Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 23, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 23, 1843 Page 4
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'Ho touched his harp,nnel nations heard, entranced, NEW POEM UY WORDSWORTH. The Kentish Observer has published the following promised commemoration of the ho roic Grace Darling by the patriarch poet Wordsworth which lias fur some time been the subject of conversation in literary circles in England : Grace DnrliiiB Among the dwellers in the silent fields The natural heart is touched, and public way And crowded street resound with ballad strains, Inspired by one whose very name bespeaks I'imir ilivine. exalting human love: Whom, sincuhcr birth on bleak Northumbrian coast, Known unto lew, i ui pnzcu as iar as Known, A sini'lc net endears to Inch and low Through the whole land lo inanhood,tnoven in spite Of the wotld's Ircezing ore to generous youth To Infancy, that lisps Her praise and age, Whose eye rclkcts it, glistening throogh.n tear Of tremulous admiration. Such true lai'no A waits her now, but, verily, good deeds Uo not imperishable record rind Save in the rolls of Heaven, where hers may tivo A thrmefor ages, when they cclihrnle The hiuh souled virtues which forgetful corih Has witnessed. Oh 1 that winds and waves could Of things which llit ir united power called forth (speak From the pure depllis of her humanity I A maiden uontlc, yet, at duty's call, Firm and unflinching as llie lighthouse reared On lheiland rock, her lonely dwelling place, Or like the invincible rotk itself, that braves, Ago nfter age, the hos-ile elements, As when it guarded holv Cuthbert's cell. All night the slormhad rnged.nor censed nor paused vvnen, osaay oroitc, iiiouratu, inrougii misty air, Espies far oil' a wreck, amid the surf. Healing on one of those disastrous isles Half ol a vessel half no inure) iherest Had vanished, swallowed up with all that thcra Had for the common safety striven in vain, Or thither thronged for nfugc, Wiih quick glnnco Daughter and sire, through oplic glass discern, Clinging about the remnant of this thin, Creatures how precious in the maiden a sight I For whom, belike, the old mm grieves still mora Than for their fellow sufferers engulfed When every parting agony is hushed, And hope and fear mix not in further si rife, " Hut courage, futhcr I let us out 10 sea A few may yet be saved." The daughter's wordl, Her earnest tone, and look beaming with faith, Dispel the lather's doubts: nor do they lack The noble minded inulhtr's helping hand To launch the boat ; and with her blessing cheered And inwardly suslaincd by silent prayer, Together they put forth, lather and child ! Each gras-ps nu oar, nnd struggling on they'go, Hivals in (Hurt; and, alike intent Hereto elude and there suiinount, they watch The I illows lengthening, mutually crossed And shattered, and rc-gntheiing their might ! As if the wrath and trouble of the sea Were by the Almighty's sulliience prolonged, That woman's fortitude fu tried, so proved Sly brighten moio nnd more! True to the mark. Thev slcm the current of thai perilous corrc. fheari. Their iiiinssiill eticiigihcmng with the strengthening hough dungtr, as tlie wreck is near u, becomes More imminent. Not unseen do they approach, And rapture, with varieties of feai Incessantly contlieting, thrills iheframcs ui tnose who, in nun Dauntless energy, Foreiasie deliverance ; hut the least perturbed Can scarcely trust his eyes, when he perceives That of the pair '.ossief on the waves to bring Hope to the hopeless, lo ihe dying, hfo One is a woman, a poor earthly sister, Or, lie the visitant other than she seems, A guardian spirit, sent fioin pitying heaven, In" woman's shape. Bulvvhy prolong the tale, Casting weak words ninida host of thoughts Armed to repel llicm7 livery hazard faced And difficulty mastered, with resolve That no one breathing should be left to perish, The last remainder of the crew ate all Placed in tlichttlo boat, then o'er the deep Are safely borne, landed upon the beach, And in fnlfilmtnt of God's mercy, lodged Within theshelleiing light-house. Shout, ye waves! Pipe a glad sung of triumph, ye fierco winds; Ye screaming sea-mews, in the concert join ! And would that some immortal voice, a voice Fitly attuned to all that gratilui'o Breathes out from floor or couch, through pallid lips Of the survivors, to the clouds might btar iUIcnded with praise of that parental love, leneath whose watchful eye the maiden grew Pious and pure, modest, and vet so brave, Though young so w ise, though meek so resolute) Might carry to the clouds and to the stars, Yes, to the celestial choirs, Giaco Darling's name! A HEART TO LET. HV JOHN DRCrSHAM. TO BE LET. To be let at a very desirable rate, A snug little house in a healthy state ; "Tis a bachelor's heart, and the agent is Chance, Affection, the Rent, to bepaidin advance, The owner, as yet has lived in it alone, So the fixtures aro not of much value but soon 'Twill be furnished by Cupid himself, if a wife Taken lease for the term of her natural life, Then ladies, dear Indies, pray do not forget An excellent Bachelor's heart to let. ThcTennntwill have a few taxes to pay, Lore, honor, and heaviest item obey! As for the good tcill, the subscriber's inclined To have that, if agreeable, settled in kind) Indeed, if he could such a matter arrange, He'd he highly delighted to take in exchange, Provided true title by prudence bo shown, Any heart, unincumbered, and free as his own. So iadies, dear Indies do not forgcl, An excellent old Uachelor's heart to be let ANSWER. tSY A LADY. I called, as per notice, the 'sung house' to see, Hut failed to get in, for the want of a key; Tho' by those who well knew it, I have been told, That the room is too small and rather too cold, The rent is too high and what is still more, It, I ft:ar.ha been reined too often before; And, hail it not been that you always saw fit To serve on each tenant n notico to quit, One miuht have remained, and by patience and skill, Have filled up the blank in a bachelor's will. There are doubts whether you can now claim the estate, On the ground that you're entered your lien up too laie; And if there is truth in the current report, You have lately been 6ien to drop into court ; And now when in doubt your suit you have pres'd, You ask for a bond and judgment confessed ; And thus, hnvingmsnnyed adroitly your part, You would levy at once on Bomefair lady's heart, Therefore I've concluded, for reasons you'll own, That hearts to be let, hai' better be let olonc! LOVE. Deep is the lover's voice When, like a muffled bell As to the object of his choice, His isle of love doth tell. Deep is the black-bird's song, And deeper still the f narrow's dittV! But none of these (ah I do not say I'm wrong,) Equal in depth the mud about tho city. The following was suggested