Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 27, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 27, 1843 Page 3
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DEMOCRATIC WHIG STATE CON " VENTION. Pursuant to a call from tlm Stnto Central Committee, n Convention of tlio Whig of Vernont atscmbled nt tlio Methodist Chapel in Montpclicr, on Thursday evening the 19th Oct. 18-13, und organized by tlio nppoint sent of HON. CHARLES PAINE, President. Hon. Leonard Sargeant, 1st Con. dis., Hon. Reuben Washburn, 2d do., Hon. Timothy Follctt, 3d do., Hen. Samuel 0. Crafts, 4th du., Vico President?, D. W.C.Clark, of Brandon, Sccrcta K. P. Walton, jr., of Monlpelier. 5 ries. On motion of Mr. G. A. Alton, a commit tte of three from each Congressional district, to be appointed by the Chair, was raised to nominate a State Central Committee for the nsuing year ; whereupon lite chair appoint d the committee as follows : First District- Messrs. Thompson, Mor- n and Daniels. Second District Messrs. Field, Porter, Winilow. Third District Messrs. Warner, Whit itmore, Mott. Fourth District Messrs. Camp, Fair banks, Janes. Mr. E. H. Billings introduced tho follow ing resolution, which nftcr brief remarks by Messrs. Walton and Briggs, was unanimous try adopted : Resulted, That we cordially accept the invitation at ths Whigs of Baltimore, to form s Young Men's Whig National Convention, to be held in Baltimore en in second day of May next, authorised to ratify the doings of the National Convention to be held in their city, on the day preceedine, and to adopt such matures aa shall bo deemed expedient to insure the lection of the Nominees of the Convention and we hereby Rive our Whig brethren throughout the Union this early notice, that Vermont is determined to bo ia ion. is in law, tna lianncr stale. On motion of Mr. G. A. Allen, a commit tee of one from each county was raised to e V nominate delegates to the above named con- Tentton, who are to bo authorised to add to their number, and each delegate to provido substitute in case he cannot himself attend the convention. Whereupon the President appointed the committee as follows : Bennington County, Windham. Air. Blanchnrd, Sir. Channler, Mr. O. P. Chandler, Mr. Dana, Mr. Grundy, Mr. G. A. Allen, Mr. Austin, Mr. Hub' ard, Mr. II. II. Reed. Mr. G. B. Chandler, Mr. Waterman, -Mr. P. Baxter, Mr. Hibbard, Windior, Rutland, Addison, Chittenden, Orange, Franklin, Washington, Caledonia, Lamoille, Orleans. Esnx. Grand Isle, .nr. jiarnn, Mr. Janes, from tho committee to nomi nate the State Central committee, reported the following named gentlemen who were ap pointed : Calvin Townalcv.of Bratflcboro', Hiland Hall, of Bennington, Hampden Cults, of Hnrtland, D. W. C. Clarke, of Brandon, Geo. A. Allen, of Iluilington, K. P. Walton, Jr. of Montpelier, S. W. Keyes.of Highgatc., A. G. Chadwick, of St. Johnsbury. On motion of Mr. G. A. Allen, thn con vention proceeded, through the delegates from the several Counties, to appoint Coun ty Committees for thn ensuing year, the chairman of each being a member of the -etate corresponding committee, as follows: Bennington County. Harmon Canfield, Arlington, chairman; Enoch Da vis, Ehaa B. Burton. Windham County. John' Kimball, Putnev. Chairman ; Timothy R. Hall, Horace Stowell, Kcubin Winn; Wm. II. Slark, Henry L. Aiken, A. E. Dwinnell, Holland Plimp ton, Peter W. Dean. 'ind$or County. John Porter, Hartford, chairman ; Henry N. Fuller ion, Thomas P. Russell. Rutland County. Anderson G. Dana, Brandon, chairman t J Edger ton, Jr., A. Alien, Harvey Button, Hannibal Hodges. Addison County. Harvey Bell, Middlebury, chairman i Kent Wright, Wm. H. White. A. P. Roscoc. ' Orange County. Justin S. Morrill, Strafford, chairman ; Levi Bout- wen, nujjau nowaro, jr., u. r. Weymouth, Oacar C, Hale. Chittenden Coun'y. Cassius P. peck, Burlington, chairman s Timothy F. Strong, William Harmon, Luther P. Blodgett, Leonard Sherman. Washington County. Artemas Cushman, Warren, chairman ; John L. Brack, Luther Cross, Geo. W. Collamcr, II. C. Smith. Caledonia County. H. H. Demming, Danville, chairman; Wm. Mat tocks, Wm. O. Fuller. Franklin County. Geo. W. Foster, Swanton, chairman: Thomas Childs, Jr., O. A. Burton. Orleans County. Chirks W. Prentiss, Irasburgh, chairman; Martin L. Newcomb, Wm. J. Hastings, Thomas Mc Kmght. Lamoille County. KliabB. Merrick. Morrisville, chairman; Cornelius kijauc, juosca nsK, Essex County. Jonah Brooks, Jr. Liinenburgh, chairman; Wm. B. May, Lucius R. Webb. Grand I tie County. aV5"i! 0d."l"' Gr,nd ,s,e' chairman ; A. C. Butler, W. C. Phelps. ' On motion of Mr. Worthington.the chair men of the county committees were consti luted committees for their Congressional Districts. Un motion or Dr. Peck, a committee of five was ordered to report resolutions, and the President appointed as the committee, Wm..Slade, Erastus Fairbanks, D. W. C. Clarke, O. P. Cnandlcr, and E. II. Bil lings. On motion of Mr. G. A. Allen, the con vention adjourned to 7 o'clock to-morrow evening. Communication. SLAVERY IN BRAZIL, And the conduct Of the nrltlah eoveriiment and Its aceuts. In the attempted suppression of CHAPTER IV, Inferences from the foregoing chapters "longdraun W will now detail our ofinion as to the di-interest edness of the English, and the benefit they have cau sd to the Negroes, to humanity, and to themselves. In the first place it is an undeniable fact, that the British nation has expended great sumsof money, for ine purpose oi emancipating her own slaves, and re munerating other governments, for the loss they sus tained by the attempt to suppress the trade. But was all this done with a purely philanthropic motive, and might not the privilege ol search for which they have heretofore spent millions, be to them of much greater importance, than the enfranchisement of the slave? Again, judging from the past, it was certainly to their aavantega to liberate from slavery those under them erjohn Bull would not have done it. This advantage is now apparent in the abstract, although at the tiim of the emancipation, enough could not be said. nfih. great Philanthropists of England, their great generos ily,liinaanes8orheart,and disinterestedness. Gicatly disintereNM sne was, as we shall argue. As we sll know her labor is cheap, toocheari. let the nature of things cheap it must be her mamifac lures mnst have a market, or starvation will follow. Aa that market diminiihca yearly in the United States, tho samo quantity must be disposed of else whete, or ruin stares her in the (aco. The market nowfortheso goods is tho black man's country, and tho return cargo to fill tlio pockets of these philan thropic Englishmen, human flesh. Still deeper is the plot laid, and doubly is it to the advantage of these up right people. The disposal of her goods brings the money into tho hands of tho manufacturers, tho dis posal of the Negroes brings it into the exchequer of tho