Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 10, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 10, 1843 Page 2
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M the feu. do tnt tuinimt In that nun, tho State shill in iko up tho lul me , wh' ! was supported liV " """')') whos.ul Ihnltlllio llouso was about Iti Jopt t lie principlu that salaries were not lo bo propor tioned in tliu nmu ml nf service, ho liopoil Ihcy would carry II out ami nin!.c thepay of nil cepial. fdr Gran ny said the amendment reminded linn of llio poor debtor to make llio oalh, who, when risked if he hail leu sheep, said he had but one, nml demanded tho oilier nino which the liv allows. Mr Wright of Slvirehaiii opposn I tho nincii Jmciit ho said lliat nn c 'urinous ninoimt been drawn from Ihe Sintuhv some county clerks. Jlr Dnvis of A, said the bill uJoplril tho same principle which is applied by Iho (.moral s-'overnment In district clerks. The sum of S00 is enough for nny elci It oflha counly court and where tho fecsntolos', ilvy are pro' ably f'.iouijli In p.y lor llio ocm.'cs tendered. Mr Stacy's amend mint vv.u r. j.'ctc I, when Jlr '.'rn.vtey moved lo amend by reducing the sum from 9300 to 8300 1 supported by Mr Sinboin of Slrallniti and adopted, and the bill was or lorod to a 'J I reading My f? encral committee, liill altering tin ii.iin'a nl Huriii't Wilson, and cnnsli tiitinj Ilosea li. Di hcirat law of Susan Dix, and llicv were oidcrrd lo a third reading. Hy Select Committee, lull nppropriiling S300 lo iho V'. Asylum for tho Insino. (inciton 1 llio buildings,) which was ordered In n 3 I reading. Hy select emu millcn bill alt. rin,' tho iiiuuof holding Co Courts in Orleans co ,'(! I Tuesday of Dee. and June,) which wis ordered ioa3l foadimr. Ily judichrv cninmiltcn Id I nltcting limes orhnlding courts in ltuthml and Wnvllnni counties, laid on the table; nllciing liino of holding county cr.trt in Wislungion County, which WjsordcP'd lo a Jl rciding. Ily General Coiumi'lec a,;iinsi 1 ill in amen Inc'iit of act rchui'ig In publi- nc conns, an I il wis disnii.s"d. Ily oviimitleo on edit c.vt in, in a Id.tiou, lo chip. Ft It. S. (bill authorizing ass leiilioinl i distribute tliu Itihle.) and il wis order- cd to a third reidmgs bill m addition to chap. 18 It. , S. (req i-riii? school dislri't cleiks lo make full icliirns nl tbeooiiditioii of common s 'hooks, expenses Sic-) when Mr 1'nlsntn in no I to dismiss it i .Mr Whittc- more nppos-d, and Mr Hidings suppirml tho mo1''", winch was nj'fted. and tho bill order..'-1, lo a 31 icad iugs ajainst bill, rclali'u to co, union schools, (provi ding for town commillees,) audit was dismissed j ng linst Seinm bill conshtuiiiig a In ard of education, and It was rej'cled on the 2d reading. l!y Judiciary bill oxicndmr; time lo Ann Wiiklus an I lift llin I jr. to pay bonds to the S'nlo, and it w is ordered to-l tliinl reTo'tnir. Ily committee on mililary nll'urs. !tW (il-U.-lKraf-c-'fliy-Jlr'aus oi"N. Vli'o q ieslion ,vns p-pJiiuat tho a l.uiirnnient. Mr Harrington ci'.'"d P, 'I' ' petition of the bank of Piultncy for a reduction "''it" e ipital soek, and mov ed to recommit it '.villi i'ls'ru "ons lo the committee to report a bill, Sitppirted by Met"'3 md Har rington, who said tin ru had b'.en a urea,' rcdiie ion of business in iho neighborhood of that bank. Mr Henry opposed the motion, observing that llio I .mini oy lunk ha I now as "reat a circulation, in nn. portion to is capital, as any other bank in iho State niessr-innings -inil Sinbirn ors. nlo opposed the tnolion-a red cnon of capinl was a re luctiou in the s-ctirily given lo Ihe p iblic, and alsoopi rated to reduce ii.c juusuiiiirccinrs: -nil increased ncnily in busi nri? "' r',ll,lro "'ould req tiro an increased capital. Sir lias sii.l tho eireulalhn of ihe bank was not equal to its capital, nnd bo regarded ibis kcrnine dead eiiital as injurious lo the batik, and dangerous in ihe vi. i in mi- iiuiiv. Tho motion to recommit prciailrd. Mr Deni-on called up iho resolution for eeniii" ses sions commencing this cvrninn i pnfid. Thecouimiilee on load nkcd to be ili'eharpdl from the resolution nlatuo lo tho Winoo-ki tuinr.ike company ; sranl. d. Hill introduced. Hy Mr Davis of ?. in relation to niililaiy fines (rcmilitms appeals,) which wa3 or (lercd ton third leadmi;. Adj. . Tcn-OAY r.vnxivo, Oct 31. sr. .VI 1 r.. Ktporta, Mr 1.tun.ill from the select committee, reporled tho House bill lo protect person, nl blurly, wiib anieiidmonts, which were concurred in, and Iho bill w.n ivi I a third li on and lai I on iho table. Snb-oTieiiily tho bill wn called up hy Mr Sabm, and iho bill of llio S'uite S'l'isntiited by way nl auicndinent Mr !'c! I irom eoinmiiteo on io nl, repotted the lull relatmij loiad ro'.ds, with an opin ion lint the simo ou'ht not lo pi3. Mr Criswold, from sum c.unm lice, made a minority report in fa vor ol sul bill. The report was read, and tho bill wis ri j'oii'd-yeis 0,' n ivs 10. Tin' bill alte-in.t ih" nimo of csrlain persons was read n third urn and pass.;!. The bill repealing. w. I), chap. 31 of tho revised sialuic was recommitted fir amendment: amended on I pass d. The lull cons'ruini; ilia 7th socibn of an act re lating lo publrc nreonntv, was read a third time an I passed. .in j The bill ivlaitnsto' tho riqhts and nullifications o voters, was indefinitely posiponed. Tho bill rtlaiuw lo iho Orani in nlterntion of nn act approved November lllh, 1813, was pass ed. .Tliubill rt'laiinfr tn 'he sale of properly on attach ment on mesne proscss, parsed. Tho House bill repealing the militia act of last year was laid on iho tabb.' Mr Urines muvethnt n messaae he sent to the Housj a-luni; tho return of Iho bill paying Ivlwaid G. Ilabcoek a corlnin sum. whidi waa carried and the hill was returned. Mr llri;js moved i rcconsid pniiion of lhovot rejeciin tho bill i unriicd, nnJ ihe bill laid on the table. The House bill relating to tho incorporating of Fire Insurance (-'oui ianiop, wis rejected. The bill relating to Grafton 1'iro Insurance Com pany, wns rejected Tho bill relating lo the rccoeni.auces of slieiill's. was rejected. A larsje number of bilh was received from the House nnd referred to appropriate committees, and lo sa.e useless repetition are not noticed, as they will all come up on tho reports of the committees. HOUSP.. The House resumed consideration of tho bill to pay James Morse. Messrs Uurrouqhs of Ivirby nnd Hibbiid opposed, nod Mr Davis of N. Mipponcu uie inn, :ttui n was rtj'jcieu uu uie -u react ing. Hill introduced. Ily Mr Vilas, re'alinp to du ties of chancellors, and it was ordered lo a third read ing. ileportaof Commillrts. It y comuiiitco on Hduea lion, rtnainst bill provulmy fur returns eif scholars by district clerks, and il was dt nnissid. Ily General committee, biil to icMurc Calvin Milieus to bis le;nl privileges, an d it was ordered lo a 3d readin?. Ily judiciary cntninillee, 'bill to proteet tho clmracter of women, which was suppone-i hy Messrs Vi'as, Kico of Somerset nnd H irrinston, opposed by Mr Ilib bard, nnd ordered lo a 31 reading ) bill authorising n chaneo of venue in certain cases, whrh was ordered toa3.l readin.'