Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 14, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 14, 1843 Page 3
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read his doom, not only in Virginia, but ov cry wliere else, tlirougliout tlio broad extent of the Union. Tlicro is not n state nay, thcro is not a singlo electoral district in tlic Union, that will support Mr. Tyler for re election. And tho sooner the President opens his eyes to this fact tho better for him self and for the country. Never did man before labor under such strong delusion as Captain Tyler has done j and tho time is now arriving when lie must awaken from It. Ditter indeed will be his chamber reflections Upon his perfidy toward better friends and principles : Jin. Tvler in the held. The writer of the fol lowing communication has some misgivings about our publication ofliis production and well Tie might nave entertained llicni. It has mm from Wash in rr. ton, and tho source alono excites some suspicions of us puriiy. in me second place, this communication to our press, from iho pen of ono Mr. Tyler's friends, speaks out much plainer against two of the Demo cratic candidates than any piece which has emanated Irom either of their friend. Hut wo waiio these and 'other objections, which press upon our mind. We vvohe even the scruple about wasting so much space In our columns, upon a subject which can be produc tive of no benefit. It is sterile seed thrown upon the barren rocki for, we say it fearlessly but with duo respect, Mr. Tyler can never bo selected as tho Dem ocratic caiuli late by the national convention. He can never be elected as president of tho U. Utiles. It is idle and out of the question to think of it. It is do ing worse il is cnaiding the parasites who may be around him, or elsewhere, to play upon his passions j to abuse his pood nature ', to offer incense to his vani 'tyi and to prey upon the patronage of the govern mcnt. In these points of view, the effort to hold him tip ns an available candidate is not onlv, idle but mis 'chievous. Yet we will not refuse tho foltou-ing eulo gy the use of our columns. With all his errors with his former devotion to the Whig party, and the mischiefs he, contributed to do tho Democracy in 1910 with his siinalures to several of the bad measures of the extra session with his indirect bank charter, elevated by tho lever of tho District of Cnlutnbia,.and with his'Evchcquer tchemes with Webster, r-pencer and Porter at hit heels Mr. Tyler has done the state some service by vetoes. lie has headed tho Whits and bafllrd their Worst project. Wo arc willing to f how our acknowl edgment quodhoc, (as our worthy friend Opie used to say,) by publising litis nomination. Wc are still more willing to define the position in which ho stands to tho other candidates, and to open their eyes to tho real prospect of any co-operation with their friends. NVc are still more anxious to define our own position to Mr. Tyler, and to shut every door, as far as we can do it. to the hopes of any support of his election by the Democratic party. We have no space to spare this morning for the strictures which this nom ination calls for. Hut it may bo unnecessary at this time to expatiate largely upon tho question. Wo have no unkind feelings for Mr. Tyler, but it is due to ourselves it is due to the country it is due to him self, to correct the idle illu-ions in which thecar-wig3 around him arc sciking to tantalize lus anient imagination. We wish Mr. Tvler to do his duty bv himself. We wish him to sene his country, for the short residue of bis term, without thinking ot himself. o wish mm to go into retirement with all tho credit which he can command. Hut it is only by plain dealing ; by tell ing him the truth) by advising him 10 disabuse his mind of all impracticable a-pirations ; by his using the powers of the government for the advantage ol hit f?-Tlio following anecdote, which wo copy from tho last Montpelicr Patriot, is, to our certain knowledge, "a true bill, with sliuht amendment. When Gov. Lincoln proposed tho rido to dipt. Tyler, the Cap. tain acccjrtcd, and appointed tho hour a which ho would bo ready. Mr. L. called precisely at the time appointed, and, on en quiry, was informed, as tho Patriot says, that the C.iptain had rodo out with Mr. IIenlt,iw about half an hour before. The story proves that Tyler is as far from being a gentleman in his private, as ho is from being an honest Irian in liis public life. TOO OOOD TO KEEP". Humor is, doubtless:, nof'only a great gossip, but frequently n great slanderer. Sho has been known, however, in numerous instances, to ben trutli-lcllci and prophet.- Tho following, though coming from a oiu ce which we cannot hut deem reliable, and thoimh not improbablo in itself in these times, may not bo strictly and particularly true i but even if it is n fabri cation, it is so capital and ingenious as to command a place in our columns. Ii urns thus: That on the evening that President Tyler arrived in lloston, great numbers Hocked lo see mid pay their respects to him; that among them, oswas natural, were many who laid and wished to retain, and others who were seek ing, office i that among the former was ono Levi Lin coln, Collector of the port of lioston, who, it lias been rumored, was in dancer of being removed to givoplaco some said to Robert ltantoul, Jr., and others to David Ilenshaw both, what in courtly phtase, are denom inated " locos t" that the said Levi was extremely courteous and polito to llie great "Captain," inso much that he proposed to give him nu Hiring in his carriage on thccnsiiing mornings that morning came, and at 5 o'clock, (it being undcrsiood that the Capt. was an early ri-er,) Mr. Lincoln's carriage was para ded in front of the Tremont and Mr. L. was seen up on the steps, hat in hand, inquiring for tho President. What must have been his sensations on receiving for answer, Unit the 'resident, in company icith Air. David Ilaishatc, had rode cut about half an hour be fore. Antistlicnca wondered at mankind, that in buying an earthen dish, they wero careful to sound it, 'lest it had a crack ; yet so care loss in the choice of friends, as to take them flawed witli vice. noNvnrs. ANEW tot Florence Uraid and Atnoion Bonnet, iu-t received cheaper than ever, by July7,1SI3 II. W. CATL1N. (tJTho following is tlic prayer of the Rev. Mr. 1211 is at the Bunker Hill celebration on the 17lh of last month. " Sovereign ol tho universe! thou Disposer of all events j thou God of nations and of men, devoutly and reverently would wo invoko thy paternal Mess ing. We have come up to the mount of costly sacri fice and of treasurca remembrances, that we may cel ebrate the deeds of those whom