Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 10, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 10, 1843 Page 3
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IMPORTANT PROM MEXICO. By llio arrival at New Orleans of tlio sdiutm er Atnaxon, t ho Intol 1 ij.;oico of the. inisundor otantling between tho (inverniiionl of Mexico and England Is fully confirmed. At present tlio nfi'.iirs looks a if Santn Anna would soon liac tlio English (hiinduriiig nbnul his ears?. Tlio circumstance appears tu be a follows : On tlio lltli, a day, it beinj the anni. versary of the victory gained by fsinta Anna over the Spaniard at Tniiipifn, a ball wasfiiven at the placo in the city ot .liwicn, and ail the Foreign Ministers Invited, The ball-ro nn was supeibly ornamented, and niiinni; other detma. tions ivera the trophies won by Aloxicci from tlio Spaniards and Tovans. The.-o fliers were sus. ponded atone end of tlio room. Upon tlio en trance of Mr. Doyle, the Charge d' Affaires, ho inquired tl.o meanins ,.f them, and' boinc an swered III at they wero trophies, ho very natur ally was led to a closer examination (if them. Upon inspection ho found Ilia " English Jack" was stuck up anion;: the iligs taken f om the Texaiif. Ho immediately addressed him. self to Mr Ilocanear.i, the AlihNtorof Foreign Affairs, who was present, and asked an o.vp'an ation of tlio occurrence. Tim i!,nistoi replied that tlio "Jack" was taknji from the 7'exans, and on that account ulnno had boon piaccd among the trophies, and with no view of giving offence to the llritish Government. Mr Doyle expressed himself satisfied with this ovplana. tion, but added t lint ho must lequcst tlio Hag should bo taken down, baying that as it wa not his wish the afi'ur should attract public atten tion, ho was willing thai it should bo done while the company wore at supper, when no one would bo present in the hall-room. Hor.inejrra consulted with Santa Anna on the subject, mid assured Mr. Doyle that it should lie taken down the next day. Mr. Doyle was not satisfied with this promise, and fiant-i Anna, not feeling elis. posed to accede in Mr. Doyle's demand, this gentleman retired from tlio ball, followed by all the British subjects piosent. The next day Mr. Diylo addressed a note to the Government, demauiMnglliat llie iligslioiild be taken down, and, as a satisfaction lor the in 6u!t, should be hoisted in the public square, and saluted with tucnty-one guns. To this no sat isfactory reply was given, and notes were ex changed until thetiTtb, which is another nation al file, and the Salon dc Reception being open that day, Mr, Doyle was iniormod that tlio 'Jack' still remained in the same place ; upon which ho immediately sent (lie linti-h Consul. (ion oral with two merchants, as witnesses, to see if it was actually llio case. Finding u lo be to, lie addressed a note to the Government, saying, that his diplomatic, iclations with the Govern- moot of Mexico ceased from that moment, until further orders from his Government. A circu lar was also passed to all the British merchants advising them that bo had found himself under tlio necessity of suspending all diplomatic, inter course with tlio Mexican Government, until lie could communicate with his Government. To this note, it appears that the .Mexican Govern ment lias replied in a very instilling communi cation. Such is this state of tho case. Mr. Doyle's despatches have gone to England in the steamer which sailed on tho 1st inst ; and lie had also despitclicd a man-of-war, which hap pened to bo at Vera Cruz, to Bermuda and Ja maica, with despatches for the Admiral. Thus csts tho affair, and llio citizens of Vera Cruz ire apprehen-.vo that tlio first news they will lave, will be tho arrival of an English fleet. ''ills, of course, gives groat satisfaction to all inclines of the power of tho Dictator, and to Vreigners, who are in hopes that lie will now b brought to his senses. Gov. .Tonus of Tennessee has been presented itli a full suit of Domestic Silk by the Silk rowers ot that Stato in acluiowledgmcntof his eacient seivicea to tho cuiso of Ainorican In cistry in his canvass last summer, lie respon cd tlius : Nashville, Oct. 13, 1913. Gentlemen : I receive wild a very grcaifu! senso uf llio valuo of llio cnnijliinn!l. tlicprc'cnt ofa ri 'b nd beautifLiI suit of Douitvlie Silk, accompanied by 3ur nannf I In I lib nut. ll'anv thina could liiali tn thn estimation in which 1 huUf this nnd undu Brved mnrli of reyrtl from iny peraou.,1 frienJi, it i to consideration refi'rreil to in your note, that it also poceeJs from uthu friend3and ndvocTtea of tlio tail tire and Initio mniiif icIoib of silk," and ihat ijio suit itelf is the produce of ihii truly inlcrestin and im prlant braueli of industry. I fear, Ecntlemn, yon over-estinnte my service, hiuble nnd incfliuu'iit as I know them to be, in pro mlin? llio cnuse of Doinestic Mamif iclurcs. If mv oility were equal to I he heul felt inlerest, which in eminon willi tliOKreit ho Iv of my iWlnvv o tizin. I fil in Ihia ereiit cntisi.', I coul I ill m t nter niys.'irtlnt yur co'iiplimrnt uns d.-s' rv I; r nl.seiice o! sell ability, I Ii to tnn-f i i i . d,t 'i".u!i ciand exp.-ric . f'n in' r i, i.i-l ,tr . al the credit winch your U i nil 'a:tui!i'y old aw.od temv poor service. Suirer me, in canelusum, gnilcmen, to repeat to yiu. And throiifli vou, in tho fr.ends vo i teprescnt. ir; eratcful nckiiowl.'dmiicnis, with assurances of Its warm personal esteem of Your obedient friend, JAMP.S C. JOXr.-i Messrs G. W. Martin nnd others of ibe Couuniltee. Sitor.T nuT I'triiv, Tho fnllnvving is a copy of.lho correspondeneo y tvvceu Mr Ilro-jks, tho Tyler Collector at Detroit, and a Postmaster in tin interior of .Michigan : "Dear Jir : Aro you a subscriber of the Nauitoruan i If not, ytmmwlhc. Vour friend, 1j. Kr.ooKs.' ' Dear Sir : I am not a subscriber to tho Madisontan, and neier shall lie." Your friend, D. P. C." or Thomas V. Dor.n Mr Dorr came to this city yesterday afternoon and stop ped at the City Hotel : but Mr. Karlo not hav ing accomodations for bis Excellency, lie btcp cd across the street into llio house (it Mr. Simons the editor of tho Herald. Tim Sheriff of thu county boini; absent at Kington, Mr. Jabez J. Potter, his Deputy, undo t-ervico tho capias, and Air. Dorr is now I dired for safo keennm in inl. anill bo can bo traiporled to Newport for tri al, ihc indictment bavin been found a-rainst iiim in li':o county of Newport I'rocidence Journal. a card to Tin; i'um,ic. I feel it duo lo tin? Public, to invito you to insert a noticcof the fact, lhat wo have now, in Westford, ample accommodations for tho com fort of travellers. Wo Jnvo u good House kept by Daniel, Jacksojj, Ksq. (on Temper ance principles,) who has been fbr many years, a full hearted advocate of tho true principles on this subject. A CITIZKN OF W. Westford, November, 9, 18111. NOTICD. A course of Lecture on tho 2J Advent, will bo commenced, this, (Fr.dav) ovcniiig. at the Baptist Cliappel, if no olhor placo can bo obtain, cd, and continue several days. Nov. 10 1811). A CARD. The undersigned, presents Ins iratcrul acknowl edgements, lo Iho.o Lnd'us and Gcnllemcn of hi Conurcsalion, who to cheerfully contributed lo ton. slilute hnn a "Member for Lifo" of the Amciican Uiblo Society, THOMAS W. PRAKSON. Eurlinslon, Nov. Gilt 1813. Tin: way to nrv cheap. Tlicrc is now nt Howard's WINTIlIt fiOODis, Smh as will suit every class ofpuichascrs for Cash SAY Goods for Clonk-, Dnis-cs, Miawl-, Mu I' Iloa, Uoniuls, Frmeu-, (imip., TrinmniiBs, Ln ces, Jlu-hns, Hu t on-, u.ovu-, IloM-ry, Shoes, wnh every and all ele-criplion-, of -mall nriicles. Crocke ry, Ga-, Lookuiir Gl 1st, and Ho isc K'cephis Hard ware. Abo Cb' b , Can otina-, Paper Haiuin?