. Ily cominillee on Hanks, lull relalinj totho ofl'oultney, (re'ilnciiijr capital lo SjO.OOO,) and it' was ordeied lo a 31 reading. l!y judiciary committee, bill 1 1 preserve the Vt. Ileports. w'hich was ordered lo a 3 1 leading, liy eommiltcenl'Wnys and Means, against pciition of Avery's Gore for a portion of iho surplus revenue, (on Ihe around thai there is no oruiniz nion a a town.) nml Hie petition ers had leave to withdraw. Ily General coniiiiiitrc, n'ainst hi I rel nine; lo Ihe eleelion of town represen latives, (providing for nn election by plurality in cer tain cases,) and it was suiportcd by Mr I'olsoiu nnd dismiss al. II v judiciary commiilee (nnj only.) ngiinst ine inn repeating uie nci ni last year relating to capi tal ptinishine'tils; laid on tho table. P.tptri on Hie table. To nincnd chap. 51 rcvi-cd staluiesiu relation to bmiisti in of action", ordered to n 31 reailtn. lV'iiti in of Centre' Turnpike Contpa nv dismissed. Hill to pay Addison l'ottel, dismiss ed. Hill fixinr Hum () lioldini; courts in Itulland . nnd Windhun eonnilesi amended by sinking out nil relative lo It .tlau I county, and it was ordered to 3d reading. ICnt-rosscd flitls. In relation to mi'itarv fines; nl tcring lime for boldini; the county cnurl for Orleans counly t fixin!; tho lime for hnldin; the county court in Washinnton Co.intyi inakini; appropriations for support of (ioveintuent i making an oppropiia'ion for the Vt. Asylum fur lbs Insane; regulating the wtit of ntidiln querela: rei;ulalin; the fees of cotinlv tlerksi relating tot-nuts in civil actionsi rcl-itiiis lei fe'tun's Attorneys, (fivini' annual silorics, from S100 to $300 i) in reliliou tncolleciion of laxeaon real e-s-jate,(ptoviding cases ofdcnth,or inability topayj) in relation to duties of bank commissioners, sever ally passed. Udl regulalin.' .ippertls fiom hutices of the l'enee, supported by Mr Grandy. opposed bv Messrs Wright of Shorcham ntitlTilicn nn.I rettcied. In addition to ui'l relalniL' lo Diiblie aeeo ints l in nddilion to eihap. 13 revised statutes, ri lurmof the mndttion of (.eliools; in mldition to clnp. 81 re vised ptatipes ainhorifing nssoeiatioii3 to distribute Holy Scriptures i tn protect tho character of women-, oyes G nays73i n'lthor.sing chan'jo of venue in cases of the county court : relating to tlntics of ch in- Qellorj to pay Si neon Il 'rruk 831 75 for repairs on "a fie'if-pieeet relating lo Kne-ine Co. No. 3 in llur linslont grnnlinnn ferry to Harrv Hill ; in ad liliou to act Incorporating "Norwich University! to pay Isaiah Jlsilrtnn tsi'.l IJJ; to pay Itielnnl l Abbott $70t extentlin'i lime (or payment of n debt lo the .''tale bv Amos Wtlkins nnd Uh Hinds, jr. lo nller the nimeof Nancy T.iyb'ri to nlie-r tbonamo of Hnriiel Wd-oni constituting Moses II, Dix heir nt law of Slf.ln DlXj severally nassed. To restore Ontvin Jlille-ns to his legal privilege?, Reiecied. The bill to niilhorizo Charles Jlillcr to hold rcnl es tate fn tills Stale, was eommilitd for ninendment.sun ported by Mr Wbitlcinore, opposed by Jlr Vilas and relt-cted. The bill reining tn bank of Poullncy authorizing n reduction of rin'tal flnuk was supported by Jlr Vilas and ppposeu ny .Messrs aanuorn ol Blillord nnd Henry, and pi'scd, u7 lo -yj. The commissioner of the School fund made a re- nort in cnnihli'inco with a resolution of the House which was rend, nnd nn motion of Mr Vilas referred lo a select committee of .three. Heso'ulinns. Hy Mr Hall, nf Victory, directing the Scrgeant-at-nrms in ois tiuivi passeo. nv ivir eeran- dv. for a commillco nf two from each ItousMo direct ' : ....... ,.r .1... ii repairs IO ill' " " I Mi!i ii ill,' uinii" iimi-i-j ii-jiu' led. Hy Jlr Davis of N, directing the auditor of nc Hnnit in rennrt tha nar ieulni serviei's for which or der Nn. 15 vvas cnnleil t pisse'd, Hy Mr Ross, di recting the Governor In appoint n committee to exam ; iha necounls. rf turn, ee- cf the lfilh regiment under the net nf 1B17, lR30nnd IB10, and lo rolled anv sjmsi'.uy me sunt pasfeu, ,, , Wr.tiNr.' pa v, Nov. I. rrayerbv ihe Chaplain. S'HNATi:. Wt;.or f Committees. Mr lluller from Judiciary coniinitlce, reported ngainst bill rcla ting to arrest of debtors rejected, l'rom samo com miilee, bill reining to ihe collecting of taxes assess cd on rcnl estate rejected. Mr Starr, from commit tee on Hanks, reported n bill relating to lite tlntics of bank commissioner tcatl n third lime nnd passed. b rnni Judiciary committer, bill in nddilion lo chap. 81 revised slnttitrs, alaling to religious; societies. read a third lime and pnsrd. I'roni samocommillce, in favor of lull lelaliug to costs in civil notions j read n Ihinl time nnd p ts-ed. In favor of lull for regula ting the li nool holding county couns in Iho county of Washington s rend a third tima nnd pacd. Against b II regulating the writ of audita querela, Against lull niithorisiug clringo of venitn ill county cotitls t rejected. Hill "to protect tho clnrne'cr eif women t nun auienucil nv striking out "to protect the clnra 'Icr ef women," and Inserting relating to slander t rejected, Mr Cutis, fiom ('ominillco of Chillis, reported against bill regulating fees of counly clerks; rejected, I'rom Judiciary committee, bill re latins lo llio duties of Chancellors i read n tliiid timo ami reiecied. Jlr A. Allen, from comniilico on Mill I try Afl'iir. reiorled bill lelaling lo military finest reid a third timo and pissed. Mr Plumb, from com mittee on Claims, reported against bill relating to Stale's Attorneys t .Mr Ileid moved to amend by providing lint when Iho fees shall bo less Ihnn the salary allowed m the bill, no mora than the fees shall In received lost j the bill wns then rej-ctcd. Mr Camp, from coiiimiitecoii Kina-ioc, reported bill rela ting to public accounts; read a third timo nnd p.ied. Mr Thompson, from cnm nillco on Military AII'iir, reported a lull paying Simeon Herr'i k the sum there ia mentioned! lead a third lime and passed. Mr Habiu, from rommillco on Ivln 'ation, reporled bill in ad.liliiii to clnp, 13, revised atajutes. relating lo com man schools ; read n third timo nn 1 passed. Mr Gaboon, from select committee, to '",r- refer red the reportnf Gov. P-,me, on ,Caf, ihi'mb.hlhvl and imine poor ::;.. ,r,l a resolution that tin Gov ernor be directed lo appoint n commit tee to devise the Insl means fir the, relief of iho above peisins, nnd report 1 1 llio net Legislature t passed. Mr Miinsill, from committee on Pmance, to which wa referred so much of tho Givermr'a message ns i elates to the School I'li'id, reported lliat no lei.' 'lijii wa ncces sarv. Mr Tinaipson, f''om c omniiltc raided on lh" p-tition of I.. If. r'ltlnn, leoorled bills nlicrbvr , .: ' ni i. nancy i. jonnsnn. and hill (onslilittinif llnsco 11. Dicheirnt law of Susan )i"i syeraly read a ihiid timo and passed. .Mr lliifgs, ftom soleclcommitleenn thercnnrl of Henry sieve it., leporled Hint it was inexpedient to pu,-si,"e , i ny , i uu ,i rcs.iiiiiion lint IhoG i ,, , . -"i-u io uo mauoan cvammalion into il i. . ' ., i i ",n,lfl"'" ol Jlr Stevens on -jv,, ., ,,,,, ,ln ne requsiri )n lp . ill"".:.,-.... no l. ... .. .L. . . ' .u.ii "') imiiivicst to preserve them PKssa.,. 'fni bill makin,'; apnroprialinn fur tho Vt. Asy In n fir the Insine. reaii 'ho third timo and naose.l Theliill nxtending lime nl' pacnicnt on note due ihe aiare, trom a. vvnuins nnU Ivlias Iliii'lj, jr. read a third lime and passed. Mr Culls called up ihe bill lo pay ftlwanl G. Hal,, cock a est lain sum. an 1 made a statement of fads i Hie bill wn rcnl n third time and pa.?cd. Jlr A. Allien called up the I!ntis3 bill relatin" to ihe itiihui, repealing the act of last year: re jected. " Pravcr hy Rev. Mr Vonng, IIOCSi: Messrs G l,on, Williams, r.yon and Park bail leave of absence after to-day. Itcporh nf Committer. Hy Genera! Committee asking to bo discbirged from iho peiuims of It. S. Tenny an I others, and of cilizus of Plaiufi del, hav. lug acted on the suhjicl j granted. Tho cnmuiillce on roads asked In bo hisrliargcd I'rom tho petiiions of Austin Mirchard and others; granted. Hy .liuliciary eouimiiicc, thnl it is Inexpedient to IcgUlatoiu refcr eneelo nssisnnienls of property lo creditors; on the resolutions of .Mr Siniih nf Addon on slavery that they oiiebt lo pas. and they were passd unani mously. Thcs- res'diiitons instruct our didcatiun in Conens.sto ga against slavery in the ehstiictand leintories, a id agninst the I'omesl.c slave trado. Hy select coiii'tiiltcc, agaiu-l lull in niidiiion in an act fur siM veving thohiund-irv line b 'tween"ton and Windhun counties, anil it wns dism ssod. Hy select committee, the majority again t, and the minority in fivor, of ihe pennons cui lull to tcnrive Ruihn I i.ounly buddings 1. 'isllctoti, and on molioii of .Mr I airni'.'ioii t'v peiuimsand bill were laid on tho ta ble, liv committee on the grand list, ihe list of 181V amounting to$732 00; -II. Hy tin committer on the lit'irary. that tho l.brarv bn be.