Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 7, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 7, 1843 Page 3
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w.L'MJim-mmm-;i.,'iiix 'iuv-a toV,I,it in tho Union, nml is most honorably known (n his own Statu us a sound anil learned lawyer nml a p.niticil writer or cuit-ient nlnlit v. Mo is nrilentiy nttncluil to Wliii! principle! rin I wi'l represent Ms eonstituantj wall disliiioinhod hull r. Hut. Her nld. tjrAt t'i recent Wli'u Convention fir tho 3.1 Con-gre.-aimil District of this 'Stale, he'd nt lliitlinpluti, O r?u I'. Mirs'i, t'."., nf I'.urhiuioti, was noinina tnd itt n ran 'Mate In rcpiccm tint Di-trtrt in (Jon. Ti.. .!. Marsh is oho of tlii1 nblrit men of the Stall1, an 1 will, if elected, well .itaiii the character of our Stit"o;t tlicttaorof Cnnwrn. Union anil a vig orous Dtfori on tin-pail of nil tin Whins of tho dil tract will iccurehue cctiiti Cifeildnidii. HEl'EAL. By reference to tlio report of tlio proceed. lng3 at tho Kupaal Meeting on l!iu fourth, our rentiers will perccivo tliut an ttttemipt -.v;is mailu by Mr. II.iswjll to procuro tho passage- of h resolution ciiiulciiiniiii; thu course of Dtnirl O'Conticll nnJ UU sixty thousand Irish friuntls on tho subject of slavery in this country. This inutianivro was mot uml eounteructed with mticli spirit and success by F.ilher O'C.ii.t.AoitAN unit E. A. Stans liurtY, Esq. Mr. filansbury in particular mailo a spititi'il nml eloquent ilitfcnco of O' Cunnell, anil his ruiuarks, which wcro re ceived with creat npplaitso by tho warm heat teil Iriihnten who were present, prove him t'i be a staunch ftietvl of African as well as Irish liberty. Wo think Mr. ell cunu tifl" second best, decidedly. C7 Hasicell, of lite Ik'nnington Gazette, t member of C.ipt. Tyler's "collared choir," has recently inadi! ii most scurrilous attack upon tl. B. Stacy, Esq., to which wo need Inake no other reply than to say that Mr. Stacy never saw John Tyler, or any of lik cabinet, nor had a word of communication with any of them on any subject whatsoever. But peril, tps it was unnecessary form to no tice 11 well's statement. at all. It was re published in thu Sentinel and Spirit ol the Age, which is abundantly sufJieicnt to stamp it a falsehood without any assistance of ours. , MnnNcnui.v. Wc 1 egret to learn thai a tittle hoy, son of ti Mr. MeCarty of this vil lage, has been missing for several days, and is supposed to li.tvo been drowned. lie was lix years of age, rather healthy looking atid chubbed, and marked by a contortion of the month. There is a bare possibility tint he nny have strayed awn, and been unable to return, as ho was very deaf, and at times rather stupid. When last seen, he was on :1m south Wharf, Friday evening last, about 7 o'clock. Willi sotno other liltln hois, who lnvn since been able to give no account of him. U 11 hope every exertion will be made by our citizens to relieve his suffering rnr crits fi inn their awful statu of suspense. True Democrat. I', S. The hotly of this noor bnv was rais.-il on Tuesd ly morning by the firing of ttte emtio t on ihu liattery. llo must have been under water mure than three days. Qj-Captai'i Tyler Uu ji-it thrown ano ther I10111I) slieJI into the Loco Foco camp. Mr. J i.m:-", the f lillifnl keeper of tho Light house on the Lake was removed on lr fourth instant to make room for Mai irhi Corning, the old incumbent tinder Van Huron. The high 'St compliment we can pay Mr. Juxr-i is to sy In; wis appointed by the I'atriot Har rison a,id rimoiwl by hi apist tie successor. TUB CAULS' HV. Tit Mlo-ving- is Cipt. Tyler' Cabinet 11 it pre 'tit nrgatnz'nl : A. V. Vrrvr., l-.'.';i Sftnlnry of State. I. C. Xr.'ciiry rfth; Treasury. D. llc:;,iiAy, 8 'crrUry nf the yavy . J. M. l'ottTn:, Aning S-retary rf War. C. . WtesMrrr, l'ot Mister General. John Nrx-ox, Attnrn'y Genera!. MR. UPSHUR'S AIM)U:S.S AT THE F.VNEUIL MALL SUITER. After tho celnhraiion on Saturday, nn en tcrtjinmeut was given nt Faneuil li,, to the President and his suite. They were id) to-ntc.J.aud all gave a toast in return. Mr. Upshur's speech on tho occasion is so neat one, that wc copy it from tho Boston pa pers : Mr. A. Bancroft, the seond lie; prKdent, after a -!m'.- re"ml" b'filily complimentary to Vir- 1 l"nV";"''",'ia "nd -Their nimes are Iten.l.-.l , th annals ol their country's glorv : their sons vv,l jWf, ever th, freedom aJ, ih0 Union 7. Islil.S'i I by llieir Mres." Six cheers Mr Ujwhnr roe. and said: "As several roni of 1 '1 1 are as'emblffil to paru.kenf jo ir kind Imsii lali','! it tiyimes some of r'leni to resjiond to the h ,r yon liajs. 1 l.mi-ntly pii t them. I deeply M ay e.onplnn .m (..nj t. hh or mv venerated htatr.tiy t'ii).,'o;le of Mnsnphus tHin Rinruil H In Ilia errat strnmle for mr lilierllA', ilirmitwo Stales eniertil the contest fiinult inenuy. n is a part of a Ma'sacliii'etis man's rdurniion to know all the'e Ihinm in detail; lh,i schoolboys with their aatchein can tel. yo'i of nil lint was done- at Uiinston, and Hunker Hill, and Vorl.towiii lliey know lint these were. Ihoeomnienrein' nt of a great work thntw.s io redcin a world. Cheers. And although it wa, l,e lot of Virc.mi to rive to Massachusetts to iht Uni ted States-no, tho Men is loo restriciin?-to the whole world-for their never was but mm Wusliinz Ion, and there ne'.fr will bs another trenundoii cheers; vet iliere.13 enough of Ins ulory and renown Jo cive all, and all to have enough. (I'licers.j WI10 is there that, lookin? h ick on the liisiory of ourcoun try. can spar-te Massachusetts from Vircinia? Who is there thu ran separate tlio whnte-annled Virciimn from tlio sons of this noblo Commonwealili 7 Che rs 1 I wisli that ilie embodied spirit of Virginia wero here. Ay, she would Bay to tliis noblo slate, " Hail 10 thee, hail, had to thee, my einer!" rilere there were s'x treinemlous cheers. I fool I am ires pas nig upon Iho privilege vou Inveciven me. K'ries of ' n, no-eo on, co on.' Let me, then, express a sentiment winch I had occomoo to name lo onoor my brother Virsimatisa $horl liino tince. I have ob served all that passed under my cyo to-day. And I have s n much, ay much that proves tho wealth and taste of ibis people much that shows rapid advance ment in the arn and sciences, and in tho civilisation of the are. H it Ihero win a moral beauty in Iho eeeno whieli surpassed all this. For, wherever I went, although there were eroivds upon crowds in your street', yet all was order and harmony! there was an open path for tho carriages, every countc nance seemed