Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 25, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 25, 1843 Page 2
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fok oovr.uxoit, JOHN MATTOCKS. ron lti.uT. aovEusou, 110 HACK EATON. ran TnEAscru'.ri, JOHN SPALDING. FOR comiri:s, GEORGE P, MARSH. ran sesatoih ion i'iiiTTi:.Nin::t lov.ntv. David u14.11, 1, UTIII.Il STUNK. BF.VATUtl I'OR GlIVN'O ISLE COt'NTV. IVA 1. Ii I S 31 OTT. FOR TOWN REPRESENTATIVE, HENRY B. STACY. Tub Winn Svstem. Home labor; work nt homo; liuv at liuiiif : sell nt hornet spend at home: employ our own countrymen in prifereuce; help Americans first; protect uri assist American indiis Iryt Ui llio Smith feed tlm .North s the North supply the South) what we don't want wo will ship away ', first Tuesday in September in a voice that may boundcrstonil by tliusci who denounce our whig rbprcsotitutivo as false to the ' r. --s ami rights if their constituents. Wo havo shown tliat it is I mho Focos, ami llioy only, that would sacritico our great imprest Wnol.growiiig. To thu jioiIf, then 1' reunion) Mill iro7rc( IIioeo who protect your rights anil interests. From tho Hartford (t't.) I'onrnnt. THE WORKINGS OF TNK TARIFF. However nvciso thu Loco Toco pioss may bo to acknowledge tlm fact, it r.annot lint bo manifest to those who c.vnnino tbo subject williiuit prfjiulicf, that tho Whig l at ill H now operating lioucliciallv upon tlio business iinil industry of tlio country. In almost every quarter thoio are indications of returning pi opeiity--wool,doniestic goods anil m.i mil nctui utl arlielesof almost every do- icrlption which are protected by tbo tanl), aro tirginning to nave such a value in tlio market us pioiniscs a fair return to tlio pro ducer anil manufacturer mills and factories which havo been closed for months havo again been started, and in somo cases new onus nro going up there is more demand lor latior, anil a commence is obti'ining in tlio public mind that wo aro to havo " belter times." The testimony which wo havo at homo of the favorable effects of tho tariff' is what we can't make or modiico we will liuv from r. : M'l.:- : . .1... iim.: . ... I..-:.. II li'muiiCTS. nils i- inu n inir ayficin I oils n iiiiny r I l . , I I I t f Cliv' nnlinv. Wo lovnnur own dear roillltrv. and Confirmed I IV f.CtS which lire llirilishcd flOlll our own countrymen, before any foreign naiion t anil across the ocean. Wo can searccly lake up an English paper in which ihcrc is not an not an idle people; wo miwt and wo will live hy our acknowledgement that it prevents tho mi lalior. 11 coos us anil it clonics usi ana we mean to nor latum inlo 1 its cnnntrv n immniisn niinn take carcol'lhat labor in prrFcicnca lo any veto, or .- ,- ,i ,,r,,.r... .,,,,1 il,,. ,.,l nny power foreign or domestic. Hence we want a llllcs 01 'h 'lr manill.iLtures, anil they m.iki: domestic, imd protective land'. great complaints ot its injurious consequen ces to tlium. Wo pulilisbeil a lew days ago, 1'iuiii the Si. Alb.m Messenger, i a statement Irom a letiirn leccntlv laid bo DECEPTION EXPOSED, fore Parliament, from which it appears thai Our readers aro aware tlut ono of the res- tlio total value of Rritish exports to America -or Congress fr this Klate, in yielding 'their as- ,.4,251,1!M less than the average annual sent to the now tariff, " exports of tho niim proceeding years, and ests and rights if Ihnr constituents. Now if ,';,.;,,;;, i i ,i , this is the rase, how does it happen that Wool- , " "."" ... ; " growcrs-the most important interest of Vor- t,1()y "eru ' any previous year since lSJu. inont has boon gradually improving ever since Mnkmi nil reasonable allowances for tho om- Iho passage of tlio Tariff", a .d but for the cry of barr.issmenls of trade, it cannot bo question- " Repeal! wv..u the Ulack Tariff," it would cd that this L'reat falling off" has boon princi- be still more improved, as purchasers of wool py occasioned by tho duty which lias been would not be in so much doubt of being protec lai( fl)rui,,n nrlicI ,,, . com0,u .!, II tl.p Party which cries "Krpea and Ue- ,. ,.,,,. ',,,,, .., . nml itiiuuin uiu an mt; iiitu iiu "I inu iui "lu v. -' . . . u.t'in 10 n - alutioiiA uf tin Into locofnco (bounty Convention during tho lust yonr, was only 3,528,80 declare that iho Wlnjy Itcprcontativccs in about nine millions li:ss tli.ui in 183G ( tnd. ii,lprnt arn Minmesftil in .lnslr..!nrf it. vl.iM, COIltOIld that UlllCSS Ollr tariff bo mollified they is not imnnib.ihlc. no sano or inti'llT.mnt man cannot expect to solid their goods to this expects another will be i.ilopteil L'ivins as rnod country as formerly. It is not very proba- protection lo tho interests of Vermont or the bio, with tho rapid increase of our popula- couniry at largo. Hon, that there lias been any reduction in Jlut at present wo arc jfomg to sot asu o res- tlc Vi,i0 or quantity of goods used hero o.m.o u ... p ou .pie.M.ous anu lho In-urollco ,l(;rcr0re, that every dollar - ' . . 1 ivliirh h:ic (:i nil nli in tlio i:iliin nl llio nv TOWN UKl'UKSKN'l'ATlVKS. We trust our Whig friends will seo that nii'i) of thu light stamp aro put in nomina tion for town ropieseiiiatives. Wo want, us usual, a majority of Whigs in our legisla ture this fall; mid nut only u majority, but a large majority. 'Phis will nsstiiedly hu the caso if the Whigs in tho several towns nro nwaku to the impoilaiieo of tho subject, and nominate, mill unitedly support, their best men. Personal prejudices must be laid aside ; and every thing which may hinder tlio uloction of ii good Whig representative. 