we venerate, ami pay a grateful tribute to their memory and to their sacri fices. We have come from the homes of peace and plenty, and with the families which thou dost bless, and iti- our boumlcn duty to adore thee, our Lord and father, for cxci tit tho Lord had been on our side. our enemies had triumphed over us. Wo adore thee as the God of our fathers, the arm of their thought, the stay of (heir confidence, their Iriend, their protec tor. And we do now invoke thy blessing, O God, up on this venerated remnant of iho laud, that Ihey nnv return late to their reward, am! may hear to the lust Biltadl. In Essex, on'ttio ltlh ult., PiiineAs P., eon of Ho- waiid and Maov HnioiiAM, aged 25 years. Printers in N. Y., aro requested ite. In Williston, on the morning of the fourth, Mrs Al mum, wifo of Doct. Matthew Cote, in tho 33th year of her ago. lly the death of Mrs C. her family nro deprived of a loving Mother and an affcctionalo wifo j society one of its ni03tvalucd and respected members, and the Congregational Church in this place, ono of its bright est ornaments. To descant upon the virtues of the dead, Is but a poor solace for the living. Nor here is it necessary: hers were virtues, active; known and fell, by all around her. In her domestic and social relations, kind and affectionate, stio won tho esteem of alii nay, more ! none knew but to lore her, and thoso who were most intimate, best know how to sympathize with the bereaved family: Her christian course was not meteor like, now fiarrti.ig, now al most extinct ; but rattier liko that of the planet, even steadily reflecting the light of its great centre Man ifesting zeal, but not that which is without knowl edge. Long and deeply will her love be felt in every circle. But, though with Naomi, wo must say, "The Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with us" yet wo arc not left to mourn as thoso without hopo. Then, dis consolate mourner, Look up : and trace beyond the sky The friend, who never moro can die." il. In Charlotte, on the 30th May last, Mns. Scsan- nah Atwoou widow of the la te David Atwood, aged G4 years. Her complaint was Epidemic, her sickness very se vere, but short ;and her trust had long bocn in Jesus. lly this bereavement a numerousfamily are deprived of an affectionate mother, whoso counsels and kind ness will long survive her. She was a worthy mem ber of the Baptist Church in said town, and the poor have lost a friend indeed her comfortablo circum stances enabled her to do much and her kindness to the needy extended far and wide" The cause uhich s'te Knew not she',icarched out." Her funeral was at tended by a numerous circle f relations and friends. Sermon by Elder J. Tenbrooko, founded on Luke 23 23, " Ween not for me." Printers in Western N. Y., and Pcnn., aro reques ted etc. country, and not with the idle lions of nssislin? his gathered of the host the mbute of respect and gran own purposes, that these obiccls can be accomplish- i tudo which wo now ollii t to assuic ihem that the ed. In a word, Mr. Tiler has hut ono course to take I irtorv was fullv won. tint it was worth its cost. to abandon all ideai of the Presidency to avow it j We invoke tliy blessing upon tho chief magistrate of ooitiiv in ineiacc ol the worm lo purge his uahrnct ' this nappy nation, upon hi" counscllots, and nu slates- anu men ne in ly carry usctul measures and command men, and upon nils gaincieii company, aim now nny man who is calculated to servo the state. But so long as he entertains any idle hopes of ambition, ho can iicnuer command nc conhdenco ot the union. would wosoleninly conseciatoit, noi in remembrance of strife, nor lo perpiluate a scene of blond, but in memory of the giealnnd iho good, In attest a great nor servo the pcopls, nor carry anv honor into the re- j and holy truth, and to icmind those that nro to loine tirement to which In mav be destined. Even if Mr. Van Huron or Mr Calhoun should fiil in the nomination, Mr. Tyler cannot obtain it. Thcro oro many other alternative candidates who would su persede him. Indeed, ho would be the very last, al though "he is inpower." And wo must speak the truth, however unpnlaleahlc it may he (bin it is forced upon us by tho communication nf his advocate) wo have not met with more than a dozen men, and mint of them are his personal and devoted friends, who would go for him as the next President of the United Stales. afierus of duty, of liberty, of justice, and of the fear of i.od. May iisiouniianon over rest in a land thalis at peace, and ns summit point to a heaven of love: and when its last stones crumble into dust, may our ,t.M.l.n... i.:i.i . .i. i.i. ..e i iiiiuii;i. n uiiuuiiii illinium- ii. iityjy uic mra-jiiius: (11 liberty, and honor their fathers, who sufiired that they might enjoy it. Hear us, O God, nnd answer our prajer, in the name of Christ our Redeemer." HATS. SINGLE & Double Hrim'd colored and white heli um Hal., lueeiveJby II. W. CAT1.I.N, July 7, 1813. Administrator's Sale. NOTICE Is heieby given Hint the undersigned will sell at public miction on the 21th day of July, A. D. IBI3, commencing nt 1 o'clock in iho afternoon at Iho late residence of Dan Day itoecnied In Burling ton, nil the real nnd per-oual estate of thctaid de ceased, nut before dipo-ed of including tho reversion of Iho widows dower. 1 1 KM AN ALI.HN, Administrator ofsald Estate. Burlington, July 3, 1813. 2v STRAY COLT. STRAYED Irom theMib-criUr em the 1st ol Juno la-l, n bright l ay Marc Colt, 2 vtar old, blnck ntane and tail. The tinder will le liberally compen sated: by giving any information ol said colt lo M. CO.MSTOCK. Shclburn.July 3, 1913. 5w3 WOOL I WOOL!! THE mtiscril cr wishes to purchase Wool, nnd will pay in good.', grain, or accounts, at his Store, at Burlington Falls. SIDNEY BARLOW. Juno 30, 1813. ! II REVOLVING CASTORS. A GOOD assortment of Revolving Cantors "a cheap as the cheapest, and nsgoodas the best" an l will be sold on terms to suit purchasers. Extra I cities lor ed-torj. ! P.iNtinonN t BntMSMAin. CASH WANTED, IjfOR WHICH Goodsata fair price can becbtained at the Temperance Store. A good assortment of nice Vest Patterns, Black Cravats, Italian do. Wie-inr?. Waddini- and Ballmer. A few Yankee Shoe mushes. Day and .Martin s inacKing, Japan no. Paste do. Sarsaparilla Mead. Cavendish, Kino Cut and Smoking Tobacco. Rice, Ginger and Saleratus. Ink, Shaving and Bar Soap., for sa'o uncommonly low by . S. N. OAUT & Co. Juneau, 1013. 4 WATERS AND SYRUPS 1 fresh saratoga waters,, iodine and pavillion. alburgimvater. Caledonia" waters. barton's syrup, lemon syrup i AND ABOUT TO RECEIVE PINEAPPLE SYRUP: 1 PECK it SPEAR. MARSH'S LIFE AND REMAINS. THE Remains of tlic Rev. James Marsh, D. D. late President, and Professor of Moral and Intel lectual Philosophy in the University of Vermont, with memoir oi nis inc. rorsatony Juno 29. II. J. SHUMWAY, Aycnl. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. AT the Crockerv Store a very lame assortment of rnnnt-niit' nr .t?cj nurv , ..-.I t n n-- STONE WAttE, for sale much cheaper than nt any thero store in tho county. JOSEPH WAIT. Uurhngton, June 30, 1813. '1 1 843. I'OR ALUBROII AND IIIGHGATE SPRINGS, ALU AUOJ-lSlll ui uaj. The Stcaui.IJoat THE SANDWICH ISLANDS. It will be seen by tho following dispatch .from Mr. Fox, that Great Britain has deter mined to relonso the Sandwich Islands from tho clutches ot Lord Paulct. We rejoice that the Government of England has thus explicitly disavowed the high hatided outrago of this nobleman. But we reallv feel much sympathy for the very loyal conductors of the Canadian press,wlio,aS the Albany Jour nal justly remarks, will be placed in a vcrv uncomfortable " fix " by tin; intelligence. When tho news of the seizure of these Islands first reached tin's countrv, tho American press was loud in denouncing the atrocious act. But tho Canada papers wero execcd- tnply wrathy at our presumption and coolv assured us, for our consolation, that Great Britain had got theso Islands, and, what was more, slio intended to keep them. Wo gently hinted, at the time, that the Canadian papers were but poor authority for the inlcn tions of the homo Government, and iho result has proved tho justice of this hint. England, so far from retaining possession of the Islands has formally recognized their independence. Instead of holding on to litem, she proposes to give them up at once. This result should teach these Canadian Editors not to be too forward in defending the ruffianism of En glish officers. Hereafter they will probably wait till they get their cuo from their mas ters. Washington, June 25. IS 13. Sir Har Majesty's Government, previously to the Oenarture from Knidand. of the lasi sirnm r,nrC,.i n.,,1 already received information, tlioueh not officially, of uu jiuvisiviiui uti-upuuun ui iiicdanuwicu islands, in the name of Great Britain, bv the officers com mnndine her Maicsiv's shin iho "Cnrvsfiin I am directed by ihe Earl ol Aberdeen lo state lo you, for iho information ol the Government of iho united ctaies, mat tlio occupation uf the Sandwich loiunus win in ucv entirely unauthorized by Her Ma iesly's Government; and that, with the lest practica ble delay, duo inquiry will be made into the proceed incs which led to it. The British Government had already announced to certain Commissioners, who arrived in Great Britain in March last, on I lie part of the King of the Sand' wich Islands, lhat Her Maii'Slv had determined to re- cngnizo the mdependance of those islands under their present cmei. To that determination Her Maiestv's Government intends to adhere. At tho same time, however, it is right that it should bo understood that the imtish Government cauallv inrend to eneraee. nnd if necessa ry to compel, the Chief of iho Sandwich Islands to redress whatever acts of injustice may have been com mitted oirainst British subiccts bv lhat Chief, or bv hit ministers or agents, either arbitrarily, or under the loiseuoiur ui ijyyiui iiruweuinjrs. Instructions which, durintr the nasi vear. were d dressed bv Her Moiestv's Government to tho liriiish Consul residing in tho Sandwich Islands, and In the juavai omcers employed on me racinc station, cnjoin cd thoso officers to treat, nrion all occasions, the na ive rulers of Ihe Sandwich Islands with foibearance end courtesy, and, while affording duo and efficient protection to aggrieved British subircts. to avoid in terfering harshly or unnecessarily with the laws and customs oi ine nauve government. It has been the desire nffhn ltritisb Government. regulating tho intercourse of its pul lie servants with tho native authorities of Iho Sandwich Islands, rather to sircngtuen mose authorities, and to givo Ihem sense of their own independence, by leaving the n ngpistration of justice in their own hands, than lo make them feel their dependenceupen foreign Powers bv the lisiircbe of unnecessary inlrrfinncn. Ii has not beer.., i purpose of Her Majesty's Government lo secK lo esiaousu a paramount inlhienco in lliore is lands for Great Britain, at thnexnensanf thai rniov ed by other powers. Ail that has appeared rrqnisito lo Her Msjeslv's Government lias been, that nth nr now- ers should not exerciso there n greater influenco than ihhi nnasessed bv Great Britain. I avail myself of this occasion to renew to you tho S5Ul9llin Uf II. Jf uisuiiuiaii;u I UllSIUemilOn. (Signed) H. S. VOX. Hon. Asel I'. Ursnvit, eve. Ac. Ac Too Goon tv IlAir. Tho Washington eorrcsnon ocih oi ine tuenmonu r.nmurer, m ine course of n long cissy intended lo show by argument that Mr. Tyler ii the onlv man uoon whom the democratic nanv cm unite with a prospect of success, makes the following rteclaiation enough to make a horse tplii his sides mm isugnter: JjAti Tyler it loo honest to Use the patronage oj tiKovernment to adtance hlipolitietl veiics," Dn.vTit or Washington Ai.l'ston. Wc lament to state that Washington Allston, the difmuui.licdnrtiat, died suddcnlv. from a state ol appaient health, nt his residence in Cambridge, (Mass.) on Saturday night. CAPT. TYLER. The Richmond l.'unuircrcive- Mr. Tvler the cold shoulder. It says: '-Mr Tiler can never be selected as the Democratic Loco l-'oeo candidate by the Na- nonai uonicniion. no can never bo elected Iho President if the United Slates. It is idle and out of the question to IhinK of it. It is iIohil' worEc. It is enabling the parasites who inav be around him. or elsewhere, to play npon his passions ; to abuse his good nature ( to otter incense lo Ins vanity i and to prcv upon tlic patronage of iho Govern men I." Even if Mr. Van Buren or .Mr Calhoun should fail in the nomination, Mr T)ler cannnt obtain it. There aro many other alternative candidates who would suner- .1 . I.:... - I I. I ii-.,.. . . ,., ' , snie nun. iiiui-cu, nu ivuuiu iJeiiercry!srtniinougn no is in power. -inu in conclude, no .ncrurer en dorses the Globe, nnd says: "Ho lias won so little on any parly lhat Jie tould not ho ilectcd President if eiery newspaper tn the United States should sup pott him." ( rrue. cicrv word true, -nr rv cr is ho ast man m the whole Union that the people would ilect. lie had hetrajed one party ; nnolhir enjoys the fruits of his trcschcry, bin all abl;edespise htm'.and none will trust him. How can hu he trusted? Who would' h ive consented to put Benedict Arnold nt the head of an army, after lii treason? What Benedict Arnold was to thu American Army, Mr Tyler has be-en lo iho Whigs. He is in the una category, politically. The name of ihe ono is used to sisiuily a traitor in the army the other will become the cognomen, in nil coining lime, of political Iraitors. The remarks of tho Richmond Enquirer are called forth by u letter from Washington, Irom a friend of Mr Tiler, in which that nirsomere is nrped ution the Loco l-'ocos as the most available candidate. Tlio Enquirer publishes the letter, but scouts the nomina- tion. Alias. WASHING-TON, CAPT. A. TRUMAN, Will leave Knight-' landing, -North I-land, daily lauiKMys cxe-cpti'il) on Ihe nrnvnl ol Hie r-ieatncr onranac at that iil.iiolrom 11 trlingtnn, and will carry passenger-, to Alburgli nnd Higligatu Spring.