by Mr. Hen ion's, project for a flying locomotive : The "Airy NothtiiB." Of all the projects wanting cash, Which we of late have seen, None seems so equitable as This novel winced machinei The benefits it offers are Of tho most mutual kind The winei will raise the company, If they can "raise tho wind." Intelligence The intelligence of some boys in financial mailers, speaks volumoas to the daily our then nf men's conversation. We slooned one vester day, says the New Orleans Bulletin, who was leading n one mnsim nerce in iouk, pui-ciim hi iiiubl-ic, nun very-probably daneerous, as ho was closclv munled "What's ihm Hern's nmo1" asked we. "He isn't named yet," said tho boy, but I vant to call him "ilonk-note," f ir though he runs at every body else, nc won l go-Ql'par t Pbetti Sentiment. The memories of childhood, ine.ionsr, lar-nway days or ooynoon, inc mother i love and praver. the voice of a departed play-fellow the ancient church and school-house, in all their green and hallowed associstions, come upon the heart in a dart, hour of sin and sorrow, as well as. in the joy ions time, like the passage ofa pleasantly remembered ibeam, and east a ray of their own hallowed purity and sweetness over Itirm. From the N. Y. Eve. Post. "The Social Principle the True Bounce of National Permanence," is tho title of an Oration delivered, last December, before a lite rary society of tho University of Alabama, by W. Q. Mimms, tho novelist. A copy, neatly printed at Tuscaloosa, lies before us. Our read ers, doubtless, remember tho accounts given in tho newspapers, of tho enthusiastic reception which Mr. Minims', as a distinguished author of the South, met with on his journey to Alabama a reception honorable both to him and those who gave it. Tho oration delivered on that oc casion is marked with Mr. Simtns's usual char acteristics, force and fluency of style, and unbor- .,...! .t,.,..l,i. rm, - I. ...!, f ,!, .I!-. lunuu iiiuuguiB, i uu luuiiunuin ui t.iw uio. course is tho position that tho love of home, at tachment and reverence for the domestic heart, is in its results a political principle of the high est importance, and is the cause of tho ncrtna nencc ot nations. Hits no lias illustrated very ingeniously from the history of our own coun try. Wo cannot better commend the discourse to our readers than by a few extracts : The Political Effect of the Love of Home. "Why aro not the Spanish and French adventurers who traversed theso regions three hundred years ago, marching with armies and banner?, a noble and a bright army, in all tho pomp of fame and chivalry, -why aro they not now in possession of these dominions, the mas ters of this city, sneakinc tho sonorous lan guage of the one nation, or tho courtly dialect of the other, and engaging, this hour, in tho gor geous and imposing rites of their peculiar relig ion I Why Is it that the French and Spaniards are in possession of so few of their colonics and conqunsts, driven, either wholly or in great part, from tho West India Island?, from Mexi co, from Central, and from South America, odious in all, with so few memorials of their power, tinassocinted with its crimes 7 I answer, becauso they pursued nut IIioeq humble pro cesses of comfort, because, with all their qual ities of conquest, they lacked the only one wlncli makes conquest permanent ! That domestic feeling, which is equally a sentiment and pass ion with tho Englishmen, the appreciation of a social impulse which no fashion can easily subvert, a sort of household religion, from whose sweet and simple altars no accursed love of lucre can ever thoroughly beguile. Imbued Willi fins religion of the liouso and heart, the hnglishman makes a castle wherever he plants a footstep. It is his law and fortress, and rais ing tins moral superstructure wherever ho lays his hearth-stone, he has founded his lordly dwel ling in tho four quarters of the earth. His drum, such is his haughty boast, still keeps sonn. rous sounding time, responding, like ancient Memnon, to tho progress of the sun, in every known region which ho honors with his beams. In each of these, such has been his devotion to the substantial objects of his nature, his treasure is too great to sutler him to forego his possess ion. He is rooted thero like some natural growth of the forest, he takes root readily, main tains his foothold with his life, and you ran only dispossess him by a recognition of those social laws by which he is governed, and by a slern patriotism, which, in the assertion of a natural right, finds a superior impulse to his own. In no other way can we account for the fact, that these Inuglity islander?, ot all living conquerors, have alone maintained their conquests, seldom baffled, and never, but in a single instance, driven from the ground where they had found foothold, and then only by the arms of a people sprung from the same ancestral loins with them selves1. Nay, even this exception must have its qualification. They were not expelled from America, they maintained themselves in Ameri ca, l ho invader was a foreign despot hostile to British liberty, nnd the expulsion of British arms irnm our soil, was one of tho noblest ef forts of British freedom. It was the struggle of the isritoirs nrcsidc, against liritannia s avarice, the social man against those usurping passions ofa government, which too frequently war up on the sacred hearth, in the name of church and ccptre. ' The Modal Disease of the Times.- With impatient spirit, a heart swelling with diseased desires, a hope that knows no measure in modesty or reason our country, at tins mo ment, through its inappreciation of the social virtue?, presents a deplorable picture to the eye and mind. It is a nation free from beggary. Never was nation so free at all times from this saddest of all conditions. No man lacl.3 in food or clothing. Never was nation, in tho whole broad eye of the sun, 60 well fed and habited, with such various fo'jd, with such fine raiment. Plenty covers the land, and the God who has been thus bountiful in blessings, has withheld the arm of punishment. Thero is no pestilence in our cities there is no savage at riot along our borders. Yet wo clamor, wo complain! Never was mouth so loud as the Americans in tho lan guage of complaint ! Of what do wo complain ! t hat tho Arts avoid our shore?, that the Graces fly from our habitations that wo have lost "Our peace, our fearful innocence," that wo arc selfish men, that wo have no Liter ature worthy of tho name, that our desires are base, that brutality stalks among us with a rare impudence, that crime is rising with hideous dimensions throughout the land 1 Is it of these things wo clamor ! No ! No.! These are mat lers of small significance, these call for no com plaints, ollen no feelings, alarm no virtues, oc casion no lemcntations. Our clamor is for something better, sweeter, dearer, more