-n nr.mpili. i.nt i.. jii'lieiary coninuliec against Mr I'tiNnm' lull' rein- live to ugiiivii staves, another lull having been report cd, and it was tbs nissed. Ily hele-et commiiiee, uinniniously concurring vvidi' certain resoliidons against reu i lialion, nnd tho Hons; c incurred in lite rrp' rt. Hy maprit y of same e'ominillee that iho res nlulions IVnin Alabama on tho lino of Gen. .lac' son throw unjust ccns.irn upon the court, .and are of n party character. ,ml therefore it is inexpe lien t to net upon them. The minority ili-'entcd. nnd the resolu tions and repoit were laid nn the table. Hy Judicia ry committee, Sennlo lull relating to assignments, with an amendment materially changing llio bill nnd proposing l,i mako all en"rnl assignments void: amen Inient supported by Mr Vitus, onpoj-d ,y Jlr Whiltemore, and ndoptcd, when ill: bill as nmcudel was supported by JIcssio Vilas, Trncy Ilibbard nnd Dennison, opposetl by Messrs Hillings nnd Whilte more, and passed. Hy general commiilee, thai ihe legislation nt this lime agains' seduction is inexpedi ent laid on tho table; against bill making disposi tion of the proceeds of the sales of public lands, nnd il was (IL-mi3sil. Hy committee of claims, a.'oin-l bill to pay Ilvinan I.ane having been sellled by the auditor, nnd il was th'sinisjcd ; iVnale bill in addi tion to chapter 07 revised statutes, relative to sup port ot i'legi'imato children and it was pas-ed. The Auditor in the Treasury made report of ac count no. 152 in pursuance of the resolution of yes terelij', which was re'ad. absolution. Ily Jlr Hanington, suspending Ihe 13th joint rule; passed. Iiv .Mr Cumming", diet ing iho debenture of llm incmlurfiom l.'orbv lo bo undo up for ihe lima lie shall be detained by sick ness ; laid onjiho table. 1'ro n the Senate, for inqui ry, through the Governor, ns lo tho menus of re lieving tho insane who are dicincd i.icuriiblct pass- lu. Thecoinmuniealion from the Am ricjn Pence So ciety wn presented nnd nnd. The Re-port of tho Adjutant General was re ceived and referred to the committee on Military .111.1113. Uncrossed Hills. In addition to chap. 53 revi-ed statutes on limitation of actions; to prcservu the Ver mont Reports ; passed. Altetitig the lime f.n bold ing county courts in Oi twins county; oppose-d by Jlcssrs Hinds, Wilbur and Ilibbard nnd dismissed. Alieriug liino for holding Windham Co. Conns; laid on the table. Several bills were received from the Senate nnd referred, which will be noted when reporled upon to d.av. Tho amendment of the Scnato In the title of the bt!l relating lo the impiisjniiicnt of debtors, was con curred in. Tha amendment of ihcVnalo lo the bill in amend ment of chapter 77 revised Mamies in relation to Piles of lauds for taxis. was opposed by .Messrs Cum mings nnu Kico ol nomerset, nnd the tj'icstion wns pending when tho House aelj. 2 o clock, P. M. Sr.N ATr.. Ucporlt oC Committees. Mr K. Alb n ion select cominitire, to which v.ero referred the rporls of the Secretary of Stale. Secrclarv of the Senate and Cletk of the House, inndo n report. Jlr field, from committrs on ltoads, to which was refer red petition of inhabitants of liellovvs Falls for a rail roaJ, reported that a chsttt-rfora rail road had al ready been grante d as Jlr Porter from com mittee on Mamilaclurts, reported ngainst bill to pro vent fiituds in llio sain of leathers lejfotcd. I'rom tho saute committer, House lull in udthiion lo nn act lucnrpoiating "vorwieh I'niversity t lliebdl was read a third mile mid passed. Jlr A. Allen, from commit- leeon unary .Ml nr", reported Mouse bill relating to r.ngine Company No. 3 e.f Hitrlingioni read a third lime ano passea. .nr tiriswn'ti, train committee on Roads, reported I louse bill eraniinga ferry to H.irrv Hill: read a third tune nnd nnsecd. Jlr Green, from select rouiiiiitlce on llio petition of inhabitants of uarre, reporicu against the ptayer nt the pennon ; the petitioners bad leave to withdraw their petition. Jlr .ilunsii; irntn con cammittceon Finance, reported House bill inakiugappropua'ion fur support onKovcrniiient : ....i .i.:r.t I... ..i I.--..... .... i-iii n , uu , tin iu .iipsv.i. - tun i cum (.uilluiiliLU Mouse tnl aut.iontng Die t rcasurer lo borrow the sum of 63Q,000 read n third tune anil passed. Jlr I'nrr, from commiilee on Claims, reporled House bill to pay Uriah JIatlisoo sum therein mentioned; rendu iinrti nine nun p.issi u. i- rom same comiiiiitce, tun to pay Kicliard r Alboit tho sum therein mentioned, willi uu nmeii Inient alrikine out " &70'1 nnd inserting 619,31 1 also by addtnc "for labor dune on the simo"t tinienilinnus c incurred in; rij'cicd. Jlr llnggs, from coimmtlco on iho Judiciary, In which wns refer red resolution irotn ."Now Jetsey rt niing to repudia tion, reported a teolutiou e'tnidemmiig rrpudi nion ; nissed. Jlr Camp, from coimuittee on Finance', lo which were referred resolutions fiom tho slates of Alabama and Georgia, reported that no action was necessary. Theliill rrlaiiiiL' to the renair of bridges, wis re turned to the t-'ennto with an amendt.icnt, and tho nmcnuiiicnt wns concurred in. The House bill further lo protect persons' liberty, wns inkcn, nnd Jlr Snbin moved to amend to that tho provisions of this bill shall not extend in per sons ncling under thenuthoiiiy of the United States) uuupieti Mr Camp wns epposed lo ti c bill, on Iho ground that Ibo Legislature had no power lo proven, llio agent of Iho mnsier from pursuing nnd lii'.iii- Ins slave in llits stalei that liberty is given by the t'on dilution of the United Slnlcs, vvlneb, being Mipteme, niiist bo obeyed, nml nil laws contrary to this prnvis ion nrn void t for this reason only he must voln"ainl tho bill. The bill wns rasseif, Veas 13. Nnys8. Jlcssrs I'nrr and Plumb wero excused from vol ing. The bill relating to nssisnmrnls of properly, was returned from the House, ninendcd, and the amend inent was concurred in. Tha Houso leturncd thn bill nrnVlillMi-' fur t!i i int. lection c.f taxes nssrsird' on real e.tate. non-con. enrring in the piopostd by the Senate iha S-nme resolved lo insist upen Ihcir sunendniint! HtsoluHons. I'roni the stale of Alabama, relating lo ibo repudiation of slate debts, vena read add refer red tn committee uu I'lnnncc. 1'ioin Georgia, on the s.inio subject, to Iho same commiilee. Fiom tho House, on Iho subject of .slavery read nml laid on Iho table. From the House, dirccling the Treasurer of Stale and the Auditor of Accounts in destroy the vouchers nudiled by tho Auditor in the Treasury De partment, up lo nnd including 191'.., except such ns may aid in the illu-lraliou of historical facts t nnd it shall be the-duty of the Auditor hereafter to obliter ate nil vouchers by him nuditeil rt jcclcd. From tho House, for Ihetepair of tho west wing of tho Stale House concurred in. Mr A. Allen called up the bill relating to the militia, and it wns lejeeled. The Senate bill relating lo llio grand list wns re turned from the House with amendment?, which wcro concurred in. Tho bill rein ling to the repair of bridges wns return ed from the Hoife, Iho lloiiso insisting upon (heir .intend ti icnt t tho Senate resolved lei insist upon their disagreement. Tho Senate resolution on tho report of Henry Ste vens, was returned from the llouso with nn amend ment i amendment concurred in, The House bill providing for Iho collection of taxes assessed on rcalcstale, was relumed from Iho Ilotfe, Iho House insisting on their disagreement lo the amendment propositi by the Senile', and IbeSenalo resolved to adhere lo their amendment. Jlr Spragtio moved tho appointment of n coinntillce of a confer cneo on iho thsagrcetnent of the two Houses on tho above bill ; ndoptcd. IIOUSl.