Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 2, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 2, 1844 Page 3
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For llio VSurli'iRtou Tree Press. ()U) KENTUCK IS COMING. OldKentuck U coming, O, ho I O lio ! bid Kcntuck is coming. O, lio ! O, ho I Tho people will bring htm to Washington, The ricoplo will bring llio man of (ho West, The man fonutir, the wisest nud heal. And show to the spoiler, their spoiling is done. Old Kcntuck is coming, Ac. The Locoa are trembling with rage and fear, For they know tho end of thoir power is near, Their hopa of cscapo is now melting away, For Kcntuck is coming, 0, ho I O, hoi For Kcntuck is cominj,', O, ho I 0, ho! To bring for their ruling a rcck'ning day. Old Kcntuck is coming, ec. The people arc rising with purpose strong, To burst from the bonds, they have borne so Ion?, They're rising, they're rising, to break from the toils 'Of n,l.-r u.t,.. (nr 1 1 1 CI PCOnlli's Stioils. And all are looking to IlE.snv Clav, To bring for the Nation a brighter day. So Kcntuck is coming, 0, ho t O, ho ! So Kcntuck Is coming, O, ho I O, hoi For tho voice of the people invites him on, And Kcntuck is coming to Washington O. P. Q. A NEW WHIG SONG. Sometime since tho Richmond Enquirer, in com tncntinz on a published letter written by Henry Clay to some of his political friend", styled in derision "a blast from the Bugle," and affected to consider it a unimons which tho Whica of tho Union would not venture to disobey. Theso remarks induced the fol lowing song by tho Hon. Fiiancis James, which was sung by the request of tho Wostcliester Clay Club, "A niiASTi'nnji the ijugle." Tune. ' StAU Smmjlkd IJanni.m.' " A blast from the Buglo" say, heard ye tho eo.inrt, A- ii rrtli'.l thn West, river mountain and val- 'Twas a signal for Patriots tho country around. To make for the contest a glorious tally. Regard, then, its call, yc Whigs, one and all ! Prepare fur the conflict, to conquer or full. " A blast from tho Ruglu" oh I list to its strain, As it echoes in thunders, from Georgia to Maine. L'.ke the trump of a chief blown to pather his Han, Twill arousi cv'ry freeman, tho' heavy his slum bcrs; And urge him to deeds well befitting the man Wlifi ilAHcri-oa tn fin rnnltpd lti ntir nrmc of numbers Fur we want but tho true, who will daio and will do, Whatever to honor and rich! "hall bo due; When, a "blast from tho Bugle," shall flir up our tram, In lowland and highland, from Georgia to Maine. No craven, we wih lo respond to its call , And oh I may its loud notes, no in.!Ton awaken But deep bo his sleep, as tho depths of his fall, Let him breathe on. neslccUd. degraded, forsaken Let his name fade away, from theliidit of the day And tho honors which once encircled his wav While a "blast from the Bugle" ne'er issued in vain. Shall inspirit each freeman, from Georgia to Maine. List! "a blast from the Bugle" hark I liar!.! ho! It peals! To tho rescue, va gallants! full fall infer Harry, The pride of tho West mm whose candor reveals All, all that hois then I pray you don't tarry, But come to his aid. whu has never btlravtd A friend, or proved filaa to the nromi-o ho made. List I " a blast from the Bugle" it rolls o'er tho plain And startles an echo from Ccorgia to .name. "THE BLACK TARIFF." The Jouniul of Commerce ftirnialies tri umphniit rofiilutions of ils Frco Truilo falla cies by llio items of intelligence that appear in its columns. Its poison is qnito linrnilus when accompanied by sucli antidotes its the following: The Thomas P. Cope. This fine packrt ship eommmded by Capt Mierckcn, from Liverpool is now below, having un board one of the lurirtst and titnst valnal Ic cargoes ever hrtusht into this port. Her freight list alone is estimated to bo worth aliens! 