Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 19, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 19, 1844 Page 3
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lijccssary for us to sav that wo hnve triumplicil in vain. Comparatively wo havo done nothing, whilo 9 much remains to be done. i Wo havo hut ex changed tho corrupt and correlating, tlio selfish and tlnpairiolic ndminisiration of Von Ruren, for tho equally corrupt and corrupting, and tho more selfish, but weaker, administration of Tyler the lion, for the ass in tho lion's skin. Willi tho exrcptioii of the Tariff, whi'ili the Indignant voice of a sulfering coun try rescued Iroin a ready veto, and which carried miii " democratic" threatening nf "Rcncal," noth ing remains uf our triumphs. Of nearlv all else) the perfidy of ono man has deprived us. We have been most deeply wounded in the house of our friends. Where wo looked for, sympathy and efficient aid in carrying out the nrominent. distinctive, and conserva tive principles of the great and glorious party to which we belong, wo have encountered hostility the more hiticr and proscriptivo because it was undeser ved and unprovoked. Wo havo seen tho oiliccs, at tho disposal of that Executive which owes Its power to coaler tlicni to 11 , bestowed, with skillful Uisrrimi nation, not unon those best oualified to occupy them irrespective of political opinion, hut upon those most distinguished for mendacious opposition to the princi ples and policy of tho Whig party. We havo seen men removed from office for no cause but for their fidelity to their principles, and their places supplied by traitors and hypocrites. In short, wc. have seen for thft tltlst Ihirtv mnnf hi. ihe extraordinary and un worthy spectacle of a President of the United States, aided hv ilio imtnniKe natronaco of his office, endeav oring to flatter, anil by offices and honors cajole, the verv men who most loudly, (and wo might almost add prophetically,) proclaimed his incapacity, and opposed his principles and his election. We desire not to bo misunderstood.. The Whig party arc hos tile (0 proscription for opinion's sake. This hostility was iiiscuii'ii on me u.inner unuer which inuy in umphed ill 13)0, and under that banner will they hereafter march to triumph or defeat. The maxim that " to the victors belong thn poiis,"nnd its author, they equally despisf. The Whigs of Vermont at 'least, snpnoited and re-supported, the administration of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS; an administration which has already emerged from the clouds with which dishonorable misrepresentations had obscured 'it, and has taken rank, by the ability and pure patri otism of its head, by tho side of that of WASHING 'TON. Such an admistration ns that of John Quincy Adams, distinguished by nbilityin nil its Department, 'by its unproserintive character, and by its living pairioiism, iiib ..ins: i'"ii iicsiiu 10 rt'storc We have, then, fellow Whins, the balilo to fight again, and we iniite you to thecontest. Wo believe another, and a more decided triumph awaits us j I ut, by persevering labor it must be iron. It is fur us to take caro of ourselves. The Republican Whigs ol Vermont haie achieved for the past threo years no triumph worthy their renown. They have not been defeated, hut have they conquered It need not be disguised that our victories li.ivo been but partial. Our'opponenu nro vigilant, active, persevering; en couraged by the defections ('. our ranks, which they have mainly promoted, and, by a refinement of malice, minting us with the trcicherv rind weakness of him whose offices they enjoy Wo rely, and wc may rely, upon the invincible siiuudnns i,f our prin ciples; but not upon llii" alone. Our principles must be promulgated and explained. We must pro mole discussion ami debate. We nsk no blind adhe rence to party. Wc seek converts among those who-o judgment and patriotic:!! may be convinced. The same purposes and ends which nencdnur efforts in 1540, animate our present endeavors. Tho Whi s of Vermont arc not disturbed by factions among themselves. Their potent bond of union is 10 be iouid in tlio PRINCIPLES they advocate, and ro frrring to them, ihey present an unbroken nrrnv, They ore not, like tho " harmonious democracy" of a 6ister stile, suhdivi ted into " llarn-hvirners," and "Old, Hunkers," appellations which, however de scriptive they mavbo nf the propensities, or grateful to tlie tastes, ot tliose who hear them, we hope never to hear applied to anv portion ill tliomrtv (0 which 1 we belong. We are Wmos in the true sense of tho kvord opponents 01 l-.xecufive encroachments, and Kicnds ot constitutional republicanism. .Now, as in 4U, we conicnu lor A stable tariff for revenue zni protection A sound and uniform currency, bv whatever means it maybe best attained, by a bank or uiuenvise, wnicn suan possess more man "nil odour of nationality:" A jut administration of tho Public Lands, and n fair and equitable distribution ol the proceeds of their sales among the States : A curtailment of Executive power and patronage, having special reference to the abuse of the veto: An amendment of the which the eligibility of the President shall bo restricted icti to a single term : An economical administration of the General Government, mid for those who hold office under it, entire exemption from proscription for opinion's sake, with duo restraints upon incir intclerencc with the freedom of elections .And, finally, the abolition of the odious instilu tion of domestic slavery, by any and every cunsicuuonai means. For these olMcts. Whigs nf Vermont, vnu cunlen del in 1340. mid in their support we invoice you to renewed effort. Let us attain them, and, 111 the words of the noblest statesman of the age. Henry Clay, " wc shall cease to be afflicted with I ad admin istrations of tho Government." We recommend to you early and efficient organiza-' tion throughout the State; mid as n first step in this organic itinn. we respectfully suggest that n Whig meeting bo held in eiorv town, or by a union nf towns, on Thursday, TUB 221 DAY OF EEBI1U ARY NEXT. It i an auspicious day the birth day of WASHINGTON. It is his virtuous exam ple, his self-denying patrioiism, his love of constitu tional liberty, that we would remember, and his prin ciples, exemplified in the administration of our coun try, that we desire to maintain. We a -I; you not, however, to meet on that day, in the spirit of parly. nor yet as citizens of Vermont alone. As the name and the character of Washington arc the inheritance ol our whole country, so let our aims and views nn that day comprehend the welfare nf that country. Let us meet as AMERICANS; and measuring our political principles and aims by tho standard of his whose fame has rendered the day illustrious to nil time, we shall inspire ourselves with new zeal in their behalf, when wc find, as wc assuredly shall, 10 how great an extent they are identical. In this spirit as semble, fellow whigs, and you will have begun the contest in n manner which shall sustain you to a tri umphant result, and enable you to bestow the electo ral vote of " iinconquercd