Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 20, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 20, 1843 Page 3
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conscientiously nsk anv oilier Whig to go tli roctly about electing Miirlin Van Burun or John C. Ciilhoun, butli proslavcry in toto, wo cannot well imagine. At tin very woist tho Liberty man must como to this conclii lion. Hero uro two or three proslnvcry men, one of whom is certain to bo clocted. Now, being an honest Whig, ought I to tuko a course which directly, visibly, and inovita bly helps to elect n Locofoco though I may not absolutely vote for him 1 Hero is the question, and in the spirit of perfect kindness wo say to our " Liberty " friends wo cannot o teo our duty. Either wo arc not sincere in our belief that Whig principles are intlis pensablo to tho national weal, or wo must eschew a course so clearly tending to pros trato them, while it elevates to the scats of power, men far more relentless, and impla cable in their hostility to tho abolition of si a very, than any that could possibly come into power on n Whig ascendancy. It is true Mr. Clay is a slaveholder, but he was born, reared and nurtured, and has ever lived amid the habits, feelings and prejudices ncccssari ly engendered by an institution which is so intimately interwoven with the fibres of sn ciety. Ho is no mean, grovelling, crawling ycophant to the prejudices of a section, go ing out of his way to outrage tho moral sense of mankind for tho hope of petty political -fain, like one who is fishing for tho chance of being defeated by him. To oppose slavo ry, for him, would bo to uproot the long set tled opinions of his constituency, and by ex asperating them to no purpose, secure the el vation of a less worthy competitor. It would be for hint alone and unaided to dart ahead of tho steady current of public opinion which is slowly setting in the right direction, and by so doing sacrifice himself for no ade quate amount of good. No I it cannot be asked. It must not bo done. Our " Liber ty " friends have only to look at a vote for the third ticket in its true light, to see that it li in this State at least, a straight forward Tote for Van Buren or Calhoun. Wu can not vole, directly or indirectly fur either. (SELECTION NEWS.O M YRYLAND. Here, whero John Tyler thrust in his paw and took out an Attorney General, to itrengthon and ticklcLocofocoisui,tho Whigs, under tho broad banner of the great Knn tuckian have knocked down all tho Loco ninepins, and are masters of the field. This unexpected metamorphosis has astonished both sides and is peculiarly valuable, be cause it gives us a U. S. Senator for six years, where wo had no innro idea of getting one than we had in New Hampshire. Dear John Tyler! Inven't you got another Attorney Generalship to pivo Maryland 1 and then your Porters iu Pennsylvania are very profi - tablo investments ! "Alas! poor Yorick !" New Jersey has gone against us in toto. Very likely all tho Congressmen, and tho Legislature certainly, are Loco. This makes a Loco Governor of course and upon tho whole, the Stato has pretty effectually " gone to pot," making the first green spot left to cheer the Locos, who seem every where else to be in the gall of bitterness. GEORGIA. Wo have swept every thing hero like a tornado Governor, Legislature, and both the Members of Congress, who wero elected to fill vacancies. Glorious, glorious Geor gia 1 Set her down for Clay by from ten to fifteen thousand. OHIO. The news from this Slate is cheering although the returns ore partial. They are chiefly valuable as indication? of what is to come. Licking county, which in 1840 gavo 159 majority against General Harrison, and 473 against Corwin last year, now gives about 200 Whig majority on a very heavy poll. PENNSYLVANIA. 'Wo arc taken almost as much aback by tho unexpected success in this State, as by that in Maryland. tit seems even yet doubtful who has the lower house and thero could have been but little doubt as tothcCinal Commissioners, if tho Whigs in Alleghany, tho strongest Whig County in the St ito had not got into a quar f el, set up two tickets and then staid at home -to the number of three thousand. 'Tho people have punished tho gcrryman mundering Locos in several cases most cruel- ly in tho mattorof Members of Congress. Hon. Andrew Stewart a Whig Member of Congress under J. Q. Adams' administration is elected from the Fayette District hy about 1000, and Gen! Irving whom tho Locos sought (o smother under a gerrymander, is triumphantly sustained against enormous odds, notwithstanding Gov. Porter vetoed the apportionment bill twice to get that same district fixed right. Tho result is ninr whigs, tcn locos, and Dn. Nes, an independent nondescript, as mucli ono thing as another. Three moro Whigs aro hoped for strongly. And this in a State where it was intended that tho Whigs should have fine out of twenty-four. We hope our " Democratic " neigli- bors will bear in mind when ihoy road the election news, that these elections have been held under the certain conviction that Mr. Clay is to bo the Whig Candidate for Presi dent next year. Their gammon about thrice defeated candidato " will probably be clnnged by another year. They will dis cover that Mr. Clay has novor been a candi date when ho had a fair swing nt Locofoco ism and when ho does get at them, they will find that thoy never boforo had any idea of his strength. CMr. WuiTTnMonr. of Milton has in troduccd into tho House a Rill to incorpo rate ilia " Champlairi opposition Steamboat f qiripany. ' GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE. Wo commend tho Governor's Message to tho attention of our readers. It is a bold, manly, comprehensive document. It han dles tho topics it touches, without mittens. No man can bo at a loss for tho Governor's sentiments on any of them. His opinions on the Tarilf, Slavery and tho annexation of Texas aro such as might ho expected from n true hearted Vcrniontcr. Ho recommends tho repeal or modifica tion of the capital punishment law of Inst year, and tho cancelling of tho balance duo tho school fund. Ho also recommends a law prohibiting nil magistrates and executive officers from interfering in the nrrcst or de livery of any person claimed as a fugitive slave. Upon the whole, Gov. Mattocks has given us tho right sort of n message leaving no doubt to arise as to his views, and taking caro that those views aro just what