Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 6, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 6, 1843 Page 4
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I I 4 He touched his harp, n ml nations heard, entrant ed. TIIU !l,UNIIEIt Ol' DUATII. DV ELIZA COOK. Peaceful and fairis llic smiling rcnoso That the breast cradled slumlcr of infancy knows: Pound is the rot of iho wcarv and worn. f thorn. Whoso feet have been galled with the dust and tho Sweats the sleen on the eveledsof vouth Itruth When .they dream of the world as all plcasuro and ciiuu, pilgrim ami ynuiu snan nwauen again, V tie journeys of toil and the trials of pain. r I there's a fast nnd a visionlcss sleep, Im nnd tho siirless, the Ions and tho deep; i '''.en that i soundest an I sweetest of all, W i i.r couch is tho bier and our night-robe the pill, No voice of the foo or the frietiii shall minirt f hi!rt Tho proud flush to the cheek or warm throb to the ""''p lips of the clearest may seek for the breath, Bat llieir kiss cannot rouse tho cold stillness of death. 'Tis a long, 'tis a last, 'tis a beautiful rest, fbrcnt j When all sorrow has passed from tho brow and the And tho lone spirit truly nnd wisely may crave The steeptthatHdreamless tho sleep oi' the grave ! FOR SALE BV TIIU GROSS, also AT RETAIL 11 Uy l'f.L K 6i Sl'liAK. ISO 250 350 75 30 45 100 )YH WOODS. Blls. Cam Wood. 350 do Camph. Log Wood do St. Domingo do do Fustic, do Madder, do Illue Vitriol, iln Alum. do Coppera, for talc at cost nnd cheaper by FOLbr.l T, lUtiMMii.v ot. vo. WOOL! WOOL!! rrvir. sunnier wishes toiurcha-o Wool, and will M. nav in goods; grain, or accounts, at his Store a. Burlington Falls. S1DNBY BAKLoW. Juno 30, ISU. 4tf Dl;af A.vo Du.Mii. A friiiiirt of ottrs some timo sinci! handed its a scrap of an oltl news paper, nearly worn out, from which with diflictiiltv we extract the followin;; sketch of nn examination lielil at the Deaf anil Dumb Institution in London, uf the children, in their knottier!"! of the divine truth : A little hoy was asked in writing, "Who made the world ?" Ho took the chalk, and wroto underneath tho question, " In the beginning God created the heav eti and tho earth." Tho clergyman then inquired in a similar manner. " hy did Jesus Christ coma into the world 1" - A smile of delight and .'ratitude rested on tho countenance of the little fellow, as lie wrote, "Tins is a faithful sayinir and woithy of all acceptation, that Jesus Ulirist came into the world to save sinners." A third was then proposed, evidently adapted to call his most powerful feelings in to oxernsu " Why were you horn deaf and dumb when I can hear and speak !" "iNeVHr, said an eyo witness, "shall I forget the look of resignation which sat on his countenance as lie took up tho chalk and wrote, " Even so, Falhor, for so it seemed good in thy sight." Licking Vol, Reg. CUMMINGTON SCYTIIK STONES! iljriHiiciurcdroin the celebrated Robbins Ledge, Cumminnton. Mass. I?OR many year" small quantities of slono have been carried from this Ledge, to diilerent parts ill the country, initill tho reputation nnd demand tor Iliem inciteedine pre-eni owners 10 piircnn-o inecn lira Ledge, and mnkcllie necessary arrainrcnienls lor furnishing the public with nn nriicle which they have so long sought lor an ariieie superior, ooiu m iyie and manufacture, to any that has ever I een ollered. I he superior quality ol tlie slonc is ncKnowiciineci by all who have given iliem atrial; and the tact is fully sustained by the ine'ie.ising demand fur litem, from tho-e sections nl eouulry ink) which they have louml their way. For sale by 4 J. it J. H. pi:ck & co. SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OF ALL DISEASES ARISING r HOM AN IM PURE. STATE OFTHE BLOOD, OR HAB IT OF THE SYSTEM, NAMELY : SCROrtJLA, on KlNo's EVIL, MIF.UMATISM, OBSTINATE CUTANNEOUS EIHTTIONS, riMFLF.S, Oil rUSTUl.ES ON THE FACE, BLOTCHES, ml,f.",ciironIc sore ETES, nINO WORM on TETTF.n, SCALD HEAD, ENLARGEMENT OF THE BONES AND JOINTS, STUBBORN ULCEUS, StrillLlTlCStMr-TONS, SCIATI CA on MJMnAoo,nnddiscn?cs anting trom nn injudicious n?e ot Mcrcury,Ascitic,' r Drop-y, exposure or Im prudence In life. Also, Chronic Constitutional , Disorders will be remo ved bv tins nrenaration. Iinnrovcmcnt in whatever reem-ds the hanniness and welfare of our rare i constantly on tho march to perfection, and wun enen siiccceuuig nay sonic now irolilcm Issoivcu, or someproioutui secret rcveaieu, laving an important nnd direct bearing overman's highest destinies. If wclnke it retrospective view over tho past twenly venrs, how is the mind struck with wonder I Whatrnpid strides has science made in every department of civilized life! particularly in thai which relates to the knowledge of the human svs tcmin health nnd disca-e. How valuable and indis nniisnh e arethu curative means recenllv discovered through the agency of chemistry 1 How decs thu imagination kindle and our admiration n'ovv nt Ihe ingenuity, the near nppraaeh to tho standard of per feetlon. of the nre-cnt lime ! Through the elal orate investigations of Physiology, or the science ol Life, ami the Pathology ol prevalent disease, inueii valua Me practical knovvlcdgu has l,een gafiied. Incone mienceof Ijeeoming ncmiainted with the organiza lion, the elements oi tne various tissues aim structures of the system, remedies have been sought nficr and discovered exactly adapted to combine with, neutral ize nnd expel inorbifieo matter, the came of disease, nnd substitute healthy action in its nlace. Tho 1 can- tiful simplicity oftlns mode ol'treatmcnt is not only suggested bv the pathology of diseases, not onlv gratnful to the siiilcrer, hut perleclly in consonance wilh thu operations oi inturc,andsntisiactory lothi' NMWiniWBBWWiiHHfflBr NOTICE. THE Subscribers are now manufacturing and keep constantly on hand a good as sortment of WINDOW SASH ol erery description. SASH DOORS and BLINDS mado to order on the slione-t notice. All orders addressed to the subscnlcrs will receive prompt allention. 1 I ITI IIU A. .'lll 51 IHgWIUIIMlM Winooski Falls, May 18, 1843. oins. g QQQ ?a"r,n!' l"11,0 Winter 00 nn I Fall Sperm 2,300 Bleached Whalo l,l)l) 500 Lard 500 Olive June 30, '43. do do do J. & J. II. PECK & CO. GLASS. C ttf boxe- (Jvlender Glass. VUUVJ liurlington, Vermont, Essex and Lal.c liraud-. 