Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 11, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 11, 1843 Page 3
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Communication. TO THE FARMERS OK CHITTENDEN' COUN TV. Tnriiror no Tarifl'appcars to mo lo bo llio question between tlio Whig and llio Loco Foco pnrtioi the j;rcat question that is to form the inue in the ap proaching PrcsHcntial contest. The Whig party go for protection, while on the other hand the I.oco To cos arc opposed to it in every forms they go (or free trade. Hence the battle is to ho fought between pro tection and free trade. I.ct in not ho deceived on this subject. At ournpprnacliingScptcmbcrclection, eve ry Vcrmontcr will bo called upon to choose, which of thc;c two courses of policy ho will pur.-uc whether llio reihemin g policy of protection, or the suicidal policy of free trade. Whoever goes lo the polls and votes with tho Whig party, Icmlshisnid tnprotectiom while on the other hand, such as vote with tbo Loco Kocos, commit themselves against it. 1 therefore warn my follow citizens how they vote. I warn them ngainst the deception of the Loco Toco party leaders and presses. Their talk about vool is a mere trick nnu Deception. vvny siionici nicy complain 111 11119 State, and no where cl-e, of the low duties on coarse wools when in truth, the parly as such, are opposed tch, any duty at all 1 I say it is to deceive those honest an d unsuspecting Farmers (who have unfortunately heretofore voted uitli them,) that they may still keep theni within their ranks. Look to it, that you arc Slot thus longer cheated that you are not made your own executioners that you ore not led into the sup port of a ruffle thirled Governor, who ia hostile to protection lo that salutary principle, which alone can give value to your farms, a return for your labour, and a just rewaid to the industry of the people of your own beloved State. If any of you are in doubt as to the course the Loco Foco party have taken, and are taking, on the sub ject of protection, look up the evidence in the case. Arc Martin Van Huron and John C. Calhoun, the Lo co Foco candidates for the Presidency, either of them, 111 favor of protection? For the last twenty years it has been the business of .Tohn C. Calhoun in Con gress, to break down tho Tariff-ami yet the Loky leaders, in this Slate even, are prepared to go for him for the Presidency, should he get tho nomination at their national convention in May next. They aic rea dy to sink the property atid piospccis of onrown Stale, and fit the curse of slavery upon 11s forever in addition, rather than yield up their party purposes they stand ready to sacrifice the people of the north ern and eastern States, if they cannot rule without. Is Martin an liurcn for protection I lie is prover bially, " a northern man with southern principles." His whole political course and conduct has been against protection: and ho is now avowedly a free trade man. The Loco Foeo members of Congress from tho Sialo of New Vork, who voted against tho late Tariff, arc among the drilled menials of Martin Van Huron and they did not vote without knowing the will of their master. Mr. Wright, one of the Sen atorsfrom that Stale, though he ultimately voted for thchil'iyctnt the same time took occasion todeclarchu personal opposition to it. Tho whole dclegalion from New Ilanipsliiro voted against it in shot l it was op piscd by the Loco Foco members of Congress, as well from th north as from the south ; and even Mr. Woodbury, Mr. Van Huron's Prime Minister, has rc ociitly been lecturing in the city of New Vork, and elsewhere, in favor of free rauV,nnd against protca lion, Do you believe that these men aro pushing Martin Van Huren forward to the highest office in the nation, when ho is opposed to them on this great and leading subject 1 No one can believeit. Who, more, over, flung up their caps, when John Tyler, the acci dental President, the traitor to his own ftiend, and the reckless violator of his own conscience and pro fessions, ctocd the distribution Hill, the object of which was to give aid and permanency to protection'. And who now, as a reward for this public expression of applause, not for the traitor but for the treason more, are receiving the crumbs that fall from the ta ble of this man, and fattening on the public pap, ad ministered by Ins hand 7 Aro they not exclusively Ixico Kocos? Indtol Whig of long trial, worth and integrity ure turned out of olicc, to make room for thee ami tarifT pets. Let the innocent and unsuspecting farmers of Ver mont beware how they gel the irool drawn over their eyes. Do they believe that w e can livo and be pros perous without protection 1 Tint our people and country can bo independent and satisfied, when our labour is thing in competition with the pauper labour of F.urope, and our products ho rotting on our hands driven out of maiket by foreign importations 7 Do they believe that any diplomatic arrangement with Great Britain, if it were possible to make one, would ho any more permanent and reliable than Great Ilritain choose to have it tint she would not, when b!io pleased, pick quarrels with the Treaty, (which she would most surely do if it gave us any advanta ges over her,) and cnmpell us to yield to her terms : or that she would not by an act, or declaration of war, act her pleasure about the Oregon, African Coloniza tion, tho Slave trade, repeal, or something cl-c, sweep all Treades whatever by tho boards leaving us as naked as the Ilnfentot, and powerless as Sam son when shorn of his locli3 ? Such would be tho result of free trade ,- our manufactories would bo dc strojed; our commerce broken up ; our agriculture, and every other branch of business in tho country, paralfzed ; nnd wo left dependant, defenceless, and distracted as a nation, the very moment Great Ilritain saw fit to have a rupture with us. Let us then, far mers of our County and State, ono and all, wake up to this su jeet, enhst under the banner of Protection. and inarch up to tho polls, in defenco of thoso doc trines which alone can savo us those great and all important principles, which the Whigs of our State, and country, aro striving to maintain, against the as- taultsof a rccklo-s and unprincipled faction. A WESTFOltD farmer. ATTKMI'TKD ASSASSINATION of THE I'USTM AS I E HOB i B RA L. We regret to state that a most painful oc currence took place yesterday on board the steamboat Georgia, of tho Ilaltimoro and Nor folk line, It appears that tho boat on her pas. sage to Ilaltimoro, took hoard at Old l'oiut Comfort several passengers, among them the Hon. C. A. Wickliflb, Postmaster General, his two uaugniers aim several other ncrsons. and a young man named J. McKoan Gardner, son of 1 01. c. t.. ijardncr, of Washington City, for- uiuriy urui iiunur ui inc 1'ost uuicc Depart incut. During his stay a Old Point tho conduct of