Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 6, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 6, 1843 Page 3
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For the Burlington Freu Peat. ro If n Excsllbkct, Cu.vrats Paine, Govkbsor of the Stnto of Vermont. No. IV. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT THE LAW OP GOD. DsAa Stat I think I nm not mistaken, when I nf flrm that nil nations, civilized and savage, havo con- aidcred death ns tha only proper punishment for tho crime of murder. The universality of this sentiment. to deeply grounded in the reason and consciences of men, can be accounted for only by supposing, that God has written it as a law upon the hearts of men ; or, Ihst he has formally enacted and proclaimed it as an unalterable statute, and that tradition has introdu ced it among all nations, so that the senlimcnnt that, "tht murdtrtr ought to die," has prevailed even mora extensively than the custom of sacrifices. Whichever hypothesis we embrace, cither of this law being engraven upon the human conscience, or for mally promulgated in the written code, brines us to tha same conclusion, viz. that the law is from God, is an expression of his mind and will, and must aland until it is erased from llio conscience and nn nulled from the statute book by the same authority that enacted it. The clear and strong conviction of my own mind is, that both the s ippositions above made, are the truth that God has written the law, requiring the murderer to be put to death, both upon the conscience and in the statute book ; that it stands in both unre pealed and unrepeatable, and holds its plicect the head of the world's criminal jurisprudence, jusi as the tan commandments hold their place at the head of the aeience of christian ethics. Of course, I nm equally persuaded that no human legislature has any control over this oidmanre of God ; and that the re peat of it would be offensive to God and unsafe to the community. I hold to the divine cnacttreni, nrd maintain its authority as supremo above all eat thly legislation. Sumo of my reasons for this conviction 'are the following. 1. The universality of the sentiment that the mur Jerer ought to be put to death, is such ns to show that 'this is a law , of Old graven upon the human con science. Long biToreit was given to Noah, we sec it existing and operating on trio consciences of Cain and his contemporaries. When he hail committed murder, God said to him, The roice of thy brother's tltod erieth unto me from the grounel, A voice loud and terrible came up from the depths of .his own con aeienea and told him that he ought to die. He felt that every other conscience decided in the same man Bar, for ha Slid, behold every one that fndeth me shall lay me. This language clearly implies that it was, ia tha view of the race, a crime agiinst law which for feited his life. Even after God, for wise reasons, had remitted thepenally, as the supreme law giver had a right to do, there was a foreboding in his soul, that all mankind would seek to kill him. To prevent I In'?, a matk was put upon him, so that he might be known, and a seven-fold vengeance be inflicted on the man who should disregard it. Nor can there be a doubt, that Lamech, when he hid committed murder, felt and reasoned in the same ways and supposed himself to have received a remis sionof the well known penalty which conscience nt tached to this crime, together with a divine guarantee f his safety. This may bo inferred from his lan guage. " V Clin shall be avenged serenfold, truly Sjameen, seventy ana seven fold." Thus, tins deep harror at ihecrimeof murder.nnd this deep, inwrought conviction that the murderer ought to die, have been developed wherever men have grown into communi. ties. We have another evidence that tho law rgainst the murderer, is graven upon the conscience in the feel ings nnd conduct ol the " barl arous people," who showed so much kindness to the apostle Paul, afier his shipwreck'. Though their impressions had been much in Paul's favor, yet, when they saw iho veno mous " viper f isten on his hand," they said among .bomselvcs, Yo doubt this man it a m.irt!ercr, whom, though he hath eszaped the sea, vengeance sirfcreth not to lite. This is a striking case. This divine jus tics against the murderer, holds a strong plaiein the convictions of the barbarous and tho refined. It has keen so in all lime, among all people. The whole creitiin s-oms to array itself, by tho appointment of QoJ, against tho murderer. "The elements scowl and darken upon him. The air is with dreadful faces thronged. Circumstances, as if instinct with spirit and intelligence, combine against him." Hence the maxim, known in all languages "mcrder will out." It can not be concealed. In tl.e language of Mr. Webster, in ihe trial ofKnapp, ' The whole creation of God has neither nook nor corner, where the guilty can bestow such a secret and say it is safe. Tiie cud ty soul can not Keep its own secret. It is false to it aelf ; or rather, it feels an irresistible impulse of con science, to be true to itself. It labors under its guilty possession and knows not what to do with it. The human heart was not made for the residence of such an inhabitant. It finds itself preyed on by a torment, wnu-n cares not acknowledge to God or man. A vulture u devouring it, and it can ask no sympathy or assistants either Irom heaven or earth. The to- cret which the murderer possesses soon comes to pos ies him, and liue the evil spirits nf which wo read, it overcomes him, and leads him whither soever it will. He feels it beating at his heart j rising to his throat and demanding disclosure. He thinks the who'c world sees it in his fane, reads it his eves, nnd almas. hears its workings in tic very silence ofhis thoughts. It must be confessed : it will be confessed ; there is no refuge from conf.ssion but suicide, and suicile is onleesion. Thus in respect to murder all men agree. "The offence is rank : it smells to heaven ; It hath the primal, tlJest curse upon it." We can not account for this strong nnd universal con viction that murder can not bo concealed, and that lit murderer ought Iodic but hy si; pisine that God has gra'.cn this sentiment ipon the hearts nf men as the Txprc-i un ,'i ins own ininu nun win, nut 2 Hy, The argument from natural religion.or the mo fal sense of mankind, evincing llio intentions of God that malicious murder shall he punished wi'h death is confirmed into absolulo certainly by tho written law. Witness ihe statute given to Noah ns thchcid and governor of the human race, after the flood. WllOSO HIEDDETII MA!''s BLOOD, I1V M tt SHALL HIS blood be shed. Gen. 9 1 6. This may ho eaid to be tnetirst, or at least, tho second law on record in the Bible. The circumstances connectid with its enact mentgivcit great importance. It was at the lime when God gave to our great progenitor n new char aeter for the world, which had just been re 'reined from thefliod. The object of thUlaw was iho pre servation of human life, by throwing an und ii the highest penalty which man is rapnble of bearing on earihi and the reason assigned for awarding such n penalty, is, IStcause, in the image of God made he man. And in thc'moral code given to the Hebrew t, this law is re-enacted with great solemnity. Witness the following passage from the 35lh chapter of Num bers, commencing with the lGlh verse. 