Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 13 Ekim 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 13 Ekim 1843 Page 2
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rr 0 tj IT ii i ilull 8l'i:i Merc. Journal of Tuesday Evening. ARRIVAL OFJHE ACADIA! 'IFrKHN J)YS L.Vi'KIt rnoM KUROPB! fflin steam-ship Acadia, dpt. Ilyric, arrived ' i r!, Ihianioriiing. at half past 5 o'clock. mi Ii vcri!Ml, which place flic left mi tho af. ii ' the 10: It nil. Sim brought from I.iv. i.i! '10 1HS.-.CH 'err, of whom 14 were left at ' f,N'' . iipi'C it nolhing by this arrival nf a peculiar ' .1 eMiri ' character, execptim! tlio dentruc- i tiy (ire nl' the U. S. Steam Frigate Missouri, i . d hr.iltur I! iy, a particular account of uhicli u ll hi! fnuiiil in another column. Tho London i-i.ioy iiuricet rounius about the b.iiiiu nn per ' - I vice, aw there ha heon very little Hue. 1 1' ' i i i t J io pi-iCi;-- of Mocks. 'J'liu improve "it 1 1 ui nnnfifacturiiiir districts, Btili ron v, wi Ii the exception of a slight decline nf i W.inoheittor. Tlio reports from ntlior ' ol ill.' manufacturiuc uistiict arc deculoil I ivnali'i! ; tlio demand continues pood, a i h during tlio winter, and consequent rise s, is eonlidontlv anticipite '. I ho cot wretched Inhabitant) wcro fired, and tlicy tliein. nolvcs Imnteil down tike wild Lu.idtit and elor- nnnatcd. Neither sex nor ago met with favor or mercy i the mother, btnlliura and Bisters of the patriarch wore the nbjui'ts nf peculiar bar barity, tin1 former lutvitii; been literally sawed in two, ami the Litter miwl shockingly mangled anil mutilated. The patriarch himself succce- led in eli'ijctiiu' .'lUcsi'ine, and liistakcd refuge in tlio Iiiiiho nf the British consular agent nt Mosul. The liitinher of victims who have per iidied in IhW in ivsacro ia not yet known. The population nf the iiiiiitit.iins amounted to 100, 000. Their fate Ii;ih been trnlv lamentable and exlr.ionliniirv. Surrounded bv .Mussulman hoides pent up for Hires Ml ttioir liat i v c fortress cf, thu very existence of those children of the primitive church hid remained almost a secret to the rest of Christendom. Happy for them, indeed, had it continued so, for their obscurity seems to have boon their best protection. No mnucrhad their country been explored by mis sinniiiips, and the interest of learned and scien tific men been awakened with respect to them than this torrililo visitation befol them, and the public is called upon to sympathise with thrin in tlieir UoMructton, before, perhaps, it had lie come generally aware of their existence. Let .Mosul throw much of Iho odium ot Tlio monument to iho memory of Major Andre, is benulifullv sculptured itroiin. rrnrcucnlinn Iho first interview between Washington and Andre. The lyurc or Washington lias ui'en three dulcrcnt times so badly mutilated that new bends were supplied. 't here is now n striking anil umlclnccu liliencss ol Itic Father of his country in Westminister llnll. T he colossal innrblo statue of Oronoc CtMNisa, and nnolhcr of James Watt, both by Chantry, stand oonspictioiiclv in tlio Abby, and ate noble specimens oi ino nn. vouin mai uie uiiwitmiy, in'ocsigucu, tin-American mathlo cflisy of Waslunitlon, that shocks llio national feelings of those who visit the Ho lnnil.i of Ihc Cipitol at Washington, had tlio form and comeliness of one of these all hut speaking statues. tor from kct is annuite'd the domands, both in .this sad affair ujion Kuropcaiif. It was the im . oft ratio and aneeulatinii. continues con- prudent zeal of rival missionaries that first ex mid iho irnneral imnresflion annuars cited the jealous apprehensions of tlio Past, a ot i . . ' . - ,r i i - i i.' - . ...... .i .t.- .1 r oiiipiu, uiiu causcu Mini io " ici sup me utin oi war" on tlio unfortunate ftestnnans. It is at tinned even that some of thc-Mi cuntlonicii, with a viow of prejudicing his mind agaiiittho Amer ican missionaries, suggested to linn mat they were assisting tlio mountaineers to raise torts. whereby they would bo hereafter enabled to set the Sultan's authority at defiance. These re ports wore altogether unfounded ; their conse quences, however, have been dreadlul such. indeed, as could never have been contemplated by tlio invcn'ors of thorn, who have, neverthe less, brought an awful responsibility upon tliein- tolvcs. i .it an advance in price may, before long peeled. Tlio prices of broil-stuff's have i well kept up; but it is thought that the weather will ensure an abundant harvest, ' ill it corn will ho plentiful and cheap during ' rtlicouniijj winter. I f.e.iin.pirket lltberniii arrived fit Liver- i' at Ii i'f p ist otio o'clock, on the morning of l 13'h nil., and the Great Western at hall past 'ii-, on the following morning a in ', irnltlio llibnrnia, of twcnty.sevcii hours. l'.;c. rivcrliunl mail from the East, had not ar r. ril, beitijr mure than a fortnight behind itt. time ' oiiio apprehensions were excited in conso- I lli'C. Tun Qt'cr.s oi Hgland. On the ?th till., ' "i'n Victoria and Prince Albert, accompanied iho I'riiicedj .Sninvillr, embarked- on board iv.i 1 vicht nt V'renort. on llirir return to i , land, altor nearly a week's residence at the oiii'eaii (11,11. I he royal yacht, etHrteii nv Kioainer.--, an a British squadron ot ships of i , nriivi-d at Ilrihton on the same day, adcr a i .' ajc of huh: more than six hours. Her .Mil v mid the Prince remained at Brighton till tin1 llowing Vunsdny, when they re-cmb.irdod, i. i t.'in intention of paying a visit to tlio King oi the lli'irian at Ostcud. Having pissed th i"''lil oil' Wahncr Castle (the residence of Iho finko of Wellington as Lord Warden of tlio (' iri'i" Pur's,) the roval squadron stood out to loaoinv tlio next uinrning, and the illustrious Iiss or Titr. U. f?. SrcAM Fkioatc Mt,- sount. Wo liinl in the Ijiiglish papers received by the Ac.niia, the following account or the de struction by lire of the .Steam Frigate Missouri, in tljo 15 iy of Gibraltrr: We rogiet to have toannonnro tlio total do stidciion, by fire, o! the splendid American steam frigate .Mi.-souri, while at nnchnr in Gib raltar 1! iy, on Sept. Olh. S!ie hid llie Hon. Mr. Gushing on board, proceeding to Alexandria, en route for China, us minister. The alarm was.first given at eight o'clock pre cisely, and was immediately followed by such a bur-tof tluno from the enger.ejr's store room a1- to lead to the bclielthat it originated among the oil and spirits. Every ccrtion was made to sub due it, and the largo pumps were instantly in ... . . ., , ... .vf tl.A Hi... AC II'., iger-', altera rmiili ntssigu, arriveil in coon "-1.. ", uiiil Ik uui.'