Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 7, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 7, 1843 Page 4
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CAN A HORSE REASONS i Tlie llun.Jmlgo Taylor, of Mobile, Alii, has ructMitlv tidilrcMi'd n (-nmmtinicntioti to tho editor of iho 'D.iilv Advertiser' of limb cily, of ii most intoresliiij; nnd exiratirllinti ry character. Air. Linliin, in intmilncinu, llio commiiniciition to liU readers, nut It flic assurance 'lint eveiy f.ict statfd ciin lie cor roborated liy liiindrcili of his most vcrueloiis follow citiwns. Tlioso who hold in vt'iierit tion the nolle qualities of llie horse, tliat sn pacions as well ns srr icrsilitu tniiniifl, will be certain to give tlm article n careful 'pent hI. Tito writer of tliis individual'.s history lias scarcely told iho hull of tlio evi dences pivrs ol surpassing powers of reason ing far iibovo most other uiiittnls of the lirtitc creation. If nil tlicso marks of intelliaenre are not referable to n process of thought, or ratiocination, then wo Know not upon what principle- they aro to he accounted for; they re certainly, in our estimation, ti lofty re move above instinct. C. C. Lanydoo, nq': My purpose is not to discuss the question at the head of this article, hut to submit some facts fur the spec ulation of those who may bo cm ions in such natters. As yon urn aware, 1 own a burse called Jhn, that for several years has not only amused, but astonUhcd the public, by his various feats of intelligence and sagiicitv. I'.very body knows John, and if hi' is seen, bs he often is, in a liugpy, mid no one in it, walking, troltinp, or galloping, through the tiioat crowded street, tlueading his way itinong carriages and drays, no citizen offers to stop him ; but if a stranger attempts il, he only excites a laogh, and is asked huv long lie has been in the city. I have witnessed sonio amusing scenes of this kind at the ex pense of some one's good intentions. It is proper I should state, that for the last riven vcais, with the exception of the past ami present winleis, 1 have resided about two and a half miles fiom the city. I gener ally come to tou n every day about eleven o' ilock, I frequently diive to loun and back without touching the rein. If I come down St. Francis street he is certain to stop at the Waverly, without anything being said to him mid as sunn as I get out, he will start in n trot or gallop, ami slop at the Corin thian. If 1 come doun Dauphin street, ho will go directly to the Post Office, where lie will stopt unlit I get cut, when ho will wheel across the street, and remain thete, in his opinion, a reasonable time ; if lie wants water ho will go to a pump, and from nne to another, until be finds a friend to pump it for him, vvlien bo will return. John is also a general favorite. Tho 'free dom of the city' was long since presented to him in a buggy ! lie is therelbie not con fined to any particular street, but goes where lie likes, in pursuit of me or his own amuse ment. Ilo will sometimes go to Water street, and then to Commerce, where with excellent taste and judgment he will sample bales of bay on the side walk ; but unlike tlin cotton samplers, ho was never knoun to fui u bag and carry it off on his back, Ilo not only knows nie from others, but can dis tinguish my voice from all others, as may be easily proved. Hundreds of persons may pass him daily without attracting from linn any particular notice. If I como towards liim when bis head is turned from me, ami happen to bo talking at the lime, although fiom his light check rain the million may be difficult, and prlinps painful, he will turn liU head round, resting it iigainst bis side, with his eve, which then exhibits a peculiar tremulous motion, fixed on me, until I pass. If he then desires to go home, liu will laise his head, point his ears and start after me, topping loftily and keeping me in view. Although a spirited animal, 'nothing fright ened him from his propriety;' iii fad, be dares do all that may heconiu a' mrsr. It is a fact quite notorious, that he will gn iibout the cily in pur-nit of me; it is eqnulU so, that experiments have been made to in duce him to leave me, by turning him up the street leading to the countiy, lint after turn ing a block or two he would invariably come back. There aro many instance of gentle men having diiven him to their residences h different parts of the cily, and turned him looso to come hack ; and 1 am informed that some bets have been pocketed on such per formances. I bad a standing bet for some years, that 1 would send him to tho maiket or to tho I'ost Oflice, or any bouse or point th.M might he designated, and that he would return safely with the buggy. No one doubt ed that bo would do it. 13 tit a few mouths Since I sent Irom my house iicio.-s the cottti' try to tho Spring road, and up to that roiu a distance of a mile, to the house of it fiieiid, 1 . 1 t t t 1 Diiiiougu no una not lieen tliero lor more .1 I I r. i . man ii j ear. i nave onen sent liim on er rands of a similar character. I have only to go with him and show him a place, and lie never forgets it. lie is peifectly under com mand of my voice. I speak to him as I would to n servant ; and that bo undeoiaiitls many things that are said to him, is proved by the fact that hu obejs me. In harness or out of it, ho follows'meahont like a dog. He stands in no fear of me, and has no cause, for although I may sometimes scold him, 1 liavo never struck him, as I believe, in the seven years and a half I have owned bim. He therefore does nothing frum fear, hot ev ery thing from kindness. It is getting quitii bite two or three o' clock ; I must have gone up the street. Ilo turns up Iloval-street. and stopping a short time at tho Literary Depot and several oth er places, bo goes to the Waverley. There is no uso in going farther in this direction, for lie knows 1 seldom go ahovo that point. He becomes uneasy ; turns back and goes dow n tho street, ns'far as tho Court House, lie turns again much excited ; his ears aro thrown bark, his neck arched, bis nostrills flattened, and starts into a troi. As ho passes the Mansion House, ho is in a round gallop, wildly throwing bis head fiom one iuc ui un: sireei tu inc oilier. 