16. And if hesmiiB him with aninmrumcnt of iron, aothat he die, he ii a murderer i the murderer shiili surely beput todealh, 17. And if he smite him with throwing a stone, wherewith he may die, and lie die, ha is a murderer: the murderer shall surely be put to death. 18. Or if he smito him with a hand-weapon of wood, wherewith he may die, and hu die, he is a murderer: the murderer shall surely be put In death. n fyi ....... .. r , t i - It .,' . . murderer i when ho mectcth him ho shall slay him, 9. i iic ,cvf-Mi;r ui iiiuuii ininseii sum nay inc iu imii u iie oirusi mm ut natreu, or hurl al htm In laying of wait, that ho dio; 21. Or in enmity smile him with his hand, that he dies he that smolo linn shall surely be nut In death t for he is a murderer I tho revenaer of bloo I shall slay tho murderer, when be mceteih him. 22. Hut if ho thrust him suddenly wi limit enmily, or have east upon him any thin" without layiny of wail j 23. Or with any stone, wherewith a nun may die. seem? him not, ami cast it upon nun that he die, and was not his enemy, nei ther snusht his harm : 21. Thln Ihi' rnnr.,-,; shall judge between iho slaver nnd the revenser of blood, according to ihese judsmentui 25. And ihe eonarejfaiion shall deliver ihe slayer out of the hand of the reverter of bbod. nnlih.) conzreiaiin shall restore him to Iho ciivnf Ids refu-ie, whither ho was fled t nnd he shall abide in it onto the ileaih of the ht?h priest, which was anointed with Ihe holy oil. 26. Hut if Ihe shvrr sha'l at any llino pnn wittinnt the border ol the city of his refuje, whilher ha was ned. 37. Ann me revenger nr lilno-l find him with out the borders nf the city of his refuse, and die nvrn- eernf liWI kill thes'nvcrt he shall not Imcuiltvnf b'ood. 23. Heraua ho s'l'tubl have remained in ihe eiiynfh'n refuse until ihoile ith nf ihe high priest i but after the ib-ath ef ihn hitrh priest thn slaver shall return join ihe land of his possession. 29, So these thilips shall ba for a statute of judgment unln you, throughout your ceneration in all yotr dwellings. 30. Whoso killeth any person, ths murdeicr shall be DUt to death bv tho month of witnesses! but nn uii. nltahlll ntkt lABtlfu notnn , n ..n.. l,IM ,a 91 MiirJtrita vat siksit tail at ilaftaiiA, V hetl tKs ri4rde-r, wh o1) is gui ty of dsth i hut ho shall surely be put to death. 32. And yo, shall take no satisfaction for him that is fled to tho city of his refuge, that ho should come again to dwell in Ihe land, uniil tho death of tho priest. 33. So yn shall not pollute" tho land wherein yonre! for blood it tie filcth the land t nnd tho hud it cannot tio cleansed of Ihe blood that is shed therein, but by the blond of him that shed it. 31. Defile not therefore the land which yo shall inhabit, wherein I dwell i fur 1 the Lord dwell among tho children of Israel. The exposition of this law given to Noah nnd sub sequently to tho Jews as a nation will be attempted in my next letter. Yours truly, C. Communication. The attention of tha public has been recently called to the charity school. By many this is deemed n work of supcroagation and n positive injury to our district schools. We are not among the number of thofo who question the motives or tho wisdom of the Ladies who have started tills project. It is a well known fact, admitted on all sides that otir district schools do not ef fect all that their theory intends: or all that they might even under the present defective system and ivo lo not wonder that tho Ladies are tired of waiting for nn improvement which unluckily it docs nut belong to them to accom plish. While wo wish them abundant success in their praise worthy efforts to benefit the mise rable class of children who have so long beset our doors ; we wish to soiza upon the present occasion to call attention to our common schools. The season has arrived for making winter ar rangcmctits and on that account we deem it timely. We have heard it repeatedly asserted in ..if. t'ercnt private circles that llio last winter, the profane, tho profligate and the intemperate were to ho found among our common schoolteachers. Now we ask was it so I Shall it bo so anoth er winter 1 If such bo tho fact if children aro only to alternate between cursing and drunkenness at home, nnd drunkenness and cursing nt school what wonder that our criminals aro found not among foreigners hut among their children brought up under such precious common school influences. Who docs nut know that the child who learns from his teacher's example "Thou mayst tako tho name of the Lord thy God in vain," will not he slow to supply "Thou mayst steal," "Thou mayst bear false witness "! Is it possible that wo have already fallen so low that wo tolerate open immorality in tho teach ers of our youth 7 There aro those in this community who have labored lung and zealously in this causo but we fear that they have retired disheartened. Will they not make another effort 1 We should like to havo them come forward and give us the facts. What aic the difficulties in the way ! What is the present law and what are its defects ? How far are the committees ame nable to the public ! and how can they be call ed to account ! We think, hy the way that any one who would ascertain and publish the names f tho committees in the respective districts would do good service to tho cause. If we arc to have incompetent or immoral teachers the public would then know to whom they arc in terned for them. In the mean time let every man who reids this article ascertain without de- ly the time of tho school meeting in his own listrict and make it a point to attend it. It belongs to all, whether old or young, rich or poor, learned or unlearned. The schools are the common treasure of nil. Let the bonevo- lent ; the philanthropic, the far seeing states- man and the short-sighted selfish man, let all sec to it. Are tho children who throng our streets to grow up pests to society, or aro they to bo civilized, humanized, made decent and useful 1 Are the multitude to ba neglected while the fcxo Jcrjrn Greek and Latin ? Money is not so much wanted as supervision. The present taxes wo believe aro abundantly sufficient to mako our bchonls all that they should he. j,et the citizen of liurluigtou then ari.-e and set an example fur the State. Let it no longer bo said of us, that wo pay tho most mo ney for the poorest schools. The multitude of private schools on all sidee havo long testified thaUour common schools were net deemed good enough for those, who could pay for better, and now if they are not good enough for those who cannot pay, it is time something' was done. VERITAS. LADIES' CARD. The Ladies who aro united in their endeav. ors to sustain tho Charity School, tender their sincere thanks to those persons who generously responded to their appeal, hy contributing to, and attending the late Tea Party. The sum of eighty dollars was collected on that occasion, and confident hopes aro entertained hy the friends of the School, that before this amount is ovpendeil, the results will be sucli that all will bo able to bear testimony to tho good their lib erality has accomplished. Oct. 4, 1813. FiRE. The Subscriber gives notice to all persons, inhabitants of Burlitiglon.wlioare insured in the Vermont Mutual Firo Insurance Company, that the assessments for the past year, on their 6ev. er.-il premium notes, can be paid to the aiibscri- her, in said Durltnlon, on or before the 1-1 !