Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 3, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 3, 1843 Page 3
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alteration of chapter so and so of tho Revised J Statutes " Itnx'o been passed, niafcinp tlio foresaid revision n very imperfect index of tha existing statuto law of the Suite. Ono unpleasant nfiair lias marred tlio peace and harmony of tlio session. One day hist week as wo understand it, lion, lloraco Ev- . erclt in advocating tlio passage; of tho bill to incorporate tho Ascutnoy Bunk at Windsor rhxdo some animadversions upon tho course of tho Woodstock Dank, which were rrgar- '' .Jed as offensive hy the Hon. Andrew Tracy, the Speaker, who is tho memher from Wood stock. Thereupon Mr. Speaker Tracy rnmc down upon tlio floor and replied to Mr. Eve rett in snvcro language. We do not know in what precise shapo the matter was brought before the House, but certain it is that Mr. Tracy was almost unanimously sustained, end Mr. E. regarding their vnto as an im plied consiiro upon himself, resigned his seat and returned to Windsor. Wo arc sorry for this n flair J especially so, that n man who has been so long and favorably known as one of our Congressional delegation, should find himself placed in circumstances where he deemed it duo to himself to retire so ab ruptly from the Lecislaturo of his own state. Wo do not pretend to pass upon the merits of the matter, with the scanty information we have relative to it, hut we presume tho dis tinguished gentlemen who have thus unfor tunately boon brought into collision will sen that the affair is placed upon tho right foot ing before the public. SUPREME COURT. The Legislature have re-elected the for mer Court, with tho exception of Judge IIo bard, in whose placo is chosen Hon. Daniel Kellogg late Loco candidate for Governor. This wc suppose, brings our neighbor Lymm Into the " line of safo precedents " for the Gubernatorial candid'icv. fXT8" Until tho recent election', John 'IV- ler's Court fool of the Madisonian has left I Mr. Clay (whom ho hates with such hatred I as conceited jackasses usually feel to great j i ,, i ,, , and noble men) and bestowed all Ins penny- .. r i ii .i I inimpci uiuiiMur upon v , t Blair of the' Globe. This ostrich-liki! dunce has affected i 4 , , , . , . ' to regard Mr Clay s prospects asntterly hope-' less, and altogether vanity, and lias deigned , to intimate as much from time to time l.v ! , . ,, . , ,,,,! way of reminding us readers that no did oc- , " , l casionally turn his eyes to such small fry ; ! whilt, he has huhibored tho back of poor Blair i with his dagjer nf lath," puffing and blow- ing all tho time, as Hercules might be sup posed In do, when in inid-liatllc with the Hydra. But tho fall elections liavn wrought a change in tho transparent taciics of this ow let ; and to ! ho is " making night hideous " with his lioolings in proof that Mr Clay is in no danger of being President, notwithstand ing " some foolish people" (so sax s John) nre groen enough to read favorablu omens in the lato elections! Of course, tho only rea son whv sttinil Johnny "ocs about to prove that Mr. Clay's chance is nothing, is that he sees no danger ahead ! Oh! visible, ineffa ble jackanapes ! Oh choicest specimens ex tant, oftho genus doll! The truth is, John sees no omen tiny xvhnro except in New Jer sey, whrro ho will have it, that his precious .master and Captain Dick Stockton have rcv nlutionized the State in payment for sundry Tyleritish meetings, resolutions, &c. which Locofocoism has thrown out as saps to tho said Captains Stockton and Tyler. With the settlement of this account between Capt. Tyler and New Jersey Lncofocoisin proper, wo have nothing So do, but wo venture to as sert that had a gain or a victory, fallen any where elso to the lot of chop-fallen Locofo coism, this satnn hraco of donkexs John and his master, would have seized upon it to pile up the agony against the Baltimore Conven tion, and would have proved by mathemati cal demonstration that tho said victory arose solely from tlm influence of Tyler and his nf fico holders and should bo credited on the Convention account current of the said Ty ler. As it is, the caso appears to be this, Tyler begins on Stockton's assurances, to entcitain a bono that ne may go into the Loco Convention (if ho is annulled at an; with the iiromiso that New Jersey xvill go for him as her fifth choico ! In view of these facts wc begin to fear ho will gel the nomi nation, and wc shall have to fight " the only man" as John Jones says, " uho run heat .Mr. Clay " ! 1 Vive la' bagatelle ! THE, JUNIUS TRACTS. Extract from the Tract on THE TARIFF. The leailing questions. The chief topics in this debate are the effect rf buying too much, and the effect of European capital and labor on American capital arid labor. Buying loo much. If wo had space to explain and exemplify, no should start with the propositions, that a produ. cer of anything whatever, who depends on the ale of his products, tcillfail, if ho buys and con txnues to buy more than he sells, and that ho can only prosper, so far as trade is concerned, by sol ling more than he buys. But it is enough for our purpose to say, what every body knows, that with nations as well as with individuals, there is such a thing, as. iiiymr too much. This wo shall endeavor to show, has been the great fault nd great misfortune of this country, in its for eign trade. The period from the peace of 1763 to the adoption of the Constitution in 1760 From the deficiency of our own nublie ro. cords, wo are forced to resort to tho books of the bnglisti Customhouse for tho information wo xvant, a copy of which, as far as nuroccasinn re. quires, may bo found in Pitkin's Statistical View Irom which wo learn, that our imnorts from Great Britain for tho first year after the peace were six to one of our exports to that empire, and that the averago proportion nf our imnorts to our exports, from 178!! tn 1700, was as three of the former to one nf tho latter. The balance against us