Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 15, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 15, 1843 Page 3
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' S & B W S2 Jfc I& S3 D SPIES' IS MINIATURES. MESS. WIIITTDiaonS i PORTER, RESPECTFULLY in lorm the citizens of Hurling. Ion that tlioy have taken rooms anJ tot up their apparatus for lak'me dagulrueotype .miniatiw.s at the American lintel (Uoom No. G.2 1 (loor) ami will remain there n few d.ty, where they will I e happy to exhibit to the LaJic ami Gentlemen of lltirlmgion specimens oftheir work, ami rentier ueli oilier alien Uon at may he neoesary for their information. Thoe who have never scon a s peeimen of nature's Pencilling ean hardly form an ndeittatu idea of iheox. Irerae perfection, I'caniy, ami wonderful ininiitcnofs of D.tguerrco'ype Picture. Suffice it to sny that pro ductions of tins proce are the works of nature, and not ofart the light of heaven alone Is the Pencil used. N U. Copicj ff paintings engravings c. by the same proee Instructions given and apparatus fur atsheJ on reasonable terms. MESSRS. SHERMAN f Co. FIRST COTILLION PARTY will Lc holdcn nt the EAGLE HALL in Williston, on Wedne-day thtS7lhof December in-t., -to be continued every two weeks through the sea-on. First raid music to be furnished. Williston, Dec. II, 1343. 23iv3 NEW GOODS. MRS. LAKGWORTKT, VTAS received from NEW YORK a supply of J"jl., FASHIONABLE GOODS, for the season, eorfjistitlgof Molin Laces, Gtvtrs, FaiN-ccs, Uionoxs. Lacc, Emd'd and Dimitv Collaiis, &c. ecc. WINTER BONNETS AND CAPS OF THE MOST FASHION.1, RLE PATTERNS. Burlingion, Dec. 14, 1943. 23w3 CHEAP GOODS. SUPERFINE BROAD CLOTHS, UEAVFR and PILOT do. Cas-uncres, Sntinett, Vesting-, Black an I Chanieahlo Alpaca. Ch ian.. Cranuan 1 oiik vciveis. n iitrizu u I in iiw or ecu riwi-. i.u- iliej Cravat-. Red and Whi'e Flannels. Cotton do. Merino and Saxony wto! Slnilsnn I Drawer', with a variety of oilier l)rv GooJ., which are o let ed at reduced prices for oa-h by S. M. POPE. Burlington, Dee. 15, 1813. TO THE PUBLIC. MESSRS. 1IRINSMAID &. UROTHI1RS would respectfully inform their friends and the public generally that thev are now opening and arranging in their NEW STORE, 1st door oath of their old store, an cricnsivc and beautiful assortment of Jewelry, Watches Clocks, Castors, Plated and Biitannia Ware, Work Boxes, Dressing Cases, Shell Card Cases, Shell Combs, Fancv Brushrs, Ivory Combs, Silk Purses,' Gold and Silver SPECTACLES, Gold Chains Pencil., Rings, I'roaches, Golden Top Combs, Hair Pin., Head at.d Neck Ornament", and a very, extensive v.irietv of Fancy Article,. In the variety may be found some oflhe line-t Gold and Silver W alche- of our own importation which are very accurate time Keepers, they will be sold rea sonable and warranted; Gold an I Silver Watches of cheaper kind.. We are ot'.cn aiiding new ones to the assortment. CLOCKS. We have Brass an 1 Wood Clocks in beaulifd Ma hogany, Zebra and other ease--, by the box or single clock nt lower pr.ees than usual, all who wish a clock at any price, however lew or high, are united to look nt our winter assortment, which is i.ioidlv dimini.hing, to make room fur more; Goo I Woo l Clocks lor 53,50 and upwards, Brass, from S3 and upwards and warrranied. Gold Pencils and Tooth Picks. Two dozen Gold Pencils, aborted sizes and pat. terns for Ladies and Gentlemen. DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PENS. Thcseconl lot within three weeks jn-t received. These pent arc the be-l, cheapest, mo-t durable Pen ever nude, an I .ire now u-t I by m ,ny of the Law yers, Merchant- au h-i-uie men, n. noil ... i,y many Lad u in 1 1 1 i - an I other place-, lln'v neel only to be tried to le liked, tho longer n-ed llio nioie np prove I. To any who do-il t we sny plca-u try tbein, we invite the clo-c-t -cr.itiuy, e know they will la-t Hot only one two or three b it Ten year- and more. SILVER PENCILS. Fifteen dozen Silver Pencils of all sz;s, pattern nd prke', from 23 els. upward-, some Le.itttiiul cne with ftone heads. WORK BOXES, TOILET BOXES, itc. A variety of Mahogany, liosowool an I Whttewool Work Ituxe-, C.i-e, W, itini; Dcn'.s, and Totlelt Sand', Steel mil Wool Screw Cu-hou, S,ol Sianl-, bea.itiful PARIS P.iier l!oxo-, Watch Iloxes mi I s:anJ mil other oods of like kml--m tplcndid variclv, far letter than u-ual. SILIC PfRSES, BAGS, &c. Silk, nee! trimmed an I other I'ures, Purse Mountings and trimmings of I dutiful patterns. GOLD CHAINS. IS Ladie' and Gentlemen'.- Gold Chains -ome with acals au I Ley-, slide- &c , more I eautifiil than usual. GOLD BROACHES AND PINS. We have received s vne more I eaulif il Topaz ind otherSlone Pin- and llius of o ir own inipurlaliou, of thei-ame linker of iho-e Pin and Kins;- which we imported in IS 1 1 and which hive I cen spoken of as the mo-t beautiful ono worn in town. PLATEDJ-t IIRITTANIA WARE, &c. Tel an I CoTee Pot, Mola333an 1 C hildren- IJup Drittania Pitcher-, Di-h-coer-, Snip Ladle-, Spit-toon-, Communion PuriiU'ire. Snu'.'er- nod 'IVuv.. Socar Bowl-, Cieam I'up-, T mil Icis, bras-, plattil ftm) I rittannia CanJ.'e.tick-, Waiters,'.tui lila cs cVc., in horl a more full an I complete a-sortmcnt of metal Goods thin ii-ui!, nnJ al-o cheap Uritlan nia Castors as well as more cxpcn.ivc onc ut pricoj SHELL COMBS & CARD CASES. 20 Dozen Shell, Twist and Side Comb- of various icajiin and nze--, alien I'nc.ct Uunibr, Shell Card vyase?, prctiy ones, unall and larse. BRUSHES AND COMB.-S. Fine Rosewood and other Hair Bni-he, fine Shoe Clothes, Nail, Tooth, Hair, Floor, Watch. Scruhbine and mni all other kinds of lir i-he-. Ivory, Horn, German Silver, Shell and other Combs Comb Clean ers to e'eause fine Ivory Combs, nnd a great varety of other new Good. Stocks, Scarfs, Ilossoms and Collars. Some of the best to I e hail in town. VARIETY. Snnll lloxe, Diaper Pins Lockets, Spy Gla-e, -., ,.v...ul.v... ,?.f,uiwi:iiis i)uci.-painmou iioartt Che-s and Chenuer men, Card-. Pictures 'Hair P,n Hoo ; mkl Eye-, .Needles I'm-, Eje'et. .Shoe It oiuti. uunni.-, o liners, nee i-, uompa-es, Win Co;inters NeeJleCa,e-, Pant Straps, Bag, forschoi girls Nursery Lamp-, &e. r i! n''t ? 1 ,rl L"r'' Ca5e". Spoons an I r, , ' 1 patiern-siiver npoon ."""i "'S" iuiiks ail J oilier -l ver ware con-iam. ly man ifactjirins in our shop, also fine Gold Beeds PLATED It OTHER CHEAP SPOONS. Plated, Briltania nnd German Silver Sooon.nt low price.-a. po.-ihV, acci rJm? to quality nnd the quality ran i,e reneu upon lolens good ai can le nao. uor urns ana Jnyce i'cts. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. A Musical Merchnndi-c, Melodian-, double jinsle Its-s Viftl- Vn.l.'n ..A r.l a , Flute- Irom SI to S35, Clar.'oaelts, Fifej, Flageoletls, A liciuvs, xiariiiuillCil, ctr, MILITARY GOODS. Buttons for all the Companies, Sword-, Enaulett Pistols, Spurs, Phillies. Laces, Stars, &c. Compan ies furnished to order at sliilnl.le pri-c. AVATCII REPAIRING. Our customers and the pul lie will bear with us, whil-t wo inerelj hint at tome of the facilities we have in this department, we speak of them once for all. One of our firm while in England, had the opportuni ty through the kind attention of friends in our line, tofpendinuch ol his tilno among Watch Makers and Watch Repairer", was shown many modern im provements in the wav of Tool- nnu manner of re pairing Watches, (and there has I cen more imple ment in this department lor the la-l few years lli in most people would imagine,) this I antra favorite part of our business wilh him, he was not an idle specta tor. We have availed ourselve.-of tho I enefit ol new, useful and improved Tods, and siippliol o ir eles with, Diamonds set for Cork and Foot Hole-, Dove Tails, Ruby Pin;, Pinions, Wheels, Pallets nnd Wheels set with Jewels, and other parts of Patent Lever Watches made at the lest Shops in EiHnuj. Fine Sta'ls for Levers, and fine Cylcnders an f Sieel Wheels forLepiuus made at the Manufactures; tbe-e and other of fine watch work with whicn wc replace defective and broken ones, we believe will suit our customer'.. We speak of these things merely to in lorm our friend- that o ir faeilnie- are good for doing work well, Anolher of our firm who has jut arriv- cu iroin new i orh, una i ecu worMngior two yeirs past an Journeyman Watch Repairer, with a good New York Watidi Repairer with whom he served previou-Iy his Apprentice-hip. Having worked nt sue uusllie-s nine wif, .c uu nut iroie-s 10 00 york quick, wo Intend to do it well, it is inten tion a it always has leen to turn the amount we charge fur work done. It is our Jetlre to sati-fy our cu-lomers. We allexpect to get our living by work we love to work, and we like to have our eutomerj satisfied with our work, and our nrraugonenis now are better than u.nul m inalcn Mikhi m. W.. i,-, txtended our remarks far beyond what we cxiected, and close, by inviting every body far and near to call and see it in our Mew Shon, one dotr sooth of the old itand. BHINSMAID & BROTHERS, ., ..... Silvsrtmiths if- Jnccltri, 14, 18-15. S3 SALT. OT. UUES SALT, IJarrel Salt, 100 Sacks Dairy do O Tor Dec. ( ny a. -u. 15, IS 13. wantuh in r.Xi:iANOi3 roii goodm. -lOI.N, l!Vi: AND OATS, .100 lb. 1 1VEGKESK O FEATHERS, GOOD TABLE BUTI'Idt, die. Aie. by S. M. POPE. Dec. 15, 13)3. jY.STERIES OF PARIS No. 7 nnd 8 receiv V. HARRINGTON. NARRATIVE of the Travels and adventures cf MONSIEUR VIOLET, in California Sonora, und Western Texas, wntcn bv Cant. Marvat, for Bilo by V. HARRINGTON. NAILS. 1 fin KKGS NAILS from the Eagle Fuctory, lUUU from 3d to 40J. A complete assortment of Finishing Nails, from 4dto20d. Floor Urads of nil sizes. ALSO, SDOO Kegs Nails manufactured by the Au Sable Iron Company. Common finishing and brad heads of all size-, fiom3d to G in. 'pike, The superiority of the nails manufactured by the above companies for beauty of form and finish, and for toiighncssPof iron above nil others, is universally acknowledged. They nro for sale upon terms as fa vorable and nt pricrs as low as ran be found in the State, by FOLLETT. I1HADLEY it Co. Agents. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1843. 23 I'AINTS & OILS. 5 TONS puro dry White Lead, warranted equal to any manufactured in tho United States. 5 do Extra dry White Load, 3 do No. I. do do do, 203 Kegs nuro While Lend in Oil, 10 Barrels Venetian Red, 10 do French Yellow, 2 do American Linseed Oil, 10 do Boiled do do. for sale as usual FOLLETT, BRADLEY .f Co Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1943. 23 tO O OO pounds Eng. Tire Iron.from 1 l8to5widc 2,000 do do" J inch round, 10 000 assorted Su-eciles, fintnnd cqunre, 20,000 P. S. I. Old .Sable, for sale low by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1S43. 28 1 e' TONS shoo shape manufactured from Scrap JAr Iron, 3 do do common, 3 ilo do Hammered, a Mew article, manufactured from the best Peru Iron, 20.000 pounds Band Iron from 1 to 5 inches wide, 10,000 do Assoilivl Scroll Iron, 50.U00 do Round Iron from 3-lfi to 2 inches, 20,000 do Square do from 3-8 to 3 do, 10,000 do Flat do from 1 to 4 do, for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Affcnti. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1343. 23. 20,000 POUNDS first qttaliiy SALERATUS ii Casks, Battels and Half Barrels, for sate low by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dee. 14, 1813. 23 SOI.I2 I.UATIIEIt. Sides of middle weights, New York in spection, do of light do do, New York 200 100 Taned and Inspected, for sale bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1313. 23 MN'SEEI) OHi ON CONSIGNMENT. J C BARRELS Riw Oil, 5 Barrels boiled do man J tJ ufaclured and pictured in Boston, for salo bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY &. Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1843. 23 FAIltltAMiS SCALES. F AIRBANKS SCALE 5 of all siscs, for sa'o at manufacturers prices by EIFOLLE IT, BRDLEY it Co. Aqents. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1813. 23 1 ( Pieces 43 inches wide for wool sacking, i-v 13 do 27 do do for Baggini', lu do 41 no do Dundee Twilled, 300 rpniU- 111 nit.i snmliinn nml liviltml llnr.a f.,r s1li.';y 1-at.i.itTT. IIUADLEV rf.'C.i. uia Lioctt, uec. 1 1, tsu. 28 I'l.llUII. fiOrb BARRELS Superfine Flour, 'Jv-rv -.uu do extra snnerfine do. eo made in the United Stnte-, 150 Half dii do for sale hv FOLLI.TT. BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1313. 23 CAST S Til EL AXES. dozen Lithrop's Silver Steel Axes, warranted, tJKj 30 do Simmon's Cast do do do, 23 do Brooks and Brown's do do. for sale very low bv'T, iikaulky el t-o. Agents. Old Dack, Dec. 11, 1313. 23 SHOT tj' LEAD. 1 tfl jC Bitr Shot ass irtrd sizes, 1,000 po inds Dir Lead, for sale low by FOLLETT, URADLEY & Co. Dec. 14, 1343. 23 Ilcla Cliittctidcti's Instate, STATU OP VntlMOST, 1 A T a Pro' ale Di-trict of Chittenden, s-. j i. Com t held nt Bnrli..g on within au lfo.'said District ol Chittenden, on ui tiecu'u oav oi uecemiicp, a. IK to 13, comc Sur.eon W. Payne, nduiini-trator of the c-tale of licia miienuen, late oi snetbiirn in sniJ Oistrict, de ceased, and file- in sail court hi-petit iiQ in writing, setting fori h that the claim-allowed bv ihe rnnunt- sinner- agam-t said estate ninoiint to SJJ'J.SO: that the pcr-onal e-ta'e of nid dec-cased, a-inveiiloiied, anioun'ed to S2-t7,09, which has I ecu so'd under an order of said court and tho nrocced-of -uch -ale linen been expendel in paying the del ts nllowwl agatn-t said c-tatc and the exprti-es of ndinini-lralion : that slid admmi-lrator ha- settled his ridniini-lralion ac- coint in sail oour , -bowing a duo him cf 87,f7; that lliere i- a Inlanceof the claims ngnin-l a aid e-tav renmniiig iinpiid, and lint it i- nice ary to sell the rial e-tale of the snid detea-cd to the amount ol forly dollars, or thereabouts, for the pur P'jte ct paving the Intarte of claim-again-t said is late and ll.e expenses of a hnini-tration, and pray ing for licen-o to sell so much of the real f-lale h may be neces'arv to pay said sum. WiiKnr.uro.v, the co irt aforesaid doth appi jnt the second Wedne day of January, 1844, for hearing and deciding on -aid petition at the olliceof the Register of said court in said Burlington, and doth order that all per-ons interested le notified thereof bv mil licaiion of tin'. order, ci ntaming the sub-tanceof said rcntion, three weeks siicessie'y in the Burlingion Free Press, a newspaper pi inlet! in said Burlington, the last ot which pn iicaiions tot previous to theday appoint ed us afore-a d for a hearing. Given unlcr my hand at said Burlington, the day and j ear first above mentioned. 