Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 28, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 28, 1843 Page 3
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JUy Another article entitled " Manners anil Society," if measuied according to the fashion in voguo might be deemed as of no mnnntrs at all. Nevertheless one who has no fair of a few wholesome truths may read it with prom. Criticism and common sense seem to have been reunited nflcr a long divorce, ltcsidcs theso wo havo n review of "Chnpin's Pritnitivo Church " rather caustic, and papers on " Public Li braries" " Political Stato of Norway" " Aborigines of Conncctieut" " Position and Duties of the Chris tian Ministry" and a summary of domestic and for eign intelligence, both civil and ecclesiastical. FonEios Qf.vninatY Review, Vol. jcvii. No. 3. This No. has its usual compliment of papers, chiefly interesting to the students of European continental literature. Tho article on "The Newspaper Pens of America" is rich compound of John Hull's arro gance, ignorance and bitterness. Wo hope tho writer w'rvives. Ladies' National Magazine, Jmr. The "Ar tist" and Ladies' World of Fashion" united, and combining all tuc atltactionsof both. Amebican Museum or Ponntos Litebatcre, July Contnining all the best papers published in the En ghsh Reviews, and Magazines. Monthly, 86,00 per year. For sale at Habbinotos's. Communication. Tho wido slirontl and tlostructivo firo at Fall River forcibly minimis us of llio old adage, " Hchold wlmt a great matter a little firo kindlelli," a whole village has liccn burn ed down bv tlio idle and iitconsidcralo acts of a few wild boys. Although wo havo a law in this Stale inflicting a severe penalty on any ono lor selling, giving away, or using firo-works, ct recent demonstrations iiavo shown that this law is either litllo understood or wholly disregarded, It needs but little rellcction and consideration to convince even youth over so fond of tho fportof fire works, that this law is salutary and ought to bo strictly observed by every gord citizen, Tho following remarks from tho Courier and Enquirer of the 1-ltli instant, expresses our views on this subject in such languago that adopt it as our own. The fire at Fall Ilivcr furnishes a very efficient commentary on the wisdom of encouraging the juve nile pyrotechny which seems 10 tic considered so nn nortnnt n norlion of the celtbralion of cala and holv- dn vs. The firo was first kindled bv the crackers which some idle boys were leUiiigoH'in a carpcnlu's yard which communication with somu shavings, set lire to me vv nolo town ; anil property 10 1110 amount of about a mil ion of dollars has been distroved. rath er than that a few loafing and mischievous boys should be abridged in tin ir amusement. It is a case that should bo considered, fur il furnishes a warning prettv dearly bought of tho utter foil v and reck lessncss of permitting tho "young idea to shoot" such dangerous miss, les, nt their own pleasure. Far be it from us to do or to siy anv thing that would curtail any rational pleasure, or throw a single obstacle be tween the young, and tho innocent amusements so natural and so proper n tho spring timo of life j but, we would not, becaiis" it is pleasant to see buoyancy of juvenile enjoyment in full play, permit a young ur chin to carrv a candle into a powder magazine, even thoush it miphl civc Aim a neat deal of pleasure to porform tho exploit; nor should wo deem ourselves called upon to imbibe n child four years old with the firivilcgc of going into the drawing-room uitha mini e musket and firinir it oil in n company of ladies, be cause tho "little creatures looked so interesting" in that beautiful exploit Children und gunpowder have no business together, and simply because their own " prclty selves" arc imt all that is jeoparded in such dangr-rou-divcrtisc-iienls. Iftheperil were confined to their own pates it wool 1 1 e reason enough for inhi biting ihe practice but that is but a small port of the peril. They endanger olhers more than ihoy do themselves, and the only wonder is, tint disasters are not much more frequent linn ihev are. During the last national holiJav in New York, there was an un- common puici y of cilnmiiir. from this cause, and we really have beard of but one child burned In death by il on tho occasion, and mincWv but one boy's finger was blown off by his own fusee, during ihp day. At F.ill River, however, a cilt has been burned doira, ratlur than that a few vagabond boys should be deprived of tho inestimable privilege of exploding India crackers. This example is upon a scale large enough, we should think, to bo worihy of a little at tention. CONCERT. The Werner Family, from Germany, will givo a concert at Stronns' Hall on Satur- evenina. Thev will also remain here, wo understand during Commencement j week. Their HM form;iiiccs nre suid to be unrivalled and their solos upon tlio German Flute rich beyond precedent. The follow ing testimonial of the excellence of their per formances we copy fioni the Boston Post. " Tin y have received the highest musical education their country nflbrded, and possess very supcror nat ural qinlifiValidns for the profession they have adopt ed. Wo had the pleasuro of listening to llieir perfor mance nf several pieced of music a few evenings since, et the house of a friend, nnd were extremely gratified. Miss Catharine Ins a voico of sreat clearness, melo dy and compass, and sings with ease r.nd precision; her cousin Ins, also, an excellent voice, which be controls with much skill ; while her brother is excel led bv few as a pianist, or on tho guitar. Wo under stand mat tncy intend to givo puuuc concerts in me i course of the season, and ifihev do wo nre confident, that their rare nbiliiies and modest deportment will se cure to them the favor of the public generally." rr r. T. .i . .i i . llir. Cosir.T. It seems that the Into CO- met mado a far moro splendid show in llio , 1 skies above the great South Sea, than in this northern hemisphere. A letter in llio I'rovidenco Journal from Otaheito, alias , , . , lahlll, says of tho comet that It caused orn.