'Phi; utmost harmony of action is necessary particulaily in llioso towns where tho parties are about equally divided. Kvon where the Wbms have a niaiorilv, the election may go ncsiinst tluMn, if a fuw only rel'usn to support lho Whig candidate. Wo liopo tho, Whigs may bo wiso enough on the dav of election, lo sacrifice every thing of a personal iiatnio that may come up, calculated to weaken our strength. Wo do not go to the polls to subserve personal and private views, lo la bor for or against individuals, ns such, hut lo discharge the high and responsible duly of Irccmen ; and that duty should bo dis charged by voting for men who will carry out thoso principles which wo conceive to bo for the best good of all concerne'd. The man who nealccts to voto does not do his duty; and the man who throws away hi vote, hv casting it lor a Whig who cannot succeed, when there is a possibility that his vote might elect another Whig, is certainly acting inconsistent. He is indirectly oppos ing thu very principles which he prolesses wish to seo carried out. If bv casting vote for an individual not generally support ed by the parly, or, by neglecting to voto, representative ot opposite politics is elected it is certainly helping tho opposition much as though lho voto was given directly for the opposition candidate. Wo hope the friends of tlio Whig cause will not, in nnv instance, suffer a Locofoco representative to bo elected, through negligence, or division among themselves. Tho Locofocos always rejoice when there is any division in our ranks, for it is then they succeed. Iiewaro of their tricks, for they will endeavor to divide, that they may conquer. Get up the right men, therefore, and then do not desert your posts. lti:.Mt:M 111:11 your duty every man work faithfully and a largo majority of good Whig Repre sentative:) will be sent Up 10 Montpclier this fill. Again, wo say, nr,Mi:Miii:it vouit duty. A Dr.siT.tiATi: Aitaiu look place at Man Chester, Vt., the last week ; tho leading pal I " lions between tlaca 1 ror"es one with wealth and I " Icnvca the oilier wallow nip in tho il.tch. Kiudand is niest witn tins eysteni 1 look at nor 1 raupcrism, licula.s of uhicli, us wo have heard then, re- "jJ.WhiK I'-Zh nml MmXflrieffl Wi,s " tl' own for one hun.lro.: . .. In. . .it. .. .ii ti.1 Irt. ....t 1111. .('. titled, aiu as fullows! A Mr. I'rcncli Rold or hare lined n pkcoof land In a ncif-hbor named llobbin?, Tho land was sowed Willi oats by llobbini, but subsequently, for soine reason. rench refund lo eivo a ilicd of 1I10 hnd. l.nraccd at lho refusal, K ibbnn threatened to shoot lho first 10.111 wlio 1011 ii annum to cut 1 10 irrain. aoiuccu- nig lho threat, French sent somo men to secure lho cri'P, ninoiiff whom were ono from this this town, Mr iNcwinau, liniiinns was un tlio ground wan ins una orucreii man 011, nut not incur; unon Ibc forward one. which harm man. Tlio cliarco siruclt ono limn, mingling 11 compcu 1011 m trow, lur tio more man you ga nnw, ,.irn ,,r Ufnn ne Vin Iturnn Inl'iilm 'I'.oiff rcilly, and cnlcinl tin sidn. ,i ho fell, a sun ol anil ;my ilmthle J or all you buy. Tluy are schemes' ' ............. . , tariff and sec if it was not a loco foco parti in congress mat aliciiipud in 'SacriUce inn Interests or Vermont.' In referring to tho proceedings of the House of Rcireacntalivcr, ihe time the Tariir bill was under consideration, wo find the names of FOUlt Loco?, and not a single whig, who mov ed amendments which would tend to sacrifice the interests of wnal.grnwcrs, to wit: Messrs. HROWN of P.i, JOHNSON of Tenn.. SMPI'll of Va., and ItOOSKVHLT of New York ; and on tlio other hand there were SliVKN whisrs LOCO LIK NAILKI). 'Phu True Democrat says the Wool which 1 "wasliiiL' carcass, n8 the lico crawled over the land of and fifty six thousand dullais this season. "SM brought two hundred and fifty ocarci.iy less icrrmio. hpmiofine iifc thousand,- under Van Uuicii. Now every A utl ncru lullows unuther extract Horn lho ,voo ,.owct. in .1... cmlntv ,.ll0.vs .1.1, st.ltu, same elegant sheet. mont t0 )0 f.,su .. numw, such :l fool i,auurirs in irriiioni, 01 niCiorill scccli you lo near, ono moment I rhco schcriies of hardy assertion could deceive nobody, yet En!ihlll n'-uailnl hid head with a tiitchfork. llolh llobbins and Ins son wcro arrested, and aro soon to havo their trial. The 1 cfenco set up will per liani tin Ihe.if irerc era? it 1 1 iM'wnia 1 was a uve at 110 ai nicuu;cuce, niu 11 was feared that ho would not survive long. Vci mont Chronicle. ground illi bis qua. prolceiion, that are halthiim on all hands aro for your v0 have laked pains tocnqtliio into tile fads ieit" obeyed, ho hrcd ruin 1 Ihcy me schemes which will rob you of your , , , , lanpeiied to bo Now- A 1.1. , your r.W'.ORI Tliey art tchtmts that will and tbo icsult is as follows.. Tho average f Wool, as Van Huron left the Tat iff", tittlo less than L'G cents a pound. -1 ' KRIDAV MORNINfJ, AUGUST 25, 1813, WHIGS AltK VOV ItCADY ! tlcchcilbymcii tollreu)miyour labor locompclyoitr was a to 1111 iiicir Tiiiniiiis. i ttrtt tire lite ficntmcs til rut .,. ,. tilk.lasii.tellhli.coliUtooilrilriliians.foiwcculatctni- 1 " "M-'I'agO priCO paid III ill IS town lho piCS- mi your labor, lo arow .,.( i wir sircal anil thai CU season is !J2 cents a pound. Tlio excess of your children. ou mi u of Vermont I who hvo . 1 ny your naiiy i.inor, iooi; mil I These siv nml craity oi mo pi ico mis year over llio price at tlm ovmtTm:sTTf'!mi. of Van's term of service mat. TO PAHS r.AJVH TO I'llOTi'.CT YOU with tho difference of over 100,000 in ibis town alone piuiruuiiii we iiiiM: oc."cnorii 10 von. i.oniv oui ior llieml They will show ilnir 1'KTITIONS to vou anil talk, anil wheidlo and enjolo you for YOl'll names to go along with TIIKIIiS. Ilon't touch ono of their petitions! If vou do anything about it, l'U- ti tiu.n riii;oriu:ii wav. ir vou can't wr te. put your mark upon a 1'ltOTKST against all their Vila sclicines lor your ruin." jnrit ? Hit ajc. in favor of llio Wilis Tariff. Democrat. Try again Mr. Such is tho frlcinhhii) which tho lendimr mt - t.i . . ft . . ., I o mo i.iec.,0.1 is rap.uiy approac.ung LoCo FoCO ,crs ,,lis Sm,0 oMhh for Une week Irom next Tuesday tlio great bat (tT" The Convention which met at How ard's, on Monday evening, to nominate a candidate for town representative, was very fully attended. 1Ii:miv 15. Stacy, Ksn., tho Wool growers! "Don't touch ono of received a majority ol lho ballots, at the " their petitions! IfvoiidownMrHo-rt&nit first trial, and was accordingly nominated " it, PF.ITTION THE OTHER WAY !" ils 1110 vlllU candidate lo represent the lown What snv thnsn Ln.