt. Uurlington, June 11, 1313, g TO PA 113 It MAKKKS. WAN'IT.P, n journeyman Paper-maker, for ma chine lending and flashing. .... . i-'. WFLMNGTO.V. Miltr.n, Juno 15, 1S43. 2 REVOLVING CASTORS. A Large ni.orimeni of ftevo.ving Ca.lors, lovr, fi ve and nX ,oite., very cheap indeed, lor sale at the Crockery Store l,y JOSLIIH WAIT June fi, 1813. 2 SOLAR LAMPS. ANcwand very hand-cunec article of Suspendins Lamp-, canal loof burning the cheapv-t quality of oil nndprc.ducin; a pleasant and powerful liaht, for "i0 ,,y JOSl'PII WAIT. Juno Ifi, IS 13. - CONE LANTERNS. A New and very hnnd,omc slylo 1 f heavy Moulded ulasfc Cone Lantt-rnr, lor s,il hy 2 Juno 1G, 1843. JOS1-.PH WAIT GOLD PENCILS. S03IE leautiful new pntternsjust received. 2 I'akobobs & HniNSM iaid. a'ROY STOWS WAKE. fMII. Siihtcrilcr has on bund a Inrfe and suiu'rior X nisorimeiil of STOMJ WAUK, mpenor 10 nny made in the I'nucJ State... which hmtrr. r,,. ..1.. Itiiluad Price, nnd is ready to irceite order, pack nnd deliver, five ( c-irlipo or package, on 1 card e.f unnai iiuiiif, .-iiiirr iur iroy, Aieany. or Wntt Troy, for oih or approvcil paper. All crders by .Mail or otherwise, immediately atin. dl to, I. SEYMOiT., U rr Trey,.'-' V M 17 'S1, DriATii or an Old Servant. The, Washington Capital of Tuesday says : "General Washington's colored cortant Cory, was buried on Sunday last, from Greonlonf's Point, nnd ioiiowcu: to uie gravo by a largo number of blacks, lie was, we understand, nt tho timo of his death 111 years old, and was for a number of years ostfer to (eil. Washington. Whom ha . served (It llm llio Delaware, and nt tlio billies of Ilrandywino nfid lrcnton., Old t'nry wns known and respected by every citizen of this place ho loved tho memory of ins patriotic master, nnu ns an hnmlilnmnrk nf rnsnnei 011 his birth day' nil I in fact, every military parade, wore an old shad-belied uniform conl, and a three cor nered hat with abugo cockade, which ho said Wash ington gave him, On these occasions Iho boys used to collect around him, but his venerable nppenrnnco disarmed them of ollthoughls of mischief, and ho was always nllowcJ tho honorable privilege of tumbling in tha rear of the military, under whoso protection ho generally pi iced himself. Hc.NKF.n Hill Cr.tF.nnATtON and HostoW Itosn tahtv. A resolution is beforo the Common Council of Huston, (which ii is said will certniuiy pass.) ap propriating S300for a proper reception or tho military corps that may visit ISoslon from other places, on tho occasion ofthe Hunker Hill Celebration. The Bos ton Courier says 1 Tim Dinner. Tho committee of arrangements of llio Hunker Ildl Monument Association hate re-olv-ed to have a collation, instead of a dinner, nt t'nnenil Hall, on tho nflirnoou of iho 17lh, nt which the Pres ident of llio United Slates and tho other guests of the Society will bo present. The Hall will bo appro, pria tcly decorated. Tho prico of tickets ii fixed at S3 each. CocnT KTiqfcTTE. A lato arrival from Brazil fur nishes thoparticularsof tho reception of Haron Langs dorfi; Anibnssadorof Iho King of the French to the llrnziiian Court, so'iciting the hand ofthe Princess Ij ranci-j.-n Carolina for tho Pmnck on Joinville, nnd thu successful termination of iho mission. The pro ceedings nro lengthy, and we have only room for the following : At the clo?o of tho ceremony the Haron proceeded on board of tholn'gato Hello Ponlc, where ho commu nicated lo tho Prince do Joinville tho answers of tho l-.uipcror and Princess. All the French vessels in the liaiborthen hnislcd iho I!rn7;imn n,1 r,,,.l n en. lute of 21 guns, which was answered from the batteries nnd tho llrazilian brig of war Third of May. 1110 nnrrnge 01 ine fnnco Uo Jomvillo was to lake nlaccnbout iho 3d nr. in, r Mm, ,i 1.. ..... uien io sat uirecr inr emnrn with h ,in. n,n inhabitants of Itio wero much pleased nt tho marriage. Tho I.nipcror had sent a frlgalo to Naples to bring homo life impress, the Xc.ipolitan King's sister s and she was loukid for daily. A GnAVC-fllCr.Kn'fi niM.. A trrnL'n.rlir. ,it,n Knrl buried n -Mr. llutton, taut iho folluwing'biHto bis dis consohto