- - riiependingqneslion at theaeljournment wns considered nnd tho amendment of the Senate was non-concurred in. ltprls of Committee, r.y committee on milita ry nli.urs, lint lj-,r report of tho adjutant rcneml rc "'".'res ni icislnlivo nctto'i. Hy commillco of ways and mean, 'nil cpciulitiircs of Scrgcaiit-al-arms, i'c q'limig no action. Ily select committee, on report of Henry Stevens, ng.iinst prosecuting the claim of Iho Su e, with a resolution authorising Ihe Governor to take incisures for the rir,'mation ;,nd preservation ef documents d"comcil by Mr Stevens. Jlr Davis ofN.inivcd to ntnend, by providing for procuring I jvo iileces of cinnon taken nt llennington, now at iv'.Hliuigtou : ninendcd adopted and the resolution pissed. Hy comniitleeof elections, that no member til this llouso is holding an oHii'o under the general ... ..,,1, (.,,.. n, ii .(HiiiilKb. , ejin.iiu euii in tering the names of certain pet sons, passed. Hy t ominillco nf ways nnd means, Senate bill constru ing 7th section of act rehting to public pnsjcd. Ily committed on roads, Senate b II relating 13 repairs on roads and bridges; amended and passed, coiu'oitleo of wiys and me-ntis, that it u mexne- dienl to legislate in reference to llio proceeds of the pip lie lands. iy i-oiuuiilteo on agriculture, Senate lull to elico-iago Agile 'llure', appropriating SCOOO .a year to organized agiiculttir.' societies for premiums, lo be tlivided according to the pvdilion of llio sever al counlifs.l which was support'eil i'; Jlr Stacy, op posed bv Mr Rico of Somerset, nnd pa'js.'J. Tho Senato ictiiructl the bill rcl.aliii" to b'ecpscs, wilh nn ntneniltn"nt which was concurred in. the lull from tho Uenate, relative to settlement ol" estates, was passed. The Senate's amendments to llio hill rcHtivo tho site of property on executions, wrro concurred in. Hyridiciiry coiumi'lec, Senate bills, relating to now trials; relating to process: relating lo sale of proper ty on attachment on mesne process; and tiny were severally passed. Ily Coinmiitco on inilinrvnllairs, Senatohill lo pay William Jlaxlnm 811 03, with nn amendment stiik mten st: coiicnricil in and bill lol. 71 lo fil. Hy ludici irv committee. Senain bill relative in irmnd list; amended and pissed. Hy commdlee on nulilnrv nflMrs. nminci s' bill in amendment of ihe act of last ion, is j3 substantially the -nmo ns lliat nassed by tin House, but ril.iuis tho organization of tho act of last year while tho House bill restores the old organization! I ml nn the table. ' IJllL'rolScd Hill, tn n Mil!rn I,-, ,!, . n laiive l-i rifle regiment in Franklin counly; to'in carpoiato Cliampl.iin nnd Conntcticu, River Rail no u Company avesSJO, noesC'; passed. The ri'So'll'I'lll relat.Ve lo the debenture nf tlin m.m bet ft .m 1) 'rhy was passed unanimously. Ilesalutiuns. Ill- Jlr Wri jlll nf S. ni,llin,lsmn ll,o Triasuiel to destroy the old vouchors tm tolSI2. fso that they liny uoi bo prescn'cd again; passed, Hy Mr Jle', for repairs of the west wing of the Slato I louse ; 1 nssetl. rneS un'o uon-eniicnrred tn the amendment nf ibn lloiro to tb..' bill lelatlllLr lo therenaiisnf bri.l'.i.a nn.I the House rcsolveil lo itisis. 'Iho Senate returned tho bill for iho nroteclion nf perSOtial l.hcilV. Willi nil amendment fcrnini. ntri,-nra of tho govcrnnient in this Stale, iuii persons .i,,. ...t ,1...... itw im.:.. i. :.:.i .i.. n.,M,.; iiiiiiu ,,,1,11. 1IIM. 1I,,1U U.'l lllllll llllll one object of I be word 'citizen' was to proven' per sonsiu ibis state from becmiing ago Us of slnve-bol- tler . I le agrei d to the: .iinetulmctll, ns wo ct ulil n it inieifero wilh the onicrrs of the f.-ile ml .rniernmeiit. Jlr Folsotu ihottght llio nmciiilmeiit rii-strnve I llm bill. Th nmiiedti ent was agre-l to. Tho Hcnute ndhercd to it3J dfigreetnent lo the amendment f then Ilmp-a lothebill relative to the collection nf taxes, and ihe IIouc resolved lo insist upon rs amendment. The bill altering llio nl.aee for bnldinrr ranris in Ru'land Counly, disiiiiaapil 'I liu Mouse lull repealing the net of last year on enp iial piini.-hiiient, wns ninendcd, on motion of Jlr Whittcmore, so n3 to exempt ci-e-s which h tve al nnilyoccuned, when Jlr Davis of N. moved lo dis miss : avis fctj. noes os. 7 o'clock, P. M. Jlr. Hriggs called up the House resolution for the suspens on of the 13th joint rule until half past 10, A. .o., ami moveti io aineuiii ny sinning mil "hall past 10 A. Jl," and inserting 6 : ndoptcd; resolution re- jeclrd. ur Liitigo movctl that a niessigo be sent lo Iho House asking the; return of Ihe hill relating to tho du ties of Chancellors; ndopied. Jlr Slurr mined tn rceonsiler the vole rejecting the bill,adupicd ; the I ill passed. Hcfo'.utions. From iho Ileaise, instructing our Senalnrsand .Members of Congress to endeavor lo procure! I lie passage of a law irranliug pensions to such of the mill ia of Veimoiit as were pnsent nt the battle of Pittsburgh. Fiom rho House, relating to the debentures of the ollicers of t'-o Senate and House; conctiired in. FJoin the House, relating to the T.irifl", was lead and patsed. From lite House, 'sit-penduig the 13th j nut rule, until 1 1 o'cloc't this even. ng : con curred in. I'rom the House, rt latin? lo Gen. Jock son's fine: Jlr Gaboon moved lo postpone indefinite-! i lost; e'oncurreel in yeas li, najs7. Ilevort of Committees. Jlr Jliiusill. from com mutes of Finance, reported House lull assessing tn.x for Iho support of Govt rninent , read n third time; Jlr C.ihoon moved to add '2 per cent to the tax : losi : llio lull pas-eil. The Seinlobill relating tn tho militia was returned from tho House wi ll amendments, which wero con curred in. Thelloasorcturned ihe bill to pay Wm. Jlaxham thn sum there in mentioned, with an amendment strik ing out Ihe interest i concurred in. 't he llorsa icluined iho Senile, lull relating ! Ihe repairs nf bridge, rtsalvntg to ndhere lu their amend ment; the Scnnio rcsjlved toadhero to their disa greement. Mr Spragtie, from the committee of reference on thedisagreeinentof lite two houses on the lull rein ling to the collection of taxes assessed on teal estate, reported that the Ho iso recede frnni their vote disa greeing to the amendment of tho Senate upon adopt- i. Mr Cahoon introduce I the following resolution. wnicti was nun lieu unanimously : Resolved. That tliu 'hanl.s of the Senato be ccri! ally tendered to His Honor Horace Knlon. for the able, impariiil and cnurleuus manner in which he has di-chnrged the dtnies of us presiding officer during the present tcesion oi mo iiencrni nsemiiiy. To which llio Presidedl responded in a vcrybcauti luinno appropriate nuuress. Aeiiourncti. HPUSF.. The llouso resumed consider. uiunoHie enaic bill ill nmendnient of the tiiililiaact of lastyeat. An nniendmsut to add qnalters to tho list ot tincondi tional exempts was supported by .Mr Wbitteinoro. op posed by Jlr Davis of N. nnd. adorned. 113 lo GG J'r Gootlbue moveti an ameiulinent so as to require clerks of companies to return t he names of the enroll ed militia In town clciks; agretd to. The bill was opposed by Jlcssrs Dnvis of N. Vilas, Henry and Rice ofS. and passed, 05 loBI. Jlr Trncy (Jlr Henry being in tho chair,) moved locousiucr mo voie rcjeenng uie inn to pay wm.-uax ham ; agreed to, and the bill passed. I'esohttions. Hy Jlr Ilolden, instrucling our dele gation in Congress to endeavor to proctiro comnensa lion to the iinli ii of Vermont, fur services id and nt tlieinille o I'l'ittsburph ; ndopleel unanimously. Hy Jlr Vi'ns tending tliu thank - of the llouso to llio Hon Andrew I racy, for Iho manner in which ho has per formed th-ihniesof the chair fur iho session; which was adopted bv ri most hippy nn I unanimous vote, and MrTracv haudoiiielvandft.clin"lvncUiow!ede. e il iho f.ivoroftho House. . I .1. . -r.i. , ' c . Tho Se-nato asked n conference on llio disagreement oflhe two houses nu the lull relative to tho collection of taxes, and Messrs Wliiiletnoie, Vilas nnd Ilibbard wero appointed nsetimmilleeon the pnrtoflho House. Mr Sanlrrn of Strafford introduced a resolution, declaring that tho Treasurer is not entitled to deben tures as nn officer of the House, believing that his sal ary covered the caso. The chairman of iho commit tee slated lint in nccortlanco'with n former precedent. and nflcr examination of the law, the commillco were itnauunmisin allowing him a debenture. Mr Davis nf IS. said Iho treasurer was already paid Ins salary and a largo nllowanroforcxlra services, and it seemed to him ridiculous for that officer lo claim ele-benlurf a. X.'r Wrlcht ofS, said that if ibis resolution nn.ssiH. the treasurer would bo ihu only person ill ihe sertieo of the legislature who wniiut not rcceivo ins elelicnturts. On inol.'on of Mr Wlulleuiore, tho resolution was laid on Iho int.10 hj io it Tim ("eiialn insisted on Ils disagreement In tho amendment ol the House lo the bill rehltve to llio le- pnirs of brides, and llio linuso resolved lo adhere, Subsequently, Ibo Scnaloresolved to adhere. Il'norla of Conmille. 