-n5. wbn rtsalral at Es. i the next Legislature. A letter irom the sex that llioy would petition for limber du- ,Ion- Wh.mam Si..un, declining lo ho tics on Wool, to these directions of East- candidate lor Congress against Mr. JM.insn, mm ? Wo can not better conclude this was toaa ,0 ,h0 convention, anil lho follow- Jerico, and Huntington, and llinosburg, and cliaptcr than hy presenting again the follow- ,nS resolution was thereupon unanimously Wcstford, and Sr. George 1 Aro our friends ing extract from tho official proceedings of a adopted. iiaotcea, inai wo anniauu llio natriono sor.ti incuts contained in lho letter of lho Hon. Willi im Sum: to lho freemen of ibis congrcsional district. tlo is to bo fought. Aro tlio Whigs of this county prepared for ill Aro our friends well in llio several towns, and sctioot districts? How is it in tho good Whig towns of Mil.on, and Charlotte, and there prepared to render a good account of Loco Slat0 Convention held at Montpolicr in thnmsnlvns nil tbn first TPnpsdnv ? llavn nr. I truo principlo of tho federal rangcinenls been made to bring every Wills troduccd iho following:" . . .. , ... I. . . "AWr, That tT,o ports from England to ibis country, has been expended lor Iho benefit of our own median ics and manufactures. The Free Trade men may declaim against the tariff' till they aro grey, but the evidences uf its usefulness cannot be controverted. j While on the subject, we rejoice in bring able to say that tho prospect now is that Lo cofocoism will not bo able to lay its ruthless hand on this measure at llio next session of u rrovernment is. In ennfinn its action lo obiects slip. "cifically cimmeiatcil in tho Constitution, I. ICAYINO "INIIUSTlll TO KKUUIjAI I. ITSl'.l.l'." "T he resolutions were separate v and ab V discus sedby Messrs. DILI.INOH.IM, llarbcr, Spalding, 1 arr ami ollicrsaud unanimously adopted." who moved amendments for the protection of Congress, if tlm Whigs have carried the wool, to wit: Messris. Fillmore ot Now York, Arnold of Tenn. Hkiggs of Mass., Mason of Ohio, and Slade, Kvckett and Hall, of Vt. Now wo will give bouie statements of the amendments for protecting wool, and our read ers can then judge for themselves by lho acts of the locos whether they did or did not go for tho 'sacrifice qflhc interests' of Vermont. Saturday, July 10, 13 W, tho House had the larilt bill under consideration, and on the ques ANFC1)07'K OF Till: " WF.YIIIUDGE FARMKIl." Of tho authenticity of the followinsr, banded to us by a friend, we have tho best vouchers. We have no doubt that there aro this season scoics of Fanners in this County who have been induced to lake Jess lor their wool than they would havo done, bad they not been alarmed in. to tho belief that the tariff afforded no protection to Ibis article, by the attacks of tho Weybridge Farmer. "An industrious Farmer in an adjoining town was recently coming to market with his wool, when ho was accosted by a certain would-bo irrnal man. who of lato baH hv his coinmunica. Legislature of Tennessee, as is probable, Unns boon styled the " Farmer of Weybridgc," voter to the polls? if not, it cannot bo at tended to too soon. We novcr have had a better ticket for Congress, and County Sena tors and it will bo a reproach to these staunch Whig towns to suffer, by their ap palliy, such men to bu defeated by the ,is pal)0r contained tlio following, candidates of the Tyler Loco Focos the nominees of tho Custom House and Post Office. Wo will answer for a full Whig vote in Burlington. In Shelbiirnc wo tin dcrstand our friends are wide awake, and we hope Williston will right .herself this year. Richmond, also, has a duty to perform to Is it satisfactory ? atone for her last vnar's default. Shall it bn ballot box A 1 -I...M r . i. uuih, i yji sunn uu. utility oenaiors oo nun cnt'iu. KJ U 11 J L i 1 J 1.. ii. f i . i ..... again uiviueu uy ntr neglect. What say is tlcr0 sil)o Whig in Vermont who you, W lugs, aro you all ready? llcmcm- does not feel proud of lho reputation of his her the true issue is TARIFF, or NO TA- State? Is there a truo Republican within RIFF. Wo go for PROTECTION. The our borders who does not glory in tho name Loco Focos havo already raised tlio banner declining to run as an independent candidate against the rcnular nomination, and that wn regard it n ihn nioit conclusio evidenco of his anient devotion to Whig principles, ami his unwavering adlicrcnco to Iho parly which supports Ihein." OLOCO FOCO DOCTRINES. As the election npptoaches we dosiro to Now listen to lho sapient youth who edits refresh tlio recollection of the PEOPLE lho True Democrat. Tho last number of with specimens of tho beautiful doctrines which the Loco Focossupport. Tito follow ing is an extract from a speech of R. D DAVIS, ono of tlio leading Loco Foco members of Congress from the state of New York, delivered in tho House of Reprcsen tatives while the Tariff was under discussion lion to such evidence of Loco Foco fricnil- last summer. Road it farmers ship for Protection as wo have given above ? Give your answer at tho 'AM. PARTI I'.S IN VKRMONT AUK IN "KAVOIt Oh' 1'RO IT.GTION. The man or men I"icho endcaror to qitc any other rieieoflhe tuicstion, " belrav a slate nl' volitical tlUhoncstu and dc"ratla- "tion worthy the cause in whkh they are enzagcttit! I rue Jlcmocrat. What think the FARMERS of this sec TUB WHO TRIUMPHANT! Till: VK'TOHY COMl'M-yiT. Tho gallant Whigs of Tennessee havo coveied themselves all over with glory. They have literally bearded the lion of tho Hermitage in his den. Gov. Jones is elec ted by about five thousand majority over tho hie Gov. Polk, Loco Foco. Tho Whigs havo also carried both brandies of lho Leg islature. Tho Sonalu stands M Whigs to 11 Loco Focos, and the House 41 Whigs toGl Locos. Majority in joint ballot ten. This secures iho election of two Whig Uni ted States Senators, antl gives us a clear majority in inai nouy. liionous I iinnkss r.n the voto was heavier than it was in IS 10! NoitTit C.uioi.t.VA. In tills Stato tlio Whigs have elected 4 Representatives to Congicss, to 3 Calhoun men, and 2 Van Uiircn Locos. This Stato was Gerryman dered most outrageously by tho lato Loco legislature. Tho popular vote is overwhel mingly Whig. At .AiiAM.v. Complete returns from tho Mobile District confirm tlio election of James Dillet, a