Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 22, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 22, 1843 Page 3
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ihcm derives ilacatimateof guilt. Andlhonniountor euil, which thepublic mind nnd conscience -ockVo with any forbidden act will bo according to the ;e.i- ally and administration of the law. it is ttun that tho Scriptures exhibit a standard of i.. . i. i r i,i uniirinriiitcri e,idti fo do books of morals) hut the imimnc p al nnd wicked do not Bludy tho Scriptures or s'"c.1119 ot morality, they got their ideas of guilt from seeing nnd feeling the penalties of law. 1 lie criminal law (says an nblo jurist) is the highest and mo3t author! tativo instruction upon tho subject of crime. Moral Pl.UtnarmliuiathrnrV. It 13 VCTV COOll reading, hilt that is its nrincinal use, "plays round the head but ) IS lis principal i c, J criminal law i, ;s not near the heart. The criminal law s comes nrnclipnl It comes homo 10 an mat 13 -maui-piiiou Bt.nni In ncnaltics nro the standard of g.iilt. It Is a part o( tho moral light received as readily as tho light of day, and according to its representations of crime, will bo tho opinions, sentiments and principles of the community." 3. Another tndqfpunlthmcnt m this world is the reformation of the ofendcr. This should never bo overlooked, but secured, whenever possible and con sistent with justice and tho safuy of society. Crimo must bo prevented nnd iho community secured .'rom violence. Subordinate to thcsucnilsis tho comfort and reformation of tho offender. The voice of justico from the heavens and the voice of humanity within us, require that punishment shall bo exercised for tho good both of tho public and of the offender. Uut if the two objects arcin any case incompatible, justice and the public safety deserve tho first consideration. Whilo presenting the thrco ends of punishment above named, though I have not spoken of justice as a distinct end, I assume that a sacred lcgnrd to jus tice ot o desert, is to be had in all penal infliction. There is such a thing as justice, separate from nil tlio other aims of penalty. It is tho moral sense the spontaneous feeling of mankind, that crime deserves punishment. God acts universally upon this princi ple. Some of tho old writers, as Grotitis, irrnnnd their definition of punishment on this primary idea ot justice, and call it, "cwl inlhclcd on account of evil committed," not that punishment is revenge. It embraces in it nothing of the idea of levengc, but it proceeds on tho principle of desert ; and the moral sense of the human mind Intuitively demands and re gards ji-stkc as one of Ihc ends of all penal itifl.c tioii. Whenever nn atrocious crimo is committed, thoro is a deeply seated and univeisil conviction that the criminal outfit to sutler. How did the public voice give uttcrn.-.ce In this feeling, a few years ago, when Jcnon White of Salem, a gray haired, old man, was murdered in his bed 1 Tho universal conscience demanded that the murderer should sutler. There was no personal malice, no spirit of retaliation, 110 ill will to the murderer, as a man, that gave uttciancc to this call. I3ut it was tlio moral sense of the com munity, of what was tight and proper. Therefore when wo say that the pretention of crime, the security of the state and the mnendtnent of the offender, nro the chief ends of punishment, wo as sume, of course, lhatall punitive measures for the attainment of these ends, must pioceedon the princi iloofJ.s :r. nr jur ono' desert. We eschew ull schemes built upjn expediency, us n foundation. If expediency Ins anv llung to do willi the subject, it is only with the moth: of npptyinz the principle of jus tier. Tho state, the magistrate, the parent, like Clod himself, must ever keep their eye on justice, or per sons! desert, lor so only can ciimc bo prevented, the I public good secured, nnd the transgressor reformed. I nemness prevauos tlio dilforcnl apartments Such are the acknowledged ends of punishment. unsurpassed ; an 11 ti 1 1 rin r assiduitv is man Thegicat question is, How shall crime be punished ;.,, , ,i. . , r if ' 1 1 so as efiecliially to attain these ends 7 If the forego-1 ,ll S'L ! ,n ,llc l,ul 1 of al1 eonccrni-d .1. the ing views are correct, it is seen that punishment has J establishment to promote the furtherance of a higher end, than the comfort nnd amendment of the j every wisli of the Traveller, nnd the whole offender, and in 0110 sense, a higher end than tho mere S(mu) rorn,ati(ll,s cn,lllr,. Pn!,ilu i .!, prevention of crime and protection of person or pro perly, if ihcso are songht iricspeetiveof the principles of jusiico. Il is seen that punishment if I nny ven ture a definition, is the mfiiciion of evil on the trans gressor according to personal desert, for the safety of the slate and the good of the transgressor himself. I have hero remarked upon the general subject of punishment, because we can not safely decide wheth er it is rig.'ii and safe to punish the murderer with death without having before us all theends of punish ment. It appears 10 mo that there are sci ions and practical mistakes in the community, growing out of an cxclusivo contemplation of one of tho ends of pun ishment, Ihc amendment of the offender. It is evi dent that if punishment has ibis for its dticf end, it can not bo extended to death, for this would defeat tho object. In mv next number I will endeavor to show that most of tho objections nnd nrgtimcnlsngainst capital punishment, have arisen from r, too cxclusivo contem plation of, and synipnihy with, the prison' r; that be navolence in pursuing its metaphysics of clemency in this way, is impairing the defences of social order and security and impairing 1I10 moral principal of the state. With much respect. Vours, Biblical Repository. C. Communication. SLAVERY IN BRAZIL, j And the conduct nf the lSritish government and 1 Its agents, in the attempted suppression of : the slave trade. 1 chatter r. I The condition of the Xegroes in their oirn country and llrazil contrasted. Wc propose uniting llicse nrlicles to display to the world what we aro under the impression ihey do not generally know the system of the 1'nglish'Cabinet . which is so much vaunted among civilized naiions, ns, tho great scheme for tho suppression of tlio slave ' trade, and the universal cnfraiichiseincm of thcslavc". , We profess lohavesjme personal knowledge of, this mailer, During a cruise of three years on the Brazil station, we frequently had this subject brought under our close observation, and from hearing so I much of the sacrifices, and destruction of the selfin-1 tercst of tho English nation by themselves, for the . cause of biifll ring humanity alone, we were miurally ' led to contrast what we saw and heard together, anil I as wc hope, draw the proper interence. Wc were or- Rjynl Navy, who were in charge of slaves as prize , VCCJ ur ,w.or ""ce Vrs past. Pulled meets a rea maslcrs.and havchad detailod from iheirown mouths y . 