-it nlarni nnmmr the natives, nnd nd,U ? ,,,,;. cayety, she resigned all earthly pleasures, for the "Ilvvas first observed on the 2d of March, when it higher and purer enjoyment of God's favor, sought in nppearcd n vast mass of firo rising from tho verge of following her own convictions of duty in n life of re tho horizon to the height of thirty degrees, illumina- Imion. Hv devoiiiiL' her earliest nli;.ri!.in m ri,l n,l ting the ocean ns fir ns the eye could reach. The na- lives at first thought a nnghborin" island was on file. It measuied fifiv-lour degrees in length and four de grees in breadth. It was supposed there that the tcmperaiuro had risen very materially from tho prox imity of Ihe celestial visiter." GOVERNOR PAINE. We find the following remarks in regard to our present Chief Magistrate, in ihoMid dlcbury l'cople's Press of last week. Every Whig in Vermont will acknowledge their justice. Tho letter to which reference is niado wo published somo lime aro. The followinglciler from Governor Paine was writ' ten to thechairm in of iho State Committee, just pre-1 death'begin to come around liurf, fv'cls (hat prayer is mous to the neseinbhng of the Conventional Rut-1 notallocthvr n tistlrg farm land. Rut its readniL' having been ncciJcntly otnitieJ, I ye saw Mrs. Giddings often in her sickness. For it vvnsnotmroi porntedinio the proecM.nrs. mnny months she was a sufferer, but we beheld no Wecannot forcpo Ihe onnorutnilv wlucn it presents ' i1trnnrimrithnKi It to tin 1 frti t linon uilin lin i- a of ma inga fewbruf rennrka in relation In ihe P"- hticnl career of Us author. .Sehlom has any man as. cended to the chair of slate, amidst such n torrent nf of unqualified abuse from his political opponents ns did Gov. I'.iine. Hut so unexceptionable has been his administration, so liberal nnd enlightened his viovvs in relation to ihe interest of the state, nnd so ably nnd successfully has bo sustained in his public documents tho true principles ami puliev of tho whig parly that even tho virulence of locoficoism has been hushed, and bo now retires amidst the plaudits oftho whole whig parly. Hut thocirenmstanccin tho political course of Gov. Pj'inc, the cheerfulness with wlnrh ho now embraces thelast opportunity consistent with Ihe safety of his parlv, to relinquish an olliee which hB might have 60 easily retained, peculiarly commends him to the esteem of hisfcllovvcilizcns. It evinces the disinterestedness of Ins character, and that Ihe partiality of his friends rather than persnnnl ambition has been the cause of ins poiiucai cicvauon. A MIIXKIUTR IN ITALY. Wo make the following; extract of a letter irom a correspondent of the Puritan, dated Ge. M,Jan. 1, IS 1.1. T saw a Milloritn hero tho other day from Worcoslpr, Ms. Tin had como by steamer to Liverpool ; nnd then directly here, swift as wind and sail r.nnld carry him. From hero liotonk steamer to Home, whero he expected to be'per rccuted by tho Pope : and then ho was nff for Jerusalem, where, after forty days fast, Christ was to appear and set up his kingdom. He was solemn as eternity, and fully believed what he said. Nothing could stop him, as lm said he could not detain tho Lord Josus Christ, and ho could not appear till after his forty days fast. Ho had scarcely money cnougn to carry nun there, and I fear before this tho dops havo gnaw ed his bones without some city, But it was a fearful thine to sco a man risking all on ono sin. pic belief. Thcro is something sublime In such undounded.aitli though erring. A few days after a young man from Cambridge passed throueh for tho nronasranda of Home, equally enthusiastic in the belief ol the tinai triumph oi the Romish Church. From tho Vt. Chronicle. University of Vermont, ) Burlineton. Julv IS. 1343. Tho annual commencement of (he University of v. ...:n i. i. !,i.... ... tt. ;. , vcimviih nil, uu iiviucu viii i cunvsu.iy tnu niuuiiu (lav of August. Tho anniversary of tho soeietv for Religious Inquiry will bo holdiu on Monday evening previous, beforo which n discourse Will bo delivered tiy lfev. Senas liliss. I he nnnivcr-ary oftho Litera ry oocicucs win do jioiucn on i ucsuay aircrnoon, before which nil oration will be pronounced by Rev. Mr. Brownson. Junior Inhibition will bo In the af ternoon and evening oftho samo day. At tho conclusion nf the commencement exercises n Kuloiry will be pronounced on the late Rev. Dr. ivlnrsh liy Hcv. u. 11. fjhecver, ol iNcw Vorlt. Students, cxnectinc to enter at Commencement. are requested to present themselves for examination on Tuesday morning preceding commencement. J. wheeler, l'ru l S. H. I. Tho Society for Religious Inquiry of the Uni versity of Vt. will hold its annual Celebration in tho new brick Church on Monday tho 01st of July at half past eovcii in tho livening. Tho address will be delivered by Rev. ZcnaS Buss. Tho public are respectifully invited to attend. Dy order of the Society. JON A J. MARVIN, Cor. Secretary. TEMPERANCE NOTICE. Tho next stated meeting of the Uurlington Total Abstinence Society, will bo hold at the Vestry in White Street, thin evening at seven o'clock. A lecture is expected. nnir.IITON MAHKIJT.--July 17, 1843. At Market 293 Reef Cattle.OO pairs Working Ox en, 20 Cows and Calvc, lf&O Sheep, ond 100 Swine. Pbices Beef L'attlc We quote a very few extra 473 51 First quality, 1 CO 9 4 G2; second quality 4 IS 4 25 ; third quality, 3 73 c? 4 23. Working Oxen Cotes and Cahet Sales at 1G, 19, 24, and 30. Sheep Sales were made at 1 SO, 1, 75, 2 to 2 23. Sicinc No Lots sold. At retail 4 J toO. SEW YORK CATTLE MARKET July 17. At market, 930 fresh Cattle, 60 Cows and Calves and 2100 Sheep and Lambs. Pbices Reef Cattle have been very dull, with a declines 81:5 5 23 is the most good can bo quoted; n few extra at S3 25; 23 taken for Hermuda, 103 for Roslon, and 300 unsold. Coics anu! Cakes All taken at 813, 25 to 30. ZfShecp and Lambs Sales a head at SI 25 i? S3 73 for Lambs, and SI 23 iff S3 50 for Sheep 250 un sold. BOSTON MARKET July 13. FLOUR Howard st. 5 G2C 75, Western canal, 5 37 C' 3 50. RUTTER. 10ftl8per lb. CIIF.ESE.-51 &6i do do. WOOL. The chief business of late has been done by manufacturers, operating in the country with the growers; sales to a considerablu extent have bicn made, at some advance on last reported prices. Saxony and Merino fleeces, 37 a 40 Full Illood, 33 a 33 i blood, 39 a 32 Common I blood, 00 a 25 Smyrna washed, n a 25 Rcngnzi, 8 a 12 liucnos Ayrcs, 4 a 20 M ffi t? ip fits eel . In this town, on Wednesday even'm; of last week, by Rev. J. K. Converse, Mr. James Rostwick, to Miss. SAnAii, eldest daughter of Mr Oliver Shelden, all of this town. In Johnson Vt. on Tuesday morning 23inst. by Rev. Mr. Janes, Mr. Cjiabies A. Hcktinotox. of Perry N. Y. to Mrs. Lccbetia, dauchter of Thomas Wateiman Esq. of Johnson. IS S rj, In Shelburn, on the 9th inst .Mas. Lavina White, widow of the late Nathan White, Esq. in the 72nd year of her age; and in Uurlington, on the following day, July lOlh Mns Deliaii Giddikgs, in the C2nd year of her age. Mrs. While and Mrs. Giddings were sisters. As in life they were ono in heart, bo in death they were Iiiuiiuviuuu. torn oieo as nicy nuu lived, enjoying largely the consolations of that religion, on which they had built their immortal hopes. Doth in early j life became the subjects of grace and united with Con gregational church, both adorned their profession I by a consistent and exemplary life. The large circle ot relatives nercavrd by their death, may find sub stantial comfort in the evidence that they have enter ed into life. Of the character of Mrs. White, the writer has no very intimate knowledge. but with tho lanr. Mrs r!irl. dings, ho Ins enjoyid a long and tried acquaintance, Ho has seen her in nil the circumstances which devel- ?P. ho true character of the heart.r in joy and sorrnvr, m bcalih nndsicknes; and he thinks we mayall see in ln.raiicxaiiip!eofihepowcrofdivinegrace, which , wiopc' 1 'dew ofheryouth' to the service pfher Savior. At a period w hen decided und living piety was exceedingly unpopular fioni its scarcity. when she miht have ! 