Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 1 Aralık 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 1 Aralık 1843 Page 3
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CLOSE OF NAVIGATION. Again lias llio rigor of winter slitit upon us, and tlio navigation of tlio Lake nnd Ca nal may be considered us closed for tlio sea son. No boat lias passed through tlio canal sinco Saturday ; and on Wednesday eve ning tlio Iltnllngton and Whitehall steamers hauled up at tins port, blow ifl' their steam, took a survey of the port, and on Thursday morning retired toShelhurn Day, where they lay up for the winter. Tho Ferrv will, as usual, continue its tiips until thu severity of the season forces the ice into tho broad hike. ANNUAL MEETING. Tho members of the Burlington Mechanics' Institute, are hereby notified tn meet at the reading room cm TuesJ ly evening Dor. 5 h atsi.x o'clock, to hear an address and report of the board of Director?, to elect oflii ors for the year ersuini,', mid to transact any other business that may come before the meeting. A full atten dance is requested. By order of the bnatil of Director?, S. FI.ErCllElt. Secretary. TEMI'EKANCE MEETING. The regular incctiiij,' of the Society occurs this evening. An Address will be delivered by Doct. HALL and from the known ability of that gentleman a treat may bo expected. NOTICE. The Members of the Burlington Mechan ics' Association are notified to meet at the Reading Bocm of tho Burlington Mechanics' Institute, on Saturday (to.morrow,) ovuniiiir, at 6 o'clock, for the puipose of deposing of the property belonging to said association. GEO. A. ALLEN, President. BURLINGTON LYCEUM. A course of eighteen Lectures on Clients TRT, will be delivered at Strong' Iliill this winter, by Professor G. W. Lcc turcson Monday clonings, at half-past 0 o'clock commencing December 11th 1613. Tickets for the course, for a Gentleman who is a member of the Lyceum . . . Q100 Fur a Gentium in, not a member . 1,00 For a Lady 50 For an Apprentice 25 Evening Tickets o.j Tickets to be obtained at Harrington's Bool: Store. lilUGIITON MA IMC 1ST Nov. 29, 1B13. At Market, 3000 Cnlile. (ibont 1000 uf which were probably Beef,) and 1100 Stores, 52C0 Sheep, and 1-120 Svvinc. Phices Ilttf Cattle Wo quote n few extra at Si 25tME0s Pus; rp.ahiy, SI fir 84 23; second quality 83.50 (?S3 73 i third quality S20'S S3 23. Barreling Caltle. .Mess $3 12 ; No. 1 ,2G2J; No. 2 S2. Srorej-Tvvo year old &3if 12; three vear old Sit &t7. Sheep Fmall lots at 00c, 73e, E2c, 1 33, SI CO. Weathers Ironi 123 to S3. Suriite Good lola lo peddlo 4c for sows, nnil Do fur barrows. Old hogs from 3 to lc. Al retail from 41 lo Gc. M SI I? B" E O d! . . At .Milton, on tlio 19ih insl., hy Kev. James Dough erty, Sir. ITovvt.-r J. Cooccn, to Miss Salo'ic Bit Lei, nil of Milton. tn VYimstcn 0:1 the 14lh Nov. by Rev. Mr. Camp-bill,-Mr. Leet A. Ilistio?, nf Jerico, to Miss Achilla Ci.Ar.ic, daughter of Wright Clarl., Esq. JD ll CD c3 , SAMALVA, wi.'e of John O. Hasvvcll, former edit or of the Gazelle, and daughter of Lemuel Shcuvood late of Hoosic, N. Y., departed tin life at this place on tho 2d .instant, aficr a protiacted i'lncss of seven monlhs, in the SOrli year of her age; leaving a hus band, four children, a largo family of Urolhcis nod Sister.', numerous relatives, nnd friends coextensive .villi her acquaintance, 10 mourn her loss. In ihi dispemnlinn, n'hii' lias hicn dcprivnl or an am iable an I nd'.-cii imtu wifej ha children, of n kind nnd lender inoihcri a family nf bioiheis and sisleis, of one beloved nnd cndinrtd hv all tin 1 it 9 of consan guinity and social ..fieciiun ; on I a connnuniiy ofic lalivcsnnd friends, of nnovimplnr in viituc, nuiinhil' ly, moinls nnd ihiislk'iiily. Though cut i.ovvnni thiseaily pciiod of hie, few have lived long enough lo command or deserve moreisleciu. She possessed by nature a sirong nnd vig.nous mind, which had been cullivnled in an iMcnl sinpnssul l.y few of lur sex; vvhidi, coimecii d wi h an nimihlc disposition and a I ind heart, filed ner lo discharge faithfully, as ine lias done, till ilit-fhnii s or n vvi'i- and mother. All who knivv her fitl ilu's sml ,i deeply cond.)lo with him 1 pon whom ihc pings if .gnu unvci.isicnni 11101 fens.lily; siirrmiiidnl 11. he is by hislovtly offspring who bear upon their brows the impress of her finf re- 10 icmiuil him daily nfihe warm nun v iriuesoi tinutiarici). Vi I there is con snlalion in Mi's house or mourning: thai oonsolalion which isdiiivid fjnin ihe rifUciinn that the deceased endured Ihe pains of tier proincied illness vvilh ihri tion oriitude, nod died in ihe fum faiih of a itsuruc .tion and imniorial happiness. IV. Gazille. In Bennington on Wednesday the 1st insl.. ofiCon sumption, Mrs. Hntscv Sxaiis, widow of Mr. Jarcd Sears, in theC3d year of her age. Mrs. Scars had for manv venrs been n mpmhrr or ihf lo rnn.m.. tional Church, nndjiy an exemplary life, adorneJ tne uoctrme of GjI our Saviour in all things. Vt Gazelle. BANK OF BURLINGTON. TAJOTICE i hciehy given ilial n meeting nf the -M Stock-hid'er of the IljnU of liurliiig on, will to holden at their llaiiLuiR Hone, 00 lliu eeonl Tuesday o( January next, nt 11 oVIocV, A, M., for thepurpo-e ofclio-in-.- icven Director, lor tho year ta-waf. lie order cf the I'resnlent nn I Dirt-dor-. Dec. 1, 1813. It, G. COl.12, Cashier. 8TOVKSU AFF.W COOX and I10X STOVHS vvilh, for mlo cheap. Good Death and Maple wood would bo taken in pay. ' ,. II. If. HOSTWICK & Co. liurlingion, Nov. 30, 1S13. 20 tf Ofin CAUMINA SACR.inion Collection KjJ of Church Music, Tor sale hv ,. V. HARIUNGTON rlurhnglnn. 30 Nov. 1F13. 20 Aliiianncs tor $44. AMF.RirJAN, WASIIINGTONIAN- V All.MlillN, HuusrcKF.rr-nrtS: I I'Oinenner, PlllVIRS, A,-. ,f.c for sale hy ' oO.Nov., 1813. 20 V. HAimiNGTON. C1URNCH. SPANISH, nnd lT.M.IAN-wiihout V. HAUKINO TON. 30 Nov., 1813. 26 TIIBMYSTKHIKSOFPARIS-G Nns. received b,Y V. IIAIIHINOTON. I3urlin;lon, 30 Nov., 1813. 20 B ROWN'S Mcmorani'um for 18M. for sn'c "Y a. IIUiNlliNtiTON. TJimiuTT's oi:k:h u'lir ov tiir Jj lll!tVI!S, WOODIIltlDOf.'S ano Wll, 1.1 A MS fil-OCn M'llV. nilvi.-V' mwiii'i 110 SMII.KY'.S, IMHI.I.Y'S, WOOIllinil'OL'S. and VILLACK SCHOOL Onriilt.M'HIF.S, at Ihe Cheon Cash Hook Slore, No. 1, IVcU his. 20 lly A. 1 DWAItUS. MOtn NEW GOODS! II. II. 1)001, IT I I.E. have just received own New Ymk, nil additional supply of DRY GOODS, which nddtd 10 their former slock makes their assortment very fcnernl. 'I heir euliro slock having hecn puithnscd with ensh, enables iheinlo ptlcr goods on nsgood terms ns at any oilier Store In town, and they nre determined not lo be undersold. Cash paid for a faw tons of Polk in thcTIoj. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1B13. 