-, Dullnlo Holes ; )ben I'timlly Groccric-, wnh Oil cVc. etc,, at mu .viore wherti ca-1 only I n-eu in I uyuig and tales are made in like inanntr by llio Peoplei apent, of course cheap, nt UOWAUDS. JV"M.U. HltlGllTO.V MAKKUT.-- Oct. SO, 1813. At Market, 1S00 llccf Cntllc, 1100 Stores, 2700 Sheep, and 2250 Swine, l'nicns Reef Cattle Wo quote lo correspond with last week, lizt n few extra nt 84, 50 j First quality, 81 Oi 23 second quality S3 75 1 third quality $2 50 ' S3 50. JLirrtUng Cattle. Mesa S3 25 1 No. 1 62 50 1 No. o ft, -I c. Stores Two year old &3& 12) three year old 11 a 17. S'tcep Small nls wero sold iroin 75c to SI E0. Weathers SI 23, lo 82. Sieine Luts to piddle -le for sows and 5 for bar rows Old hogs from.! to ) jc. At retail from SloGc. 12 si if sr n cL, In llus village on llio 31 inst. by Itcv. Thomas W, Pearson, Mr. Wut.-Ai Hlack. to Miss AUnv Mc- N.iily, both cf this place. In Richmond, on tho lllb till., by r.. It. Green, Mr. Avr.r.v Emiwr.ns, lo Jli's M.vnv Ann Kimball At llopkintnn, N, V., on llio 29lh nil., Mr. tlor kiss A. I.'rnD, of I.angdnn N. II., to Miss Maiiy Jane FAtiNsuMtiTii, of llopkinton. ID fl ffl d! , In this town on lhe23lh ult.,nt the residence of bis son in-law, Geo. Ii. Slinvv, Levi IIioelow, J.'s q. of I'uckinjhnni, L. C, nged 70 years. In ibis town on Saturday the 23lh lilt., Miss Fuza Hamilton, aed 19 ycais C niontlis and i days. In ibis town on lhe2d instant, Josi.nt Adams, son of Ira L. and Stella A. Fubcs, aged three years and nine months. Printers in Plattsburfh, New Vork, aro rcques ted, Ac. At her residence, in Charlotte, on Friday morning thc 27lh nil., Mrs. Anna PAn.-i:s, relic of General llczehnh liar ncs, ngnl 70 years. At Johnson, on the lib inst., Cv.ntiiia C, wife of the Rev. Jason Walker, need 21 years. .ists-ul IEW IBS, ID- - N D XD CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. rTMlll Mil mtiIiit have int tc-eive-d Iheir Fall nnd L Winters poly of Slaiile Dry floods mil the I5cst I''ati!lly Orccerics fo ind -amoiiEt v bicb may I u Colore I Cam! ric-, Common ami Ili'cli Prints, Moo-c-Inic ile Lam-, Pni ii Pigiiiel an I Prinliil sllpacca, (; in li:i in -, I'.iii-iuii-, an I Prin'cl Meniins, Heine-, Wlnie, C'.iiul iic-,ii''iircd p'aul iV cor.led.) Lr on, l.incn Ildl I'-., Q iiIIiiil', (Jiveiau do, In scrtitier and I n c l.d.rtnr. Fancy ', Alpacca do., I'nljan do., Mttfllcr', Pofl.ul lid1 f., ComfoiU'rs, and Vet Pni'erns. Niqlu Cap-, Stale co'cre I Cotti n Ilo.t., m.ick WorMul do., LnmK W'olI do.. Cn-luncro do., nnd Sonilet Soc!;s. Super Unci, Olove- and .Miuens Cc-ntlemcn'. nnd l.aibc-' Nil Clove-, CeinU liill, Chciiti nnd Woolen G!i ve, LadnV Cash and II act. Kid i'o. Wehli Hi, tee-, S iper lt'ihl ,-r do., I!!.ud; Sill; Cord, Mohair Cord, and Oxlbrd Mitt-, Sill, and Mohair Coat Lbndiii. Needles Silnl Head Pin-, Pearl and lione Shirt Ii "ton-, Stipeio r Gdl Cu.ildo, Hi to ami Lasting do. Hio s and Tyes Sill ainlTwi-t, Spool and Sl.eui Thread, Knitmig Cotton, Uml rolla-, and Horse Ulaid.ei-. Not! Slnwls, Plaid and Iln-b Wool do., Wleaibe.l -.ill Ilrcvn Sheetings ami Shirting, !lle.i.-he I ami llrown Drill, l!ed Ti.-I;, Plain Cotion F a-pel, KjmKov, Lin-ey-, Canvass and Padding, W irtr.nir, am! Q i.a'iiy. Plain and (j.ii.zi-' Hi' lions, Diaper, Cotton Yarn, Wicliinsr, W'a Jili ns and Uat'1112. Cbeini Ha.;., l''iinEcliim.-!iain Ildl.fs, lilacl; Tabby Volvo!, Uruvvu Lmen, &: FAMIhY GHOCVllWS. Uvson.-IJy-oii 5!.in, Vonn der Tea-. ' Hyson auJ Unu Pow- Si. Croix, Havana and Loal Saffar. Java, and Si, Domingo Co Pee. Pore Ground do " " Cas-ia, " " Spice, " " Pepper, " " Giiver, Prom -ii 11 St irch. Niiimez-. IndL-o. Gum Camplior. liar and SI aviiv? Soup. I.onlhrd'. II ai'k nut Scotch S1111T, Rappee do. Camlle. Hice. ' Goeoa I'o-ti' Cftonti fcholt. nml Prepared Cocoa. O01I Kih, Maekcrcl ami Salmon, Cavendish and Pa- ier To' n -co. 1 I'.UIT Ilox an I Kp" Ilni-in-. n.irmo- r,.'(... Lemon., Pecam Nut-, liiazii do., I lull erls, W.iloius, Che ii-i's, if-c. lio. D.ivaml nd lllni'l.-in-r. I'.,-,.. .1,, Pepper Sanec, Powder and SI101. Pcicn-.ion l'j.i ICiuvc- and Pork-. Pocket ICnivc.-. Slate-. Sei-sor. ind Combs. The al ovc we tfl'cr for ca-h rr rea lv pav as low as can lo Lot'irlit 111 linr insion. 'I'h.nil. r,,l f- ilic iiiirin-isu rei-i-ivcd wo ,olicii ,1 coiilui 'am-c nf ibe -ami', ImjiniL' to ic'inn I v -Inn am-mnm in ;tn J uitOfrr. v 111 de.i!in;i will r palro'i-, ,. S. N. GAUT & Co. lliirlin'.'ir.n, T,ov 7, IS 13. Stoatn far Hoilt iMcciting. I "? Commissioners undir the Charier from the , , ''u-'i5iaiuro oi Vermont, for llie organization u! , ., , v, 1 U,K lS 1 hauip'am S, am Compa- . , mi, fivu iiuiii-u mat a niiciuiir will lie not uni, , tuioiui; io me provisions or uil I harlcr, nt .nr. atpvens, in VerKenins Vl., on the first neuiii'sciay line Otli) ol December, 1313, at 10 o'clock larllie purpo-cof choosing Nine Diredors of iii company, iniucr lliu Uliaucr above mentioned, and to transact any other business ibat mav become iicii-asuiy, fAWltr.NCF. MYHRS, l'o. Jt ii.vai.uii.Mi. G1DKON I.VniUOP, 'or the Commission ""'"i ul i-iaiisuurgn, riovember3J 1813. 23vv4. (HtOlFASIKS. A full nssortmenl of Groceries comprising atmo every nrticiein t la Una !.Lio.uors excepled) all of which in uu buiu uotiip as uio ciienppst p.. No, 10 .3.3. "VW.CATUX i,i)oii.c; r.i,Assi:s:, AV Kaon assornnent of LOOKING GLA'SKS , '"'t1- i,nu uaniisome, for sale whole' ;jio aim iirinii nt uncommonly low prices at the . nf' lu JUSUPH WAIT. Nov '13. 23 RICH AND sit,i:xi)in uoovs roit thu wi.vtkii. H- V, CATI IN has psi rciiiriu-1 from Kc, . t ork ii ud I Phdn Idphn vviih a very lurso us :"' '" . -'v '. aiiinutr wnicli mav , e I. unu imjuooinrol Vclvc,, Chioiins and Teasaus liiuvv .iriic,--s ,r i.iiuies ure-o-,) n.iin l'rm i-1 am1 sinpiM ,. "line., i oi..ici, Hoick an 1 IHiie Hlack W'aien-J. Sin, .'eland 1 Y.-uielSilk nn.l Colon. I vl,.-,,. ca Lustre-, Orle.."'!- Chub, and Prune I Saxony. Kioh Plain I ijurel m,J afnpe.1 Litrht and dark Sill, and Cballv-, hiah colouil '. elvf i llal.Canniid .eo Ititboii-. No. 1 Liiiht and Dnr:'. Fie.Vcli Kid Glovu I1I.U It and Cv lorcd Giiiui- an I Fnn.