'l'J'ed the coveted triumph of leading in the circle of by this early discipline in llio school of Christ, she laid mo lonnuaiion oi a cnaracicr ol unusual excellence, and of a life peculiarly cheerful and happy. We can not go at large into delineation. In her domestic relations the was a bright pattern of the christian wife nnd mother. As a neighbor; sho al ways enjoyed the high respect of thoso'vv ho dwelt by her. Asa inembr of tho church of Christ, sho was even and conscientiously true to her covenant obliga tions, in private, social, nnd nublic dutks. She loved tho llihle, the closet nnd the sanctuary. There was tomelhin; almost peculiar in her, she loved the prayer-meeting. What a dull und uninteresting place is the prayer-meeting to tho world, nnd even to most professors of religion I How do they turn from It 7 'It is nothing but a nrnver.mcetinrj' snvs tho world, 'It is nothing but n prayer-meeting,' says the dea l professor. Hut the living christian loves the nraver meeting, nn l deems it a verv imoorlant mat. u I. .nut uu n II" I a liui .1 Clinsuail, w nen IOC cuius oi en'joyed pro.peritv and ihrn'by ' reverses have been lir0ntyt 0. , d.n limr. ,.a,lBh, , iP0sl. ,lnon their former devntion, anr to speak l omplainingly of their present lot ; but nothing of ibis did we ever hear from her lips. She always saw enough of God's goodness in ihe worst circumstance", to draw foiih her warmest gratitude. And every favor, every little kindness conferred by n friend, was requited with peculiar lhankfiilnes and with a distinct recognition of God's hand in the hestowment. Sho was cheer ful, humble rnnscienrinns and uniformly censisient. She lived a life of communion wilh heaven. All who knew her, felt that she was n christian. There was something even in her tone, manner nnd look, ns well ns in her words nnd actions, convincing even tho un reflecting that she was an heir of heaven. The remarkable cheerfulness and composuro with which, for months, she contemplated tho approoch of of death, was Iho result of that piety from which she drew her principles of action. Having 'fled to Christ for refuge' she 'had strong consolation.' Thecard'maJ doctrinoof justification ey taith was very mueh thesiibjectof her meditation. This was by her most intelligently understood, nnd'praclically relied on. Killingonc day by her bedside she was speaking with mueh elevation of heart, of 'the glory to be revealed' to the saints ; she was asked on what she rested her hope of participating that glory, she replied 'Christ in bis nmple atonement is my hope. I hove no hopobnt in him. I am sure there is nothing in me hut sin nnd imperfection. I have merited nothing can merit nothing but tribulation nnd anguish. My best fervi res need forgiveness. Mvnravers need praying for. My tears need washing.' lilesscd are tlie dead uho die in the hard. Com. AT HOWARD'S there are a fu'l supply pf Goods which were bought low and are on isle cheap, 28th July, 1813. 8 ON SATURDAY, August Etb, t ih'all tell at It. Thomas' Auction Store, GO Sides SOLt: LEATHER! 2 HOIISKS, I DOUBLF. WAGGOIV, 1 SINGLE WAGGON, and one NEW CUTTER. If. FERIUSS, Dep. Sheriff. Rurlington, July 27, 1843. B lit Joseph Miner! Estate; WE The subscribers, having been appointed by the Honcrablo the Probate Court lor the Dis trict of Chittenden, commiioner to receive, examine and adjust lint claims and demands of all persons, against the elate or JOSEPH MINER, late of Mil ton, in said District, deceased, represented Insolvent nnd also nil claims and demads exhibited In o li-ei thereto) and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said court lor that purpose, vvuuo incrciorc nercny give nonce, mat we win at- tenu in lnei'iiMiicssoi our appointment, at ihe dwell mg of the Widow Sally Miner, in Milton, in ?aiddi, trict.on the fourth Tuesdays ofOctober and Novem. her next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. .1.:- .1 r..l.. . r tat UUIVU HUB 14111 'HIV 111 JlllV I. II, lou. IRA WITTERS, irw,,;i LEVI TOMUERSON, J Cprniiiin. HECTOR ADAMS, $ si0"". COMMENCEMENT. TM1IS vear the Graduate from Howard's has X call to locate himself m tlio c ity of Troy, N. V., whero n renulation of the entciDrizcol its business men stnnd equal to those of any city in America. The above rcqui-i'ion fur one from Howard's is mode ny one ot the mol nneient and reputable standing commercial nouses there, nnu wan a lull Knowledge of the ncniiircmonts nf n previous graduate, who is in Ini'ines ,y ihuir Mdej ihcxe aNo who have located themselves at oilier places Irum the same Almamator are Numl cr Oncj. Previous to tho degree icing uoout to i e priven a iuii audience may ic daily accom modatcd in receiving abundant evidence ol the Vale. dictorvs I eins ile-erve.l. bv nnv mutual interchamre that may bu wished with the various patrons of the Store bv hi nivinir as heretofore his a.sidnom atten tion in putting the goodi fail and cheap into their bands nt HOWARD'S. 26sh July, 1813. 8 P. S. One Freshman enterel, applications of olhers tinder consideration. Let Them That arc troubled with those complaints Inci dent to Summer season, such as Dysentery, 'litrriHi'n, ttc come ami eci a Dome oi JAYNE'H CARMINATIVE I1AI.SAM. at H 1'iSUK. if- Sl'KAK'S. E STRAY. BROKE into the the enclosure of the subscrflicr, about the 18th inst., a Larce Drown Hor-e. win, une wjiiic miiu iuui. lilt owner is requested to nrovc nron. cny, pay charges and take him "awav. ASAlil.L, bTAUY. Rurlington, July 2?, 1943. 