2GS S. S. SKIKNISIC. SADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK MANU FACTURER, COLLEGE STREET. ALSO, keeper of LIVERY STABLE, Eisl of llic Court Houso (Me chimin's How.) Application made nt tho Shop or limn will receive prompt at tention. Itnrlitinlnn. Vi . ) 2(i'i'' 23 Nov., 1843. TO Till? PUI1LIC. rBHK l.CBisIaturo of this Stale, al its Into Session, M hivimr nas-ed a tesolulion rcmic-siinir "The Governor to aipoint a (.'oinmiilee to devise ihe best Hindu of nllovi.-vliiiif ihe unfortunate cnndilion of ihs Insinc, who are deemed iueurnbli', nnd teporl lo the nexl General AssL-inbly by tidi or olhcruio," nnil the Governor puicuint to siil rciduiion, havins np pointed Ihe undctsiyiied said comiuillee. for Ihe pur pose of ohtaimiiij llie dain and inform.iliou neecsaty lo n"conidih thu ' ject specifud in slid resolution, u-crt quest the overseer of the lioor in each Itivvn i llic t'litc, lo nscerinin and make out a slitcincnl if the nurnlierof tne ltisinein their respective towns, then in hjiiiihj fonh their aye. tex, nnd proeurins c ircuni'lnnco, nnd Ihc lengili or lime, nnd the nptm rcnl cmsoof ihnr lusanily.nnd the manner in which they have bilbo lo been Provided for, and such other tails in rtlation In lloir ti cunisliinces n may Iw suppnscil to ho useful, in all naes il-'oiirn.iiinir such as arc -imposed lobe invitrnbte. nnd transmit or de liver ihc same to ihc Count v Cler'i of their respec tive ('mimic, by the first day of January neitt, or as soon alter n convenient. As ibis i the work of hu mnniltj. intend.-1 10 benefit ihe cnndilion o' n most uofoitunaic class of coonuuniiv, ii i hoped those lo whom lliis appeal i innd.', will cheerfully assist the committee in ohtamjoi' this desired informalioo. DAVID M.CAMP, ) Wm H r.HARD, Committee. GF.OItGH U. CAHOON. ) November 27. 1R11. N. H. Tho Publishers of Newspapers in ihe Stole arerequesied 10 in-crt the above in their papers. muffs: muffsh Anew lot t.ulcred Lynx Muffr, just received by Nov. 30, 1913. II. W.CATL1N. Alto. Minds Uenctt, Engl sli Coney, ond Musk-rat Mulls, very cheap. 21'inCKS more of that 9-4 line While Flannel!, just received and (or sale cheap, by Nov. 30, 1343. H. W. CATLIN. WANTED, Zf riushels Small While Poa l!-jan, 100 tin Ruck JJ Wheal, by II. W. CATLIN. CASH FOR PORK. rTHF. Subscribes will pay Cash forn few hundred well fatlened and 1 leinly dressed Hoys, deliver ed at their Store, Old Dock. 26 Burlington, Nov. 30. 1843. FOLLF.rr, RRADLKY & Co. Tin; United Status Almanac, or Complete; Ejihrmrri.s for IS4-1, CONTAINING numerous SlutttUn relative to Comuierve, Ami uliure, Jinn fnelure, the G n nnd Male Governments, Public Offn e. vvuli ihcir Sdirit-s. .f.e. by A. flDVAltDS Pcck' Duildin.'. 20 T O V K I. t. 'S UNI I lit) sr.VTF.-s SP KMClvt Lj PROSE. POKTHY and DIAI.OCUI', f.r ihe u-e of Seboo's. 25 Hy A. EDWARDS. CLE.VVELAND'S LA'IIN GR.VM.MAR, (tniiMV, Adams, i!o do, Ti;nipl' do do, An lrcvv iSc S!oJd.tnl- do do, 11 dlion'." do do, Andrew. Lalin Reader nnd I e-sens, Aulhon's I a'ln Gr.nninaran I Lenom, Sophoc.'o Grcc!. Gianin nr, Del inn do do, Ambon'" do i!o, J.ico'.',. Grcc'; Reader, Donui'snii' Grcc-V lexicon, Aii'hoo'. Cla' Di -linunrv-, . 'IV t5,iv' Kuoian Antn lines. No. I, Poc'.' It Hiding. lly A.EDWARDS. FA It I VULU BHOEB. T AI'IFS KID SLIP-. Jy do French do do. do do W.i'kui; Shce, i Oarer.-, light and dark, Gailer Boots, Dt:,kin-, I)., ,1 I,. Si,.!,. .n do do do do Mn-e an I Ch hlrcus Slice.. (:. 1 1. sj ' Line lnnt F.,r Tri'nie,! idain and Fis-:rcJ India U Shoe , ALSO, I.l V. an I .eni:c:ue.i'- Mnva m. n lirre a..nrt meni, lor -iilc t-het:i hy I.OVRf.V ii SEYMOUR Ch ir.-h S.rcel, Nov. 30, 1313. M ' iv 1 Vm ,tiU"',s. '"' l-aiie d iX IVIH. Ill .III I ,u. Niuvinber 23, 1313. ' LOVELY & Sr.Y.UOUR. TTNEW BOOK STORE.C0 ANSEI, 13 I) W A It n s TTAS opened n Book Slore in ihe Mesrs. Petks' Y Bu ding, two d, or- from Howard'. Hotel, vvlicrc hu u.'er. for inle a seneral SCHOOL, CLASSICAL & .MISCELLANEOUS COOKS. A .plc"il,d a.-orment of.Vnn inl., Album and fine ly ill i-lrate I vvmr!,. in rich and elegant Bmdinie. A -jreal v-.lrieiv nl J,ic....lf. II....I . - . . q., . n u. --..,,v ........ , own, , ceni to W 50. Quiro, Oc avn, l2mo, an IPo-'.et Bint r.s (-..uiMiiin Prayer Uo.d(s, Cn holic Prayer Uoo'l;. ami Bi! Ics. BLANK IJO OA'S. Port Fo'io. and S.-rap I!o'.-. Cap, Urer nnl Noie Paper, Q'-, Sin!! 1C., S,ahn2 Wax, V. wVv .,:rv,.::liy,,.iT frr ." -".i ...... ,., inu j oy. v l ie ;n ss an 1 1I0.1M, Sch, ol Cerlili. ate-, c.,-. " ' All i.l win h an; o ere I at prices 1I1.11 cannot fiil 1 -nl. fy ihe p . I he. Boo ;. can 1 1 I n ight in U ir- ' 11 "ov 1 o ciiici. Birnii'imi, Nov. 21, 1813. f JUS? KKCKIVKI), A Lvnnr. snnni v nc -r-.-r.i ..... . .t: r.z...- rrr w " h it 1 1 " V,'',.VVr,;'J:v' ;r'-'-'e"s nnl i-1 li ' kin-J i a 8, 0 S. 4-4, 5 6, C I, 8-4 9 4 no I 10 ir0.";' ?"!"' 0Mi ' ",: Veads. 1 an I G 1 It .Mat ir, '.ure ,, tliu: Tj.llcJ R .M.ti.dhi, and S iv Man-. A L S O Paper Ilimring. and Bor 'erioi", Green Win low l.ipcr. A ir --or, Idler nnd .-Helper n-ormieni of 01 her Dry OoJ. ilun can Lc loan I ia iho State of Vernionl. 25'r- LOVELY & SKY.MOUR. iVotico! JN'otico!! po nil persons indebted to tho subscriber, that their . notes and nccounls must he paid, as hu property r ,.u.,cu ,or suie anu nuimni: hut imvmeni will save " , , SIDNLY BARLOW. Uurhngton Falls, Nov. 24, 1813. 23 DHY GOODS. BL.CK l!lacl! nnd Colored Silk and Cotton W.nrn Alnnrrna nnA AlnA. r ..... rii ali e, Stnprd nnil Figure.! do. i Lnneltns, Princcuns, Orleiina, Zenohie nnd Cninhlet Cloth; l.lnck nnd Hlite lllnru IlO.nlinTinuu nn.l 11,-., i... r .T . ,., "i""cB, uincR nno col ore I Thibet (!oihs Frem hand Eni;lih Merinoes, ,,. ..,,.,.., ,,,,, .-inonys, r.ounns, Tiii'lu niai, ancy Ciape, Inipeml Chusans, Pcznm Plain nnd I'lL'lirel al.iiis Dm f.imp. ln,.l, t ,, 1,...i LIIIHieS. Crnpe f .hunn. kdinernock Cinixs, FOR Ci OAk'i '" r..!..':'.''"' Ul,llli "luo lilncu anil rich Fi... nrnl Silks lor Dres'c. &c. " Bonnet Silks, rich Figured nnd Plain 1 S1II1 Velvn. Oir Itnnnpla nnil V..I.-..1 ISO.I...... . . v.. i. i. ,ij uriicu. nnu nnv qinnllly of llonnci. Neck nnd oilier Itihhon. Fi-ured nnd Plain i-ilk Lace lor Veils nnd Cotton 110.. iiincii 1, minima veils j Kicli Silk Velvei Plush nnd Silk Points and Dtcs llnnrllierchiefs, Rii. hn Silk, Worsiidiind various niher I'liiils. 