Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 17, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 17, 1843 Page 3
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15. M. 1. A meeting of the Durlitii;ton Mechanics In stitute will bo hold at their Reading-room, on Monday evening next. The first of a series of lecture, by a member, mi Geometry, may bo xpectcd. Hy order of Director?. S. PLBTCURR, Secretary. nilir.UTON MARKET.--Nov. 6, 1843. At Market, 3300 Cattle, (nbout 2300 of which were probably Dccf,) and 1300 Stores, 3S00 Sheep, nd 2500 Swino 300 of the f. Swino wcro repotted last week. 600 Swino unsold. Psicss Reef Cattle Last week's pricown9 hard ly eustsined, a small quality were sold at the highest price. We quote a few extra at SI 50 s First .quali ty, 310 84 23i second quality S3.50 S3 75; third quality 82 50 & S2 23. Rarrtling Cattle. Una 83 12J ; No. 1 82 G2l ( No. 82. Storti Two year old $3"? I2 three year old SU M7. Sheep Small lots were sold from 75e to SI 50. Weathers 81 25, to 82. Sieine Dull i prime lots to peddle 33 3 4 for lows, and 43 P 5 for barrows. Large hogs from 2 to 4c. At retail from 4 to Cc.. I M a c ir S a ad, In this town, on the 15th inst. by Rev. Mr. Pearson, Mr. David Irish to 513S. Harriet Bnowsnu., boih of this place. In Kcesovill, N. V. on the 2Gih ult., by Rev. Mr Mattocks, Mr Nelson W. Penny, of Mobile Ala. to Miss. Francis M. GnEoonv.of Montreal, Canada. In this town, on the 9th inst. by Rev. Mr. Pearson, Mr. Edmund Conner, to Mrs. Kan.nv Huston. In Grand Isle, on the 12th inst, by Rev. O. G. Wheeler, Mr. Acuustus Sampson, to Miss Laura ioiit, of Orwell. IS a dl, In this town on Sunday evening, 12th inst., Eliza C, wife of Piiilo Doolittle, aged 42 years. In this town on Sunday the 12th inst., William M. Atwatr R, son of Dr. Atwatcr, aged 21 yearsand 9 months. In Colchester on the 9th inst., Charles W. Gran xis, aged 59 years; Mesmeric Experiments. BY particular request Dr. Gates will repeat bis wonderful experiments in Phrcno-Magnctism this evening, at Strong's Hall, at "J o'clock. Sickets 12J Cents each to be had at Howard's id the American. Nov. 17, 1843. JA.NCIJVGr SCHOOJL. MESSRS. ElLiLER As nATCUEtiDER WOULD respectfully inform the inhabitant of Burlingion and vicinity that ihcy intend open ing; a School in this place, m which will ho taurdit Contra dances, Cotillions, Quadrilles, Waltzes, and Spanish Dances. They would also give notice that they will furnish good music for Halls, Parlies, &c For terms enquire of them or at Howard's Holel, Burlington, where books will be open to receitc names. Nov. 1843. 24 NOTICE. THE Firm of CKOPUT fc TIMANUS is this day dissolved by mutual consent. PRESSON CROFUT, IT TMtlVMti Iturlinglon, Nov. 13, 1813, . ... t ,.,1.1.. UO. 24 v3 TTK COMB MANUFACTURING business will hereafter Le continued by II. W. TIMANUS, who solicits the lavors of old friends and, assures new customers that they can deal with him on as favora ble terms as at any other place. CHEAP FARM FOR SALE. A FARM containing 103 acres of good Land situ ated one half mile north of llaptist Corners in XJtJSTlolte, with convenient buildings, will be sold very low. For particulars enquire of SALLY II. SKIFF. Charlotte, Nov. 6th, 1843. 21 if CLOCKS. ALL persons who wish to buy a Brass or Wooden Clock are requested to look: at n ir uric ones, we will sell them by iho box, by lira dozen, by the hun dred or single, nt such prices as cannot fail lo suit. 21 Brivsjmid & Brothers. SIIjKRTINCS, SIIIIJTIXfiS, e. 10 000 sVA rDS ''s'" ond hcavy 1!rown 5,000 Yds. Bleached Shirtinrs, Sheetings and Drills, 6,000 " Dark Fall and Winter Prints, just reccivtd by IIKNRY W. CATLIN. Nov. 18, 1843. 24 SAJLT. I 'LOU It AM) PLASTER. 25 TONS Fieh Ground Plaster, 100 Bbls. suucrfine Flour. 1 100 Bushels coarse Salt, 130 Bags Fine Dairy do. iust received by Nov. 18, 1813. 21 II. W. CATLIN. NEW GOODS. LOVKLY AND SKYMOUIt INVITE thp attention of their customers and the public to ihcir stock of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, which is one of the most eriensive in the .Siale, and wnicn incy oner lor sue nl prices wen suited to tlio ; interest ol purchasers ! Goods mlaplfd io the present and coming season may be found in great abundance at disestablishment Nov. 10, 164.1. 21 . iOVeml)Or l;. ICVi.. I TrKSSHS. BRINSMAID ct BROTHERS have ine pleasure nf informing their friends and cus tomers and Iho public generally Ihat they are now opening a new nnd splendid assortment of enods in tho WATCH, CLOCK AND JEWELRY line of business, to which department they intend to give their more immediate attention. We are constantly making in our own shop at Bur lington the best silver spoons.tgold heeds, rings, f.c., and receiving from abroad jewelry, watches, clocks and other goods in our line from the best makers. As tho holydays nre approaching we shall be open ing new nnd beautiful goods suitable for presents, for persons of all nges. in rich varielies, nnd nt such pri ces as cannot fail (we hope) to suit the most fastidious. We cannot at present attend to all our customers, nd to all the work thnt is presented, just a we wish to, but we are making such arrangements as will en able us to do it as satisfactory as possible. We will not enumerate our goods, but simply say that the assortment is as complete, if not more so, ihau any we have lind ihe pleasure of opening. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS, (Successors IoPangdorx & Bbinsmaid,) 2i Watch Makers and Jewelers. Dan Day's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 mHE Hon. Ihe District of Chittenden. L Probate Court within and for Ihe District nf Chittenden; To the creditors and'olhers concerned in Ihe estate of DAN DAY, late ol Burlington, in said Di-tricl, de-cea-ed. Whereas, Heman Allen Administrator ol thce-tnlc of taid decease!, has ma le applicalion lo this Court, to extend the time limited lor making payment of ihe debts ol said decease. I, and settling sai I e-tate twelve .months from ihe 3 1th day ol January next, and the second Wednesday of December next, being assigned for hearing in Ihe premises-, nt Ihe Office of ihe Regis ter of ihi Court, and it having been ordered ihat no tice thereof bo given, by publishing this decree threo weeks successively in Ihe Burlington 1-reePre.s, a news paper printed at Uurliagton, bel'cre Ihe time fix ed for bearing. Therefore, you are hereby, nolified, lo appear 1 o fore sai 1 Courl, at the lime and place aforesaid, fhen and there, to make obtection if any you have, loliiO said lime of payment teing furlher extended as afore Fa id. Given under my hand al Burlington this 15lhdayof November, A. D. 1813. 