Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 1, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 1, 1843 Page 2
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corruptions of her Courts, and tlio lawless pira cy uf dor naval commanders. !). Resolved, That we view tfin late commu nications from the British Minister to our 12xo. euttvo as a full manifestation that his Govern ment, readies of a'l considerations of justice, will persist in her unjust and oppressive system, omiiij uujirucuvo 10 our commerce aim uorog story to our rights ns an independent nation. 1. Resolved, That unless the British Gov crnment shall immediately abandon her unjust commercial restrictions, mike amplo reparation for her unlawful aggressions upon the proporty mid citizens of the United Slates restoro our captive seamen, and make full atonement for their long and laborious confinement, that a longer forbearance in our government would bo a base surrender of the rights of the nation, in opposition to the sentiments and feelings of the great body of the American people ; and that nothing short of nu ACTUAL DECLARA TION OF WAR will satisfy a people indig nant at seeing their rights disregarded and gov. crnment insulted. And wo here pledge our. solves to our government and to the world, that as we love peace, so wo iovo indepondenco and liberty in the inaititcnatico of which we are ready to resign our lives and our fortunes and that, at.thu call of our injurod country wo will draw the sword with the spirit of freemen, and never return it until justice is satisfied. 0. Resolved, 7'iiat the conduct of anv for eign power, disposed to excite the merciless t.uages to war upon our unoflending citizens, excites in our breastr, feelings of tho utmost honor and indignation ; and wo do most sin cerely mingle our tears with the widow's and orphan's of the hemes who fell upon the Wa hash, bravely defending their country against British atrocity and savage barbarity. Lastly, Resolved, That a copy of the forego, ing resolution, signed by the Chairman and Kccrotary, be transmitted to the Hon. James Fish, our Representative in Congress from the Northeastern District ol Vermont, vvhoao con duct in our national councils wc highly appro bate, and also thsllilio copies be transmitted to the editors of tho Nortn $lar and Vermont Re publican, for publication. ISAIAH FISK, Chairman. Wm. A. Om.swou). Soc'y. , Danville, Jan. 11, 1812. From ihc North Star, July 1. 1312. BRIGADE ORDERS. Information having arrived that a declaration of war has patFod both Houses of Congress against tho King of Great Britain, and it being considered thai this Ilng.ido includes a large frontier country, scantily inhabited, and that (nose settlers wlio are in remote and lonely pla ccs may bo subicct to the ravages of the cnemv. and perhaps immediately require the aid of some part ot tliu militia ot the lirigade under my oinmand : and considering also that at this in teresting period of our public concerns, it is ol the highest importance that the military force of me country siiouiil Do arrayed in the best man nor our resources will enable us to do: it is deemed proper to have the several regiments in this Brigade reviewed at an earlier period than has bucn usual, it being expected that the oili ccim and soldiers will cheerfully submit to this partial inconvenience, tho reasons for tho mca sure being thus laid before '.hem. It ishorcfnro ordered that the several Reci incuts bl'tbo !ld Brigado and '1th Division of the militia of this Slate, bo reviewed on the regi mental parades, in the order and on the days following, to wit: the first, commanded by Col. John Rankin, on Monday the 1,'lth tho third, under tho command of Col. Levi Stevens, on Tuesday, tho Mlh iho fifth, commanded by Maj. Rufus Stuart, on Wednesday the 15th tho second, commanded by Cul. Edward Filield, on Thursday, thu lGtli and tlio fourth, comman ded by Uul. Kbenr. S. Bailey, on the 17th of Ju ly ne.t. And tho Brigadier General does most express ly recommend to the commanding officers of the respective regiments, to cause to be impressed upon tho officers and soldiers under their com mand, the absolute necessity of having the arms which they do possess in the best possible state of preparation for actual use. It is also further recommended to haio tlio town magazines ex amined, mid tlio laiv unforced against delin quents, and further, it is advised that the com manders regiments recommend it to their captains to endeavor to cause every sol dier to keep himself supplied witli gome portion of ammunition, and especially with balls suited to the calibre of his musket. J. MATTOCKS, Brig. Gon. Dated at Peachatn iioth of June, 1812. TRUI3 DIJMOCRACY-KUUAL RIGHTS. The following is seasonable. It is taken from u speech of Gen. Mattocks, delivered in tho constitutional convention of '36. Among these nrsnilants, tho gentleman from Wen I'airlce, (Mr. Nilcs,) seems to be tho most conspicu ous. Itc seems to supposes that there is a constoracy even in this honorable body, between aristocracy and wealth, to palm a Senate upon tho democrats and the pour lie calls upon tho democracy of this cenvenlinn 10 rnny