1 nml ls sl1" scarce 111 the market. Tor most somcof the facis which we shall iclate. Again, we description of foreign coarse thcro is still a fdir demand have boarded nnd examined vessels fining out for a 1 and during Iho past week considerable sales have trip to tho coast of Africa, and noticed their arrange-1 uccn ....j , s.uu. cuna iuio with their commanders who have freely detailed lluir method 01 proccuurc. bull aami. in reference to Iho 1 condition of the slaves in llrazil, wo hive been in the constant habit whilst visiting the different cilies on her coast, of seeing the situation of the slaves, their laoor, loou, anil treatment y nicir misters, and ou serving it nil in di-tail. It must be allowed Iherefore. lhat wo Invo hid a pretty f.iir opportunity to make our inquiries and learn something about thee affairs. We have endeavored to do so, nnd trust the sequel will show for Itself, lhat what wo are about to relate, is sober convincing proof nnd not ihc flight of a vivid imagination, or an erroneous juJgmcnt. As far as we can learn the condition of tlio Blark population of Africa is had enough. In tho depth of their degradation they may truly be classed at tho bot tom of all naiions and races of men tint still rcimin iu tho sivnge state. They live upon Ihe spontaneous productions of nature, nnd have no circs, no wants, their lives are thoso of thegrcatestpissiblo indolence, and filth, and seem to have been uiven them for 110 end whatever, Having no moro Ihouglit for the mnr. row than tho beasts of the forresTs lhat siirroinul Ihpm. Still ! Ifv nrn innnu fur llinu Tnil nn hies they nro frco for they have none lo oppress ' bind ihcm to their nitivo shores, which not only man, but Iho most insignificant of God's creatures nc- iiiciu, mm uioi miu uio nun Mourco anu uoine lo knowlcdno the same. True they have their nunneln nnd their battles, their pri-oners nnd their prisoners ... ....... ... . . ... UIm , tlir-tr .Mi hnva linrl. Hill hpr llm .-lnln mqn ...... their dav have had. But Acre the whilo man sun plies iho ransom, and they go no more to their own natal scenes, but become the slaves of tho purchaser. Such is a sketch of the condition nf tho black man on his native shores, to which all who have ever read their geography, or follo.ved the adventurous travel ler through thoso dangerous regions cm testify, We will now follow ihcm across the Atlantic to tho coast of Brazil. Hero wo seo them landed from tho slave vessel that is, all who have escaped the ravages of tlie small pox poor, ana emaciated, and somcscarcc ly able to stand, from their harsh treatment and scan ty food, immediately they arc driven lo the slave mar ket, where, bowed down and broken hearted, wilh disease, bodily wcaknass, and cankering misery, Ihey nre sold to their future lords and masters. Itis sail by some, that tho condition of the Negro ls unproved by bis transportation to a civilized coun try. Will any ono tell us, Uul Naturo is as beautiful whilst under tho control of man, as in all its wild un fettered freedom. Where is iho animal so bcautiful whera tho bird that so sweetly sings whero tho plucked flower to adorn n lady's vnso whero the cooped up water fall whero so beautiful, ns in na- ,y,.Vll,lluln0V?r S" lh-"7?X ot phihnthropyrpiK copartnership hcreloforr existing under tho teach the negro a trade, to pain ,fm a livelihood, in i I A firm of J. S. A, W. E. JIUNsoN 1 ,h! dsv country hUas never destined for. nnd for the'tiur- I di.solved by mutual conlen . NvON' " "" day ........ ...... ,....v inoi. 1P1C II powof fJling tha coffers of a haul task-mister, in hi. wursiiiypocrin.-, nnu ine mosi nccomnlisli e.l scjunirol in the world, riiero issomeihin.r noblo w cur mind in a mnn who in n scoundrel openlu. I IMl for onn In n.uat. nu:l.K,l . ..i.i: I n sei l i. p. Kin, n ti.. .... . - . . ' " """--'1 "t ""'I, Ollicis prelcnj tliat the christian religion Is taught JSlriJlVVs.JV.oX. 'is"" sct vnn iJcain country il0 nrz,t. A couiitrv, settled 'from its earliest discovery by Unman Ontholics, , where, thcro nro no school., no tcachcrn where such I Inmgs na univcrsnl intelligence, and cduralion to a ccrbn c ro unknown! whero books can i flcarcoliefound forthosnclasscsnlnllctcntst where the country fifty iinlo from tho seaboard isn wildcr-lio-s, and wnrso than all these, where tho Roman Catholic religion prevails in its most possibly per verted form. Tho Priesthood .combine, to silence nnd keep down nny ntleinpt nt improving the nnnds of tlm Itincq mid l:rr.n llln RlinrcmnCV OVCr them by idle shows, processions, images, and nil Hi forms to a rencclivc people i!.o ourselves bo ndiculou A ,g h(i (() ,mw (q r wilh .. . 1 1 i .... . ' -...I ' II il, .8 nccro here is taus 11 to liuw to n Priest Willi n hrnrwl.tirimmpr! Iinl. nr In Imnil llin knen to n mass. nnd sprinkle himself with holy wntert the why, and tlm wherefore ho knows no mora than tho man in tho moon. Yet it is onlv tho personal servants lhat nre taught even thifc but for ihoo whose only day of recreation is the Sabbath, and that for only part of tho day, they know nothing, nor ever learn there is a liOIII How then, shall wo teach them savs tho disinter ested philinihropist 1 1 uo to nicir country, ami send tue woru 01 ura v ihent. ntul nnl lirint- litem In it nvnwcdlv. but certain ly to finery worse than death. In other words throw aside the damnable nvaricu of your soul, nnd sink it not deeper intn hell, by tho ptconl course you s. .' i .ti .1 ' 1 -r (!.,! nn, pursue. Sn shall they receive the word of (Sod, and j ns a natnial rnncrnuence better their condition 111 ev ery way. That this v ill happen however, I cannot believe, did our world list leu thousand tunes longer than it ln. Shncsthey nre, and such is the inhe rent avarice and meanness nf tho noblest of Gods creatines, that slaves they will ever be. Wo wish it to 1 0 remembered that in the abovo wri ting we have ponorallv snoken without nullification, for the pimple rens' n lint wo have netailed what we know of hv fir llu maj irity. Tho slave in Brazil lives like n "tins, is ucalcil like n dog Jies like a dog s , and receives no more education there than 110 nan when ho arrived. Tor niirsrhcs we think that the j negro i miieli heller oil 111 his native coiintri, igno- j rant anil wild ns ho is, than a a slivo in Iira7ii. ino j Ucr, merchants, Yc., should address their orders un laws protect the slave from military duty here, nor ( mediately to from iheiinbiidled nnsfrnfliisniaaler. Such isnl ivc- i;. r WALTON nnd SONS, Mnnlpelicr, Vt. ry in Uracil. 1 :pTvdilnrs in Vermont will bo entitled to one dozen The crnu Ins not been lately taken, but m 1S30 Registers by publishing this advertisement three 11 sionu J.roui'iio, 10 l,iUU,UUU Wltnc! H is nu . ptol ably 2,500.0CO blacks, to 1,00,000 whites. Mr. Editor: During my pcrcginations in Vcrninnl I fotiml myself on tlio shores of Lnku Cliniiiplnin, a place called "McNeil's Landing;," Charlotte, ono of tlio loveliest places yon can conceive, its charms beggars descriptions, a little cluster of while buildings constitute tlio villa, till in keeping with tlio enchanting scenery. So completely was I fascinated with the spot, I resolved to linger a while and drink in the pleasures it promised. Accordingly I took lodgings nt the Hotel kepi by C. C. Martin, whose merits as a L indlord I fully tested. After passing a few days in n way and manner most satisfactory I cannot in justice lo him and myself forbear recommending bis house through your medium, to nil lovers of good order, peace and comfort and I may add n I good table, as they furnish such as is suited lo the most fastidious palate. An air of rpnet and comfort of those who drop in. May success attend him. Yours, Sec. &c. TRAVELLER. Chorlotte, Sept. 4, 1S43. IlltlCMITON MARKUT. Sep. II, 1S43. At Market, 530 Hcif Cattle. 273 Stores, 23 pair Working Oxen, 2700 glirep, and 1000 Swine. Pmcr.s Jlcef Cattle We quote lo correspond with last week. A smidl number extra nt S-l E0 SI 75. Eirst quality, SI 23 J7 8) DO; second quality 8375 0 SI 25; third quality S3 f,i S3 50. Stores Two year old S3 'V 13; three year old 811 S 17. Working Oxen Sales at SCO, 63, 72, nnd SO. Sheep Lots wcro sold from S3c to I 50. Wclhers from 1 33, to I 75. Su-inc Shoals 10 peddle at lc for Sows, and 5Je for Barrows. Old Hogs at -I g 3c. At retail from 5 to Gc- WE IV YOHK CATTLE SIAHKETS.-Scp. 11 . At Market.