7,5JU I'liiladclp'iia. toium. M anita cTfnn or rr. I.aines. A company has been formed in "by "''" - i:'"' dollars, and have purchased a prmuge which, in the course of another year, will set in motion two mills of 15,100 -pindlcs each, to iinnufucluic Do I. aims, oVe. lloston J'cst. With such practical evidences that Com merce and Miinuf icturcs are materially ben efited by llio Tariff, the People will not be vory likely to consent to its repeal, even lo promote the political interests of Mr. Van Durcn. Ev. Journal. DUUIfhi: DMA LING. While our neighbor of the Knqilirer, is pres. eingthe claims of .Mr. Van Huron tn Southern votes, on tho plci, tint ho ii a Frco Trade man, tho "Old Hunkers" of i'oiinsylvaiiii liavo ta ken a totally different ground. They maintain that be is in favor of protection, as thu follow, ing extract fmm tho Harritdmrgh Argur, in reply to the L'r.quiicr, will thow. Richmond Whig. " 1 We tell him frankly, tint his t ff m lo array ihe Democratic puly agnnst llio principle nf iutiJenlnl protection, are destroying the party in this Slaie. Wo toll him plainly, that tho docirino ofprotcelnn that lie repudiates will never be relinniiMicd by ihe Ueinocracy of Pennsylvania. Wo lilt him bluntly, that our Stale will lum ils hick against any man who is not for incidental proticlion in miin irm by tarih", sullieient, with the proceeds of the public lands, to defraynn economical administration of the uovernnient. Let llie r.nqturer ceaso tins war upon the tariff, Knouyh has been 6aid already, aye, ii may Drove that too much has been said. rv niw. sion upon this subject, coining from high niid auihoi itativea source as llio Richmond IJnnnirer. mips i. tho vitals of our pally in this 6'la'o like a dagger to WASFIIN'GTOX RUMORS. Mr. Wise is certainly nominated as Mr. Profjiit s successor lo Ilrazil ! so say letters and goiit'emen just from tho scene. The Gmrd" will thou all have beon provided for, rank and file, and John Vyler will have tho unparalleled satisfaction of knowing, what no other President ever did know or cou.'d have accomplished, that he bad provided lor every inenu ne ever nan in uongress I'rolfit, ijusli. new species of Presidential "glory"! Wo beg pardon Dr. Jiallory has been overlooked. He was to have cone to tho Grand Turk. I,t somehow got his no.-o klipped out of joint, and, as rumor says, not altogether handsomely. There was ono other Mr. Gilmer, ' everv I . '"" '"""'1 lowarus uaptam Tyler in Ml and M', but subseipieiitly with. drew wiili inctinMit-n uor.nn:,.. , n.. - ............... raSai,iij i lie, il is now rumored, is to go to Mexico in place of General Waddy I hompson Richmond Wl.i". DlliW chips. .Amni.jj ihn dociimonts trausmitipd to tho Legislature of Maine by Gov. ,.,ci,,1 ,,ii.ii lll linucCS a lOII'Ml&c. nment concerning tho claims of the Stale against the General Government under tho treaTy be tweeu the United Ktales and Groat Uritam, res. pectintr the Northeastern ItnimrliM- 'l'l,r respondenco between Governor Kavana-b and the President in relation to tho removal of the troops has a termination not very creditable to mc occruiary oi war, jur mrter. The Gover. nor had asked that the troops might not ba with drawn under the existing circumstances. Mr Porter replied in tho following strain : "I do not think that under ordinnry circuinstm. ccs, tho troops of tho United Mates should ho culled upon to perform the tiolimilniu r..,i,.,.. ,!,... ertyof a fttulooi of individuals from expected Ires, passes, nor to nid in cnlurnng instruction to an "i riornntnnd uninformed" portion of the population. It is fr these purpose that wu nro na!n!,l i.. r,(nr bsck lho troops, nnd they do not appear to bu objects which under tho circumstances, would authorize i Ihe consuluicd nulhoriuesof thu Union to order aiiulilarv force anywhere," To this Guv. Kavanagh, in tho spirit of a ma", islralo who full that Ins State had been insulted", in a letter to tho President u)3 ; 'Without ctiteriinj at iliis limj into a f.rllicr run Biderallon of thu subject, I shall content my.tlf simply with the remark, that the tone and