crown, and helps to entice seamen to enter her service, under the hope of prize money, as well as to pay those officers who are already there. Tho negro she binds to a slave holder in Brazil, for the price ofn slave, and fur n time, at tho termination of which, she never expects ho is longet in the land of the living. Some sho takes to Domcrara, and her oth er West Indian possessions, and there, withoutasking tho will otfree men, as she pretends lojcalt them she puts them into tho rank and file of hcrarmy,that,when occasion offers, they may shed their blood for their captors, their lordly masters, and her gracious majes ty Queen Victoria I The next object which engrossed the attention of the British Cabinet, after having determined to eman cipate her slaves, was to accomplish it without too great a sacrifice, and that was effected in patt, by oh taining the ptivilego of capturing the slave vessels of other nations. These cantiires nre no exnense to iha government : on the contrary, a good school for tho younger officer" of her navy, and nn employment for her men-of-war, that would otherwise be lying Inac tive, nnd going to ruin in her ports. She troubles the whole civilized world with treaties on this subject, nnd the Quintuple treaty, that so ma ny have written about, that so much legislation, and so many ambassadorial dispatches have been had up on, tends directly to this one overbearing, arrogant and totally unfounded right of search. She never has formally given it up, and may be she never will, but wo call upon all that compose this "great country," to resist it to the last gasp. We have led the way for France, and other nations it is to be hoped, will open their eyes, nnd resist it also. If war must decide it. let it come and the sooner the better for ourselves. Since the creation of the world we have seen in an cient history, as well s modern, always existing one nation that had the supremacy over the rest of the world, if not real, at least implied. The last of those nations was Great Britain. She has seen her highest day of glory, during tho refcn of George the third, when she could call these United CohJ.nics her o:n. That day has gone by, and canonly be regarded omo;?est ine "memories or the past." Wo gave her the first shock the first step to her downfall, of all the notions of the earth, and remember, we are destined to give her the last. Orators may talk, and statesmen prate about the mother and the daughter unity of language, litera ture, .'interests, and such like stuff We say no! that there is in rcallity more deadly feeling, more hos tility and jealousy, naturally existing between these two governments than any others on the fsennf earth ; and they may fend as mony special ministers to us as they seofit, sooner or later the outbreak must come, loth as Great Britain at present appears. In concluding these articles we will remark, that the above is a cursoryoutlino of our views on thiuh. ject of the slave trade, and the apparent endeavors and manoeuvres of the English government to sunnresa it : and though no one can mofo heartily detest tho traffic than we do, we arc no believer in the disinter estedness of those who place themselves foremost among Philanthropists, as the African's friends. Tho Brazilian government has been cajoled and threatened into a treaty for the suppression of slavery, but on their part it is merely i nominal thing. Their cruisers mal.e no attempt to enpture vessels engaged in the trade, whilst among ihose who are dependent upon the negro for their subsistence, and of cnursein teieslcd in its continuance, the greatest exasnerntinn exists, nt the endeavors of the English to suppress it me i-.iigusn conouct meinselvrs less arrogant ly the prejudice entertained against them would be lessened; but it is well known, unfortunately for their naiional honor, that they will insult a weaker power with impunity, when they can. Again we say, let our government bewarnorh.r She is inwardly chafing at the succe.-s of republican ism inotit country, and its rapid strides in her own kingdom, as weil as the rest of the world : nnd h I. gently endeavoring in conjunction with the oiher monarchies of Europe, to compass us around, until from California, Texas, Oregon, Canada, and her west muian pessessions, we shall beeneoinpassed by land. Then she will agitate the inm .l.v Anarcnyona confusion will ensues murders, irpnwm and all the horrible accompaniments of civil war, will be added to our national struggle, to preserve our homes and our firesides inviolate, but in vain. Like poor groaning Poland, we- shall fall a prey to the am bition ondjealousyof the whole world. Thatday we fervently pray nnd hope, will never, can never come; we are merely looking into dim futurity aod writing of possibilities: but let us show the world at large by our preparations, that should the attempt ever be made, we will give them, nt their en, r,, ...: mena of our past "lory. Death of Tutor Dwigiit Wo h tn.A, to perlorm the melancholy duty of announcine the death of Mr. John Dreed Dvvight, a Tutor in Yale College, caused by one of those unfor tunate freaks which ajritate the younger mem hers of Yale Colleje after their annual atlmia- emu to the institution. Immediately after the commencement of the present academic term, some young rowdies of the advancing classes were paying their respects tn the Frchmnn t a course of induction prohibited by the rules of the institution, which Tudor Dwight, with oth. ors, attempted to suppress. In the performance nf tins duty, lie seized a Fassilt. of Pliiladelnhin. and iv,ir in flia nit ur.ii..u nun lomeiigni in order to recognize I,, in ...l.nn . J . r . . . " ....... nun i .is,.iii uruw a Knue or uirk, of Boir.e e.,,u ,, uiruo successive stabs near me groin, anu almost penetrating the femoral "siv, which wtiuia nave been instantly fatal. 'I utor Dwiirlit lias been KiifiHi-inn' fil'Of tain j a and notwithstanding all the exertions of the Medical Faculty and the kindest assiduity of his family and friends, a fever ensued, which after intense suffering, has terminated in death. It is a fad calamity, which not only calls forth the wannest sympathies of our community fnr thn sufferers, hut a deep and damning reprehension of any ones carrying deadly weapons about his person, especially young men whoso passions are not soothed or regulated by the calm dic tates oi reason anu experience. Tutor Dwight was son of Mr. James Dwight, of this city, late of Richmond, Va. and a grand, son of tho late President Dwight. He was only years ot age, aim graduated at Yale College in the class of 1810. He was- a gentleman of fine promise, and hie loss wilf make a serious void in tho social and literary circles to which he was attached. Fassitt.the young man who nowstaods guilty of perpetrating tho highest crime known to our wr ' i and wi" probably escape. We understand, however, that measures hu've been