-1030 Beef Cattle, 423 from the South, remainder East nnd West; 30 Cows and Calves, and j 2330 Sheep and I.ambs. j Pmccs Ileef Catlle-Thc offerings this week were I n'' T'ito as largo ns last. Quotations SI 50, 9 S3, wilh a few cxlra at S3. I Coin rmrf Crc At 810 to 25 all sold. Sheep and Lambs Sheep $1,23 to $3,30; Lambs 81,23 i?S2 30-130 leftover. BOSTON MARKET Si ep. 12. KLOUR-IIoward st. 3 12. 9 Western canal, 1 73 ? 4 97; DUTTKIl.-10fll9pc.rlb. ' S 5 do do. WOOL. There have been moderato sales of fleece at the range of quoted iate3; of this description, the quantity now being received, is less than has been no- 1 SaJi0,iy JIcr'n0 fleeces, 37 a 10 35 a 3d 30 a 33 23 a 20 30 a 32 17 a 23 8 a 12 4 a 20 ' "." '.""""i ; i,!.vi , Common J blood, l.miii s, Isi quality, hmyrna wa Hied, llcngnzi. Buenos Avrc Hsfiffn-S o (3. In Riirfu, on the 12ih int., by the Rev. .Mr. Snhin. .Mr. IIIRAM I'. ClIAMDEHLAIN, of JericllO, 10 Miss .t...... ... wAt.iii.--, ui i.uuoriugc. In Williston Vl., on Siliirdiy Morning Aug, lGth liy Rev. Simeon Pnrnnlce, Mr. I'nANcis If. WnncLnn, ... .,,,,, u,i,ul, ,icaucmy, (.tuingion .Miss.) to .lIits'LiiAni.oTTE A. ildcst daughter of Rev S. I'jrnnlcc of tlio forum place. By Iho Rrv. . er. O'Callaghnn, Mr. Joscpt Viget lo llalloran lo Mi-s Elizalcth Byrne,' bot'h'of this n?ace" Mr. .timnj W.l.l, II! t' ..i . . Sl. ; "'rg'irei ntiarKey, liotli of Mhansj .Mr. William Harvey in Slisa M... nnio b t'l of fii jeorgia; Mr. Michael O'Deo lo Miss Anne Casiclln. both of this place; Mr. Maraarcl Coine, bolh of this nk Richard Powers in I Tnnliet to Leonnm P.,.,, ,,;.!, i,,i.' ... , .-,", Sf- -v.. ; i . i liinliet to Leonora Pcrmantier, J'r. Lewis Ornvchno 10 Margaret Pcrmantier, bolh of n., ,,, wcnis Corcoran lo .miss Bridget Me I ITfirll.,, ...uln,., r Sl. r. . r; . Carlliy, widow of Mauraco Conway deceased, both of -wwiim,.,, uiiu i y inosarne, .nr. ! rancis JlcCorwick lo .Mrs. Jane Anderson, both of Moiclown. BSe fl, In Cambridge on 1I1081I1 Sept. Dr. A. H. Pabon, nied 1 1 years. A so, on the 28th ult. lion, era! iLLoiunnr, aged 76 years. In Charlotte, on tho 15th tfiflfr nt ilia Arlofn...! . of 74 years, Lucy, wifo of Dormcn Leavenworth, nfler fi clutrf ilnuad sirlili I. H 1 t . ' .. r..tII o,iu iiiuurcn wnn paticnca and resignation o tho will of God. In her life and con luct sho exhibited a pious example to society; nnd sincp the year 1321 till the closing scene of her li'e sho lived in the hopes of a blessed immortality throuch me ngiiieoiisncss of tier Redeemer, as an exemplary member of tho Congregational Church, at Charlotte. Amid thesoconsolniions sho died in tho bosom of her family, and friends, by whom her loss will bo severely ...... tuuiuiii(.t4 LOW, msHur.UTiioN, JOHN S. MUNFON. Colrhcstcr, August If., 1813. .jg3 A few llogrluads of St. proi Sugar-T.o, Sl". Croix Molasses, of a snprrjor quality for sale' "'Church Street, S'ept. Wl?.'" WBJSf PORTABLE GRIST MILLS. THE sub-cnber having been nnpointud agent for the 'nlo of Jo.fnh Pkttl's Universal Porfil'lo Grist Mill, is prepared, to furiiMi iinlUat horl notice, nnd niitbori.od to fell rights for individuals towns or counties Tins mill tool, the premium nt the Fuir of I he Aiutrran Institute1 InN. Voik,lnt niitumn, nnd Ihu sul sequent snlcs have fully borne out tlio high prai-c there! c-tnued upon it. It is ndmirnbln for grinding Indian corn and hor-o feed. Gnin of all kinds is gmind with equal facility, Also coffee, nml all kinds of spices) aIo salt, drugs, etc. nnd it is easily adapted for grinding paints. .Its durabili'.y is equal to any other mill, tho slono. being compo-cd of French Burr ) and its efficiency with its simplicity is remarkable, ns nre nlro its other desira ble, commendations for compactness, partnblencsa nnd low price. There nrn four different sizes now made of these mills, viz t 16,21, SO 11ml 30 inch stone) prices ft 0111 S123 to 3200. Tho smallest may bo used by hand power and turned by 11 crank, and either or them are readily wmked by horse, steam or light water power. Wherever water power is scarce, and grist mills for grinding corn or grnin of any kind arc consequently scarce, tht-o patent mills will bo al most invaluable) for with unooflhea mills wilh horse power, nny person could grind all that could bo ground by any other mill. It is at once admitted by nil win have seen this mill perforin, thnt it is truly a la! or saving and economical midline 1 as wilh it mom won; can no cionis wnn less rower vuy nnnui half,) than nny other mill, nnd it will do the work nt least as well and as last, nnd the price is less than for any other. PREiSON CROFUT. Burlington, Sept. 20, 1S43, 10 If WALTON S' Vermont Register Farmer's Almanac for 1844. TUB publisher will make the Vermont Register for 1S1I more full and complete than any which has ever In fnro been published, nnd it will be issued on or ncir tho 20lh Nov. or ns soon as a rvu. nnd con- nrxTftemster can be issued. Jj-Tho edition will bo limited, and orders must bo mij(. snn to securo n supply, llooksrllcrs paper ma WCMIS. Sept. 10, 1813. 1G XOTICE; THIS cerlifii'slliat I have given my Son ORSON I1HOWN, hi" time during lii minority, lo trans act 1 iisine forhini-elf, and shall not hold inysclfac cniintnblefor nny debts ot his contracting, nor claim any of hi" earnings alter this dale. AMOS BROWN. Milton, Sept. 20, 1313. ICw3 PIANO FOR SAUL Abeanlifid and first ratero'o-wood Pianofoute, wilh mx anil a half octave-, little use.1, and qiite uninjurc I, may I c had at a wry uioJeratc price. En quire rf the p'linlcr. I! irlinglrn Sent. 20, 1813. IB THR nnniinl meulini of tlio inemlcrs of tho Vir mont Mutual Kiro Iniirnncu Company, will 1 c holdcn nt tho Oilice of said Company in Montpelier, cn the lSllidayof O.'loliT next, at one o'clock, P. M. for the purpose ol electing Directors for Ihe ensuing vcar. nmendin'? I he hv law, and tran'nclins oilier hn-inoss as inarlu deemed necessary. By order of Director--. J. . AIL., Secretary. Insurance O.Tice, Sept. 13, ISI3. 1fiw3 c;i:n.MA.N a.' crimen of Fringe, imp-, CorJ and Tn Jut received by STORE. AsooJ 10 OSTIIF.IM & CO. NEW GOODS. SILK nnd Wor-trd Shawl-, very handsome fur the Reason, JoM received at the tyle, IC GERMAN STORE. GROCERIES. HYSON, Hvson Skin, Young Hyson, Pnuchnng and Souchong Teas ; Cuba. New Orleans, I.o.if nnd Pnwdcreil Siifirs: P. R. MoInSs-cs. Giner. Pen per, Spice, Cnssin, rsuimccs, CInvts, Salcrnlus, Itnr S)np, Varicaied do., .Mustard, Mould Candles, Co- vt, iv c , jusi riu ivc i nun mr unit" v P. & II. II. DOOLITTLK. Sfpt.SOth, 1813. h; wG BUFFALO ROBES, T usT received and for sale vei v low bv f ii. II. DOOI.IITLK. lfi wC 5-Vpt. Oih, 1813. FARIVELIS SHOES. rURWF.t.L'S Kid Slips, X do, French da. elo. lo. elo. do. Walking Shoes, do. Morocco Jo. . Just received and constantlvon hand, forsalo by mi p. ii. doolittLi:. Sept. 20ih, lf. G wG "OKOAD CLOTHS, Ccisa ncres, Vesiitigs, Orleans i Lloih.Silk Warp, Lustre Alpacca, M. D. Liincs, DnmiskCahyleShiwIs, F.mcy Cravats, Gentlcinens Slock", Collars, Shee'ing", and most nrlicles usually called for in the Dry Goods line, constantly on biu'd and for sale by KERN if. fcPr.AU. Church Street, Sept. 22, 1943. I6tf i-nnmi ti:as. OLD and Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, and Black Teas, of a superior quality, for sale at ihe lowest mar'.rt price by KHUN it SPEAR. ( hiirch Street. Sept. 22, P 13. Ctf WANTED, IpOURor five srnod journeymen jiner.s.fnr which a fair price will be paid. C. MERITT. Ilurlinglon, Sept. 20, 1S43. IGif EXTRA Y. Qin Yi:i) from the suh-cril er, on tho Mih int., a cw'i with a litile grey across ihe lack and tail, horns turning over, good to milk, and is be tween 4 and 5 ear- old. The tinder will be reason ally recompensed, by giving information of her lo ,. DANIEL DIONVSIWS Burlington, Sept. 2 IJg 13. 16w3 I.UMIilOlt YAHI1. IOR silo bv the suhscriheiB nt their yard on Poarl 1' Sireet, COMMON BOARDS, " LATH, ' FLOOR BOARDS, ready planed, CLAPBOARDS, " ' CLEAR HOARD5, Alsn. a.OOO CEDAR POSTS, while efc red. HICKOK if- STEVKNS. Burlington, 20th September, 1313. 