qihi resist tms ciicroacumriit upon ineir privi leges; mid to show that ho utters the cry in good faith ho has declared " that be is a democrat that he tuck ed in democracy (horn his mother's breast)" and the gentleman from Roynllon, (Mr. Collnmcr.) who intro duced tho resolution, nut being willing to leave his op- Sonent on the vnntnee ground in this particular, bia ecn pleased to Bay " that he was rocked in the cradlo of Liberty.", Thcso declarations have mado me also pregnant with an nmliiiinn to announce tho patriotism or my birth. Sir, I was horn tho4th of March, 1777, quite as soon alter the declaration of Independence as was decent and cosistcnt with havimr no Colonial blood in my veins. Hut because tlio United States of .North America selected my birth day for the fedcrcl government to commence, forsooth I must he colled n Federalist, an. I ranked among Ihc aristocrats, as if I was to Maine Tor this unsolicited comnlinicnt. Sir. my lifu has been as republican as my birth i I have always been aucmoeral not a noiyuny, out an cvory day and practical democrat; my habits and associa tions have been with and among the people) from them 1 have received many favors, for which 1 am nrateful. and to them I would anolv in nrcferenco to anv other bodv of men if mora were wanted i their voice, their vote, is as pleasant to inc, (which perhaps is saying loo mucii,j ns tnoso wno torcver prcacn their nrn'hM. If I wished to relax from hard study. and have a little genuino fun, (as the most grate will owiu tiiuiL's uu. i i wuuiii ku iu u simu uii a rauiv unr. and Inlk of matters and things with the people as they drop it thero will be found shrewdness and repartee in us uauve Keenness anu me poor, wnom tneecn ucmcn seems especially concerned lor, orn among those people for whom I have shown an equal regard. i oo not speoK ot iiDcrauty totnem: a i.oro might rido in his coach and scatter gold among the poor, which would ho cenerosit v. but have no touch of de mocracy : besides tho rules of political boastins do not allow a man, (or at least it lias not been done here) to sing his own praise, only as to those matters that have cost him nothing, nut in matters ol intercourse with them never overtake n man with a pack with out asking him to ride, if thero is room t never meet an old acquaintance without saying how faro you, or somo worn ot rccnrnii on : cat not- uck wun ant n reel man, ask my poor neighbor to my table, and what is more, accent their invittions and go to their tables : and this is pint what every body docs in our part of llto iatc, wncrr, men, uues nris'ocrncy owen r nut HiitohiooTflnhv and banter aside, whv has the gentle man from West Fairlec indulged himself so frsely in denouncing men of wealth, and endeavoring to array the ponr anamst the ncn I 1'ocs no minis 10 compu merit this Hnuso by supposing a majority of its mem' lipra nri nnnnr-rs'l I know not that there arc any such men in this body, if there are let them speak for themselves; but for tho men of substance, of which this convention is chiefly or entirely composed, every ono ought to pro test ntriinst such denunciations. Men of property and men of no properly have and ought to have equal riehts to olc and to bu voted for. and to cniov cverv other political and civil privileges this is equably, this is democracy. What, would the gentleman deter men from being industrious and economical, by ren dortns it odious for a man to have mote property than his neighbors 1 Is this moral, is this statesmanlike? He who is born lo an estate, may, if he pleases, spend his time in literary or other leisurc,but ho who has no patrimony or other property, and docs not attempt by honest industry in some lonn to acquire property, as a provision against Ficknris or old age, is a Isiy rascal ond should bo desni'cd by every industrious man. Sir, it is proper. It H laudable, for every one tc nrnuire what Dionerlv he can. consistent will, hones. ty and with humanity; and beastly must be the spirit of him who in health will be idle with nothing laid up for a wet dav, when the limo of need comes, as come it will, must be cast imon t hccharitvof Iricnds. or the Iconl humanity of a noor house. It is not the voice of enlightened patriotism to cry out against wealth, for in this state nt least, where it isposscssea, it nas gen ernllv been obtained hv Ion" ana untiring industry in soinc lawful cnllinir. accompanied by good fortune, or more properly i-puaMiig, so orucrra uv nn overruling I'rotidenc". and when employed, if properly used, is a blessing and not a curse 10 community, ucmocra cy, when properly understood, has no such absurdity to he laid lo its charge, as its avowed friends here would fix upon it. The interpretation of the word when not used as mere slang, is not equal property, thereby malting the spendthrift equal wun tneccono LOCO DECEPTION Our Whig friends are not aware perhaps, of the unwearied pains tauen liy the Loco tocos to create the impression that the coming election is not of much importance so far as the question of tho ti.rifT is concerned. That the Presiden tial Election is tho time, when the merits of the question are to bo put to the test. We wish to undeceive those who may listen to such a syren song to lull them to sloop. 