gladsome-no strife, no disorder, no eonrnfiin-th. whole of this immense crowd was managed by a wave of the hand, and a liltln Iwo-f-et MafT f lieers and laujhler All evince,! ,,rir love of order, I Ihriu .lit every policemen I saw was a k'f ii"Mcian,contiolhiiSa by his nod. t.oud In mv own State e liavo laa-o crowds assembled frro-ient'yi I will tiotsav lint there tn largoa crowd miLdil not hive been so easily maiiar;cd as here-but I dare hardly h9 that n Cout I. r.oud cheers 1 I have never yet re"ii a tee no tint was frausht wiih eueli moral beauty -i,nmerno rhecrs) where all was o subinim r. 10 l ie love r r,er. -)m ,8 it , makes that little slnir mare powuful iln me hrit. Imirbayom iof inouareliieal rovernniemi, J ( nnw ' "V; "" leeiinij 5011 owe to vo ir ni'miralilo ew f mtlaiid svstem of pii'fic Sfhoo instruction. t-h , To this ,,, ,,' B' tieiriij bui.nbovenll other lluncs, ynu own ',Veor Jill lion elevates and purifies the hallowed teach, in-sor the mnher'a kneoj ('inro Mr. Uohur was clei-oly alb-ted, and ihu cheerinj was imnenel where Iho b saeM lessons wero first tanuhr.thc frui,, Cfwtile i liavn lein so beautifully exemolifled i0 rrw; cheers an I which have placed Massarhu. sells where shn is eiltiiis r , high on the scale of lilral and civibJ covernments. Loud cheer. mt And if Victoru wfre hr to-rjay, h too, would have something to Bay in this matter. SI10 woii'd say.como hero, yo KoVcrnincnlsof the Old World, lhal havu grown gray in false ystems; coma hero to Massachusetts, and letirn to bo great, and happy, and wise- Tremendous clicct inr. And now, as a just tribute lo you, ami grateful for the kind manner in which you have noticed my beloved State, let mo qivo jon '.liJMrVittsels foremost in the conflicts by which our liberties wcro won, and foremost to show us what our liberties nte worth." Tremendous chooriiiit followed this beautiful little speech, ana1 Mr. Upshur sat down completely over powered by his feelings. Tho President regarded lnni with intenso n.lliiiration and fechni; tlurinr llin w hole lime he was ppeakinp. And when he closed, all cried out, "that's the only speech of tho evc-nitiff." GnnAT S'ronnf at norciinsmr. Des truction ok tub Mit.t.r.n Tent. A tre mendous storm of wind nnd rain visited Rochester, on Saturday morning Inst, about eleven o'clock. Tlio Rochester Evening Post says : "The Imposing tent crcctel by iho Millerites has, wo renrct lo pay, sullered from its effects. Tho Rev. .Mr. Hiines was cngaicd in exhortation to not lees than fiye hundred persons, when the force of the wind and rain broke somo of the fasts, and a scene of in describable confusion ciisued. The ladies, about sev enty in number, wero seated without bonnets, when the ropes gave way, and bonnets, ladies, children, men. water, mud, and wind, were mixed up in most fearful confusion, Luckily, we hear there was no serious acct-Anl, though soiiicof the ladies are severely Iruised." Tho Iteliian Journal relate the following siraotre occiiranee "A gentleman, named It , a native of Holland, has I cen for a una time confined in a mad house at Krussel', for religious monomania. Ho one dty got loose, and climbed up one of the trees, wild tlio design, he said, lo go straight lo Ileaien. These below, who saw him rliiiihing up, feared n (all, and ihe diicctcrof the establishment ordered matir.asse to be placid under llic tree, lieforo this could be none, lie jumped clown, came on his feet, and was but little hurt. Tho shock, stranire to snv. rttrnl l,ia menlil alternation, nnd a few days since he lcit tlu madhrfaso perfectly well. MeaPCa IS ScoTLAn. A reoorl liaqnrevnit.'f! some days of a dreadful murder which was commit ted in January Inst, near Paisley, in Pcn'land. The one commitlintT the horriil net it t saift. unstt,,. uir. of tho murdered man. He was wealthy and diedsud uenly. Suspicion recently was excited, and the body exhumed, when Ihe stomach was found lo be full of Arsenic, ilie wife tied nnd took pafsaee for the United States, but a messenger was immediately des patched by the Acadia and Ihe guilty one demanded under the terms of the recent treaty. The vessel in which sue emiinritco una not yet nrrived, but she will n doubt be arrested, and meet with the ptinislnncnt which she appears so truly to deserve. A'. Y. J.'x- prttt. A .v. ... . r,.,1. c nt.- n.i L. .- U) Register reports the death of a dog in Rsle'gh, ..xjwii jU uu-ii ooeriMj; nir somo nine, nnu wincti had such peculiar symptoms that bis owner determin ed to ascertain, if possible, the cause of his death. fit, nnltlnn l...n - I... I 1 - ., v...mmk ,;iiu i Miane wns oiscovcrco in tue stoinaeh," about twenly.fjur inches in length, alive ami activa, whose appearance clcr.olcd that he was a Mel.c-scholv. A seriou'j and fatal occurrence took pl.acea Tew daj s since, ill Topsham, which resulted in the death or a hoy, about 8 years old. Two bo s about II years old, stance! on a hunting excursion, and a third, nged 8, billowed. The older ones com manded him back, and upon his refusing to obey, one ot them deliberately aimed his gun at him and fired, 'the whole charge entered the breast of the small boy, causing Ins death in apout half an hour. It is said the lad who committed the act makes no dml or cicute whatever. American Vrottctor. N O T ICE. The Whigs of Burlington aro requested lo meet at IlowardV, this evening, for the puriosc of appointing delegates to attend the Whitr Convention, to be hoMen nt Wilih-ton, on the I'Jdi inst., for the purpose of nominating County Senators. (J no. K. I'latt. ) . l,, 1,- f r 1 own C. L. Nllson, IJurlingirn, J tly 7, IS4:). Committee. COUNTY CO.S'VE.MTIOM. Tho Whigs of Chittenden County rn no tified to ns-.embln at tho E iglu H ifl in Wil liMou.on Wednesday, the 12lb of July ne.xt, for tin: purpose of nominating candidates for the Slate Senate, nnil irons, n-iii,,, nit,r 1,,..: nes connected therewith. C. P. Pkck, County L. I'. I5i,odoi:tt, nJVsi' ,,AnM0!i ) Committee June 20, 18-13. ui'A.MJ lSLi; COUNT V CON'VEN- TION. Tlio Wliicsof Grand Isle Cnnntv nrn re spectfully invited to fittend a Cnnntv Con volition nt the Court Ilnnsn in ',,nl', n..r on the 11 day of July, 18, at one o'clock, I. M., for the iiiriose of nominating a can didate to be supported for a Senator for said L-ounty. It is hoped that every town in the County will be represented bv thn i nr morn ,l.,l. :.. .:.i r, . . "-'vbu"' -"'in onveniiun. By order of County Committee BRIGHTON' MAItKKT. June 58, IB. At Market 390 Reef Cattle. 