1G3 HAIR ! HAIR! T'.I,l.r,'.l'r.i.0,llrorcsl":e,r"ll' ''nfnrmed that H.C. A. SMI ril, is now prepared lo furnish nny nrliclo in the line of hair work on iho shortest notice. Cash paid for long hair. Shop west side of tho American Hotel. Hurhngion, Sept. 21, 1813. IGif VERMONT ALMAMAC AND REGISTER FOR 1844. THE favoral le reevpiion an l fili ndly notices of the first number e,f this valuahlc little annual, has the iil li-hcrs in on incrca-ed cxe-nion to make the second numler equally ilrrrvingihe pat ronage of a hscern jnrf p i(.f anrf ,,,e inIni( js ,llr. Uiirmeriissball f dly sustain thef.tvornUe reputation w hicn Die first uuml er ha- acquired. iCJThis Register will e ready tnr iViivcrvon or nbon, of cr, nn.l'all onlcr, will IhanLfully revciveij and promplly answered. A lib oral discount made to tho-e who buy in quantities. All irillishcrt of newspapers iu Vermonl, who will give the above noire ihrce insertions in their 'respec tive papers shall I u entitle 1 10 one dozen of the Reg isters lor the same, lo le forwanle.l in nny way iht-'y -''"'I '"' HASKELL A: PALMER. y A"gu-t 23, 1813. G3 G aO.S31Ae' STOItE. Macenroni nnd Vermicellv, Oliver nil I Caper, Sullnna Raisin", Wrynice Box do. Errnidi Figs, ('ni-oa Nuls, Fiench Prepared Miutnrd, French Plena red Clioeolmo. Also, Coeo.i Paste, tor making Chncolale immnliatcly. Hoiinleau Prunes in Glass. Jar and Fancy Boxes Sardines preserved 111 Olive Oil. China pre-cned Ginger. All of superior nnaliiy. IG .luslrereiv.-il by OSTIIEIM & CO. NEW GOODS. HP!!-' subscribers have just returned from New g ,rk' nn1 w."'!' TPectrully invito lira attention or purchasers to their lan-eand well selected assott menl of GOODS, ennsisnng of Broad Cloths, Bea ver Cloths, Cassimcrs, Satinets, Veslings, Silk Vel- Silk, Mack Gro dn Swiss, do, Blue Black Gro Grain do. Colored Gro do rv'nnla ,l nf.....Ai: .1. nui, .1 c .i. '"s-iiii ue i.nms, lack Alpacca, Stripe do, Parisian, Merinos, Black Boiiibaiine, (.iiiahains, Bishop Uwn, Barred nnd Crash, White 'and ColoYrd Va inbriS, r-uining, insn .men, l.ndieslCravats, Mouselin He I i.aine romts, lllack Iinlun Cravnis, Coloreel Silk Cravats, Gingham Handkfs, Rilbons, Cotton Hose, Super Cnslumcro Ribs, Fringes, Lnces, Ladies w!l,nlnmi,nS,GJ0VC!rn1,rall.l,il,l)f' Cap,, p? C,0 ',','el sl,nnl Thread, Padding, Canvass Silk, 1 wist. Billions, I.inen Thread, Selesia, Wig' gnns. Coat Cords nnd Bindings, Wntch Guards, Car pet Binding Umbrellas, India Rubbers, Neit Sus- K'.'.f wr. I"'r ''"r,,1'"1'. While and Risl j- annel, White Coiton Fanncl, Unbleached doi Shaw-Is, Mirnimre Binelings, TicUinp. Drillings. Bur laps. Wickmp, Cot.on Yarn, Carpet Warp, etc. &c. aL?.uv;,!rar,:;rdlridror cath'aml l Sep,. 10, .8.3. P " U mU ! TO TllF. PUDL1C. Ji"I,catlicr i Leather 1 1 Leather 1 1 EC. t.OOMlS.hason hand the largest and best assortment nf I.IIATIIKR that has been offered in this market, and will be sold for cash or good pa per, cheaper than it Imj been sold in this part of the country for years, ns he is determined to sell, if with out profit. Among which aro nnn Sides .Vole Lcatncr, irom is iu .ijcis. per 10. IOO do Upper Leather, n I'-lr China Harness, n.:.ll Alororco, Kid, Lining, Ilinding, Trimming Top, . I q Skirting, Hand, n ltnsonll Itridln f J Mnrm. Itiitp nml llutr Sltlns. Shoemakers' Tools, r neto itnni T riTo. ti ml TrimminrrB of ever v descrin lion. 'Also. Uliss's thick Boots, No.l, at 82,50 cash. rlraso call nnd satisry yonrsctr. I'earl street, Sept. 21st, 1843. 1" 3 Samuel C. Alexander's Estate. STATU OF VKltMOST, ( rTillE Hon. the District of Chittenden, s. j X Probate Court for the Di-trict of Chittenden : To all persons i-nnoernod intbe estate ol SAM T'KL. C. ALKXANDKK, late of Williston, in said l)iiricl, deeeari1, Greeting. WiiEnn.vs, John Van SicUen, Kjtccutor of the la will and te-tamcnt of said deceased, prnpoes to rent der an account of his administration, and prc.cnt his account ngaint aid e-tate for examination and al lowance at a eion of Ihe Court of Probate, to Iu holdcn at the Regi-tcrs ofTieo in Unrliii?ton, in taid district on thonvond Wednesday of Octolor, next. Therefore, You are hereby notiticd to appear before said courlat the time and place nforcaid, and shew cause. If any you have, why the account nlorsaid "honld not be allowed. , Given under my bandnt Burlington this 6th day of Septemlcr, A. D. 1813. IfiwS Wm. WKSTTON llcgisler Asa Allen's Estate. OAT. rr IlMiiet of Chittenden, x. X. Prol ale court for the DMrict of Chittenden. o all person eunccrn c,l in tlicc-lnlcol ASA ALLEIVIatef of Hinejl nrgh, in -aid district, deceased, ' .nrtrXTiso. WIIEHEAS, Harmon W. Allen, nJminilralor ol the estate of si id deceased, propo-esto render nn nc ci lint of bin ndmitii-tration, and present his account against saidi'siatr for cxaminalion and nl'owame at n ft-sion of the Court of Probate, to In- bulden nl I lie Hcii-lcr's oilice in Burlington, in suid district, on the lSllidayof Octolcr, next. Tiir.itErorir., you nre hereby notified to appear 1c fore ald couri at the time and place afore-md, nnd shew can-e, if any you have, why the account afore said should not be allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this 19lh djy of Scplcmbcr, A. D. 1S13. 10w3 Wm. Wl-STON, newsier. Ilobcrt Moody's Estntc. STATE OF VERMONT, THK Hon. the Bistr ct of Chittenden, . 5 J- Probate court fortlie District of Cliiitenden.tnnll persons concerned in tho estate of I10I1KRT MOOBV, late or Uurhiig ton, in ni I District, dci-easol, Greetinc. WIIEHEAS, George B. Shaw, ndminiVratortf the eslnle of said deceased, propo-esto render a n account nl hisndministraiion, and pre.-eni his uccounl against said estate tor examination and allowance nt a ses sion of the Court ol Probate, to be holdcn at the Registers otlicc in said Burlington on the I8lhdaycf Octol er, next. TncREFoitE, you nre hereby nolifieil to appear I e foro said court at the time, aiid place nlbru-aid, and shew caiirc, if any you have, why tlieucoount afore said hould not be allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this 20th day of September, A. D. 1S43. 1C.v3 Wm. WESTON, Register. Amos Pangboru's Estate. WE The subsc ribers having been appointed l-y the Honorable the Probate Court lor the I'iv trict of Chittenden, coinmisioncrs to receive, exemine and adjust the claims and demands of all perron., against the estate of AMOS PANGBORN.Iatei.f Bur ling'on, in said District, deceased, rcpre-cnted insri vcnl and nbo nil claims and deuiad exhibited in o:Iet thereto; and MX monlhs from lheday of thednte, hereof, lieins allowed by said court for thai ;iurpo-e, we tio ttierciorc hcrciiy give notice, mat we win at' ten! to the l'iiMnescl'our appointment, at the o(fiee of Shaw & We-ton, in Burlmston, in haiJ ditriVl, on the tirt Mondays eif November and Felruary.tiext, m IU o l-i.'ci., .1. .11., uii trusn ui tttiu um-. Dated this 231 day of August A. D. 1613. TIMOTHY P. STRONG, ) Commii- 10w3 HITHER M. HAGAR. ) MQners. NOTICE. rriniS certifies lhat I have fjiven my son, A FULLER GILLETT, his time durinfr his minority, to transact business for liimrclf, and shall claim none of his earnings 'nor pay any debts of his contracting after this elatn. A. P. GILLRTT. Charlollo, Sept 16, 1643. 10w3 Samuel ('. Alexander's Estate. STATE OF VEUMONT, j AT. Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. J X held at Burlington, within and for the district of Chittenden, on lho"lSth dny of September, A. D., 1S43, John Vnn Sicklin V.x- M.nlnr nt lltr. Ilcl uill nn.l Ina.nn.nn. nf Ca I tTI.r .1 ALKXAKDKU. late of Williston. in said district, de - '.