21wS Win. WESTON, Register. ' William P. IMilllp's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, r1HE Hon. tho District ol Chittenden, f Probate Court for the District of Chittenden t To all persons con cernelin tlu ostato of Win. P. Phillips lale of Bur lington in slid Dislricl, deceased, Greeting. ' wtimii. Caksius P. Peck. Admini-lralor if the es tate of said deceacJ, toreni'cr an account of his administration, ,an'i prc-eni nis account agamsi ..i.i C,r ..Tnminalion and allowance at a teg-ion of 'lie Court ofProtale, tobe holden at ihe Regisler's jifiire in sai.l Biirhnglon on the eeond Wclnesday of December next, . ... , , Therefore, You are hereby notified lo appear 1 efore said court nt tho linio aim pin- c aiiuc mo, .. eans'e, II any von have, why the account nforcsaidi should not I e allowed. ... , ' O ven under mv band at Burlinglon ihis 15 h day fN0m-crA..lVl8.rn w;jT0V J LOOK AT TiriS. Kl BUSHELS of the first quality ol QUINCES at 81,50 per bushel, for salo by 21 GEO. IT.TERSON. JUT MUTTONS', jet, nnd white bugles, slccl, gilt, nnd jet becdn, l)cnuliful silk purses, steel trimmed, anu lots new goous. ii iihinsmaio ) ijrutiirr.' ALnrge salo I assortment of 8-4 Cottcn Carpeting for A Largo variety of Furs, and Cloth Caps for salo J.X. By -Zi UULli 00 HUllllNSUiN PROSPECTUS FOR THE CONGRESSIONAL GLOHti AND APPENDIX. TMIESn woiks have such a wide circulation, and JL have been mi imircrnllr npprnved and soughy inter ny ino puuiio, uiui we .teem it necessary only in thi pro-poctti to sav that they wi'l be continued at the next (c-Mi.ti of Congress; nnd lo stale, sue cmelly, their contents, the form in which they will bo priuieii, ami mo jiricosiorlnem. The Oongrcioual dole is inailo mi of Iho dailv proceedings nl' the two Hoti-co of Congre-. The specehc ortliu member ntn condensed to bring Ibetn Into a readable length. All the renlulions offered, or motion, made, tire (riven in the mot or' own words, and the tea nnd nays on all the important questions. It imprinted wilh small type hrevicrnndnnnpnreil on n nl sheet, in quarlo form i e.icii Hum her containing 1(1 royal quarto pare. It i primed n fal n tlio business done in Congre-s fiirnihe matter enough for n iiuinl er. The fir-t four wee'. of n to-sion usually luriu-li matter enough lor one num ber a tuck ; and Ihe balance of the session enough for two or three minders a week. The npproacltiug jc-sioii ol Congress will 1 e a long one, and will fur Mali matter enough, wo suppese, for tilly or sixty nuinuer.'. The nppendix j made up of the President's annual'fo, the report of ihe principal officers of Ihe Government that accompany it, and all the Ions; speet he of members of Congress, written out or re-vi-ed by them. el ve-. It M printed in Iho some form as the Consro-Monal OloLe, npd usually makes al out tliosanic miiiilerofpape. There are not so many iiuml cr pullilied, ihe llr.-t wciksif a sc-sion, n llierearu iiuinl ers of the Congit-sioeal Globe, I e cause the members nre slow in wntiiuj out their tpcccliC'i but, towards the eloe ol a se"ion, the minders are published morelreqcently than thu Con gressional Globe. Each of the.-o works i complete in icelf; f.ut it is neiwary lor every subscriler who desire a lull knowledge of tho proceedings of Congress, to fi.tve both i because, then, if there should lo any ambigui ty in the synopsis otthe speech, or any denial of its correctness, a published in the Congressional Glole, the reader may turn to the Appendix to sec the speech nt length, coriecled by the mend er bim-clf. Now, there is no source I ut iho Congressional Globe and Appendix, from which a person can obtain a t ill history of the prodcedimrs of Congress. Gales it Beaton's Regi-ter of Debate, which contained n hi tory, wa suspended in the -ear 1837, and ha not since leen rc led. It cost about In e limes a much fur a session nslhc Congressional Glole-.ind Appen dix, and did not contain no equal amount of matter, a great portion ofthe current proceeding being omited. Complete indexes to loth the Congressional Globe and thelppeiidix arc printed at tbecloseof each ses sion, and sent to all subscribers for them. The reports ofthe Congressional Globe and Appen dix are not in the least degree nliected bv the party bias oflhe Editors. They nre given precis'clv a writ ten out by the Reporters-and the Members IlicmseUe and are subject to the rcvi-ion and correction ol the Both of Congress take the Congressional Glolcnnd Appendix for their committee rooms, and for the libraries of Congress. So confident nre we that all who subscribe for these works wili le plea-ed wilh them, that we bcrebv pledge ourselves lo take them back and iclund the money io all who may le disatislied, The approach of Comrrcg-. which will discis9 for the American people all ihe most important question ever emerlauicd bv Ihe national eouneil. nml nrw and extraordinary mea-aies'ilfver 1 efore fullv venlur- CJ upon, has induced Ihe publishers ol the Glole to make greater and heller piep.iratinn than heretofore ixrrepuriiiiiraun puoiisiung the speeches ami pro cce lings of Ihe next seion. A stronger corps of reporter-, new type, and liner paper, will he provided, to present, in iho best manner, lliedel ales ami doing, of tlierepiosrntiiion oflhe Union, which assemble un der exciting circumstance, ery widely di lering from theslateol thing encountered by auv pievious Con gress, 'i ho executive power iat war with both the gicat parne that compo-e the Conare j un,l . of ihe-o will hale the ascendency in the Senate, while uie oilier notes Hie power in the recently pop ular branch. In this attitude Congrc-'will meet, lo deal with ino-t tntciesting topu. which have everm vokedit wi-dom. It will find the whole rt venue of Ihe country in ihe hands of irreponsil le fincliona-ne-, in whom no party confides. It will find an op pros.iveuriil'robbing the great nia-s iit'tlu people and the Government. It will find a monstrous moneyed and ing interest struggling to build up nnoth er independent taxing power in an incorporated es tablilinient giving, a a ve-ied right, toccrtain class, e, authority to counterfeit for the nation a iirrency forbiddin by the l.'onstitution. It will find political agitators in Cor.grcs to work for presidential n-pi-rants, urging ihedi.iribiition of the national domain, and the nssiimption of'Staie debt--, asa means c f en listing in their political dc-igns all the who look to distribution as perpetuating an excessive tar iff, to assumption a. appreciating iheir stocks and creating a n.-tionaldebt opening a new field of spec ulation, of which i national bank is considered iic-es-mry, as Ihe grand stimulator. Wnh all lhe-e va-t is. sue will lo involved ihe question of the next Pre-i-nency, on which it i, suppo-cl evcrv rc-ult will de pend, In such a crisis, ii J. proper that the people of eve ry district in the Union should le well informed of Ihe course pursued I y ii particular representative, an I ol the I earing of all the discus-ion in Congress, and of all ii proceedings. "Hie important topic opened up in Congres.-, will, we have no doubt, gicat- , ly protract Ihe sc-sion, and con-equent'v increa-u the volume of our report-. The Coiu're-sional Globe of ineui-i long-us'iou inaue iiji oi mo proeeiuings, in cluding the vote- and .1 synopsis oft ho i lis j is.jon) e tendel to nhnosaihousmd q'lano page-, small print The Appendix of speeches, rcvi-el or written out by the speakers, coiisis'el aiso of about one ihou-and quarlo pages. Thee volumes were furnished for SI each. The samo amount of matter reported an I prin ted nt the usual prices, coidd nor lenilirded for les than SI0 per volume. 