Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 1, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 1, 1843 Page 3
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scalar Kca'CTregM.-irjB nvxsn.inrjvwzz'Ui DOCTORS DItTEU. Capl. Tyler's collared menial, Winslow, I anil locofoeos, nnd on tho surface every thing nppenr- cd to hcgoing well lur tno mini pariy. Aim uown 10 tho Inst moment tno same nppciirnncR win prcscrveu. i !.! I.!....,.l( ..,.. : il, lil K ection came nnu ,su win.' uuniiiiuinsis weni 10 uie is making lnmsolf very busy in tlio election, pul9 nm V01C(1 tlliri, .,,,,,-1, ,wo other unci, !s of opinion that our candidato for 30, tho locofcco abolitionists 1 With their leader, town representative will bo " vetoed." The ticket. Ho had played the game to deccivo nnd client True Democrat manifests more ularm-dc- i'i?. V.!Q.V i-1.'?,1 B.' f BIi!,?iLJn,1;.n. Sf'S? .'.'mV votes a lialf column of capitals to tlio sill)- over tlio great triumph of locofocoism in thnt plncc. . , . ,P . . . f .1 ,.,J,, two can give 1110 mines ami places nnu uie voio- iu juki, uuu is iiiuuiiuaiijr tuuu n"-'"- I authenticate, these facts, but lliero seems to ue no no- that prciud co which some co ceo graduates 'yiur u. ..... 1., b Wo e ho talons nwarnin2 to tho sincere and linn est hearted frends of the slave not to be hood-winked acquire for tho liunible und less showy at tainments of the practical mnchnnic, and the laborer. But our young friend will find this n " more extensivo country" than ho at pres ent imagines, nnd tho result may satisfy him that in tho estimation of tho people, thcro are other men than lawyers fitted for legis lation. But wo shall not multiply words on this point. On tho other hand, our brethren of tho Press abroad seem to look with decided fa- tliis vcarin llio same manner. Caledonian. (t?Lct tlio honest freemen of this con gressional district read the following account of John Smith's conduct when ho was member of Ccncrcss n few voars nco. And let them further remember ihatnttlin oxpira lion of Iiis term of service thu PEOPLE of tlio district dismissed him by tlio unexampled majority of 1500 VOTES 1 And this is the man upon whom they nro to pronounce vor upon the prospect of being rcprcsoti- ano,er verdict next Tuesday ! ted. and havo civon utterance in various quarters, to sentiments like these : from, tho Middlcbury l'eoplo's Press. The Burlington whins havo nominated Henhv H. Stacy, Editor of the Free Press, for candidato to the Lcgislatuic. Stacy is a head nnd shoulder taller inskleiliau tie appears to tioout, nnu lrom ins unyiciu ins ncrseveranco and intreniditv in the Good cause. de9Ctvcs tho esteem and confidence of tho whigs of that noulo town, wo should rejoice in his election. Krom the Clinton Countv Wilis. 5TV The Whins of Burlington have nominated H. B. Stacv, Esq. of the Free Press as a candidate to represent that town in the next legislature. This nomination we aro sure will give general satisfaction. Ilia independence of character nnd correct political Drincinles, with his long devotion and able advocacy of the cause of the producing classes cannot but en mire him an overwhelming vote. Mr. Stacy com- yinenced the " Free Press" in Burlington several year ago, when v nil lcss ana men oi me line Kiuncy ex orcised an alt-controllim? influence in that vicinity. Uis paper was commenced as nn experiment, with but a small patronage, and it has battled on until the tables have been turned upon those political quacks; rid tho Free Press is now in noint of natronngo nnd reputation second to no paper in Vermont! while the "sentinel." the organ ol liieom nroKen uown aynas' .TCI1.1.ICI, UV Ulgilll U. HIIUIU It. ty, is hardly able to sustain itself. THE CHALLENGE. We published an article from the St. Al bans Messenger week before last setting forth that thu friends of the Hon. John Smith had proposed to havo a joint political discussion between Messrs. Marsli and Smith, and that the friends of Mr. Marsh From tho St. Albans Mcsscnecr. MR. SMITH AND THE NEW JERSEY OUT RAGE. For the first time ill our History. President Van Ilurcn and Ins parli.nns attcmptel n pack iiio nou-c of Representatives so os to secure n I.nco Fnco major it v. lull ns Urn Calhoun roalnion was not entirely con suminntcd, they did not succeed in their nefnrious nrhnmn until tho mailer of tho New Jersey Outrage. That outtngc is doubtless fresh in Inc minus ol Ihe people and but a brief illusion to the facts is necessa ry. Al tho Congressional election in New Jersey the votes ot jMillvillo onu soillii Ainuny wcro rejecicu on Ihe ground that gross fraud was practiced tit the polls that the ineelinns were illegal and a great number of raw and unnaturalized persons were perinitied to vote. Hut notwithstanding this, the Whig candidates obtained a majority and received certificates of elec tion rrntii the Governor and Council with (ho broad seal affixed. And vet they were refused tlicir scats in Congress, because thcro was not n maionty in favor of tho Sub-Treasury which tho I.oco Focos wcro de termined In pass. 77i Whig claimants offered to resign and carry the ruestion to the people. The Vnn ilurcn claimants rejected mis iionorntnn proposal, lor thev dreaded the voice of the people and determined to FORCE Tlir.MEELvns into Congress some omen WAV IN OHOER THAT Til E SUB-TnEASltRV SHOUT RE COME Tim Law oi- the Land 1 1 The question wns submitted to the House and Mr. Johnson of Tennes see, moved that the Committee on Elections report 11 all the proceeding and papers uith a statement of the names of the individuals u-ho rcceiveda majority of the totes." Mr. Fillmore, a Whig from New York State, mocdlhat the word " la wru." bo in serted next before tlio word "rofrs " so that the icso lution should read 11 llesolced, That the Comviitteeon Election be instructed to report forthwith irhkhfive of the ten individuals claiming seals from New Jer sey received the greatest number of lawfil votes " &e. At any other lime and by any other but a Loco Fo co party determined to pass tlio Sub-Treasury, no voice would have been raised against this amendment. Yet the amendment was opposed;! Imnetv six nnniial election. Is it tlio fact 7 Aro these things ttuol And now llrutus, in conclusion, permit mo to say will, vnn 'I I nut nnt iliannsrid tu CRSt&nV ICUeC- lions11 but bo aspired sir lliat whilo 1 see as I now do, nnd resido on Dorset St. 1 (shall never listen quiot- ly, and supinely lo your sopnisirywnua n power to oppose nnd call your acts in question. Be- wale men lur the lutiiro, lest you nenr a laio iiim mako vour heart ache, and color your checks with ft deeper crimson llian did tho confession of having "lollowed in lliowaKooi tnouern wnmgcry uuim " lliat ever memorablo struggle or 1H1U." This answer to your communication Ims not been written from any spirit of enmity or ill will in the least. The reason (which I freely Etc) is thu that nflri- linvuirr rpnpntpH v Iw'nril four