11 III! sees ine, bo will stop, or como to me. 1 net into tho carriage, and without saying n woid to him, or touching tho rein, ho takes up tho sin ui leuuiiii; io our Home. Hero is u nairovv lano leading to tho cato. and to jiako a clean turn through it, it is necessary to keep to tho right, near the fence. John knows it. and stops at tho proper point ; I get out, open the gate and pas through. He wheels short round, describing u quarter circle, and utes nil is right beforu liim tho cato is nar row, tltero being but fivo or six inches to sparo between tho wheel and the post. John Knows it, and in moro than fivo hundred times passing through tho gate, he lias not . i. ...i .1 -. .f , . .. luutuvu i on um iiiuru man iiirco or lour tunes ; but when bo happens to do so, lie will immediately sheer oil onus own nrtord and pass through ; never failing in his sec ond attempt. I here aro many instances o! having locked his weels with oilier carnages wnen endeavoring In gel a good shade, am! disengaging himself in a similar manner, am which have been noticed by General 1 I). V , and others, lint for tho oddit oi ii ccriaiiuy mutim not uso either rein or bridle. In going to the cily, or back, but tspeciitlly at night, 1 woujd (rust liim sooner than n professed watchman. Not the slight-1 est injury has over occurred in (ho carriage by any fault of his. 'Dim ho has also a mode of communicating his wishes and wants, by signs, looks and ac rioos, which is as perfectly comprehensible by me, us if expressed in tho plainest lan guage spoken by man. He not only used a language to express his ideas, emotions, &c. hut has clciiily invented that language him self, as 1 think I shall prove. A portion of the year, the stable being left open for that purpose, John is allowed lo come to the house and kitchen when he likes. About twelve o'clock one night 1 heard a knocking at tho kitchen door. The knocking contin ued so long and loud, that I got up mid went to the window, when I found il was John cre ating the disluibauce. His bind feet were un the gioundnnd his foie feet on the upper step. Lifting his foot ho would strike tho point of his hoof against tho door ten or fif teen times repealing it overy few minutes From many other feats of his sagaciiy, I was w ell convinced of his object. 1 called up the servant, and charged hi'io with neglecting to feed the horses hut be stoutly denied tho charge. It is cei lain that I did not believe liim. Hut the same thing happened several limes afterwards, and I had as often called up the servant, who Mill asserted the hnrso had been fed. One day I happened to hear the negro talking lo the servants in the kitclr eu, laughii g beaitily mid repeating, 'John won't lie and mastei knows it,' A laugh, 'lie believes John, and won't believe me.' Another laugh. 'I won't tell any more lies about feeding John. It's no use.' They all laugh; mid I laugh ! When be wants wa ter he will go to die well, and knock against the curb or the water tub in the same: maimer. Of late years,the servants get up at llie eailiist knocking, for be knows that no sleep is ro he had on the premises until John's de mands arc complied with. 1 often diiect thai he should nut be fed in tho morning, for the purpose of inducing bim to adopt some other mode of communicating his wishes. After practising in this manner for some time, hi; would givo one of iho queerest squeals I ever heard, as much resembling tho yell of a Choctaw, as any thing else, although ho coil il he likes, squeel in very good Juitgitsii: In November last, Mr II , of C , who was at my house, desired to witness some of John's performances. After pur lin ming several feats I have related, anil we had gone into tho house, the house servant came to mo anil said John would not let her go to the kitchen. We went out on the gal- ry and saw that John had planted his heels diiertly opposite the kin hen door, looking veiy savagely. I ordered the gul to drive him away, which she attempted to do with a stick, lint no, John would not move an inrli. Willi his head near the ground, his ears hacUed, stamping . lolentlv, and shaKlug his head, lie hid ch fiance. All this I knew was merely for ('fleet. 1 new he would not havu injured the least of living things. I then told the etil lo go lo the well and draw mm some water. As sootr as she starled in that direction, he threw off his theatrical character and followed her, looking pleased, and highly gratified at the success of his ingenious expel imelit. 1 will relate one leal ol a different character. A vear ul two ago, when I came to the city imv looming, I left John at a shop in Chinch street, to lie shod, ri questing the suillli alter he had done so, t.) put the leuse in iho bug gy and let hhn go ; a p rtcluo I have puisu- I at that and other simps lor several sea is. An hour or two after, I was standing on the side walk opposite to the Mansion House, when I saw John coining dnw u Government, and then iqi Ilovnl, in si fist trot, stopping w it 1 1 1 ii a few fei t of me. He sunn commenc ed stamping voilemly widi his fine foot, which cniitiiiued for a minute or two. Tho West Ward omnibus was standing pome ihii ly or forty feet in fioul of him. Walk ing up to it he put hi fore foot on the ujifir :, and commenced healing it. after re lieving himself ef ihe lly, (as I suppose it was,)he backed tin; bugp tu ins ui'J ,'t;siuu". Although John knav and had his rcn-on, why he went lo the uniiiihur., e( it is proper the liarnrd public should he informed that as his check rein would not allow his hiud to be brought down to hi' foot, he went to the om nibus to biing bis foot to his head. Mr I. then iind now of this citv, mid a number of other gentlemen, were moused spectators of this pi'ihirmauce. I have thus related a few only of a great number of similar facts to show that the the ory that all the ails of the brute proceed from mere instinct ought not lo receive absolute belief; that it is not a theorv which pre- hides all doubt, If tho proper definition of instinct he a blind tendency to some mode of action, independent of tho consideration of the end to which the action lends, these various acts can be only the result of mere chance of accident! lint will any one sup pose siirh to he the fact 1 Undoubtedly in stinct may, in sonio cases, be common both tn man and brutes. Doth may eat instinct ively to ureservo life. Hut if you place a vaiielv of dishes before a man, he will select that which is most uytecahte to his taste. No one would doubt that this art would on i ne result oi reason put several parrel of food of diflercnt qualities before a horse, anil he will do tbu same thing with equal taste, from the same motives; jet metaphy sicians tell us this art is mere instinct. Ai elephant may drink front i. stinct as well le i man. in iravciiuig over a desert, man ii NOTICE. TIIK Silajfi'cM nre now manufaetarintr anil keep cotttantly on hand a good II' sortment of WINDOW SASH el etcry ileseriininn. !ASIl IIOOHS am) Ill.lNDS made lo orJcr Ml llie shor c-t notice. All orders nddriMM-d lo the snWrilcrs Will receive prompt attention. 