11 v commillco on Kdueatmn t that legis'aiioti is at present inoxrcdient on Ibo subject ( of the school fird. Ily judiciary committee, on sun dry petitions on slavery, that Iho subject Ins a ready been reporled and acted upon. Ily Mr S.inl otn of I ,he select committee, an atpunicntative report nn Ihe I Pe'il,l0n oflhe TonlTon wool, concluding with resa billons in favor nf greater nroteclion lo wool. Jlr Wright of Miorehain moved a substitute, protesting ngninsi iiicrcpeni ot t no inrui, nu i instructing our del egation touso their ell'orls lo securo ndequnlo protec tion to all branches of American Industry. Tho amend tncnt was ngrccd to with a few dissenting voices and the resolutions ns ninendcd were adopted unanimous ly. Ily judiciary committee, against Senate bill rela tive to aelvcrlising lands lo bo sold for taxc, nnd it wns rejeclcel on the secon I rending against bill de fining tho 1st nml 2d judicial districts, nml it was re jected; Senato bill, in relation lo capital crimes, mid it was rejected. The bill altcting the timo for holding Windham county courts wns passed. The Sc-nto sent in n resolution against tho doctrine of repudiation, which wns passed. Jlr Wright of Shorchnui introduced n resolution, di recting thnl hetcafter officers nllending the Ilouseand Scnalcshnll bo entitled to a per diem allowance only t passed. The report of the cominilleo on the Gen Jackson fine vvas taken up, when Iho minority reported resolu tions in fivor of refunding the fine with costs nnd in terest. Jlr Peek moved to amend, hy substituting llieso resolutions for tint reported by Iho majority. Jlr Ilibbard oppose'd thcmolion. The fine wns Im posed at a timo when Gen Jackson's friends were in Ihe majority in Congress in years since they have been in a majority antl would unquestionably hao done Gen. .(.justice lad any wrong been done him, in their opinion. Ilctliouglit it wasn stretch ofpru dence, if not of power, for this legislature to endeavor to instruct Congrese which Ins all the rcenrds nnd objected nlso that thii wns a Iriil of Judge Hall, who bad long since been dead. Tho money had been of fered, but Gen. J. refused it, unless accompanied by a condemnation of Judge Hall. Jlr Vi'as supported Iho motion, siving that he had hoped nt this late da; nil parlies would bo just to Gen. Jackson's military services, and that without renntd to part) , this IIok.'civs',)', J express ils gratitude to him. Ho ib'J not regard llisasa ccosttroof Judge Hall, but rfitiierns anaclof favor to Gen. consideration of liis patriotic services. The result of Gen. Jackson's course Droved, ho thought, that the General was righ'. Jlr Ilibbard and Jit Winslow replied briefly, when Jlr Stacy in a very hinJsanic speech, eulogistic ofiho military services of Gel. J. opposed the motion ns de rogatory lo the General, whohnd bowed to the deci sion of the court and paid the fine, nnd when lliociti ens nf TVew Orlcnns tetitle-red htm tho of tho nue, ho rcliisid it ns compensation, nnd gave it to the poor. Jlr Whiltemore defended Judge Hall, and protested ngainst this political manepuvre," by which iho profess ed friends of Gcu J., in his view, wcro doing him no good. Jlr Peck's motion was lost, 100 to 73, when tho repent nnd re-solution etf the majority (declar ing it unwie to legislate upon the matter,) was adopt ed. 100 to 715. Mr Harrington introduced a resolution suspending llio 13ih joint rule for lime being; pissed. Mr. Davis of N. culled up the resolution relative to debenture of tho Treasurer, which was supported by Jlcssrs Sanborn of S. Tracy and Davis of N. and adopted unanimously. "fjr Henry introduced a resolution for the publica tion t..r ''llc proceedings of the jjint assembly, which " Tho'coinnii'ti'"'0'' conference, on the bill relating to roads, made a 'rep,, r.. which was occurred in. , Jlr Sandornof S. oVcd a resolution requiring tho treasurer In refiind thenn,'.''s?nrpccivccl by htm from Ibo eommiltcoordchentures ill '',:e constitutional con vention in January lost ; adopted. The petitioners on the subject ot ''i"'3 "S'lisl se duction had leave to withdraw. , yiJiournod. TiicnsoAv, Nov. 2.-7 '- H-, Tho usual niessigcs were exchanged, and "l" Houses adjourned sine die. u tT.junruaioitj FRIDAY .MORNING, NOV. 10, 1813. CORRECTION. Thn rrsitriinlinn nf linn Ilnrnen P.i.nrnii " " ...s u. immediately after tho defeat of the Asctiltiey Bank bill, has received an interpi elation in various quarters, which does groat injustice lo that distinguished individual ; and thn articlo in the Freo Press of last week, is perhaps as liable to censure as any thing that has ap peared on tho subject. We were present du ring the discussion alluded to, and if any thing of tho personal character alledged occurred on that occasion, it certainly escaped our no tice. Wo did not understand Mr. Tracy iu bis remarks as intending anything disrespect ful lo Mr. Everett personally, nor do wo be lieve that Air. Vj. or any member ol the House so understood hint. The idea thcrefure, that tho vote in question was an implied censure upon either of the parlies, or had any thing ut all to do with tha persons engaged in the discussion has not tliu slightest foundation in fact. Ripe in years, and rich in experience, no man iu that llouso shared more largely the general respect of its members than Mr. Eve rett, and certain it k, that no ono was listen ed to with the same marked attention. As to Mr. E.'s resignalion, that is a matter be tween him nnd liis constituents, and wo have reason to know that they aro satisfied with his course in this respect. It is but proper however to add this conviction, that, in this matter be was not prompted by the result of his bank bill or tho discussion growing out of il, but acted in acemdancu with his physical necessities, and aiurigiual intention, express ed in our presence t tho opening of tho ses sion, to retire at tho close of tliu second week. Since tho foregoing wns in type, wc huvo received llm following communication, which J fully corroborates our riew of tho subject, and does but justice to Mr. Tracy. Mn. Stact. : I regret to notica in your pi per of Nov. Dd an trticlo apparently editorial imputing to Mr. Speaker Iracy the use of "sc tere language" in h.s reply to Mr. Everett du ring the discussion ef the Ascutney Hank ques tion in the House of representatives. Having been an attentive listener to the debate upon that question, ami eipecially to the remarks of Mr. I'vcrett and Mr. Tracy, I must ask to bo excused when I assert that the language used on that occasion by Mr. Tracy was in period accordance with the strictest parliamentary de corum, neither insulting nor "sciere." Mr, Tracy's remarks perhaps occupied three min utes in their delivery and were to the follow. ing effect: Having alluded to the accusation against the Woodstock Bank," that it had failed 11 to accommodate (lie business men of the "county" ho admitted that such had formerly been the caso whilst the hank had a largo kus pciidcd debt which it was then unable to col lect ; but that fur more than n year and a half, sinco llio collection nf most of tho debt, and sinco the general revival of bustness through n,ll ll.rt Plllinln. it li-.,l 1 1 cnlt ,,t nil 111-n.olt., nn.I , ", , , , , 