1 Frdl.d Duniiy Coitus, Dumty .'or do. French Flowers, (.".itila nnd Ta.l, colored silk C.nls llrud. (.imp., Friuces, Tiiuunini; Glons Mini nod Iloserv iiiiiuitirnl.ti., 'S.,.h.r vv.... ,1, led Paliern's an I Workiot' Canvas, Jluslin ,'ciim". nnd n ihoiinod oilier ni iieles usuillv wnnicd 'V',S?r'i?000 V?r',"- 'J" ;nA'- V Mm.rninss nnd linlf. Mourning Calicoes and Ginahams, by actual mensuiement. The nbovc Goods nro lo be so'd ihtap hv rt . c , ,. LOVELY &. SEYMOUR. Church Street, Ilnrhnclon, ; Nov. 20, 1843. J Gem lumen's Furnisliiri'r Goods. T-MIF.N'I'II Rnnll.t. ..,.1 A 'n 11 . . ' .V. " iiiiiriniiii frnver, iitoaa .. nnd Pilot Clolh Illack mid Fnncy Mi riio Cni. siincres bullinetls English and French Illack and H ue Black Salin Vciinrr. c iu ur 1 ir.i..' . H, , ,. ., 01 '- ....uirii velvet n Black Ilnhnn Alpaccn nnd Fancy Handkerchiefs, Mohair t riivats, Snnn and llombwine Slocks, limn Collars and losoms bilk and Linin Pocket Hand, crclnefs, VVhltc, Illack and Colored Silk Glovei, ... .... ..... m,, iiniuii nun vat '! other Oloves, nnd Miltins Merino d Conor, Shins nnd Drawers, hocls Merino J Hose, Clonk Cord nnd rels, and TippelM Colli, Velvet .Senlletlo.rur Iriinmed Cnpesi Coa', Veil, nnd Pun' tfilnnn. Tmnittinrra V l....A ... ' . . ... ,. .,K us3urinieni 01 the above goods can be found at L .... wk-ly & SEYMOUR. Church Street, llurllneton, ) November 20, 1843. .SHAWLS. CASHMF.nn, Imitation Merino, Kibytc, Urocha, llelvulcre, Aliiaccn, Mou-cline deLaine, Kml.'d do. Moravian, Ilishlnnd Plaid Silk nnd Coiton Shawls, lor sale cheap by LOVELY & SEYMOUR, Nov. 20, 1843. Church Street. Looking Glasses. , I.nrjo ns-ortincut ol various sizes, just received und for sale cheap I y A LOV ELY & SEYMOUR, Chun h 1. Nov. 20, 1843. 25lf Crockery. Glass &. China Ware. A Large stock just received and for sale cheaper than can I e homtht in tin'- Stale, bv 1.0VLLV & ShVMOL'R, Church it. lliirlincton, Nov, 20, IS) 3. 23 f NtillCU. BROKE into the inelosuro uf the Subscriber, on Ihc Dili dhV of November, one dark red Cow, supposed to be G years o'd. Said !.'u' is market wild a crop and hall crop in Ihe left ear. The owner isiequesled to piuvc property, piv charges and take herawiy, Wm. HARMON. Shelhurn, Nov. 22, 1513. 25 G;or(! I'ulcrscii, HAS now on hand anil for sale, 1000 DusheU of Course Weslern and St. L'bcs Salt, 2W Itarrcls Finn do 1I0, HI' Sacks Fine Dairy do do, 2)0 linriels Superliue Flour, 200 Sicks fresh Ground Phisirr, 20 Hirrcls Hickory Null, nt S2, 5 Tierces Ninth Shore Salmon, G Boxes Frcs't Lemons. 20 Whole, 12 J and 12 1 LUtcs fresh Raisins, Also. Fresh Kegs do do, Soft Shell Almonds, I'hdbert-, Peaconuli, Pea Null. Ciinm, Curnnce Ilocum. loaelher vvilh une of the target nsortnu:nis of DRY GOODS, CRO. KF.UY and GROCEKIKS ho over had ihe pleasure of offer inir to the nubtic. In short nil von have in 1I0 in Mori any article, is to call nt Peterson's, where it may he found of as ijnod qmlity nnd nl as low a price ns al uuy uniri i-.-niousiiiueuv III uutiuieion. Nov. 23, 1943. 25 NEW GOODS, AT THE NEW CASH STORE. 'T'HE subscriber is now rcceiviuir from New York X a general assortment ol Fall and Winter Goods, omonzst which nre many new Fnncy Articles. Alpaccas, di 'erent colors and lustres, Mouselincde L.ini-1, Crape tie Lanes, Teisans, a new and mperior article for dresses. Paris Ceune. do do do do Gimps nnd Fiinses, assorted colors. D.lisv Millions. Swiss Fanev Itultons. (Monk Pi.rrt. Cords nnd Tassels, Crioiped Diinilv, Dimity Collnri nun v,iui, uan ns. Artitieinis noil f lowers. Illack Chanlilla Veils. Green do. Bonnet Caps, as sorted, Dress Handkerchief nnd Pi inls. Gem's Scarfs, Cravals nnd Sloelc, Coat and Vest , oitros ano mnoimts. nroaaciouis, uassi' luers. Sallineits anil Heaver Cloths. Staple Goods generally. Farewell' Bonis nnd Sines. Wm. I1URLUUT. Durlinpton, Nov. 22d, 1843. 25 n.mlcl I'atilcU's IXntc. STATE OP VERMONT,) T a Pn.'n-e , 1)1 lliet i.l (hillcnVn. ... Vi. t'n ir- ii I II illusion we hoi an ' tor the Di.'rC, aforisaidon 'he 13th d iv "f November, A. D. 1313, an intinment tnri..i ini I., lie the last will nnd leslnmenl of Daniel Pitriek, Ine of Hiueshuridi. in sud dislrici, ileci n id I wis iresenieil 10 the ci uri hero for Probale, hv.lohn . S. I'mricknml Daniel Patrick Jr. the Executors, there in named. is ordered bv said Court, llim nublic notice bo niven 10 nil persons concerned therein 10 appear lit fore said corl, nt n session tnerenr to be holden nl llurliiiL'lon, nn Ihe 1 3 1 1 1 dnv nl December. A. D. IS43, and coolest the Dtobnie or said vvilli nnd it is furlhcr ordered ihat ibis otdcr be published three vveeKs sucee-sivelv in llic llur inn on nee Press. newspaper printed nt Burlincton, in this Starr, ihe last 01 vvinen punucaiion suau ne previous to ine uayai' sijrncd as aforesaid for lienrinc Given under my hand nt the Register's office this lam nav 01 .ovemoer, A. is. 1st, 23w3 W.M. WESTON, Rejister. FARM FOR SALE. TOlt sale n firm in Underbill contain inn lt,i,,.rr.l ...l r.rl "! ncr.-M, about noe hundred neriof whictl i nn. dcr cnltivaiion. the reiminder is coven d growth of hard wood. On ihn nreniises nrcn convenr''in oweiunir nouse, unrn, snens ivo. nno nn orchead of thtifly bearing apde irees sutncicnt for makings inic fif'y or simv barrelsif cider. Also, a firm couiainini! one .'.'iimlrcd neres, lyini; about one mill! from Ihe nbovc, alwul sixty ncresiif vvhichis under iiiiprnvcoicui. iiuilbason it a enpicinus hirn, the remainder i well vv.nlci'. princijiilly with bench nnd nnple. The above farms are siiii-iicd near ihe centre of the town nnd on ihe main road, nre well watered and wll feneed.a consiileri'n',' port inn of Ihe fence I ciritr suhsinniial sione wall, and Kjeiher ccm pose one or Ihu best diiiy fnrmsin the iown. 'Ihe nbove premise will hn svld lo close n conrern for much less than iheirreal vnlue, and possesion L'ivef! ..ii nn- i9i oi .iiru next, foriurtlier 1"'rc"f A. FOOTR. HurhnRion, Nov. 22, 1313. 25if NOTICE. THE Firm of CROFUT it TIM ANUS is this day dissolved by mutual consent. PRESSON CROKUT. ,. H. W. TIMANUS. Burlington, Nov. 13, IS43. 24 vv3 TTE COMB MANL'FA(-TURING husines vvill hercnficrlo cominiud bv II. W. TIMANl'S, who solicit the invors of old friends nnd. assures new customers that they can deal with him on as favora ble terms ns nt nnv other place. COFFEE. R.t?. OM Government Java Cofcr, 20 ha?. Orcen d,, .1,. 20 25 bis. Lisuira, 25 do Rio, 20 do AliiO.'ura.'a splendid article, for sale t y , FOI.I.iriT, BRADLEY & Co. Oil noe!-, Nov. 21, 1813. 85 ON tOX-IOXM NT MJW HUM. 75 Hbil- Jnbn I'Vllon's, 25 ha t p pc J Fi lion., 100 Ii Id. do. 51) hill C. A. V.. Tint;': 70 libht C & E Trill'-, f.r sile Iv FOI.I.KTP, IIR.VDLLY it Co. Sn ub Wharf, Nov. 23 1313. 23 I - 1 Si II . 4. y i 20 ha'f I Id.. No 1 Mael erel. 20 Tier cs nor h idmre Ilud-on- Bay Co. Salmon, 25 half I nr. els do do do f'r -ale I y KOLI.inT, UltADLF.Y oi . Old DncV.Nov, 23, 1843. 25 RAISINS. 200 lioxos lJiincli linisinp, fresh fruii, and in fine order, (or silt-1 v FOLLL'IT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Doc!.-, June 8, 1S43. SCOTCH I'lG IKON. y C TONS Nn. 1 (inrrhsherrie pig iron, , iO forsnleby FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 itS COXSIGNMKNT. QX BOXKS Canada Plnles, CO 5 do Crawshay do 25 do R. G. do do R An n CI nnli.lml r1......!..