300 ltedford, S iranac, and Clinton Crown. J. ec J. II. PECK Sl CO. Agents. June 30, '43. 4 A CuKiostTv. Capt. Joseph G. Jenkins exhibited to us last week, ono of tho few cop per coins struck by the United States mint diirins: the presidency of Washington. On uno side is portrait of Washington surroun ded hy tho words and figures ' Washing ion Prcsitknt, 1791.' On thu reverse, the American eagle, eight stars and tho words 1 one cent.1 An anecdote is connected with the emission of this coin, which portrays in living colors the high disinterestedness of Washington, and tho pain he always expe rienced when his name was placed conspic uously before the public. When a specimen of tho coinage was brought to him and he perceived his own features stamped upon it, lie immediately ordered tho mill to bo de stroyed, mid the few pieces already struck to be suppressed from circulation. The of 1 Liberty was substituted which is still tho devise on all American coins. Hudson Columbian. A Good Rum:. A man who had climbed up a chesuut tree, had by carelessnoss, mis sed his hold of one of the branches, and fell to the ground with such force as to break his ribs. A neighbor going to his assistance, remarked to him that, had ho followed A is rule in these cases, he would have avoided the accident.' ' What rule do you mean V cried tho other, indignantly. This,' said tho philosopher, never come down a place faster than you go up.' Tho Nashvillo Union, (L. F.) says: " Had the Whig candidato for the PrpsllBn.i. in 1840, been a Egyptian Mummy, instead of rtii uiu general, ne could liavo tiecn elected." This is perfectly true. And yet tho Locos would again run for tho Presidency, a man ".significant, and so cordially duspised, thu' ho could have been beaten even by a Mummy. Virginia Adoocqle. A lady residing in a town not a thousand nines, irom uostou who is blessed villi a larger amount of wealth than erlncaiin,, remarked to a friend thu other day, that her daughter had been in Paradise (meaning Paris) for more than three years. " Do you correspond with her 1" asked the friend. " No her eyes are black, and mind are blue sue is sum, and I am stout." CONSUMPTION AND l.IVMlt COM PLAINT! ! DR. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. I'rom 375 Jloiccry, iVcts VbrA-. 1701! the cure ol Cough. Colds, A-tlima, whooi L ing Cou'.-h, Calarrh, paininthu side and I reat, Hrouchiti- liver eiimnlaiiits, and nil those iillection of the llinvit and lung-, which are a source of so nuich MiireriiiLT and so open lerininale in ConumI'- 1 ion. tin- icmeilv is tutlv nnd highly di-lingiii-hed It is purely vegetable, mild and gentle in ils edecls mum the svsli in. andean le taken in the most deli cate caes with safelv as well as well as uldily. So i-xieiiueli' has n I een Used nnd so often nroved sue cessiul even in extreme an I apparently almost Hope less ea-es. notonlens a naliaiive but as a lemedvt that the proprietor feels no besitenev in introducing it and reccoiiiiiieniling it to all who unlorlunately may have ticca-ion to report to some means of recov ery'. Physicians, familiar with its ell'ecl nnd aware of the healing properties of this vegetable prepara lion, not unfrenuenllv nrcsmbed it in their practice and wilh the Medical Faculty generally, it has met with more than oriiinarvnpiironation. CONSUMPTION. The following remarks were taken from a late number of the Medical Macazmc: - "The surprising elect produced by the geuuine Dr. Taylor'n Ilalsiun of Liverwort, made at 373 Bowery, in Consumption ca-es, cannot fail exciting a deep and thrilling interest throughout the world. Wehaveso long believed thediseae (Consumption) incurable, that it is diilicult to credit our senses when wo see persons evidently consumptive, re-tored to hi-nlih. Yet it is n fact ot dailv occurrence I Certificates from the highest ami inot respectable sonrrcs of persons whohave either I een creatlv re lieved by it, or entnelv recovered from allcelions o .i ... . , t: ... .'.i t I .. c. :.. l 1. ...... Hie lungs iinu liver, ruuii i u iiiruisiieu in muuiiuumi hit! we in-ert onlv the lolIawniL' : Ckiitificatc. "Heiiur consiitulionn lv pruli-nos' ed to Consumption, a member of my family having suliercd severely Irom inlalion ol the i.uug, ac comnanicd wilh cough and r.ii-ing mailer an 1 1 lood, together wi Hi severe nun in mv siueunu iirca-i, in I was siijmo-ed to be beyond recovery, I was induced bv advice i f Dr. IVrliin-, -s a la-t re.orl to try lavlor's lialsain ol Liverwort," 1 have tnucn nvi hollies in all. I beiran to improve with the first bet' lie, and while taking the 1 In rd, fir recovered as to bo able to get about, sinco which lime, by continued u-e of it I am quite restore.) and able to atlcii'l to my usual lui,iess, to persons siiucritu from cough- uud alluciious of the Lungs, 1 do earn estlv reccommendit. (Signed) JAS. C. SCOTT. Kiizubelh Citv. X. C. Dec 16. 1B42. Fur a common cold and cough, this is one of the very best remedies ever discovero!. A'. II. Tbero i n spurious and counterfeit articl afloat, and lately introduced inlo this place. There foro bei areful to get thu genuine, which is from 375 liowcryn. l . and see that the new engraved wra per is on the bolllelo prevent counterfeits. For salel.yl'ECK & SPEAR, and LOVELYVfc SEYMOUR, liurlington: S. II. Harnes. Charlotte M. Hall, Ilinesburgh; Win. Rhodes-, Jr. Richmond, June jo, yi ntuiT. Onfi R0-IS Bunch Iiai-ins, SVJLF 15 Uag JlaJeru Nuts, 10 do lirazd, 12 do Almonds, 15 do Fill ens. . J. & J. II. PF.CK it CO. June 30, '13. 4 ISO 1 doz. Hlnuchard's Cast and Germn Sicl defines, 50 do Hay Forks, 3,00 do Hay Rakes, 50 do Hoes, for saleliy FOLLEIT, BRADLEY f- Co. Old Dock. July 13, 1843. 