8w3 A CARD. SX, GAUT & Co. present their compliments to the nuhlii'. and esneriallv to those lavorable to ine encouragement oi a grocery store conducted on strict Temperance principles, and, while they graie fully acknowledge the generous manner in which they have lecn heretofore Mitained, respectfully solicit a continuance of that patronage which no efforts on tneir nart snail i wantins to dc-ervc. Their store is directly in the rear of Stror.g's build ing, touin oi ii. ii. itostwick i in onop. JEVTELRVi A New assortment of Brooches, Pin, Rings He.irts. Slides. SnDs. CnlfPns. and other orna mem. ; TroM Chains, Keys, &c. Among the Pins are Cameo, Turouoi. Asne-marine, Diamond, Emerald, P.i-le, Onyx, Stone Cameo, Ruby, Pearl, and oilier precious Stones, some set ingle nnd some in clutcr., Aj-o, Phiu Ring-nnd Pin, and Rings with plain tops, Signet, &e. Among the Rings ort some tel Willi stones at low-r prices ihnn any before ottered ; our assortment is more complete tnan ever. Julv 20. G Pangdorn & DrInsmaid. T?RF.SI1 RUTTER and NEW CHEESE, for sale J- bv S. N. GAUT & Co, A Good article o' HYSON, 1 YOUNC HYSON, V.9T m ex H YHO SKIN & (V sour hong J For .so a . at the rempeionee Store, by July Ull. S. N. OAUT ifc Cd. GERMAN STORE. TUST received, China preserved Ginger, Dates, ts Lemon) ana uranees. OSTHEIM & MICHOLLS. Uurlington, July 20th. 1843 . 7 TUST RECEIVED, Brown Sh-vling, Urown and J mcacued anirungs, ot good quality, nv Julv 21. 7 S. N. GAUT & Co NOTICE. r"T!IE Copartnership heretofore existing between X GIIISWOI.I) & CLARK, Is this day di-olved by mutual con-ent. The business will it continued at the old (land by Z. u. Clark. it. r.. uumwuL.1', Z. G. CLARK. South Hero, June. 20, 1843. 7vv3 SEW GOOD. TJRASS ALARM CLOCKS, Urnss arid Wood JL Striking Clocks, Tune Picct6, &c. in the mos lcauiili finc-linihed Mahozanv Caes. at uniireec dcntel low prres those who wish lo secure a good clock very low should take one of them before they arc gone, ns we are ordered to tell ihem at a great reduction in order to raise the ca'h hya certain day. Hut ri very lew more at the reducod prices, for sale by I'ANCDORST IV UH1N9MAID. We warrant them to run well, ttere are no better ones, SEW GOODS. TjINK SAUCERS, Fan, Octave F.'utes, Molasses x (jups, uoys uells, eve. 7 1'ascbcrm ii Bkinsmaid. 6oi.ii heads TUST FIN ISHED, some lino Gold Ueads, at various " I gold iens. mllEJ FOURTH LOT ol theso much approved x i .'ns nave leen jutt received. July 20. 7 Panguorn & DatMSMAio, SHOES I SHOES'! T TEN'S PEGGED GRAINED DOWNINGS, 1V1 " Heelcl do Pump, " , do Slippers, Ladies Lace leather ShrxfSj lo Spring heeled Slips, do Kid Ties, do Cloih Ihiskin, Children's Cloth Gaiters, do l,uhtT Shoes, Mies Peg'd Leather Lace Shoes, do Kid Ties, lor rale ley S. N. GAUT fc Co. Burlington, July 21, 1843. 7 Freh lot ofRaisins, Figs, Dried Curant,Cilron v i umariniis, idee, smrratm, atarch, fure iin ger, iiiiicoia-iesneiie, indigo, bum uanipnor, uaaer Cocoa Pastr, Candles, Bar and Shavins Soap.Cav ciiMi-u huh oiiiumiik looucco, sugars, nioiasses, vinegar an oi vrnicn are ouered lur can at very n-uiiceu price-, vy i o. uaui oi LOi WOTICEi flMIE GRIST MILL at Onion River Lower Falls x ha I een thoroughly repaired and the most part rebuilt, and w:ll recommence on the 20ih of July. Thankf ul to friends for favors received and would be happy to ce them again. Tho-e living nt adi-tance wi-lnng topatronife the mill and return the same nay win pieae can mornings, superfine iour, Ky , urn r mill , iiiuail jurm kciii cuiiiinitiiy lar -die, July 12, '43. 3m GEO. EDGCUMBE, GRAIN CRADLRS.' THE subscribers hove received their usual snpply of PATENT GRAIN CRADLES, which will be sold at a reduced price for cash. . I1AUAII q- ARTHUR Burlington, Vt., 13th July, 1643, ) 6 cor. Ch. and Coll. streets. UP AND DOING. THE Cash System was. never progressing better than now at Howasd's where ths wool money is taken in such quantifies as to keep every hand active and busily employed in measuring and nrensrinr packages to hand over fo customers as an evidence of leaving the money at the People s Cheap Cash Store, wnose Agcni ii HUW-AIU. Thursday morning, 13th July, 1843. 6 O I L-S. 3 AAA Gals. Fall Sperm and pure Winter Oil, WWW 300O gals. Bleseed Whrte do 2500 gaU Linseed Oil, 1000 do Lard do 1000 do Olive do for tale very low by rui.uci i, jjtvAuur.i s.u. uhi uoci., July I j, IMJ. NOVA SCOTIA PLASTER. JC Aft Tons Freb Ground Nova Scotia Pluter w" delivered at our mill, at Wmookki City, on the dock, by FOLLKTT, BRAtH-LV & Co South Wharf, July, IE43. A HATS. SINQLF.6V Double Brim'd colored and white Legh orn Hat., received by It. W. CATUN. Juiy 7, lou. Ailmltitstrntor'a Sale. NOTICE Is hereby given that the undersigned will ell at nubile nnrilon on the 24th dav of Julv. A. D. 1843,commcncing at I o'clock in the afternoon at the late residence of Dan Day deceased in llurllng ton. all the rent nnrf nprsonal estate of the said de ceased, not before disposed of including the reversion oi ino widows dower. IIKMAN ALLEN, tfminitralor or said Estate. Uurlington, July 3, 1843. 2t STRAY COLT. STRAYED Irom ihe subscriber on the 1st of June last, a brizhtbav More Colt, 2 years old, black mane anu tail. 1 ne nnucr win oe iiuerauy compcii- tated, by giving any information ol said coll to Shclburn,July3, 1813. 5w3 WOOL! WOOL!! mHK nbseril.or wishes to iireli.xc Wool, and will J pay In goods, grain, or accounts, at his Store, a, Darlington a,. SIDNEY BARLOW. June 30, 1843. 4 tl REVOLVING CASTORS. A rsnon assortment of Revolvinir Conors "ns A cheap us the cheapest, and as good a thebu.t" and will be sold on terms to iuii purchasers. Extra bottles lor castor. ., 4 1 ANOBORN IV, 1IUINSMAID. MARSH'S LIFE AND REMAINS. THE Remains of the Rev, James Mahsh, D. D. late President, and Professor of Moral and Intel lectual Philosophy in the University of Vermont, with n memoir of his life. For sale bv June 23. H. J. SHUMWAY, Ayenl. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. A T the Crnckcrv Store a very larne assortment of I. CROCKERY, GLASS, CHINA and IRON STONE WARE, for sale much cheaper than nt any thero store in the county. JOSEPH WAIT. uurlington, June 3U, 1343. 4 CUMMINU'lON SCYTHE STONES! Alanufacturcdfrom the celebrated tlobbint Aecge, iumnungion, .ijsi. j'OR many years small quantities of stone have uccn carneu irom mis i.capc, 10 uiucrciii pans .1.- -.ill T... , '., them induccd lhe nrcent owners to nurchnse the en lira Ledge, and make the necessary artnnccments lor lurnisning tnc piihiicwiin an arlicie winch they have o Ion? sought lor an article superior, both in lyle and manufacture, to anv that has ever been ollered. I ne superior quality ot tliu stone is acknowledged cyan wno nave given mem atrial; and ineiact ismiiy Mi-.tnincJ bv the increasing demand for them, from llio-c sections of country into which they have found tneir way. rorsnieny .j J. , J. II. l'MJK. Oi CO. OILS. v I MM I (gallons puro Wiuter and all Sperm 2,500 Hfeaehed What do do do do H. PECK 4 CO. 4 SW unseed 500 Lard 500 Olive J. & J June 30, '13. GhAHS. CI ffn boxes Cvlender Glass. wjVJvvy Curlingtoa. Vermont, Essex and Lake iiraritis. 