Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 8, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 8, 1843 Page 3
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-71 BRIGHTON MAUK11T. August 28, 1843. At Market, 450 Beef Cattle, 75 Stores, 30 Cows and Calve. 3000 Sheep, it 630 Swine. Patens littf Cattle Wq quote n correspond with last week, viz t a few extra ntS150P SI 75) First quality, SI 23 (S8150 1 tocond quality $373 (3 4 23 third quality S3 ? 3 SO. Stores A very few talcs only effected. Cote and Calces Sales at 811, 10, 18, 20, 23. Sheep Small lots from 75c to 1 50. Old Sheep 175 to 2 23. Suinc A lot of old Hogs from Ohio, two-thirds Barrows, 'lie. Small Slioats from 4 toGc. Atrctail from 5 to 7c. NEW YORK CJATTI.F. MAItKIST Aug. 28. At Market, 500 licet Cattle, 150 from the South, 13 Cows and Calves and 300 Sheep and I.atnbs. Pbices Reef Cattle In consequence of the rains, the offerings have been very small, nnd prices ot last week had very readily with occasionally nn advance, which, however, was not long sustained. Sales at 3 75, 83 & 5 75 and SO for prime Cattle. Cows and Cahts All taken at S1G to S23. Sheep and Lambs Tho market was cleared at 81 25 & 82 for sheep, and Lambs from SI 2i & S2 23. Hay Sales at 02 & 03c per cwt. fur loose by the load. M a if e al , In this village, on- Wednesday evening, by Uev. J. K. Converse, Mr. Louis Folixtt, one of the firm of Follctt, Hradlcy & Co., to Miss Mauch V. Baii.ev, both of this town. In Milton, on tho 3d inst., by J. Dougherty, Mr Ees-JASUN Mtsca to Miss LrcisoA C. HosMca, both of Milton. MARSHAL'S NOTICE. UNITED STATKS OF AMERICA, ) Pibsuant Vermont District, to icil ! A to a war rant issued out of the Hon. District Court of the Uni ted States for siid District to mo directed, I ho hereby give this public notice, that an information for viola tion of tho Revenue Law of the United States lias been filed in said Court by Charles Davis, Esq., Dis trict Attorney of the United States fur said District, against the following described goods and morclian dizo: '2 frock coats, 2 pair pantaloons, 2 vests, 2 cloaks, 9 Silk Cravats, 2 Yds Uibbon, i Yds Cotton Cloth. 1 hawl, 4 muslin do Iain dress patterns, 1 dress pat tern, 1 pair shoes, 2 pair gloves, 2 stocks, 1 cravat, 6 vols, sermons, 1 bible, 1 testament, 1 Int, 1 worsted handkerchief, I 1-2 yards glazed cambric, seized on tho waters of Lake Champlain, near Ilurlinton, in the District of Vermont, Juno 13, 1S43. 3 silk shawls, 1 box linen thread, 1 iloz. pair cloves, 30 martin skins, 2 cross fox skins, 2 squirrel linings, 2 pair small moccasins. 2 doz. colored coney s1 ins, seized on the waters of Lake Chnmplnin, near Bur linpton, in the District of Vermont, July 20, 1813. 40 yards muslin detain, 12 1-1 yards cambric, 9 3-1 yards bishop's lawn, 7 yards Swiss muslin, 2 small pieces insertion, seized on the waters of Lake Cham plain, near Burlington, in tho District of Vermont, July 27, 1813. 1 box containing 200 bottles of Bing's Mixture, seized on the waters of Lake Clmnplain, near Al .lmrgh, in the District of Vermont, August 22, IS 13. And trial will be had on said information, at the next stated term of said District Court to bo holden nt Rutland, within and for said District, on tlieClh dav of October next, of which all pcisnns interested will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. Given under my hand at Bradford, in said Distiict, this 6th day of September, 1813. 14 WILLIAM BARRON, Afarshal. STOCK OF GOODS FOR SALE, AND STORK TO l.l-T. AN enure lut nnll slock of DRY GOODS nnl GKOCKIIIF.Sofu per-ou wMuns to renro from tho biiines-, will be -old cheap, nnd term- of payment made easy, the stock is well laid in and a lopls an excellent opportunity for one wi-lnns to romm-ncc business Ap ly to JOLT'II WAIT, Assignee. Sept. 7, 1813. 11 NOTTCK. TIMS mav eertilythat 1 have given my son, Uv eon WooDwohni, bi time and full lilertylo Iran-act bii-me-s fur hinvclf. I -ball claim nnne of his earnings nor pay anvdebt of hi eoniractincr af ter lhid He. - 1I.1PHA WOODWORTH. Attest, AtHinn IIxknem.. AvTAtN Mathews. Underbill, Se,,l, 4lh 1SI3. 1 lw3 NOTIOK 15 hereby t;iven that application will lo made io the LegMatiiro of I tie Stale of Vermontat II next Be ion u incorporate a S:eain Doit Company to l e entitled the Champlain Oppo-mon Steam lloat Com- rany, with a Capital of thirl V ihoii-and dollars Willi iberty to increase the Capital to one bundled thousand dollars. Dated at Si Albin, Sept. 5 1313. llw3 NEW GOODS SI3lT. It 13. TUK Sub-criler b.n just ietiirne.1 from N. Y. with a very lanre A"Ortinent of Kan y and Slap'c Dry (Jood and Oroeenc, (Liquors Kxeepted) which will beseddat verv low priee-for Ca-h or pro duee, (CollegeSt.) 13 II. W. CATLI.N. Till." I'nrtner-hip heretofore exi-ling bttueen Moritz OsTiir.iM and James Miciiolls under tho firm ol 071T1KI.M A: MICII0L15, was termina ted and dissolved on the 2ht d.iv of Augn-t by mutual consent. All pei-o;.? havuir elaim-ngafn-t the linn ofOSTIIKIM &. MICIIOLLS nre reiiui'sli-J in ,,r.. sent the same to ibesuLseriber and revive pavineni m full. 13 MORITZ OSTlILIM. TUB cilizen-of II irliiiglou and tbel'hb iu general. 1 are lespecil illy jiiformed, that the German Store will le eontiiiMel at the o'd stand, under the firm ol Jl. Us ITIJ'.IjI A: Co. A pein-rou share of i-dironige i- respectfully re,pic-teil. We hope bv unreinitimgatlenlion lo biiincssand puncliial regard to alleiiga?eiiii-uts lo.eeiirellieeonfidencm Ithepul - uv. ,,v,v .i, i hum, .is, iimeni oi Lruoiis is tost re- ceimi nnu will I e sold .it ilu-very Icaeest prices. The puniic are ro-poetmiiv invited in call. llurlinglon Sept. fin. M. OSTIILLM i.Co, STRAY CO IV. 1V V Cmv " lnrR,! ru J l'0,f,1r, half biped and one '.,urn "roiien, ueen gone since l ue-day Jlcr nir.f, if any one will giye lnlormatioii of her. 1 ull jiay them Id erally and thank iliom kindle. Sept. 7th 1843. 13 CKO. A. AI.LKN. s. x. iahmam;i:, A'o. 2 Counsellors Hall. (Peck's Iluilding.) 13 WHEAT. A FEW bushels of NKW GF.NF.SSIT, WIin.VT of the growth of 1313, for teed, a first nrticle, for GEO. PLTKllSON. Burlinston, Aug. 31. 13 NOTICE OF DIVIDENDS IN KANICKUPTCY, IN CHITTENDEN COUNTY. NOTICE to all creditors and other persons in in- terest, tlintby order of the Disirict Court of the United States for tho D.stnct of Vermont, a dividend out of the a-sests of HENRY ZOTTMAN.of Soulh Hero, JOHN SINCLER, of Essex, IIKNI1Y BOARDMAN, jr. of Essex, LUCIUS WOODARD, of Essex, JOHN SMITH, of Colchester, anil CHESTER PAIIKLR, of Underbill. Jlankrupts will bo made and declared by tho Court on the 23th day of October next, at ten o'clock fore noon, nt tho office of Samuel Premiss, in Monlpcher, in said District, among the creditors who shall bavo ,proved and filed proofs of their debts beforo said day, ,urdejj sufficient causa be then and thero shewn to tne.contrary. EDWARD If. l'RF.X'TISS rt.rl- Dated lho2llhd3y of August, 18 13. T cij k aim: it 1 ciieaimiu: HE StmsCJIIHER will sell forcash or exchange for Wool, llroad Cloths of almost every descrip tion at lower prices than can l o found elsew here. , . II. W. CATLIN, l.S. Those in want nfclotlu will do welltornll Jjcfore making their purchases. 