Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 23 Haziran 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 23 Haziran 1843 Page 3
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COL. DENTON'S MOVEMENTS. Tlio Madisorilan takes a very particular pleasure in goading and liarrassing tlio Great Missouriun. It Joes not scent to en joy with a much keener relish a glorification of Capt. Tyler than it does a dig at ' Old Bullion." During tho last six months, it has assailed tlio old gontloman with every spe cies of weapon in tho armoury of wit nnd logic. And wielded by so accomplished a hand, tho weapons could not fail of effect. "Old Bullion" was accordingly driven from Washington, and compelled to botako him self to Missouri. But even thcro John Junes gives him no quiet. Ho has sot his spies upon him, who watch and report his every movement. In tlio last Madisonian, wo find tho following letter disclosing Benton's and Blair's manoeuvres S Correspondence of the Madisonian. St. Lous, Missorai, June 1st, 1613. DiAn Sin: In my teller of (ho 12lh of May, I informed you that P. P. lllnir, editor of tho Globe, was then here, nnd that preparations woro making by bis and Col. Denton's peculiar and especial friends to liablish a paper in tins city to denounco the Prcsi deal, and nit tnovements in this state calculated to giro any other candidate, except Mr. Van Huron, a fair chanco in tho convention, nnd to prevent the holding of that convention later than next Novem ber. Tho press in question is now about to commence operation. The first uunibcr will ivue to-day or to morrow, and then look out for tho grand fight to come off anions tlio Democratic papers of the State. Gen. Van Antwerp, one of Mr. Von Duron's ex Receivers, and his relative, I believe, lias come down from Iowa to mix in the contest nnd aid in the edit ing of the paper. A relative of Ilivcs of tho Globe, is to be tho main publisher; nnd Montgomery Dlair, Esq., Judge Knglo and c.x-Judge Bowlin, member of Congress elect, are to be edi'ors, incor. Col. Denton's friends know and publicly avow that If Mr. Van Duron is not made the next President, Mr. Denton will not bo able to enter the line of suc cession for 19 19 j and that therefore, the question of his ever becoming President rests upon tho election of Mr. Van Buren in 1944 ! Col. Benton's movement' for the last year indicate this to be his intention, and his only hope most clear ly, and thusit is that ho became the champion of Mr. V. Buren as far back ns tho winter of '40-'4I, when ho had him nominated to the Presidency for 1844, by the Legislature of Mis-ouri, that winter, and has ainen induced tho Globe to beat out its brains against. Mr. Tyler and Mr. Calhoun, in the suicidal courso it has pursued the last year. Nover did Mr. Van Duren commit so great a mis take, as to allow Cnl. Denton to lend oil' fnr him in ths race now running between the several candi dates ! Ho may with the greateM truth exclaim "save ma from such friends." The result is that Col. Johnson has just been nominated in this citv to the Presidency, nnd his friends number more than two to on over Mr. Van Buren, in this Slate and Illi nois. Col. Benton himself, can scarcely hope to escape the whirlpool which he has so recklessly set in mo tionfor if he is not permitted to vacate his seat in the Senate a year from next fall, I will agree that I know nothing of tho feeling of Republicans in Missouri. Marsh Ilolliday, one of the Treasury note gentle men of New Orleans, who was taken at the mouth of the Ohio and placed in our jail, had his trial to-day on the writ of habtis corpus, nnd remanded back to prison, in default of giving 810,000 bail for hisap pearance at New Orleans. Watson, onn nf his nntt. ners in passing off the stolen Treasury notes, is in jail at Independence, Missouri. Between twelve and thirteen thousand dollars were found in their possession, nnd it is not doubted that n esrtain lady of this city is in charge of somo 315,000 r t20,000 more of this money for thcbo gentlemen. TEXAS AND SLAVERY. The Richmond Whig is one of the most independent, clear-sighted, frank-speaking Journals in tho Union not prudent, but eve ry manly and National, above all local pre judices and grovelling appeals. In a late number of that paper, the Editor thus speaks of tho questions agitated in this country with regard to Texas and her institution : " We give place willingly to a long, animated art !e on the subject of Texas and Slavery, a subj des tined to occupy much of the public mind, and to awa ksn possibly the most excited Dassions. " But the reasoning of the author, Bpecioua as it is. does not reach our convictions. Wo cara not who, whether British Philanthropists or American Fana tics, or both, aro operating in Texas and procuring ino icsuu ui uiciTJuic.tuon oi slavery, wnicn we Be lieve about to ensue. Wo care not whether she is to continue slave holding, or to ho nude by British Abo lition influence non-slave holding. In either case we ere opposed to her annexation to this country on Constitutional grounds, nnd grounds of safety and eu-neiencc to uiose wno now irom tne Union. "We lav down this nrnnnsifinn in Mnst rnnfi dence that it is conforming to human nature, and that the event will verify it: If slavery is verveluated in rexas, the .oith will dissolve the Union, lifore it aji' rnntfnt in it, . ........... ... . wr ci .. ithed there, as we feel confident it vill be, then the South will dissolve the Union rather than to sulmit tO SUCh an Overwhelming ncnlliaifimt r, In the non-slave-holding interest in the Federal Govern ment ! "The horns of the dilemma arc equally fatal. There is only one way to escape this most menacing dan ger, and that is to leave Texas to herself: and if we c?u ,j "?vo,any influence with our countrymen it hould bo devoted to beseech liirni tn now and forever the thought of incorporating her with this Union! Sllfi is nn Pinnirn in (ar.l.,,.., l..o na Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ncw.Ynrk iinifrH with most delicious climate and gloiiously fertile able .uHHU, i u punuiuuon oi au minions, ana to deiend her liberties nirainst n u-nrbl ni.rn,. Let her take her own sland among the nations of trie earth, in anvfurm and with what institutions she pleases! butlethernotsink this Union and the splen did experiment it is making for the promotion of the happines and liberty of the world. Let all the advan tages of our alliance, our friendship and our trade be hers, a community of intercourse, of a common na- rentage, and common principles ; but let us consider this Union as something too sacred to lo risked by us luui-iimic expansion oi territory ana incorpora tion of