300 Redford, Saranae, and Clinton Crown. J. ac J. u. rr.tjK. cc v.u. Acenls. June 30, M3. 4 GROCERIES. 1 nHiins-S-Crox and l'ri Kico Su?nr, 15 Bhls. l.oat Urn-hed ana rovvdered do 30 Hhds. Port Rico Molasves, 100 China Hyson Skin Tea, 75 do Yo .ng and Hysin 200 Malts Cassia, da larrelsllove, do Nutmegs. 3H Tierces Saleratns, -JO Kegs rurcoinger, 100 Boxes Bar Soap, 50 do Pine-, 20 Bass Pepper, 25 do Pimento, 40 do Rio Cotlve, 15 do Java do AJ.. J. It. PECK Sc. CO. 4 June 30, M3. FRUIT. OHO ROXES Bunch Itai-ins, rwVJV 15 Bags Mnderia Nuts, u oo urazu, 12 do Almonds, 15 do rilbcrts. J. at J. H. June 30, '43. PECK & CO. 4 PLASTER. OOP! l"0'-3 'resh pound Nova Scotia Plaster, JJ J. Oi. j. 11, PECK & CO. June 30, '43. 4 PAINTS. 10,000 LB1 WETHERILL3 dry White iuu rvc;rs 00 grouna in un, 40BI.1-. Spanish VVlute, 25 Venetian Red, 20 do French Yellow, 20 do Spls. Turpentinsi Chrome Grven Emerald do French do Brunswick do Crown Yellow, PrnssUn Blue, Smah'.s, Sand Paper. J. & J. H. PECK & CO June 30. '43. 4 nONNUTS. A NEW lot Florence Braid and Amazon Bonnets, aTl ju-t received cheaper than ever, by July7, 1813 II. W. CATLIN. PUBLIC NOTICE. IV. YORK & MONTREAIj KXPHESS, T71RG1L AND HOWARD, (successors to S. Ja- V cons '! will run as heretofore, leavin" Burliug.on for Montreal Wednesday evening and for the South Friday evening ot each weeK. Packages may ba lefi nt tho office of Messrs. J. & J. H. Peck if- Co., Burlington. 5 tf rpHISmny certify that I havegiverimy son Pnos- .. JL pes Hurlcebt his tirno to transact business for ;ss lor

himself, and shall claim none of his earnings nor pay any debt of his contracting from this dale. VY1-.II.M1 MU11L.IU.H1. Undorhill, June 1 1843. C w3 THE CHEMICAL OIL at 6 PECK it SPEAR'S. 1 843. FOR ALUBRGH AND HIGHGATE SPRINGS, AND MISSISQUOI BAY. The Stcam-Iloat WASHINGTON, CAPT. A. TRUSIAN, Will leave iTn'tehis' landine. North I-lsnd. daily fSundsys excepte.1) on the arrival of the Pieamer onranacnt mat place Irom uurlington, and will carry passengers to Alhurgh and llighgate Springs, and .iiissisqiiiii nay. HeruRSiNO Will leave Misn'snuoi Ray al 7 o' clock, A. M. landing al Highgalo and Alburgh, nnd arrive at Kniems' in time to meet ine sarnnaci on her way from Burlington to St. Albans. Passentrers leavinrr in the Saranac. which leave Burlington nt B o'clock. A. M. via. Port Kent. Port Jscksrin, Platlsl.ufgh and the Islands, will take ihe wasningion at Kmgnts' tanning as nnove siaieu anu Ik conveyed directly through and returning by Ihe wasningion can take the saranac lur St, Ainans, or bv remaining al Knight-,' until her return from St. Ainans, will l landed in Uurlington in season lor I lie uine Hosts either way. llurlinKlon. Julv It. 1843. ICFM'his arraiisemcnl 10 continue until the 1st of Dtpteinher next, unless nonce is given to ihoPontrary. fiSSfl Boxes Cy! enner Glass, Burlington Vi , """s Es.-ex and Lake Brand.j for sale at re duced prices, by FOLLETT, BKADLr.r Sc. Co. Iff. OOO lh WITH ERILLS Bar WHITE LEAD 150 Kegs do Ground m Oil, for sale at reduced prices oy rui,ur.i i, unauLbi a. 10. uidjjocK, jnty u, 1BH. u 1 ft A doz. Blanchaid'a Cast and German Steel Soyihes, 50 do Hay Fork", 3,00 do Hay Raki-, (Wli An SVn... fnr .alft hv FOLLETT. BRADLF.V Co. Old Dock. July 13, 1843. C GERMAN STORE. AAA Diffi-rcol patterns MeuiJjn dej.aice!, -AW y Cheap, hv 10th July. I OSTHEIM 4 MICIIOLl.E WATERS AND SYRUPS I FRESH SARATOGA WATERS, CONGRESS, IODINE AND PAVILLION. ALnURGi7WATER. Caledonia" waters. BARTON'S SVRUpTlEMON SYRUP, AND PINK-APPLE SYRUP. PECK & SPEAR. NO Tl C tl OF DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUPTCY, C 1 1 1TTE N DEN CO U NT Y. IN NOTICE to all creditors and other persons in in terct, that by order of the District Court of the United States for the District of Vermont, a dividend uut of the nsscsts of JOHN SINCLEAR of Essex, HENRY HOAKDMAN jr. of Essex, LUCIUS WOODARD of Essex, JOHN SMITH or Colchester, CIIF..STEII PARKER of Underbill, ond SIMEON DAVIS of -lerielm. Uanliriints. will bo made and declared bv the Court. on the fifteenth day of July next, nt 10 o'clock fore noon, at I he ol ice ol hainue I'renlis.. in MontDc her. in said District, among the Creditors who shall have provrd and filed proofs uf their debts befon- said day unless sufficient cause in the eases above enumerated bo then nnd there shown to the contrary. i;uvv.ltl 11. I'llKXTISS, Clerk. Dated the 21th day of June, 1S13. IRON, STEEL, NAILS -fc HARD WARE. A ( Tons English Iron, from 1 t-S to 0 inch wiJe. LliJ 10 do Old Snblc Russia do 5 Inns New Sa'le do do 10 8 12 do do do do do . wedea do Peru do Horse Shoe do Round from 1 to 2J inchoi, Squaro do 3-3 to 3 do Round do H to 4 do 20 12 10 5 do do do do do Hoop do to U do Hamo and Scroll do P. S. I. Russia Rods. Sanderson Cast Steel. 15 12 2 1 3 1 3 do do do do Picrson's Spring do from Ii to 3 inches a vvedes do American do Gcrmnn do Enelish rtlistnr do do 2.000 Kegs Nails, from 3d to 20d 2,00 do Spikes from 30d to GOJ 2,00 do Brads fiom Cd to 20d 3,00 Doz Files nnd Rasns. A s-eneral assortment oi Anvils and V ,ces. June 30, 1913. J. A. J. H. PECK k Co, MANTLE LAMPS A vcrv elegant set of MANTLE LAMPS. 4 bur i. nus with cut shades, for sale uncommonly cheap at the crockery store bv JOSEPH WAIT. Burlington, June 30, 1313. 4 CONSUMPTION AM MVEfi COM PLAINT 11 , DR. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. From 375 Hoxeery, .Vir York. FORthoeureol Cough", Colds, Asthma, whoop ing Courh, Catarrh, nainsinlho side und breast, Bronchitis liver complaints, and all thosonili-ctions oftho throat and lungs, which nre a so'irio of so much suffering un I mi often in CoNsnsir rioN, this reuieJv is tislvntid btslily di-tintfuished. lit is purely vegiiabb", mild and gentle in its ertects iiixm the system, and can 1 u taken in the most deli- Icate ca-i's vvith -afety as well as well as utility. So extensively has it I ecu used and so often proved .suc cessful even in extreme and apparently alrao.-t hope- Iicss cases, not only as a paiianve i,ut ns a remedy ; that the proprietor 'fuels no heiitcncv 111 introducing Iit nnd reecomiuending it to all who iiuiortunalety may haveoccjsion 10 re-orl 10 some mcansof recov- Icrv. rhVMCians, familiar with Us ejects una aware Iol the healing properties of this vegetal le prepara tion, not unfrequenlly prcscriled il in their practice, and with Ihe Medical Family generally, it has met I Willi more man ordinary approbation. LU.Nsu.virnu.