temper of iho Ij.I paragraph ot (ho becretary's eonimuiiication to nic, Bfesuclmstn prevent my acknowledging itareeeitt lohim, or having any fjiitii r communication lh hi"1, on lirs, or nny oilier sin haievrr." TIiif of course cloetd iho concjjioudeiics. ff7"Tho editor of llie Argus, in noticing llio " signs" in Ohio, seems lo liavo overlook ed the following from tho Editor of a loading Loco Foco paper, who was a Delegate to thoir rocotit Statu Convention : Alb. Jour. Thpro must ho nioro harmony existing in tho Dem ocratic ranks than appears to be nt present, or n worse than a "Waterloo defeat" niviitts us. Tho delegates, or at least a tiuntl er of them, that wo have seen, who wcro members ol tnc convention, reutrii uisiienricn cd, nnd nro ready lo hang their "harps upon tho wil low s." Tua. Chainbcrs' Edinburgtt Journal contains llio following bit of consolation to tea-drinkers. At n reei-nt tncclinr of tho Tflris Academy of Sri- rnci'B. M. Psliaot tend a napor on tho chemical combi nations of lea. M. I'ehgot stntis, that tea contains essential principle of nutrition far exceeding in impor tance its ulnniilating properties: nnd shows mat, ns a stimulant, tea is m every respect one of tho most do nirnhla nrttrlpq nf halntual use. Olio of his exneri mentsontho nutritive dualities of tea, os compared with those ol soitp, was tiy no means in iaor oi mo latter. Tho most reinarkablo products of tea ! 1st, ihi tannin or nalriniront nronertv : 2d, en essential oil, to which it owes its aroma, nnd which has n great inllucnca on lis pneo in eommrrcei nun ju, n sun-ainni-n rich in njoie. nnd ehrvst.ili7.ablc. called thelnc, which is also met with in codec, and is frequently called cafcinc. Independently of these three sub stances, there aro eleven others of lo-s importance, which enter more or less into tho composition of tea nf nil ilm hind imnnrled into Kuronn. What was moro cssenlial, ns regards the chemical anu Hygienic character of the plant was to ascertain tno exact pro norrinn nf tlm nznieit (nitroiretii2edl principle which it contains. M. Peligot began by determining llie total amount of azote in tea, and hnished by finding that it was from 20 to 30 per cent greater than in any other kind nf vegetable. M. Pelicot state, that by reaon of this quantity of azoic, and tho existence of ciuemu in uie tea leai, ii is u irueuiiiuciii. Romance or RnAr. Lai:. Tho Bristol II. I. Phoenix has tho followiii'' extract from a letter written by a Rontlcman on loird of the U. S phip Fairfield, to his father, a resident of New port, H. f. The letter was dated at fea, Sopt y.jth, 1S1!5 after having been at Athens, in Greece. " Whilo we at Athonp, as I was one dav rambling about ntnnnir the ruiiit of some of llio Teinnles-, anion'' nthor places 1 wandered info a coineterv, and after lookin; ruund somo tunc, adiiiirinir thu cmisti'iictinu of some of the tombs, and thu bjaiiliful flower bed, 1 sun prised by inoetiiif' tho man who had the care of llio plare, and bunj; nddres-ed hv him in tooil tiuulish, we soon became acquainted. 1 learned from dim that ho belonccd lo llristol, It. which place hu left pome iweutv years ajro, du rinjjf wliicli lio had been lighting lor tho Greeks against the inercilesii 'I'uikf, and had seen the former train their iiidepeiidcnce. For eighteen years' hard flijlitiiig, ho had received nothing a-f it weio the country bcin;j much involved by Hu protracted- war?. 