.iim nui '."r..ii ii. ii iim iiiu which w.t? ilone so eliectualiy, that 'ipril'h spirits at Ostein!, where King I,"o notil, .'icroinpinied by his queen, awaited their The royal puty was to visit Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, and other famous cities of the Xptlmr'aiids, and would perhaps visit the field rf Wa'er,or, and return to England about the rj''i 1 f Keptumbfr. ir.i.LVND. The agitation in Ireland moves on at its usual pace. The weekly repeal rent has I ).- sotiie months past oxrecdi'd 1000, but last icok it loll to.C:'o. The association have is enpil a rouutpr-manifesto to the Qiieun's spfcch, addri'fsed "to the inhabitants of Iho countries r-'ihject In the British crown," and signed by Dt.iiel O'Coinv.'ll. It is an elaborate attack on ' K vv" government of Ireland, and is ordered to bo printed on a broad sheet, and posted " in iiiiiii rind Bull, and Bristol and bigottcd Liv crpoo'," and elsewhere. The repealers are anxiously lonkinir forward to the assembling of O't'onnoll's Parliament, to consist o: '15000 mem hern cacli of whom is to bring jCIOO witli him, and whose meeting in to constitute tlio "next groat step" towards tlic'obtainmont of the r.iiid nliet of their desires. AlgMtriiilc, Govern, incut is eviileritlyj'iparthgfor the worst. The most fiirjmjj,',! btc military preparations are mil;- '"J-1irniurlwint Irntnnil. In t tin. pvldnnt atlticioa. ti'in of a coming struggle. Walks. The troubles in Wales seem to be on the increae, and maybe regarded as truly hp rious. Rnnie contests have taken place be tween the police and the Rebeccaites-.and blood I: j been shed which only Fecm? to increase the desperate ire of the insurgents. A number nf tur.ipiku gates have been destroyed, and an o'd worn m who kept one of them, was wilfully j s.jiit dead on the spot. Several incendiary fire Iiive also orcurcd and other proofs exhibited of a disposition to enforce the laws and preserve ord'-r. : The Ere!iu, Capt. James Clark Ross, mil the Terror, Ciiinmiii''cr E. It. Crorer, employed as i! scovory vcsels, arrived on Iho 12th inst. at, fioui their voyags Io the South Polar iC'iiiou-j. The Irish Repeal Association, hive received from Philadelphia, arid a letter from Mr. . y r, son nf the President expressing sympathy v. I'd t ho Repeal movement, was ordered to bo entered on tlie journals of the association, and a icsriectful answer leturned. There had be -n a Repeal meeting at the Auipiiithnntro in Liverpool, where a disgrace tni im- ircurred between the Repealers and a b id'.' of Orangemen, who were present ; broken rv , hinb' and heads, were the consequence. iiV PCSCVITC Cot.t.EOC NEAT. OxruItD. I i intended to establish at Littlomore, near Ox magazines. it was not until twenty minutes after thtoo A Mi tiiat any explosion took place and then not t".an extent to endanger tlio shipping in the hay, the. nearest of which had already been re moved by tlio exertions ol the acting captain of thu port. Assistance was promptly sent from the Mala bar, under the personal superintendence of S.r Oeotgo bartorius ; and the jicut got up her steam and ran alongside the .Missouri, with the viowol toi ing her to deeper water, or rendering any other aid ; but unfortunately she Ind already grounded, which rendered it impossible to f cut tle her. As soon as the fire broke -lit, the Governor ordered the W atorport gate to be opened, and n roc ceded himself, to the wharf, from whence ho despatched two engines undercharge of tlio artillery and sappers; but in spilo of tlio united efforts of the crow ol tho .Missouri and her trie')!.' ly auxiliaries, the piMgrut of i.'iu Ihmes, which At one tune appeared to ho got under, was sucn, that at length Capt. Newton was forced to ahan don his ship, after summoning a council of hi officers end those British ofiiceis about him, who unanimously decided there was no hope of sav ing the ship. The order was then given by Capt. Newton for all to quit the ship, which was done immedi ately by the crow taking the water, and iccciv ing the assistance of the boats sent, in anticipa tion of the exigency, from the Malabar, and from the vessels in the harbor. Such was Iho state of tho shin, when the officers and crow left her, that they saved nothing but wh it they had on Capt. Newton did not quit the shqi until all had left her, about a quarter past 11 n'clcck. We are happy to add, that the officers and cicw are believed "to be all saved. His Excellency the American Minister, after securiii" his papers of importance, returned to the ship, and zealously united his efforts to those of her officer?. The lino wall was crowded ut.til a very late hour with spectators, anxiously watching; the fate of tho noble ship. Tlio sight was awfully grand ; until tho masts at length fell overboard, the tracery ot her spars and shrouds standing oui in bright relief against the dark sky, was beauti ful. Tho whole rock was as light as dav : and nrobab v such a sight has not been witnessed in tho hay since tho conflagration of thu floating batteries in the memnrauio siege. We trust that it will not bo considered pre sumptuous to refer to the discipline on board ol this ill-fated vessel : but, as poisons, employed alon" sido during the progress of the oalnmily, and on whoso veracity we can phco tho utmost reliance: have been desirousllot hearing unde niahlo testimony on this most important sunjeci AnnoT L.wni:Ncn, Qur.n.N VtCToni.i, and Edwaiid Evr.iLTT.-Vo mako the Ibl lowing extract from Mr. Weed's 24tli letter from London, to the Albany. Evening Jotim nl. I passed fi om this heart- sickening scene over to the Drunswick Hotel, in Hannver-st. Square, to nay my respects to AnnoT Lavhence, of lloslon, whoso health, I am happy in say, lias unproved rind is mi iroviin;. i ins t-'oitTpnsing nnu i nuiiicueu worn call Merchant is cmovinz tho best society of Hnir land, lliscoiupany is sought, not only by ihc nuhlo in rank, hut by those who are ennobled by mien t and Renins. It is cratifying to seo Americans of Mr. Lawrence's inlelliL'encn ond worlh abroad. Their presence, hero furnish Iho best nnswers to the nnhq nnnt and miserable calumnies nnd c.irrii'aturc wider Mrs. Tiolloppi", Basil Hall nnd Charles Dicki-ns. have perpetrated upon "society and manners' America. The (luccn came in state tn-dnv. from Buckinir ham I'alaco (lnrinr arrived there, from Windsor, yesterday) to prorogue Parliament. This is ono of uie ercal I'ngennis ot iunnarcliy. Having witness ed it once, in all itsminnificcnt