Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 22 Aralık 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 22 Aralık 1843 Page 3
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POST OFFICE REFORM. The citizens of Burlington Interested in tlie ubjsctof n reduction of I he present rates nf p&togc, tiro requested In meet nt Howard's Hotel, tomorrow evening, (Saturday,) nt half piti six o'clock, to consider tlio subject, at t give expression to tliolr views. December 22, '43. UURLINOTON LYCEUM. A course of eighteen Lectures on Cttr.MK TUYj will be delivered at Strong's Unit this winter, by Prof. G. V. Benrcict. Lectures on Mouday oveninjjF, at half-past 0 o'clock commcneinfr December 11, 1343. Tickets for the course, for a Gentleman who In member of the Lyceum . . . 81.00 For a Gentleman, not a tneinher . I.r.n r or a nay For an Apprentice Evening Tickets ....... Tickets to be obtained at Harrington's Store. f)0 no 25 Book Ii. M. 1. The Institute will meet this (Friday,) eve bin?;, at half past siv, for the discussion of a quos tion of general interest. Dec. 22. S. 1'LETCHElt, Sec'v. M fi IP IP fi ra nfl . tn Worcester, Dth hist., by Rev. S. Kcllor;r, Mr. ueues JliLLnn, ot ..ilhston, lo Miss. Harriet E. isid, daugh'cr of Lymin Field, Eq. In Windsor, on the Clh instont, by the Rev. W, D. Wilton, J. SwETT. Jr., Teacher of Moral Scionco in khe New-England Seminary, lo Mis Many J. daujh b Edward R. Camphell, Esq. In Top-ham, by Rev. S. Morgan, Mr. Jesse White, Jr. to Miss Marv Conus, bojji of Topshnm. In Ticondcroj-a, on Wcdnesilay 'evening, the Clh inst.,byRev.MrSmith!li)-, WM. A. G. Aanion lo Mist. liza SMiTHdaushtcr of Dr. John Smith, all ofTi. .nJ?ambridje, Vt. onlhe 1-lthiiist. W.nnEs Root ofthePcarl-Sircct House, lo Mi'ssMahv E, daughter of Rensselaer Itced, Esq. of the former place. Baud, InRdylton, on the 1st inst. Ken. John Branch, nged S9. Clen. Franc's was a native of Hartford, Conn. He was graduated at Dirirrtouih College in If 09, and studied law in the office ofllon. Wm. (.'. Bradley at Westminster. He sullied in Royalton soon alter his admission lo the bar, and was a citizen ofthal town for about thirty years. He was a man of activity and enterprise in business, of liberal -pi rilt and a generous contributor to benevolent institutions. Afcrcury. On Thursday evening, Dee. ID, of Dropsy in the Head, Amos, infant son of Mary E. Pangborn, Widow f the late Amos Pniisliorn, n;ed 3 months. In Guilford, Dee. 12, Timotiit Root, nicd 100 yeirs 4 monthsand lodays. " Mark thcpcifect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace." In nrattlcbnro, Nov. 10, Mrs Sarah Earl, wife of Mr. Samuel Earl, ajred 73 years. Printers in Mass. and N. V. arc requested lo nitico. In Drattlcboro, on thuTlh inst. suddenly, oforjinic ffeetion of the heart, Miss Marv ICingslcy, need 40 years. In Wardsboro, Oct. Slh, .Mrs Miriam Ilounoni;, aged 92 years. She was a pensioner, on account nf the Revolution ary services of her first husband, Elisha Allen, who was murdered nt Princetown, Mass., by Simitel Frost, in July, 17.03. She m.h many years a profis sor of reliRion, .ino adornrd mplary Christian life, rejw-inc in hope of the filmy of God, and of awaking in the likeness of lirr Saviour. Printer in Mass. nro requcstrd to nnticc. In Charlotte, on the 13:h inst., Len.x EuzxnsTii, younzest dnushtcr o( Aiken S. and E'izi A. Bartnn, agcdG months and three days, UNITED STATR3 DLSTIlICr COURT. Vermont DisJrint. IN BANIvllUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Putltioti of JAMES L. MORTON', ol Mi'ton, for hi- Di-chnrge and LVrtifieale, as a ltankrupt, at ihe O.lico ol Saiiviel Prcnti-- in Monlpclier, in said Di-trict, on Wtnlne-dav, the SOih dav or March, A. D. 131), at 10 A. M. DANIEL WARD, of Milton, for hMlNcharic and Certificate, a a Hankrupt, at the Office of .Samu el Prenti-. in Mnntpclier, in slid District, on Wclne-dav, the 20:h day of .March, A. D. IS14, nt 10 A. M. SHELBURiY JIIGII SCHOOL. THIS In.titution will he open for ihe reception of pupil., on Tuc-day the second day ( f January next. Rev. CHARLES CLEVELAND, .9'perini?if7ani. Mr. I.VCIKN WEST C1IANEV, Prutplor. Terms. Tuition. Ensli-h HranAes, S.t 09;uaj;e--, d 00 ftoaril nro'Urcd including Room, Fire and Washintr, per wee'.:...." 1 JO Trusters, IIobacc Saxton-, G. A. CoiLtMcn. I. L1SIIA RfSSCLI., II EM AS llASSTOW, E. W. Srr.An, Asaiiel Nash, LlVI COMSTOCK, jr. II. i). MOBSE, Shelbnrn, Dec. 0, 1313. J. ANDncw. FnEnrnicic JIaeck, II. Lake, Geo. B. Iciiam, Lyman Hall. G. BURRITT, Clerk. 29,f LANDS FOR SALE. IN Colchcstci, Lot No. 114. containing 100 acres. " " " 103-9 " M " " " " 57 " 100 " Tn Burlington, one Lot containing 5 acres, on the Turnpike, between the, firm of Carlos Hixter, E.I. and ihe lands brloniinc tn the heirs of tho lale John Johnson. A portion of the purchase money will be required at lime of alc. 29 J. & J. II. PECK & Co. GREAT I)ISCOVnnY-W)NI)EUI.'UIi PfnVEK. THE pood sleiahin? ha. put into motion a set ot customer- fromabroad who are miking tsemen duous c.Tortstogct awnv the ("help Gcods from HOWARD'S where the whole icrct of nieces i. found to bo by the simple direct npp'.'raiion of money. Thnr-day, 21 IV., MS. C A It MI N A SACHA a 20 Dec. 29 hy freh nmiilv received V. HARRINGTON. 1 ril"i MlTCHELL'SCeosraphyand Alla, lvA 100 Olnev'. " " l00 Mitchcll'.s Primary Gcoiraphv. 100 Ilurrell' Geography of the Heaven., I0O Peter ParlcvV Geography, 300 Ailnms'. Aritnmctie, 1500 Wcb-ter'. Spellins book, 10O KirkhamV Grammar, 1 00 Fir-t and Second Class Reader, 50 Third ' " 50 Com-tock's Philosophy, and tnnt of the books used in School., for tale by 2l Dec. 29 V. HARRINGTON. OYSTERS, BY the ke? or smaller quantity. Al-o, Apples by the barrel or bushel, constantly on hand by 29 D. IlLACKMAN. "ITTE advise a certain person to return the large T T uoul Pencil, borrowed ol us. 29 IIRINSMAID & BROTHERS. Cnsh paid for OATS Dee. 20 '43, by T. F. & W. I,. STRONG, Stray Stcor. 1AME into ihe enclosure of the subscriber about J the 23th Sept. last, a rfdish colored Steer, threo years old, marked with tar on tho left hip. The owner is requested to ptove pioperty, pay ehnreesand take him nun v. ELISIIA BURNETT. nolton, Dec. 20, 1843. 29 w3 CHILBLAINS! AJIEDICINT. for tho remedvof the." nt 29 PECK & SPEARS'. JlOllSE, SLF.IGII, rfe. FOR SALE., A GOOD young Hnrte well known in this vieini My, a pood Sleish, Wnjaon, Bras. Trimmed Hnrnesl", a pair of Rood linellluifalo Robes A c. for ra'e rea onabte for ca-h, grain, lumber or good hard wocl delivered thi. winlcr. 29 Uliiro.M AIU N BLEGAOT 300XS c inns 'mas V new yeaks, at A. UmVAit!S' CUKAP CASH STORK. Tin: (iti'T, ig.i t. The " The KepaW', l.inlon) iiirtin hook ni licautv, Hello of the Pe.Ton, Children ul Nobility. do do ll'l Cliri-lian So'iveini-r, Friend-hip's O.I'erinff, The Ito-o, Odd Fellow's Oili-r iu. 