'J'hH man, after ascertaining that 1 bolongrd fo near him, inquired about many old nin in iVowport. Ilia name is Genrrro Wilson. lie turd: mo to his cottjgo in llio Cemetery, the only dwoliinsr there for lmny. His cottage was neat, though hum ble ho introduced me to his wife and four children. Ilia wife is a Grecian woman, buauii. ,ul to look at, and teemed very kind she "peaks tolerable good Knjrlith. lie has a daughter about 15 years old, and three boys younger, llis whole deniro teemed to bo lo k'et hu family to the United Stales lie has two bons in Ursto!,by hi? firt wifc.who ho fas was Abby Waldron, and tlwt it was her death that lilit caurcd bun to loam from home. On leaving, I invited him to come on board the ship, and on the Sunday following be came on bo.ud with two of bis boys. Tho cluceis noti. cod him, and on bearing his story, were willing to assist him to got his family to the United States. The captain shipped his two boys, wlm Will La taken caro of. Tho ship's company raised b rubscriplion over one hundred dol ars, and tho i.ldVers made up a handsome sum for him, ample to piy his expanses to America, and hpfor.i ti.". r iiiinK tiv .im! mi family inw un their way to the United States, where tho boys will meet them." Mr. Wilson's two sons are still livinir in this town, and wilt no doubt lojoice to again meet their father, whom thuy supposed had Ions s'ru o departed thii life. I Id is well renioin- uerci; by many ot our citizens. lSnstul i'ixiii.r. Fatal Kixontiu:. On l-Vidiyhst at Ilar risbtirgh Joseph K. Prince of that pl.ico and Thomas It. II. I.nid, an attorney, between whom thorn had been foiiil' diiliculty arising out of legal busiucs-', met on the corner of Third and Walnut sts, and after a few words had passed, Mr. P. who was armed with a heavy walking stick, caught him by Iho collar and applied his cano to tho bhoiildors of .Mr. I,. Defora ho had strnrk the thud blow, Mr. Loud diew a doubio b irrellod pistol, took deliberate aim ard lired. Iiu'h balls entered tho body of Lis iiir. gonist ju.-t below the breast, causivj; instant death ! .Mr. Pi nice w as a highly i aspect able citi 3ii.. .has left a wile and four children, and tho scons when his lifeless corpse wa-s con. veypd to his family, is described as most heart im dig. Loud immediately gavo himsulf up mid was uuderi'oing examination. A Melancholy Death. O nonet:, aacd 10, son of (lovernor Mattocks-, of Peachain, was found in his room last Monday morning, with bis throat cut from oar to ear, and dead. The cir cumstances of the cao aro such as to render it unquestionable that he cut bis own throat. A razor was found in his room, which it is suppo. scd bo used for tho purpose, do bad but u short time since returned from the Law School at Cambridge, where ho had spent some months. Wo hear that ho graduated at College, with moro than ordinary honors, and had sustained a good moral character. Caledonian, Jan. U'J. I'ight tvirit a Wild Cat. A wild cat some three feet in length was killed by Mr. John Pillsbtiry of Scarborough, on Saturday morning last. Mr. P. fell in with him on tho Turnpike, and having a stout club in his band, gavo cli&te, when thu animal turned, and showed fight. After a pretty severe sot to, Mr. P. succeeded in giving a stunning blow to his ferocious an. fi.mV'idiuallllniVoVfiyTp-ct.eS rc'ce.'.TltillL'n in this vicinity, and wu have heard of others being seen. A fiiend suggests that they may havo been driven down from tho mountains, to tho sea shore, in quest of food, owing to the deep snow Portland Ade. Hears Tho Dubuque (Iowa) Transcript gives an account of a great bear hunt th it came oil' in Clayton county recently. A few of the "liiiutcrs ot l urkey Uiver" tracked some of theso varmint to a cavern. Ono or " moro" of Iho party entered tho cavern a la mrde Putnam, and hetore they left it they 1,,'lod eihl tears! Clayton county Leats all other plaiea lor its Lear ground. t-'eicu bears wcro killed Iho oilier day by a hunting party in thu neighborhood uf Vurmil lionvillo, Lou. Ono of them weighed 450 pounds. New Post-office A now Pot-oftico has been established in this village entitled, " Kast IJennington." (Jen. Henry Kobinson, Ist. master. This favor from tho Po,u,nico De partment will no doubt bo verv gratifying tn the citizens of this village and vicinity, whu havu long bineo deemed themselves entitled to it as a iiMtlor of justice. ULLTAll letters and papers intended for this office must bo directed Uunuingtoii Uast Vil. lage .State limner. Mr. Squibs turned out several bushels of ole. gant pipm apples out of white pine. The imi. tation was so good, that ho sold a Yankee coax!, ing captain ten bariels of them. Ho told him that they had a llavor likeyme.apnlcs arid they 1 nau i tr.