13 ASSOItTEH CHUTES OP CKOCKIIKY. JOSEPH WAIT gives nolica to merchants lint he boa a full stock of assorted packages of CROCK. ERY, (hat he will sell nt at low prices as any A'eie York pedlar. Merchants who prefer lo buy in that way are invited to call and examine ihe invoice at ithe Crockery Siore. Durlington, Aug. 23th, 1843. 13 IN'FOIUIATIOV WANTED. OF a young man by thu namo of FEIIOUS FEft RELl vvbu left Montreal about B years nco. He served Ins time nt Cabinet Making with HILTON V HAIRD, nud nt the oga of 22 left for tho United States, from which limo he has not been heard from II019 a nalivo of Shgo, Ireland. Any Information concerning him wdi be thankfully received by tho subscriber. Should any one carrying on the Cabinet business know such a man, they will be good enough iu ici mm Know or write to ins sunscriiier ut II10 Sen bs 'l.nd wWeh wi J ' g ;.Vn,r, e o hirrNZY.nk ril1.A tl-.-i: ir. ,..1 tr '"mm IIIU.UA UUVUniA. Ilurjiigton, Sept. I, I33 DR J. SIXTH'S, IATROLEPTKJ PIUCTICE OF iVithJcicctt's highly conccntratcilMcdicalCompounds tCFNO CURE NO 1'AV.cO DR. SMITH, would most respectfully inform tho inhabitant', of Hurling, and its vrmiity that far sixteen years bo has been m the practice of Medicine and Midicifery; C years in Cliarletnwn and Minion, Ma. nnd ill you in the easterly pari of Vermont! and he is confident his practice In Icon n suocc-ful, nthnl of any other phyiciau lit till part of the country. 1 1 hi ever I eeii nn nbicetol paramo m' im inrtnueo with linn, to simplify the, pixWics of Midicinc, an I overcome disease with the greatest possible prompti tude and certainty J nnd lor -cvoral )car pi-t In- Ims been investigating I ho theory nnd merits of li e I.tlro leplie practice, or external nppli 'liion (if Vlplicinc highly concentrated. In the mean time, he list- I eon ii-'iug the above Medicine in hpractioe, and ha I ouime fully convi.ieel t.f tho correclne. of the theory nt cutaniau absorption, nnd the groit iitilny of treating disease upon Iln principle; an I be thinks the advantages of t til" course of Medratiou, will, upon n lilt'e' mvc-tigallon and reflection, ap pear obvious to all. In the llie Ireatincnl of Chil dren nnd cno of extreme debility, nn I inoaeid Female weakness, wbeio lilt little Meilicinc ran le taken internally, thee remodio nre of the greatest importance; for, in many ca-e, ho can electa speedy cure, by the u-oof external application', alone, lint m obstinate an I violent ca-c-, by taking at ibe same time, internally, nn appropriate mcJieinc, the disorder may Le attacked on fco.'i surfaces, at the same tune, that is externally and internally. Having made bun-ell aequainio I with every form r,r ih.nn.i. inr-iiliMit Iii iln hart of the coiinlrv. be now o.Ier bit service to the citizen ol Burlington nnd iN vieinily : confident thai, by attemion and hind-nc-s tnlh'esick,nndn ludiciou and faithful applica tion of llie nbove rcincdie-, he shall be able to imet the inn-t sanguine expectations of all who may give linn a rail. IIo will attend upon Ihc sick, nt their plate of re-idenoes nut where I hey re i le at loc stent a m tancc.hcwill provile loan! nnd convenient quarters for tliem to remain in the villasc, until they are o lar relict ed, as tu he able lo relurn home, and iisclhe Medicine, wilboiil the aid of a physician. He will take vase of Consumption, Female Complaints, Rheumatism, &v. cso. at his otrn risk of a cure, pin vided the patient will leiniim in llie illni.c ami fol low bi direction-, so Ions a- he i willing to pre trribnfor Imn ! and iirovuled al-o, ibal the panciit secure luni the payment of hi bill, if a euie. be effected. There are mnnv ndvantngc for patient nt n dis-lair-e. who nre atll cUil with chronic complaipt, in coining mid leiitnining in llie vdlagon few weeks; for, in a short time, the disorder mav be up, when ilailr Me heal aid i at h.llul. when it eonld not ! ,,, m.niv instance., bv sending for MeJieilie and din'etion-,'and applying tliem at homo, without ihc aid of a Physician. Anil I e-u'e-, the patient will become 1 etler acquainted with hi di-ca-e, and the be-t mode of u-imr the medicine m his case. All communication-, o-t pai I, will receive immc diiln utlcnlion. N. H. Doctor Sinilh mav bo con-nlied at Ins rc-i- deuce in Champlain St. three door south ol" IVarl, n few roNuest ol Hr. Iliin lnirs's lone liou-e. iCt&tltne. Abdicated Viinour. and shoiecr IJit't. mav le bad, ei'bera a luxury, or nsent, bv e.illing as above. iCT'A lew eopiei of Jcwett's Kaiiii.v I'iivsi- cian lor -ale. Sept. 1, IS 13. niO IIOIISi; Tl ttHNT. A COMMODIOUS IIOUSi: to Kt rcnlcto itli is. tvety comenicncc fur n largo or small family, with terv large nrd, garden nnd an abundance ol gralted fruit tree, will bo lot very cheap. Anplv at the crocltorv siorc, to JOSI-l'II VtAll. llurlinglon, Sept. 1, 1S13. 13 Ira Smllh's Kslato. STATH OF VLRMO.VT'. ) mllKIInn. thn Pro District of Oliitlenden, s. S L bale Court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in theestatenf IRA SMITH late of Willnlon m said D. strict, deceased, testate, Greetino. Whereas llie Lxceulor of the Hstate of sai'l deeeis eil. propose to render an account of hi administra tio'i, and present hi account aciint said estate for exniiiitniion nnd nllnwancenta s''ion of the uonrl of Probate, to be hidden at the oll'tcenf llie Register of said court in llurlingtnii on the ICth day of Sep tember 1SI3, nt IU o'clorlt A. .11. TiiEnr.ronn. Vou are berebv notified lo anncar be. fore said court at the tunc- and placo aforesiul, and shew cauc, if any you Irive, wliy tlie ncco mt afore said should not bo allowed. Giicn under my hand a; Ilurlington this 29th day of August, A. D 1313. CIIS. RUSSF.LL Judzc. CASH PAID FOR LA 1)0 VII. WAXTr.D 1MMI DIATF.LY, Two Journcvmen Curriers 10 whom good wages in ea-h will be paid. Call at my Leather Stole on Pearl street. Angu.t 2 1, 1813. li C LOOMIS. NOTICE. ALLPcr-onshaviiunnyiin-cltlel bu-inu with the late firm of PAsoconv & IlniN-MAiD, are de- sireil loeall anil have it clo eu inline Iiatcly. Aug '13. JA'.S K. I1RINSMAID. SELLING OFF AT COST FOR CASIf, or at a small advance from cost in exchange for Grain. Till", following articles are now o lenil nl the Uriel; Shop, in uar ol'ihe Court House, viz: Curl Ma do Cane Seat Chair., Pam'ed Cane Seat do Common Dinning nn l Rocking Chair., Unreal!-, Light and Wn-h .Stand-, Cherry Dinning Table, Work and Toilet do Ucdateads, Clocks, do. A Is 0 Rice's Patent Fanning Mill-, a' relud pri"c. A. IIAKNKS jr., Agti. Ilurlingtm, A'igu 1 23, ISIS. ' I if Elunrd "'arrlngloirs! INfiitc. STATU Of VHIIMOST, rpili: II,.,,. :. Di-triet' f Chittenden, s-. j X Probate Court for the Diru-t of Chittenden: To all person concerned in the estate of ED WARD 1'AllUINGT ON late of llurlinglon in said Disirict, decea-ed, KncMisc, Wiieueis llnvid K. Pangborn Adniini-irator cf the cttiteof said lUvea-ed, propo-cs lo render an ac count of his a limuislratiou, nnd pre-ent hi- aecount iig.iiul said e-lale for exaiiiin.ition and allowance al a so-sioii of the Court of Probate, to I e holden at the Regi-lcrs ollice in Ilurlington, in said di-lnct 011 the sertond wcd.ied.iy of Septeni! er next. Therefore, You are hereby not ilied 10 appear I efore said court at ibctiineaiid placo nfme-aid, nnd shew cause, if any you have, why the account nlorsnid should not be allowed. Gucn under my baud at Burlington this 22nd day of AunMA. D. 1313. 