incongruous elements. " For ourselves, we rcnard the annexation of Tex as as so fraud with disater to this country that we had rather' the American People had to encounter, in hostile conflict, Bonapart nnd thoarmy of Italy. The last mould be but a temporary and vanqnishable evil! The first would be one whose unhappy effects no sa gacity could foresee, no wisdom guard against, and no alor repel. It would literally be embarking on a vast ocean of experiment, without a rudder to steer by or a compass to ascertain your position. "We have country enoughand too much. Our pa triotic affections ate already diffused over too wide a urface. Sparta had not n territory so large as the County of Albemarle! Nor Athens larger than Iho notorious County of Madison! Yet these two little Slates, by intellectual superiority and discipline, not merely held the world in nwe, hut are transmitted to all posierity as the brightest examples of what man can achieve, when he is free nnd enlightened. . "Let England, if tho can, establish a controlling in fluence in Texas. As friends of the human race, we do not objret lo it. She cannot so much advance our interests, as by confenng upon Texas Ihe love of Jus tice, of law and liberty, which so perminenlly distin .guished Gnat Britain." MtJimnnd Whig May 31. British interference in Liberia The (Philadelphia Colonization Herald slates that English cupidity is hankering after Liberia. A new map nf Africa has been got out, on which cl&im is laid to a largo portion of the Liberia territory. Mr. Arrowsmith, the royal geogra. pher, told an associate of the editor of the Her- aid that the map was commanded by high au thority. The article concluded with stating that a committee of Parliament; who had been taking testimony the past year as to Liberia, are gathering all the testimony they can adverse to the rights if the present governors', and that tho report of the committee recommends to the British government the construction of a for tress in the very heart of Liberia. The writer says: "The fate of the Niger expedition has dissipated meareimsoiiue commercial aggrandizement inauig ed bv Hi item devious to the failure of that Dseudo philanthropic speculation. Liberia now offers the most safe, direct and desirable access In the great val ley of the Niger, and we much fear that the insatiable rapacity of England will disregard every obctaclo to her obtaining for her starving manufacturers and clamorous merchants the monopoly ol that important maraer. We hate hitherto addressed oar anneals to the nhi Isnthropisi nnd the Christian. We now earnestly eommend this important subject to ths most serious ronsicirttion oi toe rr.eriean patrKt ana tistes BuKsirt Hill. The Boston Atlas says A venerable friontl has allowed us to copy an offi cial return In his possession, of tho number of killed and wounded at tho battle of Bunker Hill, as returned to Gen. Gage. Tlio great propor tion which the number of tho killed bore to tho wounded, affords sufficient attestation to the ac curacy of American shooting, ovon with tho lit tlo opportunity which they then had, of disci, plinc in gunning. " Return made to General Gage, of tho killed and wounded of tho British Troops, at tho Battle of Bun ker Hill, Juno 17, 1775, (return mado Juno S9th.) Rank and file 753 Sergeants 102 Corporals, 100 Commissioned Officers, 92 Killed Wounded, .. 1017. ... 447 ...1484 Total,. Naw HAMrsiiiRK. In tho Legislature of New Hampshire, on Friday last, tho two Houses met in Convention, and made choice of the following per sons to fill vacancies in Ihe Senate, vill for District No. 4, Isaac Hale, by 157 voles j Andrew Pierce, Jr. for District No. 5. hy 113 votes 1 nml Ellsha Carpen ter for District No. 0, by 157 votes. The members elected were the Democratic candidates. Tho huh est Whig volo was 74. A Democratic State Cont-cnlion was held ill Con cord on Thursday last, for the rlominminn nr h ,.. didato for Governor nt the next year's election, and for other political arrangements. The Hon. Levi oouDury wn9 cuoscn President. A ballot was ta ken for Governor, Which resulted in tha nnniinntinn of Hon. John II. Steele, by 151 votes the whole number given being 225. Benning 31. Bean had 41 votes, nnd John M'Neil 15. It was resolved that tho State shall send six dele gates to the Notional Democratic Convention for the nomination t'f President and Vice President, five of whom shall be chosen by tho Democratic Conven tions to be hereafter held in tho fivo Counsellor J dis tricts, and one should be chosen by the Stato Con vention. On proceeding 10 this choice, tlio Hon. Hen ry Hubbard was chosen by 141 votes Gen. John M'Neil having 19. and Franklin I'ierea D. A larire number of rcsojutions were ndopled, among which ua uuu vAiJitaBiii!; iiu'ir commence in an ineucmo cratic candidates for the Presidency by nnme, and leaving the selection to the National Convention. A substitute for this resolution was moved, containing a recommendation of Mnrtin Van Buren as the choice of the Democrats of New Hampshire, but pledging themselves to abide by tho decision of the National Convention. After a debate on this resolution, it was referred to the Counsellor Conventions, and tho origi nal resolution was adopted. OREGON. Emiobants. The "Liberty Banner," published in Clay county, Missouri, says: o nrciniormca mat 1110 expedition to Oregon now rendezvoused atWeslport, in Jackson county, will teke up its lino of inarch on the 20 th of I his month.. The company consists of some four or five hundred emigrants, some with their families. They will probably have out one hundred and fifty wagons, drawn by oxen, together with horses for nearly every individual, and some milch cow 9. They will, we suppose, take as much provision wilh them as they can conveniently carry, together with n few of the necessary implements of husbandry. There are in the expedition a number of cilirens of incsiimnble val ue lo any community, men of fine Intelligence and vigorous and intrepid diameter, admirably calculated to lay the firm foundations of a future empire" Tile Baltimore Correspondent of lh N. V. C.atn Advertiser, writes : air. John Tyler, Jr., who accompanies Mr. Cush ing to China, and intends to visit London en route, is haunted with the imagination that he may become an object of most inconvenient notoriety in the British metropolis, lie nnnre nenus mat no mnv lie 111 sin. ken for his brother Robert, and that the Duke of Wellington, &ir Robert Peel, and other 1 ustnousan. ti-repealcrs will snub him on account of Ihe part "his family" havo taken in tho repeal movement ! This is, without exaggeration, a specimen of thia young gentleman's talk on the subject. I hepe you will dj ly cortiry to each or tho Cabinet .Ministers of England, through the Commercial Advertiser, that John is not Ro!crl, and thus save the "ornamental s-rrpfarv from the danger of n mobbing instiizated by Field Marshall the Duke, and the Prime Minister 1 Elso who knows what may be Iho consequences 1 OF THE CUITTttNDEN COUNTY YOUNG MEN'S CELEBRATION. (without distinction of party.) 