rnnlespions. anil rrsnlutinns nnon ibfTi-rent suhiccts nnd then known your treachery that after having seen you come out and publicly nssail trrc prrrty to whom you have pro- in inform vou. that vou havo loo lonu deceived your self; that tilthongh you may have imagined, that yoar plausibility of manner would not only screen you from censure, but raise you in tho estimation of tho public your motives aroduly appreciated, nnd your doings viewed in the light theydeserve, by some portion (at least) ol this community, ii tno coat ins you men, you aro most certainly woicomo to wear ii s and I sincerely hope, sir, that these few remarks mny provo beneficial to vou, by leading you to reflect upon the past, and act with more discretion upon the future. I am, &c. Ac., ANTHONY, of Dorset St., Burlington, Vt. DR X SMITH'S, IATItOLEPTIU PRACTICE OF MRH1CI1VR. With JewM's highly concentrated A.dic if Comnmci t.CP'NO CURE NO PAY.aOJ DR. SMITH, woull moit ruiULVtfully inform Itin InlialuliliiU nl' Itiirliiiton. and it vi'-niiiy. that for sixteen years bo lias turn Hi the practice nf ar...r.v.n nml .l7iieif;ri! li car in uariu-iiuwii Hn.ton, sias. unil IU year in mu simwiv i i Vermont nnu no nuoniwcni ms fmro - y" n, n that cliiny other physicuti in thlr. msl nTllirt rM'il.trt.- Il h,i ever been nn object ol paramount Importance; wilh him, toimi((y the jnimclfce uf Ulcdicino, and orrcome disease wild tbo greatest possible prompti tude and certainly und lor hcverai ycaw pa-i no tins i....n in.-...i,Vnini.r il,,. theorti unilmertf.t of the Iitro- leptic practice, or external ntplieation of Melicinu niVWy concentrated. In the mean time, he ha 1 ecu lining tne HUOV wiwncilirn ihui.iiwi oihi ..-. nmc r..llv nnnvi.irnl nf the corrcctni's of the itory ol culanioun absorption, a,ul ''" Srett utility of trailing diseasei upon tliii principle; nnd bu thinks l'ie advantages of thu courts nf Mchcatinn, Will, Upon llllie lIlVCMIgauun aim rciiiuiiun, ...- , r,i,vli,itMio nil. In tho the treatment of Cul nn.l ....... nf rrirrmt dibilitv. an I in eaes nl Female nrco;nm, where liUt little Medicinu can be taken internally, thti-e remedicj nro ol the grca'.e.t iin..rirlflnN' fi.r. in mitRV ta,1'. llO fflll tl.lecl a speedy cure, ny mo useoi externa u(j),in.-auuurT, uium.-. lint in obstinalu and violent ca-u, by tithing at the Oliver tlnwnrd's Ustntti STATU Ol' VIUIMOS'T,) AT n Prolate Dlliict ol Chittenden, J Si. Coiitt, held at lliirlmcton within nnd for mid District, on tin.' 19in day or August A. D. 1UI3 ; I'ren-nt CilAnLn llt:s-si-.Li,, Judge. An tiictiiiinciit inirporllng lulo Ihe In-t will nnd tc-lan,ent nf Oliver Unwind, lnt cl Milton, in i.nid ditrict, duiraMil, It-iiig pie-eutud lo tlie Court lieru by Tnliiilu Hnw.ird, executrix there in named, for p'rnl nlr I '1 lie Court nforcntd dnib appoint lhi; second Wedneslav tf ScpleniUr, IE43, at 10 -! in 1; A. M. at Ihe olll-e of the H' g'sler ol aid Court in I'nrliiiloii for proiiug niu Will, an I doth order that nil persons ciiiicithcI lo nolilicd In appear Hi the limo nnd p'lnu ufnics'iid lo coulest llio proline of said will, (if I hey seeaile) hv Iiuhliention of lhi order three wcel K uei elvelv previom to -md M'eoinl Wednesday i f S'l-pleinber 1313, in llio Hitilingloti I-ice I'roji, n news paper nrinied in'aid Ifiirliiiettm. liircu uuuer iny naiin at iiuriuigconr aioie-nm ine ia.t..i... ..r a t 1Q1? 1o CI5AHI.K.S RUSSIXt,, Jmlfe. very cheerfully accepted tho proposal. The lMeesnnimr furtlicr stated that the friends of Van Huren members anions the rest rVTite Hon, 1r t. ... ,. - . , JOHN SMITH, from St. Aldans,J1 voted against Mr. kmith, finding tho Whigs not only wil- jnser,ing ,,B 'word lAwrfL," and Nineiv six lingbut anxious to have the discussion take Wmcs voted in fa i or of it. Tho Speaker gave bis castini? vote m l ho aflirinativc nnd, booiI ulugas bo place, had declined to make the "prelimina- I was, thus seemed for this timo the Liberty of the .,. :.. I- i,.,,i People nnd the liisiht of Election. What do tbee ' backed out." The last Sentinel contain ed an article, copied from tlio St. Albans Republican, pronouncing tho statement in the Messenger to bu false and nuking some very scurrilous charges against Gko. F. Houghton Esq., a member of tho Franklin County Whig committee. The last Mes senger contains a triumphant refutation of the statements in the Republican, in which it is distinctly proved, by two different wit nesses, that one of the moslintimatn person al and political friends of the "Hon. John Smith" did propose a joint discussion be tween llio two gentlemen, and that too, af ter a consultation with Mr. Smith himself ; nnd that, when it was found that Mr. Marsh and his friends promptly accepted tho chal- 'krtifTo. it was suddenly discovered that the 41 Hon John Smith" was obliged to bo ab sent to attend an audit at the time the meet- ins teas to be held! Our readers can draw their own inferences. facts establish'! That Nixetv mix Loco Focos in scribed their names in favor of fraud, n.LnoAHTV, rgr.ji-RY, bribery, forgery, or any othrr outrage up on the elective francbi-c! Can this bo denied by Mr. Smith or any of his friends? is not his name among the ninety six Loco Foeos who opposed deciding the nuestion on the strennlli of lawful votes. It was not denied at the last congressional election and it cannot be denied nclc. We said that in exhuming old facts, we should have a loathsome j'ob nn I it lias proved so. Wo have found that a Representative from this quarter of ihe Union, sacrificed a great principle when he gave hU I allot on the "lawful vote question " nnd rendered himself very obnoxious to censure for bis participa ting in " The Sew Jersey Outrage." Krmeinber this fact on the day of election. By all means remem ber this FACT. MILTON. Tho Whigs of Milton aro girding on their armor with a spirit and enthusiasm which will ensure them u brilliant victory next Tuesday. They held a caucus on Monday Evening lust, and nominated A. G. Whit temore as tlicir candidate for town Repre sentative. Mr. WtiiTTEMortE ought to re ceivo every Whig vote in that staunch Whig town. For, whether wo regard tho sound ness of his political creed, or his ability to defend it, there is no man in this county more worthy of Whig suffrages. We understand Mr. W. received every ballot, except his own, at the first trial in caucus and wo hope tho Witios or Milton will see to it that his claims aro backed up by a good round majority next Tuesday. After Mr. W's nomination tho following resolution was unanimously adopted. Itesolced, That the Hon. William Slade in declining to bo a candidate for Congress al the piesent lime has in our opinion, leen guided by patriotic mutites; and that his course in this re-pect, constitutes an additioal nl claim upon his constituents for their approbation oi ins political tue. fX?AN0THr.R Warning to Whig Aboli tionists. We earnestly entreat llioso Whig Abolitionists who were intending to vote tho third party