7'iio truth is, that while the Loco leaders wish to keep tins question out 01 sight, it is me question that must bo settled alter all. Is Vermont for itfijmgmm jij.hi i ''-r For Governor, JOHN MATTOCKS. For Liicut. Governor, HORACE EATON. For JOHN Treasurer, SPAIJMNG. FOR CONGRESS, GEORGE P. MARSH, FOR SENATORS CHITTENDEN COUNTY. David Read, Luther Stone. FOR SENATOR GRAND ISLE COUNTY, Wallis Mott. FOR TOWN REPRESENTATIVE, mist, but eaual riehls. thereby giving every msn an equal ond fair chance to obtain wealth, honor, or of fice, according to his individual merit and capacity. A democrat owning ono cow, or one farm, docs not become an aristocrat hecauso from his earnings or his savings he buys another cow or onother farm. Sir. the doctrino that hns been thrown out and reite rated here upon this topic is rndical, and in my view mischievous, whether preached ncrc or eisewncre. Washington Inviso. The Paris correspondent of the Washington Intelligencer, speaking ol the aiiairs of Spain, gives sonic particulars as lo the health ana position of Mr. Irving, the American Minister to Mad rid. He says that diiect intelligence had been re ceived from him, and that tin "had so far recovered from the malady with which ho was confined for sev eral weeks, as to he able to psss day abroad on his feet and in his carriage, observing the popular excite ment and the preparation for defence. He felt not tho least onnrchensions for himself: Indeed, even the Uritish Indies looked lo his hotel for refuge in case of an ass'ilt Iroin the troops nt the gates. I he cry with out was 'Death to tho F.nghsh-ayacuchosl' as it had been on the former revolution. 'Death to the Ftench- ified Snaniirds!' The vonnir Omen and her sister would gladly hive put themselves under the shelter ot the American Legation, rather than remain expos ed in tin- palace as a prize to the victors in a desparato street allray. My inlorinani mentions that the only American whom ho knew to bo in Madrid, and often wilh Mr. Irving, was Mr. Sumner, of Boston, a gen tleman distinguished for personal merit and extensive travil. Mr. Hamilton, of the legation, was absent in tho 1 yrenccs." Tvlcwsm. There is no word there can be tio lanlt that protect lier woo'eii inlercl, or v,'"i 'mrnted v.lnch, by association or application, is she not ! Let the Ijcos carry iho state and ' c,in eM,rl?S!, to tlio people br the United States so fully immediately frm Maine (o Geo-or, the s'h'out I t0 c,f"tt """j1'10 meanness of an act, as .. (r ,. IU "e..M, "ic snoui this word-Tylerinn. Il embraces all the degrees of miffs up Irom Ihc Loco Journals. Vemmni tmu ' ,,.,.i..,. r.i.- . .-. .n -............, ub.LiHiK inium i in i, mi. uiiu uniiiai 1 11 lutiiiucs an repudiated the tarif). It wi 1 o mnrotoHtrnmnli. I the siirrnfioatioin of hn'miiesfl -orduf'vilf and menu en Free trade party, than though South Caroli-' "Tresses to tho mind all that can be conceived of ua should forever go Free trade. And the rea-1 ,lllll'lu'V" ""'"-'i httlcness out of office, littleness in .on is obvious eiiomr , ilmrn.intr,. ..,. n.... i - .. circle , it cnaracierizes on act wmcii orouses i ....... ' , , - . I";'-"' the indignation, tho contempt, and Ihc scorn of every poiiui Carolina win always obey J. C. Gal. honest mail) il shutsout the idcaof every sortofoood Iioiiii, ami sool; to destroy tho tarif): While I remote, pnseni, or past; it applies to everything ill the other hand, it is expected that Vermont 1 wanton, disgraceful and dishonorable; it signifies that win sustain mat policy mat susta in her nlrr. i ' "et - which a inonai ue um or in ouiur worus, mat bhe will tuttain the tanu". Tho question then arise, what course will go to sustain the tariff! Certainly not lo vote for those who go for its destruction. ,Hut, says an objector, do vuu mean hv ilnV in My that the Locofocos are oppose.! to a tarilK!-' rum V Vei wc do ! And all tho aUerlinns they ,iy -""""'""J .,. a.... ,,. uiut-umniry, umysiiow umir oaro la. i un inious rmf it'n .i-rl.,- l,.. . 1 , 1 i.i.i"ww. .... ....j, ,,..ii iinijf m,imu piuugsu to sup. part Cilhoun for President if he receives the nomination of their party. It is tho duty of eve. ry freeman of Vermont to candidly riinaidcr these tilings. We care not to what party lie j ing would or could commit, and the very list thing tout it man nouiu line lo db inaentilieil Klin) it IS something disreputable, whether regarded in iho ab stract or iho conrrcie, and covers the act and tlio ac tor nil over wilh disgrace, making him a moral leper. As lilt, tjlillin rori' K, i, it ia lhal tiling I which 'is death to any ono who willingly receives it." airiof. SoniRTY ATTACKKD HV A LOCOKOCO EDITOIt. In PRIDAV MORNING, Sr.PT. 1, 1813. belonss. It is hisdutv bk a well wisher toliiiu self, his fninily, his friends, his community, his town. Iik". ilm Nation! No freemen can liikn uf lux rusoonsibilitv ill this matter. To kiav nav from thu polls does by no means re linve him from his responsibility in thu case. And the only way he can dischargo his duty is to vote for tho?o men who openly before the people stand pledged, yes, pledged to sustain a tanir, protective in its naltiro and ellects. l).i the L'icos stand thus pledged ! No ! Do the Whigs stand pledged to carry out and sustain ulio tartll that will protect the wool grower .' Yes! Freemen which will you choose 1 It is for you to decide. Agitato the question, at hunio and abroad, (let light, and ceatlcr light. Inform yourselves, that you tiny inform those who tako hut littlo pains to inform thi'insalves. Talk right, act right, and vote right, and Ver mont is -afe ! 