cmotiness, I am con tent to let lint curtain fall. Hnvins "no friend at Court" bv whose Hivor t could ircl inlo the pnllcrv of the House ot i.onls, I lured a clinir (lor seven slut I shillings sterling, by wny of vindicating Iho proverb mill n iiiui nun ma ninncy soon pnrieo oi h oni conv mid-way betwean thellorsc-Gunrds nnd West minister nan, where I sat pnlicnlly Tor three mortal hours, viewing the rtalitii of ono of ihc Iloynl Pro cessions which wu hive so often seen mimicked in Thentris and personified on canvass and paper. ihc tuuiiitiiiie, ever anxious to seo these Royal shows, began to nsseinblein iho avenues leading to Wcstmiuisicr-IInll, tit II o'clock. P.very descrip lion of vehicles, from ihc Coaches with ciii'ibzoncJ Anns and liveried Servants, to the plebeian Cab, fill ed with fashionables, were 5,'nlioncd in lines extend ine mnru llian n mile along the Streets, through which Her Majesty would pass. Windows and Bal conies were lured by those who cither preferred lliem or could not obtain Carriages. fiironL' detachments of Horse-Ouirds and Polio-men wcro stationt'J 'be tween Wrslminister nnd Itiickinghaiu I'alicc. Hy one o'eioek rvery body scenic 1 to have rot thcir'seats or their stands, nnd front that lime iimd two, when the Koi nl cor lege came in sight, there wa profound silence. Tho Queen's Trumpeters, witli n troup of Horse, came hrt. Then followed a massive Mate Coich, with a (onrd, containing the Crown. Then came three magnificent Slato Conche, drawn bv aix "iiperb bay Horses, led by"grooiris, in which Mem bers of iho Queen's Ilousdioll were seated. Then came another Stnlo Gnnch, siill more imgnificent, drawn by six beautiful jl-bhck Ilorsps, in which the i.ountessnt iJiinniore, ihc l.irls ol l-.xecr and Liver pool, ami iho Alamuis ol l.'jnilonderiv were scaled: and finally, preceded by twelve tenderly dressed and solemn visigcd Pages, or Ushers, on foot, wuh long staves, came tho jroigeo'js ;oich, drawn ly eight cream colored Horses, in Inrness richly em-b.i-sed with gold, nnd (linked by IIorse-Gu.rds, in which the unpen. I'nnco Aloerl, ins uutchess ot Itiiclchigh, and Kul Jcrsjy, were suited. The Qurrn w.isdrcscd in while sum, with Jewels soirk linr in a cluster at her loreiiead. l'nncc Albert woro a Field Marshal's Uniform. The Knzlish are rather phlegmatic on such occa sions, or the Uuecn w.i co'div r-'eived. There wns no i'iiihusiani no acclamations. The few attempts to cot up a Hicer, as b-r .Maieslv wae pishing, wcic utlerlv abortive. There were hut few ncrt-ons of dis linelion. olher than such as is derived from nosilion in the Queen's Household, in llie Proeessbn j nnd among llie fiw I observed our Minibler, Hon. Mr. I'.VEncTT, with bis Daunliter, in n linglit vcllow Coach, with Coachman and out-riders, in rich Livery, and Mr. H. himself, (instead nf the plnin Republican garb with which ttr.-.'MMtN Krasklis, John Aoams mid Jons Jv used to appear "'i "h nc.nious, in full Conrr Prosr, will, coin and embroidery. I don t Inlf like this departure from the simplicity which dis- unguisiiesour inrm oi uavernmeni, iiiuiign u ia cer tain ihat lbs American Minister has acquired great popularity liere, nnd perhaps augments his influence, y his cinurniity in mailers oi oispiay una cu- quottc. fjj5 Dion itt. The following scene wlticli lately occurred in tlio English House of Lords will satisfy our readers, thnt the American Congress it riot the only dignifi ed body in the world. Lord Cnmcbcll was btfinnitiE lo iddrcsl the House, when Lord brougham interfered. A noble lord thought that it would be as well to near what Lord Cnmphcll had to ty. t I II l - . l-l . .1 I.. t.uru nrouinam ota noi care wnsi any una inoupiu. Lord Campbell : Why. vou have anoken Iwice nl- rend v. Lord liroticham : Weill and now many times would you have spoken if you could 1 i-orci wnnrnciiii! I here ia nothing ociore tnu House, nnd this la irreinlsr. Lord llroiighnmi What's irregulat 1 I knowi'm regul'iily interrupted whenever I get nps aii'' there's no motion, what's that to me 7 It's for the noble bird himself, who complains, to purpose one. i.orn uninpuen i i roso lor tne purpose Lord Krouchnm: Of course you did "but any purpose may he no purpose. i.oru uanipuen : iieauy. 1 tnasi appeal io uie no ble lord on ihe woolsack whether Lord llrougharn : Who prevents you from ap pealing to the woolsack? I can do that .myself, if that's nil. Lord Campbell : I really have reason to complain of the vrrv cross and extraordinary conduct- Lord llrougharn: Why, you've complained three times alrcidy. If you're going lo apeak npain, you had better let us have something In Ihe shape of a motion. Tho Lord Chancellor: If the noble lord (Camn bell) linsx motion to submit, he is quite in order but if not, l think his proceeding to make any further ou snrvntion would be irresutar. The Duke of Wellington t I have listened to this conversation with some attention, and I do not think giving my opinion aa an old member of Ihe House that there is much to be mined ht it. Lord Campbell s I was orljr (toine lo say Lord llrougharn: Uut yau can't. aay it. Make your motion. Lord CnniDhell then meted that the House nd journ, which waa carried t 'and their lordships broke up FRIDAY MORNING, O CT. 13. .t843.. THE TAHIl't' AND 1IOMC INDOSTHV " Protection to manufactures and commerce is in fact, whatever it may be in form, encouragement to agiiculture. The cultivator of tho Boil is conscious of the great ndvnnlnges of havinx nlongsile of him the blaektmith, Ihe ishetlrlght, the taddler and the harness maker, the tailor, the hatter, the shoemaker, the cabinet maker, and masons and carpenters. His comforts nnd Iheir's are both increased by uch prox imity, and Ihey ore enabled to augment their respec tive productions. Hut of what avail would it I e to multiply lliem, without commerce, foreign nnd do mestic, whoso office ia to distribute tho surplus pio ducoof ngriculluro nnd nf the fnbrics of iho mechanic nnd manufacturer T Extract from Henry Clays tetter. Nothing can bo truer than the doctrine in culcated in the above paragraph. Every Agriculturist knows that tho more mechan ics and manufacturers he has in his neighbor hood, the more customers has ho fur tho surplus productions of his farm ; and tho beauty of the rulo is, tlitit it works both ways. While the farmers find good ensto mors for what produce ihey may luivo to sell, tho mechanics and manufacturers find in the farmers, purchasers for the fabrications of their respective trades and arts. But should thr. loco focos prevail in getting a majority in