for tho first year was upwards of rf twelie million oj miliars, ana tor tlio whole period nearly fifty millions. Considering tho infancy o'" t't.r condition, anil tho poverty in which xve came out out of the war, this was a brodigioiiH nalance to bo remitted in specio as the only muuo of settlement. The eject .. , ., . ... " .7,1 I. f. : ; ""5: '1 . :p:r xvar had left 11 r, and entailed upon us a worth less paper currency. Neither the Confcdora JXn TCf "-'-"""-"i Stato afjor another, In its separato action, tried ui ufciiiuiisn a pieiiemiive system uy emeu's on im ports ; but (or want of harmony, it rathor made the matter worse The result of necessity. Virginh at last proposed a convention of tlio plates, to debate t lit? expediency of a reorganiza tion of the general covcrnmcnt, which resulted in tlio adoption nf the Constitution. The histo ry of tlio timer, no any nno may foc, proves that the chief motive of this movements was to have n government with ample powers to rcgulato foreign commerce, and establish a protective system, as well as to raise revenue. I lonco the language nf the Constitution : " Congress shall have power to lav and collect taxes, lutio, im posts, and excises to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United blatcp to regulate commerce vim foreign nations," er-c. 'I'hc first general act of the first Congress. " Whcreaw it is necessary for tho support of pvwernimihf, for tlm discharge of tho debts" nf tlio United K'ales, amlfat the cncanragcm'nl and protection of manufactures, that duties lip laid on irnodr, waver, and merchandise imported He it enacted" fit. This subject was moved at the earliest opt'nrtN'.'ily hy Air. Madison, tho father nf tlio Constitution, and tho act ua sinned by President Washinatfc. tlii Fourth nf July 17S0. This and nilior similar acts of legislation resell nd and saved the country. Hut U was a terrible ordeal, and put in peril tlio exinte nee nf tlio re public, to have bought at such a time so much more than wc sold. The period from 1700 to ISO". This was one nf cnmparaliie prosperity, but not fo great as wo were entitled to. Our nnu tral position during the protracted war in Eu rope, made up in part for tho defects nf our com mercial regulations, by opening to us in some decree the ports of the belligerent powers, and giving us a portion of their commerce and car rying trade. Nevertheless, it will be fnund (see House Doc, No. 3, 1st Session, 2G'h Con cress,) tint in each of those years the tnlanco nf trade between us anil foreign parts, was against us, and in some years it was verv great. For the whole period it was ?'..20.O09,OrSl, or a trifle less than Uco hundred and thirl; millions of dollars. (See same authority.) Some aba'e inenl from this balance ought doubtless to be made for llio different modes ofcstitnitinn; the respective amounts of imports and e.pnrts ; but after all due allowances on this account, the balance would still be against us to a startling amount. 7'Ac period between 1S07 and 1813. With non-imnortation, mm. intercourse, cm- I barg", and war upon ti, this period was of rourse I sastmus, it loriMgn trade, under anv circ.nm- ! st.'". P..1M tin hmipfiriril. r il .tititlns'c it tc properly rn;v'aled. The imports nf from one hundred and t'lirly.cight millions in 1S07, Uififly seven million in ISUS. and tho exports from fine ;,,!,, j ;;, ,;;. ;,, , ' J ' , ,.. t'cenlij two millions in tho latter, and both con tinued to dwindle, till tlio imports came down to .u.,... , ,;.-,.,,. :;;.. -..a . . . J.' .in 'Ul ...m nnu i;. Hilt II) ilOlllll liU ,inSt in 1S1.. Tl0 bai.;nt.c f ,ra,,Pi as usuil, was agimst u, the ntrerprjrate fur ibis ,erio,l1 ,,f -"even years being 891,1220,380. (See i-amo document as above.) . ,, , ,c . , . Inc period from 16-13 tnclusnc. Frnln tlio same autlmiity as above, we find, thnt, in tho 1 ist ihiec quarters of tl.n li1 year 'Lt'!";,.': I'.L' ''' 11!?! Tatlon ."ft.or pi;.n , tin- mi;,,,...-. i-Mfnini III. rAJiuri.S OV more Hian sixty .mltioni rf dtllars: tint in the year 191.J '1(!, liefoio lliu larifl'nl 1910 began In ojeM-rtti", tjio pron ,,f impor's over epdi'N was about sixty -onr millions ; iln' in IS.'J.'i, Hie e''es w.ts agam sixiii one millions, and tint tlio npsircgate exrrpn i immrts over tlin aame. gi'.nof exports, from 1815 to IStiS inclusive, was S !l'".:i.):),'i0S, (more than four hundred and fifteen millions of dollars.) Period f on ISM to 1510, inchisiie. This, it will be spoil, is a partial lap oier on tho previous head. ! ho bnlance nf foreign trade against us for Ibis period, being eight vear, amounted to the enormous sum nf 13172,770,. 000. (Upwards of one hundred and seventy tiro millions of dollars.) From 15:!5 tn 1S10, the balance against us was 8132,070,000 (inure than oris hundred and thirly lico millons if dollars,) of which the sill: a'ono which wo bought amounted to on; huni'rcd and six millions. Il'liat a draft tins tm tlm money of tlio country ! Another item in this reckoning, There is another fact of very material ennse qnen' e to bo considered : viz., that a large frac tion of our o.vpnrtti his been of foreign origin. From tho same authority, above citotl, we find, that the aggregate exports from 1S03 to ls39, Inelws'vc, was 132,773.10.1,107 (mure than (tro thousand seicn hundred millions if dollars,) and i hat, o! th.s amount, 8tJ.j2,S73,012, nearly out aura, was ni loreign origin. It will jo soon, that all the profits of producing, and tho profits of all tho capital employed in producing, ihce exports of foreign origin, were realized bv for eigncrc, and tint we had nothing but tlio profits of tlr; tn.ile and navigation engaged in this com merce, ixav, a pirt ot tins was in the hands of fircignorrf. I !i great and cnmprelitMisivo fact cnlnncns tiio uitauco of foreign trade a"ainst us immensely. 