1 had oven accommodated the business men nf Windsor during tho past season. Ho further saul that while on the floor ho would uolico the argument that Windsor ought to hate a bank becauso business men would be accommo dated with it. If this argument wcro sound, the village of Springfield, and others in the county would be equally entitled to banks, and thus tho county vould be doited all over with banks, a state of things which would render them unsound, and dangerous to the rommuni ty and to each otlor. I am quite certain that no language more te xere than tho above, was used by Mr. Tracy and I think I can appeal with success to all the members then iu llio House for tho truth of the assertion, Nor do I boliovo Mr. Kvcrctt himself1 at the time, considered tie language serere or person, al towards liim, nor tho veto of tho house an implied censure upm himself. Uo. may havo considered the remarks of other speakers olTen. five to tht people of Windsor, but i do not ro. collect any personally oflensivo to Mr. I'vcmtt D'jiial y incredulous tun I as tn the assertion that Mr. I'vorott rcaigncil liis in conso nuanco of that vote. According lo my recollection lie slated on llio evenino; before Iho legislature comcnml lliat ho should leave nnd r-n linnio as nnott ns t lie As ciilnt'v It hi tc question should bo settled ; am accordingly ho resigned liis scat leaving much of the business of two important committees whereof ho was chairman tintinishcdi and tak. ing with him certain reports upon important sub jects which those committees had relied tipen liim to prepare. JUSTICE. TARIFF. Never did any public measure pain friends moro rapidly llinn tho present TnrifT Law. 10 co to mi sin ninv denounce) it : lint it is steadily advancing in the estimation of llio people. All that party nialico could do, was thrown upon tho measurn, in ils early days, but when ono after another of tho predictions of hostile politicians, was blovn to the winds by tho practical workings of Iho system, iho pcoplo sco what weak nnd flimsy material was till tho trumping of the Locofoco press, upon this subject. Tho most serious and alarming objection they attempt (o urge, is that the Tori IV in all cases increases the prico of the arliclo on which the duty is laid an assumption which is put to flight by the " Price Current " of every week. Buyers and sellers aro mutually benefitted. Every class in tho community fuels the fresh im pulse) given to business, and the farmer, tho manufacturer, and mechanic, arc all compel led to admit that Freo Trade, in order to ben efit any body in this country, must be recip rocal, and that thai system which opens American ports, and closes llioso of England, has no feature in it which wc should bo wil ling lo adopt. Wc annex tho opinions, recently avowed, of tho two prominent Candidates for lite Presidency, on the subject of the TAnirr. Wo placo theni in parallel columns the bet ter to enable the reader to compare tho two together : Henry Clay. "I think that whatever revenue is necessary to an economical and honest ad .Martin Van Iturcn "I have nt no time or any vvhero paused to ex press Jl V DEC I I) I'D DISAI'PROIiATION' Of Uovcrnnientougioeee(-TIII': TAItlH- ACT Or Ticed from duties imposed IjASTSKSSIOX, as well oniorciirn imposts i anil 1 asm respect lo the mince- b,'icvn that, in cstablisliinglp'c upon which it is foun a tar,'i7of Iho-y duties, steci'de'tl, as lo ils dclails." adiseri""""'" ougni lo .trier lo i.uitor of Jiult ,.s' will incidental-. mond tVa ) llnonlrer. ly afford nEb"-'''i"er. rno- " Wc hare a tiller before tcction to'oi'i? .ATioxALiis, sent to us by a friend iNTcnrsTS ' nnd addressed to liim bit "I had resigned n. V SCIti, Ur. lull lluren. inichich in the Senate when tho y"" nf i ,BO,i r-.,..i, ' -risHi. y si.hA ims tho duties w hicli itiuinosedl '.' Ill' I'lll'Shy I 7V1 ,i ' ' .i.l,,.-i Richmond En nil' unui ill. Ill lllu-L-lll lilt. 11'. act of 183'-.; and without iqulre. Utli Ot., le13. intentiing to express any opinion upon every item of this Turin, I would siy that think the provisions in themain, urc WIST. AM) I,IlOI'll."-rfr to ed itor of I,a Granp.t (feo.) Herald, 13A Sept., 1B43.I OHIO. The Whig State Central Committee have issued a circular to their friends throughout the Union, showing tho position in which they stand, now that the dust of the late election has passed away. The circular is full of gnoel courage and animation to llio huarls of the Whig party, every where. They went into the contest under every dis advantage. The Stale had been inf.iii.iinsl Gerrymandered by Loco Foco legislation, and I'fTorl made to secure a coinpleii! system of overhearing tliu Whigs. With this loatl upon their Mioulders they have risen like a giant, and put the I'liemv In rom. They j pruinise the Slato fur " Harry nf llio West," j in the great contest for the Presidency. CUTLERY. Within the past few years wo have made rapid advance in the manufacture of liaid ware. In tho articlo of huts and screws wo have literally diivcn tho English manufactu rer out of tho market ; very few will now use nn English latch or handle ; a handsome proportion of the edgo tools ofle-rcd at the shops is the product of American skill; and it needs no prophet's eyo to see that a few years moro of fostering protection will ren der us independent of tho old world in al that pertains to this branch of industry. But we wero surprised tho other day to learn that a very handsome lot of fine cutlery, such as pocket and pen knives, etc. etc. which we wcro admiring at the counter of Messrs. 11a c.sii &. AriTlluit, was nlso of American man ufacture. In point of stylo and finish, tlioy will bear a rigid comparison with tho foreign article, and us to quality, wo doubt not their superiority. As another point gained in the progress of American skill, it is no slight sat isfaction to bo enabled to nib our pen in de fiance of Manchester nnd Leeds; und at the samo timo realize that the prico of our jack knife has but gone to take tho round of tho manufacturer, tho mechanic, tho farmer, the laborer, again to return, and again to sweep tho circle of social relation. MOURNFUL CALAMITY. A most licart-runding scene occurred some thrco miles south of this village on Tuesday afternoon. Three sons of Mr. FurEit Cui.iiEitT named Thomas, William, and George, aged 12, 10 nnd 8 years re sorted to tho mill pond near ihcir father's resiili'tico to unjoy tliu newly funned ice Hardly had they ventured upon it, however, before it gavo way undei' them, und tho elder brother went down. As ho rose, ho appeal ed to his comrades for help. Georgo, awaro of tho danger, hesitated, nnd cautioned Wil liam against the attempt ; but tho latter, re gardless of danger, rushed to the rescue, ful lowed by tho younger brother and, sorrow ful to say, tho thrco perished together! Tho bodies wcro soon recovered, but too late, alas, for tho fond hopes of a doatin father and mother, whoso anguish may indeed bo conceived, but not described. Tho scene of this iifiliction has been visited bv hundreds of our .sympathising townsmen, and yesterday u largo concourse of citizens liter ally bedewed tio green turf wilh their tears as sido by sido the three cherubs wero elepos ited in ono common grave. ANIMAL MAfiNIVI'lRM. I ,, , ,. ,,, , 1 1 Dli. Gaits, Professor ol Phrenology and demonstrator of Pliieno-iiniL'tietisni has been i for several evenings lecturing in thii village, and giving practical deiutitistraliiins of tho trtilh of Animal M.ignt'lisin and Phri'iiology. The subject whom ho has operated i a lad thirteen years of age. When tho buy is in a magnetic sleep, by exciting the different phrenological organs, his countenance', con versation and actions show beyond doubt that lie is wholly under the influence of the organ excited. Wo tiro assured by tho fath er of tho boy, a physician of high reputa tion and character, that the boy has no knowledge of phrenology and does not know cither the names or location of tho diflci cnt organs, Tho exhibition of tho power of Animal Magnetism upon the boy when ho is awake is as wonderful nnd surprising as llio effects produced upon him when in a magnetic sleep. Dr. G. will paraly.o Ins limbs, eye lids, tongue, &c. so that tho power of mo lion or action is wholly overcome. When tho boy is walking across the room, by n single pass o( the Doctor's hand, and this without tho knowledge of tho boy, the latter becomes fixed to tho floor. Wo learn that Dr. G. has magnetized sev eral persons iu tho village, some of whom wo understand have consented to bo magnetized in public this evening, and, among tho num ber, wc learn is ti young lady who is clair voyant while in magnetic sleep. If she con sents to bo publicly magnetized, notice will bo given in handbills. Whether she elocs or not, wo an; assured that others will, anil be ing citizens well known, tho public will be belter satisfied to see them magnetized than they would to seo a stranger. Wo arc as sured that tho exhibition antl lecture will be highly interesting and instnit'livc. Lecture to commence at half past seven o'clock, nt Strong's Hall. Tor llio "I-'rco Press." VLIMIOXT. a soso ron miss ii. w. 