-"hiiuu m o.t.iiui.l. U, i ceased, bavin!! filed in said Court his iiriiiion in u rl g filed in said Court his petition in wri- ting selling forth that tlio said testator died seized of eighty six and three fourth acres of land situate in said Williston, being the faim on which he lived at the timo of his death, "that said land is incumbered by mortgaces nmountinirto S1033 00 cxclusimof imr. est, lhat the debts a'lowed by ihe commissioners nrriinil aitA A din In ii naivn nC 01 1,1 to SG1J 29, that the inventory of tho personal' cstalo is only S337 73, that the expenses of administrring sau estate arc not less man 11 ly dollars, am that it will bo necessary to sell the whole of the real cstalo ii ..ij iiicii wi ouiu uiuia nnu iiiorigagcs nnu prnying the Court lo grant linn license lo sell the whole of said real estate agreeably to the statute in such case made and provided. Whereupon iho Court nfore-nid doth appoint the 13th day of October, 18-13, for bearing and deciding on said petition nf the office of the Register of said Court, in said Biirlinslon, nnd doth order tlmt nll persons interested Jo notified there of by publication of Ihis ordei containing tho sub stance of said petition three week, successively in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed in said Burlington, the last of which publications to bo pre vious to the said 16th day of October, 13J3. Given under my hand at said Burlington, this 13th day of September, A.D., 1843. 1G Wm. WESTON, Register. jXOTICE THE Suh.crilcrs having formed a copartnership under Ihe name and firm of KERN & SPEAK, would inform their friend and the Public cencrallv, that they have opened an entire vev stock e.f FANCY AND STAPLE DRV GOODS and DRY GROCER IKS, to which they respectfully invite their attention. DANIEL KF.HN, O. ('. SPEAR. Burlington, Church Slrect, Sept. 0th, IB 13. ljif MILITARY NOTICE. Quarter Master Oener sl's OrricE. ) ,. . Brandon, Sepl 1, 1813. j I lienpplications by mail, lothi. cfTuu for the pay eifihccompcnsation provided l,y scciion 23S ot ihe Milium Aci, for Adjutants and Clerks rf Compan ies, nre so numerous and so urgent, the Quarter .Malcr General is compelled to give this public no lice 10 these officers, and to others preM-nung claims lor military, thai he docs not deem himself aulhorizeij In draw money from thu Pul.liu Treasury imnl he is apprised, by the returnsof .Magistrate., cf the. result of iho priK-eeding. for the e-ollertinn of fines and penalties m the several regiment-. When this re-ult shall be asei rtaincd, the proper orders will be transmitted without nny unnerearv delay , i- W. C. CLARK, ' 15w3 Quarler Master General, Vt. Positive Sale of a Woolen Factory. On THURSDAY, Oct. 3.h, at 12 o'cleiek, a, ihe Old State Home-, Boston. (Will besold wiihout reserve, by order cfan Assignee,) JtarjW TI,B Wo"lm Factory and Machinery for. PtM merly ownnl by the Green Mountain Wpolen Maniifacmring Company, situa ilAK tl. n Ihe flourishing villnze or Ludlow, Wind-or county, Vermont, upon Blatk River, one otihe lct stream for pnineilinr manu facturing machinery in the state. The Factory bud ding is live stor.'es high, snbsinncially buiht e, brick and capable of containing sixteis oficr-eynu'ro ma chinery. There are now in raid Factory ibree prime sets of machinery, wilh a complete set of lixiures or ihe same; also, adjoining said Factory, a wood hou-c, dye bouse and dry hou-e, all of which nre nearly w ami convenient for the bn-tncss. Also, a con- venicut bemriling hou-e. suHu'icnt in my i.niinn.i-i. froiu50.lo7obonrdhrs; abp.lwo larn, and onllie samepnvilege, a Saw Mill, The locanon is fjyora ble for obtaining wool at a very cheap rale. For furiherpaniciilars enquire of I). Pr.ltK 1 , r an., P. M. al Ludlow, or 1 1 le . ' . I5wa WH1TWKI.L, SEAVICR rf- CO. Nos. 5 tf- 6 Morton Block, Milk st. IV aro respectfully informed, ihm il,.. i;,n.. Store will l continued al the o'd Hand, under Ihe firm or.M. OSniKIM 4t Co. A conerou. share of Patronage is repeclfiily reque.ieeT. We hope by unreinillingatlenlitin lo business and punctual regard lo all engagements 10 recure the confidence o the pub lie. A new and fresh assortment of Goodi. j, just re ceived nnd will I e sold at Ihe serjy lowest prices. The public aro re.pecirullv invited to coll. ' Burlington Sept. J843. M. OSTIIF.IM it Co. STRAY COW. MY Cow is a Urge reJ ecJour, half biped and one beirn broken, has been gone sincuTue-day Mor nir.g, if nny one will give information M her, 1 will v them liberally and think ibom kindly, slept. 71 h 1813. J3 GEO, A. AI.Lr.V, DR. BANNINWS LECTURES, On the cause and mnmj Diseases of the Human Trunk, THE Lectures will embrace remarks upnn alloc- ..r.i.-t ... ir. ii I.:. 1 1.. . . .' nuns in 1110 I.U.NOS and UEAnT, muiiciuns, i'yr(ie(i- sya, Spinal alfoctions, Hypucondria, Ecinale debility, and Nervous complaints. The object will bo shown In n familiar manner, that tho origin of theso diseases is usuilly Mechani cal, and not itnl, nnd consequently they can ba cur ed only by mechaincln means. In illustrating this theory, the Lecturer will use TesDsawinos as lahcr as life, which present a very striking view of tho healthy and I' stntn of Ihe internal organ". A new supporter, invented liy Dr. liming, calico the Patent Lack, will be presented before the audi ence and explanation given of ils principles and prop erties. This Lace is designed ns nn n-sistnnt in iho removal of iho above named, diseas:s, wildcat the same timo it entirely supersedes the supposed neces sity eit thnt ruinous practice, tight lacintr. JTThe Lecture will commence on Monday live ning next, continuing five consecutive evenings. The place to bo designated hereafter. Ladies a tul Gentlemen nro invited to attend llio course. (ADMISSION FnEFi.0 N. B. Dr. B. can bo consulted at his room from 10 A.M. toll'. M. Encouragement is not only held out to thoso alllicted wilh the following symptoms, but relief or cure have been the result in the great ma jority of cases, viz i Weakness of the voice; pain in tho breast; shortness ofbrcnth, with n tishtness in lhat region ; bleeding nl the lungs; palpitation of tho heart, with a dead pain in iho side; a sickness or a sense of Goneness in the stomach ! nain in the back wnn vurvaiurcoi me pine, great weakness ol llio auiomcn, and pressure m its lower region, great pain in tho limbs, with a fainting and dizziness, when rid ing or walking, a numbness and prickling sensations of tho limbs nccompauied by a sudden pain in the hips on moving. From Ihe Middlcbury People's Press. DOCT. BANNLVG'S LECTURES. Tho lasl of iho rcpc ilcd course of Doct. Banning's lectures upon the human trunk, nnd the cause ami cure of many of the diseases incident to its derange ment, was delivered to a very crowded and gratified assembly nt the Town Room, last cicnimr: at the close of which ihe following resolution was offered by St- SM-.I.. i .i I i. .7 7 .'.i .ji.iuu, uiiu tiuuuii-u ii ,iri;niijiifjii, Rcsolced. that we lender our thanks to Doct Ban nine for his intcrestine nnd instructive lectures, cvin cingns Ihcyhavc doiic, the soundness of his bead ami ine Kindness ol ins nenrt ; nnd Hint wc cordnlly com mend him to the regard and confidence of oil. I)n. Bann-Iso Iiavinu snenl some time in this nlace. Icctiiriniz cratuitouslv on Ihe nrccrvntinn of br.ilib. and thu cause nnd euro of manv formidable; diseases of the human trunk, wo the undersigned, citizens of ir:.t.tini ..... .