-, and Missi-quoi Hay. jiKTinNiNc ill eave -vii-Msnuoi liav nt 7 o' clock, A, M. landing at lhshgalo and AUn rgh, nnd nrrivu at I. limits' m tune in m,vt the jjaraniu'. on her way from lliirlimnnn lo St. Allans. ra-M'iigeri Ii-avin m Ihe Sarflnae, which leaves Burlington at 8 o'clock, A. M. via. Port Kent, Port JaekMin, Pl.UNl i.reh and tho Island-, will Ihe .i-hiUL'tcn at Knights' landing a. nl live i-l.ited and be e-onvi-ycd diavllv through and ri-tiirnina by the n.-isiiinzion can lai.c ine saranao ur hi, Aiuan, oi 1-y remaining at Knislil-' mini her re-urn from St Atban-, will I e lauded in Burlington in season for the i-iine iioais I'lincr way. Biirhnnton. Julv 11. ISl.t. SCP" This nrraiigcinent to continue until the lt of ptcinler ncxt,unic-s nonce i gnen to thecontrary O (rtslfft Gal OILS. Kali Sperm nnd pure Winter Oil at-, iileaccd Wii.Uu uo Luwcd Oil, Lard do Ohio do for sale very low by l-OI.I.I-riT, URADLEY oc Co. OU Dock, July 13, IS 13. 0 2;oo I ono 1000 ;al,, do do NO TIC E Or DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUP iCY, IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY. jVfOTICE to all creditorsand other persona in in I l terost, that by order of tho District Court of the United States for tlio District of Vermont, a dividend out of Iho nsscsts nf JOHN SINCLEAR of Esses, HENRY BOAKDMAN jr. of Essex, LUCIUS WOODARD of Essex, JOHN SMITH of Colchester, CHESTER PARKER of Underbill, nnd SIMEON DAVIS of Jericho. Bankrupts, will bo made and declared by tho Court, on the fifteenth day of July nutl, at 10 o'clock fore noon, nt ihoolEce of Samuel I'nntis., in Montpchei, in said District, among Iho Creditors who shall have proved and filed nroofs of their debts before Raid dav uriless sufficient causo in tho cases above enumerated he thin and there shown lo Ihe contrary. l-.l) iVAItU II. PRENTISS, Clerl;. Dated the21thdayof June, 1S43. Cf.ILU.VGTO.V SCYTHE STONES! Manufactured from the celebrated liobbins Ledge, Cummlngton, Mass. IOR many years small quantities of stone have I ecu cairied from this Lid ere. to ili lcrent narl ol the country, iintill the reputation and demand for tnem inuue-i'd ine proont owners to purihac thcen- liro Ledge, and make the ue'eeary nrranscmenl- lor fiiruishing the public with nu article which tbey have to long oiight lor an article! superior, both in -tyle and manufacture, to any that lias ever Icon olleiol. IhoMipcnor quality nl tho .stone is acknowle-iJgcel by all who have given ihem n trial; and the tact is fully sn-lnmcd by Iho inc-rea-ing elemand for llicni, I'rorh llio-o M-ctions of country into which they have found iiicir way. i-orfcnieoy 4 J. it J. II. PKCK & CO. IRON, STEEL, NAILS & IIAIIP. IF.-1 UK. Al Tons English Iron, from I 1-3 to e inch wide. Mil I 10 nl.l -l.i i : .1.. - J , 1 vj uiu t;iiun- ivusia iiu 5 Tdns New Sal lo do do 10 do Swedes do 8 do Peru do 12 do Horse Shoe . do 20 do Round from 1 to 21 inches, 12 do Square do 3-3 td 3 do 10 do Round do 1 to -1 elo 5 do Hoop do i to i 1 eld 15 do Hanio and Scroll do 12 do P. S. I. Russia Rods. 2 elo Sanderson Cast Steel, I do Picrson's Spring do from U lo 3 inches 3 do Swedes do 1 do American do 3 do German do I do Eddish Illistpr Ho 2,000 Kegs Nails, from 3d to 20.1 z.uj elo .-iniltes Irom Mi to WJd 2.00 do Brads finin fid to 20,1 3,00 Doi Files and Rasns. A ceneral assortment of Anvils nnd Vices. June 30, 1813. J. & J. II, PECK & Co. FLOUR. OF superior brand-, in Barrels and Half Barrel constantly arriving. J. if- J, OILS. V I II II 1 Salons puro Winter nnd l ull Sperm 2,.-i00 IllcaehoJ Wbalo do 1,900 l.m-i'cd do 500 1 -an I Jo 500 Oluo ,lo J. & J. II. PF.CK & CO. June 30, '43. 4 MANTLE LAMPS vcrv elerrant set of MANTLE LAMPS. 1 bur nus with cut shades, fur sale uncnnimonlv cheap at the crockery storo bv JOaEPH WAIT. uurhngton, JuneSU, 1S1J. 1 TOW Cloth, a Kood article, ju-l re -eii el bv June 30, IS 13. II. W. CATI.IN. GLASS. O (ff boxes Cvlcnder Glass. &,VJJ Burh nzton. Vermont. E5..ex anJ Lake lirin-i-. 300 lti'dford, S.iranae, and Clinton Crown. J. iv j. 11. 1'i.uiv cc uu, Agents. June 30, '43. 1 t:iu(;i:iiii:s. 1 rklltins. St. Croix and Poit Rico Sugar, s-v 15 nuts, i.oal ir.i-hiil and rowdertU 30 llhd. Port Iticn Molase, 100 China IIyon Skin lea, 7.'i do Yo .ns and Hyson 200 Mnil Ca-sia, 2 Barn-Is Clove, 2 do Nutmegs, 30 Tierces Saleratus, 10 Kes Pure Ginger, 100 Boxes Bar Soap, AO do Pipes, 20 Bass Pepper, 25 do Pimento, 40 do Rio Codec, 15 do Java do do do NOVA SCOTIA 1MASTIC It. ESf Ton- l're-h Gnimid Nun Se-otia Plaster vSVJ-vu' ,ici,vcrcj au,,,r mill at Winoo-ki Cnv, or on the do !, by FOI.LKTT, BHADLLY it Co. Sotth Whart; Julv, IS 13. C June 30, '43. J. &. J. H PECK & CO. 1 mtlGIITOV Jt.VItKCT July 3, 1S13. At Market 410 Beef Cattle, 12 pairs Working Ox en, 2130 Sheep, and 530 Swine. E0 Beef Cattle tin sold. Pbicks JJeef Cattle Wo reduce our quotations! very few.exlra probably brought a iriflo more than uur highest quotations, First quality, 4 73 j second quality 1 23 4 CO i third quality, 3 73 ft 4 23. Working Oxen Sales at S60, S72, and 895. Sheep Lots from 1 12 to S2, and a few at 2 23. Swine A lot of small for roasters at 7c i old Bar- rows 41c 1 a lot to close 35c. At retail fiom 1 to5Jc. MilV YOUK C.VTTIiR MAltlvliT July 3. At market, 740 Beef Cattle, (300 from the South) SO Cows and Calves and 2230 Sheep and Lambs. Pincns lleef Cattle The market very dull and a leclineof 25c per cwt. on all sorts; SI 50 5 87 is tho range of retailing qualities 250 unsold. Coim onci Cairn Sales cf C3 al S13.S23M23 50. Sheep and (ambs Sales of 2030 head at SI 25S S3 75 for Slrcep and 151 25 .82 50 for Lambs. DYE WOODS. Bl Is. Cam Wood. 330 do C.niiph. Log Weiod on rv. MMiungo uo do I'li-tic. do Mail 'it, elo Blue miol, do Alum, do Copperas, lor tale at com and cheaper hv l-OLLI-l I , UIUUW.1 Cv uo. June 13, 1S13. 150 230 350 75 30 13 100 FRUIT. Oflfl BOXES Bunch ltai-ins, XJJ 15 Bags M.idcria Nuts, 10 do Brazil, 12 do Alminds, 15 do Filberts. J, ex J, II. PECK &. CO. Juno 30, '43. I I! LANS. ftCt Boxes Cvli-nuiT Glass, Biirlinslon l, a3WW ns.