'I he matter I cing prepare I for oir newstianer, we werccmblelm transfer it and eon Vcrt it into ihe book form, ami sell Hut Ihe reduced Mibs, riitioii price. Bui ihe volume oflhe reports, in- ,.r,.a.ed by iho long seion t fCougrcs, made the cost of the paper alone nearly eual the price at which iho volume wasold. The publishers made nothing on "lclr Anticipating that Ihe npproaclun next Pre. idency, wo have rc-olvcd lo nJhcro to the old price of SI for iho Congressional Glole, nnd St for the Appendix of .pcethe,toall siihsrn! ers. up to Ihe 1st of Jnnuary next. After ihat day, llie priVc will I c 82 for each. A some person who may receive this pro-pectu may wi-h lo sub-cril efor our regular papers, we will here state that we publish a Daily paper at S10j a .SVmi-weekly paper al $5 ; and a Weekly paper, wilh a complete index lo it, nt 83 a tear, payable in ad vnnce. TERMS. For Ihe Congressional Glole, 81 per copy. ' or Ihe AppendiVjSl per copy. .Six copies of either ofthe above works will I c sent for 85 i twelve copies for 810 j and to on in proper lion for a greater number. Payments may I eiran-init'ed Lv mail, pottage ;aicf at c ur risk. By n rule of ihe PoiOniccIepnilment, Postmaster nre permitted to frank letters written by themselves, containing money fer subscriptions. I be notes ofnny bank, currenl where a subscril cr resides, will le received "oy u nt par. l.To,',.'",re '1,e n"m! 'rs' I'"' subscriptions should J!" """inglon by the 10th of Deccml er next, nt 5-5r-Yo attention vill bo paid to any order unless me money accompanies it. ... BLAIR &. RIVES. Jif j"JNtosj 13. NOTICE. flAMF.into llie enclosure of the Taylor farm, so nn0,1!..1,' IS 9.'!!,chc,ler- n! "at Ihe 15lh of July last, a URINDLF. YEARLING HEIFER. The owner is requested to call, prove property, pay charges and lake lier away. Apply to G. II. MOORE, Colchester, Nov. 15,1813. 24 w4J Burlington. THE WAY TO HUY CHEAP. There Is now at Ilownril'B WINTER GOODS, Such as will suit every class of purchasers for Cash ; SAY Goods for Cloaks, Drc-tc, Shawls, .Muff., Boa, Bonnets, Fringes, Gimps, Trimmings, La ce, Muslins. Ribbons, Gloves, llo-ery, .Shoes, wilh every nnd nl descrinlions. of small nnii le. nrr.l... ry. Glass, Lookinc Ol.1s. nnd House Kepointr lliml ware. Also Cloihs, Can clings, Paper Hangings. l)..Cnln I-..IAA . .1 rs -I.. r- . 1 ...... n t . ' ,., , ruiiiuv vins-r-nes, Willi Ull lYC. Ae.. at the .Vlore Wlifn, nntw i. n.n.1 n I... and sales nro made in like manner by thu Peoples ageni, oi course enenp, at UOWARDSj. Nov. 10, '43. 23 flltOCEIHES. A full assoriment of Groceries comprising almost every nrliclom the lino (Liquors excepted) all of which Mm uu out,, ud i,,suj us iiiu , nrnpest ny Nov. .0.8,3. "E.NIIVW.0ATLIN. CONE LANTERNS. AN nssorlmenl, some extra size, n very heavy and -TV superior nriicle for sale nl the Crockery i-lore by N"V. 3. JOSEPH 'WAIT siou will not 1"! snorter limn tlio long oneoi incsiu uiereu, stripe I and Fn.-iire.ISdk and Colore I tloae Congress, wo had determined to rai-e the price oflhe en L'isire-, Orleans Cloth and Prime I .Saxony Congressional Globe and Appendix to 32 each ; nnd, Rich Plain Figure I and Striped Li"ht and dark Siilis to justify Ihi enhance I price, incurred new expci a-s nnd (dially-, high colored Velvet; lint, Can and Ne,d; to add lo tho value ofthe work. But, 1 emg inipres-I Ribbeu-, Ao.l Light and Dork Fiench Kid Glove, el with tho importance of spreadinif information . Blailc nnd Colored Giinn.nnd Fnne Grnl's Slock' among the people, on the eve ofnn election Irauglil and Cratals, Ladies Rich Velvets' Plush and Chine wilh iicb eon. eoiience lo theeoiintrv ns l int of Ihe 0111 (ravau.Swiss r,n,l r,i,B:i. tv , ...i i ... PRINT WASfiTSHOUSE IN NEW YORK. BE. LEE, (formerly of the firm ol Lord & Lees, . Leo .( llabcoek, ttc,) and V. II. BHEWSTEK, under tho lirm of I.EE & BltEWSTEIi, have estab lished at 113 I'EAnL STntr.T, Hanover Square, New York, a Warehouse on nn ex tcnsivo scale, t.XCtUSIVEtV TOR PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trade by the piece or package. By confining their attcmion entirely and exclusive ly lo this one article, L. f- B, lire enal led not onlv lo exhibit n more extensile and beautiful assortment than N lo to found elsewhere, (there being tin simihr establishment for prints in Iho United Slate.) but to sell nlunys at prices as low, nnd generally lower than those ol house whose attention and means arc divided among n largo variety of articles. The Slock, embracing Some Thousaniit of Differ ent Patterns and Colorinv. including a splendid as sortment of French Print, comprise nil Ihe latest and choicest lyle, to which will ho constantly added nil the new nud deirable pnttern a they opnear in Iho market, I eside many which will lie printed exclu sively for their own sale. Purchasers of tin's ankle will find it lo their interest to examine this Slock before luying Ihcir Prim. If Ihcvcannot purchase, Ihcy will at least have the ad vantage of seeing n'l lire new style, nnd learning the lowest market price. ' Jfl'ntnlogiie of prices corrected with every vari ation ofthe market, are put into the hnnds ol buyer;. OH DI RS. As L. it 11. will keep tin great assortment at all seasons of iho year, they w ill of course I e able lo ex ecute orders cu'n in the depth of winter, (when other establishment have no slock of good,) in the be-l manner, nnd they solicit tho attention of dealer to this verv unusual advantage, which their establish mont rfl'cr. Tr.nMs. All good nre charged nt net cash prices, a per Catalogue wdncli will be sent with all good or dered ; and if tune is given, interest is added. 5yl NEW GOODS, XT' A N I) XS CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. THE subscribers have pist received their Fall and Winter supply of Staple Dry Goods and Ihe Ilcst Family Grocerlcs--3inong which may Le found Colored Cambric, Common nnd Rich Prints, Mouee hne doLains, Plan Figured and Printed Alpaccas, Gingham. P.irision. and Printed Merinos. Berag", White, Cambric, figured plaid & corded.), Linen Hdkf., Laco Quilling, Grecian do, In serting and Lace Ldging. Fancy (.'