Vermont" upon the states man whom your delegates nt Ualiimore shall present for your suffrage, by n majority which shall be worthy the Cause and the Mak, CALVIN TOWNSLEY, HILAND HALL. HAMPDEN CUTTS, D. W. J. CLtRKE, GEO. A.ALLEN, E. P. WALTON, JR. S. W. KEYES. A. O. CHAD WICK. January 10, 1844. SrVThe Whig town committees are invited to con. suit in reference to the above suggestion, and if they concur therein, jo make all necessiry arrangements ior(anu give nuiiceui 111c places 01 tnc meetings. If you did not understand it, what right had you topledgo yourself to prove it to be 'unsoriptural, uncharttabld echismatical, ami nnli. republican)' Resides, as a theologian, ynu ought to know the meaning of a maxim which lins been extant In ecclesiastical language for centuries upon cen turies : and within the last three hundred years thoroughly debated by the ablest theologians. Thus the matter stands at the present writing. iV. Y. Eve. Post. NOTICE The members of tho Burlington Firo Company nre "hereby notified that tho nnnual meeting of said com pany will be holden nt J. Howard s Hotel in Hurling ton, on the fourth Wednesday (thn 24lh day) of Janu ary, 1844, at 7 o'clock P. M. to elect 10 Wardens, n nniGGS ii UNDERWOOD, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, $. Hurlinglon, 17. Gm32 MILK. PERHAPS it I not Known to nil the lovers t.f thi useful and delicto 1. nricle, Hint it tan l.e hu t hv application 10 J. KIMBALL, who will I'l-livcnt daily (Sundays excepted) at any plnco In this village nt 4 et. per quart or 12 J its. per gallon. Please liy i', and if satisfaction is not eivcn no pay will be asked. Hurlinglon, Jan. 10, 1841. 3lw3 John II. Joslyn's i: state. STATE OF VERMONT, The Hon. the Probate District nfChillendcn. ss. Court for the I'Mncl ol Cliillcii'lon 1 To all person" concerned in the Es tate 01 John 11. Josyn, late ol WiMlonl, m snid 111 Inrl. deceased. Gnr.F.HNO. Wiieseas, Wm. Wood, ndminitrntnr nf the I.lalc Clerk and Treasurer, to bo Trustees of said Company ol said decca-ed, proposes 10 render on account oflus 1 , , . ,i.. 1.....: ..,t...:..,.,i ,,, ... administration, and present his account again! said niiu lu 1 1 i uity uiuci uiisiiic'sa uuuiuiiAcu tu-t . , , ..' a ,, . . e ,. .. . , , csliilo lor examination and nllownncu al a session of qumcu oy me courier o. incorporation miu uy-i.iv n,c Court ol l'robntc to I u holden nt Ihu Register. OI- of said Company. LYMAN CUMMINGS, Clerk. January 2. IS 1 1 . B. ill. 1. There will be a public meeting of the Institute this, (Friday,) evening, half past six o'clock, at the reading' room, and an Address by a member. Mechanics gcncrolly of the villagonre invited to ntlend. S. FLETCHER, Scc'y, flee 111 lltirlinston, in said district, on the second cthie-ilay of February next. Titcncronr.. Yon nre hvrehr no'ificl to aiipcar be foresaid court nt the time and place aforesnid. and shewcaii'c, if nuy von linu", why lliu account nloie mi 11 snoi u iu,i 1 u a owe-. (liven tinder mvliaiid nt lltirlinston, this 2nd day of January, A. I'. 1SH. HVIA W.l, W1'.51U. UfgiSIHI-. IIKIGIITON MAHKET. Jan. 8, 1944. At Market, 530 licef Cattle, and lfOO Sheep. Prices Ileef Cattle Last week's prices were fully Fuslaincd. Wc quote extra at S423 S150 First quality, 835 c?84; second quality S3.50'? S3 Hbcnczcr I.yon's Estate STATT2 OP VERMONT, I AT n Piolate Di-lrict of C'lnili'ii.len, S'. V. Conrl hnldennt lliirhnglmi, within nnd for ihedistiir I nfore-ni I on the 3U.hd.iyol foyein! cr, A. I. 181J, nn ln-trunient P'iriinitingiii I e tho 1.1-1 Will and I c-luincnt ol I.ton, l.i'c of Co'clu'tcr in nid Di-trut iVcciu'.l, wn pn'sciited 10 die Court here fcr Pro I nic. I vJo-cnh t-'lar!;. llie Kxccnlor therein named. THEREKOUE. It i ordered bv sai I Court, that James Mnrsli's Estate. STATE Oti VERMONT. rVlR Mon.thc Protmte District of (.'hlilcndcn, is. 1 Court within nnd for the Di-trnM ofChiltcndin I To tho creditors ami oth ers concerned in theeslatoof Jamts Marsh, lateof llurlington, in said iMstrict, ticccaseu, Whereas, David Read, the administrator, or tho Estalo of said deceased, has made application to this Court, to extend tho tune limited for 111 iking pay ment nf the debts of said deceased, twelve months from tho 20th day of December, A. D. 1813, and tho ....... ..,.1 IV... nnai IV nl Ln iMinrV nPYI. OC 1117 USSlL'll- ed for a hearing in the prerni-es, nt mo uiuuuui miu Registei or this Court, nnd It having uccu orucrc'j that notice thereof bo given, by publishing tins de cree, thrco wetks successively in tho Huilmgton H rce Pros t n neuspniicr plinlcd nt Ilutlington, beforo tha tiino lived ror henring. 'fnphthnnh Vm, n linrcb v notified to appear be i i m limn nnd tdaco aforesaid, then and there, M make objection if any you havo, to the said tune 01 paymeni onus inrinei c-ahmuvu sai l. Given under tnv hand nt llurlington, this 18lh day of December, A. IJ 1B4.1. Wm. WESTON, fesgisrr. .7'J TO nc VI'IlMnNT. ) mllE Hon. th District of Chittenden. ( 1 Prolnlu Court forthe District of Chiiiendeni To all persons con cerned in tho estate of James Marsh, late of Burling ton in said district deceased. KannTtNo. Whereas. David Read, administrator or the estate of said deceased, proposes to render nn account of hi iiliiiinisiriihrin. nnd nrcscnt bis account nsainst said cstalefor examination and nllownncc nt a session of Ihe Court of Pro1 nto, to bo holden at the Restister s Ulliccin said liurlington. on tlio scconu v euuesuay of February next. , Thciefore, you arc hereby notified to appear I rforo raid rnnrl nt tho lime and placo aforo-ntd, and shew cause if any yon have, why lliu account aforesaid should not' he allowed, Given under my hand at fiurlington, this 2nd day of January, A. D, 1811. 32w.1 Wm. WKSTON, Rtejtltr. YSTERIES OF PARIP-Nn. 7 nnl R rcceiv ..I i. V. It.MlltlNNTON. O.V1'. ; A T n su on of the - District ofChittcn'cn, b. iV Prolate t'citrt held TVTAIt" VTIVH of tho T ncnH and adventures o at Ilurlingloii, in mil P r ilie t!i- rn't of t'liiliendcn, 1 jJ MO.NSIUUIl VIOI.I'.T n Cnhfirnn, Sunm, 75 ! third quality 83 3 50. p-iUic notice I e given to all person concernel thciein A MEMOIR ON IRELAND. Nnlive and Saxon, Sheep Small lots were sold from SI 25 to S3 00. m I cf.nn .n 1 Co irl, :it n session theirol to V lly D.uvel O'Cor.ncll, M. P. Weathers from 82,50 to S3.E0. Sicine None nt mukct. holden nt the ItegMer's Olfice in ll'irbnilon, on the second Ft-br i.ui-. A. I). 1811. andcon- 'e-t Ihepiob.i'eof -nil Will, i.'n I il is further onVic.1 llial llii. order le o ililished llnce Y.'cel.s siicrcsin'ly tu llie II trlncrlnii I ice l'iu-,n neiv.,npr-r pilti'cil nt llirlmtiton. in llii- Stale, llie In -t ol which -hall be picvio is to ihe day !i-iyiied, ns nloro-nid for lic.irinr. Given oiv'cr my hand al ihe Hegitti'. Ollicc, this 30 h il.iy of November. A. I). 