well-tried, faithful, and unyielding V lug. llis election affords convincing evi dence that tho present excellent and well adjusted Whig tariff' is fast gaining upon tha good will and favor of tlio people. Tho election of a Tariff-man from South Alaba ma would once havo been regarded as next to an impossibility. Rut Mr. Dellet oponly and boldly took a high stand in favor of a discriminating tariff', and although his oppo nents resorted to tho most despicable moans to defeat him, even lo circulating false ru mors of Ins death, his views havo been sus tained by his election. Our returns aro incomplete from the oth er districts, though Dixon II. Lewis is prob ably re-elected. Indiana. There is doubt in regard to tho political character of the Legislature. It is certain that the Whigs have elected one half tho members of tho Senate (2o,) and the Locofoco papers claim to have elected the other 25. Both panics claim the IIouso of Representatives and it was not certain which had it at the last accounts. Several of the Congressional districts aro still in doubt. Hut thu Whigs havo certain ly elected two, if not throe of the members, "Mr. Chairman I belonr to tint nnninn nf tlm ' " democracy who arc called f.orn I'oros, ami I slory "in me name, i .u .1 riu-.l. IKAIM. I.llt'll " AM) 1101.1) A COMMON ! VITII UTTUTHI'M I "IN Tltl'Sr. OPINIONS. And lam not onlv a H.'r,rp To,,.,. T nr... 1 I ..I... 1. .l "the power to doit, I would establish these things as and tlie Locos 'havo probably carried tho " immutalilc as I ho aws ol lho Alcijps am Persians. .Et TI,,, Vrl,:r.e l,...,n 1 i i i "-and they are, Til T AI.I. INM)llti;T TAX.vI I rest. 1 he Wings have gained handsomely tiuin it. can tarui unties) suouLD liK Al'.oi.- in mo legislature since last year. and fame of the "Star that never sclsl' "WU'.l) : all paper money thouM bo excluded ; and " the credit system should be purified nml renovated " by lho abolition of every thin! like suits for debt, "making llicni debts of honesty and honor! !!" Iii the same discussion JAMES ! wo .shall havo a majority in the U. S. Sen ate, and lho tariff" may be saved. A WORD 7'0 ANTI.SLAVHRY WHIGS. One of tho first efforts in tbo last Congress was to rescind tbo odious twcnty-iir.,t rule, on wincn tlio ayes were ed wIiism anil locos noes 11 whit's and 79 locofocos. V.icni n-hiii tion on raising the duty on woolen blankets lo from the Free titatcs lotcil Yea, and so did l'S 30 per cent, the ayes and noes wore taken and Southern whins ; while furty-fu-c lacrfocns from published, and were as fullows AYKS 101 Whijts, 2 locos (I'armcn'er of Mass. anJ Head of l'.i.Jnnd 2 Tyicritcs. NOBS-94 I.OCOS, 19 Wings (all from the South) and 2 Tylcntts. Hero, then, we find all the locos but two vo ting against raising the duly on woolen blan kets ; and it was equivalent to voting against with the i-alution, well friend II. you are going to deliver your wool. What did you get for it! He replied, n-it as much us I should if you had minded your aim business. What a poser to tho "Fanner of Woybridge," who has of late been laboring to enlighten the Fartnora of Vermont upon their interests, particularly that part con corning wool. Will the Patriot, Spirit of the Ago and True Democrat copy." People's Press. Just so, tho Stato over, tbo Locofocos aro oven unwillins! that tbo people should realize the advantages of tho tariff for fear they will not go the FRKE S7'ATKS toted A aw, with the re- mainder.of tbo slave members ! On Mr. Slado's ' with thorn for its repeal, and bonce their editors, resolution for abolishing slavery in tho district i with the Weybridgc man, aro trying to write of Columbia, on tho questions arising on Mr. Wmthrop s report touching the inhuman treat ment of colored seamen and on tbo resolution for ropoalinj an act of the territory of Florida, virtually enslaving free nitilatncs and negroes it down, and in doing so we do not know bow many have been induced to sell their wool below tlio actual price. vo uouut not moy nave m oi "KM'KAL!" Every truo friend of Protection will (icrcforo voto the Whig tick et entire. Recolnct " a full voto is a Whig Victory." REPEAL! REPEAL ! Tho following resolution was adopted at I the last session of tlo New Hampshire Le gislature every Loio i oco member voting in its favor and every Whig against it. "llcsolccd, That tho h.,1, PROTKCT1VK land", passed ai inu lusi session w ionnress, ou'Olt lo modified essentially, or RIChALKU; and a in eiinal land' for UFA KNUK oactcd in placool it." to be more the "Gibralter of Whig principles j"' the ROOOSVELT, a Loco Foco member " Switzerland ol Ameiica ?" We acknowl edge it is a circumstance of which we shall al ways feel proud that we are a citizen of " uiv conrpicred Vermont." In days of political darkness and disaster, when the sky was overcast, and Locofocoism in tho ascendant in every other State, VERMONT alone, has been true to the country, truo to her principles, and truo to herself. Amidst utl the uphcavings of tlio political elements, tbrouuti wrwijr ti.iiij'i'al ullll wlllllivtllU Ul IHC' tion. while all around her was discouraging mid dark, she has remained firm and imnio Her patii lias been Those FARMERS n this county, there i rr,. ti.mL- it,., mt, nf P I? fTi'l'nT 1 fi v vablc in her principles vSuf .7". M.TA'lto'fiif fi d b- "' "'Tariff- is too HIGH, ; straighl, and her march has been onward.- their own. 11 ajchman. and who agree witn irj L.oco rocostliat it 1 ""s """ " ought to be modified esscnliallii, or RE- she has never turned uacn ; sue lias nuver protection to wool. livery blanket imported is tbnro wVis tlm samn nnlitiral division, lho whi.'s just equal to an importation of the foreign wool ()ftlie North bein'' unanimous against slavery, : .I., t".i .ii.iuHut. tins iijiiu.. a.,,,, mo iocoiocos generally acung wan ino i what vtii.i. in; its lk i-hot? i ... . . . . T " . , r.,i,,.,i hi, nil ,.,,:, ii. STA1J " nf The next question was on raising tbo duty on South. Donot these votes1 nrovc bo vend the What will be tlioelkct if Yormont decides infaior PEALED, will voto tic Loco I' oco ticket at mltciod. feliall wc permit lilt, aiAU oi T I i.. I i I . . . . . . . . . I wooicti aim icvrncu yarn iu ou pur cum. shadow ot doubt, that the only AVl'.s iuj wins-, 5 loco-", (l ioyil, romance, resist tho slave power is to let how does tho third Parmeiiter, IMumer and Read only one loco from New Knland !) and i Tylcrmcn. NOIiS-S9 locos, 13 (Southern) Whigs and 2 Ty ler men. Here, again, is another veto against wool : what protection is that to icon, which permits yam tocomo in under a low duty.' The ncxtqueslioti was on raising the duty on woolen and worsted mils, Blockings, drawers, and shirts, &c. AYKS 109 Whigs, C locos, (only ono loco from New I'ngland ac,ain !) 