-Ad,.l,, u 7,: ' ,,--" -' ' niiiiu uv uiy mnp III Aiichia.n. Tho latu Locoloco Lefislaturti abo.1 l.piriHkil llr nh lishcd tho law against il. The Iocnfnrns. nf that Slate aia Btioni;ly opposed to all monopo lies, and bold that no man has a rirrht lo inonon. eiizj Ins own v(t.Louiille Jur. Tho Hiiltitnoro Clipper stales that the slock of the Divittix l!ll association 40 shares at 8100 each -was in tlomand on fJaturdiy nt 000 each. Tho bell was corstruclcd for tho purpose) of brinrrini; up lost treasures from a 11 '..1.1. l .V. c. f,l..l!,n;.l, JillllSlJ I'l, CUII1. UII UlU VVdbl U, IIIW Main. TKail'UH ANCIJ NOTI013. A mootlnij nf llio Burlington Total Abstin- onco Society will ho held this evening at the Court House at half past 0 o'clock. 11. Leavenworth, Secretary. February 2, Mi. lllilCIITON SIA II It UT. Monday Jan. 22 At Market, 235 llecf Cuttle, 1050, Sheep, nnd 575 Swine. Pbices. Ilerf Cattle Wo quote extra nt SI CO if? S175j First quality 81 9 31125 1 second qunlity S3 75 i3 SI: third quality S3 25 i S37o. Sheen Sales fiomS150 lo82 25. Wethers from S250 to 83 75. Sicinc A few lots selected to peddlontlP4J for sows, and S5 iff 51 for barrows. At retail from 4 to oft. NEW YORK CATTLK MA1UCET.-Jnn.22. At market, 1100 llecf Cattle, 40 Cows and Calves and 2500 Sheep nnd Lambs. Prices. Tho quality of lloef Cattle wa9 inferior to last week, nnd prices obtained with difficulty. We quoto SI 25 $75 to S5 25 0 50, with extra an SO. Cotci and Calces. All sold at S14(J2b. Sheep and Lambs. All at SI 50 'V- 3 50, nnd a lot of prime Wethers SjoO h u. Ilay. Sales nt C2J fi Sic. per cwt., by tho load. M a ir a n o dip In Jericho, on tho 27th ult., W. C. wHitemas, Kin, of Wlnookl City, lo JIIssJase K. Chitten dek. of Williston, daughter of tho Hon. Truman Chittenden. In ibis village, on Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. Thomas W. Pearson, Mr. Silas Whitkev to Miss Scsan t'oDV, both of this town. In Essex, on the SOlhinst. by thollcv. Mr. War rcn, Mr. Georgb Gates, to Miss Rebecca HovT,bolh of lisscx. In Westford, on the 23d instant, Captain James TAYLon, in the 73th year of his ge. In West Randolph, on tho 19lh instant, nfteradis trcssing illness of one week George B. PahIsii, of the firm of Mann & P.uih, ngcd31 years. In Jericho, on the 19th inst., I vpia, wifu of Kdward G. Jolin-on, nnd daughter of Jasptr and Lydia Grif fin, aged 21 years. At port Praya, Cape do Verd Islands, Dec. 11, on hoard brig Olho of Salem, Geoboe Burnet, of Bur liugton, I. seaman, lato of ship of war Saratoga. In Cincinnati, Ohm, Dec. 27lh, of small pox, Mr. Bcel II. Dav, student of ihejll. M, College, formerly of Jericho, Vt. aged 22 years. Printers in X Y. and Ohio nro reqicstul, &c. SHERIFF'S SALE. rjlAKE.N Uv virtnu of a writ of attachment to mo JL diri'r-'ol,t'liL'eniirevockof('KOCKEIY,(il.ASS AND CHINA WAKi:, eon-Mina of alout 15 Ciates and lluxc-', all of which will bo sold at pul lie vendue at ihe I alhrop I uihunc, o calleJ, in llurliutnn, corner of Collegu and Ch'ircii strcetf, ou tho 14lh day of February next, at 10 oV lock forenoon, as tho Law direef. tl FEURIS, I). Sherif. February 2, 1811. IN'EW AltRANGISMENTS. V It O M Airs.tnr.t5 li-lHtliS TO HUHI.IXGTON. rjTill'I lee on the lalo now 1 ninj' cnn. per JL leciiy sare, the suberiber-i have made tho fal lowing urianieinent-, which will be Lept up ai lung as tic ice will admit : Leive Ati-able Fork at 7 o'clock, A. M. Leaves h'eescville at 9 o'clock, A. M. I.eavei Uurlingion at 2 o'clock, I. M. Leaves h'eeseville fur the Fcrks at 4 oMock, P. M. By 'liNarranaoniciil, people coming from the Forks nre i inbled lo reach Kcc-cviPo before ihe lage leaves for Burlinston, and cuablo tho-e wishing to do bii-is ne-snt Biiriingion to icniain there- about three hours- The siibscril erf would al-o sta'o that tbev have engage! the service of an ctpeneuiel dnyer, who willpiy all deference and at'eation lo tho-o who may enlrusl llieinselve, in In care, and will l.ind them m saliiy on either shore. PARK reasonable. W. J. U J. 1. WIIALINt;. January 27, 1311. 