1 iWiri iw m. fttitiL' Winno.M Pa'.,May 18, 1813. 51 isli .lill: niiinimimMiiMiti DliAl'NKSS ClIHEDl SCAUPA'S (HUM ACOUSTIC Oil, I TOR the cure of DI'.AKM'HS, pain, and iht dis charge of matter from the tarsi also nil those ilimurecahlu nuirs, like Ihe bulling of insect;, fnlliim of water, whiiz:ncof stenin, Ac. Ac., which ore yniitoms nf npiirimeliins cY'diesa, and also Generally nttcnilnnl ilh the di'ease. Pnr.r-ARnD nv II. HF.t.t.,of iheCey of Philadelphia, nil I sold nt wholesale am! retail hy Drutrirists and ApotliecniicK generally in (he United States. At liuriincton, vi., ny i-w.iv ., A I which place tntrirslins facts in relation to the i fficaiy of llio Acoustic Oil may lie m en. U. I). LUMPERT. Washinston St. Philadelphia. May 17. Wool, K. Wool! ROKLOI'SON A. HATIIIIIJN hnvine l-cnscil ihe coimnmlioii Manufacturing Kitabtithmcnt, of1 the liiirlinpioii Mill Cn.J ami coiiinMcd therreelve. in I.ii-iii--s w ell Mr. Sinxr.y Harlow, (former Apriil for niil Co..) nre nmr lewly In leccnc Wool to ni uei failure lor e isioiiicr- into III .e, H ad-. Steel, Oxfi nl, ami On 'it Mix It It O A II ' I, OT1I S. To iho-e dial have had work dune heretofore I y lloelf-cai ami Itiithl.iin, hide need I v sold lo induce n continu ance orpMlroii iL-c, ,'iinl tonllolhi'r- we wo ild ny that die work will I e done in n worl.iiiiinlic manner. Farmers, Merchant t and othtra wi-him; In have wool .Mniiiil.iciurcd for their own ne or for mnrUel may real ii-s ired ihut no pn'n or intention will I e spa red to five iIkj Ivt of ..iii.r.iriinn. Term, nf payment nudeea-v fur All lot- of wuuMrom 1000 H's mid upward-; Small lot. Cah or one hall ef the cloth w hen loii hod. The lueine will I e euud icled under the linn of noni.OKSON, ItATHBt'N & Co. A;ti 5. ISI3. Ah MltS AI. FRAftl' It. HAS Just returned from New Yolk with n fishionaWe assortment ol M I f. l.tKBIiY ltihlions, l.accs, Flowers, Gloves, rfif - and Mnte. .llC ALSO, . rVta'rA pood assortment of V JiSr I'rincc Alorrt and 7'uenn M. i a an which win uc sold as cheap 09 the cheap est. Uurlincton, May 19, 1843. 51 tf FAHNESTOt K'S CEI.EnH.4T ED mm VEinill'UtiE or UUIOI MEIHCIM. U for ale Uy PKl'K & el'JIAH. By the Urov, Dotcn, or Sinrlt' lloltle. LOOKING GLASSES. ALAUCSF. un I well selected assortment, consist ins of fVf, Mahogany and (lill, MoUogany,anl Fancy framid Looking Glasses, forsVent erectly reduced prices nt the Hardware. Store, Comer of Church and College Sis., hy ll.VOAIt & AltTllUH. town to FOR SAU1; riMIR new, coinliin tio-i, Ira'tlild 1 HllU K llWKI.I INO Il0t'3r mid 1-ot at Ihe corner i f College nnd Pine street, w Inch not lor pro-peel or con venience exii'llisl hv nnv Mt intinn in payment fn part may remain on time Apply It. W: SHKHMAN or B. K. MOWAItD. vr r UNITKI) STATUS DISTUICT COURT, Vermont District. IN MAKKUPTCY. Vntlcctn show causcnsalnst Petition of (JAMPI1KI.I. RKMIXUTON, of Hnnlihglon, fur hi" l)i-i hnrsie anil Ci lliliunlc, ns a linnkrupl, ol the ollice of Simm I I'rentis", in Monlpelier, in said Di'inci. on Wednesdnv, the 30th day of August, A. I) 1RI3 nt 10 A. M." KI.IAS DOi'Y.ol' llniilinaton, fur his Discharec and t 'crlincalc, n a Hnukriipt, at die oflice of Samuel Pieniixs in Monlpelier, in said District, on Wednes day llie 3nih itsv of AtiL'iist, A. D. 1913. "t 10 A.M. I.Y.MAN I). CHUUril of Jericho for his Discharge and Certificate, ns a ll.iilkllipl. nt ihe ofMceof nni ucl l,iinlisinMnnt)eiicrinsaidl)i"triet, on Tiles lav, iliclllliih.vof lulv, A. I). 18-I3,at 10 A. M Onsi.Ti A. I'KMIM'i, i f Ml ten, for hi- Di ch ir.-e.ind (Vrtifi -n c. n- a' . ', at the nfliir ofti.on'icl I'rciiti'"-, in .Moiupelivr, in find I'l-incl, en Tiie-day the Ulh dy of July, A. I). 1S13, at III A. M. AI.VA1I C. .II'NMNOS of n-irlinzton, for hi Di ehane and ('ertilica'e, a- a ll.iii'-ropt, ai die o'lVe ol Samuel I'rcn'i in Moutpil i", in -aid Di-trici, ou'riic-i'iivthcrl ii day ot J i ily, A.I). 18 13..II 10a m. Lumu:n YAhJJ. rpllK sniiscrihers ket p on linml a supply nflum I of v irious Uinits at iheir jaril cli Peail St. win re they will promptly "nil tincii'iomcis. I.iuii hir s.i ed m order. Applvto Henry 1'. 1 Iii kok. .March 10. IIICKO.C U STF.VKNS. SJS.ACEiKHHTIilJVG. HEsllY tVIIIT.M'lV liecs lcae to reilimtl ihose who aie not almdy nppiised of the fact, tin i lie has ri nimid Ii s i suihli:-hnu lit to tile new lirieli shop comer of Pcarl-st. nnd Ihe new road, where hu will lie hippy to serve his old Iriends, and iiiikvns many neir ones as proiupliiiss and fidelity may secure. tVAnOONf. lie ha? on hand 3 Douhle Waggons, made of the hesl urilerials, with iron axles, and wurrauttd to do liood Two one-horse I.UMUER WAGGONS a good article. Ali, a ntimher of superior CONCORD WAO GONS willi wood and iron axks. All ol which will he sold myhcap for Cash, andat pneis adapted io the tuns fir u-ood paper.c TO HUNT. Thesecnnil stnryof the Iniildingnliove alluded lo liems a room'jl) liy IU. anu an excellent stana lor Painter or Wliccl-wriyht. HHNRY WHITNEY. HiitlinRion, April 12, M3. Id 3m CA 1UNENT FUHN1 TU11E. TMK SUHSCHIIIF.R would remind the Puhlic, thai lie soil continues the I'Ahl.N'F.NT IKTsI NKSS at Ihe Old Stand, on Church Stmt, fortncily NiehoN if- Herriik. and over Mr. Ilurlhul's. Store. wherehehasn Rood assortment of Mahognv, lllnck Walnut, Cherry nnd Pine FURNITURE, ninsisliue ol secretaries! iMircnus) oolasi uining, lea, work nnd Toilet. Tallies i I led si mils mid Stands, which he will sell for cash unusually low, according to the iimcs. WANTED, In exchnnsre. llircli and Manle SCANTLING, suita hie for lledsleds 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Rlhs nnd 1-2 inch HASSWOOD, WHITE PINE HOARDS. 1HRCII HOARDS, nnd most kinds ol Co -ntty Produce. Please call and exnniincfor voiirelvrs. SAMUEL NICHOLS. Iluilinclnn, Jan. 13, 1843. 3tif OOK AT THIS FARMERS! 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THIS e-laMi-liincin, -u l.ivorally lo.