2 Tvlcr men. NOIJS-91 locos, It Southern Whigs, and 2 Tyler men. prove neyonu inc wnai win ue uic eneci u i chiidiii oocmcs iinnui .....m., ,iu wuvu i uvu nviuuu i y effectual way to of locofocoism '! It will encourage Yan ISmcii pud I , t coctiolu i'10Q .10 arc 0oscj to our pride and glory to bo dimmed this year ? i,u.,; il, .;,;.r Cilhoun and lho South lo push on with new vigor uu. uu .uu ojiium iu . I a j ,., , sustain me u in s. lllri. pI.m ,,t,oTjnii: They will say mat any such change in thcTariff.and who think I Shall lho impregnable lortiess which has t oSirni it afford, is not "loo high " ' withstood alike the bold assaults of tho bravo party clear llioy cannot elect their nvnrv vnlo which lliov rnst in Ynrmnnt 1 mr Imhislrv. All the locofocos abroad well under' counts against tho most decided anti-slavery I Mand that llio loeofuens ;of Vermont aro w-iih them- II... il.nn. nv,,,!. curl, vntn in i at least me loaucrs, una aro rcauv to go ior i,ai noun Jaior oj the slace power. Watchman. SHALL WE GO RACK ? Tho ono leading measure only which the whigs were able fully to establish a Protec tive Tariff lias been in operation less than a year, and tho honest locofocos aro conipell- Tho above is proof positive that tho Iicofo. cu to allow that it lias worked wonders for cos in Congress done all llioy could to " SAC- thu country broii'dit to us somu SaO.OOO,- RIHCh J HI'. IN I MIL hi of wool-grow- 000 0rs,,ucio revived business and is now ins?- .Locos liereabouls have the effrontery to ,,.,' ,. ,,., rnsln,.in (l,.,.,!n,l lv)l. o y j v o . i or any other tree iraae man, as ine case may i e. So then nicy win count every voie given ior me u co foco party as on llicir tide for a Repeal of the Tar On the other hand, every vole for lho Whig parly counts on lho side of I'rotcclton, and says lo lho free traders, hold stop savo our indutry our Tariff, and a loud voice on lilts ude in Yermoni will inlluence these men lo cca-o urging iheirybiciVit policy. Will enndid men nf tlio other party consent to tho sicrilicoT la not the independence aye, lho very sahatton of our state, n an agricultural State, worth the sicrillco of all party considerations I The new Tariff' is money in every man's pocket and is party worth moro than the general good moro lhan lho country? Oltcn no your papers aste you io turn out anu sup ....Mn ,1,, tt.n 'IV.Hr nfV.H.l ...... , ... ln ...i . n i : .i.. : 1 ct'i. and rodeemini! with incredib o rnmditv o.U, .nd ,ottl,o eanio pany in Congress made .l.o.cotm.ry Horn the wreck and ruin into, i;St!v ii no effort to make it better, nor would thoy con- which locofocoism had plunged it. All this ,int,ot' mcn,ber of Congress from Now Hamp- seni to us ucmg as proieciive as it is : : Now lot us look at sumo of tho Locofoco speeches, made when tho Tariff bill was before Congress, and seo if there is a' proof that that parly were against sacrilictug tho interests of Vermont. Wo havo room for only a few brief will go lho tXr-WIHJ TICKET us usual. (ty'N. B. Tlioso .ioco Focos who so gravely resolved al Esst.v. that they would pe tition to have the duly 01 1 Vool raised liighen will please forward ther petitions to Messrs. Alhcrtoii and Woodbu-y oi tho Now Hamp shire delegation, and request them, if they cannot conscientiously present the petitions themselves, to hand ticm over to Calhoun. old soldier of thu Ileiniitago and lho wily arts of the supple Magician wlio " followed in his footsteps," be iugloriously surrendered now to tho traitor " Captain" who acciden tally occupies their places? What Wiiia would not blush at such a result ? they havo to confess, yet thev aro willing for shire for ten icara past has voted for Protection. the sake of parly to undo the'Tarift'and send All their members in the last Congress voted against , . , , , . . .1 . e I l ie present Tariff, because, a they said, it gave loo us back again headlong into the votex from , 'i, .,rotCction. All of tbo present members aro of which we are rapidly rising. 1 he question comes home to us- Wlll wo to answer llio questions? Caledonian. extracts ; and first, what says Mr. Ilrown, who ,io ? Shall Vermont proclaim her voice in ns u-p linvn nlrnaHw nntiro.l ,imv.,l n ,....,., I condemnation of l'rolecllon ? Thoso nues- ment against protecting wool .' He said, lions wo shall decide at the polls, and how '(The argument had been, that it was necessary lo shall wo decido them? A Whig triumph "protect American labor that was what had been alone will bu an emphatic NO. A Loco- " paralyzed! but note it seems the American maun. enm ..:ri,,, ...III , ., nninti'iiu- YRS "faeturcr U lo be saerifictd. Ttl 1'IIOMOTJ: ,C0 UCl0r V, " ". l1" cn'l ll'"1- " Till: I.Wnill'.STs or Till: 'i:m,TUY he country will so look upon tbo result ol "S'lI.Ll'illlOWRlt. It is not ihe labor of ftiau our coining election. Aro the neople ready ...- '"""'""'. ' ";' 1 In nncti nr I in filinct "nan ueen sain mat proleciing iluticH wcro neeessa " ry, in consequence of the low price of labor in otli- l.SZrV"1':.! TUB DIFFKIIKNC12. "Such a Tanll'as ibis, his coiisiitiii.nis bn,l nni I While a few northern ir.ou in their profess "asked for, and would not ihnnk them fur. Dis-1 cd zeal for abolition, aro doing their Utmost to " guiscd as it might be, it iras but a eolf in them's dofcat anti-tlavery Whigs, and thus strengthen ..ttftjM ' '-""."