-t t : 1 . .i . ..iiuim-i my, liiisu iiitiimui' in coiiimciiomg mm to ine confidence nnd regard of all. Wc commend him. for his knowledge of the human system; for his clear, practical, common sense exnosu'ion of what wo deem a very important theory in regard to many di-cascs m nintu ii is sunjrci ; mm ior ins Irani;, open-heart cd, kind and liberal spirit. We would especially com mend him to the medical nrofession. whoso l,ind m tcntiona and aid a little acquaintance with him will convince thcni o well deserves. All classes of com munity should altend bis lectures as well for the use ful knowledge which may bo dciived from them, as for the excellent moral influence they exert. Signed. Win. Slide, Pi ler Starr, Jonalhnn Allen M. D. William P. Russel JI. D. S. I'earl LathropM. D., K. D. Ilarbcr, A. Wilcox, Harvey Wilcox, James M. Sladc. B. Dricrlv. late Pa-tor of Ihe HaDtist Church and Editor of the Vl. Observer, T. II. Lunt, Pastorof ine nnpiisi unurcii. Middlcbury Sept. II, 1S13. V.i HARKINfiTOX hn n lew von'w of the Lift ami Speeches of Henry Clay, 2 nU. Paper , price ; i m 'me unuiiy, o,Vj. N OTIC TIIK Sill scril or will profcr a petition to ihe next session of the Legislature, terlhecxe-lusivc";rant lo been n Ferry, for Ihe icrm of five vars. from the- cast and liorlh -b ore ofibe North Half ol I-le Li Molt 10 the west shore ol .Mlririrb. nn-I nun from tin. v.-r.i ; -liorc ot Hi-north half of Mild Iile I,a Mutt to Chazy in mo miiiv ui .inr i crk. ii ntnv irlt.i. , Isle La .Mint, Sept. 7, IS 13. 13w3 SALE of BANKRUPT EFFECTS NOT ILL is hereby given, that by virtue of order, and elccrecs in Bankruptcy, in the fojlr.wing cases issiieJ out of the Disirut Court of iho L'oitel states, lor the District of Vermont, I will sell at pub' he Auction, at myolfi 'ciu Burlington, Satcr lay Octo .er 7, 1813, nt a o'clock P. M., ihc etccls of tak' II.inri'p'.s oj hvivin dc-crded, and winch leeaine vc-toJ in nicby vim e of thceUvrces nlbrcsail. Uflecls ofDcxlcr 31. I'ay, of IIuiIln;loti. All the notes, accoun's, judgements andilcinan-1-, ,1c scribdl in Ins S.'hed de in Ibinkniplcy, as surrender ed by him, nnd which wll I e iiarticularlvdeseriLcd nt the tunc of.alc. EficctM of Henry IS. Illnc, nf Uurllngtuii. A lion e nnd lot simalc in Bnrlininn. i.n Mn si ' s ibjccl to n mortgage in Wi I.ynmn for 3300, ami , ..,. ' ,, I . . ' 1 '.I:u !" "ry, ot uotchc-tir, ", luurAM '., 'uil, nwe-, an.l .'cinand-i'e-- nil ill in Ins sji 1 st hululi' V Ini .,1' I i,,,l ,,, I h'. i ' W "'"'"V"1- '"' ,,y ,'V" 1 1 .'''"'" 'Vi'Ji" fct I; "'or .igeofi000 Coli bcsler, couMining one hunilrel ncre-, conveyed 1 1 lie n ml Boardiuan. nn.l siil , in. 1 "iwi,is-iii ,-juu 111 i.ivor 111 ucnrv Itoar.i- l'.nan cl l.olchi--Icr nhircsai l, l.eingtbe same ilcscriLed T.'V "'S', , cwr-i . . A 1 1 1 A It. II A3 I'. Lit. A SSI CSI ..Sfjitrnil or,l 2, l 9 1.1. I3w4 IRONiUN'S ORATION leloretbo Lucran-So. ' SJ cictics, f i,eU. V. M., ju-t p'.b'i-hi.l and fof.ale 1 Sept. II, '13. ,y v. HARRINGTON. ADAMS' NEW ARITHMETIC, for sale by the liinitlriil, ilczcn or single e-opv. nl Q'-P'- IL '13. V. HARRINGTONS. ESTRAV. CTRAYED from Iho Sub-criler nhnil it,,. In.i s5 Angiisi, a l.iiire While Marc, some spoilej on he-r side-; Also, a Bay .Mare Colt, The- finder shall I c sniiaMy rewarded by givmg 1nlorn1a1i.11 or re'iirmng the same to the Subscril er. MICHAEL VII.LIrfV iiinc-ourgii, aept. 12, IS13. l5-3 Asa lllioails' INtnt... WE THE SUlHCRIBERis, having been np pointed by the Honorable Ihe Probate Court for Ihc District of Chittenden, cntnitilsatctllpra In rn. reive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of an persons, against 1110 estate of ASA RHIMDS, . ru:l 1 1.. 1 i- ... , . ' iiuuui jviuiiiuuiiu,iii sum uisiricr, ueceascel, represent ed insolvent, and nlsonllclaiins.inil ilemfiniU vlni,L tcdiu oll'sot thereto; and six months from the day of .1... .1,1.. I..,..! i.: ll J I ;.l . r 3.. in t.s,.., ,..-,- unutit-u oys.1111 court ior dial purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we u,.w.u ... ,v uufiuia:, ui uiir siiiu uppoiu iiueni, al tho dwelling ol i hiistian Rhnads in Richmond in saui eii-trlct, on the :iil day of October and Clh day of March next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of ,aii day Dated llu 13w3 Clh day of September A. JAROIS IIOAG, j RF.UBEN NIMS. HOLLA GLEASON, D. IS 13. Commit- Andrew C!iatllcbl.s Hstalc. ""7E tho nibsciibcis, having been appointed by Iho llonorahlo tho Probate Court for the uisinct 01 tiiiitlcnucn, commissioners to receive, ex amine and ndjtisl the claims and demands of all ner. sons agiiust tho cstalo or ANDREW CHATFHU.D, late nf Huntington, in s iid District, deceased, rcore- senlci. insolvent, and also all claims and demands cxniiiiieu mniiset iiirrctot ami six uinntlis ftnm the day onhc date heicof. beini. nllnwi'd In- r, IVn for that piirnosc, we do therefore liereby give notice, .,u .111,-110 10 ihu ounmess 01 our appoint nifnt, al Ihe dwelling of Jonnihm II. Dikem Hun titicton in said District, on ibnldi .Ins i,t rv.iv and January ncxl, nl 10 o'clock, A. M., on each 01 saui unvs. Dated, this Mill dnv of July A. D. 1313. 13w3 A.MOS 11. COOPER, t n DANIEL SCOF1ELD, Camn"ssioners. IMAHSHAL'S NOTICE. UNITCD STATES OF AMERICA, ) tjinscMM Vermont District, to wit ! X 10 a war rant issued out of Ihe Hon. District Court of the Uni ted Stiles for siid District to me directed, I ho hereby give this public notice, lint nn information fur viola tion of Ihc Rcvuiuo Lnw of iho United Stales his been filed in said Courl by Charles Dai, Esq , Dis trict Attorney of Ihe United Sinics for said Ontrin, against the following dcscril ed goods and merchan dize! 2 frock coats, 2 pair pantaloons, 2 vests, 2 cloaks, 0 Silk CravatB, 2 Yds Ribbon, J Yds Coiton Cloth. 1 shawl, 4 muslin do lain dress patterns, 1 dress pal lern, 1 pair shoes, 2 pair gloves, 2 slocks, 1 clival, 5 vols, sermons, 1 bible, I testament, 1 lint, I worsted handkerchief, -1 1-2 yards glazed cambric, seized cn iho waters of Lake Champlain, near Burlington, in tho District of Vermont,. Juno 13, 1313. 3 silk shawls, 1 box linen thread, 1 doz. pair gloves, 30 martin skins, 2 cross fox skins, 2 squirrel linings, 2 pair small moccasins. 2 dot. colored coney s'.ins, seized on Ihe wateis of Lake Champlain. near Bur lington, in tho District of Vermont, July 20, 1813. 10 yaids muslin de loin, 12 1-4 yards cambric, 9 3-4 yards bishop's lawn, 7 yards Swiss ninshn, 2 small pieces insertion, seized on the walors of I.nkn Chain plain, near Burlington, in iho District of Vermont, Jnly 27, 1843. I box containing 200 bottles of Bang's Mixture, seized on the waters of Lake Chnmploin, near Al burgh, in the District of Vermont, August 22, 1813. And trial will bo had nn said information, al ihe next stated te rm of said District, Court to be holdcn nt Rutland, within and for' said District, on the 61I1 day of October next, of which all persons interested will tske notice an I govern ihsrnsslvcs accordingly. Given under my hand nt Bradford, ill eat ! District, this fith dy of September, 1843. t WII.UAM BARRON, .VjW (C7-LOOK AT TIIlS.Ji OflfHt Vd. Bla-'k, Itlnu Black, and Cul'd 'J s .' Mcrinoo. nnd Alpacca l.uln!. OOOO Yds. Fall Prints, a great variety pitlcrns. SOOO " Plain and I'rlnle I Moiw.limj i'e Lnun.-, Cli'tsnns nnd Fig'd W(lrtll Oro dc Nnp. 300O " Broad Clntli', Ucivur Cloth', Ca-i-i- incie. nml Satllnetlp, September 1 1, 13 13. iii.f niiicisl IjV H, W. t'ATLlN. 12 Bales fim: I JCI'l'ALO ROBI'-S, insl rce'dby H. W. CATI.IN. t Fur Ben-, Fur and Cloth Trimmed Caps, a large assortment. suoi:s,- A I article New York French II isi. Slippers and Tic. Colli and Kid B.isUn.. Ch Wren Shoes, Patent Ibil-hcrf, Course nnl Fine .Men's Book just rmivi; i u) ii. ... w.. ...... II w MTI . 'OH p,'-,cc Taper Hanging, a great nricty of UU pitlcrn, Jut received l v , S.-nt. I I. 1813. fl.W. CATI.IN. Also, 23 Reams Letter Paper very low, DR X SMITH'S IATI10LEPTIC PRACTICE OF 3IEDICINE. WittiJetcett's highly concenlrntcdMedlcalCompounds ;Q0 CUBE NO PAV.31 DR. SMITH, would most rn-pectlully inform tlm iiihnliiiaiils of Hurl inirton. and its vi'inilv. that for sixteen years ho lias been in ihe prnctiee of Medicine and .Midieifery; ti year, in uiiaric-iown ami llrivlnn. Mas., and ill vears In the easterly Dart of Vermont and be iseonhdent hn practice has lu'en a. successful, a. that of any other physician iu thii nan of the co mtrv. II has ever I ceil nn noicci oi paramount nnpormm-i- ...... I I' ,!.. I ir..l.'