ncces sary to uur souls, for gold, for silver, or, more specious delusion still, though moro harmless, for good currant paper of hanks not yet absolute ly broken. V'lio national appetite rages, is still unsatisfied, will never bo salisfied. Wo are torn with tho greed that works within us our want, not our need, raving that 'promises to pay,' will no longer enable us to (leeco the poor ot our own, anu acirauu tho rich ot a lorcign nation i Fobtum: "This is not tho husi- ncss of man, nay, its pursuit is usually fatal to all his proper performances. On this subject we have a conclusive authority. What is it that wo are authorized to ask for, in our morn mg prayer to God I ' Give us this day our dal ly bread.' No moro, yet this is much, much moro than any of us deserve. Millions rise eve- ry morning in Europe, with an overpowering ap. pichension, that day, that they shall get no bread, neilher for themselves nor for their lit tle ones. Nobody contents himself, in Ameri ca, with so humble a desire j and were wo to lorm any idea of our prayers, in this country, from our complaints, wo should ho seen, morn ing anu night, oelore tho throne of (Jod, suppli caeing, rmi tor orean, nut lortunc. i no mere bread of life seems huta sorrow object of prayer, ami yei, wiinuui mis prayer, no uctter future awaits us. Certainly, peace, sccuritv. hanni- ncss, aro not ours, with all our toils, and with an our prayers to lortunc. Uontlcmen, wo must pray to God, and not to fortune !' NEW GOODS, AT GREAT BARGAINS. rTIHE eiibwriberhasjux returned from New York l wiui a mrgo assortment of Fancy and Staple Pry Good-, among which may be found very line- Wool lived llroad Cloths and Caimers, (Drapele Kite and Itpahan Cloth, Gambroons, Drillings and Linens for Gents wear) Alpaeva., Bomlaxinei-. Muslin Du Laine-, Plain and Striped t;hallys, Printed I 1 Kin . L'.nnnt, f" ... I tl I ! W 1 " uiii"rji-Ft iiaizaniio Lawn, (a new article) henvv. t-htn anil strmetl S1IL1 : A fFri-at inrl. ety of Silk Shawls, Hdkf., Laces, Glove, Ribbons, Ladie.' and MiYe' Bunnell, Artificial Flower,, Stocks. Scarf-, and Cravain Pjmin!! nn.l lTinl.-..!. la; .Men's single and double brim'd Leghorn Hats; ii-v i.inen oiid-iings, 1'iapen, ucKing. wicKine, arn, if.c. itc. The above articles and a great variety not cnninc rated have been lioimht nt Ihu lou-e.f nrii.. in inn.. Let, and will lie sold as cheap as the cheape-t fur cash. Tho.-e who aro in wanf, will do well to call venire piirenasinir cuewnerc May 25, '43. 51 II, W. CATLIN, BALES Cotlbn Sheeting, Cotton Yarn, do Tickings, do Halts, do Drills, do Wicks. . do Twine. do Carpet Warp, ju.i ictcivcei iiiiu iu, erne iuvr, uy 8May,'43. 6w 51 P. & II, II, DOOLITTLE, Tin Plate &c, SO Boxes Tin Plate, 85 Bdls. Russia and Engli.h Sheet Iron, assorted nosj ei oui. iron wire assorted. Scent Sheet Cop per, Tinned and black rivet-, Wire Vellum, Brae jV-liie nr. a I KUINt'rJ. Wov. 17. 1943, NOTICE. THE Subscribers are now manufactaring and keep constantly on hand a good as sortment of WINDOW SASH ol every description. SASH DOORS and BLlNDS made to order on the shortest notice. All orders addressed to the subscribers will receive prompt attention. 1 iViTi tiv a. ('Mini.' Wlnooskl Palls, May 18, 1BJ3. SI DEAFNESS CURED! SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL, I? OR the cure of DEAFNESS, pains, and thedis . charge of matter from the ears; also all those .I: . 1. 1 : i.i. - .u i : ..r : - ulBUKrui'tluia nuiaea. imv mo uiiiiik ui iiibciib, falling of water, whining of steam, &c. etc., which are symptoms of approaching deafness, and also generally auenunm wiui me uisease. Prepared by U. DELL, of tho City of Philadelphia, and sold at wholesale and retail by Druggists and Apothecaiiei generally in tho United Stales. At Dutlington, Vt., by PECK & SPEAR, At which place interesting facts in relation to tho efficacy of mo Acoustic uu may oe seen. B. B. LUMPERT. Washington St. Philadelphia. May 17. Wool, ffiK. Wool! TJOELOFSON & KATIIIII'N bavins Leased the XV commodious Manufacturing Establishment, of me uuriinrion iuiii IO., nnu ceinnene'u ineiiie;ivc in hoine-swiih Mr. Sidney Barlow, (former Agent for aiu uo..i are nowreueiy to receive vvooi 10 mnnu- laciure lor eusiomers inio uiue, niaeir, aieei, uxitirei, and Cadet Mix B It O A I) C 1, OTII S. To tho-e that have had work done heretofore by Roelf-on and Rathbiin, little need e paid to induce! a conlinu ane'e of patronage, and lo all others we would say that the work will be! elone in a workmanlike manner. urmer, Merchants nnd others wi-hing to have wool iuanui.u'iure.11 tor tlieir own me or tor market may rest asiired lliat no pa'n or attention will lesparei! to pive the le-t of tatUfae'iion. Term of pnyment mndeeay for all lots of wool from 1000 lbs and upward-: Small lots Cash or una hall of the iloili- when lini-lied. The business will be conducted under the firm of ROELOKSON, RATH BUN &. Co. April 5, 1343. 45 MRS FItASKU. HAS just returned from New York with n fashionable assortment of M t L LINEKV Ribbons, Laces, Flowers, Gloves, nn.l Mill. A gOOU Q 3 HU T I III C II I UI Prince Aloert and 7'wtean HATS all which will be sold as cheap as the cheap est. Burlington, May 19, 1843. 51 tf UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN UAKltUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of CAMPBELL REMINGTON, of Hunlincton. for his Discharge and Certificate, as a Bankrupt, at the otnee ot Samuel l'rcntiss, in Alontpelicr, in said District, on Wednesday, the 30th day of August, A. D. 1813, at 10 A. M. ELI AS DOTY, of Huntington, for his Discharge ond Certificate, as a Bankrupt, nt the office of Samuel Prenliss, in Montpelicr, in said District, on Wednes day the 301 h day of August, A. D. 1813, at 10 A.M. LYMAN D. CHURCH of Jericho for his Discharge and Certificate, as a UanRrupt, at tiieolliceof.-am uel Ptinliss in Montpelicr in said District, on TueS' dav. Iheltthdavof Julv. A. D. 1813. at 10 A. M. Ol'STAVL'S A. DEMI.NO. of MMlon. for hii Di- cb.irgeaud Certificate, a a Bankrupt, at I he ofTne of Samuel l'rentis, in Montpelicr, in iaid Di-lricl, on Tne-day the lllli day ef July, A. v. 1843, at 1(1 A. M. ALVAII C. JENNINGS of Burlington, for his DiV charire nnd Certificate-. a n Bankrupt, at the educe ol Samuel Prenti-f, in Montpilier, in aid Di-trict, on Tuesday I lie llthehjyol July,A.D. I813,at 10a.m. LUMBER YARD. milE subscribers keen on hand a suddIv of Lum X bcr of various kinds nt their yard on Pearl St. where they will promptly wait on customers, her sawed to order. Apply to Henry P. Hickok. March 10. HICKOK & STEVENS. BLACKSMITH IJVG. HEMtY WHITNEY begs leave to remind those who are not already apprised of the fact, that he has removed his establishment to the new brick shop corner of Pcarl-st. nnd the new road where ho will be hannv to serve his old friends, am: make as many new ones as promptness and fidelity may secure. WAGGONS. He has on hand 3 Double Waggons, made of the best materials, with iron axles, and warranted to do good service. Two one-horso LUMDER WAGGONS a good article. Also, a number of superior CONCORD WAG GONS. with wood and iron axles. All of which will be sold very e heap for cash, and at prices adapted to tnc tints, tor goou papcr.c TO RENT. Tliesecondstorvoflhobuildimrabovo alluded to being a room 2G by 40. and an excellent stand for a Painter or wneel-wngnt. ubmir niiii, i Burlington, April 12, '43. 