widow: lo making a Hutton-IIoli; 2s. A CAM. OSTIIKIM & 3IICHOLLS sensible to thecntent to which they have been favored hv ! nge of their friends nnd the public generally, beo leaveto return tlieirbcst thanks for il,n f.,r .J..;.. ed: and havin" redeemed tlicir promise in the renew al or their spring assortment of dry aiid fancy poods which is the i choicest description ihe southern Mar kets could nhord, now ofler their new Goods for sale on tbocicanesi terms, nnd hono in ho linn,.,l ...M. . continuation of the distinguished and general patron age they have heretofore received. JUST received at tho German Store, China preserv . ed Ginger, Cocoa Pasie, nlso. 25 Hoxes of ithe nish Wiuos(lhe pure juice ol the Grape.) U5IIU.I.U ) JIIUHOLLS. LOOKING GLASSES. A I-AUGH supply just received from the manu IX. factory, for sale low bv LOVELV &. stn'Jiorjrt. June 15, 1313. n DR Y GR O CERIES, OP superior quality, fresh from New York, just received and for talo veiv low by LOViXY & SEYMOUR. June Li, ISn. 2 TsiT,iT.i-nAIUtLVAI'-''K' coons. ""L AMAZON an I I'uic I'lorence Braid Hon 11 -1Ii;n'-siiiiIe and double- l.riinnied Leghorn H tts I.onnet and Cap ItiM e.ns, new styles j" Rich 1-1 1 I110 HInc'; (,'rns.le Grain Silks. Uieh Hlaek and Lbield.ick S.ilm Striped Gro deAfrique, P.ira.olls hun-sliades, .Mo'i.cline ! Lainc Shawls; Glovei, I'ine Chocked IlirMnn Ginirhaius, Kreneh Houib.i f,",".'s', .I'"1'? a"1' Seitc-h Diapers, Linen Drilling-, KlM.ed Gaiiibroous, .Vc. ii-., j,tst receive I by . , ,, . HI.NRV W. CATLIN. Strong'.- Rudding. June 10. 1813. 2 imiOADE NOTICE. I i 1 11 J",la"la of E!:vc-al Regiments in the -- Mlrigadc or Vermont Jlihtia, are requested to mcgHl A. Hurrill's Inn in Hincsburgh, with their KeclBBMoslcrs, and files, on Tuesday 27th inst. ",' 1(iT?JFck 31-agreeable 10 the requirements or tho 3Iiht:a Act of 1812. H. nOYNTON, . , , , Inspector 3d Urigade Vt. 3Iititia. Hincaburgh, June 13, 1313. GOLD PENS. WE have received a new lut nf tho diamond poin led Gobi Pens this evening, June 14, 1S13. They are used by q-iitoa number of persona in Town and nro much liked. Pasoooch it RnixsMAin. GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. AT great bargains for cnsb.Clocks also.a few more good brass and wood Clocks at half of former prices. 2 Pa-.-oborn it HatssMAir. JET BUTTONS, JJ'OR ladies dresses, nnd other new articles just receded. - PasOSOHM it RnlNSMAID. TO PAPER MAKERS.

IOR SALE, One half of n Papei 3MI Miuaiel on the River Lamoille, in Mdlou, 3 miles from the """"' n.ivig.iiuii, n nines irom iiuriin;iou, nnd 12 hires Irom Si. Allans on tlio main route 10m Albany lo Montreal. The .Machinery ol Two l-.iigines, Drying CjbmVr-, Calender, nnd the various, lioi.i-r-, kettles, Vat-, Tubs, ceo. necessary Tor paper making. Ill loeuiion is saA.- from fre.hei.. nnd has u never-fading supply ol river anJ kpnng water, lis lo -ation fur a country business is one of nn- 1 e.i mat on 1 e loinm, i.eins ihe most convenient to Canada of any mill in the United Slate, ant the mi st northern mill in Vermont. There i'mki paper null in the live most northern eo-inliesin Vermont anJ llm mo-t nor hern eouiilics in Jfew York adjoin ing Lake C'liamplain. .' I'";',11,1"? Hou-owill 1 e sold wilh one hall ihe mill should ilic purchaser prefer. Terms of payment en-y, an I a young man with small capital who is a suod worknmn mm. ,i,l ,1,.. opportunity a favorable one fer ettabli-hins linn-elf CIIAL'NCEY GOODRICH, uiirlingion, June 15, 1843, Ira HNliop'K Estate. STATE OP VERMONT, ) rPHE Hon. Ihe Dialricl ol Chittenden, es. j X Prol aie Co in torthe District ol'ChittPiitlen, to all persons concern ed in Iho e,tate of IRA BISHOP, late of Charlotte in sanl jlisirn t, deceased, Greeting. WHEREAtf, Sophia Bishop, adminhlratrlx ofthe estate ol said deceased, proposes to render an account ol her administration, and present ner account again. 1 said estate for examination nnd al ownnec at a scs.jon of iho Courl ol Prid ate, to 1 e hnlden nt ihe Register". i,ffi-oin Uurlington, in said Dislrict. oii the seenn I Wednc-day of July next. Ihcrelore, yo i are hereby notilie.l to appear lefore said court at ihe time and place aforesaid, and shew cause if nny yo i have why the account nfoiesatd should noi I e allowed. iiven un-lrr my hand ai Uurhngtcn, this I2lh day or June, A. D. 1313. 