they should be. OFFICIAL CANVASS FOR HERS OF CONGRESS MEM- First District. Solomon Foot 6693 Caleb B. Harrington 41)26 R. R. Thrnll B03 Scattering, C7 Hon. Solomon Foot is elected hy a ma jority of 1197 over all other candidates. The voles of Dummerston, Townshcnd and Hubbardlon wcro not returned. Second District. Jacob Collamcr, 5325 Triimnn I!. Ransom 4533 Titus Hutchinson 1003 Horace Everett 123 Andrew Tracy, 45 Rovnl Hatch 30 Allien Partridge IB Scattering, 37 No election. Third District. George P. Marsh, Inhn Smith, Wm. II. Frencl Scattering,.. ...6251 ...4595 ....713 ....133 Geo. P. Marsh is elected bv a maioritv 808 over all other candidates. Fourth District. Paul Dillinclnmjr Geo. II, Chandler, Gcnr.e Putmm I.nci is I!. Peek , Nathan Smilie, Scattering ..6117 ..4957 ...797 ...211 ....67 .49 Tim voles of Trov and Holland were not returned. Majority for Mr. Dillingham 28G. THE JUDICIARY BILLS. Two hills are in tho Legisl.itivo mill for altering the Judiciary system. Thev aro es- scntially alike, and though their ground work commends itself to our hcarlv admiration, we do not agree with some of the details. Wo perceive that both bills propose to per petuate tho side judge system, which is about I as necessary as tho fifth wheel ton roarh. , It is luimbuz which costs the Stato three or j ft""" thousand dollars a year, and all to no i purpose, except to niako offices to distribute, ' As to tho only important duties which side Judges peifoim, those pertaining to County mailers, for a decent per diem allowance County Commissioners elected by the people would do the work and do it wcH, as lliey do in Massachusetts. Then the bills in tho Le gislature propose three Supreme Court judg es to sit in bank for tho trial of law ques tions alone. We respectfully suggest that four is a belter number as almost all legal men arree, wo believe. Then thev propose four Circuit Judges to hold nisi prius terms. I hero we don't like our old number ; be cause, pray what can four judges find to do? Two can do all tho business and woik no harder than our judges do now. Give them seven counties apiece and thero aro fourteen terms a year. Now they have to hold as many as that in Supreme Court, and some six or eight nisi prius terms besides. Just pick nut two able, ready, cood lawyers, pay them SloOO a year and they will hold all the County Courts to tho satisfaction of every body, and not ho worked at all too hard. These are our sentiments, nuil we just throw them into tho hopper as hints in which there may Do something and there may not. Bin at all events wo protest against any more side judges, because wo ate suro that very respectful body of gentlemen agree with us in opinion that their offices should be abol ished. DR. EATON'S ADDRESS. In our columns to-day will be found tho neat and appropriate address of Lieut. Gov ernor E ilon on taking tho chair of the Sen ate. It breathes a spirit of modest diffidonco which is characteristic of its accomplished and excellent author, whoso elevation is one among tho instances (iilas 1 too few) which show that merit, oven though veiled in the guise of unohtrusivo niodesty, will sometimes command admiration, and that impudence is not an invariable requisiio to success. Dr. Eaton is a man whoso worth and ability will grow upon the people of Vermont, until they learn to esteem him as ho is, ono of tiie brightest minds and purest hearts in tho gal axy of her honored sons. MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Ry tho canvass, it will bo seen that Mr. Marsh has 803 majority over all. Mr. Foolo 1198, and Paul Dillingham 28G ! ! Judge Collamer in tho second, fails of an election. This is u " tight squeak " for friend Paul, in a District wlioio almost all the Locofuco ism of tho Slalo is happily fenced off in a pen by itself. It is certain Paul has shown neither speed nor bottom, and it is hardly a subject of doubt whether he is over entered on (lie course again. Tho man who carries a District good for 2500 Loco majority, by 28G, must not ask too many sacrifices of the wary and scheming radicals. Yca.Paul, thy raco is a short one, and is already run. Two short years of franking, and loafing around the Capitol, and tho yearnings of a dozen years, tho ambition which templed theo to dcseit thy friends and espouse principles ab horrent to thy former self, the anxieties ofo nomination grudgingly acquiesced in, mid an cloction whelmed in doubt, will all be ox changed for iho memory of a short, feverish and unsatisfying fruition, and a political course, which few can epntcmplato without censuro and regret, THE DEMOCRAT AND SENTINEL. " Mr. J. Richards " nud " stat nnminis " aro at sixes and sovens about tho failure of Winslow to send forth tho doses of "True De mocracy " willi proper regularity. Wo don't hold our breath to watch this quarrel, since wo enjoy a stale of beatific indifference us to who " licks," but wo arc freo to say that thus fur tho man under the shadow, has decidedly the upper hand of John Tyler's lieutenant. Tho Democrat says Winslow detains his pa pers. Winslow certifies, and makes his man swear that on certain ccasinns ho sent them out, and was very accommodating. Then tho T. D. comes out " and for replication saith " that ho never denied that tho Post Master had sent his papers once in a while, and contends that his affulavitprovcs no more. Wo await tho rejoinder in great patience. Go it cripples ! 05s Ilr.Mtv Hai.c, Esq. of this town lias been appointed Secretary of Civil and Mili tary Affairs, by Gov. Mattocks. Buttons. Somo idea, Rays the Northamp ton Courier, can be formed of the amount of buttons made at J. & J. Ilayden's establish ment for Hon. S. Williston of Easthampton, from the fact, that a teamster of this town a few days since, took three tons of buttons to Hartford for him, to supply orders ; and that ho now has orders for twenty tons more I Troy Whig. LYCEUM. The citizens of Hiirlin.ton who feel disposed to revive tho "BURLINGTON LYCEUM," will pleaso moot at Howard's Hotel, tomorrow (Saturday) evening, at 7 o'clock October 31, 1813. " Ma 2 , In Richmond, on the 9th inst. Mr. Avert Edwabds, to Miss Mast .Ann Kimball both of Richmond. In Hinesburgh, on the 8 inst, by Rev. Dr Beechcr, Mr Nathan Mosiiall of thai place, to Miss Eur a Eles, of Williston. In this village, on Sunday evening last, by the Rev. J. K. Converse, MR. KPHRAIM MILLS, formerlv Post-master in this place, to MISS SARAH ANN Gil. MAN, all of Burlington. Our acknowledgement for tho kind remembrance of the printer's slice. ID fi o Ur,lT..; vJ..'Zlr'e . " ,. ocp'', ....... . . .