Mr. Gardner was remarked by the visiters as of a very singular character, and tho belief was generally entertained that lie was laboring under mental derangement a belief which was strongly concurred in by Mr. Wickliffe, himself, with whom ho had several times boon in conversation. About half past 1 o'clock yes tordav. when tho nassentrors wore summoned to dinner, Mr. Wickliflb, who was standing on dock, offered his arm to tho ladies who wcro with him, and while in the act of to doing, iiardnor, without any previous intimation, sud denly sprung at Mr. Wickliffe and aimed a pow erful blow witli a clasp ki.ilbat his breast. The blade of the knife struck the right breast bone with much force and traversed the bono without, it is believed, injuring the lungs, or making a deep incision. Lieutenant Hradford, of tho U. S. Navy, standing close by, instantly seized Gardner in the act of making a second blow at Mr. Wickliffe, and prevented his design. The knife was immediately taken possession of by Lieut. II. & Gardner placed in confinement. Remedies wcro immediately applied to Mr. Wicklilfo's wound, and on his arrival at this city ho was attended by Professor Smith, who, C 9 m ImnilV tn lnfim niltn.l.lnu ll.f. nnlnlnn that the wound is not dangerous. Immediately 011 tho arrival of tho boat, Gard. per was committed toj.iil lialtimare American '2d hut. Mb. WicKLtrrr. Tho Postmaster General lotuincd to Washington on Friday, from Ilalti moro ; and wo learn from tho Madisonian of tho sanio evening, that ho is entirely free from pain, and rapidlv recovering from tho ePects of bis uounds. iV. Y. lUening 1'ost of the 7th inst. Goon Cusn fob Discontinuing a Suit. A lawyer in Pittsburgh recently observed to the bench " If your Honor pleases, we will discon. tinuo that suit; tho plaintiff is a bankrupt, and the defendant was sent to the rcmtcntiary nt tho last term of tho Criminal Court." " Very good anil substantial reasons," said his Honor, and the suit was dismissed. FonrtoN. l lio steam m at Boston on Wednesday last, with tho 19th of July mall. Tho news of English affairs is un important. Irish afi'airs had boon tnttcli under discussion In Parliament, and tho present ses sion promises to prove one of tho most pro tracted on record. No important measures had been adopted, and tho statu of afl.iirs in Ireland was not materially changed. The Knglish papers of course prato about the generosity nnd liberality of that nation in ac knowledging the independence of the Sand wish Islands. One of them lias tho following very modest paragraph : " 7VitV claim, uvonirhich then micht against an inoffensive enemy, hare insisted, hat been generously triiirm; ana tne victors content tiitmscirts trim re quiring that all llritish manufactures and produce shall be admitted "dutyfree." That is generosity with a vengeance,' such generosity ns the llritish government generally awards lo a prostrate loe. Franklin Messen ger. 8170,000 TO ONK Ol'FICK.IIOI.DKR. There is one man in this country who has been in nflicc nineteen vears and a half : in all that tunc, wo tioliovo ho never was known to make n sacrifice for the public good, or to do- viso a smglo measure of ircnorally acknow edged benefit to the country ; and yet for his services, such as they wore, ho has received S17U.UIHJ, or a little over giiUUli a year, for some reason or other probably not because tho man is poor aim neoclv, many ol tlio locolocns ol ormont are anxious to hire this same gen tlonian four years more, at SJoJHHl a year.- Martin Van Huron is his name, lloforo votinu to give him 100,000 more out of the public treasury, wo hog to ask W hat good has he cc cr done I Watchman. I he American Flag in China. A writer in the Iloston Courier, who takes tho signature of Chotutg Kwoh, savs: When the thirteen stars and stripes liri-t appeared at Canton, much curiosity was excited among the people. News was circulated that a strango shin had arrived fiom the larthcr end of the world, hearing n flag "as beautiful as a flower." livery body went to see the Uca Ice chucn, or "flower Hag ship." I his name at once established itsolt 111 tlio lan guage, and America is now called Kwa kteoh tin 'llovver Ihg country" and an American, .mi hec kwoh ytii, tho " llovver nag countrymen' a more complimentary designation than that of " red headed barbarian," the name bestowed upon the Dutch. Rail no.n accidl.nt. The Tram going V est, wlncli met so serious 11 n accident near Sclieiinctnilv on Friday last, encountered farther mishaps before it readied BulTulo. In passing the vilhigu ofbeneca tails, the train canie in contact witli a wagon driven by throe little boys. Tlio wagon, with its occupants, was caught upon the 'cow catch cr' and carried some twenty or thirty rods. 1 he waggon was broken into fragments, nnd the horses wcro killed, hut the hovs fbrtti natch' escaped with a few bruises. The boys bad been waiting lo sec tho train go by. it nil, on its approacli the horses became uu manengeblo and ran upon the track just as me locomotive came along. Lvc. Jour nal. CoMjinxcriMrjNT or MmDLEnur.v Collect, occurs on Wednesday next week. Tlio public have already boon notified that tho He v. Dr. Itcechcr, of Cincinnati, Hon. Ueorgo 1'. Marsh of Hurlington, and tho Rev. Doct. Lathrop of Aiiourii.wni (louver addresso uclurc the sever- al Societies. Some, if not all the performances beloretho societies will be on the day previous, 1 he appearances aro lavorable for a larcer as somblairo of Grangers than is usual. Of the people in tho vicinity the attendance will bo immense, as lor years this literary festival has been a great holiday for the people of Addison county. Aim. I'co. 1'ress, of the Qth tint. Wool. The farmers nf Washington County 'a. have received S'JOO.IKW for their din of wool tins scasan. we coniccturo that the same amount 01 casn could not ho obtained in any oiuer agricultural business al so small an out my 01 caniiai ami lauor. J.ess wool Dv somo ciirlity millions of pounds will bo iinnortcd thi year than last, which should induce every far mer to no sparing in ecIIiiii; Ins sheep to the butchers, and to increase his flock. It is imnor- tint to the country to produce an amount of wool muy eipiai to homo consumption. Aowis the time for sowing lield turnip", and everv wool grower should raise enough of this vegota bio to aid materially in carrying his sheep safely uirougn our long winton?. lSiqialo Com. Adr. Di:ath of tiil- Hnv. Dit. Gr.KF.Nwonn. It is with the most sincere trriof that wo find our selves called upon to announce the death of the licv. l'rancis illiain Pitt Greenwood, l'ator of King's Chapel in this city. This excellent mill and wollbeloved minister departed this life on Wednesday morning, at five o'clock, at his residence in Dorchester. Although bis health has been precarious for Fome time pat, and so feeble as to render it necessary that ho should discontinue bis preaching, yet this early tnrini nation of his earthly career was not immediately anticipated, and his death was somewhat sudden and unexpected. Ho was remarkable for a clear and comprehensive mind for extreme purity and unalfjctcd simplicity of manners and for bis touching eloquence and ingenious, noss as a Christian preacher and minister. Ily the decease of Mr. Greenwood, not only his family and friends, and the religious society to whom ho ministered and to whom ho waB deeply endeared, but our whole community also has sustained a heavy and a mournfull loss. -Jos-ton Atlas. 