-, instant, after which payment will be required to be made at Alontpelicr. GEO. A. ALLEN, Director. Burlington Oct. 4, 1643. "lOOl" The Burlington Chapter of the " Sublime or- dnr of the One thousand and one" is hereby notified to appear at Grand Lodge on Monday Evening, 7 1-2 o'clock, Oct. 12ih. An Address and I'uom may be Evpected. A. AL A. Stcretary. mtllillTO.V MARKET. Sept. 25, 1313. At Market, 1230 Reef Cattle. 700 Stores, 3300 Sheen and 1123 Swine. From 500 to 800 beef caillo and several hundrcJ stores also remain unsold. Prices Uee VfjIlle'The market is complcte'y glutei, nnd price nrc probably lower than ihey ever hac been for many years. We quote extra at 8425i First quality, S3 73 W 81 1 second quality 83 0 9 43 73; third quality $250 f S3 23. S'or Two year olds S3 it 13; three year olds 811 & 17. Slieep Lots were sold from 50c to 31 50. Woath era SI 25, 1 SB. Sieine Shoats to peddle ot 4c for Sows, and 5c for Harrows. Old Hogs at 4 5c. At retail from 5 to CJc. NEW YORK CATTI.R MAHKCT.-Sep. 25 At Maiket.-lOOO Reef Cattle, 330 Southern, 30 Cows and Calves, nnd 3300 Sheep and Limbs. Pmcrs lietf Cue-have not varied from last week, and we quote to correspond, viz: 81 to S3 C2J with Biles nfcxtra a httlo better i 33 taken for Ilermu da and 300 unsold. Cout and CaUn All sold at 815 ii 823. SUep and f,am!-AII taken al 81 (HI 75 to 83 for Lsmbj, sn'l -JlO W83 for Shp, TEMPERANCE MEETING. An adjourned mooting of ths Temperance Society, will be held this evening, at tho Vestry room of tho Congregational Church, at 7 o'clock V. M. October 0, '43. M si ir en tfl, On Tuesday evening, 3rd ins!, by Rev. Thomas W. Pearson, Mr. .Moody Conner, to Miss Leonora BncwsTcn, both of litis place. On llio same cven'mf, by the same. Mr. Sidnst E. Coni.i:.-o to Miss. Alocsta V.'. Wicked, both cf this place. In Milton, on the 4th Oct. by Rev. James Dougher ty, Mr. Henby V. Lyon to Miss Elizabeth Mitch ell, both of Milton. ID) n (A , In Williston, on Sunday the 24th ult. Mrs. Eliza beth Clauk, wife of Paul Clack, in the 82nd year of her age. She wjs n consistent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for about thirty years and died with the full ns-urance of a blessed immortality. In Williston. on the 7th Sept. .Mary Elizabeth only daughter of Hon. David French, agcd7 months. In Un leilull, f-'ept. 9ih John 11a RNAnD only child of John nd Lucindia Ternll, aged 1 year 8 months and lGdays. Tho morning flowers display their sweots, And gay their silken leave unfuld,j As circles- of the noon tide heats, As fearless of the evening cold. Soblnom'd their Utile flower divine, While health the pri u of beauty shown, Called by thociitnly harvest timo To diu'beforc 'twas flirty blown. I tako this little flower said Christ, Anil lay it on mv breast, Protection it shall find in me, In me he ever blest. BOOKS! BOOKS!! QA.MtEL H ("NT I.N (.TON is now uveivinsr from .75 New Vurk a goisl n -oitment of -CIIOOI. BOO.S, BIBLES, HYMN HOOK-. I'KAVEIt1 HOOKS, ANNUALS and GIFTS fur 1811 nnd a va riety i f odicr c.rti -les in hi line, nil ut which hu offer- Ik Ins palio sand the public, generally on very favorab'e terms for cab. S. II. wnidd 'a' c tin-oppori'ini'v to return his "iii eere thank- to hi many p urnii- for iheir oa t favor-, and h' pe-1 y hi-attention to the wants i f Ins friend ami the public to merit a cunim.iaiice uf that patron aic. 18 REMOVAL. D. K. PANG IOIIN CAHINET MAKER, Villace Sexlon and Undertaker. HAS removed In a New Miop, near the south end of While Street, oppo.itu the hon-e of ihe Hey. -Mr. Converse, where he will I a at home at all lime-, lie will continue to inal.o nil kinds of Cabinet Furni ture which he will tell low lor prompt pay i nnd re speetfiily soln"it the continued patronaie'of hi- old en. I inner., nnd that of other- nl-o. In hi-eapacity of triaire r-exion, no na mice uppoin'iM purehacd at hi- own cxprn-r a new llearsc and Pall, and prepar ed with mm h core and labor a new Map of tin- new leauliliil Cemelr of I be Village, lie will Keep ready made eotlins ofum.t kinds, forad'ilt, and all others, furni-hed at Ihe -horle-t notice. Ho will lurni-h and a'ten I with hi- Heart'. Fnnera's o n of the Village or hi any of the adjoining Town- wild Ic troillo to friend- prnl ' y and I utter order than any one near er ui haiidnud at a- shun or -bortcr notice, STOVES! STOVKSIJ .TW PATTERNS, & CIIFAP1.R THAN EVER. All l.inds of Produce taken inpayment ; liberal eredit given or Clieapfor Cash. HENRV .MAYO, having t.i!.en the Store tnrmer'v occupied I y HICN'O'v &. CA ft.IN, i now re civinrj n Lirrc. cou-isniiienl of STOVES, emi-i-tins i t any; p litem of t'nuV, llox, or Parlo-ir S'oC", Stnvu I'tpe, Tin nn I t'npper Trimming,., Hiil.ow Ware, Ate., which will I e exchanged lor any Kind of Produ -e. or e.i.b. Tho.o who wi.-li to pur chase Stove-, will do ihom-chc n well him a favor by examining Ins -toe!;. Uiirh'n.'to.i, O.-l. 1, 1313. 18 CHAIR FACTORY. T the r l I stand of KELSON . ' ct GATES there Utile let a- Eor'mcutc! CHAIRS nnd will le udd I en per iban can be purchased .it auyn-ler i hue in Iturlineinu. MAHOGANY, CURL! D MAPLE, P.MNTEIi CANE MCAT. LAUOE and A' I. ROOKINfi, DININtS, '"HI' DREN nn 1 LARUE ARMED C I.. NELSON'S, Church -tn-c'.opnosiie the O d Hank, or at his Foe o ry three door- north f ihu Ca h Ii; Ch ireh. 18 ICMAS 1.VMAN HAVING teceived a Inrire a ortnient of Fall and Winier Gui'd", .ouonr which are n great va rtc'v uf rich ireo I- fur Ladi'-a' winier dre-se- and cloak-; Chu an- and Mo feline iV t.niiie-, high euU i r-an'lnch: at o, ino-inu iir nml half .no'ir'iiiido. ; tl-o, Icnii'ifii nit, iruiti t' : a larie n.-nn- nient i f Cnli.'u-, m pericr q alny and fini-h Alpac-ea-, silk warp, i-oitc n do. : a gre'it variety d Shawl-: nn elidle. viriety of til ve- and Ho.ieryi India llu'iler .Mit's, a nn'v ar'i-le, very superior, nut bav in? lime In ei iinei'.He fnran advcrii?i-uient I hi-week, nui e- l.i lies mil Ccnl'enien to call nnd eiamhie the von I- which v-ill ' c hnwu with plea-ure. Cotton Yarn, al o fur thread very cheap. Carpet warp, wie! in'.'. I atliii?, wndhng, Ac. &e. nurliugti.u, CO.t., 1843. 18 NOTICE. POPE ha- m.t re.eived a sood aa-nnmeni C M. O. ..t I DRY tiOODS anIOROCI'.RIhS. whknire o'erelnt ihe owes; pruts for ca-h. Waiu-d, in cxi liHiipc lur Uowls, good Butler, Drey Ch th, Wui.leii Yam, Ac. ' liurliugion, Oct. 4, 1813. 18 w4 uuittti:it MIOKS. LAI IE3' plain an J tig.ireJ .hoes, iln. Cutay do. Men's do. do. do. plain aaJligureJ do. Mi-.e-' do. for sale ehean by yj.i.i, izij. is w-i r-. ni. rufr.. 58 UAltltELS FINE SALT lur. n o I v S. SI. POPE. tiurlinstnn, 4th O.t., 1813. 18 w4 HOUSE TO RENT. A plea-ant llou.e u-iih garden and jx oher i-onven'i'iice- near ihe Aea.l emy, po..e sion given nhimt ihe fir.lof IMivemter. Alo, hall ol the Itou-e I now m c ipv on Calling Lane. Either half can e ma le aconven ent teueineut jr a small lannly, pui.ejsiuii alo it the mine lime. 1 3 if. D. K. PANG BORN. WANTED, PI'NniEON'j- i f GOOD CinF.R. by O-i.C HIT 13 v3 C.L.NELSON. 50 Harriet Pickering's Estate, STATE OF VERMONT, I A T n Pro' ate Crur' Di-inci of Chit'i-n en, k . J XX held at Rnrlinginn within and l'nr.i d Di-lru-loaihe 13 Inlay of Sep tin. Icr, A. D. 1513 I ro out, Cli irle- Ko.