(..-., , uiiuumtnAiL ,;., i eq. qi (J tint place, and daughter of Mrs -usan Strong of this town, nged 36 years LOST. 0 N Monday I.nt, somewhere between the Square an.l C. Lyons in Shc'bnrn. a Untie I?.-d 'IV,. -.1, containingOi's for Essences, n little money and other valuables. This trunk having travelled considerable mav be known bv the wear nnd rnrd m.r-o ,.nnn Tho finder will confer a favor by leaving or giving in formation of it nt Ibis office. uct. 13, IS43. 20w3 SETII II. WARNER. NO Tier. Tn.r?,'2.v-Cer,ift' ,hlt 1 havf eiven my sons cnonon mi, i iip.viiv irir-i .1...'. ' . - , 1 . " "nrii lime during tho rest of their imnoritv. nod shall claim none of their wages nor pay any dcht of thpir con trartingfrom litis dale. AI.VA prMi.-i? Jericho, October 14.1313. 20'.v3 LOOK AT TlflS. I AI?nri! i!,ii. -ni r.1 1 . r r- V,i..?.', ,'f"c,r,!'.n.l 0h"P". Lot of Mot, Catlin's. on Colleee a... han a. a, v C ...'L I 'lu V IT 71 II II I i rnu 1 I lltlltQ rin hn lmm.4 II 117 ' mis viuaee or nroDf n unci- r-,,11 ,,,,1 .o,.,i . u.. goods and pri-es. 201 October 19. '43. WOOL, and WOOL PELT for sale by H. W. CATLLN. Oct. 29, '43. 20 BEE'S WAX. 1 OOO "." Pu,c- Wmtel immediately in ex chanoc for Goods, by Burlineton, Oct. 19." 20tf W.M. HURLBUT. WM. HURLBUT, At the Xcw Cash Store, next tloar abovo Mess. Ui'liismaid's Variety store. HAS just received a sencral as-ortmcnt of Goods ndapied 10 the Fall Trade, which are now offered at the lowest r.ite for cash. Among which are lilac!; nml Blue Black Alnnccn Lustres, do Figured, :lo Brown and Witm fntnnre M0.;nnna colors, Mou-eline dc Lam s, plain, fig'd anil striped i .... ounm on nijs j i.iigiisn, i-rencn and Ameri can Prints, plain and fieured Ahvnes, Bonnet Silks, Oro ih- Nap Silks, Gro de .Swiss, Blai k Italian, ........ .v.,,., u ii, ,ur, iiirini L;ii)ins, t;astimeres and Suiiinetls, Beaver Clolhs, Vesting, cords, trim imnL'S. bultons. Ac. ) Cotton generally, Cam brics, Muslin-, Lawns, Laces, Thread Edctii"s, Elan nels, woolen and cotton, Coiion vnrn, wickin" and Iwmes Gent, ami Dojs1 Caps, Pnmily Groceries, Fur Boas, I arexvcll'a shoes. Gaitrrs an.l hslr Oilin Bonis, Goo I Table Butter taken in exchenge for Goods. Hurlingion, Oct. IS, 1S13. 20lf De'a C lilttendcti'ii I slnte. STATE OF VEIfMONT,) MUIE Hon. the District of Chiiirmlf-n. s. i I twt n, e for Iho Pi-lnei of Chi-t.-n 'en : In nil ncf-nis con. ei-rnolin Ihe I.s'ate i f II! LA CHI'I TFNDEN la-e ol StuP urn, in -in 1 I) strir-', ilt-ceaseil, GaF.r.TiNO. ur.RCA", Simeon W. I'ayn, .idiiimi-lriitur til' the estate ot ai I deintui', pmpo c. lo teiuler an a-eount ol h ii'ltiiim-t ration, ami ;,m- cm In, i,(.,.( i a?ain-t aidt--tati-lor xHitiiii.ttion and allowance at a i-eJ-moii of Ih- Cimrl ol Piolii-e, to be I (.Men nt the oiIkp if the Regi-icrtf ad Court in li irl ng-on in Mini Di-irii-t, on tht-nToud Wt-diiesday ol'Noveinbcr, A. I). 1811. Tin m:n he, you are hereby notified to appear I o fommiil i-iiuri at iho lime anl.l.i-o nl'iire-aid, and shew inti-n, if any vmi have, why the account oforc taid rho ild not 1 1- allowed. ofo'"" 'r n'?r( " ls'lS J ""r'insl0"' tllis 17th day j0w3 ' ' ' ' CHS. RUSSELL, iudgt. Epliralm Stile' Kstate. STATE OF VEIIMUNT. ) rpnK ln.lh(. pro',Rle lii-t net of Chittenden, n. J L Court for tho Di-triet of Chiltendent To nil persons concerned in Ihccs laloofEPHItAIM STILUS, late of Jericho, in said District, deceased, GnECTiso. Whereas, Warren lord, admims'rator.of the Estate or said deceused, proposes to render an account of his adniini-tration, nnd present his account against said estate for examination nnd allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be hoblrn at the office of the Ilegister of said eourt in Burlington on Ihe second Wedne-dny of November, IH43. TiiEarroac, Von ore hereby notified to appear be fore said court at tho limo and place aforesaid, and shew caue, if any you have, why tho account afore said should not be allowed. Giien under my hand at Burlington this 14th day of October, A. D. 1643. ' 203 CI1S. RUSSELL Judge. Hlljali l'crk'ti Kstate. STAI'E OF VEIIMUNT,) A T a Probate Di-trict ol t-bitii-iulen, f W Court, hrll at Burlinston w'ilhin and for the Di-inei. nr. .rp.niil nn tho 1 1th day of October, A. D. 1313, ati instrument purporting to be tho last xvilland testament of Elijah Peck, late of Charlotte, in said district decea-ed, was pirscnicu 10 i ne court nere ior rronate, by Jonathan Holmes, the Eiecutor,thereiil inmed. THEBEronEit is ordered bv said Court, that public notice bo given to all persons concerned therein lo appear beforo said to.irt, at a session thereof to be holdcn nt tho Register's office in said Burlineton, on the second Wednesday of November. A. n. 1A43. and contest tho pi obate of slid will) and it is further ordered that ihn order bo published llireo weeks sue- ce.sively in the Burlington Freo Press, a newspnper printed at Burlineton, in this Stale, the last of which publication bhall he previous to the day assigned as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand nt tho Regisicr's ofDra this 11th day of October, A. I). 1613 W.M. WESTON, Register. Oliver Howard's Kstate. WE tho subscribeta, having been appointed hy iho llonorablo tho Probato Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine nnd adjust tho claims nnd demands of all per sona against tho estate or OLIVER HOWARD, late of Mdlon, in said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ollfcct thereto) and six mouths from tho day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, xvn do therefore lienby give notice, that we will attend to tho business of our appoint nunt, at Iho dwelling hou-e of Sylvester Waid in Milton, in said District, on Iho last Tuesdays of No vember, 1813, and February, 1S14 next, at 10 o'clock, A. M,, on each of said days. Dotal, tins '.'1st dav of September A. D. 1B43. LYMAN' BURGESS,. . . :0 ELAH IIERRICK, J r"m""1""f' TO-MORIltW, AT 1 O'CLOCK, I. HI. 1 nnn CORN BROOMS, in Ion of 12 and up- 1UUU wards to 1000, Household Furniture, Bedsteads, Tables, new and old ! Harnesses) Brass and Wood Clocks t 10 cases Calf and Brognil Boots) Cops, Furs. Cloth, , Ac. it niuiuAo. October 20, 18 13. . NEW FASHIONS AND NUW GOODS. M. PRASE 11, HAS just icturncd from New Vorlt with the LATEST FASHIONS for Hat?, Caps, Cloaks, and Dresses. AI30. a sidondid asorl- 1, kid aces, Glove; Mitts. -Vc. iVc. Also, a good assortment of JIuli's and Boas, all of which will bo sold i n the most reasonable terms. Burlington, Oct. 18, 1843. Z"' BUTTER. First rate article of Dairy Iluttcr, for sale by Oct. 19. 