-,.. t7.-."l's i' ock and Cravals. Ladica V..I...... m,..i. Clnm' Si k Cravat-.Swiss and Cambrick W'orked"lno,-lui;'s 1 . I he above Goods an 1 many moro not enu merate I, have Ken .elected with care and at muih lower price- than u-ual, nnd will bo k.LI at a very i-m ill ndvau. ofi.r ca-b or approve T eribt N venilcr 10, 113. 23 HAS j'.isi received, fiom Niw Yolk, a LUGI" ASSURT.MIl.NT OF GOODSin his he. amor," which aro a van,iy of puro W ines, Copimc llrandv l. Croix Hum, Holland Gin, Jamaica Hum, Seoul! W'lnskovi Chciry llrnudy, lliliunoro Gin and n plen. ly of other cheap liquors of various qualities nnd pri- Molases, loaf, lump nnd I rovvn sunr, Tens CollVc Chocolate, Pepper, Alfpirn, Gintrer. Nt eirs Cloves' Cinnamon, Saleralii., liar nnd Fancy Soap an'J inauy iilhi r articles in llio Grocery line. ' llu Liquors and wines ncre selected vviih caro nnd after lon ctperienco and from iho largest nnd lest dealers in the line in New Vork, nnd are warranted of llio purest and best qualmes. IIo has Shretuii'S, Sim tines, Calicos Cambiics Trmmuu"s for clollu s, and many oilier nnicl.o i.m! no Paucy Goods. All of which ho will sell foi ibe luwtoi pii'c-. Tavern Keepers and others aro invited lo call and examine. 03 llurlinglon, (Cliurch St.) Nov. '13. Strayed out three weeks l since ii I!ii ! Anv infori (1 last Rniinir. '1 . .. . ' , . ti warded. ' no r, n sminoi 'j ro. PHII.O KIMIULL. 23w3 j Uichmond, Oct. 6i 1x1813. J.OST. JjyfmiVo SubscnCer jJOi . . " M rVlJWru W.JttesMxjt, 'mon of fKeC ftT 11 AC All &. ARTIIUU, AHF. now receiving new Mipphcs of SADLER y, COACH AND SHF.LF ) IfAUDWARE, in nil its valines. also, DRUGS it MF.DC1INKS, PAINTS, OILS, VAU-NISHK-, fie. &.c. Ilnrlincioit, Vl. ) Nov. 10, 1813. J Uxccutor's Hale of Itcal Ustatc, WILL I o -ol I al Public Auction, on thewnnd Jlnndiiy of De.'cinl or next, nt the dwellini! hoii-cMif w'niow Mnrv Alexander, on the piemi-i's all the Ileal K-laic of wbi 'li SAMUKL C. AI.KXAN 1)1 It, late i f W'llhVon, died 'i-ized and po-'i-.i-d, eon-i-nns of twelve acre- of Land with a aood new convenienl DHcllhiff llcu-e and Hor-e liarr, well llnl-hod with an xcellont cellar, well of lirs-t rate wa ter and n I eii'iiiliil brook 1 hat never driei or freeze, and is oneiiinl eicd wiib a moiifraco for llio payment ofa note in Simeon Wakefield, dated December 31st, 181!, for 4319 wbh in'ere-t, 011 which a decree wa o1 ininedat the Oetol or so ion of Clnttemteii County Court le Icoinpt Jo in one yeir; Al-o, fifly acres of 1110-1 excellent Laud for meadow, pasturing or plough in?, which now occupied parity for each, Ibo a'd brook ero-sc llio -toil tiny acres ami on which is a 30 by dfl foot linru and an excellent Orchard of fruit, Ibis -aid 50 acres 1- al-o cnnim' crcd with two mort sacres to iliosud Simeon Wnlcdcld, one dated De cern! er 2.VI1, I S3!), for I lie sec iriiy of tho payment of a iinlclo Ail-tin I-liam l'oi'823l,ni'-ainedaleof tnort uaC wilb inlcret, one Cor thoectirily of t lit liaymen' ofa nolo to Hunch Nolle for 8320, dated May 5tb, IS12, wilb inleri'-t, on winch two 1111 MpMs-e- a decree was i b'nined a-at ovc al IbeOcIol it .-e-iou of Chit len en County Cirirl 1813, ic'leemabb' in one vear ; Al-o, 2';? acres of Timbered Land, which i- morttra rcd to Al el Owen, r. lorSloO, dated July 23d, 1813, wi h in'ei'i'sf, which i- now d' e and paynl le. The ris;lit of ici'cinpliou of the above prenii-es'will I.eMdd In one entire trart or in parcel as above nj mavtuit pnrcha-er- al ll.'o tune of silo. I no al I l.anrl- win 1 o-i 1 1 sin jei't to iim- ie;rai ngnt of the widow Jlniy Ab'Namlcr to dower therein. JOHN VAKSICKI FN, r.xceutorof 23 w.3 S. C. Alexasdeu. QjLA TE ARRIVAL. Tit M Sul s"nber are now opening their Fall and Winter Sine!, of GOODS. Woolen Cloths from fo ir -hillimrs to S10 per yard ef Fnsli-h, French. Ilek'Um anU Amen. cull llroad Cloths ; Heave." ami i'llol Cloth, Plain and ! ancy uasn- meie-, nno cannett- j 'ill; Velvet', plain and fisured Satin, Valentia nnn Bull Cn-siuicro for Ve-lintr-i Ancx'cnsive n.t-orloieiH i f lailor's Trimmings; A few dc.iral le nallern- of rich Velvet. Chamch'nn llrocade andChu-aH- for Ladio'- Dre.-o, Velvet and ilk Ci.ivais. Ilibl on-. Dress Ildkl-j Shawl', "Tinges and Gimp Tiinimingr i Gentlemen's Fancy Scarf, Tic and Stocks, and Gem-. Patent ltublcr Over .Slices, a ncic article. A 1. S O A Fresh supply of Groceries of uf.1 kind-, all of winch wilb numerous oilier article we oller lo our friends and the pi.blia at the lowe-t market prices. KHUN if-. SPEAR. Church t., Nov. 1, 1S13. 23lf l'icico Slandlsh's Kslalc. STATi: ()!' VnilMOXV.l rnilF Mon. the Dl-liicl of Ch I'cnden. C JL lrnl,n,. pnnrt for the District of Clnltcmli 11. to nil e.l in the estate of PIKIiCK STANDISH, lale of i.imiiii.mi, in -hi iiu-mci, oL'ce.v-e 1, CinEr.TiKG. WiicnEAs Itiis-oll l!rown-on ndun'm-tralor of -aid let -d, propo-i's to render nn account of hi- n.lim..- isiration, and pie-ent Ins account aiaui-t said estate for cxaininalion an I allowance at a -cssion of the Court of Prol a'e, to I o boldeu at llio Kc-ri-tcr's oilice 01 lliirliuton, in -aid district 011 iho-econo Wednesday ol Pe '0111! er next. " Tbercfoic, you are hereby notitied to appear before aid court nt the lime nnd place aforo-aid, and shew cau-c it any you have, why the account aforesaid .-bo'ild not 1 o allowed. Given under mv ban 1 at Ilurliiurion it. ffl ?ih .im. r Novein! er, A. I). IS 13. SJ "'3 Win. WD6TON, Register. STATU OK VJ:r.MONT. rpiiKHon p.,, i lo-irict 01 uniiienueti, s- -. 1 X Loun within and lor IIIOI .slrjc-t i IJ llltl'lllicn I (l Hi.. ir..lil.B n I .U concerned in tho e.-tam ol PII.RCD STAMUSH Imp ol Huirinsion, in Mild di-lrict dceael. W 1I1-.UI AS the nduuni-tratorol said dcceasud.halh mai'e appln anon to thi- Conn, to extend the lime limned forinaWnsr paymenl of the Uebts ol said ile. ea-ed, twelve uionib- from llu.- dale, nml ih.. 9,1 ,1 ... ofDcceml ernexl, I ems a-isncd for a hearing in the premi-o-, at thu uilice of tlio Ke'-i-ter of (his Court. mil It Invins I ecu orderel dial noticu thereof be giv rn, l.y puhli.diins thi- ikt-rcu Ihrcu wceki- aiiccc-Mve-IV n Ibe linr imilon Free Pi.. n ,.,,.