23 Win. WESTON, Register. Stcplicn Hoxslc's'IIstntc. STATE OF VERMONT. ) rpHR I Inn. the Prol ate Di-tricl of Chittenden, ts. J X Co irl for iho District of Chittenden : 'To all persons concerned in the es tate of ftTEPH EN HOXSIE late of Milton, in said District, deceased, Gncr.Tiso. Whereas, the administratrix, of the Estate of said nece.isca, proposes to render an account of her nd imni-iralion. nnd present her account nnninst .-.i,l estate for cxaininatiun nnd allowance at a session of me lyourt ot rrouate, lo lie linlilen at the office of the Register of said court in llurlington on tho seioud Wedne-day of January, A. D. 1814. TiicaKFonc, Ynu are hereby notified to appear be fore said court at the lime and placo aforesaid, and oiicvi- i-itu-e, it any you nave, v;ny tnc account nrorc said should not bo allowed. Given under niv hand al Burlington, this Gth dsv ui ,'rceiiiucr, A u 1Q1J. 23iv3 CHARLES RUSSELL. Jud STATE OT VERMONT,) m HE Hon. the District of Cbitten len. j J. Probate Court within and for Ihe Di-lrict of Chittenden i To ihe ere htor and others concerned in the es'ate ofSTE- I'Uhts IIUASIK, lateol Milton, in said lea-ed. Whereas, Tirzah Hox-ie, Admini-lratrix of the es tate of said deceased, has male application to this woun, loextena lite tune limileu lor making payment of ihe debts nnd sctllimr ihe c-tate oi sniil it.-i . i-.l twelve months fiom the 5 h day of January 1811 and the second Wednesday of Januare nnt. 1 cmo- :i signed for hearing in the prenn-e-, nt the O lice of ihe Itegi-ter of tbi. Court, and it having been ordered that nonce tliireof be given, by pul lishinglhis decree threo wk successively in ine uuriington rieet'ress, i news paper printed at Burlingion, before the time fix cd for bearing. 'Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear I o- fore sni 1 Court, at the lime and nlaco nTon-nirl then and there lo make oljo-tion, ifany you haie, lolhc sauiiiuie oi payment i.eing lunner extended asnlore sni I. Given under my hand at Burlington thisClh 'ay of iucuiut-r, n. u, oij. aw3 Win. WESTON, ?gier. PUBLIC, 1TOTIC5B, WINTER All It A NR T.M EN T, VIRGIl, it Co., PACKAGE EXPRESS WILL leave Burlington, eviry Wedne-day morn ing going South nnl eveay Friday morning going North, Packages and Parcels must I e lell with Me srs. J. & J. II PECK & Co., ihe day previous lo starting, 27m3 VIRGIL t Co. Cash for Oats. '"PHE subscribers will pay Cash for Oats on delivery - - ,,iu vyiu ,iui.,i FOLLETT BRADLEV Co. 97 Dcceml 1 1 6th 1813 v-cSf-rK , ..:.i..:fJs-s;s!. Ch mplain Trnnsportutioti Com pany. THE stock hoi 'err of tho Champhln Trnnaparta lion Company nre hereby notified that the mi nimi .Meeting lor the election cif Directors ol said Com pany for the ensuing year, will be holdcn nt the Ho tel of John Howard in Burlington on the lir-l Tli'irs thy of January (lib) next at 1 o'clock P. M. and lor the trail-action of am other business tho ight proper when met. By order ol'tlie Dire"lor, PI1II.O DOOI.ITTLF. Clerk. Champlain Transit' Co. t Burlington lth Dec. 1813. 27 THE BOSTON ALMANAC, FORisid I1Y S. N. DICKINSON, WILL 1 e ready for purchasers in the early part of Decenilcr. Onlcrs lir-t received will meet with the first attention. It will contain. A Classified Diroctory of all tho nUSINESS PtOl'LC AND riUMS IN THE CITV, Alphabetically arranged under each business, or pro fession, The advantages of Mich a Directory eon-i-t, in bringing to a point, from nil parts of the city, the names of all persons engaced in each particular hn-i-ne-s. For in-tnnee, in a -mall compass, under the head of llAnDWAac Dr.ALnns, will I e found the names and place- ol bu-ine-s of nil who deal in that com modity. So oWnj Goods, Leather, Furniture, Iron, Hats, Hosiery, eel., eet., eel., all so arranged, that the reader may see, at a glance, the names of all those who nro Scaler- in any t no article. A variety of oth er ii-cful and in'orcli'iig matter will lu found in this little volume. It will eoiitntn 23 or 30 pages more than heietofore, nndle printed throughout oil a new and beautiful Ruby Tipe, cut in Edinburgh, and ob tained exprely forllii- work. 'The Calendar page as u-ual, will con la i ii -pace for memoranda for each day in the year. It will be handsomely and .sub-tan-tially bound in cloth, and -old as usual ut S3 cents pcreopy Or.'ers mav be sent to the Proprietor, S. N. DICKER-SON, S2 Wa-luugton Street, or to Me-si-s 'I IIOMAS GROOM it Co., 82 Stale St. In cither case lliey will meet with prompt attention. Boston. Nov. 13, 1813. NOTICE. THE Treasurer of the County Bible Society, has received a full supply of common Bibles and Testaments, for distribution. Has also, for sale some fine large Family llibles, fine gilt Pulyglol do Pocket, Testaments which will bo sold at the Bible Society price. Those in want will do well to call. Dec. 7, 1813. II. W. CATLIN, VVfaturer. NOTICE. THE Board of appeals for thcOtli Regimentof the Vermont Militia which was organized and coin inenced its session on the 5th day of Dec. 1843, is still open and v-ill hold a session for the irial of such cases as may then be before them, at Allen & Piatt's nlTicc, in Burlington, on the 12th day of December, 1313, at 0 o'clock, in the forenoon. HEMAN ALLEN, President of the Board. Dec. 0, 1SIR. 27 N K W GOODS AT THE GERMAN STOllE. SUGAR, Tea, nnd Cotlie, of the le-t quality, al kinds of Spice-, Cocoa Pa-te, Fig I'a-te, French Prepared Chocolate, Raisins in 1, 1-2, 1-4 and 1-3 Boes, Su'tana do, Currants, French Italian nnd China different Preserves of first rale quality, Sar dines, Pickles, nnd French prepared Mustard, FRCNII CORDIALS, the very linest, as Gold ma scrs, Anissettc, Rasberry. Crcmo do Cilrone, Creme dcllose, Eean dc noveau', Ecau do vanille, Olive Od, Walnut Catchup, Tollnw, Sperm and Patent Candles for Parlies, Winter Strained best .