ticket to read tlio following be fore they go to tho polls. And remember that tho chairman of tho third party committee for Franklin county attended the convention which nominated John Smith as n candidato to represent this district in Congress, and took an active part in tho proceedings. Wo learn also, from good authority, that this same third party man is now busily engaged in en deavoring to persuade his brethren to vole for Mr. Smith. Wo hope all our honest abolition friends will profit by this informa tion. Both Judgo Mattocks and Mr. 3aiisii aro much more strongly committed in favor of Abolitionism than Mr. Smith has ever been. THE HAND BEHIND THE SCENE THE WAY THE CARD IS PLAYED. Locofocoisn has had no hope of overturning Ihe Whig Abolition Stale Government of Vermont in any open field, and in an open honest manner; hence a mining and undermining system must be resorted to to eD'ect it. E. D. Ilarber, last year, was, by tho lead ers, by management and collision with certain loco foco pretended abolitionists, put upon both the loco and the third party ticket, with the view of drawing to it wing abolitionists, and thereby defeating the Whig Stale Ticket while these very pretended abo r litioiiibls nil ihe liuiti intended to vole the regular locofoco ticket, nnd did so vole. Wo do not tay these tilings without convincing proof of tho facts. Soon after election last year we fell in with nn ac tive locofoco, to whom wo remarked in reference lo (lie defeat of two whig abolition candidates for olfice, that many of nur whig abolitionists voted llio third party ticket, while pretended locofoco nholiiionists, when they camo to the ballot boxes, voted (ho regular loco ticket, thus drawing tho whig voles to tho third party and no locofoco votes, thus securing tlio elec tion of liis party candidates. "Yes," said tlio loco foco, "our men Ariou better than to do that ue do not allow them to scatter their rotes." Another fuel. In n town in this Stale, last year, a leadingaud nctivo locofoco pretended some weeks be fore election to bo a convert to third parlvism. He blustered nway.talked about tho poor slave, lliewhigs, and occasionally whero it would do no hurt gave a Mlightdab at Ins old friends, to give apparent credit to tho honesty of his conversion. So ho got up, to ap. arsnces, a party ofabout equal numbers of wings TUB ELKCTIVU FRANCHISE. Its Value; Unpatriotic disposition nf neglect, in it. Mr. Editor: As the election is near at hand, I wish through ynur paper to call tho attention nf the people, and especially such as arc in the habit of neglecting to nltendtlio polls, to the sub. jeet of the elective franchise, nr in other words, llio privilege of giving a vote for those whom we would choose to act as our public servants. 7'li,it this is a great and highly important privi lege must be seen at onco from the fact that without it, it is impossible for a republican gov ernment to exist, (or how can the people bo said to govern but by their votes 1 If then such be the case, if a nation in order to enjoy civil liber ty, must have a voice in electing its rulers the public servants tliereot, now important nnu ne cessary that every one entitled by our Constitu tion and laws to vote, should bo mindful of tlicir duty as well as privilege of votinsr. lliero is no person who as an individual composes part of tho community nf a nation, but is interested in the effects which the acts of the covcrnmir authorities arc found to have on the welfare and prosperity thereof, and whether wo be prospe rous or otherwise, makes no real dillercnce in the propriety of the exercise of this right, for if prosperous, let us take care to secure the elec tion of those who will endeavor to maintain that blessing ; if otherwise, it becomes us to do tho most in our power to help choose those who will rescue the country from its embarrassments: so that we may sec that there is no good excuso in any case for a man to neglect his privilege as ii freeman by not voting, when he can ; and let it be remembered that the man who is in the habit of neglecting to vote shows himself to bo possessed of a narrow selfish mind, and that he is is destitute of patriotism, and regard for tho inter ests of his country.a character which no true man will, and no man in a irovcrnincnt liko ours ought to desire. Jet every man think of this, and re solve to do his duty on tho first Tuesday of Sep tomiier next. KUl'UULlUAIv Huntington, Aug. 2(3, 1813. SI1ELBUUN. We regret to hear thcro is somo little di vision among our friends in this good Whig town in ri'gard to town representative. Wo sincerely hope these difficulties may bo set tled beforo Freemen's Meeting. Tho regu lar nomination should be sustained. If tho friends of the unsuccessful candidate oppose tlio regular nominee this year, and dejeat him, do they suppose his friends will unite upon their favorite next year J No, no, no, Such divisions create heart burnings which it is difficult to heal. But we can not, and tout not ucueve mat sucn good wings as those of Shelburn will allow personal pre ferences to defeat an election. The voto of that town mail decido the political character of tho county, or even of the State in the next Legislature. Unite, then Whigs of SiiELnim.v! Sustain your ancient repu tation, your good old name and fame. And those who have been disappointed in their personal preferences this year, will havo their turn in good lime. ONE VOTE! Tho tariff of 1821 was carried by a majority ot one tote. Tho tariff of 1S'2S was also carried by one rote. And tho tariff of 1312 was carried by ono vote in the Senate (thanks to lion. il. wilt Urns) and by a majority of two votos tn the House. May it net therefore be repealed by ono vote! And is not the value of one vote the greater sinca tliu reduction ol tlio niliiiuer ot tlio mem bers of the House ) Nay more tlio whole may depend upon one vote of a citizen of Maine at the pulls. Kennebec Journal. True as holy writ, and let it ring in the ears ot every Ireeman of Vermont that on his voto may depend the highest blessings; or the deep est woes upon the whole country. One rofc may savo Protection from the threatened assaults, of locofocoism in tho next Congress ; let us therefore do our best to elect George II. Chandler and defeat Paul Dil lingham jr. in this district. One tote may determine the state, congres. sional, county or town election : leteiery Whig then, go to the polls and deposite his vote, feel ing that great events may depend upon it. It is jour tiuiy uuu yuur privilege to vote, neg lect not the one despiso not the other. Watchman. NOTU'K. rTMlls may certify that I have given to mv eon X IIAKItYh.". STEARNS, his lime during the rest of his minority and shall claim nono of liii wages nor pay any debts nr lm contracting rroni this Hale, I'ETKU STEAUNS. Westfnrd March fst 1913. 