18)3. iiwj w.ii, ivi;srui- itcmner. Janu'arv 12. I! Pnre 25 els. A. EDWARDS. M si c ir 2 3 &9 In this vitlieeon Ihe 2d ins'.bv iholW. .fcr. O'Cal. lanhan, MrMiohac! Cutello to Miss Colli. Slattcrv, both of Charlot'c. Mr Edward Potter to MissTliealis Tcrier, both of St. Albans. MrPntric Tnsue In Mis Matcaret Murrv. both of this town. Mr Mnntn O Con. nor to Miss Rosona Goodman, both of this place i Mr John Dorbier In MissOrellh Russell, boh of Ji ri- clio. Mr George Niuinis t Miss Mary McCniwn, both of Berlin. Mr Jeremiah Carmtl to'.Miss Siisiin McGivern, lioih of llarnet. Mr'flioinas Lynch to Miss Ellen O'Dowd, bmh of St. Albans. Jlr James llntCV IK Atlss ATnru nr.n I, nil, ,! TT,1 ,1,111 Mr Fdward Dou'dicrlv to Miss Colli. Snecm, hnih of Me ' by inmeiniis Hinrr.ivina tins place, sir J nri n Gleason to Sirs .Han- Casiv. Vm :" 01 winovvoi iicms(;nscv, hotn nt iiinrsnureii. .Mr urn Gallaihcr to Miss Cnihenne McConnicl.-. both ol this place. Mr Timothy Hogan to JIiss Maigaret .McDonnell. hniliofilii place. M . J01111 llrannc'i 10 Mis. Marv Farlrv. widowof rain 11 I'nricv. limn 1,1 hairlieltl. .Mr. Kojers 1 ollins to Miss Jnnc HnivniH. boll, nf ItciLslnrc tiko bv 11 same sir Peter -Morgan to Jhas Anna Doian, both of 1' nirnelil. Jan. 12, 1314. IlKANIVS DICTIOXAHY. Dictionary of Sc enee. Li'craimcnn I Arl, com luisina llie History Do cr"vion, nn 1 Scit-nlili" princitnls ofi'icty liancliol' Ilmnrin Knoietedsc) wnh Ihe ocr.vatiou an I cctiiiitinn 01 u'l tin- Icrm- rl general 11c. ijlitcil by W, 'I. Ilnwn. I'. II. S. it E. ii-.s!e.l I v .lo-eph t;.vivin, 1. 11. nod other-, iritis 1a- 1.11 wood. Couijilele Jaiiu irv 12. Ill- A. EDWARDS win (ill i"s INDIAN VEGr.TAIll.l. PILLS; OR INDIAN PUflO TIVH. 'HIIOlinil in.ini' inedieiiies have I ecu lelnrothu p il.lic tor a in-icli loii'jrer pcriol than Wuiciit .Inslah I'arnswnrili's I'lstatc. STATP Of VIHtMONT, t rnilE Hon. the District of ChiitLiuleii, ss. J I'm' ate Co in for the Di-lrict i f ('hill.-n lcn : To all pcr-ons con cernel in the I s'ale of .101 A II FAR.NSWORT II late of Westford in said District, deceuscd, Grketiso., Re il en l'irnwortb, I'xeciilor of 1 lie la-t will nnd te-tamcnt ol said dcriascd, propo-e to render an a' count ol h' udnnni-lralioii, anil nre-eni In-mciiiint nuniu-l said e-ta'e lor cxamuv.ilioii nnd allowance at .1 -e-sioiiof the Ccvirt o P10I ale, to be 'j I Icn .11 Ihe Roiri-'ci'. o'liccj n H111I nglon in said Di-tr.ct, on ihe -croud WodncMi.ty 1 1 IV ru.ny next. he. 101 me licrcl I- no'ificdln am ear 1 e- forc-iud coin in ili.- tuiio an I lace nfore-nid, and -hew ciii-c, it -my yiri, why tlieuecouiu nloie ald -hoiild not I cnlloucd. Giien ii'i'er my haul at ll.irlmgton, this 27lh day of Deccmlcr, A. I). 1313. 31w3 Wm. WE.SfON, llegister. that he nl-o died 'eized ol one lliirty second part of lot No. I0U in s.ii.l llurlington, len-ed 10 John II. Hop kins for the term ol of tcu years from August. 1811, upon 1111 annual rent of iibou Sfi.t2! ul-o Pews .No. 39,47, nnd h ilfol'No. 05 in Si. itiil' Church 111 said Huihiigton, together with a stall in the shed in ihe rear ol said ehuit-b. nnd nl-o half n new in the brick iiiectmghoit-eiilWinoosMFnlls in Colchester, in -nid district, andlhat it is nconri- nnd would le I enu licial 10 nil coneerne I in said o-tale that the whole of Ihe personal e-late and the lenl e-tatu nfcre-nid, to gether wuh the reversion ofihe widow's dower afore said should 1 e sold for the envmen! of tho delils nfore s.ud and the expenes of admin itcrinc said estate, nnd praying snid couit to licc-n-e llie said nd'ntni-lrator to sell said real nnd personal e-tate nnd the said re version of ihe widows dower at private sa e or pu' lie nuciion. Whereupon the tonrt aforesaid doili appoint Ihe second Wed lie-day of Fel ruary, A. I). 1811. for hear- Ingnml cIccuiml' on snid pennon nllhu ollice 01 me Hesri-ter of-nid cimrl. in -aid linrlinuton. an I doth or der Hint nil persons interested I e no'ificl thereof by pill ilic-nt 1011 ol this order, coiruuiiiig Ihe suii-iance 01 soul petition, three weeks successively in the Hurling- Ion IVel're-s.a no.vsmper priute I in en id 11 irliuslon, the la-t ol which pit! Iications m be pieviousto Ihe linieappointc! n nfore-nid for hearing. On tu under my hand ul said Burlington, this 2.1 day ol Jniiuary, 1811. J1WJ iM. v Iva 1 liegisier. Indian PiLL, vet none ian l now 111 EltzViclli IStoiviieirs Estate STAT: OF VnnMOST. I rr.Mll-: Hon. the Di-nict of Cbit'ciiivii, ". 5 -1- I nn rile court Mil- District ( f Clulleii'lin. to nil persons conccr:.- in the estate of r.I.IZ.Mll'.l II IlKOWNI'.l I. late lllr.lir.R nr.puTi:, or bus iniire raiudly nilnined a linn of Colche-tcT, in sniddilriel, ilecca-ed, UnEl.Tiso In this town, on Tuesday evening, Cnpt. Asaiiel ivmrrLE, uic 01 .Montreal, a:eu 54 years. In Montpclicr, January 12ih. rf the Eryipela, --in, son 01 uie laie isaac ifiacr, ageu 14 year: UI1U J OIUIIIUS. JUST REC HIVED, HARPER'S ILLUMINATED AND NEW PIC TORIAL I11HLE embellished with 1600 His torical EnitrnvinBS. more than 1400 of which am from orisiiial designs, to be completed in about 50 Nos. at 25ct8. each; No. l.jjt received. i-rescoii's onqticsl 01 aicxlco. llit-tory of ho! I unon L'siiuiatiou. The thousand ihal pave ii-ed lliem tliroiiL'honl the lenslh nil.' I readih of tho Republic, nil I car cheerful testimony to llieir thorough rffieacy and mild operation when empluved m 1 he iuot ui-ires-ing cu-orticr which ne.-ii is near 10." Tlio theory of docao on which Whiciit's Inpian Vcci'.tadi.e 'Pills aie lo-mdcd, i. ihi-, viz: t'tot there isnnliione nrimnrv cause of all the disorders that allliclthehuman family, anil that i corrupt bniiior- J . ,..i r.., nun,r Tlii iinnci pie i now so generally nJiniiieo, inai 11 01.1v 111 I e said to 1 c sus-iaiiictlj by 1111 universality of opinion, thel'ewd.s-enters constituting but a icrv fee' le mi nority. Il is u-cle.s then-lore to discuss the sound 's ot tin met ry in 1111 piace ami connexion. I'nr. ont. Disease PniscirLr. I cm? admitted, the mode of attack proles-ed by nil practitioner I ceomcs llie ..nine namely, purgation. II it many of the si- ailed specific now Iclore the public, proouco only Wmerhas John fc. Mnn-on, luliilini-lr.ilcr ol Ihe osta'cof ad ileica d, propo-e to render nn account of his nduiinilraiion, and present Ins account against -aid e-tate for examination ant allowance at a c sinn of iheCourt ol'l'rol ate, to I u holden at I in- lie i-ler's oiliceiu llurlington, in snid disirict 011 tliolburll Wcilni' of.lannary. 1811. Therefoio, you nre. hereby nolilieil to appear belore said court at 'the time and place nfore-aid, and liew can-c, if nny voo bale, why the account alore.-aid should not I e allowed. Given under my hand nt llurlington, this second day of January, A. D. IS 11. 31 ' WJI. WESTON, ncxister. Ma er s'ecr mryof the VS. Lliri'to h ,S .!''"' ""."I'1'1 " lrom S1!" W-,VL . ... . c cct 1 a no-t 11.1c ca . nun s no le iisnHii mm -ij ,,lll, IUU 1UUSIIUUU1I9. I 1 ICL, I ; ,:, The JScclf.siasti:al Controvf.ii5,v. Wn Jiave not llinught it worth while to furnish our Teaders with the whole of the enistnlarudphatn between Doctors Wa'mw right and l'otts, because it has thus far related only to questions of mere preliminary arrangement. But the question excites a sufficient interest, perhaps, In ivnrran us in giving the substance of the dispute an far asit lias gone. Since referring tn the mailer last week, two letters have appeared, one from each of the comb.ntants. In his letter of Sat urday, Dr. Potts, after some remarks intended to show which uf the parties had provoked the controversy, clnscuas loihuvs; "'There cannot be a Church without a Ilisli ion.' This is your proposition. I mean to hold vnu to this: and I now call nimn you in com mence the discussion, by defining yout terms In answering yoiir arjjutricnts, 1 shall have the f, . UU IUI CUIIIl V I UUMIC, IU mint- tllrt, HUB HO"!!!! li ft 1 pregnant wirii innumerable evils, theological, social and civil, and that it is unscrititual.' &.c. I lies from vnu three definitions, which arc indispensable to a right understanding of your position : 1. What is Ihe Church J 2. What is I ho catholicity of the Church! 