1 ir.n in IJkooklvn. This morning at half past 1 o clock, a fire occurred in a large barn and stables on tho place at Gowanus, formerly belonging to the late John C. Freekc, IOsq. and adjoining vvhat is called Frccko's mill pond. It is occupied by Jeremiah Ilucklcy as a milk cs. tabhshment. Eight cows, a pair of cattle, and ono horse wore burnt, together with several carts, hay. &c. Tho loss falls very heavily on an industrious, milk-man, who was, most prob. ably, not insured. It is conjectured that the lire might have been communicated by some one of the numerous riotous persons who every night resort to the mill-pond for bathing, and whose noise wcro heard last night near tho spot till past midnight Rnmlhjn Star of Friday. il.l.Al.Nous Assui.T. On Alondav evoniim last, about ten o'clock, the wife of Samuel Hall, l.,. 1 .1 t.. ; - . . i.rij. uuu mu uaugniurs. in a cnaisu returning to their residenco on Little II trbor roatl, was stopped at the northwest corner of the South burying ground, by a man who inquired the way to Portsmouth. The man immediately seized the reins, jumped into the chaise, and assaulted the ladies in tho roughest manner, tearing their clothes, and forcing them to jump from the chaise. I hey mado a bud outcrv. and the vil lain thought it prudent to cscanc. Tho follow was of common height, rather stout, of sharp visago ; had on a cloth cap, dark jacket, mixt pantaloons, and was probably about thirty voars HINESBURGH ACADEMY, THE FALL TERM will commence on Wcdnea X day, the 30th of August, in. t., nnd will continue twenty two weeks. Huard, including washing, fuel, nnd lights, 81 50 per weik. Application for board muy ou mauu io uio secretary. P. DUUKEE, Principal. T. W. Gma, Secretary. 10tv3 STRA YE I) OR STOLEN. " STti5SsTt,,loJI ,10 Psiure of Mr. Ashcl Stacy, Sltjfc. y - of Hurlington, on tho 3d inst., n small feffO' dnrkbav, ororn little brownish HORSE. carries his head low, resembles a French horso with the exception of his head and neck, his tail win huthv not bobed nor very long, ho was round and when taken his feet wero poorly shod. Whoever will re turn him to the American Hotel, in Hurlington, or give information so that he can be obtained, shall uccivefcriir iiewaru. , GEO, H IIEMENWAY. Hurlington, August 6, 1313, MOn-3 HUIOIITON MARKET. July 31, 1813. At Market, 375 Beef Cattle, 15 Cows and Calves, 3000 Sheep, nnd 201 Swine. Piitcr.s lieef Value Wo quoto a few cxlta at 4 50 i Kirst quality, 4 & 1,37 1 second quality 3 50 S & tliild quality, 3ff 3 37. Covsand Calm Sales at 15, and 30. Sheep Lots were sold from SI to 1 75, and 2 Sicine Ono lot sold to peddle at 15 for Sows and barrows averaging 120 lbs. At retail 5 r Cc. XlilV YORK U.VTTM3 MAHKUT July 31. Nothing dono of consequence. HUSTON MAIUCKT-July 31. No change in the market in any articles front our quotations of last week. In this village, on the 31st nil., by thcltcv. J. K, Converse, Mr. Peteu Ktnev to Miss Mahy Donauv. In Toledo, Ohio, cm tho 2Sth nit., of congestion of tho brain, nt tho residence of Or. Jacob Clark, Uodeiit G. KesnIston, of Richmond, Vt., in the 29th year of his ago. In tins village on b riday evening last, Thomas D., only child of Dana Win-slow, Esq. aged 13 months. In this town, on Wednesday, the 2d instant, Mrs BTitcnA S., wife of Win, II. Lawiience, aged 2! years. In this town, on Tuesday morning last, Mies Amanda Kino, youngest daughtcrof Deacon Lyman King. There is sonicthinn in this death, which reminds no of tho emblematic coffin, anciently carried around in llio leasts 01 1110 i.gypuans, just nctorc llio separation of the guests, to remind them that they were mortal. no in llio preciu instance ! iot merely the symbol or death, but death itself, enters tbo glad circle nnd clothes it in mourning on llio very day that was to be a season of rejoicing. Miss King had been absent three years, in Virginia, where she had been in charge nf the Female Department of an Academy. Return ing homo to viil her venerable Father and other friends, she had scarcely been twenty-four hoursun dcr the paternal roof ere she was (.truck with death. Nlie was taken ill nt Aow 1 ork, liut tho hope and exciting anticipations of reaching home gave her strength, so that she pursued her journey nnd reached Hurlington on aattirdny evening. On Satifoalh morn ing she was carried to her father's house. On her arrival she had hardly sufficient strength tn greet her friends, or lo speak of the incidents of the jou.ney. Tho best medical aid was called in, and it was thought she would revive. Hut she soon grew worse and af ter n few hours, was bereft of reason : and nt two o' clock, Tuesday morning, yielded tin her spirit to her saviour 111 wnom sue trusted, t hus suddenly was the joy of her return changed to tho sadness of her funeral rites. Under such a dispensation of God's providence, we are made to feel that "clouds nnd darkness arc round about him :" vet. when wearvinit ourselves to penetrate tho mysteries of that provi dence, we can calmly rest in the assurance that 'jus- uce auu jiiui;iiciu are 1110 nnmiauon 01 Ills mronc and that ' mercy nnd truth go before his face.' Tho dealh of this trulv estimable vouni Inlv is deeply afflictive. Hut she has left lohor friends strong consolation in tlio evidences other meek and consist ent piety. She has been for somo twelve years a member 01 tho Uhurcii, nnd during much of that time, an netive and efficient teacher in tho b'abbath School. Hut her work N done ; and her death speaks the solemn language of admonition to all, nnd espe cially to the young of her acquaintance, Neglect not the proper end of your being; Prepare to die, forin such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man comcth. Com. Wood!! 1 Ci fofds of good dry hard Wood. nlo, a few J JVJ Mhgs. of the first quality of VINEGAR, Forsaloby 10 GEORGE PETERSON. TO THIS lADIES. WE have received a full assortment of the true, genuine HEMMING & SON'S iXccdtcs, which arc the best that are made, wo offer thorn nt 10 cts. per paper. We Inve Wnrrin's, Harnel's and Hem ming and Son s 2d quality at lower prices. Those w ho wish for the best needles can rely upon getting PANGBOns- & DniSSMAID. M. C, It YTlIlllIHN CO. DRAPERS fit TAILORS, (Nearly opposite the Old Rank,) CIIl'RCH STREET, nlO if. HunLi.vGTosj, Vermont. TIt. WIIITEMORK Respeclf dly niiiiounee j-' inai ne nas rooms at 1 nt- l'earl SI. liou-e where he will I e prerared to perform all operation ipon the T colli. Ifurltiictoii, Augu-t y. 1313. 