4th JULY, 1813. Saluto at sun-riso of 26 guns, accompan ied by tho ringing of tho bells of tho several churches. At 10 o'clock, A. M., a procession will bo formed on the Court House Square, at the ringing of tho bell, under tho direction of Col. C. P. PECK, Manhall of the day, assisted by ftiai. IJ. UUYIVTON, i Col. R. GLEA&ON, I .dmiiant Lieut. K. L. WHITNEY, OP'- H. STANTO.V, Marshall,. E. C. LOOMIS, Esq. J Tho procession will bo escorted by the Burlington Light Infantry, under tho com mand of Capt. Joseph Hatch, Rnd will pro ceed up Mmn st. to College Grcon, thunco to Pearl si., down Pearl st. to tho Brick Church, where the "exercises trill commence as follows .' 1. 2. 3. 4. Music hy tho Choir. Prayer. Music by the Choir.' Reading Declaration Independanee, hy James O'Hallaran. 5. Oration, by B. J. Tbnnet, Esq. C. Music by the Choir. Tho procession will again form in front of the Church, and proceed down Church st. to tiio American Hotel, wheio a dionor will bo prepared for tho occasion. C. D. KASSON, Esq. ) Toast O. K. PLATr, Esq. J Masters. All tho Independent Uniformed Compa nies in tho county, Fire Companies, and music of the different companies, aro InVited to join tho escort. A general invitation is extended to tho Young Men of tho County, the Students of the University, and to all the Old Soldiers in particular. Col. C. D. KASSON, Capt. W, J. ODKLL, Wsi, HARMON, Esq. L. P. IILODGETT, Esq. H.B.STACY, . ? CEO. K. PI.ATT, ' VICTOR ADAMS'. " A. II. MAYNARD, M F. C. VILAS. HYMAN LANE, " II. FERRIS, BAM'L PAGE, ' 1 Commif if rArrangsmstiU Jot ths day. Tho Committee of Arrangements for the day are requested to meet tha Prudential Committee at the American Hotel, on Mon day evening next, Jiino 26, at 1-2 past 7. By order Prudential Committet. PROGRAMME OF THE TOTAL ABSTINENCE CELEBRATION JUIiV 4tb 1843. President of the day G. B. SHAW, Esq. The oxercises will eoromenco at tho new Brick Church, (Mr. Converse's) at Ten o' clock, with Mnsie by the choir. Prayor by Rev. J. K. CoNveaii. Music by the Choir. Reading of the Declaration of Indepen dence by Edward A. Stansbdrv, Esq. Music by tho Choir. Oration, by Charles C. Parker, Esq. Music by the Choir. MILMTARV SUMMON). FOR file at 91,00 rr 100 U!,nk hy futi.M H . J MIUMWAY STATE CONVENTION. TO THE WHIGS OF VERMONT. A Stato Convention of the Whigs of Ver mont will bo holdon AT RUTLAND, ON WEDNESDAY THE 28TH DAY OF JUNE NEXT, for tho purpose of nominat ing Stuto Officers, and for tho transaction of other matters dcomcd necessary, preparatory to tho Annual September- Election. And rtiso to appoint two Delegates nnd two Sub stitutes at largo to attend the National Con vention to bo holdon in May 1844, for tho nomination or candidates for tho offices of President and Vico President of tho United States. Tho Whigs at their soveral District Conventions in the State tiro requested ulso to appoint one Delegato and Substitute each, for the purpose abovo stated. It is specially .important, and therefore particularly desired, that not a singlo town in Vermont should bo Unrepresented at said Stale Convention by two or more delegates. Calvin Tow.nsley, Erastus Fairiia.vks, John A. Co.vant. E. P. Walton Jit., I Stato Central George A. Allen, f Committee. Harmon Canficld, John A. Pratt, Artemas Cusiiman, May 16, 1843. CHITTENDEN COUNTY LIBERTY CONVENTION. The Liberty Party men, one and all, in tho County of Chittenden, nro requested to meet in the Town House in Willislon, on Wednesday tho 28th day of June inst., at 10 o'clock, A. M., for tho purpose of nomina ting candidates to bo supported by them for tho office of Senators at tho next election. Speakers may be expected from abroad. Samuel Pace, 1 Lucius Barney, I County Smith Benham, j Committee. Elisiia Miller, Jr. ImiGHTON MARKET. Juno 12, 1813. At Market 400 Beef Cattle, 12 pairs Working Ox en, 20 Cows and Calves, GOO Sheep, and 540 Swine. PaicES Deef Lattle Prices were not sustained on the secdnd and third quality. Wc quote first quality, D,25 5,53 ; Second quality 4 75 E ; third quality, St 4 75. irurAittg No sales noticed. 6 Coks and Calves Sales at 814, 18, 22 and 27. Sheep Lots were sold at 1 50, 1 75 and 2 60. Saint Lots to peddle at 4c. for Sows, and 5lc, fjr Harrows. A lot of small p'ga at 6 nnd 8c. At retail from 5 to 7c. NEW YORK CATlTiK MARKET Juno II. At market, 900 Beef Cattle, (200 from the South,) 60 Cows and Calves, and 1150 Sheep. Prices Bef Cattlo went off heavily, and at pri ces slightly lower than last week, and we quote 3 1 to S,50 aa the cxtrcines of fair to prime Cattle; 350 unsold. Cuwsand Calves All taken at 17,25 9 $29,50 for a few. Sheep and Lambs Sales of over 1000 at 1,25. 2,50 44,50 lor Sheep, and 01,25 Hi 82,50 for Lambs, H&irir fia dl , In this town, on the 29th inst.. by Charles Russell, Esq. Mr. Rubin S. Alias, toMissIaaNKA Tayiob, all of this place. In Huntington, on the 17th inst., after a short but severe illness, Mr. Axsnew CiiATnatD, aged 59. CASH PAID FOR WOOL! THE Snl scril er will pay cash for Clean Fleece Wool delivered at his store, Colleg.- Ureen. n ,. . , , , , HARRY BRADLEY. Burlington, 13th June, 1843. 3w3 ASHIONAIILE HAIR CUTTING AND EASY SHAVING, At the BarLer Shop under Howard's Hotel, NOnTI! SIDE COURT II0C6E SQUAai, BY WILLIAM STEWART. cJN. B. Rarors put in complete order. Jw3 Just Received and For Sale at the TU3IPERANCE STORE, FRESH TEAS. Oranges and Lemon, Rice, Sale ralus Coilee, (Iried Curants, Citron, Tamarind, Box and heg Raiins, Figs, Chocolate Shells, Bakers Cccoa Paste, n new article, prepared in nne minute for use; alto, Eat IliKton Sugar House a superiorarliclelortheTalle. assortment of STAPLE DRY GOODS, which they will sell as low for cash or ready pay as at any other store in Ihe place. A fresh lot of Boston Soft and Cold Water Crack ers and Pilot Bread, and as weaie receiving con stantly fresh supplies the public may be assured of their quality. Tl 1 , me puuui' are rcspeniuiiy invited to rail and ex- amine the Goods an. d Pricc lelore purchasing ele- where S. N. GATJT &. CO. 3lf Burli'ugton, June 22, 1843. U, "Ul'wl"s "'WAKD.