both branchss of our national legislature, the tariff toill be so remodelled as to take away every feature which ensures protection to American labor ; the workshops which now adorn our country, add to its wealth, givo employment to our peoplo, and the means of subsistence to themselves and families, will bo broken up, and those work shops toill be transferred from America to England. Wo say this, becausn it is obvi ous to us, that tho well-fed nnd well-paid American workmen cannot, without protec tion from government, compete with the ill- fed and ill-paid workmen of Europe. Let it bo recollected - by Amemcan Mn- ciianics, Laborers, and Manufacturers, 'that in tho debate in tlio Senate nf the Uni ted Slates, in 1839, Mr. Buchanan, who is now a loco foco candidate for the Presiden cy, contended that American labor was too high ; that it must be reduced, and that 10 cents a day was enough for a laborer. Nor ' WHIG STATE CONVENTION, A Convention nf the Whign of Vermont will bo holden at Montpelier, on THURSDAY the 10th day of October next, at 7 P. M. for the pur- pose of appointing Slate Central and' County Committees for the year 1844. and making such other arrangements as mar be deemed expedi ent preparatory to the next State nnd Presiden tial elections. All towns unrepresented bv was he nlone in this sentiment, others of the Whigs in the legislature, are especially reques- UCo foco Senators contended that the price ted to appoint delegates to'this Convention Calvin Townslev, II. Canfield, John A. Pratt, G. A. Att.r.N, Euastus Fairdanks, Artemasj Cusiiman, E. P. Walton, Jr. State Central Coin. -I. acollene in which younu men holdins the 'i and distinctive principles of the Church of g am , may oo trained lor missionary lauor. ........ v - - U g it llov. Dr. Coleridge, formerly Bishop lR o .tHoitn our rcatlers tl nt the, ' tics cr be THE NEW JAIL. This building is now, as we understand, compleiod, and we venture the assertion that there is not a better County Jail in the State.- It is a structure built to last, and will neither require to be rcpairod or indic ted, for many years to come. Wo prophe sy mqrcMVpr, thai ii will work a total revolu tion in the criminal operations of tho row dies, in this. County. Heretofore, crimes have been committed in the face of a ccr of labor must be reduced. Now we would ask, in nil sincerity, is it right in policy, is it consistent with enlight lined liislice, that an American freemen should work for such n wretched pittance ? How would such men as Mr. Buchanan anil those who act with him who w mild, by the inadequacy of the compensation gSvi'ti for their labor, break do mi tlio indepontli'tii .spirit of our workingmcn we say, Imw would such men, like lo receive, as iho re ward of n dav's toil, tin) insignificant sum DEATH OF DAVID RUSSELL, ESQ.! It becomes our painful duty to record the death of another soldier of the Revolution, in tho dcniiso of David Ki'ssct.i., Esq., ol this town, who died at tho residence of his son, Dr. J. P. Russell, Army Surgeon, wlulo on a visit at Governors Island N. Y. on tho 3d Inst. Tho final attack of the des troying messenger, tho' sudden nnd unex pected found him not unprepared, ho sig nified a pious resignation to ihe will of Heav en, and expressed in his last hours n firm belief in the religion he had fur years open ly professed. A few rommsconccs of hii useful life may not bo improper in giving this obituary notice. Mr. Russell after leaving (ho nrmy of tho Revolution in which he had been early en g.igud, came to this State, previous to its be ing admitted into tlio Union. In 1783, lie engaged with and entered into tho Printing business nl Bennington, with Antiionv Has well, Esq., under whose auspices during that year iho Vermont Gazelle (u paper still published by the dependents of Mr, 1 1 as well) was established, strongly advora ling thu claims of Vermont previous to her admission into the Union. In 1784 the Legislature of this State established five Post Offices, one at Bennington, one at Jiiitlann, one at Brattlcborro , one at Windsor, and one at Newbury. Mr. Has well, the seiner partner in the concern was uppointed Post Muster General, Mr. Russell discharging its duties; upon iho admission of Vermont into the Union in 1791, Ihe Post Offices in this Statu became a part of Iho Post Office establishment under the con Irol of the General Government, and Mr, Russell was appointed Post Master at Bun uiiigton he continued in that office until he was appointed Collector of Customs fur tho Distiict of Vermont, when in 1797 here moved to Burlington, anil entered upon the duties of his office nnd continued therein until superseded by Dr. Jiibez Pennimiiii.- Mr. Russell was at an cuily day appointed agent for the erection of the fiist College average majority of 1H0 votes lliis year thru Whigs, hy an average of 58, making a Whig ain of 194 votes. The votes polled was 1417, it being tho largest votes ever given in Chatham County. Crawford, the Whig' can didate for Governor, had 738 votes ;' Cooper, who resigned his scat in Congres for tho pur pose of being the Democratic candidate, had G72. In Taliaferro County there is a Whig ma- jority of 344 ; in Warren, also, a Whig rr.a jority of 200. ARGUMENTS FOR VAN BUREN. 1. Ho was elected in 183G by 25,000 majority, ami (Ideated, lour years after wards, by 150,000 the largest majority ever given tigainst any Presidential candi date. His loss, after n trial of four years. was therefore, 175,000 votes I Ilo is there- foro the most popular man extant, beyond it peradvcntiirc. 2. He was defeated in 1840 by Loa; Cabins, Coon Skins, nnd Cider Barrels! Surely a man who could bo overthrown by such competitors must be very strong in the nostrils of the People, at least. Such