10w3 Caroline Haxlcr's Estate. STATE OP VERMONT, TIE it remember- District ol Chittenden, ss. ( JJ cd lhat at a Probate Court held at llurlinclon within nnd fur ilm district ofChittcndtn on thesUhh day of June, 1843. an instrument purporting to no the last will and testament of Caroline Haxter. late of Hnr lln -ton in said district, deceased, was presented to said Court for probate by Carlos Haxter, the Executor therein named. Therefore, it is ordered bvsaid Court thai nuhlie no lice begiven to all persons concerned therein to ap pear before said Court, nt a session thereof in be hoi- den nt the register's ollicc in Hiirlingion, aforesaid, on the second Wednesday of September, A.I). 1813, and contest the nrobato of said will: mid it is further ordered lhat their order be published three weeks suc cessively m the imrnngton ! rco l'ress, a newspaper printed at llmlini'tmi. in this Stale, the last nf whieh publication shall be previous to the day assigned as nforsaid for hearing. Given under my hand nt the Registers office this -urn uny oi June .1. u. it-u. w M. WKSTON, Register. ADMIX1STRA TOWN SAI.P rTM'C Vendue of the real nml personal e-tate nf iritimed unlit l i itnlr, ( I.m 7, 1. .1 .. A, ....... fOto n. J , , , . --.. ." .... ... 'l.',."-!, IOI.1, rtl nnu wum iii wju uiieniuwii, in me Mie resilience ol me deceased. ii. At l.E., Administrator. August I, 1813. 9 NOTICE. I3HOKE into thecnclosiireof llio Mibsenhcr, nl out J- inn Lilh .in v Ms. n mht hnv or ve me mi.T MiPllO-cd 10 be IWO VC.irsnlil. The mener I. re,,,..i eJ to prove property, pnyeharges and Inl.e ft nwnv. ,., DAVID ISHA.M. Willi.ion, Aiignsl 1, IS 13. l'OK SAIill OH T ItRST. THE HiiUfoand lot Mlu.itisl in ColcheMtr opposite A.J. Merrill's tavern. Tlic Ii t contains nx nnd one fiiiinh acres of Intid, ha a dwelling Iioiih-. iwo barns nnd a good well of water thereon. Apiilv to JAMhS II. .MOORE, l'earl street. Hurlington, August 3, 1813. !hv3 WANTED 1 MM El) I A TEL Y. A Person who perfectly understands .Millinery nn I Dress MaMng. Six dollars per month would be ir veu to a competent ner.on. Anv uniiticntinn ml. dressol "Miss Fusteii." St. John., Maun:: terms and iialilication, will nieit iininediatealicntion. All lellcr must lo pi.n paid. 9w3 Allen T. Ilcarli's Kstatc. STATE OP VERMONT.) AT a Probate Distil -t ol I hillenden. ss. t Zl Cmiri he 1. 1 m Hiirlnicton. willini anil for Ibe district nf Cliitlenden on tho 27lh day of Julv, 1813, comes Homer Reach, oi ixnuMDii, in Mini oisirici nun uieu in said conn ins pennon in writing, selling lorlh that Allen T ncacn, late ol said liurlliiglo.i, ilcceanil, le.ln'e, al thctiine of hisdcnlh wasseizisl of the following do-.- crileil parcel ot land in sail Hur hiislon. viz: Heirm ing nt the corner I elween live acre lots No, 10 and 20 on llio norlh line of Pearl slrcel i ihence northerly in Ibe line I el ween said led-, eleven chains mid fifty links, in iiiu numl e.ii euriierm sitin ioi ii so, and norm west comer of stud lot No. 19; thence westerly on I he north lino of said lot No. 20, two chains seventy four links, to a stale i tlieneo southerly, parallel with the lot lines, five chains and eight links, to a stnkej thence easterly parallel with Pearl street, Iwo chains fifty seven bnUto a stake thence suutheilv parallel with tho lot lines, six chains nnd fortvtwo ink, to J'earl street ; ihence in the norlh line oU'earl street, easter ly seventeen link to the place of U-mnninir. contain ing one and Ihrco tenths acres of land, being part of stud lot No. 20; thai the said Allen T. acquired title thereto by the levy nt an execution in his favor asnin-t .unl. Kin Corning i lhat previous lo said lew the said Ilnnier purchased said execution nnd jinid Ihc said Allen F, therefor; that the said Allen T, nt the tuiio of his death, held said laud in trust for said iiomer, nnu praying snm court to decree a convey ance thereof lothusaid Homer, by William P. Ilriggs, tho executor oflbe last will nnd testament of the snid Allen T. agreeably lo untuie m such ca.-e made and provided- Whereupon, the court aforesaid doth appoint the second Wednesday of September, 1813, lor hearing and deciding on snid potmen at the oilice of the Regis ter ol said court in said Ibirlington, and doih onler lhat all persons interested he notified thereof by publi cation of tills order, containing the suh.iniice of snid petition, three weeks successively in the Darlington Kieo Press a newspaper printed in snid Hurliniilnn. the lat of w hich publication to he previous to said second Wednesday of September, 1813. Given under my hand at aid Burlington, this 27th "lay ol Jul y,18!3. 03 Wm, WESTON, Rsglstir SHEItlt'l-H HAI.E. ON SATi:ilDAV, Augut Bib, I shall sell at It. Thomas' Auction Slorc, CO Side. SULK LKATIIEH, a IIOKSRS, 1 DOUHLK WAOOOiV, I SINOLK WAUtiON. nnd one NEW CUTTLn. II. KKUHISS, Dep. Slicritr. Ilurhngtoii, July 27, 1843. 8 2w Joseph Miner's Estate. WliThc sub.-rrilicrs. having been appointed by tho Itowrnhlo the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, eonimh.ioncrs to receive, examine nnd adiusl the claim nnd demands of all pcrons, nsnlnvt the estate of JOSEPH, late of Mil- .. .. : Ml, .!... ..A ..I i.n. . It'll, III '.III Lfl.UIVl, tNU-1 IIIUH lll-.'l, 1.111 and uImi nil claims and delimits exhibited in oil-ct therein; nnd six months from the day of Ihc dun hereof, heme allowed by said court for that purpo-e, we do tnereioro hereby give nonce, mat we win at tend to ihobii-ine-iul our appointment, nt the dwell ing nf tho Widow Sally Miner, in Milton, in nidili triet, on the fourth Tueday of October nnd Novem ber nrxt, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. liaieu tins IWH (lav "i Jmv n. u. lou IRA WITTKRS, LHVITOMHEItSON, HECTOR ADAMS, Com ! sion COMMIiNCKMBNT rrMMS the tiraduate from Howard's has JL rail io locate himself m tbo c ily of Troy, N. V., where a reputation ol the enterprise ol Its busme men stands enuol to those of anv citv in America.' The above rciiii'ion fur4ne from Howard's is made by one of the most nncirnt nnd reputable standing commercial bouses there, nnd with a full knowledge of thoacnuirctnonts nf a previous graduate, who is in bu-incs hy their sijo; those nlowho have located themselves nt other places from the same Almamator are Numl cr Ones. Previous to the deirree being 111 out to I e given n lull audience may he daily accom modated 111 reeeivinir abundant evidence of the Vale' dietorys being decrveil, by any mutual interchange that niav be wished with the various natrons of the Slorc, bv bis civing ns heretofore his a'iduou atten tion in putting the goods fast and cheap into their hand at HOWARD'S. 2Gth July, 1813. 