20 II. W. OATLIN. LOOK HERE!! ALL persons having accounts with us over three months standing, are politely requt sled to call and settle thesamo without delav, and oblige S. N. GAUT & CO. Burlington, Oct. 20, 1843 . 20 Oliver II ls' Kstale. STATE OF VERMONT, THH Hen. the DNlriot of Chittenden, i". j X I'rolntu Court for the Di-triet of Chillnlen. to nil por-ons concern cd in ibe Etateof OLIVER BLISS, late nfEvex, in saifl Di-lriet, ileeeaed, GnEr.TINn. Wiiebeas The adminilrnlcrs ol the estate ol':iiJ decea.ei',propo-e to render tin neeount of ilic r a Inij l i!r.itioi,and present iheir mcmnt againl oiJ et.ite lor examination and atiowanee nt a esiou of the Court of Probate, to le bolden ai theoilii e of the Keg iter ofsaid Court on the second Wednesday of No vcml er next. Therefore, Yon areherebv notilied to appear before said court at the lime and place nloreaid, anil shew cau-e, if any yon have, why ihe account ularoaid jho'ihl not be allowed. , Given under my hand at Burlington this ISili dty of October A. D. 1813.. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. STATE OF VEnMONTTTrTlnK lion, the Pro DiMrict pf Chittenden. J '1 I a'e Court within and for tho Di-triet of Chittenden, To the era limn and others ronoernfl in t hot-state of OMVL'It ULISS, la'eofE-sex, in atl Di-Mri-I, deeca'cil. Wherea-.lbeAdinini-lr.ilor.-- of id deeea-ed, lnlh made application to lhi- Court, to etlen l the lime limned for making payment of Ihe debt- of sail i)e-eea.t-d, twelve nxinth- 'fnm ibe 3 I t'nv of November 23t3,nnd Ibe -e;o id Weilne-i'ay of November next, being a-funed Kr a heariur in the preml-c-, an ho lee ot t VRei'i-tcr t flln- Conrl. Hntl it hi via; I ei-n ordered notice ttiereot ' e siven, oy pit I s 1 112 t n I'eert-e tlirce wteks -uece--ively m the It irlmeton Freelre- n new naper limited at Burlington. Le- fore Iho time fixe I for hearing. Therefore, you are herein- nolifiel, to appear befi-re saidOoirl, atlhetiine and place, th.-ii and lliere.lo makeol'itvlion ifany y u bine, to the -aid time of pawnent I eing further exun-'ela-aloro-aid. (liven miller mv baud nt B irlingtou this 18 h dav of October A. 1. IS 13. 20.v3 CHARLIE RUSSKI.l , Jud-jc. Davi I liussell's Rstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) T a Prolate Court District nf Chittenden, fi. J JA. hoi ten at Burling. Ion, within ami fur the Distno afore ni I 011 the 1-Jtli day of Oeio! er. A. I'. IS 13. an Instrument purport- , Ins to lu the la-t Will nil I Te linii-lit of DAVID ' KUSSHLL, late of llutlingiiui, iii -aid Di-tri.-t iVceav e l, was nre-ented to 1 1n- Co-irl here for t'riihale, by Nathan B. Ila-well, the Exi-C'ilor, I Iiltl-.ii named. I TiiEncponR, it i onlere I l.y tmd Court, lint public I notice lu civen 10 all per-o'ns concprncd Ih rein to appear tielore -am court, al a .e--ion 1 herein to 1 1- hcl.ien at ,,e Regi-ler's Odiee in ,aid B.,r!ni--'-on on s ... . ' . . ..T' " c' '"A 'S 3- " 1 eor.lesl the prol ate nf said Will, and it i- further or dered that tlit- order be ptiMi-hed tlueo wee1:- tocc sively in the Burlington Free Pru-s, a new- pa ier prmtisl at Burlington, in ihi S.atf, the lat cf winch hall be previous to the day a-igncj, a aforc-ai 1 lor hearing. Given iin-'cr my hanl nt tho Register's Office, this 12ih day of October, A D. 1813. 20w3 Wm. WESTON, Ecfistcr. John IJ. Calkin's Estate. STATE OK VERMONT, I milE PrcH'e Court District of Chittenden, . I 1 for the Di-trict of Cbit'enden : To a'l peron- ei ncerned in the eta'c t JOHN B. CALKI.VS hut- of Hmi-burgh, in said Di-lnct, deeea-ed,inlL-.tate, (incrriNo. WiiEar.A-, Jeru-ha I'allin'-', and N ah l-.dwa.ds, administrator- ol the o.-tale of -aid decea-ed, prr pn-e to render an account oftlieir ndniini.tratiun, and pre sent their account against -aid o-taio fore.-nniimrion and allowance nt a re ion ol tho Court of Proha-f, to It- hidden at the O.lice of the Rcsi-ter or :nd Co.iri in Burlington, on the icooml Wi-dne-day of Novci- r-t-r a. i'. 101. TunnrFonc, You aro hereby no'ifiad to appeir be fore i.a id court at the lime and place afiiri-iii I, and shew cause, if nnv you hax-e, why ihe ifore saiil sho-ild not 1 l- a'llouc I. Given under my Inn I at Burlington this 13th day cfOctoler, A. D., 1813. 2uw3 CHARLES RUiSCLL, Judje, TMIE subscribers to Harper's Edition of MARTIN X CHU7.ZLEW1T aro notifitd that Part III. is published and for sale at HtRRIN'GTO.VS. The subscribers to the New World Edition nru no lifted that No. 9 is also publi-hed and for sale nt ihe 6 ime place. CHAMPLAIN OPPOSITION HTEAMUOAT COMPANVI PURSUANT lo Iho arliclesofassachtion, iinderihc nameand l)le of iho " Champlain Opposition Steam lloat Cumpany." Ihe subsciibcis ihtretoaro hereby informed, by Lawrence Mvebs, John C. Hammond, Caleb D.Dabton, John II. Iluvn, Sam uel C. W'eaii, Jonas C. Heartt, Gidein LtTimoe, Isaac H. Smith, Isaac Nve, Haluv Auamk, Ste phen S. Keves, nnd Thomas A. Hammond, the pre sent trustees of said association, that tho tequi-iie amount, to render obligatory tho s iid articles, has been duly subscribed s-and the subscriber nte here by further notified ilmi a meeting ofsaid subscribers, tor the purpose nf electing niuu of their members ns DlaECTons" ofsaid nssoeialimi, and Iraiisaelui" nil other proper business, will be Imlden on TIIUIIS DAY, THE SECOND DAY OFNOVEMBE It next, (1813) it McGEE'S HOTEL, in I'MMurvh, N. Y LAWRENCE .MYERS, ; JOHN II. BOYD, Trustees. GIDEON I.ATIIRCP, Burlington, Vt., Oct. 13, 1813. FROISSART'S CHRONICLES, No. Yll.reeeiv- ,?d y v. Harrington. This is ono of the most rare nnd interesting woiks that has been issued from the press in this country, and contains more than one Auntred nnJ tirentyen grarinpi. MISS BREMER'S WORKS Tha PRESI DENT'S DAUOHTKRS-Tho IIO.ME-The NEIGHBORS and NINA, for sale by '9 Y. HARRINGTON. DRY GOODS AT AUCTION. rilHE entire Sioel nfOoods in the Store lately oe X rupiel l.y SKTH B. SCOTT, will lomid nl Auction witho-it re-erve on Wcdne-day Oct. 18 h IRJ1. fmninnin., n, 1 rlnnl. 