12iv3 Win. WISTON Register 6 FIRST late Bl'ILIiINO LOTS for tale near the A ndcmv 011 College Sireei. Also 2 Pew in tlie Stone Church and one in thu Unitarian Uric'; Church L'nquiic of H. THOMAS. June 13, 1813. 2 il FISr.Iv & SI EAR, AGENTS 1'Olt SHI'IMMN'S I.O.I'.NGES. CHILDREN CRY Ft) It THEM! GROWN PEOPLE say ibeynre the p e.iantest and most elective medicine 111 use. Enormous (Damme uru snid, nnd ei cry body lr esibein. SIII-.KJIA.S'S VOUM LOZENUP.S bavo saved ihe live oflhoinnnd. SHERMA.S'd CAMPHOR LOZENGES are real amidolus to headache, piilpuntioii, sea-sickue-s,low-nes of spirits und dc-pondcucY or tliue:leet of dis sipation, POOR MAN'S PLASTER-Slicrmnn'swemcan-co. 1 12 cents, and is certain to cure rheumatism, lumbago, pain or weakness in the breaai, tide or buck, also pile. SOKE NIPPLES Positively eurcd by Slierrnmi'x Papillary Od, wil bout inking Ibe child from the breast. Dr. Sherman de-Ire lurliciilnrlv I lint purchasers should I e careful that I hey get Ihe genuine .Sherman' Lozenge and Plasters, us liu cannot be accountable for the worthless articles that may otherwise be palmed upon them. Likevim all Genuine PATENT MEDICINES, PE It FUMES. .HJAPS. INKS. BLACKING-, MEDICAL WINES and LIQUORS, riunu STU ARTS COSFHCTIONHRIRS, PECK & SPEAR. Wholesale and llelad Druggists, r -" Tuppt, Cl.arlotte, Horace 1 ... . ur. UI...I. .- li.-u i ..,'.,'. ,i .," )' "'i'i'ii"iit . win- 1 -L.(WSSS'10S WW Oliver llotvard'H Estnlc. STATU OT VlittMONV, A T n Probnle District ol Oliitlenden, s. ) XI. Court, held nt llnrlinslon within nnd for said District, on the 19th day of Aui?ul A. D. 1813; Present Ciiahle Ill's- sr.LL, Juuge. n inirunieni pnrporiiug toie uie last will nnd testament of Oliver Howard, Into ol Milton, in said district, deceased. I 01112 Presented to t lie Court here by Tnbilln Howard, execulrix there in named, for pro! nle; The Court nfore-aid dolh nppoinl llie secomi vvcilnes'lnv tl sepicnii er, lau, nl 10 o'clock A. M. nt the olHco of the Refj ster ol aid Court in llurllnptnii iifore.nul lor provinif sum Will, mil dotli order that nil persons concerned le nolilied to appear nt llie timo nnd p'aie afoiesaid to coiuest the probale ofsnl.lwill, (if they seeeaii-e) by publication of 1I1I order three weeks 'successively prevm 1 lo snid second Wednesday 1 f Seplcmber 131.1, in the lltirllnvlou lice Press, a newspaper riuH'ii in sain llurlinglon. Given under mv Inndat llurllnston. afore-aid the lO.hday of Augn'-t, 1HI.T. 12 i;ii Aiiiii'. iiuttiM.ii, .mure. N) TItiU. THIS nnv certifv tint I have given to mv son HARRY K. STKAHNS. IiU time-dm in" tlie rest of his uiinoriiy nnd shall claim none of Ins wages nor pay any debts of his contracting finm this date. l'C.TISlt STIJAlllXS. Wcslfotd March 1st 1SI3. 12w3 COD FISH, Lemon., ISo-tou Soft nnd Cold Water Cracker, nnd Pilot llica l, Just received by AiiTti-121 S. N. GAUT & Co. utter! Hotter!! WANTP.D a quantity of nice lluttcr in exchange for Goods, for which a fair price will bo paid by Aug. 17, 1K43. M. fli. ti.u 1 Oi UU. nvtiLiNdTos man school. GKORGI-: IjIJK LY.MAN PRINCIPAL. rpHF. Academic year of this Institution will com- lueoceoii iHouuay 111c Jl!l lust. ucust IS 13. Ilw3 WATCHES CLOCKS AX1) .IE1VEI.IIY. FjATKI) Spoons, slimier ninl trays, plated can illesti -ks, 1 ntnunri ware and a II good in tlic-e hues, we are now opening and offer at lower price 1 Tin ri al any o'ber place. We reieive many ol our sou I directly from llie makers of llicm andean nnd will -ell ilie'ii a low, and snmelnwer, than any l!o- ton, New York or C ilry Ihi.i-e will sell ilicin. We ha e s, me ()f Iho hcaiy plaledtea iiiiiih nl .'0 cenls 1 er -el; beivy larse ila!ed table spoon-, fi.r 1111 r y old tor flOeehts, at 2 cent ea-h ; gotnl silver lcer wa'ehes at 630 and 823, nnd good gold levers, exira lewellel, at tj73, the-e price are for cash. Tlie-e roods nie of our la-t piirebae for ca-b, and we invite a'tention to our new nnd extensive assortment which since I n-ine-i i revived is -elling lower than any can or will sell. We again inu'ie old nnd new enlonirrs to enll. Fine Woul Clocks in I et mahogony cae at SI ; linesl lira- olocks for 83 ; silver spectacles all pat Urn for HI, sleel 23 lent-, many varieties lo int all aje. II I'ASODo'nN & IIiuxsmaid. Asa Itlioail's I'htate. STATP. OF V1.RMONT, ) A T a Prolate Court Di-triet of Cbilleni'i 11, s. ) -TV. held at Il'irlinglon within and for anl Di-lnct 011 llie lo b day of August, A. D. lSIS-Pre-enl. Charles Rus-ell. Judge. An lustriiiiienl purpc mug lo be the la-twill and le.t.iment of ASA IlllOAIJS. late of Richmond, in tail Pislrict, decc i-ed, Icing pn scuted to the Conn pere i.y .inos Hatty, one ol tlie J-xecutors Iherein 11a 1110 1, for prol ale; The Court nfore-ald doth nnpoint the first Wedne 'ay of Se iuinler, IS 13, at 10 o'clock, A. M., al the u 111 0 ol tlie u ."gi-tcr ol sanl t.oorr, 111 said lititlmg 11 n for proving -aid wi'l. and dolh order that all per son concerned be uotilicd In appear at the time nnd place alore-aid to contest iheprnba'e of said will, (if niey see cause,) 1 y pui ticatiou 01 nils truer tune weeks successively ,11 llie fftirlinglon 1 rce Press, a new paper printed 111 said iliirliugn 11, previous to said first Wednesday of Seplenil er, IS13. Given iinlermy hand at said Ilurlington, tho 15:h uayoi August, lai.j. Ilw3 CIIAlll.FS ItUSSl'l.h, Judge, Itoswrll 3Inrton4 ICslate. F. THU SUIl-l RII!F.R-i, having been ap pointed by 1I10 Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to re ceive, cxaininoand adjust the claims and demands of ill person, against llieelaleof ROSWCLI. MOR- IU. laic of aid District. deceased. renre scntcd insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oll'ct therein ; nnd six months from the ilay or the date herinf being allowed by said court for that purpose, wo do llierc fore hereby give notice. umi we win iiueiiu u me uusines 01 our saui appoint ment. nt Ibo dwelling c,l George Morton, in Willis Ion, in said disliiel, on the 22d d is of Noveml er and Diccmber next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., 011 each of -ni 1 tiay. Dated tins 22d day of June, A. D. 1S13. ' HALL, Commit' 11 RUFUS WALSTOX, sioner-. Allen 'V. IIcnch'.H l.'stalr. WE the subscribers, having been appointed by tho Honorable tho Probate Court for the District orChiilcndcn, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adiust the claims and demands of all per sons against the estate of AI.LKN T. BEACH, late of Burlington in said Districtdceoafcd, represented in solvent, and also nil claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and ix months fiom the day of the dalo hereof, being nllowed by said Court for thai purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice.lhat we vdl attend to tho business of our appointment, al tho dwelling of John Howard, in Burlington, in s aid Disirict, on the fir-t Mondays of .November and January next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 14th dav or August, A. D. 1813. 