- .,..,. i at llurlinirioii, I cforc ibu time fixed for lienrinj;. ',",V ' ILn ,' "cre-'y iioiiih'ii,io appear I emrc aid (. ouri. at I ho limn uu,t i,ln.. i, ,i ' , , -I - - ..tu, Ills-,, UNO there, to make o.,.ction ifnnvyou have, to the aid miiuol paymenl I einit further exicnJol ns afore-aid. "iv en miner my hand al ilurlinstoii this 7ih dav of WM. WnSTON. Renuter. CONE JiAN'I'EllNS. AN assirini'Mil, some ovtra nza, a very heavy and sunerior article for ih-:i i il,.. i-r., i .. ""v- 3- josi i'ir wait. RE VO!. VINO CASTOns TUST tcceived a f u I iissoiimeni of hamUome Brit. J lani i Castors, loin. n,.. i i i... i . i-a!eclH'npauheCrockerv'Morebv "' iNov- J- JOSKPH WAIT. (.'I .ASS WARE. A larpeassnrlineut jusi receivrd.comprisinB almost f. every ai nclo in the line, sue , as Tumblers of dif-r-reni i uilities plain and moulded, Lamps 12 ilitPerent styles some qutu new, Candlesticks, Pitchers Pre serve Dishes round and ocitjoii, Jelies plain and oiuuiueu, i,emonaue-i no. wine masses do. Decan ters, water Mottles, Gobb'ets very rich, Hyncinlh Uiatscs, sSalis, Cruil &c. all verv chofin .n ihi c.t. erv Siore by aov. 6. . JOSHPH WAIT. CHINA TEA WARE. TTr.ia handsome sly'e-, plain while, do wilb rai- elfi-inc- Gold lain, Gold I and and sprisseJ, tiol 1 and line, wilb lea plalc-to n aleh, for'sale PARIS WHITE DINNER SETS A vcrypien,n i article ol Jmpcriai Giunite Ciina Dinner Wauc. a full h.m-,,-1 ,., ,..:.i. -c.... Ware lo man b. m cmi -...iA n...i i i , ' . "-" '-ij'u.iiiu my iiitiio- some muVeJ, for salu cheap at Ibe Crockery store Lv JOSKPirwAiT DINING SETS. ni.pi:, J wiib r.pil.!;cii 1 1-iniS 10111112 fC s npw n.lllrns i tea wa rto uniclia full ,r, i r.. l I...... .. .... r. " """I "uu lur v- -t.s-p u. mo svruckcry store nv ""V. . SK 1 1 VVV T- NOTICE TO DEIITORS. I.I, person- md, iic, in s it. smir,..,! XX. 1 y noiijiisl io make ininu'diaie paymenl of their .......... iiuiu'sui iiic ui M-rucr niul savelhem -C.VOs cost. Nv' 3- JOSFPII WAIT, Assignee. LOOKING CLASSES. I U.-- recM a hrst rato n-.onmcni, which will he " -" !' Lr '"w- & AKTHUII. Uurlimjlon, Nov. 2, 1813. iYovCK. SlIl.U RI) ormlcn from ibe subscriber, al out the iirst of July la-t, ono pair 01 rnl nnd while two jciro d slirrs loolnur very nearly alike, and one red anil white hei.ler of thu nimu age, mo-lly while. Whoever will siveauv information of said caltle shall uo uau i-omeiy rewaruisi. UVIIUS r AKltAND. Coleboter, (Vl. 30, 1813. 22vv3 ESTRA Y. ITKOfCF inlv? the enc'os nuof the mliscriberon the 1 ' 2 II of O.'toi lt. iwii iiiroo year ant nccrs, hear- inrr 1 n fi,l Hwinr' n.?iuial in.irUs. nuine v: onp nl said steer.- dark iu wiii a sinr 111 the forhend) llio oilier ilark rol Willi line tat Ic. no owner is reipic led lo pr.'Vo properly pay eba. a'"' lake iheuia way JUIliV .'V. Iline.burfe-h, Oct, 31, 1S13. 22w3 WINTER GOODS, C h ca ii for C a s h 3-1 1-1 5-1 a ii 1 si-i plain audTwille I white Flanneih 'i unu i -1 pui in i lai-i ami I vvilte I v. ol ore J do 10-1 12.-1 and la-1 heavy vvl.i'e !laul.ct, 3-1 uml fi-1 " Over Coat Cloths, leceiye-d u.adfor tale cheap by II. W. CATLIN. ALSO. A very f arse assortment of lluck Skin Mittinsnnd -.j - . Hi hi iiiiei, osiii -ii nuns nnu iye-,Moocn-ins, Fur, Fur Iriuimcd nnd Cloth Caps, Ilea-, Drlalo Rol o etc. uiuv v or PENMANSHIP. MR. WIIITM-.V re.pectlidly announces to the Lad.e. nuilGentleineit ef Ihirlinsu n, and Us vicinity ho bus taken u room under .Mr. Leiven wo. ill s nip. i-.nii Oo!ler Bi.,nud i now lorniineclass-o- to instruct m the an t f wiitina. Ilavma I eeu lonit known as asuci c-.fu ieacber,hefivleo,,iiJenttlni he lub I e able to ne uau-faction mull who may idaeo l iein-clves under hi-in-tructiou. Ladies nnd Gen ilcman aro ri'-ptcifully invitul to call and examine his specimens. Hour of instruction from 10 A. M. to 13 urntriom "to 5 P. M. nnd ifdositol n clas. will bo loimcd from 7 to 0 in the evening, ! or particulars apply to the sitbrcriber at on r'roin, Mr mr r r, 4,... "CD const rplIF siili-cril cr haviiii? forined a copartner-hip X in biisincs.s, im !er the llrui uf THAYER, STUART & CO., would respectfully nv to the citizens of H irlinaion and vieimiy, that If they will call al lliei'r CHAIR SHOP ON CHURCH St., two doors south of llio County House, they can find the llcst Vssortment of Oluilrs crtr nffi'red in litis market, and thev are ileteriuincd TO SFLL AS LOW AS THK LOWKSI'. All kin Is of Chairs, Selteei, Setlce-cradlcs. and Stools made to order. Old Chairs repaired and painted at short notice. Country Produce of nil kinds taken in exchange for chairs. FISH Kit THAYr.ll, CIIAIILLS 1(. SlUAltT, JOHN G. DAGGtTT. Ilurlington, Noy. I, 1313. W A NT II D . 10,000 Feet DasswooJ Pltiiik n xchan for Chairs 221 TO PHYSICIANS. 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'.EY, "YT7-oUl.ri rosrccifiilly inform the T Lnd.cs of iMiriinTion, mat fhe ba ui-t retu.-n-"d from Now iork, wnh a choice ai.'d lull sup. nly of OOOUS u-.inll- i c,'U 111 her line. Anion? which may I e loun 1 a choice article of Sin: Vr.i.-c7s, Camelcon (horded do do Satin Velvet Colored S.tin. I'oullsfe Satin, lllue Illack Satin, Green Watered Coulisse. SiU, Cbiiiu Camelcon Silk, A good variety of Cap and other Itibbons, Doul lo Slrip'ed Satin Ribbon, Superior Oinl i-r Satin do Chine, figured ami Onil er Cunt-Icon V l)i ll-rent Mylo of Lace, for Caps, lior.lerin? mid Piece Lace, Rus-ia, for llorder-, Gimps, Gloves, Mil-, Ha"-. ,tc. A,c. New pattern- for Dre-ses anl Cloaks which vailf I made to older. IlouiiHisniid ('a'i rea ly male. H'lrliiigton, O.i. 2G, 1313. 21 VCOPV Ob' THK DIF-IOCRATIC UKVIKW from July last, for sale br 27lbOcl. Y. HARRINGTON. Tonus coM inniii) on thc ijsT -i)X(js:t:s(t.:i). II' you want to fiirni b yo .relid Iron wilb I!ook-, Paper, (i ulls.l nk, Stale, ij-.i, for the winter M-hooU you can 1I0 so at V. IlAltIilGTO.S'S and nav in Paper liaj- or cast,. uaniugton, Uet. JU, SI3. 2Iw3 flMlK W'lI'K OF I.KOM and other pcem J by two sitters I'l'ibe we-t. for ,nb hv Cel. 27. 21 V. llARlilNGTON. BOItltOIV'S.IUlU.L & GIl'SlLS in Spain for sale by V. HARRINGTON. For an intereslinz account of tho author, the reader U refercd loan ariiclo on llio first pa?e. Ilela Chittenden's Ilslate. STATH or I7J..VOA'7i ITtrilFUFASatn District of ('hitlenileu, -s. ) t'rol a'o Lo irt held al I! irlinsmn, in said District, on the IS h day of Os-tol er, IS 13, Timothy Pe-ers and P.liz 1 I', Peter-, wife o' said Tunolhy, filed in said eo in their appli cation 111 wrihn-?. s'alimr 1 lint i n- -nn 1. i-sn ,.,,. ol lliu beir lo the Fstatu of l!JI,i Chittenden, late of Mielourn, in ,a il uislnct recea el intesiate, that sail Timothy and I'.liza, in risht of aid Illizi, toerether won oiuei., 11010 satu i.-taio juiiiiy, anil aio tli-spoiis of holding the siinio in severally ; nuJ iiiavui" said court to order n iljvjsion ol slid Kslaic aiiiouir the neirs nnu persons legally entitleil llierelo, anu that commissioners 1 e nppouilel for that p-irpose. 1 tiereiore Iho uonrt nlorrsaul itolli appoint and siern lira JU vv cJiie-uay in iNoveiiiucr. 3 1. nt 1 he oilice of the Register of said Court, in llnrliiiloo, in said district, nl lOc'clock a. .11.. lor hoirimr amide- ci bus in Iho premises, nnd do'h hereby order lhalall