-Slolen, from the X Laboratory of the University, some time since. ht. fUmlml Tk..m.m.l I- I ..! ' wi. m "si ".. urm, ami a nvurome ter. The Thermometers were all of Kendall'smaLe, with their bulb extending below Iho sca!e. Two were filled wilh colored spirit tho others with mer cury, and. graduated very high. The Thermometers wcibucihiu i-ase,aiKi one 01 th'in in a small ma hosanv ra-e of its own. Thn tlvAmmata. ,-.i- I is lielieveilj l.y Lerebouts, and was in a email green case. For a rc-toration of the Instruments and detection of Iho Ihi'f, five dollars will 1c paid and a ia,r pri'iiuriiun 01 mat sum lor a pari or ihe insiru menu. , 3w3 GEO. W. BENEDICT. Henry TowiiseinVs Katate. , cia ji; ut'Vlitt.MONT, I rT HE Hon. the District of Chitlenden, ss. J X Probate Court for the district of Chitlenden, loall persons concern ed in the etatcof HENRY 'lOWN'SEND, late ol Troy, in the State ol New York, deceased, testate, WHEREAS, George B. Shaw adminisiratorwith the will annexed of the estate of saul deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and nrespnl Ms sii.nnni -..! .... , uaiitairniuc.iRio Ur CX ainmat.on and allowance at f es-ion of ihe Court of Probate, to beholden at Ihe Register's office in Bur lington, in said district, on the second Wednesday of .In v nm. ' Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before said court at Ibe lime and place aforesaid and ahew cause, if any you have, why tha account aforesaid should not le allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this tii day - " " , ... .mo. Wm. WESTON, RsgisUr. Levi NuttlliC's Estate. WE THE SUBSCRIBERS, having bean ap pointed by the Honorable tha Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, eommicsinnfira 1r ... csive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of an persons, against, me estate or UC.YI NUTTIfiG, lata of Underbill, in said Disjfict, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto 1 and six months from the day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby (jive notice, sm Hucitu iu 1110 uuainess 01 our saiu appoint ment, at,the dwelling ol Persis Nuttine, in Under bill, in said district, on Ihu firti Tnilvsfil Aurn. and November next, atJOo'cloclr, A. M., 00 tach of imm uayi, JVs.1 this JJih day of May, A. D. 1W3. TRUMA.V 8HELDEN,)Coamii 3 OIJVR OOODIIUF, I ricners. ClIA'S L. AUSTIN, iVo. 91 Stall it., Albany, N. Y, 36 GOOD BRASS ALA It SI CLOCKS, WAHRANTED, nt the very low price of 83i, for Cali down only. June 22. PasononM & BrinsMAiD. James Marsh's Estate. THE adjourned nnd last meeting of the Commis sioners on said E5taic, will he held on Monday June 24 at 2 o'clock, P. M. at Lyman & Mar.ts Ofllco. IIEMAN ALLEN, 1 rcmmt,.n. , OHO. P. MARSH. ) Cimmiitie-nert. Juno 22. 3 Cyrus K. rilrcc'i Estate. STATU OF VKHMUPi l i AT a ,? A T Proliatu held at District of Chittenden. . (il Court held at Burlinelon, within and tor the iliMrlet 1 uuruncion, wiiuin ana lor inciiiMriet 01 -nmeiidcii, on inu uiii uay ui junv, a. ' 10, blijfUl nirgu, odminl-traloroflbc c.late of Cyrus K. Hirsr, late of t'noerhill in .a"id district,, iatc.tate, having filed In said court his petition in writifatr, seltlnir forth that Ihe said Cyrus wa, ai iliu time of his dcnlh, un der contract to convey to hint, the said Elijah, the following described parcel of land, Mtuats in said Underbill, viz: Furty acrecf land oil' from the north side nf Lot No. 35, in the fir." I division of lot, drawn to the original right of William Sackctt, and is of equal width extending the whole length of said lot ) that tho said contract remained unexecuted on tlio part of said Cyru .aiul prrtying tbc judge of said Court in execute n deed of said land to the said Elijah, ngreeal ly to the Mattite iu such racmade and provi ded. Tlierelore tho court aforota.d doth appoint Ihe second Wednesday of July 1843, for hearing and de ciding on said petition, at the office of the Itegislerof saul Cnurl, in said Uurlinglon, and doth order that all person', interested le notified thereof by publication of tbii order, containing the siiUlance otsald petition, three weeks sUcces-ivelyiu Ihe Burlington Free I'res., a news paper printed in said Burlington, the la-t of which publications to 1 e preyoius to the said ticond Wednesday of July, 1813. Given niider inv hand, at said Burlington, lhi 13th day of June, A. D. 1843. 3w3 Wm. WKSTON, Ktgister. TO PRINTERS. "VfTANTED, A OOOD COMPOSITOR, V Burlington, June 14, 1343. FLETCHER. a TO PAPUIt MAKERS. WANTED, a journeyman Paper-maker, for ma chine tending an! finishing. E. WELLINGTON. Milton, June 15, 1813. 2 REVOLVING CASTORS. A Large assortment of Revo ving Calors, four, five and six bottle", very cheap indeed, for sale at the Crockery Store by JOSE1I1I WAIT. JUI1G 10, imj SOLAR LAMPS. A New and very hand.-omee article of Suspending Lamps capable of burning the i heanet nualitv of oil and producing a pleasant and powerful light, for tale bv j6seph Wait. Junu IC 1813. 2 CONE LANTERNS. A New and very hand-ome style of heavy Moulded t!las Cone Lanterns, for sale by June 16, 1813. JOSEPH WAIT. GOLD PENCILS. SOME teautiful new patlernsjust received. 2 Panoborx & BaiNsa TROY STOWS WARE. riMIE Subscriber hai on hand a large and superior X assortment of STONE WARE, superior to nny X a ti t f ,s p in the United biatu., wnicn he o.lers los sale at iced Prices, and is ready to receive orders, pack eliver, Iree ol cartage or package, on toaru 01 I Boat, either for Troy, Albany, or West Troy, ;ash or annroved paper. All orders by Mail or othcrwUe. immediately atton- dud to. I. SEYMOUR, 44 Ferry st Troy, N. V.. May 17, 1843. 51 A SARD. OSTHEIM & MICIIOLLS sensible to tho extent to which they havo been favored bv tha natron. age of their friends and the public generally, beg leave to return their best thanks for the favors receiv ed t nnd having redeemed their promiso in the renew al of their spring assortment of dry nnd fancy goods which is the choicest description the southern Mar kets could afford, now offer their new Goods for Bile ori theenecjuf terms, and hope to be honored wilh a continuation of the distinguished and general patron- JUST received at the German Store. China prcserv' ed Ginger, Cocoa Paste, also, 25 Boxes of Klie ni'li Wines (iho pure juice ol the Grape.) U3iimi.ll f. .-UIUHULLS. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE supply just received from the manu' factory, for salo low by , kUVliL, a. SDY3IUUK. June IS, 1813. 2 DRY GROCERIES, 0Pr superior quality, fresh from New York, iuat rccciveu ana lor sain very low Dy LOVELY ft. SEYMOUR. June IS, 1913. 2 2d AitnivAr, vi'v r.cxins. "lirillTE AMAZON nnd Fine Florence UraiJ lion V V net-, Men's single and double brimmed Leghorn Mats; Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, newsiylcs; Rich 4-4 Blue Black Grosde Grain Silk". Rich Black and Blue Black Satin Striped Oro de Alrimie; Paraolls Sun-shades, Mouscllnc de Laine Sl.awls j Glovei, nne neuKfu r.arsion uingliama, frencli lloniba xincs, Russia and Scotch Diaper?, Linen Drillings, Ribbed Gainbroons, o;c. &c, just received by HENRY-W. CATL1N. airons-1. miming, June 16, 1843. : brigaAe notice. THE Adjutants of lh several Regiments in the 3d Brigado of Vermont Militia, are requested to meet me at A. Burrill's InrVin Hinesburgh, with their Records. Hosiers, and file on Tueaiinv 27ih mat at 10 o'cloclevA. M.. agreeable to the requirements of lie immia aci 01 io.