is a fair specimen of Loco Foco logic. These are thu two main arguments in favor of the sago of Ltndenwald. They amount to this. Van is strong because he is weak. and popular because every body voted against him ! Q. E. D. Some of tho New York papers have had tho sagacity lo nominate Daniel Webster for Vice President on the same ticket with Henry Clay! A shrewd move that, very. PREMIUM APPLE. Beat this, who i;an. We have in our office an apple raised in the garden of the Rev. J. K. Converse, of this village, of which the following are the dimensions', weight, &c. Largest diameter, 4 3-4 inches. Circumference, 14 5-8 inches. Weight, 1 lb. 5 1-2 ounces. The apple is of tho Pippin family, mod- ' cratcly sour, but of a rich and delicate pur- building for the University of Vermont, and pic, fine flavor. Tho average size of the a description of this beautiful edifice may fruit from thu tree producing 1 1 its apple is bu found in tho l.itu edition of Thompson's' from eleven to twelve inches in circumfer G.iy.otteer ol Vermont, many of thu old once, and weighing from 13 to 14 ounces. ;..,...,' r n..-i: , .! i mn. iiiii.ims oi uoriiiigiuii, tun near lesn mo- ny to the iiutiri'ing 7.enl and fidelity in its i erection hy Mr. Russell, amid many difficul ties ami pecuniary losses to himself. He (tTTin: Win: or Leon and other Poems. In our culunies of thu 22 ult. we noticed tho appearance of u volume be.irinf ., , .... , , nlterwunls, for a long period officiated as a "" auovu l,nu' a,m mi,uc sonU! ''tracts iron fiiililiil (Ml iiini:Ntr;tti',iiiid lora number ol "s l,'lel's' amco wtncii wo nave nun too yi'.ns be was Ulerk ot the Supremo Uourt i I"1"" ""-b ...-... Vl..u rltailnes. will be urincipal of tho institution. 'here has been for t.omo time pint a consid emigration to America going on from the irt of London ; the emigrants are chiefly of the boiler clas, very few steerage pansengers bo ng amongst tho" number. One of these ships noly cleared out of the Catherine Dock, with fil) cabin passenger. rilOM LATE LONDON PAPERS. Uer.ns 'Victoria's late viht to Piiance. - - We understand that King Louis Philippe j:t conferred the decoration of the Ieirion of IIo.i- cii.r on III" poslinoii inrougn w nose courage ami liens of uu iin'in jrials lit-rn levenlril. lure reposes ai: the discipline and older on board as tnostadmir able : the several orden were civen and obey cd na if the vessel had boon in perfect safety, and nothing had occurred to excito alarm or con fusion." FROM Mil. WKHD'S Lr.TTERS. J have been lo WEsTMiNisTEB-AtBtT, that magni ficent and subliino eepulchtr for Monarcha, Princes, l'hiloaophera. Ph'dmiihropists, Pocis and Painlcrs. All thu I had heard nnd read of ihc srcluteclurnl and wonders of the Abbey, into whose vaults, nislcii, rbipels, nut-sand nicliox, ihe allies of the illus trious dendof fijht centuties have been cathcrfd, left mc wboPjr utiprcpireil lor tlie grandeur ami sorficons riiiTunnr. Whig Convention. Ala meclin2 of the Wilis Convention oftho-Cityof Hnllimore, held nt "Union Hall," on Tlmrsdiy evening, September 23ii the following preamble and resolutions were unani mous v nclouteu : . Whorl.!,, lliin Convention has heretofore, on behalf and by authority ofllie Whigs ot me city in nam- more, s'jpgcsiea io incir wings Orinoco oi uie uim" Slates, nnocoruiaiiy niviieii uicni tu ininu m uiu matin,, nfn Vmin Afcii's H'AiV Rational Convcn. tUin. to nssembloin this citvon Tliurfday. llie 21 of May. 1511, lo Oc anlliorizfu to rainy ine nonniniiuus for President anil Vice rrcsiuentol me imueu nini-f whi 'h may be made by the regularly constituted Win: V,tlnml TCnminnlint. f'nnvenlinn. lo inert in llnlll more on Widnt'sdav. ihe 1st of May nnd to adopt such measures as in Us wisjom ihc Convention may deem necessary and proper to conduct the canvass to a successlulanU Iriiinipliant issue. Ami Whereas. lh Whigs of the city of Baltimore nrepirlicularly desirous of having, on lint occasion, .... nnnirmniti; in ftcienil llie hosnitnlitv of the city to every Whig iri ihe Union who can possibly atlend llie Convention, nml liclieirms tint llie larger ine assem blage, ilia greater will be ihe favorable infiuenre it will e7cisc on the result of the e.isuing Presidenliel iler- tion, and bfing nlsoiieirous or snowing some mars. ett .nnrni-nl to ilirir Whiir brethren nflhe Stale that hall send ihe largest proportional delegation lo the nronosrd Convention Tlureforc will liavo prepareu nn nnprnnriaie naniicr, iu ire pn-' cnmnl ii, auel, S into df legation. ( Mar viand cscentrd, n we hone xaice her Whigs here en masse.) to the Young Men's Whig National Convention of Ilatihca Inn m n Kcpiiilile io prod cit v on Thtirsda v. iho 2d o fn., 1Q11 n ulirilt nn ncrroiirtn have the hrgeFt proportional number in allcndnnee, hiving in view ihe Whig population of the nernl Slates as tested by Ihe Prcskli'iitiiuleciiou ot tain, ana mere respective ui ,l,,a niti' i?,.nr,tl Tint ihe editors of lbs Whig Journali throughout the Union, he requested to publish these proceedings, nnd to invite Ihe attention of the lug parly to iticm. . , v GF.O. R. RICHARDSON, President. JAMF.S KIIAZIKK. ( Vie Presidents. ii , J which thov havo nu'med as tho value of a day's labor 1 The tariff, by its happy protective influ ence, gives employment, at fair prices, to 800,000 men, women and children, who, if it were repealed, would have to seek support in the other nrnrntinns nf Vtfp . tid it tir.'iin- tail, confinement in tho' jail, with as much fiSf eiler djrocv of indirec ,,, wIio1l. T7"" ' pT"l waswe population of our country. By iho results m-n-edb house; and it has long been iregard- of 10 ,abor it sels in mo'o ndds ed as evidence either of great Bood nature- ,.,,, of weaht l0 ,ho IIiltion) incrcilsl;s or of unparalled stupidity to remain in individual wealth, comforts and luxuries.air avimiBnuen ivoun.y aan over n.g.ii. uut fflMJ mr fc ffgm ,(R mgst mUous flrf W apprehend that in future the tables will maU ppressive j aU systems nf support be turned, and he who surmounts tho barri- - 0,.,..nme,.,DiRECT TAXATION. ers of bars, bolts and mmsivo stone which Yii tppn f,.!.,,.:,;,,,,,, ,i., ,iln lie in the way to the outer air, will be ac- TARpp m lg42 rAssf;n ny Tlc Wno counted a fellow of no ordinary ingenuity Coschess, (God bless them !) has showered and gumption. countless iinon our nation, bv cre- Tlio jail hat been built for n sum very . emovlnen. for Inil.ions ,v.10 . 0 ull. much lower than many had estimated, and .,nin,,i . !t i,rni m,ni,,n. nf s,.rin I'iOpCMCC oi iiiinii tue wiioic noyai l aouiy oi IVaai'ii were saved from deatruction. The re ward is. no doubt, a gratifying ono and U richly ineiited, for had the poetilinn hesitated for a inn. iiietit a.-i to the judicious part which ho hn inu aid could have prevented a frightful ca tjninphe ; but we.lmpe his Majesty will not confine his gratitude to a simple decoration. To n port-on in this worthy postilion' sitmliou some poriinnoiit pn viioti would be a innro apprnpri- ate. nnd, no 'doubt,-si more acceptable rewani. Wo copy the following from Galijrnani'a Paris .Mc'sengor.! 