12wU FOR SALE I1Y THU liitus.t, alko AT RETAIL U I!y 1'Kl.K &. Sl'EAIt. Joseph Sf. irnlt'n i:tatr. STATU Of I7J7MJU.V7', A-T n IV' ' ' tlrand Mi- Dinrict; W. Cmirlbo ' ; at the frol ate otlicn In North Hero, wiilnu niddilricl, on ihe I'Jih dayof AutuM, A D. IBlt 1 re-ent Hie lion. Jof L allei'i Juage An in-i. nieni mifnoriine Inle the lt Will pii.I ii-tftincnt, f Jo-cpb Mntl, lain of All ilrjh, in itM dMf'ct, cea-iM, icing preseiiwi Hero lor i-rur me, i y ju-u;..- .noil, i one oi llio nnr m mm uewiiui. n -i.rdcred by mU Colli, lhai (ill per'on ewirefin--' therein, It' notified to appear n( u -u-sioti id I " 1 Cu irt, in bo hidden ut llio Co irt Hoiim-, In iNri '' Hero on Hie IC'li iiay ol ."epti-niier, i. nu, " ' ht-w cause il'iiny ibey li.ue ur may hni' .imI 1 ilu: proline of m.'il will, fur which purpo-e II i I " tlier ordered that n inpy ot the record of thl in io piitniMtt-u mrce v.en.j- miTt-Mvciy ininvii. Pre"', n ncwpapcr printed ut litirlingtoiii Iu C'h. tendeii County, ti snnn as may Li. A irue cony ni iteconi. Attest, AFCfSTO-S KNIGHT, IUgiUr rinlilnnd Stiver Pencils and l'rki. A NEW lotof Cold Pencils nnd Gold Pens, jtief A 11 recenoluy I'amgcoax ol nntssMAin. COD KISH, Lemon', HiMmi Soil nnd Cold W.itur Umi-W", nnd Pilot Ureal, jut rece-iied ly Ampul 21 S. N. OAUTA-Ci'. nine lime, inttrnallv. nil appropriate medicine, disorder may bo attached on tolA surfaces, at Having rnaiie nini-eii ncipiannuu wun every iuhu ,f .li.-.... iiii.i, in Him oart ol I ho country, lie now cillen bu crviic to the eitizeni ol (turlington nnd il vicinity I continent mat, ny airenimn nna kinu nevi to the kick, nnd a judicious and laiihful applica tion of the above remediei, be fliall I e able lo meet the hum sanguine expectations of all who may gnu hnn n Miri. He will attaint upon the uk, at their plncc-i of reidenee! nut where ihev reie'e at toe irtcnl u dis tance, be will provide lionrd nnd convenient quarters up ini-ni t lemn n n u v mh. inn i inuv nee far iilicved, a In lie able to ret irn Inline, uiki nf-ctue Medicine, without the aid of a nhy-ician. He will taUe ca.c of Conumplon, ftmult Complaints, rhmmnttam. A.c. at ni oirn nK it a cure, nro- vided the nntient will remain in the Vllljpe and fol low hit direction", no lung as hu 14 willing to pro- n-nbe lor bun i ami proviucu ni-o, inat 111c paiiem secure him the payment of liu bill, il a euro tiil I e eltecieu. There are manv advantage for patients at a dis tance, who are alllicted wilh chronic cuinplmpts. 111 coming and remaining in Ihe village a few weeiisj lor, in a short tune, tlie uunrctcr may ue urokii up, when daily Medical nid i. at hand, when it enuld not lie, in many instancei, by sending for Medicine nnd direction, nnd applying them at home, without the aiu 01 a I'liyHleiau. ahu i ciucs, me paucni win becomo llter aerjuainteil with hi' di-ea-e, and the best mexte 01 uing tue nieuicme in ni cmc. All communication', po-t iaiJ, will receive iiuinu diilc nttcalion. N. II. Doctor Smith mny be consulted nt his resi lience in Champlain St. three door south of Pearl, a lew rotl west 01 nr. isiiieourg s sionc iioum-. lCP"Saline, Medicated Vapour, and s'loiccr Oaths, may lie had, eilher as a luxury, or remuJial agent, by calling as anove. icy A lew conic of Jewett's Eamii.y Physi cian fur ale. Sept. 1, 1813. mG Butter! Butter!! WANTED n quantity of nice llutlcr in exchange for Ciiioils, for which a furpiiee will bo paid by Aug. 17, iai.1. M. IN. 11 AU l ev. iu. lwni.isuTON man scin()i7. (JEORGE LEE LYMAN PRINCIPAL. rpiIE Academic year of thu Institution will com- WASTlil) imiEUIA TEL Y. AI'crMin who perl'ectly uiidertnd Millinery nnd Ore" 1M.1l.1mr. Six dollurs per month would be if ven in n ruinueient iier.-on. Anv .imilicatioii ad- dri'.-sed " M" ! imteb." Hi. John', ulaling leruis and qu.ililie.ition, will meet iMiincdi uciillciitioii. All leller- ni'i-l Ic pol paid. 93 menecuii Monday the 'JOth inst. Ii2iifl 1ST). Ilw3 WATC1IP.S CLUCKS AND Jl'AVni.UY. PLATED Spomm, 'miller-, nn I trnys, plalrl enn-dle-.ticl.f, briiatini 1 ware nud nil gnmU in the-u lines, we are nuw opening und offer at lower prices limn at nnv oilier tilnce. We receive ninny ol ( ur goods directly from the nia!.cM 1 1'lhcin 1111 1 can and I win ei 1 nieni na tow. aim Miineiim-cr, nnu any iios Inn, New York or Country lluii.e will ell thVui. We huu Mime of the heavy plated lea .ponns ill 50 ccitls per el j lie ivy l.irgc plaled tubh; hpoon-, fi.r mtriy mid for SO ienl, ut 23 eeiiN ejr-h i good silver lever wiitehes at 3110 and S2j, and good gold levers, cvtra jewelleJ, at $75, iIicm: priei- rrre fur cash. ThcegootU are of our In-I purclin-e lorcib, nnd wo invite n'tenlion tn our new and e.x!en-iri' assortment which illce I uino.s in revived is selling lower tlnu any can or will -ill. Weiigam inviieold and new cu-ioincr-. to call. run1 Wood Cloel; in I est ninliogony en-e nl SI ; linel llras nlocl.! for S.1! 1 silver tpex-tacle" nil pat terns for 32, s!e'-l 23 cenl, many varieties lo -nil 11 II iigc, i(n I'ANnunuv ev. hiiin'i:.maii. NOTICE OF DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUPTCY, IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY. "rVTOTIRE In all creditors and other nerson9 in ill terest, that by order of the District Court of the t:. 1 r .1- 11:-. f vn. .i:..:.i 1 UilllCtl OlaiCS IU Ul tyiSlll... Ul lUIIIIVIII, uuniuvuu out of the asests ot HENRY 'OTT.MAN, or Soulh Hero, JOHN SINCLEUt, of Eases, HENltY IIOARDMAN, jr. of Essex, LUCIUS WOODARD, of Essex, JOHN SMITH, of Colchester, and CHESTER l'AUKEU, of Underbill. Bankrupts will be made and declared by the Court 011 tho 23th dav of October next, at ten o'clock fore noon, at tho office of Samuel Prentiss, in Montpelier, in said District, amons tho creditors who shall have proved and filed proofs of their debts before said day, unices sufficient causa be then and there shewn to the contrary. EDWARD II. PRENTISS, Clerk Dated the 24th day of August, 1813. I CIIEAl'HK! rTMIK SUBSCRIBER will sell forcash or exchange J. lor wool, irroau Ulotiia 01 almost every e!c3cnp lion al lower prices man can tc lomul clsewiiere. H. W. CATLIN. P. S. Those in want of cloths will do well to call before making their purchases. I J Asa Itlload'n Estate. STATE OK VERMONT, ) A T Prolate Court District of Chiltendi n, s. J XI. held at nurlingion l ii 1 11 and lor said Dilrict 011 the lo lid.iy ol August, . D. 1813 Present, Charles Itusscll, Jud;e. An instrument purpirliug lo lie tlio ui'i win aim -lament of ASA UIIOAOS. Inn- of Itichmond, in jaiJ District, decoa-cd, l.iin ! pri-scnied to the Court uereiiy ahuk natty, one oi me i.xceutors iiieiem na med, for piol ale ; ' 1 ne iiinri atore-aid 110111 appoint uie nrst eunes Inv of Senietnl er. 1313. ut 10 oVIoel;, A. JL, ut the O.iice of ihe Uigisicr of said Coiiir, in said Hurling- j icn lor proving ,wl wi'l, and ilolli onlcr Hint all per- 1 Us eoiicerneel Do nntihcd to nppmr 111 the lime alio il.u-o ulure-aid lo eomesl the prolate of s.nd will, (if they see cui-e.l by mil lic.iiiou 1 f this trdt r three weeks s ki e-sively 111 the Iliirliugn ii Tree Press, n news pupcr printed ill said niirliii'2tt 11, previous lo aid first Wednesday of Scpleinler, IS 13. Uivcn unlcrmy Rand at said llurliiiutou. tho lfilh dayof August, IS 13. iivvj IJI1AKI.I-.S KUHSi-.l.i., Judge. Itosvvell Morion's Exliitc. WE THE SUBSCRIBERS!, having been ap pointed bv the Honorable the Probate Court fur tho District of Chittenden, commissioners to re ceive, examine and adjust tbeclaims nud demands of all persons, against llio estate ot HUv 11.1. iuuit- rO.S late of Willistoii.iu said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and nlso nil claims nnd demands exhibited ill offset thereto j and six months from the d.iy ol ihe date ln-reni being allow en by said court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, inat we win intend to inc nusmcssoi our .