'Vhe rrrohlem solved. It Jin been asked, why should this country, so exuberant and inexhaustible in its resources, and tenanted by such an enterprising, working people, lie so nlten involved in' commercial dis. tress, Innk suspensions, want of money, bad stale oi inc currency, ccc, ix.c, i nu answer i found in the facts wo have disclosed, and tho ro suit is based on tlio principle, that a man who is constantly buying more than lie sells, will get into Iroiiu.e. II is precisely tlio same with nilimi. S.iii-1, n mill d r'rnflit if it I....I l.nni. miod, unv sustain him for a while : but, under , such a system of bad ctnnomy, it cm not last long, ii is inu same wuii a nation, liy various commercial shifts on the people, and by tempo rary fiiiauical expedients of tho Government, nation that is tnnstantly buying more than it sells, can pncli up its credit lor a seann. nation, under a tystcin ol bad economy, may stand it longer than a singlo man ; hut, when it does tall, great is Hie la 1 1 thereof. How this vice of buying too much came upon us, ii was uy inexperience, icuiptailon, and se duction and seduction was the leadinir influ ence. When Great Britain failed to beat us in tho field, she took a system of commercial poll cy, by which she did beat in. It was paid, antl said with truth, for tlio first few years, that En gland profited more by tho Revolutionary war in. hi u uiu. no wni into mat war to get nil of a system of direct taxation and oppression, and camo out ni it to no subject to a more grievous KVstcm of indirect taxation and oppression: and the lalter system, although wo have partially shaken i: on, we nave not got rid ot to tins day. Tie Seducer. England sot up to bo tho of the world, and tho weaver s loom for every nation's back. Towarri us she was first a tyrant, and commander. Witness her prohibition of all ex ports from the American colonies, of anything lute tlio productions Pi nor own shop at home But when she could no longer support her au thority, she began to coax, and put on tho airs of a seducer. "What cxceient goods these tine wares: first rate merchandise, buy them.1 And wo fell into the temptation, .and had to van jor tnem. Wlial the rcmcdu is, It is in substance, to enact such regulation for the government of our foreign trade. at' wil counteract and prevent this everlasting ovi'ess nf imports over exports, and turn tho tido offi," oign commcrco in our favor. In other word, it is the permanent estab'ishiu"nt of a suitable pro. teethe 'Variff system. We Fay protective, because protection is the tiling required protection of American Jotcrcsts against llio hosiilo inicliina lions of foreign rummer 'al systems. Mrt. Clav anii Virginia It is choorlnjr, says the I'hilailelplna U. ti. (Sazeite, tu tu irk tht movoinonts eif tho whim's 111 Viririin. In every part of tho Ohl Dominion, there appears lo lm 1 a new phi 1 11 new spirit aurnail, o.xciliug tn actum anil nr I -ly are hein formed, and I correspoiulonro eslanlisiicil Irom Iho Ohio to I the Chcsepeake. This is wellThis is as it . .win. fuci, be,!-..,.,,,. n,. wiiis win carry Vicuna for Clay hv thousand - A YOUNG MP.N'S NATIONAL CON VENTION. At a mooting of tho Whigs of Baltimore on tho I21st day of September, a resolution was pas sed, inviting tlio Whig Young Men of the Union to hold a Mass Convention in that city on tho 2d day of May next, to respond to tho nomination of President and Vice President which will bo made by the National Convention the prnvinui dav and tendering to them n cordial welcome to house and homo and hospitablo entertainment during their stay. At a subsequent mooting they resolved to prepare an appropriate nANNrr., to bo prcsciit d to such Stale delegates (Mary land excepted) as shall on that occasion have tho largest proportional number in attendance, hav ing in view the Whig population oftho several States as tested by tho Presidential election of 1S-10, and their rospectix'c distances from Balti more. The project meets with great favor, and tho prospect is tint this mat's convention will exceed in numbers the great gathering in that plaro in May, 1810, when twenty-fivn thousand Whiirs assembled to ratify tho nomination of Harrison and Tyler. The little State nf Dela ware will nnko'a strong effort for the banner she proposes tosendnrrr.r.x iiunukisd delegates. At the proper timo the Wliiirs of Connecticut will undoubtedly appoint a delegation respecta ble for talents and numbers. A MASS CONVEN HON IN PHILADEL PHIA. At a rolebration of the Whic of Philadelphia on the last anniversary of nur Independence, it wa resolved to extend an imitation to tho Whigs nf the wit l,n Union tn moot in Mass Convention in Independence Square in that city, on the 4th of .Inly next, to respond to tho nomi nations nf the National Convention and not to bo behind their Baltimore brethren in hospitali ty (they were before them in tho invitation) they propose to make arrangements to have tho faro reduced on the respective lines nf rail mad?, to all members (Willing tn and from tlm National gathering ; and to tli'ow open every Whig house in tho city for tlio accommodation of their gnosis, so that they shall not iiT a the expenso of a do! lar while there. They expect to bo able tn en tertain from fifty tn one hundred thousand stran gers. In view of such a L'at'ering and such hospitality, the Courier & Enquirer lynnrks: It will be a grand moral spectacle "ucli as tho world never before witnessed. Fifty to a hun dred thousand people the Representatives of tlio Whigs of the United States received and entertained as guests by their brother Whins nf a single city! will indeed constitute a National Jubilee such as is unparalleled in the history of tho world; and awaken a fcelinir and givo an impulse to our cause, well calculated to insure success. TE MPEItANCE NOTICE. Tho Burlington Total AlWhmirc Society will hold its regular monthly meeting at the Court House this evening at half past six o'clock. H D. .MERRILL, Prtsidcn: M 51 ff IT I ffl tfl, In Montreal, on I lit? 2tlh tilt, by the Kov. Mr. Gird wnid, Mr. W.m. U'.nswcnTii, of Hurlingtnn Vt., to Miss. Debjrau, clJosl daughter of J. Wells, Ksq., Architect nf iliis city. In this illigc, on tho30ih nit, by Hcv. J. K. Con verse, .Air. Coarlc.sR SnwitT, (nf lie firm nfTiny cr, Stinrl it Co.) In .Miss Onnr.TTA S. Cnx.SDi.nR. 