persons inicit-sied in said e-tate, or their ntrents or atlorneys, if livins within this -late, 1 e notiliid 10 ap pear I efori- said court al the nine and place afore-ai I to make cbitvlious 10 said divi-ion if they see cau-e, by publication ol the sub.-lnnci- of said application together vvitli this order, 111 the Fre- Press, primed at uiiriiuKion, 111 saw oisirici, ttiree weei.s successively nrevious to the lime of bcariiiL'. Dated at Hiirlinijlon, in I he di-lrict of Chittenden aiore-aiu, this tain nay ol vVtoicr, A. I). 1813. 21ic3 CilAltl.r.r5 ItUSdi:i.L, Judge, NOTICE. 'l-llin mav certuv t int 1 invc ruv-f-n mv ,nn, i-. GKORGU and HKNRV l'RIICIt, their time uuiiog me rest 01 ineir minority, nnu snail claim none 01 ineir wnttes nor pay any clclits of tlieir con iracung irom inis Uate. AI.VA PK1I.R. Jericho, October 11, 1913. sSOvvJ LOOK AT THIS. A LARGKR, lletter and Cheaper Lot of Pilot tV Heaver and llroad Cluths can bo found at H. W Collin s, on College si., than at any oilier store in this villaee for proof please call nnd examine ihe Julius unu prices. ucioner iu, wa. and WOOL PP.LTs wan led by II. W. CATLIN. Oct. 20, '13. 20 P.EE'S WAX, 1 flrf- "1S Puie, Wauled immediately in cx m -JJ V chanoo for Goods, by i.'urnuaton, uci. iv. .uiij vv.ii. inmi.iiu i; David Iteid's Kstalc. Oi" VERMONT,) rfMIF. Hon. ibe Di-tr ci n' Cbiltsn'u, s.s, uisnoeu, s.s, v x. t're Prol ale e oiirl C'lniie'l'lcn, loall persons con in tlm nf iia Ml ttLAt-, late of llurluierlon in sn iliiisirtei .1.. ...i-.s! Gnr.sTixn. WIIF.RP.A's. LleazarStuar.'. administrator of tho E.tale ol said dei i-a-od, propn-e, tO render an aeeoimi of lu-ailiniiii-iration, and pro-cnl hl a -cunt nrjain.t said i-slale forexaimiialiou nnd allovvamo fit a session of ibe Coin I ol Prol ate, lol e liolden nt llurliiijlon on ibu 21 Wo Ine-dav of Deecin! er next. Therefore, j on' are beie'.y nolitie-.l. to appear I cforc saw Court, at tho iimo nnd phu-o nfori-.-nid, and tliew cause-, if any you have, why iho account nfoicsaid .l,,..,l,l nn, I... nllowisl. Given nn Ier mv band at Darlington (his 1st day of N22w3 ' CiPS. mW.LU JudCl. Slnminifii fov i8u, For S.l.'bv V HARRINGTON. JIM H Pf L seseaasxiauuxBZiiizijji. Hcla Clillleiideti's tviitnlr. STATE OFVVllMUXT, fllllK Hon. the Dislrict of Chit linden, ss. J J Piobatu Com for Iho I'l-lricl of t hin 11 len t I'o all per-i us con cerned m Ihel.'s'aleof III LA CHI ITJ NDF.N' late ol Shell urn, in nnd District, dei'cased, (Jr.l:i;TiNO, WiiKiinA', Simcnii W, P.ij 11, ndmuii-iinior of the rstnte of mid deceased, propo-es lo render an account ol his iidmim.trnlioii, nnd present bis nivounl :il':iiiijI 5aide.stali-lor examination and allowance lit u M-s- ion of llu- Court ol Prolate, to be ht I len at Ibe oflici-of hu lled-ter 1 f in'd Co 111 in 11 iibiizion in said District, on the second Wednesday of Nov ember, A. I). 1813. ' I Itunt'.roiin. von urn hi-robv notlfii-d In n-uu-ar 1 o- foresaid rouil nt tbotime nil I t.l.ieu nl'ori-nidati 1 shew cause, if nil y von have, why I he account ufore Mnd should not be allowed. Given under mv hand ul llui inelon. t ilslibdiv ol'Oetoler, A. I). 1813. ,0w3 QIIS. RUjl.LL, 3udte. I'ldiialm Stile's Ilstnte. STATF. OF M.KMONT. rrlH'. Iloii.llii-Piu'.aie District of Chittenden, ks. S X Court for Iho I'l-lri'-t of Chittenden 1 To nil persons concerned in tliccs- tale of FPHIiAlM STILI S, late or Jericho, hi saiJ District, deceased, Gncr.TiNO. Whereas, Win ten Ford, administrator, of the Hstale of saiil deceased, proposes lo render an account of hts a l.iiitii-tration, and present hi, account aaainst said estate for examination nnd allowance n( aJsessam of the Court of Probate, to bo holdrii at the oluecoflhi' Register of said court in lliirbugtou on thc second We Ine-tlay of Noveiu! er, 1813. TncnU'oni:. Von are hereby notified lo appear be- foro said court at the linio nnd place aforesaid, nnd shew cause, if any you have, why thu account afoic said should not be allowed. Given under mv hand at Ilurhucton this 1 1 tit dav of O.'lnber, A. D. 1S1J. mws (jus. iiussi-;i,i, jttagr. tttllnh I'erl.'s Mslatc. STATH OI' VERMO.W,) AT a Prolate Di-tnct ol Chu'entcu, s-. I J I Coui, heM al llurlinu-lon wiiliiu nn I for tho Di-tnct. aforcnidon the llth day of October, A. I). 11.3, an instrument purporting to In- the last will and testament of I'.hj ill Peck, lite of Chailotte. in said district den a cd, was presented lo the court here for Probate, by Jonathan Holmes, 1110 i..veetiiorineicm irunci. 1 Hnnnronr. 11 is 01111 itu ov saui e curt, niai puoiic notice lie nivcil to all pi ron-conceincd thereinto appear beforo sn.d tool, at n s.Hsino t'ou-of to bo holitcn at the lleelslt i's olnre In sa d liurhm'ton, on the second Wedne-dav of November, A. D. 18J3, anil contf st the probate of said will; and it i? further ordered lhat tlusoidei be published lhrcevvecu3Siic-cc-sivilvin thc Ihirlineton Prce Press, a oewsnaper printed at Ilurlinutou, 111 lbi3 State, tlio last of which 1 publication shall be previous to the day assigned as alorcsau lor ncaruic. Given under mv hand al tlio Resister's office this , lhh dav of October. A. D 1?I3. vvi.ssiu.s, i.i2i3ier. Oliver Howard's Hslntc. WP. the subscribeis, lin vinir been nppointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commission-'rs to receive, ex amine nnd adjust iho claims ami demur' of all per sons atjainst tlio estate nf Ol.H I'.It HOWARD, late of Milton, in said District, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oll'sct iherclot nnd six months hum the lay of tho duo hereof, biiiiL' allowed by said Court for thai purpose, wo do therefore hereby tjivc notice, that wo will attend to Ibe business of our appoint ment, at the dwelling hcu-e of Sylvester Ward in Milton, in said Di-irict, on the I. ist'Tues.lavs of No vember. 1913, and Fi hrinry, 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 2st dav of .SVptcmhcr A. D. 1313. 2oi JSi ffigS; 1 0,,.; XEW 1-ASIUONS AND NIJW GOODS. .11. F R A S E R , HA-5 just returned fm-n New Voik with llu: I.ATF.-T I? A S II IONS for Ilni, Cops, Cloaks, v . ''Alt' and !)re-s"s. jrr'i""? yV-JTr-i" - Alsi, n splnntlid niort$gi'& mcni ofVi-l .'el", r .Iks, Rib- !''W-ysy. b. b I o vv.1 r s . I.iee clO IMi. 1"". ll'iucbes, Gloved, Mills. 0.c. iv e. Al-o, croud assortment oftdufl's and lloas, alt of which will be sold ' 11 the most reasonable termi. 1313. 20G Hurlin"ton, Oct. 19, j UTTER. I'irct rale zrticle of IKiry Jiulfcr A for sale bv Oct. 10. -0 V UATL1N. Oliver 15 Ks IJslate. TATi: Or Vi:i:VOST.1 rMU-: Urn. Iho )striciol'Chiitcudeu,s-. j L Pro1 ate Co-irt fo.- tho' Di-lnci ol'Cli-'.-ii'lcii. 10 n'l per 011s con vin edin i'-c F.-UleofOUVLR ULISS, la'c ol'F.-sex, in sai.l Di-li ', ''C'ca-cl, Gnr.UTi.vo. WiiEnn-s -ri'c nilministratcrs of tho es'n'o of said .I,.,.....,. 1 ,',',,',, ,.e- 'o r. ndcr an noo tint ofiho-r n liuiu- UCCl.lsl..., nop..- .I,,., 11 nn'mtst .ni I est ,1.. Irat o',-in I pre-et.i .' for examination and fihJ'waiiie at a 'ci-.o. o u.e Court of Probate, to 1.- i.o.