-a i 1 nppomt meiit, at the dwelling ol Ceorge Morlnn, 111 Willn ton, iu -aid di-trict, on Ihe 22d dajs of Noveml er and December nest, at lOo'eloeL', A. M., on each of sai I days. i'aie.l tins --it uav ot .nine, A. l. 1S1J. LISTER HALL. Coinmis U RUEUS WALSTON, sioncrs. Communications. DonsET Street, August 23, 1813. To the EnlToa or the Bculisoto-s Kbee Phess i Sib, A communication of loflv nnd magnificent bearing, portrayed in the moat glowing colors of rhe toric, nnd iloqueuce, has of laio made its appearance in theTiue Democrat, much to the surprise, wonder, and astonishment, of the sober minded inhabitants of Dorset St. This Literary Genius, surnamed Brutus, who has arisen in our midst, and with a Trumpet voice (proclaimed the funeral dirge of modern Whig gery, while wilh outstretched arms he points to the beacon Stnr of Demecracy j which although now ob scured by tbo foliage of our evergreen mountains, is soon to burst forth in the meridian of its splendor, to eclipse ami extinguish all minor political luminaries, deserves in our humble opinion, a slight iiolieoin con sideration of his pnstpolrieal career. Permit me then, sir, to intrude upon yuur columns, nnd oiler n few suggestions, in reply 10 ono who will doubtless hereafter rank among the Literati of our country ; al though I make no prelcnsion higher than that of bo ing a believer, and follower of those principles so hap. pdy illustrated, and inculcated by a Washington, Ad orns, Harrison, Clay, "and others, who have endeav ored 10 (read in their illustrious footsteps." By tho by, I have a slight acquaintance with this Brutus, and although I was somewhat amused, was not at all sur prised, that ho while viewing llio tatterdemalion. like Djipearnnccjireae'nieu iiy umieeii, wiiuo cioincu in ine tattered Iragmentsnt a coat long since thread bare by repeated turnings: should in his lofty imdei nation, and studied form of expression, miasapply the one, nnu connect uie noun raiucr man ino aujeciive, with the flag which has so long vvaved in triumph over the ereen hills of Vermont, and which wn trust he will erelong ascertain has not yet reached the acme ofils glory. But Mr. Editor, although 1 wish to treat this Brutus with all due respect, I think that circum stances justify me in taking him by the cars this samo imbecile, modest, unassuming Brutus, " whoso modesty, or inability at least, would most certainly seem to be enough " 10 prevent him from takinir ud the gauntlet in defencoof Democracy, and yet who hopes that the few remarks he has to make, " will not have a tendency lo lull into a falal repose the Democ racy of Old Chittenden or of the Slate," tf-c. Ac Fear not llrutus! perchance you will yet stand the landmark of vour nartv's oemus. You boldly assert, that you were nmong the Whigs of 1810, " ever nnd anon, from some old hall crazy cider barrel llio rich necnr o Ihe gods," doubt less, wo know you love it Brutus, and presumo that even now, your crazy, treacherous brain niiglil again bo turned by tho samo rich nectir, unless y'PU have found something mnro congenial to your taste,trt the campof Loco Koroism, But tins we wih not, you have loo ofien proved trailor. Oothcn cleanse your self practice what you profess and we will irecly give tbo Loco Tocos the credit of making a man of you. " The mighty conflict over, the victory won,

you in common with every American cilmcn had nn undoubted right to wnleh the eour.iiof thuadinmiN tration." But where? O llrutus! did you hold your midnight watch, over I lie destinies of your beloved country on what streoi? who w ere your associates! will you I dare you tell us! wo knew you wcro fre quently laio home, but did not dream that you were thus honorahlycmployed during your absence. Your loud cry "of roast beef and two dollars a day" wo consider to bo nothing more than a parly misrepre sentation, and hence iinworihy of notice. You say loo, that "jt was principles and not Ihe mere impulso of the moment, or from any sycophan tic inoiivo that you left tho Whig ranks." Now Bir, I nm crcdil ly informed, that your vow was bought last September by the party In which vou now tank, that you were conveyed to 1 ho ballot box in a car risgo worthy of n Lord, when after depositing your vote, and refreshing your wearied spirits yon were re turned to Dorse St., for safe keeping, until the next rj tf n n n tj n I'besidino Officers of Freemen's Meet ings arc required, by an act of the last ses sion of the legislature, to return the certifi cate of votes for members of congress to the county clerk, within ono week after such meetings. See Acts of Oct. Session 1842, 14. WHIGS ATTEND ! Every Whig in tho town of Burlington is expected to meet his brethren al the Ameri' can Hot if , at 'J o'clock, on Monday eve ning, NEXT, then and there to adopt mea sures to secure llio triumph of their cause in his town on tho Tuesday following. ASSORTED CRU'ES Ol' CROCKERY "IOSEPH WAIT gives notice to merchants lint he if nas a tun stocKoi nssorteu paexnges 01 iiiiuuK. ERY. that he wilt sell at as tow vrices as anv Seu- jorK petuar. iuerciianis wnopreier to buy ut thnt way are invited to call and cximino the invoice at the Crockery Store. Burlington, Aug. 23th, IS 13. 13 INFORMATION 1VANTKI). OK a young man by the name of EEltGUS KEH RELL, who left Montreal about 9 years ago. He s-vveel his time at Cabinet Making with HILTON Sl BA1RD, aud nl tlie age of 2i Ml for the United States, from which time he has not been heard from He is a native of Sliro. Ireland. Any information concerning him will be thankfully received by the subscriber. Should any ono carrying 011 tho Cabinet business know such a man, they will be good enough lo let him know or write to the subscriber at the Sen tinel Office, Burlington, Vt., where information can bo had which will be of interest to him. New York and Albany papers will confer a favor bv inserting meaoove. iuu.u.ts uuumn.v. Burlington, Sept. 1, 1913 HOUSE TO RENT. A COMMODIOUS HOUSE to let replete with every convenience for a larceor small family. with very largo yard, garden and an abundance of grafted fruit trees, will be let very chean. Apply al the crockery store, to JUSlil'll wait. Burlington, Sept. 1, 1943. 