- BI.... Mw ' ........... ui.nrtinj ri.ic 5 do Thorneycrofl plates 24 by 24 in. 1 J cut, For lilent reduced prices, by FOLLETT BRADLEY f- Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 Agents, SAwlillM. AM) ClltCUI.AII SAWS. I l DOZ. Rowland's Philadelphia Mill Siwi from lJ Q to 7 teet, made expres-ly to order, and war ante I superior toany in msike'. 1IOF. ii- Cn.'scnst iteel circular i.ivvi, from 10 to 2G inches, slillini! and crosi cut, Alio, Crosscut saws, English plnle, forsnlehy FOLLETT nriABLEY rf. Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1S43. 25 FltliNClI llUltll ,1111, 1, s'I'ltNlj!, AM) Ill'lt II ,(i( K. 1 ( PAIR Burr Mill Smnes. 1 J 200 Burr Block, for silcni Trov prices and iirht. I.v FOI.I.F.1T BRADLEY Cc C. . Old dock, Nov. 23, 18)3. 23 Act ins. 100 Ho.xcs ripe, 101 Kijis Oinirer, 50 Boxes Extia Soap, RO Superior tin, 50 Ci I ilea , do, 10 do Cushion Shauinj do, S00 Molls Cassia, 20 Boxes Starch, 200 Ihs. Hove-, 50 do Nulineji, 25 Bnci P, pper, 25 (to Spice, 10 Tierces Hire, for sale br , FCM'ElTi BRADLEY tf- Co. Old Doek. Nov. 23 1843. 25 CAST STEEL. 5000 Sndnroii nnd Urns. Axe Steel, 1000 do assorted flit and square from i in lo2inehei Alto, W. Jeisup & Son'i extra and common Cast . , I''OLLETI', llRADLEY Co O'd Dni-lr. Nnv 91 iq1 H 23 DHV (illOCKIIIGS. TK.of Svery "rLe.,lr .Sui(ar dn Molaisei, .L2.fre'i Spices, Thle Salt, in small bag i, Lamp Cl s, different oujlmei, Ginger, Salerilui, liar Sop. by Nov. 23J, 1933. 25 Wm.HURLnuf. bv a ti EAITCIITG- SCHOOL. M1 U. GEO. SAUNDERS &, Co u-nxl.t rnBnrtir.llttf infofm the piOUC Ol IIUfllllHlUll Uliu .iv.."., that they will bo ready to open their school bv tho20ih of Decern btr. They will also attend schools if the adjoining Jowus, wherever Ihcv may be required. Wnllns, Spanish Dances, Quad rllesand Contra Dances taught in the latest and most fashionablo 8 yc. They will furnis'i the best, latest a lid moil approved music for balls, cldlion partics,&c. at Iho ihortcst tiolien Q-Mr. Colbenh has just recei v ed n letter from Mr Saunders in wi,i,., li enva lie shall nositivcly be hciehy the 1 5th l)cc., Iov. 1, lblJ. 1ANCING S CIIOOL. Mnssns. pui.i.Eit 4 nATcitntDER WOULD rrspcetfiillv inform the inliibitnnli of llurline'on nnd vicinity thar lhey intend open ine a School m Ibis dn -e, in vvhi'-h will he taught Contrn dnnces, Cmllions, QundiiPes, Wnllies, nnd Spanish Dances. T.iey would nlso uive nolice thai thev will furnish coo,l music for Ball, Paries, Ale. For term enq rreof them or nt Howard's Hotel, Biirlinplon. vvliere books will be open to rcceivcnsmei. Nov. 1313. 24 HENRY HALE, ATTOnJf I2Y & COUNSEIjf.On AT LAW, ORWELL, VERMONT. PAPER HANGINGS just received nnd Tor sale by Nov. 24, 1313. 23 Win. HURL HUT. LUMBER. 100 ooo Feet of HKMLoCK BOARDS, 2O.O00 feet of Hemlock 2 inch Plsnk, IO.OOO Pieces of 2 X 4 Hemlocl. Walt Strlpi, 20,000 or 3X4 " Jore. S.OOO " of 4 X G " " IO.OOO feet 1 3-8 Ash Boards, 5. OOO feet 2 inch seasoned Whi'e Oat: Plank, IO.OOO feel 2 inch Basvvood Plank, 2,000 livi 4 inch Cherry, seasoned, suitable for Tables. 50, OO:) feet of White Pine, clear nnl common, from 3-4 to 1 7 8 inches iliin'-', for -nle low by FOLI.ETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov 23, 1813. 25 TOI1ACCO AM) SNUFF. ' 100 l!"ccs ,anJ half Boxes Bonn's celebrated 50 f,0 25 25 do Pace's, Irv uies', do do do Cro-I v Mi'chell'. vviih variou othir brand, M'leclc'l Willi prem rare. 20 Iv'cr;. .lohn Endnrs' Plmr, 10 dn Slitvp Ti hicco, 50 Bids po nl and hall'po in I Smn'.inc, 10 do Chewinfr.ot ihe mo-t prefere-l brand. Also, 103 .firs cvrn line Scented Maccohnv SnuT, 5 BI Is S -o'ch Sou r in .mall bladders, for ale bv, FOLLETT, BRADLEY &. Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1343. 25 SUGAItS. 1 fj 'Id Sl, Croix, 20 do Porto Rico, 20 do New 1 " Orleans, 50 l!bl. Clan'fiel, 30 do l.oal, 10 do Crashed, 10 do Powdered, 10 Boxes W & W do dle refined Loaf, forsnlc by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1313. 25 ItlGGI.NG. fi ftftft lb Tnrrcd Hiiriing, from I to 8 inches, WWW li0co Ih. Hanihrnme, 500 hi. Marline, 500 II Spun Ynrn, 100 lis Sad Twine, togeth er vvi h Sail Needles, &c. &c. Also, 5 Ti n- Icsl bund pa ked Oakum, 50 l.bls Tar, 50 do Pitch, 25 do Roin, for ale hv KOI.I.K1T, BRALLEY & Co. OKI DooL-, Nov. 93 ISO. 25 FltUSIl TI3AS. yX diet, prime Hyon Skin Tea, I O 10 do Extra do do do 100 Half Chests Young Hyson, 50 Ciddv. Old Hyson, 50 do Vo-ins llyon, 10 Clies's cxira qiioji'y Old Hyson, The-c T.M. were -elee'cd with great care and from ihe latest nnpor n inn-niel will le sold at New York Job! its price', no I fn i.'h'. FOI.I.IIT, BRADLEY it- Co. Old Doc!:, Nov. 23, IS43. 25 i.lftuons. 3 Pipe. Cnsniac Brnndv, 5 p'pei Swan Oin, 50 IV I-. Barler'. W.i'rcliO'UC Point Gin, 50 do American Brandv, 5 11 lids Si. Croix Rum,' i'tU". itlaieira vviae, 25 i.'o 10 do 10 do .iiaiagn ao Tinuri'.l'e do p, rl do for snle tv FOLI.F.TT, BRADLEY if- Co. Old Dock, Nov. -2X 1813. 25 CHEAP FARM FOR SALE. A FARM coniainine 105 acfesorpond Lnnd situ nied one half mile north ot Bnpnst Corners in Charloiie, with convenient buildings, vvillbesold very low. For particulars enquire of ,,, SALLi II. EK'FF; Charlotte, Nov. 8lh, 1843. ' tf f Biles of Nonh West nnd Upper Missouri Ro,''es, XJ uneaplorcasli, at COLr. x ROBINSON. W. P. ELLIOT, ARCHITECT & PATENT AGENT. OFFICE opposite the Pa'cni Office, corner ofSih and F street, City of Washington, will attend lo preparing Specifications, Diawines, &c. nnd nil bust nes inl rusted lo liiui counecied vviih the Patent Office, or his prufc sion, vvilh promptness nd despatch. Patent Orru c, Feb. 15th, 1842. Mr. Wm. P. ELLIOT, who ha been formerly em ployed in the Patent OMice, ns n Draughtsman, &c, hiving est ihlihed a Patent Agency in the City of Washington, I lake great pleasure in recommending him ns n L'emleman worthy of confidence, and ns be ini pnriii'ii'ailv qualified to lake charge of any busi ness requiring n Knowledge of mechanical science, ihe ion tress of tne. arts, an I paleni improvements. Mr. Elliot is ills,) Will n q-'ainied with ihe prieliceof this nlicc. HENRY L. ELLSWORTH. 24 6m Commissioner of Paienli. HUSSIA NAIL RODS. 6 Tons wanaiitcd Ittiisia Nnil Iluds, fir sale by FOLLEIT BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, 23, 1813. 25 POUDRETTE. 50 Barrels just received nnd for snlo by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 NOVA SCOTIA GRIND STONES. 20 Wninr Stones, weighing from 800 to 2600 each, 200 small finished Stones, 100 do Ohio do, Tor silo bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25. NOVA SCOTIA IMiASTKH. 