-cx nnil Lal,e Brand-, for sale nt rc d iced prices, by FOL1.KT1', HUADLEV & Co. 15,000 lb- WITIIERILLS nnv WHITE LEAD 15U Keg- do Ground in Oil, for silent retimed price- l.y l-'OLl.ETT, BRADLEY A Co. Old Dock, July 12, IS J3. C "1 c,f ,lcz. Illanchard'i- and German Steel Jfcs-K. Scilics, SO do Hay Forks, 3,00 do Hoy R.iki-, 50 do line's, for -ale by FOLLE'lT, BRADLEY d Co. Old Dock. July 13, ISI3. Q NOT tCU. THIS may certify that 1 have civen my son Pnos rnn Hcni.isr.BT lus time to transact business for himself, and shall claim none of Ins earnings nor pay any debt of his contracting from lllisnale. ' WEIGHT HURLBERT. Underbill, June 1 1813. 6w3 THE CHEMICAL OIL nt 6 PECK & SPEAR'S. PLASTER. nnfl TONS gram 1 Nov.i Scotin Plaster. --5UU J. &. J. II. PECK it CO. June 30, '43. 1 PAINTS. I f nflfi Ln'- WETHERILLS iry White i j j ikjvj i.ean, 100 Keg-dosriinnd in Od, 401114s. Spani-h Wlntf, 23 Venetian Red, 20 do French Yellow, 20 do Spts. TurpCnlin Chrome Gricn Emerald do French do Brun-wiok do Crown Yellow, Prussian Blue, Smalt'--, Saud Paner. J. &. J. II. PECK it CO. June 30. '43. ' June 30, M3. II. PECK et CO. 4 CIIA'S L. AUSTIN, Xo. 9 State st., Albany, .V. V. '3irC CHOCK 1:11 Y. A N extensive assortment just received from New ii. oik, for sale low by June 15, 1813. LOVEL Y cv SEYMOUR. 2 James .Marsh's Instate. rilHE aeljourncd and lift meeting i'f lliuComtni L n'oncrs on said E-lntc. will I v bold on Moods June 21 at 2 o'clock, P. M. at Lyman it Marth Oillce. J.'i 22. ClM MSj03'"'1'"- Cvrtis Iv. Ittrgc'x Instate. STATU Uf-' VIUlMUfiT.) A T Piolatu Court held at District nf Chittenden. s. Burtinston, within anil for the district (if Chittenden, on tho 13lli (lav (il June. A. H. Klnah liireu. ndmitil-trtitor oi'tho cjtaiei of Cyru If, Birge, Into of Uneierliill in said iii-lnet, itecea-nl, inlc-latc, having tiled in fiii-l court l.i petition in writing, felting lurth lhat the said Cyrus was, at iho lime ofliis death, un der cohttact to cfinvi.'y lo bun, Ihcsuid I Iqali, the lollowing iiu-crileil parcel 01 land, tttinto in tniJ Underbill, viz: Forty ni res of land 0 ITrom llie north -uV of Lot No. 3", tu ihu lir-t divi-ion cf lot-, draw 11 lo the original ruht of William (Jacket), and i-of equal width cx'i-nding the who'o leiis'h (d said lot ; lhat the aid '"'tilra1 1 remainel unixi-ciiled n.i tin part of -aid Cyr-i- -and prnving Ihb judge of said Court Hi oxecuii'aeVi d of -aid land 10 Iho said Eliinh, nsrcea' lv lo Ihu -InlutL' in such e'a-i'inado and nrovi- elc-1. Tlientorc tho court af'ire-n.d doth appoint llie -ee-oiid Wislnenl.iv of July 1S13, for hearitig and i'c- ciding on .-aid petnion, nt ihe enlco of the Ivegis'erof said Court, m sn.d Biirlinstr-n, nndiloth e.riler that till persiin-inii'ic-t-il 1c notille-d thi'imf by pul hi-atmn of this order, i'i illuming thi"tiltam col'said petilir 1 , three ucu'rs -ii'jce.s-lvcly in Ibe Bur'inaton Fiee I'rc.-s, a new- paper pruned in said B'iiliugi(,n, the l.i-t ol which pub (cations to 1 o prevoius lo the s-aid sice ud Wednesday of July, 1S13. Given under mv hand, at said B.irlingtcn, lhi 13ih day of June, A. D. 1313. 8w3 W.M. WfSTON, Heeist'r. CJ FiliST rate BUILLINO LOTS for rale near tf I li-adciny On Collcgo Street. AIJo2Pevi inlbu Stone Cliurcli and one In ihu Unitarian Brick Church. Enquire of II THOMAS. June 15, ISIS. 2 " TO PRINTERS. WANTED, A OOOB COMPOSHOR. s. fli;iciii:k. Biirliagion, June 11, 1913. 2 CONE LANTERNS. A New and very handsome -ijle of heavy Moulded Ola-s Cone Lantern?, lor sale bv 2 June 1C, IS 13. JO-sKPH WAIT. GOLD PENCILS. , C OME Leautiful new pat ernsjust received. 2 PANODoas it BnrNMHD. 'jao'sr ssoitta ware. riAME Siib-e'rilur has on band a large and superior JL a-sonmcnl of STONE WARE, -upenor lo any made in the United State-, winch he o'ler- for salu at Reduced Pri'-e-, and i- ready to receive order, pack and deliver, flee ol e.irtaie or package, e.n Luard of Canal Boats, either for Troy, Albany, or West Troy, for c.-li ('f approved paper. All orders by-Mail or etberwic, immeJiately atten ded to. I. SEYMOUR, 41 Ferry st Trov, N. Y., May 17, 131.1. 51 BOSTON MARKET July 3. FLOUR. Genesee, 5 75 a 0 00, Ohio, sood, 5 C2 a 5 75. BUTTER.-GnUpcr lb. CIIEESE.-51 a do do. WOOL Of ihe new clip, several parcels have been brought to market, but not in sufficient quantity to fix prices. Saxony and Merino fleeces, 3j a 40 Full Blood, 32 a 33 i blood, 25 a 27 Common blood, 20 a 23 Smyrna washed, 17 a 23 Bengali, 8 a 10 Buenos Ayrc, 4 a 20 DYE STUFFS. 300 BBLS. Campli'y Log Wood, 2U0 do St. Dom ngo do 100 do Cam Wood, 200 do Hacho do 300 do Fusiic, - 50 do Madder, 25 do Blue Vitriol, 40 do Alum, 75 do Copperas, Bar Wood. Quercitron Bark. Peach Wooel. Lac Dye', Cull ear ludigoV, Oil Vitriol, Muriatic Aciel, Muri ate of Tin, Clolbicr.s Bru-be-, Cloih ers Jacks, Press Popcrs, Tenter Hooks, Card Tacks, Sic. J. .f- J. II. PECK cf- CO. June 30, 43. 4 HMDS. Gardner Brewer, Dczion, N. E. Ilmn, CONSUMPTION AM) LIVI2U COM 1'I.AINT S I DIt. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. Krom 373 Uoiccry, N'cie York. I7On llie cure ol Cough--, Cold-, A-thmn, whoop ins C0M7I1, Catarrh, p.tin-111 llie -t le and l-rea-t, roucliiti- liver romul.iint-, an I all iho-oailcction. nf llie and lung-, which are a soure-e ol so much suffering un I -o oficn tcriuina'e in Los-umi- tios, tin- reniely is jn-ilynnd lustily iti-lingui-ned. It I purely vegctaMi', 1111I1I and senile in 11- dim upon the -y-ti-m, nnd can 1 e taken in the most deli- ate e-a-es with satety as well a- wen a- utility, .o xtcn-iM'lj ha- it 1 crn n--.l and sii ofte-n proved -ne-e. ful even in extn'inenn-l appaft'ntly almo-1 hope t'ss ca-e-, notoulv ns a naliative but as a remedy : that the proprietor feels no he.-itencv 111 introducing it ami reccoinniending it lo nil who iiniontuiaieiy mav haveiKva-iou 10 re-ort to -oine mean- of recov- v. Pbv-iciaii-, l.innliar with 11- edeui- and aware nl llie healing properties of llli-vcsetable prepara tion, not unfrttpiently prrseril 11I il 111 tlieir pr.iclici', and with the Medical Faculty generally, it has met with more than oMiuarv apprui niion. CO.NSl'.MI'HU.N. The fullowms';- were taken from a late niiml er of the Meihcal Magazine: "The s-iriin-ins client iiriid.iiej by the gt'U'.iine Dr. Taylor's Bal-am of Liverwort, ma le at 375 Bowery, in Consumption ca-es, cannot fill exciting a dei'i) and llirillins mtere-t llironslio it the world. We h ive -o long lelieied tliediseao (Cons'impiiou) Incurable, that It 1- diilieult to eiedit our -eu-e-when wc see per-ou- evidently con-umpMe, re-tored to alth. 1 et it 1- a lacl ol daily oceurreiu e I Certificates Irom the biglie-land most respectable source ol person- who bine either leen greatly re lieved ly il, cr entuely recovered from n