1 SI .. . ,.. ... . . .... aui cuilllllliu every oltemoon iinlillnll are old. inurnii i.. . it- . . oi.i ii 11,111, atMiqnte. Slore in Church Si. nearly opposite S. E. Iluwards. Burlington Oct. 13, 1813. lUf V. .V. MARSHALL'S SALE. PUI1LU' NOTICE i- hereby given the follow inc good-, wares and iuercbandie, condenum in the Hon. District Court of tho I1. S. fur Vermont Di-trict, O-iobi-r Term, 1813, will I e wold at 1'nljio Auction, nt tho Auction room of Col, H, Thonia-, in Burlinston, in niddi.inci. on tln-8tli diy ofNovem Ier next lo the highe-t bidder, a'o lo eominciun m 10 o'tlcK-k, A. .M., viz t 2 Frock Coats, Pair Pan. taloon-,2 Vets, 2 CloaU, 9 -SMk Cravat., 2 yards Ribbon, i yd.- Cotton Cloth, 1 Slmwl, t Muusclin de Laine Drre-, 1 Dress I'uiiern, 1 pair Shoe.-, 2 pair Gloves, 2 SloeUs. 1 Cravat, 5 vol-. Syrmiim-, I Bible I Tf-lameiil, I Hal, 1 Wowed Hdl.l", -1j yd. cluzol tiuinbnr. Al-o, 3 Silk Shawls, I I o Linm-n Thread 1 dozen pair Glove-, 30 Martin SI m., 2 Cro- Fox Skin-, 2 Squirrel Liniiigh, 2 pur Small Moeco-ins, 2 do. Coney SI. ir. AIo 40 yds, Mixnelin da Lame, I2J d Canilirl,l Ui yd- Bodiop L-iwn, 7 yd-tf.vio Mu-lin, 2 small pu -e Inieriion. AUn, 1 hux con laming SOOJiottles Bang's Sliituic Given under my htnd at Brn iforil, lint 12hd.iv of Oetolfr, H. )u WILLI M BARRON, f S Varjfl HVllLl.XGTOX, VERMONT, UcTonm:, 13 W. J THE SUBSCRIBER has opened a Bonkvoietn this place, and intends to keep a full supply of W (O j& a in nil departments of Literature and Science, and will supply School Tciehcrs and Country Merchants with AlllTllMETICS, lllSTOBICs, (Jll.XMMA H8, S'rnLLINO Boons, also .LonnnAs and the higher .hranehi-s of Mathematics, together with Iho Classics used m High Schools, Academies and Colleges, Arrangements have also been mado for prncur ingnnv of the Periodicals ol iho day.nniong which arc 1,'itidnii, I'Mlnhnrsli, I-'nrrlgu nml Westmin ster Itcvlexvi; Dlackwood's nui tlie Dublin University Miie.i7.luc. THE AMERICAN QUARTERLIES, seen .is Amcrioin BiMicil Rpooitorv, (per nnmmi) S.'i 00 Amci icnii Jiuisl nnd Law Mamzinc. " 5 00 Amtricaii Journal uf Medical Science, ' 5 00 Mclhodit Quailerly Review, " 3 00 North American Review, " G GO AMERICAN HEPRINTS of FOREIGN ItEVIEWS London 0urtetly Rex iow, (per annum) 83 00 Edinburgh " " 3 00 Fortisn Quarterly " " 3 00 Litllc's Museum, (monthly) " C 00 Blackwood's 3Inga7iuc, " " 4 00 Dublin University " " " 4 (0 .Metropolitan Literary Journal " 4 00 ENOLIII REVIEWS not ntraiNTEn in tub U. S. Christian Observer, (Church, Monthly) 80 00 British Critic, (Chtirrh) BOO Church of Enshnd Review, 8 00 Congregational Mii2a7ine, 6 00 Evangelical Macizme, 2 5C AMERICAN MONTHLIES. American Medical Library and Intelligencer, S3 00 Democratic Review, monthly, 6 00 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 3 00 Christian Examiner, (Unitarian bi-monthlv) 4 00 Gralnm's Lillys' and Gentlemans' Magazine, 3 00 llimt1. Mnri-ltnl'l. Mnirri7inn. R On BOO Journal of iho Fianklin Institute, Knickerbocker, Law Library, (re-print of Ihn mo-t valuable English Liw Reports and Treatises,) Phil. Law I!:)orlcr, Boston, Ladies' Book of Literature and Fashion, Ladies' Cninpanijii, Ladies' Garhrid, &c. &c. itc. S 00 6 00 10 00 3 00 3 00 3 00 The above are somn of tho principal Rev!elvJand iMa-jraz nes published in Ibis country, besides a pre!1 j many not named, any one of w liich will be furnished hy tlie siiBscrmcr aim delivered at his store or for warded by nnil or oiherwiso as directed, on Iho te ceipl of tho subscription price of the work ordered, in advance. There is an edition of Buckwood's MaoazInk published at the New world Office, N. V., at 82 per annum, monthly, which will be constantly for sale ly the single number. VEItNON HARRINGTON. College St., Strongs' Hui'dintr. 19 SCIIOOTi GF.OGltAPHir.w.-Miicheirs, Ol ney's, Woodbridgo nnd Willntd's, and Mitchell's Primary (.mograpliy, and l'.irli-v 19 V. silo by HARRINGTON. ?N'C!US1I CJH AMMAN. Browne's, llar nurd's, Kirkliam's, Snuili ami Fosdicl.'s trans-l-i'ion of Do Sacy, for sale by 19 V. HARRINGTON. AIjKHlJItA. Uavies' First I.e-sons D nics' Bourdon, Bridges', Bailee's mid IVrec's. pr sale by 19 V. II MtRlNGTON. LTY-'ON. Voun." IIvsoi. II. Skin nud Black Tnact ll East llosmii I oif anl Powdered .-'ui-arj Nut meus, f'lmes, Ground Pepper, Sp'ne, nnd Cinnamon, warranted of superior qualities. forilolnu' by ELI AS LVMAN, 19 Straus's Jluihtinet . THOSi: Til AT WANT TO HE SCIIOL WW A'l TUX I). tfhNE, two, three, of lour earsin the University of v- ermont. lo eonimencc next eommenecnient, for sale verv chtap indeed. Enquire at this office. Oct. 12, IPJ3. 19 LOST, T AT evening, m ibis vilbice, n -mill GOLD i-J tJll.M.N nnd i.odtct. Ihn finder will le -.tula bly rewarded bv leavtui II at thii o.lice. Burl n.-inii, O t. 5, 1813. 19 v3 rjMIE .-id -cnler In- now-on luud an I itin-nd-lo m. 1 1-at b-lo -hnri n lice, Mi-tcllaneoii-, Liw, CI is-ical an I School Boo!, a- low tLr ensh as cm le p'tr-hi cd in ninr! vs. 30 Sept. 1S13. 17 V. HARRINGTON. "i-'itrxcn without a tj-.a m it." A NEATLY primed pamphltt nf E0 pages in Sit ;V Ei v Le-sous d'.isned to ficiliti'e the acqui-i. lion of the French Linauage without the aid of a teacher, for sil by V. HARRINGTON. Uurlini'lon. 13lh October. 19 A FEW eini sof ihs Downv Testament, a fine edi- V lion, lor sale hy HARRINGTON. Gtii October, 131.1. 19 pOBBET'S COTTAGE ECONOMY, i neat edi- y-J tno, Tor sib- cheip bv V. HARRINGTON. Gill October, 1543. 19 K ATI! IV SEARCH OP IIUSIIAXD PHILIP I.N SEARCH OF A WIFEs forssleby '9 Y. HARRINGTON. EXTRA V. STRAYED from the huVori1 cr, on the 14ih in-t., a HUeli Cow, with a little gioy aoros- ihe l ack and I id, horn- tnrmni: nier. son.! to in-lk, and i he iween d nud 5 I, The liiv'er w, I e rc.i.ou al ly rti-ompeiisid, by giv n-f infurmation of her to , DANIEL DlONYs'U'S. Burlmgtcn, Sept. 21, 1SI3. 1C v3 T- II MtRlNGTON will r.-ceive -1 s-ri,i:ions for V . all or nnv one ol the Foreign Ruv,ew-, the Americ.i.i Ile;irinl- nf Foreign Rcvil-wn the ieeri can Q nr'erln-- nil I Monthly M maziucs, it-., &: 30 t'ept., 1 13. " i- Jlrljcathcr! Leather.'! Leather! ! 'j TO 77: PUliUc. 7 C. LOO.MIS has on hand the largest 3nd best I- , assoinneiit .if LE TIIER ihit has been ofieied III this nnrktl, and will lie sold f.r cns or good pi per, cheaper than ii h is been sold in this part of the country lor v.ars, as ho is determined to tel., if with, out profit. .Vminu ivluv i are 5 OO -I i le- .te i.ciiil.r, from Is tu 23ct. per lb. lot) do Upper I.elther, 2S Dozui Calf Skms. Ilirne-s Bridle, Top, Slvlllillg, Hind. .Morocco, Kd, Lining, Binding, Trimming l-, i.ming, f- Ittissr-tt Bmllo Horso Hi hi an. I Ui Skins. Shoemakers' Took, Lists, Rm t Tne.s, and Trimmings of eicry descrip tion. Also. Bliss's thicli B iota. No. 1, at iS'.'