-'perm Od. New Or leans and the very best Sugar House Molasses, cVc. French Cognac Brandy. Sclnldam Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, Jamncia Rum, Scotch Whiskey, of the most a iperior quality, Port and Mn.lcrii Wine. Kite. Irish Wine, for Medicines, Champaign ill 1 and J Bot tles nnd Imported Cigars. An assortment of DRY GOODS, consisting in Silks for drcses, Bombazines, Alpacca. Plnin nnd Figure! Alpine, Shuane Velvets, Plain and Fiuured Moushn do Lnine, Cihmere and other very ridi Shawls, Kiinge- and Gimps. Ladies premium niu u;ovis, I iiriau l.accs, unlton l.ilgmgs, Laces for enres. A vrrv enod ficwirlfiirnl ,iT r'nlli. eoes. I lie Tt-i s lifi o-.,,lw...b...u lln...ll..r.l.;.r. c-iuigs, tf.c. ecc. The undcrs'gue 1 heir respectful ly the inbibitanisof lliirhuglnn and vicinity, to hon tbein with a call, as they will find as cheap nnd dura ble goods as at any other Store. JI. OSTHEIM it Co. Burlington, Dec. C, 1843. 27 Cyrus Ii. Hirsc'-i Estate. STATE OI-' VERMONT, rpiIE Hon. the District ot Chittenden, ss. 1 Prnfais Cnr for the Di-lrict of Chittenden : To all per-ons eon- erned m Ihe Estate of CVIfUS K. llllton latu nl Underbill in said District, deceased, Gncr.Tiso. iir.m;As t.iian iiirge,.oinnni-tra'or ot Iheeslnte ol said deceased, nrooo-e- to render on ni-eountnf In-. adniini-tration, and nre-eni hi- itccojiii airainst said c-tate lor examination and allowance at a sc-sion of the Court ol Prol ate. to be l.oldcn at the office f the Rcii-tcr in Birlinirton in said District, on tl. ccond Wednesday of January next. vo l are herein- notified In annenr 1 ,.- fore -aid court in the lime an I i.lace nlore-aid. and hew can-e. if any inn hale, why llie neconnt nfi.rn- aid should not 1 e allowed. Given under niv hand at Bur inrrifln. tbi27il, ,l.n- of November, A. D. IS 13. -? wj win. WESTON, Register. Asa I,. I.yon's Instate. STATE OP VERMONT, ) TM1E lion, the Dl-tMCt of Chittenden. --. C X l'r,.l t.. for ihe District of Chittenden, to nil per-on- concer.-.-eil in the estate of ASA I . LYON late of SI ell urn in siitJ di-lriel, decca-ed, Gnr.r.TiNri. "IlEnrtAs 7-JIvira M. Benson ndlliinuirniriv ..t'.ni.l iter ea- -d, iiroiio-e- to render nil account of her mliinn. i-tralion, and nietent her account aam-t .nil... mi.. fiir examination and allowance al'a se.sion of the Court of Prol ate, to bo holdcn at the o li.-eofthe Regis terofsaid Co-trt lit Burlingion, in saiddisirict on ihe-ec oneunesUay in January A . u. loll, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. Iheiefore, vou are hereby nniified to annenr said court at ihe time mid place afore-aid, an I shew eaii'e, if -any you hae. why the account nlore-aid should not I e alloy, cd. Given under my hand at linrlinioni, ibis II .in,, nt ,-iim ti, ,i, u. 27w3 CHS. RUSSELL, Judge, TATE OF VERMONTTTrnHEHon. the Prol ,n Disirict of Chittenden, X Court within and for llietl.-tricl ol Chittenden. 1 o the creditor- an niher couienied in the. e-tate of ASA L. LYON late of aneiMirn in saul ili-trtct deceased I1I.U1-.A-. 1-. Vlra M. llen-nn. ndtnini. train nl the e-tate tf sai l iVe.ised, has made npplicaliou to thi , . u.n-im me iiinu iiiiii.l'u ior iii living liay- mcni oi ine uoijt- ol sunt tlece.ici, twclie moiitli- ...i i. Irnm Hie 2st of January, 1311 and the secoml Wednesday ofjanunry iiexl1.oiiiga--ii.'ned for a hear ing in the nt the Office of the Register of tin-Court, and it having leen ordered that notice therein l e given, by publishing tin- decree tbre weeks succe-sileli n I ho Burlington Fre. I'rH-. newspaper prmtciat Burlington, before the time fixed tor iteaiiug. Therefore, yon are hereby notified, lo appear lefore said Court, at the tiuio an I plate aforesaid, then and there, to make obtection if any you haie, to the said tune of payment I eing further extended us nfuresaid. Given under my hand nt Burlington this 5dt day of Decemler, A. D. 1813. 27 WM. WESTON, Register. It A NK OF BURL 1NG TON. NOTICE i- herebv given that u meeting of the Stock-holders of the Bank of Burlington, will lo holdcn nt their Banking llou-e, on the second Tuesday ol January next, nt 11 o'clock, A. M., for the purpose of chosiug seven Directors for Ihe year ennimg. By order of the President nnd Directors. Dee. 1, 1843. R. G. COLE, Cashier. STOVES a A FEW COOK nnd BOX STOVES with Pipe, fur salo cheap. Oood Beach and Maple wood would bo taken in pay. ,. H. II. HOST WICK & Co. Burlington, Nov. 30, 1813. 2G tf 200; CARMINA SACRA-Boston Collection of Church Music, for Sale by V. HARRINGTON. Burlington, 30 Nov. 1F13 26 Almnnucs for 1844. AMERICAN, I WASIIINGTONIAN- I All.Ml.llM. Temperance, HOUSEKEEPERS, CROCKETT, PIRATES, Ate. .r.c., for sale by 30Nov., 1843. 20 V. HARRINGTON. IJ1RENCII, SPANISH, and ITALIAN without a master, for sale by V. HARRINGTON. 3Uluv., itttJ. 26 "PHE MYSTERIES OF PARIS (5 Nos. received X- ny V. HAR'.tlNGTON. Burlingion, 30 Nov., 1813. 26 TDROWN'S Pocket Memorandum for 1814. for sale -- y sl) s. HUTIINGTON. The United States Almanac, or (.yomplHo Ltli(.mn'is for 1844, "10NTAININO numerous Statistics relmive nt w Commerce, Agriculture, Manufactures, the Gen eral and Slate Govcrnmcnta, Public Offices, with ineir oaiarter, i(c. oj A. suUW AKU3. Peek's Building. 20 S. S. SKIN N Bit, SAUDI, E, HARNESS AND TRUNK MANU FACTURER, COLLEGE STREET. ALSO, keeper of LIVERY STABLE, East of the Court House (Me chnnio'a Row.) Application tnidc nt the Shop or Barn will rcccivo prompt at tention. Burlington, Vt., ) 2(3 23 Nov., 1313. 5 TO THE PUBLIC. fiMlR Lcjulature of this State, at its Into Session, -- having passed a resolution requesting "The Governor to appoint a Committee to devise the best mode of ntlcviiling tho unfortunate condition of tha Insane, who are deemed incurable, und report to the next General Assembly by bill or otherwise," and inu uuvurnur fiuisiiuiii 10 siiiu resolution, Having np tioinlcd the undersigned said committee, forthcmir- pose of obtaining the data and information necessary to accomplish the olject specified in said resolation, wc request ine overseer ot ine poor in each town tn the State, to ascertain and make out a statement of the number of the Insane in their respective towns, therein setting forth their aire. sex. nnd procuring circumstances, and tho length of time, and the appa rent cause ot tnetr insanity, and llio manner in winch they have hitherto been provided for, and such other facts in relation to their circumstances as may be supposed to be useful, in all cases desir'natine such as arc -upposed to bo incurable, and transmit or de liver tho same to the County Clerk of their respec tive Counties, by the first day of January next, or as soon alter as convenient. As this is the work of hu manity, intended to benefit tho condition of a most unfortunate class of community, it is hoped those to uhom this appeal is made, will cheerfully assist the committee in obtaining this desired information. DAVID M. CAMP, ) Wm. HEHARD, 5Commif. GEORGE C. CAHOON. ) November 27. 