'Pl.n Tn II 0,ir CSlol.t-, 120 En-ravm?-; The Lilly's Book, Poetry of Flower-, With n variety of nooks of Hi-tory and Poetry, In rich litulitic', suitable cr presun:-. Dec. 22, IS13. " 20.v2 CATHOMC BOOKS. DOWAV IlllIM:, fr-oleiio Manuel, Layman'', liituil, Catholic Piety, Pocket Manual, Chris'im Sii-eic-.i. ilhtstrile.l.' key of Ucnten. Mowers ul Piety, Snored Harp, Christian. Guide. Many of tin- above are in gilt binJinj, suitable for pre-cnt i lie conuuir iioiutayr, Py No. 1 Pee!;'- Buildine:. A. EDWARDS. BlUl.r.S, TESTAMENTS A PRAYER HOOK:', more Ibait one hundred varieties of binding, bj' 232 A. EDWARDS. CHILDREN'S HOOKS, a variclv fur Chrit. ma. an.l Now Year., at the Cheap Cnh Store. A. EDWARDS. T O Y S . NOAH'S ARKS, Tea Seis, Dining Set., Kitchen", Cou'.im; Appuratu., Knive, and Forks fur goo I Hoys nndGiri-, Book rinse-, Hall-, Harmonic-, Gla Tuv of nil ties ?iptiunt Fancy Hoxe-. Wooden Blocks In paste Alphabets on, Mineral Trun'.' and .Money Boxes, Snull" B"jtc in sreat va riety, Ivory Hoxe., Horn Boxes, Medals and Neil. Orn intents', Mitlalpon Hctd-, Miraculini. MeJnlf, Gro. Emrrie', Toy Canille-tiek, Kid Doll", Crying Hull., Nur-u. Willi fliild in arm?, .Mar!:. Tov Wnli'hc-, Tele a-toTc ft, Trinn.ct, K ilciiio'cope'. Hair-, Toy Win;,-, Wni!ron, Shell Cii-hmn-, I'ur niturc, JSTine Puis, O nir-, Sol.,-, Musical Dancer, Hnr-,-, .Mill-, Hirtl-, Cnl- with f!ei-i Noddins; Ciirl- nnJ Women, Tin IIor-e, t'nrls, Ilnr-einan Dark, D.i?, I'iois and Iln;., Cr icifiito, China Animals, Hnv- and (Jirl. Head, for Dolls, Grace-, Cup. and llall, Snake- and a jrreal v.iritty nf otherTo-,-. Tlm-o harcnti who that a Tov at -iniahle time, t- a. useful aa book, are invite I to select irom our a-sortments iine thins for Chri-tmas and New car's Presents lor their Children. 20 HHIiVSMAlD & BROTHERS. Ilanlc' Ilicltanlo;i' testate. STATE Of VERMONT, ) rpHE Pre bale Court l)i-lriet of Cliitleii'len. sv. i J. for the Di-iriet of ('liitii-nden : Tn all per.onv f ii"i'rned in the e.-tale nf DANIEL RICHARDSON, late of Westford m Mid l)i-trict,deeca-ed, Gr.Er.rixo. ,HEnr.A-, oally Riclnrd-on adnimi-tr.itnx of the c-laicol'-aiddei'ca-eljpropn-es to tender an account of her aJmini-tratum, and present 1 heir account npain-l v lid e-late for examination and allowance at e-.ion ot liie (Jourt ol Proha'e. lo 1c 10 den nt the Rcji-ler- O.fice in Rnrlinslon on the second Wednci- lav of January next. TitEnnronr." You aro here hv nolifie 1 to 3'iw-ip Kn. fore said court at the time an 1 place afore-aid, nud shew cause, if nnv you have, why the acount afore said -ho lid not be allowed. Gnon under mv ban I nt Murlinglon this loth cloy ofDecem'er, A. D., 1813 aw3 wm. v. loTO.V, Register. Wllllain i:;i''ic'H 1. state. STATE OE VKItMONT. )The Hon. ihe Probate Dilrict of Chittenden. Court for the Di-irict ol Clul'ei len : To all ncrsrum conoerned in the E late ol in. Hu'hc, U'e o I'nJerhi.'l, in -aid Ui-tnrl, ueeea-e', Garr.-riN'o. Whereas, rt iel Ca''v a Imiiii-irator of the E-lnle ol -ai I dceei-ed, jiropo-e- to render an acco nit nf In. nimini-traiioii, ami present hi necoiint aain-t said csta'f lor cainination and allowance at a tu-sion of the Court ol 1'rjlmte to I o holden at the I'ci-Kr- Of fice in tlu.'linton. on the soeond Wednc-dav tf Jan uary IK'X-. 'I ui:ni:ror.r.. Vor are hcrchv nndTied to armear he- forosnd co.nt at the time mid place afire-a d, and shewc.iu-e, if nnv you hate, win' the acco nit aloie- .-.iid shoild iu t leal'ouel. GiM'U under niv ban I at E,irlin;ton, thi 21-t t'av uri. -...L.r, A. Jl. Kill. 20 WM. WEVTON Rrguter. .n . c; . it t ii it u x & Co. DIIAPOJIS tV TAILORS, HAVE rcnovel to Peck'. H.iilJin?, three doors east of lluwar 1's lloie'. 'I hey hnvo ju i rccirn,-1 from New York, with an additional Mipplv of TltlMMINliS, and an n..-ort-ms'it of VES II.VGS, unsurnarsed lor richne-s and varictv. li irlingtnn, Dec. 13, 1313. tf MINIATURES. IYI3SS. WHITTDMOnn & PORTBTJ, 13 ESl'ECri'Vl.LYiuli.rmihori'izen. of Durlin--XI- ton that they hme taken roonia and set up their , ipp ir.ii'i- nir ! DAniXRltEOTYPE MlNIATl'RES I al the American I In el (Room No. C.2 I floor) and will I remain there n lew dav-, where thev will I e happv to exhilit to Ihe lahe-'aiid (ienlle lien of Hurlins'lnn ' : c.i -i , - t . i . . -jjv.-nneii- uj uieir wurh, unii renoer -iicn oilier atten tion a- may I e uuecs-nry for Iheir inform.ition. Tho.f who have never seen a'itneii of nature' .-Pen-.illinz.euii bardie form nuudeau.iiu iJeacfiheex. Ire ueperlecliou, I evity, an.l wonderful miii'i'ene.-s of f.Hiierren vpo riclurc. bultice it to say that pro-duetion-ofth iiro.'c arc the work, of nature, and no1 ofurt ho light of heaven alone i Ihe Pencil u.-od. N' II. Copiei ifpain'nif- cnj!raiii!;- &e. by the ame procc... Li-tnc4ioiis given and apparatus fur-nt-he I on reasonable term-. MHSSlia. SHEliMAN tj- Co T?I!tST COTILLION PARTY will Ic holdea at i Ihe EAGLE II LL in Willi-ton, cn Wednesday the 27ilud' De-cuiber inst., :o be conlincel cM'r'y two weeks llirough ihe sea-on. Firl ra'e m.i.-ic to le fcriii-l.ed. Willision, Div. U, 1313. C3,v3 HEW GOODS. nins. L AKGWOHTIIY, TJAS receive! from NEW YORIC a supply of j ju i' .lauiu.x.ii.i.i, iiuuus, lor Ihe season. i;oilssni; m -. r ' ' Muslim Lces, Gimps, I'nt.sons, Rmooss. Lace, Emd'o Asn Dimitv Coi.tAtts, &c. &e. WINTER BONNETS AND CAPS OF THE MUST KAStlfONAIILC PATTERNS. Iiurhngton, Dec. 11, 1813. 25w3 CilKAP (JOOUS. SUPERFINE IIROAD CLOTHS, Itl.'AYI R and PILOT do. Ca-simere.. Saiinett-. Wsiiiif.. itiavn un.i nan se.ii )ie .ipic 'a-, trfn i-an-. t-rapean I Mousclin De Luiiics. Black un I Blue Black Snks. Silk Velvet-, a larcu lot of low priced Shawl.. La- he. Cravat. Re I and Wliilo FianneN. Cotum do. Merino nnd Saxony wool Shirts and Drawer., with a arietv of other Dry Good-, which are olere 1 at reiiiced pritcs tor c i-h by o. M, POPE. Hunington, Dee. 15, IS 13. SALT. ST. IIHES SALT, Barrel Salt, 100 Sacks Dairy do for sale by S. M. POPE. I'ec. IS, IB43. WANTED IN EXCHANCE I'OK GOODS pORN, RYE AND OATS, 300 lb. I IVEGEISK ri..v 1111:1-;. nt n "a r. mi 1 .t... &c. ly m. I'OPIV Dee. 13, 1313. I Y.STERIES OF L ed by PARIS No. 7 and 8 reeciv V. HARRINGTON. AJARRATIVE of the Travels and adventures of XI imj.Naif.Ull VICII.KT. n ftn ifnrn i Knnn,. and Western Texas, wnten bv Cam. Marvat. for si ny v. HARRINGTON. JVA I LS. 1 KKas NAILS from the Ei!e Factory IOUU from 3d 10 40d. " ' A ccinpleto assortment of Finishing Nails, from iu 10 .U1I. Floor Brads of nil sizes, Ay.SO, SOOO Kegs Nails manufactured bv tho Ail Snblu Iron Company, Commnn finishing nnrl lirnil hf.nrls nf ntl el. ,1 ... n ..(.- ...... ....... ... ...... v .ni.. ,i un, ju ii, u in, r iiil', n-l I--:... r . I in , .' . V. i iu. euprnumy ui me nans niamitneiuren ny me above companies for beauty of form and finish, nnd for toughness' of iron nbovo all others, is universally acknowledged. They nte for sale upon terms as fi vornblo nnd at prices ns low ns enn bo found in tho Stale, by FOLLETT. BRADLEY it Co. Agenti. Old Dock, Dee. 14, 18-13. 