8 P. S. One Kre-hman entered, applications of others under consideration. Let That arc troubled with those complaints Inci dent to Slimmer season, such as llyscntory, Illarrmca, ec. conic and get a Dottle 01 JAYNH'S CARMINATIVE BALSAM, at 8 PECK .f- SPEAR'S E STRAY. BROKE into the the enclosure of tlio subscriler, about the IB:h int., a Large Hrovvn Hor-e, wilh one white hind foot. The owner is requested to prove prop el ly, pay charges nnd laic him 'away. ASAI1EL STACY. Biirlinston, July 22, 18-13. 8w3 A CARD. SN. CJAUT e Co. present their noinpliments to the public, and especially to those favorable to the encouragement of n grocery slorc conduct eil on strict Temperance principles, and, while they crate- tuny acknowledge me generous manner in which they have I ecu heretofore siifiained, respectfully solicit .i continuance of that patronage which no eilorts on their part shall l wanting to deserve. Their store is directly in the rear of Stro..g's build ing, south orll. II. Hostwick'sl in Shop. j t i, i A New nssorlinent of Hrom-hes, Pins, R IV. Heart, Slide-, Snips, Cull Pins, and other ( inenis; Oold Chains, Keys, iSic. Among the Pin JEHEliBY. Ring orna vs. i5tc. Ainonz the nns are C.iiiieo, Turntioi-, Airiic-marine, Diamond, Emerald,, Onyx, Stone Cameo, Ruby, Pearl, and other precious stone-, some set .ingle and some in emter. A'0, Plain Rinsand Pius, and Ring. Willi plain tops, isiirnci, Vc. Amonc the Rings art some set with stones nt lower prunes than any hefore o'lered ; our assnrtmcnt is more complete man ever. July 20. C Panccoiin St. DiiInemaio. 17RE.SH BUTTER md NEW CHEESE, for .ale 1 hy S. N. GAUT &. Co. Gool article o' HYSON, 1 YOIINt HYSON, v. it n HYSO SKIN & . SOUf HONG J i , at the Tcmpeiance Store, by til. S. N. GAUT & Co. For -a July GERMAN STOHK. JUST received, China preserved Ginger, Dates, Lemons and Oranges. OSTHEIM & MICI10LLS. Hurlington, July 20th, 1343. 7 TUST RECEIVED, Hrown Sheeting, Hrovvn and f Hleachcl Shirluius, ol gooil quality, bv July 21. 7 S. N. GAUT & Co NOTICE. rilHE Conarlnciship heretofore ci.ine l-etween M. GHISWOI.D & CLARK, is thi- day di-olveil by mutual consent. Tho Ini.iiiess will be continued at the old stand by C. G. Ci.aiik. I). E. GRISWOLD, '.. G. CLARK. South Hero, June 26, 1813. 7w3 VRW ROOD. BRASS ALARM CLOCKS, Hra-s and Wood Striking Cloel.s, Time Pieces, eVe, in the most liMiuild fine. fin islied Mahogany Cu-es, at ouprcie ilenttsf low prices ; those wdio wish lo secure a good clock very low should lake one ot them lictore they ure gone, as we are ordered to sell theni at a great reduction m order lo rinse the iah bvu cerium day, Hut a very lew more at the reduced pm-e., for Mile hy I ANODOR.N 04 IIRINSMAID. Wo wnrranl ihcm lo run well, there are no I otter one NEW ROOD!-!. TJIN'K SAUCERS, Fan, Octave P utes, Mola-ses JL Cups, Boy'. Belts, etc. 7 Pangborm ii Brinsmaio, GOLD HEADS, TUST FIN IHH ED, some line (iuld Heads, al various .1 price- Panodobn & Hbinsmaid ROI.II PENS. mllES FOURTH LOT of these much approved X reus nave leeiiju.i received. July 20. 7 Pangdorn & Hcinsmaid. shoes i shoes'! MEN'S PEGGED CHAINED DOWNINOS, " Hceleil do Pumps " do Slippers, Ladies lice Irf'ailicr Shoe, do Spring hcelol (Slips, 1I0 Kid Tic-, do Cloth H11. kins, Children's Cloth fiaiicrs, do U-ather Sliiie, Mis.-cs Peg'd Leather Lace Shoe., do Kid Ties, lor sale by S. N. CAUT & Co. Burlington, July 81, 1843. 7 Fresh lotofRai-ius, Kigs, Dried Cnranu, Citron, Tamarui'ls, Rice. Salcratus. Starch. Pure (lin ger, Chocolate Shell, Indigo, fium Camphor, Baker's Cocoa I'n-ie, Candles, liar and Shaving Sonp, Cav endi-h and Smoking Tobacco, Sugars,, nnd Vinegar nil ol which are o'lered for cu-h at very ri'duoed price-, by 7 S. N. CAUT Co. NOTICK. rilHE CRIST MILL ut Onion River Lower Falls -I ha. I ceil thoroughly repaired and the most pari rebuilt, and will leeoinmcnee on the 20; h of July. Thankful lo friends for favors remved and would 1 e hnpny to see ihcm ngain. Tlio.e living alailitanee wishing to patronize the mill and return the samc day will please call mornings. Superlinc Flour, Rye Flour and Indian kept con-ilanily far sale. 11 1 v lar sale. EI)f!CUMBF; July 12, '43. 3in OEO. CHAIN CRADLES. THE subscribers have received their usual supply of PATENT ORAIN CRADLES, which will be sold at a reduced price for cash. HAfSAR .f- ARTHUR. Burlington, Vt., 13th July, 1BI3, ) 6 cor. Ch. and Coll. streets, i VV AMP IIOINO. rilHE Cash System was never progressing belter X than now at Howard's whole tho wool money is taken in such rjuanlitics as lo keep 1 very hand active and busily employed in measuring and preparing packages to hand over to customers as an evidence of leaving the money at the People a Cheap Cash Store, whose Agent is HOWARD. Thursday morning, 13th July, 18-13. G OILS. 3.000 Ilals. Fall Sperm and pure Winter Oil, 300O uals. llleaced Whale do 2500 gals. Linseed Oil, 1000 do Lnnl do 1000 do Olivo do for sale very low by FOI.LETT, BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, July 13, 1843. 6 NOVA HCOTIA 11. ASTK R. CAA Tons Frc.h Ground Nova Scoiia Plaster delivered nt our mill, at Winomki Cily, or .1 . 1-..1. 1... 1 Li r uu . rl 1.x- a. i.. rnilieocis, ry rui,ui 1 ,, rn.iii,T'i is v i. South Wharf, July, 1913. 6 -AThetn NOTICE rTMiIS may tcrtlfv thai I have elven mvson.OEonOE I X UdhNs. his tuiio to Iran-act bitsinnis for himself, I ami inni 1 snail cniin nonnol hit earning nor nav am- UUU13U1 in.- i-uiiiracung aner uu uaie. SA.MUr.L. IJUKIM3. Jericho, July 29, 1813. 9w3 II VK WOODS. Itbl. Com Wood. 350 do Cnmph. log Wood do St. Dniiiingu do do KuMie, do Madder, do Hliie Viln'ol, do Alum. 150 250 350 75 30 13 100 do Coppera, for '"lo at rot and 1 bi-iper nv rui. 1,1.11, iuiadi,!'.) (V, i n. A T HOWARD'S there are a fu'l snnnlv nl Oood l- which were bought low and nro on sale cheap. 28tii July, tun, h Administrator's Sale. NOTICE l hereby given that Ibe undersigned will sell at public minion 011 the 2 ith day of July, A. D. 1843. commencing nt 1 o'clock in Ihciificrnoon hi the Intc residence ol linn Day deceased in Hurling ton. all the real and ner.-onal estate nf the said de ceased, not I cforedispo-eil of including the revcr.ion 01 llio widows dower. HhMAN ALI.KN, Administrator oLsaid 1-state. Hurlington, July 3, 18(3. 2w WOOL! WOOL!! rnHE riihscril er wishes to iiurchasu Wool, and will Jl pay in goods, grain, or accounts, nl his Store, nt lliirliiision raits. SIDNEV HARLOW. Juno 30, 1813. I tf REVOLVING CASTORS. A GOOD assortment of Revolving Revolving Castors "as nnd as gnisl ns the be-t" suit purchasers. Exlrn ehenn us the cheapest, and will lie sold on terms to botlles lor castor,. 4 PAMonoaM & Hntss.MAtn. MARSH'S LIFE AND REMAINS. r"PHE Remains of the Rev. James MAnsu, I). D, X late President, and Professor of Moral and Intel leetual Philosophy in Ihc University of Vermont, with U IIIUIIIUII Ul Ills IHC. I-I.l Bi.lU (V Juno 29. II. J. SHUMWAV, Ayent. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. A T the Cruckcrv Store n very large assortment of -TV. CROCKERY, GLASS, CHINA ni STONE WARE, for sale much cheaper than nt any tbero store in the county. JOSEPH WAIT. v ir.ivi. vjti ..10 o. iii,s.i iiiu iivvj. Hurlington, Juno 30, 1313. 4 Cl'MMINGTOX SCYTIIR STONES! Manufactured . from the celebrated Robbins l.edge, Lummingion, .itjss. 17" many ycar small rpianlities of stone havi x lieen earned Irom this I.edL'e. to dil U rcnt nans 01 the country, tint ill the reputation nnd demand lur i.icmin.uicciiii epre-em owners io purchase tlio en- lire Ledge, and make the necess,,ry arrangement, lor .,...,,.,,,, ,u ,,, ., ,, ,, .,,,lt,e wineii iiiej iihk .oioiiffsoiigiii ior-iii nrncie superior, hotti in .yic and iiiunuiacturc, to any that ha. ever la-en oilored. Thesiipcrior nualitv of the stnneis ncknowhsleisl hy till who have given them a trial: and llie Inet Is fully sustained by the incrcasiiic deiiinnd for them, froiii those sei tions of country into which they have found men w "V . . or sinv oy 4 J. S, J. H. PECK ft. CO. OILS. O Hon """"ns pure Winter nnd Fall Sienu 2,500 llleaehe.1 Whale do 1,800 lan-eed do BOO Lnnl ,lo 500 Olive .k, J. & J. H. PECK it CO. June 30, '43. I GLASS. Ck fff boxe. Cvlender Glass. )UlU Hurlingloii, Veriniuit, E-sex nnJ Like Hrands. 300 Redford. Alt ranae. and Clinton Crown. J. at J. II. l'KCK UU. Azents. June 30, '43. 4 GROCERIES. 1 nilllllS. Si. Croix nnd Port Rico Susnr, 'y 15 lllils. I.oat Crushed and Powdered du 30 llhd.. Port Rien JloU.-e-, 100 China Hyson Skin Tea. 75 do Yo .n? and Ityson do 200 .Mails Cassia, 2 llarrels Cloves, 2 do Nutmegs, 30 Tierces Saleratix, 10 Kegs Pure Ginger, 100 Hotcs liar Soap, 50 do Pipe, 20 Bags Pepper, -iS do Pimento, 40 do Rio Codec, 15 do Java do &J.. J. II. PECK i Ct). 4 June 30, '43. FRUIT. iJlitX lio.f.-s lluncti Kai-ms, JJ 15 Bag- Madcrm Nuts, do Brazil. do do Ahuouik FdU J. sV J. II. PECK it CO. June 30, '43. PLASTER. OflA TON'S fresh pound Nova Scotia Plasier. &yjy j. it. J. h. peck & co. June 30, '43. 4 PAINTS. 10,000 fcSJ. WETIIEIlll.LS .fry While 100 Keg. ilu ground in Oil, 40 HI I.. Spanish White, 25 Venetian Red, 20 do French Yellow, 20 do Spts. Turpentine Chrome Green Finerald do French do Hnui-wiek do Crown Yidlow, I'nis-iJii Blue, Smalt'-, Sand Paper. J. & J. H. PECK & CO June 30. '43. HON N CTS. A NEW Ioi Florence Hraid and Amazon Bonnets A jii-l receive I cheaper than ever, bv July 7, 1813 II. W. CATI.1N. PUBLIC NOTICE. IV. YORK ste MONTREAL, KXl'R lifts. VIROIL AND HOWARD, (successors 10 S. Ja cons. will run as heretofore, leaving Hurlington for Montreal Wednesday evening and for the South Friday evening of each week. Packages may be left nt tho office of 3Icssrs. J. A .1. II. Peck if- Co., Hurlington. tt NOTICR. rpiUS may certify that I have given my son Pnos L per Hciilurct Ins linn' to transact business for himself, and shall claim none of his earnings nor pay any debt of his contracting from this date. vt i num. 1. Underbill, June 1 1813. G w3 THE GUEMICAI. OIL at 0 PECK it SPEAR'S. (i I A S S . BKQ Boxes Cyleniier tlln-s, Burhnglon Vt , awxa'V Es-cx and Ijike Brands, for sale nt re- ductal prices, by FOLI.ETP, HRADLEV & Co. I ..,() OO Ilm W1THERILLS nav WHITE LEAD 150 Kegs do uround 111 Oil, for Halent rtstu ed prices hy I'Ol.t.l-.ri, IIKADI.KV & l'o. win IXK-K, jniy l.-, ibij. (, 1 Ef dor. Illam hard's Ca-t and Herman Miecl Sivli... 50 do Hay Forks, 3,00 do I lay Rake, 50 do Hoe-, for sale hy 1'OLLEIT. HKADLEV .J- Co. Old Dock. July 13, 1813. G GERMAN STORE. AAA Diilcrcnt patterns Mouslm dr Emnc-, -O' Veru Chcnv. hv I9lh July. I OSTHEIM it MICHOI.LS, IRON, STEEL, NAILS fc HARD WARE. Ton English Iron, from 1 1-8 to fi inch wi le. 10 do Old Sable Russia do 40 S Tons New Sal le do do do Swedes do do Peru do do Horse Shoe do do Round from 1 to 1 inches, do Square do 3-8 10 3 do do Round do 1) lo 4 do do Hoop do t lo U do do Hanie and Scroll do do P. S. I, Russia Rods, da Sanderson Cast Steel, do Pierson's Spring do from I J to 3 inches do Swedes do do Ametican do do Oct 111 an do do English Blister do 10 8 12 20 12 10 5 13 12 2 4 3 I 3 2.000 Kogs Nails, from 3d to 20,1 .,uu do .-spines Irom auu to ooa Z.UO do llrads Horn bd to YUJ Gd to '-dM .,,,,-, sps. A gcnetsl attmcnt t . 1 11 nri-k- , ( r, rF.tK&to 3,00 Doz riles and Rat of Anvils and Vicet, June 30, 1P43. CIIA'S T.. AUSTIN, 1V0. 91 State si., Albany, JV. Y. 3u6 CROCKERY. AN extensive assortment just received from New il Vork, for sale low by I.OVKL V iV SF.VMOUR. June 15, 1913. i .fames Marsh's lislatc. THE adjourned and last mectinir of the Commis sioners nn Kniil Kstnle. will hi field tin Mnndav June 21 nt 2 o'clock, P. M. at Lyman & Mnndi'r uiuce. NEMAN ALLEN, marsh! Commt',s'ofs- J 11 22. (tyrtis K. lllrcc's Kstnte STATU OP VRRMOS'lW AT n Proline District of Chittenden, m. Jl Court held at Hurlinaton. within nnd for lliedislriet of Clnttcin'en. on tho I3'h dnv of June. A. D. 1813. EI1111I1 Hirire. nilminl-tr.itor ul I he estate ol (Jyrus h. llirne, late id liiinerhill in sum district, deceased, intestate, liavuiL' hied 111 soi l conn ills petiiiou 111 wrinn?, settinir inrlli Ibat Ibe said Cyrus was, nt the lime of his tlc.ilh dcr coidnu'i to convev lo him, ibe said 1 1 1 1 1 1 . the loiiiiwmg doom en parcel 01 land, Mtnate 111 sai.i I'mlerhi . viz t Fnrtv niresi f nnd o Ireiu t be norl .side of Lot No. 35, in the tir-t divi.-inu of lots, draw n tn the nrizuial right of William S.ickctl, and i of dual widih exiending tbo uhoulenzlh id .uid el! thai the smd eonlra-t remaiiied uue.eeuted 0,1 ibe part ofaid Cyr 1 van I prayim: the iid?e of 'aid v ourl to exeeinoa deed 01 sn id land to I ho said l'.linli asrcenl lv lo the stntuie in such e.i-eina.le an I nrovi del. Thcrehirr ibe court nfore-a d doth appoint tlio seeond Wtsbiesday of Julv 1813, for bearing nntl ile 1 iding nn .aid petitioo, ul the odice oflbe llegieterof said Court, in said Hurlington, nnd doth order thai all persons interested le notilied thereof by pul lientiiui nf this nrdcr, containing the siih-tuuceol said petition, three weeks ucccs-ivelv tn the tlurhiislon Kree I're.s, a news paper printed in snid llitrlinirton, the la-t ot which pub icat inns tn I e prcvoius to ibe said -eciaid Wednesday of July, 1813. I'lvcn under mv iinnn, at said ti iriingK n, Ili! l.i h day of June, A. D. 1913. 3w3 WM. WKS I ON, .Vgnftr. CONE LANTERNS. A New and very haiid.oine stj lent' heavy Moulded (ilnss Cone Lanterns, lur sale by 2 -'"0010,1313. JOSEPH WAIT. m rs.-rr csmns&v n sw s- n ... . . . . . . I ' "'J'1" r!'-rnvV'' Tvn i.'' T'"' . , n-'"n V11.'. u ,0-NK ,w Al K' ' ,""' V. "1 . !V p . . "i ' 1 ? . . .1 and deliver, Iris- ol cartage or package, on I card ol Canal Hunts, either for Troy, Albany, or Wet Troy, fur cash or approved paper. All 01 dei hy.unilor otherwise, tmine hat'ly nltcn led to. I. SEYMOUR, II Perry st Troy, N. V., May 17, IS 13. 