1 NliU' tiOOIH- rTlUi: Siibscrder has with a -SEPT. O 183. JUst returned Irom N. Y. j. -. . .s uiuicnes, iijiquors l-,xcepleil) bu b will be sold at very low prieesfor Cash or pro' , uurb-ooi,; li Ji. W. CATLI.N FT1IIR V.H........ 1 .r ...1 .. ....... . uii,,i?mu nric-,uiurt; exis in'- WM.n L MonlTZ Ostiieim and James Miciiolls under , j ? iuiuiiui.ijs, was tennina lcl and disso ed on Ihe 2lt day of Augu.l by inutua iiiisent. All pei'-ons havng claum against ihelirm of OSTHF1M & MICIIOLLS are re7,ucedio pre! tent tho same 10 thesuhseril er nnd rei cive pavmeiits "' u .nuuiiv. OSTIIEIM, IStOV STOW WAUR fHK Suhseriler has on bond a large and uperibr -I assortment of STONE WA liR ?..; made in lb.; United State-, which heolera fusraloat Reduced Fnc es, and is ready to receive irderi", pack nnd deliver, free t carlago or package, on board ol Lanal Boats, euher for Troy, Albany, or West Troy, for ra.h nr nmirt,,'..! iuhh. ' ah oniers oyajauor oihenvise, immediately atten SEYMOUR, 41 Ferry ft. 51 Jed to. I. Troy, N. Y., May 17, 18)3. NOTICE. rpllis msv ceriifv Mini 1 h It VR nivnil n -.. . X UAHUY K. STKAIINS, during he res ofhia tniiiorily and thill clnirn none of hia waces r- vt ,i,9 vuMuntunu unin inis naie, iv. ,r 1 t. . , J'KTEK STEARNS. VtMlford March Ivt 1813, j,v3 50 IIIIUS. Oardner Urewer, Uezton, N. E. fuin, 30 Fipes Brandy, 10 do H.illiinoreGiu, 5 do "Swan" do pure, 10 Half "Pellevoisin" Brandy 10 Hhds. St. Croix Rum, 30 llbls. Suerry and Madvria Wine, 10 do Malaga do 8 do Fort do J. .f- J. H. FECK & CO. 0, M3. June IRON, STEEL, NAILS &, HARD WARE. A ( Tons English Iron, from 1 1-8 to 8 inch wide, 10 do OIJ Sablo Russia do 5 Tons New Sablo do do 10 do Swedes do 8 do l'cm do 12 do Horse Shoe do 20 do Round from 1 to 2 inches, 12 do Squaro do 3-8 10 3 do 10 do Round do li to 4 do 5 do Hoop do ) to 11 do 13 do Hamc and Scroll do 12 do 1. S. I. Russia Rods. 2 do Sanderson Cast Steel. 4 du I'ierson's Spring do from 1J to 3 inches J Uo owcues uo I do American do 3 do German do do Engliah Blislcr do 2,000 Kegs Nails, from 3d to 20,1 2,00 do Spikes from 30J to GOJ 2 00 do Brads fmm Gd to 20d 3,00 Doz Files and Rasps. A general assortment of Anvils nnd Vices. June 30, 1813. J. & J. II. PF.CK & Co, PRINT WA HE IIOUS E3 BF, LEE, (formerly ol the linn ol Lord & Lee nndU. II. BREWSTER, under tho lirm of LEI & BREWSTER, havee.tablisbed at 113 Pearl street JNewvori.-, a wauivuiumi-. OA' .rl.V EXTENSIVE SCALE, EXCLUSIVELY FOU PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trade by the piece package. Bv confining their attention entirely nnd cxclusivi ly to this ono article, L. if. B, will be enabled to not onlv exhibit a morce.xtcnsieand I caulifiil assortment than i to be found elsewhere, (there being no similar establishment for prints in the United Slate-) but to sell always at prices as low, and generally lower than 1 hose ol houses whose attention and ineansare divided among a largo variety of articles. The entiru stock, embracing altout one thou-and di.lerent pallerns nnd colorings, has Inert received within a few days; is perfectly fresh, nnd comprises alb tho latest and chuie-t spring style. Gyl Sutrars nnd Molasses. PORTO RICO, New Orleans Trinidad Molasses, in Hhds.. Tierces and llbls. l'orlo Rico. Sl. Croix and New Orleans Sugar. Philadelphia and New York Loaf and Lump uo Siuart& Woolsey,& Woolscy's double rellncd do tviiucanu urown tiavanna u Crushed and.Powdcred do For Sale bv the subscribers nt a small advance from cost. FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1843. IJEAVNESS CUUED! SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL. T7OR the euro of DEAFNESS, rjains. and thodis- X charge of matter from tho cars ( also nil those disnirrecnblo noises, like tho huzzim? of insects. falling of water, w hlzzinir of steam. Ac. &c.. which are symptoms of approaching deafness, and also pennrnuv nilcnilnnt will, 110 uiscnsc. PRcrAhED rjv 11. BELL, of tho City of Philadelphia, nnd sold at wholesale nnd retail by Druggists and iipoiuctniics generally in uiu uiiucu ouiics. Burlington, Vl., hy PECK & SPEAR, At which placo interesting facts in relation to the efficacy of tho Acoustic Oil may be seen. u. u. L.uiuri'.H.r. Washington St. Philadelphia. Mny 17. CA11INENT FURNITURE. rpiIE SUBSCRIBER would remind tho Public, A that ho still continues thoCABINENT BUSI NESS nt tho Old Stand, on Church Street, formerly Nichols if- Merrick, and over Mr. Hurlbut's Store, where he has a good assortment of Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cherry nnd Pino FURNITURE, consistinij ot Secretaries 1 liurcausj soinst uming, ica, tvnrn nnd Tniler. Tables 1 llcdstenda nnd Stands, which ho will sell for cash unusually low, according to tho times. WANTED, In exchange. Rirr.h and Manlo SCANTLING, silitn hie for Bcdstrds 2 inch, 1 inch, B 8ths and 1-2 inch BASSWOOD. WHITE PINE BOARDS. IllRUlt BOARDS, nnd most kinds of Country Produce. Please call anu cxamino lor yourselves. SAMUEL NICIIUl.S. Builington, Jan. 13, 1843. 31tf SALT. 10.000 nUSII. Solar Salt, 3,000 do Fine do 2,000 Barrels do do 200 Sacks " Asbton's" Dairy do 100 do Tablo do J. &. J. II. PECK & CO. Junc30,43. i iews and reasonings of every inlelligeut, rellecting mind. It is that Sands's .Sahsai'aiiilla, a scicntiliu nmtunation ole-seutiai principlesrl tho most vnlua ble Negelable sill stances, operates unon lliesvstem 1 he Sarsapanlla is cemiuticu wnh the most elicctual aid-, the most salutary produition-, thu most polcnl imples of the vegetable kingdom : and its unurece- lenled success in the restoration to healih of tbo-e ho had long pined under the niostdstrestingchroii- maladie-, has given it an exalted character, fur 'hing as it does evidence of its own intrinsic value. nd recommending it to the uillictcd in terms ihe af- fbcied only can know. It hashing leen n most im portant desideratum in the practice of medicine t" ob tain a remedy similar to tin onethat would acton the liver, stomach and bowels wilh all the precision nnd poiency of mineral preparations, jet wilhout any of their deleterious elieets upon the vital powers 1 1 lie system. The attention of lire reader s resncctfullv called to tho following certificates. However great achieve nienls have heretofore leen made by the u-e of this meuicine, yet u.iuy experience snows re- ults still more rciuarkal e. I he proprietors here avail themselves of ihe opportunity of saying it is a source ol constant sau'-faetion that they are made tho means of relieving such an amount of siillering. Arwark. N. J.. Dec. 13. 