12 nir n'nrlim. n. en, 15 Cows and Calves, UOO Shsep.ond 300 Swine cu liter 1. a tin unsnn Pnicts hut Cattle "t n-jote a few Slrn KfK. mm quality, 4 iblt 55; second quality 4 25 4 DO; miru quality, i ISiHtfij. Working Oxtn Sales at $65, JTOand 173. Coirj onci Cairo Sales at 19, 22, 25, and 829. Shitn Lots were sold from 1 50. in? MV SwititA few smalt lot- were n!H st ilo r- ?n,r. and Be for narrows; a lot to close at 4c. At retail Horn 4 to 5je. H it ir ? fi a , In Ihis town, on the 13th mt bv rtev l r.r verse, Mr. Joitn llcoann. to Miss 01 rsew 1 ork. In Wilhston, on Ihe 23th lilt, by Rev. S. Parmelee, .Mr. Uavid bi.NNt, of Jcnco, to Mrs. Geobouna ICICG. Ill Shelhurn. on lheJ9ih ult. bv T!Mr K. t. Wioea G. IIartiiios.v, t0 Miss Nascv K. Iiiiu, both 01 anetuurn. In KsSC.T. at his n n ilcnr nn th 1 Ki nU . - f mv wit., wi a wtu ccr, .ur.ADCL castle, nged 93 years. Illr I'na o'a L'mk.. -J:.I T-.;. . njjed 33 years. Mr. Castle'a nrnihers nnd sisters U'l'fA IIV fnitr Kt-All...n . t -redeai but one, David Cnslleof WVstford. B3 vnn Al.I T nu i.u I. I.I.:.- .1 p.M ueni wiimii nine monins inreettentus "" t'll" sisieriiieu ajreo , ami Ins oldest, aged 60 vesrs. Jlr. Castlo Ins Hi his fourth wYn n vinu 70 ,,..1 I J .1.. t il, um oio i,in oi jnae. ins ..c auua, iwo omy oi wnom are liv in") and five Daughters, (one only of whom aro dead.) tin hns CITlvirran m-'.t . : prand children, malcine one to each year of bis life. ...i. v,uaii.;iru uvea in nssex o7 vears, hnnj among the first settlers of the Town. Mr. Castlo has been a nrnif Ritrsr nf td n.i: r .... . .,u.,u,i itiiurcru mi remains were tnterreil on the Sabbath followine.'by a errat number of relnions t anil ilionfttimni;.n ;n un u.t.i as n ivhristnn, nnd fWibor, was manifested by the multitude that allende.1 his funeral. Com. Klilors of Papers in general are requested to copy. PRINT WARRJIOUSR LHK, (formerly of llic linn ol Lord vt l.rc) . imdU. lhBltKVSnUmideril,oi,rm,fLlT & rtltllVVsTKIt, liavee.tal li-hel at 113 I'earl irtt New York, a WAKMIOrSK O.V A.V UXTRNSIVK SCALE, rscLustvEt.v ron TRINTEP CALICOES, To supply iliecay ami mierior trade by (he pcc or , . . PH.nae. y to Ihi. one article, L. if. It, will le enalle.l to not inorerxtcn.ivean.l I e.imil ,1 n.nirtinent than uto I c foiin I el-ewdiere, (there heim; hp n'oiilf fiiMI hment fur print . in the Uin'evl Sla'o ) but to e-t alway at priivs as low, and penerally lower than thoe ot litm-rs wlio-o hltenlion and incantare dividl anions n larpe variety of articles Tho entire noek, emhraeing al out me thoieand Ji.Ierent naiierns snl colorlnss, has lern received within a fcw day., is perfecily fre.b. and roronriei II tb la!tan ehol'ett spnns; (?( lT INFOItMS lit" frieuls that ho lia relurneil from Ho. Inn and Nmv Yor!, having bouithtli larsco Moct; of DltY CIOODS, wlno i bo t now opcnlntr In 'he Sloru formerly oecui"d by D. A. flrauian, in the norlh-v o-t eerner pf Sin ng' ll'iildin,oppolle Mcrs. Peek d: Spear, where be i'lli:nd Kecilni c-on'nii'lyon hanilaii e"E'c-iiive aiortl:icnt of DKV ROODS win- Ii lie will ti'ibp 111 tholnwct maret nee. 1 1 attention I ohiif extluively dovotud to Dry tioid-, and hl tnotln I e:nj I.AIKJH SALia AND SMALL PROKITR, he i levl tn oivoinot'ate his el I Friend-, Custo mers and the Public with Hoods at reJueed pricci. Call an I ce. Iliiibnstnn, July 7. ISW. A KhW llurcl.ol aim for a'.u by Sjpentno Flo ir, ill reee-hcJ t. N. !AtJT if- CO. PUBLIC NOT WE. X. YOHIC &MONTURAI, UXl'nB39, V1U0ILANDI1OWAHI), (successors to S. Ja cot3,) will run as heretofore, leaving Burlington for Montreal Wednesday evening and for tho South FriJiv eveninzof eaeh week. P.-ickapcs may be left at tho office of Messrs. J. &. J. II. PecU if- Co., Ilurhngtoii. 5 tf lltt.NN'HTS. A NIAilol Flnruncu liraid and Am.sson Donncts, i i. in.t re-eivej eiieaper tnan ever, oy in.t re-eiveJ ebeaner than ever. b July T, 18IJ ii. V. CATLIN, ItATS. SINCl.n&,Do'ille Mriiii'J colore 1 ondvhite Leh' era Hat., ru.-civeJby U. W. CATUN. July 7, 1SI1. A tltnltilstrntnr's Bale. NOTICEI- bi'ici j ir ecu that i tie oil, cr-ti;ned will sell nt piililn- nee' ic ti oil llic 21di d ty of July, . I'. 1813, oi.inii, ent'iiip at 1 n'eloe!. in the af criionu it tiielnlcre-idcwcMil Han Day i'e va u I in H irlnnr tin, nil the roil and ner-oml e-t,iio oft .c-iaiil ilo ceased, not I eforedipo-ed of including the reversion IIKMAN Ahl.MN, Armtm'tfrsftr of said Estate. Unrhtinton, Jnly3, 1SI3. 2w STRAY COLT X . ,rnm nieMiinfTii iron the 1st ot June I ', T, t.,.f. . .. . . . l the u! jrri' tr on t u-t, a Inlitl 1 av .Mnro (Jolt. 2 rnr c,ld. li!ael: lO.llm .... I tn.l -t-l ".T , ...'It I l.t" .. ' "Y " iimiiiiutT win 10 !iiiT.oiy uompen- ateil, by giving any information ol mid eiflt to , II. COMSTOCh'. Shelhurn, July 3, 1913. 5w3 WOOL! WOOL I! fSMIR Milivenler wihe top Wool, and will M pay in po'M-, qrain, or ayooiiu'.s, .11 Ins Store, at Hiirliugtou Tails, S1DNT.Y DA n LOW. 1 if June 30, 18 13. 11 E VOL VING CA S TORS. A GOOD norlinout of Itevolvinir Ca-tcrs "a JT1. cbeip :i the c'be.ipe-t, and a-cnola tbebe-t" an I will I e -old 011 terms to suit p.inha.i-ra. Kxtra bottle-tor ea-tor-. 4 P.cs-tinoas ct Mut.MsMAiD. CASH WANTED, IOR WHICH GooJaata fair price can be obtained nt llic 'I'ctnpcrancc Store. A good assortment of nice Vist Patterns, Uhck Cravats, Italian do. Wickms, Wadding and Uiittitnr. A ftw Yankee .Shoe lirushes. Day and Martin's llhekiny, Japan do Paste do. Siirnparill.i Jlead. Cavendish, Pine Cut and Smukinq Tobacco. Rice, Oincer and ."-aleratiis. Ink, Shaving nnd Uar Soaps, for sa'e uncommonly low by S. N. GAUT &. Co. June 2D, 1S43. 4 MARSH'S LITE AND REMAINS. rMli: ltemams of the Rev. James Marsh, I). D. J- lute President, and Professor of Moral and lntil leetinl Philosophy in the University of Vermont, with a memoir of his life. Por sale bv June 29. II. J. SI1UMWAY, Avent. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. A' 1 Ilie Crockery More a very lime assortment of 1 uui M-.llI, UI.ASS, CHINA and IKON niu.,-. WAIUv, for sale much eluaper thsn at any lliri, .mm iri tl... ........... HL'finn ........ ' Uurhnirtiin, June 30, I?I3. 4 vuMMiyaroy SCYTIIK STOXKS! .1anubc.'urfro'n t'u celibratrd Hobbiat .edge, Cummineten. Mist. Tj'Olt many je.u-small q'nntilie.i (f stone bav lcen rurr.el fr. 111 thi- I edre. to 'i Vreot oar' ol ll'.eeieiniry . iinnil the rr;'it.iiitni and .'emr.n l for 1. cm, , c one ,re c-in ro purcba.p lbcen o i.ciiL'e, nn 1 ttu' e ilie nc-u-ary arrnti;r!hciHs f iriinlnn,' 'ho pul li'-wnli nn ar ie'e win. hthev bav 0 Ion.