51 HRIGADE NOTICE rilHE Adjutants of the several Regiments in the X 3d Hrigmfc of Vermont Militia, nre requested to mcc M1c at A. Ilurrill's lull III IHIlCSDurgll, Willi tllcir RcconK Hosiers, nnd files, on Tuesday 27th mt. at I0 o'clock A. M.. agreeable to the renuircmentsof the Militia Act of 1B42, B. BOYNTON, Inspector 3d Brigade Vt. Militia. Ilinesbiirgli. June 13, 1813. mantle Lamps A verv clceant set of MANTLE LA MPS. 4 bur- mis' wilh cut shades, for sale uncommonly cheap I at the crockery store by JOSEPH WAIT. liuriingtnn. June ju, tsu. , CON'SUMI'TION AND MVEIt COM- I 11. VINT ! t T)R. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. Prpm 375 Uoiccry, iVcir Yorl;. FOR the core ol Cough-, Cold., A-lbma, whoop ing Coii"h, Catarrh, paiusiiilhi: sidemid I reast, Brouehiiis liver complaints, nnd nil thn-onirectinn of the throat nnd lung-, which nre n source of so much suffering nn d so ofien termina'e in Cossump tios;, this remedy h tusily and highly di-tingiii-hcd. It 1. purely vcgctuhle, in 1 1:1 and gentle in its e"ecs upon the .ysieni, and can 1 e taken in the most deli cate ca-es wit Ii safety ns well as well as utility. So extensively has it 1 een o-ed and so often proved .itc- ccssmii even in extreme and apparently uimo-i nope less inns, not only as n pihative but us n remedy ; lhat the proprietor lisjN no he-itenev in introducing it nnd rei-eonimen ding it to nil who unfortunately may hnveooon.iou In re-nrl lo some means of recov ery. Physicians, familiar with Us e feels uud aware of the healing properties of this vegetable prepara tion, not tinfrcquoiitly preserd-ed it in their practice, and wilh the Medical Facnlty generally, it lins met with more lliau ordinary npp'rohutu.n. CONSUMPTION. The following remarks wcie taken from a late iiiniif er of the Medical Magazine: "The surprising elect prodmed by the geuuinc: Dr. Taylor'- Bil.ain of Liverwort,' male nt 373 Bowery, in Con-iiinption ca-es, eaunot fad exciting a deep and llinlhng iniere-t throughout the world, We have -o long Icheiel thedisea-e (Con.uniptionV. uu ural le, that it i duiieiilt to ei edit our scii-e- when wo see per-oii. evidently coniiiupt've, re-loie.1 to healih. Yet it is n I'icl ol daily oivurrcnee ! Certificates from the highcslaud 1110-1 rc-pe "table rtOurce. of persons whohave either I i-en greally re lieved by 11, or entiicly recovered Irom a'leeijohs of ibe lungs and liver, eoiild I e turnislicd in abundance but we insert only the following : Cf.iitificste. " Being cnn.titutionally preli-pos-isl to Consumption, mcioliir of my family having suileiisl -eveiely from trilatiou of "ihc Lungs, nc eoiupaiiiisl wilh cough an 1 raising in titer and I loud, together with severe pain in my Mdeiind brca-t, til1 I was suppo-(s to he beyond recovery, I was inductsl l v advice of Dr. Perkm-, l.s a ln. re-nrt lo try "Taylor': B ilsam of l.iverworl," I have tn. en live bottle. 111 all. I began to improve with ibe lir-t h t tlc,and while taking the third, wa-so far rceoveicd as to be able to eel about. Sinco which time, by eontiiiue I u-e of it I am quite restore 1 nnd able ti attend lo my 11-iial lai-i.ies. To per.ous siiTeriug fitmi eotigbs and a'leeiions of the Lung., I do earn-e-llv receDininend it. (Sigmsl) JAS. C. SCOTT. Elisabeth City, N. C. Dee. 6, 1R42. For a common 11 id and cough, tin. i. one of the very 1 e.-t reim-hcs ever iliseoverisl. .V. H. 'fhcru I u spurious mid eoun'erleii arliclc ufloal, nnd lately introduced into this pirn e. There fore beenrefu! to get the geneine, which is from 375 Bowery N. V. nu l-eelh.u the now engraved wrap per is un the I oiileto prevenl eounlerfci's. For sale bv PECK & SPEAR, and LOVELY ft: SEYMOl'l!, 'Burliugtoii; S. H. Ilarne, Charlolie; I. Hall, Iliuesliurgh; Wm. Rhode-, Jr. liiehmoiel. June 3D, Vl 50 HHPS. Gardner Brewer, Hczlou, .. J 30 Pi Biaudy. A'um, 40 do Baltimore fliu, .1 do 'svvnn"ilo leiri', 10 Half ' IVIIe-veii.m" 10 Mil l-. St. Croix Rum, 30 Snerry uu I Mad-ria Wmc, III do Malaga do 8 do Port do J. .f- J. II. PECK .t CO, June 30, '43. CASH WANTED, FOR WHICH Ooodsnta fair price can beoblained at llie 7Yiiiierinc Store. A good nwitiiient of nice Vr"t Patterns, Black Cravats, Italian do. Wicking, Wadding nnd Baiting. A few Ynnkie Shoo Blushes. Day and Martin's Blacking, Japan do Paste do. Sarsaparilla .Mead. Cavendish, Fine Cut and Smoking Tobacco. Rice, Cingrr nnd Salcratus. Ink," Shaving and Uar Soaps, for sa'e mirmumnnly low by S. N. OAUT it Co. June2!l, 1813. J ELOUH, OF superior brand-, in Barrels and Half Harr !-, conslauily arriving. J. .f- J. II. PECK ft CO. June 30, '43. I EZ-TAS L-sriSAT-J, INFORMS Ins I'ricu U lhat he In- returned from Bo-ion mid New York', haying I ought; a huge stis'k of Dli V GOODS, vv loci he is now opening 111 the Store formerly occupied hy D. A., in the norlh we-toirher if Sir'ng's Building., opposite Me.-srs. I'wk iV Spear, when- ho intends kiivmg eoiisiau lyon Inndaii exten-ive asorinieul of DRY I OOODS' which be will otter ar Ilm lowest market ; nruvs. tin nllentiou Is-ing exeiusiyeiy oeyoiesi 10 Dry Good., and In. motto 1 eing LARGE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS. he is cnal lisl lo ai-eomislnle his n, I Friends, Cn-lo-mors and the Publiu wilh good, at reduicd prices. Call and see-. Burlington, July 7, IS 13. Pit INT WAlt K II OUS II BF. LKK, (formerly ol the firm ol Lord ft Leo) . andU. H. HREWS I LK, under ihehrmcf LEE ft niiEWSTEH, havce.tiilili.he.1 at 1U IVail meet New Vork, a WAREHOUSE ON AN EXTENSIVE SCALE, EXCLUhlVKLV FOR r HINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior iraJe by the piece or package. Ily confining their ntleniion entirely and exclusive. y tu this, one article, U if H, will l ei enabled lo not onlvcxliihii a inoreextennvean 1 1 dutiful noortmenl than is to I c found elsewhere, (there being no similar establishment for pnnls in Ihe United State ) but to sell always al prices ns low, nnd generally lower lhau those ot houses who-e attention nnd means are The entire stock, embracing alout on ,,,,-,.,, n.v,,ern and colorings, has le. w ill nafc v lav i is pcifestlv fre h, and ,n , l.te-tanlt' I nun? ML divided among a largo variety of articles. The entire hook, enipracing niout one inou.uu 1 een rex-civwi 1 omiiris's JL GAUD. OSTIIKLM & MICHOI.LS sensible lo thocxh f to which they have been favored by the patrn ago of their friends and the public generally, b leave to return ttictr best matins lor tne mors recm cdt nnd having redeemed their promise in die tenev nl of their spring assortment of dry and fancy pot' wnirn is me cnoicesi nescnpiioii 1110 souincrn .n kcts could nllbrd, now oiler their now Goods for si on Xhrcheapest termi, nnd hone to be honored with continuation nf the distinguished and general patrol' ago they havo heretofore received. LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE supply just received from the man factory, for sale low by LOVELY & SEYMOUR Juneir., 18 13 2 DRY GROCERIES, Or superior nunlity, fresh from New York, j i received and for sale very low by LOVELY & SEYMOUR June 1813. 