13 UHIOIITON MARKBT. August 21, 1843. At Market, 450 Beef Cattle, 50 Cows and Calve.-, J300 Sheep, & 250 Swine. Pbices Ucef Cattle We quote a few extra at 1 50 SI 75 ( First nualily, 4 25 4f4 60 second quality 83 73 ! 3 4 25 1 third qualityS3 it 3 50. Coirs ami Car Sales at 812, 15, 18, 22, 25 and 827. Sheep Lots were sold from 81 75, 2 and 82,25. Sirine Lots to peddle at 4 3-8 for sows, and 5 3-8 for Barrows. At retail from 5 to 7c. BOSTON MARKET Angust 22. FI-OUR-Hovvard st. 5 25, a Western canal, 5 12 BUTTEII.-10S18perlb. CHEESE. 4 J & 3 do do. WOOL. An increase demand has been experienc ed for fleeces mostly for the finer grade but no change in prices observable. Pulled tvnnl irr which has a tendency to increase tho consumption of m.i;,... nJU. ll . ...l.:.l .-I ...lutu.i. a..uiuv iicc.-icB, wiiiuii are taKen isa budsii tute. Modcralo sales of foreign coarse, at quoted rates. Saxony and Merino fleeces, 37 a 40 rull Blood, 3538 1 blood, 30 a 33 Common i blood, 25 a 26 Smyrna washed, 17 a 25 Bengali, fi a 12 Buenos Ayref, 4 a 20 MtaffirccDcfl, In this village, on Wednesday evening last, by the Hey. J. K. Converse, Mr. CnAntus Doane, Mer chant of New Orleans, to Misj Lvcv Jane DoAur, of this town. In this village, on lh 21th inst., 'of consumption, Mr. Hiram E. Ghiswoid, after a protracted illncfs of several months, nged 32 years. s. n. iahmai.i:e, A'o. 2 Counsellors I all. (Peck's Building.) 13 WHEAT. A FEW bushels of NEW GE.NESSKE WHEAT of tho growth of 1813, for send, a first article, for Knlft bv Burlington, Au.3L GEO. PETERSON. 13 Ira Smith's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpHEHon. thn Pro District of Chittenden, ss. L bate Court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in theestateof IRA SMITH late of Willisiou in said District, deceased, testate. Gnue-rivc. Whereas the Executor of the Estate of said deccas ed. Droooses to render an account of his ndinttustra tion, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a s-'ssion of Ihe Court of Probate, to be holden at the office of the Regi-tcr orsatu court in uurnngton on the loth aay 01 Sep tember 1843, at 10 o'clock A. M. Therefore. You are hereby notified In appear be fore said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, il any you have, why the account a!orc aid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 20th day 01 August, A. u. 1BU. CHS. RUSSELL ."nejre CASH PAID FOR LA HOUR. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, Two Joiirnevmen Curriers to whom good wages in cash will be- paid. Call at my Leather btore on 1'earl meet. August 24. 1813. E. C I OOMIS. NOTICE. A I.I. Perrons having any unsettled business wilh -ii 1 ne late nrm in I'ANanouM ,v nniNs.M.UD, are tic sired toeail ami nave It eloseil unmeAiiati iy. Aug. 25, "43. J.VS E. H1UN8MA1D MOLASSES, Lamp Oil, and Superfine flour, just received by S. N. GAUT & Co. SELLING OFF AT COST FOR CASH, or at a small advance from cost . , tn exchange for Oram. HPHE following articles are now nilered nt the X Brick Shop, in rear of the Court House, vu: Curl Maple Cane Scat Chair.", Painted Cane Seat do Common Dinning and Rooting Chairs, Bureaus Light and Wa-h Stands Cherry Dinning Table, Work and Toilet do Bedsteads, Clocks, if-c. A Is 0 Rice's Patent Fanning Mill, at reduced prices A. BARNES jr., Agent. Burlinglrn, Augu-l 23, 1843. 12tf the Prolate ( ourt lid ward Karrlilgtnn's EMato. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 rpiIE Hon. Districted Chltteiulen, si. 1 -1. for the District of Chittenden: To all persons concerned in llio estate of ED WARD r AKH1IVGTON laic of Uiirlmgion 111 haul liibinci,, Grkkung, WucncAS David Iv. Pnni-hnrn Aflmimtiruinr ihe cMaleof Mid deceased. nronoes to render an ne count of bfa administration, and pre-ent bU account against nid estate for examination and allowance at a esmon' (if the Court of Probate, to I holden at llio Registers oluVoin Burlington, in taid ditnct on tho Hsjiinu w,MncMiay next. Thfrefore, You are hereby nolilml to appear li fore said court at the tune ami place loieaid, und t.hew cause, ifan'vyou have, why the account aloraid biiouiii nol ho allowed, (liven under my hand at Burlington this 22ud day -t 1 . 1 n ib.q Ul tl IlKUM rt. LI. 10tJ. 12-3 Wm. WESTON Register Allen T. Uracil's F.stalc. STATE Ol' VEllMUN'T. ) A T a Prolate Distiiot ul Chittenden, ss ) xjl Court held at Burlington, within and fur Ihe ib.-lnet nf Chittenden on llio 27lh day of JuU, 1813, comes Homer Heath, nf Williion, in -aid district nnd tiled in aid coun hi pciilion in writing, selling forth that Allen T. Beach, lain of Mild Biirlmgloa, ileeKfeiL te.taier at the tune unm death wm-cizel ol the lolluwingde. ..:i 1 . 1 ... 1 ... 1 ... . -:.i 11. ..1: n.. . It........ ITU V I Jul IIT ll 1.1 II 1 III .U'I ..III 1 1 II lj IUII, l HCKIII- uig nl the corner I ctvveen five acre hit- No. IVaud 20 on the north line ol Peart lrcet i thence northerly in tin1 line let ween said lot-, eleven ctiainanihny lints, to the north east cuinercf said lot Ho 20, nnd north wi st enriier nl aid lot No. 1&; ihcncc westerly on llie nnrlh Inn; nfsaid lot No. 20, two chiitni heventy four links tun sial.c; thenco 'O'llherly, paTalW wilh Ihe lot Inn's, live chains nnd cisht links to KfiiRc; Iheno easlerlv parallel wilh Pearl slrect, two ehaiiH lil'ty seven links to a stake ; thence Bouiheilv parallel with the lot lines, ix chaim and forty-two linkrto 'earl street ; llieiue iu the north line ol Pearl Mreci, easier lv si'veniccn link" in thetilae'e of beizinninir. I'ontain- liig one and three tenth? acre of land, l eing pari of saiil lot rvu. 'M; that I lie mui Allen 1. neqiurri line thereto 1T 1 he lew (il an execution in his favJr uunuist MuUchi Corning? that previous to aid levy thu sat I Homer purchased aid execuiinn and paid liu taid Al'cn F. therefor : ih.nt the wv.d Allen T. al the time of his death, held said land in trust for aid Homer, and praying miiu court to itivrce a cimvey nnce lliereol lllt!len.u iinmer, ny viinain r. uriggs, lln-executor nfllw last will rrnd tenlnment of Ihe said Allen T. agreeably to statute 111 such ca-e mnife and provided- WlurenpMT, ihe eniirt nfeire.sniJ ifoih appoint the second Wednesday of September, 1943, for tiering and deciding 011 mi id petition nt Ihe olfice ofthe Regis ter ol said court in ntd Burlinstcti, and doth onlcr that all person- in-.ercsted I e notified thereof by publi cation of tlit-order, containing the t.ubiaucc of said petiiiim, three wcik- snereivefy in ihe Bnrlingtun 1 rev Pios it tiewpapcr prinleu in atd uurliugton, the In-t nf which publication to be previous to said c 'ond Wcluesilny of September, 1843. (liven under mv hand ul Miid Burlington, tin 27ih dayot July.1843. 