-cll, Ju Ige. ot said l.'o irt. nn ins'riiiuent i urtiortms In letiieia I will an I to t iuient nf llAiimi.T P.ckerixo late ol It irliug i n. in ,H' I i'ii ro: iti-. used. I e na nre-enle I in su I tin irt here l y John u. 1'icl.enng, iho r.xecn lor there u imuh-.I. for pro1 a v : The Co trt afore-aid IhIi anno nl Hie .eciul weiucuayol iNoveuoer. A. D. 1813. nt ibeofuvot ihe ReguU-r ol ! I Court. it II irliiigiiui afore ntd, for proving mi 1 will, and doth order lint ull per on- i-oncerm-d I e notitied in ap ear I t fo.e at I Co irt at Ihe liuiu an I .lw c nfurv-aid to onte t the ii nil ne ul -nid will (it IhcV ce cnu-c) I v n il liin'iou ol 1 1 ) i order three week .ucce-hivelv pruvio i-- lo ihe .aid eeond Weihieslny of Noveml er, A. 1. Isu, ill tne ii.irnugton rree rre-f, a newspa tier nrinlu.l al IJ.irlillgllMI alore-.lid. Given under my hand at llnrliiiston sfore.aiJ this 30 Inlay o Sen tinucr, n. u. irm. IO.vj ,iin. r.o wii, fcgiifcr- . E. BIUNSMAIU &. BROTHERS, Successor, lo PANGnoitN d. IJRINSMAID, IMPORT EHS OF WATCHES AND JEWELRY. Manufdcturer- of Gold &. Silver Wab j Repairers of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry. Jimc Edgar Ubinsmud, Scdowick Stvirr Hrinsmaid, 17 William Uliss I'rinsmaid. NOTICE IS hereby uiven that application vill be made to the Lffiislaturo uf the Siaionf Vermont al its next Session In incorporate n St en in Itoat Company loba emit eil ihs Chainnlnin OnnoHiion Steam Host Com- nany, wiih a rapual ol iV uuu noliais Willi uoerty to increase ine rnpimi iu unu nun'irci iiuu&aiiu uuuui. UateJ at at. Aiuins, sepi. o, icu. LOST. IN this villace, on Tttfi-day, Stpt. 16, a BROWN OVERCOVT. Th(nfrviIVivtnrr favor by 1 fiqs at tMs ftffioe. JT 3o LOST, LAST evening, in this village, a mall COLD CHAIN and Lockci. The under will be suitu I ly rewarded by leaving it at this olllce. uurlington, U.-t. 5, 1813. "IB wj The follonitiB letter is from thu Pastor of the Bap tist Church in Kcoeville, N. Y., a genllemcn of just ly deserved popularity, as a preacher, a scholar, a christian and n num. And it shows lhat the medi cine of Dr. Richardson, uf South Rcadinsf, Mass., which is oflered for sale by several of our citizens who act as his agent", has a very wide popularity, and is wormy ot universal patronage. DR. S. O. RICHARDSON, Very dear Sir s Haviiir'. for several years nasi, been in the habit of seeking nnd finding relief from bilious and other com plaints from your tiuly celebrated Hitters, I feel (treat pleasure in expressing fur youmy hearty thanks. i am luny convinced that their very e.xiensivo pop ilatitv is well deserved. I nm convinced of this from my own experience, and from n cart ful and pro- lougcu oitservannn. it is noi a inusnrooni populari ty, Ihe ofl'sprinrr of newspaper pull's, which, like Jo nah's L'ourd. surinir un in n niffht. nnd destined to as ppeedyn death ; but it is a popularity that is destined to live and incrrasc in brightness, when the lame ui a multitude of the nostrums of tho day shall have perished and been forgotten. I lhank you that you have felt it your dut) to circu late them through tho country; nud I am sure, that, while the human family nrc niniclcd with tho multi tudinous ailments to which fiend is heir, they will be souzbt after and mirchased. and that von will contin ue to receive ample pecuniary compensation, and, what is infinitely dearer ton generous heart, ihe sin cere, spontaneous lhanksof n grateful principle. I was well ncquaintcd with your honored Father, and had frequent occasion for his professional servi ces. He was truly a noble man, nnd a benefactor of hiaiocct nnd niul iludes now live who will always revere nnd bless his memory. 1 nm truly thankful that he has so wotthyn son; nnd I hope that the virtues, and good name, and medical ekill of the father may long live in his offspring. 1 our obliged and gratclul triend. C. SAWYER. Keescville. Sept.2G. 1B43. 1Gw3 VANTEI. WHITE, Mixed, and Rrown RAGS in exchange for Honks. Wrilini and Wrapnine paper. 30Sepl.,13l3. 17 V. HARRINGTON. 1 HE -ul scril cr ha now on hand and intend to le al letofiirni-b.nt hnrl notice. Mi-cel Urieous Law, CTas-teal and School Boul-, n.i low lor cash as can I e porch i-fd in martel. 30 sept. 1SJJ. II i. iiAniunuiun. VIlAlllilNOTON will receive -ui serintinns for all or any one of the Foreign Revie.v.., the Amer'cnn lte.ifint iifForeurn Ueview the Ameri can Qiarterlie- nnd Monthly Mainlines, &e.,Jte. 30 Sept., w VlftMMCttl.liOK Si HASH VIOLS. BASS and DoiiMe llasi Viol- i t Presc-oit' and DearLon's make for -ale at iiianufnc'nrer'i. price-. 17 Rnl.s'SMAiD &. Brothers. SV.W GOODS. I N all their vorietto- openins and for -n'c by 1 UalNSUAID & UBOTIICnS. lOO CHOPPING TRAYS. CJIIRAP. THOSE who are preparing to mako minced pies, snimse-. &c are intormel lhat ihev an -cleei a good Trjy from nn a-or nicnt ol nil -ize- at our .-tore. 17 llnis'sMAio & UcoTiir.ns. MILITARY BUTTONS tX IIAVD. A RTTLLF.RY, Infantry, Rule, Field and StaTOiit CX ton. Bullous fur General and Snim will ! f irnished nt short notice. Chappeaux and o'.her caps fi..nt-bej to order. " 17 J. E. Iini.vsMAiD & DnoTllERS. I.yman llccclier's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 TITHE Hon. ibePrf- I'l-triet of l, hillen len. t X l.atff Conn fir I tin Di-trict of Chittenden .' To all ner-oii-e n-ernet in ihe .-tnip cf I.VMtV flEECIIEIt, lute oniinesliurch, in aid eea-e.l. (Jnmirivo. Wherca-, Elmer Iteevher, a Itnini-trator ol ihee- late of iatil l!eceae,l. nroiio.u- to render an account of his adniini-tralicn, and I'.resenl hi- account azain-t .iid t-.tnto for cxamiiiation and allou-ance nt a u- Mini ot the Conn ofPiobw, to I e hidden at the Reg- i-ici-Hiiur-e tti linrl iijton, in .aid di.-tnct, oa the lath lav ol'Octobi r ne.v. rflEREFonr.. l i, I me hercbv linliTiAl (n snnnflr h. fore .aid courl ul the nine ami iAap nfnr.uiA shew cause, if anv ynu have, why tho account tfon-- 4i i miu iki nui 1 1- aiiow o I. tnven under my hnn I at uurlinirton this 21 n d of September, A. D., 1813. 17 win. wrai'ON, Register. Aim Ilavllaud's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) AT a Probate District of Chittenden, as. S A Court held at Uurlington within and for tho district of Chitten den on the 25th day of September, A. D. 1841, pre sent the Hon. Chatles Russell, Judge, n copy of the last will and testament of Ann Haviland laluof the town and County of Westchester, and State ofNcw York, deceased, dulv allowed and proved in the Sur rogate's Cnnrli within and for said County of West- chester.and Stnteof New; York, luving been piesenied mine uouri oere iriaijiniu copy anu prooismay reni ed nnd recorded in the probate Cnurr.fur Ihe district t.f Chitlcnden aforesaid, agreeably to the Statute in such rase made nnd provided. litEREFonE, the l'rouate unuri lor tne district or Chittenden aforesaid doth hcre'-y order that all per sons interested be notified to .appear before snid pro hnte court, in n session thereof to hii held at the Reg isters' Office in liurlinjilon, nforesail. on Ihe lSlh dav of Octoler, A. D. 1311 and contest tho filing and i :.i - t -i ,ei.uiiii(iu i.i ti uipy ui -am win, ii lory see cailBe, by publication of this order three weeks successively in ihe Ihirhnaion Free Press, n newspaper primed in said llurlinsi'in, all of which publications to be previ ous to said lolhdayof October, A. D. 1843. Liven under mv nanil at Hurlineton aforesaid, this 25lh day of September, A. D. 1S43. w. WK.sro.