46 3m HOUSE FOIt SALE. AIeat and convenient llOUSh, with narden and Ktd water attached, .pleasantly situated near the I uine part of the village i a very de-irablo resilience, 'and will Le told low. Kortermapplvto JOSEPH WAIT. Corner of Church and Colle-ge Ms. Burlington, April 12, 1643. S 46 NOTICE. rn HE subscriber havimr lal.en his son Hlnrt If X DooiittLE into Ccnartner-hip, the busine-t will be continut-dat his old stand under the firm ofP. &H II. DOOLITTLE. fltlLii DUULirii-r.. Burlington, I Till April, 1843. Wanted to Exchange, flri run DWELLING HOUSE and LOT. CI l nrl-iiiir near half anae-re of land with out build mi.", i.i nn mi ihu nens iiiornoou oi nun nziau, A troixllar'rain will be given to any one who wi-hes to move into the village of Burlington fur the purpoi-e of keeping boarder.-', o fur piofes.-ional services, as t ns house is near tne square. ,.... . II. THOMAS, Agent. Burlington, Keb. 15, 1813. 39lf VKMIOIIICAIiS. fTUIE MitisrriU-r i prepared to furnish any of the l'enexlicai imiiiie'auons oi ine ujv, ncvicwo. M.i!'nmi-..iir Miuillilv ItenrinN of foreicn works. at Ibelowt-M piibli-her's prices, nnd free of postage, il delivered in II irlington. , . A catalogue and ,pceimen numteri ofsomn ol tnc wurhs may i e seen ui nir. oime-y r miu piicui. wi der" left a above, or at Box 45, Post Olfice, will be . cj.i.i ,. ii. riompilyatlendeil to II ae-companiea uy tne casn. 1 V 1 J. W. MAY. Aireni for Wdder& Co., Gen. DiMributtng Agents, llo-ion. tt BISHOP HOPKINS ON ROMAN ISM. A second letter to tho RIGHT REV, FRANCIS J. P. KENRICK. Iloman Catholic llithon of ri.. i-,i. ii.. innv iii.'miiv iiiiiiL'tniw ii D. UUhon of the Diocctof Vermont. Just published, Kro sale by II. J. anuJiwAi , Agent. April 6, 45 Hll.VEIl SPECTACLES, FOR two dollars at the Variety Store. Ooggle, Co,es andnll things in the opiiral line, cheaper Ihun ever sold. SI i angdohn if- urinsmaio. AlillANY AND HUSTON RAIL HOAD Fare Reduced to 04. fare to Uotton reduced to 1 1 to those uho go through du same train. On and after Monday, May 8th, passenger trains run dully, (Minuays txccpteu) as loiiowst a Leave Greenbush at 1 tefore 7 a.m. arrive in Hot ton (it p. m. same dav. Leae Ureenbush at 1 Lefore 3 r. M. lodge m Snnnglield arrive in llostou at 11 J a. m. next day. Vua Worcester and Norwich Pa.tcngers tale the ) before 7 train from (ireenl.ush, mtenrct the steamboat train from Uoion at Worcester thence to Norwich. Fur ilASTroRD and New Havem Paococf rs leav ing Grcenl ush i before? a. M., take tho steamboat ai a pringneia ai m h. reacn iianiuru at j r. i and urex'eed hv cars lo New Hnven. Pttengera may al.o leave Greenbush at ) lefore j r. si., rcnen opruieiieiu o, mence ) singe inline diale'.v to Hartford lodge leave Hartford al6 next morning in cars for New Haven. Passengers mtiht leave the Ticket Office, in Stan vix Hall, Maiden Lane, for the Rail-road Ferry Boat atOJ i. . r,r 91 r. h. the ferrv boat will be uunctual in starting. Ticketsfor the cars must he obtained I etore going on board the ferry boat. b b W. Tl. TOWNSENI), Muster of 'I ransportation AI. mmk l.a.tlai nttru A Very superior article FOR SKED, for sale by April 35, 1843. OEO. PKTERSON. FAIINESTOCK'S CEl.EIinTED VERMIFUGE or WORM MEDICINE, Ii for tale uy l'KUK & of EAIv By the Oross, Dozen, or Single Bottle. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE ami well aotnrtrrf assortment, consist A ingof Gilt, Mahogany and Gill, Mohogany,and Fancv framed Lookimr Ulasscs. for ti'.e at greatly reduced prices at tho Hardware Store, Corner of unurcn anu uoiiego sis., by hauaii oe. aivinuii, FOR SALE; THE new, commodious, beautiful BRICK DWELLING IIOUSKnnd Lot at the corner of College and Pine street, which i not lor prospect or e'on-verne-nce excelled by any situation m town payment in part may remain on lime. Apply to R. W. SHERMAN or S. E. HOWARD. NOTICE. THOSE who have unsealed matters with S. B. Scott aro most respectably informed that ho will do himself the pleasure of leaving them tor collection f not arranged immediately. CAlilNENT FURNITURE. THE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Public, that ho still continues tho CAIIINENT BUSI NESS nt tho Old Stand, on CniireA Street, formerly ; iciiot-" ii- ucrncK, and over Air. iiurioul s More, whereho has a nood nssorlmenl of Maho2.inv. Black Walnut, Cherry and Pine FURNITURE, consistimr of Secretaries; llurcaus; Sofas; Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet, Tables: Bedsteads and Stands, which he will sell for cash unusually low, according to the times. WANTED. In exchancc. Birch nnd Manic SCANTLING, suila hie for Hcdsleds 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 8thsnnd 1-2 inch IIASSWOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS, BIRCH BOARDS, and most kinds of Country Produce I'icase can ana examine lor yniireivcs. HAMULI., rwuuui.ii. Ihtilington, Jan. 13, 1843. 34tf LOOK AT THIS FARMERS! THE nibieriU-M will MANUFACTURE WOOL EN CLOTHS for eusion-era the comin season, al the following prices, lo v il oanneiis, lor as ct per yard, Sheep Grey, plain, 25 eents per yard, Mixed and mill colours 30 do Cas-imercs 34 elo We al-o have a (piantiv ot CLOTHS on hand which we will exchange for Wool. .ii L me a i ev i'Aii(ie.K. Hincsl urgh, March 14, 1843. 42m6 HAGAR &, AltTllUR, A Ilh now rcceiTing new 1J- BUI lupplics of I SADDLER COACH A5,'D SHE, II RDWIt in alius vanlics, ALSO, DRUGS& MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, &c. &c. Burlington. Vt. June 2, 1843. 5 Salt. lOOO BUSHELS Courso Western Salt, DtJU do Turk-s I-land do 500 do Si, Ubes do 150 Bids Western fine do 40 Sacks Liverpool 1 limn do CO Sacks Western fine do 6 Cases Salt in loaves for table use, ny Nov. 12. STRONGS. EXCHANGE HOTEL. Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf Uurlliigton, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS e-tablMuncnt, so favorably located for the accommodation of the bune-s and trave ling community, is now o en ten he public, Po-l Cone lies upon the various route, can at the Exchange Hotel for pasenger, and those arriving or ilrparttng by Steam Boat, In which case their baggage!, removed without charge", will find this iie,use peculiarly toiheir convenience. The keeper tenders his service., wiih the assurance, lhal in all re-peels, the- hous shall de-ervethe favor able consideration oi nil wno may patronise, it. uurnnion, April i, ioiz. 4311. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. 'Plin Sibscriler X having moved in to Ibe NEW BRICK BUILDING, joining the County jluilding-, on Church street, is carrving on the HAT MANUFACTUHING BUSIM SS in all its variou-branches. He now oilers in 1 be nub ile a general assortment of the mostfashionable Hals inusej among which is a very superior arlicle of mom; skin iiajs, eiinal in neatness and style and I elievefl lo he far su perior for durability to any thing of ihe'kind ever le fnre offered in litis market. Also, n verv superior ar licle of CASTORS and common lints, among which ate a few of Ibe smooth Castors known by the name of Cassimerf. Hats. Any particular fashion or style varying from tho general fashion made 10 order al the shortest notice. All the at ovc will be sold as cheap a. thee-heape-t. JOHN STETSON. Burlington, April 27, 1843. 48lf FOR SAI.K. UHE House and lot belonging to James Langshore situated on the New Road leading from Burling ton bquare to the Falls. For terms apply to April 27, 1813. 43 If L. 11. PL ATT. TO LET. THE Lot on Pearl street, known by the Munson Lot; containing about three acres divided by a fence into two lots, which can bo rented separately. The ground requires ploughing and enriching. For that use it will be rented low. It contains about seventy-five goodapple trees, part grafted fruit. Enquire of LYMAN & COLE. May li, 1343. 50 nONNETS AND liKtillORN HATS. ANEW supply of Ladies' Florence and Straw Bonnets, and Men's Leghorn Hats just received and for sale very cheap by 18 May, 1813. BIGw P. & II. II. DOOLITTLE. NEW GOODS- "IX7E are receiving a good V assortment of the vari oils kind, of goods in our line, purchased low for cash, which we shall he happy to liW and se'l 10 any who may wish fur them, in the line of Watches and Jewelry, Brushes, Combs, Clocks. Mu-ie-nl Instruments. Cuilery, Plated, German Silver, Britannia Ware, Cas tors, Lamp Wicks and Glasses Plated Hooks and Eye-, Pins, Needles, W)ialc!ionc, Willow Waggons, Chairs, Cradle.., Toys, Doll, Masks, Marbles, Pic tures, Instruction Books for Musical Instruments, Mililarv Goods, Percussion Caps, Fancy Toilet Soaps Work Boxes, Writing De-ks, Baskets, Fao., Music Boxe-, Siiutl'ond Tolacco lloxes, Spectaela., Thim bles, Eyrlels.Elaslics, Bool Lacets,Searfs and Stock., Collar-, Bosoms, Straps, Spirit Levels, Silver Spoons, Gold BeeJs, eVc. Ac. Our assortment is verv comptete and constant ad ditions are making 10 it, nnd we will sell any article as low as the rcry lowest. May 2ti. Pangborn & IIbInsmaid. HEDUCUn REDUCTION I Urasg Clocks at Reduced Prices. "COR ibe purrose of lurnina a J. lot of Clocks into cush, we now ofli-r some of the most beau, tilul finished Brass and Wood Clocks at half price, for cash only ; we have Wood Clocks as low as 831, some at 84 25. Brass Clocks of the best kind in line polished Mahogany Cases, some O G and some Double O G, for $5 and 85 25. We war rant them lo keen cood ii'iiim none better can be had any where, call soon and get a clock before they are all gone, as we have hut a few at these extremely low prices. For other pay than cash or for credit the eld price will be charged. Wo! ,hBin"to secure a clock for almost noth ing. Phase call and sir ihem soon. May 20, I34J, Panobors dt Pmjmp SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. FOIt THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OF ALL DISEASES ARISING FIIOM AN IM PURE STATE OF THE IILOOD, OR HAB IT OF THE SYSTEM. NAMELY i scrtoruLA, on kino's evil, rheumatism, obstinate Cl'TANNEOUS ERUPTIONS, PIMPLES, On PUSTULES ON THE FACE, BLOTCHES, BILES,CIIRONICSORE ETE, SING WORM OR TETTER, SCALD HEAD, ENLARGEMENT OF THE BONES AND JOINTS, STUBBORN ULCERS, StritlLlTICHrMI'TONS, SCIATI CA Oil lumbago, and disease) arising Irom nn injudicious ueol Mercury,Ascilic,or Drop-y, cxponire or Im prudence in life. Al.o. Chronic Conotiliitional Disorders will be remo ved hv this nrenaration. Improvement in whatever rt-gards the happiness and wclfaroofour race i constantly on the march lo perfection, nnd with each succeeding day some new problem hr sol vol, or some profound secret revealed, having an important and direct bearing overman's highc-t elestmies. If we take n rclro-pective view over the pat twenly vear, how i the mind Mruck with wonder 1 What rapid stride, hai science made in every department of civilized life! particularly in that which relate, lo the knowledge of the human sys tem in health and dicac. How valuable nnd indi. pensablc nrcthe curative means recently discovered through the agency of chemitry I How doe llie imagination kindle nnd our admiration c'ow nt the ingenuity, the near nppraarn to the flanilard or.pcr- iccuon, eu ine prelum nine: i i iirmigu inc eiuuoraie investigations of Phy-iology, or the science ol Life, and the Pathology of prevalent di-ea-c, much valua lie praclie-al knowledge ha been pained. Incone nuenceof heeomins ne-nuainlcd with the orsaniza- lion, ine ciemeni. in iui- vuriuu. iiimjus nun sirnciure. of the sv.-tem. rctiiedic have been sought nfier and discovered exactly adapted to combine with, neutral ize- nnd expel morumeo mailer, the i'aue ol itieasi-. ond substitute he.illhv aciion in lis nlnce. The beau- tilul simplicity oi uus inoue oi treatment is not only suscelcd bv the pathulogy of disease, not onlv gralnfiil to tlie sullercr, hut perlcctly in consonance with the operations of Nature, and satisfactory to the views nnd reasoning of every intcllnrenl. refle-e liii" mind, It is that Sands's SAnsAr-AniLLA, a seicnlilic comiiiuanon oie-cniiai principle. hi tnc- most valua ble vegetable sul stance, operate, upon the system. The Sarsanarilla is combined with the most cllcclual aul, the most salutary prodintions, the most potent .imulcs of the vegetable kingdom : nnd it. unnreco- denlcil success in the restoration to heallh of lliosu who bad long pined under Ibomostdi-iressingcbron-ic inaladic-, ha. given it nn exalted haracter, fur nishing a. il doe. evidence of it own intrinsic value-, and recommending it lo llie nllliuted in terms the nf- mcieti only can unow. ii na long i een a mo-t im portant elesiileralum in llie practice of medicine to ob tain n remedy similar to tin- one mat would net on the liver, stomach and bowel, with all tho pree i-ion and potency of mineral preparation., ct without any of their deleterious cliccls upon tl of i he system. The attention of ihc reader i rcpcclfullv railed lo the following certificates. However great achieve mcnts have heretofore I cen made by llie ti-c of this nvuiuaiiic ineiiie-iiie-, veiimiiv ixnencuce snow's- re sult, still more remarkallc. 'I ho prourii-lor. here avail them-elves of the opportunity of saving it i n source ol con-lant saii-faciion ihat tlit-y are made ine menus eii ruuvvui siii-ii nu iiiiiuuni oi slllierlug. JSrwark, N. J., Dec. 13, 1842, ATcssrs, Sands : Gent Wonl. cannot exnn.