..'n n.,,1 nverrnme disease Willi ihc trrcatest possible vromvli' Willi 11 in ui siinimt if hii; iiiuiiii. i iiiminii., tude and certainty ', nnd lor several jcars pastlm has lecn investigating Ihe llwory unamcrus oi imjuro leptic practice, or external application of Medicine highly concentrated. In the mean time, In? has 1 ecu using the above Medicines in his practice, anil has I cloiuc fully eonvmccil ol tlie corieeincy. oi ine theory ot cuam'o-j absorption, nnd ihe great utility nf tretling disease upon ibis principle; nnd be Hunks i'ic auviintngcs oi int.e'ourfi; i i .uci'icaiiou, will, upnn a hltlo inyc-tigalion nnd rcflcelion, np- car eiLviouslo all. Ill the the treatment o Chil dren and enc of extreme debility, an I in cases ol I'Vnalc weakness, where tut liillc .unucinei can le taken internally, lln'-c remedies are of the grcnlct importance ; for, iu many ea-e, be can e lect n speedy cure, by the n-eof exttrnal apphcalious, alone, lint in obstinate nnd violent c.i-c, by taking at the same lime', internally, an appropriate medicine, the disorder may l.c allrti ked on bolh surfaces, at ihe same tunc, that i. externally anu. mernaiiy. Having made lum-elf acquainted with every form of disc.i-e incident to thi part of the country, he now oilers his H'rviecs to the citizens ol Burlington and its vicinity: confident that, by attention and kind ness to the Mck, awl a. judicious and faiibful applica tion of the above remelie, be shall I e able to meet ihe niO'rt sanguine expectations of all who may guc him a call. Ho will attend upon the sick, at their places. of rcsidene'c; out w here ihey re-ido at toe great n dis tance, ho will provilo I oardaud convenient quarters for ihcm to icmaiii ill the villase, until they are so relieved, a. to I cable lo return home, nnd nseilie Medicine, without ihe nid of a physician. He will lake eve. of Consumption, Female Complaints, Rheumatism, etc. &c. ut Alt otcn risk of a lure, pro vided the patient will remain in the village and lol low his dite'ctiuiis, .0 Inns as he it willing to pre. sonic for bun j nnd provided nNo, that the patient st'curerbiui the payment of Ins bill, il a cure shall le tlTis'icJ. '1 here are manv advantages for patients nt a dis tanet.'. who are atll clesl wilh cArom'c i omplaipl, in coming and remaining in Ihc villase a few weeks; fur, in a shon lime-, the disorder mav be broken up, when ibily Medical ai l is at hand, when it could not I e, m many instance-, by scirhiic; for MeJicinc nud diiiTlions,'nud applying them at home, without Ihe aid of a Physician. And I e.u'e-., the patient will become letter acquainted wilh bis di-ea-e-, and the be-t mode of using ihe me'die-ine in his case. All communication-, post paiJ, will receivo imine eliilc attention. N. B. Doctor Smith may bo con-ulled at his resi dence in Champhiin St. three dnor. south ot Pearl, u few rrl west of Dr. Hinehuru's sleme house. C3"Satinc, Medicated Vapour, and shoieer laths, may lo bad, either as a luxury, or remedial azent, by e'alling as above-. ItCJA few conic, of Jewett's Family Physi cian for sale. Sept. I, 1813. mS Ira Smllli's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpHEIIon. tha Pro District of Chittenden, as. J 1 bite Court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons concerned In the estntc of IRA SMITH lata of Williston in said D strict, deceased, testate, Gbfetixo. Whereas the Executor of the Estate of said ed, proposes to render an account of his adminisir.i lion, nnd present his account against said estate for examination and allowance nt a session of the Court of Probate, to bo holdcn at the office of the Register or said court in Burlington on the Iulh day of Sep tember IS 13, at 10 o'clock A. M. TitERFronc. You are hereby notified toarncarbc Tore said court nt tha time and place aforesaid, and sncw cau'e, 11 any you line, wny 111c account nlorc' said should not be nllowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington Ihis 29th day -r 1 1 i 1-n 01 .vuui, .. is. ijtj. OIIS. RUSSELL Jndtc. CASH PAID FOR LABOUR. "T7ANTED IMMEDIATELY, Two Journeymen 1 Currier, to whom good wages in i'ah will be paid, ( all at my Leather Store on Pearl street. August 21. 1813. E. C. LOOMIS, NOTICE A LL Persons having nnv unsctlleil business wilh IX ihe late fir.n 1 TP.tNcaonN et Bms.MAiD. urede sired to rail an I have it i'lo-rd ininic hale-ly. Aug. 25, '43. JXS 1'.. BRINSMAID. SELLING OFF AT COST FOR CASH, nr at a small advance from cost in cichanec fur Grain. 'TMIL following amide- are now o lercil at the JL Uriel; Shop, m rear onhi! Court House-, tiz: Curl Maple Cane Seat Chairs, P.nn'eil Cane Scat do Common Dinning nnd Rocking Chair", Bureaus. Light and Wash Stand., ('berry Dinning Table., Work and Toilet do Bedsteads, Clocks, if-c. A Is 0 Rice's Patent Fanning Mill., at reilucil price.. A. BARNES jr., Arent. Burlinglrn, August 23, 1SI3. 12 f S. N. PAIt.tlAI.Ki:. .Ve. 2 Counsellors Halt. (Peck's Building.) 13 WHEAT. A FEW bushels of NEW GENESSEE WHEAT of the growth of 1313, for seed, a first article, for silnliy GEO. PETERSON. Burl.nglmi, np.31. 13 NOTICE OF DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUPTCY IN CHITTED DENCOUNTV. ATOTICE lo all crcililors and other persons in in J 1 K rest, that by order of tin District Court of the United Slates Tor the li.sirict ol crinoiit, n dividend OUl Ol IHC 01 HENRY .OTTMAN, of Poulh llero, JOHN SINGLE R, of Essex, HENRY UOARDMAN, jr. of Usc, LUCK'S WOODARD, ol' Essex, JOHN SMITH, 'T Colcheter, nnd CHESTER PARKER, or Underbill. Bsiikiupts will be made and dcclircd by theC'ouit on tho2)ih div or Oplohcr next, at ten o'clock fore noon, at iheofTli'cof Samuel Premiss, in Monlpiher, in said District, mining iho rrcdilors who slmll have proved and filed proofs of their debts biforc slid day, unless sufficient causo be then and thiro shewn 1,1 1I10 contrary. F.DWARD II. PRENTISS, Clerk. Dated iheSlththynf August, 1813. cm: aim:h 1 cui:i'i:it ! piIE Sl'BSCRIBERwill selirorcssh or exchange J- lor out, llrnai ijlottis ol nlmost every dt'scrip lion at lower prices than can ! found elsewhere. II W. CATI.IN. P. S. Those in want of cloths will do well to call licfore unking their purchases. 3 ASSoitTKI) C'UVTUS OF CltOCKI'.K V lOSEI'll WAIT gives notice lo nterchanis tb"l he .1 Ins a lull stncK or assorted packages on ROCK. ERY, lint he will s?ll at as hie prires as any ,eie t or. jTi.iur . .iieicuniiis .no prcicr in nuy in inai way are invited 10 call and exauuno the invoice al th Crockery Store. Burlington, Au:, 2Sth, 1843. 13 NOVA SCOTIA IM.ASTKIt. BAt Tons Frc-li Ground Nova Scuiia Plaster ''''w I'elivereil nl our null, at WinonsUi Cilv, or on Iho dock, bv KOLLLTT, BHADLLY it Co. So ilh Wharf, July, 1913. f. SUPUHPINU I-' I.O Ult. THE Snl scii!er are daily recwi-ing SuperHne Jl Flour in barrel), and hlf barrel., se'eeted with rare and of ihe 111ml approvisl biands, which they oiler for ca-h at a small advance. TOLLhTT, BRADLEY 4t Cs.. Old Dock, Jnae 8, 184 I NOTICE. THIS may certily that I have given my son, Bv ron WnODWoaTti, his time and full Jiheiiy n Iran nct busine-.s for himself. I h ill c'nim none of his earnings nor nayanvdebls ofhis eonlrsclinc f ter this duo. r' U.1PH V WOO I WORTH. Altu-t, Atrmn c Ai-siAW Mathews- TROIT JaTOK'ilJ UtrAllB 'Illli; Snbse rils-r lias on band a Imgn and super A asiortmeiit M'STONI! WAUL', -upcrior tunn made in iln! I.'in'te.i Slate., which In u'Vrs lb ' Ue-dii'fd Pri'v., and . ready to re.viic or.ler, p.i in I del vcr, free ol e-artauo or puckngc, on I ennl I (Junnl Bonis, either fur Troy, Albany, or Vet '1 n i fur e-asb or Jnpr.ivisl paper. All ivdcrs byMail or olbvrwi(C, ImmeJiately alto-s del to. ' I. SHYMOl'll, 41 lrryst Troy. N. V., May 17, IS13; SI. . WOOL! WOOL!! mill; subse-ntur wibe top ir dn-e Wool.nn I w I - iiyiu Kind!, craoi, or acccuuts, .it bn Stoi , at R.irlmglGii Falls. , ,,. SIIY BARLOW June 30, 18H. 4 .vorici;. 