1'eajile's Press. Married, in Wisconsin Territory, James Heam, lo Mis -Suau Mo.u. Thi is anoiher illustration of the fitness of thiiu;t. Mr. Heam got a Miat in hit cm. .Miss got u JItam'mhtr eve. Mr. II. could'nl iihick the Moat out of his eye, Miss Moat could'nt lake tho Jicani out "flier eye. , Hero was a deleiiinn, the case was ursunt fciuiiethint! must undone, Mr. I'e.nnfelt bad -Mi-s Mo.U Ml bad, and at lusl liny cailej iu the parton, who expounded the whole mutter in a manner at once thu Hunt conclusive and sathfactor. Uo il mad jinoiiy! 3J"Wu perceive from the l'lattshurgh Ho publican,.that nn inn has buju fortned for the purpose f adopting suitable measures In or. gaiuzd a new sti sitiboat association on Lake C'hampljin. Tlie following persons wero ap. pointed trusteoa lo receive subscriptions fur the coii!truc.ti(m,of the bm'i: i-iwrenco Vayns, of I'latUburgh t John C. Harn monj, f.'.nuii I'.iintj Caleb 1). Iiarlon, Kcesevillo j John II. Hoy I. Whitelnll) S.iuiutl Wcad, Mulono) Joiij". (', Ilian, 'IVoyj tlideon I.alhrop, Albany) auc'll. Sm.t' New York; Mac Nye, lUrluig l it'll Ad ime. Veiginnes) S. si. ICcyts, lttgligaiei livi s. A Jiamuiouti, urwcl t ' I bl o jio S ' '.t'llp ii Iho " Spirit of tho Ago" a newspaper published by U. ti. r-astman, nt ,,uuubiuui, uuu .v, 1S40) among much slung, the following specimen of slanderous venom against a religious denomination. '' We have no noeiT that thbCalvisistChvuch, asa boiiv, Ane deaiilv ofpoedtoth hincih-is Or DEMOCBACV ANP THAT THEI 0!?0SK THEM BITEE S11NA1 ELY AND STEAPUV." Krom tlii" paragraph it would seem thai Loco Fo coism soiuclimea throws off its mask and shows its disgusting shape and loathsome featuresand we havo pupame cvtuencs oi a spirit aurosa which pruinpicu the l.oco I'oco editors to attack even Christianity it si If! I In fact, certain Loco Focos, with the immor tal Chapman at their head, oncn gave such an infa mous toast ns this: "CUrislianili and the Hanks both on their latt lest." li mu sertous-imuucil voier, wu siy, luuntciiuncv no such spirii as Mr. Kristninn, betrayed in his Loco Foco newspaper. I!y all means put on end to the ex istence of that parly which wishes to gain political eminence by abusing religion and laboring lo bring religious denominations into dierrnnte. Hv all means frown unnn such a spirit as the Cnanman loast would betny. Vote for him only who upholds the causa of I lleligion anil iriue, and lias no connection with that Loco I'oco pirty whose respect for public opinion can not prevent it from attacking a religious denomination. I ranUtn .iHtsencer, TO ABOLITIONISTS. The Loco Foco papers, in different parts of the Slate, are denouncing JOHN MAT TOCKS, with great bitterness nntl ferocity, because lie is an AH0L1TI0N1ST. It is true that Gen. M. is nn abolitionist of the most inflexible. and uncompromising charac ter. Ho never has concealed his senti ments on the subject of the accursed system of slavery. Ho has always proclaimed liis abhorrence of it on every snitablu occasion. Ho closed a letter to his constituents, Inst winter, declining a rcnomination, ns a Can didate for Congress, with the following hold and manly sentiment. "Finally, inn v the nil-wise brio", wbocontro's the "destiny of nations, protect and perpetuate our free "institutions: and mav llic God of Heaven hasten the " lime when SLA VKRV shall exist only in tho IN- "FKRNAL HICG10NS, tthtro it originated, and "where it is illlhcled for CHIMF, nnd not for COL "Oil." JOHN MATTOCKS. This languago is certainly explicit ciioul'Ii -to justify tho Loco Focos in charging Gen eral MATTOCKS with being an AIIOLI TIONIST. But is this a sufficient reason why lie should not be elected Governor of Vermont? Will the honest and consistent friend's of ll'e LIBERTY party ait quietly by and sec the Loco Focos ride rough shod over Gen. M. because ho has always bcon an ABOLITIONIST ? If so uo have greatly mistaken their temper and spirit. Tho Spirit of tho Ago says Mr. Kellogg, the Loco candidate for Governor, denires no Abolitionist to vote for Aim. We presume not. ns it is Generally known that Kellogg is opposod to abolition, root and branch. Ho j would not bo likely tncreiore to cxpeci - olitionists to support lum for Governor. We shall see, however, whether Gen. MAT TOCKS is lo be put down in Vermont, bo- cause, in the language of the Loco Focos, h U In ' ULTRA ABOLITIONIST I" INFAMOUS. The Spirit of the Ago, a prominent Loco oco paper printed at Woodstock in this State, mid owned and conducted by tho Ty ler Post Master at nthat place, is making it self utterly infamous by its reckless assaults pon General Mattocks and his family. Not satisfied with the