1843. N. I). The Publishers of NewsnaDers in the State arc requested to in-crt tho above in their papers. MUFFS.' MUFFS!! A new lot I.ustercd Lynx Mulls, just received by Nov. 30, 1313. H. W. CATLIN. Also. Black Genctt. Concv. and Musk-rat Muffs, very cheap. 2 PIECES more of that 9-4 fine While Flannel!, just received and for sale cheap, by xov. i'J, 11. tv. UAU.I.1. WANTED. Bushels Small While Pen Bans, 100 do Ruck OVJ Wheat, by H. W. CATLIN. CASH FOR PORK. rilHE Subscribers will pay Cash for a few hundred JL well fattened and elenntv dressed Hoirs. deliver ed at their Store, Old Dock. 2C Burlington, Nov. 30, 1843. FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. LO V E L L 'S UNITED STATES SPEAKER PROSE, POETRY and DIALOGUE, for the use of Schools. 23 By A. EDWARDS. pLEAVELAND'S LATIN GRAMMAR, Gould'., Adams, do do, ... . . . i iiuiprs uo no, Andrews it Stoddards do do, Bullion's do do, Andrews Latin Render and Lesions, Ambon's Latin Grammar and Lessons, Soiihoeles Greek Giamn-ar, Bullions do do, Anlhon's do do, Jacob's Greek Reader, Donnegan's Greek Lexicon, Anthon'- Cla-stcal Dictionary, ilo Greek and Roman Antiquities. I, Peck's Building. By A. EDWARDS. No. FARWELL SHOES. T A DIES KID SLIPS. J.J do French do do. do do Walking Shoes, do Cabers light and dark, do Gaiter Boots, do Buskin-, do Double Sole do, Mis-esund Children! Shoes, Gentlemen'- Slip-, Lined an I For Trimed plain and Figured India Rubber Over Shoe-. ALSO Ladies nnd Gentlemen's Mocc.isms, a ar-e assort ment, ior snie cneap py i,ovr,,,r i rjuvntoun. itiurcii airct-i, wnr. 3U, 181.1. iTTNEW 1100K ST0RE.3) ANSEI, HOWARDS. HAS opened a Book Store in ihe Mes-rs. Pecks' Bin ding, two door- from Howard's Hotel, here ho u'.'crs for salo a a nrtment nl SCHOOL, CLASSICAL & MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS. A splendid assortment of Annuals, Albums and fine ly illu-trated works in rich and elegant Bindings. A .rest variety ol Juvenile Books, from 1 cent to 2 50. Quarto, Octavo, 12mo. and Pocket Common Prayer Books. Cvli.dii- Pr-iver itnni.-., and Bll lcs. BLANK BOOKS, Port Folios and Scrap Book-. Can. Letter and Nolo Paper, Quill-, Sleel Pen", Sealing Wax, Wa fers Drawing and Writing Pencils, Bri-tol Hoard, Writing and Copy Books, Coloured Tovs by the ross and dozen, School Certificate-, Ate. All of which ait! o Icred at prices that cannoi fjil to satisfy tho public. Books can I c bought in Bur lington as cheap as in any of the cities. Ii irlingion, Nov. 21, 1843. 25if JUST ItKCKIVI'.D, A LARGE SUPPLY OF TsP. A" AMERICAN, DruggetU and -Li B'1-king-: 5-8, 0-8. -1-4. S-fl. fi-.t. H.4 n.i -nr.,1 10-4 Oiled Cloth-. Oiled Cloth Tnhln s,,r...l. a.a and G--I Ru-h Mailing, Laree anJ small TufitcJ Rugs Manilla, Alacact and Sale Malts. ALSO l .tpir Han trinss and Borderln'. rtrspn WtnrtiM,. Pal'1"- A larger, better and cheaper assortment of my uwijsiiian can oe tound in the Stale of vermoni. 25tf.J LOVELY V SEYMOUR. DRY GOODS. BLACK, Blue Black nnd Colored Silk and Cotton orp Alpaccas and Alpacca Lustres; Change- able. Strined nnd Piirnri-il A.. . !,..... uncans, y.enooie and Camhlet Cloths ; Bla Blue Black Bombazines and Alpines, Black a orod Thibet Clothe, French and English M light and dark Printed Snxonys, Enhans, Tai Opln-n. 'nnnk.. a . .1 r .1.., .... 1 u..uM., aim wuiiiiuei idioms; tfiacK and lilack and Cob Merinoea, Fancy Ciypc, Imperial Chusans, Pezans Plain and i-igmcu niuus sjo uoincs, fliccKimgiiurgh Lustres Crape Chusans, Kilmernock Ctapes, FOR CLOAK'S AND DRESSES, Black, Blue Black and rich Fig: ured Silks for Dresses, &e. fa Bonnet Silks, rich Fnjitrcd nnd Plnin . s.llr vt... for Bonnetsnnd Velvet Ribbons lo match, and any quantity of Bonnet, Neck nnd other Ribbons. Figured and Plain Silk Lace for Veils and Cotton ll0r; J.!!?CH l,'i! Veils ; Rich Silk Velvet. Plush Poin," .nd P'"3 "andkerchiefs, Rosehn, Silk, NVorsiedand various oilier Plaids. ... ' u """"y counts, uimity lor do. t French Mowers, Cords nnd Tassels, colored silk r.n.A. Braids. Gimps. Frinrres. Trimmir,,.. m.. t:,.l and Hoscry innumerable! Zephyr) Worsted. Wors ted Patterns nnd Working Canvass, Muslins, Combs and a thousand oilier articles usually wanted. ALSO, 6000 Yards Light and Datk Mournln"S and half .Mourning Calicoes and Ginghams, by actual nii-auiriiiciii. The abut, e Goods are to he so'd cheap, br L ,. LOVELY & SEYMOUR. Church Bfeet, Burlington, 25 Nov. 20, 1343. 5 Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. FRENCH, English nnd Amertran Beaver, Btoad and Pilot Cloth t Black and Fancy Merino Cos simcres, Saltinetls, English and French Black and Blue Black Satin Veilinei. Silk and Wnnl.n vu.. do, Black Italian Alpacca and Fancy Handkerchiefs, Mohair Cravats, Satin nnd Bombazine Slocks, limn lyunars ana iiosoms, r-itu and l.inin Pocket Hand. herciucis, Ktuie, iiiaca anil uoioreit SilK Gloves, Black and Brown Merino Angola and various other Gloves, and Miltins. Merino and Cotton Shirts nnd Drawers. Socks. Merino t lint. Cln.t, rv.,l Tassels, Woolen Capes and Tippets j Cloth, Velvet. en.ll.llA fl.W In.-niA -" . . ... I -.sun..-,,.., ,,,, ,iiiiiuicuvairBj uoat, vesr, ana t'ati taloons trimmings. A large assortment of the above goods can bo found nt r-u o ,- '-OVElsV & SEYMOUR. Church Street, Burlingion, ) November 20, 1843. MA.R,SI,!L1-!,.S ,QL'"sTS, Counter panes and Woollen Blankets of various sues, for sale by November 28, 1813. LOVELY & SEYMOUR. in ii in i i's ur.oi.itAI'IIY OI' THE - IllS V IS in, 1 UUlJlltf IIHir. S jlKD WIL. L1AMS GEOGRAPHY. OI.VF.V'5 MlTmrPiTto SMILEY'S, PARLEY'S, WOOIIURIDGE'S. anil VILLAGE SCHOOL GEOGRAPHIES, at tbe sueni, vasn uook aiore, mo, I, rects Hiiilcing. By A. EDWARDS. BUCKWHEAT. WANTED a few hundred Bushels, at Shelhirn 27 K. WHEELER, Pork. 100 Bid Me- Pork 50 " Exlra " Lard in the Leaf, or Rendered Freth Hams, Should cr, Ribs and Heads, for tile by FOLLETT UREDI.F.Y Co. December 6'h 183. s7 Mm SHAWLS. CASHMERE, Imitation Merino, Kiltie, Brocha, Uelvidore, Alliacca, MoU'dine do La.'ne, Einb'd do. Moravian, lllghlaiid Plaid Silk ohd Cotton Shawls, for salo cheap bv LOVELY &. SEYMOUR, Nov. 20, 18)3. Chunk Street. Looking Classes. A Largo assortment ut various sizes, jtul received und for tale cheap by LOVELY & SEYMOUR, Church !. Nov. 20, 1813. 25tf Crockery, (ilass & China Ware. A Large slock just received and for sale cheaper than can bo bought In this State, by LOVELY & SEYMOUR, Church st. Uuriington, Nov. 20, IS-13. 23tf NOTICIi. BROKE into tho inclosure of tho Subscriber, on the 9ih dnv of November, one dark red Cow, supposed to be C years old. Said Sow is marked with a crop and half crop in the left ear. Tho owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away, Wm. HARMON. Shelburn, Nov. 22, 1S13. 