-a!fd for the acconimol,iiion of the !ni-nc'-nnd iriveilin? cominunitv, I- now- oi en iodic i il In-. i Con'-lic-upon the vnn'ou-rnii'c-I'nll at the I M-hanre Hotel lor pa-M'iiL-er-, and ihoee arriving or ocpar lie.' I y ri'enni i on , in u im-ii ceo nieir inffa-rc i- remove! wiihoiu ch.iri'c, w.ll tin I tin- hou-epeculiaily lolheir vonveuience. Tlie keeper UMcVr- hi-iervice , woh i tit- niinnce, thai in all re-pect., the hou- ha!l de-crvcthi- favor ahle con-i'Vra'ion of all ho in.iv patroui-e it. Ilurlinton, April I, 1612. ' 4J f. NEW ST ABLISHMENT. rpil 1 ha HOUSE I'Olt SI.E . . u4f ''I'M! ANimi and cc.nvenienl IIOLSh, wnh garden and lodwa'er nuachvil, plei-iiuilv Mioaied near ihe I u-ine- part ol llu- village j a very di-ir.d le le-idcuc iin l will li-fuldlow-. Foricrin-iiindvto JlKKI'll WAIT. Corner nf Church and ('ollegc t. II irlington, April 12, 1813. S AT, NOTICE. THE s il'MTiIrr having lal en hi-Mm IIknrt II. OeiiLiTTLK into Ci uriner-hip, the limine- will he cniitiniednt his oh! lai:J under thelirmol P. all. II. DooLITTLE. PIIILO DOOLITI L It irlinvtnu, 11 h April, 1843. W'ltiitcit to Exi:li:ilio, llr-l ra eDWI I.LLNfi HOUSE nnd LOT, com preiut' mar h ilf ait acre of 'and without hiiild' A iil'.. for a l.irni in l ie neinhlmrhnod of Ii rl install A 'Oil I arirain will he given lo-tnv one who WMir o move into ihe village of ll.irhngton for die purpo-e f keepuij I oarder-, o for piofes-ional terviee-, 119 hi hoiibf is near the Miuare. II. THOMAS, Agent. II rlinglrtn, Tel'. 15, 1813. 31)'l E S il -on cr in lie- move I in. If the M-.W HltlCK Itl'Il.DINC, inining thcCouiiH- jluilding., on Ch trch Rircc', is Mrrvue.' on die II T MANUKA I TUIIlMi HI'SI.N SS m all iv variou-hrauches. He 1 in w o 'ir-lo Ihe n d lie a general n-nrimcnt nf die most fas'iinnatjle It.ils in use; aiiionir which i. n very r- crior article of .1IOI. E SKIN HATH, efjnnl in ncatne an I rlyle and I ilievcil 10 I e far ti- pcrior lor iinraioutv lo any iliuij ol 'lie 1.1110 ever 1 e I' 're ofTcrcil in lln- mir' Al-o, a verv -nperiur ar tie e of CASTOIIS and ciimmon IibIh, among which nie n fca ol'lhe -.iiiooih Cus'or.- known ly the name of CA.stMnu. IIatb. Any parlicihir la hiou or tvlc varying from the general fa-hion nude to order at the .horle-t notice. All the al ove will be Mild a- chc.ii 1- tlioi heipe-1. JOHN S'lKISON. llurli.igton, April 27, 1813. -13lf I'Olt SAI.I . TItE House nnd lot belonging tn James L-ingihore situated nn the New Road leading from ltttrlihg ton .-nunre to the Falls. For terms npplv lo A"iil27,18n. AB if L. H. PLATT. TO LET. IHE Lot on Pearl un it. known by the Munson Lot : containing nhout three acres diTidrd hy a fence into two loia, vvhiih can be nnicd sepatately. The ground requires ploughing and enriching. For tliat use it will uc renieti tow. 11 roninuis aooui seventy-five good apple Irecs, part grafted fiuit. r.nnuireoi 1. i.iii.i . 1 uur- May 12. 1313. 50 snpilics liiinself with water. Thu eleiihanl after satislv uii Ins llurM fills his trunk. In hoth, tho motive is tho same to provide a supply, not lor tlio present lint lor tho future use; thus o.xleiiiiinL' lliotigli lioutid llie re ality of tho present, to liyht up .1 vision in llio void ol a luturc. A man or a Imrso uui) walk instinctively, without nhject or nioiivo nperatuiR upon oillicr nl llio llmo , liul thoui in an enclosure with a narrow-opening nnd uarli will ileteriuiuo Willi eipial juilg niont wlirtlmr it is sufficiently lareo to enahh him lo pass without injury. In tho man llie art would proceed Irnin llio operation of ihe iiiiiul front reason the nhject of tho hnre heiti" llu: sump to pn nut llio result of do- liheration lieinj; indonliral, that he could not pass nut. Why not admit tho process hv which this judgment was Arrived nl, pro", cooded from llio samo source from tho la- horatory of tho mind fiom reason 1 Is it simplv hoc.'iusu man, in his urrogiinco nnd priiio of power, dcsiies lo preseive so maik od ii distinclion ; to cieato so iniuieasurahln a span between himself and his Jellow inti mitis ! If I havo staled n few facts which may loud tn throw some lijihl.nn nn abstract sub ject, which of lute has excited some iillenlion; in tun meant line, I shall liave redeemed 1 promise made to many friends, at their so liritalion to Rive somo account of tho oris, iln'liies, and character, of my horso John, llu h n norlhi m hoise, finely I'onned, unit without 11 blemish; nnd although in UU twelfth year, ho l;as oil tho playfulness and elasticity ol a colt, 11. w. l Avt.ort. Mobile, Ala. April 4, 1843. ll ltlOI)KAl. 1111 K mli-iril cr i- prep.ired to furnih any of the Pcnothcld iciMicliiion- (if the day, ItevievvB. 'Magazine., or Jlonddy Iteprint- 1 f foreign worl,al lieiovve-t p un tier s pnci, anu iree 01 po.iage, 11 !c'i crc I 111 It irliM'jIon. A ca a'og' e and .pecimen nittnl crs nf Mim of the vnrki- may I e seen ul Mr. SiHeyV Main Mreet. Or- ler- Icli a- al ove, or ai mix i, 1 o-i viaue, win 1 e iloiiiiily.tleiR'ed to if accompanied I y die cash. ' ' J. W. MAY, Agent for Wilder Co., Oeu. Di-irilmling Agents, lio-ion. W II niSJWP HOPKINS ON ROMAN ISM. A second letter tn the RIGHT IIF.Y. FRANCIS A. P, KKNRICK, ?umiin Catholic llithop of .:!. I. ..I.:.. 11.. IOOV lll.-VIIV IICIPL-IVM IV (lilixftr'illi.. . ......... ............. ... I). llWiopofthcDwctsal Vermont. Jul published Fro sale by U. J. SHUMWAY, Agent. April 0, 43 SII.A'KH SJ'IHITACI.ICS,

l?Olt two doltnr- nt thu Variety Store. Onggle L Ca cs an I all thing in the optical line, cheaper h.111 ever .olil. 51 I'ANnuonN v UnlssMAlD. AI.HANY AMI IIOsTON II AIL IIOAll I are Itediiccd to Ml. Fare la Jtottun rtducul tu J I to thoie uho go through uy tunic triiiri. On and alicr .Monday, May 0 I1, parenger trains run daily, ('-uiiday- ,-xeepieil) a- follow: l-ciivotirccnl u-hnt J It-fore 7 a. m. arrive in U01 ton CI r. m. .nine day, lA-ave tlreenl.iish nt 1 I efofe II P.M. lodge 1 Snriiialiel.l arrive in llonn nl 111a. m. uextihiy. Kon Woiicr.STr.a and Nobwiiu P i-teugera lale die I lfore7 Irain Irom (ireeu1 nsh, liner-eel the .leaiidioai Irani from llo.lon at Worce-ler thence toNirirh. For HARTrono and New Haven Pa'-encrrslt-ay iug tireeuluh t before 7 A. M., late tlie .le.nnt onl at Spnugtielil at lt u reach llarllurd at 3 p. M iiro.tvd hv car. to New-Haven, Pa-ieiigcn- may nlro leave (irfcnhiish al J lefore j v. n., rii" 11 opniiuiiriii pi, iiieuiT i y ainge inline diatu.v In llanford linlge cave llanfurdat6 liexl iiiornuig in car for New Haven. Pa-.engcr- inii.t leave iheTicLet Office, in Sisnwix 11 1 I. Maiden Lane, for llie lUil-roail l-eiry Heat alGI a. t.. or 2k p m. the ferry I oat will I e minimal in Marling. Tuiei- for the far- must le uhiained tetore going on board the k'rry boat. w 11 TniuMiL'u n . ... A w 1. 