.IO cash, Pleaso call and slifv nurclf. Pearl Siaeel, Sept. CI at 13J3. MAUSUAL'S NOTICE. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Vermont Pitlriit, l,i icit i X loawir- rant issued out of Iho Hon. District Court nfilio !Tni. j ted States for s id Disttiul to medirteied, I ho lieitby l.u ,im i.i.i.n II..II..V. nui mi iiiurmiiioii ior viola tion of tlie Rcirnue Law of tho United Slates h-is been filed in (.aid Court by Chillis Dnia, E-q , Dis trict Attorney of iho United Slates for said District, against the follow ing destril cd goods and n-eichan-ilizc: 2 frock coils, 2 pair pinialoons, 1 vests, 2 elniks 0 Silk t 'rav.iis, 2 Yds Ribbon, j Yds Cotton Cloth! 1 shawl, d muslin detain dress pa'ii ins, 1 diess pat tern, 1 pair shoes, 2 hair gloves, 2 stocks, 1 t-raiat, 5 vols, sermons, 1 bible, I testament, 1 hat, 1 worsted handktti bur, 1 1 2 yards glazed cambric, seized en the waters of Like Champl.iin, near Burlin'-lon, in tho District of Vermont, Juno 13, 1S13. 3 silk slnwla, 1 box linen ihiead, I tloz. pair gloves, 30 martin skins, 2 cross fox skins, 2 squirrel linings, 2 piir small moccasins, 2 doz. colored coney s'-ins, seized on tho wnters of Lake Clriinplaln, near Bur limMon, in the District of Vermont, July 20, 1813. 40 yaids muslin do liin, 121 4 yards cambric, 9 3-4 yards bishop's lawn, 7 yards Swiss muslin, 2 small pieces insertion, seiznl on the waters of I.akoCham plain, near Burlington, in ho Disttict of Vermont, July 27, 1843. I bo.x containing 200 bottles of Banc's Mixture, seized on tho wnieis of Like Champlain, near AI burgh, m the District of Vermont, Atigusi 22, IB 11. And liial will bo hid on nid information, at ths net stated term ofsaid District Court lo ho hnldtn at Rutland, within and for said Distrirt, onthofiili dav of October licit, of which all persons interested will take notice an I govern themselves accordingly, Given under my h ind nl said District, this Fth day ot September, 1813. II WILLIAM BARRON. M,r,al. BOOKS AND STATIONERY FOR SALE AT V. IIAItKINfJTOX'S, College St. BIBLF.S ; greit vani-iy, Qiano. (K-lavo, Duo .... 1 ne'.et do. in various hmdfiis-. BRA. I'll COOKS of nil size.- and bin ling-, pri ces fr nn 2j ct.. to 8', 00 eadi. 1 ..WATT'S and SKI FAT Ht'MNS, Mctiiouist ilr.-i.Ns, Camp -mektino Htmns.Winciiell's Watt. I hum anl Htmns nrrangul by Sewall for IJmn nan wor-hip, ie, ' Wrapping Paper, Cap and Loner Paper, .Mnvmrd and joies t mm- W ruing litl,, no I nier ink man if i inredj nk-linl. Sa, l,iXl!-, Wafer T ip., II' v Stud, Wu' ", S-alm-t Vax, QIU, Mc.ircl and nalive. Pen mve nn 1 Pent I-, nian? I'- ks.Art whuli will ft sold turpav -, n, -13. S.TU.MHKR XV. of ALLI"OX'S HIS'lO. - RY of EUROPE, just published, and I . sole by 19 V. HARRINGTON. Sltnmails for IS4U i For Salt-SSy V. llARUINiiTON J00KS! BOOKS!! OAMVEL HL'N'IINGTON Is now reccinn? fn-ni O New York n good n--ortiii'-nt of CIIOOL BOOICS, BI BLI'S, IIVMN BOOKS, PRAYER BOOKS, ANNUALS and GIFTS for 181) and a va riety of other p.rti -!cs in his line, all ol w liich be of fers to his p itro; s and the p tl lie iji-iier.illy on very fjvoinb't- terms for en h. S. II, would taliu tin- opportunity lo return his sin cere I hunks to hi- many patron- lir I heir ia-t f ivor-, and hope-1 y hi- iiltention to the wants of Ins friend, and tho pubfic lo merit a eoiuinutince of thai p iiro i age. IS D. K. PANG IORM CABINET MAKER, Village Sexton nnd b'ndertal.vr. HAS removed lo n Now Shop, near the south end of White Sired, oppo-ile the homo i f the Rev. Mr. Converse, u here he will I u at home nl nil time-. Ho iill continue to nnl.c nil kinds nf Cabinet Furni ture which ho will sell low Irr pionipl pay ; and re-spe'-ifuly oli'-it the continued tiatriina-.'i' 'of In- old i-n-tohUT-, nnd ihat of clhers nl-o. In In- e.ipticity of iiiazt-.e.ton, he na--iiiec-iipuom'ed purcin-ed at hi- own e.Xjicn-e a neiv llcur.-o nnd Pall, and pic.iar tslwith linn h care mid laboi a now Mup of Iho new I t-a-ititul Cemctry of the Villas'!-. Ho will l.ecj re l'dy maJe t-otlins of nio-t kinds, forad-dt-, nnd all o-hei-, liirm-heil al the -liorte-t notice. Ho will turni-h and ntlcn J wiih hi- llear-e. Fiuiera's out of the ill.igi- or in nny of the adjoining Town- with le troid le to friends pro! and I etler order than nnv one near er nt hand and .it a- short or -horlcr notice, STOVF.S! STOVES!! NEW PATTERNS, & CIIEAP1 R Til AN EVER. All t.inds of Produce taken inpayment; liberal credit giccn or Clieapjor Caih. HENRY .MAYO, having til.en tho Store lormer'v occupiol l.y niCKOIC & CA I'LIN, i now it-ct-ivinga largo coii-e.nment of STOVES, con-i-timr id any df-iriible pitteni of Cuo'r, Box, or I'.iilour S'oie-, S-nvo Pipe, Tin nnd Copper Trimming-', Ilobow Ware, Ate., w Inch w ill Ice.xthan.ed lot any kindof Pro-luce orei h. Tho-e who wi.h to pur chase Stove, will do thciii-choi n well a. hun a fvor I v ixiininimr his -took. IJtiriil' to.i, O-i. I, ISIS. 13 CHAIR FACTORY. 4 T the oil .una oi' KELSON .s fc GATES thero i thele-t as-tortint-nt of CHAIRS mi l will le sold cheaper than t an be ptircha-vd al any other olact- in'ineton. MAHOGANY, CL'IILI D MAPLE, PAINTED CANE .-EAT. LARGE nnd SMALL ROCKING, DINING, CHILDREN anl LARUE ARMED CHAIRS, nt C. L. NELSON'S, Church -trie',oppovie the O'd Bank, oral his Fuc-o-ry three door- north of tho Cathtdi-.- Church. 13 .'.MAS 1.Y.11.VN HAVING recoiled n large a--ortinenl cf Fa'l and Winter Goods, ainon. which aro a great va r.eiv of rich goo I- f r Ladii's' winier dre-se- and cloak-; Chu-nn nud Mo.ifeliiiL-i'e Lame-, high col o l - ami lich: n'-o, mourning -i"d half mn-iruing do, ; ai-o, lentilifil iiio.irniug Ginirhain. ; n hirst' a ort inetil e.f Call' -i perior q-iality mid fini-h ; Alpac-e.i-, silk warp, colli ii do. ; a rrt-it variety of Sliawl-J an end c. variety of and Ilo-ery, India Kuld er .Mills, a nevi- artti Ic, very siijierior, not hiv ing tnno to i-ii'inierJtt- forati adiertiyemeut tliiwtrk, uili e- Li lies anl Oeiit'e-nen to fall nnd t-.vauiiiie the -ood-M Inch will I e -ho-vn ivtlh p!ea-ure. Colt" n Yam. nl.o forllircad very cheap, Carpet warp, vic!,in.l ntting, waiUin, ece. Burliug i -l, C Oct., 1313. " IS XOTICK. CJ M. POPE ha- Hid re t-iit-d a co I ascrtmcnt O. ol DRY GOODS an I GROCERIES, whi:liaro o'lerel at iho owt-si prius for ca-h. Wan-Htl, in t-xtlmip'- for Goods, good Butter, Grey CI' th, WouIl-h Yarn, , . Burlington, Oct. -1, 18H. 13 wl i:t)i:ni:K mioes. LAL'IES' plain anJ figured shots, do. Gol.ic do. .Men's do. do. do. plain and ilurii do. Mi e do. Ojt. l, H43. 