3. What is a llislmp 3 Dr Wainivright in his reply of Monday, do nics that he was the elialleiif'inir party, and cites in proof it, a passage from his speech at the New England dinner lo'tho effect that he was willing to meet any one, on the proper oc casion, prepared lo assert the sentiment of Mr 'hoate, and to maintain that there could be no Church without a Bishop. lie then says to Dr j'otts : " You havo controverted a proposition of mine, and you 'desiro to have the opportunity to provo that this dogma is pregnant with innumerable evils, theological, social and civil, and that it is unscrintural,' &c, and in the very same breath you ask lor three aennuions, -winch are indis pensiblo to a right understanding of my proposi tion, 'Nov, if these definitions are indispensable Jo Use waderstandinc of my proposition, and vnu have not yet obtained them, you certainly do not understand it. And thus you nave undertaken to prove that a proposition, which you confess you do not understand, 'is pregnant' with innu. merable evils,' &c. You may select either horn of the dilemma, as you please. If you did un derstaud my proposition, it is worse than triflinc n "oil i.nnn mrt t,,,., tntr.ll . . I .. " .. ufvn in, ,v .v.. jruu wnai u means ' Dumliicrs nf Fnoldnd ",. nr I if.." u I"ru, imamra coramuiu. dei'lo iltiir try in 1811 and l'rolsarl's Chronicles of Rnglnml, France, and Spain, and tho adjoinins Counlrios, from 1I10 rciin of i'dnnrd II. lo the coronation of Henry IV., wil l an oiicinnl Introductory l.ssav on tlie l.liaiac ter nnd Society of the Middle Ages, by t lie Rev. John corn ; 1 vol. iiovni nvo. l-rice co.ou. The Select M'orku of. Mrs. Jlnrv. '', com nrisin. iicimcn of J'limnml, "Wives of Imi land," " Dauah'ers of Kneland." CYC, mesiic Virtues. A new and beautiful edition, ilhistra led with five engravings, four steel-, 1vol. 810. Price Rllza Cook's Poems. anil oihcr Poems. by Eliza Cook, beautifully illustrated with fine steel cngraiinss. D'Aiililmt's Illstorv of the Itct'ot mation cheap edition. Price 75 els. in boards, $1,00 bound in ClOlll. I) Aubigne's Illslory of the Itcfoi mntloii, abridsed by the Key. Edward Dillon. Price 50 cts. 1 lie 1 nung Mliilcni, hv Madame liiiiznt; rrom the French, by Samuel Jackson. 1 vol. 18mo., icry beautiful, "5 cts. .11a 1 1 Ida, or Memoirs of a 1 ounz Woman, bv I'.ueene sue. Tlicrcse the same author. I'reiich.SnanUli. Ccrman.anil Italian without a .ilastcr. Price cts. each. The Mvstcricsof Paris.n new sunnlv includin Gerolsteiu. PriceSl cts. bound : 5G cts. in Nos. flic I.lfe ami Speeches of Ilenrv Clav. 2 vols. ovo. i-ricc .-i,uu ami ivj. The Whle Almanac fur 1644. Also. 0 ureat variety of new chean nubtteations. for aaiuui 111c loncsi cuy prices, oy -inn. 1U, ian. Si A. KUW.UtUS. Inc. than its efficaev llolh seres, and all ages may employ lliem, luvorilins to the direction-, witho it tear, tor wiitie uiey a re cena in to cure un ms eases that nre lcincdial, thtty tievtr liiniciuu injury upon the system. '1 be perfect safely of the nicvtc inc io -Il important quality, and one. winch ha. conlnl.ui.'d ... .it- iiin .my tiiuijr e!-e to its extension and popu- '"'J- . .,. ,. . ,..-,.. ,.. ill a icoru, mis mcutcinc communis tuvni;tj l'!Iii:S! I'SI.ES! LET the afflieted remember lint, they haven Rein edv 111 the Oeiiuine liny-' Liniment. Dozen and doieu have been sold in this iieinity within the pat twcnear testifying to it c.Iicicnev, at 30 PECK cv SPEAKS. E VEXING S OHO O L. lOIt the purpo.c of ndbrdiug Mcihanies, Apprnv I- ticc-, and oilier-, who are deprued oftheprivi leg.- uf atten line; day-school- un opi 1 rtuniiy of im liroviis thcm-elic in know Mere, the propo-esto Mart nil Evcniuc a'chcol 111 the village lole held live eiennir'. ill each week, in the Unet bttlU'Ol iloure on Untlora l.tiiic. Tcrins lor cacti scholar for 12 ivec!i, 62,00 ; ca.' scholar leuie reunited to liud In. own light. Tho i l.,,t,c tu s ntcr llio .' 1,-avu tltuir I mill' tin ollicc, nicl meet me 011 Tuesday eienirg, Jan. 2d, at the above mentioned place. II. O. HOUGH I ON. llurlington, Dee. 2S, 1813. NOTICR. mHK firm r vii. iu i rioo: .. f i,.: J,. 1 solved, by thedenth of Freeman C.' Vilas, oneof n-b.l! ll"l',slor:. 111c lyO-paitncrs, wm tic continueil by the surviving partner and the administrator of the deceased partner, who has employed Mr. Al. Noves. ntent on llie part of the Estate. The former husinc3 i f Ihe firm, will bo continued in all its branches nt Ihe old stand. W. II. VILAS, IIE.MtV LOOMIS, I.. U, VILAS, Adm'r, llurlington, Jan. 1", 1313. 5J lo bccjmc before long, almost universal, CAUTION. The citizens of New Ktislau I are re-peclfully in forme I that 111 con-ciinciico ol ihe popularity which rnrhl'. vegetniilenil. navei'iniei oy their astonishing goodnes-, a (laug ot Couiilerlciter. are now md'i-ino.i-ly engaged in pa'oiiug on llie on- i peeling, a valueless anil perhaps aungcrous incli ne, U'ldcr llie name of Indian Vcjetalile IMI.. Tins is. to inlorm Ihe public, ilia' the genuine medi cine I1.1. on iheboxe-, " Wright's Inilian Vegetable Pills, (INDIAN PIWUTIVE) of the .xciiTti AMt.ntcAS coM.r.r.r. or iii-.altii." Vnd al-n aionnd the border c f the lal el will I e louud In small 1 - ,p, " En ercd accordm" In 1 be Ac: ol I onare... 111 the year 1810, by William Wnsht, in the C'lcrl:. O.liceot Ihe Di-lricl court 01 me eastern i;iinei 01 1'ciiusyi- Vtiiim. The pul lie will al-orememler lliat allwho sell Ihe enuiiie Indian Vegetable Pill- are proviled with a eerlincaie ol agency .isned l.y William Wriglit, Vice president OF Till'. S'OIITH AMi niCAS (OI.Ll'.OI'. OS' HEALTH." and thai pedlcr- are neier in any ca-e allowe I to sell the genuine ined, cine. All traielliug Agent, will le rovidcJ with ncerliheateol Agency 11 . nuoic iie.cri je.l: and llio-e whu cannot show o'ne will be known luutcn l,v Cnht .Viarvat V.'inUllIN OT 3.V Petition to Sell Land. I O STATE OF VERMON T. ; A T n su Ion of the on the second day ol January, 131 1, comes ticonoc mi(j Western Texas, i). .thaw, 01 ihu tine tu 1 j sale by Afoodv. late nl sn 1 llur'int.tnti. ilccca.el. and fne in said court Ins hclilir.n. ti, ii-rinnrt. ki.lltna forth tbrt' V .1 . . tlio amount ol debts iho from sn l cs'ate, a9 ouoweu hy llie commt.sioners, was 813,001 37, or which sum has 1 een pa d forly-llirte (cuts upon the dollar, and that tho balance due the creditor of said estate is more than the lalueof all the properly, real mid per sonol, remaining of said e-tate in tho ban Is or pos session of said administrator) that the sai I Moody died seized of nbout one ncm an I n quarter of land situated on the south side nf riolh"-e stiecl. hi sai l Hiirlingtnn, being tlio homestead of said Moody, in a part ofwhich ll.u dowerof lusui low has I ecu sit out j 1 Cnn Kr.OS NAILS from tho Eagle Factory, IOUU from 3d to 40J. . A cinplcte assortment i.f rinishing iail, irom 4d to20J. . Floor nraiisoi an sizes. . , , ALSO. SOOO Kegs Noils manufacturer! oy thoAu Sable Iron Company. Common finishing nnd brad heads of nil size-, Irom 3d to 0 in. spike, rhe superiority of Ihe nails tnanuiaciureu oy me above companies for beauty of form and lini.h, mm for toughness of iron xbovo till others, ts universally acknowledged. Thsv nro for sale upon terms ns fa vorable nnd .it prices as low ns ran be found in the ii i,u rnr.Lr.TT. HHADLEV & Co. Ac-en'. Old' Peek, Dec. 11, 1"I3 23 PAINT.'