25 George Peterson, HAS now on hand and for sale, 1000 Bushols of Course Western and St. Ubes Salt, zuu tiarrels f ine uo no, 150 Sacks Fine Dairy do do, 230 Barrels Superfine Flour, 200 Sacks fresh Ground Plaster, 20 Barrels Hickory Nuts, at $2, 5 Tierces Noith Shore Salmon, fi Hoxcs Fresh Lemons, 20 Whole, 12 1 and 12 1 Boxes fresh Raisins, Also. Fresh Ketrs tin do. Soft Shell Almonds, Philbtrts, Pcaconuts, Pea Nuts, Citron, Curance Ilucum, together with one of tho largest assortments of DRY GOODS, CROUCERY and GROCERIES he ever had llio pleasure of offer ing lo the public. In short all vou have to do to find any article, is to call at Peterson's, where it may be lound ot as good quality and at as low a price as at any other Establishment in Burlington, AOV. xi, 1B. 25 NEW GOODS, AT THE NEW CASH STORE. THE subscriber is now receiving from New York a general assortment ol Full and Winter Good". amongst which nre many new Fancy Articles. Alpaccas, di lerent colors and lustres, Mousclincde Lanes, Crape de Lanes, Teisans, a new and superior article for dresses, Paris Ceune, do do do do Gimps mid r tinges, assorted colors. Daisy Bullous. Swiss Fancv Buttons. Cloak Cords. Cords and Tassels, Crimped Dimity, Dimity Collars nnd Cuffs, Dahlias, Artificials and Flowers. Black Chaiililla Veils. Green tlo. Bonnet Caps, as sorted, Dress Handkerchiefs and Points. Gent s scarfs, Craiats and blocks Coot and vest Buttons, Cords and Bindings, Broadcloths, Cassi mcrs, Sattinelts nnd Beaver Cloths. Staple Goods generally. Farewell's Boots and Shoes. Wm. HURLBUT. Uuriington, Nov. 22d, 1343. 23 FARM FOR SALE. IOR salo a farm in Underbill contain ing one hundred and forty-six acres, about one hundred acres of which is un der cultivation, the remainder is covered by a good growth of hard wood. On tho premises area convenient dwelling house, barn, sheds &c. and an orchead of thrifty bearing apple trees, sutficicnl for making some fifty or sixty barrels of cider. Also, a farm contaimnit one hundred ncrcs, lying nbout one mile from the above, about sixty acres of which is under improvement, nnd hns on it a capacious barn, the remainder is well wooded, principally with beach and maple. The above farms nro silinted near the centre of the town and on the main road, are well watered and well fenced, a considerable portion of the fenco letng substantial stone wall, and together com pose one of the best dairv farms in the town. 'Ihe above premises will be sold to close a concern for much less than their real value, and possession giten on the 1st of April next. Forltirther particulars, en quireof A. FOOTE. uurutiRion, iviv. 1813. tiotr COfr'FGE. S)f Bars Old Goiernnient Java Coffee, iCJ 20 baz Itn-cn do do 25 bags I.agiiira, j no KIP, 20 do Angottirn,'a spit Fot.i.iriT. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. idid article, for salo by BRADLEY .5; Co. 25 ON CONMGN.MI.XT.--XEH' HUM. 75 Hhds John Feltou's, 25 hall pipes J Feltons, 100 Bl his do. 50 hhds C. &. E. Trull's 70 Dbls C it E Trull's, fur sale by FOLLI.TT, BRADLEY & Co. South Wharf, Nov. 23 1813. 25 r i h ii. Sfhff, Oils CI Fi-h, WWW 20 half I bl-. No 1 Mackerel, 20 Tierces north short! Hudson- Bay Co. Salmon, 25 half barrels do do du for -ale by FOLLinT. BRADLEY -V Co. Old Dock, Nov, 23, 1813. 25 RAISINS. 200 Uuxcs Iiuncli Raisins, fresh fruit, and in fine order, lor si'e l.y I l.lL.l.l.1 I, UKAIJl.KV a Co. Old Dock, Junes, IS13. SCOTCH PIG IRON. Tf .JT TONS No. 1 (iiirilisherrie pig iron, IO for sale by FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old dock, Nov.' 23, 1313. 25 ON C0.1tI(.X.MENT. BOXES Canada Plates, 25 5 do Crawshay ib) 25 do R. G. do do 5 do R. G. polished Crawshay Plates. 5 do Tliorneycroft plates 21 by 2-1 in. Ii cut, For sale at reduced prices, by FOLLETT BRADLEY if- Co. Old dock, Nu. 23, 1813. 23 Agents, SAW MII.I. AM) CIHCUI.AIt SAWS. 1 ( DO'., Rowland's Philadelphia Mill Saws from X J G to 7 feet, ntadu expressly to order, and war anted superior to any in markut. I10E if- OVs cast Etecl circular saws, from 10 to 2b inches, suiting ana cross cut. Also, Cross cut saws, English plate, for sale by FOLLETT URADLEY if- Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1S13. 23 FKOCII lUJItll STONES AM) IllIt l( HI.OCKS. 1 f PAIR Burr Mill Slones. J. J 200 Burr Blocks, for salont Troy prices and eight, by I'OLl.ETT BRADLEV & Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 Agents, 3,00 Hoxes Pipes, I0it Kegs Ginger, 50 Boxes Extta Soap, f0 Supctlor do, BOCiiales do, 10 do Cushion Sharing do, 300 Malts Cnssia, 20 lloxes Starch, 200 lbs. Clnie-, 50 do Nutmegs, 23 Hags Ptpper, 25 do Spice, lOTicrccs liicc, for sale by FOLLF1T, BRADLEY if Old Dock. Nov. 23 1813. Co. 25 CAST STEEL. 5000 ",s Saiulorson nnd Bros. Axn Steel, lUUtl do assorletl Hit and square from i m to 2 inches t(jo, vv, Jcssup it fon s exira anu common Last Steel, square and till, for si!e bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY f- Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1313. 25 DRY C.'ltOCEItlES. TEAS of every variety, Sugars do Molssses, Cnflee, Spices, Table Salt, in small bags, Lamp Oils, different qualities, Ginger, Saleratus, Bar Soap, by i-,ov, a i, iooj. i3 -vm. iiuiiuuu i. NEW GOODS. IiOVEIA ANI SEYMOUR INVITE the ntlenlion of their customers and the public to their slock of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY CiOODS, which is one of the most extensive in the Slate, and which they oiler lor sale at prices well suited to the interest of purchasers. Goods ndaptid o tho present nnd coming season may bo found iif great abiindaucoat this establishment Nov. 10, 1813. 21 LOOK AT THIS. t( BUSHELS of tho first quality of O.UINCES M" at 81,50 per bushel, for salo by 24 GEO. PETERSON. REVOLVING CASTORS. JUST received a full assortment of handsome Brit tanii Castors, four, five, and six bottles, and fur sale cheap at the Crockery More ny Nov. 3. WAIT. s. n. i'AitMAi.i:i:, No. 7 Counsellors Hall. (Peck's Building.) 13 Notion ! Notice!! TO all persons indebted to the subscriber, that their notes and accounts must be paid, as his property is posted for sale and nothing nut payment win save it. ."SIDNEY BARLOW. Butlington Falls, Nov. 21, 1813. 23 r-t'jTOO. r--s MR. GEO. SAUNDERS & Co would respectfully Inform the public of Burlingion end vicinity, that they will bo ready to open their school bv the 20th of Dr eam b'r. They will also attend schools in l be adjoining towns, wherever lliey may ho required. Waltzes, Spanish Dances, Quad rilles and Contra Dances taught ill Iho latest nnd most fashionable style. , They will fiirnis'i tho best, latest and most approved music for balls, cotillion parties, 4-c. at tho shortest nolico. sGfMr. Colbcrth hns just receiv ed n letter from Mr Saunders in which he says he shall positively bo here by tbe 15th Dec. uuriington, inov. zt, iaiJ. DANCIJVG SCHOOL. MESSRS. FUl-iLUll it IJATCIIIiLDEH WOULD respectfully inform the inhabitanls of Uuriington and vicinity that Ihey intend open ing a School in this place, in which will he taught Contra dances, Cotillions, Quadrilles, Waltzes, and apanisli Dances. They would also give notice that they will furnish good music for Balls, Parties, lie For terms enquire of thtin or nt Howard's Hotel, Burlington, whete books will be open to receive names. rsov. isij. n HENRY II A LI., ATTORNEY & COTJNHIiljI.OR AT IsAW, ORWELL, VERMONT. PAPER HANGINGS iust received nnd for sale by Nov. 34, 1913. 