13 wl for sile ehtao by S. M. POPE. XQ BARRELS FINE SALT tori.-i'e bv JO S. M. TOPE. Uurlinglon, -1-h Oct., 1313. 18 4 HOUSE TO RENT. MM. J J .J M M .iiT"A A l-lea-anl plea-ant llou-uu-iih garlen and 'cnveireu-'t-- near the Aea I- -ioii'pn nl.niil iKi llr.t of r::::.Q -: j i,u e..w. ...w .'.l' Noiemler. Also, ha f ol Ibe Hoo-e I W ,.An f-,l.l T ...... I ,.V,l . ,.1,1, V'll V.OIIII I, .Mil, misi half can It- mi-i-- a eouiement tenement Ijr a small family, po-.session aLo.i! the same time. is if. n. k. pang born. WANTED, itn BUNCIinONS orGOOD CIDER, hy Oci.C, 1SI3. I3.v3 C. L. NELSON. Harriet Pickering's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,; AT a Prolate Cour' Di-inet of Chiiteii len, ..) A held at Burl'iiglom yithiii and tor sin! Di-lriet on I he l'dhday of Scp-em-Ier, A. D. 1313 Pn-i-ni, Charles R'Js ell, Judge, of sid Cutiii, an instrument purporting to le Ihulvt wid and iu lament- i f Uisnurr P.cki:i-.ino laic ol II irlinjr'i n, in aid di-tric: ilecciiscd, I e-na prt-eulel 10 s.ii I ( here l y John D. PioU-rin., the Execu tor iheiein nained, for pro' a'e; The Court afore-aid dothaptiont the m' -oii I Wehie-dayi l Noivtnl er, A. D. 1313, al then -u-of the Rege-ler ol aid Court, it B irlingion nl'ore-aid, for provinu -aid ivilk.iu-Kloth orler th it .ill person- coneerM-d I o untitled to 1 1 fine .ti 1 Court at the time nnd plat o afore-aid lo '-oute t ho pro'-a'e of -.i-dw.ll (it they see e.tu-e) by put I-ca Ion nl tin- i ri't-r three wt-eUs scecf-stvely ,irei,ou-io the -aid ud WcJnes lay uf Noieinl t-f, A. D. 13 Id, iutl-e I! u bug-on l-'iee Pit--, a newspa ier prin tv J at B .r uj ' n attire- li I. G ven tio-'er my Inn ' at ll'irbii.-ion nlore-ail Ibis 30 hd.r,- of Si-v.t'u.ber, A. D. I'M. lSw'J Win. WESTON, Regitler- J. K. BltlXS.MAID & BllOTUEIlS, S'icccssor: to tA?;Gnoi:v . rrixsmaio, ' IMPORTEnS OF WATCHES AND JEWELRY. .Manufjrtitrer. of Gold & 'S l-.t.kU aiicj Repauursc f Waives, C'e-.'.-i anrf Jewelry, Jamk- Edcar I'ms-smaip, Sniiowicii SivtrT Hmi-iaid, Wiiliam Bliss I'i-.insmaid. s. x. i .".iaIjI.i:. .Yo. 2 Counsellor Jj.7. (Peck's Building.) 13 WHEAT. A FEW bushels of NEW GENESSKE WHEAT of the growth bf 1313, for seed, a first article, for sale by GEO. PETERSON. Bntlinctoii, Ai;r.31. 13 Henry Toivnscml-' Estatr. STATE OF VEllMONT,iriUi; Hon. the Dis-iioi of Chittenden,. S L Prol nte court f.-rihe D net i f C'hittendin, to the creditor- and other in i-oii- concerned ll the --i,itc l HENRY TOWN-! ND bitcotTroyStato of New York,inraid di-lrtct. 'e -eased. WIH'RI AS George I!, Slnw a hnmi'lralor, with 'he wid annexed ofthe I-.-li'eo said I'o ea-tsl, huh nude application tiLih;- Court, to extend ihe lime ljiutted lir making payment of the debt- ol .aid do ee.i.ed, twt-lio moiiihs Irisn iho 23:h day of June, 1343, an I Ihe Slh day ofNon-mli-r, 1813, leing a signed forn heir-iig in the prenii.e., nt the Office of tho l!egi-ler el" this Court, and it bavins been ordered that imtico thereof lo snen. by'nu- this de. t-rce three weeks s n-ce sively 'n the Burlington Free i rt-s, a newspaper prime I ai u'lrnnjion, in-ioro uie time It.xtsl ft r healing. Then lore, vonare "litrehv notified, lo anpear I efore aid Court, at ihe nine un 1 place nlore-nid, then an l there, to make olit-ctioii if any you hsie, to ibe sai.l time ol payment I eing further ex-cndtvl as aforesaid inven uiidei- my hand at llurlinclon I us lib day nl O.tol.-r.A. D. ItJtJ. II' WF.-TON, Register. ltobevt -t!nii.l)'a Ustnte. STATE OF VEIlMONT.l'liWT. Hon. the Di-trel of Chitienden, ss, X Prol atti i-ourl forlhe l'i-trietif Chmeni'en, '"all per-on-eonci-rned in thoe-io-i-1 1" ROIll R' MOOBY, l.i'o of Ihirluig ton, in sail Di-iri,-', divea.l, WHERE ', O.-orio IV Shaw, .idmmi.s-ratorr.f the estate of -,ii I i'e i-isl, hoih nn le a ipli'-ation to this Co'ir-, lo e:en I tin, lime 'imiit-1 lor mak,ng p'iineni of iheih-h" ol sai I, twilvenionih- iVomlbo 21-t dav of O.-luJ)."-, 1813, ind the 8 ll day of Nrnet.i. her, 1313. lieins a -tiiiol for a hear ng in the pri mbos at ihe nlu o I'lhuRegi-ier 1 1 llnCo in, imd it haviuif I pen onlere I noti it thero 1 1 e given, hy p ibluli ing this iV-'cc thrtv wee1; lioci'ssut-ty in the Bur. Imgton Free Pre-, a new - i-apt-r printed at II irling ion, l e'orc 'he lixel for hearing. Then-lore, ou are hem y nuiitled, lo appear helore sn-1 1 - 'on, i 'ho i mo anl pU x nlore-atd, then anil Iheie, t. ,i - I te i niia yy u hive, to Ihe laid tut fi ' Mh n,fr ,er es en Vi as ai--is.i ,1. .'. -en uii'ei n n a B.iu ufct n, th s I h .Uy olOd ei, D. Im3. 13 i-3 Wm W ESI ON ,-; if.r'Ki.oi: a mass viols. BASS and Double flasi Wo't of Pn-i.-n"'- imd DenrLon'. make for a'e at inanuiseluii-i pri-.i?-17 BalssMAtu A Bkotiii'.iis. N all their lorielie opening mi l Hv-a'c hy 17 DmssHAiu A BiioTiii nt. "1 OO CIIOI'I'ING THAYS, dllltl'. rpilOSEvho oil- preparing to in t'.e imii'-ed pe-, JL sausage-, r. ait- inlormel ihat ihey can seltot a good Truy from an a.-ririincnt id all ize at our st' re. 17 BnixsMAtn eo nnonirns. MIIilTAt! V I1HTTONS UN HANI).. RTILI.ERY, Infiintiy, Rule, Field and SiaTBut. tons. Hution. for (Jineral ti nil S -i'n will le fiiriiihe 1 al shcr' nolu-e. Chappeaux undo In-renp. I' I.. m bed to or'er. 17 J. E. Drinsmaid f. ntioTiir.ns. i irrABLiWsY miiTls. rVTHE s ib-r-riber bavin, bcci a-i-ioin'e-1 agent f.r ' ih- nle of .Io.mIi I'liti'. Mn iri-nl Pori-i' lu Grist Mill, I- (irupared lo firm-h mdl- at -lion iro'r-e, and nuthori-ed tu s' II r ght- lor iu-'n', town-, ui loiini ii-s. Tin- mill ."'! llie nt ih Fairi.f Ihe Auuricnn Iti-liiuli- in .N. Yotk, la-l amiiinn, and Iho sill seip'cnt Miles h.iiu fully lorneonl tho hig'i prai-r there 1 1- to-.' ol upon p. 1 1 is admirable for gi in, ling Indian corn nnd hor-e fed. Or .in ofnljkmds is gomitl with cipi il faciliiv. Also coffee, and nil. kinds of spices j nlioHilt, drug-, -e. nnd it is easily adapted for giiud ug paints, jw durability is pqtial to any otlu r mill, iho stone being eonipo-ed of Flench Burr j and its tliictrn'-y with us simplicity is rcinirkable, as arc also its olhcr desiia blc, eomtncndalious for compnc-iics, purtablyn'-.s and low price. 