-ess,it seems that in "mis measure" slavcholding Kentucky tho Whigs aru support- ing a professed enemy of slavery. Read the iojiow'iii : The Louisvillo (Ky.) Advertiser, a Iocofo:o paper, speaks of the Whig candidate for Con gress in that district : " Mr. 7"hotnasson, wo understand, in his " KST, u'ir than that vhiclt arose from duties laid I epocchon 7'iiosday evening, again avowed bis ...ltiy ,utu umyjur retinue. anti-sltiieru scntiinctits. and tone cd w t h scorn Mr. .Smith, a member of the same class any concealment of them. Ho even goes a f'.d I step further than we behoved (reckless as ho "I CONTEND THAT II' HHUI DI'TIF.S i,) ho would dare to do before any oulisrbtoned lie Ihe 'ous measure. Mr. moving an amendment against protecting wool, referred to above, said lie was "NOT IN FAVOR OF OIVINfi I'ROTF.CTION "TO.TIIR OROWKRS OK WOOL he teas NOT " IN FAVOR Oh" PROTECTION I O ANY INTF.R. "I contend Tli AT II' Hltui Di'TIF.S i,) ho would uaro to ilo before any oulightoi I! T.l ! 'V ooi n (ip FORTHK eoinniuuity of slavo-holdors in the country. UhNKHfOI I HI. WOOL CROW hit ,irta Blaied, wo arc crcdibally informed, that at "no duties, were iwvostd fur lite ituimait nf l ie (lac- .. .1 , . t .1 V i.mmeni. Tllf,,,Lr,i;Lii..i,.JiL.i,ir,nri.,.,. tuiio of the oxcil ing agitation oftho .Missi 'ernnient. " land. Ingland had ken taxed for lho wariii which "she hail. been engaged 1 and under lho most on- "nressive system lo lho rest of the naiion. the land. " holders had prawn rich. .Voir, it was contrary to me venius oj our gortrnmcm, la aaopt tueii a ys- iein as mis. 7'here, farmers, wool. growers of Vermont, is a real Uritish.deinacrat. 'Ho denounces the now tariff" because it will prevent a sacrifice of your interests, anil denounces you as nothing better than Ilritisb Lutd-holdcrs"! And filially, wo quote tbo following from a speech of Mr, Eastman, of New Hampshire, made while the tariff' bill was under discus, sion : "Sm,i.r.T MR nUl'RATIT, Till! I'ROTKCTIVP. "HYKIT..M IN nSSF..VIlAI.I.Y TIIK WHIO "8YSTBM. It i a point as which tiikv ahe "AH WBLL IP NOT IIKTTEIi TllVK UPOM ANV OTHBn, "While OPPOSITION TO Till". KYSTKM IS "O.VB OF TIIK CARDINAL PR1NCIIT.F.S OF "TIIK OIOIOCRATIC PARTY If Ho inurli for loco foco speeches ; and wo Question, ho was opposed on conMituticnal .'rounds, to her admission into tho Union, and still condemns tho policy and constitutionality of her reception into tho confederacy. Ho contin ues to allcdge his unequivocal hostility to tho admission of 7' among our sovereignties, with tho stigma if slavery on her escutcheon and in lino is about as thorough an abolitionist in theory as can bo found outside of the Libera, lor office or the Worlds Convention. If ho isn't a pretty loa.pot for a representative hi Congress from Old Kentucky, tee are no democrat." AT WORK l. Till: DARK I Wo havo heard and seen enough to satisfy 11s flint the locofocos, while many of ih leaders by da)ltglit nro nppnn miy 101c, ore uomg nil lliey possimy can heat lho Wings nl cvciy poinl, They will bo out few days beforo election, It is their policy llns vrnr lo opetnlo ill the dark fat fenrof Stirling up tin Whigs. To ineci them and de feat hem 11 is incumbent on W mi TO III.: I'M AND DOINO-TO RALLY FOlt THF. t'ONTKS'i iho smio oniuion. vet, whilohvnocriticallv professing lo be for protection theso samepapers ask you to vote tbn locofoco licket and thu join Vermont politically Willi New Hampshire. Aro you icily, wo ask again, for tho sacrifice 7 The ballot boxes will tell. Caledonian. THE YOUNG MEN. Tho young men of tho country aro almost all Whigs. We. cut thu following from tho Nashville (Tennessee) Republican, ono of the ablest Whig papers in tho Union. We commend the example to our own young men, nine tenths of whom will voto the Whig Ticket. The FinsT Fine or oca vocko Wiiios. It was 11 spirit stirring spectacle, yesterday, thu t of ihuband of ardent anil enthusiastic VOUI12 Whins who went up to the polls, lo exercise for ihe first'timo tho first linht nf American ciliieiislun tlio elective franchise. At Inlf pal ten o'clock, between 70 nnj 60 met nt thu First Ward, each bearing on his bteast an nppro. priatobadgo on which wcio inscribed lho following words "First Firoof lho Young Whigs of 1843." Thence lliey marched in procession around the Square and formed in column nl the Court House to depos its their voles, where lliey were received with three cheers. It wasnnimaling to behold lho (lower of tho city ihe young men who nro hereafter to maintain and pcrpciunlo the ascendency of Whig Principles tin- llllizill ill nils Blliiliuii imimm hilii uvtuiiun iu inu great cause, upon the triumph of which, wo sincerely believe, depend dip hberiy nml prosperity of tho American Pei plc. .YotiriWe Republican. VrC.Ai ieor.9. Just previous 10 the election ill this county last yenrit wnn loudly proclaimed by T. Mart let!, jr. I'.sq. of Lyndon 10 u large audience, in ibis town, mat llio 1 mill 0111 men just pusseu w nuiu in ertnso tbo nrico of Calicoes 100 percent and ho lulJ lho people present llinl as lliey snouiu go 10 me store to buy French calicoes for llicir wives and daughters lliey would bo compelled In pay lho additional tax becauso of Ihe new Tariff'! And now how is it 7 lively man present nml every man who lias Ikiiil'IiI calico for lho last six months has bought 11 TWUN TY PI R (JJJN'T (JIIU.U'F.ll. and of lho same qual ity dial ho did before lho new TnrifT. So 111 relation lo almost every niliulo protected by ibis Tariff'. This was used nsan argument against Iho Whig policy and ngninstlho Whigs. Who were right, tho whigs or lo. rofoens, and wuh which parly is it for ihe interest of lho people 10 go 7 Caledonian. VERMONT LOCOFOCOISM. Just before tho election tho Loco Foco presses iu this Stato scold most lustily be cause we charge them with being hostile to tho doctrine of PRO'IECTION. Wo ask the intelligent FARMERS in this part of Vermont to judge fron tlio record whether wo misrepresent them or not. Tho follow ing is an extract from tho Vermont Patriot, the most influential Loco Foco paper in tho State. DIRF.CT TAXATION! "Wn believe DIRF.CT TAXATION to bo THF. ONLY F.OUAL AND JUT 3IODH OF St P. POKTINO TUB NA'llONAL GOVERNMENT." 