28 PAINTS & OII,8. 5 TONS pure dry White Leid, warranted equal to nnv manufactured in the United Slates. o uo I'.xiraary white L,ead, 3 do No. I. do do do, 200 Kegs nuro White Lend in Oil, 10 Barrels Venetian Red, 10 do French Yellow, 2i do American Linseed Oil, 10 do Boiled do do, for sale ss usual very low, by FOLLETT, BRADLEY Co Old Dock, Dtc. 14, 1813. 23 TO THE PUBLIC, j;TESSRS. liniNSMAID t nROTIIERS would 1VX respectfully inform their friends nud the public cenrrally that thev aro not- npenlntf and arrnntjinn in their A': II S 7' U 11 11 , 1st door south of their old slorc, an cxlensive and beautiful nsjortmcnt of Jewelry, Watches Cloclm, Castors, Plated and llrilannia Ware Work lloxcs, Drrssini: Cafes, Shell Card Cases, Shfll t'ncihn. I.'.inee ltrit.hrq. Ivory Cotiih, Silk Puf-s.' Ooi I nnd Silver SPHCTACIjKH. Cold Chain., Pencils Utiles, Mroochcs, GolJen Top ivoiiiii., iinir nil., Head nt.u iNcdt urnamtnt-, an t a very cxten-tve variety of fancy Articles. In Ihe variciv may l,i; found some of Ihe fine-t Gold and Silver Ualehc. of our own importntjon which ate very accurate time keepers, thev will be sold rea sonable and warranted; Gold and Silver Watches ol cheaper kind.. We aro vlieii at'duis new ones to the ai-orttnent. TLOCKfJ. We 'n.'o Ern and Wool Clo-ks in In'a iti' Ma-ho-aiiy, Zi-Iim and other ease-, by the box or .ini-ie clock nt lower price, thin ti-ual. all who wish n clock nt any price, however low or liLrh, are invited lo look nt "ur winter a.-ortinent, which h ranidlv dimiiii-hin?, to make room for more; Good Wool Clocks ror 83,50 and upwards, Ura.-s from S3 and upward, nnd warrranted. Gold Pencils and Tooth Picks. Two dozen Gold Pencils, n..nrlcd cizes and pat. tern, for Ladies and Gentlemen. DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PENS. The econd lot within three wcekju-t received. The-e pen. are the bo-t, cheipc-t, mo.t durable Pen ever made, and arc now tt-ed by m inv "f ih" Law yer., Merchant, nn I h i. inc.. nie.i, :i well n. by many Ladie, in tin', and other place., thev neel onlv lo be tried to Ic liked, thu looser u-tl ilia more ap prove I. Toanv who do ibt we.. ay plea-c try them, we invite the clo-c-t -er Univ. we know they will last not only one two or three but Ten vears and more. SILVER PENCILS. Fifteen dozen Silver Pencil., of all size., piltcrn- au 1 1 prito, Tiom 2j ct:. ujiwards, some leautilul rue. with -tone bead-. WORK HOXES, TOILET IIOXES, tte. A variety of Mahocany, Rosewood and Wli'tcwool Work lloxc., Drc-ins Ci-c, W.inm; Deg'.a, an J Totleit Siand-', Steel an I Wood Screw fju-lnon., Spool Stand-, bea itiful PAULS Paper Hoxe-, Wntch Hoxe. and slan I. and other Roods of lito kinds in -plendid variety, far belter than u-ual. SlLtC 1TRSES, IIAOS. Sic. Silk Pur-o-. Siteel trimmeil and oilier Mountinss and triininin;. of beautiful patterns. GOLD CHAINS. Indies' and Gentlemen's Gold Chain.. nmn with seals and key-, s IUc. ttc , more beautiful than usual. GOLD UliOOCHKS AND PINS. We hive received sonic more hcnnlifol Topaz nnd otherSloue Pin. nnd Rinc. of our own imn,M I'fllic snmc linker of tho-o Pm and Itinc;. which we imported iu 1811 an J which b.we been spoken of as the most beautiful one. worn in lown. PLATED & BRITANNIA WARE, &c. Tea an.l Co Tec Pot-, Mnl.issa. au 1 Childr.'iis Cup-, nrilinnia Pitcher-, Di-h-covcr... S nip Ladle-. Knit- loon-, Communion Furniture. Snulcr. nnil 'I'.-av.. Suirar Howl-'. Cream Cur.-. Tumblers, lira., ol.n.vl and 1 rill.innia Can llcliek.. Waiters, Looking (ila C3 &c, in -diorl a mors full and complete n-sortment of metal Good, than n-ual. an I al-o duan lirllnn. nia Castors n. well as more expensive ones at prices in... v.m -nit ii i,u--iuiu. SHELL COMI!.1? & CARD CASES. 20 Dozen Shell. Twist and Si,',- rv,mt.. , ; leiifih. ami M'ze-, Shell Pocket Comb., Shell Card Cast-., nretlv one. nn.ill and lirrre. BRUSHES AND roMB-s, I Fine Ro Storks. Scarfs. Uosomq an 1 fnllara. Some of the bc.-t to le In I in town. V. It I ETY. Snuff Boxe-, Diaper Pin--, Lnclcts, Spy G!a-e, Mathematical Instrument'. H.ic'.'cainnioii Hoard... Che-s nnd Che-pei' men, Card-. Picliire.'Hnlr Pup, I looks and Nitil'e., I'm., Eie'el-.Sln.c IJ ick)e Stock Huc'.les, S i liier... I'ee I-, Com.ia.-i'i, Whi-i Cnunirr--, Needle Ca-e-. Pant Strap-, IJ.iss for school cirl-, Nur'cry Lamp-, itc. Sibcr. Sli'.-ll an I Penl C.lrd Case.. Siionns nn.l Gn'd lice I-, Fnld e and plain p.iticrn-Silter Spoon-, Ladle , tear Tons., and o'her -ilver ware eoii-tant- Iv in.ii if.i t'liine in o ir shop, al-o fine Gold Heed, and ?ec;. Cfi un-. PI.ATF.D ft OTHER CHEAP SPOON'S. P.'a'ek Hrit.lnnia nnd n.rini, fi ..,.- c.. low prce- ap i-sibe, a v. rdm- to quality ,; ,, quality can It-rebel upon to I e as guo.l a's, can le ha I. CqiTce 7ms anil Cnfie Pots. MUSICAL INS mt.'M I'VTS Mo.i nl M -r.-haii Ji-e, Melodiun.. double &, sm-lc lli-s Siol-, Violin and Tenor Viol-, Aeeordeon-, FI i'c. Ironi i t,l to iV, CI ir,unc:i, Fife', Flagcolettt, Pitelces, Harmon', a-, '. military oonns. B ilttn. I' r all the Comuanie.. Su-nrl. Epau'e:t-', Coutpan- Pistol-, S,mr--, Plumes, L.i'-es. Slur., itc, ic f irni-hed to order at Mii'able price-. WATCH REPAIRING. O ir C'MORIM. and the n il lie will lenrwlib whil-t we morel) hint at some of ihe '.ici'itnu we have in thi. department, we-pi-.i'; of them on-e for all. One f o ir firm wli.lo iu England, InJ the opportuni ty thro.uzh the kind attention of friends in u ir line, to -peiid much ol hi- timo anion; Wa'eh Maker- and Hatch Kepiuer-, wa. shewn many modern im provements in the way of Tool-and manner nf r... I pairinir Watches (ind there has I ceu mcie improic- iiicin hi .' nir inc u-i lew ycarttlnn mo.t leoplewould imat;yie,) ilns bcm?a favorite part of our business wiili him, he wa no; an idle si.eela- icr. e navcavai'el nur-elvesol tho I enelit ol new n-cfiil and improwl To .1-. and siuMibc 1 our.Hlt-fJ vi ill. Diamond, set fur Cock nnd Knot tin!... n,.,. Tail., Uuhy Pin-, Pinions Wheel-. Pallet, nnd i aus winy i-in-, rinion., wheel-, Pallet. ; Wheels set with Jewel-, and other part, of Pat Lever Waieho. made at the I est Shop, in Kmia Fine Sin Is for Levers, and fine Cylendcr- an I ft atent ia ud. clcndir. r,t I -tii.ul Wheels for Lepiue-. mideatlhe Mnnofifinn-r-. ,k... tt other parlsof fine watch woik with whien we re.ila' e .'