instituted f r his apprehension; and that S" requisition will bo made to the Governor of Pennsylvania for his surrender to.thn hnd. r justice New llaten Herald. EDITORS, LOOK HERB ! ! JOHN WLLINGTON f 11,!. .u,r. to our office, and hired our horse and waggon to go, as he saitLtoStockbridge, Mass, and prom. .v. u Kuiieuversix aays ne has been gon a fortnight and no knowledge of his where, abouts has yet reached us and probably he has taken leg bail for Texas, or some other placp of refuge. He is a thin spare man, about 28 years of age carries a pale face, and is a sick ly looking fellow. The mare was grey, and rather aeed. thin in flesh. Thn ivarrrin ii' t n a thorough brace, and was made for tho purpose of carrying baggage. There was a space be- iweeu wm Biueooarua or a or 4 inches ; painted green, Harness old. Anv infnrmatmn .m.i. ing him, or the team, (we care most about the team,) will be thankfully received at the Ban ner office, Bennington, VI. Editors are reounst- ed to "pass him round," liko other rascals aennxngton mate Manner. (rK.ASArSr,S l!AtJA?'NE AND THE LADY'S VT BOOK for November, rer. H h J7"' - V. HARRINGTON. BRIGHTON MARKET. Oct. 1C, 1943 At Market, 1700 Beef Cattle, 650 Stores, 4550 Sheep and IS50 Swine. Pntcss Beef Cattle We quote a few extra 84 60 ; First quality, 34 & 84 25 1 second quality 3 75 1 third quality S2 50 ? S3 50. Barreling Cattle. Vic quote mess S3 12 3 25 1 No 1,2 60; No 2, S2. Stores Two year old 4-3$ 13) three year old ?11 & 17. Sheep Small Iota wero Sold from 76c to II 42, Weathers Si 25, to 82, Sic ine Selected lots of Shoats 4e and 5ic. Ohio Rhoats 4 and 5c. Old hogs 3j and 3 and 4c. At retail from 5 to GJc. NEW YOHIC CATTLE MARKET. Oct. 16. At Market. 940 Beef Cattle, (300 from the South) 2j Lows and Calves, nnd 3000 Sheep and Lambs. PmcES Beef Cattle-Ao not vary from last week, and wo quote to correspond, viz: S3 50 to 85 50 for retailing qualities.' 100 unsold, and 20 taken for Ber mudn. Coies and Caltrs All sold at S19 tf? S2G. Sheep and t.amls Soles of 270(1 at SI 121 & S3 for Sheep nnd St & S 37 for Lambs. M 3i ir ff fi o g3, On Tuesday evening, Oct 24th., at Winooski vil lage, near this place, by Reverend Zcnas Bus-, HENRY JARVIS RAYMOND, of New York City. to JULIETTE, eldest daughter of J. W. Wave, of tlio former place. At Richmond, Oct. 12, by E. B. Green, Esq., Aaron Rurr Maynard, Counsellor at Law, to Julia Maria, only daughter of Ebenczcr Edmunds, Esq., all of ICichmond. EH al, In Cambridge, Ohio, on Thursday morning the 12th inst. of Consumption, MR. HORACE ADAMS, for merly of Burlington Vermont, aged 24 years and 9 months. JEditors in Vermont will pltasa notica the abot NEW GOODS. MISS C. RANNEY, WOULD respectfully inform the Ladies cf Burlington, that she has just returned from New lork. with a choice nnd full ...... ply of GOODS u.tially kept in her line. Among which may he found a choice article of Silk Velvets Cam.!.,,... .i. . 1 Camelcon Corded do do batin Velvet C'dorcd Satin, B.'.Vfi Jl'ack Satin, Coulisse S'!'-'. Couli-.e Satin, Green Wntcrei Chine Cameleon Silk. A good variety of Can and other Ribbons, Double Striped SatiVRibbon, Superior Oml er Satin do Chine, fisumland Omber Cameleon de Dillercnt style of Lace for Caps, Bordering and Piece Lace, Russia, for Border-, Gimps, Gloves, Mil', Bags, cVc. &e. New patterns for Dresses and Cloaks which will be made to oider. Bon net a and Caps realy made. Biiruuguin, uct. an, ia. 2 PEi WIIITNIWASV,!!., nnces to the .time- aim jcnuepieu oi I glon, and its a first floor of virinifv lie ha lal.ikAVnnm ine (onrt you-e , . .. rm: classes to in- siruci niMiieai een long known as a succO" confident that he al who may place Ladies and ftpn. shall l nIH themselves tleman are led to call and examine hi specimen t 12 nnil frnmS i istructinn trom tn A T M. and if de-ired n will I e formed from. io 9 in the even in r ror particular' dy to the aubscril er at his room. A COPY DEMORRATin nevirte f. from July. ast, loaleby inn uct V. HARRINGTON. GOODS FOR CASH CALLED ITOIt. THE call an-were I and demand supplied by Huw nrd who at the momem was at his sta inn a agent to tho people, and at once executed the req icst with great rapidity in throwing f.irwarJ the nn nev hero' y di-engaging the be-t GOODS which Were rea'ily pa-sed U'k l,y the mo-t approve! lines of cmmui!icH.ion am depo-ttrd in the Cheap Cash oiore, where every a wnere every arlic.'e or lis suh-titttte may I examine! and if wi'.hed removal by an nppli a "j" ,B,"ul,0wcrwilh which it was place.! at Ircely cation Oct. 26, 1843. HOWARD'S TO THE CONCERNED OR THE UN CONCERNED. Tr youw-ant to furni-h your children with Books, Paper. Quills, Ink.Slale-, o".c. for the winter schools vim can do so at V. HARRINGTON'S and pay in Paper Rags or cah. ' ' Burlington, Oct. 26, 1843. 2lw3 rilHK WIFE OF LEON and other iinem. oy two sisters i.rihi. u-.t. r,.r .tA i... st. fur sale hv Oct. 27. 21 V. HARRINGTON. WRAPPING PAPER, Plain and Ruled Cap and Letter Paper, for sale by V. Haarington. BORROW'S BIBLE & GIPSIES in Spain for sale by V. HARRINGTON. , For an interesting account of the author, the reader it refercd to an article on the first page. Beta Chittenden's Estate. STA TE OF VERMONT, ) TTTHEREAS at a District of Chittenden, s. VV Prol ate Court heldut Burlington, in said District, on the 18ih day ofOctober, 1813, Timothy Peier and Elixa P. Peier wife o' said Tnnoihy, filed in said court their apnlii cation in writing, staiinir thai ih .ai.l F.'l,. .-. ! ol the heirs to the Estate of Bella Chittenden, late of SKulLni.n in . n ll .It. ii'mI .!.. 1 ' . . -..v.. iiifju nu iecea(eu inie.tate, mat sail Timothy and Eha, in right of said Elixa, together withothii., hoM said Elale joinily, and arede-irous of holdins; the same in severalty ; and praying said court to order a divi-ion ol said Estate amon" the heirs and persons legally entitled thereto, and"that commissioners I e appointed for that purpose. Therefore tho Court aforesaid ilmh n. ...1 asign the 3d VVcdne-day in Noyember. IS t i, al the tilhce of the Register of said Court, in Burlington, in said district, nt lOt'clock a. m., lor hearing and lie diling in the premises, and doth herchi. nr,!,. ,i,.it ptrsons intere-teil m said e-tate, or their agents- or U.....MV, 11 ii.nK tviiiuu mis state, te notilied to ap pear I efore said court at the time and place ofore-ai I to tnaUe objeclions to said division if they see cau.c by publication (-1 the substance nf n. .!,..,.:' logeiherwiih this order, in the Fre Press, printed at in rum uisim-i, inree weeks rucct'SMVc v previous to the tune of hearing. ' Datwl at Burlington, tn the district of Chittenden atoroaid, this lSlhday of Octoler, A. D. 1843 glu CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. NOTICE. rr ii t o -;.. .t 1 . GEORGE ana HENRY PRIER, then- thn during the rest of their minority, and shall claim none of their wages nor pay any debts of their con- .aiiiuginjin inis oate. ALVA PRIER. Jericho. October 14, 1843. 