2 Levi Nutting's Estate. WE THE SUIlsCRIBER", having been n pointcdhy the Honorabli! tho Probate O" fir the District of Chittenden, cominiioncrs to t reive, examine nnd ndjut th" cleitns nnd ihnnnd all pcreons, ssainst the etnle of I.IA'l NI'TTI' late of Underbill, in said District, dccpa-wl, repr scntcd insolvent, an I also nil claims nnd denial' exhibited in offset thereto ; and six months from l day nT ihe date hereof heing allowed by said rn for that pnrpoc, wo do therefore hereby givetiot' lint we will attend to the buinesnfour said nppoi" niciit, nt the dwelling ol Per is Nutting, in l ie bil', in snid di-trict, tai the hr-l Tile dav.ol A 'g nnd Noveml er next, at lOo'clock, A. M., on each ' -Bid days. Dale I Ibis I2:h day nf May, A. D. 1313. TRUMAN SIII'.I.DEX, Coinmi 3 OLIVER GOODIIt'E, sicncr- rl VF. UOLLARi? RLWAKD. Stolen, from I'. Lnl r rnlory of the University, some lime -in live chemical Thermometers, and a ela-i tly'rone ter. The Thermometers were all of Ken lall's nn . wilh their Itilbs expending below the scale-. 'I . were tilled with colored -pint Ibe others with nu cirv, nnd graduntisl very high. The Thermometi were kept m a ca-e, nnd one ol th-in in a small 111 hoganv ca-c ofils own. The Hydrometer ua-mai it 1. bclicvelly U'rehoiit-, and wn. in a sm green case, lor a re-tontion of I lie Instruments :ie de'is tirn nfllie llii-f, live ilnllars will I e paid and fair proportion of that .urn for 11 part of iho in-'r -iiirnts. 3a-3 GEO. W. BENEDICT. NOTICE. 'T'lHS may certify tint 1 hive given mv son, Sv' L vestcr Holdrcdtre Jr. his tune, nnd hereafter -hit not control any fins earnings, nor bold myself rr sponsible to pay anv ih bis of Ins conlrar.imc afn this date. SYLVESTER 110LDR1 DGE. Alburgh, June 20, 1813. Iwl M.LI 1TAI5Y BLANKS fnr-ilehv H. J. SIIUMWAY, Azent Just Ilrrclvcd and I'nr Sale at the TKMI'EHANCE HTOHE, 17HESII TEAS, Oranges nnd Lemiui-, Iticc, Sih . ralim Co .ce, lined Coram-, Cilrou, Tamarin l Box and Keg Rai-111-, Figs, Clioeolale Shell-, llaker Cocoa Pa-ic, a new article, prepared 111 one mini lor u-e; alo, E,i-I II0-1011 Sugar Hou-e Mola-se-, -nperior article lor le. AI-o,an assortment STAPLE DRY GOODS, which they will -ell n low for ca-h or ready pay a at any oilier store 111 the pi ice. A l'reh lot 1 1 Ho.tim Soft and Cold Water Cruel er- nnd Pilot Bread, nnd as we nre reuiving cm: staidly fresh upphu: the public may be as-urtJ their quality. The pill lie nre respectfully im-ili-l lo call an 1 e amine the Good, an I Price. 1 ctore purchasing el-i w here, S. N. (JAUT & ('. Burlington, June 22. 1513. 3tf l-'ASIIIONAItl.E HAIR CUTTING AND EASY SUA VI NO, At the Barber Shop under Howard's Hotel, north sim: rovm' norrt: sqt'i,E, BV WILLIAM STEWART. JCyN. II. Razor, put 111 complete order. 3w3 200 KEOS POWDER l(N) Hag- Shot, 150 D z.corn ifroonis' 100 Palctlt Pad- J. it J. II. PECK .f- CO. June 30, '13. I 200 Quintals Cod Fish, 100 Boxes Herring. J. it J. II. PECK d CO. June 30, '13. 4 CASH PAID FOR WOOL! rPIIE Sulscrilcr will pay cash for Clem Fleece X Wool delivered at his slorc. College ttreen. HARRY BRADLEY Hurlington, 19th June, lb'13. 3vv3 MACHINE CARDS, OF Sprmgfii 1 1 Vermont, and Springtiill Ma-si-cbu-ctts .Munufacliiic. J. it. J. II. PECK it CO. Agents. June 30, '13. ! LOUR I L LA Rirs TO HA CCO AND SNL'FP. 40 BAIHUXS Cliuwiii.; Tobacco, do Smoking do 2."i0 J ir Macoahny Sniiif, I0il III iddcr- Scot' h do J. .f- .1. II. PfX'K iS. CO. .Igtnf. 30, MS. ! WOUL wantediu i:ebanrehr ten Mill Co. Cloth-, by II. imIi or Hurling w. cvn.iN. Jon. 2-3, 1813. A FEW Buret-ol S ipcriiue Flour, iu-t p-vve I nnu for sale hy S. N. GAUT if- OO. 0 FIRST rale IIUILI'IM! LOTS f, r nlo neir tin .lcndilliv oil CollegeS'leel, Alsi2Pcw. Ill the Slope Cliurcli and ouciii the Umlariau line1.' Church. Ennuue of H THOMAS. June 15, IS 13. 2 It DISSOLUTION. I" YM.tN.f- COLE, have Ibis day dis "Ireil their ji-i ioparincrsnip ny mutual coiiscni. All persons imhbtcd are remicsted 10 call and set lie immediately Tiiosu having demands against the late linn will pre sent tbcio for pavmcnt. Tho Book, nnd Notes can be found for a few dis at 1 he old siand. After which time they will he reiiioi id tn 1'.. I.vmnn's Spire, st the norlh west lornerof Strong Buildings, formerly oc cupied by D. A. Braman, al winch place in. ill parties willatnny time attend lo the. settlement of nil tluir books uud demands. ELI S LYMAN, MORTON COLE, Burlington Juno S, iS 13. 1 siiruiti'iND I'l.oure. rPllb' SulM'itler- me daily receiving Supeiuu r L Flour 111 Kirre-I. and half InirreN, -e'evie.1 vv 't care uud of llie mn-t ujiprovi! biaud-, which ihey o.)i'r for ca h al a sinnll advance. IDLI.iriT, BRVDLRY vi Cs.. Oi l Dis k, June ft, 113. 1 Oeorge I'rli dle. 1,'slate. l'l' llie subscriheis, having been appointed by Ihe Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Clulieodeii, commissioners 10 receive, ex amine and ndpist ilia claims nnd de maiidi, uf all per sons against Iheesnieol (il'.HRCiE I'RINDLE, Isle of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, represented in solvent, and also all claims and demands cxhibiu t in offset there t" i and six month liimi the day of lie. due hereof, being alluweil bv said Court for that purpose, wc do therefore hen by give noticiyhat wo will attend to the business of our appointment, nt the dwelling ol widow l.oiusi Priudle, in Charlotte. 111 said District, 011 the 2d Wilnedny. of Julv and oveml er nexl, at 10 o'cloik, . M,, on each of said days. Dam!, this 10th dai of May. . I). 1SI3. 5' BUHK I.EWENWC'KTIl, ) ,.,...;. ORRIN REED, cniss,ncrt. WANTED ! cVl POUNDS i t Ih es Wax. Aim, A quaniity tJJI of Ergot or Spurns! live 111 exi hange, bv 51 PECK ft SPEA It, Druggists. REVOLVING CASTORS. A Lugo assortment of Rev o'ving CaIors, tour, five uud six liotih'-, rcry cheap indeed, for sab al IheCns'kerv Suae by JOSMIIt WA IT. June 16, lStll. 2 Henry Townsend's Msfate. STATE Ol' I7JR.UO.V7', rTy HE Hon. lli. Ditir'Cl ot Chittenden, ss. X Piobatc Court for the district of Cbiiiendeu, trail persons eoiKern ed m the estate of HENRY 1 OWNSI'ND, late et Troy, in Ihe Stale- ot New York, de, ca nl, testate, fir.i r.TtNO. WHEREAS, George B. Shaw- adminisirntor vvith the will annexes! of Ibe ilwr if sail dcicase-d, proposes to render an nix-unntcl hi. adinini-iraiion, and present his neenunt against nide-tale for e-x-aimnat on and Hllownme-nl a f s-ion ef llie C-uii o l'robaie, to evholdn at the Register's ofiee 111 Bur lington, in saiddisinil, on the second Welnesdayo ''"Vherrfore, you arohcrcby notified to appear before aid court ai ihe lime and place afore tail nnd shew cause, if any you liave, why the account forsid should ival allowed. Oive-n un k-rmy hand at Hurlington, this Uddav cf June, A P l?13. ' Wu WESION. Rrgh'tr

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