..rftiVM -ml lirr.trr... r.n... ...Al..l Ul ...I .... . . ..s ttl sun our customer-., e speak if these things merely to in form our friends that our faeilnie- are rood for domir work well. Another of our firm ubn 1cm n,.i ,,:,.. e I from New York, has I ceu working lor two ear. Pi-l a- a Journeyman .iloh Rep lircr, with a Von I New or't Watih Repairer with whom he served lircviou-ly his Apprentice. hin,' bavins worked at thebi-ine-. nine year'. We' do not profe (oco work- quick, wo intend to do ii well, ii is our inten tion a- it always has Icon lo eorn the ninonnt we eharsc fur work done. It i our tfesire lo our e i-lomcr-. We allexpect to set our livino bv work we lovelo'work, nnd wu like to hue our cu-tomer. fatistiel w'uh our work, nnd our nrranr!rmini n II iv nro I eiter than u-ual In make them so. We have cxiended our remarks far beyond what we expected. unii cin e, ny iiivuins eiery nouy lar anil near In call and see us in our New Simp, one door south of the old stand. BRINSMAII) & .HltOllIERS. Silrersmiths if. Jeieelers. Dec. M, 1813. oa KAlltllAMvSSCAIiES. TAIRHANKS SCALES of all sisea, for sale at A manufacturers prices by , J''0I'Js'r:i"r' "KLEY & Co. Agent,. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1813. 4 23 1 O Pies 48 inches wide for wool sacking, 1 V 13 do 27 do do for Biggins, 10 do 27 do do Dundee Twilled. 300 ready mado commnn and I willed Bags for bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY 4- Co. Old Dock. Dec. 14, 1613. 23 Stephen Iloxslc's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) rpHE I Inn. the Probate Disiricl of Chittenden, ss. J 1 Conn for the District of Chilleiiden : 'lo nil persons concerned in lliees latoofhTEPHEN I10XSIE lal0 of Milton, in said District, deceased, GnEETiso. Whereas, Ihe ndminislratnx, of the Estnlo of said deceased, proposes to render an account of her nd ministration, and present her eslalo for cxntnirmion nnd nlinwance nt a session of the Court of Probate, to be, bolden at the officeof the . ' . " ,-u,l" uuiiinmun on tno second Nolne-dayof Jnnunry, A. D. 1811. TiisarroKE, You arn hereby notified to appear be fore aid court at lbs lima nnd olni-n rn.,;,j .i shew cause, if any you hayc, why the account afore Bdiu siiuuiii not uo nuoweu. Given under mv hand at Burlington, this Cth dav of December, A. D IS 13. 23w3 CHARLES RUSSELL, JudSt. SJ A TK ur VKIIMOXT, 1 milK Hon. ihe District nfChiitrndeii. ( 1 Prnlno r-..... within and for the Di-iriet of ChiiirmUn , Tn ,1,. crebtnr. and niliem concerned in tho estate ofSTE- PHRN IinVII- Ki.l Mil.,.- : ..!.l r: , .'il. ......... ...iiivmi, .11 ruin ,iiirici, tie- I ; Whereas Tirzah Hnx. it. Admlni.irnt.iv r.i it, laic hi sain iieceasni, na mauo application to thi t-uuri, lueticim 1111 ume iiinueu lor inaliing payment of Ihe debts nnd settling the e-tate ft said iletra.l, twelve month, from ihe Sh day n( Jnnunry IS 14 nnd Ihe set ond Wednesday of Jannarv nan lfn-n.. signed for hearing in Ihe premi.e., nl Ihe O fice of ihe Register of 1I11. Court. and it havnii? hepis onlrl ii.m "'"'I'0 Ibircof he sriven, by pnl lishingihi. dcrec threo week suwe-sively in iho Burlington Fne Press, n news pRoer iirintcdnt H. ohm-ton. r.. ,Un inn. n. ed for bearing. Therefore, you aro herehy notified 10 appear bo fore snil Court, ftt the lime nnd nl. .r,.,i 1 .v.. nnd there to make objection, if sny you have, 'to the ru ii.i.uvi .iijriiiciii Lcing mrintr extended aarore said. n?JlaT'T M liu"ln50- 6th .lay of Win. WESTON, lligistlr. fine ko-ewo In ml o her lair Hru-bc., fine Shoe, nUSINCSS I'UOPLE AND HUMS IN T1IR CITY, Cloihes, Nnil, locuh, Hair, lliii.r,Watcb,Scriibl.ii.-l ,, , , .- , , , . . andmo-t all other Itinl- oflin-he-. Ivorv Horn T1 V ' cl11.', , 5' n,rran?1''' ""der each bu-mess, or prc Gcrman Silver, Shell nn I o'her Ccm!.., Comb f' I "sl0"-. 1 beadvanta?,-. ol such a Directory eon-i-t, er-lo c'can.e line Ivory Comb., and a "real tar ety I 111 ' ""-'ins to a point, from all parts of ihe city, the of other new Good.. ' I name, ofall siersoii'icnzaseilin each parlicular bit-i- MNSKEI) oili ON CONSIGNMENT. 1 C HARRULS Rr Oil, 5 Harris boiled do msn lif.ictured and tiiepired In limlon, for sala by FOLLETT, HRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. H, 1BI3. 29 ( TONS shoo shape manufactured from Scrap A' Iron, " do di rotntuon, 3 do do Hammered, n new article, tnnntifjcliired from the best Peru Iron, 20 000 pounds Hand Iron fioni 1 to 3 inches wide, 10,000 do Assorted Scroll Iron, f.0,000 do Round Iron from 3-10 lo 2 inches, 20,000 do Square do from 3-8 to 3 do, 10,000 do Flat do from 1 to 4 do, for sale by FOLLETT, HRADLEY & Co. Agents. UIil Doclt, Dec. 14, ISI3. 29, 20,000 POUNDS first quality SAI.ERATUS in uasits, uarrcis nnu nun naircis, lor sale low ov FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 1-1,1843. 23 SOI,E l.fjAI'llKR. C)ff Sides of middle weights, New York in-svJ-J' speclion, 100 do of lieht do do, New York Tnneil nnd In.pee'ed. for sale by FOLLEIT, HRADLEY ii Co. OM Dock, Dec. 14, 1843. 23 r ii o n . lOtO00 pounds En. Tire Iron, from 1 1-9 too wide x.uu.i uo no . men round, 10,000 nssorled Kwecdes, fiat and square, 20,000 P. S. I. Old Sable, for sale low by FOLLETT, HRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1S13. 23 PUBLIC HOTIGE. V INT IS It A It It AN KM EXT. VIIiGII. Jt Co., PACKAGE EXPRESS VV ILL Icive Hnrlinilon, every Wednt-day morn V in? coin; South and eveav Friday morninc troins North, Paekat'e. and Parcel, mii-t I e left with .Me srs. J. c-v J. ii. PECK cc Co., the dav previous to starting'. 27m3 VIRGIL & Co. Cash for On Is. TnE.iib-criher.. will pay Cash for Oats on delivery nt the Old Dock: ' FOLLETT BRADLEY f- Co. Decemlcr Cth 1843. 27 Champlain Transportation Com pany. THE Block hoi 'ere of the Champlain Transparia lion Company are hereby notifioJ tint the an nual Mcctin; lor tficeleeliun lif Director, ol said Com pany for ihe ens'imsr year, will be bolden at the Ho tel ol John Howard iu' Burlington on the fir-t Th' r day of January (Mi) next at I o'clock P.M. and lor the tran-aclion of nnv other bu-inc-s tbo tght projier when met. By order ol'tlie Dire -tors, PHILO DOOLITI LE Clerk. Champlain Tran-p' Co. t Burlington 4lh Dec. 1843. 27 THE BOSTON ALMANAC, FOR is-H MY S. X. DICKENSON, WILLIc reaily for purchasers in the early part of Decemler. Order, fir.-t reieivcd will' meet with tlio first attention. It will contain, A Classified Directory of all tho nariici llt'-H. For in-laiire. ill a -mall comn.l.-. nni'er ibis i ben I of Hardwam: Dcalcrf.wiII If found ihciiaiue- aiul place- ol liu-ine-. ot nil who deal in thai com modity. So of Dry Goods, Leather, Furniture, I, on, Hits, Hosiery, eel., eel., eel., all so arranged, tin! the reader miy see, al a glance, the name, ofall those who nie iVuIer. in anyi.tie article. A varielv ofo'h 'r ii-tful and in'cro.ihig matter will le found in tln little volume. It will eoniain 25 or 30 paie. more thin heietofurp, anil I c printed ihrouihoul on a new and Rut y Tpc, cut iu IMiiibiirgli, and ob tained vxpre.sly for this work. The Calendar pnge n. n-ual, will contain -pice for memoranda for each diy in Ihe year. It will be handsomely nud sub-Ian-tnllv I o.m.1 in elo h, and sold as usual at 25 cent, per copy Or.'cr. nnv be ent lo ihe Propriesor, S. N. DICKERON. 52 Wa-hington Strcc'. or to Mc sr. 'I IIOMAS GROOM it Co., 82 Spue St, In either casethey will inee! v illi prompt atlention. Huston. Nov. 13, 1813. XOIICB. TIIE Board of nppcnlsfor thcfllh Regiment of the Vermont Milinn which was Lrgniii7etl and com menced its sess-ion on Ihe 5th day of Die. 1343, is ..till open nnd will hold a session for theitial of such caes as mav then be before them, al Allen A. Plan's office, in Burlington, on the I2ih day of December, 1313, ai 9 o'clock, in I be forenoon. IIEMAN ALLEN, President of the Hoard. Dec. C, lS4t. 27 ft'lfiW GOODS AT TIUl GE11MAS STOIiF.. SUGAR, Tea, and Collie, of the lest quality, al kmds of Spice--, Cocoa Pa-te, F17 Pa-te.French Prepared Chocolate, Raisins in 1, 1-2, 1-4 and 1-3 Hokcf, Sn'tana do, Currants, French Italian nnd Chun different Preserves of first rite quality, Sar dines. Pickles, and French prepared Mustard,