'The Iving inteiuU founding what is, 1 be lieie, to he called the Victoria Gallery. lint will ho placed a series of pictures connected wiili tint p'rnre'cd'iigs nf the Qiieo'ii iif Rygland V fit. It irf at prefcnt intended it Jhenumbbr ill bo iiliiuit at), of which si will ho of a largo. i,v, 0 font by 0, and M of snnller diinensionf,1 -'ip remaining ten bsmg portraits. A sporial I jilduiL' is to be erected at the Chateau d'Ku f ir this cnllci'tion, in the fotirso of the ensuing spring. Thu K ng of the t rench Ins conferred on Prinen Albert iho grand cordon of the Lo- girm of IJoimr. The ceremony of iuvetituru t''!t place, wo imdcrstatid, on Wf dned iy, In nrcsc'ire of tho Mjpislew and other high per f tunps of tho two nations who were at the Chateau, and his Iloyal Highness woro tho cor- i.'oti In V)0 I'lciimg at tlio tlivatncai rcpresema. mn Previously lo her departure fioin Fiiince her Vrji.'sly presented to General JJnon A"u. Im, firm aid. ile. camp cf tho King, a splendid gold rnutl'-U'1', her M.ijly'ii cipher in brilliants on i l.o color. The Queen of England, on leaving ('to Ch. 'eau of Kti, left 1000 lo bo distributed iiinonys! tlio household. Prince Augustus of ttiixp-Cnburg and tho Princes Cleinontino are 1 1 t.ilte tin. ir departure tomorrow inornius at six i.Vlot'k." MAS'Acnr. ,ny tiik NtnoittAN Ciikistianp. . Tins e.xpeilifioti of I lie Pasha of Mosul nga'nst Iho Mountain Notorians l.aa beon attc ided with the inriM dejilorable success, nnd that btif ccssstniiicd, nr wss to bo expected, from thoco. of.eratidn nfhis piiv igr auxilinrirs l!,a Kurtlp, win C. C. F.orTON, Jr. ? Sccrcttirie,. Robt. M. Pbocd, S lhat remains of the moilnlity of llioic who were cn- luilileil eilllerlty Inilh or tiy iletils, m n all that mar hia nnd hriss can do to pcrpviinto thtir lame. Hut lomhs and lattlets nnd monuincnin nnd stamps, how- ever aiobilioiisly nduruo lor exquisitely wrought, seivc far moro ellv-rtually to HliHtrale a i;rralor a pjwer, thin to ungnify n crealure's innlior name. 1 lingered about these silent chambers of I lie mighlv dead with inquiring ejes, tin t it iho'viaiters' hours had expired. Westminster Abbey has brcn so often des. crilitd lint it is a tehef lo f. 1 1 that tuv uliolly inade- anno powers mill not he charged wuh n task of such ifticuilty and magnitude. And even were it other wise. I bhonld not have the nrcunmiiion to ntlriiml it. To'siy nothing of ihe compiraliicly ignoble whose iindisiintfiiisheiroahcs rcxl here, llnre nre nearly four hunurf I lauRis, tnonumetiis, mausoleums, mnuio. ur olher nhiiuirry tnemn, whos history and rliaractcr coiiiiitutt lha'writleii annals of Bn'g- (in''. ... , v t' Jfsoiriii nf the inscriptions upon theso monumert's tjiriKo'other.i rt.Uydo ipe, 1-shall not weary your pLU'llUJ liniisi riniuy , m ,,,, Tlin Duko of line iiiL.lniii. who wn9 dilingiiisbed during lljc leign of Chatloi I. In s in brass efligy, with a ltomin cosiuiiii', upon tut uiinr wtin mis uisciip Hunt "1 lived dnuhlful, not dissolute I dio tint nnrpRirMicJ. Juriorntiee nnd Lrrnr are in ,-i,l, -ui m nature. I trust in an Almighty nnd an nil good Rod." And below, both prcpirrd by luniself, is tins i " l or my iving onen, lor my -oun trv ever." The following jann rxiract from Ihc inscnpiinn up on tho inontmienl creeled In the memoryof Ihe yoing Prinffi who wer.c murdered bv llie order of Richard tho Thirds " Here lies ihe relies of Edward V. King of Kuit'nnd, nnd hi" broiber Richard, Duke of York, who, beins confined in the Tower, anil there f titled v.ii'l, i.illiiu-a. were nriv.'telv nnd niennly baric' by order of their perfi lions uncle, Richard I lie Usurper. Their hnnea. hiiiff and nitxioiisly lilil'lired after, bavin" laid I'jOvenrsin ilia rnhl iali of iho Tower stuns, were on Iho 17ih July, Wli, "y unuouuicu proois uiscover Tho monument of 'ho Duke nnd Dulrhcfe of New castle ia ono of llie . mt cosily in Iho Abbey. They he, in broiDiocPJi;,. miller ;n.(ati'W canopy, iiio in... i-rriplion, nfier t-.-'llin foi III ibu I 'like 8 qualities, slates lint Ids "Dnlchcea wneofn nob'o Family i for nil the brothers werovn'iinl nnd all ilia sfslcrH virtuous. This 'butrhess wns,a wise, willy nnd learned lady, winch ll-T many books do well li'Sli'y." He. Tnero is an expensivo nnd rtfeedinjLv npproprialn monu'menlio iho memory of .Sir Isaac Nrwioo, with an lucripiion clnsinq with this exflnmatlnn i - " How nuirti reason mortals have in pride thems-lves in the existence of such and correal nn ornament to the hu . STINGING. The Providence Chronicle, a warm Lo cofoco papor, argues as follows: "It is slated, however, lint it is due to Mr. Van it..,.. ... h n.,iin nominated to the Presidency. Now is anything due him either from ihe people of iho country, ot from the democratic pariy. Let us s-c what afllffs that cenlleman hna filled, and what ntnonnt of lmmey bo lias received from the people ol iho United Stales tor ins service . Received for 7 years U. S, Senator, within the amount of the tax laid fur (he into iho country ; opened profitable home for Chittenden County. Air. Russell was a decided and silicon) fiicnd of Religion ; lie oaily I'xcrtt") InuiM'ir in l lie establishment of its institutions in this (own, and was not only a constant worshipper, but for some years officiated as Deacon in the Church with which hu was connected. It will be seen fioin tho above that Mr. Rus.iidl was placed in stations where he was both honored nnd trusted, and wheru too, he show.'d himself worthy of confidence as an upright and conscientious linn. He hasliv cJ beyond the usual lime allotted lo man, and died before life ".'cranio a burden, for though somu of tlio infirmities of advanced ago were creeping over him, he was still ca pable of enjoying tho conversation of friends nnd taking a lively interest in the passing topics of thediiy, whilst with step still active nnd person scrupiiously neat, ho was .net in our streets even to the last, (lis venerable form indeed has been long associated in the minds of many with our civil gathering, so- only wish wu had space to devote t'ljit a more cm.-iiJoil ncitiru of which it is eminently de serving. As it is, however, wo cannot do less than strongly to comment it to tho lov ers of genuine Poetry. It is for sale at Hm- m.NGTOXS. purpose. Rooms, however, have been ad- marknt. , .iin Varmi.r. ...1Pm t1Q l,nd none ded to the Jail House including comfortable bcfurc; conrerr(jd incalculable benefits upon c,i'1 ""''-tings and religious services, and will apartments referred for debtors, which form t)e nB, . cIlan ing ,10 LilanC(5 of ,rildu ! not soon bo forgotten ; lil.e a shock of com an item distinct from the bill for the Jail .,. - . .,.,. a(Tiliris, u. fully ripe,' he descended lo iho grave in the iin our favor, which was henvilv arruin-it us l I.... .JJ.I -I..