B. BOYNTON. V" Ifspector3J Brigade Vt. Militia. uinrsQuran. June IJ, imi. GOLD AND SILVER WATCWS. A T great bargains for casb.Clocks also.a few more -fx pood brass and wood Clocks at half of former prices. 2 Pahobobk & Brinsmaic JET BUTTONS. FOR ladies dresses, nnd other new articles just received. 2 PANononK & BatNKM ID. TO PAPER MAKERS. FOR SALE, One half of a Papei Mill s ituaieJ on the River Lamoille, in Milton, 3 miles from the head of navigation, 14 miles from Burlington, and 12 miles, from St. Albahs on the main route from Albany to Montreal. The Machinery consists of Two Knpine-, Drying Cvlinder, Calender, and the various II loners, KCIIIes, Vats, Tubs, ate. 1 nece.sarv for paper makin lis location is safe from frc-hets and has a never-failing supply of river nnd snrin water. Its lotntion for a country business is one of .t. .s.. 1 .. r 1 I ! .t . mo it- ilaiuuii 1.0 iwunu, ivinc uic inui convenient to Canada of any mill in the Uniieil Stales, and ihe most northern mill in Vermont. There iswi paper nun 1.1 me ins.- uitiei norius-rn cwiniics in Vermont ana tne most nurinern counties in INew York adjoin' ins Lake Chamnlain. A Dwellim? Hou.e will be sold with one half the mill tnoniii ine purchaser preter, Terms of payment easy, and a ynunjr mm wilh small capital who is a irood workman mav find this opportunity a favorable one for establishing himself 111 saiu aim prornaniB nii-incs. . . CHAUNCEY GOODRICll Burlington, June 15, 1843. Ira Dlshon's Estates STATE OF VEliMONT, jrpHE Hon. ths District nf Chittenden, as. 1 Prolate Court lorine district orchittenuen, to all person concern ed in Ihe estate of IRA BISHOP, late of Charlotte, in said Di-inct. HM-p.i.ed. flnvwivA WHEREAS, Sophia Bishop, administratrix ofthe estate of said deceased, prrposes to render an w"ni ui ner auminisiranon, ana present ner account Kainl said e-t!e for examination and !. lowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be tir.T.L.n . .1,- T.,..:.. . r(H r- n..t: ' .J:j Di'tncl, on the second Wedneday of July next. therefore, you are hereby notifies to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have why the account aforesaid should not 1 allowed. Given under my band at Burlington, this 12lh day ui June, a. u. tot 3. 8w3 Wh. WESTON, Register. Georce Prludle'a Estate. WE tha aubtcribara, bavinc been appointed by tha Honorabla tha Probata Court for tha uistnet 01 Cmttendan, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adiuat tha claims and damanda of all ear sons against tha estate of GEORGE PRJNDLE, late of Charlotte, in said District, deceaaad, represented is. solvent, and alaa all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto 1 and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court lor that purpose, we do therefore hereby give nolice,ihat wa will attend to the business of our appointmtnt, at ineuweiung 01 wiuow inuin riinuie, in unatiotte, in said District, on the 2d Wednesdays of July and November next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said ted. this 10th dav of Mav. A. D. 1S43. BURK LEAVENWORTH, rtmillfM,. ORRIN REED. mmiitfiita. STRAY MARE. TJROKE in'.o ihe enclosure of JL the subcrilcr. in Milton, on MIKWO the 3d day of June (rial., a Lioht "HaV Uav MARE, wuh four white feet, fwff a white strip on the nose and a Ylf small Mar iu Ihe forehead, l-oliev- steiW a J D I, About fl ftp 7 venpa nM The owner can hare her by provlnc property and imvinscnarges. uitau liituvvfl, muion, June 7, 1313. Zw3 CROCKERY. AN extensive assortment just received from Naw York, fur sale low by LUVfcL Y at SEYMOUR. June 15, 1843. 2 6 FIRST rate BUII.D1NO LOTS for sale near tho Academv on CulliimtSii-pci. Aln 9. P...... . n,n S'one Church anJoiieiu the Unitarian Brick Church, tnnuiie of H THOMAS. June IB, 13 U, 2 f David Attvn'niKa I'clnl STATE OF VEKMOST, A T a probate District of Chitlenden, ss. t 1Y court held at Burlington, within nnd for ihcdistrii-t of Chitlenden on the seventh day of June, 1913. Moses Atwood, one of the heirs' to the estate of David Atwood, late of Charlotte in said district, deceased, intestate, bav in? tiled in said court his petition in writing, setting forth that he holds in common with the other heirs fo said c-tate, one tenth part of the following de-criled parcels ol land, lying m said Charlotte tvir, ninety sevi-n nnrcM rind twelve rats of land off tho south end cf tho secund division lot of the original right of Jonathan Aiken, with the luildingsnnd appur tenances: also, 64 acres and 14 rods of lot No. 33, of the first division drawn to tho original right ol John Hon?, being the same lands heretofore set out lo Susannah Atwood widow of the said into-talc, as her dower In said estate; and praying said eourl to order partition of said lands to be made among 111 M.uiai ci'ms ummisi inerew, TiiKatroni:, tbu court nfore.ail doth appoint tho second Wednc.d0y of .Inly, 1843, for hearing and deciding on sail peiuion nt the office of the Register of said court in said Burlington, arid doth order that all persons fnlcreted thereof by pcblicalion cf this order, containing ihcsuh'tancuof said petition, three weeks successively in the Uurlinglon Free Pie-s, a newspaper pruned Hi saiu uurlinglon, the Inst of which pul.lic.Vions to I e previous to the day appoin ted as nforc-aid for hearing. Oiven under mv hand at said Burlfnetnn. ibi seventh day of June, A. D. 18)3. M. WIiSI (J.i Ri.gjstcr. DISSOLUTION. rrtHE FIRM OF BARNES cV KEELER is ihjs M. daV dissolve 1 bv mutual Cnturm. All hr.nn. having claims ngain-t the firm arc ruqucsted 10 hand in tno same tor aajustuicnt to Hie undersigned A.-ahcl Barnes. 1 be business will be contmtieJ at the old ntanib n heretofore, by A. & O. K. Barnes. A. uaic:nks, P. E. KEELER. Burlington, June I, 1813. ltf DISSOLUTION. " YMAN .f- COLE, havo this day dissolved their -J Conartnersltin bv mutual rnnspnt. Alt indebted are requested 10 call and settle immediately. Thoso having demands against ihe late firm will pro- cnl f.. .PI. 1 1 , x ... r vii. inw. .u, jinj iiil-iu. iiiciioiis anu isoies can bofound forn few days nt llieold sland., After which lime they Will be removed lo E. Lyman's Store, at the north WCSt C-Orhefof StrOnir llnil.lintrs. fVirmorlv nr. cupied by !). A. Braman, at which placo both parlies win m hut nine ouena 10 tne scltlemeut 01 all Itieir books and demands. ELI AS LYMAN, ,. MORTON COLE, Burlintilon June 9, 1613. 