-vj. The folloniusr ri-maro were taken fromalato numl er of the Medical Magazine! "The surprising elect nrodu(se,l by the geuuine Dr. Taylor's Bal-ani of Liverwort, made at 375 Bowery, in Consumption ca-es, cannot fail exciiing a dcep'and llirillinu interest throughout the world. We have so long l ebeveJ thedisea-e (Consumption) incural le. that It is diilicult to credit our cetiseswhen two see per.-on evidently, restored to iiuaiiii. 1 11 i 11 i.,v.i .'i v ,i.i,rciivi. 1 Certificates Irom the highest and most ronectable source of persons vhohave either lcii greatly re lieved by it, or entiielv recovered from a!)ection of the lungs nnJ liver, could l e furnished in abundance but we insert only tne following : Cr.RTirlc.VTE. "Being constitutionally nredisDOs cJ to Consumption, a member of my family having sofleied severely from iritation of the Lungs, ac companied wilh cough an 1 rai-ing matter and blood, torellier wil l severe n.1111 in mv sii eund hreast. 1,1' I was sonnosc-l to bebevon.l recovery. I was iuducetl bv advicu of Dr. Perltin-, ,.s n la-t resort to trv lav or's llal-atn of Liverwort." I have inken five bolllos in all. I began 10 improve wilh the fir-t b t tle, and while the third, was so f,r recovered aa lo be nl.lo In gel about. Since which time, bv continued u-e i,f it I nm uuiie icstorej and able lb Attend to my u-tiat hu-i.icss. To ner-ons sn'Iering irum co.igiii 1111.1 a iuciionsil tlieL,ung. I do earn e-tlv rpccomniend it. (Sigm-d) JAS. C. SCOTT. Elizabeth Citu, .V, C. Dee. 10. 1S12. for n common cold cud cough, tlu is one of the verv lest remedies ever di-coverl. A. B. There . nsnurious und counterfeit article afloat, and lately introduced miothis place. There fore be careful to get the genuine, which is from 37; isowcry .. . an I fee lint Ihe new engraved wrap per is on the I. utile 10 prevent counterfeits. For sale Ly PKC'K & SI'EAR, und LOVELY & Sl-.v.nui.K, liur mgion; S. II. Humes, Charlotte 1 M. Hall, Hlneshurghi Win. Rhodes, Jr. Itfehinnnd. June A vl , 1 lllins, Cardner Brewer, Bezton, N. E. fit 1 s- .r npes nianuy, 40 do Balnmore Gin, 5 do "S.van"do pure, 10 Half Pellevoisin" Brandy 10 Hhds. Si. Croix Rum, 30 Buls. Snerry and Madnria Wine, 40 do .Malaga do 8 do Port do , J. .p J. II. PECK A CO. June 30, '13. CASH WANTED, 1'7'OR WHICH Goijs nt a fair price can bcobtained jl at 1 hp 1 emreranee rorc. A coou assortment ot nice vest I'alterns, Black Lravals, Italian do vvickinir, Wadding and Halting. A few nnkei Shoe Brusnes. U.i valid Martin s B ackinu. Japan do Paste do. Sifrsaparilla Muvd. Cavendish, Fine Cut and (smoking Tobacco, nice, dinger and csleratus. Ink, Shaving nnd Bar Soaps, for sa'o uncommonly low uy a, ix. uaui 00 uo. J line j, idlJ. 4 FLOUR, OF superior brands, in Barrels and Half Barrels, constantly arriving. J. f- J. If. PECK 4, CO. June 30. '43. 4 ELIAS IYMAN, INFORMS his friends that he has returned from Boston and New York, havinc boueht! a lariri stock of DRY GOODS, whin'i he is now opening in ihe Store formerly occupied by D. A. Braman, in Ihe north-wct cirncr ot strong's Omldings, oppciu Messrs. Peek ii Spear, where he intend keepini consian'lvon hand nn extensive assortment of DRV GOODS' which he will oiler al the lowest marke irices. His attention U-ing exclusively devoted tr Dry Goods, and his motto being LARGE SALES AND SMALL PROMTS, be is cual led lo accomodote his old Friends, Custo mers and the Pubbe with goods at reduced prices Call and tec. Burlington, July 7, 1843. Pit INT warehouse: Br, LEE, (formerly of the firm ot Lord et Lee) . an lU. B. BREWSTER, under ihe firm of LET A, MilAV.STER, have established at 113 Pearl nrce NewYorB,a w.tti.liuuar. ON AN EXTENSIVE SOLE,. EXCLUSIVELY TOR PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trad by tha piece 01 Ttv ronrtnine their attention entirelvand axelusive ly to this one article, L. if- B", will be enahleU to no only exhibit a more extensive and beautiful assortmen ihan is u l.c found elsewhere, (there being nn slmila etiahii.hracnt for prints m ihe L'nitol State-) Nn n ell always al prices as low, and generally owe than lho-e ot hones who-e attention and means an divided among a largo variety of articles. The entire stock, embracing oVou one liou-an' ditferent patterns nl colorings, has leen receiver within few days 1 : perfectly fro.-b. teti -crE-;ri all th iatettsnd ehrrwt spr'ng "v(. fyl CHA'S L. AUSTIN, Ho. 94 Statt ., Albany, S. Y. '3itC CROCKERY. AN extensive assortment just received from New York, for sale low by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. June IB, 1843. 2 James Marsh's Estate. THE adjourned and last meeting of the Commis sioners on said Estate, trill he h!d on Mondsv June 24 at 2 o'clock, P. M, at Lyman St Marshal uiuce. HKMAN ALLEN, I . . OEO. P. MARSH. Cuwm.s.wner.. Ju 22. 3 Cyrus K. Dirge's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, I AT a Prolate Di.-tnct of Chittenden, ss. I XX, Court held at Burlington, within and for the district of Chittenden, on thc'13ih dav of June. A. II. 1813. Eln.ih Itiriru. administrator of the cslale of Cyrus K. Rirge, late of linoerliill in sam uisinct, decca'td, nitctate, having tiled in said court his petition in writing, selling forth that the said Cyrus wa, at lbs time ofhis death, un der contract to convey to him, the sjiid Elijah, the louciwins ut-scrii cu parcel oi land, Minnie in haul Underbill, vis! I Forty aires cf land o l from the north .-rile ol Lot No. 3S, 111 the first divMnti of lots, draw n to the original right of William Sacl-ett, and is of equal width extending the whole length ol nid lot ; that the said contract remained unexecuted o,i the part of said Cyril' nnd praying iLojudnc of cam Court to execute a deed ofald land to the said Elijah, agreeably to tho statute hi such caemadd and provi ded. Therefore the court nforn-n d dolh nppoint the second Vednesdv of Julv 1813, fir hearins and de ciding on taid petition, at the oilico uf the Reislerof sun, ,,uri, iii ?uiu iiiiiiiiijiiiJii, uo iiioiii (.ruer uini nil persons interested le notilicd thereof by publication oflhis order, I'onluining the Mibstanceol said petition, three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press, a new? paper printed in nm liuriinsinr, tnc la-t ot winch puo icntions to I e prcvuius to the nld M'Cond Wednesday bT July, 1S13. Given mider mv band, ai n.trlinntrn. this 13tl day of June, A.D. 1813. 