atrocious libels It has uhlislicd against tlio General himself, its ditor has sacrilegiously invaded tho domes tic circle, ond, shamelessly violating every principle of decency, lias sought to brand with infamy Mrs. Mattocks and her ehll- Ircn! Tho unscrupulous calumniator who controls that paper, without the least parti- lt; of evidence to justify him in his course, lias boldly asserted that General Mattocks nd tlio lady with whom he has lived for moro than thirty years, irtticHcrer bctntnar- icd ! Nor was this monstrous slander ut tered carelessly or hastily, in a moment of po- ttcal excitement. It was the product of the cool, ueliticrate, malicious liliellcr. it was put forth, and has been thrice repeated, not only without tlio least particlo of evidence to sustain it, but against the clearest and most convincing proof of its utter falsity. In tho first place iho Loco Foco papers which are published in his own neighborhood, had ad mitted that General AI. was a man of irre proachable character in his private life. Would this admission havo been mado by such papers as the Vermont Patriot, and tho North Star, both leading Loco Foco journals, and next door neighbors of Gen. M. if tho in famous assertion of tho editor of the Ago had been true 1 In tho next place Gen. Mat

tocks had oftun been a candidate for office and had uniformly been sustained by a large majority of the pcoplo of his own county, though they were politically opposed to him, and his own town, on one occasion, had sus tained him for a high and responsible office, with but one dissenting vote ! And the last time ho run for Congress, (three years ago) he was elected in a district which, the vear before, had given over thirteen hundred Lo co Foco majority ! Such was tlio man against whom tlio reckless libeller of the Ago opened his batteries. Nor is this all. Mrs. Mat tocks, who is equally a sufferer wilh her hus band, from this infamous Loco Foco false hood, is known to somo of the most respec table families iu this place as an estimable la dy, a devoted and exemplary christian. For nearly twenty years she has been a member of tho Methodist Episcopal church, and has adorned her profession by devoted piety.' She has a son, (tlio Rev. Mr. Mattocks, of Kocsovillo) who is known in this town as a liglily respectable clergyman of tho Calvinis- tic Congregational Church. And ynt neither her sex, nor her exemplary character, nor regard for the feelings of her children can restrain tho inhuman traduccr of the Age from his brutal assaults upon this christian mother, and her family, and the church with which she is connected. We should scorn to attempt to make political capital out of such un infamous nnd unnatural assail! Yot wo cannot refrain from calling upon all honest and well disposed citizens upon tho friends of morality and regulated liberty and decency, without reference to party, to show by their votes next Tuesday, that they will not tolerate such atrocious ruffianism as this, We know that party ties are strong and diffi cult to bo broken but wc also know there is an innato love of iusticc m " ihc heart of iho PEOPLE," a " feeling of chiv alry," " an instinctive senso of honor " that " prompts every true hearted MAN to take sides with the party defending itself against black tongued calumny nnd detraction,"espe cially when that party is a Trowai. Tho -Vonlpelier Watchman, which is printed in Goti. M.'s district, thus notices the infamous attack of the Age. "Tho charne is this, thourrh rrarnishod with I accompaniments which wo will not print even by way of quotation, that Gen. Mattocks and the estimable and pious lady who for more than t.'iirly years has lived with him as a wife, neicr lir married! Thus boldly do these reckless ficnundrels invade the sanctuary of pnvato life, and to gratify party malice, hesitate not to Jsy their polluting hands upon the fair fame of as worthy a woman as is to be found in any com munity, and brand her very children with dis. (rrace ! Nay, even more for nearly twenty years has sho been a member of a largo and worthy church, (tho Methodist,) and adorned her profession by devoted piety and through her, thcso base libellers would impugn tlio church. Nor does the community in which iGon. Mattocks lives, escape, for they have re- Ipcatcdly nnd once, almost unanimously (with I but one dissenting voice,) sustained him for I high and rcsnonsiblo stations, let this whole- I sale and utterly unjustifiable slander of tho la dy, her children, and tho church, (to say noth ing of Gen. Mattocks,) is inadoet-m icithuut in Irestmalum. No lanuano can be too severe in I reprobatinjr such utter injustice as this uttcrin; I of infamous charges, without even innuirim; I about their truth or falsity ; but wo need not enlarge upon that, bumce It to say that John Mullocks am! his present wife uxre married on the -Uhilny of Sejtlemlier, 1810. Wo mako this declaration by authority, and the locofoco edit ors may govern themselves accordingly." Watchman. IMPOSITION! The True Democrat makes a garbled quo tation from un urticlo in reference to the revolution in Texas, which pppcarcd in the Frco Press somo ten years tigo, and says