11 t??!Z-bs'DR' I Commissioners. ImFe soul giTa c a d e m y . 'Piir. FALL TERM will commence on Wedncs X d iv, the 30th of August, inst., and will continue my iwo weeks. Hoard, including was ling, fuel, and li 'In, 81 30 per week. Application for board may lc niauo 10 ine secretary. I'. UUItlsM;, I'rincipat. T. W. Gica, Seiretary. I0.v3 STIIA YEP Oil STOLEN. v.!. Bju'OM ihe p-is'ure of Mr. Ahcl Stacy, M- of Builiiigtoti, on the 3d inst., a small dark Pay. or or a little brownish HORSE, cirrie his head low, resembles a French horse uiili the exception of hn head and neck, his lad was busby not bubd nor very I0111, he was mum! and when laken his feet were poorly shod. Whoever will re turn him to the American Hotel, in Burlington, or givn information so thai he can bo obtained, shall receive tSJiu ucvvarii. GEO. B. HEMENWAY. Burlington, August C, 1313. 103 " Wood ! ! 1 CZ( Cords of good dry hard Wood, also, n few 1JU Hhgs. of the first quality of VINEGAR, Fur salo ny (luj til, until, i-v. 1 i.iiau.N, TO THE liADIDS. "T7E have received n lull assortment of thn true. V genuine HEMMING & SON'S .ecdles, which nre thu best 1 hut nro made, we oiler them nt 111 cts perniner. Wo lino Warrin's. Barnet'a nnd Henp ming an I Son's 2d quality at lower prices. Those who wish for the best needles can rely upon gcllin them al the Variety Store. 10 PANGCOnN & BntNSMAID. .11. ItATIIIttJN & CO. BES.&P3Z&3 fit Nearly opposite the Old Hank,) CHURCH STREET, 11IO if. Burmngton, Vermont. siliVfsi'Bslt-sTo D"l, XVlli rr.IOIt i: Re-pectfIIv announce he h i tuken room nt tho Pearl Si. Home where be will I e pieparcd to perform all operation upon tlie leeili. Burlington, Augii-t 0. 1813. 10-3 Caroline Itaxler'H Estate. STATE Ol' VI'.RMUST, 13Eit remember Dislncl of Cliiltenden. bs. i JJ nl t int nl Probale Court held at Burlington within nnd for llie district of Chittenden on the20ih dav of June. 1813. An insiiuiniut purporting to ne tno last win ami testament ol Caroline Baxter, lato of Burlington 111 sud district, deceased, was presented lo said Court for probate by Carlos Baxter, tho Executor therein naimil. Therefore, it is ordered by said Court that public no tico hogiven lo all persons concerned therein 10 np near before said Court, nt n session thereof to bo hoi den nt the register's olDco in llurlinglon, aforesaid, on , H'.l.....!.. r s." . ..i.. , n to ri lilu sri uiiti 1 I'm,, cuii y v, .3ijni,,iu, , , f ijhi and contest Ibo probate of said will; and il is further ordered lhal their older bo published Ihreo weeks sue co-sively in ibo Biitlinglon Free Press, n newspaper pruned nt Builington, iu this Slnir, the last of which publication shall bo previous 10 the day assigned as aforsaid for hearing. Given under my hand nt Ihe Registers offlco this JUihday ol June A. I). IHl i. WM. WESTON, Regisicr. NOTICE. "I5ROKE into llie enclosure of the ml senl er, nl out Ilia ism July .il, a light l ay or yellow iuli siippo-eii 10 10 iwo je.irsoiit. 'jne owner I reque: cJ to prove property, pay charge and lake li away, DAVID ISHAM. Willi.-lon, August 1, 1313. I.O.I Sim Oil TO KENT. TPHE Hou,ennd lol silu.lle l in Cnchetter opposite X A.J. .Merrill's tavern. The It t contain six and one fourth acre of bin I, ho- a dwelling home, two lnrn and a gool well of water thereon. Apply In JAMES II. MOORE, Pearl slreit. Bur'inytcn Augnst 3, 1813. 9,,3 ' FOR SALU UY Till. i.aoaS, also AT RKTAIL 11 lly PIX K & SPIJAIt. Gold nnd Silver Pencils and. I'clis. NEW lotof Gold Pencils nnd Gold Pens, just Jl 11 receive! by WANTED 1MMEDIA TEL Y. A Person who perfectly understand Millinery nnd Dress Making. S'X dollars per month would be ven lo a competent ncr-on. Any am, tcalion nd- dre-sed ' Ml Foster." Si. John-, slating terms and qualification, will niett immediate attention. All leiier ino-i 1 0 pr-t pain. 'ywj Allen T. Iteacli's Kqtntc. STATH or I'ATliVO.W, ) A T a Prolate Distin t ol Chittenden. . S XX Court held at llurlinglon, within niulfor Ihedi-lncl of Chittenden on Ihc 27lh day of Juli, 18IJ, comes Homer llcach, 01 iltilon, in sanl district anil hleit in sanl eoun Petition in writing. setting forth that Allen T. Mcaeh, late of said llurI.niIo.i. decea-ed. te-liiie. al thelime of bisdealh was.eizel of the following de- ru cd parcel 01 invi m sal I ilurlington, viz : iiegni ng nt llie corner I ctween live acre lot .No. 10 and 20 on the north line ol IVail street; thence northerly in e line I el ween aid nt. elcien cliains and lil'iv link. to Ibo norl li cast corner of said lot No 20, anil norlli west comer ol said lot .No. 19 : llicnce westerly on the norlli line of said lol No. 80. two chain seventy four link, to a stake; ihence southerly, parallel wi'lh the to, nils.-, 11,1:1 ihiiii- t, 11,1 i 11111, s ii, a si. in f ; mciicc iisicrly parallel with Pearl street, two chain liny scien links to n stal.e; ihcncesitln'tly parallel with the lot line,six chains and forty two links-, to 'earl street ; thence in the norlli line ni' Pearl streel, easter ly seventeen link In llie place of bediming, contain ing one and llirec lenlh acre of land, I eiug part of eaiu 101 -o. zu inai itie utu Allen 1: neqmreil title thereto by thu levy ol nn execution in hi favor ain-t jMabiclii Corning: lhal nrevioii to said lew the said Homer purcha-cd said execution nnd paid (he snid Allen F, ihercfor; lhal the said Allen T. at llie time 01 1119 iieain, neiii said I11111I in trust lor said Homer, and praying said court In decree a convey ance tbereol to the said Homer, by Wdi mm P. Iln gg-. the executor of the lat will and testament of the said Allen T. agreeably lo statute in such case made and provided- Hereupon, the court alore-aid tlnth appoint the second WeJne-day of September, 1813, lor hearing and deciding 011 said pciilion at tlie ollice ofthe Regis ter ol said court in said IJ irlingtin, and doth onler Ibatall person inteicsted le notified thereof by publi cation 01 tins onler, containing the substance ol sanl pennon, thice weeks Micieivily in the Ilurlington rce 1'icss, a newspaper pruned 111 said llur inglon. the last of wdneh publication to I e previous 10 said second Wednesday of September, 1313. Gnen under my hand at said Ilurlington, this 27lh day ol July.13 13. a3 Wm. WF.STON, Register. NOTICE THIS may certify that I have given myon,GcOKGr. BctNs, hi nine to tran-act oii-inc- for bini-ell' ml that I shallelaim none of hicarniii" nor luvnnr lebts cfhis contracting nlier this dale. SAMUEL BURNS. Jericho, -Inly 23, 1313. av3 dvi: woods. Ill I. Cam Wood. ISO 330 do Campli. Log Wool 230 330 73 3D 45 100 do Si. Domingo do do Fusiic, do Madder, do Blue Vitriol, do Alum, do Coppera, for ale at cost and cheaper by l'OLLLTT, BRADLEY & Co. IiCt That are trouhlcd with those complaints Inci dent to Summer season, stich as Dysentery, Dinrrlirra. .tr. come mill get .1 Dottle ol AYNU'S CAItSllSAI IV Iu iiaia.ii, in 8 PUCK .f- gpi:.M('S. A C A R D . SN. GAUT A. Co. present their oomplnnents to ihc public, and especially to tbo-e lavorable to Ibe encouragement of n grocery store conducted on strict Temperance principles, and, while they grale- fully acknowledge llie generous manner in which they have I een herelolbie sii-tainecl, respectfully solicit a eontinnanee ot that patronage which no cuorts on their part shall I e wanting todc-erve. Their store i directly in llie rear of Stro: g's build ing, soulh of II. II. llo-twick'sTui Shop. T-REsIl BUTTER Hid MAV CHEESE, for sale : by S. N. GAUT & Co. C. HUMAN STOItK. JUST received, China preserved Ginger, Dates, Lemons and Oranges. OSTTIEIM & .iIICtlUELiS. Burlington, July 20ili, 1SI3. 