20w3 LOOK AT THIS. A LARGER, Betier and Cheaper Lot of Pilot, f, ,', J! , "uu "wins can oe iouna at II. W -il u" iulei5e si., man ai any other store in ma iiiiBL't-iur prooi piease call and examine th goods and prices. 80 October 19, '43. WOOL. and WOOL PELTs wan ted by H. W. CATLIN. Oct. 29, '43. 20 BEE'S WAX. i Of ifs ,b Pu,e' wnted immediately in ex IV VVf chanee for Goods, by nui umiuii, nui. i. UUJ .Yin. nUUL.HU J WM. HURLBUT, At the New Cash Store, next door above Mess. Atrinsmald'a Variety Store. TTAS just received a reneral ss-ottment of Goods j x auapteu to the an i rade, which are now oncrcd at ine lowest rate lor caan. Among which are Black and Blue Black' AIdiccs Lustres, do Fiirured do Brown and Wine Colours. Merinoes. assarted colors, Mousehne de Lane.s, plain, fig'd and striped ; Satin Stripe Shallys 1 English, French and Ameri can Prints, plain and figured Alpines, Bonnet Bilks, Gro do Nap Silks, Gro da Sti'iss, Black Italian, Brnadcloths, Do, Burlington Mill Cloths. Cassimeres snd aaitinctts, Heaver Cloths, Vestii.'s, cords, trim minus, nuiiuns, etc. 1 iouon goods generally, uam brics, Muslins, Lawns, Laces, Thread Edcines, Flan nels, woolen and cotton, Cotton yarn, wicking and twinoi uent. and Hoys' Csps, Family Groceries, FurBoaa,rareweirashoes,Gsitersand half Gaiter uoots. Good Tabic Butter taken in exchenea for Goods. Burlington, Oct. IB, 1643. 20tf LOOK HERE! A LL persons having accounts with us over thres inonins stonuins, are politely reauested to call and settle the same without delay, and obli;o H. N. GAUT & CO. 20 Burlington, Oel, 20, 1643, s ' ' -SsJ & II I IT . annf on LnT&h now fnrmitv juviunaiitjr.-vRe fUsfisT sBssL ? i v cViTTXi nijiVtn ruvi,tmy ijrV 9 Rrire Beta Chittenden's fJ.Ufc. STATE Or VERMONT. rTIHE Hon. th District of Chittenden, as. J 1 Probate Court for the ltr,icl of Chittenden ! To all pernns con cerned In the Estate nf BELA CHITTENDEN late ot miciriirn, in atd District, deceased. Gseetiko. Wiieka, Simeon W. Pa vn, administrator nfth estate of said deceased, propo-cs to render an account oi nis nuiiiinistration, nnd pre-ent his account ogams jaul estate lor examination and allowance at a sos sion of the Court ol Probate, to be l.oldcn at the office of the Register cf sa'd Court in Burlington in said District, on the second Wednesday of November, 1. 1' ircu. von are lirrnbv nntiRisltn antvpnr he, foresaid conn ut lliotime nnd place aforesaid, nnd now caii-o, ii nnyynu Matt1, why the account alore sniu.snnnui nui no allowed. Uiven niiflcr in t my hand at Burlington, this 17th day OfOt toler, A U. 13 1 J. CHS. RUSSELL, Judge. 20w3 fiphr.ilm Stile's Estate. STA'IK OF Vr.It.MUNT. ( ryilE linn. the Proliate District of Chittenden. s. t i. Court fur the District of Lhitlcnilcn t To nil nersons concerned in Ihecs tato ot ut-HKAliU STILLS, lata or Jericho, in said District, deceased. Greetimo. Whereas. Warren Kord. administrator, of the Estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and nllowance at n session of the Court oft'robate, to be holden at the office of the Register or snul court in llurhngton on tho second Wclno-day of Niivcinl-cr. 1843. THsnrront:. You nre hereby notified toanncarbe- foro said court at tho timo and place aforesaid, and snew caue, it any you nave, wny tne account arore' said should not be ntlowed. Oiven under mv hand at Bur hnnlon this 14th dav oi uciooer, A. u. ihm. iuwj una. UUSSHLL Judge. Etllall Perk's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. AT a Probate Dl-lncl ot Cbillendcn. s. A Conn, held at Burlington within nnd for the Dwrict. aforesaid on the lllh day of October, A. D. 1343, an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of F.liinli Peck, lalo of Charlotte, in said district decea-cd, was prescnicu to ine couri nereior rroDate, oy Jonathan Holmes, the Executor,thcrein named. I HEREPonE it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to all persons concerned therein to appear before said court, at a session thereof to be noiocn at tne Kegister s olnce in said Burlington, on tho second Wednesday of November, A. D. IS43, and contest the probate of aaid will ! and it is further oraereu mat mis order De puDitsnea tnrce weens sue ce-sively in the llurlington Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this State, the last of which publication shall he previous to the day assigned as Diuresniu iur Hearing. Given under mv hand at the Refiner's office this inn oay oiucioocr, a. u. itm. WM. WESTON, Register. Oliver Howard's Estate. WE the subscribers, having been appointed by i the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons against the estate or OLIVER HOWARD, late of Milton, in said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto j and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wc will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at the dwelling hou-c of Sylvester Ward in Milton, in said District, on the last Tuesdays of No vember, 16-13, and February, IS 14 next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. ated, this 21st dav of September A. D. 1B43. LYMAN BURGESS, n . . i?t C'.IGAH HERRICK, Commissioners. NEW SHI.NS AND NEW GOODS. M, PHASER, H,JS just returned from x'-w York with the LATEST FASHIONS for Hats, Cloaks, and Dresses. it.. . -ij: sort- mcnto'fVeUets,Silks,i;.'l- UOI10, r IUWDII, l.l:-, Edgings, (touches, Gloves, Mitts, tic. &c. Also, a good assortment of Muffs and Boas, all of which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. Burlington, Oct. 18, IS43. 20nG BUTTER. First rate article of Dairy Butter, for sate by Oct. 19. 20 H. W. CATLIN. Oliver n Iss' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, rpHR Hon. the Oi-irict of Chittenden, as. i X. Prolate Court for the Di-trict of Chittenden, to all perrons concern I ii the E-tnteofOLIVER BLISS, late of Essex, in sai I Di-lrict, deceased, Gbectino, Whereas The administrators of the eata'e of said detva-e.',propo-es tor.-nderan account of their admin- i-trafo-jan-i present their account against saiJ estate for examination and allowance at a session of ihp Court of Probate, to 1 e holden at the office of the Reg- iMcr 01 sniu voun on me econa weuncsuay 01 rto vember next. Therefore. You sreherenv nutiHt-dto innsar hi-fnr said court at the time and place a Id re-a id, and shew cau-e, if any you have, why the account aloresaid iioiim nui ne aitoweii. Given under my hand at Burlinirton this Iflih dav of Octoler A. D. 1843. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rpHE Hon. the Pro District of Chittenden. I bate Court within .ml r.. .1.. n;.jn. e f-i.t..An.inM m. .1 , .... .v. ... .'.r.iiv. ui uiiiiiciiuvii, 111 me uruunurs