- mi mlit lor an arlic-'e loihin-t,,' an'i 1 in.iiiui.uliiri-, to anv tint ba. ever lien ot'irul. Ilie-o eri r . .oil y of tlio -tonc-i. nel.nowlcli;c byi.ll who have ".veil them a trial: ami ihel,iet I- f ill v i-tamc-liy ibe inere.i-ina deinaml lor them, from ho e -e 'lion- ot eotin'ry 11110 winch they have fu"nj he. r way. Tor -ale-1 y . 4 J- J. It. PI CK A, CO (iir. 2()PQ rs'lons puro Winter and Fall Sperm kt.:,no nie.v heJ Whal ,Jo 1 ailO l.fn-ceJ , 500 l , JCOOliie ,in Jun-31, MS. peer &. co. 4 CI,SS. f ( )ff I hnxe 'ylt-n-Vr C.a., )wuc Hurlingfon, Vermont, Kv.x and LLe I- 300 KedfirJ, Siranae, an I Clinton ( rown. J. oc J. II. PKCK i CO. Agmti. Jure 30, '43. & 4 c .tommies. m lllins. S Croix an I Port Rico Surir, 15 H',N. I.oaf I'r i-hed and 1'uwJ.r! do 30 Ilh.l-. Pert It er. Mola.-, 100 Chiea Hyrn SUnTea, 7.", do Yo ,ns and H)iaa tVt 200 Matt- t'assit, 2 HarrrSCIove-, 2 do Nutinecs, 30 Tierce- Pa'eratii, JO Ker- PereGinier, 100 IIotcs t! r Soap, 50 do Pi,.,-, 20 111? Pepper, 45 do .Pimento, 40 do Rio CoTee, 13 110 Java 110 J. . J. n. riser co. 4 June 30, '43. FRUIT. OHO nortn.n-h n.,.ins, sCJJ 15 4 " Mileri Nun. 10 !., Ilrix't, I'J ' do Almond", 15 do Piliir:-. J. 4 J. II. June 30, '13. rxcx 4 CO. 4 PLASTER. OnCl T0NS Uvh po in I Nva Scotia Plu.'er. J. &. J. II. PF.CK A CO. June 30, ' 3. 4 PAINTS. 10.000 I.IW. WLTIIKUILLS dry While I.L-.1M, luu ieioo!?roiin.i in IJil, 40HII-. Spanl h White, 23 Venetian Rod, 20 do Fren. h Yellow, 20 do Spts.Turptntio Chrome Greco Kmeral.l do French do Hrun-wiclr do Crown YcllriTr, PriM-ian Blue, Small'., Sand Paper. J. & J. II, June 30. Ml. TICK & CO. 4 DYE STUFFS. :?00 DDLS. Ciiinnl.'v Lor- Wood. 200 do St. Dom niro e!o 100 do Cam Wood. 200 do Haeha 3e 300 do F istir. 50 do MaLVr, 25 , do Blue Vjirlo', 40 do Alum. 75 do Coonera. uar oo.i, Wirn.1, Q.ieroiiron Berk, f.ifh Woed, Laa ti llyarliidiao'., Oil Vnnol, Murialio Acid, Mori of 'I in, Clothiers Dm. hv,. Cloth rrs Jael.r, Pres Cu II ear n.e 1 I'anerN Tenter Hooks. Card Tact... &o. j. r- j. it. n:cK .; co. June 30, '43. 1 4 Ft IIIIHS. Curdner Brewer, Ueiton, N. E. rum, UVJ 30 P.pc- Brandy, ' 00 iiaimnoro urn, 5 1I0 " v,i n" do nure, 10 Half 'Iwr.v'' Brandy 10 llhl.. Si. Croix Hum, 30 IK.Is. Soerry and Madtria Wine, 40 do Malaa do 8 do J'ort do J. a-- J. 11. rncK & co. J ine 30, MS. SALT. 10.000 BUSH. Solar Salt, 3,U0U Hi line do 2,000 Barrels do do SiV)8cl."AhtonV, Dairy do 100 do Tablo do j.ii. i n vrcK t co. -Vine So, MS 4 WATERS AND SYRUPS! rUCSI! SARATOGA WATP.RS, CONGRESS, 10DINI5 AND PAVILLION. ALDURGIMVATER. CALEDONIA-WATERS. BARTON' L SARUpTlcMNM STRUPi AND ABOUT TO BCcniVE PINL-APPLU syrup. t PKCK 4. SPEAR. NOTICE OP DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUPTCY, IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY. NOTICE to nil creJitorsand other person! in in tero't, that by order of tho Diitriel Court of the United States for ihe District of Vermont, a ditiJnd out of the nsscsts of JOHN SINCLE.Ul of Essex, HENRY IIOAHDMAN jr. of Fsser. LUOIUS WOODAHD of Essex, JOHN SMITH or Colchester, CHESTER PARKER ofUnJctlull, nJ SIMEON DAVIS of Jericho, Hsnkrupts, wt'l bu made and declared hv tho Court, on the filtci nth day of July rtext, nt 10 o'clock fore noon, at iheuiricc of Simuct I'renliq-, in Montrrlier, in said District, arnonc the Crcdi'ors who shrill hive proud and filed proofs of their debts b' sail dav unless sufficient cause in tho cases ab ive enumerated be then and there shown to the rnntinrv. EDWARD II. PRENTISS, Clerk. Dated tho 24th day of June, 1513. IRON, STEEL, NAILS & HARP WARE. A f"i Tnn3 KnBlish Iron, from I 1-9 to 9 inch wlda. 10 do Old Snble Russia, do 6 ions eiewsallo dj do 10 S 12 20 12 10 5 15 12 2 4 3 1 do Swedes da do do do do do do do do do do do do Peru da Horse Shoo do Round from J to 2J inches Square do 3-9 'o 3 do Round do 11 lo I do Hoop do i to U da Hame and Scroll do P. S. I. Russ a Rods. Sind.-rson Cast Steel, Piers mi's ."-'pring do f.uia 1 tii 2 inshts Swides ir Amciicm do Cerimn do Pniiliit, 111;.,,. ,1,. 3 J do do -OM h-fKs NaiN, from 31 to ?01 2,00 do Si.kes from XO 1 10 C0i 200 do Hradi from OJ 10 201 3.00 Doz Files am Rasps. A gensral tssortmea! of Anvils and Vices. Juno 30, 1313. J. &. J. II. PECK U Co. FLOUR, mperior brand-, ill UarruU and Hall Barrel"- cons'.-.mly ariuirir:. k J. .f- J. II. PKCK & CO. June 30, M3. 4 MANTLE LAMPS A very clefint set of MANTLE LAMPS. 4 bur mis with cut shades, for sale uneo.ijmonlv cheap at the erockerv store bv JOaEPII WAIT. Burlington. June 30, 1343. 4 TOWCI01I1. a cood nrne'e, 1 tt-1 reeiielly June 30, 1SI3. H. W. CVTI.IN. CONSUMPTION' M) L.IVUII COSI. I'LA I N'T ! 1 DR. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. From 375 Jloiccry, .Vtti Yori. TOR the cure ol Conzh-, Cold-, A lhmi, whoop imr ('cMe.-b, Catarrh, pain-tn the n le aii.I I rcs-t, Ilrn-H-hiti- liver eoiiiplaiiii-, and all lho-ea"eeii(.ri-"f llic throat an t 1 mir-, which aro a -o ir. e i.l so much -uffennjrau I o of en terniina e m Con 'lou, tin- rc.nely is lu-tlynnd lue-hly di-tiiuoi-hed. It I. purely vesm' 'f, 1111M and iriiitle in IN eel ip'.n tbc-.-y-'i 111, and cnu I e- tal en in thu mo. t dc-'i-ate cae with -afely as well a- well a- utility. So extraivcl hi 11 1 cen 11 e.l an I o often proves! -uc-res'fiil eieu in exireirenn I Apparently :iluio-t bone 'isi es , notoulv a a p.ilii'ivu bit m 11 remedy ; lhAt Ihe propr e'er feci- no be-iienev In introd leitnr it and reeconuiieiiilier; it la all who iintorlnnatelv may Invein-ea-ion to rc-crt to -ome mcan of reeov erv. Pliy-ieinns (aniiliJr with it- ; V.m- and aware f the healing propenic-of tin-, ve.-efil e pre-;.ara-'ien, not unfieq eiuly tires -ril ed U 111 their prAetice, and with Ihe Meln al p.i.-nl.y aem-rally, it has met with more than or linn rv ni.iro' .men. CO.NMJMPIION. The follow-ini rt.nar were ial.en from a late num' er of the Medical Masar no: "The s rpri-in'.' e ci'i prod'.iel bv the reu'e'ni Dr. Taylor'- Hil-arn of Liverwort,' ma 'e at 375 Bowery, in Con.iiinptmn ca-e, cannot exeitin a deep an I tlirilllmr tnlere-t thro .jbo it the worl l. Welnvi'fO lotnr lel.evel tliudisei-o (C'Misimipi.on) incura' le, that it i inTi-ilt to credit our ten e- w h'-u we see per-on- evi.'eiitly eoiwimpt M-, rettorcl to lu alih. Yet it i a fie ol' daily ivc irren. u ! Certificates Irom the hhrhct an I mn-t rc-pee'a' le source- of person- wlmhntu e ther 1 cen crcatly re licicd ly i', orentuely rive vere.1 from a'n rf 'he liinc- an I liver, eoiil l I e f .riiishoJ in abjn.'anec bitwi- insert only ihe fcl'ow 111s : CrnTiriCATn. "Bemcr eon.iii..ionallv prrvlepoj. e-l to Coni.ui'lion, a inenibt r. i f my family bavin; s oleriil -everely from iriiniion of 'the l.unr;-, nc eompaniol wiihcouh an I rti-ini; maticr an I I loot, with severe pun in my M.mund I rea I, til1 I wa- lo be bevon 1 re.