FRCN'H CORDIALS, the very lines!, Gold ma! scrs, Anissettc, Rasbcrry, Cremc de Citrone. Cremc de Rose, Eean de noveau, Eeau de anille, Olive Oil, Walnut Catchup, Tallow, Spermand Patent Candles for Parties, Winter Strained besi Sperm Oil. New Or leans and the very best Sugar House Molasses, &c. French Cognac. Brandy. Schildsm Holland Gin, St. Croix Rum, Jamacia Rum, Scotch Whiskey, of the most sipcriorquiliiy, Port and Maderia Wine, Rhe nish Wine, for Medicines, Champaign in 1 nnd But lies nnd Imported Cigars. An nssortment of DRY GOODS, consisting in Silks for dresses, llomlwincs, Alpacci. Plain nnd Figurci Alpine, Shu-ane Velvets, Plain and Figured Mouslin de Laine, Cihmero nnd other very rich Shawls, Fringe, and Gimps. Lubes premium Kid Glovrs, Thread Laces, Cotton Edgings, Laces for capes. A verv good nsortmcnt off'nTh- rocs. The verv besl Gentlemen's Ilandkerehirf. Ve-iings, ,f.c. &c. The undersigned beg respectful ly Ihe inhabitantsof Burlington nnd vicinity, lo lion them with a call, ns Ihey will tind as cheap and dura ble goods a. at any other Store. ,. , M. OSTHKIM &. Cn. Burlington, Dee. 6, IS 13. 27 BROWN'S Pocket Memorandum for 1S44. for sale by 26 S. HUNTINGTON. Cyrus K. Ulrgc's Instate. STATU or VKPMON T, fTI HE Hon. the District Ol U IlltCllden. SS. ( 1. Prn ,ale Pn if, for Iho Di-trict of Chittenden : To all per-ous con- cernei in tlie h.stntc of CYRUS K. DIRGE late ol iii'ieriui 111 said District, deceased, Gsdf.tixo., i-iiinn mrge, Humini-lrator ol Hie estate ol said deceaseil. nrniui-s-s in render .in .iminini 1,. administration, nnd present hi iiceount ngain-t snid lor examination and allowance at a se-ion of the Court ol Probate, to be l.nlden at the ortice of the Rrgi.ter In Burlington in s,aid District, on the i-ikiMn, (iiiic-Biirty ii .inniiary uexi. rilKncrnilE. ro:l xre hprliv nnliriisl ,s ni-i. I forcsnid court at the tune and place afore-aid, ami riivw hut, 11 any ynn nave, wny uic account alore said should notbcnllowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 27lh day ol November, A. D. 1913. wa win. WK.VTON, Hegitter. Asa I,. I.yoti's Estate. STATK Or VEP.MOXT,)rpU noni lhf DiMiict of Chittenden, . J X Probate court for Ihe District of Chitienden, to all per-on. comer;. d in'lhc esiate of ASA I . LYON late of Shell urn in snid di-trict. deceael. G Wiirnr.A. ZJIvira M. Benson edmini-irntrix ofsaU deieasl, propo-e lo render nn account of her ndnnn. istralion, nnd pic.-ent her account against said e-late lor examination and allowance at a senon of ihe cnurioi rroiiale.lolielioldenattlif oiTiceorths Regis, terof said Court in rturliii-inn ln .aiddi.' onWeilnesday in January A. D. 1844, at ten o'clock in the Irrenoon. Therefore, jvou are hereby notified to appear helore said court at ihe time ami place nfore-ai.l, nd shew caiifc, if nny yon have, why the account aforesaid should not I c allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 31 day of Dscemlr, A. D. 1813. 27w3 CHS. RUSSELL, Judge. STATE OF YERMONTTT'T'llEHon. the Prolate District of Chillendtn, s. S J- Courl within and lor Ihe district of Chittenden. To ihe creditor, an I others concerned in the estate of ASA L. LYON late of Slielburn 111 said district deceased. WHEREAS, Elvira M. Uenson, administratrix nl the e. lale sf raid deceased, ha. made application to this Court, to extend the time limited for nuking pay ment of the rlebts ol snid decen-ed, twelte month from the 2 1st of Jnnuary, 1811 and the lecond Wt-ilnesilnvtifjanoarv next. I rinir a-i:ned for a henr- ing in the premise,, nt the Officr of ihe Regi-tcr of .1.: r. . ' , :. , : , , .1 ... nil-L.t''in nnu 11 nnving itfn nrocre.1 ipnt police thereof I e givon,- by publishing Ihl. decree ll.ree weeks eiicee-sively n the Burlington Tree Prcs, a newspaper printeJ at Burlington, before the time fixed for hesring, Therefore, yon are hereby notified, to appear lefore raid Courl, at the time and place aforesaid, then and ihere, to make ohiectton if any yon have, to ihe raid lime of payment taine further extended Given under my hnnd at Burlington this 5'h day ofl S7 WM, WESTON, iiftr. FLOUR. . fiOfb HARRELS Superfine Flour, VV 200 do extra Simrfina do. equal to any made in the Umlu) S-inte ., 150 Half Ho do for sal.-by ni l'OLLLTT. HRADLEY & Co. Old Doclt, Dec. Id, 1613. 23 CAST STEEL AXIiS. Kf doztn I.aihrop's Silver Steel Ares, warranted, JJ 30 do .Simmon's Cist do do do, 2.1, fin Hrrin'ca nnd llpni.-ti'.. do for sale verv low bv FOLLETT, RRADLEY &. Co. Arcnte. Old Dock, Dec. !!, 1913. 23 Uela Clilttcndcn's Estate. STATU OF VKIIMOXT. A T n Prol ate District of Chittenden, s. ) 1. Court held at Burlit.glon within and lor said District of Clutit'iideu. on Ihe tlevcnlh day of December. A. D. 1813. comes Simeon W. Payne, ndinini-lrntor of the e-late of ucia cuiitenuen, lalu oi nnclburn in 'ant district, de ceased, and file. in sail court writing:, -citing forth that Ihe claim, allowed by the commi f loner, again-t aid estate amount to'S2.'i3,20 that the personal e-ta'e of .snid t!ecejcd, a-inveutoiied, nni'iiinled to 5217,01), which has 1 ten so'd tinder nn order of said court and the proceed, ol micIi sale have been expende.1 in paying ihe debt, nlloucd ngnt.i-t said c-tate nnd the expene of nJniini-traliun ; that said ndmini-trator his -eitled hi. ndiiiini-tralion ne- uo ml in snid four', -bowing a bnlautedue him of o,y, ; 111.11 mere. 1. a uaianceoi the f.'mm. apamst said e. tale remaining iinpud, an I tint it i ucce-ary to sell the real e-talc id ihe said tlecea-cl In ihe amount ol forty dollars, or thereabouts, for the pnr-po-e ol patiug ihe I nlnrte of claim, agam-t said es tate and ll e expen-es of administration, nnd pray ing for licen-c In sell sn much of the real e-tate u. may be ncces ary to pay said -um. W11r.1tr.tT0M, the court tiforcMiid doth riiiooiutthe secon I Wednes day of January, 181 1, for hearing and deciding cn sniu petiiion ni 111c otiiceii ine i.egisiertu sniucourt ill -nid llcrliiigton, and doth on'er ibat nil per-on intcre-ied le notiliei thereof I v "d licatiou of llu order, containing Ihe autisinnien)' -aid reiiiion, three weeks Micceite'y iu the H-irlinciou Free Pre-?, a new-paper pim'cd in said Uiirlingion, tin: la-t ot which publications to 1 r previous to the day appoint ed n.nforend for a hcsriu?. Gitt-n under my hand at -aid B.irlm?ini. the fl.iv anl jtnr first abo'vo ineiitioncd. 