1812. Messrs. Santts : Gent Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your treatment to inc. u slrangcr siillering under one of the most loathsome diseases thalnalnrc is canal le ol larmg. I he disea-e wilh which I was alllicted commenced wilh iullaination ol lheeye-,iii Ihe jear ISJ0, which caused almost total llliuiliie-s. fcr tnisi was neateJ ami hnnllyielieveil, but the remedies were such as 10 cause thedevelon- meiil of a scrofulous affection on mvlcftarm near Ihe elbow The pain extended from the shoulder lo tho end o. my lingers, and for two years my suilerings were 1 e yond de-cription. I tried various remedies and con sulted diilerenl phy-iciansiii New York, and amongst them thu lale Dr. Ilu-hc, who told me the disea-e of the arm was caused by the large quantity of mercury taken to cure the influinalinn of my eves. Mv suilerings continued, ihenrm enlarged, tninnr- formalin dillereut places, and in a few months dis- .uargeo, maumg ten ruiuiiiiguicers nt onetime, some ilbove and soldo below the eibow. and the discharge was so ollensive that no person could bear tote in Ihe room where I was. I then annliedto another di tiiiguishcd phy.-R-ian. who told me ampululion of the arm was tneoniy Hung mat couiu snvcmv me, as it was unpo-sjlilc to cure so dreadful 11 disease : but as I was unwilling to consent 10 it. ho recommended me to use Swain's Panacea freely, which 1 did wilhout deriving out tune bcnciii. rorthrce years 1 wasun- ible torai-emy nanil to my head, oreomliinv head, ami tlie scroiuia now made its appearance on my head, destroying the bone in dilleicnt place., causing extensive ulcerations, and I feared it might reach and leslrov the brain Ihe head swe ed verv much, ac eompanied wilh violent pain. Numerous external remedies were recommended, out they did no good. About a year since I was taken severely ill with a swelling ol the bodv from bead lo fool, so that 1 was entirely helpless. The doctor advised inc to go to tho hospital, for he did not imdersland myen-e. For the last few months 1 had been allliclej wilh a severe pain in boib sides, at limes so hard I could scarcely hold my brealh. A hacking cough constantly mi- noyeu me, uuuwiiscuiiinineu wun my oilier maladies reiidcreilnie truly nu-erable. Such, gentleman, ha I cell mv situation for seven years of invlile. when 1 commenced the u-e ofvour Sarsaoarilla ! but as mv case was considered hopeless, and the near prospect of a speedy dissolution seemed inevitable. 1 fell but lit- tie encouragement to per.-evere. The per-uasion ol Irieiuis induced mo 10 iry your medicine which in a tew days produced a great change 111 mv system gen erally, by causing all appetite, relieving thepains.and giving me stiengtti. as success 111-pires confidence. 1 wus encouraged lo persevere, .uvpams grewca-i er. mv strength returned, food relished, the ulcers heal ed, new lle-h formed, uud 1 once more felt wiihin me all might get well. 1 liavenow used the Sarsaoa rilld about two months, and am like n iliil'crent be ing. The arm that teas to be amputated has entirely healed, a thing that seemed impossible. I can scarce ly believe the evidence of my own eye-, but such is the fact ; and it is now as 11-elul as at any period of my life, a nd my general health ia Letter than it has been lor vcars pat. Ilcnlih, what magic in the word! how many thou sands have sought it in foreign lands and sunny climes, and have sought 111 vain I Yet it came to me wheal had give., up to die: and as I fee the pulsa tioiibofhcaltli coursing through my veins, my whole ncartuiui suiuku loriu 111 icrveiil graiiiuueiu uiuuu Ihoroi ull our sure mercies, that he lias heen ciou-lv pleased to 1 less the means made u-e of. 'Trn ly have you nroied yourself the good Samarium lo the al!iictcd,lor next to my Creator my life is indebted loyou'.or rainerj ine use 01 your invaluable aarsapa rilla. Tho value of such a medicine is countless be yond price, money cannot pay for it. I have been raised Irom death, I maysav.lor mv friends and my self thought it imiiu-siblel could recover. And now gentlemen sillier mo lo add another prool certified too 1 r-: 1 1 ,r ; ' i.t tiy my 11 iv-iius uuu iiitruilllis us II JII-.1 UCbllowieuiji; nient of ihe virtues of your health restoring Sarsnpa 75 DOZ. Blood's Cast and German Steel aytiics-, ldxlord do do do Iluy Forks, Blood's Hoc., Hay Rakes, Horse Hay do J. &. J. H. PECK & CO. 1 fid 25 40 150 20 do do do do do June 30, '43. DYE STUFFS. ?00 BBLS. Cnmph'y Log Wood, do si. Domingo uo do Cam Wood, do Huclio do do Fustic, du Madder, do Illue Vitriol, do Alum, iln Cnnneras. Bar Wood, Quercitron Hark, Peach Wood, Lac Dye, I'n.llcar IndijroV Oil Vitriol. Muriatic Acid. Muri ate of Tin, Clothiers Brushes, Cloth ers Jacks, Press apers, Tenter Hooks, Card '1 acKs, ore. 1 J. .f- J. 11. PECK .f- CO. June 30, '43. 200 100 00 300 50 25 40 75 TOIIACCO. CAVENDISH if- PLUG TOIIACCO of the most approved brands. Deen 6i Brown's celebrated Chewing and Smoking Tolacco ; Also, Sheep Tobac co, lor sale very low by 1 v?r, ( Ln-m imml I'V .s- c ruiii.r.1 1, v.....'.... 1 i" Old Dock, June 8, 1813. 1 T HAS. OLD nnd YOUNO HYSON, some of very superior .iiinliti. Tfi'rin Skin and Twankav in chests, half chests and caddies, for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Juno 8, 1S43. 1 N. E. HUM. A Constant supply of hclton'sN. L. Rum, in Ilhd Xi. Pipes, Half Pipes and Bbls., 50 per cent above proof, for sale at Boston prices and Irdght, liy 1 ' t'.il I ,11, . Ill L-V At r t 1 rULUIil 1, IJiiAWLll. J , s. VW.J IClie. Old Dock, JuneS, 1813. 1 rilla. That the alllicied may also use it and enjoy the benefits it alone can confer, is the heartfelt, fer- tviii ,viei, j, itivir u,iu yuur irieii". MARTHA CONLIN. I know Martha Conlln and believe what she states 111 tins document lo I e perleclly correct. JOHN POWER, VicAn Genebal of New Youk, Hector of S. Pcler's Church, Given at New York this 14th day of Dec.. 18-12, I know Manha Conlin, and have known of her suf- lering illness. JOHN DUBOIS, RnJinii nf NHU'-'nk. I place (iill confidence in the statement made bv Martha Coiilin, having known her ihe past twenty jsais. 1 win eueeriuiiy give any particulars 111 rela lion to her case to those who may wi.h furl her infor niation. Sr. AltHTII. Superior of the Roman Caiholie Orphan Asylum Prince . street. N. Y. rw u lfijx I have confidence in Ihe representation made by .'limit vuuiiii, anu naveiuu Knowledge ol her case r.LIJAIt r. I'UKIiy. Alderman 10th Ward of the Cuy ol New York. Dec, 14. IS42. Martha Conlin has lived in my family ihe last 13 years, and I hereby certify the foregoing statement mauu uy iiciani IS curret I. Mrs. MARY B. LOYD. No. G04 Broad street. Newark- N.J Prepared and kohl, wholesale and relnil. and for exportation, by A. H. SANDS & CO., Druggists und u,.