and others concern! in theestate of OLIVER ULISS, n u.M K,.BM, 111 sail utsirici, oeceaseu. Wherea-the Admini.tratnrs of aiil itfM.isfd. hath made application to this Court, to extend the lime limited for making payment of the debts of said de ceased, twelve months frnm the 3J ilm. nf Nnveinhcr 23l3,and the second Wednesday of Noyember next. Un. ...,.,...! f..- - t .1.. . .. ' ..... ...ntiwnui a iic-iiruiK 111 ine premi-cs, mine OiriccoftheRegi-terofthis Court, and it having been oniereoinai nuticetuereot lie given, by pul lulling this .is-in-c mrce wccks successively in Itie unmnglon FreePre-s n newspaper printed at Burlington, be fore the lime fixed for hearing. Therefore, vouare hereby notified, toannesr hpfure said Co in, at the time and" place aforesaid, then and make objection if any you have, to the aid time of payment I cing further extended as alore-aid. Given under my hand at Burlington this 18hdav of October A. I). 1843. 20w3 CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. David Russell's Estate. STATE OF 'VERMONT, A T a Prolate Court visiuci oi sniuenoen, as. j. i notuen at Hurling- on. Wilhill and fur the Distric. nfiir.n!.! nn iIin 19ik day of Octoler, A. D. 1843, an Instrument purport- in-.- in ie tne iat v ill ana le lament 01 DAVID RUSSELL, late ofllurlingtun, in said District ileceas H, was presented to the Court here for Probate, by Nathan B. Haswell, the Executor, therein named. 1 ItERErORE, it t ordered hy said Court, that public notice le given to all perrons concerned lh-rein to appear before said Court, at a session thereof to be hoVen nt the Regi-ter's Oilice in said Burlington on the second Wednesday of November A D. 1813, and contest the probate ofsaid Will, and it is further or- nereu mat tin- nrucr he puhit-lied lliree weeks succes sively in the Burlington Free Pre-s, a news pa ,er printed at Burlington, in this Slate, the lal of which shall be previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid lor nailing. iivcn iimier my han-1 al the Register's Office, this 12ih day of October, A- D. 184,3. wj vvm. WESTON, Register. wim s. B1MII STATE OF VERMONT, 1 I Di-trict of Chittenden, ss. ( tlhittenden: To all iiersonsr John It. Calkin's Estate. rpiIE Pre bat Court X for the District of nersnns pf'nrsrn.l in ir... a..i.r IrillT.. ri i.kivmA.r. 1 . . . . . 11. vAunus o mie 01 tiinestiurgh, in said District, decca-ed.inte -tate, dncrrisin. Wiieseas. Jerusha CalLinV and Nmk t'.l.. administrators ol the e-tate ofsaid decea-ej, propose to render an account of their administration, and pre sent their account azaintt said e.tam (; and allowance at a sersion of tho Court of probate, to ..v- ii.i.ucii a, me wince ui ine ngisier or salt! court in Burlington, on the tecond Wednesday of Noveni- rci n. .r. lot. Therefore. You are herehv nntiftsrl tr. ann 1... fore said court at the lime and place aforesaid, and ".r ;a"?.' " " X " vei wny ine account arore. said should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 13th car r,f riinl ur A n IBIS auwj LIIAKl.r.S HUSSELL. Judos THE subscribers to Harper's Edition of MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT are notified ih.t p7, 11 1 . published and for sals at HARItlMntYivii: The aubscribers to the New World Edition titled that No. 9 is also publi.hed and for sale at the ime place. EjPLeatherl Leather tl Leather JtJCJ TO THE PUBLIC. EC. LOOMIS has on hand the largest snd best . assortment of LEATHER that haa been offered in thia market, and will be sold for rs.h nr nrA per, cheaper than it lus been sold in this part of the buui.ti i (ui scan, aa no is uciouninoa 10 Sell, II Wllh out profit. Among which are fiOOll'ide Sole Leather, from Is to 23 ets. per lb. IOO do Upper Leather, US Dozen Calf Skins. Harness, Bridle, Top, Skirting, Band. Morocco, Kid, Lining, Binding, Trimming s? 3 Ritssett Bridle Horse Hide and Hog Skins. Shosmsksrs" Toala. basis, nui t itcs, aim j ruiimingi 01 srsrv descrip tion. Also. Bliss's thick Boots, No. 1, at 4,S0 rash. I'lSBse can ami snusiy yourseil. Pf Jtl Stecsl, Sspt. 21st tX BVllUXQTOX, VERMONT, October, 1843, rPUE SUBSCRIBER has opened a Bookstore in X this place, and intends to keep a full supply of ItfOlKQ' in alt departments of Litcraluto and Science, and will supply School Teachers and Country Merchants with Arithmetics. Histories. Grammars. pellino Books, also Aloesbas and the higher branches of Mathematics, together with tho Classics used tn lllgn Schools, Academies und Colleges. Arrangements have also been mado for procur ing any of the Periodicals ol the day.among which are Loudon, IMIiilmrgli, t'orrl;n ami Westmin ster ttcvlcns; Illnckwood's nud the Dublin University Magazine. THE AMERtCAN QUARTERLIES, SUCH AS American Biblical Rcooiitory, (per annum) S3 00 American Jurist and Law Mngazinc, " 5 00 American Journal of Medical Science, ' 5 00 Methodist Qnnttcrly Review, " 3 00 North American Review, " 6 00 AMERICAN REPRINTS of FOREION REVIEWS London Qurtcrly Review, (per annum) S3 00 Edinburgh " " 3 00 Foreign Quarterly " " 3 00 Little's Museum, (monthly) " 6 00 Blackwood's Magazine, " " 4 00 Dublin University " " " 4 CO Metropolitan Literary Journal " 4 00 ENGLISH REVIEWS not reprinted in the U. S. Christian Observer, (Church, Monthly) 8G 00 British Critic, (Church) 5 00 Church of England Review, 8 00 Congreentinn"l Magazine, 5 00 Evangelical Marazine, 2 5(i AME1ICAN MONTHLIES. American Mehcnl Library and Intelligencer, 85 00 Democrat'c, monthly, 6 00 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 3 00 Christian Examiner, (Unitarian bi-monthly) 4 00 Graham's Ladys' and Gcntleinans' Magazino, 3 00 Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, 6 00 Journal oi the b rankhn Institute, 6 00 Knickerbocker, 5 00 Law Library, (re-pp'nt of the mot valuable English Law Reports and Treatises,) Phil. 10 00 Law Reporter, Boston, 3 00 L.adies liooK ot Literature and Fashion. 3 00 Ladies' Companion, 3 00 i.naies uarianci, etc. etc. etc. The above arc some of the nrinrinnl n..'t.w. Magazines oubjished in this country, hesidpa nri many not namea, any one 01 which will tie furnished Dy ine suuscriner and aeiivereo nt his store or for warded by mail or olherwiso as directed, nn thA t. ceipt of the subscription price of the work ordered, tn advance There is nn edition Of BLAriru-rtnn'q Mini.tu published at the New world Office, N. Y., nt $2 per uiiuiii, uiuiiuiiy, which win ue constantly lor sale by iu single iiuuiuer. VERNON HARRINGTON. College St., Strongs' Building. 19 OCIIOOL G EOG It A PHI ES, Mitchell's, Ol- w ni'V s. VVOOUUndiTf! nnrf U illnrd'u nnd' Primary Geography, and Parley's for sale by 19 V. HARRINGTON. ENGLISH GH A MMARS. Browne's, Bar. nard's. Kirkham's;. Slllill, nnrl liYtcltr.! 'q Irnna. latton of De Sacy, for sale by V. HAltKLUTO.. A LGKUKA. Dnvics' First Lessons Davics' x. urn urdon. Bridires'. BailevVs and Piprn.'H. fur snip by i V. ilARRINGTON, FA MIL Y GROC ER1ES. HYSON. Young Hyson, H. Skin and Black Teasi East Boston Loaf and Powdered Snrnr TVtit. megs, Cloves, Ground Pepper, Spice, ond Cinnamon, nanoiinu ui supenur quniiiies, ior sue low oy KI.1AK LYAI AiN, 19 Strong's Buildings. THOSE THAT WANT TO BK SCIIOL ARS A t TEXn. ONE, two, three, of four ycarsin the University of Vermont, to commence next commeneenipni. for sale vcrv rheap indeed. Enquire at this office. uct. it, IB-1J. 13 LOST, T ST r-i'i-nine. 111 tins village, a small GOLD Lj CH'n.'N Locket. The linder will be uila- Mv rewarded !.v IcVVini it at this ofiicc. 