23 v-m. ttiSTUN, llceitltr. SADDMl, HAIISHSS ASP TliUSK Af.l.Vt FACTUllBIt, COl.LBaa STILIIT. ALSO, keeper of LIVERY STABLE, Eist of ihe Court House (Me chanic's Row.) Applica ion nude nt iho Shop or Ham will receive prompt at- tentinn. Burlington, Vl ) 23 -isanfi 23 Nov., 1813. 3. S Wnn'eJ a Journeyman Saikller and Carriage Trim mer. A gooJ mechanic will find cmnlovment. S. S. SKINNER. TO TIIE PUBLIC. 'jpHrU'Csislnturcof this Slate, at its late Session, - hiving pas-ed a resolution rrmiinimi, "Tim Governor lo appoint a Commi'tce to devise the best mode of alleviating tho unfortunate condition of tin Insane, who nre deemed incurable, nd report to the next General Assembly by bill or otherwise," nnd the Governor puisuanl lo slid resolution, having ap pointed the undersigned said committee, for thetinr. pose of obtaining the data and information necesary wnipiisii we ui j'.'ci spcciueu in sua resiiiuiion, wo request the overseer of the poor in each town ii the State, to ascertain nnd make out a slitcmcnt rf the number of tne Insane in their respective towns, therein setting forth ibeir fri!. s-.r. nnd nrocurinc tircumstance.s ami the length of time, nnd the appa rent causoni iiieir insanily.nn.l Hie manner in which they hive bilbei to been provided for, nnd such olh"r fuels in rthtion to their t ircumstnnei's ns miy be supposed to be iirfiil, in nil cases ib'sigmting such ns are -uppnscu lobe iiicuniWe, and lraninit or de htir tho siiiio to iho County Clerk of their respee me Counties, hy the first day of January next, or ns soon alter as convenient. As this 1. the wotk of hit mniiy, intended 1.1 hcne.1t ihe cniuliiion of a most iiiif.ntumtc class of community, it is hoped those to whom this appeal is made, will cheerfully assist ihe committee in obtaining this desired infirmalbn. DAVID M. CAMP, ; Wm Iir.llAUD, Committee. GF.OUGF. U. CAI100N. i November 27. 1313. N. I'. Tile Pi.tilist-.rrfi of Ncwsniisn tn ,t,rt ci,, are requested to in-ert thenboe in their papers. CASH FOR PORK. I VIE Subscriber will pe.v Cash fora few hundred L Well flllPllfil fin. I ..Unl- ilrns.a.l lf,.o cd at their Store, Old Dork. ' 23 Hurlmgton, rov. 3(1, 15)3. FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. LO V E I. L 'S UN 1 1 ED SPATES SPEAKER PllOSn, POETRY asd DIALOGUE, for the u-e of Schools. 'jq By A. EDWARDS. rLEAVELAND'S l.tTIN IIIIIMMIII Gould.-, Adams. do do. 'I'umpi'. do do, Andrew- ci Stoddard, do t'o, H'dllOll's .In .in Andrew. I.ilin Reader ond l.e-cns Jtnumii'5 Latin liraininar nnu Le, i-OUS, copiioelesj Ureel; Ui'nuui'ar, iiuiuon. do i!o, Anihou'. do do, Jacob' Greek Reader, Donneann's Greek Lexicon, Auihon'. Cla-sical Di'Minnnrv, do Greek and Roman Anti'q lilies. No. I. Pec!.'. Il'iil biig. Hy A. EDWARDS. FAR WELL SffOES. T A DIES KID SLIPS. lU do French do do. do WaVng Shoe-, i Gai'er.., light and dark, G.uier Hoot-, Buskins Double Sole do, esand Children. Shoi.. do do do do Ml-- Geiiilemeu's Sim-, Lined nn I Fur Trime l plain and Figured India ltii dicr Oi'..p s,n,. IT cn Ladies an I f.'entleniei'-' Mocci-ms a larre n-ori. ment, for sale cheap by LOVKI.Y ii SEYMOUR. -vi ...ii .s ii-.-i, isny. .su, 101,. A Lirgo variety of Furs nnd Cloth Cm. for ile by 21 COLE & ROBINSON. JUST IlKCHIVKD, A LARGE SUPPLY OF ENGLISH AND AMERICAN. Dr.iggetls and !!. iin. r, q. I! S A.l r,.n C...I a . 1 10 -1 Oiled Cloili-, OdeJ Chilli Table Spreads 4-4 an: fi. l !.!, .Mi - I.......I. in. ',", '. ' Manilla. Atacact an I S ne Matt-. .1 r. c n Pactr Ilanrriims nnd ltni.dnr;nn-.. r;.nn tvs-.i ,1 . 1 0 . uiim .'IIUHIW l'.lttrr. A Inr"..p I ml... n... I . .. oiher Dry Oood, ihan can le I01111J in ihe Slate of VVrmnn, . 33tf.) LOVELY 6: SEYMOUR. DHY GOODS. BLACK, Blue Illicit and Colored Silk and Cotton arp Alpacc.isaml Alpacca Lusiresi Change ati'e, Striped and Figured do 1 Luneltas, Priiiecitas Orleans Zenohie and Camhlet Clolhsj Black ami Blue Black llomlnr.inej nnd Alpines, Hlack and Col. orcd Thibet Cloths, French and English Merinnr,, light ami dark Printed .-'a.onys, Enllans, Ta'dionis. Fancy Ciape, Imperii! Chnsans Pezans Phin and riunu .units mi- i.-iuifs, .siecaiingnurgii l.ustte. Crnpe Chnsans. Kilmernock (.'mill's, FOR Cl O ttf'-i AND DRESSES s Black, Blue Black and richFic ured Silks fur &e. b Bonnet Silks, rich Figured nnd Plain ; Silk Veltcts for Bonnets nnd Yelvet Ribbons to milch, and any quantity of Bonnet, Neck nnd other Ribbons. Fisured and PlninHk Lace for Veils and Conn do.. Illicit Chmtilli Veils ; Rich Silk Vclye pi,,,? nnd Silk Points and Dres llandkrrchis'. rir Vi -Silk, Worsted and various oilier Plaid-, "' '"',e''ni Frilled Dimi-y Coihts, DimPy for- l(o. F , Mowers, Cords nnd Tnss-',. mlored silk pI,,l urau s Gimps, I rinnc, Trimmings. Gloves Mini nnd Hosery innunif rnhlc; Zephyr, Wor.ted. V0rs. ted Patterns nnd Working Canvas,, Muslins, Combs andn thousand other ntncles usuillv wanted ALSO. C00O Ynrds Light nnd Dnik Mournines and halfJIouiningCalicocsar.d Ginghams, bv atiunl measurement. ' wuoi The abuve Goods arc to h okl cheap, hv ,. '-OVELY & SEYMOUR. Church Sfeet, Burhnginn, ) 7- Nov. 20, 1S13. ( Gentlemen's Furnishii." Goods. I FRENCH, EriDlish nnd Amenean reiver, Bmad nnd Pilot Cloths Black nnd Fancy Merino Cns simcrrs. Sntiinelts, F.ndhsh nnd French Black nnd Blue Black S'nin Vrs-nng, S.Ik nnd Woolen Veltei do, lilac'.; Imhan Alpneea and Fancy Handkerchief. Mohnir C rnvnts, Sntin nnd Bonibarinn Storks, linm ColUrsand Bosoms Silk nnd Limn Pocket Hind kerchiefs, While, Black and Colored Silk Gloves rflark nnd Brown Merino Ango'a ind vni'to is nih'. t.loves, ami Minins Meiinn nnd Cotton Shirts nnd I Drawers, Socks, Merino Hose, Clink Cord nnd I Tnsels, Woolen Cnpes nnd Tippets ; Cloth, Velvet I Senllotlo. fur trimmed Cnpes; Coil. Vest, nnd fan!' isioons irunmings. a largo assortment of the above goods ton bs found nt r-x. .. L c. . ,- LOVELY & SEYMOUR. V'liuirn oirs-ei, nurrngion, November 20, 1843. S . 11 ff-inctll I rc A,'l, TP ' . VI ... ,1 5 . ,'s1 .x ounier pan. and xii. Hooiirn iiianKflu t vsricti. tef rr ,alcby November ??, I84S. LOVELY tt SFYMOVR. Wt ffi mumsemw SHAWLS. pASHMERE, Imitation Merino, Kihie, llrix-hs, J Ileltidere, Aliincta, MotM-lilie do Lume, Ernb'd do. Moravian, Highland Plaid Milk and Cuiton Shawl.., or sale cheap bv LOVELY & fjEVMOUI', Not. 20, 1S43. Church .Street. Looking (ln.wsn.. Al.iren n.