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Preparations, F.xlract ol Opium, Kxtrart ol Rhataay. Ily'riodaie.l Liquor of Ar-cnic nnd Mercury. Lrcche', Heal hy Spani-h and SwecJi.-h, l.'ipiilin, M.iKite-ian Fluid, .Vaphilia Wood, iVitratc of Silver.cliemical Oil of To' acro, PieJrin, AiC &c. &r.. HairMitiensor Ktectrifiers 22 At PECK ft SPEAR'S. iov Geiitlctncii is tlio time buy you i' to Wnipr-nroof I5liickin2 also, paste am) varnish hlaclctnos j black, iilui:,ki:d nd indi liisle inA's, WAFERS, WAXES &". &c. 22 PECK & SPEAR. lOO CIIOIMMNO TItAYS, CIIHAP. rPIIOSE who ore preparins to make mill' eJ pier, 1. ninsier., iVr. are intorinal that they mu mluci a ejood Trny from mi a-Mn-inicnl ol nil izu- at our n 17 UnissxiAin cc HsoTiir.ns. HEW GOODJS. Mf.SS V. KAX.XEY, WOULD re-rectfully inform the Ladies if llurlmit, that he has jit-t relurneil from New Vork, wilh a choice nnd lull up. ply ;d' GOODS usunlly kept in her line. .Mnon;; which may I e foun 1 n c-hoiijpnr'iclo nf Su.K'VEt.vr.TS Cameleon Cc.rdcd e!o do Satin Vih-ct Colored S.ilin. Conliv,c San'n, Ulnr Black Satin, Green Walcre.l Co ii-te Silk, Chine Cameleon Silk, A good varie-iy of (Jap nnd other Rlbbon, Diubh; Striped Satin Ribbon, S iperior Oml vr Satin do Chine-, fi2iire-d and OmLer Cameleon do Dnicrent style of Lace- for Caps, l!or lerini nnd Piece Lace-, tu9'in, for Border-, Gimps, Glove-, Mil, llag, etc. e. New pallern- for Dreise- nnd Clo.aki. which will Le made to older. Bonnets and e.a'is rca. ly made. , Hirlinglon, OjI. 80, 1813. 21 A COPV OF THE DEMOCRATIC REVIEW from July last, for sale bv 27lh Oct. V. HARRINGTON. TO THE CONCIJItNfJI) OK THE U2V CONGintXHI). If yo i want to 1'iirni h yo ir cliildrcn wilh Boo';, Pape-r, tl'iilis.lnk, Slate-, ipe. i"or lhe winter ,choql vou ran do -o nt V. HARRINGTON'S and pay in Paper Rags or cab. iiiirlington, Oct. 25, 18)3. 21w3 riMli: WIVn IP I.BON nod other pocm J liv two sisicrs of the we.t. for -ale t'v Oct. 27. 'ii v. H.MlltlNliTON. BOItl!(MVS.mi5I,E ft Cill'SIES in Spain for sale by V. HARRINGTON. For an interesting nrcount of tho nuthor. the reader is refercd to an article on lhe first page. Ilela Chittenden's Estate STATE OF VKWtO.XT, ) VtTIIEREAS at a Di-trirt nf Cbilli-nile-tt, ) VV Prol a't-Co in held at Burlington, in said l)itrirt, on the IS h day ofOclnl e-r, IS 13, Timothy IV er and F.liza I". Pe!t-r, wife o1 -nid Tiinnlhy, filet in -nid eo in iheir apph-e-ation in writing, s'an'ng that the -nid I'liza is one ol lhe heir- to the l-.sla'e or Bstla Cl.illrn.lrjt, Intr of Mielliurn, in ,a d ih-lnct recea e I m'r-ialr, that i-ail Timothy and Eliza, in right nf -aid Eliza, together wiihotliei', hold said E-inir jointly, nnd art- dr-irom t.f holding lhe mine m -eyeraliy ; and praying said rourt to order a ihvi-ion nl mid 12-late aiiiing lhe heirs nnd prr-ou-legally enliih-d llierelo, and that rommi.sionrrs I e appoin'r.l for lhat purpo-e. There-fore the Court aforesaid eloth appoint nnd n-sign th2 3d Volne.d.y in November. IS! J, nt the niliro of Ihr Regi-trr nf nid Court, in 11 irliuertnn. m said dihirit-i, nt lOt'rloek a. m lor hrarmg and de riding in iho premiers, nnd do'h hereby order ihatall pen-ons iim-rr-tesl m said e-tnle, or their rnrrni or attorney, if living within ihisMate, le- nntitird to np pear I el'ori- Baid rourt at the time and place afore-aid to make nhie-ciion-. lo taul divi-ion if they ,ee rau-r, by publicaiiou i t lhe mb-tnnce nf said application logelherwuh thisonler, in lheFre Pre-s, printed nt Burlington, in i-nid di-trirt, three xveek'B kue-cisively previous to the lime of he-arinz. Dated nt Burlington, in the eli-lri-t of Chittenden sforr-nid, Ihu 18ih dny of Octnl er, A. D. 1813. 21ir3 CllAHLES Itl'SSt-.LL, Judge. NOTICE. THIS mnv certify that I have given my sons t GEORGE and HENRY PRII'.R, their time daring tho rest of their minority, nnd shall claim none of their wnges nor pay nny debts of their con tracting from this date. ALVA 1'HIER. Jericho, October 11, 1813. 203 LOOK AT THIS. A LARGER, Heller and Chenncr Lot of Pilot, rV Heaver and Broad Cloths ran he found at II. W Cnilin's, on Cotlega st than at nny other storo in this village for proof please call and examine the goods and prices. 20) October 19, '43. WOOL nnd WOOL PEI.Ts wan. ted by H. W, CATLIN Oct. 29, I0- HEPS WAX.

1 OOf l"c- '''anted immediately in ex-- chnnjo for Goods, by Hurlin;ton, Oct. 19." 20lf WM. HURLnuT. WM. HURLBUT, At the New Cash Store, next door nbovo Mess. Hi liisiiial l's Variety stoic, HAS just received a general as-orlnitnt of Goods ndapled 10 tho Fall Trade, which are now oflVred al lhe lowest rate) for cash. Anions which aro Black nnd Illuo Black Alpacca Lustres, do Figured, do Biown nnd Winn Colours, Merinoes, assarted colors, Mou'rlmo do Lnnes, plain, lig'il and striped 1 Satin Stupe Shallysj Engliih, French and Ameri can Prim?, plain nnd figured Alpines, Bonnet Silks, (iro do Nap Silks, Gro da Seviss, Blnck Italian, Bruadcloihs, Do, I urhngton Mill Cloths. Castimeres and namnclls, Beaver Cloths, v eslings, cords, trim mings, buttons, (Sic. ', Cotton coojs generally, Cam brics, MiisIit, Lawns, Lnre-s, Thread Edgings, Flsn nels, woolen and cotion, Cniton varn, vvickmg nnd He 1110 1 Genl. nnd Days' Cnpt, I'amdy Groceries. Fur lloas, Farewell s shoes, Gaiters and half Gaiter Boots. Good Table Duller taken in exchnige fir Goodi. BuiluiBton, On. !, 1913. ?0tf Mela Chittenden's Fstatc. STATE OF VnilMONT, I rrMtK Hon. the District of Chittenden, ss. 5 I Probate Co'irt for tho Dijtrict of Chilton 'rn ! to all pcr-ons con cerned In theFa'atcof 111-LA CIII'I'TI'NUF.N lale of Slicl urn, In snid District, tlecraicil, Oni-.CTltco. WiiebeA", Simeon W. I'nyn, n jininitrattir ofllie estate ot said derfcased, propo c to rem'er nil n'i'ouiit ol hi Hiliiiiiiivlration, mid pris-eni hi. uecoitnl nsaiiist .aid estate tor examination and allowance nt a sec tion of hc Court id I'tol nlc, to bo l.ol lrii at the o'lire nf the Iteai tcr i f nid Coorl in IbrbniT'on in said Diorict, on thufccond Wednefdayof No; ember, A. I). 