-v. fieciiter. PORTABLE GRIST MILLS. THE s ib-eriber havins been aapointel aevnt for tile nlt lif Jll.itlli Pl.ltt- llnierrnl Pnpc'.la Critt Mill, i- nretiared to lirni-h mil -at lmri notice. anda'ithori-rtflo el r ?hts fjr in lividnal-, town-or i-o intie. This mill took the premium al ibu Fuir of the American In.ti'ute in N. Voik,la-t nutiiinn, and tne Miiseq-iem mucs nave I illy i.urne out the prai e therolc-towcJ upon ii. Ii it admirable tor erindinr Indian corn and liora feed. Or in nf nil kinds isenund with equal facility. A so enttee. and ail kinds of mice: also salt, druvs. tSce. and it is easily adapted fur crinding paints, lis durabiliiy is equal to any other mill, tho stone being compo el of French Iturr; and its efficiency with its simplicity is rrniiirKaiiir, ns Hre also us oilier oesira ble. commendations for compae'ness, porlahleness and low price. T here aro f- ur ilitTeient sizes now made oflhes-mills, I7.1, SO n nil 3G inch stone; prices fiom S123 tnSCPO. The (inallrsl may be utcd i y hand power and turned by n crank, and either of them are readily women by horse, steam or light waler power. Wherever water power is scarce, and urist mills forerindine corn or crsin of anv kind are consequently scarce, these patent mills will be al- innai iiivniii.tuir , iui wiiii iiiid ui uieso nuns wun horse power, anv person could grind all that could be ernond hy any oilier mill. It is at once admitted by all who have seen this mill perform, that it is truly a h'nr savine and economical machine as with it more work can lie done with less power (bv about half,) than any other mill, and il will do the work at least ns well and as last, and the price is less than for any other. I'llri'jaUiN UROKUT. Rurlinnlnn, Spt. 20. 1813. 16 If WALTON'S' Vermont Register & I'armcr'a Almanac for 1S44. THE publisher will make tho Vermont Register for 13-14 more full nnd complete ihsn anv which has eer before hei n published, and il will be issued nn nr near the 20lh Nov. or as soon as a rcn and coa- ascT ReL'isti r can be issued. fnrtne edition wi I be limited, and orders mutt be ide soon to secure a supply. Booksellers paper ma r. merchants. Ac. should address their order, int. mediately to F. P. WALTON and SONS, Montpelier, Vt. iryEditors in Vermont will be entitled lo one dozen Registers by publishing this advertisement three weens. Sept. 10, 1813. 16 NOTICE, ;tlnz of Iho rr TnilE annua! meeting of ihi mem! ers nf the Vcr moot .Mutual Fire In-iirnncu Comoanv. will I c hoi len al the Oliw of said Company In M'ontpi l;er, on the 13th iliy of O-mlrr nexl, at one o'clock, P. M. r. .i... : ..t.w..;.. n:- .... . r. ...... . .. . iur ,iic ihiii'bc ii ciliii i.nuiun lurinc ril-illll- year, amending the by laws', and transacting oiler l u-ine-s as may le deemed neee-.ary, Uy order of Directors. S. Y. VAIL, Secretary. Insurance Oillef, Sept. IT. 1S13. 16w3 GERMAN KTOUE. cnod asrortmen of Fringes-, uimp', Cord ami Tassel Jii-I ni-eiveil I v 16 OSTIIF.IM it CO. NUtV GOODS. SILK and Wor.teJ Shawl , very handsome tyl for tbe Season. Just receive I at the 10 GERMAN STORE. NOTICE. THIS may certify that I have givsn my ton Will- lam M. Johns, his time diirimi tha rest nf his mi nority, and shall claim none of his wages nor pay any debts of ais contracting from ihiadsle. SILAS JOHNS. Huntington, Sept. 81, 1843. M7 TDRONSONVl ORATION lalore tha I.;r.,.rS. X) c!etia.rifthelT:V f, ji't tvihli-hland fiirsale tp. ii, ny v tf nnwisTV-' TO THE PUBLIC. t Leather ! Leather 1 1 Lcutlicr 1 1 13 EC, LOOMIS has on hand the largest and best assortment of LEATHER that has been offeted in this market, nnd w ill be sold for cash or good pa per, cheaper than it h is been sold in this part oi Die country fur years, ns he is determined to sell, if with out profit. Among which aro f IO Side- .Vole Leather, from Is tu 23cts. per lb. ItMl iln Upper Leather, 2 Dozen Calf Skins. Harness, llndle, Top,, Skitnnff, Morocco, 1 tl I, mint', r; HindiiiB, t Trimmittc J Ha ml, q Russclt Bridle J P Horsu Hide nnd Hue Skins. Shocmnkers' Tools, Lasts, Uoct Trees, and Triinniincs of every descrip tion. Also. Rliss's thick llnnls. No. 1, nt $2,50 cash. Plenso call nnd saiisfy yourself. Pearl street. Sepl.2lst, 1813. 10 w3 Hamucl C. Alexander's Estate. STATE OF VEHMOST, I fTMIE Hon. tho Di-lrictof Chiltenden, s. 1 X Prolate Courl for the Di-trict of Chittenden I To all persons concerned ill the rstati' ol SAM UEL C. ALEXANDER, late of Wililon, in said District, decea-eil, WitcnxAS, John Van Sicklen, Executor of the las will nud telnmenl of said decea-ed, propo-es to rent der an account of his administration, nnd pre -cut hi. account again-! said elate for examination nnd al lowance at a e-ton of Ihe Courl of Probate, to le holden nt the Iteiri-lurs oifice in llnrliuirtnn, in -aid di-trict on theecond Wclae-day of Ocloler, next. Therefore, You are hereby nolilied to ntqiear I tfore said courtat rhe tunc nnd place nfoiv-aid, and Avv cause, ifanvyou have, why the account ulor.-aid -lio ild not be ullowul. Given miller my hand at Uurlington this Cth davol Septetrl er, A. D. 1813. I5V3 Win. WESTON leiiler Asa Allco'x Estate. STATE OF VEI!MONT,riMK Hon. the Dt-liict of Chittenden, s-. S X Prol ate court ihe Di-trict of Chiltenden, lo all pcrsonseoncem ed in thec-lnteot ASA Al LhN, late of Hine-I urli, in -aid disincl, deceased, GnKKTINO. WHEREAS, Harmon W. Allen, a-linini -lr.itor o( ibee-laieof Miiddccca-td, propu-csto render an ac ci unt of bi ndmini-trntton, nn I pre.-i'nt his uceo'inl a?iiiut aile-la!o for exatntiiattou and allou-ance at a ,e-Mon of the Court of Prol ate, to I e holden at ihe Reii-ter's o'llte iu Duru'n jlosi, in taid di;tricl,cii th-: ISthd.iyof Octoler, next. TiicitcroRE, you nrc hereby notified to appear le fore said ciiuri nt the lime mid plr-e a(ore-aid, and .hew came, if any you have, why the account ufi-re-said hould nolle allowed. Given under my hand at Uiulingun, tbi- 19th day of Sepiember, A. D. 1813. IC-3 Wm. WISTON, Rtzitttr. Itobcrt Moody's Hstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rPHE Hon. the Di-tr ct of Cbittemleu, , $ 1. Prol ae courl for the District of Chittenden, to all per-on- concerned in Ihet-tate of ROIIERT MOOLJY, late of Hurlin; lon, in -aid Di-lrie!,dc,-ea-isl, Grestiso. WHEREAS, Georse 11. Shaw, adminis raluri'l'the estate of atd deceased, propo-es lo render an accu-int ot hisndinini-traiion, and pro-em hi- uccouui against raide-tatctor examinalion and ullowance at a -e--ston of the Court ol Probate, to bo l.i Men at the Repi-tcr. olficc in said IJ.iilmjjxn on thu I8;!i day i.f Ocloler, next. TiiEnr.Ft.tiE, you nrc hereby notified lo appear It fore .-utd conn at the timo ninl place afore-aid, anJ shew eati-e, if nny you hate, why the account afore said -huuld not Iu allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, thi 20th day of Septum! cr, A. D. 1?13. lCw-3 Wm. WESTON, Register. Amos Pangburn's Estate. WE The stib-criber-. hiving bi-cn appot'ntel 1-y Iho Honorable the Prol ate Court tor ihe Pi Irict of Chitlcni'en, ronimi. inner- H' n-ccive, exstiiuv and adjust the claims an 1 demand- id all per hi-, asaiustlhee-la'eijf AMO-iPA.GliORN,l.i'ei f liiitr on, in said District, di're.i-ed, repru cute I inu i vent and al-o all claim- anil ileum I- cxlul red-'.", o l',e! therein; nnd six imuiih- from ihejday of . ledate, hereof, tieuiir ullowul I y soid court lor'lhai ,urpii-e, we do iheiefnre hereby give noluu, t'nt t will at tend to Ihe I'li' appointment, at me oflicu oi :-naw ix ne-tnn, in tiurtiugtt n, in said di trier, on the lirsi .Mon.l.ivs of Noveml er and Ke! ruary.uixt. ln..,.l,,i a r i, ,.f...;i J.. " ' Dated Ibis -231 day of Augu-I A. O. 1813. TIMOTHY F. STRONG, ) Commit 1Gw3 LUTHER M. IIAOAH. sioners. NOTICE. THIS certifies that I have given my son, FULLER GILLRTT, his lime durinj his minority, to transact business for himself, and shall claim none of his earnings nor pay any debta of hia contracting after this date. A. F. G1LLETT. Charlotte, Sept 18, 1813. 