7 ni:v GOOD. BRASS ALARM CLOCKS, Bras and Wcod Striking Clocks, Time Pieies, &c. in tho most eaulilit finc-hni-hed .Mahoganv Ca-e-, at'unprece- deuted low pri.'C ; tho-e who wish to scciiiu a good clock very low should take ore of ihcni before ihey are gone, n we are oroeriM to tell Iticm at a great reduction in order lo raise ihe ca-h by a ccrlain day. 11 il a very lew inoio at the reduced price-, for snle by Pangdoiin it IIbinsmaip. We warrant them to run vccll, there are no letter one. m;av goods. PINK SAUCERS, Fans, Octave F.utcs, Mo'a-scs Cups, Boy' Bells, cVe.

I'ANOnORN IIRINSMAID. SHOES I SHOES!! TXTEN'S PEGGED GRAINED DOWNINGS, ii-i- " itceieu no Pumn " do Slipper, Ladies Lace Leather Shoo.-, no hpring lieeleu blip-, do KiJ Tie-, do Cloth Buskin. Children's Cloth Gaiters, ilo lieaths'r Mice., Mi-ses Peg'd Leaiber Lace Shoe, do Kid Tics, lor sale by S. N. GAUT & Co. llurlinglon, July 21, 1SI3. 7 Fresh lol ofRaiidu, Figs, Dried Curanls, Citron, Tamarinds, Rice. Salcrapis, Starch. Pure Gin ger, ChncolateMiells, Indigo, Gum Camphor, Maker's Cocoa Pasie, Candles, Bar au l Shaving Soup, Car endish and Smoking Tobacco, S igars, Molase-, nnd Vinegar all ol which nre ollored for ca-h at very ml iced price, by 7 S. N. GAUT' sV Co. Nonci:. rpiIE GRIST MILL at Onion River Lower Falls m. has 1 ecn thoroughly repaired and the, most part rebuilt, nnd W.dl leeonimenre on lhe20:h of Jul v. Thankful lo friends for lavpr received and would 1 e happy to see liiem again, 'i no-u living al aiii-tance wi-lnug to patronize Ibe null and return the same tl ly will pte.i.e call morning, ftuperhne ! lour, l()e riour ami inuian .ileal kciil cnu-tinuuy sale. July 12, MX 3m GEO. EDGCUMBE. GRAIN CltADI.ES. THHE subscribers have reicivcd Iheir usual supply X of PATENT CHAIN CRADLES, which wil bo sold al a reduced price for cash. ll.WiMl it- All I I1UH. Ilurlington, Vt 13lh July, 1313, C cor. Ch. and Coll. streets. J II I AND DOING. rnllE Cash Svstcm was never progressing better L than now at Howard's vv here thu wool money is laken in suchquaniiliesas lo keep every hand active ami liusilv employed in nieisuring nnd nrepirini incknges tu hand over to customers asnn evidence of leaving tho money at tno rcopie s uncap uasn niore, whose Agent is huiiauu. Thursday morning, 13ili July, 18 IX C OILS. O AAA Gals. Fall Sperm anl nnre Winter Oil, w.www 30PQ Sni iiteaccd Whalo ao 2500 gals. Linseed Oil, 1000 do LarJ do 1000 do Olivo do for sale very low by I tH.i.r.l I, iiRAUi.i.i a uo. 01.1 Dock, July 13, IS1X 6 NOVA SCOTIA 1'IiAMTIilt. Hff Ton Frc-h .Ground Nova Scolia Plaster ,ie,vc on Ibo dock, bv delivered al our mill, al Winooskl City, or FOI.LI.TT , UltADLLY & Co. Soulh Wharf, July, 1813. HUl'lMtFlNU fl.OUIC. rrPIIE Sulsciibers ure daily receiyini Sipsrllne X rlcur in Parrels ami nan narreis, seicctoi won care and of the most approve I hiand, which they o.1er for cash nt a small advance. lOLLin 1, BRADLEY x i p. Old Pork, June P, 1R13. A Them Jnfpli M. Mo't's Estate. STATE OF VRRMONT) AT a Probate lir.iul l-le DUlrict.s. t XjL Court holden at the Probale ollice in Norlbllcro, wllhin nnJ for siiddi-inet, on ihe lUthday of Aiigut, A. D. 1343 ) Present the Hon. Joel Allen, Judge; An (it-tni-in 'ill purporting lolethelast Will nnd testament, o( Joseph Mott, late ofAllurgh, In said distrct, de- ceaseu, ticmg presenleii here lor rrohate, liy jo-eph M. Molt, one ofiho b'ir. of snid deceasoil. It is ordered by -nfd Conn, that all person concerned therein, Iu notified to nppcar at n sc-sion of aid Court, to bu holden nt tho Court Ilun-c, in North Hero on the lfi h day of September, A. D. 1813, and shew cause if . my ihey hnve or may have ngaint the probale of said will, for w hich purpo-e it I fur ther ordered thai a copy ol the record of this order le published three weeks successively in the Free Prc, n newspaper pruned nl Burlington, iu Chit tenden County, n scon as may be, A truu copy of Heeord. 12 Attest, AUGUSTUS KNIGHT, Register Joseph Miner's Estate. WF. The sulisciibcr. h iving been appointed by the Honorable ihe Probate Co irt lor the Dis trict of Chittenden, coiiimi-ioner to rceiive, exctriiiie and adjust Ihe claim and demand o nil pcrfoii", ngainst the estate of JOSEPH MINER, late i,f Mil ton, In said District, decea-ed, repro-enlcd inclvent nnd also nil claim and demad exhibited in oil'-ct thereto; nnd six months from the day of the dale hereof, hemg allowed by said court lor that ;ntrpo-e, wo do therefore heiebv give notice, that we will at tend to Ihc bii-ine-ol'oiir appointment, at tno dwell ing of the Widow Sally Miner, iu Millon, in saiddis trietjon the fourth Tuesday of October and Novem ber next, nt 10 nVlock, A. M., on each of said Dated this 12lb day of July A. D. 1813. IRA WITTERS, LEV! TOMBERSON, HECTOR ADA.MS, Com sion ri iIIE Subsenl cr ha on band a large nud superior -- nsnrtinrnt of STO.NE WARE, siinerinr to nnv made in the United States, which ho o'ler fos sale at Reduced Pii'e, audi ready to receive order, pack and deliver, free of cartage or package, on board ol Canal Boat, either for Troy, Albany, or West Troy, lorca-n (,r anproveu paper. All orders by Mail or otherwise, immediately nllcn ded to. I. SEYMOUR, 41 Perry st Troy, N. Y., May 17, 1313. 51 MANTLE LAMPS A very cleg-ant set of MANTLE LAMPS, 4 bur- nus with cut shades, for sale uncommonly cheap n, llinrrnrlrnrvElnrn 1... irWr-ntf ItI1' u. ... . ww..s. J ., .1, .Ulil 1 (Will. Unrhngtnn. June 30, 1813. 4 AT HOWARD'S there ale a fu'l supply ol Good which wero bought low and are on kale cheap. 23lh July, 1813. WOOL! WOOL!! THE subscriber wishes tu purchase Wool, and will pay iu (fond, grain, or accounts, al his Store, at Burlington Falls. SIDNEY BARLOW. 4 tl Juno 30, IS13. CUMMINOTON SCYTHK STONES! Manufactured from the celebrated Robbins Ledge, Cummincton. Miss. rOR many year small quantities' of stono have been cumed from tbi Ledge, to diderenl nans ol the eouulry, untill Ibe repuiuiion and demand for Iticm iniiucclthc pre-ent owners to purcliatc the en tiro Ledge, and make the necessary arrangements lor furnishing the pill lie with an ar.icle w hich they hau so long sought lor an article superb r, both in -tyle and manufacture, to nny that has ever I ecu oilered. I he superior quality nl thu siouuis acknowledged by all who have given I hem atrial: and the tact is fully sustained by Ihe increasing demand for them, from Iho-e sectioiib Of country into which they have found mcir wav. rurrmi: u) J. ec. J. 11. PKUH tc GO. OII,-s. Q fOO R;i'lons pure Winter and Fall penn Ww ,v Ull, 2,300 lii'eacheJ Whalu do 1,800 Liu-ced do E00 Lird do 5U0Olio do J. & J. 11. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. 4 C'.I.ASS ' 2( IOO l",xc'1 cyu"ilcr flla., )JyJvJ Burliugioii, Vermont, Es;x snd Lko Brand. 300 ReJtbrd, i'lranar, and Clinton Crown. J. A: J. II. PECK s: CO. Agents. June 30, M3. 4 Gitocintiics. 1 II II IKS. St. (,'roix nnd Port Rico Sugar, 17 1j i:i1. I, oat Urushcil and f owucred da 30 Hhd. Port Rico Molas-e, 100 China Hyson Skin Tea, 73 do and Hyson 200 Malt Cassia, 2 Barrels Cloves, 2 do iN mines s, 30 Tierces Sa'eratu, AO Keg.s Pure Ginger, 100 Boxes liar Soap, 50 do Pipe-, 20 Bag Pepper, io 25 oo I'imeiito, 10 do ttio Uollfe, do Java oo J. H. PICK & CO. 4 June 30, '43. VltUIT. OC( UOXIS Bunch Rai-ins, CJJ l3Ba."r.MadcriaNut", IU no nrazu, 12 do A I n nnd-, 13 do rdlcits. J. & J. II. PECK A. CO. June 30, '43. 4 PLASTER. finTONs fresh gounlNova Scotia Planer. )JJ J. &,. J. II. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. PAINTS. 10,000 LLeid-, lui i, lis uij Kroiniu in kjii, 40HLI. Spani-h White, 25 Venetian Red, 20 do French Yellow, 20 do Spts. Turpentine Chrome Green Emerald do French do Brunswick do Crown Yellow, Priiin Blue, Smill's, Sand Paper. J. &. J. H. PUCK it CO. June 30. '43. 4 llONNRTS, M.W lot IToreuee Braid and Amazon lionuott, V ui-l received cheaper than ever, bv July". 1813 II. W. CATLIN. PUBLIC NOTICE. VOUlv & M()TI1EAI, nXlMJKHS. VIRGIL AND HOWARD, (succors to S. Ja cods.) will run ns herrlofore. leaving Burlington for Montreal Wednesday eiening and for tlie South Friday evening of enili week. Packages may ho left at the office of Messrs. J. & J. II. Peck d Co., llurlinglon. 5 If NOTICE. Till1 may certify that I have given my son Pos run Hcbloert his lime to transact business for himself, and shall claim none of his earnings nor pay any debt of his contracting from tins date. I. lull l lluilL,ir.n.i Underbill, Juno 1 1843. 63 THE CHEMICAL OIL at G PECK A. SPEAR'S. V. CASS. QCfl Boxes Cylenner Glass, Ilurlington Vt , ovwW Es-cx and Lnkn Brand, for sale at re duced prices, by FQL1.ETT, BKADLKV & Co. 15,000 IImWITIIERILLSprt WHITE LEAD 150 Kegs do Ground in Oil, for salant reduced price by FOLI.F.TT, BRADLEY & Co. uu nock-, jniy r.-, ibu. " 150 doz. Illanchnrd's Can and German btrel Sorthes. 50 do Hay Fork. 3,00 do Hny Rake, 50 do Hoes, for sale hy FOLLETT, BRADLEY .f Co. Old Dock. July 13, 1813. C IRON, STEEL, NAILS &. HARP WARE. A l Tons English Iron, from I 1-8 to C inch wide. Li)J 10 do Old SaWa Russia no 15 Tons New Satla do do 10 do Swedes ilo fl do Peru d" 12 do Horse Shoe do 20 do Round from i to 2J inches, 12 do Square do 3-8 10 3 do 10 do Round do li lo 4 do 5 do Hoop do i to U do 15 do Hame and Scroll do 12 do P. S. I. Russia Rods, flu Sanderson Cast Steel. 4 do Pier son's Spring do from H to 3 inches 3 do swrars an I do Ameiican da 3 do German do 1 do English Blister do 2,000 Kegs Nail', from 3d to 20.1 2,00 do Spikes from 30M lo 601 ? r.n An llraHa fiom Gd to 20d 3,f0 Dot J-Mcs and Rtrpt, A general assortment ot Anvils nnu vices 1 I June 30, ISO. j, a. j, it. rncic u Co. SAND'S SA RS A PA R ILL A. FOR THE I1EMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OF ALL DISEASES ARISING FIIOM AN IM PIIKESTATEOFTHE BLOOD, OR HAB IT OF THE SYSTEM. NAMELY t scrofula, on kino's r.Mt., niir.tiMATHM, oiistinatl CLTANNF.OU ElllTTIONS, I'lMI'IES, Oil TUSTCl-O on Titr.rAcr.,iii.0Tciir.s, Bii.t'.,ciitiu.viC5CHL liu, ntso ivotiM nn TCTir.n, scai.u HF.An, LNLAKIIKMLNT orillKBONLS am) joints, srunn'iiN fl.enns, kTHIII.lTIC SIM I'TOHS, SCIATI CA On 1 1,'MnAOo, npddisease ari-ing from an itijudieiijiis ii.eol Meroory,Acitiev r Droji-y, oxposttre orlm pr ide'iii.e In life. Al-n, Chrouiu Constitutional Disorder will be remo xedi by Ibis prepnMtion. Iinnrovcment in wdiatever regards the happiness nnd welfaroofour race i eonlanlly on the march to pcrieciion, anil wnn cneii sncccrHPng clay rouie new problem l solved, or omo profound -ecret revealed, liaving nu nnporlunt nnd direct beaiing over man' highest destinies. II Weinke a retro-pective view over the pat twenty year-, how I the mind struck with wonder! What rapid stride ha science made in every department of civilized life I particularly in that wdneh relate to thu knowledge of the human sys I cm in health mid ih-ca-c. How valnuUe nnd nulls- pcnsahle nreibo curative mean recently cli-covered through the agency of cheiniiry I How die llie imagination icinuie ami our mimiration g ow ni tin ingenuity, the near aimraach to the standard of per- I leeuuii, oi ine ,rcriii iiiiik i j nruilgll l u ei.ii wi ill i; invesiigalioii ol 1'hy-iologv, or the science ol I. iff, and the Pathology ol'prcyalenl di-ea-e, much valun I le practical kuowieuge lia I een galneii. Jticonse qncuce of lccotniug ncqtininled with the orgatnza lion, t he element of the variou lis-cc nnd structure of ihe sysLm remedie have been sought nficr nnd bscovered exacilv adapted to coml inewilh, nt-itt rnl - izc and expel morbiliec matter, the eau-e ofdi.cae, aiidsnbstitnte beallhy nctior, in it phice. T he beau- linn siinpncity oi im mono ol treatment is not only siigge-tud by the palhulogy of di-ca-e, nol only I ralnful to tho sutleicr, but perlectlv in consonance with the operation of Nature, nnd satisfactory loth" views and rca-oning of every intelligent, reflecting mind. It is that Sanos' S.w.s .PAnn.LA. a scientific combination ofe principle of the mo-t valua ble vegetable mi! stance, operate upon llie system, i i... ut; :ii .i i. .i.' .. i i nids, the nio-t salutary proclutlion, the most potent I ( 11 3. 'l III.. I- SIMHIHIISI, III, no I HO-I C 111.11 simple oi ine vegeiaoie Lingiioin i ami it unprece dented success in the restoration to health of tbiu who had long pined under the mo-ldi-tressjngchron-le maladie-, ha given il an exalted character, f ir nishinga iuloes evidence of it own intrinsic vnlce, and recommending it to the nuTicted in term the af flicted only enn know. It ha long lien n mot im portant desideratum in Ibe practice of medicine to ob tain u remedy similar to Iln; one that wool I ncton the liver, stomach and bowels with all the prcei-ion nnd noicney of mineral preparation. ei wiiliont any of their deleterious ekecls upon the vital power oil be sy-tern. The attention of the rmderi respectfully calletl to llie following i erlilicalcs. However great achieve ments have heretofore Icon made by the use of this invaluable medicine, yet daily experience shows re sult still more rcmarku! le. The proprietor here avail tbcnuelvus of ihe opporiuniiv of saying it i u source ol constant satisfaction that Ihey are made the mean of relieving such an amount of stiHermg. Nkwaiik, N. J., Dee. 13.