--.. t rnlilmle I fe-cl for your treatment to me-, n stranger ulliring under one of the mo-t loathsome di-ea-t-. thai nature is capable ol bearing. Ihe disea-e with which I wa nllhcled commenced wiih imlamation ol theeye-, 111 Ihe year I83G, which caused almost total Mimuic-s. l e r uu- 1 evn. treated and finally relieved but the remedies were sue h as 10 cause the devi-lim menlof a scrofulous affe-cliou on mylcliann near Ihc eioow The pain extended from llie shoulder to llie end o my linger-, and lor two ear.s my tuilerinas were 1 e vend description. I tried vnriou. remedies ind eon suited eliilerent nhv-iciansin New York, nnd amongst Ihemthelate Dr. Bu-he, who told metlic di-ea-e of the arm was cau-ed liy llie large quantity of mercury taken to cure the inllainalion of mv eves. My Mitlering. continued, the-arn enlarged, tumors formed 111 different place., and in n few months dis. charged, making leu runningiili'crs ntonetinu-, some above and some below the elbow, nnd the discharge was so ollen-ivc tliat no person could bear to le- i llie room where I was. I 1 ben nnnliedlu ano-her ill. tingiiishcd physician, who told me amputation of the urm was inuiiiiiy uiing inai couiii save mv me, as it was iinno-siblctocure so dreadful a disease : but ns f was unwilling 10 consent to it, he recommended me to use Swain's Panacea freely, which I did without deriving Imt little benefit, torlhreoyoars I was un able lorai-emy hand to my head, oreombiny head. 1 .i r..i .. . - J nun uiu siTuiuiu iiuw nunc n.s nppearanic 011 my nenu,uc-ireiying ine Done in eliilerent places, causing exlen-ive ukcrations, and 1 feared it might reach and destroy the I rani tlie head swelled very much, ne companieel with violent pain. Numerous external remedies were recomini'ndeil, but they did no goe.l. About n year since I was lal.en severely ill wnh swelling ol the bodv from head lo fool, so that 1 was entirely helpless. The doctor advised ine to go totbe hospital, for he did not understand mven-e. Korilu- last few months I had been afflicted with a severe pain in both sales, nl tunes so hard 1 could scarcely I. ..11 . 1 .u . 1 1 ' uuii mv it iine'i, ng i'ti gn i-o .1 n r an noyeel me, uiidlhiscuinbincil wiih my other maladies rendered me truly miserable. Such, gentleman, ha been my situation tor seven voir, of my life, when I commenced the u-e or your sar-nnirilla : but .1. mv case was con-idereil hopeless', and the near prospect ofa speedy ill-solution seemed Ic, I felt but lil- tle encouragement to persevere. The per-na-ion of trieiui. muueeu mc to Iry your medicine which iu icw nays iriitunen grcji e naoge in my system gen erally, by causing an appelile, relieving thepain,and giving me sliengih. As suevess inspires, confidence, 1 wus euiuiiiiim-u 10 persevere, -uypains urewea-i er, my strength returned, food relishes . ihenle.-rshenl ed, new fie-li formed, ami 1 once more felt within me tliiui might get well. I haveiiow used the Sarsana rilla about two month., ami am lil,e- a dill-rent be. mg. I he arm that teas to be amputated has entire healed, n linns that seemed iiniiosi le. I e-an seare-e' ly I elievelheevioencuofiny own eje-, but such is the fact : and it i- now a. a. ai anv nrriml nf mi- life, and my general health is belter lhan il has I cen leir vcar- past. He-allh, wdiai magic in the word ! how many 1I101 snnus nave songm 11 in lure'gn lands and sunny clime., and have sought in vniu ! Yel it came tome when I had give., up to die; undns I feel Ihe inil-u tionsofheallh coursing tlirnugh my veins, my whole lean anu suuigoionn in icrveni gralilimeio tlie nu thor of all our sure men-ie--, lhal he has been gra cioii'ly pleated to I less the means made u-eof. 'Tru ly have you proved yourself the goo.1 Sainaruan ihe ulliicteel, for next to my Creator my life i indebted lo you '.or ralher) the use of your invaluable Sar-ani rilla. The value of such a medicine is e-ountlcss u yond price, money cannot pay for it. I have been raised Irom death, I niaysay.lor my friends and my self thought it impossible I could recover. And now gentlemen sutler mo to add another proof certified loo nyiny menu- anu guannaiis n. a jii-t acknowledge mcnt of ibe viitues ofvour heallh restoring Sur-nnn rilla. That the n (Dieted may also use it and e-njoy 1 ' vhsiiis 11 aiuueuiin eunier, is llie ueariicu, icr vein wish ui ineir anu your inewi. MARTHA CONLIN. I know Martha Conlin and I elicve what she stales in this document lo Le perfectly correct. JOHN POWER, Vicar General or New York. . Rector of St. Peler's Church. Given at New York 1 hi. 14ih Hav nf liec. 1SI9 1 know Martha Conlin. find I1.1 fering illness. JOHN DUIIOIS, Bishop of New-York. I place full confidence in Ihe slalement made by Martha Conlin, having known her the past twenty years. I will cheerfully give any parliculars in rela tion 10 her case lo those who may wi-h further infor 'nation. Sr. ELIZABETH, Superior of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, Prince street, N. Y, Dec. 14, 1811. I have con fidem-e in the representations made by Martha Conlin, and have full knowledge of her case. ELIJAH F. PUKDY. Alderman 10th Ward of the ','ilyol.Ncw York. Dee-. I I, 1812. Martha Conlin has lived in my family the last 13 years, and 1 hereby e'crufylhe foregeiing statement made by herself is correct. Mrs. MARY B. LOVD. No. COI Broad street, Newark, N. J. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by A. B. SANDS &.CO.. Druggists und Chemists, Grnnite Buildings, No. 273 Broadway, cor ner ol'Chambers-sireei, New York. GEORGE PETERSON, Agent Uy special appointment for the Proprietors for Uur lington, Vermont, and fur sale by Druggists generally, Phice 31 per buttle, G bottles fur 85. Burlington, March 8, 1813. 41 ly PECK &. SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Ao, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Ilurlington, VI. ' C. BENNS jr. & Co. DRAPERS fit TAXKORS, (3d Door South of the Hank, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CLOTH & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Cutting done In tlie most approved' style and Warranted. Burlington, November, 1819. 