0iv3 Wm. WESTON, Register. Jmenli Miner'. Eslatr. WEThe Mibst-riU'rs lnving been appuintol ' Ihe HonernMc thu Probate Court lor Ihe Pi triet of Chilienilcu, roiuuii.iouer.s in receive, e.el i' nud ndjual Ihe claun aivl iIciimivW l nil peri" . asalnst the ctato nf JO-iEPH MINER, late f .! -Ion, in sold District, elecen-ed, repre i'iited mv. IU ' nnu aisu an ciauiH anu ueiuau-t cxiui'iicu wi " therein; nnd cix iimnth from Ihe day of tie hereof, tii'inr allowed by aid e-ourl fur that .mrpo we do llieieflin; hereby give nonce, that we will n mill 111 1111-Mii-uic- ui iur ujipuiiiliiicui, ni 111s; ". ing if ihe Widow SW.Iy Miner, 111 Milton, iti'nid triet, on the fourth Tuesday- ofOetbber and K 3 her in M, at 1(1 u'efnek, A. M., on each of said" Dated this 12tb day i.l jnlv A. D. 1S13. mull LEVrTOMBER-sON, iij;iin. .iuajis, TROY STONE WARE. TIME Siibsunler h.lMin band a Inrgeau) super. assnnment of STONE WARE, tUpenor to 11 made in thv failed Stale-, which he (inert lor m'u Rvdiierd Prie'es, and is ready to ifevivs) ord-'rs, pa and deliver, frre uf cartace or nnekno. iinloard I Canal Boat-, either for Troy, Albany, or Wet Tn y, fur cash or approved paper. All uriier LyAisirur ntherwuc, immeiliatvly atlc 1 dud to. I. SEYMOUR, 11 Ferry. I Troy. N. Y.. May 17, IS43. ol MANTLE LAMPS Avery elegant set of MANTLE LAMPS, I lei: nus with cut (hades, for salcuncommonlT chi"-;i' nt tho crockery store by JOSEPH WAIT. Burlington. June 30.' rS43-. A AT HOWARD'S there an-11 fu'l upply f (IimI which wcrj bought low and nro on iulu ehei itSth Inly, 1913. h WOOL! WOOL!! THE Kubenl er wihe tb purch.u Wool, and wi pay in goods, gruir, or necuumr, at his Slum, at Turlington Falll, Jurr 30, 1813; SIDNEY DARLOW. X ll NOTICE rplIIS may certify lhal I have given inysnn,GmBE X Bens, bu lime 10 transact business for himself, nnd lliat I ImII claim none of hi earning nor pay any debts of his contraeiiii'j after thi dale. SAMUEL BURNS. Jericho, July 23, 1313. 9w3 CUMMIXOrON SCYTHE STONES I Manufactured from the celebrated Rubbing Ledy, Cummington, Miss. FOR many year small quantities of itenohave' tieen earned fn nvthi l.edi'e. lo dii'ercnt nar ol tbecuuntry, iiniill the reputation nnd demand 1' r inem inuuctiiine present owner-to purcna-e inoen lire Ledge, and make the nccetary arrangement li i- turnisuing me puMiowiin nn articio wiiieniney nnvn 50 lung uught lor an nrticlc Miperier, 1 oth in iy j ami manuiaeiure, 10 any mat lias ever 1 een o. cre.-. Ttteuperiur quality of iho sloncis nuknowledpi' by all who bave given them atria!; and thu tact u fnl.. tistnined by lb-.- increasing dcmanil for them, I'roM those eiliein or" vnuntry into winch they have faun t their way. formic uy J. & J. ll. 1'r.Ulv Cfc tu. 2.50 250 3:.o 75 30 15 100 DYE WOODS, III Is Cam Wood. 330 do Camph. Log Wood do rii. Domirrgo do do Kiihtic, do Madder, do Blue Vittiol, do Alum. do Copperas for sale at com and cheaper l.y IUL.LLI I, BKAUIiLI Jt lo, Allen 'I'. lleaeli'M Kstutr. WE the subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, cx- amino and adjust the claims and demands of nil per sons against thocslaleof ALLEN T. BEACH, late of Burlington in said District,deccnscd, represented in solvent, ana also all claims and demands c.xluhitcd in olliet thereto 1 nnd an moiilhs from the day of the dnto hereof, beinir allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notiec,that we win attend to me business ot our appointment, al the dwelling of John Howard, in Burlinirton, in said District, on tlio first Mondays of November and January next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., 011 each of said plated, this l lth dnv of August, A. D. 1813. II Aliuilir w. iivui;, I ...... . C. L. HINES8UR6H ACADEMY. 'lHE FALL TERM will commence on Wedncs X day, llio 30lh of August, inst., nnd will continue twenty two weeks. Board, including washing, fuel, nnd lights, SI 50 per week. Apphcaiion for boaid may he maue to the secretary. P. DURKEE, Principal. T. W. G100, Secretary. 10vv3 &' TRA YED OR STOLEN. ;iUpa ,T7ROM the pasture of Mr. A.'hel Stacy of Builmi!lon. on the 31 inst.. n small dark bay, ur or a hlllo brownish HORSE, carries his head low, resembles a French bursa with the execution of bu bead nnd neck, his tail was bushy not bobed nor very long, he was round and when taken bis feet were poorly shod. Whoever will re turn him to the American Hot! 1, 111 liurlington, or give information so that ho can bu obtained, shall receive St ( ItcH'ard. GEO. 1). HEMENWAY. Burlington, August G, 1311 10w3 Wood ! ! L,et Them A A riiit i irmihted with those complaints Incl dent to Summer season, ttuch aa Dysentery ll:iri liic.i. .tc. come and get a bottle 01 JAYNK'S CAUMINATIVU U A I.HAM, at 3 I'KK. f srr.Ari's. 1 CARD. O V. fiAUT A. Co. nrcent their oomnlimenl O. to the public, and especially to those lavorablc to the encouragement 01 a grocery store eonuucieu on tnei Temperance principles, and, while they grate fully acknowledge ihe generous manner in which they have leen heretofore Mitaineil, renecifully solicit a continuance of that patronage which no ed'orl- on their pari .slum le wanting to iieere. Their store is directly in the rear of Slror.g's builJ in?, south il ij. II. iiii'iwick 1111 einop. 1?Uiail UU'ITER and NEW CHEESE, for ale 1' by S. N. GAUT & Co. C Kit MAX STORE. TIIST received, China preserved Ginger, Dates, .j i,euion3 anu uranges. OSTHEIM & MICHOLLS. liurlington, July 20th, 1543. 7 NKtV GOOD. BRASS ALARM CLOCKS, limn and Wood Sinking Clocks, Time I'iceet, Ac. in the mo-t bcnuiilil nne-linished Mahogany Case, at iinurcce lentcl low price ; tho-c who wish 10 secure a goixl clock very low Mionlil take one ol them bclore they are gone, a we are ordered to ell them al a great reduction 111 order 10 raise the cash hv a certain day. But a very lew more at the reduced price, for ale by 1'ANGCOSN CC IIHINSHAIP. We warrnm ibe-ni to run well, iht-re arc no I eltcrone-, -1 CA Cords of good dry hard Wood, nln, a few JUU llio tiri qunlilvot, Fur sale by 10 GEORGIA PCTf'ON to Tin: 1, Allies. TT7P. have received n full asnrtmcnt of the true, VV genuine 11 EMMIN'G & SON'S Needles, which .1 1- ..v - .1 . In .... are uie uesi uiai are mnue, we oner nieni m iu per paper. We have Warrin's, Itarnet's and Hem tiling nn I ?on's 2d quality at lower prices Those who wish for the best needles can rely upon gelling lliem al the Variety Store. 10 1'A.VGBOnN it Hrinshaid. .11. (.'. It ATI I DUN A CO. DRAPERS & TAILORS, (Nearly opposite the Old Rank,) CHURCH STREET, nlO lit BcntlNaTOM, Veiimont. DIt. WIHTEMOIl II Respeclfully nnnoimce, that he ha- taken rooms at the Pearl Si. Home where b will I e prepared to pi-rforni all operation iipnii llio Teeth. Biirlincton, August 3. 1813. 10w-3 Puinns Slipper, 6 FIRST rate BUILDING LOTS for tale near the fcademy on College Street. Also 2 Pow in Ihe Stone Church and oi'tein the Unitarian Ifnck Clmreb Enquire pf II THOMAS. June 15, 1613. 