-overv, I was m l 1. e I Iv alviec of Dr. Pirkin., a In-t rc.ort to 'rv "Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort," 1 have la en five boitlei in all. I her-in to improve with ihe fir.-t h' I lie, and while uUn:; the ihird, mnii fur ro nveied to ne anio to irrt about. SMnee which time, bv eontinurJu-e of it I am uuue re-tore I and al le ti) A'tenJ to my iimihi , To per-ons mi lerir.c fromcoighi and tf theL in-, 1 doeam-e-tlv reeeninmen J it. (Sicned) Js. C. SCOTT. Elizabeth City, 4V. C. Dec. IC, 1512. For a common cold ami cn iph, tbi is one cf the verv le-t reme-he- ever di covtrol. .V. B. There h a sourio i ..,1 c iniCit n .'.!.. afloat, an-l la'ely intnd icul imothi- place. There f re heearefo to cet the rcii, inc. which is from 375 "") no "e .in. iiic new rnrrave.1 wra; per is on Ihe I noln'o prcvem eo r.leifciis. -.FV,r,'rlr.'rCK & SIT.U, nu.l LOVELY A ?.'!, ,?U.R.'. I,,,r '"'-:'"n ! S. II. I.'arnec, Charlo'te! ..!. Ha'l, H.'!ie..bor?!i; Wm. Rhodes, Jr. liicl.inon I. JutiejO. vi CASH PAN) POR WOOL! THI; S'll scri'er will pay cah for C.Van Fleece ' ool cchverc I at Ins sti re. Collet Crcen. n ,. , , , IIAHKY IIHADLKY. Durlwgtcn, I9ih June, 1643. 3-3 FASIIIONAIUiR IT V I It CUTTING AND EASY SHAVING, At the Barl er Shop umVr Howard's Hcttl, NOnTII UDE COCBT IIOCSE eetVAlt, BY WILLIAM STEWART. )iJs. u. ttasora put in complete ore'er. J-I I I I n . . 200 KEGS POWDER, ,uu imr- onot 150 lb r. corn Brooms' 100 Patent Pills. June 30, -ii J'&J-n- TF.CK CO. FISH. 200 Qnintnls CoJ Finb, iuo Doxe Herrinj. June i0, M3. 4 CO. 4 7 5 UOZ. BlooJ's Cast and Gorraia SleoJ writes, W j0 mxford it in" 00 35 do H.v Forts, 40 do Blood's How. 150 do IIv Rake. to do llene Hay An J. ct J. H, PECK & CO. June 30, 'is. 4 MACHINE CAR lift OFSprinirficll Vermoni, and Springfield Mass. chu,ett J. &. J. il. PECK A CO. Aginl: J.ine30,'43. LORRILLARD'S TOBACCO AND SNUFF. 40 BAItRELS ChowinS Tohaeco, w" 00 o.iioa'ii; 00 '50 Jnr Maccalmy Snu.r, .mo 111... 1.1 t? 1 ivu .i.auucr. Vl'l II do J. .f. J. II. PECK & CO. AgenU. June 30, MS 4 WOOL wantclm Exchange for ca.hor Borlin: ton Mill Co. Clotbf, by II. W. CATUN. June 29, 1813, MILLITARY BLANKS fir sale by H. J, SIIUMWAY. 4a CIIA'S Ii AUSTIN, No. CH stale it., Albany, N. Y. OOtIO Illl.VSS ALARM CLOCKS, WARRANTED, at the very low pnc of Ml, for l a-h cloVn only. June 22. Pahodorsj &. BrivsMud. James Marsh's Estate rpHK adjourneil and lat ineutinir of iheCommis L sinners on said K-iaic, will I e held on Monday June 21 at 2 o'clock, P. M. ot Lyman c Mint, OSk. HUMAN ALLEV, ) .. . GEO. P. MARSIl! mmlMMnrt. Ju 82. i Cyrus IC. nirsc'i Kstato. Ji.iifi ut- yjuie.uu. t; 1 a 'i- a troute Uistrict of Chittenden, ss. X L Coirtheldat Iturlinstim, within and for the district OfCliitteodeti, on the 13ih day of June. A. I. 1 813. F.liial. n.bninl-tratori.f the estate of Cyrus K. Birae-. late of f- .L!ll ... . .1 f. ... . . '. t.irjc-ruiu 111 s.uu ..i-irio', ueceaca, iHicstati, uavint; lilel In sail conn hi petition in writin?, fettlmj onh that the laid Cvru wn-. at the lime ofM .lenih. nn. Jer contract to convey lo him, the (aid fliiah, the C. .....! . .1- . -.1 .. I . s I . . 1 .. .... ' . . . iiMuiuit umnicu parcel 01 lanu, Miuaie in kttn Lnderhill, vixi Forty ncrei flan Jo I' from the north ide of Lot No. 35. In the fir-t divi.ion of Int.. .Imun to the original rizhtpr William Sacletf, ar.d Is of erui wwtn exienuing n.e wtu.lo length ot saiU lot thai the said contrail remained nut xeculed ua the pari oyr.i .nwl praying the judge of caid Court to execute a deed of said land to the aid Elijah, aereea1 lv lo the Statute ill such ra.nmn lo nnil nfovi. l'sJ. Th'erelere the court doth appoint Ihe iccoiid Wedncsdnv ufJulv l.mi r. r Knfi,.c m,I ,ln. ciilnitt on said petnion, al the oiiice of the Hegisterof biiuri, .11 sum uuriinzii n, niei uotti crner mat an t.erstm interc.-l-il le nr.tilied Ihereof be- ieal ion of thi- order, containintr Ihe .ub.tanceol laid petiticr, three weeks -ueee-fively in the tlurhnstun Free Pre... a new paper pruned in aid llurlington, the la-t of cvni.-ri iuu icaiionsto 1 c prcvoius to the caul ncond Wnlneslay of July, IS 13. liven utidtT mv h.ui,!, al said Durlingtcn, this 13lh o.iy ui juiic, a. u. 3w3 Vm, WI.'STON', HecUttr. TO PRINTERS. WT.KSTFA), A nOOL' COMPOSITOR. v v Uurlingtcn, June II, 1SI3. S. F1.LTC1IFR. S CONE LANTERNS. A New and very liaiid.oine-tjIiM.f heavy Moulded Ula Cone Lantern-., tor sale I v 9 June IC, H13. JOSKPII WAIT. GOLD I'LXC.tLS. SOME lovjtiful new pit ernsjusl received 2 Pa.nocous & Hals' Hnia'MiiD. TROTET ST03X7ti WAR 3. f3HL Sd -eriU-r ha-on band a Ihi cc and superior X a-ionment ol S'l O.SL WARK, -upc-rior tu any mi le in the l'mted Su'.e-, which hoolc-r-' fu-- sale it Rcdiiced Pri. c-, and i ready to 'e.-cice rr.Vr", pack an 1 deliver, fice ,f eartace or o.iel ae, on l.oarl ef Canal, ei her f-r Trey, Ab.aiiy, or West Troy, fur ea .h . r nppr,.e-J piper. All orJ.-i 1 y.Midc." cllitrwi e, ttaraad.ately attaa J,l to. I. Sr.Y.MOtJR, 41 Tirry t. Troy, N. V., May 17, 1S43. 51 OSTIIF.IM ct MICHOLLSsenflhloto thoextent to which they hivo been favored by the patron age of their friends and tho public senernllv, beg have to return the, r best thwkifor the fivors receiv ed : and havin? redeemed their promise in ihe tencw nl of their spring asjortment of dry nnd fancy goodt which is Ihrt choicest descri.iion the southern Mar kets coi.ld afHird, now offer their new Goods for sale on thcc'.cnicst trrms, and hope to be honored with a continuation of the distinguished and general citron aje lliey ban- heretofore received. JUST received at tho Cermnit Store. Chins preserv cd Giuser, Cocon P.isie, also. 25 Boxes of Uhe tith Wines (the pure juice o- the Ornp.) 2 OSTIIF.IM ,f. MICIIOLLS. LOOKING GLASSES. A LAROI-: ajpply ju-t received from the manu--i factory, forsule low bv , , LOVELY i SEYMOUR. June 15, 1313. 2 DRY GROC lit! :.? OF superior quality, fresh from .Vetv YurL, juit received and for sale verv low by . LOVLLY & SEYMOUR. June 15, 1513. 2 iiRio.tnn N'oTinw rVJ Adjutants of the several Resimenti in the 3d Hrigid" of Vermont .Militia, aro requested lo ........ ...n nl , I. ...OH . f ! It, I I ' ... .. ..wv iiiiuiit niu m iiiue-utirxu, wiin men Records, Knsters. nnd files, on Tuesduv '27ih inst. " 1?l'.',.c!"ci' A. M.. agreeable to Iho rcquiremenliof t.iu .iiiuoa .cc, Ol to-ii. li. ROYNTON'. ,T. Inspector 3d Diigade Vt. Militia ririt-.i:iii(uii, june u, iu. Levi NultiticN Estate. WKTHI : SUH-I RIUEltS havine been D v pointed by the Honorable Ihe Probate Court for the District of I hiUfll. le.l. w.nrr,Kmn.