2Glf. CASH PAID for FLAX SEED. LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for sale by STILES ft. McELROY. At ihuOil Mill at the Falls. P'irliogloii, Nov, I, 181? M,ly FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA or PHTHIS IC. CONSUMPTION. WHOOPING COUGH. and all Pulmonary Affections nnd Diseases of the Lungs, thi. is believed to Ic the most popular etcfli caeious Medicine ever known in Ainene-a,for proof ol which, we would refer lo those who have u,cd It, and to the nunieroii. e ertifieale. of Physicians nnd others atiaciicu 10 ine insiue wrapper oi eacu i onic. Dr.Atnory Hunting, of Franklin, Mns. wrile.lhat allcr having pre-enbed the u-ual reineihes without relief ami Having consnucu wnu several eminent physician., he ha found the Vegetable Pulmonary linisain tnliavclinu tiicutv-ircucucci, ami recommends as a safe, convenient nnd ciricaciou. medicine. Dr. Thomas Brown, of Concord. N. II. . writes thai 10 hi. knowledge, it has never disappointed the rea sonable exneclntion. of those who havciisedit. The public nr particularly cautioned against the many Counterfeits or imitations which have partial ly or wholly assumed the naipeofthe genuine nrticle. jlic nurei mat it is uoi genuine- unie- one loth of the wrillen signatures of SAMPSON HEED or WM.JON'N CUTLER, are found attached ton yellow label on a blue envelope. (All labels of and nllcr the elate ol Deo. 1B33, will have the wrillen signature of Win. Jtin'ii Cutler. Prepared by REED. WING & CUTLER, dale Low & lteed.1 Whole-ale Druggists, St Chatham St., Boston, and sold by Druggists, Apothecaries and country mer chants generally, rrice 5U cents. l'tUK & Sl'EAK, Agents, Burlington, Dec-. I, 1812. ly, lilt. MAItSIIAM.'H AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CA1AIMMI SIVUFF. THIS Snulf is superior to any thing jet known, for removing Ihat troublesome di-ea-c, the Ca tarrh, and al-o a cold in the head, nnd headache. It opens and purges out all ob-iruciiiins, strengthens the gland, and gic. n healthy action lo Ihc parts alleeteil. Il 1. perfectly free from any thing deleteri ous in its compo-ition basa plea-nut flavor, and it. immediate eject afler lelug useel, is agreeable. Price 374 ct-. per lollle. j.acii hemic coninins aiioni uirec limes tuequnntity of the several kinds of Catarrh ami!!, now selling nt n lower price, nnd is ihervfore- cheaper, as well as ocuvr man any tiling oi ine kiiiu in irarkel. DOCT. .TAR-VIS' TOMATO BUIIOUS PILLS. T'lIESE Pills conlnin no Calomel, but nre comno. X ed entirely of Vegetable siiVinncc, and have in their composition n large portion of the pure extract oi uiai iiigtuy ineeiicinn article, the 1 omaio I'lan constituting thcin e.enlinlly, TOMATO PILLS. The nronncior feels n confidence iu rec-ommendin them as superior to mos, and inferior to in no of ihe Pills which are making set much neii-e at llie nre-senl uay, as n puruier ci the liioou, a conee-lorol a i ilion or elvsne-ptic state and ha .11. or n. 11 eonunon e-a'h.irti'1 ne n-surcs the pul lie mat they have the cordial and uae ue-ii appronalion eii piiysteian. 01 tlie- highest res pce-labihty, who use ihem in iheir pracliie. How hv Ihe- rreprielor,i;ilAKl.l.-i HOWl-.N.Mid, dlcliury, V, Win. C. Stimp-on and Heed, Edward nniilv. aic-r-. Lewis, notions lloaillev rnt-in i Li)., A. II. eV I). MA.MIM, and other- 111 iNew ork 1 PECK et SPEAK nnd HAGAR &i AIM 11111, Uur lington, Vt., and by Druggists generally throughout ine t nueii aiaics- nun ejauaua. February 23, 1813. Iy33 House and Store To Let. A Neat and Convenient House, out building-, and small garden. Also, a convenient Sroni:, in a- gnod siiuation aji any other in Church street. Both or cither of tl e al ove tenements lo be let for one or more years, and possession given the first elay of May next. ISAAC WARNER. February 2, IS 13. 30 AMERICAN HDTUL. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, BY S. W. TAYLOR, CoeaT HocsE Sqcabe, BcnuNOTO.v, Vt. ICtf .Iron, Steel &c. OO Ts assorted Engli-h Tire Iron, syU 1 0 " do. Swede- and Peru do. do. 3 " Russia Old Sable do. GO " Peru manufactured rounJand square Iron embracing all sue- from J 111. 10 2 J in. IO Ions assorted brand Iron. I O " Scroll Iron and shoe shapes, 3 " Russia hor-e null rod., Anvils, Vice, Sledge-s, Trae c Chains, Borax, File and Ita-ps, Shovels, Spade-, C'ro liars &c. Steel. Sanderson'- Cast Steel, Gre-ave German " English blistd. " Atnericnn " 1, SO Setts Steel plated Cutter and Sleigh Shop ic. eVe. just Receive 1 by STRONGS. PECK & SI'EAR, AGENTS FOIt SHERMAN'S LOZENGES, ft-via -""-iii-mricj 1? LA W VmW i)6?,vassaus- 1 CHILDREN CRY FUR THEM! "1ROWN PEOPLE snv thev arc the n'easante-t vT and mo-t elective medicine in use, Enormous quamities are sold, and every bodv hke-s I hem. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES hae saved the live- of thousand-. SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZENGES are real antidotes to headache-, palpiiation, sea-sickiiess,low-ness of spirits and ilespouelcncy or iheclfeets of dis- siiiauon. POOR MAN'S PLASTER-ShcrmnnVweinean costs 12j cents, nnd is certain 10 cure rheumatism, lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, side or back, nlso pile., SOKE NIPPLES Positively cured by Sherman's Papillary Oil, wil bout taking the child from the I reasl. Dr. Sherman desires particularly Ihat purchasers should be careful I hat thev get Ihe genuine Sherman's Leze-nges and Plasters, us he cannot be ne-countabte for the worthies, articles thai may otherwise be paiiue-11 upon iiiciii. Likewise nil Geniisf. PATENT MEDICINES, P Eli FUMES, SOAPS. INKS, BLACKINGS, JIN U I UAL, vviaks and I.KiLiJHa, pure. STl. ART'S CONFECTIONERIES, PECK it SPEAR. Whole-ale and Reiail Druggists, PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rnillS articleis too well known toneedcomm M elation and Ihe experience of seven )ear has demonstrated to die commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and, durability, they are uiinvaiicu woai yam scales 10 wcigu uum tons. Ootmnnt Warehouse do. to weigh from 1-2 lb. Ki fiOdil lbs.. Porlablii iln. 10 u-eich from 1 2 OI. to 200 lbs. PortahleCounterdo-anewatticle to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. & J. II. Pck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1841. JAMBS II. 1U.ATT, BOOT &- SHOE MAKER, TTAS removed his shop to Warner' row, opposite J.J. in Howaru s more, on unuren mx-ei. ncuasu largt- assoriiueni ui i-auiea anu utuiii-nien iwuir. hnli Gniiers. Uoolces and Shoes: also. Misses and Boy's Thick Boots and Brogans, all of which he will if at vsrir I nu I. ripe, for cask. All kinds of WOrk in his line made lo order. Please call and examine his work and price., hu Icels, eonudeni mat coin win meet your approbation. Hurlinstim, .May 3, l&U. 1 Uli' JIHVWfL. i". '"rVl 11 1. I PERU IRON COMPANY. HAVE, and will constantly keep in deposite s.w their Agents at Builington. t.( Peru mnnulau, lured Nails and Iron, of tho following dcscriplioni to wit ; NAILS. 3d, 4d, Sd, GJ,8d, lOd, 12d,20d.24d, 30d, 40d, 60d,60d SPIKES. 4 inch. 4 1-2, 5, 5 1-2, nnd 6. FINISHING NAII.S.-G1, Bd, lOd, 12d, manufac lured specially for finishing nice wnik'. FLOOR NAILS. 12d,.(W, nnd24d. IRON. , HO UNI) ?OiV,-3-8,7-l'5, 1-2, D-16. B-8, 11-16 3-4, 7-8, 1 inch, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, 1 5-8 suvAni: .oa',-3-8. 