'Burlington, d-t. 5, 18 w3 riHEsubscrilcr lias no;r o.? hand nnd intends 10 JL l ableto furnish. at shori nof'ce. Mi-rellaneoin. Law, Classical and School Books, as can re purcha-ed in market. ,'ow for cash as 30 Sept. 1843. 17 V. HARfii.NoTON. "tfRKNCII WITHOUT A TRA IIKR." A NEAT LY printed pamphlet of SO pages in Six .' - ca-y ucnsiini uesignaa to taciiiiats theacqut-i-lion of the French Language without the aid of a teacher, forsale by V. HARRINGTON.' Burlington, 13ih October. 19 A FEW copiea of the Doway Testament, a fine edi- x x. tion, for aale hv V. HARRINGTON. 6th October, 1343. 19 COBBETS COTTAGE ECONOMY, a neatedi tion, for aale cheap by V. HARRINGTON. 6lh October, 1843. 19 TfTATE IN SEARCH Of A nUSBAND the Scouel. PHILIP IN SEARCH OF A Wlr'E: forsale by J V. HARRINGTON. ESTRA Y. STRAYED from the sub-cn! er, on the 14ih inst., a Black Cow, with a little jrey acros the l ack and tail, horns turning over, good to milk, and is be tween 4 and 5 ear-old. The tinder will I e rea-on-ably recompensed, by giviuir information cf her to DANIEL DIO.NYSIL'S. Burlington, Sept. SI, 1843. 16W3 V HARRINGTON will receive sul scriptions for all or any one of the Foreign Reviews, the American Reprints of Foreign Reviews the Ameri can Q iarterlies and Monthly Magazines. &c. &C 30 Uept., 1843. 17 BOOKS AND STATIONERY FOR SAL K AT V. HARRINGTON'S, College St. BIBLES a great variety, Q larlo, O -tavo, Duo decimo, Pocket do. in various limdmas. RRAYF.R BOOKS of all size-and bindings, nri- eca from 25 ct. to 83 00 each. WATTS and SKI.F.t.T IIi'MNS MrT..nn... Himns, Camp-meetiso Himns-Wisciiell's Psalms and Himns arranged by Sewall for Unita rian wor-hip, Ac. Wrapping Paper, Cap and Letter Purer, Maynanl and Noyes' Fine Writing Ink, no letter Ink mannfae- ured; Inksiand-. Sand lioxe-. Water (nns. IllacL- Sand. Wufcrs. Sicaliii!! War. Q nil., m.-innfau,,-! and native, Penknives and Pencil.-, Blank Bonks, ic. wnicn wiute sow tor pay. Oct. 11, 43. U. S. MARSHALL'S SALE. PUBLIC NOTICE i hereby given that the follow tne good-, wares and men handire. condemnrJ in the Hon. Di-trict Court of the V. S. for Vermont Di-trict, O.tnher Term, 1813, will le-od nt Public Auction, at the Auction room of Col. H. Thoina, in Burlington, in saiddistricl, on the Sih day of Nnvem lernext to the highe-t bidder, sale to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M., viz t 2 Frock Coats, 2 Pair Pan-laloon-,2 Vests, 2 Cloaks, 9 Silk Cravats, 2 yard. Kihhon, 1 Cotton Ulotli. I Shaw 1.4 Mouse in dc Laine 1 Dress Pattern, 1 pair Shoes, 2 pair t!lnve, 2 Slocks, 1 Cravat, 5 vols. Sermon-, 1 Bible, I Testament, Hat, 1 Worsted lldkf, 41 yds dared Cambric. Al-o, 3 Silk Shawl-, I box Lumen Thread 1 dozen pair Glove-, 30 Martin Skin-, 2 Cro-s Fox Skins. 1 Knnirrpl t.inins.. 9 nur ssnmll 1r.M.:n. 2doz. Coney Skir.s, Abo 40 lis, Mou-ehn de Laine) IX yus uainnric, aj yn lli-liop Lawn, 7 yds Swi-s Muslin. 3 small Dim-s nserlinn. A so. 1 box con taining 290 bottles Hani's Mixture. Given under my hand at Braaford, this 12. h dav of ucioi er, isi.i. 19 vil, u.kiiu., U.S. .Marshall. CHAMPLAIN OPPOSITION KTEAMDOAT COMPANY"! PURSUANT to the articlcaofnssocialion, under the name and stylo of the "CAom;iafr Opposition Steam fioat Company," the subsctibers thereto are hereby informed, by Lawbence Myess, Joh C. Hammond, Caleb D. Baaton, John H. Ilovn, Sam cilCWead, Jonas C.Heartt, Gideon LATitaor, Isaac II. Siiini, Isaac Nte, IIasbv Apams, Ste riitN S. Keves, ami Thomas A. Hammond, the pre sent trustees of said association, that the requisite amount, to render obligatory the ssid articles, hss been duly subscribed I nnd the subscribers ate here by further notified that a meeting of aaid subscribers, for the purpose of electing nine of their members as " Directors " ofsaid association, and innuHms all other proper business, will ba holden on THURS DAY, THE SECOND DAY OF NOVEMBER next, (IBt3) at McGEE'S HOTEL, in Platttburi'.i, N. Y LAWRENCE MYERS, juiii-s ii. iiuYii, Truites. .GIDEON LATHRC'P, S Burlington, Vl., Oct. 13, 1813. FROISSART'S CHRONICLES, No. VII. receir d y , V. HARRINGTON. This is one of the most rare and interesting works that has been issued from the press in this country, ond contains more than one hundrei and twenty en- i;'"""' NUMBER XV. 6f AM.ISON'M HISTO RY of EUROPE, just published, and for sale by 19 V. HARRINGTON. Slmiualo tov 1844, For Saleby V. HARRINGTON. BOOKS! BOOKS! ! SAMUEL HUNTINGTON is now receiving front New York a good n-ortment of SCHOOL BOOKS, BIBLES, HYMN BOOKS, PRAYER BOOKS, ANNUALS nnd GIFTS for 1814 nnd a va. riety of, other articles in his line, all ol which he of fers to his palro:.s and tho public generally on very favorable terms for cn;h. H. II. would lade this opportunity to return his sin cere ihsuks to his many patrons forthcir pa-t favors, nnd hope by his nticntion to the warns of his friends and the public 10 merit a continuance of that patron age. 18 REMOVAL. D. K. PANG.IORN CABINET MAKER, Village Sexton and Undertaker. HAS removed tn a New f-hop, near the south cud of White Street, opposite the hoii'e of the Rev. Mr. Converse, where he will lie at borne at all lime. He will continue to mate all kinds of Cabinet Furni ture which he will sell low for prompt pay; and re speclfnly solicits the continued patronage of his old cn.ttiiners.nndthat of others al-o. In hiscapaeiiy of Village rVxton, he has since appointed, purchased at hi own expen-e a new Hearse nnd Pall, and prepar ed with lunch care and labor n new Map of Ihii new Icautilnl Cemetryof the Village. He will keep ready made coilins ofnio.t kinds, l'or'adult, and all others, furni-hed at the shortest nnticn. He will Inrnl.h am attend with his Hcar-e. Funerals out of the Village or in any of the adjoining Towns with lcs trouble to irientls proljal'ly nnd letter order than nnv fini, near. er at hand nnd at as short or shorter notice, STOVES! STOVES!! NEW PATTERNS, & CHEAPER THAN EVER. All kinds of Produce taken inpayment; littral v. .ui, vci vr neapjor lasn. HENRY MAYO, havintr taken the Store iormer'v occutlicd hv HICKOIC A. OATl.IN i nijui re ceiving a large consignment of STOVES. cnnsMinc id any desirable pattern of Cook, Box, or Parlour Stoye, Stove Pipe, Tin and Copper Trimming", Hollow Ware, dec., which will I exchanged lor any kind of Produce or cash. Those who wish to pur- Kuase niuve, win uo ttiemeives as wen at mm r. favor bv examining his stock. Burlingto.i, Oct. 1, (S13. 