-. I people, uui wuicn oriog noueu ,o uwiuai ior ,0 t pMsaRC mao an aggregate oi less man tytouu. THE WHIGS ARE THE FRIENDS Tho work hai been under the clnrgo of and SUPPORTERS OF THE TAR t i r o t.i & ii c I ... j tinges van oicKien ana Alien, mo lurmn THE Whigs ARE solicitous to sek t i .i i . Having inoi-uituuiD utiu ivisut,tV AMERICAN MECHANICS, MANUrAOTUIIEIts, pentitendcd the erection of tho building LAnoRBRS and farmeiis AMERICAN from its. commencement. Tho chief mate- MERCHANTS AND SAILORS, active rial is a bluish grey Stone from Isle La Men. . y AND Pr,or,TAnl,Y employed TU ERE The floor of eachof the second tier of cells, pQ RE, VOTE THE WHIG TICKET, and the ceiling of Ihe one below consists ol a I AND THEREBY CLOTHE YOUR single stone, nine feet four inches long, four I FRIENDS WITH THE POWER OF reel one inch wido and ten inches in thick- PROMOTING YOUR INTERESTS. ncss. To manage luch roeAi, without acci- Go the whole Whig ticket. American dent, was no easy matter, but they an reacn- yhi".- ..A ,l,Alr .lAaiinklinti itntniiippri farital nrltn i, dua to Judra Van Sicklen for the faithful- 1 A ncss with which he hat devoted himself to The appeals which Captain Tyler and ihe coninlelion of the work, and the skill us lick-spittles are making to the Loco Iro bo has disnlaved ia ill management. We ct adnl "ni accidency" to their em- i 4 , . . , believe he visited aeveral of the most npprov- " " "e ,0 ci"" exciting speci.iu na cd ialls in Now Enelud. in order td decide Pal on record. But the Locos ure as upon the bsi." Pln, and the one selected hard hearted as a prithy coquette wo happen certainly seemVto'ut-admirabty adapted 'to full assurance and belief in the Saviour, his pilgrimage on earth closing in his eighty sixth year. His remains were brought lo lliis place and interred on Sunday last, leav ing a widow and a largo circlu of relatives and frirndt to mourn his loss. ' Hut mourn not I hit our ni:ed friend has one, Ruber be el id that his lifo'a t r'l is done, Ke-iirned lii'Lrac bis beim; up nnd went To share the rest ilia, merits a life well spent." Received for 4 yeara service na Secre tary of Slate, Received for G months aervice aa Mm- liter to I'.nglanil, Received for 4 yeara aervice aa Vica President, Received for -1 yeara aervlee as I'resi- ilcnl, 10,000 14,000 lr3,000 24.CO0 100,000 8 1 "6,000 Amounting to The Cliarlfistoa.Mcr.cury, -Calhoun's or gan, commenting, on iho'abovo, says: 'It is a pity the question could not he carried to llie Snnrenii! Court ttint It mtitni oa seiuro ociiuiici,, bow much a lirsl rale politician is uorlli-liow mucit a strond and soon in the scale. , "It may no worm roniui;ii..i.', .,..,,.v innii will I w I'residenl a K-ennd lime, he oiisht not to be couipelled 10 servo at half pneo ns ho is certainly a sicond hand article, and 0113I1I to go cheap. We like ihe nine of llio following from Stuart fiazeile. Wo thill speak full our own sentiment' on llio wilrect of which it irrals at no distant day. The iioniinto of the Wilis Contention is our min, but there nro apecl.s no l.iirRer ihm a man a hand in Iho political hci7x)n of Indiana lhat wc call on our friemls to watch early. " All is not cold lint cliltera. c wait tn further pror of the bent and direetwn of a cermin mnveincnt before wc (peak less obscurely. Indiana Journal. .1 ...nn, ,. ,lnnt ter nnfoiiiriia nono who l.fW. ml fear none who aland-ihilly.-ahallyinstt none whose wishes ior mi, vrr"ii .nr ci,u-, 1..... .0 ..,,, ivit iBue i " but enders lo the nurse ry, lo llie rhimncy-corner.'to any place out of eight 11, He who halh nn stomach to tins, ficht, l,rl him depart 1 h'n-passport shall bp majo, And crowns for cortvoy'put into hia piinci We would not die in Hut mnn'a compnay That feara hia fcllow.hip to dia with in. He that outlives this day and cornea difehome, Will tand n lip-toe hen this dav la name l, An.1 rnu" him at the name of thry " the wants of the County-, and the safety" and comfort of the inmates. The plan of having separale apartments for the unfortunate debtors, who Imvo-.lrore- toforo been compelled lo herd with tho vi cious and depraved criminal, was a charge demanded by every consideration of liuman- hy and justice, and '-could not havo been disnenjed with, without nn outrago -upon ii- -l..- . tir. nn,t.. . pilOllc KUllllllicni. ao. iiuw gi" iiii-p t". our neighbor in the adjoining counties tlnn wo do-not intend fn futuro lo trouble thorn with keeping our rajcals for us, us wo have ;i cage where we can put them in " durance villi" on our own account. And to Ihe nforrsaid rowdies and rascals, we say, cnkti- lato on staying in Chittenden County Jail when you get your deserts by being deposi ted there. Van Buren on Repeal. A Loco Fo co paper printed In New York, publishes Van's letter on Irish Repeal with llni poin ted comment. to know. One of her suitors was recently meat relentless in his persecutions. She told him flatly sho did'nt love him. He still insisted, and sho told him she couldn't loye, nny way he could fix il. Ho then spake ot' his lands, his corner lots, and his amplo rents, and tho told him sho had no lasto for him and there was no use of his saying an other word on the subject. At last, ho re hearsed the numerous favors ho had done her, and the sacrifices ho had made to grati fy hqr. To aH lliis sho replied. " Well " sir, since you won't lako hints, I'll ti ll "you plainly you nro ugly, your character " is hail, lliero is nothing decent about you, and I had as live bo hugged by a boar us '"by you. Good bye, sir." MR. WEBSTER. From tho following nniimiiiccmi'iit in n Massachusetts paper, II will W seen that Dam ei. Wkdsteii h " right sule tip" y.