-Mil2. Messrs. Sands: Genl Word cunnot cxpW the gratitude I feel for your treatment to me, a stranger' sullcring under one of the most loathsome di-ea-es that nature is capable of I caring. T he discu-e wiih which I was nlllieted commenced with inilniiiation ol tbeeye-, iu the year IS3C, which caused nlinoji total blindness. Fer this I wa ireate I and liu.illy relieved, but the icmedie were such a to cause the del clop menl of a scrofulous alTiviiou on ihc elbow The pain extended from the shoulder to the end o. my finger-, and for two years my silverings were I e yond decription. 1 tried variou ii'ineibc md con sulted di.Iercnl phv-tciansin New York, andamongsi them the late Dr. Bit-he, who lold mclbe di-ea-e of the arm was oimed by the large ipiantiiyof mercury taken to cure the inllamatiou c,f my eyes. My sii'lenngs continued, theerni enlarged, tumors formed in dillerent daces, and in a few month di. charged, making leu ruuiimgulciTs at onetime, -dine above nnd some 1 clow llie elbow, and the discharge wa so otlensiye that no i er-nu could tear to le in theroom w here I wa. I then aunliedto ano'ber di.- tinguisbed physician, who told me amputation of the arm was the only thing that could sni emy life, a it wa iinpOs-iLlelbcuresodrcadl'il a di-ea-e ; hut as I was unwilling to con-enttn it, he recommended me to u-u Swam' 1'anniea freely, which I did without deriving but little benefit, Forlbree ye;.r I w.i un able lor.ii-emy band to my head, or comb my head, and the -en fula now made its appearance on my bead.destroying the bone in didercnt place-, causing extensive ulcerations, and 1 feared it might reach and le-lroy the brain Ihe head swelled very much, nc 'Oinpanied with violent pain. Numerous external remedies were recommended, but they did no good. About a year since I wa taken severely ill Willi a swelling ol the body from bead to (out, so that I was entirely helple.. The doclor advised me to go lutl e hospital, for be did not understand my cn-e. For the lat few month I had been atlk'ctcd wilh a severe nin in both side, hi nine si, hard I could scarcely mid mv breath. A hacking cough constantly an. noyed me, and Ihi-combined with my other maladie-. rendered me irnly mi-erable. Such,, ba- peen my suiiaiion lor seven years ol mylile, when I commenced the me of your Sarsaiiarilla : but ns my ease was con-iuereii hopeless, and ihe near pro-peel of a speedy dissolution seemed le, I fell but lil tleencouragemeni lo per-evere. The per-ii.ision cf friend induced me to try your medicine which in a few days produced a great c'hangein my system gen erally, by causing mi appeiile, relievmgtliepains.aiid giving me sticngih. A success in-piie eonlidence, t wusoneoiirageii to persevere1, -ilypatiis srewea-i- er. my strength returned, foccl relished, then cer heal ed, new tle-b formed, and I once more fe!t wiihin me that I might get well. 1 havenow u-cil ibe Sir-apa rilUnbout two inonib. and am like a dilerent be ing. I he aim that lraj lo be ampntatid ba- entirely healed, a thing thai seemed impossible, I can scarce ly lebeve Ibe evidence of my own eye-, but such i. ibe fact j und it i now a n-eliil a at'any period of my I lie, a ni I my general health is better than it ha lech lor year pa-t. lieaiin, wnainngic in me wont! now many thou anil- nave sought il in loreicn lands and sunny clime-, and have soughi iu vain! Yet it came to me when I had give., up to die; and. is I feel Ihc pul-a- lionsoi neaiiu eoiir-iug inroiigii my vein-, my wtioii heart nud soul go lorth in fervent cratiiiu'eio ibe an tborof all our sure mercie-, that he his I een gr.i eiou-ly plea-ed In I le-stheme.inamade n-eof. 'I'm t- have you proied yourself the good Samaritan lo he alliieted.lor next lo my Crciiurinylife isini'el ted to you ;or r.iiner) ihe useoi your invaluable sar-apn rilla. T be value of such n medicine is comitli-- be' yond price, money e.innot pay for il. I have I ecu raised Irom death, I may say.lor my fnend and my sell Ihoughtit inmo-sibtel could recoicr. And now gentlemen -ut'er me lo add another prool certified loo py my menus niin gitariuails n n jui iicl.nowleuge' ment of ibe viilueof your heallh restoring Snr-ana rilla. That the nlllieted may also u-e u and cuioy ine i t-iiciiis ,1 e, uier, i me neariicii, ler- vcut wish ol their and your friend. . Alt I uu.ui.t. 1 know Martha Conl n and I ebeve what she stale. in this document to I e erlcotlv correct. juii. rtiu l it. Vicar (tEsriuLur Nt.w Ycrk, Rwtor cf St, Pctcr' Cb'in li. Given at New York Ibis 1 1 h diy of J lie., IS 42. 1 know Martha Couliu. and have known of her suf fering illness. JOHN DUBOIS. llishon of ew-i ork. I place fill confidence in the statement made bv .Martha Coulin, having known her the past twenty year, i win cjiccriuuy give nny particular iu reia. lion lo her case to those who may wi-h fur her infor mation. Sr. ELI.AIll.TH, Superior of the Roman Caibolie Orohaii Asiluni. Prince slrcel. N. Y. Dec. I I. IS 12. i nave eontnicni'c in the representations inaiie ry .iiaruia uoniin, aim nave tun knowledge cn ner ense, l.l.l.l.VIl l. I'l llUI . Ablenna n lOib Ward of the City ol New York. Deo. II. 1812. Martha Conlin ha lived in my family the last 13 year, niM I herci y certtlythe loregoiug statement made ly ncrtCII Is correei. airs, .u.vic . ii. i.ui it. No. G01 llroad sirecl. .Newark-. N.J Prenare.1 and sold, ivholesnle and retail, and for exportation, py a. n, a.uvusivi i'.. uroggis'.s Chemist, Granite lliiildma-, Nn, 27311roadway,i and cor- ner of Unami er-.strcvi, iew nru. (ii.uiti.i-. i'i'.ri.ii5U., .le-enr liu untrinl avnointment far the Proprietors for Pur- r.'..n.... 1riiinnl i, nil for s.iIh 1,e l)ri,'.?isls lrrner, III. rnlcc 51 per noiue, u i nines lor a. Burlington, March 8, IS43. 41 ly PECK St. SPEAIl, wholesale denlcts in English, French, Iiidia and American D UGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WAKE. IJillTlliSton, Vt. C. BENNS jr. & Co. DRAPERS fit TAILORS, (3d Door South of the Rank, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CLOTH & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY O.N HAND. Cutting douc 111 the most approved style and Warranted. Burlington, November, IS 12. 2Gif. CASH PAID lor FLAX SUED TINSEKD OIL and OIL MEAL for sale by j STILES Jt McELIIOY. At the Oil MillattbeFslU Burlinijieii, Nov I, 1SI2 S3,ly CONSUMPTION AND L.1VCII COJ. PLAINT II DR. TAYLOR'S. BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. From 373 Roictry, New York. IT'OR Ibo cure ol Cough., Cold, Aslbma, vvhoop ing Coiiyh, Cmarrb, paminll de wild bret, P,roueluti liver complauits, and nil tho'eadcellc.n of Ibe throat nnd lung, which are a source of tu much 'tillering and so ofien lerinina'u inLossBMf tIon, liu leme ly is justly and hi2bly diliiigul-hecl. It I purely vegetable, mild and gentle In lis el';l upon tbesyiim, andean 1 e taken in the mot deli cate cn.e with -nfeiy as well as well n unlit)'. S'i extensively ba it I ecn Used and so ofK'ii proved sue cessful even in extremeand apparently almost hope les cn.e-, not only n n palianve but n n remedy that thcpropnc'or feels no he.itencv In Introducing it ainl rmoiiimcndinjr it to nil w ho tinlorlunatel) may havcncea-ion to re-ort to omc mean of recov ery'. Physician-, ( with it eileet and awaru of the healing properties or Ihi vegetal le prepara tion, not linfreip.en'lv priM-rd ed it m their