10w3 Samuel ('. Alexander's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, AT a Probate Court District of Chittenden, ss. J xV held ut Burlington, within and for the district of Chittenden, on the C S ill day of September, A. D., 1S13, John Van Sickhn Ex ecutor of the last will nnd testament of SAMUEL C. ALEXANDER, lato of Williston, in said district, de ceased, having filed in said Court his petition in wri ting setting forth that tho said Irstalor died seized of eighty six and three fourth acres of land situate in said Williston, being the faim on which he lived at the lime of his death, that sa d land is incumber d by mortgages amountingto S1053 CO rxclnstieof inter est, init ine items a lowed tiy the commissioners agiinst said eilale exclusive of said morgayes amount In SGI J 29, that the inienlorv of the pei-umal estate is only S357 73, that the expenses of administering Slid esia! are not less linn fifty dollars, and tint il will bo ncrssiry to scH the whtilo of the rtal estale for tho payii'.ent of said debts nnd mortgages and praying tho Com! to grant him license lo sell the whole of said real cstJte agreeably lo the s'alule in such ease oniric and proiuJ. Whereupon the Court nfore-nid doth appoint ihe 15th day iJ.f October, 1843, fur hearing nud deriding on said petition a! the office of ihe Register of sai l Cnirl, in said Builin Mmt, nnd doth order that all persons inieieslcd Imnnlifitd iljere of by piihlientinn of ibis ordei containing (he si h stance of said petition ihree week- succes-ivcly in the Hurlineton Free Pi cs., a newspaper piintnl in said Burlington, ihe nt nf which publications to be pre vious to the said I Si It dav of October. 1313. Given under my bind at aid Uurlington, this lSlh day of September, A.D.. 1813 IG Wm. WESTON, RegUttr. inoticf:. TIIESub'cri'crs havine formed a rrpartnerhip iiiuVr Ihe iv.ine and hrm of Kl 1!N A. S Pi 'A It, would inform their fr.end. an I Ihe P il In- generally, lhat they have opene ' an entire ntif itock i f FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS IES, to wbi.h lley re-iwuifully invito the-ir nfeiriun. DANIEL KERN, , G. C. SPf'AR. Borhniion, Church S'rect, Sept. Dili, 1813. 1ST Poxiliti Sale of a II Wen Factory. On THURSDAY, Oct. 19 Ii, nt 12 o'clock, at the Old Slate Ilon-e, l!o-on. (Will be sold wilho n re-erve, I y cr.ler of an Assignee.) i uc iHiirn raciorynnu ..lactiincry Tor. fsa. till itierly owne.1 I y ihu Green Moiiniam Woolen Mnniilaetiiring Company, situa te.1 in the flouri-hing villnirii ofLndlow, Wind.or coiuiy, Vermont, unon ll'iuk ltl River, one ol hu 1 cst-tri-im, for propelling inanu faclorins inailimery in lliestale. The Factory buil ding i live stories high, siib-iancially 1 .nil 1 1 ot' bruk, andi-npableofeontaiiiinir six els of l,ereyniere inn chinery. There ore now in said Factory ihr.-,. nri.. a ,ets of machinery, with a coiimleteset of tixtures for thesnme; nlo,n iOitnug anl raetory.a wciol hnn-c, dye hoise and dry bou r, all of which are nearly new and convenient for the lui-ine .' Al-o. a con. ve'nicnt loarding hou-e, sullieienl to ace-ommolate from 150 to 73 luinrlhrs t al-o, two I am, and on ihe samepiivilige, n Saw Mill. The location is favora ble for ol taming wool at a very cheap rate. For lurther particulars enquire ol D. PERRY, Esq.. P. M. at Ludlow, rr WHIT WELL, HEAVER ,f. CO. 15w5 No-. 5 if-6 Morton Bloc!;, Milk st, rpilE e-itiren-of Biirluigion and I he Pi. b iu general. L ihu German Store will If enmiti ol nt the o'd stauJ, itui'cr the tirtu of M. OSTHEIM eV Co, A geiu-n.u-sbaieof I'.ilnn iie I- ieiectli.lj' reque'-u-el. Ne hopii I y iinrc'iiitlinguitcnlion lo business mid punctual regard lo alleugaseineiitsto iivitrulhei-ontideiiciiol iho pub lie. A ne'wau lre h nssoilmrni of lioisls i. ji si re ccivcdiind will Vo io'iI at j he rery loic e.t prices. The L publlo nro repecifiilly invueil lo call r'Tturlinuloii i-vnt. l?u. M. OS I II EI M .VCo. LUMIIEIt YMII). fOR sale by ihe subsenbeis nt iluir yard on Peorl ' Street, COMMON BOAUDi, I, AT II. FLOOR BO IRD. ready planed, CLAPBOARDS. CLE Ut lOVRD' Also. a.OOO CEDAR POSTS, white it red. HICKOK ,r- STEVENS. Burlington, 20th September, 18-13. !Gw3 FARWELl.'S SHOES. J HARWELL'S Kid slips, do, French do. do. do. do. do. Walling Shoes, do. Morocco do. do. Jutt received and constantly nn hind, f r sle hy P. fc II. IL DOOLI ITLE. Sept. 20ih. 1F43. If, r, I'UESll THAU. OLD and Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, and Rlack Tent, of a superior quality, for talent the lowest market price by KERN & SPEAR. Chore Strlf Sep. !t, 1H3 Ifitf Mm NEW GOODS. fPHF subscribers have just returned from New X York, and would respectfully invite tha attention of purchasers to their large nnd wi.l selected ns-ort-menl of GOODS, consisting of Hroad Cloths, Ho ver Cloths, Cnssimcrs, Satinets, Vcstincs, Silk VM vet, Tubby Vtlict, Satin Vestiuas, lllack Italian Sillc, Black Gro de Swiss, do, lllue lllack Oro Giain do. Colored Gro do Naples do, Mouselin do I.ains, lllack Alpacca, Stripe do, Parisian, Merinos, lllack liombnzine, Giniihaiiis, llishop Lawn, Hatred and Swiss Mouslin, Mull do, Rus la Diaper, llird Eodo. Crnsh, White nnd Colored Cambrics, fine lllenched fthirting, Irish Linen, I adies .Cravats, Mouselin de l.aino I'oiii'S, l!.v:k Iuilian Cravnis, Colored Silk Cravats, GiiiKham Hnndkfs, Rilbnn", Cotton Hose, Super Cnshitiicre Ribs, Frinaes, Lnrc, Ladies nnd Gcnilenitius Gloves of nil kinds, Ni,'hl Caps, While nn I Colored Spool Thread, Padding, Csnvass, Silk, Twist, llitttotis. Linen Thri nil, Stfcsin, Wig cans, Cunt Cotils and Bindings, Wotch Guards, fur pet Binding, Umbrrllas, India ltnhlrrs, Nilt Sin pendcrs, India Ru'ber do. I'alico-, White and Red Flannel, White Cotton Flannel, Unbleached do, Shawl., Furniture Bindincs, Tickinp. Drillings, Bur lans. Wickillff. Cutlnn Yarn, l.'nrrmt Warn. A-i- Ac. all of which hnvo been purchased for cash, nnd we nro itciernittiea not to nu unilersoiu. P. .f- II. II. DOOLITTm-j Sept. 20, 1843. lGwC BUFFALO ROBES, JUST received and for sale very low by P. f- H. 11. DOOLITTLE. Sept 20tlt, 1813. Il, w6 ENTIIA Y. STRsYED from the sub-crd cr, on the 14th in-t., a Black Cow, wall n little, jrruy acrns- ihu Incl. and lad, hum- turning over, iron I to milk, mid is be tween 4 nud 5 ) ear old. Thu tinder will I e rca-on-al ly recompensed, by givinir information i f her to DANIEL LIONY.-Ii: B 1 1 r 1 in n tin ,Se p t . J L 1 8 1 3; 1 C w3 BROAD CLOTHS, ''nssamcrcs, Vcstinys, Orleans Lloih.Silk Wnrp, Lulre Alpacca, M. D. Lames, Damask t abyle Shawls. Fancy Cravats, Genilenieus AToeks, Collars, Shee'ings, nnd most articles usually called for in the Dry Goods line. rontanlly nn hand and for snle by KERN f- M'EAR. Cbnreh Street, Sept. 22, 1843. lGif HAUt! IIAIIl! iJIHE public are respectfully informed that II. C. A. SMITH, is now prepared to futni.h any article in the line of hnir work on thu shortest notice Cssu paid lor lonrr hair. Simp west skis of thu American Hotel. Uurlington, Sept. 21, 1813. lBif VERMONT ALM.VM.tO AND REGISTER IOR , ,, 1844. rpilt. tavorable recepuoii an I frtenjly not.'ee' rl 1 the lir-t iiuiiilerofthis vahial le little annual, has s.iim.iM!e.l the put li-hers to an inr rea-ed exertion lo make ihe second iitiml ur equally de-crviiir the pat ror asci fadi-ceriiin pul lie, an (they intend its fir Iln r niint--hill fdly su-tain ihe fa vor'aUc reputation w Incn ihe tir-t numlerhas acquired. iC"Thi- Regisier will I e ready lur deiiverv on or alum the 20 It of No-.ender, and' all orders will I e thankfully received and promptly aiisweml. A l.b eral ib-einini made to tho-e who ( uy in q iantitie-. All pnbli-her- of new-paperi iu Vermont, who will give the ulove notice three iu-irliou- in tl eirVespi'i" tivu paper-shall I u entitle I lo one dozen ol the Res. i-ler- lor the .