.ravat, Alpacea do., Italian do., Mufflers, Pocket Hdkf, Comforters, and Vet Patterns. Night Cnp, Slate colored Cotton llo-e. Black Worsted do., Lambs Wool do.. Cashmere do., and Scarlet Socks. Super. Buck Gloves and i'Jilten. Gentlemen's and Ladies' Kid Glove, Gent's Hili Cl'cmi and Woolen Glove, Ladie' Cash and Black 1C.I do. Webb Brace, Super Rubber do., Bitfek Silk Cord, Mohair Cord, and Oxford Mitts, Silk and JJoHau- Coat Binding. Needles, Solid Head Pin, Pearl nnd Bone .hir.' Button. Suoerior Gdt Coaldo. Horn and Laatinz do. Hooks and Eyes, Silk and Twist, Spool and Skein Thread, Knitting Cotton, Umbrellas, and Horse Blankets. Nett Shawls, Plaid and Rich Wool do., iVIcuclied and Brown Sheetings and Shirtings, Bleached and Brown Drill, Bed Tick, Plain Cotton Flannel, Ron Roy, Linseys, Canvass and PauVing, Wigging, and Quality. Plain nnd Gauze Ribbons, Diaper, Cotton Yarn, Wicking, Wadding and Batting. Chemi Bag-, Fringe Gingham Hdkfs, Black Tabby elct, Brown Lmen, die. ite. FAMILY GROCERIES. Hyson, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and Gun Pow der Teas. St. Croix, Havana and Loaf Sugar, .lava, nnd Si, Domingo Codec. Pure Ground do " " Cassia, " " Spice, " " Pepper, " " Ginger, Premium Starch, .Nutmegs, Indigo, Gum Camphor, Bar and Shaving Soap. LorillardV Black and Scotch Snn(i; Rappee do. Candles, liiei. fin. I',.,- uil. i 'repared Cocoa. t.ol t-i-h, .Mackerel and Salmon, Cavendish and Paper Toracco. rnciT Box and heg Raisins, Curants, Citron, Lemon, Peeain Nut'. Brazil do.. Phdberis. Walnuts. Chesiiius, if-c. Also, Day and Martin's Liquid Blacking. Paste do., Pepper Sauce, Powder uud Shot. Percussion Cons. Ivtmes and Forks. Pueket Knives. Slno.. .nr. and Combs. The above we offer for ca-h or ready pav a low as can le bought in Iturlinglon. Thankful for the pairmasu received we solicit a continuance of ihe same, hoping to retain by strict allention to business and integrity ill our dealings wilh our patron. S. N. GAUT & Co. Burlington, Nov 7, 1843. Steam JJout JMcctins. T'ho Commissioners under ihn CI,!Mr.r fWim thn ,i fs's'?.tur.e of Vermont, for the organization of . l, , ' OM. an" L namplain Sleam Boat Compa nj, hereby give notice that a meeting will be hoi den, according to the provisions of said Charter, at the fun of Mr. Stmens. m IVmmn.. v nn ,i.a Wednesday (ihe Clh) of December, 1813, at 10 o'clock .. .11., for the purpo-e of choosing Nine Direc'ors of s. uu) , uiiucr uic lyiiarier ntiovc mentioned, and lo transact any other business that may become LAWRENCE MYERS, JOHN C. HAMMOND, GIDEON LATHROP, j, , , , , . for ihe Commiiviontrf. uieu m i-iausourgii, .ovcnibcr3d 18-13. 23w4 RICH AND SPLENDID GOODS FOR THE WINTER. T-T w, RATLIN has inst returned from New XX. orl; and Phila lelplua wilh a very large as sortmcit of I ANCY GOODS, among which mat he luiml .high colore I Velvet. Chii-nns nnd Tcasans s! m ,i , i' ',a"lu'' "res.-e.,) Plain Printed nnd!. tt'rt- ...1 I l.".!,., s...u,. ,'uiiiui iiiserilll 1 . S. rhe nbove Goods and many more not enu merated, have I ecu -elected wilh great care and nl muili lower oricos than usual, nnd will bo soil ,u n very -mall udvnnct! fi r ca-U or approved credit N"Vom'er 10, IS 13. 23 ISAACWARNEH TTAS just received, from New York, a LARGE J L ASSORTMENT OF GOODSin his line, ainong which nre a variety pf pure Wines, Cognac Brandy, V.;.-,01 !.""' I,oland Gin, Jamaica Rum, Scotch Whiskey, Cherry Brandy, Baltimore Gin and a plen- ly of other cheap liquors of various qualities and pri ces. 1 Molases, loaf, lump and brown sugar, Teas, Coffee, t.hocolate, Penner. A sn re. G 'r.i...' Cinnamon, Snleralus, Bar and 'Fancy Soap, ami ";" ":- -..iv.j-c in iiiu wruttry une. His Liauors and whips wpm sniA wuu nj nflrr lon experience nnd from the largest and 'test dea ersm the lino in New York, and are warranted s.. jiuiLat uuu UCO, ipiUIIUCS. Ho has Sheclincs. Sbirtinn. .,.i;..r,a n..K-:AH Trimmings for clothes, and many other articles but no Fancy Goods. All or which he will sell for the lowest prices. Tavern Keepers and others arc invited lo call and examine. 23 Burlington, (Church St.) Nov. M3. RE VOL VJNG CASTORS. TUST received a full assoriment of hnndsomc Brit ti lama Castors, four, five, and sixbottles, and for salo cheap at the Crockery Store by oy- 3- JOSEPH WAIT. GLASS WARE. A l!rgo assortment just receited.compriting almost -TV. every. article 111 be line, such as Tumblers nf dif ferent q ialitics plain nnd moulded, Lamps 12 different styles some quilo new, Candlesticks, Pitchers, Pre servo Dishes round and octagon, Jellies plain and moulded, Lemonades do. Wine Glasses do. Dtcan lers, water Bottles., C.obb'ets very rich, Hyncinlli ' sviuu ,, uu very cneap at 1110 Crock- 3. JOSF.I'II Wait CHINA TEA WARE. TTERY handsome style, nlain wbio. .In u,:,l, ..... edfiguie. Gold fnu-i, Gold band and spriggei, Gold edge and line, Willi tea platcsio rraleh, for sale very cheap nt iho Crockery store of frv- 3- JOSEPH WAIT, Nffrir.i.' QTRAYEI) orKtlen from ihesuh-rribfr, nlout (he J flrSt Of Jll V asl. Olinnnirn, ..I '...LI. . . ,, - ,-i s.. ,c , in,,, ,viliiu ItVO ycaro d mrrs looking :tery nearly nhke. and one rel nnd white heiifer of iho same age, mostly while Whocm will give any information or .in B1niesbaTl , be hall l-omely rtwarde.1. t'VHI'S FARlt l Col. heater, Oct. 30, Ji ,., X. , , V. " !lei. toiorcii, ii.'nei; ami IPue lilac!;. II AG! A II & ARTI1UH, A HI. now receiving new supplici of SADLER Y, COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE, in all its vail'ies. Also, DRUGS' &MEDC1INES, PAINTS, DILS, VAR NISHES, 4c. &c. Hurlheton, Vt. ) Nov, lb, 1B43. j Executor's Male of Kent Uttate. WILL le sold nt Public Auction, on the se,'ond Monday of Deccml or next, nl the dwelling houc! of widow Mary Alexander, on the premises, all the Heal Etnte of which SAMUEL C. ALEXAN DER, late of Willislon, died su'zcd nnd possessed, consisting of twelve acres of Ltnd with a good new convenient Dwelling Houo a,lu Horse Barn, well finished wilh an excellent cellar, well oflirstrate wa ter and n bcautihd brook Ihat .lever dries or freeze, and is encumbered with n norlgnge for Ihe payment of a note to Simeon Wnkefeld, dated December 21st, 18)1, for S349 with interest, on which a decree was ol tamed at the Octol er session of Chittenden County Court redeemable in one year j Also, fifty acres of mot excellent Land for meadow, pasturing or plough ing, which is now occupied partly for each, the said brook cro-ses the said fifty acres and on which is a 30 by 40 foot Bam nnd nil excellent Orchasl of fruit, Ihi said 50 acre i nlo encntn! ered wilh wo mort gages to the said Simeon Wakefield, onetlated De ccml er 25l Ii. 183!l, for tliu sceiiritvof the payment of a rioicto Austin Isliam lor 8!,oi same umc oi mort gage with interest, one for the security of lie pav-men1 of a nole to Enoch Notlo for 8320, dalel May 5th, I biz, with interest, on winch two mortgages n uecree was obtained u.nlovent ihe October session of Chit- ten 'en County Court 1813, redeemable inoneyear j Also, 253 acres nf Timbered Land, whie.1 i mortga gil lo Alel Owen, ir. lor 8150, dated J,ly 23d, 1843, wilh interest, wlii h i now di e and payable. The right of redemption oflhe above premise. will be sold in one entire tract or in parcels a above as may suit piircba-er at Ihe time of sale. The said I. and will lesold subject t the legal right of the widow Mary Alexander to dowr therein. juii. aimsiukui...-, I'XeeulOTOI 23 w3 S. C. VLixANDsn. VJ-LATE ARRIVAL. THE Subscribers are now opcninglheir Fall and Winter Stock of GOODS. Woolen Cloth from four shillings t 810 per yard consisting cf English, French, Belgiun and Amen, can Broad Cloth ; Beaver and Pilot Cloth, Plain and Fancy Cassi-merc.--, andSatinetl; Silk Velvet, plain and figured Satin, Valentia and Bud Cassimere for Vctingsj An extensive assortment of Tailor's Trimmings ; A few desirable patterns of rich Velvet, Chamelion Brocade and Chusnn for Ladle's Dresse, Velvet and ilk Craials, Ribbon, Dress Hdkfs, Siawls, Fringes and Gimp Trimmings ; Gentlemen's Fancy Scarf. 