1. Mmur of Transportation SAND'S SARSA PA R IL LA . FOR TIIK ItKMOVAL AND l'KUMAM NT CURK OKAI.I. DIHKASI S AHISIMI FIIOM AN IM PCKKSTATKOK'I UK III.OOI), OK IIAU 1 1' OK Till: SVSTKM. NAMKI.Y I scnnrtil.A, en kino', evil, huehmaium, onsrlSAiE it'TANNEiu- r.ncmot.1,, on in.nti.i.s IN TIIK PACK, llLOTLIIES, ISILr.,t IIIIONIC IlinE eti;, vvoiim on TEnnn, scald IIEAll, EN LAIKi EM EN T OP 1 HE HONES anu joints, srunnonN t'Ki-.tiS, StrillLITICStMPTONS, SCIATI CA nn LtiMliAOO. anddiVea-ei nri-inc troin nn inj'idic.tiiu lecol Mercnry,AM'itie.,i r Drop-y, expo-nre or iin prudence In life. Al-o, Chronic: Con-tiluliona! Disorders will I e remo ved ly this preparation, linnroVemcnl in whatever regards the lnnnine- an 1 we'fareof our race con-tnmly on Ihe man h 'o pcrieciion, nnu won cnen Miccei-on cay mimic new tirol lem I- Milved, or nine prof nnd -e.'rel revealed, having nn important and direct I caring overturn-leglie-t i'e-liii e-, Il vie lain' a reiro-pe 'live view nvcr the pa I twenty venr , lew i. the inuid -tr id, with w on Icr ! Wh itriipid tre'e ha--cience ma V in every I'epar iiieut of civilizel life! ixirte- dnrly in that which relate to the mee c tgeof he hum in v leiu in healih nnd tli-ca e. How Vidua le nnd tu II--pen nllenrethe tuc'u'i- re-ei-dy di covcicl ihrongh Ihe agency of cheitii-'ry I How il e- lie imagination kindlu'nu I o tr n Imiinlion g'ow nt ihe ingenuity, the near approach lo the tandnrd of per -feetion, of the pre-eut lime 1 Tlirotigh tin- clal orate inve-iigation- of Phyiolngy, or the M'icuce of I. ten, and the Palhology of preyalcnl di-ea e, in ich valna Me practical Knowledge ha I een gained. Incon-e-tpieuceol lecoming nequnintcd with the organiza tion, theeleiiient- of the various ti-ue nnd-trocinrc-nf Ihe -y-titn, remeilie- have 1m en souolii nf er nn I di-coveretl exacily ,nl.ip'ed to com! mevvi'h iicitral ife and expel morhaii c matter, the ca'eeof tti-ea-e, and Mihoil ite healthy action in il pliu e. 1 tic 1 1 n i liful Miiiplieity of tin- mode of Ircatnicnt ii n6t only ugge-tel ly the iathnlogy if ih-ca-e-, not only gralnfil lo the merer, hut perlectly in con-onatice wiih the operation" of Nature, a nd-an-factory mill'. views and reaoning of every ui'elligen', riitei'ting mini. Il i that SakdsN SAn'sAPAnil.t.A, n cieniilic comt-ina'ion o'fe ciitial principle-1 1 I lit? ino-'t valua ble veoeal.le Mil stance-, operate-upon the -rni. 1 he b irsaparilla I- coiiihined wi h Ihe n1o-t e 'ectiiit aid-, themiiM alutnry prod ntion-; llmmo-l poicul iinple. of the vegetal le Ling toai ; and it- unprece dented success ill the restoration lo lie.ihh of iho.i! who had long pined uutW the iiio-t 'h-tri--ingchrou-icnialadie-, lia given it an exallcd i haricier, f ir nihing a- it doe- evidence of it own iulrin-ic value, and recommending it lo the nllhcuil in term- the af flicted only i nn It ha-long I een a ino-t im portant ile-ideramm in the practice o( medicine to ob tain n remedy -iitolar lo llu- one that wool acton llie liver, noiuacu nnu novvci- wild all tlie preci-ion and potency of mineral preparati..u , vet wilhoit any of theirdeletVrioti. e eels upon die v ital povvbli of ihesy-tem. Tin- iittcht ion of the render i respectfully eall'til fri the following cerlilicatcs. How ever gicat achieve incut" have heretofore lien ni.u.'e hv ihe u-e of do invalital le medicine, yet daily i xperieiicehow re iilt till more rcmaUal le. 'Ihe propncior here avail lhein-elve of die opporluliilv of inyiiig ii i- a ouric ol con-tant sa.i fit tii-n that they nn-made the means of relieving Midi an nmouni nf mi ciiug. NrtVAHK, N. J., I'ec. 13, 1SI2. Mcssri. Santh: ("Icie W tit-cnunot cxpre- ihe gratiliu'e I feel for vo ir trei in'-'UI to me, a ranger Mi'cring un 'er one'nf die in i loathsouic ,i c.i c that nature i- i-ipu' le of I ciring. 'I lie ili-ea-e vvi h which I wn allliciedcoimneueed Willi iti.Iaitiat'ou ol iheeve-, in die 183C, which c.eise I alino-i m n! I". I'cr tin-1 a- Heine I no I llnallv lelicvi d, I. ul 'he rcmedie- wiii'Mtihn- Io c:eM' the ilevcion iiicui ot a M.rofufo ! mle-tion on niylef. arm near die clt oy 'I he pain ex'end'e 1 fri m the ilio'ili'cr to the end n. my linger , and fdr two vcir iny -o iiing v ere I e V on I de-oripiiou. 1 Iricl variou. rciui-i e. victcou u'tiil di 'i ren phy ici.iu-in New Vof , un I ainoie.'-t dieinthcla e Dr. llu he, who told liic he di ca P of die arm wa-cei t-l I y ihe largo ipianiii) of uttfenv ta en to cure the intl.liii!Ml.iu of my eye.'. My -u cr ng- coin on cd, diear ii eiilnrgi 1, tnmi r. 1'iirn'ic t in di ercnt place., gn I ill a IW inon li. ilj . charge ', mat. mir icn r mningn'cerS nt i ncimie, nine above and -nine I clow the ellniw, an I iheili chuige w.i -o o i n-ive that iioier iii conlil I car to I e in iheroom w here I wa'-. I then Cpplicdm aim M'ri'i nng'ii-hed phv -icinn, w ho told n e nmpii a t u of lie arm a- ihconly thing l-nveiiiv life, a it wa i ien'iciiicMidrcadf I ,i di-ca-e ; I I as I was nwilloig lo con cut io il, lie rcotumt ode I ine lo u e Memo'- I 'a mi c.i fuciy, winch I ' I will i It-riving bin hide bincli!. For ihre'e vear. I wa tin- nht- lorai einv ban I lo my hea 1, orcoiu'i my hen I, ( iinti me ' i iii ii iimv 'ii.ii u o- nppi .i i i iii e on my hea l,i e-iroytng the I one in ih ,'ient pl.T e-, m sing etcn ive ulceration, ami I feared i might re.u h and dc-iri'V" the I r.nn the head we'lel ver iinicli, ac eollllta'llic I Wl h Vlolenl trim. , micro ! eternal rctiie tie. were recommended, hot they did no good. About a vva la1 en i iere.'y ill wuh a wellm ot the I o 'y from head In loo', -o tb 11 1 was entiie'y helple . Thedoc or advised inc lo go toihe hopi'ul, lor be did not nn-'er-uin I myca e. tortile l.i-t few uioii'h- I ha I been alllicei web n evere p. i n in bo'h -ide", at tune, mi hard I eo il I -cnrcelv liold my I reatb. A hacUing cough ly an nie, nn lihi-ci'in' inc I web my other mill he-, rendered ine trulv mi cral le. Such, gentleman, ha I ecu my -Una ion fa -even year- of my life, when I commenced die u-e of your S ir apaiilla' ; but .! my ca-evva- con idcred h'opele , and (he near pru-pect oln -pei'dy ih'Milution -ccine.l inevi'al le, I felt but In- lleen o ir.igeincnt to per evere. The pi r ill-ion of rrieiel- mil icca me lo try your meilicine vvloeli inn few day- prod u-e I a gre.ii change in my -v-teut gen erally, I yciei-iug an .vpetite, rclieviiigliepain.,an I givuig trie tieug h. A ucccs in pile conti.lenie, I w.i-euco uagcil lo per cverc. Myp.un- crewea-i-er, mv -Ircng h relumed, lm d le't he ', theuli er- hi al- -.I, ne( tie h formed, an I I once more fe t vvi Inn me dial 1 might gel licit. 1 have mm- u-e' ihe -Mr a ia- nils a1 oil two inoieh-, an I am h a i'i ercnt li ing. 