18 CHAIR FACTORY. A T the old stand of XELSON , & GATES there is the lM as sortment ol CHAIRS and will le sold cheaper than can he purcha-ed at any other place in Burlington. MAHOGANY, CURLKD MAPLE. PAINTED CANE SEAT, LARGE and SMALL ROCKING, DINING, CHILDREN and LARGE ARMED CHAIRS, at C I.. NEI.KOVS Church street, opposiie the Old Bank, or at his Faco ry three doors north of the Catlu.liu Church. 19 10 LIAS LYMAN HAVING received a large asortment of Fall and Winter Omuls. anions which are a ireat va. rietv of rich good fnr Ladies' winter dre-se and cloak j Chu-ans and Mouselinude Lames, high col o .r and rich : alio, mourning ami lialf mourning do. ; ul-o, t mounting Gingham ; a large assort ment of Calicos, superior quality and fini-nj Alpac ea, silk warp, totti.n do. i a great variety of Shawlsj an endless variety of Glnves and Ho-ieryj India ltuhl er .Mitts, a new article, very superior, not hav ing time to enumerate for an advertisement this week, invites Ladies and Gentlemen to call nnd ciamine the good- which will he shown with nlea-ure. Cotton Yarn, al-o for thread verv ehean. Cornet warp, wicUng, batting, wadding, Ac. etc. uuriuigton, u uct., 1843. is NOTICE. SM. POPE ha jii't received a good assortment . ot DRY GOODS nnd GROCERIES, which are oflered at the lowest prices for cash. Wanted, in exchange for Goods, good Butter, Grey Cloth, Woolen Yarn, Sit: Hurl glon, Oct. 4, 1843. 19 w4 IlUIinEll siHORSJ. I" ADIE-V plain and tigured shoes, do. Golae do. .Mens do. do. do. plain and tigured do. MNsesf do. for sale chsip hv Oct. 4, 1843. 18 w4 S. M. POPE. Q BARRELS FINE SALT forsale bv S. M. POPE. 18 w4 Burlington', 4th Oct., 1813. HOUSE TO RENT. ljt!ifc A pleasant House with garden and ljl 01 her conveniences near the Acad emy, possesion given about the first of November. Also, .half ol the House 1 now occunv on Catlin'.i Lane. Either half can le made a convenient tenement for a small family, possession about the same time. 13 tf. D. K. PANG BORN. WANTED, CH PUNCHEONS of GOOD CIDER, hv Oct. 6, 1843. I3w3 Ii. NELSON. Harriet Pickering's Estatek 5TATE OF VERMONT, ) A T a Prol ate Cour' Dist.-ict ff Chittenden, . jxi held at Burlington, within in'd l"',r said District on the 13ihday of Septetn- ler, A. D. i?13 J resent, unarles jiusseit, judge, ol said Court, nn instrument purporting to I e the last will and te-tamcni or parriet riCKcaiwo late 01 Burlingion, in said dist.-ict de; eaeil, ling pre-entei! to said Court here bv John I. Pi'.-kenng, the Execu tor therein named, for nrobate: The Court aforesaid d"lh appoint thu second Wliie.-di!' .eyernler, A. U. 1813, at theodii-eol the Kege-ter 0! snul : v-ourt, it Bnrliiigiou ulbre-aid, fnr proving said will, .'ndiu'ih order that all per-on concerned I e notilied to appear I efore said Court at the lime and nlace aforesaid to conte-t the probate ol 'aid will (it they see caue) by pimiicaiiuii 01 tins cruer inree weeks, successively previous to the said second Wednesday of November, A. D. 1813, in the Burlingion Free Press, a newspa per printed at Burlinglou aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington alore-aiJ this 30ihday of Sepltmber, A. D. 1843. 18w3 Win. WESTON, Rgiler- J. E. BlUNSMAID 6c BROTHERS, Successors to PANGTIORN As IIRINSMAII), IMPORTERS OF WATCHES AND JEWELRY. Manufacturers of Gold & SitvEa Ware ; Repairers of Tr'afinrs, Clocks and Jewelry. James Edgar Brivsmaid, Sedowick S:rT IIhi.vsmaip, William Bliss Ukissmaid. S. N. I M MALKK, asms? s..b No. 2 Counsellors Hall. (Peck's Building.) 13 WHEAT. A FEW bushels of NEW GENESSKF, WHEAT of the growth of 1343, for seed, a first article, for sale by GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, Aujr.31, 13 Henry Townseuds' I'.state. STATE OF VERMONT, rTMIK Hon. the Histiict of Chittenden, n. ) X Prol ate conn fir the District of Chittenden, to the crethlors and other persons concerned m the estate ol HENRY TOWNSKND Inteof TroyState of New York, in said district, deceased. WHEREAS, G eorge B, Shaw administrator, with the will annexed of the Estate ol said decea-ed, hath made application to thi Court, to extend the lime limned for making payment of the debts ol said de-cca-ed, twelve monihi from the 28ih day of June, 1843, and the 8ih day ofNovemler, 1813, 1 eing as. signed fur a hearing in the premises, al the Office of the Register of this Court, and it having been ordered that notice thereof be given, by publishing this de cree three weeks succe-sively 'n the Bnr'inglnn F ree Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, before the time lixed for healing. Therefore, you areliereby notified, to appear before said Court, at the nine and nlace aforesaid, then snd there, to make objection if any you have, to the said lime of payment I eing further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burhncton this 4ih day o O.'tuler, A. D. 1813. Ill vvji. WKSTO., Register. Robert Moody's Estate, STATE OF VERMONT.) THE Hon. Ibe Distrct of Chittenden, ss. X Pro! ntM crnirl forlhe Di-irict of Chittenden, mall persons concerned in tne e-ia'e ot Hunt.ltl aiuuuv, late of llurling ton, in snul District. lUs' WHEREAS. George B.Shaw, athninis'ratorof the estate of said decensed, hath ma-le application to this Court, to rvend the lime limited for inak.ti" navment of the debts of saiddeceasol, twelve mouths from the 21sl day ol Cytobor, 1813, and the fi.h day nf Nnvem. ber, 1813. being aigned for a hearing in the premi-es at the office of the Register ol this Court, and it having leen nrJercd that notice therM be given, by publish ing this decree three weeks successively in the Bur. linpton rreerre-.,a naw paper printe-l t Burling. ion, itiiin urn uuie nstii ior nenring. Therefore, you are hero y notified, tn appear before saki Court, at ibe lime and place lore.-aid, then and there, to make objection if any you have, to the said timo of payment bring further extended as aforesaid Given under mv hiod at H'lrlinetmi, this 4 h ilav of Octoler, P, 1,8 J. 1 I3w3 WV WnSlOV, TrriV,- MISS BREMER'S WORKS Tho PRKS DENT'S DAUOHTl'"RS The HOME The NEIGHBORS and NINA, for sals by 19 V. HARRINGTON. NEW GOODA f N all their miction opeiiingftml for sale by 17 RllNSITAID Si BaOTIIERS. lOO CHOPPING TKAYH, CHEAP. THOSE who nre preparing to make minced pics, sausage-, Sie. arc inlorineJ that they can select a good Tray from nn assortment of all sites at our store. 17 Bsinsiiaid dtfJJaoTh-Ens. MIMTAHY IttJTTONS ON HAND. ARTILLERY, Infantry, Rifle, Field and Stall But. tons. Buttons fur General and Suite will I u furnished nt short notice. Chappeaux andollicrcaps fiir.nished to order. 