-iii-ir, viiumtc- 1'iiiiuiuks, tu. uroauwayjeur n...lll'CI1Uml,i 1-lu.l TVTu... V...I. S' CEORGE PErERSO.N.'ilpen. Ilv special appointment for the Proprietors for Bur- lineton, Vermont, and for sale by Druggists generally, mice 91 per nuiut-, u conies lor 93. Ilurlinaton. March 8. 1843. 41 lv s. SOLAR LAMPS. & Newandverv handsomceanicl of Suspending c Lamns. canableof burning the cheapest nualitv of oil and producing a pleasant and powerful li.'hl.for 1... inai.-mt wait June IG, 1843. 2 200 KEGS POWDER, 1U0 nags 1SI101. 150 Brooms' 100 Patent Pails. J. & J. II. PECK ( CO. June 30, M3. 4 AWIANY AND BOSTON RAIL KOAD Fare Reduced to 81. I70R COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA orPHTIHS- 1 V j uuildVKH I I W. I , II 1 1 w Wl uiu w w v . . , and all Pulmonary Affections and Diseases of the Lungs, this is believed to le the most popular &etll cacious Medicine ever known in Amencn,for proof ol winch, wo would rcler to those who nave used 11, anu to the numerous certificates of Physicians nnd others attached lothe inside wrapper 01 each uottie. Dr. Amory Hunting, of Franklin, Mass. writes that alter having proscribed the usual remedies without re ic 1. and nav na consulted wun several eminent diysieians, ho has found the vegetable Pulmonary llalsam In have had the diviredell'ect. and recommends it ns a safe, convenient nnd efficacious medicine. nr. Thomas nrown, 01 i;oncoru, is. n., writes that to Ins knowledge, it lias never disappointed tho rca unliable expectations of those who have used it. The public nre particularly cautioned against the many Counterfeits or imitations which have partial ly or wholly assumed the name of the genuine article. (CPUe assured that it is not genuine unless one or both of the written sisnatures of SAMPSON REED nr WM.JON'N CUTLER, are found attached ton vellow lalicl on a blue envelope. (All labels of andnficrthu dale of Dee. 1B39, will have the written signature of Win. Jtm'n Cutler. Prepared by REED, WING & CUTLER, (late Low & Reed,) Wholesale uruggists, 01 unatnam si., uoston, anu sold by Druggists, Apothecaries nnd country mer chants generally. Price 50 cents. i'KUrv & st'EAK, agents. Burlington, Dec. 1, 1812. ly. PERU IRON COMPANY. HAVE, and will constantly keep In deposites with their Agents at Butlington, Vt., Peru manufac tured Nails and Iron, of Iho followiing description, to wit t NAILS. 3d, 4d, Gd, Gd, 8d, lOd, 1 2d, 20d. 24d, 30d, 40d, 60d, 60d si'iuks. 1 tnen, 4 i-z, a, s 1-2, onn u. FINISHING NAILS.-Gd, ed, lOd, 12d, manufac tured specially for finishing nice woik. ELOOIt iVySf.-12d,20d,and24d. IRON. ROUND moN,-3B,1-G, 1-2, 9-16, 5-8, 11-16 3-4, 7-8, 1 inch, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 1 1-2, 16-8 1 3-4. 2 inch, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 3, nnd 3 1-2. SQUAllE IltON.-2.3. 7-16, 1-2,9-16,6-8, 1116 3-i, r-o, 1, 1 i-o, 1 1-4, 1 j-b, 2, 2 1-2 inches. BAND DlON,-l 1-4, 1.1-2, 1 3-4, 2, 2 1-4, 2 1-2 i j-i, o, j i-i, 1, 1 1-, a men. TIRE OiV,-l 1-4, 1 1-2, 13-4,2 wide, and front 3-8 to 6-8 thick. HORSE SHOE IRON, various sizes, HAME AND SCROLL IRON. do. do. MARBLE SAW PLATES, cut to order a short notice. The Peru Iron Co. manufacture thcirgoods at Clin tonville,N. Y. from Iron of their own make. They intend to keep in thchands of their agents a more ful and complete assortment than can be found in the Slate. It is believed that the goods from this estab lishment nre better manufactured, than those from any oilier in us vicinity. Purchascrsnre respectfully solicited to inspect the Goods ofthis Co. Prices as low and terms' as laVor- nble, as can be obtained in the State. i'. r. at, w. L. STKUINU, Agents. Aug. 25lh, 1842. 7-Vir to Boston reduced to 84 lo those who go through oy same iram. On and after Monday, May 8th, passenger trains run daily, (Sundays excepted) as follows: Lcavoureenbiish at Lefore 7 A. M. arrive in Bos inn iH p. M. same dav. Leave Greenbiish nt 1 before 3 P. M. lodge in .-Winaheld arrive in Boston at Hi a. m. next day For Worcester and Norwich Passengers take 1 he 4 before 7 train Irom Greenbush, intersect tho steamboat tram from Boston at Worcester thence lo Norwich. For Hartford aniNew Haves Passengersleav ing Greenl uh before 7 a. m., take the steamboat at Springfield at 124 M. reach Hartlord nt 3 p. m., and proceed bv cars to New Haven. I'assengers may aiso leave ureenousn ui ueiure 3 r. M., reach Springfield 8i, thence by stage imme diately to Hartford lodge leave Hartford at GJ next morning in cars lor New Haven. Passemrers must leave the 1 icKelUfiice. in otanwix Hall, Maiden Lane, for tho Rail-road Ferry Boat ntGJ A. M., or 21 r. m. the ferry boat will le punctual in starting. Tickets for the cars must be obtained belore going on board the ferry boat. W. H. TOWNSENI), Master of 'I ransportnlion. CAST STEEL Shovels, Iron do. Long handed do and Spades, Cro Bars, Russian Nail Rods, warranted, Shot, Sheet and Ear Lead, Patent Vices, a new and superior article, Anvils, Trace and Halter Chains, &c. &c. for sale by FOLLKTI, UK.AUl.liY X Ull. Old Dock, Juno 8 1813. 1 JOSEPH WAIT lias received a full supply of WATERS AND SYRUPS! FRESH SARATOGA WATERS, CONGRESS, IODINE AND PAVILLION. alburgiTwater. caledonia waters. BARTON'S SYRUpTlEMON SYRUP, PINE-APPLE SYRUP. 1 PECK & SPEAR. PECK & SI'EAR, AGENTS FOR SHERMAN'S LOZENGES Mill SHERMANS m WHICH he will sell at the following rery mode rale prices for ready pay. via: Printed Tea Cups and Saucers the set from 37cts.pp. Printed Ten Sets, 20 pieces, from 81,50 up. While Granite Tea Sets, newest style, 29 piece-, 81,62 Primed Breakfast, Dinner and Tea Sets, 41 p-. 