'I he arm dial iru la he amputattd ha- entirely neaiei, a innig ui.e sieine i iiii;mi--i le. i cm n-nri'i ly I el'cTi'lheeVii euccof my own eve .but Mich i- di fael ; ami il i- Hove a. u-ct il a. at .my peruvl of my life, and mv general health i-1 euer than it ha I tv'u for vear pa t. Ite.ilih, w hat niagj.- in the word ! how inany'tho'i--and- have mnght it in f re gn 'and- an I -unity liuii'-, and hive Miughi tu viliu v el it came iri nie when I h 1 1 give., up to die ; anta- I feelthe pul a tiouofheailh cu-'r-iug ihro igli my vein-, mv whole heart and Mini go forh in fervent graliludeio the an- ihorof all our 'ire inercu-, dial he ha- I een gra- lou-ly pleac I to I le ihe means ni.nlo u-e of. Mr i y have you nroved vii'ir-elf die unod S.iinariiaii to lie alhicied, (or uexl tu my Creator my life i indcl teil to you (or rather) the u-eof your invaluable Sar-apa-rilla. The vidue of m ch n 'meilicine i- countli-" be yon I price, innney cannot pay for it. I have I een rai ed Irom ilealh',1 miyny,lor my frend-nnd my e'f lliouglil it iiil,io..i!i'e I conlil nvover. And now- ciitleincu -u'Vr me to a Id nnolher proolcer'ilie.l loo I y my friend- and g a- a ,pil ac!.nowlcdge iiicut'of il e viitiies of your health reMoring Sur-npa-rtlla. That the nllhciel may al-n u-e il an I eiiioy die I enetit-II atone can ei lifer, i- the heartfelt, fer vent wish onneir ana your Inenu. .u.iiuu.v lU.-L.I.. I70It COUOHR, COLDS, ASTHMA nrPII I III1R II', CONSUMPTION, WIKJOPINU t'OTdll, and all P ilntnnary Airection and tti-ca-e- nf Ihe l.uncs. lid- is believed In I e the lno.1 noonlnr Ai elli- ea'-iou-Medicine evcrUiown in Aincricn,for proof nl which, we woiilil rclcr to llio-e win, have u-ed it, aim lolhe niiineroii" certilicuie- nf Pby-ician- nnd oiln-rs atlnchel tiilheiusile wranper ol cat Ii I utile. Or.Amory II m uis,nl " I'muUIin, Mas., write-thai alter having pre-ciibel the u-iiiil renicdie. without relief, nu I hiivtna con- d ed weh eveiat eminent ehy , he ha- fo I tlie Vecalle P liniouary ltai.tin tnhaic had ihe do ircde ect, and rccnmnicti '' il n-a -ale, convenient nnd edcnciiiu- incibe uc, I'r. Themn Ilrown. nfCO'icnrd, N. IL, wii ih n tn hi-1 in w ledge, I h i-never di-iippoin'c I the ri i m.ii.i' leex'tei-ulinn- id tlio-evv ho haven ed p. The P'lhlic are pariicul.iily ca itiotied ngnni-l l hi m iiiv Counterfeits or imitaliont whnli huvepariial I; or wholly a-Miuuil thenittiu ofllie genuine article iCplle anriil thai il i- not genuine mile nn. or I oih of die wri'ten ignati re- nf SAMPSON ItKKI) or WM.JON'N t'lTl.i li, nrefound nnaclne Ion yellow lalel nn a bine envelope. (All label- ul nnd alicr the dnteofDcc. 18.111, will have the "'ritlen Mgna'uro nf Win. Jon'ii Cutler. I'm. nnd by It KI I), WIND & GTTI f.ll, (late Low ,V 'tied.') WholcMile Druggist-, 51 Cha'ham -I., Ho-ion, and inn ly iiroggi-i-. Apotnei nne- ami country iner chants geiieralb'. Pri.e SO n'. PECK & Sl'EAR, Agents. llurlington, Dec. I, I S 12. ly. PERU IRON COMPANY. TJAVF., nnd will constantly keen In dcnnftit ifc 11 Iheir Agents at lluiltnijion, t., Peru manufatl turcd Nails and lion, of the followinn description! to wit i 3d, 4d, fid, CI.Bd, lOd, 1 2.1, 20J, ? M, 3tW, 4M. BOd.VOd SI'IKKS -4 inch, ! 1-2,5.5 1-2. nnd (i. FINIS11IXO A'l..V.-6d, Sd, 10d, I2d. ininufa'4- lined specially mr finitliing nice wnik. Fl.OOll NAll.S.m, 20J, and 21d. IRON. . novsn f;.v,-3-9, 7-15, 1-2, 9-13.5-8. 11-11 3-4, 7-S, 1 inch. 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, It 8 1 3-1. 2 inch. 2 I.J. 1 l.'J. 3 nn.l 3 1.2. SflUAIi: O.V.-3 P, 7-1C, 1-2,0-10, 5-8, 11-11 ;i-4, 7-8, 1,1 1-8, 1 1.4, 1 3-8, 2, 2 1-2 inches. HASH lll(1S,- 1.4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 1 l-J .2 31,3 -Jl-J, 4, 4 1-2 6 Inch. 3-9 to S B llnch. . IIOIISI: ftlim: iriOX, varion. siie. iiame.aS!) sennu. won. do. do. MAItllKn SAW PLATES, cut to ordr In n iiiiiii e. , . The Peru Iron Co..nianulaclure their good- at Clia . ti'iiviltc, N. Y. from Iron ol theirown male. The in etc t ocp ai ii ni i f 'heirngent-a nirrc f il in. I 'lanincic asi riti.inl thdiicaii I e IomihI in th S"ite. 1' I-I e'icvt ' th ii tli" go l from tlii c lab- I nn i.i u c ' erer mfai I mil, than those front in V oi cr hi I v uiiiv. 1'iircha er-nre re-pecifully nlicitedtn in -pert tb I bind- oft hi t.'n. Price- a - low and term- as laror able, as can I i-ohlaiiiisl in theSia'e. T F. & W. I.. STRONG, Aftatf. Aug. 25'h, 1842. IHt. M ltSIIAI.I.'S AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CATAKUII SNUFF. ri"IllS Snull'i" siieertorio any thing jet known, j. uir reiuovmg iroui le-i me ili-ea e, the (Ja larrh, and al-o n cold in the head, And headache. Il op'en- mid purge- out all iiti-i'riiclmn-, strengthen the gUiid and giie a hcabhy itclion tn the parts ,1'lecteil. It I- pcifccdy (rie I'roin any thing dele'eri-lU-in il eoliipo.iiK.ii ha-a plea mil flavor, and it imincihaie elect After lelng u-ed, i ngrreable. Price 37J ct. per Id'tTe. l.'acli I oltle edrltnih-Alioul three lime tin-quantity ofllie several l,ind of Catarrh Snipf, now selling al r. lower price, nnd i- iherefore cheaper, a well a better than anything of the I. mil in iiiirU't. i)c:t.jaha,I TOIVITO BII.IIOUS PI LLS. THI.SK Pillsci nn noCiil mel.h it arc compo edentiiely of Veiie'nhh- sil.lani c, nnd have in their coitipo.ioon u large portion nf die pin- extract nf that highly medicinal nr icle, the Tomato I'miit, coii-tituiuig ilieni e i nttally, TOMA TO PILLS. , Tli'e prnpne'or feel a coulideii' e lit recommending lieu a Mpeiu r to iiio-i, and inferior to m-ne nflhe Pill- wliii Ii are mat- n." so m i e ul die pre-eut day, as a 1 1 irdier of the I loud, a coi rector ol a t il ions or ity-pep' ie -ta c tin 1 h i it, or a - a common en har'i . lie ii s ite- die pul lie thai ilA-y have the conlial un.'1 d.n i 'e.l appri Ii.iiioii ol i'liy-ic :.ln i t the highe-l re-pe'-ial i ity,wh MiM-tr.l'iii'in di'-irprn it. Sold I y die Pfi pr.eor.CII.Vlii I.-- IKlWIN, Mid dle' ury, Vi. Win. ('. StiiiiM-i u and h't ed. Ii'vvar' llruily', Me- r . I eu s, llot'tor. ; ll a Hi v IM.c p- c. Co., . II & I'. MM)-, and i her- in New Yor' ( PI Cv' A -PI Alt nut llAti.Mt c. AUI11I It, llur liiiclon, 17., and I y I r gul ! generally thr uglin ' ih -I in e.l .- - e- aiid Cauiula. Fe r arv 23, 1313. 1 33 tun! Store T Let. JmA y Neat n:M Convenient llinsr, nut f"B& '' " ii- . an I -miill en. Al-o, It 1 ! S'&m a eon veil en Stobi', ii! ii gi ml slit alion AiitlK"" nI,V "',,;'r '" 'f'1"1"'"- - - Hi. Ii i rei her ef die al ove tcnemenf to 1 e tci for one or more vear-, and po-se ioh givin the tir t day id May ntit.' ISAAC VTAltM tt. I'd nary 2, IS 13. 