-orimeiit ol variou. -izet, jnt recfivcd utid lor tale cheap by I OVELY sV SEYMOUR, Chuicb !. Nov. 20, IS 13. 2511" Crockery. (.Ini &. China Ware. A Large stock just received and fo- silo cheaper than cn 1 0 bnuirht in tin- Slnle. by lovely & seymour, church at. Burlington, Nov. 20, rj43. 2ulf George I'dcrson H'1 AS now nn hand nnd for silo, 1000 Cuiheli of Course Western and SI. Lbes Salt, SOU Barrels Fine cj do, 151' Sacks Fmo Hiirvrio do, 2."0 Barrels Superfine Flour, 200 Sacks fresh Ground Plaster, "0 llirrcl' Hickorv Nuts, nt S2, 5 Tierces North Shore Salmon, G Boxes Lemons 20 Whole, 12 J and 12 Boxes frssh R-lims, Ato. Fresh Kegs do do, Sofi Shell Almond., Philbert", I'eaconuts, Pet Nuts, Citron, Curanco Hoentn. logethi r uiih one of lb" target nssortmemsnf DRY GOOD. CRO-KEItY and GROCERIES he ever had the pleasure of oirer ing tn the Public. In short nil t on have to do to find any article, ia to call nt Petersen's, where it may be found nf ns good quility nnd at as low a price us at anv other Establishment in Burlington. iNov. 2.1, 1813. 25 FARM FOR SALE. T70R sile a farm in Underbill contain- aitM . n.C one hundred and furtys's acres, 3EH abnut one hundred arres of which is un-1 J ' lt..r,n I 1. A tm . I iw-1i6i. der Cllltivition. the remainder ia rovert-d s by a goid growth nf bird wood. On the piomises area ( on venient dwelling boure, barti, "beds He. and an orcbead of thrifty bearihg applo ireta. suliicicnt for making some fifty or si ,tv hirn-ls of cider. Also, a firm couliminu one hundreil acres, lying about one mile frnm the above, about sixty ncrea of uhichU under improvement, nnd hnson it n capicious barn, the remainder is well wooded, principally with beach and minle. Tho nhnve farms nre'rl nsnr ill centre of the town nnd on the main road, are well wnicicu anu w.ui icnceti.a considerable portion of the fence leing substantial stone wall, nnd together com pose one of Ilia best dairy faninin the town. 'Ihe nbovo premises will be solJ lo close a concern for inueli less thin their real value, and possession given on the Is! of April next. For further particulars, en quTcof A. FOOTE. Burlington, Nov. 22, 1543. 25tf COlT.'i;i2. 0( Bar. Old Government Java CoTce, riv 20 ha. Creon d , do 2", In?. La;uira, 25 do Rio, 20 do Angostura, a sp'emhd art'clc. for sale by rOLLITIT, BRADLEY &. Co. Old Pool-, Nov. 23, 1S-13. 25 ON CO.VMGNMi' XT.-NEW IttJ.II. Hhd. John Fellon's. 2", ball nine. J Frltons O 100 R'b'. do. 50 hhds C.ii E. Trull's 70 Hbls C it E Trull.-, for sile I v FOLLEIT, URADLLY & Co. South Wharf; Noy.23 1S-t3. 25 I' I S II . ft (fTii Qd. Cod Fi-h. W 20 half I bis No 1 Mackerel, 20 Tierce, nnrh shore Hud-on. Bay Co. Salmon, 25 Inlf I ur.-cls do do di for ale hy rOLLETT, BRA DLEY i Co. Old Doc' -oy, aj, isa. 25 llAlSLts 200 Viuxes Uiinch Kaisin?, fresh fillit, and in fine order, for sile by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock-, JuneS, IS 13. SCOTCH PIG lit OX. t X TONS No. 1 t'nrthsherrir pig iron, lO for sile by FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old dork, Nov.' 23, 1813. 23 on coNsif;N.t:r.XT. BOXES Cnnada Plate', i-wt fi do Crawshay di 23 do T.. G. do do 5 do 11. G. polished Crawshny rintss. f do Thorneycrofl plates 21 by 21 in. 1 eul, I or sale at reduced prices, by FOLLETT BRADLEY ,f- Co. Old dock, Nu 23, IStt. 23 Agent-, "saw miil and :ihcui,aTi-s7v7s."" 1 ( DOZ. Rowland's Phdadelnhii Mill Siwsfrom - s ' 0 in 7 teet, made evpres-ly 10 order, nnd war nnled superior Many in market. HOE if- C". s cast steel circular sine, frnm 10 to 2u inches, slitting and cross cut. Also, Crosscut saws, English plale, for sale by FOLLETT BRADLEY tf- Co. Old ilne't.Rov. 2.1, 1S13. 23 fkhncii mnn: .nit,i, tone and" mjitir it locks. 1 f PAIR Durr Mill Slones, X V7 2C0 Hurr Blocks, for sile at Troy prices and eight, bv FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 13)3. 23 Agents. ioxcs Pines, 10n Kegs Ginger, 50 Boxes Etlra Soap, 50 Superior do. 50 Ct! itcs do, 10 do Cushion Shiuing da, 300 Malls Cassia, 20 Boxes Starch, 200 lbs. I love-, 50 do Nutmegs, 25 Rags Pepper, 23 do Spice, 10 Tierces Itice, for sale bv FOLLEIT, BRADLF.r Co. Old Dock. Nov. 23 IS 13. 23 c 1 ."! ci'rrr 5000 II". Sanderson and Bros, Axe Steel, IfllM .1. I.T.. I f ,. A. I iwii on as-orieo 11 11 nnu square irom in 10 s ineues Also, W, Jcssup (c Son's extra and common Cast Sled, square and flit, fnr si'o hv I'OLLJVrr, BRADLEY f. Co. O'd Dock. Nov. 23, 1313. 25 XF.W GOODS. T.OVKIY AND SKYSOUIl INVITE Ihe attenlion of their tuslomcrs nnd the public to thrir stock of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, which is one of the most extensive in the Slate, nnd which they offer for sale nl prices well sailed to the interest of pun baser. Goods adapted 10 the present nnd coming season may he found in great nbundanceat thisestablishm-uit Nov. 10. 1313. 21 LOOK AT THIS. BUSHELS of tho fust quility ol O.UINCES nt 51,50 per bushel, for sile by 21 GEO. PETERSON. 50 REVOLVrXG CASTORS. JUST received nfull norlmcnt of handsome Brit tanh Castors, four, five, and six bottle, and for ta'e cheap at the Crockery Store bv Nov. 3. JOSEPH WAIT. S. N. PAK.fIAI.EU, Xo. 7 Counsellor! Halt. (reek's Building.) 13 11AXK OF BURLINGTON. TOTIOF. is hereby given lhat a meeling of the 1 Slocli-holt'ers of the Hank of Hurling'on, will le ho'i'en at their Banking llou-e, on Ihe 'ond Teed.iy ol January next, at U oVIock, M., for 'lie pnrpo-e of chnsing seven Dirreio;, fr iheiyesr senumg. Bv order cf the Pres!--rn Aw Directors Dec. 1, 1SI3. '.1. G. COLE, CnMo-. U'dCKWHEAT. WANTED a few hundred Bu-hels at Shell urn Tall. E. WHEELER. NOTICE. TIIETreisnrcr of the County Bpole Snefety, hs rrccived n full supply of commnn BiMes and Testaments fordiXiibutinn. Hssnlsn, for rale snipe fin large Fnmdv Ibbles fine gilt Polyglot do Pocket, Testaments which will be sold nt the Bible Society price. Tbn" in wnnt will do xvell 10 call. Dec. 7, 1813. II. W. CATLIN, Treasurer. STOVES a A FEW COOK nnd BOX STOVFS with pipe, for nl cheap, (food Beach and Mnplo wood would be taken in rny. Ml. II. BOSTWICIs ft. Co. nurlinstnn, Nov. 30. 1S13. W tf Pork. 100 BM Me tnrk 50 " Exira ". . , ,, Lard in ihe Leaf, or Rendered Fresh flam., Should. j Tl.K. nn.l iradii. fur ftV I.V FOLLEIT BR ED LEY .f December fith 1813. Co. 27 The Uniied Slates Almanac, or Complete Efihmm'is for 184-1, CONTAINING numerous StatUHn relative 01 Commerce, AgiK-u'liire, Manufactures the G p. 1lral nd Ptt" Govercnrnls, ruhbe Oftres, w.ih 1 ,1.... c,l,,;. .t.r A. EDWARP5. Peek's iluitding, DANCTITG- SCHOOL. MR. GEO. SAUNDERS &. (V woubf!irnllv inform tlld IShi public of Burlington and vicinity, wejt lin y will 1,2 resdy 10 opei ineir acuooi m tno ijn oruecew her. Thev will olio attend schuiai in i'is adjoining H'vn, wherorr' thev nnv be required. ii'.i,-;,. .1.1. ii..... rii.i. '. XK',i I ic ),lc, lua .'Omrn unices megm 1 AT US 'he latest ond most la.hionabli m fA stvic. V.'IMf Jjli They ill furnlsb the b-9t, Iat't &.f J'Ji'-A nr'd most approved liui'Ic for balls &Ji j! cotiRion parties, i-c. at the shortest it eXZJ police TTM r'j'Mr. Co'ibrrth bin just ti ceiv--J vl'-Cd. &, ,l 1, r if !.,.r,.i... 1 . I . V IS, III IIWIII .1,1 ll-IIU-ll . . 