25 Win. HURLBUT. LUMBER. 100,000 Feet of HEMLOCK BOARDS, 2O,Of)0 feet of Hemlock 2 inch Plank, 10,000 Pieces of 2 X 4 Hemlocli Wall Strips, 20,0(11) " of3X-1 " Joiee. .1,000 1 " of 1 X C " " IO.OOO feet 1 33 Ash Boards, 3,000 feet 2 inch seasoned White Oak Plank, IO.OOO feet 2 inch Baswood Plank, 2,000 feel 4 inch Cherry, soasonedruitable for Tables, 50,000 feet of White Pine, cleir and common, irom 3-4 to l 7-b mopes thin-:, lor salo low uy FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1 8 13. 25 TOHACCO ANU HNUVL'. 1 fifi Boxes and half Boxes Bonn's celebrated I UU brand, 50 do Pago's, tilt do irvines' 25 25 do do Crosby :.'s. Mitchell's with various otbsr brand', elected wilh great care, 20 Kegs John Enders' Plug, 10 do Sheep Tt-bacco, 50 Bbls pound and half pound Smoking, 10 do Chewinc. ol the mo-t nrefered brand. Also, 100 Jars extra Ito-c Scented Maccobov Simd, 5 BLls Scotch SnuT in small bladder!', for salo by, FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Ullt UOCk, INOV. 23, 1-143. 'i3 SliGAUS. 10 Hds St. Croix. 20 do Porto Rico, 20 do New Orleans, 50 Bbls ClaiificJ. 30 do Loaf. 10 do Crashed. 10 do Powdered, 10 Boxes W it W double refined Loaf, for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS 13. 25 UIGGIMG. 8,000, lbs Tarred Rigging, from 1 to 8 inches. LOCO lbs Hambrohnc. 500 bis Marline. 500 U s Spun Yarn. 100 lbs Sail Twine, togeth er wilh Sail Needles, &c. &c. Also, b Tons lest Hand puked uauuni, 50 bbls Tar. 50 do Pitch. 25 do Roin, for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23 1313. 25 FUESII TEAS. ryr Che-ts prime Hy-on Skin Tea, I O 10 do Extra do do do 100 Half Clivals Voting Hyson, 50 C.iddv- Old Hyson, 50 do Young Hyson1, 10 Chests extra quality Old Hyson, Ihe-e Tva- were selected with great care and from the latest importations and will Le sold at New York Jobl era prices nnd freight. FOLLE'IT, BRADLEY if. Co. Old Dock, Nov, 23, 18-13. 25 Matrons. O- ipes Coguiae Brandy, 5 pipes Swan Gin, 0 Bbls. Barber's Warehouse Point Gin, 50 do American Brandy, 5 Hh ls St. Croix Rum, 25 Bbls. Ma Icir.i Wine, 25 do Malaga do 10 do Tcnuiidc do 10 do Port do for sale bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY if Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 CHEAP FARM FOR SALE. A FARM containing 105 acres of good Land situ ated one half mile north of Baptist Corners in Charlotte, with Convenient buddings, utl! be sold very low. For particulars enquire of SALLY H. SKIFF. Charlotte, Nov. 8th, 1S43. 24 tf 6 Bales of North West and Upper Missouri Robes, Cheap for cash, at COLE & ROUINSON. ELLIOT, & PATENT ARCHITECT & PATENT AGENT. OFFICE opposite the Patent Office, corner of 8th nnd F street, City of Washington, will attend to preparing Speciflcalions, Dialings, &c. and all busi ness intrusted to hiin connected with Ihe Patent Office, or his profession, with promptness and despatch. Patent OrncE, Feb. 13th, 1312. Mr. Wm. P. ELLIOT, v, ho has been formerly em ployed in lliePaient Oflice, as a Draughtsman, &c. Iin'ing established a Patent Agency in tho City of Washington, I take great pleasure in recommending him as a gentleman worthy of confidence, and as bo in particularly qualified to lake charge of any busi ness requiring a knowledge of mechanical science, tho progress of means, and patent improvements. Mr. Elliot is also will atquaintrd wilh the practice of this otilce. HENRY L. ELLSWORTH, 24 6m Commissioner of Patents. RIISSIANAI L RODS. 6 Tons warranted l!uia Noil Rods, for sale by FOLLETT BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, 23,1813. 25 POUDRETTE. 50 Barrels just received nnd forsala by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. .25 .VOJ'A SCOTIA GRIND STONES. 20 Waicr Stones, weighing from 800 lo 2S00 each, 200 smsll finished Stones, 100 do Ohio do, for s-do bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25. NOVA SCOTIA l'LASTi; It. 3C0 Tons in Slono, 100 do in Barrels, 50 do in Bags, Selected for agricultural purposes, and warranted pure, in i uiooski ivity, or ot our waie house Old Dock. 23 Nov. 23, 1843. FOI.1.I.T, H.tAIJU.Y ts -o. BOLTING CLOTHS. Q A ant 40 inch New Anchor Brand, from 00 to 04J.' No- 10, constantly on hand, on consignment. r OLLLIT, Bit AU, at CO., Afcnts. Old Dock, Nov 23, 1843. 25 NEW FIIUJ. rpiIE Subsciibcrs having associated themselves 1 together for llio purpose of buying nnd selling Goods under iho Firm i f COLE it ROBINSO't, have tniten ine store lornietiy occupieii oy .tttssrr. Lyman Vole, and recently t) .nr. Cole, on college Street, where they intend tu keep a general assort. mcnt of DRY GOODS it DRY GROCERIES. And as they purchase allogcther for Cash, their menus, ana tuc ruuiic may tie assuren mat tney can receive them ns low for CotA as can bo purchased in the village. To lest the same tlioy ate respectfully in vited to fall and examine thtir new Block of GOODS just received from New York, and Boston j among wmcit ate n tiit-u assm iiutm nt iioaK anu uresi Goods, consisting of Super Silk and Cotton Watp, Alpircas, rich nml cliangeabla Alpacca Luster, Chu. tan, a superior atnc'o of Dtnp. Royal, fee. cVc. A splendid nsotlmtint of tich nnd plain Shawls, also, a variety of Cotton and Linen Gords. A pener al assortment of puts, such as Caper, Collars, Muffs, Boris Ac. Also, a largo assortment of Groceries, inch as Teas, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, o-c. by tha Chest, Barrel, Hhd. or single pound. Produce of all kind taken In exchange for Goods. Il'inff, particularly, 10,000 lbs. FUeco Wcol,and 10,000 Sheepi Pells, for which part cash will ba paid' Those wishing to purchase, would do well to call and cxamiue our goods before purchasing elsewhere. MORTON COLE. JOHN H lluilincton, Nov. 17, 1843- DAUOINC- SALT. 9000 Bushels Solar Salt, 2000 do Cpo May do. 1000 tlo Turks bland do, 1503 Bbls. Western do, 1200 Bags tn! U Suit 2D lbs. each, 100 do l.ivi.ipuol Dniry, fur silo lo w br IOLLETT, BRADLEY iLi Co. Old Dork, Nov. 3, UK. ' 25 LEIlIOIIi BLUSSCUHGI1 COAL. SSO 'ions No. I, Raked Le- high in lumps from tho Haslston Mines, desijneJ if pressly for lurnaco purposes, CO Ton- Egg size for grates, 25 do Blossl urgh for fmitla's use. Tho above is all housed nnd dry. For salo by FOLLETT, BRADLEY o; Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23. 1813. 25 MOLASSES. 