17. Patriot. "Most people want irolcction a protective Tariir. " Do thev w ant it for themselves or others'! Are thev "nuilo suro that it is the wool-grower, and not tho "manufacturer, wdio is loitoht to bo nrotectcdr And "if llieinaiiufactuter.areall who buy willing to bo taxed "25 ner cent, more than thev now nav. lor nuro lov "of country to protrci lho rich capitalist'! And if "lho WOOL-OROWF.R, ARK ALL OTIIF.R CLAS "SF.S WILLING TO IIF. TAXED TO PUT MO NEY IN HIS POCKLTI IS THIS EOUAI "RIGHTS? II devolves upon Ihe advocates of (Ins "system to show tha: such is not its operation, for "THEY CERTAINLY CANNOT JUSTIFY IT. Vt. I'atrtot. The following is from tho fcfBurlington Sentinel. HOW THF. SYSTEM WORKS. " Wo would direct attention to nn article in another "column, headed "English Operatives." It shows a "melancholy picluro of lho condition of ihe producing "classes, in n country wiiero me same iinancini sy. "Icm obtains which tlx (rust it is onniirrb to mnkn Fanners, Wool-grow. 1 WITH W F.NKItfJY. Two w. 1U era, sincere friends of protection, speak on tlo "" "1 which 10 do ihii.-Ca;H.n)i. 7 V. acts. Tracts, purporting to bear tho char nrtcrof abolition tracts, aro in circulation in Vermont; but they smoll monstrously strong of Jocolocoism, anu pans ni incir couienis nro simp ly ropriulH from tho locofoco papers. They nro evidently designed, uiidor tho false guise they wear, to aid locofncpiein, indirectly at least. .Somo oftho protended (acts as Mated, aro no torioustv false. Cat' ''" iw lefederai pnrly in (his country "nro zealously striving (0 cngralt upon our insiuuiioiis, " Rend also. 111 connection, die iirticle which follows. " showing llio tendency and lho certainty thai the same "causes will produce the same effects here which wo "witness in Encland, Never forgel, (hat England is "n country ol TARIFFS. CORPORATIONS, nnu MONOPOLIES. Thtre lho Inbonni? man is PRO iTi.-r'TP.n AO IIN'ST TIIEINTllODrCTION OI' "DRAIN AND ALL MANNER OF FOREIGN " MANUFACTURED OR OHOWIM ARTICLES. N'D STARVATION. MISERY AND DEATH ni ',i!l'i:)V "Ol'UNCi:. THF. FEDERAL " WHIGS IN THIS COUNTRY DKSIRE TO " PURSUE A LIKE COURSE. LIKE CAUSES 1 nitmiri'i.'. 1.1KK i '.i;i. iii.ivaui'. "AMERICAN PR01)UCi:US.".-;;riHi'lori Sen I111W. Wo will noxt inlroduco to our roaders an nrticlo from lho chaslo and classical editor of lho Spirit of the Age. Road it Lumens iiwi.n believes lint tins rrv of PROTECTION "From tlio Government is fur ihobenclU oF Iho f.irmcr "and tho incchnuic J Thcsyslem which tbeso PRO "TEOTIONISTS would establish utnongus is lho "EiicIkIi svbiein. "The SYSTEM THAT 1IUILDS POOR HOU. "Ki:s AND FILLS THEM UP WITH PAUPERS, " I HE VERY .SYSTEM THAT FILLS CITIES "WITH VAGAllON'DS. STARVING MENDI "CANTS, R011IIF.RS AND MIDNIGHT ASSAS "SIN'''. The viry sysutn ibat builds up disiiuc PARTICULAR NOTICE. We republish (ho following hy request. JOHN SMITH. At tho Loco Foco district convention, which was held in the Court House, in this town, on tho Stli of August, 1S43, Mr. Sen ator SMALLEY introduced the following resolution which was unanimously adopted. " Itcsolred. Thai wo have' 1'f rfect confidence 111 lho POLITICAL PR1NC PLES.E integrity and talent of tho Hon. John Snii I', and pledge ourselves, each and all, 10 use all fair and huuoiable e.xcrltons to secure his election to Congress." At a "democratic" district convention, held al tlio Court House, in this town, in August, 1S31, an address was unanimously adopted which contains tlio following para graph, and Cy-DAVID A. SMALLEY, ESQ.,. was the consistent gentleman who wiotu it. q n n n n n "Hp. Mfr. Smith', belomrcd lo tlio old I'deral "party, was lho oiinonfii: and RKVILER of .' L r, l .lr.oH-iho STRF.NUOUS OPPO.-ER "OF THE LAST WAR. and found exerting all Im "influence to thwart the government in the present, an,.,, nr:t. nml if we may iudeetrnm his nastpohti "cat course, lie lias noi iiiscarucu me principles uy " which ho was men govcrncu. Such was John Smith in the unanimous opinion of a " democratic " district conven tion in 1S3-1. And yet tlio Loco Focos of this district have declared unanimously that thev havo perfect confidence in his " PO LITICAL PRINCIPLES!" Minix.KiiuitY CoMMBNCEMUNT. This lit erary festival was celebrated on Wednesday of last week. The collego societies held their anniversary celebrations on thu day previous, and Mr. Mausii, of this town pro nounced nn oration beforo 0110 of them. Of tho character of his addicss tlio Middle- bury People's Press speaks as follows : "Tho Hon. Gr.onoEP. Mausii, of Burlington. livere.1 an address before llio Plnloinaiho-ian society, wholly inigmnl 111 i!s conception, anu uesigncu 10 ue hueate lho dtelinctive irons of the Gothic ami Roman races combined iu tho English character, which he conlraslcd wuh dial of our own puritan fathers, con templating llio lallir as a noble improvement upon lliatofournngluHixon progenitors. His performance displayed deep thought, extensive research, a Ihor oiigkiinwlcdgoof lho basis of our free and happy in slimlions, nud llioso high lilirurv nlluiuineiiU which within afow years hato placed him among the ripest scholars of New England." The Rev. llrxcucn, 1). 1). also delivered an address of A'hicli tho People's Press spruks in high terms. Tlio gradua ting class consisted of eight young gentlemen. from New Yoik City, and SON IN LAW OF C. P. VAN NHSS, said " He trusted cien if llio tariff' bill became a law at " litis session, IT WOULD HE SHORT LIVED; " that the next Congress would bo a DEMOCRAT "IC, FREE TRU1E Congress, which WOULD "REPEAL THE HILL." Next wo present a paragrapli from a speech of IRA A. EASTMAN one of the most rabid Locos from tho New Hamp shire Delegation. This speech has been prodisrousry puffed by tho New Emiland Loco papers. " Sin. let me REPF.AT IT, THE. PROTECTIVE "SYSTEM IS ESSENTIALLY AND VIRTUAL " LY THE WHIG SYSTEM. It is a toint on "which thev are as well ii-not setter i-vited 'Tins ri'o.v anv other; while OPPOSITION TO "Till". SYSTEM IS ONE OF THE C MIDINAL "PRINCIPLES OF THE DEMOCRATIC PAR " TY. ! 