300 Tons in Stone, 100 do in Barrels, 50 do in Bags, Selected for agricultural purposes, ind warrinted pure. Delivered nt our mill in winoosm uity, or it our ware house Old Dock. 25 Nov. 23, 1843. FOI.LET, BRADLEY & Co. BOLTING CLOTHS. Q A and 40 inch New Anchor Brand, from 00 lo Ofi1 No. 10, constanilv on hand, on consignment. KOI.LhTI, BIHDLEY, ci Co., Agent: OU Dock, Nov 23. 1843. 25 MOW F1IU1. rpllE Subscrihcri having associated themselves 1 together for the purposo of tmvins nnd selling Goods under the Firm i f COLE ci ROBINSON, navu taken the store formerly occupied by Messrs. I yman & Cole, nnd recently bv Mr. Cole, on College Street, where they intend to keep a general assort ment of DRY GOODS & DRY GROCERIES. And ss they pirchaso altogether for Cash, their friends, nnd the Public may be assured thai Ihcy can receive them as hv fox Caih as can be purchased in the village To lest the same Ihoy are respectfully in viled to call and examine il.eir new slock of GOODS just received from New York, and Bns'oni among which are a large assortment of Cloak and Dress Goods, consisting of Super Silk ind Cotion Warp, Alpaccii, rich and changeable Alpicca Luster, C'hu an, a superior article of Dmp. Royal, etc. 4c. A splendid assortment of rich ind plain Shawls, also, a variety ofCouon and Linen Goodi. A gener al assortment of Fun. such aa Capes, Collsrs, Muffs, lions &r. Also, n largo assortment of Groceries, inch as Teal, Coffee, Sugar, Mnlasees, &c. by the Chest, Boirel, Hhd, or tingle pound. Produce of nil kind liken fn exchange for Goodi. Wan ltd. pnrti' ularly. 10,000 Ibt, Flcee Wnol.aud 10 000 Shecps Pells, for which part cash will be paid' Those wishing to purchase, would do well to call ind examine our goods befors purchasing tlsewhiri. MORTON COLE. JOHN II. ROBINSON. Burlington, Nav IT, 1M1 SALT. 9000 Bitshols Solar Salt, 2000 do Cipe May do, 1000 do Turin Island do, 1E00 Bbls. Western do, 1200 Bags tal le Salt 29 lbs. each, 100 do Liveipool Dairy, for sale low by FOLLEIT, BRADLEY 6c Co. Old Dork, Nov. 23, 1913. 25 LEHIGH if- DLOSSBVROII COAL. gSO Tons No- KakcA Le- hiijh in lumps from the Hasleton Minei, deiifined ex pressly for furnace purposes, GO Ton. Ens size for crates, 25 do Blossl urgh for J-'mith's use. The nbove ii all housed and dry. For sale by r uui.K I I , Oi uo. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 MOLASSES. 5() Tierces New Iberia Syrup, a tuperior article, 30 Hhils. Porto Rico do, 20 do Trinidad, 20 do New Orleans, 30 do Cuba, for sale bv FOLLEIT. BRADLEY & Cn. Old Dock-, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 AMERICAN patent wrought and cast iron vices, a new nnd superior article. Fosler's Anvils, Aine's long handled Shovili, Homer's cast steel do, Thomas' Spades, Davie's Bdlel Webi, Trace Chains, Halter dn, Saw Frames, Hammers die. oe. for sale by KOl.LKTT, UltADLY 4t Co. Old Doek, Nov. 23, 1843, 25 r TONS U, Hand 2 inch spring Heel, J 200 pairs sleigh nnd cutter shoes, 100 cro bars, assorted sizes, 1000 lbs. zinc, 10 pairs waccon springs, manufactured to order, CO sett wrought nnd cast arms, for sale by FOLI.ETT BRADLEY c Co. Old dock. Nov. 23, 1843. 25 SliEETIXGH AXD SHIRTINGS. 30 BALES Treiuori: ."ui , , 20 do Exeter loinily shcC::SS, very heavy, 10 do Sh:ninzs. for sale by FOLI.ETT BRADLEY & Co. Old docV, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 SEASONED CLEAR WHITE PINE LUMIIER. 3000 rem i inch 600D do 5-9 suitable for cannili. 4000 3000 5000 G000 2000 do do do do do 1 i 1 i l 2 i do do, do, do very wids, 3 do, 10,000 do 13-9 do cood common Huff. The above lumber is drv nnd suitable for immediate use. having been stuck up under coveror two years. Nov. 23, 1S43. 25 For sale by JOHN BRADLEY. UTTER NUT L U MISER. A.fifM Teet of 2 inch Butternut Plank 2000 do do 3 do Crotch do Boardi sawed exDresslv for nannel stuff. The nbove lumber was sawed for door stuff and has been two years under cover. Also, n few pieces or 4 inch RuMernut luimble for smir rails, for silo by JOHN UKADL.tSY. Nov. 23, 1343. 25 OILS. lOOO Gallons best Winter Sperm, 500 do do fall do, 1000 do winter bleached whale, 200 do Olive Oil, Tor snle low by FOLI.H7IT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 PIfcINT WAIIKHOUSE IN NEW YORK. BF. LEE, (lormerlv ollbe linn ot Lord &. Lees' . Lee rt Bibcock, tic,) and U. B. BREWSTER, under iho linn of LEE & BREWSTER, have estab lished nt 113 Pearl street, Hanover Square, New York, a Warehouse on in ex tensive scat, E.VCLVSIVT.LY FOR PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trade by the piece or pncl-.i'ic. By confining their attention entirely and exclusive ly to thi one article, L. if- B, arc.enal le.l not oulv to exhibit a more extensive nnd I rauiii'il assortment than itn lc found el-cwhen', (there beinff nr similar e.liil li. for print. Ill the Uni'td State-) but to ,i-ll nlway at price as low, and generally lower than tho-e ol hou.e- who-e attention anJ incansare divi le.l anions n l.irse variety of arnVIe-. TheSKK-k.ein1 ru'ina Some Thousands of Differ ent Patterns and Calorinv. including a splendni as sortini'UI of French Prints, comprise nil the laie-t and choi"i:-t .ly'c-, 'n which will I e cou.ianlly addetl nil ihc new nn l di-iral lc pattern n they nppeir in ihe marie', I c-:dc miny which will Le prinicJexclii livcly for their own -a'c. Pnri ha-er. of In. nr icle will find it to their intere.t to cxairlnc tin- Stuck I efore I uyng their Print. If tht'V'iannot p'ircha-e, they will nt least have the ad vantaccofuvioin'l the new style-, and learning tho lowc-t price-. Jj-Cvalo jiie.. of price, corrected with every vari ation of the marl.1'!, arc put into the hands ot buyers. OUDIRf. As UiV B. will keep Ihi. great a-'orlment at all ea.oni,r ihc year, llic' vi ill ofco ir-e I r al le tnex cc iteorder. cu'ii in tiitr'iViilli if wiu er, (when other c-ialili-liincni- have no .lock ofgocd.,) inihebc-t manner, nnd ihcy solicit the oli'fn ion of dealer to lhiierv uniiMial advantage, which their establish maal i fi'cr.-. Teiims All cood. ore charged al net rash nrices. n ner Cilalogcc which will I e icnt vvilh all good or-deri-'i and il nine i. eiven, iniere-t i a Ided. 5yl NEW GOODS, ID" A I XI CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. THE sul scr her. have in-t re-eivc1 'bei. Fall nnl Winters pilv i f Staple Iry Go,;di a'' I "c nest Family Groccrltiainong which '"ay lil Mill t'uloreil Cambric-, Common and Rich Prints, Mone line de Lain-, Pla n Fig ire.l and Printed Alpaccas, dunlin in-, Pari ion., an I Prin'el Merino. Herns., Whim, Cunt ric, li.'ured p'aid iSi corded.) Li cn, Linen Ild' f.., Lace tfjillfng-, Grecian do, In ser'ins and licc hdiiiitir. Fancy Cravat., Alpacca do., I'aHin do., Mufflers, Pi-I et IMI f., Coniforlcrs, and Ve-t Pattern. Night 'np., Slate cnlorel Colli n Hu-e, Black Wiir-icil do., Lambs Wool dr.. Cd-bmcre do., nod Scarlet Sock. Super It ick Gloves and Mitten, Ocnllemen'. nnd Lndies Ki I lilovc, L'eul'. Bit b Cheini and Wooien Gloves, Iridic.' Cash and B'ncl. Kid do. Webb llraic, S iper R'lld tr do., Black Silk Cord, Mohair Cord, and Oxford Milts, Silk and Mohair Coat Binding. Needles Sdid Head Pin-, Peirl and Bone Shirl Button., Supcrii r Gill Coatdo, Until and Ustini do. Hi o'.s nnd Eve. Sill and 'I u i. t. Soool nn.l S'h,,, Thread, Knitting Cotton, I'mlrellus, and Hone i,iniihci. Neil Shawls. Piaid and Rich Wool do.. leached and Bru'vn h licet in is and Shirting, Bleached nnd Brown Drill, Bed Tick, Plain Cotion F aunel, Ron Roy, LiiiM'y., Canvass and Padding, Wicging, and Quality. Plain nnd Gauze Ril bous, Diaper. Coiton Yarn. Vtf,.f :.. W..I I !,..;' ' ' ' ., ,i.