1 ie aid Stocks, and Gents. Patent Rubier Over Shoes, a new article. ALSO A Fresh supply of Groceries of all kinds, all of which wit'.' ni.'merous other articles we ofier to our friends and tlis" puNic at the lowest market prices. KERN cf. SPEAR. Church st., Nov. 1,1643. 23-.1 l'Icrcc Slai:dlsh's Estltc. STA 77? OF VERtiOST, 'PHE Hon. the Distiict of Chittenden, st. -- Probate court c.,1,.. ni.irie, ,r nt.iii..,,,!..., m.-'I nelsons concern ed in the estate of PIERCE STAlV.riSlI ,a,c f HuntinglOR. in saidch-trict, dei-eased, lJEE'"!- WiicnEAS KiissO'I Brownson ndministratoi' 01 sal" deceasl, propo-c to render nn account uf hi adii.V"" isiration, and pte-ent 's a.-count against said estate for examination and alloivanc? at a session of the Court of Prol ate, to I e holden at the Register's: olllce in Burlinton, insniddistricton the second Wednesday of December next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before said court al the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause if any you hae, why Ihe account aforesaid should not I e nllowod. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 7tb day of November, A. D. 1813. ii wj Win. WESTON, RegUter. SI'ATE OF VERMONT, rpiIEHon. the Probate Di-iriet ofChmenden, ss. j X Court within and for , . "l,ll,1,,uli s. me s-reuuors anu oiners concerned in the estate of PIERCE STA.NDISH late -.V-itt'n ' uiiriciueeeasetl. W HEREAS, the administrator ol said deceased, halh made applicalion lo ihi Courl, lo extend the time limned for making payment oflhe debt, nl m,',l ,!.. eea-ed, twelve months, from this date, and the 2d day " i, , cii, aiv-u iura nearing in me premise., at the Office of the Register of this Court, and it having been orderivl that notice thereof le giv en, by publishing thi decree three weeks successive ly n the Burlington Free Press, a newspiper printed at Burlington, before the time fixed for hearing. Therefore, youare hereby notified, lo appear before said Court, nl ihe lime and place alore-tid, then and there, to make objection ifnnvyou have, to the said lime ol" payment I ei'ng further extended as aforesaid. Given under my hand at Burlington this 7ih day of

.Noyemler.A. I. 1813. ' 23 WJI. WESTON, Register. PARIS WHITE DINNER SETS. Avery splendid article of Imperial Granite Cuka DlNNEn Wark, ii 'II n-sortmcil with Tea nri tit llmli'li. nit pnfirr, nnw . nnj ....... l.nn., some indeed, for sale cheap at Ihe Crockery store by Nov. 3. InsPPU H'iit DINING SETS. BLUE, sprigged mi l Pink Dining sets new patterns wilh tea wa rto match a full assortment, and for sale very cheap a, .no Crockery store ky Nov. JOSEPH WAIT. NOTICE TO DEBTORS. A LL person indebieil to S. 11. SCOT I' nre here XI. by nolified to make immediate payment of their ui'i'uuuis iinu notes io uie sutifcrii er anu savelhcui- I cite co-t. Nov. 3. JOSEPH WAIT, sig,ite. . O OK ING GLA SSL S. TUST ree'd a first rale assoriment, tvhii'h will be .J sold very low. HAGI-.R ii ARTHUR. Burlington, Nov. 2, 1813. LSTRA Y. lTROKEinto Ihe enclos ire of ihe subscriber on the LJ 2.1 1 of Octol er, two ihree year old steers, lear inc Ihe following natural marks, namele: one ol smd sieer dark iel tvilh a star in the forliead ; thn oilier dart; re.1 Willi line nacK. I he owner I reipie. leil lo prove properly pay charges and taie themaway JOHN i. PLACE. ' Hine-lnrgh, Oct. 31, 1813. 22w3 WINTER GOODS, Cheap for C ath. 3-1 l-t 5-4 and 0-1 plain and Twilled white Fl.inncll 3 -1 and 4-1 plain Plaid and Ttvillod Co-'ortil do 10-4 12-4 nnd 13-1 heavy white illankit, 3-1 nnd 6-1 " Over Coat '..loth. received and for talc cheap by II. W. CATLIN. ALSO. A very Inrgu assortment ol" Buek Skin Mitiins and iiovef,, rur, rur frimmnj al Clolh Cape, l ur Boas, llullnlo Roles &C. IOOO "i3 Pu,c' wnel im'medisiely in ex chaneo for Goods, by ItltrllnrYtftn Oa, 10 rOO,r1 WM iunj urn, iiuiu.isu r. David Read's Estate. OF VERMONT. ) THE' II ,1, STA TE lltr el of Chillcuden, ss, (bribe District of Chiiiendcn, loall persons concerned in .be estate of DAVID READ, .,e ,f Burlmglon '"w irnpW ir: , GAT...r.. ' llb.RE.Us Eleazar Stuart, administrator of the ...tate of said dei ease.1, proposes to render an account of hi administration, and present his account again! sanl estate fur examination and allowame at a session Ii 'tiwi' ' iProl'?V;1 10 '1 holden ' Burlington on the 21 Wednesday of Decemlwr next. Therefore, you are hereby nctifled. loappear before sain Court, at the time and plae. alors-aid. and shew T,"u' J'n" h!ve, whylhe accounl afi.resa.d should no! be allowed. . rrobiie court uiveiiunuermy nandaillurltngion this )! day of 'lw3 CH'S. RU3SELL, Judg,. Annuals foe 1844, For Sale by v, HARRINGTON. NOTICE. T rrnffee'11')' ,,,h.?i!,-h"e " Y " ,bTr;K,?llr,R ""J KNRY.PRIF.R, thefr time .'" "f minority, and shall claim raidn J W " W any deh" 'heir con tracting rrom this dale. ALVA PRIFR Jericho, Oclobir 14, 1813. .203 Crockery Store by . an., .... ' JOSEPH WAIT WIV IUII1 IS. 23 m a , and WOOL PELTs wnn 11. W. CATLIN. Oct. 29, '13. 20 IOO CIIOIM'I Vfl Tnivs, 1 IKi-jhtt ho are preparing lo make minced pies, . "",u,i:,"V Vr' n,r ln,"rlnl ihat thy mn .fleet a aw.lTry from nn a.,orimoiit of all .lie. al our ' "" " "sivmaiD A- niiTHtu A LOOKING GLASSES. I TT t vi.NG tcceited a large n-sortmenl cf Fa'l and Good aBsortmcnt of LOOKING GLASSES Li Winter Goisl,-aiiiong which nre n great va .,! ?H?nlH l"ca"i handsome, for sale whole- Uietv of rich good fr Lvljes' winter dre-ses nnd Sale and Rein 1 lit llllrnmnmn U . , .-,, .. -n.l I , ,. Lain,-, hln i eo I. TIIE subscril ers liavinp; formed ft copartnership in biisiue, unJer Ihe firm of THAYER. STUART & CO.. would respectfully mw to the eltiscns of Burlington and vicniliy, that if they will call at ihcir """b'u" CHAIR SHOP ON CHURCH St., two door south of the County Home, they ean find uie i tssoriincni oi v,uairs cccroycrca in mis market, nn.l ibev nre detennhicd TO SELL AS low as the Lowes f. All kinds of Chair. Settees. Seltce-erndln.. nnd Stools made to order. Old Chairs reiiaireil nnd painted nt short notice. Country Produce of nil kinds taken in exchange lor chair. I'lMill-.K III A Yl'.lf, CHARLES It. SIUART, JOHN G. DAGGETT. Burlington, Nov. 1, 1813. W ANTED. lO.OOO Feet llasswood rbn.l; exchan for 221 Chairs TO PHYSICIANS. ?f ew Chemicals nnd Sundry Articles : The Acid, chemical. ItvdriodateJ Liquor of Ar-euie nnd Mercury. Leeche, Healthy Sjiahis.i and Swecdtsh, l.iipiilili, Magne-ian Fluid, Nnphthu Wooil, Nitrate of Sdver.chemical Oil of Tol acco, PicJrin, &e. &c. &e. Ammonlncal I'rcparnlions, Bromine. Cyanurct of Potassium, Chlorate of Poias.