2'3 Wm. WESTON, ReSister. WOeorgc Prlndlc'a Estate. E ihe subscribers, having been appointed by iho Honorable tho Probate Court ror llio District of Chittenden, commissioner!- in rrrpivp. t. amine and adjust the claims an I demands of all per aonjagjintt the estate of GEORGE PRINDLE, late of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, represented in solvent, and uIsq all claims and demands exhibited in odsct thereto 1 nnd six months Horn the day ofthe dato hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice.that wo will nltend to thobusiniss of our appointment, at the dwelling of widow Louisa Piindle, in Charlotle. in said District, on llio 2d Wednesdays of July and Novellller next, nt lfl r.'rlnek. A. M. nn nh nf ..1,1 days. Hated, this lOlh dnv of 3Iay. A. D. 1313. 62 RUBE LEAVENWCUTH, ) -ORRIN REED, Commusioner: IJetsev Palmer's Estate. STATE OF VEUMONT, 1 AT a Probate District of Chl'tenden. ss. i f. Courl hnlden at Hurlinslon, within and for ihe Dia riet aforesaid, on IhtfSlth, day of 3Iay, A. . 1313, an Instrumrni purponuii to le me 1.1st "ill and testament of lll-.T'SY' saiildi.inei I'ls'ea.ed, wns presented to the Court here for Probote, py jaines fanner tlio exeior, inerein nameit. Therefore it is ortlero.1 by 'aid Courl.that public no lieo I e given 10 all persons co acerneil therein tn np ntar I eforc said Conn, at a ses.ion thereof to le hoi- den at ibo Ea;le Had In Wdluion, on the thirJ Monday of June, A. D. 1813, and coate.t the npsl.n... iC .nt. Will n.l It , I, ...I.-. -.!-.... .1.-. ... c.. n Mt.w .. .tii.ucr I'niciv., iiiai thu. order l o put lishel Ihreo weeks mcceMivcly in the Uurlington Freo Pres, a newspaper primed at nurlinglon,iii lb s rtate,thu last of which ntihliraticn shall be prcvioui 10 the day avslgned, as afortsaiJ for bearing. Given under my band aula Rgi.tei' oflico, lh! 2lhdaycf My,A P. IStV -'2 WW WftTON F.j:t'. r ' ' " M r- b4 STRAY MAKE. iriosiiijscrncr, in Aliltmt, cn the 31 day of Juno insi., n Light Pav MAltK, wnh four while leet, a white striD on tho no.e nn I n 1 v . . " ' 1 1 . 1 . . 1 . ... imnn inrin iliulortlnn'l, leliev n I In Ii. nl.nit O ... 1 ..1.1 i no owner ran have tier by proving property and v l",V.'"'"" l'r . UI15U.1 UKUW.l.' rwrini'Miiv ' A rf ctlcnsive assortment just received from Now a. im,., tjriaieiuwuy L0vi.LYii snvjioun. June 15, 1313. (S 'aV me U''"LV( LOTS fur into near Iho y Icndcmy cm College Hin-ot. Also 2 Pews in Iho None Clmrch and one in tho Unitarian Ilrick (Jhureli. 7 " ,ol, THOMAS. June la, 1813. 2 t David Atwood's Ustntc. 'DMrict orCI,,l,cdei,,S. ' A eemrtPhe!d at w nM,i lor ine district of Cliitlcndcn on Iho seventh day ol June, 1313. Mc.Ses Alwo.,1, one cf I bo heiraiothe elale of David Alwood, late of Charlotte in said tti-trkt, deeea-od, intuMaie, hav ing li e I in said court hi. petition in writing, selling tori Hint he hold, , common with the (,i,er hoiis to said cMntr, one tenth part id Iho followma iWriled parcels ol land, lying m taij Charloitoi viz, nnie-v seven acre, and twdvo ru,N of land oir Ihi miuiIi end i f thu secoii I division lot or the original nzht or Jonathan Ai .cn. with il, l.n.Ml,,,.. .i tenanee.l nl-o, 51 acres miJ 1 1 rods of lot No. 33, ol the first diviMon iImwii lo llio original right ol John Jloag, Leing 8am. an,,, 1,....,,,,, sc 0 , .s. s,-. ,iii.iii ,iiwiw wwow ol the stkl intu-late, as her dower in aid etnle j nnd praying said eour loonier partition ol sal lands to Lo made anion Hie several persr,n entitled Ihereio. IllEnErM.E, llio court nfuie-ail doth appoint the wond Wednesday of July, IS 13, fur hearing J ni-ni un nhi:i..r,i... .., of said court in mii.I Ilu-liugr,n, and doth order that all per-ous intere-tcd thereof l,v pehlicolion if tins order, cimtoining llics-ibslaneo tif aid pernio,,, .ret weeks siicecs.hely in iho Hurlinaion Free Pru-s, u neWMinnor tiriniol , .n-,1 li,i .i .. ,. . .. W'liieli nnlilicn'ions