1 vSrfiS.'- which he says bo shall positively 1 le hereby the lnlh Dee. I Buihnjtoti, Nov. 21,1313. 23if MasmtK. VVlA.llU $t WATClinLDiin Vi"OULD respectfully inform tb inhabitants ue f Burlington nnd ticinity that they intend open ing a School in this place, in whi-h will he Hught Contra dimes, Cotillions, Uuidrilles Wnllie, nn'' Spanish Danres. They would ol.o givi notice that they will furnish good music for Rails Pnriies, Ae. For lerms enquire of them or at Howard's Hots', Burlington, where books will be openlo reccio names. Nov. ie-:3. 24 1IENRV 11ALR. ATTOI'.VKY &. COU.VSnM.OR T LAW, OHWBLI., VEilMONT. ' '. '. 1 "pAPER HANGINGS tust receded an! for sale by 1 Nov. 31, IB',3. 23 Win. HURLIIUT. I I ' LUMBER. Feet of HEMLOCK COAr.DS, 20,000 feet of Hemlnel: 2 inch Plank, IO.OOO Pieces of 2 X 4 HeinlotV Wu!', Strip, SO.OOO " of3X4 " Joio. 5.00O " of 4 X C " " IO.OOO feet 1 3-3 Ash Boirds A, OOO feet 2 inch seasoned Whi'e Oa. Pis-.'.", IO.OOO feet 2 inch Bnswood Plank, 2,000 feet 4 inch Chcrrv, s-cx-oned, uitob!o fof Tohh, SO.OOO feet of While Pine, clear anl common, from 3 -I to 1 7 9 in-hea ihie.'.-, lor -nie low b FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. OM Dock, Nov 23, ISI3. 23 TOHACCO AND S.NUl'l' J QQ Boxes and half Bcxss Bonn. csltUa'ri E0 do pHg'e'fi, CO do Irvuics', S3 do Crosby'., 23 do .Mi'chell's xviih vcr.'ou. olbef IraS'!,, -electe I wiih erta! care, 20 Kegs John End-ri' Pluj, 10 do Sheep Tobacco, 50 Ilbls po ui,I and half pound Smokin?, 10 do Chewing, ol Ihe ino-t prcfere J brand. Also, 100 Jirs extrn Ho-o Scented Msc-obov Snur- 5 til Is Scn'eh Sou I' in smill bladders, for -ale by, FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1343. 25 SUUAIlSi Iftitk Sl, Croi , 20 do Porfo Rico, 20 do Now 1 vs Orleans, 50 Hbls Claiifie.l, 30" do Loaf, 10 do Crashed, 10 do Powdered, 10 Huxes W & W doolie refined Loif. for-nleby FOLLETT, BRADLEY &. Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1343. 25 ItlGGING. fi flftfl lb Tarred Biggin?, from 1 to8lnchel, VWVV 1,000 lb. Hambrolinc, 500 bU Mrlin 500 lb Spun Vnrn, 100 lis Sad Twine, tooth er wiih Sail Needles, &c. &c. Also, o Ton. lest hand picked OAum, SU Lbls Tar. 50 do Pitch. 25 do Rosin, foi tale by FOLLEIT, BRABLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nox-. 23 1313. 2J I'lttiSli TEAS. rvpr Chc-t. prime Hy-cn Skin Tea, J 10 ib Extra do do do 100 Half Chests Young Hyson, DO Caddy- Old Hyson, 50 do ,'oung Ily-011, ( IU Ch-sis extra qiinluy Old IIscn, The-e IVas were selected Willi (treat care aaJ from ih- latest tuiporiaiiorisand will be olJ at Na4 'ork Jobl ers. price-, nnd f'zh'-. I FOI.LIVIT, HRAuf,Y 4. Cn, Old Dock, Nov. 23, ISd3. SJ i.iauoits. S ipe. Cogni.i" Brandy, 5 pipe Swan Gin, tf 0 Ithls. Har! er's W.uehon a Point Gin, 50 di Ameru-an Brandy, 3 Hhds Si. Croix Ruin,' r 25 lib!-. M.idcri Wine, 25 do Malaga do 10 do Tenorn.'e do 10 do Port do for "ale 1 1" FOLLETT, BRADLEY Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1S43. 25 CHEAP FARM FOR SALE. FARM containing 105 acres of good Land situ ated one half mile north of Baptist Corners ia Charlotte, with convenient buildings, will be sold very low. For particulars enquire f SALLY II. SKIFF. Charlotte, Nov. 8th, 1813. 21 tf C! Bales of North West and Upper Missouri Robes, 1 Cheap for cash, at COLE cfc ROBINSON. ir. ARCHITECT '. r.LUOT, & PATENT AGENT. OFFICE opposite the Pa'cnt Office, corner of 9th and F street, Cily of Washington, will attend to preparing Specifications, Diawings, Sir., and all busi ness intrusted to him connected with the Patent Office, or his profe sion, with promptness nd despatch. I'AtrtT Orrice, Feb. ijlh, ISI2. Mr. Win. P. ELLIOT, who has been formerly em ployed m th Patent Office., as n Draughtsman, &c. hating established a Patent Agency m the Cily of Washington, I tike great pleasure in recommending him as a genileman worthy of confidence, and aa Ve il:: particularly nushficd to lake charge of any busi ness requiring a knowledge of mechanical science, the prosress of tne arts, nn I patent improvements. Mr. Elliot is also well n -qnainled wiih the practice of this1 oiiiee. HENRY L. ELLSWORTH, 24 Cm Commissioner of Patents. hissiaxail nans. 6 Tons warranted Ruim Nnd Itod. for salr by bv FOLLETT BRADLEY A Co. OM Dec!'. 23, IS 13. 2f POUDIlF.TTi:. 50 Barrels just received and for salo by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nor. 23, IS 13. ii XOVA SCOTIA GltlXn STOATS. 20 Water Stones; weighing from 800 try 2S00 each, 200 small finished Stones, 109 do Ohio dn, for silo br FOLLETT, BRADLEY & C. Old Deck, Nov. 23, 1513. Ii. NOVA SCOTIA IHiASTUK. SCO Tons in Stono, 100 do in Barrels, bp do in Bags, ''..eeled for npricullural putposs, s'rrd warranted pure, Delivered at our mill in Winooski City, or at our ware house Old Dock. , . , SS Nov. 23, 1S13. FOl.LET, BRADLEY A lo. TlOl.TlXG CLOTHS; OA and 10 inch New Anchor Brand, from 00 t' Oi' No. 10, ronrt'intlr on hand, in rontisnment. FOI.LKTI, BRADLEY, ct Co., Affnf. OU Dork, Nov 23, 1643. IS iNlCW F1K .M. rpHE flubseribers hivinj nss'oeialcd themselves I tojelher for Ihe purposs of huvins nnd lhnff Goods under Ihe Tirm i f COLE & ROBINSON, have taken ihe s'ore formerly occupied by Messrs.' I.yman A, l'ol, nnd recently bt Mr. Cnlr, on Colleea Sirret, where they intend to keep a sine rl assort ment of DRY tiOOVS A DRY GROCERIES. And as they pirrhsie 1foco'her for Ca-h, ihrlr friends, nnd the Pubhe may he nsiurrd thai Ihry eau' trerive thm as law for Cash as can be purchased irf ihevilln'pe. To test thesame they ate respreifullv in tilrd In rnl! nnd exiuiine their ns w slock of GOODS just received from New York, nnd Bns'nn t smong-' which ais n lnr:e nssnrtinent nf Clnak and Dress Good, consis'dns of Suptf Silk and Cotton Waip, rich nnd chnnpsnble Alpacca Lusicr, Chu sin, a superior nnrclo of Dinp. Royal, Ac. &r. A splrndid assortment of rich 'and plain Shawls, nlsn, n varitly off.'oiion nnd Linen G01 d. A rmrr. nl nsrorlinent of ruts, such ns Capis, Collars, Muffs, linns Sir, Also, n larea assortment of Grocerirs, surh s Teas, CoflVr, r-uiiar, Moljss, tie. hy tha Chrsi, Itairrl, Hhd. or single pound. Troduce of all kin I taken in exrhnncs for Poods. n.nld.', pnnicidaily, 10,000 lbs. Flwa TVn,ar4 10 000 Shrps Pelts, for which patt cash still he pW'' Those wishing to purchase, would do well t n1! and erim se o ir ge'dabafoan'urrhatirie rlsewKif" AUIH.OA COIF. ..'own h. jSfSei;?:!: 4fc

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