2,52 do do uo 110 su piece A,n do do do do 33 do 3.32 lo do do do G5 do 4,32 While Granite do do Irom 2,52 to 4,32 Printed Breakfast plates, per doz. 83 do mart nnd pint liowls, per doz. 84 nnd 1.03 Illue mined j ca rots, eacu 31 Printed Chambers from 60 cents up. CII1.A IVAIlli. Sprisi'd China Tea Set-, 32 nieces 83.50 upwards. Gold Band Sprig'd do, 33 ps., from 87,50 lo 815,01) Gold Band & Sprig'd China T plates, from 2,25 to 3,50 Ulnna ruchers irom Ji cents to 1,1a White China Cup Plates, per doz. 4 1 U I .TI .11 1 1YAK V. . Edged Plates from 30 10 GO cents per dozen'. xlgcd llal.ers and .aiiiiie-, Irom U to 23 cents each. Coloured Bowls, from 50 to G2 cents per dozen. Pitchers, pints lo half gallon, Irom 8 to 25 cent- each, .uuzs. ninls.iud halt pints. Irom 0 to 'J cents each. Common Chaml ers from 15 to 30 cts. each. Fllti: IMIOOF WARE. Yellow Bak'ui" plates, perdozen from 75 els, to SI, 00, Yellow Oven Tlishe-, U to 13 niche-, from 10 10 31 els, ellow Cake Pan-, 0 to 11 inch, from 1J to 23 cents. Yellow Nappies from G, 12 and 18 cents each. Handled Soap Dippers, G cents each. GLASS WAKE. Good Tumblers from 50 cents onwards. Moulded and Cut Wines, from 73 els. to 3,30 per doz. o,iis,iuiu 4 11, per pair. Ctuits 10 cts per pair. Lemonade Glasses, 75 cts 10 2,23 per doz. Lamps, all sizes irom 10 cts. 10 1,50 each. Study Lamps wilh shades, 75 cts. Liantcrnslrom ou cts. upward and a great and Gla cheiper than can be hud at any other store in Ih stale. Burlington, June, 1813. .1 Sill If CHILDREN CUY FOR THEM! GROWN PEOPLE sny they are the p'casaulcst and most elective medicine in use. Enormous nuantitiesaresold, and every body likes iliem. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES have saved the lives of thousands. SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZENGES are real antidotes to headache, palpitation, sea-sickness,low-ness of spirits and despondency or the edicts of dissipation. 1'uuic majvs .'i,A3 rtii aiiermairswe mean costs 121 eents. and is certain to cure rheumatism, lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, tide or back, also piles, SORE NIPPLES Positively cored by Sherman's Papillary Oil, without taking the child from the breast. Dr. Sherman de-ires particularly that purchasers should be careful that they get the genuine Sherman's Lozenges and Plasters, as he cannot be accountable for the worthless articles that may otherwise be palmed upon ihcin. r n,t 1' niTDWT lll'iitnivvc lutes i.c nu vilsiuiib. t n r... 1 nii.niuii'i.u PERFUMES. SOAPS. INKS, BLACKINGS MEDICAL WINES nnd LIQUORS, pure,; STU- PECK & SPEAR. Wholesale and Retail, Druggists, Sub-Aacnta 8 II Tunoer. Charlotte: Horace Cook, Shelburn; George Ayres, Milton Falls) Ed win Hard, underpin; A uuihne,4 Maiden Lane, Al Dany, w. Y. Win Rhodes jr., lliclimond; N Chit lenuen cc CU, 'vnnsion. EZAS iYiyrAiV, INFORMS Ills friends that ho has returned from llo-ion and New York, having bought a large Hock of DRY GOODS, whin'i he is now opening in the Store formerly occupied by D. A. Hranuu, in thenorlh.wcstccrner of Strong's Buildings, npHsile Messrs. Peck 61 Spear, where he intends keeping cnnaianilyon hand an extensive assortment of DRY GOODS which he will offer nl ihelowtM market price. His allention I eing exclusively devoted lo Dry Oood. and his mono being LARGE SALES AND SMALL PROFITS, he is enabled In accomodate his old Friends, Custo mers and Ihe Public with goods at reduced prices Call and see, Burlington, July 7, 1843. PECK &. SPEAR, wholesale dealers in En glish, French, India -and American D RUGS. ALso.-DRUGGISrS GLASS WARE. Hurllngton, Vt. cnJENNSjr. & Co. DRAPERS fit TAILORS, (2d Door South of the Bank, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CLOTH & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY OX HAND. Cutting done In the most approved style and u. Warranted Burlington, November, 1812. 2Glf. CASH PAID for FLAX SEED LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for sale by STILES & McELItOV. At Ihe Oil Mill a( the Falls. Hurliugtcu, Nov. I, 1819. 23, 1 y ON CONSIGNME NT. A Heavy and full assortment of Sheetings of the lotiowing celebrated brands: Lawrence Mills, Anthony do - r r ...: r i'ns .Mlllllill-ll, lllg VlUlll'U-. Massachusetts Mills, together with Bleached Sheet lags, tor sale at New 1 orlc pmcs and charges by FOLLETT. BRADLEY &. Co. Old Dock-, June 8, 1843. 1 TOBACCO. SOiBOXES "Bonn's" Cavendish Tobacco ju 110 timer ' do do 40 do Various (avorile 'rands do do 30 Kegs do do do Plug, J. & J. II. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. 4 SAWS. O I- Sc T foot Mill Saws, manufactured lo vj oruer at itowtand's celebrated works, Philadcl pnia. 6, O 1-2 4i T foot Cast Sieel Cut Saw Englhh Plate. " UI, 18, 20, 22, 2 if- 20 Inch Circular Saw cast steel. 12, 14, 1U, 18, 20, 22 & 21 inch Cast Steel blilting aaws. r or saleliy J-UULhiTT, HKADLY flc Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1843, FLOUR. OF superior brands, m Barrels and Half Barrel constantly arriving. June 30, MJ. J. if J. II. PECK & CO. DU. MAItSIIAT.T.'S AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CATARRH SWIlF'l. THIS Snuff is superior to any thing yet known for removing that troublesome disease, the Ca tarrh, and also a cold in the head, and headache. It opens and purges out nil obstructions, strengthens the glands and gives a healthy uction to the parts allectcd. It is perfectly free from nnv thing deleteri ous in its composition has a pleasant flavor, and its immediate eiiect niter icing used, is agreeable.' Price 37i ct. per bottle. Each bottle contnins about three times themiantity of the several kinds of Catarrh Sri nil', now sellim? at a lower price, and is iherefore cheaper, as well as better than anything 01 the Kind in market. ioct. j.vnvis' TOMATO BIILIOUS PILLS. THESE Pdlscontain no Calomel, but are compos ed entirely of Vegetable substances, nnd have in their composition n large portion of the pure extract of that highly medicinal article, the Tomato Plant, constituting them essentially, TUMA1U riL,L.t. The proprietor feels a eonhdeneeinrecommending them as superior to most, and inferior to none of the n s which are mak-ing so miicn noi-e at ine present day, as a purifier of the blood, a corrector of a bilious or dyspepue sinle and h.tiut,or as a common catnarlic. lie assures 1110 puunc mm uiev uavu ine uurujui uuu dacided approbation of physicians ol the highest res- peciaoiiuy, wnouse mem 111 ineir practice. Sold bvthe Proprietor. CHARLES BO WEN, Mid dlcbury, Vt. Wm. C. Slimpson nnd Reed, Edward iirimy, .uesrs. iiwis, uosion ; nuuuicy t-nt-ius ui. Co., A. II. & D. SANDS, nnd others in New ork ; PECK & SPEAR and HAGAR iV ARTHUR, Bur- linpton, Vt., and by Druggists generally throughout ine united oiaies anu oumiuu. February 23, 1843. Iy33 TAIIiOItING AT WINOOSKI FALLS. THE subscriber respectfully informs his customers1 and friends that he has resumed his business at Winooski Falls, where he will Le happy to answer to uuycuns iaai ne may oeiavoreo wun. WANTED ! A good smart boy asnn apprentice to the abovo hua- iness. Jfc.KI'.JllAri MAKKIUll. Winooski Falls, May 25, 1843. 