- .i )II,. 5 TONS pure dry White Lead, warranted equal tn any manufactured in the I'liited Slates. G do Extra dry W iito Lead, 3 do No. I. do do do, 200 Kcis pure White Lend in 0,1, 10 Darren Venetian lied, 10 do French Yellow. 25 do American Linseed Oil, 10 do lloilcd do do. for sale as usual very low, by 1'OLLETT, IlllADLCV 4- Co Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1813. 2a NOTICE. rpllli Treasurer of theCoun-y In I I received n full su"ptv ' 1 Tc3lamcnts, fordistnuuuon Pa , lino larite v llibles, line gi t P . Tcstoiretits whiihwill b. a' I 1 price. Those in want w '1 do r.l 1 I Dec 7, 1813. II W CiAii.l. Fork. l-i Sac P 'V, 1. is 1 E k. 1 PoC . I v icie . V. 'Ot'irer 10O litis Mess I'orl; 50 " Extra Lnrd in the I.-af, or IlenJcrcd Fie-li Horn-, or-, Ilibs and Heads, for -a!- I y December O'.h 13 U. Siionl ' Co. 'il noirixa cloth. a A and 40 inch New Amber Hi and, Irom CO 1 '1' No. 10, constantly on ban I, on consignment. FOLLLTT, niM 'cl.V, Co, AuctiH. , in:;. W I S T .'. It AllIIASCIUinX . V1IK5IL 0; Co.. PACKAt.i: F.XPIir.SS ""V71LLIe.iieIluriinjtoii, cvt ry He t.e-iny niorc VV in-.-going Snub mil u.eiy l'rul;,y itiorniit going North, P.iC ai-n. an I Par el- m :-t I e hjlt vi .Me-srs.J. &. J. II. 1'. CIC & Co.. the (hy previo to starting. H".n3 Vliil.lL Co. OYSTERS, BV or smaller quantity.' ALo, Apples ly Ihe barrel or bushel, constantly on hand by 20 li. IH.ACMIA... 'asli paid lor DA' I S Dee. 20 '43, bv T. I . iSt iv. L. STUONU, CHILBLAINS! AMF.DIC1NF. for the remedy or these at 29 PECK it SPEARS'. OIJI)o'',,Nov Fursi-xcs m KI.OTMt. inilUELS Superfine Flour, UHJ1 KJ 200 io extra Sup-rfinc do. erpialtonnj made m the Untied vtn'n , ICO Half do do for sale by Fi LLCTT. IlitADI.EV it Co Old Dork, Dlc. 14, 1313. 23 CAS'FsTEEL AXlJs. X ( dozen La'hrop's Silver S'ctl A to, warranter! ill tlo siuiimoii s L.ast 110 do do llrooks and llrowu's do sale very low by l OLI.ETT, ill'ADLEY e'e Co. Old Dock, Djc. 14, 1313. tlo, do, for A rents. 23 UNITED SI'AI'KS DISTRICT COURT. Vct'iiiout Distt'inl. IN IJANKIIUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition of EONAIID MAH-'H. of llurlington. for his Dis- chargonnd Ccrlificnte, ns n llankrupt, nt the ollice ot !iaiiincl 1'renilss, m .tionipciier, 111 saiu wisiricr, on Wednesday, tlio 20lh day of March, A. D 1341, nt 10 A. .11. AM l- S L. .MORTON, ol lli'lim, for 11s l)i-chari and Lerlihcnle, as a llaul.rupl, nl tlie u.hce 01

S.mi'iel Prenti. in Moulin lier. 111 snid Di-trirr, on Wednesday, the 20:li day of March, A. I). 1844, al IU ,. .11 . DANII'.I. WARD, of .Millen. (or hi Pi-cbargc an Ccriil cale. as a llanl.rnpi, nt the Otlu-c ol hamu- cl Prcniis in Monlnelior. in Slid Districl, Wedne-d.iy, the 20:h day of Jliireh, A. D. ISH, at 10 A. Mj CIIUAT DlsiCOVUKV-WONDnKl'UI. ponuit. mill', good slcisliiug Ins mil into motion 0 -el ot 1 cusloirci ltoiu abroad Mini are m iliing tii'incn- duou eli'orlslogtt aiv,ivlhi-ChcaiO.wfrum I t)-V.l! rs where llie whole -e -ret of sncces Is fo md to Le by llie simpledtrct npp'. cation ot money. 1 hur.-1i.1y, m 1 0 ., 'it. HORSE. SLEIGH, iV-c. 1011 SALE. AOOOD young Hope well known m this vounl-ti- ii ci.od S ..i -h. Waggon. Urns. Tumioed tr.,,n,.s. inif t.f .r,,,l linl Itj ,11 lu 'ill, I'i C.C. for sale re.i-onable for ea-h, gram, lumber or good hard wood delivered tin ivin'er. J HltlNSMAlD & ISUUTtiMtK. I.INSKKn OIT. ON' COMSKiNMUNT. 1 C, HARRELS Raw Oil, 5 llarrels boiled do man XJ ufjclurcd and picpired in linstnn. for sale by FOLLE1T, I1IIADLEY e. Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1913. 29 10 cash i on vork. Op HE Subscnbeis w: 1 pay Cash for n few hundred - well fattened nnd cleanly dreasul Hogs, deliver cd at their Store, O d Dock. 20 llurlington. Nov. SO, 1943. roLLErr, i . . !-v & Co. TONS shoo shape manufactured from Scrap Iron, 3 do do common, 3 do do Hammered, a new article, manufactured from the best Peru Iron, 20,000 pounds Hand Iron from 1 to 3 inches lude, 10,0(10 do Assorted Scroll Iron, r.O.uOO do Hound Iron from 3-1G to 2 inches, 20,OCiO do Snuare do Inun 3-B to 3 ib, 10 000 d Flat tlo fmm 1 tn 4 do, for ,lc bv FOLLLTT, HUADLKV U Co. ,lgcs. Old'DocI;, Dec. 14, 1C1J. 23. isintr.APss. 1 ( Pieces 4Rinches uidefor wool sacking, I V. 13 do 27 do do for Haggine, 10 do 27 do do Dundee Tuilled. 300 ready inodo com. -on nti'l tuilled Rigs. salebv rOLI.I'TT, HRADLEY .f- Co Old Dock, Dec. II, IF-1 J. 23 ft 20.000 POUNDS firt ciualny SALERATUS u Casks, Barrels and Hall II iirels, for sale low bv riJI.I.I.l 1, 1SH.1UI,!'. 00 co Old Dock, Dec. II, 1913. 23 "tAHMINA SAl'ltA a - wee. i-y '-h suoply iccciicd IIARUINGTON. SIIELDURN HIGH SCHOOL- rpllls Iti.tipitioii will be ii'ici for the rc-eplum X of pupil-, on Tucday the senium ciay ol Jaiiiiaiy ll'.'X'. Rev. CHARLES CLEVELAND, .9iiprincritfjni. ilr. I.I UI.N wi;si CKA.M-r, 1'rccepior. Terms. Tuition. English Bran -lies, S3 00 Languages 4 00 Hoard mac be procured including Room, Flic and Washing, per wee'. 1 50 Trustees, I 2GO 100 Old Dock, Slll.M l.l'.A i II Kit. 1 Sides of middle weights, New York in-, ppcclimt, . I do of linht do do, New 1 ork .s"'yi';s.' A FEW COO" nnd BOX STOVFS "cli P-r-1 for sain rliinp Good Reach and Maple woo l would be l.iken ill pay. II. II. lJOSTWICK ct Co. Ilui'ington, Nov. 30. 1"43 26 tl SAW Mil. I. AM) t'JItCSJl.AR 3 A 1VS. 1 ( DOZ. ItoMlanil'-i Piiiladelpbia Mill Sintfrimi S ' f G to 7 Ic-1, on I" expris-ly to order and wai noted superior to anv 01 nnrUc'. HOE i',-1 !'.'s cast sicel circular, from 10 2'3 inches, shlting and cross cut.-Also, Crosscut sav$, English n'.atp. for sale bv I'OLLETT BIIAIH.F.V .f- Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1913. 25 ru::Nt:i in'itit r.:;K:'. .IIKib -TONUS A-.J isLortc. Tnned nnd Inspected, lor se by '.IT, BIIAULEY Lo. I r PAIR Burr M,ll Sione?, vuu uurr hi FOLL1 Dec. 14, IS 13 23 ! Hock, for salent Troy prices an 1 eight, hv FOLI.F.TT BRADLEY 0. Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1SI3. 2) Agents. Horace Saxtox, F.usiia Rvssr.iL, Hemas Haiisvow, E. W. SrE.n, Asaiiel Nash, Levi Comstock, jr. I. b. aIoiisc, O. A. OLLIMEK, J. AsDnEW-. riiEDEnici; Macci:, IL Lake, Geo. II. Isiiam, Hall. I R O X. i O,O()0 pounds Eng. Tire Iron.from 1 l-Bto3 wide Oil I U'J 'i" i nil.', i.'u.i.., 10000 assortrd Sweedrs, flat nnd square, 20 000 P. S. 1. OH Sable, lor .ale low by ' FOLLI'.TT, BRADLEY ct Co Old Dock, Dec. II, 1513. 