to I n rui-vii,,,. i,, , U .1 ... i... tedns nfore-aid fur hearing. Given under my lujid at Hurlinglon, this seventh day of June, A. I'. IS 13. Wm. UKSTON, H..gisier. DISSOLUTION. rMK FIIt.M OF HAHXKS KKF.lF.R is ,hl , . day di.sokul I y con.ent. All persons having claims ng.un-t llioinn arc reriue.tol to hand in ihe same (or adju-tincm to the uiideitLmed A.aliul UiriH-s. " Tho business will I c eontmiu-1 at the old staud, as herelcfore, by A. cc G. V. Uuri.e-. A. ISARNnS. Il.irlington,.Iunu I, 18)3. tf DISSOLUTION. T YMAX.f- COLE, hue this day dissolved their J-l Copartnership by mutual consent. All persons indebted aro renuested in mil nn.l o..t,. 'a ,.. Those having demandsagainst Ihe lato firm will nre-' :iil vnein lor payment. The Hooks and Notes can bo found for a few days nt Ihe old stand. After which tune they will bo removed toll. Lyman's Score, nt the north west corncrnf Sir,,,, ii,t.i.-. r. .' 1.. ' cupicd by I). A. Hramtin, nt which place both parties will at any ime al'end to the s.-ttlement of all their books and ucniandj. nr.i S LY3IAN, MORTON COLE, 1 Uurlington Juno 9, 1SH. NOT ICR. 1 OLTS I'OLLE'IT bei-n admitted to an in teres! in iho mer -ancle rnm em of Pollen mil liradley, business will hereafter 1 1; conducicil under "uAM"f, , I'OLLPIT, DltAOLKY Co. Oil Dock, June 1, 1913. 1 Prn SiiKnvs ttiail lol.'tsscs. ORTO tl(j(), N0,.v urlean, TriniJad 3Iola,,es 111 HhJs., Tieree-nud llbl-. Porto Itico, St. Croix aud New Orleans Sugar. Pluln ilidn.i and New York l)nfand Luinp do wuarts & U ool-ey, it Woul-cy'sdouLIe rellneJ do Whileand llrown H.ivanini (0 CiushcJ and Powdered ,j0 l-'or Sale by tl.o ,til.-eril crs at a sma'l-advance from co;!;. , , EOLLi;iT, URA1)I.KY Co. Old nool.-, Juneg, IS 13. TOHACCO. pAVENDISlI if- PLUG TOHACCO or Ihe most V approved brand-. Dei-n .V Brown's relcbratwl Chewing and smoking Tobacco ; Al.-o, Sheoii Tobac co, lor tale very low by ' ,, , . KlII.LL'lT, URADI.KY if. Co. Old Hock, June 8. 1313. j YOUNG llVSON.'.i'ine or very superior Viiualiti, Hy-on Skin and Twankay 111 ehe.t.', ball' chests and caddies, lor ale I, y nun . 1 FOLI.LTT, BRADLEY & Co. Oil Doe!.-, June 8, 1313. V U A S . AConsiantuiiily rrelt,it1''.N. E. Rum, in Hhds I Mies, HalfPmos and, 50 per cent al.oic .vii,, lur sun- ;h i(,sun prl . .n,l f.o.,.1., 1... n,,r, ;u I'ii.VDLLV, i4 Co., Aeents. OllD.vk, June .8, 1313, ' FLORENCE IIONNT, TTS. A NOT1IER nuwlot of Lap-Lealioms just received June 2, IS 13. MARSHALL'S SAT.R. pUtlLIC NO IK'E i. beioby the fillow--l ingiiained property, condemned in the Hon. ' " cnrtM amies inr Vermont I) .- trie I, May Ti-r,,, 1313, will be sold a p,,l l,c Auction, at the Auction Room ol Oil. II. Phoui,., ( Hurling ton, in said Di-tru", on ihe 12ili d.iv f Jlv nev, ?at inVV itZaXli,1 -"icloll. Jum'VA. "ixVm Y 1,!nJ l Um,I,'u"1' ,h" 5lh ''' Iw3 W11.1.IA3I HAItRON, Marshall. p A ST STEEL Shovels, Iron (o, handed do and Spades, Russian Nail Rods, warranted, Shot. Sheet nnd Bar Lead, Patent Vices, a new and superb: article. Anvils, Tracoand Ilaller Chnins, etc. Ac. for sale by nn-. , . 1'OLLETI', BRADLEY cc Co. Old Dock, Juno g HU ' gentij:men'S iia ts. "ENTLEMEN'S .Moleskin and Cas-imere Hals, 1 'n ,S.liy w- HURLBUT. June 8, 1S13. j a .t ON CONMONMi NT. A T3vi: n"-' " I assortnieni of Sheetings of the t. lollcwiiig ee'tbraled Lrandst Law-rente 3MI, Anthony do Exeter Sliniifaeturing Company, 3Ia.saeh i-ctis 3Iill-,ti.geiherwuh Bleached Sheet lajs, tor sale at New Yuri: prices nnd barge, bv I'OLI.E IT. BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June S, 18IJ. j "LIVE AND LET LIVE." s. iin.vriNjjToy, VCTOULD respecfully inform his patrons and lli ' puuuc generally mat 110 lias teceivtd and will TIT ',"-' io uirniign ino season a gooj tup? ofrseliool l,oks , Hib!e?, Hymn Books, nnd Sl. nonary, which will ho sold very low for ready pav Ho Ins also tnado nrrangeiueiiis for obtaining as "iien as once a inonm sucii Mcho.,1 Hooks as mav be :llu '" "", ' "! nim no respjctrully sc'ic Is ho imtionrgcof tho rnI,Iic by allention 10 ht business 10 mernt the same. Iln wdl also give his personal attention to Book Binding and Blank Book Making. ,ll work cntrus- . ., , ,, prompt attention " t "uiiuiut, cumer v-nurcn and olreets. JuneO, 1913. Colleje lw4 KUPnitFINK FMIOI!. T FlJ ' "ii1 CT 8rU, 'vmK Siperfine X Fhur 111 barrels and halflarrels, se'r-ie. wuh care and eC the m l approve 1 bland, which they Icr ca h at a small mlvan.f . ' nt in, , e, JP:U' U-.ADLEY cc Co. OM Dork, 8, 1313. j SAWS. n - 7, f'"l,t Sl,vf' minufacl.irel to V Oloer at Kou-.'an I a -, ' html . mi. pllli. ""lur, 1 oiiuuet 10, 18, ao, S3. 