-amy, to le forw-ar'h.-1 in any wavthey shall direct. HASKELL PALM ER. Angii-t 23. lSIT. !Gw3 GHI.31Ai STORE. Maccaroni an I Vurmieully, Olives and Capuri, S dtana Rui-in, Very u ice Box do. Ertncli Figs, Cocoa Nut-, Trench Prepare 1 MuMant, French Pieparel Chocolilc. Aro,'.'o.oa Pa-te, Ii rtnal, in? Chocolate immediately, llii irdea i I'r me- iu Cla Jars and Fancy Boxe-. ' Sanliuc- pru-ervelin OlueOd, China preserved Gineer. All of -nncnor q -alitr lOJu-t rc-eiu-d I y OSTHITM & CO. NOTICE. THE Sill scril er a petition to tho next se-.-ioti c f ihuLegi-hiture, Irrlhoexeli sivearant tO kei'il :1 IVrre. fur in, t.ttn ..I tlun .... f .u.. 1 ea-t and horih -bore of the North Halt't.l I-iul.a Mot tu iho West shore ot Alh-ir'-h. nn 1 ni.i, il... shore i.f ih north half of said Isle La Mutt to Cliazy, in iho sinter of New York. , , , HARRY HILL. Isle La Moit,Sept.7, 1313. 5w3 SALE of BANKRUPT EFFECTS "jVOTIL'E is hereby given, lhat by virtue of order Lt , cle-irees in Bankruptcy, in the following ca-es is-ued 0it of the Di-inct Court of iho Uni'od Stales, fur the Di-lrictof Vermonl, I will sell at pub ic Audion. at my effi ein Biirlmgion, Sati.r lay Octo ber 7, 1813, at 2 o'clock P. M., Il.u eleds of said BaiiLrup'. as herein ducrded, and which be.anie vested in mo by virtue of the decrees afuresr.lJ. Iiflect9 ol Dexter M. Pay, of Burlington. All the notes, aecoun's, ludgemcnt-anldemaii.;.-, du. scribed in his Schedule in Bankruptcy, a. surrender ed by li mi, and which will Le particularly des.-nhed at the tune e.f sale. Effects of Henry It. Hlne, of Burlington. A hcu-c nnd lot situate iu liurluigtou. on Ma ne t., subject lo a inortzairv to W Hi- for S300, and nl-oa mortgage to Henry Boarduian, of Colchu-ter, fir 31100 -All the account, note-, and demand, de criled in his sai l schedule A lot of land situate in Culche-ter, containing one hundred acre-, cumeyei! by Aii-on Bostwick lo Hinennd Uoardman, and sub ject to.i mortgage ofSDOO in favur of Henry Boanl man ol Colchester nfore-aul, Icing ilia tame descritel iu the schedule 1 1 said lime. , N;THAK' B- HAS WELL, .l.-7n. Septcmlcr, li. 13)3. I34 A few llosrshends of St. Cioix SugarAsa, St. Croix Molasses, of a superior quajiiy for aale hY, , - KJ-RN & SPEtR. Church Mr-ei. Sept. 22. 16!3. 16if ESTRAY. STRAYED from the Sub-enlcr about the ltt ol Aiisit-l, a Inure Wh lo Mjic, some spu'ti-d on her 'e-J Al o, a Bay Mare Colt. The finder shall Le siiitii! 1 is war lei by iruing irlonuaiiuu or re liming Ihu .amis n ihe1 Sub-cril er. .MICHAEL It. LIT. Hine burgh, Sept. 12. 1S43. I5,v3 .sa Ithosds' state. WH THE SUBU.RIBI..I-, !:i'nng been ap tt pointed bv the llotiui.ihlu iha Prdhatc Court for tho District of t'hiiteii'leu, commissioners 10 re ceivu exammennd ndj'usl ihuciaiins nnd demands ut all persons, against the estate of ASA KIKWDS. latent Richmond, in said District, deceased, represent ed insolvent, and nlsoallclaiiusund demands exlubi- iciiii ousei uiereio; ann six months truiii iheitay it die di'u hereof being allowed by said courl for 'that purpose, we do lliereforn hereby give notice, lhat we will ut lend to the business of our .aid appointment, at thn dwelling ul t hrist an Rhoads iu Richmond in said ditiici, on llu-3d i'iiy of October and 6lh day of Match next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of ,m.l d.iv-. Da'eJ this Cth day of September A. D. 1843. JAROIS HOAti, 1 . Uw3 REUBEN NIMS. - Co.-nnui- HUI.l.A GLEASON, S 'oners. ATlroiv C!iatfl:lds Estate. WE ihe subset iburs, having been appointed by , the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chillenden. commissioners tn receive . amine and ndjust tho claims and demands nf nil per. sons aaiinst the cstatoot ANDREW CHATF1ELD, late of Huntington, iu slid District, deceased, renrc senlcd insolvent, and also all claims nnd demands exhibited in oirset thcrelu; and six months fiom the day of the date hereof, being nlloweil by said Court for thai purpose, do ihereforo hereby give notice, tltnt on .. .11 ....... .l..U- I ' . ...... ..u ,.,M uui-iiu iu iuc uiisiiiess ni our appoint- mtnt, at the dwelling of Jinnihin II. Dikem Hun tington in said District, on the 15th days of Novem ber and January next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each Ul ffltlll IlilVS. Doted, this 20ihda of July A.D. IS 13. 15w3 AMOS B. COOPER. ) DANII I. SCOFIELD. -""mnnonert. MARSHAL'S NOTICE. UNITED STATKS OF AMERICA, ) TJi-ksi'ast Vermont District, lo icil i J. 10 a war rant issued out of ihu Hon. District Courl of the Uni ted Stales for s id District tu tne directed, I ho hen by give 1 111- public notice, lint nn information for viola 11011 of ihe Rrvinuc Law nf the United Slate has been filed in said Courl by Chaiht Davis, Esq, Dis trict Attorney tf the United States for said District, ngsiust thu following detail ed coods and iiieichan- uizr: 2 frock coals, 2 pair pvnalonnc 2 vests, 2 cloa'it, 0 Sdk Cravnis, 2 Yds Ribbon, J Yds Colion C'.otli. 1 shawl, 4 muslin de lain dress patterns, 1 drvt ml eril, 1 pair shots, 2 pair gloves, 2 slock, 1 cravat, 5 vols. Birmiins, 1 bible, ttstnmenl, 1 bat, worsted' handkerchief, 4 I 2 yards glazed ramlu.c tciied on Iho waters uf Like Chainphin, near Burlington, in the District of Vermont, June 13. I?i3. 3 silk shawls, 1 box hnen thread. 1 30 inarlin skins, 2 ernes fox skins. 2 squirrel linings' 2 pair small moccasins. 2 1I01. coloie coney b' ins" setied nn ihu waters of Like Ch imnln'm. near Bur lini'lon, in Ihe Disincl uf Vermonl, July 20 IB13 4qya;dinnsliiideilain, 121 4 yards rambri-,!) 3-4 unit bishop's lawn, 7 yanl Swiss niulin, 2 small pieces intertion, tf tied on ih waler of Lake Chnoi. id'iin. near Uurlington, in tho District of Verinoni July 2T, ISI3. I box containing 200 hotilet of Ding's Mixture tcixed on the .vnlers of Like Ctiamplain. near A! burgh, in tha Disttici of Vermont, August 22, IS13. And trill will ba had 011 said information, al the next slated term nf said District Court to be holden at Rutland, within nnd for said Diiriei, on iheCih dav of October next, of which nil rertont inicresteil ui ona nunc) mii 1 .-uicin uieinsuiwt ncrorriini-ly. Given under my hand at Bradford, in n!J Dislrloi. llu. filh dav nf!nlmlw.r. 1R13. 14 WILLIAM BARRON ,tnthal. GllOCERlES. HYSON, Hyson Skin, Youtu Hyson, Pouch m? and SoucliungTent ; Cuba.New Oritnr.3,Lt,".' and Powdored Sugars t P. R., (l.ns-c.. i'ep per, Spice, Caas'a, Nun. K, Tivi, Sa ' ' i r Soap, Vnnegalid do.. Mustard, MoJhl Clhu coa, Ac. tit:., just reel ive I and fm siil bv P. A II. H. DOOLirrt.E. Sept.SOtb, 18)3. 16 wti WANTED, ITOURor five eood journeymen whlsh a ' fair prica will bo paid. C. MEIHT'T. Bttrlinyton, Sept. 20, 1813. 16if (fT-LOOK AT TiriS.cJ) OfUWt Yd- Black, Blue Blac ., nud Ccl'd tf-JyJJ .Mcrinou-and Alpacca Lu-tiC flOOO Yd-. Full Priii's, a great variety pattern. SOOO " l'lJinutidPrin elMonsL-liiioiVLaiei Cli,ian- nud Fis'd tVor-te.-l 'Jin de Nap-. 2000 " Broad Cloth-, leaver CiMh-.C'ansi- mcru- and Saltiuutts, nisi received I y Septeiuler 14, 1813. H. W. CATLlN. 1 O ONE Bl'FFALO ROUfS.jiiHt ro-Mly LZ ii. w. catlin. a r,so, Fur Boa-, Fur and Cloth Triunnud Cap, a, iarji iKsortincnt. SllOES,- A nrlirfa New York Eren.