23 ChsIi for Oats. THEnb-cnl ers will pay Cash for Oats on deliicry allheOU Docl-. ' rOLl.KT l' s- o. Deccmlcr 0th IS 13. '-7 da,' 3.0G Hi-xcs Pipes, lOi) Kegs ("linger, o0 Poxes Extra Soap, 50 Superior do. tu Co ales do, 10 do Cushion Shauing SUIJ .'.lalls t.nssn, 20 Boies Starch, 201 lbs. Cloie-, 50 do Nutmegs, 2 Baas Pepper, SH do Spi e. lO'l lerces Uice, for sale bv I'OLLETT, BRADLEV Old Dock. Nov. 23 1513 if- Co. .3 G. I1URR1TT. Clerk. 29if sjcllinc; opi'' at a-a op pokmicu PKICIiS. C1LOTHING and all kinds of other articles, too 1 n.iuieroas to mention. C. BENNS, Pearl street. N. B. All kind of work done a Usual. December iiS, IS 13. Auction iinil Commission Storo, Hy WM. II. THOMAS, College Street, Hurlinglon, Vermont. A I. il oral advance niaele on pronerti. All kind. TX. of Dry Goods,, &c. euiistanlly 011 huii. WANTED. PHIPPINO ITRS, for winch cash will le paid. Burlington, Hoc. 23, 1813. 30 f WANTED. XT7HITE Field Beans, in exchange fcr floods. Al- VV 60 good New Milch Cheese, nieo Mutter, dried noiiics, ami nrouuee 01 nil Kinus. lor w 1 en 1110 ingn- esi price will be paid in Goods, by s. uau 1 it 1,0. A TVTOW Ocntleincn is the time il to buy vour WATEIt-PIIOOF BtCK!NG. AL-O. PA-jI'I-; AND V,R' KISII BLACIilNO-; IILACK, I1I.IJI-. Ill ) AND 1NIIEL HLK INKS, WAFERS WAX il ViC. I - P. CK & SPEAR. ft,fes?A UjL A row ha r uarre lis choice lluck Wheat b our. VSMH " a. ior sale uy 11. v., Thn following highly re-peetuble persons haiebcen nppoiiiicd ageni. for the sale of the above named Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. Or THE NORTH AMERICAS COLLEGE Or HEALTH. AGENTS S I.'. Howard, Pe.k it Spear, l. Davi- it Co., Ilurlingloii; Francis Laclare, Colclic-tcr; Mor'on & Clark, Wdbsli iii Uirm Tyler, l-.b-ex : J, II. Tower ct Son. rii'lerbdl ; X Barney, J. Ly man, Jericho: win. Khocte-, 1.. li. cireeu, Kieiiiiioiiii ; .1. B. Dike, liunlington; Mon-on it Demi. Bri-iol; Moiison it Dean, Lincoln i A. P. Ro-ci e, New-Ha- l en J it. Sam'cisoii, W. iUilion ; l . I.. Ur.iue, allltun; (!oj. Ayre.s, Milton F.ill Mar m Wires, linswold t S iulie. Cambridge ; W. S. it C. P. Wood, We-t-ford j S. W. Brush it Co., Fairfax Tnc only Oli.-o 111 Bo.tnn whsrj the In ban Veje lal le Pill.. can I ei blamed i. at J9S TREMONT STREET. 1 QS Principal O.liieand General Depoi, 103 Race-ine:, Phil i.!elphia. 32yl 11. Cheeier's. address comnicmoratiieof the Virtues und Attainments of Rev. Dr. Marsh, Delivered before the Alumni of llie U. V. 31. A"g. 1S13. 30 For sale by V. HAllltlNGTON OKV, Geo. rpiIAT nil ab-orbing Novel, THE .MV.iTEHES i- OF PARIS, complele in 10 niiml erof ihe New Word, lor sale by V. IIARUINGTON. Dee. 2S, 1313. NOTICE. THE sub-eril f r ha for sale four or live first rate Cutter, three I'raver-e sleighs. Also, llirre L'linler Waggons, two Concord Waggon-, one two horse plea.iue Waggon wnh sleel spring-, tongue and till.. Those wishing for any of ihe above arli e'es will d well to call nnd see lliem. O.i-ha id most km U nf pro 1 1 -e will be la'.en for pay. HENRY WHITNEY. Birlingion, Dec. 21), 1843. wa Slielb'irn, Dec. 0, 1913. LA NliS FOR SA 1. 1: Colcbestct. Lot No. 11 1, rontniiiinr: 100 acres. " " 109-9 " 53 ii o ii 57 ii ioo In Burlington, one Lot containing 5 acres, on ihe Turnpike, between the firm of Carlos B.itcr, Es.p and the lands btlongini: to the heirs of tho late John Johnson. A portion of, the purchase money will he required at tune ol :ile. 20 j. it J. it. it Co. I Hi! MITCH I- LL'S Geography and All.i-, 1UU 100 Olney's " " 1 00 31 ttchcll' Primary Googra pby. 100 Murre'l's Geography of the Heavens 100 I'cicr parley, iieography, 300 Aikiiii-' Ar'i hmetre. 1500 Wcbler'. .Spelling bock, 100 Kirkhim's Grammar, 100 Fir-t un J Scon 1 (Ins. Kcadcr, oil Thin! " " 50 Coin-tocli'-Pliilo-opliy. and mot of the books used in School-, for -ale 1 y 21 Pee. 23 V. HARRINGTON. .17' 77: GKliMAS STOIIE. QL'GAR, Tea, nnd c, of ihe 1 e-t ( lahty. al O Liuls ot" Since-. Coi-nn P.i.'.o. Fie P.iste.French Prepared Chocolate, Raisms m I, 1-2. 1-4 and l-S i Also, H , Jessnp ,t Son s extra and common La- AJOAIPS AllKS.Tea Seis, Dining Set x Uleti-lls, ejoo,,ing .ippar.iius, TAVKI5.N STAND FOR SALE OR TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM. 'PHP. well known es'ablish- for sale bv llurlington, Jan. 19, 1311. 33 .John Norton's h' state. STATE OF VERMONT.! The Hon. the Pro- Di-tiicl of Chilleiidcn, . time Conrl lor llie Dish ict of Chittenden : lo all pernio-coiiccTiie.l the E. late ol JOHN .S'OltTON, kite ol Hme. burgh, in said Di-lnet, ile, ease t. GnEETixo., Airanla Norton nnd Jo-e-pli ilaish, Aduiiuislrators of the E-laleof said i!ecened, propo .e to render an amuiut ol'iheir ndmiuisira imi, niul pre-enl llieir account ngain-l s.inl es .i:e lor cx.iuiin. niiou ami allowance at a te sion of llie Co iri ol Pro- hate, to he liowen nl llie Regt-iei'. ollice In B irlin: Ion hi said distii-t, on the second Wednesday of Feb ruaiy next. Tiicni.Konc. Von nreherely notilicd to aimca- I cfore said court ni the lime ami place al'orc-aid, and shew came, n any o'i have, why llie account nlore sai'l sbotibl not I e allowed. Given under mv bond at Burlington, this JG h day ouanuary, a. u. isii. W.M. WESTON, llesister. incut, llie "Brown Stand." VElti ISilV Birlingion, liHiiled on ilieWi- i-uM tl ripfc n"-'-i Turnpi'.e. Connected yty-'z&z&k'J; with il is a farm of 5G nen-, un--l.iJ.tsi.s-.i dcr good cultivation. A I arg iin will I c given to a righ'ly di-po-eJ p ir. baser. For partieularj. apply to the siib-cnber. on the picmj-ie-. C. P. BROWN. Burlington, January 2, I S 14. 3 1 1 f MJW (iOOUS, HV i:xpiti!ss7 A NEW lot Black ami Blue Blink Silk nnd 3Io V hair Fringes! n new lot Black, Blue Din It nod Colored Gimps ; Cherrv eoh red Silks, French Kid Gloves, Wnrslid .Mills. Heavy III irk I olds nnd Tas sels, L'np Ribbons, Ladies' Night Cups, urj cheap. -ALSO A new lot Cloth nnd Fur irint'd Caps, jusf received, logether Willi soino No. 1. Otter Caps, nt icrv low prices, by II. W. CATLIN. Januaiv 5,1 Bl h 3 1 to pi:nioxs a Hou r nun, him.. THE subscribers keep on hand nt ihcir Lumber -L 1 nrd on Pearl Sireel, Boards, Scantling, Plank, Floor Boards nnd Inch Boards ready planed; Lath, 'M JfF Nfl'VICW i.niiiij; uou uiiict iii.iicinis ior uuuiiiuy. X l.L if L M llslli. Pcrsonsi in lint ndiirrni mwns can bn nt THAT Per-on who uas positively seen lo lake a the Slills in Undeihill at a suitable deduclion from iho KEG of OYSTERS Irom my do, r on Saturday Burlington nrices. Inst, can have llie privilege ol refunding uie 83 thru' Ihe medium or Ihe rest uihcc, H Ilia: way should I preierreo, or lane loiaf um oinerwtse follow. Jan. 12. D. ULAUKMAN. THICK BOOTS, Rubbers, and Shoes i Ladies Kid Slips, Inimilatmn French Slips, Children's half Gaiters, Ladies Leather Shoes, for sale by January 12. S. N. GAUT iv Co. AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. IJy IIASWELI. ii WAIT. THE UNDERSIGNED, havine taken the stand lately ocoupie I by H. THOMAS, will continue the Auction and Commission business under the firm of llastvell ii Walt, A Liiieral Advance made on property left either for pul lie or private sl. rVSales on Wednesdays and Saturday-, N. U. HA SWELL Jr. T. II. WAIT. Burlington, January I, 1844. 