2 t ,f- 30 in:h Creilar Saws, ea.t steel. ' 1 3, 1 1. 1 0, 1 R, SO, 33 it 34 inch Cast Sitel aiming; Saws, t or sa! I v ,ir. , , I'OLLE'IT, PRADLY A: Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1SI3, j WANTED! F lli' 0,1050' s510- Al.-o. A quantity of Ergot orS.i.irrcl Rye in ix.han-e. bv 51 I'ECKitsl'f AH.Er.igg,'.!,'. IARnVEI Urt Gaiter and half Uai'ers, F ench 'f; i- A, lu-i re-,l J Slips and W-ilkmg Shv M " K W CTltN JOS33PH WAIT riaa rocclvod a full itippiy of 2 rSlrrsk - S iv B nil m ivmr4-T su WHICII he will sell nl the following nry mode rate prices fur ready pay. .vie! I rinlcil Tea Cups and Saucer.-, the tot from 37 ct. tip. PrintodTea SijIs. 9fl i,ii.,... tmm su en.,,. While Granite Tea Scts,uewe-t style, 20 piece! SIM Printe-J Bicakfast, Uimier nnd Ten Sots, 41 p.-. 2,M uo uo su pieeo 3,27 oo ao uo elo 33 do 3,3 00 . d0 do 6t do 4,32 Wbuo Gramtc do do from 2,52 to 4.3J Printed Ureakfasl plntt-s, porilo. 63 do quart nnd pint Howl", per dca. SI uad 1,01 Prints-J ChamLcrs from EO conti up. . .. CHINA WAltB, fs.rig',l China Tea f4el, 32 pi'owx 83.50 upwards. Go .1 Hand If Spng'd do, 33 p... from S7.50 to S15.CD Gold Hand & Spng'd China T plate, from 2,35 to 3 50 .ulna i-i-iL-rs iriilll Jl coins l() 1,12 Wlnm China Cup I'lnlc, perdoa. u cosmos YlxE, n i2Cd Plntes from 30 to CO cent, per doton. Ilged ers and -Napn es, from 3 to 23 icntj each. Co'onred IlowI, from 50 to 02 cents er do2en. I 'tchers, pun, to half gallon, from 8 to 23 cents each, Jltigs, pmis and ha'f pint.-, 5 to 0 eenls each. Common Chainl.ers from 15 to 30 et. each. I'IMi: PIIOOP WAIIH. Jul ow llakingidaios, pentezen from 75 cts, to8l,0 ,e ow Oven iHsiw, 0 to 13 inches, from 10 lo 30 el ow Cake Pans, rj to 11 inch, from 13 lo 25 cunt ,00. trotn I0lo30 civ r. 1 1 ... n- ........ i el ow rVnnnies fn.m V. lo nn.l lo Handled Soap Dljipcrs, G cent- each. CLASS WWW, l.ood Tuniljler-, from 50 eenls onward). Moulded and Cut Wmc, from 75 ct. to 0 r' ij. Salt. Irom 12 cts io 1,00 per pair. Cruits 19 elj per pair. Lemonade, 75 cts to 2,25 per J t. Lamps, all sues irom 10 1 1. to 1,50 uteh, Lanterns from 0 els. unn-anU. oiuov i.ain is w n sim-jes. 7rl. an In trrcil variety .r other ariHoi In ,v r",..'.. and Glass Ware line, nil of ivlirnh u-ill v., soi.i .,.-. c'ie.iper than can bo had at uny oilier store in the llurlinirtnn, June, 1313. jSnltf riTHE subscribers would respectfully cilltho iitlsn-- tlonof country merchants in inc. ir n V Inn c ! l-u n ...I well selected assortment or Groceries niiribnsn.l m the present low prices nnd ol7urd at a small advance rnm co.l viz : Old Government Java ColTm a vary luptrbr artiols Green do do, uinann 01. uominja aa, Salcratus, Pepper, Cassia, Spice, Soap. Ginger, Smilf, &e. etc. Rice, Raisins. FOLI.ETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1813 C'(-'liillir'(l SiiTmlloD nt PERFUMES AND SOAPS, of Ilia common an I nice-! kinds j WRITING INKS AND ELMDS of warran-ed qm l lie , in laree an I small Ionic, or Hlaek, IJ!U and Red ; ImMlible Ink. Wafers nnd Scaling Wax, all es and pr.'ces. ' Past.-, Water proor and Varnish I LACKING5, Al Retailor W l,olesa'e.-ihe Ink.M.nd lllackiiig, pul in. in 1 un-l2d02. boxes and pacLnges fortbe (,',. -Men-lunls and S.aiit,n,T, fr,.),,i , i... ' , .' .tho.eof.l.oei.ymirke: June 3, 1813. PECK A: SPEAR. V I ,', 6l!!)3",lbi;rs are constantly supplied with a x full assortment of Nails and Iron, manufactured I y the. An sablo Iron Works, and the .".ail Co. ns billows: 3d 4,1 Cd 3d 10.1 12d 20d 24.1 301 40J 50J and GOJ nails, 4. 