33 vvM. vvr.s I u.N, iieinlcr. TO PRINTERS YftTANTED, A (50015 CO.MPOSI'l OR. y y Burlington, June 14, 1813. S. FLETCHER. CONE LANTERNS. A New and very hanJtomuMle of heavy Moulded Glass Cone Lanterns, lor sale by 2 June IC, 1813. JOSEPH WAIT. O Obi) PENCILS. CjdME beautiful new patternsj'ust received. l'ANoeonx & BaiNSMAtD. TROY STOJVE WAKE. riVIE Subscnler has on hand a large and superior X assortment of STONE WARE, superior to any made in the United Slates, which lie oilers for ,alc al Reduced Prices, nnd is ready to leecive order', pack and deliver, Iree of cartage or package, onboard of Canal Boats, either for Troy, Albany, or West Troy, fur cash or approved paper. All orders by Mail or otherwUe, immediately atten ded to. I. SEYMOUR, 44 Airy tt. Troy.N. V May 17, 1813. SI A GAUD. OSTHEIM & MICHOLLS sensible lo thecxtent to which they have been favored by the patron age of their friends and tho public generally, beg leave to return their best thanks for the favors receiv ed : and having redeemed their promise in the renew al of their spring aSdortmcnt of dry and ,'ancy gnodi which is the choicest descriniion the southern Mar kets could afford, now offer their new Goods for sale on ihe cheapest terms, and hope to be. honored with n continuation of the distinguished and general patron uge they have heretofore received. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE supply ju-t received from the manu factory, for sale low bv LOVELY &. SEYMOUR. June 15, 1313. 2 DR Y GR O CERIES, (F superior quality, fresh from New York, Just s received anu tor 6aie very erv low bv LOVELY & SEYMOUR. 2 June 15, 1813. BRkjADE NOTICE. THE Adjutants of tho severnl Regiments in the 3d Brignde of Vermont Militia, nre requested to meet me at A. Burrill's Inn in llinesburgh, with their Records. Roslers. and files, on Tuesday 27th inst. nt 10 o'clock A. M.. ngneabloto the requirements or the .uimia .let 01 itsii. . B. BOYNTON. Inspector 3d Brigade Vt. Militia, MincsDurgn, June is, ism. I.cvl Nutting's Estate imrn THE SUBil'RlBERsi. hnvin been nD v pointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chuiundcn, commissioners to re ceive, examine nnd rfdj'ust the claims nnd demands of all persons, against the estate of LEVI NUTTLM! U, W l.-.v. ...I ., ... ruiu .'.1,,,, Um.AUj lb,'IG- scnted insolvent, nnd also all claims nnd demands exhibited ill offset (hereto; and six months from the day of ihe date hereof being allowed by said court lur that purpose, we no inercioro nereoy give notice. that we wi I attend to ttie ousincssorour aid annomt- ment, nt tho dwelling ol IVr.-i- Nulling, in llnder hill. in said district, on the first Tue-dnvs ol August and November next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days Datel this 12th. day of May. A. D. 1813. TRUMAN SHELDEN, ) Coinniis, 3 OLIVER GOODHUE, sionors. rrlVE DOLLARS REWARD. Stolen, from the i Laboratory of the liniversitv, some time since, live c hemical Thermometers, and a cmss Hvdrome trr. The Thermometers were all of Kendall's make vvith ibeir 1 ulbs extending below ihe si-nlcs. Two were filled wilh col.Ved Miiril the oiht ra wiln mcr cury, nnd graduaiol 7cry hkh. Tho Therinometers ivr-rn in n f.i.o. nnd one of t Ii -in in a small m.i ho'runv case of its own. 'the Ilvdrometer wn made it is lelicvp-l, ly Lerebouts, and wa in a small irecn oae. For a restoration of the lii-triiTienl-and deici iion of the Ihi'f, live dollars will Lu paid and n fjir pronorliou ol that sum lor n part ol tin-in-tru mrnts. 3w3 GEO. W. BENEDICT. NOT ten. 'PHIS may certify that 1 have given my 3on, Syl X vesler Iloldrcdgc Jr. his time, nnd hereafter -hall not control any if his earnings, nor Hold myself re- sponsitilc to pay anv debts of his contracting after ihisdnle. SYLVESTER IIOLDRI-.DGE. Alburgh, June 10, 1613. 4vv3 jYJlLLlTARV BLANKS fur sale bv I.'. J. SHUMWAY, Agent Just ltcccivi'il and I'or Sale at the TEMI'URANCE STtJHEf ITRESH TEAS, Oranges and U'lnons, Rice, Pale ratm Co'ice. Dried Curanl-, thlron, Tnm.irinds, Box nod Keg Rai-ins, Figs, Chocolaie Shell-, Baker. Cocoa Pa-le, a new article, prepared in one minute for use; alio, Ea-t Bo-Inn Sugar Hou-e M"Ia-m-, superiorarliclelor le. asortiuent of STAPLE DRY GOODS, which they will -ell as low for cash or ready pay as nt nnv oiber store in the pi ice. A fresh lot cf Boston Soft and Cold Water Crack ers nnd Pilot Bread, nn l as we are nxuvmg con stantly fresh supplies the public ma'J bo usiired ol their quality. The public are respectfully incited 10 call and ex amine the Goods ana Prices' lelore purchasing il-e-where. S. N. GAUT & CO. Burlington, June 22. 1613. 3tf KASHIONAHLi: IIA1II CUTTING AND EASY SHAVING, At the Barl er Shop under Howard's Hotel, NORTH MDE COl'ST 110VFE SQCASE, BY WILLIAM STEWART. JCTN. B. put in complete1 ordrr. j-v3 200 KEGS POWDER, 100 Hags Shot, ISO Di r. corn Brooms' 100 Patent Pails. , J. vt J. H. PECK -June 30, '43. CO. 4 FISH. 200 Quint"'' Cod Fish,- 100 Boxes Herring. J. t J. H. PECK .f- CO. June 30, '43. CASH PAID FOR WOOL! "PIIF. Sulscriler will pay cash for Clean Fleece X Wool delivered ai Dis store, uoiiegr imrn, HARRY BRADLEY. 3w3 Burlingtrn, 19ih June, 1643. MACHINE CARDS, rF Springtu-ld Vermont, and SpringfielJ Mtsa rhtt.eit. Manufacture. J. Si. J. II. I'LUK. oi W Agtnlt. . 4 JuneJ0,'43. LORRILLARD'S TOBACCO AND SNUFF. 40 BARRELS Chewing Tobacco, 50 do Smo'ciog do 250 Jars Maccaboy SnulT, 400 Bladders Scot h do J. .f- J. if. PECK & CO. Agent: Juno 30, '43. 4 WOOL wante-Iin Exchange for -ash or Burltn; ton Mill Co. Clnh.s, by H. V CATI IN. JunaJR, 1F43. TOW Cloth, a good article, just received hy June 30, 1B4S. H. W. CAT LIN. SALT. 10.000 BUSH. Solar Salt, 3,000 do Fine do 3,000 Barrel! do do 200 Sacks " Aslitou's" Dairy do 100 do Table do . J. il. J. H. PECK &. CO. Jdn30,'43. . L. 7 5DOZ7 Blood's Cast and Gennau Steel Syibe: nO do Rlxford do ILy Forks, Blood's Hoes, liny Rakes, do 25 40 ISO 20 do do do do norse nay do PECIC & CO. 1 J. & J. II, June 30, DYE STUFFS. 300 UBLS. Cumpli'y Log Wood, 200 do St, Dom nso do 100 do Cam Woud, 200 do Hatha dj 300 do Fustic, SO do Madder, 25 do Blue Vuriu', 40 do Alum, 75 do Copperas, Bur Wood, Qiureitron Hirk, Peach Wood, Lao IJyi Cullear Indigo's, Oil Vitriol, Muriauu AciJ, Mun ntc of Tin, Clothien Bru he, Cloth ers Jacks, Pres Pancrs, Tentcrllooks, Curd Tacks, ,c. ' ' J. .f- J. II. ! CO. June 3D, '43. 