lection-cf iho bins and liver, could I e I irmshcd ill abundance hut we insert only Ihe following 'EiiTiriCATn. "Being eoniiluiionallv preli-pos- el to Consumption, a member eif my family having i nlercd -everely from irilntion of ll.o Lung-, ac coiiipaiiieil with eu'igh and rat-ins milteraul 1 loo-l. tugetlier with seiere p.1111 111 my siiieiiiui hiea-t, nr 1 wa i-iippo-ed 10 be beyund recovery, I wn induc-ed bv advice nl" Dr. Perkins, a la-t r"ort tn Iry "Taylor's. Halt-tin eif Liverwort," 1 have taken five bottles in all. I began to improve with the li,t b' t lli',aud while taking the third, w.i-so far recovered us lo be aide to gel about. Since which time, by continued u-e of it 1 am quite rctorel and able lb attend to my 11-ual , To pcrons Mi'lcring frum co'tgln and Rtleetion-. cf the Lungs, I do eam-e-tlv reccouimcnd 11. (Signed) JAS. O. SCOTT. I'Aliabeth Cilv. JY. C. Den. 1G. lni. For a common cold an.1 cough, thi is one of llie vcrv ls-'at lenii-bes ever ili-oovercil. A'. B. Thero 1- a spurious and cointcrfeit article alloal, and lately intrmluceil into this place. There fnie beearcln' lo get llie genuine, which i from 375 Bowery N. 1 . nn I ee lhai the new engraved wrap ner is on the bottle in prevent counterfeits. For sale bv PECK h SPEUt, au.l LOVELY &. SEYMOUR, Bur'instem; S. II. Barm-, Charlotte j M., Hinesburgh: Win. Rhode.-, Jr. Richmond. Juno 30, yl STIIEIM it MICHOLLS sensible to theextent V to which they hare been favored b7 tho patron nee of their friends and the nublic cenerallv. bee leave to return iheirbcst thanks for tho favors receiv ed: and having redeemed their promise 111 iho renew al of their spring assortment of dry and fancy poodi which is tho choicest description the southern Mar kets could afford, now oiler ihcir new Goods for sale on cheapest terms, nnd hope to be honored witli a continuation 01 the distinguished and general patron age ihey h.aio heretofore received. TUST received atthoGirman Siore. China nrcs-rv- tf cd Ginger, Cocoa Paste, also, 25 Boxes of Rhe nish Wines (the pure puce ot the ijrape.) 2 OSTHEIM if- MICIIOLLS. Davlit Atwnrtil's Estnlc. STATi: O'' IV.'R.Vfj.VT, 1 AT a pr'.batu District of Chittenden, ss. iV court bclJ at Burlington, within and for Ibodf-trict of Chittenden nu the seventh day ol June, 1313. Mtses Aliened, one r.f the heirs teitlte! elatc of David Alwood, III nf Charlotte in -nid di-trii t, difeaed, intu-tatc, hay Inslile'ltn -aid court his petition in writing, selling (urth that he holds 111 common with the other heirs to said estate, one lentil part ol the fnllowin? di'.-cribed parcels ol land, lying 111 said Charlotte; viz, nmeiy seven nnres nnd twelve rods of lund tifl' the hOiith end if ihu second division lot of the original right i f Jonathan, with the I ulleiings and appurtenance-! ul .ot 5) acres and 14 reuls of lot No. 33. i'f the hrst divi.inn drawn lo the original richt ot John Hnris, 1 cms the s ime lands heretofuro set nut lo Su-aiinah AlwuoJ widow of the said iiiti'stap!, as her dower in said etate ; nn I praying said court to order partition ol said landj to f.c mado among the several pcroi nt cnlitletl tlicictn. Tncnr.ronE, Ihu court afore-all doth appoint tlio eeond WeiJne.i'ay of July, 1S43, for bearing and ilceiding on -nil ieti'iiiu al tlieollice of llie I'egi-ter of said court fn said Burlington, nrif tlot h order that all persons mteie-ti-1 ihcieof l.y pcllicnlion c,f lln'4 t,r ler, containing ihcs ,blanie of said petition, tbrco wee!;- siiee-e's-tvi'lv in the liuilington Free Pre-?, 11 lice paper pnu'el in nid B irliusti'ii, the lust cf which pul.l ca'itins to I e pievious to the day uppOfri tednsnro e aid for hearing. Given under my hand at s.iid Burlington, ibU seventh day of June, A. D. I S 13. Wa. WESTON, Regj-icr. DISSOLUTION. r YMANif- COLE, have this day dissolved their l-J (onartnertliin bv mutual consent. All ncrsons indebted aro nnaestcd to call anl settle imincJiatelvi Thoflnving ilet'ianihngaiust Ine late firm w:ll pru- se.n; Ihfin lor payment, I he linous nnd otis can be found fora fi-'.v days al iImoM stand. After which time they will bo romoud to E. Lyman's Store, at 1I19 north wc-rr corner ol .-strong Huilihnits, formerly nc cupiid by 1). A. Brnman, at winch place both parties will at anv lime ntieud to the iet'.ktnent ol all their books and demands. ELI S LYMAN, MORTON COLE. EuiJmgton June S, 1313. I NOTicn. TOt'H rOM.ETT having been ndml'ti'd 10 nn (n J tero-t In the mer '.mule conrcrn of Kolleit and Bradley, bi:sine-s will ben after le cond-ieted under the firm of POI.LL'IT, BIIALLEY & Co. Oid Dock, J-ino I, 1313. 1 TOIIACCO. C1AVENDISII .f- PLUG TOBACCO of the most I dppruvcil brand-. Decn ev Brown's eclcbratoJ (.'hewing and Smoking To! acco : AIo. Sheen Tobae- en, lur sale vcrj low hy I-Ul.l.l.lT, 1IUAULI.Y if- UO. Old Hock, June , 1311. 1 T l: A . 01.1) and YOUNG I1VHO.V -ome ofvery superior il'iatiti. IIv-011 Sltin anrl Twnul.:iv in clit'-ls. half chest and caddie, 'br -ale bv FO .LETT. B tADLEY et Co. Old Dick, June?, IS 13. 1 N. 13. RUM. A Con-tan: supnly of I'elton'-N. E. Rum, in Hhlt Pipe-. Hail Pipe and Bids.. 50 per cent abuva proof, for -'i'i' at Bo-tou prtees and fie'ght, by 1 ui.iii-.ri, itKAUtihl , x Co., Agents. Oil Dock, June S, IS 13 I LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE supply jut received from tho manu factory, fur sale low bv LOVELY &. SEYMOUR. June 15, 1313, 2 DRY GROCERIES, pAST STEEL Shovels, Iron do. Long handed do and Spades, " oro liar?, Russian Nail RoJs, warranted. Shot, hhect and liar Lead, Patent Vices, a new and superior article, Anvils. Trace and Halter Chains, Ac. 4c. for satebv I OLLET1. BRADLEY H Co. Old Dock, JuneS 1313. I "LIVE AND LET LIVE." S. HUNTINGTON. WOULD rcspocfully inform his patrona and thu public generally thai ho has received and will continue to receive inrougn 1110 Siason a good supply of School Books, llible, Hymn Books, and Sta tionary, which will ho sold very low fur ready pay. rV snncrinr nmlite. frfsh fi-nm NViv Vnrk. inat He ha also made arrangements for obtaining al W received and far sale vcrv low bv often ns oncca nuntli such School Books ns mav ba LOVELY & SEYMOUR. 50 30 Pipes lliandy, 40 do Baltimore Gin, 5 do "twan"do pure, 10 Half "Pcllevoisin" Brandy 10 llbds. Si. Croix Ruin, 30 Bbls. Suerry and.Madria Wine, 40 do Malaga do 8 do Port do J. .f- J. II. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. notici:. riHIE GRIST MILL at Onion River Lower Tnlls J. h.isl ce-n thoroughly repaired and llie tno-t part rebuilt, and wdl recennmene-e nn ihe 20 Ii of Julv. Thankful 10 friend., fur lavor.s receive! and woali! I e happy to see llicni nain. 