1 NOTICn. T OUI3 FOLI.ETT havinn been admilled to an in i-J tcro-t in the mercantile concern of Pollen and Bradley, bisine-s will hereafter lc conducted under me linn 01 rui.LLIT, OKAULKY & Co. Old Dock, Juno I, 1313. 1 Sll.rts..c .....I IT.. I .. ...... PORTO RICO. New Orleaiu TriaiJad Mo!ase, in Hilda., Tierces and Ubls. Porlo Rico, St. Croix aud New Orleans Sugar. ruuuurijmia ami new 1 otk ixiai andl.iimp uo Smart & WooNey, ft Wool.-cy'e double reCned do White nnd Brown ILivanna do rnishol nml Prm.Unl J . For Sale by the suh-prihers (it a small advance from cost. 1-UL.i.t.ri-, UUAUL.EY & Cc. Old Dock, JuneS, 1313. 'l-flfS t f'.f "t AVF.Ntltstlt .f. pr.IVl Tflllir-nn -r ....... . nsj u I inu iiiusi approved brands. Deen ec Brown's ccle'irnted ui', iut suic very low uy ,,r. , . rui.utiT, UKAULI-.y if- Co. Old Dock, June 8. 1843. t T 15 A S . "LD and YOUNG 11 VSON. snmn Vnnfllitl. ITv'nn Slrin nnrl I'.t.n,, I n u . UI , " . . uit.uj ms.ius.a, uau fx-a.-, vsuuivj, 11. r suiu ny FOLLETT, BRADLEY &. Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1813. I n. k. nusi. ACoimant supply of Fallon's N. E. Rum, in Hhds Pie.s, Half Pipes and Bbls., 50 per cent above pruoi, iur saie at ooston prices and Ircchl, hy FOI.LETT, BRADLEY, fit Co., Agents. Old Dock. June 8, 1343. 1 FLORENCE BONNETTS. NOTHER ncwlut of Lap-Leirhornsjust received '-t0' 11UKLUUT. June 2, 1313. HAHSIblLb'S SALE. 1DUBI.1C NO HUE is hereby eivm that the f. How L ing named property, condemned in the Hon District Court of the Unrcd Slates for Vermont Div inei, May Term, 1813, will be sold al Pullic Auenon at Ihe Auction Room of Cel. II. Thomas in Burling ton, in said Distrini on 1 1..- 14.1, .1,,. rt t .i.. ..... 1 o'clock nf'ernoou, to evil : 81 yards Itrbadclctb and 1 IlKnil V f f4ft, ' Given under my hand at Bradford, this 5;h dav June, A. D. 1813. ' IwS WILLIAM BARRON, Marshall cf CAST STEEL Shovels, Iron do, Long handed do and Spades, Cro liars, Russian Nail Rods, warranted. Shot, Sheet and Bar Lead, Patent Vices, a new and superior article, Anvils, Trace and Halter Chains, ete.cie. for sale by tJ . . FOLI.ETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, JuneB 1813. J GENTLEMEN'S HATS. rj.ENTLEME.VS Moleskin and Cassipera Hals, ... ' '' llUttUlll I. June 8,1543. ON COlsMGNMt'NT. A Heavy and full a-sorlmcnl of Sheetings of following celebrated brandj I Lawrence Mills, Anlhonv do fllPlPr S,T.rilirjtliri'nn rrtmnan.. the Ma.sach-isetls Mills, together witL Bleached Sheet ing.-, inr saieai ,cw rork- piues anu charces bv FOLLETT. BRADLEY St, Co. Old Deck, June 8, 1813. j "LIVE AND LET LIVE." S. HUNTINGTON, TC7OULD respecfullv inform his natrons and it, VV public generally thaihe has leceived land will continue lo receive through iho season a good supply of School Books, Bibles, Hymn Books, and Sta. nonary, which wll be sold very low for ready pay. He has also mado arrangements fur obtaining as oftenasoncca month such School Booksasintiy be needed in this vicinity and he respectfully solicits Jhe pattonogeof the public hoping by attention 10 his business to incrrit the same. Hp will also give his personal attention to Book Binding and Blank Book Making. All work entrus ted 10 his care will meet with prompt attention. Strong's Building, comer Church and College Streets. Juno 9, 183. lw 8UPEIIFINE FLOUIt. THE Snlsciiler are daily receiving .tuperflre Flf.ur inharrelsand halfVarrels, selected with care and of the most approved biand, which ihey offer for cah at a small advance. . . TOLL1.TT, BRADLEY A: Co. Old Doc.-, June 8, 1643. 1 HAWS. 6 0 1-3 ii T foot Mill Saws, manufactured to order at Rowland's oa-'ebraicd works, Philadel phia. Q, O 1-2 4l 7 foot Cast Steel U Cut Saws, Enali.h Plate. " ' 10. IS, 20. 82, 8 3 inch 0ar Saw, east steel. 12, 14, 16, 16, 20. 22 & 2 iaeli Cast BteaO Stilting Saw. Forsslaby FOLLfcTT. HBADLV & Co Old Dock, June 8, 1843, 1 WANTED ! POUNDS of Bees Wax. Also, A quantity of Ergot or Spurred Rye in exchange, by 51 PECK & SPEAR, Druggists. 500 II'ARKWELIAS Gaiters and half Gaiters, French 7 Blips and Walking Shoe, 410 cfc. just raoeivad ?f y 25, '4?. f 1 1 y H W CATL1N. JOSEPH WAIT Has received a full supply of WHICH ho will sell at the following very mode rats prices for ready pay. vi i Printed Tea Cups and Saucers the set from 37et.tip. Printed Tea Self, 23 ptecos, from 81,50 up. While Granite Tea Sets, newc-t style, SSTpieeej, 81,62 Printed Breakfast, Dinner and Tea Sets, 41 p'. 2,52 uo uo co uo 5U piece 3,'il do do do do 33 do 3,32 do do do do CI da 4.3-2 White Granite do do fruin 3,52 to 4,32 PrmtcJ Breakfast platef, perdo. 63 do fltiart and pint Bowl, per do. 8-1 unJ 1,09 Blue Primed Tea Pots, each Jl PrintcJ Chambers from 50 cents up. CHINA WARE. Sorie'd China Tea Sct. 32 nieces 83.50 unwards. Gold Band4-Sprfg'ddo,33p., from 87,50 Iu 815,00 Gold Band &. Sprig'd China Tplatcj, frun 2,25 to 3,50 China Pitchers from 3i cents to 1,12 While China Cup Plalc, per dot. 41 COJIMON WAHEi Edijcd Plates from 30 to 00 cents per doxan. Edited Bakers and Nann'c. from 9 lo 23 cents each. Coloured Bowls, from 50 to 62 cents per dozen. ructicrs. jmits to hall gallon, Irom a to cents each, Mugs, pints and half Dints, from 5 to 9 cents each. Common Chaml era from 13 to 30 ct.-. each. fiiii: PROOF M A PK. Yellow Baking plativ, per doien from 75cts, to8I,00. rclinw Uven Dishes, 3 to 13 incbo-, Irom iu to U cts. enow ual.e fans, y to II inch, irom Uto SScenn. Yellow Nannies from 6. 12 an 1 IS rentj each. UanJlcd Soap Dippers, 6 cent each. GLASS WAItK; Good Tumblers from 50 cents unwards. Monldel and Cut Wines, from 75 els. to 3,50 pf dox. Salts from 12 cts to 1,00 her pair. Cittits 19 cir per pair. i-cmonaue uia-rc, 7S rtsto x,i! per uca. Lamps, all sixes from 10 cts. 10 1,50 each. Study Lamps with shades, 75 cts. Lanterns from 50 els. uL-ward. and a creal variety of other articles in the Croulery and Glass Ware line, all ol'which will ho auld much cheiper than can Le hud at any wilier stcro iu Ibe stair. Burlinlori, June, 1C43. jSnltf fTMIE subscribers would respectfully callthe atten i. tion of country merchants lo their extensive and well selected assortment of Groceries pnn-linsed at tho present low prices and oCired at a small advance from cost viz : Old Government Java CofTos a vary lupulor article lireen do uo, Rio and St. Domingo do, Saleralus, Pepper, Cassia, ispice, bonp. Ginger, Snuff, etc. &c. Rice, Raisin. hULLKlT, UHJLUL.HX O. CO. Old Dock, June 8, 1943 Continued Supplies of PERFUMES AXD SOAPS of ths common and nicest kinds , Wtif I IiG INKS AND FLUIDS of warranted qualities, in large and small lottle--, of fjlsck, Blue and Red ; lndcllil.le Inks. Wafers and Sealing Wax, all variet'es and prices. Paste, Water proof and Varnish I LACKINGS. Al Retailor Wholesale, the Inks and Blackings out in 1 anuaciox. t.oxe and packages lor the trade; -rr-hnnls nnd Sinlinnur.,'.l.Mr1 a. I.... . , - . .uvw w. iu.v liriLVS as those city markets. June 8, 1813. PECK fit SPEAR. HE subsctibers ate constantly supplied with a full nss.irrmant rf f?nlla an1 l.nn .n...r..... I by the Au Sable Iron Works, and tha EskIo Nail rv jis follows: ., , 3d 4d 6d 3d lOd 12d 20d 24d 30i 40d 50d and 60d nails, 1,4,6, 5J, and 6 inch Spike, on uci ilu raanuzud finishing Nails and Brads, Round and Square Iron from 3-16 to 3 1-2 Inch, Band Iron from 1 Mtosincb, Horse Shoe Iron Kxttn do do. Scroll and Hnrnc do, Marble Saw Plates, Thoeoods manufactured by the above oompaniet are not surpassed if equalled by any manufactured in this vicinity, and they aro offered to Ihe public upon terms as favorable ns can beoblaincd in tno State. Purchasers will find it for iheir interest to call before purchasing el.ewhere as wo have a superior article and will not be undersold. FOI.LETT, BRADLEY ct Co. Old Dock, JuneS, IS 13. 1 ENGLISH Tire Iron from 1 1-8 inch wida to 6 inehe', and of the various thicknesses, Swecdts Iron flat and square, Old Table do flat and square, Hue do Hoops do 5-8 3-4 1, 1 1-4 inches, Sanderson's Cast Steel flat and square, Naylors and H. C. Gorman Steal, Eagle do do, Spring do do, ToaCork pa du, ile.cte. for ssleby im , FOI.LETT, BRADLEY Co. Old Duck, Juno 8, 1S43. 1 Phillip .Valkf r'a Katate. STATE OF VERMOST, ) rpHE Hon. the Uisln-.-t 01 Chitlenden, ss. 5 J. Prol ale Court tor tno uislric-1 ol (..nitu-nilr-n, to all persons concern I in the rsintc ol FIIILLIP WALKER. Ite rf Wd listen, in -aid district decea-cd, inte-tate, GheetIno. WliLHKS, Benjamin Field administrator of Ibe entate ot satu iieceaiod, propoes lo render an account ot his administration, end prc-ent his account again't said eeta'e for examination and allowances! of the Court rf Probate, to leholdcn at the office of the Kesisterol said court m uurlingten, on Iho second We Inesday of July next i Therefore you arc hereby notified to appear lefore raiucoTinai itie ume nnupiace niore-niu, and shew came if any you hae, why tbo account afore-aid thculd nt le allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this eighth clay ui rfu.iv, a. u. igu. ,WJ CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. A DWELLING HOUSE and STORE. Enqn re of Burlington, June 9, 1813. Iw3 NPRINR FASHIONS FASHIONABLE GOODS; THE tubscrilers art- now receiving: their supple of FASHIONABLE GOODS for Gentlemen's clothing, c onsistihg of Broadcioths, C.s-imem:., Silk, Satlin, Velvet, Vulrncia and Mar seilles Vesting. Also, a goodassorimentof Stocks, Cravals, Shifts, Bosnis, Collars and Suspet.dcrs. They are prepirti) to execute all orders in their nne 01 uusmess in a superior style ol neatness and du rabilitv. Shop on Church Street, 3d door South ofthe Bank, June I, IS-H. 52 3w u, UKhNS. Jr. k Co. COPAKTXRRSII1P NOTICE. MO. RATH BUN, havimr as.ocistnl wilh him self C. F. WARD, will continue the TAILOR IN G BUSIS'F.SX at his old stand, in Church si., nnder ihe firm of .H. J. JVATKCCN CC CO. M. G. R. & Co. havo just returned from New York and are prepared to furnish their patrons wilh gar ments made in the latest and mot, faihinnal u or as ordered. 1 hey have a choice and well selected asuri"irni 01 1 et1m.s miu I HIMM'rtGS. Burlington, May 20, 1813. Blw4 I.UVKIjY A SEYMOUll A RE now opening and otitr to the public a fresh XI. and extensive assortment of DRY GOODS, which, having been recently purchased hi New York, will I e sold at prices sufficiently low 10 rorrespond with the times. Among the Good.., are the following- Broad Cloths, Cas-imere.-, Satlinets, Vesimgs, SiU Velvet, Satin Vesting, DrMinc.Gamrroon, Bom basiae. Gro de Rhine, Dre.s and Bonnet Silk. Rib bons, Muslin do Lame, Alpacoa, Girisham, Lawn, Muslin, Mull, Diaper, Pimily, Camtrif, Cravats, Hdkfs., Gloves, Mtus, Hose, Crape, Fringe, Tassels, Muslin Collars, Edging, Lace, Ve.Is, M. de Lame Shswjs. Moreen. Paper Hanging-, Bordering, Baire. Druggetf, Oil Cloths 5-8 to 18-4 wide, Bur laps, Matting, Tufted Mans, Hemp and Woolen Car peting, &e. Out. Church Street, May -25ih, 1843. 51 NEW GOODS, THE Suhssriber is mow receiving his nsnal stock of DRT GOODS cf. GROCERIrS. Also, Fiona, Poai Smmo, MAcrxsn, Coo Fn, sc. dre., which will bt sold as cheap as the cheapest. June 1, 1813. 52 if HORACE LANE. OOLD PENS. WE have received a naw lot of tha diamond Mr. ted Gold Pans rhisavarunc. Juna 14, 18 S3. Thsyarausaiby qcitae number of persoss ia Tows snuaram-jca uaea. PiJrasoair Biivsiuio. BALES Cotton Shesting, Cotton Tarn, do Tickings, do Batta, do Drills, da Wicks, do Twine, do Carpet Warp, just revd and for isle low, hy 16Msy,'. 6v!l P U ft, H POOtTTTLE. tasn 1 John VYcllcr's Fstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 A T a Prcbate Co f District of Chittenden, ss. held at Burlingit 1 , within and Inr said District ofClnticnden on the IC . day of May, 1813, RlcitiaD VVaatn ol Hfneshurg... In Ibe County of Chittenden, filed in ra I Court his petition In wrilihg, retting fonh that Jot. 1 WeMcr, late of raid Mine-burgh, decoasc.1, on the Ft enth day of Ouiol cr, A. D. 1621, by bis written agrtv ment, -onlratled with the same Richard todeod ti. bun a corlaln portion of his, the siiJ John's her 1 farm fti said Hinesbufgh, lo wit, " all tho land In a farm that lies east of the nonh and south road ru nine through tha tame" upon eetiain conditions 1 aid written agreement set fonh, which conditio-5 have 1 ten sub-lanttally fulfilled nnd complied with' the part of raid pentioner j that, of the rime land, t) said John Weller died seixed without having conte1 ol the same to thu petitioner j that there are no de' due from Ibe estate ol said John Weller which cam gaily prevent tbv vnnveyancn ot raid lanJ lo said p, titioncr, and praying sail Court to decree that su land lc cor.vccd by the AJrnfnMratlix of the ol thc raid John, lo the said Richanl. Tilcar.roRE, the court alorcnid doth appoint t! t fourth .Monday f June, A. D. 1613, lor bearing deciding on said petition at AhJicv Bnrntt'j tare 1 In said llinesburgb, and doth order that all pcrioi . Interested l c notifies thereof by publication of th orc'er.conlaininz thn substance of nid pe'ition, thr. 0 yreks successively in Ihe Burlington Free Press, newspaper printed in Uurlinglon iu thu Couniyct t.hmenden, previously to the said fourth Monday ' Juno A. D. 1813. Given under my hand at Burlington, In