30 iNw Etulli"-liinonl. T'lIF. subscriber's having opened n Paint Shop l( Ihcb ildfns one door JSMuh of Bishop's Holfh' would lestieclfiilly inform their friends nnd.the pub lie dint lliev nre prepared to execute, ail kinds ei House, Cdrri'age afnd Sign Painting, Gilding; Glazing, and Paper Hanging, in Ihe neatest pos-tble manner, anil hope hy striti personal attention lo busine-a to receives shirt Ihe public patronage. R. R.SPAUI.DINO, S. II." RUSSELL. Rurhnctnn, April 2D, 1B42. 47tf. AM I KK AX II :TKIi. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, II Y S. Y. TAY 1.1)11, CoVs.t 1 1 ores Sqi-aee, IIci.i isctov, Yt. 2Gtf Lilu! I.ilc! ! Li lb ! ! ! DR. Jonathan M oore'i- KSSK.S CK OF LIFE. The mot highly e-teemeil Meilicine thai has rtar I een di-covere.1 for curing Coucni. Coldi. Atlhmsr and CO.NSt'MPTIONS. Il wi!l al-o remov hi Whnoiung-Cough in ooe week. Prepared bv Hi ni Setmoi-r, from the original receipt, by the diree lion nf -aid Mtinrc. Fnr -ale vvSnle-a'c, by PKCK & SPKAR, Bnrlia ion, and .it retail, I y the principal Druggists in I'nncd siatis. Order- directed to Henry Seymour, Hadley, Mas will re-rive prompt attention, and any quantity Medicine iniin-ilia'ely f irni-hed. Cjiut:on. A 'here i much if the snurioua art. clefor -ale, 5C7I e particular!! nirpiirc lor that pra- pireu ny iienry neyinnur, llauiey, .iia-.achnseit-. Iron, Steel &e. Q(yi'ti.5i! let I ii'.-li-h Toe Iron, iU I i) ' ib-. Swivli- ami Peru do. do. it " R'i-sia Old .-.die do. (10 " Per I man da turel ro ndind-q'iarclror . em' racing a.'l -lie- liom in. to 2 in. Ill urn- u ore I I rin I Iron. 1 1) " S -roll Iron an I .n i-hape-, it " U t--ia In r c u.-iil ro.1-, Anvils, Vnc, S edge-, Chain-, llorai,Fi!e and lla-ii-, shovel-, Sp.u'e-, Cm liar dfec. Mcel. San 'crsrui'- I'a-l Sttel, (ircave- (lerinau " l'ligli h Mi-Id. " " 1 ,5 (I Sett S'eel platcJ Cuttrr and S'nrh 'hoj r.; ei.i Ue-civeliy STHONtlS. .It A I) A ill IIOIYIN'S ANTI-SPAS.VIODIC EMVIAQJiJ'JE kjv jFtniiiir Litfjiii.iior. For Irregular and Painful Menstruation, and for Ihe Sujipretsum or Retention i f the Mensei am of the nri'an- i t 'If hurnaa frdine eea-i: orrefise in peil r n their i flier, he ee.1. i.f di eaesfe -own, it wl c i die harvest it death, mile--, I y tiinely ntlen'tnii the ob-iruc-nun- are removed nnd iialure ! tberely ic-tul IC her won't'd a ii n. Tbrough cnide-Mie snd ne r'tvt ihi.'i-nnd- i f feuia'e in h s nofbern etimate liave goi'c'ouii in an'y grave if Con mm) lion, i di c.i e hat w h feu ale-1 iinana' Iv r in ci. bv; ind in ii,o-i ca e ha- u origin m a I'i-rangi meat of li e i rg.tu u i ii vi h i h lie I hm, vAl.o.ll i r-- C'-ial!v gicd tn ni l, li o I, n m, l alt 1 1 whom u gin have I ecu saved lya ninth rttcrt lo ihia inc home. VI-It HAL Tr.STIMO.NY-'hele-lihMcanli o'er-' e.l tn proof nf es eilicaev, may be I ml tn every neighbotliood where the I Mtl si cr l vl has hern -iii'ilnye I in ac -or !au 'e w i'h .Ma tain lloivin' itirec-lion-. It is prepmed in wine, and thoukh powerful i- iieverll.ele-sa sale intdieii e fi r family i si , Kai h boitle ciniain- abom 2 12 oi.n' es Price 75 ct. A Id er.ildi count wi I I e made to Phv-teian who in e a in their prai tn e, and to per- on- who pur ha e I j q ninny. Sold in Itnrliuinon and vicinity I y PF.CK & tPF.AH, Agenlt. De.-. 22. 1542. JO GROCERIES. A n '""l'- St- Croii, Porto Rico an J New Orleans' ' Su.-ara, 10 Ton Lump K.d Double Ri fined Loaf Sujar S bids Cm-bed ami Powdind do ilo G Minis rortollro Molasses, 10 bids. Neu Orlenti Hn 40 ChitB II)sun. Hvjon SfclS, Younj Hjiar. and PonchohgTeaj. 2 tons S'lleratiis, 23 keas nnd bosee Pluj;, Cavendish snd Sheea Tobacco. 1 birrel I.orillnrd's Maccaboy Snotr, oinuniiig nun nut; cui -.ncKing i ooaeeo PIOfK (fc Sl'EAR, AC'.VIK FO'J FMV'- 1IONNBTH AND I.IUillOlO' HATS. ANF.W Wiply of Ladies I lorcnce and straw llonucts. and Men's LigUorn Hats just received and fur sale very cheap by lHMay, 1BIJ. olbw r. (V 11. 11. liuui.i I 1 i.r.. IIUCK WHEAT. AYerv superior article FOR S I.F.I), for sale by April 23, 1813. OKO. PLTKIlsON. Tin Plato fcc, fl Boxes Tin Plate, 25 Hdl". Itu.-ia and Sheet Iron, anrted no) 10 IHI-. Iron Wire u-snrieil, 5eent Sheet Cup per, Tinned and black rivets, Wire Vellum, Drass KcUle-ttf.Atc. SlKONliS, Nov. 17. 1812. NKW C.OODH AT TIIK C.i:HMN STOHK. mllK siili-ciibir re-eivtlully inforin die mhl'i 1 tauls nf llur!ingoii niid-iirro'iiidiui!eiiiiutrv-. that iney nave ritiirneii irom new i orK wi u a largi slock ofllie iii"st uicrur (Irinvrie-, Fruits, Pre-crVcs Ac, which they o ler for snlu at the lowest ca-h pricef in ii - tins in nan nf the follow iug: HiiearsI)oill le and single rclincd.Crashcd. Pow i!enl and brown. Teas.-dnipcrial, Hyson, Giinpow.'er, Young Hy in, Hy nn Sljii,i ii hong nnd lnwctioiig Cotlei' -Ol I (lovtiinncni, Java, l-aguirn, &c. l'rtllls Malaga and .Siiluuin Itai-in.. Cmrant.. ebon e F eich Pnaie- m ulajnr and limey lime-, llordeanx Soft Shellel Alniond-, r ig-, ( 1 run. Tama rind", O'ive-, Caper-, Coci an it", Filberli, .MaJcira nut., ,f-c. r'lilct'i ('in nanion, Cassia Hud., Pimcnlo, Cove., Nuiiueg-, .Mace, o.c. Sanliiie" in O'lve Oil (dullio is brand,) Oy-icrs ( l'allemande,) Aneliov , cVe, l a'ian M.i carnm and Vermi'flli. Heiieli ric. le (Variant,-.) Wa'nui l .lt-U'i, uui'ion I'orier, jiijui e ra-ie. i-eppcr sain e ll.iy Wa'er, Tapii-n, U-nioii Syrup. French Swi-e' Choedla'e nnd S ipcnr ivna. fren h pre; a red anilMigipn .viitani. uoycuii, -perm nil nuilCan dies. Pa I en i S'lerm Cnndle.. Ca-lile, Aliuonl, Va negatcJ and rnnuly Soaps. Perf iineries, Ilu-iou a'er and S tet Cruckers, IMot llrvad and Sod, Uiiiiii. A I o,i be German Mineral ll'ucr,tlic;uire Holland (S luldain) (iin, French Cogna" mij Cognae t ham. puiKiieior mi-iiiciiie. i uc ieai iieia.icK (.iiampaign in quart and pint lotile-. Anisette sii-rfine, Bwis. Ab-ynihe, Curacoa anil Ithenish Wine- for Slolicine, Ineir-locl. ol unportea Ligars . iin-nrpn-Mil, con si-ting uf die following cliiiii; brand. 1 Lnlhiinn. lie galia, Reneurell, Jaquex, Rriltania, Princess Noima. Also, the Cermau and Sinyrma Suiokiuu 'I'liluii-n. OST1IKIM & MICHOLI.S. College St., next to Mr. Wait's L'roclery Store. Burlington, May 18,1813. E0 bines Hunch Raisins. 3C bai-s old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and Lieuirs' Coffee, G dn Pep cr nnd Pimento. Also, Starch. Cin namon, Nutmegs, Clovrs. Pipes, Hor Lamp, Sperm Candles, (linger, Cod Fish, Mackerel, -almon, cte. Wnh the above, and many other Goods, we wish to buy money, and nflW more for it than is usually iinid in'this vicinity. Purchaser arc respectfully in vited to call. STRONGS. Nov. 17, 14:. il DRUGS & MEDICINES nr. I know Martha Cntd'n and I elieve what she states in this document to I e perfectly correct. jun. ruwr.u, Vicar Gr.NiauLoe Nr.w- York, Iteemr nf Si. Peer's Church. Given at New York this II h day of I'ec., IS 12. 