II. B. Stacy was tho author of it. This is untrue. Mr. Stacy did not write tho article ; nor had tho T. D. any reason for so as serting. But had it been fairly quoted, nei ther Mr. Stacy nor any other lionorablu man would bo called upon to disclaim il. Thu article was tin honest appeal to the people against tho attempt then making to create a NEW Slave State, to bo ultimately annex ed to tho Union. After stating the true na ture of the question ut issue, the writer pro coeds, "Wo should much prefer that Texas should occupy ncr present posuion as tne province o n spaniau cm pire, than that she shoald bo annexed loan Anglo Sax on republic, to perpetuate a SCOUlltiK and a CURSI' upon this Garden of the World. Hero is tlio whole matter in controversy j and while wo can readily per ceivo why such an i-'suo should causa the very eene. ral excitement for Texas, that prevails in tha Southern oiaie9, wc ore cuid'uisiii) thai it can he contem plated otherwise than with ibe most SERIOUS SO It 1 1 UUli by citizens of Iho non-stavelioldini! States. Then follows the paragraph quoted by the Democrat, disclaiming any desire or inten tion to interfero with the " constitutional rights of tlio South" hut qualified by the following application of the subject under consideration; nnd this part of the sentence bo it remembered, the True (?) Democrat has tho meanness to suppress : " But tho a'lhirsof Tcxasintroduco an entirely new clement into this matter; they roiao an entirely new qucsiiun-, mm wnue wu sun maintain mat the pcopli of the Nonh have no riant none whatever. to in terlere wilh tho existing institutions of Iho Southern states, tney nave a deep moral interest in the gener al oueslion of slavery, and a hiidi civil duty inrnm bent on them with referenco to tho precise question now iiivoivea in mo contest ot l exas wun .llcxico. When fully quoted, tho writer's position was simply this: respect for constitutional obligations; but undying opposition to the extension of tho accursed system slavery. Wo have barely room to quote tho con eluding paragraph of the article, which occu pies moro than a column in the Free Press If the Tcxans achieve their indcncndcnco there is large inrtviu tho United Slates, ready to receive1 1 hem into me union, it is stated hy the presses known be m the confulenco of President Jackson that he desirousof ma' ing such an acquisition of Territory IMPORTANT STATISTICS. TIIB TAItltT, AND OUtl TIIADK WITH r.NOI.ANIi. If any rational man lusever entertained a ouht as to tho beneficial operation of our present excellent Whig Tariff iho stubborn facts which will be found below must satisfy him completely on That point. Tho nuestlnn is often tisked how comes it thai wc havo so great an amount of specio in lite country ut tho present timo We answer because we lo not send so much to England as wo havu formerly done to pay for her manufactures. The extent of this difference has been guess ed at frequently, hut n l.-ito arrival from Eng land lias placed official documents within our reach which afford demonstration. Wo have given tlio aggregate results in a former pa per. Wo are enabled this week to enter in to details. Wo hope every freeman in this county will read them before going to tho polls next Tuesday. Tho facts wo shall give will cnablo tlio PLOPLE to decide whether they ought to sustain the Witios by whoso ex ertions this Tariff was secured, or the Loco Focos who aro pledged to " Ritrr.Ar. " it. Thcso statistics will open the nyes of all hon est opponents of the doctrine of PiionicTiorJ, and that tho rank and fde of our political op ponents are honest wo do not doubt. But to tho figures. We have prepared tho follow ing condensed table from statistics which have boon furnished by the Lite English pa pers. Comparative Value of different nrliclos exported from wiuiii i. urn. ii in mo unneu states, uuring the years 1933, 1S38 and 1912. ''Vi lir, lair. ri 101', iiaDcruasncry .I27,U11 tirnssoiuopperartttlcs 133.43G 2; 1,209 270,023 Cotton manufact's cc yarn . 1.733,617 2,729,130 F.arthern Waro 221.GG1 493,512 HardwarectCutlcry 711,303 1,313,112 Iron if- Steel 413,513 913,337 Linen manufacts d yarn 832,612 1,039 012 bilk manufactures 251,273 537,010 Tin tt tinned plates 141,259 2IG.373 Woolen manufactures 2,239.933 3,19:1,193 Other Goods 099,772 1,023,339 Total value of Uritis b Kxporls to America 7,579,099 12,433,655 2,323,307 In these statistics, wo have a complete ful filment of tlio prophecies of the Whig states men who advocated llie passage of the exist ing 1 arili whoso repeal was threatened 437,276 163,673 293,331 391,954 463,165 81,243 141,451 S92.335 422,104 and the people of this country aro called up m by their , frn, it,,, ,,,,, i. i rrn love oflibertv,lo n,d in crusl.ingan imperial tyranny, lrom "'0 moment it became a law. They nnd substitute in its place, nn independent, republican said then that there was hut one way to keen government, wilh all the privileges and blessings of; . . - ... republican -Inveryl l'or our own part we can- il sutticicnt amount ol money in tins country, C UO ; nml llinl Vi.t ,,! n ....