laiddfi trict this sixteenth day of May, A. f. 1813. Wm. WESTON, Register PRUMItJM DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PEN. DO vou wish lo Improve your band writing 1 Do you wish to retrench your expciuc tor tl J next fue years 7 Do you wl-h to avoid tie vesatious corroding w steel pens 7 Are yon troullid ih proc jmg good qjl!U or pj.i knives f Do you wi'.h to write with ca'e and plcai-re 1 Do you wish a beautiful pen and always In cn'u Do you wish to malu an acceptable present to n friend? - Does your eye Ight fail, or your hand treinWc, s that you are troul led (n making a guod nen 1 If oi answer"TEs" to any or nil cf the-o q'n- lions, pleae call at the Variety Store and cxaintt.u our I cautifu! diamond pointed gold peu9. We have written with one of ihuepcn which hn been in constant ihe for more than thrco years r.s.1 is now ui good as ever. 51 P A fifKNtV Bnl.vsMtio. WOOSTKlt DAUCIIV, WHOLESALE GROCERS a vt n tjOMBIISSION MCnCHANT!?, 261 titer street, Troy, N. Y. (opposite run MXMSlOll HOUSE.) HAVE just received, und oler for -ale, full an I complete assortment of GKOCEillJ-.?, whiui they arc prepare 1 to sell as low ns they can lo pur cbacl iu tbu market or Now York, either fi r eas.'i or approved paper. The folljwiug article coci- pri-c a part 01 their a:orimeni. au uiiests ami mil cliest 01 nyson, 1 Ityacn; Hyson Skin, and Powc-honst Teas. 20 II ti Js St Croix, Porto" Rico and New Orleaai Sus-ar.s. Loafand Lump do do CO UhJ. St. Croix, Pcrto Rico and Tnnnic'aJ Mola-sej, 30 Bags Old Java, Laguira, Maul'lu and Cc'.j Cefh-e. 1 OO Boxes and half boxes Itab'nu. 20 Kegs Malaga do in Duo orJer. 40 Boxes varidns brands Cavendish Tobaccos, 2 to 25 cents per pound. IS Tierces Rice, Pepper, Spices, Clove, Nut mei", Salaralu', Cassia, Fig, Nuts,d.'. 50 Boxes No. 1 liar Soap. SO do Mould Candle, Os and 8. AL60. Constantly on hand, Fj.h, Flour, Sx'.t, 1WJ Sacks Liverpool ashve 1 rand, Mesi Pork. A Uo, Liquors and Wines of alt kinds, which ary o'Tercd only to pailicular customers. Cour.try'Mcrchcnts will do well to rail and exam ine their siok before purchasing elsewhere. W, & O. have made arraneenieiits for Iho salo of riour, which will enable them to lurm-h at all lime-, from I to 500 bbls., at the lowest market price, tu which particular attention will to paid. May 20, 1813. 3m SILLIMAN & G VltDINKH, 333 liitlr st,at the old stand of Baker, Gardiner cf. Co WILL Continue Ihe FREIGHTING and COM MISSION business, nud would respectfully so licit a sfcere of public patronare. Our ve-tels c om-pri-e those o'fll.e first .c'as, which will .-ail regularly between this citv and New York. All goods dcslinol for the nenh will be forwarded direct from the vo"el All property consigned to Be-ton and ProvT'eacc will he tnrwarcicj i,y our Hue. Wo shall always keep on hand at wholesale, Pork, Western Flodr, Fi-h, and Salt. We have teen ap pointed the agents for the sale of Western liarres sail, and we are prepared to -ell it as be purchased by tl-clcad at the works Troyj.N. Y., Mav IS. 1813. Ii. 13. KINUSl.Yi Airentin .Vew Yor, 3m Ofiee 17 Cotnfit Slip TAILORING AT WINOOSKI FALLS. THE subscriber re-pertfullyinfurinshfa customer and friends that be Ins resumed his busina.s at Winooski Fall-, where he will ! e happy to answer t any calls that ha mav I e favored wilh. WANTLD ! A goodsmarlL'oy asan annrentiro to tho abovo bus iness. JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Falls, May 25, 1343. 51 If afU'ODOIfcs WOUVANTED HAVING Purchasnl the Woclen Factory former!, owned by Kiac Blalc, at Milton Tall, and am geling a new set of Machinery, urn now riad to re reive Wool to Mnnufucn-ie Ly thf yard or upon share, into Cas.simerc.-, Sannetts, Flannel, Coci tnon Greys and Mill Co'orc-d Cloths, cheaper lhaS was eve.- done m ibis country Ulore. Z. A. TEsRL. Milton, May 17. 1343. slif ni:v noons. p & H. II. DOOLITTLE are now receiving from J- .New York an extensive assortment of Goads' adopted to tha spring trade. Their facilities for pur chasing have been such as will enable thorn to put then -goods in competition with any others, and they are determined not to be under sold for cosh, or good credit. May 19, 1313. 61 6w new noons T AT THE GUHJUN STOItK. HE nib-cribtrs respectfully infi rm the inhth tanls of Uurlinglon and -urroiuding country, that they have returned from New York wilh a large slock ofthe most superior Groceries, Fruits, Preserves Ac. which they oiler fnr sale t the lowest carb piice-! con. Ming in part of ihefollowing. Sugar. Double audsingle reiincd.Crashcd, Pow. dered and bruwn. Teaaa-lmperial. Hyson, Gunpen-der, Yonfig Hy. on, Hyson Skin, Souchong and Powchong. Coflcc Old Government Java, Laguira, &e. l-'rults-Maljga and Sultana Rabins, Currants, choice French t'runr-s in glass jars and (iincy Boxes Bordeaux Soft Shc-llcJ Almonds, Fig., turon, Tama' rinds, Olives, Capers, Coooanuts, Filberie, Madeira nuts, if-c. Kplcos Cinnamon, Cassia Buds, Pimento. Clove. Nutmeg-, Mao, Ate. Pardiiira in O'ivo Oi,l (G-illijix brand,) Oys'eri (a I'a'.lcmanJc,) Anehov es, &c, IiRlian Maccaronf and Vermicelli. French Pickle. (Variante. j Walnut Latsun, London Porler, Jujnl o Paste. Pepper Sauce "ay Wa-er, Tjpioc-a, Umon Syruji. French Sweet Chocolate and Suptnr Cc-oa. Fren-h preparod and English Mustard. Olive O.l, Sperm Od and Cn dies, Patent Sni-rm Candles. Castile, Almond, Va riegates and Family Soaps. Perfumeries. Do-ton Jaier and Swiet Crackers, Pilot Bread and Soda Biscuit. ,oAL',?i'ho C?,fm',1? Mitral Il'acrs.theciirellcllon l (iv-hlldam) Inn, rrenrh t'ognao nnd Cognac Cham, naicne tor m.lii-inn. 'H. i,v,l n.i, ssu- . 1 1 - v..i itoum 1. ivlia'iijioiil in quart and pint botili-, Aniseite superfine, Swis Absynihe, Curacoa and Rhenish Wines for Medicine. '1 heir stock of imported Cigars i unsurpassed, con-sl-tingcfthefolloA-ingehcine brands: La Union, lta- P.lia U.nn.ih.11 Inn. .a. !...... rt. . . . 1 .w.-u.,., ....jut, i,iiniiia, i riiiccs iorma AIs?, the Gertnja and Smynna Smokmc Tobai-co. ,, . O-jTHL'l M & .MICHOLLS. College St., next to Mr. Wait's Crookcry Stero, Birlington, Msy 13, 1843. T HE NT. THE Ba'lom Home, one mile south rf ikevilhce Apply to n. leanenworih: ' May S.d, 1843. 51 tf HO YE!! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY BARTON'S L ' I T I 1 a. t 1 . , ... ' oiiwi 'or vnaKing tne most ueiici-sm of Beverages roA mis warm weather. SANA'S SARSAPARLA tLVld Go&.paund Syrup of Sa'MMrijto, Extract of Sartaparilla, ' Spanish and Amtrican Ronl Sartarcviilti All VrnowneJ for PURIFYING THE BLOOD' INVIGORATING THE I'NHP ATtiv RESTOBJNO. SOUNDNESS TO THE CONS TI TimON. At wWe.l.and retail, bv v ' f rx-AK,- Dtufgiili.

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