32 N. II. Thev offer lo contract for tho erection of Buildings on reasonable terms. Applv In II. P. HicUok. IIICKOK it STEVENS. Hurlinglon, 3 Jan., 1B44. 31 If LUMBER. WANTED by the f nl sciiber. WHITE PINE, PPMir-15 ond HEMLOCK BOAIIDS nnd LATH in exchange for CABINET WORK. Shop over Wm. HURLBUTS Slore. Churrh Street. SAMUEL NICHOLLS. Iliirlinglnn. Jan. 1, 1B44. 31 if CORN CRACKERS. A FIRST RATE ARTICLE, manufactured and lor sale by E. R. CROSSMAN. POTASH KETTLES, PLOUGHS, Wagon Boies ond Axels, constantly on hand nnd for sale cheap, nt tho Winooski Iron Foun- IVIIIOUSII ki City, Jon. 3, 1841. 31 If SALMON, MACKEREL, and C ealeby s. N, COD K18H. for UAUT eS. Co, JOHN CIlIIBTINSFine Cut and Smoking To- ,1'co,, do. Pure Ground and other Cot'ee, for sale cheap hy S. N. UAUT it Co. Dec. 27. 30 ESP HYSON, Hy.on Skin, Young Hyson, Soiiclioug and Guil i Pcwi'erTea., fir -a'e low by Dee. 27. S. N. GAUf f- Co. CLASSES, Lamji Oil, M Dee. 27. Vinegar, lor silo by S. N. GAIT 6; Co. 30 STARCH, S.ileralin, Copper.!, Sallneire, Alhim, Cocoa Shells and Paste, Soap a ( Candle, lor ty a. uau l it Co. sa'o I Dec 27. CASH WANTED, I n exchange for Live lice-e I'e'ithcrs nl 42 cents 1 per lb. bv IIEN'IIY W. CATLIN. Dee-. 29, 1S43. 30 A N ii W YE A It S al out ceuiiincnceing, nnel, loleep up our repu tation for le'lling lioenU ehe.ip, and n lilllc .''eipcr iban o'her-, we will, on an 1 after .Vnp Years, for iheREADV, sell e heaper ihau we have evir lefore o eiel. The I alantc of DU V GOUDS. will I e -old at a very sin ill a lvalu e from co-t, and oilier Good.ui propoitioii ; it I ir sntisfacliou please ell and icf, r yoiir.elve-. Slene on ( h irch Suet I, 2 doors South of IL II. llo.iwicl,'..Tiii Shop. S. N. GAUT it Co. Biilmgloii, 1'cc. 27, 1813. 30 (ii'iuilal Kcyiiolds Estate. STATE OF VEUMONT, ) A T n Prolate Court Di irict of Grand Isle, s-. J XV. holden at my duel ling hoii-e in North Hero, in said districl op Ihe 12 h ekiyof l e-eeinl cr, A. D. 1813. an iii-lruinent pirporl mg lo he ihe last W II and Ti-laiiicnl of Gltl.NDAL REYNOLDS, late of Grand Isle, in said district, ile-cea-ed, wns presented lu said Conrl here for P. obate, by Guy Reynolds, one of llie Executor, therein na me il. Tiieiiefohk. it Is ordered, by said Courl, that pub lic notice le giyen to all persons concerned therein lo appear lefore snid Court, at a se-non thereof lo K holden nt my said dwelling bouse, on Ihe 20lh day of Jau nry next, at one o'clock, P. M., and eonte t the Probate of said will il they see cause. And it is further ordeied that this oriler be piiblithel ibreo weeks successively in the Burlington Free Frc., a newspaper primed nl Hurlinglon, in Ihis Stale, the la-t ofwhich publication shalfLe previous to the day a(oreaiJl"or hearing. Given under my hand at North Hero, in snid dis llie.t, ihisl2lhdavofDeieinler,A. D. 1843. 30 JOEL ALLEN, Judge. PI. G. II AT II 11 U N & Co. DRAPERS TAILORS, AVE removed lo Peck's Building, three doors . east of Howard's Hotel. They have ju-t returned from New York, with an additional supply of TRIMMINGS, and an assort ment of VESTINGS, unsurpntsed lor richness and variety. Burlington, Dec. 13, 1843. If TO YS Kitchen Ivn'i e. and For! s for good Boys and Girl-, Book II ose-, Ball-, Haiino- nie-, (ila Toy of all des riptions, Fancy II Wooden BlocU to paste Alphn'ci. on, Mineral Trunk, nnd .Money lloxe-, SmiT B xes in grenl va riety, Ivory Rote, Iliru Boxo, .Medal, and Neck Oiu.imenl, Medall on Hied-, Mirnciiloo Medals, Grn. Emcric-, Toy Can Ik-lick, Kid Doll, Crying Poll., Nur-e with child in arm-, Mar';. Toy Watche--, Tele a tete set-, Trumi e-t-, Kileido cope-Ball-, Toy Whip-, Waggon-, Shell Cu-hion-, Fur iiittue, Nine Pins, C air-, Sola-, Mes cal Daniel, llor-c. Mills, Bud-. Gill, with Gec-e, NisMingGirl. and Women, Tin llor-e-, Carls, Ilor-eman Dark, Dog., Frog and Hog-. Criieifmo, China Annuals, Hoy. nnd liirl lleau. lor uoiis, urai e-, u ip. anu Ball, Snake-, and a gicat variety ot" other Toy. Tlni-i- parent, who know a Toy at Ic times . a. n-eliil a. a book, nie mviteJ io select trem o ir a-.ortments sonic thing for Chiistma. and New Year's Preents for ibcr C It el ben. 23 BIIINSMaID it BliOTHF.HS. .1 r-....n.,, . I, tint ' China' ditTc-rcnl Presents of iirsi laic qualuy, Snr dmes. Pickles, and French prepared 3Iustard, FRENCH CORDIALS, the very linest, ns Gold wa ters. Am.ssette, Risherry, Creme do f.'iirone, Creme dc Kuc, 1' do novi an, Eean de vamlle, Olive Oil, Walnut Catchup, Tallow, Sperm and P.itpnt Candles for Parlies, Winter Strained besli-prrni O.I. N'W Or leans and tho very best Sugar II nisc .Molasses, etc. French Cognac Brandy, Sclnldam Holland Gin, St. CroW limit, J imaria Rum, s-coich Whiskey, of the most s perior quality, Port an 1 3la lei h Wine. Rho nish Wir.e, for 3L dieinrs, Champaign m l and Bot tlcsand Importe I C.gnrs. An r.soi tmcnt of DRY GOODS, consisting in Niks for drese, llomlnyines, Alnncca. Plain and Figureo Alpine, Shiisano Velvets Plain and Figured .Mouslm dj Laino. Cashmere an J nihi r very rh h Shawls, Fringe. and Gimps, Lad es premium Kid Gloves, Thread Laces, Cotton Edgings, Laces for canes. A vcrv good assortment of t'alh- eocs. Tho i'rv bet Genilemen's Handkerchiefs, Vesting", if'e. ite. The undersoil" I beg rcspcrlful- , Iv ill" lnlnbitantsof llurlington and vicinity, to lion-1 them with a call, as they will hud as cheap and Hum ble goods a- at any oilier Siore. JI. O-TH I I3I vt Co. Hurlinglon, Pee. G, IB 13. 27 I")ROWN'S Pocket 3Ieiiioraii''uin for 1311, for sale D by 2ti S. HUNTINGTON. CAST STEEL. S5G II". S.intlcrsoi) niitl IJ os. Axis Steel. 1000 do assorted Hit nnd snraro fiom i in to 2 incln Steel, square and flit, for sn'o hv FOLLF.TT, URADLKY O'd Dock, Nov. 23, 1313. V ISH. M (t(f Q'l- 'oi Fih, 20 h.e'f hi. No 1 Mae' eml, 20 Ti r es nor h shore II 'd on Bay Co. Salin- n, 25 half barrels do do do f..r s.tie ! y FOLI.inT, BRADLEY c Ol I l)i c' , Nov, 2J, 1843. -'J " ON CoT'.iSIi.NMEVI'. BO.TI.S Canada I'i.ius, O 5 do Craw shay til 23 do R. G. do do 5 do R. G. polished Crawshav PI tics. 5 do Thorngycroft plates 21 b'y21 in. IJcut, For sale at reduced prncs l.y I'OLLEI'T BRADLEY d- Co. Old eh ck, Nui. 23, lsli. 2i Agents, Daniel Richardson's Estate. ST1TP. flK VI IiMONT. ) ritllE Prilatc Conn Di.lncl of Cblllciu'cn. s. t J for the Dl triet of Ch'uti'iidcn : Ton I per c in cmcl m the eta e of DANIEL RICHARDSON, bite of We-tforl in said District, deceased, l!!r.r.riG. Wiiniii-.A-, Sally Kit bai'dsona Imini-iratrix ot the o-laieof aid eleie.i-e I, propo-es to render an accotur eif her ntlininislialiou, and present llieir acctvml ivniiisl .tid e-tato forexaininntion and allowaute ai a e-iou ol the Court ol'i'roba e, to 1 e boli'en at the Rcgi-ier O.lice in B itlington on the iejon.1 Wedne, day of January next. 