5(J Tierces Nuw Iberia Syrup, u superior tirtiele, 30 Hhds. Porto Rieo do, 20 do Trinidad, 20 tlo New Orleans, 30 do Cuba, for sain by FOLLE'IT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23. 1813. 85 AMERICAN patent wrought and call iron vie, a new nnd superior article. Foster's Anvils, Ame's long handled Shove's, Homer's cast steel do, Thomas' Spades, Davie's Billet Webs, Trace Chains, Halter do, Saw Frames, HammerB &c. dc. for laloby FOLLETT, BRADLY cc Co. Oil Doc!;, Nov. 23, 18 13, 25 5 TONS U, 1J and 2 inch spring steel, 200 pairs sleigh and cutter shoes, luucro usrs, assorieu sizes, 1000 lbs. zinc, 10 pairs waggon springs, manufactured to order, 60 sett wrought and cast arms, for sale by FOLI.ETT BRADLEY & Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1S43. 25 SHEETINGS A .YD SIIIIITINGS. Ofl BALES Tremont mills, Exeter family sheeting;, very heavy 10 OIJ dock- o an:rimgs, larcaieoy FOLLETT BRADLEY &. Co. Nov. 2.!, 1813. 25 SEASONED CLEAR WHITE PINE LUM11ER. fSOOft feet A inch 5000 do 5-3 suitatbfor paunsls, do do, 4000 2000 5000 UOOO 2000 w do da i do, 2 i do vary wiJa, 3 do, 1 3.9 do t-ood common Unit do do do 10,000 The above lumber is drv and suitable for immediate use, having been stuck up under cover.for two years. .Nor. -a, isu. a For sole by JOHN BRADLEY. IWTTERNUT LUMBER. 4000 -co' r - incl1 Butternut Plank 2000 do do 3 do Crotch do Boards sawed expressly forpannel stuff. The above lumber was sawed for door stuff and has been two years under cover. Also, a few pieces of -1 inch Butternut suitable for stair rails, for sale by JOHN BRADLEY. IV OV. .'4, 1S1.(. OILS. lOOO Gallons best Winter Sperm, 500 do do fall do, 1000 do winter bleached whale, 200 do Olive Oil, for sale low by FOLLETT, BRADLEY &. Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS 13. ?9 PRINT WA K H HOUSE IN NEW YORK. BF. LLE, (lormerly of the linn ol Lord & Leea' . Lee if- Babcock, tic.) and U. B. BREWS TER. under the firm of LEE & BREWSTER, have estab lished at 113 Pearl street, Hanover Squaro, New York, a Warehouse on an ex tensive scale, ron PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trade by the piece or package. Bv confinintr their attention entirely and exclusive ly to tin-one article, L. if-B, are enabled not oulv lo exhibit a more extensile and bctutiful assortment than is to be found el-ewbere. (lliere beinsr no sinn.'ss establishment for prints in the United State-) but to sen always at prices as low, ana generally lower than those ot house who-e attention and meansar-s du ided among a large variety of articles. i lie sioci,,eniiiraeing aome J aousancls of Differ ent Patterns and Colorinys. including a splendid as sortment of French Prints, comonses all the latest and choice-t style-, to which will be constantly added all ihe new and de-irable patterns at they appear in the market, I e-ide. many which will I e printed exclu sively tor iiicir own saic-. Punhnscr- of this article will find it to their interest to examine this Stock I efore I uyiug their Prints. If they cannot purclia-e, lliey will at least have the ad vantage of seeing a'l the new style-, and learning tins lowe-t market price-. fjC.!aloauo of price-corrected with every vari ation of the market, .ire put into the hands ot buyers. ORDERS. As L. & II. will keep thi- great assortment at all sca-onof the year, they Mill ofcour-e Le alle to ex ecute order-eieu in ihe depth cf winter, fwhen other i e-tablMiuients have no stock of goods,) in the be-l manner, and lliey solicit the atteu ion of dealers to this very Unusual advantage, which their establish. mni t tier.-. Teums. All goods are cuarred nt net cash nrices. as per Catalogue which will I e sent with all goods or dered j and if tune is given, interest i added. 5vl NEW G-OODS, ID" A N I) Ji CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. THE subscribers have pi-t received their Fall and Winter supply of Staple Dry Goods and the Hest I'amily Groceries--among which may Ln found Colored Cambric-, Common and Rich Prints, Mouse line tie Lams, Pla'n Figured and Printed Alpaccas, Uin::liam, Parision-, and Printed Merinos. Berag-, While, Cambrics, figured plaid 4i corded.) Liren, Linen Hdkf-., Lace Quilling, Grecian do, In serting and Lace Ldziug, Fancy Cravat-, Alpacca do., Italian do., Mufflers, Pocket Hdkf-, Comforters, and Ye-t Patterns. Night Cap-, Slate colored Cotton Ho-e. Black Worsted do., Lambs Wool dc. Cashmere do., and Scarlet Socks. Super Buck Gloves and Mittens, Gentlemen's and Ladies' Kid Gloves, Gent's Rilb Cbc.iii ami Woolen Gloves, Ladies' Cash nnd Black Kid do. Webb Braces, Super Rulil cr do., Black Silk Cord, .Mohair Cord, and Oxford Mm-, Silk and Mohair Coat Binding, Needles, Sdid Head Pin, Pearl and Bone Shirt Buttons, Superior Gilt Coatdo, Horn and Lasting do, Hco'.s and Eyes, Silk and Twi-t, Spool and Skein Thread, Knitting Cotton, Umbrellas, and Hon Blanket-. Nett Shawls, Plaid and Rich Wool do., ileached and Hrown Sheetings and Shi'rtinf, Bleached nnd Hrown Drill, Bed Tick, Plmft Cotton F.a mel, Ron Roy, Lin-ey, Canvass and Padding, Wigging, and Quality. Plain and Gauze Hit bout, Diaper, Cotton Yarn, Wicking, Wadding nnd Batting. Chemi Bag-, Fringe Gintrham Hdkfs, Black Tabby Velvet, Brown Lmen, tte. o-c. FAMILY GROCERIES. Hvson, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and Gun Pow der Tea.. St. Croix, Havana and Loal Sugar. Java, and St, Domingo Cornee. Pure Ground dc, " " Cassia. " " Spico, " " P'P-,ir, " , " I'i-tcer', Lorillat'V-si Black anJ Scotch SnuT, Rappoedo. Prrpvi'rbwa' r"te' CKtM Sh"'' nd ,-0t,tli''.h' Macks-re! and Salmon, Cavendish and' Paper Tornceo. FncIT llo fin I KV " --. wu ui,,-. s.iiron,- Lemons, Pi-cam Nuts, Uranl do., Phdl erts, Walnut, Chesiiuts, if-e. Afro, Day anil Martin's Liquid Blacking, Paste do ,. Pepper Saute, Powder and Shot, Percussion Caps, Knives and forks. Pockot Knive.. si., r, .' and Combs, 1 he above we rfTcr for ca.h r.r ready pay as low-" as car, le Ittujlit m Burlington. Thankful for tha' pair' nage , received we solicit a continuance of iho' same, hoping to relain by strict attention lo btuinese and integrity in our dealing with our patrons.- ff. UAUT Co, PARIS WHITE DINNER SETS. Avery splcudnt orltclo of I mferiai. Granite Ciiki DiNNca Wai-e, u full ntsorlment with T Ware lo match, an entiro new stylo and very baud soma indeed, for sale ebtap at Ihe Crtcl.ery slore Lv N"v 3. JOSEPH WAIT. MORE NEW GOODS! P ? P-9L1T,LJK'. h" i t X fiom New i ork, an additional innnly of DRV GOODS, which added to their forriver stock irTilie their assortment very icneral. 'I heir entire stock hovin? been pmchased with cash, enabln thtm in. ofltr goods on as good terms m at any other Stora to lowii, and iluy are dttenmned not to t e indersolfi Cash tad for . few 'tons of Potk in the Vvg. Barlinfion, r.'tjr, 2J, lJ. ifi-vl

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