31w2 PhESERVATION OF THE D. SPOONHR, Dentist, would respeclfully an noiinco lo the citizens of Burlington and vicinity, that ho will devata n few weeks to his professional n vocation in Burlington j and will be inoit happy to exirt tho professional knowledge and s'iill that he has ncipurcd by an clnivo practice, in behalf of ull who inav favor him with iheir palronngc. His slay being quite limited, early calls are solicited, lie will be happy to inspect all his former opera tions. American Hotel, No. C. I'Vb, 2,1614. 35 tf FARM FOR SALE. rpIIF. sulevriber ollcri lor sale his X Farm, s tuato in ihe Soiiih-we-l part of Williston. The firm coiiiain aboui f.ftv acres pan of which is wood land, and the re.t un fer c-rmd cnhiv.itinn 1 here i a goo! hou-e, barn, and oiher oiiibiiildingN on the premi-c-, wilh a zoo 1 orchard, well ol" water Sec. Terms of payment liberal enough to s.ut almost any purchaser. MOSES MARSHALL. Williston, January 30, 1S11. 35w4 A VALUABLE FARM, in New Ha veil, of 130acre,a two -lory House 30 bv 40 feel, nood and convenient Barns 5 .ShcU and out B.uldini;- well watered and a good Orchard. The Farm will be sold cheap. Apply in WM. JAMIJ", on the Farm, thrco miles east of Vcrgenuo-, or j. r. chambkrlain. Now Haven, Jnn SI, 1811. 31w3 viu.ntMM TRUSSES. nPIlIS article of vaiinm iuvenlion J Hull's, .Marsh's, and so on. of v-.ij ,uc tuui lurm, auu lor all llie iiur '0es lor winch ihev were des ii-im - fur sale at , PF.CK & SPEAR'S, lliirlmgion, Vermont. 35 ELTs'QLE. DOUBLE. U.MB1UCAL, ALL kmd o( TRUSSES for Ruptures incident to Ihe Male, for sale, an! arcuratotv npnheil. ly 35 PF.t K it SPEAK. WANTED, ''pHIRTKK.N ihousand feet, hoard measure, in J Hemlock, Kim, or oilier suitable timber, lo be delivered for llie purpose of covering lliebriik'ont the Lower Falls, in Burhuglon, as soon ns the 15th day uf prilncxl, Persons wishing 10 tako the contract will please confer with the subsi-ril era soon. L. LOOMIS. ) Selectmen. S. K. ISH AM, 5 of T. !'. STKONO. i ilurllnEtun. Burlington, Jan. 25fh, 1B1I. LOVELY c- SEYMOUR, TTAVE removed tn the Now Brick Undoing, 2 j l doors north ut their lornicr stand, where they llieV ..n-.. r... ..I.. -i -r 1,1 r.i-.nim : d D Y OllOC Rl l nt uwa-, Inn o- 1QM .l ,- l , ' ' v"""-" " PLASTER! PLASTER ! Qn"! BAGS frsch ground Nova Kcotis Pinter, OUWfnrfslshy P, MI ILDOOLITTLE. Jan. 26, K41. 31U In-io era C1IITTENDI2X COUNTY HOOSli. Churcti IStrecl, mum Burlltigtoii, VI. T71 WlXl.lMiTOH, tn'.c leave io iniorm rue 'i. 1.v;,.,.,l- .,,,.1 it.ii imiMic ilml lie lm taken the nl.ove Siand formerly known a the Villngu Hold, Ulnnted on Oh irch Street, m llie viiiiikoiu , urnmjion. The Loii'O Ins been repaired, nnd titled up, tlioi oiiphly.and Irnvellersnnd tciutiMcrieun I o nceoiiimo dalitl ns well, nnd on ns reasonable terms, as at any oilier hou'0 In llio VKinuy. Tliosiili-eriliThopchy strict nltentionlo tho wants nnd euinforts of his guels,to recdvea share of public patronage. , A l.iilhrul Ustler win always in riich mum. A lew Loarders wanled, II. WELLINGTON. Burlington, Jan. 20'n, 1811. IMif SEED WHEAT AND RYE. t-if-V HiLlieli of lliu C( eLralcd SHF.LtlUK.N &J WHEAT, which will I u -old nt S1.23 per bush t ion 50 Bushels SPRING UYK. n n j UtUllWl'. i'tl'lillBU.N. January 23, 18 II. 31 LOST. V!VJ Tlmr.ilav ilm lSih insl. between Burlinston J and Milton, a large iuvi-ible green cloth CAPE, lined with elolh nnd cotton, and buttons in front. Thnfinder will lo suitably rewarded ou leaving it at the Paper Mill in Milton, or on giving notice to r m nnnnnli!!!. Burlington, Jan. 23, 1814. REVIEWS & MAGAZINES. PECEIVED by the latest Express and for sale by i. . ............. r JLV V. UAIUUnHlUtli Blackwood s Edinburgh Slagizinei Brovvnson's Quarterly Review; London " " Edinburgh " Foreign " " Westminister " " New Englander, North American " Graham's I, adics' and Gcntleincns' Magazines Godey'u Lady's Book ; Lady's' Garland i Burlington January 21, 1S4I, 31 TXTOltNING WATCHES. A ltw wnrda on 1YX 1 J blrauss nnd the Goine s'-lhj pnnranr nf rami of I-redeiilta urcmer translated from the Swe dish, lor silcby V. HAIUUNGrON. No. 3, Strongs' I'uilding. 