-'en a l nc ouucoi , tcr ot sat I Court on Ihc sl''''o 11 ' vend er next. ... . , r rherefore. Von arehere'iv nn.''le-"' lu -"i'1 ", u"u,c aid co in at H- tune and place afo" ''.","' w. cau-e, il any inn hue, why tl.o aCi.o.. ' "-"' ------ lio-ild not be allowcl. . , ,,. . Given unilerviiiy band at Umlinstun this ' of O.tolcr A. D. 1313. . CIIARLF.S llU3i:LL, Judi, e. STATK OP VI'.lt.MONT, ) rplIF. lion, tho Pro- IJi-trt't ot i hutenttcu, v I inn- i ourl wiiliiu ml fcrtbe Di-tri'l of I'hiitcni'en. To ibe eroluor- and others eon. erne I in the estate ofOLlVLIt HLISS, la'e of M-scx, in soil ht-tii t, dei'iast... Whereas the Adiniiii ira'cr- ol" -aid ilee'cased, lu-b nride npplicaiion to llu- Co-irt, to ex'en I iho lime iinnellor inakini' n.n incut ol ilicilclii- ol -ail ilo- cea-iil, iwclve moirh- frmu ibo 3 1 day of November 3 1 5. an l the -e -o i I W e lue-ilav ol Noveiutier iie-ct. beaia' a-siirni-d for a be-iniij-in Iho lireml-f-, at the O lien of the Itonisit r i fl In- Court, ami u havicr Icon ordered that notice thereof I e ivcu, by p-i' Ic b"i- Ihi- 'cne three weik- sticec--ivclv in the 11 irlirurloii 'reol're-s a new-oaner tirmtc-J at Uurlin?lou. 1 c- foio ibe tune fixed fi r heariue;. Thc-refori-, you are hen by notifiel, loappear fief. re aid Co irr, nt thctimo ai: I olaee all re-ai'l, then an I ihere.lo mab.eol lectiiit- if nnv v u biuc, to ihe --aid lime of pav mom I cimr further i .'.lei'-o.-sniore aid. voven oiu'eriuv haie al 11 ir in i n 1 In- lb Ii oav ol October A. D. 1613. 20.i3 CIIARLFS RU2SKLL, Judsrc. Davll ltusclPs SJitatc. STTF. OF VF.RMONT, ) A T n Prolate Court District of Chittenden, s. 5 XX. bol ten at Hurlinc- ton, wnhin and for the Idstrie nforo ail on t lit 12'h lay ol IX-tol er, A. I). 1813. nn Instrument n-iroori- msr to le the In-t Will nut 1 o tnou-nt of DAMD ltu--Sr.LL, la'e of Ilurliiurion, in - aid Disiri'-t k-cea--e-.l, was pri'seu ed lo the- Court here f. r Prol--i'e, t y Naihan 11. Ilawell. tho Fxt-cntor. tiieren name I. Incnr.ront:, it l.oroored I y snul (Jo irt, thai puliliu nonce io erveu In atl per-i-us concerni-l tu ie;n lo appear iJclom saul Couri, al a o-s on thereoi ui 1 e ho'ilen al llu-Reu'i-ier's O lice in -aid Ilnliuir-on oti the se, ond W't'liie-'lay of Noveiu1 er A D. I81'l, nn I ceil te si llio prol lite ol aid v ol, an I It I- I irtlier i I icrcu llu- or-ier he pui ii I eil ihree wee .s s -cce- ive.y in ti. e l. irlui-loo 1 ice l're--s. n nev-m .er printi il at liurlinsT on, in tin- j a'e, 1 lie 'lu-t of vvhicli li.i I I e previous lo ihe Uay a-tisniM. a- atore ai I lor Iieariiiir. luveii nnui-r mv ban I at the Rt-si-ter - O.Ti.-c. thi 12ih day of O.-lol er, A I). IH13. v:uwj w.M. vt.5 i u.v, Register. .Iiilm I!, t'-alkln's I'.state. ST TF. OF i 11.MONT.) rillli; Pubate Cour Dislrict ol ( lililen 'en. ss. t J. for the Di-tnet of Chittenden : Toti'l persons e neerned in ibecsia'eif JOHN II. CALKIN'S Into t.I Huic-biirteb, in said District, dee-east-J, into tate, (iitnr.risa. WllEiir.As, Jenislm ( nr. in -, ami nil 1 uwa il-. adiniiii-tralors e.l the e-late of sold e!ccca'tl, propo-o lo render nn nccouiii oftbeir adinini-iiaut n, and seut then account iu'nui-t saul e-tatc for examination and allowance nl a session ol the- Court ol Prob.i'e, til I e liolden nt the O.hoe of the Register or said Conn in ihulincilou, on the seeonl Wednesday ot'MoveJi l er A. D. 1813. Tiici'.Et otir., Vou are hereby nolifie 1 lo appear be fine said rouil at the li'no and placo aforesaid, and shew cause1, if nil) yon have, why I Itu account 'il'ori' said sbeuild not I e allowed. illicit under my ban I at Darlington tins 13th day of Oetol er, A. D., ltjl.'l. ' 20a3 CHARLF.S RUS3F.I.L, Jude. fplll". enliserihcrs lo Harper's I.'dition of MARTIN X CHUZ'.LI'AVIT .ire noiilied that Part Hi. is putiitsticcl nnu lor sate at HARRINGTON'S. Tho subscribers to ihc New World lvhlion nie no lifii'd lhat No. 9 is also publi-bed and for sale at the s.iuie place. 1! UTING PAPFIt, l'laiii and Knle-d Cap and t-otttr fape-r, lor suio ny i. iiAim.s-CTorr, LOOK HERE!! A I.I, persons having nceounis wnh us over three J months S'aiulliitr, are politely nquesieij to call nuu Ecuiu inesama witnuut ueiav nnu oiuibh . S. N. GAUT Ci Cf). Ilurlinstoii, Oct. SO, 1913. 20 -UtAHAM'S MAGAZINl", AND TUP, LADV'S V.J HOlliv lor JNoiemlivr, receiitU by 27lh Oal. tV. HAItRINGTON. Miop.-i. AP1&5' plaui an! lij ire-J shoe-e, do. Golne elei. Men' do. dei. L do, plain and (inured do. Mi'scs' do. Oct. 4. 1 "13 18 w4 for sale cheap by sj , nAi.i si . .u. i wri' s;ji Ei 11 IWRLINGTON, VERMONT, OcTOUt.11, rnitl? SttllRflltllt:!! Imo nnened n llooks'oro ill JL this place, and intends to keep a full supply of 111 nil departments ofLileratute and Science, nnd will supply School Teachers nnd Country Merchants wilb AnllilMF.IICK. Illsinml.e. GliAMMAnS, r-CELMNO Hooks, also Aloeiiiias nnd tho burlier branches of Mathematics, tufrclher Willi the Classics nscil in uign .Schools, Academic-and Colleges. Arranceinenlu have also been undo for lirncur inn any of llio Peiiodieals ol the dny,niiinm which are l.ondon, r-MlnljitruIi, I-'urelsii and Wrslinln sler llrvlews; tiiscuHtiol's mid llio Dublin University riJn-razlne. Till: AMF.RIG'AN tllfARTF.RLIF.S, SUCH AS American Iliblica! He losilory, (o-r annum) Amciienn .fin 1st nml Law Jlairaziui, " A uiei lean Journal of Medical Science, Methodist dual Icily Review, " North American Revii w, " S3 00 5 00 5 0(1 3 00 5 00 AMF.IlICANIlF.PllINTSofFORKIGNnFVtnWS London (lurtctly Review, (per annum) S3 00 Kdinbinah " " 3 03 Foriiau dtiarlrrly " " 3 00 I.illlc's Museum, (monthly) " 0 00 Ill.iekw nod's Mntrtiitiue, " " 4 00 Dublin tJuiveisiiy " " " ! f0 Jlctiopoliinn Litirary Journal " d 00 FNGLI-II RFA 1FAVS .not nnr-r.tXTEn m the U. S. Christian Observer, (Church, Monlh'v) SO 00 Ilri-isb Crilic, (Cbiiirh) ' 5 00 Chin ell of P.milmd Hcvii-vv, S 00 Con-rrerali'itnl, 5 00 Fv.angilieal Jlatasine, 2 II AMERICAN MONTH L1FS. American 3!o Ii -ii Library nnd Inicllicnccr, S 00 Democratic Review, monthly, 5 00 Piston Mtdicnl and Siirincal .liiurnnl, 3 00 Christian F.Miminer, (t'nilarian bi inonthly) 4 00 Graham's Lailvs' and Genlleunns Magnine, 3 00 Hunt's Mcrchml's Magazine, " 5 00 .Inurn il of Ibu I'rnlikliu Institute, k 5 00 Ivtuckeiboeler, 5 00 Law I.ibrnry, (re-pr-nt of tin- ino-t valuable F.iidIisIi Law Reporls and Treatises,) Phil. 10 00 Reporter, I'-oston, 3 00 Ladies' Hook of Literatur-1 and Fashion, 3 00 Ladies' foinpniuun, , 3 OU Ladies' Gailand, &c. &c. &c. Tho above are some of ihc principal Reviews nnd Matrar.ini-s published in this country, besides n ereal many not mined, any one of which vv ill bo furnished by the subscriber nnd delivered at bis store or fur-w-arded by mail or otherwise aj directed, on tho re ceipt of tlio subsciiption price of the noik ordered, m advance. There is nn edition of Ik vcinvoon'o published nt the New world Office. N. V., at 62 per annum, monthly, which will be constantly for sale by the single number. VP.RNON HARRINGTON. College st., Slronits' iiui'din;. 