-r. m r. cwive, examine nnd adjust ihe claims and demands of an persons, nuainst ttie estate of LI. VI M TTLNt. Lite ot i u i.'rliMl, in ai.l Ui-stnet, deceased, repre senleil m-olvent, nnJ also all claims and dcmandi nxhilutml in oll'set thereto; and six months frntn the o.iy ot tne iM'o hereof hemjallowed bv snid court i ir tnni purpose, we no therefore hereby (rive notice that wo w ill attend to the bminess of our -aid appoint merit, al the ilvvellinz ol (Vr-i- Nutunir, in Cieler but, in -aid on the lirsi Tii....lnv ol A.ion-i an l.N'oveiii' er next, a; 10 o'clock, A. M., oa ttcti of ll"l OrtV-. Paul tbn l?h rlsy of May, A D. 1SI3. TJI'fA. SHI I DRV, ) Ccinmi. 3 OUVl'R GOODHl'E, ncner.. MVL DOLLARS ItFWAKD.- Sto'en. from lh. J. laiori'orvil the Univer-itv. some time i in, live ' li.' Tkermometrrs. m l a irln.s tli'lmms, ter. TlmTliermome-er- were all c.f Kan lall's inalr. with their I nibs extenJinR below the scale- Two were Illicit with eotoiel Mori- the oihera cv ih mer c try, an I F" I'-a'nl very hiih. The Thermometers w sresepi o. u rac, an'i one ot tn-m n a inali ma- noztny ea-eul its 1 he Hydrometer was made, it i- i mere i, ly Lereboiu., and was in a ma reen, ea-e. For a re-toration of the Intrumehtaiid deie.tim of the thi-f, five dollars will le paid and a nir proportion ci mat sum lor a part of the m-tru n enu. 3.v3 GKO. W. BKNKDILT. ' Henry Tovrji send'a Kstate. STATE OP VERMONT, ? T HE Hon. tha Di-tret ot Chiiien len, j i. Probate Court tor the iit-iriet el i.hiltrn en, to all ner-on- concern r,l in the e-tale of HENRY TOWNSEN'D, late ol Iroy, m Ihe istate of New orW, c'ecca-eil, les'ate, WIIFREAS, Georce D. Shaw adminiitritor with Ihe will annexe-l of the e-ta'e of aid dccaifil, nrono-e lo render an account of hi admini-traiion. and pri-cnt hi ae'-o.i.nt nuainsl raid e-tale for ex-nin-nst on and nllowanee at a veaoorvof the Conn n Pro' a'e, to I c-hol.leii at Ihe Resi-ter's cilice in Bur Inigton, in faid dinriel, on the second Wtdnetday o j.i.v ni-j-i Therefore, you are hereby notified in appear before in conn a inn ii'.'c nu i piaco aiore.aiit anil enew csuse, if sny you have, why tho account aforeinid should not 1 e allowed. Given under my hand at D.irlington, this Ml day oi jnur, a u. icu. Wi. WESTON, Register. REVOLVING CASTORS. ALnrje assortraeni of Revoiviup Ca.tors, lour, five and sir bottle", riry cheap indeed, lor "ale I lh Cro....r.. l,w trwl'tlll VIT June 15, I83. ' j Just Itrrclvrd and For Sale at tho TILUl'nrtAN'CK STOUE, FRFII TEAS, Onuses and Union-, Rice, i!e. rat "s Co ic, Dried Curnus, Citron. Iimarind-, Dox and Keir Rnin, Fip, L'hr.colaie ftticlh, Ct coi Pa-'e, .1 new" article prepiwJ in one minute fir use: a'in. Eait fl.i on Sonar Mole-. a tupcriir article lor 'heTn' le. ALo, an asortmrnt of STAPLE DRY GOODS, vehirh they will sell a low for cash or ready pay ai at anv oih'er store tu the place. A fresh lot c f Bo-ton Soft and Co'd Water Crae'i. era and Pilot Bread, nnd a we are receiving con nan'ly fre.-h upjihes the p.bhc nay La SMured ol ;ac.r q.ianiy Tho biiUic sre refftfullv incite) to rail aod ex- arr.ina the Good and Price reJore pa.-cha.iu where. , JvT. GATJT Si CO. .3tf n-'rlm?ton, June ?, 1BI3. SOLAR LAMPS. A New and very ban I.nmee arncle of 9 pen.ling x JC Lamp-, eapaiiiiKif ti iriiimr Ihe eheane-t ouslitv ol'oil and pr dti.-iag a plci.iinl and powerf il Itch-, for a!e by JOSEPH WAIT. June 16, 1G13. TOBACCO. 50.BOXES ''DoiinV Ctvondisli Tobacco 30 Ho "EnderV lo do 4ft do Variottv (avoriia Vands do do SOKeg. do do do Pl.-jr, J. i J. II. PECK & CO. June 30, MS. 4 NOTICE. rpiIIS may certify tint I hivo given my son, Sy. X veiter HoldredceJr. bu lime, and hereifitr shall not control any cf his eirninss, nor hold tnyitlf re sponsible to pay anv debts of hm contrartin; after this dote. SYLVESTER IIOUTRtDGE. Alburgh, Jnnj-0, IBIJ . CROCKERY. AN axtcrniTe assortment just received from New Yotk, for aalg law by ., ' . ...... .1 .... r. LUYtL I Oi Slii JUUUK. June 15, 1513. 6 FIRST rate IllIILUINO LOTS for ial near the Academy on College Si reel. Alio 3 Pnjirs In tie Stone Church and onain the Unitarian Br.'clc Ch trch. tnquire or U THOMAS. June IG, 1843. 2 tl , DarH Atwood'a Eatatc. STATE OF VERMONT,) IT probate 'District of Chttten.Vn, it. iV court held at Burlington, within and for thedi-tritl tf Chittenden on the seventh day ot June, 1813. Meiea Atwo. d, one of the heira to the e-Male of David Alwood, la'c of Charlotte in said dMrlct, deeea'd, in'.e ta e, Inv fna-lllelin vaid .court hl petilioni'n writuif, s-lttna-lorlhlhit be holds In common, vrith ihe other lic-irsi to said e.tate, one tenth part el tlioTillowin de eri'e.' parcels ol land, lying; In said Charlotte t vis, nine y tevtn a.-rei and twelVa reels of land off the sooili end cf the second division lot of ihe ordinal riffle of Jonathan Ailen, with the I uildinif and appurtenance-! o, 64 acres and llroilsoflot No. 33, of then'rit division drawn lo the original ri?bt ol John Hoair, bema; the same lands heretofore set o it to Susannah Alwood widow of the S lid into late, as her dovverln said estate; nnd praying said i-turi to order partition of said lands to I o made ainon? the several perrn entitle.) thereto. Tucaaronc, iho court nfure-sil doth appoint llic second Wedue-day of July, 1313, for heinnt; and oecidini; oo said petition at the office of the Rezi-'cr of said court in saM Riirlinlrin. an I .ImiI. n-.'sil.i all persons (ntere-ted thereof l.y pel licalion cf tin's order, contain in)? ihea-ibManieof said petition, three weeks tucceoively in the Uurhnsrtuii Fn Pre-s. newspaper printed in taid tJuihiu-ti.ii, tho wuic-n pnt.iicn'inns to le previous to tho day appoin ted as afore-aid for hearing. Oiven under my hand at sn!d Uurllnctoo, th! seventh day of June, A. H. 18)3. Wm. WKSTON, Reuis'er. . , DISSOLUTION. THE Firm of barnks & ki-.elkr u thi day ilis-tilvul by mutual eoieer.l. All per-on-having claim" againt the firm nre rcvjue-icd to ban. in the same Lr adjustment tu tliti undersiiineJ A.ibu Hsrne-. The busiVn'i will I eontineo.) at tbo old t'.aa J. av Ln..r r . i... . Jl- i . n ... ' uaisiu.uiv, .L. W M, r, UarUV4. A. BARNES. , ; V. E. KLKLUR. Birlinirton, jcin- 1, 1313. Itf DISSOLUTION r YMAN if. COLE, have this day dissolve! their ,-- C'Opannersmp uy inuuni consi nl. All prrsons ui.icii.e'j u.u ic-iiuesien locnnano settle immciliatriy. Thosehavincdemindsairiinit the lite firm will pre sent them fur payment. Tho Hooka and Notes can be found forn few days at theol.l stand. After which time they will be removed to E. Lvmaia "tore, al the o.irin wen torneroi strong llnil lini.'S, f.irmrrl ric. cupud by I).. A. Htamm, at whid, place boll, partis bogles ami deuianclf. win ninny line nuena lottia icltiemcnt of all thtir ELI AS LYMA", MORTON' COLE, 1 Rurlington June 8, 1843. NOTICI2. T OUI3 F0L1.ETT having 1-een sr'miee! te a.t In 1 J 'ero.t in Ihe uicr ani-lc- cmrern of F- l!e-t and liridley, In 11011,1 will her. aftir 1 e en 1 ' u . r the tir-n of HO' I LIT, DP.AI LI.Y i: Co. O'J D c'.