1813., you nre hereby noiifirdto njipt-jr le foresaid court nt tbeliinc nnd place al'oreai!,"an 1 hew cattle, if niiyyou huvr, why thuncoount ufore--aid should not I o allowed. ffiven um'cr tny bauJ nt n.iriirgtori, lliii l";b day ol'O.'toIrr, A. D. 1313. athv3 CHS. IIU33EI.L, lud't. lililnalm StUc's Ustate. STATI2 OF VI ltMUNT. plir.llou.lherro'iatL' District of Chlileiidrn, ss. J X Court fur the DKtriet of Chittenden ! To nil persons concerned in the es tate of r.PHItAIM STILLS, l ite of JerHio, in said Diitrict. deceased, Cnr.r.Tisa. Whereas. Wnrien Ford. ndniinistr.Hor.orihcKstnle of siid deceased, proposes to tender nn nceount of lu admini-tralion. and present Ids nceount acainst said I eslito for cxnininnlinn nnil ntlownnco at a session of tho Court of Probite, to be hidden at tho ogicoof ibe ltejiter of said roiitt in Hnrlinston on tho sorond Wr Ino day of Xoxcin1 rr, IS 13. I TiiEr.t ronr.. You are hereby notified to appear be-; foro said court nt tho timo nnd place aforesaid, nnd j shew enue, if any you have, why the acconit afore- j said should not bo allowed. j Given under my hand at Darlington this 1 l'h 'ny of October, A. O. 18-13. 20w3 CilS. ItUSSr.LL Judzc. r.lljah lVck's INtate. STATE OF VEHMOXT,) AT n Prolate1 I)i-trict ol Chillru ten, --. ) -TV Conr', held ill ' llurlinton within and for the Di-incl, aforesaid on the lllh day nf October, A. I). 1913, nn Instrument purporting to be tlio last will nnd testament of Elijah Peck, late of Charlottr, in sa'd district deeca-ed, wn9 presented to the court here for Probate, hy Jonathan I Holmes, the l.secutor,thercm inmcu. TuEncroBEit ii ordertd by said Court, that public notice bo civtn to nil p. rs'uis concerned thereinto nppear before said to ,rl, nt n session thereof tn be holden nt the Heeler's nlfirr in sawl Ilurlineton, on the second Wedn"day of Nmember, A I). 1313, and contest tho proline nfsaid will! and It is further , ,.l . .1 ... I .LI. l. I .1 oruereti m-ii tninruer oe punu-inro uirccwecivHsui-. ge.siiiv i i i..r.. iii...L-i. . . ice . , "-'"r" . -!..,..: .t.- ,,..1 jinuifu in ij'iniii'ji'iii, in un .Tin", uiu i ii i ji puldication shall bo previous to tlio day assigned ns nioresnid lor iic.annir. Given under my hand at th Register's oCicc this . 11th dav of October, A. D. 1?(3. WM. WF.6T0X, Rejistcr. j Oliver Howard's Instate. ATyE the subscribers, havinir been appointed by VV the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioner!) to receive, ex amine nnd ndiust the claims nnd demnn-'s of all prr i. r nt tvi.'i! iirixx'iitn "'OW 1'D ' I ;.Ji.' IIJIIM Jlili'msi im- vsimu 'ui - .... . Into of M'lton, in said District, deccn I! i.... t .1 .n.l . ......!. nun, iii ..i.n... ,.vv.. .... .. Benn-o iuon --in, iin'i .H.-w ii i.uin- .... ... u. ; exhibited in nfl's-t tlierelo-, and ix- months from the i -a Xcl.JSIt r.Jt AMJIAi:". nrnwne'r, Rnr day oftho dato her-of, bemrt nllowed by said Court lj nnri.Si iCrkbam's, .Smith and Foi.lic'.'s trans- tor mat purnose, wo no uit-mure irani) m uinirr, that we will attrnd to lha business of our appoint-1 mcnt. at the dwrlime Iiou-e of SyUesttr Wattl in Mlllun. in (.aid District, on the Inst Tuesdays of No- ., 1S-I3. and Februnry, IS J 1 next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each nf ra'd days. Dated, this 2t th' nf . ntrmbcr A. D, 1S43. t-T.v irTnrLcCi r 201 KMUAII IIE1UUCK.' Hussion cr3. SliW l-'ASlIIONri AND UVAV GOODS Jf. E R A S E R , TTA55 jmt returned ft on X.L Nrv Vork with the LATE-T FASHIONS for Hats, Caps, Cloaks, nnd Dresses. Atsi, n splendid nsort- ikSi?52C meni of Velvets. Silks, Rib- lions. Flowers. Lacct, Kdi;in0". ltouehes, GIovc, Milts, x.'c. eir. Also, a rroiid assortment nfMutTi nnd Unas, nil of ivhich will lc Fold on the nioit reasonable terms. Burlinjjton, Oct. IS, 1S4: BUTTER. First rale article of Dairy Hultci, for snip by Oct. 19. ?0 H. W. CATLIN. A (lllvcr II Iss' I2state. STATE OF IWlMOiXT, i rpllF, Hon. Ibe Di-lrirt of Chilten 'en, s,. X Pro' ate Court for lhe Di-lrict nf OhitVndett, In allprr-ons concern ed in the E-tateof OLIVER liLISS, Lie of E-rx, in fail Di-lrii-t, I, Gnr.r.TiKfi. Whereas The admini-iraltrs ol the raia'c ol'k.ii l de-era ."-', po,es to n nder 1111 nccoum Of llicr a","n'' prrsei'l llu-ir ate unl neraint -aid e--titu for examtualio.'' and aliowante nt a ,cs-mu of the Court of Prolii;'r, to '-e holden nt the oilier of thi: Iteg-i-tcr ofsnil OorriVn the teeona WoJnc-day of No-ve-'iil er nex-. , , Theiefore, Vnu arebere- nof'iel to appear bi' said court at ll.e time and place alor'-aio, an I hhe'vv can e-, if any j no have, why the aCPOitiT' u.orc-aid bo ttd not be aliowe I. Given under mv bnn.t at Ilurlinglcin this 18lh dt',v of O.toier A. I)'. IStl. CHARLES RUSSEt.Iett. STATE OF VERMONTrTrpJIE Hon. the Pro-Di-ttirt of Chillendrn. i 1 al" Court witbin and for tho Di-tri -t of ('lulleiBtI'o ihr rruli'or-andnihersronte-rnrliii lliersiatJf5LI VER ULISS, la'e nil.-sex. in nil li-trirt, et,-cs,l. Vheri-a lb-Ad'tiini-trators of JTBl i!erra-ed, halh made apphraiin-i to this Co in, tn'rVrtvl the 'im, limiiet lor piynu-nl of lhe debt- ef ail de-ct-a-rd, twrlve moii'h-' frtun ihe.ildayof Novniher 'ii 13, 111 1 the -ee-o 1 1 W lae-d.iy of Nnveinber next, being ii--ien,sl for a hearing in the- preiul-r-, nt ih Oiorr of the Regi-ier 1 fihi- Court, niul 11 hayinz 1 ei-n ordrri'd ih.u nutii'i! thereof I c given, by pu1 li-binj llii deerer thre'e xvreU Mtree--ivrly 111 the Burliuzli'ii FrrePre-s a news p iper printed at liurhuglnn, le the tune fixe-1 for heariii'j. Therefore, ytm arehrieby notified, to appear bef ire said Coin, ai' the time nnd place iifi-rr-aiil, then mil tliere',to makeohirctioii if any you have-, to the -aid lime, of oavine-nt I rinir furl her rl ended umi tore-aid. Gie en under my hand at Burlinc iln- 18 h dnv of October A. D. IS 13. 20 .v3 CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Davit Itusscll's P.statc. STATE OF VERMONT, A T a Pro' ate Court District of Chittenden, ps. ) A hul leu at liiirltng. Ion, wiiliin an I for lhe I'islne tiforr ni I on the 12, h day ed'Oitol rr. A. I). 