-n, blalerium, Ergot Fresh, Puly. Ethereal Preparations, b.xlract ol Uiuiun, Extract of Rhatany, HairMitiensor Klcctrifiers 22 Al PECK & SPEAR'S. Now Gentlemen is the time to buy your Wnter-proof Ulack ing ! ALSO, PASTE AND VARNISH BLACKINGS j BLACK, BLUE, RED AND INDELIBLE INKS, WAFERS, WAXES &: &c. 22 PECK & SPEAR. STBVr GOODS. JIISS C. HANNEY, CrOl'LI) respectfully inform llie Ladies cf Burlington, ihat . I,.. "i in! rciurne.i irom .ew ;!" .' (. ,-hoi,,. mwl lull ...... ion,-, w, '.,"" . ,.. . -. ,'' ly of GOl.. ,'T" . r , inc. Among , 'diich may be found a choice article oi Silk ui-vcts, C;i meleon Corded do do Satin five! Colore.! .Satin, Coulisse Satin, Blue Black Salm, Green Watered Coulisse Silk, Chine Caniclcon Silk, A good tnriety of Cap and olhef Ribbons', Di uble Striped Satin Ribbon, Superior Omler Satin do Chine, fie ureil and OmberCameleoii io Dit'erent style of Lace for Caps, Border ingand Piece Lace, Rusia, for Border-, Gimps, Glove. Mil, Bag, .to. &c. New pallern for Drcse nnd Cloaks which will be made to order. Bonnets an. I l ap ready made. Burlington, Oct. 20, 1813. 2 A COPY OF THE DEMOCRATIC REVIEW from July lasl, for sale bv 27lh Oct. V. HARRINGTON. TO THE CONCERNED OR THE UN CONCERNED. Th you wan! In furnish yo'ir ebildieu wilh Book, a raper, tiiiiis,ini:,oi:iies, ,.e. tor me winier von can do so al V. HARRINGTON'S and Paper Rag or cah. hools pay in Burlington, Oct. 2G, 1813, 21w3 THE WIKE )!' I, EON and ol In r peeing I y two sisters i flbe ttc-t, for sn'e 1 y Oct. 27. 21 V. HARRINGTON. -noiiitow'Siiiinu: & gipsii Stain J J for sale by V. HARRINGTON. For an interesting account cf iho author, ihe reader is refcrcd to an article on the first page. llcla CliitlciuleiiN I'.st.ife. STATE OF vr:i,'.-roNT,iT IIERE.VS al a Proba'e t'o trt Disirict ol t'hiiicu 'en, . S t held . u Burlington, in siid Di-lnet, on the IS Ii day ofO.'loler, 1813,Ti'in by Peer nnd Eliza f. Pout-, wile o' aid Tiui iihy, file! 111 -aid courl their appli cation in writing, s'utiiig ihat llie .aid Fba i- one ol the Iict to the Es'a'e of Bell i Cl.ittendcn, la'.e of Slielburii, 111 sn d di inc. ''erea .-1 in'esiate, sail Timothy and I'.bza, in r'ghl of aid Eliz 1, to'-etlu r with rahei-, bolil said Eln'e,ioiu!ly, nud nre ilcsirou of liokbn ihe same in .everaliy; and praying said eouri lo color a division ol sn'd Estate among Ihe heir nnd per-011 legally entitled thereto, ami that coimiVs-iouer 1 e anpoin'el for that purpose. Therefore the Conrl aforesaid doth appoint nnd a-sigii th;3d We Ine day in November, ISI 1, at the olfioc 1 f the Register of mu'. Court, 111 Burlington, 111 said district, at 10 1 'clock a. m., lor hearing and de ciding in the premise, and doih hereby order ihat nil persons interested m said ctnlc, or ibeir ujent or attorneys, if living within tb.s state, le 1 to ap pear I efore said courl nl the lime nn I place afoie-ni 1 to make oh.eetions to .aid division if they ,ee caue, by pul licaiinn . I the ub-!nnca of siid application logclbcr with llusordcr, in thelrc" Pre, prin'el al Burlingli'ii, m ,nid district, three wiv'-s siicccs itc'y previous lo the time of hearing. Datiil al Burlington, in the di-trict of Ohltteiidcn a,irc-a,d, lhi IB.h day i fOctolcr, A. D. 1813. Slid CilAUI.KS RI'sS-it.LL, .iioffe. ,7olm II. Calkin's Estate. STATE OK Vr.'.tMONT, rnilE Pre bate Court Di-lrict of Chiitendei:. ss. ( X Tor ihe Dbtrict of Chittenden ! To all per'sod ci ncerncd in (he etatc or JOHN B. CALKIN'S lale pr IJinesburgh, in snid Dislriet.iUfcasedjinte.tale, Gnnr.nso. WitcnEAs, Jcrusha Calkin', nnsl N'ah lilwatd, administrators' ol ihe e-iale of said deceased, propo.e to render an accounl of their adminjsnaijoii, and pre sent iheir account against said estate fiir examination and allowance at a se-sion of the Courl of Probate, to lie holden al Iho Office of ihe Register or said Court in Burlington, on the second Wcdne-day of Novel. rer A. D. 1813. TiiERcronE, You nre hereby notified lo appear be fore said roiiit at tho lime and place afore-nid, and shew cause, if any you have, why ihe account ifore said should no! I e allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington this 13th day of Ocinler, A. D., 1813. 2uwJ CHARLES RUSSELL, surge. ' l.irMllElt YARD. F OR sslo bv lb' subscribes at their yard on Pearl Slreel, COMMON liUAl(l, LATH, , , , FLOOR BOARDS, ready planed. CLAPBOARDS, CLEAR HOARD", Also, 3.000 CEDAR POSTS, while fc red. HIOKOK .f. STEVENS. nmlinslon.SOih September, 1813. 1Gw3 WANTED, tr PUNCHEONS of GOOD CIHER. OU, 1813. 13,v3 C. I.. Nl ly NELSON. o rsnnd rich t also, inourning nnd half innurningiki. il'.o, leaulifnl ciourniog Gingiiann ; a large a-sori. I mcnt if Calicos, superior quality and finish I Alpnc ca. silk warp,n)tlon do. j a great variety of Shattls; inn ciidle." variety of Gh ve nud llo-ieryt India Rubl er Mill", a now article, very superior, not hay ing time lo enumerate for an adterliseinent this week, I fnCiie- Ladies and ficnt'emen to call nnd thogocslstthicii win ic snuwn 'ii"'" ,, CollonYarn. also for thread terv cheap, Catpri tyarp. wiclinif. tatting, waddin?, i Burlini-Mi, 6 01, 18d3. ! A rl L I ... .... . ...... I.,l,l? III .M..S Held Chittenden's Eatntc. STATE UF VERMONT, rpUK Hon. the District of Chillcuden, ss. J 1. Probate Coin for the District of ( Iinkii !en : I'n nil per-ons con cernedin the Estate of BI'LA CHI I TENDEN lale of Shclbiirn, in said District, deceased, OriKl.TlNa., Simeon W. P,iyn, administrator ofthe cslnle ol sntd decinscl, propo-e lo render nn account ol his ndiiiiiiMrntion, nnd pre-eni hi necoiinl nguinst saidestaielor exainiualion nndullownnir at a -e-sion of thu Court ol Probate, to be I olden al Ihe office of the Register i r sa d Court in Burlington in snid District, on tho.ccoii I Wednesday of November, A.J). 1813. f.lFni-iroii!-. voti nre hereby notified to anrenr I e- foru snid court nl lliclime niid place n!'ore-uid,'niid shetv cause, if any you have, why theucco ml afore said r honk! not be allowed. . . O veil nih il." my hand at Burlington, thi Wlhday of October, A. I), iSid. ., . . . s C'Li. -Hi-lsai;. t,i ,, j uige. Eii'iraliii SI tic's lis.'sR'" . STATE OF VERMONT. ) ''IMIE lion. ;''0 1 ro .ate District of Chittenden. ,. ( JL Court for tho i- 'sir"'' of Chittenden ! To nil persons concerned in tliei'" tnio ol l.l'll Mlli.i.r, lato ol jcricno, in saiu District, deceased, Gnr.r.Tiso. Whcrca", Wnrrtn Ford, ndministrator, ofthe Estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of bis a lminisration, and present hi account against said estate for examination and allowance nt n session of thu Court of Probate, to bo holden at the office of Ihe Register of said court in Uurlinglon on tho second Wednesday nf Noveinl er, 1313. Til er Krone, You nre hereby notified to appear be fore aid court al the limo and place aforesaid, nnd shew cause, if any you have, why the account afore said should not bo allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington this llthuay of October, A. D. 1843. 