-t. For ourselves wo havo never doubled hi attachment to Whig principles, mill wo Invo been much nmuscu lo seo certain mniVM Whig editor in Now Yoik cily titteiniit to A BROADSIDE FROM MARYLAND I The Southern mail of this morning brings us the glad lidings that Maryland has thrown off the shackles of Loro Focoism, and 10 sumes once more her position in the Willi; line. The triumph is even mure signal and decisive than that recently achieved by the c-illant Whiffs of Tennessee. The cily of Baltimore, which even in 1840 gave a Van Buren majority, and which last year went against us by upwards nf seven hundred, now olccls four Whigs to onu Loco Foco to tho House of Delegates by an averago majority of about one hundred! In Carroll, Anne Arundel, Montgomery nnd Frederick coun ties the Whigs havo gained twelve delegates. In Hartford, Lent and I'rinco Georgo ihey have elected their candidates by majoiiltes handsomely increased since last year. As far as lie.'isil from the House of Delegates stands 20 Whigs to 17 Loco Foco. Tho same counties last year elected 27 Loco Fo co delegates Ip 16 Whigs! The counties not yet heard from will increase the handsome majority already obtained by thu Whigs in tho Lower Branch of tho Legislature. Tho Senate i3 alsu strongly Whig. This gluiit..i result si cures tho election of another W11111 to thu Senate of the Uniied Slates, nnd n fair arrangement of tho Congressional Dis tricts in Maryland. VAST HISTORICAL RESEARCH. John Jones is indulging in a scries of ve ry learned and elaborate essays upon tho " Designs of llio British Government." Ono of the essays contains a piece of in formation which will be received by our readers with a feeling very near akin to amazement. Hero it is : " Great Rriliin rarely ntlaclis nn enemy openly and boldly. Il was only at the closing scene of the ca reer of Napoleon, lhat liritisb troops marched upon Ihe sod of I'ninee; and yet no nation contributed more 10 produce ihe I-'inperor's overthrow. Tha I Itriiisb navy swept iho French flaj from the ocean. and Ihc lirilish Oibinel enlisted Iho mercenaries of Kurope lo wage an interminable war bv land. Al though Napoleon scarcely ever siw nu F.nghsh sol dier in any of bis great ba'tlU, exi-eplini the last, yet it is notorious that ilin in.' bis w bole hie, in all hia cainpaiuns, he never ceased to regard Great Britain as his most impheable foe, nnd t.) attribute all hia dia asters 10 the operations of that power." We should have thought that the occupa tion of Toulon, early in the French Revo lution, llio victory of 1st June, 1794, and tho invasion of Holland and Egypt werr things not iluno in a corner, to say notion- ol tho landing of 11 large English force et tho Co itiuent in 1805, the expedition under Lord .Chatham nnd tho wars of the Penin sula, which look place at a later period. The British Navy, it seems, " swept ihe French flag from the ocean," but this of course was not done " openly and boldly." It must have been done, in a clandestine and cowardly manner. The fact is, that Pitt's policy of fighting Franco by means of mercenaries, was n false, and very nearly a fatal policy ; but there was nothing of con cealment in it. It seems, though, that Brit ish troops did not march upon the soil of Franco until near the close of Napoleon! reign ! Will John bu good enough lo let ui know what other troops besides the British dull Wc had always thought that Franc was not invaded until the reverses in Russia, brought the whole Alliance upon her, and that Wellington entered the South of Franc at the same lime that llio Sovereigns enter ed tho North. We suppose, however, John, like his young master, " abhors British Hi- 1 lorv." Richmond Whig. "We-command the letter lo the attention of our renrlfro .rtj.ln them httterhtrk at ascertain sentiments ot llie distinguished writer than we'iMv'el un, Daniel Webster, as we understand from Rood had.' Though we rcad'it ovtt cevetnl liniea for.tlfti nnlhorily, will address Ihe Whias of Plymouth nt purpose, ivd uie uunye't tun iu cuiiieBiiitintives 'ijiieir L.ouniy miiochiiuh. i,v.uo ,,,, m,,,, ikidarl: as to what ia th'e writer's opinion of iho'pr5.l imicxiilicilly declared, that if his services were at nil nieiy ui llio i,i,fii,.u,i mutt -,it. , liny iiirini faicct'cda better, we aJiquHbo glad to henr from him rottat;e paid. Seriously, It wou.'d have cratihVd J j ilivih, had Ihe ex President been souiawhat explic it. '.It is rather nmuiing 10 ace lb uninteiuiohil e'atirVof the I'ltitian, in iia praiaeof 'its ilaarneaa,' ftel" 1 The Magician must try again. GEORGIA ELECTION. A election was htilJ in Georgia on Monday ufl.iM week, fur tlio choice of Gov I'limr nf the State, two Repii'Seilliilives in Congrcjis tn supply vacancies, mid fur Ment hols of ihu St.ito Legislature. We have 10- coivotl returns from Richmond County ,u lion; tho Whigs havo succeeded 111 carrying their entire ticket by majorities of fiom 150 lo 200'votes, which is" a gain over last year of deairabln in. the coming State. Campaign, t'l-y tiiicht two Members tu the Legislature. A Iso from at nnv time nnd in any wny be commanded. Wo. . r . 1 r wt, .n.alhia alaleniem the moat unfeisned plena- .Chatham County, where four Whig Repre ure.nnd we inre aura nny aeivicea rendered llie Whin , sentutivrs are chosen in placo of four Demo parly by Mr. W. will bo prniefully lemcmbcred, , 1 aincelhay are In value inestimable. We arc proud I craltc Members last year. Last year the indeed tolool .upon ihhn " Mas.aehawti. Whi" j,k. MaBlliers won, CU.A by nil VNiMf awfoffl ifmiHtn, THE TRUE WHIG SPIRIT. The into Whig spirit breathes through lh follnwing capital extract from an address at Auburn on Saturday last, by Gov. Sewabb. Let this spirit prevail and oui ranks will. i'n decd, soon bo restored 10 their fulness of numbers and be animated with tho assurance of victory : Let us remember the elements nf polilicaT success. Thcfo are, firsi, 10 select uood, f-iiihful and discreet nitn for It rulers let ibem be firm men, men tried aa by lire. When our Couvintioiis haie nominated can tlidnits, let them 111 nin e rcciiie the zt'.ilous, the en-iliu.-insiic siipiirl wlui-li Ihey shall di serve, not mere ly by person il merit, but by Ihe measures lo which ihey t-linll be pledsetl, nnd by the principles that are at Make in all our come ts. If nil cannot lo craliflnl in the selection, or if some shall think, that 11 more nvailible or beneficial designation mi ;lil havo been made, let 11s nil irmem Iter, tint by the election of those devgnaietl, we wt euro ihe adoption of many import ml principles, while bv tin 1 r defeat, uehnzard tho loss of nil useful inraeurvO) and the oicrlhruw of all cardinal princi ple. Measures nre more important, now and alwaye, than men. The great interests of Agriculture, of fn-o l.ibor in every ilrjiarluifni, are 10 be ausiaincd, hy stistiininjr our WbniTariH': n policy that involves no leasihan tho real independence of our country Tno resurnlion of nublie credit and individual proa- peiily and llio public honor, nnd llie preservation of purine viriue. nre 10 tie nuecieti ninont; llie seieral Males. r promoted bv the distribution of llie surnlus aiatN of ihe public lai land Ami lit nf nil il.t, mincinlos of imivcrsnl liohlieai equality, nnd of universal rdu. lion, easenliilto more nl nnd social procrcssj the eitabbahnienl of lb great trulh of rhn Declaration of Independence, iha al men arc born (rre ted rqjl, and hnvrjrt inaliroii- r (, Hi, , tl I IIP iTUCflU (.! mo l