1 know .Manila L'oulin.and have known of her .uf- lering iltne-s. JOHN IU'llOIS, llihoii ul new-i orL. I nlace fill confidence in the tJtfmcnt made bv .nariiia uoniiu, Having known Iter llie pa-t twenly year. I will cheerfully gjre any par'icnlars in rela iinn lo her ca-e to those who mnv wi-h fur' her uil'or mation, Sr.' I'LIZAUimi, Simerior of die Roman Caiholic Oriilun A-vlum. Prince -treet, N. Y, Dw, 14, IS 12. I li.tvt conlidence in the representation made I y Martha Conlin,and hnvefull knowledge i f her i.i-e. , i.i.u.vii r. i i inn , Alderman lOdi Wnrdofihe Cut- ol.New York. Dec. II, 1SI2. Martha Conlin ha livivl in my family the l.vt U year-, ami I l ere' y eerliiytne luregoing staieiuenl made by herself i eorreei. i r. .- .i iv i ii. i.isiir. No. GO I Hri a I ree', Newar'., N. J. Prepared and sol I, whole de and re ail, nnd for espor a i"n, I y A. II. S NI'. A' O.. Druggi. s uud l lieiie-l, i.ranueii iinuii--, tsit. -jj iiroauivay,cor ner of Ch.iml er --iriv. New York. (IKOKlit; l'1-.TI ll-0, .lgcnf llu special avvointnientfar the Propritlort far Tlur- Unston, I'irinoiif.andlor-aleby llr -.'t-islr (jvni-ritll). Piiice 31 per I nine, o ' nine- lor so. II irluiglou. Manb8, 1513. 41 ly CJUl.l)hj;. Ul lOti. mluM! GltOWN PhOPLK my lliey are the p'ea-ante.t ami ino-t e .ecine iiicdicini- in use. F.uorniuus inn nt itie-n re cdt1, ami every l-isly like them. SIll-.liMAN'S WORM LOZHNOLS have saved the live nl I'tliou-nnd-. SHI'.RMA.N'S CAMPHOR I.O.K.NGFS nre real antidote- to headache, pnlpiiatnni, sea-sick iie-s,luw-ne of pints and de-puiidenev or thee.iivts ol'dis ipatitin. PUOIt MAN'S PLASTLR-Sherman'sweineaii- co-l l-i eent", and I.-certain to cure, lunibagu, pain or vveakue in the breast, side or I nek. al-n ni'e-. SOUK M1TI.F.S Posit ively cured by Sherman's Papillary Oil, without taking the child from the I irast. Dr. Sherman de-ire. narlicularlv that mire ha-cre should l e careful lli.ll lliey get (lie genuine Sltermim' Lozenge- ami ria-iers, ii tie cannot ne nccouniapte for ihe wor.lile articles that may otherwist.- be iijluied iiiioii ihcm Likewi.e all lltNCtNr. PATK.ST MKIUCINKS, PF.ItKU.M KS, MJAl'S. irVKS, 111. AC KINt-, MF.DICAI. WINKS and LliaORS. ;m,e,j STU Mi 1 a uvstt t fc. i iu. t; if I to. fhCK & SI r AK, Whole. a'f and H.- ail Pruggi-ts, TO THE LADIES Hall's Ulero Abilommal Supporter. i mo new in-iri.meni n r me rauics, cure of Prolaiiii Uteri, or fal inr of ihe Womb, Ii exteriJnl annlicaliea uper riling Ihe use nflhe i b eilion- Me Pe .iun. ! eoiih'dentli ,,ra. mein'eil in the atlbcieil a ihe means of nerfeet re-ioratinu in health. itiKiv. r having failed i.l ptrli ruling a cure, even under tlm inoi aggravateil circiiln.l.ini c. T he h'ipiiorter has attained a verv high charae-nr in Kiirope a" well a- in ihi country. It i- a'dirited m iliceH'ireiliii-e ofpe.-anes, and all other painful sur gical expedient-, in the Lying-in Hopitalif Uindoa and Pari, ami is univer-allvrcoiuiimeniVd in byniiilical men ol'ihe highe-l rank. In tin- eouniry it i.'i-l.iined by he leading niemleri id thefaciilliea ofCollege nnd Hospitals, and by alltheemineat pri vate practitioners. PECK & SP I? All, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Awo, DliUOOtST'S GLASS WARE, llurlington, Vt. C. BF.NNS jr. &. Co. SRAFrR & TAILORS, Door Sauth of the Hank, Church itrrrt.) EVERY VARIETY OF CI. Til A TRIMMINGS l O.NSTA.Vl l.Y U.N I1AM. Culling done In llio most annoyed style awl n arianicii. llurlington, November, ISIS. SOtf. CASH PAID for FMX SISliD. LINSKFJ) OIL and Oil. MKAI. for. ale bv STILES A McF.LKOY. At the Oil Mill nt the Falls. Burlington, Nov. 1, 1843. SJ,ly JAMI II. 11. ATT, hoot i.y shoe maker, AS miitive I In hoii Hi WariUT- ruw, t'lM'st'c' in How tru nfi (', tn Cuur It tt1vl, IUIin h lame n(iniiunt ! La-iiff ami t tiituti.tii Hum lIoyVT"! -- IliM.l- nl l-n.iii, all ot li rii lit wnl rii nl rry low rn e fur t u li. All LtmU f wt-rk ni hi Inii! mnv!' io milrr. I lea e call nm t i-nimt In work ami rue-, In teU, tiuilUtrut I lull tulli will jitt'i v' tr a 'rn' 1,1 " n U irlum "ii, yUy 3, IS 13. 49:'. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rfHIS articlcia loo well known lo need common J- da ion and Ibeexncriincu-if feven years lias ilcmoiislraicd to llie commercial community, that foi accuracy convenience and durability, lliev an umivallcd I oal yard acalcs to weigh from 3 In b Ions. Dotmnnl v an House do, to weili Irom l-i lu. lo dUUU Ilia., I'orlnlilo (In. lo weijih from 1 2 oz. tn 200 Iba. l'orlalileOoiinterdo a ueworticle to weig from 1-2 ox. to 40 lb. J. & J. It. Peck & Co. Ag tntt. Uutliniltnii, Juno 30, 1 p 13. 4if Tlie .iilen'l er are continu al v .uiiolieil with EVI HV Mi l H I.E tu llie a'aive I lanch, I oih of ibcOaaina. ind I'a'ciii I. ind; Mrdi'-ainl a'er-friin Saratoga; '. Irom ( a com fi ( una s r.ic:' n Wine and 'I n r , ;mr) U j ,ir; ai Iiis.riiu.cfits j'Min al Teeili, Ate. Ci-I'ri-cri ittoiif p-ji u;i tt sl.crttct iLj-'Shop open at all hourt. . I'Kl K A Sl'EAR, Aeothuariit. ijr fl irliugton, Fel. ', 1843. a D? M.R.FLETCHERt inPi TFNT. M THIS Eminently 'icce..fu! Instrument for the rnic oi nernia in !! every lurm, in loth .Unlearnt Female from llie iiifani lo Ibi-adnlt, il eincrcconiinendi'd ly the Surgical Department and muTiiiudet of I'hvai- eian- in tin- jtnieol .Ma.aehu.eti.aiid other sei-iuuir id the I uion t 11111011!- ihe var e'v i.l 1'rn,r ..i A nnJ cinploiil in tin tale thi- article i. iiin-t hishly e leeincl by I'ract'Uoner and actual utt. it i especially icciiii'incuocu i.y i.ur low iisoieu uoctors Hatch anu tltlNEIR 11C1I. PECK & SPEAR.. At which plai-e may nl n I had, IWtVt, .V'abih'ii and I wiTcHrii ll t.ujxiA I If Ij!-S, lor tupti ro in itie MiF. I'cnso.v, Ir, hi the inlniit n n... mlnli ICyTbe eHiid lbeai.vef. r.nle sinelv or Iv tt-c uen. tin hand constantly a rood atiortmint s uiniCA 1. 1 v. rnvMK.srs. HO YE!! N ,!?,.T,1: T,ME 10 RUY BARTON'S SRUl'--lur making llio men delicioua of Ueveragcii tor this warm whim. A SAS'ira SAHSAPAIIII.LA FLVID, Comjmund Syrnp of Sarsaparilla, Extract of Sarsaparilla, Spanish and Ameriem Roof Sarsa, orill f KW renmcni-l for PURIFYING THE BI.Wr)j INVIGORATING THE I'MlEALTHYw AD RESTORING SOUNDNESS TO THE C0.VTI TUTION. At whole-nle and mail, by PKCK at Sl'EAR, Drugfitti.

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