-! ! As far as1 ' "J ""J not appreciate the force of uch appeals. nor rppnonrp Ilm v.llioni- nl snfli rcnoa. foreign interference is concerned, Mexico and Texas heavily from Great Britain and manufacluro sianu upon e-qo-ii ground. ,e cnnnoi nercctvo mat rnw. ..i., rr - i , , the cause of Mexico is any les the cause of liberty ( lor d'sclves. 1 his has been done to an than is that ofTexns. We cannot be convinced tint unparalleled extent during tlio Inst year, and the (-migrant from this republic have any more right ' . . . , . - ' ' to liSTiiUDri'i-; Mivcry into a province of Mexico ! , mo uawnmg oi a more prospo- iiinn inc government or .ue.uco nave 10 struggle against its introduction. Under these circumstances, we have adopted strong hnguasc on the question. Our people are hound, nt least to observe a strict neu trality. If the Tcxans can carry their noin.i jn l suc ceed in Ihc pi'f'K-iinu of slavery,- I.'F.T IT NOT Hi: WITH omi AID Olt OUR COUNTENANCE. It the Mexicans quell the revolution, maintain their ascendency, nnd exclude domestic slavery from their territory, o do not perceive in what manner the tights of humanity, or the claims of popular freedom, are violated or infringed." If these arc dishonest, dishonorable, or anti-republican sentiments, let tho getters up of the attempt to censure O'Connel for his abolition principles, make the most of it. II. B. STACY is willing to stand or full by them. A FACT FOR THE PEOPLE ! The average price of WOOL last year, under the Tariff which Van Burcn bequeathed to us, was less than 25 cents a pound. The price this year, under the Whig Tariff, is more than 30 cents per pound. For the Irnlh of these statements wc appeal to the FARMERS of the county. Increase of price under the Whig Tariff, (QSO per cent, in one year. SHALL THIS TARIFF BE REPEALED? The Senti nel and Truo Democrat say YES. Wcsay NO. The FARMERS of this county will please give their opinion, al the ballot-box, next Tuesday. " (Jr.ortitius olii F.ixjEcoaii.' Wo think it was the Madisonian, perhaps tho Globe, which shouted "glorious old Kdgccomb," when the I retiirm wore receivrd from that county, giving! the gallant Xliinly Itm, mid Ins licoloco oppo nent, Arrmirimi, 101'J votes. Wo have men- tinned that this county voted with nearly crjual I unanimity ncainst free schools '. ''he county contains Hold inhabitants over tho i!0 of 20 1 vears, of whom 1570 aro unable to read or I write ! Jituiir may counties whore such dark ness and igiioraucn roign, he the strongholds of I our opponents. W o neither expect nor desiro that such benighted portions of our land should adopt tho principled which wn advocate, until the school. master lias visited llicm -l'rox. Jour. Tho recent Loco Foco Convention in Somer set County, Miy'nn denounced the late Bankrupt I.ivv as a mostaltrncioud measure of Whig rae cality. It happened that nuo of tlio Committco winch reported thin resolution, and several of I TWtrll. i . - . . . ..... . I hropnasaUoiippiiintedflineiolAcetii' lw imgncs woo auoptcti u, nnu inomsoives for Ihr as-orHliou. I.n;en uiu uuueiit oi tins very law : i "TYLElt TOO." The Custom Housn Titti'MniANT -Tjie ll'nuc Democrat clique txooitED asmiiii.a. Itt.d DEFUNCT I Asaiiei. I'eck, Esq.. Attorney at Law, and I partner of Col. A. W. IIvee, collector of cus. toms of tlio District of Vermont, was nomina ted las tSaturday ntjlit at " Tammany Hall," as I the Loco Foco candidate to represent this town in the next Legislature. Thus has the Tyler I dynasty triumphed most signally over the " true I democracy" in this town ! Fersoually wc con aider lawyer l'cck a very clever folic vv, ami wo I regret exceedingly to sec lum run as tho 'Tyler candidate." But then since the 1acos have put I lum on the track we hope they will rtZgo for him. Their motto should bo " I'liion, harnw. I... ................ .;,,? 'H H"l "" -Vll-l'l'll.ll -- ij'i.- ,, ,v,y , . , .li'PV I.VMIIVI iV 11 (Jill IIIU OlilIU Ul Ulilllivvuiiit, u H" I I llllllllll.l I J ..... . OUIt SENATE TICKET. We never have presented to tho freemen of the County a better ticket for State Sen ators than is offered to tlicm this year. DA VID HEAD and LUTI1EU STONE aro both FARMERS of unusual intelligence, thorouclilv acquainted with tho interests of the people, and sympathising with them in all their wants. They aru besides, both of them sound Republicans in principle, and weru nominated by tho I'EO I'LL them selves. Messrs. Jones and Morse nre, wo presume, Tyler Loco Focos us they wero numinntcd bv tho Custom House und I'ost Oflicu Departments the paid agents of Tiller and Van Ness. If tho lunMr.its of tho county desire to bo represented in tho Scnato by two good Tyler men, therefore, they will voto tho Loco I oco 1 icket. they prefer to send two good Democratic Whigs thi'V will voto for Messrs Kr.At) and Stone. " A word to the Wise" &c. The Hon. John M., Senator elect 83$ 1,404,538,25 lCO One Million Four Hundred nnd Sixty-four Thousand, five, hundred and thirty eight dollars, and licenly-fivc cents, IN CASH, have been paid for WOOL in this State, during the present season ! This is two hundred and ninety two thousand, nine hundred and seventeen dollars, and sixty-five cents MORE than was paid for tho same amount of Wool last year. Saving to Vermont, in one year, by tho WHIG TARIFF, $292,017,65! SHALL THIS TARIFF BE REPEALED ?" Give your an swer at the BALLOT BOX ! llhing for Ilm CAUSE, nothing for men." . Insane Hospital at l' licit. 