'I'lir.nrronr., Yo t are hereby no'ific! lo appear be fore s.ud rourl at the ipnu and place afore-aid, and shew cause, if am you h ive, why ihe account -ifoie-said sho ilil not I e allowe I. linen under my ban I at Burlington this 13th day of Deccmlcr, A. D., 1SI3 2!hi3 Wm WESTON, tcvistc. WANTED ! ALL ERGOT or SPURRED RYE, lor which Cash will be paid. 30 PECK .f- SPEAR. CIIKAP GOODS. SUPERFINE BROAD CI.OIHS, BI.'AVI R and PILOI' do, Ca-simcic's, Saunctt-, Nestings, Black and Changeable Alpicca-, Cbnsan-, Crape and Sloiiselm Do Lames, Black und Blue Black Miks, Silk Velycl-, a large lot of low priced Shawls, La die Cravat., Re I and Wid e F aiincl-, Cotton do, 3Ieriiii and Saxony wool Shirt and Drawers, with a aneiy of other Dry Good-, will, h are it lord at re luces! price lorc.ih by S. M. POPL'. Burlington, le la, 1SI3. SAir. UBES SALT. Barrel Salt. 100 Sacks Dairy do for sale hv S. 31. POPE. Dee. 15, 1813. CJT WANTED I.N EXCIIA.M.i: I'Olt C.tXlDS. CORN, RYE AND OATS, 300 lb. 1 1VEGCESE FEATHERS, GOOD TABLE BUTTI It, &e. e. by S. 31. POPE. uei; io, iau. B'vv DH,"Z GOOD. ACK, Blue Black and Coloied Silk and Cotton 200 RAISISS. Hunch Iliiisiiip. fresh arn Alnaccas anil .lpacca i.usires; i.naugi-, able, Stripeil and Figured do s Lunettas, Princetlas, Orleans, 'cpobie and Camblet Clolhs-, Black and Itlitn lllack ISombviiifS and Aliunes, Black and Col- , nred Thibet Cloths, Frimhand Enghh Mermoe-s, light and dark Printed .-nxonys, lColrips, T.igh. nws, Fancy Cinpe, Imperial Cliusans, Pczans Plain and Figured 3Ioiis Dc Laines, .Mecklingburgh l.usties, Crape Chuaiis. Kilini rnock Ciapos, FOR CLOAKS AND DRF.sJSESj Black, Blue Black ond rich Fig ured Silks-for l)rrsr. &c. Bnnncl Silks, rich Figured and Plain i Silk Velvets for Bonnets nnd Vilvef Ribbons to nriieli, and any quantity of Bonnet, Neck and other Ribbons. Figured and Plain --ilk Lare for Veils and Cnitnn do., lllack Chantilla Veils; Rich Silk Velvet. Plush and Silk Points nnd Die-s Handkerchiefs, Ri sehn, Silk, Worsted and eanoiis oilier Plaids. Frilled Dimity Collais, Dimity !nr do.; French FI, tiiers, Cords and T.isN, e'tilorcd silk Cuds, llr'tid. Gimps, Fiinges, 'I'riinmings Glows Mills and lloscry iunumcinblc; '.phyr, Woried, Wors ted Patterns an I Working Camass, 3Iushn, Combs nnd a ihousmd other aincb' usually wanted. Ae.s-0, (JOOO Yards Lighi and Daik .Mournings nnd half .Mourning Calicoes and Ginghams, by actual measurement. The nbjic Goods are lo be o'd ihcap, by I.UVI-.Lil it Bl.i .HUUK. Church Srect, Rnrlingiou, ; 23 Nov. CO, 1S13. 5 JiXCS fiuit, and in tine c.r 'er, 'or s V ' v FOI.LK'IT, BRADLEY li Co. Old Dock, June t, lt-43. scotch mo m ox. T X TONS No. J Garthsht rne pig iron,' i'J forMlcbv FOLLET1' BRADLEY it Co Old docl;, Nov! 23. 1S43. 23 SHAW I. S. OASIII'-HE, Imitation 3Ienno, ICibile, FAR WELL SHOES. T ABIES KID SLIP'S, do French do tlo. eto no ii a iling Mioes, do J tini er-, light und dark, do O nier Hoot, e'o Busk'n-, elo le Sole do, Jlis-esand Ch'ldrcns Shce, Gcnllemcn' Sim, Lined nn I Fur Tnmed plain and Figured liuba RiibberOecr Shoe, ALSO, Ladie. ah I (.'ent'emen'. Mocc.i.ins, a large a-crl-meiit, for .ale e'lem by LOVELY & SF.Y3IOUR. Church Sireet, Nov. 30, 1613. I,IQ.sJOI.H. ACip's Cogniae Brandy, 5 pipes Swan Gin, O 0 IHI. Hirer's Wnrehnuso Point Gin, Jl) do Anirr'e.ap Ilr.inly, 5 I Ih.'s Si. Cioix Ruin, 25 Bid-. 3Iat'e ra Wine, 25 'do Malaga do 10 do Tcneriil'e do 10 elo Port do for nle I v FOLLF.TT, BRADLEY Ca. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. S Broeha llclyidere, Aloac -t, Miiti-cliue elc I.nitic, Etn'M do. .Moravian, lligldaml P. aid 3.11, nnd Coiuoi Shawl-, lor sale cheap by LOVI I-.Y ct SEYMOUR, Nov. 20, 1313. Cure'i Sired. ijookiriir (ilassi'.j. A Large a or'menl ot -ar ou. sizjs, just receive! -Z'V. und for salcchnto l-y I 'it n.V iV sr.VMOl'R, Churoh .t. Niv. CO, 1813. -Jj'f (ilass it (Jhiitii Ware. A (iontlcmoir.s Fiiniisliin (roods. IT'RENCH, English nnd Amenran Peaver, llinad . nnd Pilot Cloth; Black nnd Fancy .Merino Cas tiincrcs, Sdtlinctis, English and French Black and Blue Black Salin Vesting, Silk nnd Woolen Velvet do, lllack Ilnlian Alpaccn and Fancy Handkerchiefs, Alohsir Cravats, Satin nnd Bombazine Slocks, limn Collars and Bosoms, Silk nnd Limn Pocket Hand kerchiefs, While, lllack and Colored Silk Gloves, Black and Brown Merino Ango'a nnd various oilier Olotes, and Millins. Merino and Cotton Shins and Drawers, Socks, iMerino J Hose, Cloak Cord and Tossels, Woolen Capes and Tippets; Cloth, Velvet, Sealletto. fur trimmed Capes - Coat, Vest, and Pan taloons Trimmings. A largo assortment of Ihe abovo goods can bo found nt LOVELY it SF.VMOUR. Churrh Street. Builington, ) November 20, 1843. i JUST UKCKIVKD, A LARGE SUPPLY OF INCJLISH AM) AMERICAN. DriggeMs and li IU lungs j 5 B, (1 S. 4-4, 5 G, C-t, 8-4, 9 4, and 10 4 Oiled Cloth-, Oiled Cloth Table Spreads. 1-4 and G I R i-h Mating, Large nn J small Tu.lle-1 Rugs Manilla, Ala.act and Sue Mati. ALSO Papir Hangings and l!ordcring, Green Win low Paper. A larger, I etter and cheaper as-ortment of oilier Dry Ge-oLlban can Le lound in ihe State cf r5?f?nl' LOVELY cc SEYMOUR. OocI.lTV. Large -lock tost ro-eived and for ale clieapcr than can ' e bought in tin Stale, by l.oi 1 Y A .-I.V.M0I:R, Church st. 11 ,rl ngton, Noi, 20, IS43. 23 f TOll.VC(i') AN!) ssNT'I'l'. 1 ( Boxes and half lio.xes Bonn'- celeLra'ed HtJ I nnd, 50 do Page's. CO do 1:1 lies', 25 do Cro ' y'-, 23 do Slrchcll. wi h var'ou mher Iran i-, sclectcl wiiti great ems'. 20 Keg. .Inbn End-r' Pin r, 10 do Sheep 'I'i ha.s o, 50 Bbls pu in I nnd hali'po tnJ Smu' inr, 10 do Chewing, ol the ino-t prel'cie I bran ' Also, 103 Jars extra Itn-o Seen ed Maccubov SnuT, a HI Is Sco'eh Snn I'm small hl.vklci , for sale bv, I'OLLETT, BRADLEY iV Co. ' Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1343. 21 rsiH-.AUS. " 1 A II-'- Si, Ck ix, 20 do Porto R . u, 2U do c 1 Oilcans, 5(1 Bbls Claude!, .10 du l.o:il, 10 doCiasbtd 10 do Poivdcit'd, 10 Ib.xe W ct W -lo il le refined Loaf. flsr-aV ' j FOi.LE'l'T, BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS43. 2". I'liKSI! TMAH. ry,r Che t- prime Hy-. n tkm T,a, I 'J 10 do V. fa 'd ' on do 100 Ila.l. t h.-sl.s '!un.- He.. ai, 50 C.ieldv O.d Hi son, 50 do Vonngll-on, 10 Ches s ox'ia qush'y Ot.l Hyson, The-e le.i wcte .vie c ed wnh great co-e nut from ihe lntes' itii.oi-n 1 nnn I wi.'Me .. (J a' New nudl'rci h FOl.l TIT, ilRADLLY .( Co. Old Dock, Nov, 23, 1S43. 2.". VIEW MILCH CHEESE, for saebv JA 3J S. N. GAUT i Co. WAXTED7 l II I i-Jlm,n ,l1' "i"'i' i i i, mr win li a f.lJ fai iir' e wdl be pi' '. ,t'-o nu netr ei an I i in 13 car- o d. -to Icnm Oio li.q me at ilic Pij er 31 I nt January B, 1341. le young man, paper making irade. Uuhlcll', lade. I'AIRHA.MCS SCALES. I FAIRBANKS SCALEs of all sises, for sa'o ot ' manufacturers prices by FOLLE1T, BRADir.Y & Co. Agents, Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1643. 23 IHJIM.INGT N A 1,IC MiJIDAIIV. f Jill P. lir-t Term in 1S11 will eoiuoicnco on l It I fii'-l of Felnary and i-inpin u 2J week, the second on the 13 h liili anJ iont.n..e ubo 22 wee' s. Lie-veil weeks 'he qoarier Birluiiitoii.Dee.CO, 1813. 3:ic3 i li isov'-s msTfiitv np i:itimir. u',,'.rr. ei. otE ropofromthe Coinineaieoiciiicif lieFie'in Ii I Revolution in 17.-9 lo the Pre cut Tnuo. lly Al In laid A ison, F. It S, E. Conipleir in I yu s. Bm. January 12, '44. lly A. I D'A AKDS,