'PIUS miv certify that I hsvo given to my X HARRY II. STEARNS, his liui'Mhirin-. then of his minority nnd shall claim nniiq of bis wny nor pay any debts of his contracting finm tun ilnir PETER STEARNS. Wcstford March 1st 1343. 12WJ COD FISH, Lemon , Boston Soil and C"ld Wf CracLers, nnd Pilot Brca l, jut r.-ccticl I j August 21 S. N. OAUT t C". AT HOWARD'S llien- nre n fu'l supply 1 1 (Jon. which wen! Iiouglit low and are on sale (he 29lh July. 1313. B Butter! Butter!! WANTED a quantity nf nbo flutter in rxc'nan for Goods, for which a fair price will bo piid b Aug. 17, 1513. S. N. I'.AUT & CO. IWIlUNGTOiV 111011 SCHOOL. GEORGE LEE LYMAN PRINCIPAL. THE Academic year nf this Institution will com Inencc nn Monday Ihc 23th inst. tigust 1SI3. llw3 WATCH US CLOCKS AND .lHWUlTll'. . PLATED Spoons, Hurler, ami tr.ij , plhtuJc. die. tick., tiriiaiinia ware and all'good. m tb " hues, we are now opening and offer at lower prn-i. than nt any other place-. We reeeive many of t u good, directly from the makers t f llie n end nn nil will sell tbcni as low, and some lower, linn nny IV ton, New York or Country llou-e will sell tl.ein. Wi hate some of the heavy plated lea spoons at J.I com. per -cl i heavy large' plated table spoon', f r mcr'y sold for 50i eiit, nt 2 cents ca-h i gocd sili lever watches at 330 and SiS, nnd good gold levers, cxir.i jewelled, at S75, 'be-e price, are fur rush. The;-e goods aro of our lal piirch.ii: forra-b, nnd 111 vile a'leulitm to cur new nud e.vonsivenortmc,' which -iuce I usine s i revived is selling lower th u1 any can or will -ell. We again mviic old and nev. customer, to call. Fine Wood Clocks 111 I est mahogany en'c. ut SI , (ine-sl Brass alocks for S3 i siUor spei'tarlc. all pa' tcrns fjr S2, s'cel 23 cents, manv vanlics to suitt.ll age. II j PANouc.iiv & HnissMAip. Asa Itlioad's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, t A T a Prol ate Conr' i-inct ofC nitenden. is I ii held at B ir uigto'i within and for said District onlhelj hday of August, A. D. 1813-Prc enl, Cliailcs Rus.cll, Judge. An instrument nurnrriiuir lo be the Ivt will anl testament of ASA RHOABS, Inte of Richmond, in sail District, decea-cd, Icing prisenteJ lo the Conr nero liy Ainns natty, one ot tlie i.xeculors 1 Herein ua mo I, for probatej ' 1 ne ioiiri niore-am ootli appoint tue urt vseunc hv i f Senieml cr. 1S13 at 10 o'clock. A. M.. at the O.Iico of the R.-gi.ier of said Conrr, 111 said Burtim, Ion for proving saiilwi'l, and ilolh order lhat nil por ous conceme.1 be 11e1t1ue.1t to nnpear at the time nn ' place nlore-.nd to couie-st tlie pro' ,i'c of slid will, ( ' liiev see cause-,) i.y put licanon et tin. crucr inns, weeks s i'-rcssiiely m the Unrlington Free Pre--, '1 new. p.iper printed in aid Burlingirn, previous t. said first Weilnc-day of Septemler, 1343. (!ivcn 1111 Jermv hind at -aid ILirliuaton, tha dav of August, 1843. Uw3 CHARLES RUSSELL, .hdre. Wood ! ! 1 Cr Cords of good dry hard Wood, ilso, a fc- I JW Hhgs. of the first quality of VINEGAR, Forsnleby 10 GEORGE PETERSON. M. G, RATH HUN .S. CO. DRAPERS fit TAILORS, Searhj opposite the Old Dank,) CHURCH STREET, nlO if. BrnLl.scTO, Vsnetovr. Caroline, llaxlcr's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) ID Eit rcmcmbor- District ol Chiiicndcii, ss. J JJ ed that at n I'robate Court held at liurlinplon within and for thu district of Chittenden on the "Ol Ii day of June, 1913. An instrument purporting to be ihe last will and testament of Caroline Baxter, late of Burlington in said district, deceased, was presented to said Court for probate by Carljs Baxter, tlie Executor therein named. Therefore, it is ordered bj said Court lhat public no tice begiven In all persons concerned therein tu ap pear before said Court, nt a session thereof to be hid den at Im register's office in Burlington, aforesaid, on Ihe second Wednesday or .September, A. D. 1343. and contest the probate orsiid will ; and it is furihe' ordered that 1 heir order be published three weeks sue ce-sivrlyin the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this Slate, Iho lasl of which publication shall he previous 10 the day assigned as aforsiid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Registers office this iOlbdayof June A. D. 1343. W.M. WESTON, Register. A C ARB. AIIT & Co. nri t their ooinnbment. SN. . . 10 tlie pulilie. and e-neviallv to tho-e lavorablu to the nice uriigeiiicnt of a cre'eery store conducted on sinn 1 e upi-r.ince principles, anu, winieincv ci.elu. I'u I 'j" acknowledge iho generous manner in which ihey h.ivi- I ecu heretofore sti-taine-i!, re-pcvifully solicit h continuJiici- of that patronage which no eflbrts on tli'-ir part shall 1 1- wanting lo ile-erve. Thc r store i- directly in llu- rear nl' S:ror.g's build ing, soulh of II. II. Uosiwick'sTin Shop, XB1V GOODS. PINK S.M'CF.ItS, Fan-, Octavo Flute', Mo'a.scs Cups, Boy'. Belts, etc. 7 Pangiiors, i l!ni-t;M SllOESl SIOES'.n JT.YS PEGGED GRAINED DOWNINOS, lij. iice:ej no " do Lube. Lac leather Shoe., Pitiups Slipper-, lo Spring heeled Slip-, do Ki I Tie do Clmh Bu.kins, Children's Cloth U.uer, do I ciilu-r Shoe., Mls-cs I'eg'.l Lc.ilbcr laiv Shoe., do Kid T.e-s, lor sale bv S. N Birlinginn. JulvSl IS 13. GALT k Co. 7 Fn h lot ofRn-ina, Figs, Dried Curdnis.CI rnr, Tamirlii ls, Rice. Salerain.. St.irch. Pure (lin ger, Chos'ilaleShe'ls, In hgo, Gum Camphor, Baker't Cocoa Past,., Caiullcs Bar nud Shaving Soap, Cav en b-h an 1 Snin'.ing T.ibacco, Sigar-,, ami Vinegar all of which are o.lcre-d for ca.h al vnrjr re-J ice I price-, by 7 S. N. HAUT k Co. NOTICU. 'Inn g: 1 n is 1 1 HIST MILL in O iti.ji River Lower Pal's 1 f 11 Ihoiiuigbly repaired and ihc r j-t an rehuill, an I vvll rivommcm e 1 11 ib CO h of J 1.) . Than'.l'd to ls ror favor riveivni and wmll! I o happy to sc.- iht-m again. 'I'ho-e Ifuig at adi-tani e wislnni' In patronzi llu mi'l anl reiurn lire same lay will p'iiic.ll morning.. Supivhne Flour, K)t Flour nnd Indian Meal kept cin.'lin''y far s.ib-. July 12, '13. 3 u GF.O. I DlfCL'MBF, C! It A IV CltAI)I.I rlHE fubscribera have rei ciii"! iheir il'inl supply I- of PATENT OR MN CRADLES, which wdibs sold at a reduced price for cish. HAGAR if ARTHUR. II irlington, Vt., 13th July, 1343, ) 6 cor Ch. and Coll. streets. $ XG " r"T.HE Cash System w never progressing belter L than now al Howard's whcie the wool money is taken in such quantities ns to keep every hand aclivo and busily employed in nussuring nnd preparing fiickngos to handover to customers as nn evidence ef caving tho money nt llio People's Cheap Pas'i Store, whose A.ciit is HOWARD. Thursday mnrnintr, l3lh July, 1SI3. fi OILS. 3.000 Gal.. Fall Sperm and nuts Winter OiL 30CH) nl.. Ille.u-e-d Whale do 2500 jg il-. I.iuseeil Oil, 1 000 do Lnnl elo 1000 do Olive dn far aln vrrv low hv FOLLfTlT, BRADLEY Co. ' OU Dock, July 13, 1513. 6 HON NUTS. NEW lot Florence Hriid nnd Amaron Bonnets u-l re'Sfivud chcHPcr than ever, bv A July". 1813 II. W. CATLIN. run L1C NOTICE. IV. YOHK s4 MONTREAI, EXl-HEHl. T7IRGIL AND HOWARD, (sueefssors to 8. J . V cons,) will run ns heretofore, leaving Burlington Montreal Weilnwday evening and for tha South Friday evening of ench .week, Packsges may be left at the off.ej of Messrs. .T. et J. H. Peck tf Co., Burlington, 5 tf PLASTER. i1l"Vf TON'S fresh go nlNoi.s Scolia P'l.ler. iUU .1 & J. H PECK &l CO June 30. 13. I UnlerhM,Se,.i, lb IS 11. IM

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