'Tho doctrino of Hamilton and tlio early federalists was, that tho pcoplo were incapable of self-government." Patriot, That is now tho avowed doctrine of one of the greatest lights of locofocotsm Orestes A. Iirownson ; ami n is practically tnc doctrine ut the Vermont Patriot. Witness its oft repeated intimations, that the people in 1S40 proved them, selves a pack of weak-hcaded fools, incapable of distinguishing between sound political prin ciples and hard cuter. 1-rgo, tho I'dtriot is a federal paper of tho Hamiltonian school. Watchman. Wool.' Wool! Farmers, when you hear men professing such new-born zeal foryour in terests, who forgot them entirely when they might havo protected them, just ask them how long they' re felt so. Ilurlinglon Democrat. Certainly : put tho question to all the lorofo. co leaders in Vermont, who resolved in 1811 that industry must be left to regulate itself. Put it, too, to thu locofoco members iu the last Con gross who voted against giving better protection in,rnnl Put it also to tho locofoco presses which last year concealed tho proceedings of Congress on wool lrom tneir re.iuers, anu which this year rr fuse to print tha prool that tho vet moot members were faithful to the weel grow crs, Watchman. rous day than this country has experienced in twenty ears. By this, we do not mean, people will feel as rich as they did in '36; but that there will be more real pros perity substantial success in business, and general stability in all the departments of Trade. Of this wc feel confident. Thero is every indication of tlio budding of such a state of things, independent of tlio striking facts which are contained in these statistics.' But there is another feature in this matter to bo looked at. Not onlv have our imports from England decreased, but our exports to' bngtantJ have augmented. The import of bark, says Wilnicr's Eu ropean Times, has increased between 1833 and 1842,from 18,4i!9 cwts. to 27.G48 cwts. ; that of salted beef from S09 cvvls. to 7,024 cwts. ; that of butter front 1 cwt. to 3,769 cwts. ; that of cheese from 9 cwts. to 14, 097 cwls. : that of wheat from nnthinir m b 15,111 quarters ; that of wheaten flour from 35,659 cwts. to 381,066 cwts. ; that of hams from 72 cwts. to 1,133 cwts. ; that of lard from nothing to 26,555 cwts. ; that of pork from 1 ,352 cwts. to 13.40S cwts. ; that of rice from 24,114 quarters to 40,450 quar ters ; that of clover seed from 350 cwts. to 22,632 cwts. ; thai of tobacco fro ji 30,748, 317 lbs. lo 3S,61S,012 lbs. ; that of cotton wool from 2S7,505,75S lbs. lo 414,030,779 lbs.; that of turpentine from 322,486 cwts. to 408,330 cwts. ;t of SHEEP'S and tha WOOL from 334.57S lbs. to 561,028 lbs. "With rcjard to shipping, the American tonago (entered) has tncrea-ed lrom 229.SG9 to 319,521 ; anJ the Utitish lounge from 114,200 to 193, 745 tons." These aro highly important facts, and should bo remembered as having a direct bearing upon tho great question which will be decided by tho people next Tuesday. That question is " WILL VERMONT SUSTAIN THE TARIFF 1" Tho Lundon Times in view of tho fact which wc Imvo presented above makes tha follovving significant remarks. "After miKinE every allowance for iho more than "usual embarrassment of trade in the United States, "in 1312, the first part of the above return cannot bs "regarded as being otherwise than most unfavorable "lo the prospects of F.nglih industry, whilst the "second shows lhal t!ie balance of trade it turning "against this country, in a manner which rendcrsil " doubtful whether wo shall not shortly hare to pay for "American cotton in tpecie instead of qooas No "thinsbut a very great revival of iho demandsfor " Knglish manufactures can save us from this evil I "and, without a reform of the American tariff, thero "is very Utile hope of any revival at all equal to the " necessities of tho case, but tr must consent to make "liberal concessions if ice wish or hope to rcctit them." Tho intelligent friend of Protection will mark tho evil which is so much feared by this British editor, viz : that Euglatid will havo to pay CASH instead goods for tho produce she will bo obliged to purchase of this country ! What a calamity that would bo in tho estimation of thoso frco trndo Loco Focos A'ho have been so clamorous against tho nrcsont Tariff, anil who are so boisterous in their threats to repeal it ! England would bo obliged to pay Qj-CASH, instead of goods for American produco ! Hereafter let tho opponents of Protection (and they embrace the whole Loco Foco party) ba called tho British party. No moro appro priate namo could bo devise!! for them. THE BALLOT UOX ! Examino the Ballot Box before the votes are deposited next Tuesday. A few years ago twenty or thirty Loco Foco votes wero found snugly rolled up in ono corner of th box in this town. These votes had probably been smuggled in by ihc Loco Focos thu night before. Let tho ficcnicn of the county bo on their ground ngain&t n similar fraud nrxl Tuesday.