31 pltODUCTlVE FAItMING A fatnilnr digest of j. uie reeeru uiscovcrics oi ueioig, joiinon, IJavy, nnd oilier celebrated writers on vegelablo Chemistry, showing how the results of tillage may in greatly I T, . f l . c '.1. ' . J augmcuieu. uyjoseiinA. omiuu rorsaeny V. HARRINGTON. Jnnuarv 21, 1811. 34 Win. Ituslic's listate. STATE OK VERMONT, j ATa Probate Court DiMriel of Cbitlenden, ts. xi.held at Burl.ngion. wilhin nnd for the district of Chiltendud, on llie lOih dav of January, IS 1 1, present the Hon. Charle. Ru fcll, Jndffo of aid court, comes Duel Cady, admini. trator ol iho eMalo of William Uu.Iip, lalo ot Under lull in said diMricl, deeeasdl, and files in said court hit petition in writins, silting forth that, nfier paying the delIs allowed against said estate and the funeral expense and co'ts of administering? said eate, thtre remain', a siirpliNlo be decreed to "the person or per son? legally enlillcd thereto, and further selling fori!) that Benjamin Ilu-he of UreenLoru' in thuCouniy ot Orleans, ij ilie sole boir of llie said William Hisbe. deec.i-ed, ai'.d is enlit'ed lo the surplus of said e.tate, and praying said court lo decree the said surplus ol sni legale to mo saw lienjanun liiwie. vviiEReuros, Iheeourl afore.-aid dolh nnnoii.t the second Wednes day ol February, IS41, for hearing nnd deciding on s.iui peiiuuu ui uiu cnuc ui uie iveisier ui smu cuori ill sai 1 Burlington, and doth ordsr that nil person" iuterelel Ic notified thereof by publication ot this order, containing the sul stance of said pctilion, three wee!; suecesivelv in tho 1! rl i n ""t o ii Fieo Pros", a newspaper prinlel in said Burlington, the last of which publication to be previous to the said second WeduesJay of February, 1811. Given under mv hand at said Burlington tills (enlh day ol January, 1311, 31w3 WM. WESTON, Register. llliam 1 Grlswolds Estate. WK the subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable Ihe Probate Court lor the Dis trict cf Chittenden, commiioucM to receive, exam- I'm- nn.l i.l...t (tin ami. nn.l .lo.i.amU ol nil nerHiinn. asiunsttboe-ialeof IllltA.M F. (CKIStVOLU.Iate of onrlmglon 111 said District, decea'o', teprcented in -nlv.'n). nn.l til.c. nil claim nud dtinnildn cxlitl.ittftl n ofT-et Ifiereto; and six monthsfroin thedayoflbe dale l.n.....i 1. .I.... ll nl 1... I',..... i:.. luivui, .'villi' iiiiui.cj ay ruiu vuillltll lllill JIIIIU?C, we 00 inernure nerer.y give nonce, mat we will at lend to the bii-iue-s of our aunoinlinent. nt the offie ol Shaw & Weston, in Burlington, in said Divtret on Ihe fo'irth Mondayn of February nnd April next, at 10 o'doek, A. M., on each of said days. iatei, mis tiiiiay 01 .Movemiier A. U. lau. ur.u. 11. sii v 31 WM. WESTON Commissioners. ltoswcll Morton's Estate. STATE OF VKHMONT, 1 milE Hon. Ihe Pre Di-trict ol" Clnllcnilen, s. 1 J. late Court for tin Di-trict of Chiitenden : To all persons concerned in Ihee-tate of ltOSWKLL MORTON, Into of Willi, ton. in said li-t net. decea-ed, UnccriNa. WtiEnr.A', Ceorge .Morion, adnii'ni.iraior cf ihe estate ol said uecea-iM, proposes 10 render an account 01 ins adniini-tialion, and present his account nzani-t said estate for examination and allowance at a ses-mn of the Court of Proba'e, lo lo holdcn al the Kaslc Hu 1, in Williston, in said district, on the third Monday of Felruary next. 1 nenrronn. 