-h,ii, ..iiuiiiii uiiii iiaiuiiir. Chenii Bag., Fringe Gingham Hdkfs, Black Tabby eliet, Brown Linen,&e, &o. FAMILY GROCERIES. Hvsnn, lly.on Skin, Young Hyion and Gun Pow- Si. Croix, Havana and Loaf Sugar. Java, and Si, Domingo Codec. Pure Ground do " " Cai.ii, " " Spice. " " Pepper, " " Ginrer, Premium Strch, Nutmegs, Indigo, Gum Camphor, Bar and Shaving Soap. Lonllard'r Black and Scotch Snuff, Rappee do. Candles, Rice, Cocoa Piste, Cocoa Shells, and Prepared Cocoa. Cod Fih, Mackerel and Salmon, Cavendish and Paper To'ncco. FnciT Box ind Keg Raisins, Curants, Cilrr.n Lemon-, Pecam Nuts, Braxil do., Phdberli, Wiln Also, Day and Martin' Lirpikl Blacking. P',ted0 Pep.per Same, Powiler and Shot, Percussion Cans' Knives and Forks, Pocket Knives, Slate, Scisors and Combs. The above we riTer for cah or rea ,av as low aican le lKiught in Burlington. Thantfiil for the patpnuce rtveivrd we solicit a continuance ofihe same.hopng to retain by strict Mention to business and integrity In our dealings w'.ih our patrons. nr. re i... 8' N' GAUT & Co. Burlinglnn, Nov 7, I84J. PARIS WHITE DIN NER SETS. A ...... . ,i' ndi I rt a t V . Dinnii WAe, a full assortment with Tm Wmtm III match, an mntl.m ....t j . . i T Ti ' "c' ."'" "no very nana, some indeed, for sale cheap al Ihe Crockery itore bv Nov. 3. incr-nn '.. ' -'-i i "n. NO TI CE TO DE It TORS. ALL persons ind, b ed to S. Ik SCOTT nre here I y nolified to male immei'iale payment of Ibeir ccGuntiind r.cte.10 ibetubKnbernnd vthem. nlrcscoit. Nov I JOSKPH WAIT, Atf. CLOCKS. , . ALL persons who wish to buy a Drissor Wooden Clock are requested to look at our nets onti, w will Bell them bv the box. bv tho dozen, by the hun dred or single, at such prices as cannot fail to suit. 1 IIB1SISMAID IJI10TII". SHEETING!, MUIUTINGH. die. 10 000 yARDS light nd heivy Brwn B.000 Yds. Bleached Shirlinps, Sheetings and Drills. 6,000 " .Dark Fall and Winter Prints, just received by HENRY W. CATLIN. not. id, ib. zi 8AI.T, FLOlMt AND 1LASTEH. OC TONS Fiesh Ground Plsster, XiO 100 Bbls. superfine Fluur, 1400 Bushels coarse Sait, 150 Bags Fine Dairy do. just received by Nor. 18, 1813. 24 H. W. CATLIN. NEW GOODS. I.OVKL.Y AND SHYMOUR INVITE Ihe nttenlion of their customers and the public to their stock of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, which is one of ihe most extensive in the 6'iate, and which they offer for sale at prices will suited to the interest or purchasers. Goods ailanlid o the present nnd coming season mnv be found in great abundanccat Ihisestablishmeut Nov. 10, 1913. 24 Novomhcr 15, 1S-i:i. MESSRS. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS have the pleasure nf informing their friends and cus tomers nnd the public generally that ihcv nro now opening a new nnd splendid n.orlmenl of enods in Ihe WAICH, CLOCK AND JEWELRY lineof business, to which department Ihcy intend to give their more immediate attention. We nre constantly making in our ovn shop at Bur hncton the best silver spnons.'gold bee 'sr, rings, if-c, and receiving from abroad jewelry, watches, clocks and other coods in our lino from Iho best nimVcre. As the holydnysnre approaching wo shall bo open ing new nnd beautiful goods suitable for presents, fir persons or nil nees. in rrh varieties, nnd nt such pri ce ascnnnottail (we hope) tosuit the motfistidiou. We cannnt nt present attend tn nil our cu-lomer, and to all the work ihat is presented, jut n vvc wish to. but we nre mnkinp such nrrnnccmcms as will en able us to do it as satisfactory as possible. Wc will nol enumerate our goods, but simply say that the assortment i ns complete, if not more so, than any we hive hnd the pleasure of openine. BRINSMAID fc BlIOTIIER-i, Successors ioPasgoorn &, IlmssMAin.) 21 Watch Makers and Jewelers. Dan DnJ' state. STATE OP VERMONT, ! rTn,'K ,IIon' District of Chittenden. I X ."rol ate Court wiihjn and for the District of Chiltendeu: To Ihe creditor and others concerned in Ihc es'.ve of !..? DAY, lnieol Burlinglnn, in .aid District, deceased. Wherca, Hcman Allen Administrator of thee. tale of said decease 1, ha. ma lc application to ihi Court, loexlend lln'tiine limited lor making payment of the debt of said de 'eased, and settling sail e-iate twelve rnonih from the 21h day of January next, and the second Wednesday of Decern! cr nect.'l dug assianed for hearing in Ihe premi-es, nt the Oilice of the Regis ter of thi Court, nnd it having been ordered that no tice Ihireof be given, by publishing thi decree three week .uecc-sivcly in the Burlington Free Pres, a new paper printed at Burlington, before the time fix ed for hearing. Therefore, you arc hereby, notified, lo appear I o fore sail Court, al Ihc time and place afore-aid, then and Ihere, to make objection if any you have, to tho said time of payment Leing further extended as afore said. Given under my hand at Burlington this 15th day of ..OVCIUDC-r, .1. U. 134J. VIW3 Wm. WESTON, Register. William P. Philip's Kstatc. STATE OP VERMONT, 1 rfUIE Hon. the District ol Chittenden, . 1 -l Probale Court for Ihe District of Chmenden : To nil peron con cemelinlhs esiate of Wm. P. Phillips late ofBur lineton in said Dislrici, i!.vea.ed, OnEETisc. Wherea. Ca.siu. P. Peck. Admini.iratnr of ihe es tate or anldeceae!, propo-c torender an account of - ii-iruni'ii, ano piecni ni. account agein.t said e.iato for examination nnd allowance at a seion of'he Court ol Pro! ale. lobe ho den nl ihe Reci.ter's oTic'ein said Burhnglon on ihe second of Therefore, You areherehy nolified to appear lcfore saidcourl nt the time nn l pln'-c nforcniJ, and shew ..c.sic, ii any von nave, wny tne account alort'saiu .liould not I e allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington Ibis 15lh day uoiutEiiiLcr a. u. lots. 24w3 Wm. WXTSTON, Register. RE VOL VI NG CA S TORS. JUST received a full assortmeni of handsome Brit lama Cistori, four, five, nnd six hollies, and for sale cheap at ihe Crockery Store bv -Vnv- 3- JOSEPH WAIT. GLASS WARE. A large assortment jut received,comprisin almost every article in the line, such as Tumblers of dif fident q la'itics plain and moulded, Lamps 12 different myes some quue new, 1,'andleslicks, Pitchers, Pre, serve Dishes round and octigon, Je lies plain and the lat long e.ion (made up of the prm-cedings, in moulded, Lemonades do. Wine Classes do. Dcean- eluding thevoiesand aiyn(ip.i oftheihse.iion) cx ters, water Bottles. Gobb'ets very rich, Hyacinth 'ende I lo almost a thousand quarto page, smoll print G asses, 6alts, Cruit lie all very cheap at Ihe Crock. , The Appendix of speeche, rcvi-ed or written out by ervidoreby the speakers, cuiijs:ed niso of ahout one thou-and ?ov- 3- JOSEPH WAIT, i q iarto paces. Tlice volumes were furni.he.! fur 81 ISAAC WARNRti I AS pisl received, fiom New York, n LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GOOIi.?i id. t;. which arc a variely or pure Wines. Ccfrnae ilrnndv! ' Sl. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Jamaica Rum, Scouli Whiskey, Cherry Brandy, Baliimoro Gin and a plen-1 ty of oilier cheap liquors of various qualities and pri-1 ces. I .tlolases, loaf, lump and brown suiar, Teas, Coffee, Lhocolnle, Pepper, Alspire, Ginscr, Nutmegs, Cloves r,nn ;i.;.,M. YiV. --"".(., uimes. Cinnamon, Salerotus, Bar and Fancy Soap, and after Ion t. " lk"M "mi van., mm experience mid from the largest and 1 est dealers in Ihe line in New Yorl: oriiiE puresl and best qualities. and aro warranted He on hheeliniis, winnings, Calicos Cambrics, Triminings for clolhes, and miny other ariicles but no Fancy lioods. All or which he will sell fri the lowest prices. Tavern Keepers and others arc invited to call nnd 23 Burhn.'on, (Church St.) Nor. '43. RICH AND .SPLENDID GOODS FOR THIS M'l.VTCH. HW. CATLIN ha p-st remrned from New York an I Piula Ic'phi i wilh a vC'Y large as sortmeni of FANCY GOOns, among H.ich mnv 1 1 ft un I high colored Velvet, Ch i-ans nnd 'iVasins (new article, for Ladic.,) Plain Prime I .''nl S ripeil de l.aino-: Colt red. Il.'jcl: an t lll.i.. III.,,.!.- v. a'errJ, Siripe I and Figure I Sd , and Culme I Alpac ca L i-ire., Or'ein Clolh an I Printcl .Sixonvs, Rich Plain Fig'ired and Slrmcl Light and dark Silk and Challv, high colored Velvet; liar. Cm and .Ncek Ril biui.. Nn. 1 Light and lnrk Fiench Kid Glove-, Black nn.l Colored l!inii-an I rrinse-, Gem's J" ock.. and Cravats, Ladies Rich Velvet., Plu.hand Chine Si'k Cravat-.S.vis, and Canibr.c'i Worl.c.1 Inserlings Ediiiig-, ti': P. S. The nl ove Goo !s an ! many more not eiri merited, have I cen .clceied with groat care and at mm Ii lower (irii-c than u-nal, and will be solJ at a very small advance for cash or approved credit. N 'vernier 10, 1SI3. Jj S. N. PAHM.W.Ei:, No. 7 .Counsellor! Hall. (Peck'i Building.) IS BOOKS AND STATIONERY FOR SALE AT V. HAUUt.VGTllN'S, Collcse St. BIBLES a varieiv, Q iarlo, Ociavo, Duo mfJUlV.'' Vn:hrt Ju- vanoi lending.. mi. til fJOOKS of all size and bindings, pri "'iV.'" 25 -" 5 00 each. ' ' WATT'.i and SKLULT Ht'MNS, Methodist MIMN'S, IAMr-MEETINO HtMNS,WlsrCIIEl.L's WATTS Psalhs. and Hins arranged by Sevvall fo;- Unitn. , "I'l'ing Paper, Cap and Leticr Pav-er, Mavnanl r,d Noves' tine Wriimg Ink, no lei'er ink mamifn". .ured; Inkstands, Sand Boxc. Water Cups. Black Sand, Waferi, Sealing x, Q-iill-, manufactured and nal.v e PcnUive and Pencds, Blank Hook. Ac. which will be lold for pay. Oct. 11,MJ. LOOK AT THIS. 50 tVinkl?1 lh? quality of QUINCES " w at 1,50 per bushel, for sale hy 2 GEO. PETERSON. J .ml HPf' Je,i".whiie bugles, iteel.gill, .,) u, Jet ''e'-s, beautiful silk purses, neel trimmed ind lots new goodi. 24 Bunsmaid if Brothii. Lirge aiiortment of 8-4 Coileo Cirpelina for nil by 24 COLE & ROBINSON. Large virlety of Furs, and Cloth Caps for rile by 24 COLE ifc ROBINSON. GROCERIES. A full sssortmint of Groceries comprising almost ivsry irliclein tits line (Liquors excepted) ail of which win t sola si cneip ii tne cn tcheipest by HENRY w.'CATLIN. Nov. 10 1543. CONE LANTERNS, AN ssartmsnt. iomt eitri siw, i, very heavy and luptrinr irtirli foe nil it Ihe Crockery Store, by NeZI JOSEPH WAIT ttmmmmmsasWttmtnnsnmmswmmm'atemm.ri PROSPECTUS FOtl THE CONGRESSIONAL. OLOBi. AND APPENDIX. THESE works have such a wide circulation, en I have been so universally approved and sou?!.: after by the public, that we deem it necesary orV In this pro'pectus to say that they vvi 1 Le ccntici v-f nt the nextto-slon tf Congress) and to .talc, ft) cincily, their contents, theform in which they will i s printed, and Ihe price forlhein. ine i;ongrc!ir,iai Olotc Is made tra o! the ila.. proceedings of the two Hoiieo of C'tif rer. 1 i.r speccho Lflhe members nre condensed to brine tlier. Into a readable length. All the resolutions offer. . or motion made, are given in the mover.' own wordi, and the yea and nays on all ihe important quctior,--Ills printed with small type brevier and nunparii! -tn a ilonble-ri'val sheet, in quarto form J each nun lir containing 1C royal quarto page. It i prm' afintallie business dune in Congre-s f,iriiilo niatter enough for a nnml er, Thu first fut.T vvee . . i a icsion tiuallv'fiirnih matter enough for one nun lern week- and the balance of Ihe sesiun enouij-s for two or ihree nuinl crs a week. The approach!:'. ' ie-a'oii ot Congress will Le a long one, nnd will for r.ish mailer enough, we suppose, fcr Lily or sis number.'. The appendix is made up of the President'. annual incage, ihe report, of the principal officers of ll-.: (lovcrninenl Ihat accompany it, ami ell the lutij speeche of nicml era of Congrc , written out or re-vi-cd I ythein-elve. It f pr,n cdin the sonic form i. ihe Congrenonal Glol e, and ti.unily makes al.o.v thenme nmul cr of paste. There nre not so man" iiumler ptilh.he.1, the i vceilfif a se.:c,n, nt Iheicare niunlcrsof the Congre-siocal Globe, to cause Ihu Ineuibers nre slow in wri'ing out the spceche) but, towards the clo-e ol a se.sion, thrt nuinl urs are published more fretpently than be Con grc.sioiial Glol e. L'acli of thee works i complete in it-elfi but it i necessary lor every suh.crilcr who iVires a fm l.nowlc.lgeof iho proceeding of Concre-, lo lm s loli; Icciusc, then, ifthcre should le'anv ainbieui tv in the synop-i.. nfihesncech, or any denial ot i'. correcine-s, n pul lchcd in tho Coiigre-nonal lilol c, the reader may turn to the Appendix to ice thespeec.i at length, coriecied by thu mem! er lutmilf. Now, ihere i no ource I lit the Congressional Glol i it ml Appen lis, from whi -h a pc-rion can obtain a f 'i li.ry of ihe iiriH'ee lines ol Concrcs. Gaics & i'EATON's Regi ier of Diha'e-, w hich cou'aine I hi lory, vva su.pcudctl in i lie jmr IS37, and ha nn ince I cen reuined. It co-t al i tit liietnr.e a inncls for a se-.ioti a-the Conare-iiHial Glu'o.tnl Appen dix, and did not contain an eq ial atno ml of matter, a great portion of the curraii pro.