'Tis the land of my birth! with its moss-covcred mountains, Ils green smiling vallies soft spreading below ; Its silver brovv'd streams, and its spray-tossing foun tains, That owtft in the gleam of the summer-light flow 'Tis tho land of my birth! with ils bud and its blos soms, The fragrance of hemlock and spruce on the breeze j And far-swelling lakes with their foam-crcstcd bo soms, That heave, and pass on to the roar of the seas! 'Tis the land of in y birth ! it the brave btarls around it, Unching'd by long years, iu their valor remain j As firm as the bills that forever have bound it. Their country their altar, her trlorv their eain 'Tis the land of my birth j and the bright eyes are glancing, goncj Thai smiled 'round the health in the years that arc Antl the light ot nu tnys is as spienuiuiy uaiiciiii,', As when it 'rose over infancy s dawn ! 'Tis the land of my birth 1 and true hearted I greet it, Once more'moitg the hills where I wandered " ling syne," fmeet il, nd the voice from ils vales, with what pleasure I Antl dream how it rang over child-hooU'coM shrine Tis 1 1. I a ur my birth! and Iho, heart's deep devo- Poo, r.mbra"cs l'lc 13 altar once bore; And I turn if arms with the wildest emotion, Andb'cs3til'cen",ino own! evermore, evermore! llurlinglon.'N'ov. Clh, 1S13. C. D. STUART. Tor ibo lii'liu:'ton Tree Pros. "Honor to whom Sleiiioi"-. Justlee to al!. Mu. l'oiron, I Hud the following in ihe Kp.spocal Recorder of iho 23ili nil. which jou will ob iro the communily, I thin!;, by publishing- It is f"""d under the head ' notices of new publications." "An Appeal. Ily the Rev. vv. oslungton van Zindt. ' The fo'lovving remarks i.n relation to this PamphVt are contained lo a notice eift by the Kdtior of the G..-pt Me si-ngcr. TIiis p ''tip''1' i as we learn on peru.'ng If, In been pre pared by the I lull. Wm. H. Seward, In'e Gov ernor oflht State. It reviews the matter of iho un fortunate controversy which prevailed some two years ago. The perusal of this pamphlet, we think cannot fail to convince the community at 1 irgalhat Mr. V. 7. was a most cruelly persicued man. Passing by ihe several letters appended lo the apptal, wc cannot but regard ihal of lite venerable Vincent Matthews, as af fording most triumphant testimony. The language of such a man cannot fid to find its way to the good sense and good feeling of lite reader.' We Into no doubt that Mr. Van Zandt has sufTercd as an innocent man and that he was in no way guil ty of the ctime for which he was condemned by the civil laws but cleared in a subsequent ecclesiastical court. " STATU OF VnilMOXT. BY JOHN MATTOCKS, Governor. A 1MIOCI.AMATIO.V. IT is good to give thanks unto the Lord, for in Hii?1 inks unto the Loril, Tor in Uu.'1! eing. He removeth and He set-1 slTould rcco"iiize Jehovah as I of the people. nations nave ineir oeing. leth up. and Rulers the protecting God of the pcopli WucncronE, in accordance wilh iho revered cus tom of our r.ithers, I do hereby appoint THU I S DAV. Ibo sr.VI.NTII DAY Ob Dr.CI'.MU.'R NrcXT. to be observed as a day of pubhe Thanks giving, I'rayeranu 1'ratse, throughout this Mate. Ana I do earnestly recommend that the people abstain from all secular nvocaiions, and repair to their usual places of worship for prayer and thanksgiving to Al mighty God thai they gratefully acknowledge in tho ..ancillary, His luving'kindiiess and lender mercies, humbly rco 'iiiing His superintending l'rnvtaenee and their own dependence upon Him, llio Giver of every good and perfect gift, nnd implore tho forgive ness ol'lhcir manifold sins, and tbesalvalion of ihcir immortal souls, throuuh the merits of our Lord nnd Saviour Jesus Christ. Let us give unfeigned thanks for the rich mercies ot die past year, displayed in all the relations of life1, civil, social, and religious that our nation has been honored among tho kingdoms of tho earth, and the sounds of war have been hushed 111 II our borders that our political li'erury, ami reh- inns institutions havo been cherished, tliu nniestv of the law mainiainetl, nnd the people ptoiected and prospered in ineir lawuu pursuits anil mat, tnotigii i many, with broken beans, have been called Input on the habiliments ot mourning, general health has I een vouchsafed to us, and rejoicing has been heard in our dwellings that seed time antl harvest havo bein giv en us, and thocarlh hasyitlded an abundant increase, mailing glntl the Heart oi iho iiusuanamm. .Antl, ns confession bccomclh a People whoso ways nro not ac cording to the coinmindiiienls of tho Lord, let us nc knowledge tho sins of Intemperance, Sabbalh break ing and Oppression, nnd as.; rrnco from Ihe Must High, lliat wo niav forsake them lorcver. And final ly, with n just sense of our dt pendetico upon Divine tavor. lei us wan o-i uie iciio wain saucer tv ami Hu mility, nnd lcscceh liim to order all our steps m peace and righteousness, dial thus wo may hopo to enjoy and perpetuate tho blessings of civil nnd religious free- eloin. Given under my band, and llio seal of sai 1 Stile, nt Muntpeher, Ibis thirty-first day ol October, in (t.. r ) year of our Lord one thousand eight bundled nun lorty-iuree, nun oi tuo uuiepcnuciico ot tho Unit ed Slates, the sily-cighlh. JUUK MATTOCKS. By the Govebnoii. Henuy Hale, Secretary. Gov. Hubbard of New Hnmnshire. has annointed Thursday, the 30th diy November, e.ov. .Morton ol .Massachusetts, nas also appointed tho 30th inst. Gov, Cleaveland of Connecticut, has recommended the suno day. Gov, kavanagn oi .name, uio-uu uay ot ucccm bcr. Till. HAlI.-KOAl) PltOM I.AK1. CHAM. I'LAIN TO IJOSTON. Tho Vermont Legislature lias ctaed its scs. sion. Two bills havo been passod hiving an important bearinsr upon at least some portion of tho State and of Now England. Ono n Charter of a HailHp,id from Burlington via Montpelicr, . ... ...... r-..... .:.,, u t etl it penile im puini wu vi'iinwutis-u. .i.s. .- tterscctlho Concord or Fitchliurgh RaiMtoad, ri ad from IJurinrar- ton smith, via Hut charters arc hh"r and to th- samo n '-nt. Tho arc liberal and nut nubjut to future legislation. W.HVIH2 lor llio present I ntones. tion of llio propriety nf granting' nny charter It limit a clause making it subj'tet to future auioitdtiinnl, wo proceed to siy a weird upon tho topics) above "indicated. It h understood tint several gentlemen faun lli-lmi and vin'm'y n ture.