7-16, 1-2,9-16,5.8, n-16 3-4, 7-B, 1, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1.3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. ua.ij muis, i ifi, i i-js, i j-j, i 3-4, a, s i-i, i, i i-z, ft men. Tlttti MON,- 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, Mid from d-H to ft-8 thir.K. HOUSE SHOE 1IION, variou. sixes. . II A ME AND SCIIOI.L IRON. do. do. MAllIILE SAW PLATES, cnt to order m hnrt notice. The Peru I ron Co. manufacture their goods at Clin tonvilh-,iN. Y. from Iron of their own make. They Intend to keep in the band., of their agents a more ful and complete assortment than con l.e found in tho Slate. It I. I.cneveu tnai ine goou. irum inis vsiau-li-hment are heller manufactured, than those from anv olherin its vicinily. Purchasers are respectfully soliciledlo inspect the Good, oflhi. Co. Prices n low and terms as lavor- able, ascan le obtained in the blnte. ' m 1- . US t u-rlinVrt A(Tinl. 1. r. IX, Li. oiiiv-is- '"' Aug. 25th, 1812. New Establishment. THE subscribers having opened a Paint Shop t the building one door South of Bishop's Hotel, would respectfully inform their friends and the pub lic that they are prepared to execute all kinds of House, Carriage and Sign Painting, Gilding, Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in the neatest possible manner, nnd hope by strict personal attention lo business to receive a snare o me pumic patronage. Jl. U. Ol'AUljLM.Xlr, S. II. RUSSELL. Burlington, April 29, 1642. 47tf. Life! Life!! Life ! ! ! Jonathan Moore'. ESSENCE OF LIFE. The mo-t highlv esteemed Medicine lhnt has ever been discovered for curing Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, nnu 030.111 uuao. 11 win ai-o remove Ine Wh'ioping-Cough in one week. Prepared by Hem nv Sr.TMoim, from the original receipt, by the direc lion of -aid Moore. For sale wholesale, by PECK & SPEAR, Burhn ton, and nt retail, oy the principal Druggists in United Stales. Orders directed to Henry Seymour, Hadlev, Mas will rceive prompt ntteniion, and any quantity aiceiicine unintuiateiy uirnt-rieu. Caution. A. there is much of the spurious artl clefor -ale, ICP I e particular to enquire for that pre pareit hy Henry r-cymonr, tinuiey, .llassae imselts. MADAM ItOIVIN'S AiMTI -SPASMODIC EMMENAGOGUE c iFrmnlr BrgulAtoi. For Irregular and Painful Menstruation, and fur the Suppression nr Retention if the Menses WHENEVER any of Ihe organ- of ihe human frame e-easc or refuse to perfurm their 1 Ihce, the seeds cf disease ere sown, e.l ulneh the harvest is death, miles., by timely nt lent ion the obstruc tion, are removed and nature is there! y restored 10 her wonted aclii n. Through carcle-siie-a and ne glect thou-nnds of females in Ihis northern e-limala have gonedow.n to nn early grave i f Consumption, a di-ea-elhal with female- i invnrial ly pre moled by, 1111) in most case's ha- Us origin in a derangement of those organ, upon which ihe EmmcnaoocL'e i es pecially elestriicd 10 act, most, it not all of whom might have Leen ave-d by a luiiejy resort to ihii inedu'iiie. ViltllAL TESTlMONV-ihe le-t ihat can 1 end-red in proof of us eilicacy, may be found in every neighborhood where the Fmmf.kegori-e has been employed in accordance with Maeiain Uoivin's direc tions, it is pri paicti in wine, ami though powerful is neverlheless a sale meilieii e fi r family use. bottle contains about -J 1-2 ounces Price 5 cl... A III cral discount wi'l le made to Phv-icians who meit in their i.raetice, and 10 persons w'ho our- chasebyeiuanllty. Sold 111 Burlington nnd vicinity by PECK & SPEAR, Agents. Dec. 22,1812. 30 GROCERIES. A ( HhJs. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans frV Sugars, 10 Ton Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar 5 bbls. Crushed nnd Powdered do do 6' hhds Porto Rxo Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 40 Chests Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and PouchongTcas. 2 tons Salcrntus, 25 kegs and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Shetp Tobacco. 1 barrel Lnrdlard's Maccaboy Snufr, 15 bbls Smoking and fine cut Chewing Tcbacco 50 boxes Bunch Raisins, 30 bags old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and Laguira Coffee, 6 do Pepper and Pimento. Also. Starch, Cin namon, Nutmegs, Cloves, Pipes, Bur Lamp, Sperm Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Macker!, Salmon, Ac. Willi Ihe above, and mony other Goods, we wish to buy mon'y, nnd olfer more for it than is usually paid inlihis vicinity . Purchasers are respectfully in vited lo call. ' STRONGS. Nov. 17, 1812. 23 L.1L.Y SIRUP rpillS;known und unparalleled remedy for CouAt, iYV I'tfutnta, Colds, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Haooping tugh, Irritation and diseased state ot the Lungs, and Consumption. For sale by 27lf si-uu, jjruggisl. Agenlsfor Burlington nnd'iis vicinity. DRUGS &MEOICINES The subscribers are continu ally sunnlicd with EVERY A HI ItLH 1 11 'ihe above branch, boih of iheUinuina and Patent kind; Medicinal waters from Saratoga; elo. from Caledonia, Canada; Medical Wines and Liquor-, (purr) Lcivhes; Surgical Instruments-.'Min-eral Teeth, eie. O'Prescriptions put up at shortest notice. C3Shop openat all hours. PECK it SPEAR, Apothecaries. Burlington, Feb. 1,1843. y36 TO THE LADIES Ilr. Hull's ltero Abdominal Supporter. una new instrument tor the radica cure of Prolapsus Uteri, or falling ol his: ..vim-, 1,3 s-Ais-riuii timtiii-auein uper-eihng Ihe use of ihe obieciion- nble i'essary, is conlidenlly recom mendeil lo the afflicted as the means of perfee-t re-toraiion to health, it nev er having failed cf performing a cure, even under th most aggravated circumstance.. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe a. well as in this country. In adopted to thccHlire disuse ofpessaries, and all other painful sur gical expedient.,!'!! Ihe Lying-in Hospitalsof London and Pari", and is universally recommended in Europe by medical me-n ol ihe highest rank. In this couniry it is so. tallied bv ihe leading menders of I he faculties, of College, nnd 'Hospital.-, and by all the eminent pri vate practitioners. THIS Eminently successful Instrument for the eur of Hernia in its every form, in both Mate and Female from the infant to the adult, is being recommended by the Surgical Department ond multitudes of Physi cians in Ihe slate ol Massachusetts, nnd oilier seciiona of the Union ; among iho variety of Trusses so'd and employed 111 this state this article is most highly es teemed by Practitioners and acf uaj use, it Is especially lee-ommended by our townsmen Doctors Hatch and Heinidurgh. PECK & SPEAR, At which place mav also be had, lliix'a Mabsh's tni TwiTciitiiyilEkNIA TRUSS, for mpturcaintrrt Male Pcnsosr, from the infant to the adult, ICJTIiese and the above for sale singly or by ihe dr reu, On hand eonstantly a good assorlmsnt ' SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. 1Sr u m w vi ffi D? M.F.FLETCHERf

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