-,Jm I. 1113. I Sij,r;a's nntl nioJaqcci. PORTO RICO, New Ur'esn- Tr.iiuat ie.'e, e, in Hhli., T.erce-snl llhl". Porto Rico, F t'roix aud JJew Oranc Sizar. Phla.Vliiliia and N'e-.v York Loaf an 1 L-im-i do Siiart-cc Wool-ey.ct Woobey'a Joullereio! do Whitenud Drown Hivanna Jo Cr and Po-.v.!ereJ r),-, For Sale I y the su!rrt' er at a .mV! ajrsn-e fr im c0;!;. K , , I'OLLLTT, BRADLLY & Co. Old Dn.-!.-, Jur.c g, 1313. TOIIACCI). p AVENDISH .r- PLt'G TOUACCO of the mi .' V.' approve I brand-. Dcen o: Rrown'-. i-e'ei ra e.i (.he-viiiL-andSmol tuiTo! acco; Al.o, Shee.i ToLao co, tor sale very low I y i, , , FOLLLTT, BRADLEY if. Co. OM Duel,-, June B. 1313. ; T n a u -. OLD and YOUNG HYSON, -omc of very supsnor q-ialili, IIy-011 Skin and Tvvantny in ehet, half chest- and ca Idii-s, lor sale by ,,r, , I-ULI.IY1T, BRADLEY t Co. Oil Doc!.-, June 8, 1813. 1 N. K. HUM. ' A Contant snpoly of Fclton's N. E. R im, in llhl J. v fipe, Hall Pipe and BhJ., 50 per cent above proui, lor :ne ai no-ion nric-ei anil Ire' FOLLirrr, hiiadley, i Co., AKmt,. Old Doe!.-, June 8. 1313. . CAST STEEL, Iron do, I.on? handed do and Spadia, Cro liars, Russian N'ail Rodi, wirrasted. Shot, Sheet aid Bar Lead, Patent Vices, a new anil icpariar irUila, Anvils, Trace and Halter Chains, Ac. At. for isle by FOLLETI', BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8 1313. j SKW C.OOI.S. T) & II. H. DOOLIT1LE are now receivine from J. New oilcan extensive sMortmenlof Goods auspieu 10 tne spimx traJe. Tlieir fneilitiei for pur elinMnghivo been such as will enable thtun to pul theiriroods in competiiion with any oihtra, and they are determinsd not to ba under lold for cash, or eood credit. May 13, 1313. 61 w "LIVE AND LET LIVE." s. nn.vriNt.Tox, WOULD respecfidly inform Im patrons and the . public generally t lint ha has teccired and will continue lo receive ihroujjh the scsson a aucd ci.plr pf School IlmiU,. Ilibl.s. Hvmn .Books, and St,v iioniry, which will be sold very low for ready pay. Ho ha- aNo made arranceuwits for obtniiiins at often as oneca montli such Sehoi.1 Iljokiaimsv he needed ill ihis vicinity anil he respectfully solicits the pattonafteof Iho public hoping by attention to his business In merrit the same. He will also cive his personil attention to Biok Binding and IPank Hook Mnkint;. All work enlrui led 10 his care will meet with prompt attention. Strong's Buildinr, sorntr Church and College Streets. June 9, 13. J 4 SUPEUKINU FI.OUI!. rpiIF. S11I a.-.j! rrs. are daily receiving Stperrine X Flour in barrel, and half barrels, -ela-iel wi h care and of the ino-t approrel Hand-, which they oner for eah at a small advance. , . 'I OLLtTT, URAtlLEY cV Co. Old Does.-, June S, lS13. t NH1V GOODS, , AT GREAT BAltGAIXS. THE iiib"crilerhasjiii returned from N'w Ycrli with a Wrsc a.i-tpwnt of Fancy and Sisoje Dry Good-, amon? .wlneh may be found very hne ool Dve.1 Ilroad Cloth and Ca-imer", (Drap de l.lleand Lpahin Cloth-, Qambroons, Drilling! anJ Lineni for Gents wear) Al.iacca-. Roml aimr-. Mii-hn De Lame-. Plain anJ S'iri; e.I ChaJI y, PunlcJ Lawn., Flinch Cam1 nr. Halrannp !. ariich-J heavy, pl.un and striped Silt. a ; a frrest van. ety of Silk Shawls, Hdfcfr., Lace", G'ovc-, Ril.lon", Ladies' ami Mi.... II. ,.. A...r..,.l L-. Stoel,s,Si-arf-,nd Cravats; P.ira-nl an 1 Umbrella-! .ilea's simile and doiit le I rmi'.l l.tchorn Hdis: 12-4 Linen Sbciins.. Tickinus. W.ckin!-. S mi u, i,'i, nr. The above Articles and a rreat Tar.'elr rot eior. . . ... . - - . - rate"! hare I een hoo?ht nt theloue.t liru .tin mp kef, and will I e sold as cheap as th rhca:iet f"i cah. Tho-e who are in want, will do well 10 Mil . r.urc .--r-nis nreisewnere. ysy.25.M3 51 H. .W. CATL1N" K A W S . f O 1-2 A T foot Mill Saws, msnura?t"rel to j or.ier at now ami's ee.a'raicJ vrorLs. l'h .u V phu. 0, 0 l-S Ai T fort Cant Steel W Cut Saw, V I. L. 111..... ' -liaT'i'"ii i .air. 10. 1 6. SO. 23. 21 if- SO inch n.'rc .Ur Siw. cut .llfl. 14. 14. 10. 19. 20. SB i 2 1 inch Car! Sine I Simla? Siw. Forirv .... . . - rd.LLKTT, llRADi,Y i Co, Oil Poeb. Jne . 1SI3, 1 WANTED ! fffiO POUNDS o Beo" W ix. Al-o. i q amiiy OW of tVnjt or-"rrd I!yr in -haiise. I v . r 51 PECK & SPLAR, I'r isut-. TO PAPKK MAKI'ltS. WANTF.."1, a journeyman Pa wina'-pr, far ma-e-hiuo tin hug an f Wt LLi.NGTO.V. Millin, June 15, 1813. 'J RcorKo Prlt'ille's I'.atnte. WE the suhsciiheis, having been appointed by ihe Honorable the Proline Court for the District of Chittenden, commisjioners 10 rcce'i e. pr. amine and a.djuel the claims nn I demands nf.all per sona apsinst IlleesfJtb of OEORGE PRIN'ULE, laie of Chailotto,iniaid Diiiricl,deceafil, repreiehlnl in solvenl,.nd also all rlaima and demands exhibited in offset thereto 1 nnd si months from ihe dav or iht. dato hereof, being allowed'id Court for lhal purnoie, wc no inrreiore nereny give noticv.ilnt we will attend 10 the business of our nppointmvnl, at Ihe dwelling of widow Louisa Prindle, in Chiijotle, in laid District, on ihe 2d Wednesday of July and NoveinWr next, at 10 o'clock, A. At., on each of raid dayi. Daled, this 10th dav or Mav, A. I). 1343. it BUBK LKcVENr-WTH, )-.., JOS33j?II VJ.1T.V Has received a fill supidy of 3 RAi WIIICII be v, ! til nt tin' f' ' . ng very r. rale 71 feci f r r.-i ly piv. v ? t Printed 'I i-i I up' ands1?.! .cc-r. the.-01 Irtm S7 ' Printe.1 Tea Se, ii9 ,..e o , froi-i SJ C While Oranil-.-Tei Si-i-",rev t -tj-'cSO p'c ',' ' Printel Iirei'vfU', Dinner nnd Tea Se !1 . do c!o co c!o (0 pii.-.o b do do c'o c'o Z". du - e'o do clo do C 1' : f Whito Gra.niu do do frcin to Printed Dreikfn-'i p'a!c, reiri'wt. do quart e.nd pui: IJo.vl-, per '-'cs. C! t.nJ i W' Priii-olld Po:, e-i li Priu'.d CliamLer Irm 0 cent ip. cni.v.v waul. S,-ri2'd Ctiim Tc.1 -iot-, 3. j. sj. 0J "0 .-w (li.'d Bnnd S,.r i' do, 'M n., fio-n 57.",d -G lJ C.-.n-l & Spr.t' 1 Ch-niTp'r.-e, r,-oQi S,2S t Oh na P. eher In 31 cents t,, 1 Wh.te Ch na C- p Pl.i e-, per !. 