-teitl iu thr road' rniiiiiiti in iliis ! r. on, were nt .Moiilpnlior antl took an inter t m pro. curiiigtho charters ; and bnlicnpd if char ters; wero graniftl Iho s'fele would bo taken, nuila l.ii'gn portion ol it by Hnstoui ms. That Ilo-toii cut build at least otic of th" roil-' toad vantage, there is no doubt. There ii an itn-tneii-e sitrpln rntiitnl Ihcre, and it is confident ly behaved lint t liny will mil mfliir tint uppor t unity to pass without availing thetiise-lio - of tho iimnenso trade of thn o,th and West of Ver mont, I.nko Champlain, and tn an ovtent, of Lower nml Upper ('annda and a perl of Now York, llostonians aro r-cttiti'i tlio.r cypsj open to the advantages of ready avenues lei their mar ket from the interior. They have already real ized a duo share of tho trade of tho western Ca. nal, though they divert it at a point even nearer lo iN'cw York thn "rent central oily than lo their own tmrkct. At present the f.inrr-st portion of the trade of the northern half of Vermont is with Xew York, or, if with B iston, via N. Y. hy wa ter. I ho entire trado of Montreal is through this Lake with New York, so far as their trado is with us. That Iho Montreal trado is swlMmr. the immense dividends of the .St. Johns and I.a Prairie ltatl-road will testify : and with this is nlso the trade wilh Upper Canada which isran- nlly tending to Montreal sinco the coinp'ction of Iticholoti canal, connecting- with Iik" Ontario. Besides this, is the trade of a tiact of country from Oiidonsburj-h on Like Ontario to Like Chainpl-ini ami Upon ils borders sou'h nearly aj lariro in Vermont, whoso trv'e p-uty rh.'etlv through this Like to eVew Yor,'.. 'I !, turn of transit at present tcctipied in etuUg to Now ions irom this Iiniucil'-O trai t of eimntrv ia frnm 0 to Vi davs, und !ho amount is the, snn-ilms of nep.r l,U0e),()0'J people on llio ono hand, and their products em tho other. Tho toimatjo of vessels employed in Iho commerce nl this Liko cannot bo less than 601)0 Ions, receiving and d m barg ing; cargoes on an avcrojrc once a week. Though we slate in round number.-, wo think the details will justify tho estimate, if wo add to this tho extensile forests of Spruce, Ash, Birch, Oak, and either timber now rendered worthless upon our lulls and m our valleys lor want of Incihtics for transportation, the bodsnl tucs and other minerals, granite and inarbltitiarrie-', etc., with which our mountain-! ahiiind, anel which wait for means to get to uiaikot ; nil llicee v.tll add vastly to the present trado, open up new fields for labor, lroli employment lor camtal, populate the State, and wrh existing trade, furnish an immense tonnigo for trari--por atem. Tins ia a goiiorjl view ol tho field which opens, itself to tho iiail reiad company. Will it he a profitable inveslmui.t 'I'll it it will he profita ble to liojlon as a city or un entire people, there can bo no doubt. 7'ne Canard steamers havo caused that city to bo looked upon as the centre of foreign intelligence by it antl through it i3 the main passage roaie already between Groat Britain and America, and with equal facilities for it, the tonnage of tho same trade will natu rally fall into the same channel with tho pas sage with which it is connected. And if we consider tiiat tho port of Quebec is either iriacccssablo or dangerous lor a largo portion of tho voir, wo m.iy expect that the demands of trado would ere Umg bo supplied by our general government, with a reauy means of ctury ami passport at and from Huston to Montreal, without burdensome duty, fur at least a considerable share of colonial trade. The distance Innn BiirJii.gtou lo Boston is but Mime iOor lo miles more than from Boston to Albany, while the distance from Burlington to Now VorU is soir.c tlx!0 miles, and generally, the trado is intci ruptcd by two or tnrue, and if to Boston, perhaps more. Ir.i'isliiptiienls ; and further, the puint at th trade would be interrupted is altogether in lavor of Huston. Il appear! to us that v, ill lind suf ficient inducement lo construct tho work, when they examine the advantage.) open to their trade. That many portions of our s-Utc would be; im. meiist'ly benefitted wc cuuint tlutit,', and lint it will be greit!y totho adv.111t.14e ol tuo people of Boston none can deny. And when we icllect that Ihe tune 01 transit will be rei.ticed from 0 lo 12 days to from li in !i.i hums, who can cal culate the revolution wn.cii iim.-i loll ny in both tho ditectiou und amount ot trade. True Democrat. GOV. I'A I Mi. find tliu followinj nolico of this t-on- tt't ileiuau null Inu nelutiniMriiiioii in a hue num ber ol'the CilciJoni.i::. "CiiAULEa 1'ai.nd uurtd from ihe ufl'ice of Chief Ma; ot the Mtic 1. 1 on tlic sncLiSsiuii of Gen. .Wjttucl.s, and v.c kii e 'Ustitiiiii ,i iu inipiuvc the oc casion ly sit ing thai h'-i aduiiiiistrniiuii has been se liunoi.ible', Inah inmdtU unil jui luut he has won the c-teein not only o." his poliucal h n nils but ul' Uie ycii ctous and cnitdid ot Ins puliiK al opponents. IS',, man, in ihe Statu had, previous lulus iionuiiaiion for tha office ol Governor, been so wuiuiiy abused by polni opponent us .Mr. I'.une .mo ims tun P r no other reason lliat he was an honest and ac ivc laborer in Ihe Wlu' e juse. Hut !uiiur Ihe first ear of his administration he etKctuall y tileiieed his slanderers,, and so secured tho approbation ol the people that ho was re-elecicl by a most (-ratifying majority. Ilis two years adtninisirnti n has been so and faultless so noble and hudi-muielcd as to tecute in an uncommon degree Ihe admiration of the people of tho .Hole and ihe commendation uflbe ptcss and of many public men in oilur suite ; and he goes into private I fe Willi the good wishes of the peop'e, and, vve doubt not. wilh llie cuiisl-ioiisiicss of" havim-elona " .'-'I'V 10 ri " lu '" I'."""1' ''J' had we the to .'ire just now. Well wi 1 11 be for the people State if Ins successors act always so w isely as I the Slate some service," which sertieo we should bo the room e of tho he has done." FOIU'IGW A.'tlUVAf., 15. stox, Nov. 0. The Ilritish Mail Steamer Britain's, Captain John llcvtilt, arriveJ at this port last Satur day evening, at 8 o'clock, from Liverpool, via Ilallfe..v. Ily this arrival wo have out full tiles of Lon. don and Liverpool papers to the lOih of Octo berbeing liliecn day. Uter than cur former advices. Tho business affairs in Hngland still held their improved btale. Cottem had advanced full 1-ld, and very largo sales hud been made, even at the advance. Our accounts say that the sales ot Cotton hail been larger, than at any I timo for tho last fifteen J0.irs amounting tee ui.:u oales in one weeK. Aloney continue!. abundant, and was placed at luw rates of in terest. An important item in the news by this steam er, is tho arrest of tho great leader of the Irish Repeal agitation, l).st.-.r. O'Connem.. Ho was arrcdted in a pr,vatc nnniier, uu it charge of '-conspiracy, fur the purpose of compelling her .Majesty, by deinoiistr..tioiis of phjsical force, to ch.iiigo her measure- and the laws of her realm; also with tho utterance oi seditious and ii li.niiiuiitiry l.inguagi', c.ilcul it 'll lo bring iui'o contempt tho cuve'ruini nt ai'iJ constitution of the country, and produco ditsu'.is,factinn in tho army; mid further, Willi money to proctiro a cliango m iho Uws and constitution of tliu realm." OVoiu.ell was subsee'tte'ntly bailed, and addressed a weekly meeting of the Kcpeal Association tt Uubliii. Uo is said to havo assumed a moderate- tone and to have given intimations ot abandoning Iho idea of Ite. peal, ami iidvin'iUuig the formation of a mora perfect Federal Union. Another important leature in llio foreign news is the adoption of a new '1'anlf and new com tncrcial regulation iu China, which had been promulgated at Canton. This in formal ion was received in lmilon on tho Oih of October. It canio by tho Oriental stu.imer from Alexandria to .lart-cilles. Thesu now regulations all ro lato to tho trade between Great llritain and. China, and aro tho results of stipulat'ons of a' Commercial Treaty entere-d ml", by Sir Henryl l'otingor, oi) iho part of Great llritain, and' Keying, High Commissioner on iho part of tho lhnperor ot Ciiiua. Tho provisions of this Treaty will be highly beneficial to the English trado. ,1auy buidcii.-oine and vexatious duties in. aro entirely abolished, and timtorm lilt tee hav. -------- . been adopted in thi'.r V.-.i. Mat, or both tliu e -her for a It

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