4J o, 5j, nndO inch Spike, 6d8d 10.1 12d and 20d finishing Nails and Brads. Round and Square Iron from 3-16 to 3 1-2 Inch Hind Iron from 1 1-4 lo S inch. Horse Shoe Iron Extra do do, Scroll nnd Hame do,, The goods manufactured by thoabovo eompnnka nrcnoLsuraaesci if equalled by any manufactursi in this vicinity, nnd they are offered to the public upon terms as favornbloascin beobloined in Iho Stale. Purchasers w ill find it for their inicrest to call beforo purchasing elsewhere ns we have a superior article and will not bo undersold. 'nun i r -10 L LETT, URADLEY & Co. Old Dock, JuneS, 113. j TNGUSII Tire Iron from I 1-3 inch wid- to 8 1,1.111-, nnu 01 ino various ttucknesm, hwiedes Iron fiat and square, Old Table do (hi nnd square. Hoe do Hoops do 5-9 3-l 1, I 1-4 inches, Sanderson's Cast Steel flat and square. NaylorsanJ II. C. German Steel, Eagle do do, Spring do do, Toe Cork po do, Ac. Ac for sato by ni 1 rv i , rL0l',I'F'r' BRADLEY if- Co. Old Dock, Juno S, 1513. IMitlllp "Valkcr's nstntr. ar.Yi l. or vmi.WOXT, ) fpiIE Hon. the -1 m Liimenuen, ss. j ju i'rol me Court for the District it Chittenden, to nil persons concern ed in the (slate d PHILLIP WALKER, late cf W,. lision, in saiddistrh-t dccea.t-d. init-stat-. Her.,.-. WHEREAS, Hcnjnimn Eield administrator id tie Jime 01 sai.i reeeasou, propose-to renJer nn account ot hi- administration, and pro-cnt his neccunt nc.iin-t sai I esta'e for examhianon andaltnu-.incr.-i r, .....,nn or Ihe Court rf Probate, to It holJcn at Ibewlicerf me iie.-isur 01 -nu court in uurlington, on the second Wednesday of Jiilv next: Therefore you are hereby notifed to appear 1 efore -ui.i sour, ni ii.i-uiiie auupiaco aiores.iKI, nnd shew caue if any you have, why the account aforc.aid sh uM not 1 e allowed. Given un.'er my hand at Bjrlinnton, this eighth 1'av orJune, A 1 1. 1S43. ' fc -3 ' CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. For Sale or tn Let A DWELLING HOU.":E and STORE FnntiTe ot E. L NLLSON. Iw3 Burlington, June 9, 1313 Sl'HING FASHIONS FASHIONABLE GOODS. rnilh s,tilseril er- nre now receiving their supply 1 or I'AsHlO.NAbLE GOODS for Gentlemen's clothing, con-isting of UnoArciOTits, Gas, i-ir.r.E., Silk, Tallin, Velvet, Vulercia and 3Iar seilles esting. Als-i, a good asorimentol Stockr, Cravat, Shirt', Boscms, Collars and Sjsper.dcrs. They ara prep tre-J to execute all orders in lhe:r line t business, in a superior sttdt cf neatness and d i rabibiy. Shep cn Church Street, BJ door Scnth rf the Bank. . June 1, 15 14. 52 3w C. BKLNS, Jr. 4. Cc, COPAItTVEHSHIP XOTICn. MO. RATH BUN. having as..oe ated with him- se'f C. F. WARD, will continue the TAILORING BUSINESS nt hi ell itmd, in Church St., undfr Iho firm of 31. G. R.vtiidcs; A Co. 31. !. R. A Co. have jus! returned from New York nnd are prepare 1 to firnish iheir patron- with gar ments mado in the latest sn1 most fjshton-iHo i-!e, or a ordered. 1 hey have a choice and wei! sslictcd assor'ineni 01 v e-tinrs ami iRiMMtyos, B trlington, 3Iay .0, 1813. Slw4 TEMPERANCE STORE. N. GALTA Co. have received and will lo re. ce vine throiah the st-.i-r.n. liltv nnnn- s FA3HLY GROCERIES, &e. of the best cualitv. which they will tell for Cash or ready pav for as ...nii u.i n.i.iinT ib 41 nny umer isiore in ton ! nnd ns thev intend lo keen their Sinra I",.-, (mm the pcrrume. or Alehohil, they bop; by prompt alien tint tot u-inets and upright deal mo, and i!.e small advance n their Goods, to receive a Id era! share ol patronage. Store 3 door Soiuh ofthe Crockery Sicr. Burlington, May,!, 1613. 51 LOVEltY A SRV3IOUU ARE now ppenmj and oiler to the put bo s fre.b an I extensive assortment of DRY GOOl'S, w hu h, having I een recently p irchal in New York, w i.l I e sold at price- suScrently low 10 correspond with the lime-. Amcng the Good--, are the follow ing Broad Cloths, Cai-imere, Sailinets, Vetiniys, Silk Velvet, Satin Vesting,;ae. Gro de Rhine, Dre and Bonnet Silk-, Rib bom, .Mii-lm da Lame, Alpncoa, Ginahsm, Lawn, 31 i.lm, Mall, Diaper, Dimity, Cam! ric, Cravat. IIdl.f-.,lll..yrf, 3li is, Hcse, Crape, Frinc, Ta.sel,, .Mi.shu Cellars, Edging, Laces, Veils, M. tin Larue Shavvlf, 3Icreenf, Paper Hanging, Borderinf, Baire. Drugset, Oil Cloths 5-8 to 1B-4 wide, Bur I ip, Ma-tut?, Tiifit-J Matta, Hemn cird Wcolcn Car peting, Ae. Ac, Church Street, May J5lh, 1643. 