7.. f'!!.iiii:; '.VAiir. E l?ixl P'ato 'roei 3') in CO cen'- 1 1" dr :jn. hli'cJ HiLc-rs an 1 .jpi a-, fr m 9 to 93 ie-,!'i Coloure-I ft'.wN, from 10 to K cen:- 1 1 r 1 . iui Pitcl.t-r- pint" to l.n'f (rnll. n, lioo. 8 to 23 - . luc, pm- ai-.-l hi'f ii-nt-, froei 5 'o 9 ' c-ir? el-.. Ce-mmn Clmml er- from I." to 30 et-. eat Ii. l-'ittt: I'ltotn." WAisn. Ye! low lis .in.'", per !. Jen from 75 c-t, t. Si Yellow Oven I i-he . St t 13 ne In- , fro o 10 ,Zi Yellow Cell- Pan-, 9 t,, 1 1 u,. h, from i u, -y, 1. 1 Yo' ow N'app.i" frntn 0. U an I lei cent, a, t. I!au !II Soap Pl.ipcr-', C ipnt- e.u-h. r.i.Ass n'.v:?!-. Goo 1 T-imtecr- from g.) out- r, wird--. Moiildttl nn I Cut Win- , from 75 c-ti, to 1 53 y.-r Sx't" Irutn 1 J el-, tu 1 ,0-J per j air. CrUiH 13 eta .-r pa-r. Letnnna Ic (iln-e-, 75 ' ti tn 5,?" per ''1 a l.iinpt, all s zc. Ir. in 10 ct. to l li c.tih Stuly wi h sl.a '1-, 75 et-'. Lan'ira- from ;0 ct". npwinl', aula irreit vim tv .fothei- nr'ir!e In 'ho fro"1 1 nnd O'nis Ware hue. all of ivlech Willie jo ,m cheipir thai can Lo h iJ a-, any her s: m ,.. . sta'e. j;uri-nj!on,J' ne, 1813. 3 1 np!IE siihter.bera woi-ld r'piclful!y c-tl 1 I ' tiinof c.raiitr merchant to iIh-t t-ti-- c- well si-le-.l.'.l as-ortiiiont of Jro ,;r ..3 p i- ' tho pnse'it low piic.i and oiL-red at 1 3 nal'. ,idve . nl i... .. . . r. ..y . , , len o , J"l,10a a'ua t;;,,n,i r, no- -"i di li'crmtl. Pepper, Csi!a, Si-e, t'liif r ' Ai, ic. Rica, V.uii . rr.M. OM DjrV- .' - H IR vt, Er.'.DLnr Co. 9wlajJs.H ""ssasW PERFUMES AND SOAP cf J.r ,j.'.i,,n at, 1 n cei L ,11 ; WlllflSii i.;cs ;-,D FL'J.-.S if .-q-ah-ie , in .'sr.-... a . I ii.a ' 1 n- 'e , i.f 11 -i 1 ani ui; in-e-ii",. iu,. anJSea. 11 J all vir :i es and pr.. -. Pisl", Water pro-t mil Vi-n'-l, ' LA" ' At Rc-'aunr Whu'esi e, l-ol-r - :i 1 jj ,. ., on in t an 12 I. 2, I ox- an I pi n-.... (, rt1 e Mer -Inn nd S .1 i.,e,- f ,rll .lt. . j: ;l ,0 .. . t a-uli- -e of -ho city r.iari.c. J me 8, 1313. pr.CK cc '-PFAI7. rp)IE cchjeiibcrs arc cii'snn'ly s--pp.e,- wti X full nsi irtinent cf N'nl.-s iml Iron, mni f 1, 1 , by the Au Sable Iron Works, ind the Cnglc Na.l C as follows: 31 -Id fid 6 1 13 1 12d :0 1 2-1 1 20 1 i0 30J and CCd r.a - t. -4; ."J. and 6 mi h Spike, CI8J 10J 12.1 andZOJ tinishinrr N'mh and I-d3 R011111I nnd Square Ironfroui 3-10 tj'3 l-.'insit, ' Mind Iron from 1 1.', to 5 inch, Hor"o Shoe Iron Fxtta do do, Scioll and Itamo do, Marble Siw-Platei. The coods miniificturel b7 tbiabove'-.i sre not surpassed if equalled bvanv minufT-i,i,cd tins viriiiity, and they lire olll-red to the pi.b,, . upo ierm as f ivonble as cm heohiain.-,! in tin Ni.e Furehaseri will find it for tlie;r interest to e.ill bef-pun-harang el-ewhere as wslnvca siperior artK . ind will not be tinders-.!, I. nnr, , , FO; LETT, URADLEY & C. Old Dock, June 3, 133. "p-VcJUSH Tire Lon from 1 13 inch wiJa tj 1 J- uuhe, and of the various tin Lnc;jcj, Sweedes Iron Hit and squire, Old Tjblo dj fiat and sq nro, Hoe do Hoopi doo-S3.11. 1 .inehe, Sanderson's Cast Sieel lint and squar), Niyloriand II. C. Gorman Steel, Esple do de, Spring do do, ToeCork pj do, ic. tt-c. f "lie by . FOLLI'.TT, BRADLEY Co. Old Dock, June 3, 1813. t :;;:iy r,noii. 'triV-r ij .-. nv r-ri - Lis s iae's , DRY GOODS .r- G 10 -Till' S. rj-iir Alto, Teoec, P.ibk, Salmon. Maci:vr!:l, Coo F;r &c.&r wh-i-li will be soldo-. I 11-. i'u' c i,.-., Juns 1,1513. DJ if IU'Rci: I anh. wos's'f:n cV iis;rv, 1 VII OL E SA t.E G R OCERS, coiwrjjissror; RrcncitAi-rrc, VGl .rsr strr.l, Tny. .V Y. (opposite the m a n m o s 11 0 c s s .) HAVE -u-t iti I, nnd o er I r ,1 a I in-.' c-oinple i- s-urimenl f GR'V E'tll-', wine, they are prepire I to sell n- low- n- 'hov .-an lo pu -1 bvel i-i ih- mirkc't or New Vi r' , e 1'ier f r can ir approved paper. The f.,i win,' ar'ieie'a com iiart of 'be r a-.o. (.",". SO Chtan 1 In If eln-"t . f Hv on, Yo njllyior, lly-on Smii. an,l I'.-w-i h nir "i c 1 . 11 ua i ot 1 i-i. x, t'ortu R an J N'i-v Oileani do do cu nnJ Tr nniJa- S .e-ari. I.oif.ind Lump .10 II hJ. St. Croix, I'orio M.-1,e.. 30 Ua,-. OM Juts, Li;-,.r 1 o-.. 1 R M'ini'l.i st.d Culi v. 11, I OO flme. and half bnjcec Iti 1 n. SO Ivcj" Maise-i do 111 fine.rl'-r. 4 () lluxe- var-o i" bran 1 Ca-.endisli Tot a:ocr. C to 95 centt per iioun-l. IS I n-ree Hie, 1'epi'r,, Clover, Nut me.. Mlsra 11-, C'a-ia, Fig-, N.iir.i--. .It) I! -xe-N . 1 Uar Soap. 0 O do Mi u .l Can 'ic-, Oi an ! d ALeo, (Vnsia-t.'v i n 'un l, IV h, F.oir, 5a t, ICO Sri-1 I a-h' ' I ran Me-.- l..r. A'-o, L.-i-ior- and Wines 1 f nil l.irds. which nr. 0 'ired on'v t pai lie. ilar e i-u-nn-r-. V .ntry Merchant- wi'l .- j wi-li to -a'l n i exam ine their 'o-! lef.-re p r. ha ins 0! evvl.t-e. v , & I), hive ina le nrrn.eioeiii- Ihr ihe .s'h o' Flo ir, wh,.-li will ena' le ihc.n 10 fur.n-li at, Irom 1 1 o .Mill oi Is., at t'i. invest mai.-.e". pju -, te wh h psrli -Isr altcntic u wi.l 1 0 i.aiJ. May 2G. IS II. Sn a a.'.nij,v::i:, 333 liter i,attt old 'Uinl,:f Ua' cr, laidinerif.Cj. WILL C u inue the FREIGHTING and ( Oil. MIS-'ION" h'l-me -,ailn- . L' re;-r -iful ytc. ti-jt a hire ,.!' (. .' hi-pi-r-j-.a-e. O r v'c els rc.. nri-e tho.e of:he ,'r-t a - v ' . h u I' .a rea ."rj between .. ci'' B". I ,'"v V r't. A1 -ro'':s i'e t,,- for ihe iv r h wi 1 1 e fi-.. a- ' d vt f- n 1 ' a Tssejs, All pr'jit-riv con i.-elm liu t.m aij.1 Prvf lane wi I e d r 1 1'-'el 1 o ,r '1 ic. Wp ffja ' alwavs i eei nn bii 1 r.' vh' 'e-'e, Por!t, Western F1 ur, I'. h. a.i 1 ' 1 .. We hi v I ten ap. lo.'u'el ihe n-rii's for the i ' rf '.".,s.r.i ii r e' calt, ani v- are ,n urel 0 . n l...v as it itn le p r-h". e' iy the n 1I.0 vvcr-s. Irry.N. V Alnv IB It. o. .-.IAU v, I"',';, ,v-.j Yi.rt. .ti 1 ri -, ' t. ciht FOR Isilirs clieraij, srcl ricclvcil. mx nrtleha Just 3 Panoj 't;n.-irr Ira ISlihati'M I-'sta'i. STATE OF VEH.HOXT.l't JI i H.-s 0 ii-r ct nt ctn- n a.i. ss. ( 1 p,;.., c, , lor he l'ivri-1 of Chit'n-1 n, 'e s'l -efcr-. ci--i-t, e el 1,1 tl u.iatu of IRA U.SliUI'. Iui 1 f flu. I. . 111 ui.' I'l.'n . 1 ocen e iu :t so. x ..1 h.. . n'er o.t em 1 an I iN a e-, to I e 1 - in tar 1 "'St, VvHBIU.v, -i,.p' a l.'i-h e 'a e ol ie', i aivo tv e her nici,n:-rn . 1eeou.1t rpa.n I anl c fi . - lowniee a' 11 eicn ( il-e C , liol.'i-n nt the Re.-ii.terV ' fn-o "1 j D.s'ne-I. on ihe u-on.l We'iia ,1 1 1, ' Therefore, vo-iare Iwiilu- ixiiuir a letore sail c-oiri nt ih.'tmwaii I p'a v afore Jsi unl !,.. cM-i.-e, il any voil.uve why the a.vutnr afiw-uil lio-J not lenHovvi.t. (.veil un'.-r on- m' at e'ur '.-"en, t' 12 - of J..e. A. D, IS.I-J " 2w3 Wit VFT i ' , 1?AHI WLI.l-S Gmer I a iri an.l a ett Sh. , w n r 1 il' m 25. '43.

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