-rahiv.' omite.l- Comp'ete indexes to lob the (Jlol.! nnd the Appendix areprnilcl at ihe close of, and sent to all .tiu-eril ers for them. The report bfiheCnnzie-.ional Globe and AppeS dixareno' in ll.e least degree a 'ecte I by the party hois f ihe Ed tor... They are given prec selv a. vvn;"' ten out I.',' the Reporters and ihe Members tKemselvc. and arc subject t" ll'.erevi.icn and correction ct tbn -peaker. Boih Houses cf Congrcs take the Concessions! l-)a e and Appendix for their committee roomj, ami for the J'brane of Congress. So confident are wc that nil who subscribe lorthee works wilt 1 e pleatri with them, thit wc hereby plcJgis ourselves to take them bad' and iiltmd ;I.e money 10 all whs may le I'is-attsiied, The approach of Congress winch will discuss lef ihe Atierican people' all ihemo-l important questicn ever entertained by the national councils, and ne'.v and extraordinary incasan .ijnevcr Lcfore fully ventur ed upon, ha inuueej tbcpuolMiers ot the Glote to make greater and K-iter prepari.lion than heretofor: forrcponin? and pubiibing the speeches and pro ceeJnigs 1 1 the next scion. A stronrer ccrp cf ru porter, new type, and liner paper, will be provided, to present, inlhc'be-t manner, thedcl.alcs and doings cf therepre-cntaticn of the Union which assemble un der exciting circumstances, very widely dittoing from the state ot things encountered by any previous Con gress. The executive power is at war with both th" (Treat parties that uomposc the Congress; and one cf these will have the ascendency in the Scnale, wida the oilier holds the power in the recently caosen pop ular branch. In this attituJa Congres will meet, iff deal with mo-t interesting topiesvt Inch have everin volcdit..vvi-doni. It will find the whole rt venues of Ihe country in ihe hands of Irresponsible fmctiona rie, in whom no parly confides. It will find an op pre.'iveian.l'roLbing the ci eat mas ofthypeopleaod the Government. Iivvilllinda inonstrou moneyed andspccul.iling intere-t struggling to build t:p anoth er independent laxing power in an incorporated es tabli.hment giving, a. n ve-:cd right, toccrtain class es, authority to counterfeit for the nalion n currency furbiddinby Ihe Con.tiliitinn. It will find political agitator., in Cor.grcs to work for presidential api runis, urging thcdistribuiion of the national domain,, and the a-stimptinn of Slate debt., asa mean, of en-li-tingin their political design all the who look to distribution as perpetuating an excessive tar iff, to assumption a appreciating their slocks and creating a nsiioualdebt opening a new ticld of .pec ulation, ol u hieh i national bank iscon.idered neces sary, ns the grand .limul.uor. Wiihalllhc-e vastts stievvill le involved ihc question of ihe next Pre-i-nency, on which ll is suppo.-eJ every result will de pend. In such a crii'.,iii. proper that the people of eve ry district in the Union should le well informed ct ihe course pursued ly it. panic rc',ire-enlalive, and ol the caring of all ihe discussions in Congress, and of all u proceeding.. 'Ihe important topics, opened up in Congrc.., will, we have nodoubt, great ly protract the session, and con-equently increa-e tho volume of our ri'imrt. 'Vhr. r. n..l euk. cacn. i nc s.imo nmouni ot mailer rencned an 1 n.-in nil at the usual pr.ces, could not 1 e am nV-J for less .v.. ,1,,;,,., mini, .ma ,Vll ii m lnt. rejuccii siibscrintion price. But ihe volume ofihe reports, in-crea-iil by the long sion clToup res, made ihe cost ofthe paper alone nearly cpal the price al which the volume was sold. The piibli-hersmade noihing oa their vvor. Anf-ipaling that the approaching ses- c, sioii will net l,c shorter than ihe long one orihe 27lh ougre.--. wc nan aetermincil orn-e tne price ot Iho 1 Coo-re..;onal ( .. d v.n.i,v s-L,.i, . u nut iu re ho f) u u-nr ;. n piiinimiir.'i.. 1 ed with the imnnn.ii.en r.t .,,r..l, ,-'in...i. ' nnnng Ihepeoolc. on ihe eve cfan election. Iraurhi with such con-cqui'iice. lo thecouiitrv as ihat ot the next i-re-mency, we have re-olve.1 lo auhere lo tho old price of SI for the Ccngre.ionat Giole, and 51 for ihe Appendix cf .peeche, toall Mil'-crd ers up lu the 1-t cf January next. Aller that day, the price will le S2 for each. A some pcr-oiis who may receive this prospectus may vvi-h to subscrd i'1'or our regular p,ii(rs, we will hen-slale ihat vep'd!ih a Daily paper at 10; a Semi-weekly paper at S5 ; and a Weekly paper, with a complete index toil, at 23 a tear payable ia ad vance. TFIt.MS. for ihe Congressional Glol e, 81 per copy. For the Appendix.Sl per copy. Six copies cr either ofihe a! ove work will I e sent for Ja i twelve topic for SI0 ; nnd so on in propor. llOn ti.r . n ......... ...-.I ... .. .... t,,s, trr lllilllUlT. I ayineni. may I o Iran mifel I y mail,aMrep3ftf at.C'r ris'i. !y a rule ofihe Po.t Offi Department, patmns.ier aie perinined lo fiank letter written by them. oil e, containing money f r subscription. '1 he notes of any I .ink, current vv here a tubscri! er rcii'es, will I c re 'eivc I i y it. al par. To injure all the mini! cV, ihe .n!icription ihojlA be in Wa-hington 1 y -,he )0:h of Decern! er nexv at farttie!. 5Cr- "'.Irnion irill he paid to any ardvr um'ett tht mort.j accompanies it. BLAIR & RIVES. vAinr.TCsf C'tTV, O t. JO, 13-13 Steam liont Alcoling. rph Commissioners under the Chsrlsr frem Ihs ,u ..Vf8'8 .-,ur.8 of.v,t.rma!'. ftr t'ne orginiiaiion of the "New orkand C.,,p!,.'in Slflm BoM Compi ny, hereby give r.nnce that a ineering will b hoi den. according to the provision! of mid Charter, it the Inn of Sir Sirens, in Vergennes Vt , on the first ednesajay (,i,,c Cth) of Oeceniber, 1S43, at 10 o'clock a. vi , ror purpose of choosing Nina Direc'ors of lata Lotr.ipany, under the Charter above mentioned, and ,a irnnsact any other business that may becomi niccsiary. LAWRENCE MYERS, JOHN C. HAMMOND, GIDEON LATHROP, . . , . . For tht Commissimert. Dated at Pittsburgh. November 31 1543. 23wt. (J-LATE ARRIVAL. THE Subscribers are now opening their Kail and t Winter Slock of GOODS. Woolen Clolh from four shillings to $10 pir yard conr-r.ti.ip of English, French. Belgium and Ameri. can Hroad Cloth ; Beaver and Pilot Clothf, Plain and Fancy Ctw rnere, and satmetls; Silk Velvets, plain and figured Sitin, Vilintii ld Bulf Casitmere for Vesting-; Anextemive aisortment of Tailor1 Trimmis;. A few deirlle palierns of rfch Velvet, l-bunaiiot. Brocade and Chusans for LadiaV J)iisa, Vlvt and -tik Cravan;, Ribbons, Drcs Hdkfs, SbawU. Fobmm ind Gimp Trimming ; Gcnilemen'i Fancy Sdrf. lies Stook, d Geau. Patent fiabler Over Shne. a nttiartuU. A L S O A KreiB supply of Grocerii of U kutus, U rrf woiea with nuaieroii. other irtic! wi offer our IrwoV and the pcblic at the lowc-t market nrfcttV a" vwm- rs, . i, KERN a. SPEATt Church t., Nov. 1,1843. v Mif KMV nn, ills; for lb Suson Just rrrcivtd at the

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