19 ocii ot) iT : noo it a imi i v. Jiiicln-ll's, ol- O r.ey's, Woodbridgo and Willard's, nnd Mitchell's Primary Geography, and Parb-v's for silo hv 10 V. HARRINGTON. riNGI.lSH Itrownc's, Ilar- .J 11 ird's, ICirkham's, Smilh nnd Fosdick's Irnns- I.a'ion of Do Sacy, for sale by tu V. HARRINGTON. AI,nili:i:A. Danes' Pirst Lessons Davies' l'lMirdon, llridsto', I'adev'sand Piem-V. f t sale by 10 V. HARRINGTON. FA M1LY Gil O C ER I E S. HV-'ON, Vounirllvson, II. Skin and lllnekTeasj Ha't I'osion Loaf and Powdered Sucar; Nut mecs, Clove", Ground Pepper, S'picc, and Cinnamon, watianted of superior qualities, for sab-low by F.LI AS LY.MAN, 19 Slron's llttiltlincs. THOSU THAT V.'ANT TO Hi: SCHOI A!tW AITIJMI). tfXn, Ivvo, three, of four jeaisin the Universityof -s-- lerniont. io coinincncc nexi eonimrneenicnt for sale v erv cheap indeed. L'nu'iirc al this office. Oct. 12, 1S13. 19 LOST, T' Atr i-ven nrr. in this villatre, a -mall GOLD J CHAIN ami I.o-kei. 'Ibo Under will Le suita bly rewar'el I v leaving il at this olilce. Iturlmcnm, O l. 5, 1813. IS w-3 RHIl -nt -cri'er has now on band aul inends io d2. I e at lelo f Tni-b.nt slmrt n'.tlee. Mi-cellaiieoio. Law, ( I issjcal and S boo Hook--, as low .or cash as ran i e lui-cii veil in innrKet. 3fJS-,i. isn. 17 V. HARRINGTON. "l"l!! - NCII WITHOUT A THAI II Mil," A NP.ATLV priultd pamphlet of 60 panes in Six rV Hisy Lesons deriznrd lo fieihnio the aeq-.ii-i-lion of llio I'rcncb Lamjuape without the aid ofa teacher, for sale by V. HARRINGTON. l!iirliiuton, I3ih Oolober. 19 A ITAY copus of the Dovvnv Te-iauient. a fiiieedi- j. v lion, lor sale liy HARRINGTON. Oih October, IS 13. 19 COIIIU'.T'S COTTAGF. FCO.VOMV. a neat edi thn, for sale cheap bv V. HARKING l-ON. 0th October, 1513. ' 19 .'"ATil IN SHAItCII Ol' A IIUS1IAN1) V ,t iho S.'ouel. PHILIP IN SFARCli OF A WIFH; forsalcby 19 V. HARRINGTON. I iTIMVni) from llu; suliscid cr. on the 1 lib inst.. O a I'laek Cow, wnh a Utile g."cv across ihe lack amlt'il", horns tnininjr over, eroo.1 to milk, and i-between .) an'' vear-old. The tinder will 1 e reason al Iv reeon. -ic'Sed, by giv ic information f her to auvrecom, DANIEL DlONVill'S. llurllngten, ?ept. 1 1S1 IC-v3 V. II MilllNGTON w '" rewive siilisi'nptions for ..II n ...... nn., ,,T . 'iC FoWim RuVicWS. I III- HepfinN ofPoren.n .'-eview Iho Auieri can Q larle-rlie- and .Monthly aia- "lis, etc., &e. 30 tept., 1313. J i IS O OKS A NO S TA TION A' R Y roil SALK AT V. IIAP.HINCTOX'-s, follcsc Si. B DILI'S i ureal variciv, Q inrio, 0 -l.avo, Di.o iVcuuo, P. c' ct dti. ui vinous Imdniss, P.11AVI II 1100ICS of all sie-and bin-ling-, pri ces I'n in 23 el-, lei 00 e.r. h. WATT'S and Siil.IU-T IIi'MNS, Metiiodist HiriNs, C.iMr Mcr.TiNG Hi3txs,WiNciir.Li.'s Watt-. P.;alms an. I Hvsixs airaiifet by Sewall for l"n;t:i wor In i, -ve-. Wrappin-' Paper, Cap an 1 Lei'er P iper, Maymr .1 and Novt-s' Fine Writing Ink, no I i"ter in1, mail ilae lured; Ink-mud , Saii.1 Uoe-, Water C ip-, l'lacl. Sand, Wafers, Selling Wax, Q nil-, m in il'aclure I an I unlive, Peii'-iuec. an 1 Pencils, Ulnn', iiook-, tte. which will I e sidd pav. Oct. 1 1, 1 13. WHEAT. 1T.W bushels of Nl W GF.NFSSVF. WIIF.AT 1 ?- of ihegrovvth of 1313, for seed, n first nriiele-, for s.ilcbv GP.O. PCTHRSON. IlurlinElon, An?. 31. 13 X. I"A It"! Al.l'. !1, No. 7 , Counsellors (Pfck's Ilialding.) a. 13 HOUSE TO RENT. -5CTCJ,. A plcaiant lliu-ewuh jar'en and Itlltill " H'i.ll'V-llll His- fHUH- i. o'ner e M!V( i'n'i I"1 n' n ll uiwn ut.oiit ihe Hruf USiM N. ieinlei-. Al-o, lnlfol the Hon-o I now o. ciov on Culm's I.uiie. I'iiIht half can lem.T'o a conii'n.ent le-iieincnt for a small family, po-sc-siou ako it I lit- same time. IStl. I). K. PAXGIIORN. WANTED, PPNCHFONS of GOOD CIDKIt. I v 'HI O -1.0.1313. 1 iii-3 C. L. NIXSON. ,-Q llAltltl'.LS 1'lNi: SALT I'orin'e hv dO S. JI, popi:. Iliirbnton, -lib Oct., 1813. 13 wd notici:. C1 M. POPI" has pi.t revived n cool as orlincnt O. ol DRV GOODS and GltOCFltlFS, uhieltare o'li-resl al ihe ' prnes for cash. Wanted, in exchange Ier Goeids, gooel Uutier, Ore-y 01 lb, Woolen Yum, C: liurliniton, a-i. -1, 1813. IS wl I l.IAH I.YJIA.N HAVING receded a larro a-sor'nicm t f Fa'l nnd W'in'cr Gooils, iiinouT which are a great v.i-rie-iy of rich goo I. for Unlo-a' wiuier dre-se-s nml cloaks; Chu an- and Mo ise'ino i'e Lainis, hiejli i-o. o r-and lie-h: u!-o, niotiriun'-' nud half mourning do, ; al-o, I cau'if u mo iruins (iniirhains a large n sort luent i f Calicos, -opener qmllny and lini-b; Alpae-ea-, silk warp, coiton do, ; a great vnrieli of Shaw ls ; nn endless variety of Gb ve- nnd Ho-ieiy ; In ba Ifu'il er Mitis, a new nriiele, very supe rior, not bay. intr tiuieioisiiinarale for an advcrtisenieiii ibi.wcek, invi es Ladies nnl sent'e neu to t-all and examine ihe good- which will I o shown will pleasure. Cotton Yarn. "I o for thread lery cheap, Carpet warp, ivie-l ing, balling, wadding, &e, &e. llurliiigion, CO t-. 1613. 18 i.mutcit VAitn. r?OR sale by ihs suhse-iilisis n their yard on Pearl T Street, COMMON UOAltD-S I..V1H. I'l.OOR HO VRD's, ready planed, CLAPIIOUlD-s, CI.F.UI I OAPvD-, st a.OOO CT.D lt POSTS, w hile it red HICKOK ef- STKVnXS. HiithnEton.tOth September, 1843. 0n3 HltMAN STOUR. Agool nssorlinerr cf I'linge-, Gimps, Cord nnd Ta!ch, 10 Just reciiie-Jby OSTIIFIM & CO. , jfistv c:ooi)s. SILK and Worsted Shawl., very hanlsouie st)l foi the Season. Juit leceived at the 10 GFR.MAN S-IORF.. REMOVAL. D. K. PANOJORN CA0INUT MAKER", Village Sexton and HAS removed to n New Shop, near ihe south end of White Sirei I, opposi.e llu- home of the Itcv. Mr. Cnnvcr e, w here be will I e nt homo at all limes. He will coii'muc toinat.enll kinds of Cabinet Furni ture whii'h he will sell low Ier prompt pay and re s eelfuly solicits the coniuiucd patronaae of Ids old riMotners, nnd that tif olhcr-n!-o. In )i t eapaei-v S Villaee Sexton, lie has -'iice appoin'ed puri ba-ed at hi- own cxpeu-e- a new Hearse and Pall, and prepar ed with ni-ii h e'ltre nnd labor u new Map of thi' new l.e.i-itilid (.'einetr of Iho Villain. IIo will keep ready r.iaile coilins nfiiiD-t kinds, form! dt-, nud nil others, fiinu-l'cd nt Ihe shortest notice. Ho wi'l tarnish and attend vv'ith bi Hearse. Fum-ran out of the Villaj or inniieof Ihe ndioimna Town- with le-s tri'dlo to fiieuds pre'l.ul Iv and I c'ler ori.'er than any one near er nt hauJ a ud nt n- short or shorter notice, tfTfrVH! WTO V 80S I! NI'.W PATTLZS, & CIIIAfl II THAN I-A HR. All l.indsof frdttcc tikm inpayment) liberal credit pi "en or Chtapfor Cash, 1 JfF.NRV MAYO, Irnvin? la1 c i ibe Siore fnrmer'y XL occupied I y HIC'iOK eV, C I'l l N, h now n-ccivinf-'a lar?e consianme-nf of ST' A 1 eon-'-tin? i I any I'esir il Ic pattern ol Coo', Ilox, or Parlour S-nve"-, Sioie Pipe, 'I'm nn I Copper Trireininjs, Hi bow Ware, sVc, which will I e exchanged lor any km lot' Produee or e-a-b. 'I bo-e who ivi-b to pnr-eli.HL- Stove-, will do llicin-ellei us We'll as hint a lavor by I'xannninir los -trick. Hurl n-Jlo.i, C'.'i. 1, 1813. )ft r nil K ci izens of U irl.iiton and ibe Pub ic ceneial. 