20w3 CHS. RUSSELL Judge. Ullali Peck's Tlxtatc. STATE OF VERMONT,) A T a Probate Di-lrict ol Chittenden, .. J XX Court, held al Burlington wilhm nnd for the Di-iricf, aforesaid on iho lltli day of October, A. D. 1313, an instrument f iirporiitig lo bo tho last will and testament of Elijah 'cel., lato of Charlotte, in said district deceased, was r resented lo tho court here for Probate, by Jonathan lolincs, the Executnr,tlierein named. is ordered by snid Court, that public notice be given lo all persons concerned therein to appear before said court, nt a session thereof to be holden nt the Register's office in said Burlington, on tho second Wednesday of November, A. D. 1813, and contest the probate of said will; and it is further ordcrtd that tin order be published tlirenweckssuc-ce-sively in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in lids State, tlio last pf which publication shall he previous to the day assigned as aforesaid for hearing. Given under my band nt tho Register's office this lllb day of October, A. D. 1843. W.M. WESTON, Register. Oliver Howard's Rstntc. WE the subscribers, hating been appointed by tho Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine nnd adjust tho claims and demands nf nil per sons ngainst the estate or OLIVER HOWARD, late of Milton, in said Distiict, deceased, repre sented insolvent, and also all claims nud demands exhibited in oll'sct thereto) and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purnosc, wo do therefore hereby give notice, that wc will attend to the business of our appoint ment, at the dwelling hou-e of Sylvester Ward in Milliin,in said District, on thn last "Tuesdays of No vember, 1813, nnd Ftbruary, lS41ncxt,at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 'ilsti dat of .September A. D. 1813. 20 1 ELK! 'AH H ERRICK,' Commissioners. NEW l-'.VSIIIONS ANU NEW GOODS. M . ERAS E R , li New York with the .Sr-KY? LATEsT FASHIONS ie for Ilnis, Caps, Cloaks, nnd Dresses. o Also, a splendid assort- ,.s.- "!"'- ms, t 1 o we r s , i.aces, dging", Rouclics, Gloves, Jlitt. cc. &c. Also, a goml assortment ofMufl's and Boa, all of which will no sold on t tic most reasonable terms. Burlington, Oct. 13, 1343. 20ttG BUTTER. A First rate article of llalry Hutter. for sale by J.X. Oct. 19. 20 II. W. CATLIN. Oliver It Us' Estate. STATU OF VERMONT, ) rTMIE Hen. the Dislriciol'Cltilleii len, Ss. ) .L Probate Courl for the Di-trict (d'Ohittenden, to allper-ons concern ed in the Estateol OLIVER BLISS, lale ofEssex, in said Ili-Iricl, decease..1.. , Ghf.eti.vo. w.irn,-,. ti.p n,tiiiln.'trat(.rs of the esta'o ol said decea-e l,pri.p i-es to render k'i account of their a luiin- jM -ation,an 1 present tiieir aicci.'"' as.iii-mu ic f. (.s-aminnlion and nliowance at " session of the r. nrt 0 1'robale, to 1 e holden nt the o,3 e of the Reg ister f.fsui '1 Court 011 the ,tcond We.lneid.iJ' of No- L'nieiVfori'' Yo"'1 nroherebv notifie.1 10 appear before said court at t.'-etii.''- and place aloreaid, and shew ciu-e, if any 50.; bat why the account ufore-ai 1 should not be allotted. . ,. ... , , , Given under my at "arlington this 18th day of A. I). 1S1J. . . ,.c,, , ... CHARLKS U. 'Jor-u. , STATE OK VERMONT, ) rpHL' Hoif. ihe Pro-Di-trict or Chinvnden. I lau- t oo.-' w-iilim and lor Ihe Di-lrk l of Cliiltenden, To lbs. en ""icirs and other enneerne. in Iheesiate of OLIVER JJLIt la'coflvses, 111 suil Disiri -t, jleceased. Whcrca the Adinini-irntor of 'aid deceased, hath made application 10 thi Court, io ex'en I Ihe lime limuel for making pajinent ol the debt of sail de cea.,l, ttvelte moii'li from the 3 I day of November 23 13, and the ,econ 1 Welned.iy of November next, being n-sigiusl fi r a hcniiiisriii iho premises, nt llie O.iicerftheRegi-Hrifllii Court, and H having Icon ordered tint notice thereof I e given, by pi' IMung tin decree three week successively in ihe 1! irlington Free Pie- a newspaper printed at Burlington, le ft. re ihe time tlxe. for hearing. Tlici efore, yen aie hereby notified, toappear befare said Co rl, 111" the time and place aforesaid, then an 1 tlierc,!o inakeo1 jeetion ifauy y u hate, to llie atd lillie nfi.nv lili'iil I emrr furl her t xleili'c 1 11 lllorcs.1 id. Gitcn mii'er mv band al B.nlmg'cn tin- 18 h day ol October A. 1'. Is 13. gu.vj' CHARLF.S RUSSELL, Judge. David Russell's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, T n Proline Court Disirid of Cliiltenden, s. " -TV. holden al Burling. . ) J L ton, within and for Ihe Distne niore-ni I on llie li li day (f Octol er, A, D. 1813, an Instrument puroort ini to le the la-l Will an I To lament of DAVID KL'SSI'.LL, late tf Burlington, in said Distri'-t iVceas od, wa presen edlo ihe Court here for-l'ro!m!e, I y Nnilnii Ii. Iln-well, the Excculor, iheiom mmel. TiiEREroiti:, it i.ordcnilby said Court, tint public noiue le given to nil persons oonctrin-d ih rein lo appear before a d (' r', nl a te-inn thereof lo le holi'en nl llie Re.-i.lcr's O.ll.e in mid llurlimrtnu on ibe ,ecou 1 Wc Incslay of Novemlcr A D. IS 13, and! ihe pro! ate of .aid Will, nud it i f .rther or dered thai llu ipk'r be p iblisbed ihree wee'. s icces site'y in ihe Burliuglon Five Pre-s, n news pi ,er pruipd at Biirbugton, in ihi Sinte, the la-t or which hall I e pivvio is lo ,hc day a-igned, as af .re-ai I lor bchring. tiive'u im Vr my ban' nl the Il"giler'-. Offici, I2ih day of Octol er, A D. 1813. 20w3 W.M. WESTON, Register. WHEAT. FEW busliels of NEW GENESSKE WHEAT of llie growth of 1313, for seed, n first article, for A sale by GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, Aug. 31. .3 s. v. rAit.ttAi.F.i:. Na. 7 .Counsellors Rail. (Peck's nuilding.) 13 HOUSE TO RENT. A pleatant llou-e wilh garden and A other convenience, near llie Aca I- eniy, posse-sion given about I lie rlret cf NovenUcr. Also, nail ol lliejtou.e l now occupy cm Catlin's Lane. Either half can le made a coinemtnt tenement for a ema'l family, possession al out the samo lime. 1 3 If. ! K. PANGUORN. 17"ATE IN SEARCH OP A HU.SIIAXD J V. it .hp Senuel. PHILIP IN SEARCH OF A WIFEi for sale by 19 v. iiAiiiti.M, ru., V HARRINGTON will receive sn! seriptions for . all or any one of ilio Foreign Review, the American Reprints of Foreign Reviews the Ameri can Q lartcrlies nnd Monthly Magazines, &e., &e. 30 t'ept-, Itsta. " HOOKS AND STATIONERY FOR SALE AT V. IIAUUINfiTOVS, College SI. BIBLES a great tnriety, Quarto, D-iavo, DjO I dcclmo, Pcetet do. in various landings. BRAVER BOOKS of nil sue and hinling, pri ces from 25 els. 10 S3 Of) each. WATT'" nnd SELECT lU'MNS, Mf.TitnniST HM., CaHP-MECTISO HTMS',WlNCllEl.t.'s WatTD- P..AUMS nnd IIinss. nrrango.1 by Scwall for Fnila rain worship, "sc. Wrapping Paper, Cap and Lel'er Paper, Mtivnird and Sovea" 1 m' Writiujj Ink, mile tLruu maiiola lined; Inks an,' , Sum Boxes, Wultr Cup., Il'irif Sand, Wu'ers, Saling Wax, CJ.ni1 , ma i ie uv I and nn ve, Penknife, and I'eiv I., II n I -r s, ,"l , tvli It Willie sell l p?v Or 1', J5 HUllLlNGTON, VERMONT, ) OcTonnn, 1813. J nUV SUnSCRIBER lias opened a Bookstore in -L this place, and intends to keep n full supply of in all departments of Lilernluro and Science, nnd will supply School Ten hers and Country Merchants wilh Arithmetics, Iiisronics, Gkammaks, speilimo Books, also Ai.okdras and the higher branches of Mnthcma'ics, together with the Clnssfes used in High Schools, Academies and Colleges. . Arrangements have also been made for procur ingntiy of Ihe Periodicals of the day,among wlfich aro London, Edinburgh, Foreign and Westmin ster Reviews ; niackwuoil'i aud tho Dublin University Magazine. THE AMERICAN QUARTERLIES, , sec