1813. nn Instrument purport ing tn le the lu-t Will nil I To l imeut of D.WID IiLsSI.LL, late of llurliuglun, in nul Di-tnet drre-as-el, was orr-e-n'i-d to the Court here for Proline, by Natlrin B. Ila-wrll, lh Execulnr, there 11 name I. TiiEKr.rour. 11 i on'eresl by mid Court, thai public notice le given tn all per-iius roni-erntd th rnn 10 appear belop- nid Uoirt, nt a -o.-ion tliereot to le iio'ren nl the Rc.'i-terV O lice ill i-nid Bur merlon on ihurrv-ond We-dnes lay of Novrtii1 er A D. IS 1.1, nud ror.lrsl the- prubaie nfniid Will, and il i furlbi-r 01 dered thai tin- order be publi-bed three week irees mely in llio B irlington hie,- t're-s, a news pa ,cr pnnH'1 at Unrlinglon, in U.I- biair, the la-l ol which t-hnll be previous In the, diy n,Mgne.), as nfure-ai I tor hrsring. Given nn'Vr my ban I nt tho Regiter'.s Otriee, this urn anv 01, A U. Ian. 20w3" Wm. WESTON, Reciter, .1 nil 11 IJ. alkln''.statr. ,lir VUCJIONT, (Mllli; l'rilal Ceuri Di-lrJ J for ih"i-iriet Chin e. ncernr-l uiec-taie. JOHN of Hineliurgh, in Di-lrirt, . Gar Wiii-nr.A W, and M nh ndinrnti u iinrn' lo render niWaoio L' eiHTieir ndiuini-lrntn n. and sent iheir rtcinint ui-t said e-latc lor examination and alloewrhe-e at a r.ion of the Court ol'Pri ',aiP t0 be hold at lhe O.lire tf lhe llegi-tcr t.r said Court in Biilinglon, on the tece'lid veejic..dav- rfXi,..., l-erA. D. 1SI3. ' "' I'llcncroRi:, Yon are herebv.nmi.. 1 . 1. eiroaid coutl at iho nine m-.7..Y r '). '..:'., ...1 , . --,,., yi.iiL. iuuir-ttiH, nnu tliew-eause, if anv yon, nw whxSllio aocuuni afore laid should nolle ,,me,d. ' I'll'll U" .... , 1 , n ..t:-,. la.u .1... 1 . rt m ...j ,1.x, . ... 1.1 11 11 ,m 1111 nov I cf Cooler, A. D., 1813. wwi UHAltLi;, iiussid.l., Judt. THE subscribers to Harper's Edition of MARTIN CHUZ.LEW1T Ate notified that Pari 111. is published and for bale nt ll.VKliliM. TO.VS, Tho subscribers to lha New World Edilion nro nn. lifted ihnt No. 9 is also publhhed and for rale at the s iuie place. WRU'PING PAPER, Plain and Rule I Cap and Lcltt-r Piper, for alu by V. llAvnixr.TON. LOOK HERE!! ALL persons having accounts with us over thrr. months standing, arc nolitelv rrnuestrd lornll and eclilo ihesauio without tlelav, and oblige o., ev. ue'. llurlington, Oct. 20, 1SI3. 20 GIRAHAM'S MAGAZINE AND THK LADY'S r BOOK for November, reeeunlby 27lhOel, kV. HARRINGTON. Mtoi:. ; J',AI U2b' plain an I liptircd hees, J etn. (;nlnv elo. I .Men's do. do. ro. rlnin andlijurcl tie MiKet-' d.'. frrs lerieanhr iM.,,1-11. lit i a. .'i. nw IWllIASUTOS, YERMOST,, IS Hi. 5 T11F. SUHSCIlinr.ft br.s opened a Hoo'ss-nro in this place, mid intends to Itccp a full supply of as o o m si . in all departments nf I.itTtitura and Scitnee, nnd xyijl supply School Teachers nnd v.'oimtry Merchants xvuh AnirtiMETlce, Hisiobie?, OnAMMAns, Srntt-iso Itoons, sin) Alocdoas and llio hn;br brsneliM of Mnlhcmaiics, logi ther with the Classics ured in Hlib Schools, Acadeini'-nnd Colleges. Arranpemenls hue also been made for proeur inanny of the PcriodienN of the riiy.nmnn- which nre liotidoii, I'.dlnbuicli, Vorrlisti and 'tVcstmlu slcr ltcv!cw; lllachuoo.l's nut the Dublin University :,taf;nr.lrc. TI1I2 AMF.ltlCAX flUARTF.UI.n2S, S fC It AS Amcticm Piblical Iteomitorv, (per annum) American Jurist antl Law Maaazine, " American Journal of Medicnl Science, ' Mcilndit tluallerly Ilcviexv, " "i 00 5 00 5 on 3 00 BOO .orth Ani"ru:in lleviw, AMICUICAMilJPKlNTSofFOItr.IGN'ltF.VIF.WS London Q.urtcrly Review, (per annum) S3 00 " " 3 01 Foreirn tViarlcr'y " " 3 00 Litile's Museum, (monthly) " 0 On Warltwood's ,Maca2uiC, " " -1 00 Dublin FniveiMtv " " " -HO " -1 00 i::,T,LI5tI UI2 VIEWS not sr.rr.tSTio :; Tiir. U. S. Christian Ohrer-.-tr, (Church, Month'v) 8G 00 Itritish Critic, (Church) 5 00 Church of Enalind Review, S 00 ('oatregatiooil Mntrazino, B 00 F.vangilienl Maiazine, 2 t AMERICAN MO.VTIILIF.S. American Medical Library nnd Intelligencer, S.I 00 Dcmocrntic llevcw, monthly. 5 00 Huston Medical nnd S-'urcitrnl Jcurnnl, 3 00 Chti'tiin Examiner, (t-' bi-monthly) 4 00 Graham's L idvi' and Gentlcmans' Magazine, 3 00 Hunt's Merchant'"! Magazine, 5 00 Jmirnat oftho Franklin Institute, 5 00 Knickerbocker, BOO Law- Library, (rc-pr'nt of the mo t alunblo Enclis'i Law R-porls and Treatises,) Phil. 10 00 Law Reporter, Huston, 3 CO Ladies' I! io!s of Literature nnd Fashion, 3 00 Ladies' Companion, 3 00 Ladies' Garland, ftc. &c. &.e. Tho above nre some, of iho nriiifi'sal Reviews nid Mn'ra7ines published in this country, bpsided a crent ... n. . i nr .. l.:..!.'...:o i.. r...n:ni.n.l I ' ii' ii'i , "" "I" '" " "" " ""I n ii i"." ,y the suhsenbrr nnd de'ivercd nt his store or for warded bv mad or nthcrw ise nx dirivied, on tbo te rripl nf the subscription prico of the oik ordered, in ndvanoi". Tliere is r.n edition cf Hlvci.-.vood's MaciizIks published nt the New world OlTi'-e, N. V., at 82 per nnjium. monthly, which willbe constanlly for sale by the single number. VERXO:; HARllIXGTOr,". Colle-o St., Strongs' Diii'din-'. 19 OCttKIOl, Rr.UrSICAIMIIRsi Miiebell's. 01- ' rt'''''- '''""dbridtie nnd Will.ard's, nnd Mitchell's i Primary Geography, and Parlcv's (or sale bv n - rr ,111,1-r-T-n-v l' ii.nv.M...-. . w... : a., of Da sc.., for sale by 13 V HARRINGTON. A IiFil2!!RA. Divies' Firl L-?ons Daiies' -A. Hoi urdon, llridees', U.i. lev's and Pierce'n. for sale hv 10 V. II UlRINOTON. FAMlL V GROCERIES. HV-'ON. Voanp Hvson, If. Skin nnd BlackTcns; Ea't Boston loaf and Powdered Sugar ; Nut megs, Cloves, Ground Pepper, Sp.ce, and Cinnamon, warranted of superior qualities, for sale low by EL1AS LVMAN, 13 Strone's RuilJinrs. THOSE THAT VTA NT TO III) SCIIOL- AltS AITHND. ONE, two, three, of four yearsiu the University nf Vermont, to commence next coiniiuneement, for salo verv cheap indeed. Enquire at Ibis office. uci. i, lau. 19 LOST, LAST even nr. m this vdlaie, a -mall GOLD CHAIN and Locket. Tin wider will te suita bly rewarded liy leaving it at this cilice. Burlington, O t. 5, 1313. MS w3 rIMIE ub-cril er has now on hund and intend-to i le al leto furni-h, at short notice, Mi-eellane-ous, Law, Clas-ical and School Book', as luw for cash as ran le ivirrha.e-d in marl-el. 30 Sept. 1813. 