'I ho-e living iitnili.lanio vvi-htng to palronizo the null nnd rciurn the siuic iUy will plea-e call uioriiings. Superhne Flour, Rye Flour and Indian kept con.ilantly lar sale. July 12, '43. 3m GEO. EDtiCU.MBE. GRAIN CKADLIIS. THE subscrilicra have rce-civcd ihcir usual supply of PATENT GRAIN CRADLES, which willbe cold at a reduced price fur cash. HAGAR if. ARTHUR. Burlington, Vt., 13th July, 1313, 0 cor. Ch. and Coll. streets, j UP AND DOING. rriHE Cash System was never progressing belter A than now at IIowabp's where tho wool monev is taken in cuchniiantilics ns lo keep every hand aclivo and busilv employed in measuring and prenarinir packages to hand over to customers as an evidence of leaving tho money at ine rcopie s oueap i;asn more, whose Ageni is iiun.uui. Thursday mominf, 13th July, 1313. 6 INFORMS bin friends that bo has relurned from Bo-ton ami New York, having bonghlja large Hock of DRY GOODS, whio'i ho lnow oiening in the Steiie formerly nccipiod by D- A. Braman, in Ihenorlb-wi'-tecrner of Strong's B nldings, oppo.ilo Me.srs. Peck it Spcnr, where liu in'cuds i-eepins constantly em naininn extcn-ive anrniieiu ui GOODS' which life will, idler at thclnwe-l market prices. His ultciitiem being exclusively devoted to Dry Good, nnd his mono I eing LARGE SALUS AND SMALL PROFITS, I,,. .Il.'l 10 .ii'innindnte his tld Fril'lldn, Cil-tO- meisnndlhe Public with goods at reduced prices. Call nnd see. Burlington, July 7. 1343. A FEW II irrt-ls ol Supciliiio Flour, uil received XX nnu for sale by S. N. GAUP if- CU PUBLIC NOTICE. V. YORK Si MONTREAL KXIMIEB8, r Tiiinir. AND HOWARD, (successors to S. Ja V coos,) will run as heretofore, leaving Burlington for Montreal Wednesday evening and for the South Friday evening 01 eacn wees. PackogeSmay be Uft at the office of Meisrs. J. tU J. II Peck if- Co., Burlmatort. 5 if SALT. 10.000 HUSH. Solar Salt, 3,000 do Fine do 2,00(1 Barrels do do 2uil Sacks " Asliton's" Dairy do 100 do Table do J. ii. J. II. PF.CK & CO. June 30, M3. i 75 DOZ. Cloud's Cast and Gorman Stool ayiues. Rixroril tlo elo do lUyKurks, BlOCkl's Hoes, Hay Rake-, Hone Hay lo J. & J. 11. PECK & CO. 1 25 40 150 20 do do do lo do June 30, '43. MACHINE CARDS, SF Springfield Vermont, and Springfield Masaa- V chusetU Mnnnt'ieliire. J. &. J. II. PECK & CO. Agtnts. June30,'43. -1 LORRILLARD'S TOBACCO AND SNUFF. 40 BARRELS Cliowing Toba'cco, 50 do Smoking do 250 Jnr Maccaboy Snuft', 400 Bladders Scot h do J. .f. J. II. PECK & CO. Agents. June 30, '43. -1 WOOL wanledm Exchange for leash nr Burling ton Mill Co. Clcths, by H W CATLI.N, June 28, 1613. CASH PAID FOR WOOL! r"PHK Sulscrilcr will pay cash for Clean Fleece j. wool delivered at his More, uniiegi. ureen. HARRY BRADLEY. Burlington, lBth June, IS 13. 3w3 VSIIIONAIU.r. HAIR CUTTING AND EASY SHAVING, At the Barter Shop under Howard'- Hotel, KoitTil sidi: eocnT noesi: Pui'Anr, BY WILLIAM STEWART. idPN. B. Razor put in complete order. 3w3 200 KEGS POWDEIl, luo nags ifiiut. 150 Brooms' 100 Patent P-iils. J. it J. H. PECK June 30, '13. CO. FISIL 200 Quintals Cod Fish, 1UU Boxes Herring. J. it J. II. PECK ,f- CO. Juno 30, '43. 4 needed in this vicinity and ho respectfully solicits June 13, 1813. 2 the pationageof the pubuc hoping by attention to 111s uusii!i-s 10 uierrii uics- uiii. Ho will also ctve Ins personal attention to Book Bindinir an 1 Blank Book Making. All work entrus ted to Ins earn will meet with prompt attention. strongs tiuitding, corner imircu ana collegt Sircets. , JuneO, 1313. lw4 supmtii'iNn ri.ouit. THE Sul.sjiil er.- are daily receiving S ipcrlina Flour in barrels and half 1 arrel-. -elected wiih care nnd of the 11101 npprovej luand, which ihey oiler fir cah at a small advance. TOLLHIT, BRADLEY ifcfn. Old Dock, June 9, 1 XFAV GOODS, AT GREAT BARGAINS. THE s.ib-crd erhas iut rciurn"d from Now York wiih a larse a-sortment of Fancv nnd Stanlo Dry tioel-, among which may be found very lino Wool Dved Broad Cloih- and Ca.iiuer-, (Drapdo Lite an I Ispahan Cloths, Gambroons, Dribinss and Liiiena for Gem- wear) Aliiaeea. Iloml oz.'iic. Muslin De Lame-, Plrm and S nped iJhally-, Printed Lawn .French Cun'l.ric--. Balyarine Lawn, la new and .Mivcmt cr next, al luo clock', A. -i., on each 01 nriiele) hcav v, plain and striped -iiI s , a great van BRIGADE NOTICE. rtlHE Adjutants of the several Regiments initio JL 3d Brigadn of Vermont Militia, are requested to meet ine at ,. iiurrill s inn in llincsiuirgh, with their Records, Rosters, and files, nn Tuesday 27lh inst. at 10 o'clock A. M-. ngneableto the requircmeulsof llie .uititia .let 01 131.. 1!. BOYNTON. Inspector 3d Brigade Vt. Militia. iiincsuurgn, June u, vas. I.cvl Nutting's I'.statc. Iiri! THE SUB-CR1BERS. bavma been v pointed by tlie Honorable the Probate Court for the District of hilleni!cu, commis--ioncrs to re ceive, examine and adjust the claims and demands nf all persons, against llie estate ot l.l.M 1M, lll.M, late of I nderlu. I. Ill said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, ani nl.-o all claims nnd demands exhibited in oll'scl thereto : and sic monihs from the day of llie date hereof luingallowed by sa.d court lor mat purpose, we no iiieninre liercny give nonce. that wc will attend to the business or our -am appoint' mcnt. nt the dwelling nl Peris Nutting, in Under bill, in -aid di-triet, on the lirl Tue-ihvs ct Augn-t np- sail) il.ies. i;atcl mis 1-111 n.iv ot -nnv, A. i. ism. , TRUMAN SIIEI.DF.N, CommU 3 OLIVER GOODIU'E, S -ioncrs. IVK DOLLARS RI'.WARD. Sto!en, from the Lai oratorvnf llie University, some lime since, i clicnne.i 1 lermometi rs. and a sla-s llvdn tcr. I he I liermonieier- weiu an ot iven i u niaue, wiih ihcir I u!bs extending below llie scales. Two weiefi ed Willi eoloiel -pint Ihe others Willi mer- curv. and graduati-d very hish. The Tlierniometers w L-r'e kept iii .1 ca-e. and one ol th 'in in a -mail ma hogany i'ae 01 it- own. 1 r,e 11 urometer w,i mace, ii is lelicvel. bv Lcrcbout. and wa In a small green ease. Fora relor.itiou of the Iiisini'iicntsand detection of the thief, five dollars will 1 e paid and a I.11 r proportion ol Hint -urn lor a part 01 the ui-irii- . ' o...n .-I.-, i m'-vi.-mi-i' llll'lll-. ---'. ... iii-.w.wt ety of Silk Shawls, lldki'., Lace, Glove-, Ribbon;, Ladie-.' and .ilie' Uniiiict-, Artiticial Mowers. Mocks, Scarf, and Cravals; Para-olls and Unibrel !.! Men's -111 jle and doukle brim'd Leghorn Hats; 13-1 Linen Sheeting-, Diapers, Ticking-, WickingJ Yarn, if-c. Jtc. The .ibme .iriielcs and a srrect variety not eniimo ratisl have been bought at Hie lowest piie'es in mar ket, mi l will I e -old a- cheap a- the cheape-t for ca-h. Tho-e who are in want, will do well 10 call bclore purchj.siiiET elscwheic. .ilny 2a, '13, hi 11. W. UA11.I.N. S A W . 