51 NKIV GOODS. THE Subseriber is now receiving his usual stockof DRY GOODS if. GROCERIES. Aha, rioct, Posjc,, MACmsrt, Coo rjsii, it Ao, whl-h illbe')!rJserhtp ss tha rheorrs' -hr 1 ;?;r n if Horace i a-e 1 o!in Wcller'a I'slatc. STATE OF, (T Pn-luta C District of Chittenden, is, ' l.el.t at Hi irl.PC" within and for said Oi-intl of Ch ttendtn uiho Js.r day ct May, 18 13. Kjcuabd WtLLr.n J II J In the Count! of Chi. ten 'en, hai rig l id Jtt Courlhls pet lion in wriiing, tett-n I ' h Hi ,1 J Wei tr, lute ol aldlIino-btirBb,dci:u:r I m l.c h cnlhday ol O.-to' er, A, ) 12I,I vb. v,r t-ne,! ir.en', rotilrncted with tho -ainf ill-1 a 1 l'iu blm u cer'ain pcrtion of In-, the raid J bn' b rorm in -aid Hine-burgh, to wit, " a'l -be ,nii.' m farm that lies ct-t cf tlio non:- and so 'th r a r thn ugh tho inme" t'pon ccrli-lii c m'i n . said wrilltii agreement ci forth, which ccii'' haw I veil siihsan'ialyfiilfilled and c mplicl will , llieparlolsai.lpclitionirl that, cf the srmalnnt), said John Weller dial eized without bavin tm, . td the 3imo to the petitioner j that there nro no ' duo Irom tl,oe.sla',ool mid John Weller wh- h an gaily prevent thu uonvryam i! ot taid Inn J t sjiJ , titioncr, nnu praying sail Court to iVne Ii.jI laud luc(,rveveiilythoAdiii(iii.ira ,ix.r, otthe -nld Juhit, tg the said rur.Bnrcr.c, the court olr.rc-ai I doih appoint ' Ipurili Monday of Jur.v, A. J. 1S13, lor henrln,' oecidiiigon sad petition nl Andrew Ilnrr.'l's tat in saul Ilintsbuigh, nnd do'h cr'er llmt b I pcr-r iiitcro.tul lo notified Unroof Iy piil lir-at ti (.f crucr, tontaming iho mtwtan'i- r.r -ni.l pern, it, tL' wioks successively iu the Hml.'rnir.n ficl'ti v new-fpaper pruned in Ilurluuti.n in the Cd ni liitlcuJen, previously to tl.o-uid b.-rth 31 mm Juno A. I). 1813. .liivcn un,.v- my )iailj ai Uurlington, m a.d trici thisixtuuti!hi!ay cf May, A. l'i. V13. nn. v, i.jjiio, it. -i - vnnmvM diamond vuiNTr.n nni.n ir. DO you wish to improve y.iirhandwr titifl Do you Wish to mtrL'li,h vn. r nit f. f, r nexl Uo jearsl Do you wi-h to avoid tbo eiatious c..-.'od,ng . Are you troulleJ in prccunns gcu-J cl' cr pu J)n you wi.h lo write with ea-c and i.'i Do you wi.h a beautiful pen nnd otoiy . tn J.'o yjuuub to nidl.u an acitp'.aUe iire.ei friend .' aviro i or.'- ' ent t . Dees your e)e-ight md, or your hand tremlle, . that ya i nro troul lo I in making u go., 1 1 en 1 ii joi answer "tes" to anvur nil i,f !,.. n , Hon., plca-e call at the Vnneiy Sfro aiiU.xjni i u ir leautiiui .J.amou.l pointed g. I.I pens. We h.ivi- w-rntvri with i ne i.f 'he- e i-n . v Ii h 1 been in constant ti-e inr mure thsn llmo .-c-arr. m nor as goud us ever, jI Ps;e.n nsst HntKu'D, voosTi:rs c- iSArcasr, WHOLESALE GJtOCER'. OoiwMissicrj mnncizAK'rn, 2G1 iliter street, Troy, .V. Y. (or-foa.-TE -rnr. iiansiom iioc-ss) AVE just ri-i-eive.l, and er f..r -a'.-, a I -t, r.. eollliileto hssnriim-ni i.l ll'tllCl n i s K . H' they nre prepttra 1 to sell ns low n- they an I c pu chase I iu this market or .Sew- York, either f . c-ns. or approved aper. Tl.o full v.-ieg aui'-.e, eon, pri-e a part of their as-ortmei,!. sfO Che-ts and ha'f chest of Hy-on, Yolii Hyson Skin, nnd Powelione? Ti-a'. llyscr., at) Hhds St Croix, Porto Rico and Non Orloa.-. ous-rtr-. i.ovl antl Lump e'o do SO HbJ. St. Cict, Porlu Rico and Tnnnida.' . 'a-ses. 30 Has 0!J Java, Lagmra, Maui'ln and Cul a C Hie. 1 OO Ilexes nnd half boxes Ra s.n.'. 20 Keg-Malaga do m finorrJer. 10 lii.ies vm m-is biandj Cavcnd.'sh Tolaooos, !? lo 2 cenls per pound. 1 5 '1 ie.'-cs Ri -e, Pepper, Spies?, Clover, Nul mi-.-., S.ilaia-us, ('a-ia, Fi., Nui.,i.- 50 UoV.-sNn. 1 Bar Soap. CO d. 31. uld Cin.lle-, Cs and 8--., Conslar.tlv on han l, Pish, Elour, 5ilt, IC'J Sv-I.s Liverpo. I ash' i-1 ran I, Me-s Pi r';. Aiu, Liourr- and Wines or all kinds, vhmh am oi'i red only lo pmlioular cus.unier?. iCeuntry Merchants will do well to call nnd cxair. ino their Hook 1 .