17 V. HARRINGTON. "PltlCNCM UITIIOUT A TEA II I II." A NEATLY printed pamphlet of SO pages in Six Ea-V Lessons dei-isned to facilitate the acquisi tion of 'he French Language wilhnul the nid of .1 teacher, for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Ilurlinrto.-i, I3ih O.-to'jcr. 10 A FEW copies of the Downy Testament, a fine cdi- V. lion, tor sale tiy HARRINGTON. Gih October, 1313. 19 COIIHF.T'S COTTAGE ECONOMY, a neat edi ti m, for sale cheap hv V. HARKING I'ON. Cih October, 1913- ' 19 KATE IV SEARCH OP A HUSBAND &. tho crquel. PHILIP IN SEARCH OF A WIFEt forsaloby 19 V. HARRINGTON. ESTRA V. STRAYED from the mh-eril er, on the lllh in t., a Blae'; Co '. wilh a litilo grey acros- the I nc'. and till, horn- li.rn.'nj 'wer. oc.l to 111 ilk, nnd -be tween 4 and S xear- ol-:. '-" """rr will 1 e al ly recompensed, by 6 -'Vi IE Olo"x VO-S Iturhngte 11, Sept. SI, 1S13. 16.v3 V HARRINGTON will receive iil seri'itions for a'l or any oar of lhe F reign Review, the American Renfiut iifFormern Reviews the Ameri can Q tar'e-rlie- and Monthly Magazines, &e., Ac. 30 Cepl., 1813. 17 BOOKS AND STATIONERY FOR SALE AT V. HAItltlVGTOX'S Collrse St. BIBLES 1 trreat variety, Q inrto, O-lavo, DuO deeimO, Pi ' i t do. in various hmding-, BRA VI R liOOICS (fall size-, and biiidin--, pri-e-cs fr"in 25 ct-. te, S3 00 each. WATT'S nnd SELECT HVMNS, .Mctiiodikt Him Camp-m r.F.TiNa Hr.MNs.WiNcur.Li.'s Watts, au l Hr.MS9 arranged hy Sen-all for Unita rian wtr-hi . ,xr. Wrapping Paper, Cup x-id Let!er Paper, liaynard and Noyea' J-'ine Writing Ink', nti I e'trr ink man il.n- lurislj In'.'-'nnJ , Sand Doxe-, Water Cup-, Blark Sand, Wafers, tie-alms Wax, (lull-, maniifacturesl an I na'iie-. Pen' nive- and Pencils, Blank Brink, etr. which will le sold Oct, 11, '13. V. S. MARSUAUj'S sale. PUHLie NOTICE i hereby give-n thai the follow ing grot-, wares and mi'r -han b-r, cn'rinncl in Ibe Hon. I "i-lric-l Court of lhe U. S. for Vermont District, O-n.brr Term, 1813, will It--old at Piillir Auction, nt lhe A' Ctiou room ol tV. II. Thonn-, in Burliiieiloii, in aiddi-tn.-t. no Ihe-Sih day nf Novrm lernrxt to the lrghe-t bidder, t-alc In e-oinu cnce at 10 n'eltirk, A. M., v'z : 2 Frock Coats, 2 Pair Pan-taloon-,2 Ve!, 2 Cloaks, 9 Silk Cravat-, 2 yard Rd I on, 3 yd- Cotion Cloth, 1 Shawl, -t Mouselin de Lainr Dre-e-, 1 Drrs. P.atirrn, I pair She e-, 2 pair Glmr, 2 Sicks. I Cravat, 5 vols. Mcminn, 1 Bible, I Te.t.iiiient, I Hat. I Wor-trd lld'.f, tJ v Is erlaze-l Cauil rie. Al-o, 3 Sile Shawl-, I hf'X Luiiie-nThrea I 1 dozen pair Glove-, 30 .vlarlin Skin-, 2 Cru 'ox I Skin-, 2 S.piirrel Liniiig, , 2 pur Small '..Icvco-ius, 2 loz . ( on, y S.i,. Al.e. -10 d- :,10.t.!in lV !4-,nt I-2J id Catnl rr, 9, yd- 7 u - , " ;v:,t"'"oa'"nllP-'l'''"'i"''- Alrol U ron ta iling .90 .,txhh Bins'". Mixture. . x"'.e-n under my Jmnd nt llraJl'or.l, lt:U 12ih dav cf vj our, it-i.i. 19 WILLIAM BARRON, V. S. .1arMal. WHEAT. A FEW bushels of NEW GENESSIT. WHEAT of the grow th of 1313, for seed, n first article, for salo by GEO. PETERSON, llurlington, Aug. 31. 13 s. n. iahmam:i:, Ae. 7 ,CotinJ.7or Hall. (Peck's Budding.) 13 HOUSE. TO RE XT. A pli-a'ani llnu-e wilh garden and T. 11 her e'i nvenicnce near lhe Acs I- einv. rio.e-sion enen at.0111 ihMfir-ir.r aifi&iU w,'el,l-r". Ai'. initoi tho.ttoij.e 1 I. i . jua . - - liatfcan m.i'J' Rooincirent tineineut fur t sn.a'l family, iiu ct'siuii-al'OMt the mme I line. Idif. ! K. IMNGUORN, WANTED, PFNCHEONS e.f GOOD CIDER, by 1313. lSwl C. L. NELSON. 50 CQ BARRELS FINE SALT fennV I v OO S. M. Burlington, d'h Oct., 1343. POPE. 18 vvl NOTICE. C1 51. TOPF has jo t re'-tived a coo as.r.rimfni O. ed DUY GOODS and GROCERIES, whH, ,re 0 1 1 eel at 1 "V i'ive pniea 11 r oxs. antt, hi rsr.bnn-e (cr Gftils, gor Bmter, Grey Uioin, a Mitp 1 arii, im t'unl'Vg n.n ann.iAN Hronn. Ac,oJ nut fiint-n tJ" Fri.,e-, (htilli-, Cord mi I Ts ui , - , IC .tu.t n-rit-edlv OSTftr.lM A cd. SV.W COOP ( nnd Wor-'tt.l "-bawl , v-.'fv linn 'ninfe -tvf l f'.r llic fx'aoii Just rc-cix'rJ nt the IC oi:n.MA. STonn. REMOVAL, V. K. PANO lOilS CAD1NF.T Villazt Scr'on nt'tf HASr(intr.ltttn.N'"-Mio;t near tin' ft'iih end of Whi 0 ro'.t, oppi-i'.t.- thr hi'iiil' of &v tv. Mr. Convcr f, where be '.-. i'l I r ni home at ell inner. Ho will contiiv-e tuiua' call l:m 'a of Cif'.nfst r-n-n!- lure which he win tc'l b.iv lor Droniiit tia-! nrord- s, rrif dy oln'il- the ' in, tihiicd putt'-uniit; of In. ..'d ru-ii.iutr-, nnd that nf talvr- nl r., I'l bi rai.m'. y it villnee "e.xton, he ba -inee an in,n oil. piuvli'i.e'' rt hi rxo!-r a new Mt n'sc an 1 P. ill, no I nto nr- c I Willi linn h rate and lubnt a t.e v Man of ihr i.uv.' beautiliil i.emi'trj of 'lit: vilbj;r. lie v-iU 1 1.", rcn ' undo rofiins iifuin-tl.i'ids, ii'r.d"lt, nn-J aM r'htr , firm-bed at Ihr -horir-t not'rr. He '"ill so ' attend wilh ld llrar-r. i-Ynera s eiat 1 1" llio '' ihmo or in any of the nd'omiUK Tmvn-t v.;th Ir.-s tro d !o to fiiendi irn! n1 ly and 1 c'ter r 'rr l'"fi niy of. near er at baud uad .it a, short or shor-e" nntr r, , NI2W P ATT FUSS, & CHf AP1IR Til A? Lv Lit. Ml .Undt of Prrt'l ice taken in ) .7yii-n' ; ti'icial ertdit given r,- Clirapor Cvth. HENRV MA i O. h ivoir ta'.r'n ilu- fJtn lorni'-'v o.-rapiel I y IHCKO.v C' I'l.t.'i, i uou- ir reiving a lar?r cnu-i;nmriit i f STOVLs, wn 5tf rir nl nny duir.ihlr piltom t,f 1 1 II r., "r I'.trl' u h'ioe's, Sinvo Pipe, Tin an I ('upper Trmi'nm-, IIiiliow arc, iif win :h win I 0 rxeb insri-J tm any hindof Produ'e or ca b. Tho e who wib to tiur ehnsu Mtoxr-, xvill do ibcm.ehet'n-xvrll u. him a favrr by examimnr li.s -tori,-, lliirlinto.l, Cvt. I, IS 13. 18 CHAIR FACTORY. T th- t.H tnnd of VI-T.SOS et t-ATES tbrret- 'hele-t n-(or'ti'tii- el CHAIRS and -vll In Id 1 1 "a; "r than ''an 1 r pi'rrha.t-l I I ll'i ai ai vn ler Hare in H ir'inr'nn. MAtlO'JA.NY. CI P.I.I I) x;.l'L! PsyS.V P.MNTEi L' i'an.S'.HI CANE -EAT. LAUGH ' I! an I S'.!,l L KOCKINU, DIMNG. 'f S CHILDREN an.1 LAll'iE Ali.MED I ' C. I.. NELSON'M, Cl.