51 tt FISH. 200 Qnintals Cod Fish, 100 Boxes Herring. J. & J. H. PECK Sf CO. real variety of other articles in the Crockery ass Waie line, nil of which willlu sold niucA Life! Life!! Life ! ! ! DR. Jonathan Moore's ESSENCEOF LIFE. The most highly esteemed Medicine that has ever been discovered for curing Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, nnd CONSUMFriO.NS. It will also remove the Whooping-Cougli in one week. Prepared by Hem rt Seimour, from the original receipt, Ly the direc uuu kji sniumuure. t or sale wholesale, Ly PECK & SPEAR, Burlin ton, nnd at retail, by the principal Druggists in United States. Orders directed to Henry Seymour, Hadley, Mas will receive prompt attention, and any quantity Medicine immediately furnished. Caution As there is much of Ihe spurious am clefor sale, SCF'be particular to enquire for that pre pared by Henry Seymour, Hadley, Massachusetts. AMERICAN EI3TEL. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, HY S. W. TAVLOH, Cocbt Hocse Sqcabe, Bcklinotos, Vt. 2Gtf Iron, Steel &c. f)A TONS assorted English Tire Iron, ZU 1 0 " do. Swede and Peru do. do. 3 " Russia Old Sable do. CO " Peru maniilactured roundand squarelron embracing an sizes 110m j in. to 2 1 in. 1 tons assorted brand Iron. 1 O (1 Scroll Iron and shoe shapes, 3 " Russia horse nail rod-, Anvils, Vices, Sledies, Trace Chains, Borax, File and Rasps, Shovels, Spades, Cro Bars &c. Steel. Sanderson's Cast Steel, Greaves German " English blistd. " American " 1,5 0 Setts Steel platcd.Cutter and Sleish Shop See. Sii: just Received hy STRONGS. MADAM ItOIVIN'S ANTI-SPASMODIC EMMENAGOGUE 1 iFemnle Krflttlntoc. for Irregulor and Painful Menstruation, and for the Suppression or Retention of the Menses WHENEVER any of lb e organs of the human frame cease or refuse to perform their office, the seeds of disease are sown, ot which the harvest it death, unless, Ly timely attention the obstruc tions are removed and nature is thereby restored tc her wonted action. Through carelessness and ne glect thousands of females in this northern climate have gonedown 10 nn early grave of Contumption a disease that with females is invariably promoted bv, and in most cases has its origin in a derangement of those organs upon which the Emmekagooue is es pecially designed to act, most, if not all of whom might have Leen saved by a timely resort to this medicine. VERBAL TESTLMONY-the lest thatcan Le offer ed in proof of ns efficacy, may be found in every neighborhood where the Emmenegogce has been employed in accordance with Madam Boivin's direc tions. It is prepared in wine, and though powerful is nevertheless a safe medicine for family use. Each bottle contains about 3 1-2 ounces Price 75 cts. A liberal discount will 1 e made lo Physicians who use it in their practice, and to persons w'ho pur chase Ly quantity. Sold tn Burlington and vicinity by PECK & SPEAR, Agents. Dec. 22, 1842. 8 30 JAMES II. II,ATT, BOOT $ SHOE MAKER, HAS removed his shop 10 Warner's row, opposite to Howard's Stcre, on Church sieeet. llehasa large assortment ol Ladies and Gentlemen's Boots, half Gaiters, Bootees nnd Shoes j also, Mies and Hoy's Thick Hoots nnd, all of which he will sell at very low prices for ca-h. All kinds of work ill Ins line made 10 order. Please call and examine Id's work and price.-, he leels, confident that both will meet your approbation. Burlington, May 3, 1843. 49lf. THE subscribers would respectfully callthe atten tion of country merchants to their extensive and well selected assortment of Groceries purchased at the present low prices and offered at a small advance from cost viz : Old Government Java Coffee a very superior articlo Green do do, Rio and .St. Domingo do, Salcratus, Pepser, Cnssia, Spice, Soap, (iinger, Snuff, Ac. &c. Rice, Raisins. FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, JuneS, 1843. THE subscribers nro constantly supplied with a full assortment of Nails and Iron, manufactured by the Au Sablo Iron Works, and Iho Eagle Nail Co. ns follows: 3d 4d Cd Rd 10,1 12d 20J 24.1 30d 40d 50d and COJ nails, 4, 41 5, 5i, and 6 inch Spike, udBd lUd l-'d and'-'UU finishing Nails and Brads, iiouiidand square iron irom J-lu tu J l- men, Hand iron irom I 1-4 to a inch, Horse Shoe Iron Extia do do, Scroll and Hame do. Marble Saw Plates, The goods manufactured bv the abovo companies arp not surpassed if equalled by any manufactured in tins vicinity, anu they aro ottered 10 1110 puuuc upon terms as favorable ns can be obtained in the State. Purchasers will find it for their interest to call Lefore purchasing elsewhere as we have a superior article and will not bo undersold. FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1643. 1 P 1 ENGLISH Tire Iron from 1 1-8 inch wide foC inches, and of tho various thicknesses, Svvecdcs Iron Hat and square, Old Table do flat and square, Hoe do Hoops do 5-8 3-4 I, 1 1-4 inches, Sanderson's Cast Steel flat and square, NaylorsandH. C. German Sieel, r.agle uo do, Soring do do, Toe Cork po do, &c. & c. for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY if Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1843. 1 PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articlcis too well known to need commen dation nnd the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales 10 weiph from 3 to 6 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weih from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from L2 oz. to 200 lbs. PortableCounter do a new articlo to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, Juno 30, 1843. 