-lt lJil Suppers and Tie, C'o'.h and Kid Uiiskin-, Ch l lien'.-SIik'1, Patent It ilber, Coure and Fine Men's Bin.!-, just rccitveJby II. W. CATLIN. 700 P'cc'c' Pai'er Hanatn?', a great variety of yJJ pjitern, Just re.-eived iv Sept. II, 1SI3. II. W. CATLIN, Also, 23 Reams Letter Pnner very low. . DR' J. tr tt mvrti ft IATI10LRPTIG PRACTICE OF MEDIC I MS. inHyecti'ni?'i'yci'ucenlru((f.liciicuiComsuniJ ItCp-NO CURE NO PAY.OJ DR. SMI I'll, wo ild must ru-pe."lully Inform tho iiihabiian:. of ll.irlmirluii. an I it- vi'.'iuitv that fi.r sixteen years io has I eru in llu ptacliceol Medicine and Midicifery; C vear- in Cliarle-luvvn and liosion, .'la, anu tuviars in luue.i-ieny pan ot Vermont; und he nuo'iiiident ins pra'ilii e hu- lu as sucre fill, as lhat of any other phv'-icijii in this part of the country. II h.i- ever I con an oujcctoi paramo tut imiuriani-v, with him. to himitlint the nractice of Medicine, slid disease Willi tl.e greatest pouible prompti tude ana certainty, .ui'i tor -evi-rai pa-i ua u.ia ei n investigating the neury unutieriis oi n f,- tvlic Dra.'tii'O, or external a.iiilija'ion of vlvbcine hithlii concentrated. In the t.,ean time, be hi- n J ., . , ..,..,- .. .. ...t I Using III'.' anuve .ieu cuius in in-j,r.,uiiv, aim i. . leeotnefdly eonvimi-d if ihe corructnu-s of ih) theory ot cstlJnious absorption, and ihe grcit iitiliti of treiting diseases upon this principle; nnd tu thinks tie advantages ol tht-c our.-e oi ..lei'ica' . ,- will, upon a litt'c inve-tigation and rullu-nun, ap wjr ol.vioea lo all. Ill the the treatment of C'.iii dren and cn-et of extreme debility, un I iu ca-es ot Female ia.vnris, wbere lilt I it llu .uuiicine e-Jii to taken internally, thu-e remedies aru of Ihe gre.uc-l iinpiirlance; lor, in many ca-e, uu can u .u-i a speedy cure, by lbs ueof external applications, alnr.e. But in obstinate and violent cacs by taking at thu same time, internally, an appropriate iniOicine, tho diorder may I attacked on both surface', ut iho same tune, tint t-, eclernally and internally. Having made hiin-ull'acq'iaiu'cl Willi every term, ef ili,ea-u ine h'cut to this part of the coun'ry, ho now oders bis servii e- to Ihe eitizen- ol liurliugion and its vicinity! eoniident that, 1 y atlen'ion and kind nes tn th'e-ick, an 1 a juihciou- and fai hl'ul applica liotioflhc above remedies, he -lull I e able to meet ihe iiiiii sanguine expc.-ta'.ions of all who may irivo hun a call. He will alien I upon the sie-k, at their paec of ruidence; out w here they re ide nt loo a dis tance, he will provi 'c I oard and convenient quarter for Ilium lo lumain in ihe villape, until ihey are -o lar rel exed, a to j cable 10 return hotue, und t sciho .Medicine, wilhoni ihe aid of a iihy-ietan. He will tal e ca-e- of Consumption. Female Complaints, Rheumatism. &': in: at his own risk cf a cure, pro vided ihepalieut will remain in ihe villace and fol low hi-ihieeiion-, -o long ns he is willing to pre eril c f' r him ; and provided al-o, thai thu paiiunt eeure him tliupayineut of his bill, il a c.iru snail I o iffue'ed. T here nre many advantages fur patient- at a dis tance, who are afflicted with chronic e-omp'aipl-, in coming and reniaiuinir in ihe village a fu.v weeks ; Ibr, tu a short time, the disorder miy be I up, when daily Melical aid is at hand, when it could not I e, in maiiy instance-, by suu ling fur Medicine and direction-, and npp'yinvr Ihetn at home, without llio aid of a Phy-lcian. And I e.n'e-, ihe patient will lecouie lener acquainted vynli his di-ea-e, auJ lb. be-t mode of u-ing the medicine in his case. All coinmtinic.iiioii.-, pot pail, will icceivu iintuu dive nttenlion. N. B. Doctor Smith may be consulted at his rel lence in thimtdain Si. three doors sotitti of Pear). a few rods west of Dr. Hinuburz's stcne ho-i-e. iCP'Sci'i'ie, Medicated I apour, and shouer Baths, may I e had, either as a ...lory, or remedial agent, ie cilltiig n above. iCJA lew coj.'u.ol" JcvrtTx'a EiMttY PhWi- cian tor ale. Sept. 1. int.. lit SELLING OFF AT COUT FUi'i CASH, or at it small adcanc: feam cost in tzchangt for Grain. THE following article nre no.v o'en-J ut tiio Brick Shop, iu rear of ihu Court Huj,c, vis: Curl Maple Cane Seal Chair?. Pain'ed Cane Seat do Common Dinning and Rocking Chair-, Bureau--. Light and Wa-h Stands, Cherry Dinning Table-, Work and Toi.e: do Bedstead , Clocks-, .fc. A Is o Rice's Patent Fannin; Mill, at red t"d price.. , A. BARNES jr., Agent. Biirlinglr-n, August 23. IS43. 12 f S. X. IltiIAl,KI-:. No. 2 Coun.cllon Hall. (Peck's Building.) 13 WI1EA T. A FEW bushels of NEW GENESSKE WHEAT of thegrmvih of 1343, for seed, a firt article, for sale by GEO. PETEllsON. Hurlineton. Aug. 31. 13 NOTICE OF DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUPTCY, IN CtilTTExl ENCOUNTV. XjJOTfCn to all creditors and other persons in in L terest, llinl by order of the Drill ict Court of lb United Stales for Ihs D.strict of Vermont, a dividknd out of Iho a s.sis of HENRY ZOTTMAN, of South Hero, JOHN SINCI.EAR. of Essex. Hf-N'tY ROUlDMAN.jr. of r.iisr.. LUCIFS WOODARI'.of Essex, JOHN SMITH, of Colclu! ler.und CHESTER PARKFR, ol Underbill. Bankrnpis will be made and declared by ihe Court nn the 23ih day uf October next, at len o'clock fore noon, at theofficeof Samuel Premiss, in Mouipelijr, in said Pistri-t, among the creditors who shall hava proved and filed proofs of tht ir debts before said day, unlet sufficient cause be then and thera shewn to tho contrary. EDWARD H. PRENTISS, Ctr. Dated the24lhdiyof August. 18:3. NOVA SCOTlt PLASTIC It. C Tons Fre.h Ground Nova Scotia Plat'er WW t'elivered at our mill, at Winoo-W Cily, vt on Ihe doc'.'. I v FOLI.I-TT, BRADLEY i. On. Souh Wharf, July, 1343. .C MJPnitPiM? i-i.oiji:. THE SnlsciiUrs uru daily reivivmg Superfo Flour id I srrels and hiif I arrel', .e'eetel vith care and uf ihe inu-t approve I Iu and', which llwy ot'er fur ca-h at a small advance. FOLI.LTT, BRADLEY i Ov Old Dock, June 8, 131 1 NOTICE. rpilE GRIST MILL nt Onion River Lower Falls JI lusleen thori'iighly repairnl and 'he -io I can rehnili, and will reouimcni e mi ihe CO h of J v . Thankf d in friends for favor, receive,! and w-ni 1,. happy to see tbenaain. T bo e living al a h nn -i xvi-hing to patronize Ihe null an I return 'les thy will plea, e. call morning-. Superfine Flour, ' 't F.nuraud in ban Meal kept e-ons'lantly tar -al. July '43. 3ni DEO. FD0t;UM. niSSOLUTIION. Vllin copartnership hereiooie exUting unJ. - firm nt J. S. & W. E. MUNcON, it ihu di; di.solved by mutual cons-nt. JOHN P. MUN-'ON W tLLACL f.. MUN-'ON. rolehetlrr. AuguM If,, 18-13. K-.-3 PUIiLIC NOTICE. IS. YORK Si .MONTH 13 II, UXPHi S. V1HG1L AND HOWARD, (sumps,,,, r s Ja. cott ) will run nt herrtof ie, leiving 1' t fir Montrcnl Weilncsav evening and fur ibj S 1. F iday cx;eninsof each week. I'stkiigts mav be lelt 111 ilieoffico of JUs.-ie J . J. 11. Peek .j- Co.. IS-irlinmun K if NOTICE. 'pilIS renifi.-stbat 1 have given my Son ORJ-CV X. IIHOWN, hi- nine ihirini! hi- minornv, to Ir , -ae 1 1. t ne for him elf, nn. I .lull nn' hokdiiy-il: r. co intal le for i,nv del is of his i-outr Jvl'mr, 11 rhin any of Hiearninjs al'.cr this dale. AMOS BROWS. Milton. Ft- vi. 2fl. 1843- 1 0 --3 PIANO FOR SALE. Ahtt'itilul an I fir.t ratero-t-we -t I'um ir 5-, with six ii u.l a na.ff-lavo-, In.euio'.auJ rj -uiiinjnitsl. may U h il at a xvryia.Vri n pr v -Ev quiifltsf ib prm'tr. Dar5Rt''o, rV.M A 13 15

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