4 Al bW IljireUol rl.murimi Flour, U-t rcceiveJ nuu for --ale by S. M. GAUT .j- CO. " LIVE AND LET LIVE." S. HUNTINGTON, WOULD rcspecfully inform bis patrona and tho public generally that he has icctived and vv,ll continue to receive throi-gh the Reason a good supplv of School Books, Bibles, Hymn B00U3, nnd Sta tionary, which will be eold very low for ready pay. Helms also made arrangement for obtaining 34 often ns once a month such School Books ns may hi needed in this vicinity and ho rtspectfully solicit, the pationagoof the public hoping by attention t his business to mcrrit the same. Ho will also give Ins personal aticntion 10 ijoo Binding end Blank Book Mnking. All wotlt entrus ted to his care will meet wilh prompt attention. Strongs Building, cornir uiurcu ana ioiie Streets. . . June 9, 13-13. einr nitti nivit triTfi.r .nti, mir th. il Inilmnv on Colic to Street. Also 'J Pews' III tint Stone Chiircli and one in the Unitarian Brick Church. Enouire of 11 TUU.11.vo. June is, ioij. il David Atwood's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) AT a probatu Dislnct 01 (Jhititndcn, s. 5 J. . court i.cmai Rnrlincion. within and for the rii-ti nt ot Chittenden on the seventh day ol June, 1813. Mcses Alvvoid, one of the heirs tn'ilie e-taie of David A'wo1 d, la'.vi of Charlotte in said district, deceased, ni-.u-ta'e. hav inglileilin vaid court his petition in writing, setting forth that he holds in,cotnmon wilh the other heirs ti tan! estate, onb tenth part i l the following de-cnl eJ parcels ol land, lying in t2ld Charlotte; viz, nini-'v seven aores and twelve rods of land otf ihu soma, end if the second division lot of 1 lie original ngLt of Jonathan Aiken, with the I uildings and appurtenance-: nl-o, 61 acres nnJ 1 1 rods of lot N". 33, ofthetirst division drawn 10 tlio original right ol John Hoag, being the same lands herctifore sol out to Sn-nnnah Alwood widow ot the Slid line iaie, a her dower in said estate; and pravinsr - ui J ci-urt to order parittion 01 said ir.njj to le made aniinj the several persons entitled thereto. TiiEntt-ouE, the courl nforesail doth appoint thu i-c-iirtJ Wedne-day of July, IS S3, for hearing and deciding on said petition nt the oilice of the Regi tcr of said court in said Burlington, and doth order that all per-ons interested Ihcroor l.j- pel I .cat, Jii il Una order, containing the substance of -aid petition, threa weeks succes-iveiv in tlie uuriitigiou no i ts--, newspaper printed lit sa d Burlin-li n, the last of which publications to 1 e previous 10 the day appoin ted as afore-aid for hearing. Given under my hand at said Burlington, xhU seventh day of June, A. D. 1543. Y3i. vvi-.aiu.s, iicgi-icr. . DISSOLUTION. LYMAN .f- COLE, have this day dissolved their Copartnership by mutual consent. All persons indibted arc reouestcil to call and settle immediately Those having demands against ihe late firm vv ill pro- sent (hem Tor payment. ihelJooKs and -otes can befound fora fowdavsattheold stand. Aftrr which lime they will bo removed to L. Lyman s storr, at its north west torner of Strong Buildings, formerly oc cupied by l. A. Braman, at which place both partica will at anv time attend to the; 01 all tneir books ana demands. ELI AS LYMAN, MORTON COLE, Burlington June 9, 1813. 1 Noncr;. LCt'IS FOLl.ITrr having bee 11 admiltcl to an in terest in the mercantile ' oneern ef I'oile'.t and Bradley, business will lierenllcr le cond icted under the linn of . POl.LirfT, BRADLEY k Co. Old Dock, June I, 1513. 1 TOBACCO. CAVENDISH if- PLUG TOBACCO of tho most approved brand-.. Dccn sV Crown's relelratul Chewing and Smoking Tobacco ; Al-o, Shctt,iTobao eo, lor aleTcry low bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY (f- Co. Old Dock, JuncS, 1813. 1 T IJ A S . OLD anJ YOUNG HYSG.N, some of very superior iuHlit), Hyson SUin and Tvvanl,ay inchests, half chests and caddies, foe -ale bv FOLLLTT, BRADLEY st Co. Old Dock, June a, 151?. 1 N. tl. V.VM. A Constant supply of Kelton' - N. E. Rum, m Hhds Pipi-s, Half Pipes and UI Is., 50 per eiit abov prouf, for -ale nt Ho-ton prices nnd ficglit, bv kolleit, iiilvuley, a Co, .ignfi. Old Dock, June S, 13-13. I CAST STEEL Shovels, Iron do. Long handed do nnd Spades, Cro Bars, Russian Nail Rods, warranted, Shot, Sheet and Bar Lead, Patent Vices, a new and superior article. Anvils, Trace and Halter Chains, ccc. ccc. for fslebr FOLLETT, BRADLEY A Co. Old Dock, JuneS IS13. I St'PEBFISi: KI.OCR. " THE Sill seiil ers are da 'y receiving SuperSna Flour in barrels and hall'l.arrels, sCecte-l with care nnd of the ino-t approv-J I. laud-, which they oiler for cash at a sma'1 advance. TO 1. LETT, BRADLEY k Co. Old Dock, June ?, 113. 1 1 ) PAP lilt MAKERS:. WANTED, a journeyman Paper-maker, for ma chine tending nnd finishing. E. WELLINGTON. Miltcn, June 15, IS 13. 2' George Priiullr' Estate. WE the subscribers, having been nrpointfd by' the Honorable the Prel.ato Court for tlio District of Ch'tlcrMJen, commissioners to recstve, ex amine and n'djii3t tho claims and demands of all per sons against the estate or G EORG E PR1NDLE, lata of Charlo.'te, in said District, decea-ed, represented in solvent, and nlso all claims and Jmiands exhibited in offtet iherelojand six munlhs fiom thedayoflha date hereof, being allowed by said Court lor that puroose, wo do therefore hereby givo noiuc,that we, will ntiend to ihe business of our appointment, at the dwelling of widow Lunsa Prindle, in Charlotte,, in said District, on tho 2d Wedne-sdsv f July and' Noveniler ncxl, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said' days. Dated, this 10th dav of Mav, A. D. 1513. 53 BURK I.E WEN WORTH, ; r,m. ORRIN REED, Comm.-no.nrrs, WANTED ! POUNDS cMlees V.'af. Al-n, A quantity v v v 01 ergot ofErgOt orSouried Rye in exchange, hy 51 t'l'.Ch. iv sri-.AK, iirugcists. REVOLVING CASTORS. ALarje assonmcni of Revo vine Ca-tors, four, fivc nnd n'-t boll'cs very cheap indeed, for tnta at the Crockery Store by JlW.llll WAIT, June 16, 1S13. 2 GOOD liRASS ALARM CLOCKS, WARRANTED, nt ihe vtry low pn- e cf S3j, for Cash down only. June 22. PasnanitK & Pnivssnin. Henry Townseiul's Instate. STATE OF VEll.VONT, ) rp HE Hen. ih Dislricl 01 Chittenden, ss. J .L Pro! ate Court for tbe district cf Chiitendcn, ton'l per-ons concern ed 10 the estate cf HENRY 'IOWNEND, late ot Troy, in the State ol New York, decca-cd, ivstate, Guenrrxo. WHEREA', George B. Shaw a.lminisirati.r with the will annexM of ihe esiai of snul deivased, prtipose U render-a n accounl 1 1 his ndtninl tration, ana present his accoant agaiost saide-iato for ex aaiaat oa aid allowir.ra at a -ration of iho Court o Probate, to beholden at tbo Register's Alice jn Bu lington, in aid district, on tha lectnd Wdnetday o July next. Therefore, y On are hereby noiui&Ito appear beforw aid courl a ihe lime and place nforeimd and shew cause, if any you have, why the account nforefa-.i rbould not he allowed. Givenundtr my hanJ at B.ulineton, this I2)r'r V Jate, A. P. 1HI3 v. 't.h-tj:', rttytth'