2 ll Caroline Halter's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) TIE it remember- District of Chittenden, ss. J X ed that nt a Probate Court held at Burlington within and for the district of Chittenden on the 20th day of June, 1843. An instrument purporting to he llio last will and testament of Caroline Baxter, laio of Burlington in said district, deceased, was presented to said Court fur probate by Carlos Baxter, the Executor therein named. Therefore, it is ordered bysaid Court lhat public no tice be given In all persons concerned therein to ap pear beforo said Court, nt n session thereof 10 bo hob den nt the register's offico in Burlington, aforesaid, on Ihe second Wednesday of September, A. D. 1813, and contest the probate of said will; and it is further ordered thai lluir order ho published ihreoweikBSUc-co-sively in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed nt Burhnston, iu this State, the last of which publication shall be previous 10 the day assigned us afursaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Registers offico this 20th day of June A. D. 1RI3. WM. WESTO.V, Register. NOTICE. BROKE into the ent Insure ol the u! smbcr, alout tho 15th July lust, a built bay nr yellow COLT, uppoed to l e two jcarsfdd. The owner 1 request ed 10 prove property, pay charge" nnd take fl away. DAVID ISHAM. Wdliston', August' 1, 1813. VOU SAI,15 OR TO KENT. r'piIE llnun-nnd lot nutated in Colehe.sier oppoite J- A.J. Merrill tavern, 1 ne l t contain nx nml NUW GOODS. TJIN'K SAECE11S, Fnn, Octave Fiutts Mola-scs X Uups, Ifoy'a lie!!, etc. 7 I'ANlinORN & Brinsmaid. SHOES I SHOES!! jlTEN'S PEGGED GRAINED DOWN1NGS, iij. iieeieil iu do Lndiee Lace Laiher Shoe. do Spring heeled Slips, do Kid Tie-, do Cloth Buskin, Children's Cloth Gaiter, do Leather Shoe, .Mi.-.-cs IVgM Leather Lace Shoes do Kid Ties, lor ale by S. Jf. GAUT & Co. liurlington, July 21, 1843. 7 t lot of Itaiin, Figs, Dried Curanti.Citron, 1 laniannu, nice, naierauis, atarcti, I'urc Gin ger, ClioeulateShells, Indigo, Gum Camphor, Baker'i Cocoa Paste. Candles. Bar and Shavin? Snnn. Rf, endish aud Smoking Tobacco, Sugars, Molan', and Vinegar all of which are orlereil fur cah al very iniumi iiacviy , n. eiAUl oe uo. ritllE GRIST MILL at Onion River Lower Falls X has leen thurouclilv repaired ami ihe most nan rebuilt, nnd will recommence on the 20th of July. Thankful to friend for favors received artd would I happy tn ne them again. Thoe living at distance wisiimg to patronize the mill and return the same emy win pica.-o can morning, superfine r lour, ly 1 uiur uu iiiuiaii 1141 i Mill i.iMiiiniiiiT iar aie. July 12, '13. 3m UEO". EDGCUMBE OILS. O 010 pa""" P"re Winter and Fall Sporui v,i Oil. 2,500 Bleached Whale ,80OL.mceel BOO Lard 500 Olive June 30, '43. do d do do J. & J. II. PECK & ca 4 GLASS. vlcmfor Ol Burlington, Vermunt, Essox and La!: i ( ff betes Cylendcr Glass, Hrands, 300 ReJford, Saranae1, a'rtl Clinton Crown J, cc i. it. 1'l.Ub. June 30, '43. .ljtntf. GROCERIES. 1 ni-I-DS- s'. Croix anJ Port Rico Sugur, 1 J 15 Hbls. Loaf Crushed nnd Povvduril du 30 Hhd. Port Rico Mo!a-es, 100 China Hyson skin lea. 75 do Yo ,ng and Hyson .sv sr.... 1 ' . . ...alii wn"l", 2 Barrels Clove, 2 do Nutmegs, 30 Tierces Saleratus, 10 neg 'ureiinger 100 Boxes Bar Soap, 50 do Pines 20 Bairs Pepper, 45 do nmento, 40 do Rio Coder, 15 ilo Java uo June 30, '43. do J. a. pcci: t ca 4 l'RUIT. OriA HOXfS Bunch lbifsins, XAjf 15 Bag Madcria Nuts, 10 do Brazil, 12 do Almond, 15 do Filler:. J. & J. II. June 30, '43. PECK & OO. 4 PLASTER. CrC TONS fresh gonnd Nova Scotia Planer. UU J. it. J. H. PECK & CO. June .10, '43. 4 PAINTS. 10,000 S, WKERIL'S 100 Kegs do ground in Oil, 10 Bids. Vpanlsh White, 25 Venetian Red, 20 do French Yellow, 20 do Spts. Turnlin Chrome Green Emerald do French do Brim-wick do Crown Yellow, Prussian Blue, Smalt', SauJ Paner. J. d. J. 11. PECK June 30. 43. Wait & CO 4 HONXnTf. ANEW lot Flpreuee Hraid and Amaxoa'Uoancl in-t received cheaper than ever, bv July 7. 1843 II. W. CATLIN. PUBLIC NOTICE. IV. YORK it MONTREAL EXIMtESS, VIRGIL AND HOWARD, (successors to S. Ja cobs,) will run as heretofore, leaving Burlington for Montreal Wednesday evening and for the South Friday evening of cai'h week. Packages' may be left at the office of Messrs. J. iS J. 11. Peck if- Co., Burlington. 5 if NOTICE. THIS may certify thst I hnvo given my son Ps4 rrs Hcblbfst his time to transact business for himself, and shall claim none of his earnings nor pay any debt of his contracting from this date. ' WEIGHT HURLBr.RT. Underhill, June 1 1843. 6 w3 THE CHEMICAL OIL at 6 PECK it SPEAH'3. GLASS. QEA Boxes Cvlenner Glass, Burlington V , OWWW Es-cx and Late Brand-, for sale at ri dueed prices, by FOLI.ETT, BKADLEV cV Co. GRAIN CUAtn.ES. T1IE subscribers have received their usual supply of PATENT GRAIN CRADLES, which wiilbe sold at 11 reduced price for cash. . , HAOAR 4- ARTHUR. B irlington, Vt.. 13th July, 1943, ) 6 cor. Ch. and Joll. streets. Ul' AMD DOING. THE Casli System was never progressing better than how at Howard's where the wool money ii liken in such quantities as lo keep every hand active and busily employed in measuring ana preparing packages to hand over tn customers as an evidence of leaving the money at the Peopto's Cheap Cash Store, whoso Agent la HOWARD. Thursday morning, 13lh July, 1843. ti OIL S. O nAil ('. V Sperm inl pnre Winter Oil, O.UUU 300O gal, lllejctsi Whale do I500 gal. I.ineed Oil, lOtlfl do Lard . do I0OO ilo Olivd do for tale very li.w by FOI.LPTT, BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, July 13, 1813. 6 NOVA hCOTIA I'l-ASTKH. Cfin Tons Freh Ground Nova Senlia Piaster OMv I'elivcred at our mill, at Winooli City, or on the. dock, I y FOI.LKTT, BRADLEY 4 Co. SVsilh Wharf, July, 1343. 9 " KlU'ERFINE Fl.OIin.- rfllE SnlsuuU'r are daily receiving Siperiino X Flour in barrels and bail barrwss selected wuh ono fonnli acros of Und, has a dwelling boun, ivv-o Cate and of the mini approve! brand?, whieb Ihey iiiiinsiniiajiiioiiwni vi waicr inerenn. apply 10 ; oiler lor casll al u small ajvanec. JAMES II. MOORE. Pearl ttrci t. Biirlinglou Augiift 3, 16(3. flw3 TOl.LI.Tf, BRAPLr.r & (. Old Dock June 8, 1613. 1 Iff, OO0 lbs WITHERILLS oby WHITE LEAD' 150 Kegs do Ground tn Oil, for stile at rtslucivl price, by FOLLETT, BRADLEY it Co. Old Doel, Jnly U, 1813. 6 MO d"z. Blanchard'e' Ca'l and Germin Steel sEW Scribes. 50 do Hay Fork?, 3,00 do Hay Rakrj, 50 do Hoes .for sale by FOLLEIT, BRADLEY f- Co. Old Dock. July 13, 1813. 6" 40 IRON, STEEL, NAILS &. HARP-WARE. Tons English Iron, from 1 1-0 to 6 inch Wide. 10 do Old sable Russia no Tuns New riallu do do do Swedes' do' do Peru' do do Horse Shoe do, da Round from to inches, dp Square do 3-8 10 ii do do' Round do li to 4 do do Hohp do I to H do" do Hame and Scroll do do P. S. I. Russia Rods. do Sanderson Cast Steel, . do Picrson's Spring do lrom lj to'3-inelve-v do' Swedes' do - 't, do American do do German do i do' English Blister do 5.000 Kegs Nails, from 3d lo 2ft! t.00 do Spikes, from 30d to filM 2,00 do Brad Horn 6d to VOi 3,00 Poz File and Rasps. A ntja'. asiottmmi .11 -...1- .na ul ll ...... I June iO, I0J3. J. & J. II. PECK Co. 10 8 n' 29 12 10 5 l"i IS V 4 3 1 3