17 J. E. BatNsMAiD k BnoritEas. P0 TABLE GJST MILLS. ITIHE subscriber having been nrioiiited agent fnr thr sale of Jusiah Piatt's Universal PortiMa Grist Milt, is prepared to furnish mill-at shnrl notice, andauihori'd to sell rights fiir individuals, towns or counties. This mill took the premium nt tlu Fair of the American Institute inN, Yotk,lnt autumn, and the sul sequent sales have fully borne out ihu high praise there I e to cd upon it. Ii is admirable fur grinding Indian corn and hor-e feed. of all kinds is gound with equal facility. Alsu cofTcc, and all kinds of spices stsosalt, drugs, dec. nnd it is easily adapted for grinding paints. Its durability is equal to any other mill, the stone being1 compo-eil of French Burr 1 snd its efficiency with its simplicity is remarkable, aa are also its other desira ble, commendations for compactness, porlableness and low price. There ore four different sizes now made of these mills, viz! 13,34, 30 and 36inch stone: prices fiom 3125 loS200. The smallest may be used ny hand power nnd turned by a crank, and either of them are readily worked by horse, steam or light water power. Whcrerer water power is scarce, and grist mills for grinding corn or grain cf any Lint ore consiqucnlly scarce, these patent mills will be al most invaluable; for with oneof these mills with horse pawcr, any person could grind all that could be ground by any other mill. It is at once admitted by all who have seen this mill perform, that it is truly n labor saving and economical machine; as with it more wotlt can be done with leas power (by about half,) than any other mill, and it will do the work at least ns well and as last, and the price is less than for any other. PRESSON CROFUT. Burlington, Spt. 20, 1643. 16 tf GERMAN HTOItE. A good assortmen cf Fringe, Gitnp', Cord and Tael-, 16 Jut received I y OSTHEIM Si CO. NEW GOODS. SILK and Worsted Shawl', verv handsome styl fur the Season. Just received at the IC GERMAN STORE. JNOTICE. THE Subscrilcrs having formed a copartnership under the nime nnd firm of KKRN Si SPEAK, would inform their friends and the Public generally, lhat thev have opened an entire nnr etock of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GUODS and DRY GROCER IES, to which they re-pecifully invite their attention. DANIEL KERN, O. C. SPEAR. Burlington, Church Street, Sept. 9th, 1843. 15tf THE citizens of Burlington and the Pub ic general, ly nre respectfully informetl, that the German Store will le contini-ed at the old stand, under the (inn of.M, OSTHEIM Si Co. A generous , hare of Patronage is respectfully requested. We hope by unreinittingailenlinn to business and punctual regard to all engagements to seciirrtheconfidenccnl the pub lic. A new and fre-h assortment of Goods is just re reived and will le sold at lhery lowest prices. The public are respectfully invited to call. Burlington Sept. 1813. M. OSTHEIM AiCo. LUMIIEIl YARD. FOR sale by the subscribers at their yard on Pearl Street, COMMON BOARDS, LATH, FLOOR BOARDS, ready planed, CLAPBOARDS, CLEAR HOARDS, Also, 3,000 CEDAR POSTS, white cc red. HICKOK if- STEVENS. Burlington, 20th September, 1843. 16w3 FARWELL'S SHOES. FARWELL'S Kid Slips, uO. French do. do. do. do. do. Walking Shosa, do. Morocco do. da. Just received and constantly on hand, forsale by J. CC tl. it. ilUULl I TLh. Sept. 20th, 1P43. 16 w6 FRESH TEAS. OLD and Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, and Black Teas, of a superior quality, for sale at the lowest morsel price uy rk.fc.tvft & SPEAR. v.nurcn Mreet. Sept. 22, 1843. 16tf W WANTED, MITE, Mixed, and Brown RAGS in exchange lor Books, Writinir and Wrapping paper. 30 Sept., IS 13. 17 V. HARRINGTON. GROCERIES. HYSON, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson, Pouchona and Souchong Teas ; Cuba. New Orleans, Loaf and Powdered Sugars ; P. R. Molasses, Ginger, Pep per, Spice, Cassia, Nutmegs, Cloves, Saleralus, Bar Soap, Variegated do., Mustard, Mould Candles, Ce coa, Sic. etc., just received and for sale by P. & H. H. DOOL1TTLE. Sept.gQih, 1843. 10 w6 MJPEIltflNE PLOtflt. THE Sul sailers are daily receiving Superfine, Flour in barrel- and half barrels, selected with care and of the must approved bland-, which they o:!er for cash at a small advance. FOLLETT, BRADLEY Si C. Old Dock, June 8, 184 1 NEW GOODS. milF subscribers have Just returned from New JL York, and would respectfully invite the attention of purchii.'ers to their large and well selected assort ment ot uui.'us, ronsisung oi isroan ctnins, nea vcr Cloths, Cassimers, Satinets, Vesting, Silk Vel' vet, Tabby Velvet, Satin Vcstings, Black Italian Silk, Hind. Gro de Swiss, do, Blue Black Gro Grain do, Colored Gro do Naples do, M' uselin de Lains, inacK Alpacca, SMrtpe do, ransianr .itcrtnos, lilacs. Bombazine, Uinghams. BishoD Lawn. Barred and Swiss Motislln, Mull do, Rus-ia Diaper, Bird Eye ddi Crash, White and Colored Cambrics, fine Bleaches frhirting, Irish Linen, l.adies 'Cravats, Mousehn de Ijine t'oinis, Ula-k IiAlian Cravats, Colored Silk Cravats, Gingham Hahdkfs, Rilbons, Cotton) Hose, Super Ciisliimcre Ribs, Fringrs, Laces, Ladies nnd Gcuilematis Gloves of all kinds, Night Caps, lute an I Colored Spool Thread, Padding, Canvass, Silk. Twist. Buttons. Linen Thread. Sclesia. Wur- gans, Coat Curds and Bindings, Watch Guards, Car pet innutng, uuiurellas, India Kutihcrs, ixetl sus penders, India Rul ber do. Calicos, While) and Red Flannel, While Cotton Flannel, Unbleached do, hml, t-urnnure Bindings, Ticking, Drillings, Bur Inns. Wickine. Cotton Yarn, t'arnrt Wire. Ac. Ac all of which have been purchased for cash, and we arc :cirriiiimu noi io oe unnersoiu. P. 0 II. H. DOOLITTLftj Sept. 20, 1843. 166 BUFFALO ROBES. JUST received and for sals tery low by P. H. H. DOOLITTLK. pt 20th, 1543. 1G w BHOAD CLOTHS, Casiameres, Vestings, Orleans Lloth.Silk Warp, Lustre Alpacca, M. D. Laines, Damask Cabyle Shawls, Fancy Cravats, Gcntlemsns Stocks. Colbirs. Sheelinps. and innsl srlictss ltausllss calltsl fur in the Dry Gauds line, constantly nn hanri and for sale by KERN if- bPEAR. Church street, Sept. 22, 1843. 16lt HAIR ! HAIR ! THE public aro respectfully informed that H.C. A. SMITH i.nnJ nr.,,.,. J , r,..,.l. ...t.t. ... .., r'-f -u -iij Mi.tvtv in the lino of hair wotk on the shortest nonce. Cash paid for Ions; hair. Shop west side of the American Hotel. Burlington, Sept. 21, 1843. 16tf G Kit M AIM STORE. Macvarnni and Vermicelly, Olives and Capers, Sultana Raisin-, Very n ice Box do, Erench Figs, Cocoa Nut's, French Prepared Mustanl, French Piepared Chocolate. Aijo.CocoaPa.te, for making Chocolatummcliately, llounlcau Prunes in Glass Jars and Fancy Boxes-. Sanlme- preserved in OliveOil, China preserved Ginger. All of superior duality, 16 Just received by OSTIIFIM & CO. A few .Hogsheads of St. Cr'oix Sugar Also, St. -TV. Ctotx Molasses, of a Supttlor quality for sale by , . . KERN c SPEAR. Church Street, Sept. 25, 1643. 16lf SELLING OFF AT COST FOR CASH, or ai a small advance from cost in exchange for Grain. THE following articles are now mleriil at the Bntk Shop, m rear of the Court House, mi: Curl Maple Cane Seat Chairs. Painted Cane. Seat do Common Dinning aad Rocking Ohs'iY, Bureaus, Light and Wash Stands, Cherry Dinning Table,, Wnrtr and Toil, do Pa Isteadf , Clocks do. . , -.U.o-Rtce'sPnttol lannmg Mills, a rfslucs,! ,. . A. IttRNES ir . Kr,.i Burlmgirn, Aitpistyi, I? 11.