4tf EXCHANGE HOTEL. IVafer street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf liurlington, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. fjpiUS establishment, so lavorably located for the -SL accommodation ot the husiiessand travelling community, i now open tothe public. Post Coaches upon tho various routes call at the Exchange Hotel (or passengers, and those arriving or departing by Steam Boat, in which case their baggage is removed without charge, will lind this house peculiarly totheir convenience. Tho keepertenders Itisserviccs, wun the assurance, thai in all respects, the hous shall deserve the favor able consideration of all who may patronise it. Uurlinton, April I, ltHv:. -Mil. GROCERIES. A f Hhds. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans ffcU Sugars, 10 Ton Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar 5 bbls. Crushed and Powdered do do 6 hhds Porto Rico Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 40 Chests Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and PouchongTeas. 2 tons Salcratus, 25 kegs and boxes Plug, Cavcnlish and Sheep Tobacco. 1 barrel Lorillard's Maccaboy Snuff, 15 bbls Smoking nnd fine cut Chewing Tobacco 50 boxes Bunch Raisins, 30 bass old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and Laguira Coffee, G do Pepper and Pimento. Also, Starch, Cin namon, Nutmegs, Cloves, Pipes, Bur Lamp, Sperm Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Mackerel, Solmon, ic. With the above, and many other Goods, we wish to buy money, and offer more for it than is usually paid inhhis vicinity. Purchasers are respectfully in vited 10 call. STRONGS. Nov. 17, 1842. 25 DRUGS & MEDICINES notice:. LOUIS FOLLETr having been ndmilled to an in terest in Iho mercantile concern of Folleit nnd Bradley, Lusinoss will hereafter 1 o conducted under tho firm of POLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 1, 1843. 1 THE CHEMICAL OIL at C PECK fc SPEAR'S. Wood!! 1 CTA Cords of good dry hard Wood, also, a few lings, ot tnenrst quality 01 virnraiAii, Prsall,v HOI GEORGE PETERSON. M. (.. RATIIIIUN CO. DAFBRS fiC TAILORS, (Nearly opisite the Old lianlc,) CHURCH STREET, nlO 1 Burmnoton, Vermont. OILS. O AAA Gals. Fall Sperm and pure Winter Oil, w.www 3u(i0 sa(, iiieacctl Whale do 2500 gals. Linseed Oil, 1000 do Lard do iOOO do Olive do for sale very low Ly tVI,U.IT, UKAUL.r.v o MO. Old Dock, July 13, 1813. 6 LORRILLARD'S TOBACCO AND SNUFF. 40 BARRELS Chewing Tobacco, 5U uo ouiuhing uu 250 Jars Maccaboy Snulfj 400 Bladders Scop h do J. .f. J. II. PECK & CO. Agents June 30, '43. 4. Wool. -MP Wool! ROELOFSON & RATH BUN having Leased the commodious Manufacturing Establishment, of the Burlington Mill Co., and connected themselves in Liilnes wilh Mr. Barlow, (former Agent for aid Co..) are nowrendylo receive Wool to manu facture for customers into Bine, Black, Steel, Oxford, nnd Cadet Mix II It O A O C li O T II S. To those that have had work done heretofore by Roelfson tuul Rathbim, little need lie said to induce n continu ance of patronage, and 10 all others we would say that ihe work will b done in n workmanlike manner. Farmers, Merchants and others wishing to have wool Manufactured for their own use or for market may rest ussurcd that 110 pa'ns or attention will Lesparod tiigivuthe Lest ol" satisfaction. Terms of payment made easy forall lots of wool Irom 1000 lbs and nil wards j Small lots Cash or ono hall of the cloths when linished. The business will beconducted under the firm of . ROELOFSON, RATHRUN A Co. April 5, 1813. i I, ASH. ftEft Boxes Cylcnncr Glass, Burlington I , stiCwW K8,ex nnd Lake Brands, for tale al re duced prices, Ly FOLLETT, URADLEV & Co. PLASTER. OnATONS freh gound Nova Scotia Plaster. UU J. &. J, 11. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. 13,000 lbs W1THEIULLS drv WHITE LEAD 150 h'egs do Ground in Oil, for sale at reduced ices by FOLLETT, BRADLEY &. Co. Old Dock, July U, 1843. 6 BUCK WHEAT, A Very . i.perior article FOR SEED, for sale Ly f AIIPIIV.V IMJ.1. VICW. I b 1 S.s;s4. The subscribers are continu- allv sunnlied with EVERY AR TICLE in the above branch. Loth of theOihcint. and Patent kinds; Medicinal waters from Saratoga; do. from Caledonia, Cannda ; Vediinl Wines and Liquors, (pure) Ltss hesj Surgical Instruments Min eral Teeth, &c. Prescriptions put up at shortest notice. IC?" Shop open at all hours. PECK & SPEAR, Apothtcariu Burlington, Feb. 1,1843. Iy3b TO THE LADIES Dr. Hull's Utcro Abdominal Supporter. THIS new Instrument for the radica cure of Prolapsus Uteri, or falling o .uic 11 uuiit, us cAieriiiti application 'superseding the use of the obiecuon- able Pessary, is confidently recom- menueii 10 tne alllicted as the means of nerfect restoration 10 health, it nev er having failed nl perlorming a cure, even under the most aggravated circumstances. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe ns well as in (his country. Ills adopted to theeatiredisiise ofpessuries, and all other painful sur gical expedients, in Ihe Lying-in Hospitalsof London and Paris, andis universnllyreoommended in Europe liyitirviii.ui iiic-11 u, ,11c niKiirsi railK. ill nils country it Nsiistainedby the leading members ol thefaculties ofCollege.and'Hospita!,andhy alltheeminent pri vate practitioners. JSm, . I &F SJ THIS Eminently successful Instrument for the cur of Hernia in its every form, in both Male and FemaV froin the infant to the adult, is being recommended Ly the Surgical Department and multitudes of Physi cians in the slate ol Massachusetts, and other sections of the Union ; among Ihe variety of Trusses sold aail employed in this stale this article is most higily v teemed Ly Practitioners and actual use, it is especially recommended Ly our townsmen Doctors Hatch and Hejneickcii. PECK &. SPEAR, At which place mayasobehad,Hi'LL's Marsh's and Twitchsh.'s;H F.RNIA TRUSS, (or 1 uptures in the Male Person, truin Ihe infant to the adult. ICP-These and the above for sale singly or hy the dozen. On hand constantly a good assortment a SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. HO YE!! NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY BARTON'S SYRUPfor making tho most delicious ol Beverages tor this warm weatheb. A SAND'S SARSAPARILLA FLUID, Compound Syrup of Sarsaoarilla, Extract of Sarsapanlla, Spanish and American Root Sarsaparilla; All renowned for PURIFYING THE BLOOP 1 INVIGORATING THE UNHEALTHY, AND RESTORING SOUNDNESS TO THE CONSTI TUTION. At whclcssleand retail, I y

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