ii ah ... American Biblical Renository, (per annum) C5 00 American Journal ol McdicnracTiince, " 5 00 Mclhodit Quarterly Review, " 3 00 N irth Aim-rican Review, " 5 00 AMERICAN REPRINTS of FOREIGN HEVIKWS r ni"!sin (lurterly Review, (per annum) 83 00 Fdi'nbui,:1' , , ;; ;; ;j Foreign (luarlerly " 3 00 Little's Museum, (monthly) 6 00 Blackwood's Mneawite, ' " 00 Dublin Univer? ty " " 4 Jletropolinn Literary Journal 4 00 ENGLISH REViT.WS .sot BEPatNTio w the V. S. Christian Observer, (Church, Munlh'y) S 00 Bii'.ish Critic, (Church), Church of England Review, Congregational Magazine, Evangelical Magazine, 5 00 8 00 5 00 2 all AMERICAN MONTHLIES. American Melicnl Library nnd Intelligencer, 85 DO Democratic Review, monthly, 6 00 Boston Medical nnd Surgical Journal, 3 00 Christian Examiner, (Unitarian bi-inonthlv) 4 00 Graham's Ladys' and Gcntlcmnns' Magaiine, 3 00 Hum's Merchant's Magazine, 5 00 Journal of tho Franklin Institute, 5 00 Ktiickerbocl'cr, . ,5 00 Law Library, (rc-ppnt of the mo-t vatuablo Enclish Law Reports nnd Treatises,) Phil. 10 00 Law Reporter, Boston, 3 00 Ladies' Book of Literature and Fashion, 3 00 Ladies' Companion, 3 00 Ladies' Garland, &c, &c. &c. The nbove arc some ofthe principal Reviews nnd. Magazines published in this country, besides a great many not named, any one of which will be furnished by the subscriber nnd delivered at his store or for warded by mail or otherwise as directed, on tho re ceipt or the subscription price of the ork ordered, in advance. There is nn edition of Blackwood's MaoaiIsis published at tho New world Office, N. Y., at 82 per annum, monthly, w hich will be constantly for salo by the single, number. VERNON HARRINGTON. College St., Strongs' Bui'ding. 19 SCHOOL G EOG It A PHI ES. Mitchell's, ON ncy's, Woodbridgo and Willard's, and Mitchell's Primary Geography, nnd Parley's for sale bv 19 V. HARRINGTON. ENGLISH Git AMMARS. Browne's, Bar nard's, Kirkham's, Smith and Fosdick's trans lation of Do Sacy, for sale by , 10 V. HARRINGTON. AI.GK!n.A.-"Davies' First I .essons Davios Bourdon, Bridges', Bailey's nnd Pieres's. for, sals by 13 V. HARRINGTON. FAMILY GROCERIES. HY.sON, Young Hyson, II. Skin and Black Teasi East Boston Loar nnd Powdered Sugar; Nut megs, Cloves, Ground Pepper, Spice, and Cinnamon, warranted or superior qualities, for sale low by ELI AS LYMAN,' 19 Strong's Buildings. THOSE THAT WANT TO TIE SCHOL ARS ATTEND. ONE, two, three, or four yearsin Iho University of Vermont, to commence next commencement, rur sale very cheap indeed. Enquire at this office. Pel. 12, 1813. 19 LOST, LAST evening, in llu village, a small GOLD CHAIN.'and Locket. Tho finder will be suita bly rewar 'ol by leaving it at this tllice. Burliuglon, O.-t. 5, 1843. 18 w3 npiIE subscriber ha now on hand and intends 10 Jl. I e able to furnish, at short notice, Mi'.cellaneous, Law, Classical and School Books, as low for cash as can le purchased in market. 30Sept. 1813. 17 V. HARRINGTON.- "FRENCH WITHOUT A TEA1IIKR, A NEATLY primed pamphlet of 60 pages in Sir (. Ea-y Lessons designed lo facilitate the acquisi tion of ihe French Language without the sid of teacher, for sale by V. HARRIN-8SBN. Burlington, 13th October. 19 A FEW copies of tho Do way Testament, a fins edK lion, for sal by V. HARRINGTON',, blh October, 1343. rg COBBET'S COTTAGE ECONOMY, a neat sdi inn, for sale cheap by V. HARRINGTON. filh October, 1S4.3. 19 NMV GOODS. SILK an.! Worsted Shawl-, verv handsome styl for the Season. Just received at ihe 1C GERMAN STORE. REMOVAL. D. K. PANGdOUN CABINET MAKER, Village Sexton and Undertaker. HAS removed 10 a New Shop, near ihe. soulh end of White Street, opposite the hoyse oflhe Rev. .Mr. Converse, tvliero he will tc at nomcat all time. 11.. ill ,.Mt,,,,.a nii 1 , r...j, - ,i- , ... -.",..,. ' v 1, , 1 i.tusis 01 s,m,iiici 1 (irni- liiretti'ich lie tvilj -ell low Rr prompt pay j and re speciini- ."s; svuiiiiun, (jauuuagc o. nis Ultl en.ioiiltr, nnd that of other alo. In hi capacity of Village Sexton, le ha since appointed, purchased at 1.1. a ,,m. ll..X rs..ti , . i, s '.,i .. -w n,iu r.ui, aim orcpar e-l with much care and labor a new Map of the new' v.eiiiciryui uie tillage, rie win i,efp reailr 111a lo coi'ins ol'nio-t ki.ids, for adults, and alt others, f irin-biil nt Ihe shortest notice. He will furnish and a'lend with hi Hear-e. Funera's out ol the Village or 111 any of the adjoining Towns tvilh les tro.ll lo to Mend prol al ly and I c'.ler order than any one near er nl hand nnd at as shon or shorter notice, nMIE citizens, of Burlington and the Pub ic general. X ly are respectfully informed, ihat llie German Store 'will I e continued al the old slanj, under thn lirm ofM. OSTHEIM sV Co. A generous har of Patr.nige i- rc-pecil'iilly rtsiue-led. W hope by iiiireinitlingattrnlion 10 husinessnnd ptnictuirl rfganl to all engagement. 10 -eeure tlieeonfideneeof the pul lie. A new mi I fresh nsoiinient oftloml isjujt re fit tl nud will I e o'd at llie rtry lowest prittt. Th public are respei'tfiilly invittsl 10 call. B irlingiou Sept. 1813. M. OSTHEIM & Co. WM. HURLBUT, At (he New Cash Store, next dot)r above Mess. Uilusmald's Variety SiWrcy HA just received a general as-ortment or Goods . nd ipte.1 10 the Fall Trade, which are now ollcrcd nt the biwci rate for cash. Among which are Black and Blue Black Alpacea Luitres, do Figured, do Biottn and Wine Colours, Merinoes, assorted colors, Mou-eline de Lanes, plain, fig'd and srrild ; Satin Stripe Shall) s ; English, French' and Ameri can Prim, plain and figured Alpines, Bonnet. Silks,' tiro du Nap Silks, Gro de Swiss, Black Ilalian,' l)i"adclotbs, Do, Turlington Mill Cloihs. Cassimerss and Sailinclfs, Beaver Cloths, Vesting!, cords, trim ming0, buttons, ttc. j Cotton goods generally, Cam-" brics, .Muslin-, Lawns, Laces, Thread Edgings, Flan-' nels, woolen and cotlon, Cotton varn, wicliing and twine i Genl. and Doys' Caps, Family Groceries, I'ur 11 jas, Farewell's shoes, Gaiters and half Gaitjt Boots. Giod Table Duller taken in exchengs for Goods. Burhngion, Oct. IS, 1S43. JOif IRON, STEEL, NAILS &. HARP WARE. A ( Tons English Iron, front I 1-8 to f inch wi-t.-ii. 10 do Old Sable Russia do 5 Tons New Sal le do do' 10 do Swedca dn R do Peru do 1? do Horse Shoe do , 20 do Round from 1 to H inches,' 12 dn Square do 3-8 10 3 da ;n do Round do Ii to 4 do, 5 do Hoop do i to 13 dd Hame and Scroll d 1'.' do I'. S. I. Russia Rods. 2 do Sande.-son Cast Steel, , , 4 do Pierson'a ormg do from It trt 3 inchel 3 do Swedes ' dp I do American da 3 do German do ) do English Blister do 2.C00 Kegs Nails, from 3d 10 iOd 2,00 do Spikes rrom 304 10 60d COO do Brads from 6d to 20d' -..... 3 00 Dor. Files and Rasps. A general UMrtatiM of Antils nnd Vices. . .. June SO, 1S43. J. sV J. II. PEC k W. K( IIIII'S. Gardner Brewer, JleHon, .N. B. Mnn 01 30 Pqie Brandy, -JO At Baltimore Gin, ,1 dr. ' Swan" do purq, . 10 Half -'Pellevoisin'' Brandy 10 llhds. St. Croix Rum, 30 BMs. Snerry and .Madri Wi, 0 do MVaga dn 8 dn Port do ' J. ,f- J. H. PF.CK t CO. nitMlAM'S MAGAZINE AND THE MDV'tt V r HOOK ror cstwVer, rmivedb;' 7-.u0,. rv hankjvc;ton.