'I here are four rliderent sizes n'.w made ot these mills, viz i is. '-'1, SU and Jo men stone; prices fiom S123 toSJOO. Tho smallest mav bu ttsvil ly hand power and turiud by n crank, and either of them aro readily wotked by lior-e, st, im or light water power. When ver water power is scarce, nui gri-t nulls for grinding corn or grain of nn v kind n' consequently scarce, these patent mills will be al most invaluable) for with one of these mills v.hh horse powtr, nny per-on could grind all that could t-w ground by nny oilier mill. It isnt on"e admitted by all who have seen tin's mill perform, that n ,s iritlv n lalor saving and economical midline j lis with it more work can be don- with less power (hy nbout half.) than nny other mill, nnd it will do ihe work -it least ns well and as last, and the price is less than for nny other. I'llE-JSON CROFL'T. Burlington, S'bi. SO. 1313 16 'f GE It .11 A.N jsTOUIJ. A goo! o-jortinen cf 'm. Frince-, . imp--, Cum and Ta - l , 10 Jist recoil cd I y OSTHF.IM S: CO. X BIT liDUIIs. SILK and Wor-te I Shawl., very handsome styl fur the Season. Just it-ceiiv I it the 1C Gl'RdAN STORE. iOT-C:. THESub-eriler- bavins fonni-1 a rnparfnr-hin iiiuVr the n-une and lirm r f KI RN oc SPEAK, would inform their fr end- un-1 the Pol Ik- generally, I hat they have opened nn entiie nti.- slwk cf FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS an ' DRY OROCER IES, to which Ibey re:peeifully im ite their ii-en'ion " DANll I. KERN, G. C. SPFAR. Birlington, Church S'rett,. "-;)'. Dili, 19 13. 1311 rpHE citizens of B trim -ton an I tliel'.ih ic c"neral. 1. ly are respectfo'ly iiiforii'ol, hal tho Otrman Slore 'villi I e eoiitin 'od at the ii .1 -tan I, t-tu'er tho linn ot'M. OSTIIEIM lK Co. A generous -haraLl Patrrnure i re-pectl'dlv- rei"Osted. We hope ly unrL"iottin ittlonlion to i'li-iitt-ssaud punetiml ri-girJ load enga-eoie-it- to -t-c'ire 'lieei ntulcm-i.-ot iho p ih I ic. A iii'U-iinJ Ire Ii a--f itment nflon d- is put re eeivednnd will I e -o'd at llit-rcrioitipn'cM. Tha public aro re-peetfully invite 1 In call. Burlin.lou Sept. IS 13. AL OS'IIIEIM &Co. IjU.HlSEIt VA1III. F 70R sale bv the snhscril.eis at iheir yard on Psarl 1 Sir,l. COMMON l!OARns. LATH. FLOOR BOARD?, reidy rlanod, i:i,APBOR!)S, CLEAR BOARD2, A'si. 3,()t)( CEI) Ml POSTS, white & rod. IlICKOh .f- STF.VF.NS. Burlington, 20t!i September, If 13. ICi-,'3 FA R WELL'S SHOES. HARWELL'S Kid Hips, X d i. French di. do. do. do. do. Walking Shoe, dn. Jlorocco do. do. Just received and constantly on hind, far halo by P. fs'Il. II. DOULl'ITLE. Sppt. -Oth. 143. Id wG runs n ti:as. OLD and Young Hvsm, Skin, and Black. Tea', of a superior qualilv, lor silent the lowest marl el priceby 'KERN ec SPEAR. Church Strict, Sept. 22 1543. 16tf WANTUl). VITIITC, Mixed, and Brown RAGS in exthor.ij V v for Book's Writing and Wi own. imi cr. 30 Sept., 15 13. 17 V. II.VtlRING'l ON. GROCERIES. HYSON, Hysiii Skin, Young II i son, P.-uchong and SoucnongTcas ; Cuba. New ilil.-e.ns, Loat and Powdeied Susursi V. R. .Molasses, Ginger, Pep per, Spice, Cassia, Nutmegs, Cloves, Sslerritiis, Bar Soap, Variegaitd do., .Mustard, Moa d Candles, Co cos, ilic. etc., jusi receive J and for silo bv P. & II. II. DOOI.1TTLE. Sept.eOlh, 1S43. 10 vv 0 SUPKltFINH 1'TitlfJlt, . rpiH'. Sul S'--'il er.- aru ilai y recuviug S-erfini X VUur iu hariels nud l arret-, s'ei-ied Willi care and of ihe in ti approved 1 i.uuL, ivloch :hoy o 'cr for ca-h at a small advame. I'OLLl.rT, BRAPLEY .V Co. Old Pock, J, me S, I Jl l NEW GOODS. rpiIF subscribers haie- just returned from New Jt- York, and would rtspectfully invite tho attention of purchasers to their larje and wed selected assort ment of GOODS, lonsisiing (,f !nud Clolhs, Ilea vcr Cloth-, Cns:iucrs, Saimeis, Vt-iici;-, Sdk Vtl. vet, Tabby Vtlut, Satin Yistin. s, l. -ick lnlian Sd.t, lllick Gro dn Swi--, do, Bluo Blaik Gro Grain do, Colored (5io do Nnplc- do, AI uicim du Lains, Black Alpacev, ""-'iripe do, Parisian, Viennos, Black Bomliniiie, Ginghams, Bishop Lawn, Barred and Swi-s .Mo- slin, .Mull do, Rus li Disper, Bird Eye do, Crash. Wltpoand Colortd Cmubrirs, fmo Blcachc-l ho'ing, Irt-h I.incn, I ndit3 '("'lav-i's. M-ju-Uin de I-uina Pom's, B!a-k I alian Ciavats, fn'oiid Sil'i Cravats, Ginglnm Iliindkff, Rit b -ns, Cotlon Hose, t-uper Cashimeio Rki-, I-'imges, .are-, l.sdiss nnd Gciillcmiins Glovc-i'" of all l-.tnds, Ni-;'it C.-qiS, While an ICo ore 1 Spool Tlireul. Paihlin,-, Cnnvms. Silk, Tivisl, Bulton", Linen Tl.ri ad, ."-titsii, Wig gins, Coit Cmds and Bin ins, Watch Ginrds, Car pet liind.ii.', L'oiLnlliis. In. hi Riihbut, Neit Sus penders, Iiulin lttn ber do. I'a'ico-, While and Rid Flannel, Whitu (Aiiio'i Flannel, Unldeaehiil do, Shawls, Furniiiiro Btodmcs, Ti-itnu, D.i'lin-js, Bur laps, Wn king, CMton Yarn, I 'nipt i Warp. ic. Ac., all of whiih haw been putehai.d fur ca-.i, and ale determined, not to be undersold, P. .f- II. II. DOOLlTTl -J Sept. 20, 1SI3. 16.v6 BUFFALO ROBES, JUST received and for snle very low by P. .f- II. II. DOOLI'I TLG. Sept 20th, 1343. IC w6 BROAD CLOTHS, nss i meres, Vr-iinus, Orleans I. loih, Silk Wnrp, Lostie Alpaeea, Al. D. Liines, Damask 'nbylo Shin 1. Fancy Cravats, Oentlemena Stocks, Collars, Slice ii'g, and mol articles iistully called for in the Dry Goods line, constantly on hanil nnd lor sale by KERN if- r-PEAR. Church Strict, Sept. 1SJ3. I5if HAIIl! II.Mlt ! rpHE public are ropcctful'y informid that II. C. A. SMITH, is now prcpaicd lo furnish auyariiclo in the hn; of hair ncik on ihe shortest nunc.. Cash paid lor long hair. Shop west sido of the Ameiiran Hotel. Burlington, Sept. 21, 1S43. IGtf GI0 it M A : S'S'OI-E. Alnix-a ron t -n'n(l Verm ic'll y, Olives and Capers, Sidlitia Rai-in, Very nice Bo.x do. Erriieh Figs, Cocoa Nuts, French Prepsrel Al't'lnrd, Fren'h Pitp.uisl I 'In c hue Also,'om Pa-ie, Ii r; Clirs-olite imme-I's'ejy, Boiirdci'l Prune- in Gla Jars and .alley Boxes. luias preserve ! in Olm-O.l, China iire.-ertul Ginger. All of smwrinr q-iality, IB Justrtvc'v.vlly OiTlII'IAl t CO. A few Hogsheads of St. Cioix Suir Also. St. - V Croix Molasses, of a superior quality fir sslo by KLRN vt SPEAR. Church .strict, Sept. 23, IS 13. Kit. SELLING OFF AT COSTOR CASH, or at a small advance from cost in eiehnngr for Grain. rpiIC following .iriu le. nra now oilexci! at Ihe L Brick Shop, l l rear of the Court House, v; C irl M-iple Cane Seal Chair-, Pa ti'eil Cane Scat d.i Commcu Dinning undR icking Chairs, Bureaus. Light and Wn h Suisk, Cherry Dinning TuMe-, Work and Tod't ir I'elsteads, Clocks, de. A I a Rice's Patent V - ning Mi l-, ai reiluerd prices. A BMIN'F.S ir., AT,nr nurlingtin, A ti'133, ltv. i (

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