-irch --re-o-ippo' ir th" O'd l!.ni!t,nrai his F-tr n ry ihtco door, iv r.h nfthu C.rh It.- Ch irt-h. IS I IAA I.Y.'.tAV H" A VINO rr,-pi,i-,! a l:tgr a-t r'r.ien! cf F.i'l ant Wm'erOoi 's, annn - xx .t -'l r. r- a fr'at mi- r.'-v of rich goo 1- nir I.idi--s -vmier iae fes util cloak; Chit an an I Mo r-eiine La.ue-, high cl o r- and rich a'.o, mnurniiiL'' a 'id hilf ,tl nr'ting do. ; al-o. Iraulifd inoirnmu'hain-; 'n larce a-snrt-oicnt tif Calti'"-, h p-.'N'ir q'taluv tiud fi.'ii-h; Alpac-ra-, silk warp, roite.11 do. t a greet A-artet of Siin'el; an 111 lj.'. variety of til, ve and Ho-ieryj India Rubier .Mills, a ne'- nrlicle, eery s iperior, hot hav in.' tune to" I', ran advertiement Ihi-v.e'e-l:, invi'es Ladies aul (icut'e-aieu t'i call and exam, uu thr erood-which will lo -hown Willi plea-iire. Couoti Yarn, nleo for lhre-ad very clu-ap, Carp-Jt w.irp, wie-1 iii7. ' ai'ing, wn Uin, ,cr. eic. Burliii2'on, 0 O't.. 1813 13 ''"IlE citizen of R'on nnd tho Pub ic-irrneaa'. - ly Die- rispe-eifi liy iiifi-rmcl, that the German StorevV 1 1- rontin Vl at the n'd ' -tan I, tnii'er tho firm nf.M. OSTilEI.M iV Co. A generous h:iro e,f Palren-ige i- re pe-sf ,1 V icpie-trd. We lro e I y unre'iiittingn'tention 10 husme'sannd punrlonl rtgarl to allcngngemen' .0 -e.-o-t-tb'.'ron-'ideu'-etid ll!t?p"ih lie-. A new an.l Ire h n oituient tiftiood i- tnst re,- .e'rived mid. will le-oldnt llie-rn-y h'Ctstpr'.cts. The puuiie ai u-1 u-pvi. 41111. .n.iisitti s 1 1. Burlington Sejit. 1813. AI. OS'f I1EIM ii Co. i,tni!!i:i yaicd: FOR sale by the subscribers at their yard Street, COMMON BOARD;', on Pearl l. A I rl. FLOOR ROAUDr-, rendv planed, CLAPBOARDS, CLEAR HOARD?, Ais.1, 3,000 CEDAR POSTS, while t raj. HICKOh' STEVENS. Uurliusion, 50th September, 1313. 16w3 EAR WELL'S SHOES. HARWELL'S Kid nlips, J- do. French do. ii. do. do. do. Walking Sh'iesf da. Jlorocco do. do. Just received nnd constantly on hand, tarsals by P. H. H. DOOLl I'TLE. Sept. 20'.Ji, 1?43. 16 wfl I'RESll TEAS. OLD nnd Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, and Rlaclx Tens, of a superior quahiv, for -ale at the lowest mar' ct price by 'KERN & SPEAR, fliiirrh Strict. Srpi. 22. IS 13. 16lf VATI-2!, WHITE, .Mixed, and Brown RAGS 111 exchange, for Hooks Writing and Wrapping paper. 30 Sept., 19 13. 17 V. HAltRLWI ON. GROCERIES. HYSON, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson, Pmichons, nnd KoucbongTeas j Cuba. New Orleans, Loaf nnd Powdered .-ugnrs; P. R. Molasses, Cfioger, Pep per, Spice, Cnssia, Nutmegs, Gloves, s-'.aleratus, llif .-onp, Variegated do., Mustard, Mould Candles, Co coa, eVc. etc., just receive I antl for sile hv P. et H. H. DOOLITTLR. Sept.20ih, 1513. 16 vv6 UI'EKIE t'l.oui:. 'I'VllF. S11I sci' e r- are daily receiving Superiins 1. Flour in barrels and half I arret.-, se'ee-ied xe-iih rare and of the 111 ift approved bland-, which they lor ca.h ala siiull advance. FuLLLTT, URADLEY i Cs. Old Doek, June ., IS I 1 NEW GOODS. IHF subscribers hive just reiurncd from New X York, nud would respectfully invite the attention of pureh.,ters lo their largo and sx ell felrcted assort ment of GOGUS, consisting of Broad Cloths, Bci ver Cloths, Casfimers, Satinets, Vesuugs, Silk Vel vet, Tabby Velvet, Sntin Vcslinjs. Black Italian Sda, Black Gro de Svvis?, do, Blue Black Gro Grairi do, Colored Gro do Naples do, Jli.uschn dc Lnins, Black Alpacca, itnpo do. Parisian, .Merinos, Ulack Bombazine, Ginghams, Bishop I. awn, Barred and Swiss Moiudin, .Mull elo, Rus ia Diaper, Uird Eye do. Crash, White and Colored Cambrics, fine Blenched shirting, Irish Linen, Indies Cravats, Mouschn de Lamo Coin's, Ula-k I'ahan CravFts, Colored Silk' Cravat", Gingham Handkfs, Ril boils, Cotton Hose, Super Caliinieie Rilw, Fringes, Lares, J.adics and Geniler.ians Gloves of nil leinde. Night ('ops, While nn ICo'ored Spool Threul. Padding, Canvasa, Silk, Twist, Buttons, Linen Thrmd, felesia, Wig gans, Coat Cords and Bindings, Watch Guards, Car pet Binding, Umbrellas, India Rubbers, Neit Sus penders, India R11 ber do. Calico, White nnd Red Flannel, White Cotton Flannel, Unbleached. do. Shave Is, Furniture Bindings, Ticking, Drillings, Bur laps, Wickiup, Cotton Yarn, Carpet Warp. iX;e. etc, all of which have been purchased for cash, and w' are determined not to be undersold. P. if- II, H. DOOLITTl.-. Jiept. IO, IS 13. lOwr. IWFFAf.O ROBES, JUST received and for sale xerv low by P. .f- II. ti. DJuLITTLE. Pent 20th. 1313. 16 wet nilOAU 1 1.01'HS, Cnsar.,erfs, Vesting, Orlca t loth.Silk Wo:,., Ltre Alpacra, M. D Lsini ani Dainas'i '.Vnylo Shawls. Fancy Cravnts, Genllemen(. -J'iocks, Collins, Shee in", nnd mod arlicle-s iijualljr. ... 1.1111 e .tii'.iL, ,. ,j nwiins cnllnl lot tn tho DryGooeU line, eonslantly cn hnnet and for sale by le by KI.RN ef- M'KAIl. Uliureli Mrret, Sept. 2J, 1113, 15lf HAIR ! HAIR ! THE public are respectfully informed that H.C.t A. SMITH, is now prepared lo furnish any article in thei lino ollinir wink on inc siiorimiioitc. Cxsii paid tor long hair. Shop west side of the Americgq Hotol. , jliirhrgton, Sept. 21, 1 3-13." . 16tf G 10 !: 31 A N STOKE. .Ma'vnrnni nnd Vcrmieelly, Ohvr and Caperr, S.dtana ItsJ-in, Vcryn'rel'ox do. Erene-h Figs, l oeeia Nutf, French Pfi.iareid Milliard, Frnni h.Piepare.-J Chec. Ihic. Alto, Coco Pa-lc, le r ma', mg Che-eh'e inimcdianly, IliriixVati Pruno, in Glass jnr. nnd Fimry Boxer, Sardine pre-ervedin Olive O.l, China pre-.-1'rv x I Ginger. All of m-erior q taliiv, 1G Jo-trei eiveel l.y 03THHM & CO. Vftw Hoeihi-nds of St. Croix Sugar Also, St Croix Mulasj.cs, of a supeiior qn-Jiiv for ! by n KERN et SPr.AR, Church Slrrol, Sept. 12, 1S-13. Ifitf. SELLING OFF A T COST FOR CASH, or at a small advance from cost in exchange for Grain, THE Mlmrinj- srtietei nre now- r. fere( 't lhe llrh-k Phnp, In rear nf lhe Cn-trt Home, ui' Curl Map'e Cane Se-al Chstr,, P.iin'cil Cane Seat do Common Duining'sn I Rocking Chsin, Bnrei'i', Light and Wa-h S'atid., Cheny Dniomg Ta' le.', Work and Toilet .Jo I'ali'.eads, Cioeiks, iff. .lfsc- f e's I'atenl I snnaig .xii'., n, r, i., . . a.;