1. ly nre tespe 1f illy inl'ormel, ibal tho CTcrmitn Store will le coi Im el al the od ttairl, uniter Ihn linn of M. OSTIICIM .V Co. A rcw'h u--harecf Pain nice is tcspeetfullv reej u- n-i'. We hope by unreui!ttin2aitent!0n lo O'isii.essnu.l regard to nil cnsratrcuien!- 'O -eeerelkeeonfidencei ttbcpiiri lie. A new an I Ire h assortment eifGood- isjost re-e-eived.iuil will le-oldni Ihern-y loieest prices, Tho public aie ic-pocthV'v inviteelto ca.'l. lliirlinsrlon Sept. PHI. Al. OS'IHLIM & Co. W.1I. 1IURLIUT, At the New Cash stare, next eloar above SIcss. jii-ittsmald'ss Vnrlaty More. HAS just received a reneral as-orttnent of Goods adapted to the Fall Trade, which are now otTered at tho lowest rate for cash. Amoni; which are IllacU and tiluc Hlack Alpacca Lustres, do Kijured, do llrown nnd Wine Colour", Merinoes, assorted colors, Moiwhne ele Lanes, plain, fi-'d and striped ; Satin Stiipu Sballys-, blntrhsh, French and Ameri can Prints, plain and filmed Alpun s, Punnet Silks, Gro de Nap Silks, Gro do .Swiss, Italian, Ilroadcioihs, Do, I'urlmston Mill Cloths Cassimercs .and Sailinelts, Heaver Cloths, Vistmcs, cords, trim Iniutis. bultons, sVc. I Cotton rroods generally, Cam biics, Musliu-, Lawns, Laces, Thread ICdcmes, Flan nels, woolen nnd cotion, Coiton yarn, nicking and twine i Genf. and Doys' Caps, l'amdy Groceries, Fur Iloas, Farewell's shoes, Gaiters and half Gaiter Roots. Giod Table Puller taken in exchengo for Goods. Uurlmglon, Oct. IS, IS 13. 20tf CONSU3IPTIOX AM) I,IArI2It COS! l'l.AINT! t DR. TAYLOR'S. OALSASVi OF LIVFRVVQRT. From 37.) Iloiccry, New York. IORiheeureol Co'ish--, Ceil-I-, A-lluna, whoop iiitr I'o i-.-h, I'a'arrh, p'lin-inthe -i leand breast, llroitelntis liver e-oinpkiml-, anil all tbo-eatleclions of the ihroat nnd luu-, whn h am a -ourco of so much soflerini: aii'l so of en lerinma e in Con-ump-'!"V, tin- reniely isju-ilyand he. lily di-lniui'hed. It i- purely vegetal. Te', mild and penile in u- e.'ecls upon ihesysiim, andean le in! eu in ihe most eleli-e-ale e'a-es wi'b -afe'y as veil as mv1! a- utility. So exteusivelv ha- it 1 e-en u-ed anl -o often proved -ue-ec--l'ul even in cxirenu-mvl aoparently a'mo-t hope 'i ss ea-e-, notoidvas a p.ili.uive t ut a- a remedy; thai Ihepropr.e'or I'ecl-no he-iicitcv in introducing it and reoeominendinjr it to all who unti rttinaiely may lnveoeca-ion toie-ort lo some nican-of reeov ery". Phy-'eian-, familiar with it- eVcis and uvvaro of il.e- healing prop-ei-iie of ibis ye -cial le prepara tion, no: unfroipionilv prevriled it In their practice,' and wnh tho .Mev.hi-a'1 Faculty peuerally, itbasrrtrt with more than ordiuarv approl aiion. CO.SSL'MI'IIOX. The fidlowm? leiuar'.s were taken from a lots nuinl er of the Medical .Magazine ! "The s Tpri-in' e !ect proilureJ by the trcu-iinu Dr. Taylor'- Ilal-am of Liverwcrl,' made at 375 llowerv, in Consumption ca-e-, cannot fad exciting a deep and ihnlliuir intere-l throiiabout Ihe world. We have so Ion? believe I the disc te (Consumption) incurable, llial it i. duncult to i ic.lit our cnse-when wc see persons evidently, restored to health. Yet it is a fact et da-ly occurrence I Certificates from thc lushest and mo-t rc-pee-labltl sources ol person- who lint e either 1 een erenlly re lieved by ll, or en tuely recovered from all'eciions o Il.e bin?- and liver, coiiM I c furnished in abuudanco but we iii-crt only ibe following : Cr.r.Tii icatu.'" He-ins constitutionally prcli'spos ed to Consumption, a member of my family having siulewd severely irom iritation t.f the Luns;-, ac companied wnlico'iali and rai.tnir muter and 1 loud, too-clbe-r Willi severe pun in my suleund breast, UP I was snppo-ed to be bej ond recovery, I was iiiduceel l.yadvne ef Dr. Perkin-, a '.i-t icsort to try "Taylor's Ralsam of Liverwiirl," 1 have lakeu tiyei bo'tfc' in ail. I began to improve with the lirl bulk-, and ..hi.'" ta'.ing the llnrj, was so far recovered as lo be able i.: ?-! a' out. Since which time, by eoniinued use of it i pm ipiito restore'! pJ able to attend lo my usual I To persons r.u 1'ering from coughs and a ll-e ions of the Ljugs, 1 do earn,-e-tlv rcccouinicudil. (;'r'nl) .l.s.. C. SCOTT. Ehzabtll, City, N. C. Dee. IG, 1S42. I or n comniou e-i 1 1 and cough, tin- is one of the very Ii-st everei-cover.'d. N. H. Theru is it sp-ario i. and e-oimterfeit article afloat, and lately iutiod ice I inioiln- Tl,r. foie becaref i' lo ircl die Genuine, which i- from .its Hovvcrv N. V. an I. see thai llio new i-nr:ive,l pe. i- ..' ..'.ii.- iiii-se.ii cumuici lers. PV,- salelyl'FOK h Sl'K It, and L l.nvri.v . Si:V.IO!'lf, liinngion: S. II, Harne--. Charlottes .M. Hall, lime hi Win. Rhodes, Jr. Richmond. J ine 30, vl IRON, STEEL, NAILS & HARP WARE. A O Tons Fuehsh Iron, from I 1-S lo 6 inch wiJe i.v in .I.. 1 1 .1 -nblo Rtisfit do Tuns New Ha lc do do 10 R 12 20 12 10 to Svveues do do Peru do do Horse Shoe do ' do Round from to 25 inches, do Sepmre do 3-8 to 3 do do Round do It to 1 do da Ho-ip do i lo H do do 1 Junto and Scroll do do P. S. I. Riiss i Rods. do Sanderson Cast Sleel, do Person's Sprint; elo fiom 1 i to 3 inched do Swedes do do Aineiicau do do German do elo Ilndisb lllister do 12 "l 3 1 .1 i 2.000 Kegs Kails, from 3d to 20.1 2,00 do Spikes fiom 301 to 60.1 2,00 do Ilrads fiom Cd io 20J 3 00 Do2 Fibs and Rasps. A general nesortmenr of Am lis and Vices. June 30, 1813. J. et J. II. 1T.OK & Co. P Si IN T WA E-J. E 51 0 US 13 BP. I. I'll, (formerly ot the firm ot Lord & Leei . and V. II. ISHIAVSTFJi, under ihe lirmefLKR & BRIAVSTFR, havee-tabb bed at 113 Pear! street New York, a WAlth 'IOFSF. ON AN EXTENSIVE SCALE, EXCLUSIVELY for. PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior irnde by the piece or package. Ily confinnij: thc.r atie'iuion eniirely and exclujive. ly to this ono article, L. if- 11, wi I I e enabled to not onlvi-.hil it a moreetensiieand I eaiilifal assortment than is lule found cl-ew here-, ( here bcint; no simllv esinl li.biue.n fur prints m the t'niieJ State-) but to' sel1 nlways nt prut's ns low, and generally lower 'ban Iho-e ot hou-eis who- attention and means are divide I amoin ll largo variety e f nrtielo-, Tho entue slevk, eml n 'm? .ll out one thousand dl 'crent paucrns nnd eob.ruics, has 1 een receivsd within a few days; is fre b, and e-omprisy, all ihe l.a-e-i and clu ice-t spring style. 6yl rplIK Partner.iiip ei-tiit!r le-m-ren 1 Jlor.tTZ OsinriM an-l J.tMrs MictP i.ts under 'he firm oi OST. Ill 1 JIIOHOI.I.S, was lennina 'el and ill- olieil on ihe 21-1 elay ol Am; i-i y mutual consent. All peison- hay-US' claim, nsain-t the tirm ofOSTHUM & M1CHOI.LS u,e re,,uciltxl o pro. sent the tame tn thcsubseri'crDiid ritu u pnyincnis lulb 13 . aiORiTZ OSTHlUMt nl ( mil's-, iinruncr urevvcr, llezlon, .-1, t J im. 0' SO P pe. Ilianily, 10 elo, . 5 ilo -' slw au".lo .-n f, lOHu f ' Pe'levoiM'n" llrandv 10 lib I.. St. Crow R on. ' "30 U 's, Siit-rry an 1 ilad.ria Wine,, 40 8 Ptul.m .To Port .In f J. it, jrouitca