6 11 1-3 & 1 foot Mill Saws, manufactured to s order at Kowland's celebrated works, Philadcl- X Cut Saw; CO inch Circular Saws, Ilcnrv Towiiscml's Estate. STATH OP VUllMOXT. ) rP HE Ilcn. tho . a , Ditnel nl Cliiltenden. ts. JL 1'roii-lte i-ouri fur the di.trii t of Chillein'eu, to .ill per-on- concern i-l in the c-taleof III'NRY TOWNSEND, bite nl Troy, in the Stale of New York, deccaed, testate, GntrTiNR. admiii'strau r with of said ilei eased, WHEREAS, George B. Shaw the will annexed nf the e-tate prnpo-es 10 render an account i f his adiii.iiiir.inon, nnil nri-cnt his account asauist said c-'aie for ex- aminai on and nllowaiiieat a n-s-ion r.f llie Court o Probate, in I chidden at the Resi-ler' nil'iem Bur lingion, in said distrut, on tho second Wednesday 0 July next. , Therefore, you arc hereby nonhel In appear before f aid coun at tlie lime an 1 place aloreini 1 and shew cause, if any you have, v.hy tho account aforesaid should not 1 e allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this 22 1 day of June, A. V. IS 13. Wm. WESTON, Ilctrister. REVOLVING CASTORS. A L.irire nssnrtuieui e.f Revo vins Cators, Ion", ijV. fie and -ix botl't-, very cheap indeed, lor sale rt . . ' " inji-tiil -t I'l- m the wroci.ery ftiore nv juoi.un ..ah. June 1G, 18U. Just Itccelvci nn.t For Sale at tlic T i: .11 ! U II A N CK TO U 13. T7RE.SII TEAS. Oranges a'a.l Lemon, Rice, Pale i rains t.o'icc, Dried Curants, Citron, lamariud-, Box nud Ke? Rai-in-, Figs, Chncatate Shells, B.iken. Cocoa Pa-le, 11 new article, prepared in one minute for use; alia, East Boston Sugar lioii-c M"lase-, n superior n-iiciclor ine laiie. Also, yn nuriineiii m STAPLE DRV liOUIIS, whicli they will sell lis low for cah or r.-ady pay ns at nnv other store in Ihe place. A fre.h lot r f Boston Soft nnd Cold W.Mrr Crack ers and Pilot Bread, nn-1 as we are reviving con ftatnly fiesh supplies Ike public may bo u-tircd ol uieir ipiatity. The public ore respectfully invited to call and ex amino the Goods and Prices I elore purchasing else where. S. N. GAUT it CO. Burliugion, Juno 22, 1813. 3tf SOLAR LAMPS. ANewnr.d very Iomec article ol Suspending Lniiin. eaii-il.lenf h irnins llie chcape-t quality ofod and producing a ple.isani and powerful li.h', for 0 l,v JOSEPH WA1I. June 10, IB 13. " TOBACCO. 50.150XES "Honn's" C'tvendisli Tobacco 30 do " EndcrV do do 10 do Various lavorile hrands do do in K i!n ikl do Piiir. J. & J. II. PF.CK it CO. June 30. '43. 4 fo 1'AlHUt MAIvlMtS. "tTTANTKI a journeyman Paper-maker, for ma- V V chine tending una nnisiiiiis. E. WELLINGTON. Milirn, June 15, 1S13. NOTICE. TIHS mav certify lint I have given my son, Syl vester Holdreilgo Jr. bis limn, and hereafter shall not control any ufhls earnings", nor hold myself re sponsible to pay anv debts nl Ina contracting after lUdote. SVLVESTER IIOLDREDGE. Alburgh, Juno 20, 1813. 4w3 M ILUTARY BL ,NKS for sole by 11. J S HUM WAT, Agent Gcnrce l'rltullc's Estate. nfP. ihe subscribers, haviner been appointed by V iho llnnoroblfl iho Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex ammo nnd odjust the claims nnd demands of nil per sons against thoestaleof GEORGE P1UNDLE, late of Charlotte, 111 said District, ilecea seel, rcprescntisl in nhi.i ii, Ii I-; si; 7 toot i-a-l steel Enslih Plate. 1, -iO. 33, 2 I if. eat steel. 1 1 1. 1 15, 1 1. "O. ! i . I inch Cast Steel Sluting Saw. For sale I v FOl.LLrr, IIRADI.Y 6: Co Old Dock, June S, lSlS t WOONTKIt iV DAirCIIY. WJIOL ESAU: GR OCEES', COMMISSION rrlEnCIlANTS, 2til liter street, Troy, -V. (oPPllSlIt TtIC MANSION IIOl'SE-) HAVE id,t ri, ui.d olir fur sale, 1 tail and cot.iplini u in. ui' ,t of GROC ERI1.--" which ihcv are .ireiic.ind in ', a i-iw a- lh"v can le pur chase I in llns m ir' it er New Vuk, either fir cash r appnvei paper. II " ti-. I wmj uru.-le-. ctm- pri-e a part nl Ihe'r iis-mtiiient. .sir L net-an. 1 n 1. 1 -nedi 01 iiyson, 1 oi.ns iiysi-u, Ilv nii .-'.in, and Pow. Imng Teas. till Hit I-Hi Ure-ix, Porto itno and New Orleans S car.. Loifand l.uiup 1I0 Uo .0 llhd. tt. Croix, Porlu Rico and lnnniiUJ M a.-.e-. 30 Bags OIJ Java, Laguira, Maiu'la and Cuba Ce lice. IO() lloxe. and half hoxes Hivsmi. ai Kegs-.Mnl.ij.i do in fine orJtr. , IO Boxe various brands Cavendish Tol accos, 8 to 25 cent- per pound. Iicre-es Rice, repntT, hpiccs,, i,ioves, ut- iiir.',, h.tlara'tts, t..i.a, I ig-, .uts,ice. .IO B"e-.No. I Bar Snap. r, O do Mi u!d Candle-, 6 un 1 8-. Also. Cimuntly on hand, Fish, Flour, oilt, 100 Sai'ks Liverpo -I a-hbe 1 rand, Me-.- Perk. Abu. Liquors nnd Wines of alt kinds, which aru o!i red only 111 cutomcr. Counlry'.Merchints will do .well tn call nnj exam ine their Jloek lefore purchasing el-ewbere. w. et 1'. have made arr.inzemcnt- lor the sale ot Flour, which will eiial le Ihem lofurnih at all nines. from I 10 j00 bl I-., at Ihe lowest market price, 10 which particular r.lten'.l'on will be paid; way va, IBU. am JET iWTTOXS, IJ'OR larlica dresses, and other new articles just received, , 2 P.vNGaoTiN it Bmxsmmp, Ira Itlsliop's ICstale. STATU OK V:ilMO. T THB Hon. tho a rroi '.e noun Districl of Cliiltenden, ss. lor ihe District of Chittenden, 10 H persons concern ed in the estate of IRA BISHOP, late of Charlotte, in said Hi-tnct, de'cea'eil, . Guektino. WHEIIEA'-, Sophia Bishop, admiiu-lratrlx prihe ... w. , ... , , 1 1 1 -i 1 siun '. ruii un i.'.im, .i,t.v.., ..i... .... solvent, and also all claims and tleiua nils cjlnluied , aivoim( 0 i.r admini-iralion, and preicnt ner in itla.11 iliprfiiii I ntnl six monibs from the dav of the ...1 ...,n,A ,.,r rni,iin.t,in Hn,l B. in offset thereto i and six monlhsfrom the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for ,that purpose, wo do therefore bendy givo notice.thnt wa will atlenil to iho business of our nppoinlmcnt, at the dwelling of widow Luii Chatlotie, til said District, Qil llie 2d Vedned.iy nf July and November next, al 10 o'clock, A. M., 011 each of said d!'M!,eil, Ibis lOlh 1l.1v of Mav. A. D. 18 13. S3 ..r-sp I tt III-MIVI!!) nit 1 IV.'.WJ- iAMr "vn," Commissioner) WANTED ! KC( POUNDS ot Bees Wax. Also, A rjuanlity OUU n( "Trent or Spurred Bye in exchange, by f-l PECKci SPEAlt.l'riiggi-t-. account nc-nin.i .aid i-tate for exnmina'.ioii dnd al lowance at a session of Ihe Court ol Prolate, to la holdcn nl the Register's. oirico in Ilurliu'glon, in said District, on the secend WeJncseiny uf July next. 'Iheielbre, ynu are hereby riniuieil lo appear befbro faid court al Ibe lime and place albre-nid, and shew cau-e, if nny vim bays why the aivounl aforu-ail should not I e allow ml. Given under mv band r-l liuilington, this 12lh day r.f t - a n inn. I 2w3 ' Wh. WESTON, fleeter. . GOOD llltASS A I. A It .11 CLOCK"?, WARRANTED, al Ihe very low price ol S31, for .('ash down only. June 52, Pisnncnn Bancs'iiiPi.

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