practice, and Willi lb- Jle bca'l Faculty generally, it has urn with more than ordinary npprnl ntioti. CO.NSf.MPT ION. The following remark were taken fromala! minder of the Medical Magazine ! I "The surprising cl'eet produced by tl.e geuulnn I Dr. Taylor' Babain of Liverwort,' tna 'e at 373 llowery, in Consumption ca-c, cannot tail exoiitin; a e'een and thrilling intere-t througho it the world. . We bate so long I dieted the disease (Consumption) mcuralle. that It i difficult to eieditour senses when wu ste icisun i;viiil-iiiiv i onsiiiiijii , , , icnuicu bealih. et it i a net ol daily occurrence I Certificate from tho higielnnd mo-t re-pectabbi source of person whohnve ether I cell greatly re lieu'd ly it, or entnely recovered from alleclionsof the lungs and liver, could I e furnished in abundanc but we inert only Ibe following 'r.r.Tiric.Mi:. " Being constitutionally predi-pon ed to Consumption, n member of my l.iiiuly having Riu'ereil scerely Irom iritnliLii ol ibe Lung, ac c-oiupanieii with eoiu li ami raising miner nnu i ioo" together Willi severe pnin In on sidemid breast, til wn upti)-ed to be bevond recovery, I wa induce1, bv advku rl' Dr. Porkm--, a la-t re-ort to try "Taylor' Balsam of Liverwort," I have taken fivu bottle in all. I began to improve with the lir-t b' I tie, and while in, ins llie third, wn.o far reeovers.1 ns to be nble lo gel about. Since which time, by eoniintte I ue of it I am quite restorel and nble tu ntlend tu my u-iial I u-t.ics-, To persons snTerinir from cough. and attcctions. of the Lungs, I do earn e-tly reccomiliend il. (Signed) J.VS. C. SCOTT. Elisabeth City, ,V. C. Dec. 16, 1312. For n conunon coll and cough, tin is one of the verv liest reineJic ever ili-covcrcd. A. B. Theie is ns.puriots and counterfeit article olloat, and lately introduced into tin place. There fore beenreful lo get the genuine, which is from 375 Bowery N. Y nud see tint the new engraved wrap per is on Ihe boiileto prevent conuterlrii. For sale by PECK & SPEAR, and LOVELY & SEYMOUR, 'lliir'ington; S. II. (lames, Charlotte! M. Hall, llinc-buri'li; Win. Rhode, Jr. Richmond. June 30, vl C( HIIDS. (Sardncr llrewtr, Ueztoii, N. E. futn, J 30 Pipe Biaudy, 40 do Ilallimore Gin, 5 do "Swan" do pure, 10 Half "Pcllcvoisin'' Brandy 10 Hhd.. Si. Croix Rum, 30 Bbls. Snerry and Maduria Wino, 0 do Malaga do 8 do Port do J. J. HkCK &, CO. June 30, '43. CASH WANTED, IT'OR WHICH Cloodsata fair price can beobtained . nt the Temperance Store. A good assortment of nice Vest Patterns, Black Cravits, Italian do. Wicking, Wadding and Hat ling. A few Yankes Shoe Brushes. Day and .Martin's lilackin?, Japan do. Pasledo. Sarap'anlla Mead. Cavendish, Fine Cut nnd Smoking Tobacco. Rice, Ginger and Saleralus. Ink, Shaving and Bar Soap, for sa'e uncommonly w by S. N. GAUT ii Co. Juno 13, 1313. 4 FLOUR, nperior brand-, m Bane! and Half Barrels, constantly arrivin; J. .f. J. II. PECK & CO. June 30. '43. NFORMS his liicnds that ho has returned from Ilo. ion and New York, having I ought; a largs tock nl Dili CUODO, wine i ho isnow opening in ,e Store formerly occupied by D. A. Braman, in thennrlh-wo-tiinier of Slreng's Building, opposiis Mc-rs. Peck sV Spear, where he intend keeping ou-iaivlvcn baudan extensive ussnriment of DRY GOODS which be will oiler nl ihe lowest market price-, in- attention Peing exclusively cevoieu tu Dry Good, and hi- motto I eing LARGE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS, he i enabled to occomodnte hi old Friend., Custo mer and tho Public with goods at reduced prices Call and see. Burlington, July 7, IS 13. B' Set i NT WA li. B HOUSE BF. LED, (formerly ol the linn ol Lord & Lee) . andU. B. BltlAVSI'ER, under ibo firm of LEO & BREWSTER, havee-tabb-hcl at 113 Pearl treit New York, n WAltT'IorSE O.V .l.V EXTENSIVE SCALE, EXCtl'SIVELY FOIl PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trade by the piece or paeunge. By confining their attention entirely and exclusive lo ihi one article. L. B, will le enal led to not only exhibit a more extensive and I eauiiful n-,-ortniem than is to I e foun I tl-ewherc, (there being no siinilsr establishment lor prints in ihe United Stale.) but tu sell always at price as low, and generally lower thin those ol houses wdio-e attention and ineansaro divided among a large variety of article. I no entue sioci;, eniLracing atom one inouanci .'emu pattern and coloring, ha leeu recseivod within a fewdays; is perfectly Ire h, and comprises nil the latest ami choi"e-t spring stjte. Gyl LOOKING GLASSES. A LARGE supply ju-t received from tho manu factory, for sale low by LOVELY & SEYMOUR. June 13, 1813. 2 DR Y GR O C FRIES, OF superior quality, fresh from New York, just received and for sale verv low by LOVELY it SEYMOUR. June la, 1S13. 3 200 KEGS POWDER, 1UU Hags .Vhoi IjO l)i z. corn liroonis' 100 Patent Pad.. J. & J. II. PECK if. CO. June 30, '13. 4 AGooJnrtie'co' IIVSO.N',1 YtH'.Nf HYSON, t -v i- cs z I1V.-0 SKIN it ( -sour HONG 1 For sale ebeap al the I'einpeijuce Store, by August 23, ISI I. S. N. GAIT st Co. MARSH'S Lll-'H AND REMAINS. riilir. Rcnmius of ibe Rev. J.ssics Marsh, D. D. -L late Prtidrnt, and Professor of Moral and Intel lectual l'hiloophv in the University of Vermont, wilh a memoir of his I fe. For sale bv June 29. II. J. SHUMWAY, AfenL COM.1U1NCEMENT TIIP year the Graduate from Howard's has call to locale himself in the city cf Tror, N. Y., where a reputation of ihe enterprise ol il business men stands equal lo these of any cily in America. I he above rciiin-rion tor one irom Howard's is macw by onetf the iiiol ancMiil and reputable standing commercial houses there, and wilh a full knowlrds of ihewnuiremeiits of .i previous graduate, who is in limine by Iheir sidej ihose also who hnve located Ihemselve at oilier places Irom llie same Almamator are NuiulerOnes. Previous to the degree leinj nl out lobe given a full audience may I e daily wum. moilattsl in receiving abiindanl evidrnco of the Vale. dietorys I cing deserved, by nny mutual interchange Hint may tic wisticM with me various patrons ol ine Sloro py hi giving as nereioiore ms n-suiuoo atten tion m' putting the goods fast and cheap into iheir hind at HOWARD'S. 3Glh July, IS 13. 8 P, S One Freshman entered, spnVations others under consideration. NOTICE. riMIE Copartnership heretofore existing 11 ween X GUISWOLI) & CLARK, i llns day disolved by mutual con-ent. The business will in contimwd at ihe o ii siaiui ny c, u. ulakk. li, tllliov.swtr. Z. C. CLARK. Soulh Hero, June 00, 1813. TwJ JUWr.I.HY. A New asscnnient of HroiK-he, Pins, Rises, Heart, Slide, Snsp-.CulfPins, and other cms ment; Gold Chun, Keys.&e. Among the Pins ar Cameo, Tnrqtion, Agne-marice, Diamond, Emerald, Pa-te, Onyx, Slonc Cameo, Ruby, Pearl, and other precious Swine-, tome set s ingle'snd some in dusters. Also, Plain Ring and Pin-, and Rings with plain lops. Signet, sVc, Among the Rings art, some tet witfc stones nt lower price than any before o.'ered t onr assortment is more complete llian ever. July 20. 6 Panubohn it BalxsMiir. 1 "I FISH. 200 QninlaU Cod Ftsli, UK) Boxes Herring. J. t J, H. Pf.CK 4. CO.