1 1" Tho following is from CHARLES J. IN GERSOLL'S speech. Ingersoll isa Loco member of the House from Philadelphia, and is the man who once boasted that he would have been a TORY if ho had lived iu (he days of the Revolution ! "Tm., Hill (speaking of tho Tariff 1 W ILL BE A "SHORT LIVED ONE IF IT PASSES; THE NEXT Cl.VORESS WILL DE DEMOCRATIC, ANU "will KM'EALIT!" Oh! most gloiious friendship for the (E7W0OL GROWERS. Verily, verily, tho hoco tocos ilo lovo 1'rotcction to use as a gull-trap! Hul it will catch precious few votes in Vermont. f7Rr.viv.u, oc Business. The New York Commercial of Saltiiday, in ils nolico of tlio money market, has the following rc maiks: "Ilushioss generally continues to improve, and prices of most articles of mer chandise arc firm. Tho activity of business has not yet occasioned any increased de mand for inonoy. On tho contrary, the sup ply is if possiblo more abundant. It is cer tain that tho resources oftho community arc very much within their control and it is pro bable that a larger than ordinary share of business is dono for cash. Should tho im provement in business bo equal to what seems now generally expected, an iucicascd inqui ry for monoy will doubtless arise. Somo of the banks anticipate being able to obtain a higher rato of interest in October or Novem ber, and hence prefer loaning at short dates, but unless cxcliango should advance so as to occasion considerable shipments of specie, wo do not look for any material change dur ing llio current year." Oh ! this odious Whig Tariff". Surely it ought to bo repealed. MR. ADAMS AT PITTSFIELD. When Mr. Adams arrived at Piltsfield, lie was received iu a very handsome man no r by tho citizens, and addressed by the Hon. Georgo N. Rriggs, the Whig candi date for Govcnor. In reply Mr. A. refer red to the scenes of hiscaily youth, and the inlluence they exerted on his mind. Among oilier things ho said; " In 177o, tlio nil nuto men from a hundred towns in tho prov ince wcro inarching at a moment s warning, lo the sceno of opening war, many of them called at my father's houso in Quincy, (then Ilraiiiticu,) and received tho hospitality of John Adams. All were lodged in the houso that could bo ; others in tho hams and vthorovcr they could find a place. Thero was then in my father's kitchen, snwc or two of pewter sjioans, and 1 well recol lect going into tho kitchen and seeing somo of tho men engaged f running those spoons into bullets for the use of the troops. Do you wonder," said ho, " that a boy of seven years of ago, who ilnusscd ibis scene,should lo a paliiol !" Kkntuckv. Here the Whigs were divi ded. In several of the congressional Dis tricts they run two candidates against ono Loco Foco, and as a plurality elects, tho consequence has been the success of more Locos than usual. Tho delegation is said to bo equally divided 5 Whigs and 5 Locos. The Legislature and the popular voto are, however, both strongly Whig. If our Whig friends are not satisfied with the general complexion of the Southwestern elections, lliey must be hard to please. NO PROTECTION "The Democrats. wb - - -- '- higher tariff' than is simply sufficient jar rev enue purposes, in strict conformity with an economical administration of the finances, are acting for what they judgo lo be for tho best interests oftho whole country."-ArorA Star. "A reienuo sufficient lo meet ihe wants of the Gov ernment is indispcnsiblo ; and this should be raised by a tariff upon import, impartial in its operations, bear. ing as far ns practicable equally upon every interest, and strictly confined to the purposes o'rei tauc.''-Paul Ditlinirham Jr. This is the doctrine of Vermont locofoco ism : a Tariff' for revenue simply NO DU TIES FOR PROTECTION. And what is a Revenue Tariff'? We answer in tho lan guage of the locofoco candidate for Vice President Levi Woodbury, Senator from New Hampshire, "Ho vindicated iho views which ho had heretofore thrown out in regard lo I lie rates of duties un im ports ; A DUTY OF TWENTY PER CENT, was high enough, in his opinion, in proportion lo the whole value of property in ibis country, which had been staled nt four thousand millions. He had urged that TWENTY PI-.R CENT, WOULD AFFORD A SUFFICIENT REVENUE, taking back Ihe lands, and including articles uow free." Snctcli on th$ TariJ', Aug.2, 1812. And Senator Wright of New York, Mr. Van Huron's rigid hand man hear him " Mr Wright said ho was not sure that the 20 per cent., with the land revenue, would not be sufficient for the expenditures of tho government" Speech. Marchi,lSVl. ' A revenue Tariff means, twenty per cent, duties, then not HALF SO HIGH as the present Tariff'! If this is what tlio locofocos call " bettor ptotcction to wool," we havo only to say that it is just no protection at all. Watchman. Rumcmiier, that but ono of all tin locofo co members of Congress from New England voted for the Tariff of last year. They all voted against it becauso it givei Protection to the farmer, the mechanic and working man oftho Free Stales. Rr.Mi-.MHun, that when they got the power they threatened to Repeal tho Tariff", because thoy say, it affords too high Protection to American Industry. Rkmemdek, that the effect of this Tariff' thus far has been to bring inlo tho country $30,000,000 of specie to set a trousano spindles in motion to send agents all over the country with casli in hand to buy up all tho wool and to givo an impetus to the busi- ncss of tho country, and in scattering money in all directions which will benefit all classci and trades. Tho National Intelligencer has an excel lent article on tho subjoct oftho "prospect ahead," Tho remarks of tho Intelligencer aro full of tho sound senso which has always characlcrized the course of that paper, and wo wisli it were convenient lo copy them en tire into our columns. This however, is not tlio caso. Wo content ourselves with tho following extract : " For ourn hea wo have not tho least doubt that ihe Whig Party is at Ibis moment stronger thou it 'a fuui yeaisago; moro powerful becauso more nulled and compacted I and heller prepared than event has been for conflict Willi us adversaries, because smnia. led by iho double motive of redressing injury whiclut has itself sustained, and accomplishing good for Ihe counliy. Wo look forwnid, ihcn, with elifcrful and nbidiug confidence lo n iclory Sot the Ing- in ISq. vember, 1811, hardly inferior m bnlhaneo and deci tivcness io which it won m November, 1810. Wc do not now doubt, and wc nocr have doubled of tliu lefiul

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