-r. re punha-hii c'-ev. '.ere. l. hive made arrangeun nt fir the sn'o cf Hour, which willena'le them tofurm-h nt ab.irr.e . from 1 lo 501) bbk, at lb..- lowest market price, to which parti "iUr attention will lepaid. .iy so, i- u. 3Tt 330 i:herst,altheotdstandofllaker, Gai diner if-Co WILL Continue Ihe FREIGHTING and IOM M ISilON bu.sine , and wi i,M re- v -fully i o lrit a siare nl" pul ,e pnrnn-j?e. O ,r ve-cN com prise llio.e ofthe lir.-t c as-, whah v.-d a regn'iirW between thisciivainlNe-.v Yrrk. A' -o. bietir.o' fur theiH r h will It- forward.; Id. reel fr -m i' e vo-sel All property consigned lo Boston am'. Providtnco vi I le forwarded by cur IiikV W'o shall always keen on hand at ivtin!,.i! Pn.v Western Hour, Fi,h, and Sa't. We h.uuleen ap pointed the nieents for the sale of Western Barrel Salt, and we are prepared to sell it as low as it con le pnruiasedjiy the load at the works. . ru, .-, ., .nav m, go, H. B. KINGSLY, Acent in Nu York, a QJice 17 Coentie Slip. TAii.otti vi: AT WINOOSKI FALLS. rpHE snbscr-berre-pc-tfiillyinf nnslr, euslotncri ,v BnJ lr", '-that he hit re-nnie-i hl.tu.insaa: vvinooski rail-, where he v.- ,1 e ha,',, 10 answer u any calls that be mav I el, ' W'ANTEO 1 A ?oodimariboy asan an .-euti.-e to tho al cvo bus. ,n."- .. JERI'311 H HARRINGTON. W meo-ki Falls, May 23. Ii3. 51 if 'JLSvDOD ls WOL WAXTED HAVING P tr.-hasel the Wo. :.-n Eact.'ry f-rmerlr owned by 1-ea Blal.e, at 31. 11 bai's and arr. gelinp a now set of Mie Innerv, am n,.w iea.1, 10 ro reivo .oul n .Mani.l.i.-i ire ivtlmvard or npo.i -bare-, into Ca-simere-, iSaimttt-, F.m.nety, C m inon Greys nnJ Mill Co o red L , th.-, cheaper thaa was ever done in this ccuntry Ulore. Milton, 3Iay 17, 1543. A' Pxi:y noons. A II. II. r.OOLITTLE arc now receiving from New-iorkan etinsive assortment of Goodi adapted to the epiing trade. Their fanii.ies for pur chasing have been such ns will cinble th. m to put their i goods in competition with any others, nnd thev eredit'"'"1"6 "0t l" U"J'f lo' or 8'J .May 1?, 1543. S Cw NE1Y GOODS m,,pATTU OEItJlVX STOKE, rpijl. Mib-i-nbtr- rc.- ifuliy mf. nn 1,10 mhihi . "" cf hurhnrtnn nn.l -1. rro.. tiding c. un'rv, that Itcy have rtlurned irom New Y- rk wi h n'nrga s.oelc r,f ihe m. t , crwT orr,eci ie-, I'nirs, Pre-erves, .e. wh.nh Ihey oiler fur sale .it ih 'auw c-h nn,-. onsi-iini: in 1 art cf iher..l!owhv-i hiigarsDouHcandsiiiKlo rerincJ.Crashcd, Pow dertsl nnd brown. 1 cjY"',nrer al, Hjsrn, G,:now-.'er, Yc irj Ht- .j, 00. -1 nuit ami 1 owenrn-. rind-, Olives. Csmri. Cncr.inni. t'. l At..!, .. mils, if-e. ,..-.1. Splces--Cmnareor, Cass'a Emit, Fixov.o, Coves, suunegs, 31ace, to. ' Sardines tn Olive On ('io ix brand,) Ovs-crs" ta 1 a Ittmanoe.t Anehnv, A-,, t...... i-....a.. and v ermit-e hi. Tinni. P.i 1... r-. 1 atsiin, London Purler, Juiule Paste. V,,ner Saiice. ay n'cr, Tapioca, lm,in Syiup. French Sweet vjh(co'a'c nn.l .sn!, iv..,, l- 1. 1 andbnglith Mustard. Olive Oil, 'fspc'"' 0 1 ond Can dles, Patent Snerm Candles. Ca-'de, ml, a nmi l ainiiv Sups. Pert' e-. Il .-tnit "iter and Sweet Cr.v-Urf, P.lot Bread and Sods Hl.eiiit. . .o.thetTrrntan Mineral If alert, tV rtir II. land (b'hi ,!xd) (,'m, French l'i pnae nn.l C . -n, paigneler medicine. 'Ihe ieal Heid-i. U Clianma.-a .n fj art and pint lonle-. An zetie -npi rfine, Sivlss Ao-ynlhe, Curacoa and sh Wine. f. r Me It. .ne. Tl eirl"'k of im ioricd Ci-arsi. i,n--.r, as-el, on-si-jinffcfthc f. lowing -h. p e trnnd-: La fir- n, Ro' sraba, Renr,re!!, Ja-iucr, ltrmaiin. Pr mv s . rma Also, the Gercnau and S ..rn .1 Soiokms T, ' a-v-o. , oYium .t 11rnoiL?. Col.ege .s;., next to Mr. Wau's t rooU ry Sicre. Burlington, May Id, IS 13. ' , to nn.sT. rHE Pa lr..-n House, one rnilo south cf ti e, v llage. Vy'VlSW. .ArNVOR,H. HO ye n N BvniSnrHE TIMC T0 DUY BAHTO.VS hi Ull or malcnj tho men tlolicirms of Leoia;es rw tws VAr.Jl utatiieh. CofTec OIIGiAcrnroint. Jam. Int-utra, ie. I-rntts Malaca and Su'inna Rais.ns, Currant, etioi.-o rrt-uch Prunes in gla-s ,ar- and fmcy B. xe. llordcittx Sifi Shr-UfA ii,n 1. (.-.-. 1 . t SAXli'S SA RSA PA RILL A FLVW; Comfnund Syitip of & ,,rt,'-, Extract of Sirtsparilla, Sp-inuh end American Root Sjr.n n?, n ro. A' fc --r ri 3 ,