1 ou are hereby nolillei to aimear be fore said court ut the time nnd place nforc-aid, nnd s'lew cause, it any vou liave, way ihe account TfoiC' said should not 1 e allowed. luven under my hand at uurlinglcn this lstli day 01 January .. u., laii. 3lw3 Win. WFriTON, l!ei;ister. Guy Willcox's Instate. WK the iib-criber havini leen appointed by llie Honorable Probate Court for tho Oistriel of Orand I-le, eonimi-sioners to receive, examine and adU-t the claims of nil per-om against the estate of. ot liL'V vvii.luua, lalo 01 liranu isle, 111 said dis trict, decea-ed, repre-cnled insolvent, and nl-o all claim', nud demands exhibiied in o!l-et thereto, and six moiilh" from ihe date hereof being allowed by aid court for that nurno-e. we do tlieielore hereby give notice that we will attend 10 tho bu.iness of our appointment, at thedwelbng-hou-e ol ihe widow, Fanny Willeox. in Grand Ile, 111 said dulriei, oil the first Mondays of March and July next, at 10 o'clock, A. 51. on cicli 01 said days. Dalol thh 9ih day of January, A. D. 1811. SAMl'FL ADAMS. ) JOHN RF.YNOLUS. Commitiionen 31 DAVII) COHBIN, ) XT37f S0OKS, JUST RECEIVED, HARPER'S ILLUMINATED AND NEW PIC TORIAL BIBLE embellished wilh 1500 His toncal LngravingB, more than I4U0 of which are from original designs, to be completed in about 50 os. at ;jcis. eacnt -o. i.jjst received, i'rescott's f'oiiiliicst ol Mexico. History of the Conquest of Mexico, with preliirinary view of ino nucieiu iiicxican civilization, wun uie uie 01 me Conqueror, Hernando Cortex ; by WU. H. rreccott. Illustrated by engravings, 3 vols. 8vo. Price $5,00. f".rJlro a 11 )?8.n'W ?s 11 ,k! 9' Banix ..inj-ci. i-cuicinryui ine u. is. l.eca'ion to mat i;oun J'fr'o 1611 Vi' Wil1' 160 "'"''" P"C('i i'rolssart's Chronicles of Knglanil, Frantr, ami Spain, and tho adjoining Countries, from the reign of Kdward II. to tho coronation of Henry IV., wilh nn original Introductory Esuyon the Charac ter nnd Society of the Middle Ages, by the Rev. John u.'iu. 1 vui. ivovai ovo. 1'riceeauu. The Select Works of Mrs. Mary Ellis, com prising, the " Women of England," " Wives of Enc land," " Daughters of England," "Poetry of Life," &c., designed to promote the cul ivation of the Do mestic Virtues. A new and beaunful edilion. illustra ted with five engravings, four steel 1 lvol.Svo. Price r.lUa Cook's Tocms. Slelaia and oilier Poems, by Eliza Cook, beautifully illusiraud wilh finu ilee cnpravinrs. li'Atiblgnc's History of the Keromiatlon, 1 -in .ii euiuon. rnce o cis. in hoards, si.UU bound m cloth. IVAtiblgnc's History of the Reformation, aoniiseu oy uie new l.dnnrd Iiallon. l'rice 50 els. The Young .student, by Madame Gnizot; from the French, by Samuel Jackson. 1 vol. 18mo., very beautiful, 75 cts. .Malllila, or Memoirs of a Young Woman, by Eueene Sue. Theresa tho umt nuihor. Jf rencu, Spanish, German, and Italian without ii .unsirr. rrico .a cis. eacli. Tho Mysteries of Iarls,a new supply including Cernlstrin. Price 91 cis. bound; SGcls. in No. The I.lfc niul Speeches of Henry Clay, 2 vols. 8m. Price 1,00 and 81,25. Tho Whig Almanac for IB4I. Also, a great variety of new chesp publications, for sale at ihu lowest city prices, by Jan. 10, 181. 32 A, EDWARDS. NOTICI THE firm of VILAS LOOMIS f- Co. being dis solved, by the death of Freeman C. Vilas, one of .1.. r. ..... ....11 1 , , . . uivi'iBiiiiti- .hi ud buiii.iiueu oy mo surviving partners and the administrator of Ihe deceased partner ...l.n .....nn..ul U . M TVJ - . ' "'' "v v'vj.v .. i . iiuin, ueiu on ine pari ? .Lf:,l'i'1'fi'".. will be i;iiiiiiiii iubhiii uiiiibiiciiii inriiiq stand W. K. VILS lll.-vnv innMi L. B. VILAS, Aci m'r. J Burlinston, Jnn. 15 183. P.3 VEW MILCH CHEEPE, for m' bv i 32 S N. GAUT 4: Co, WANTED. Held llenns, in exchango furtioods, Al mum vv Applt so trnnil DU, M.ll, r'l,Aaa.. Ilutlrr. dnil Apples, nnd nroducoofall kinds, for which thu high- est price Will bo n:nd in Goods, bv S. N. CACT&Co. Few half liarrclls ehoico Ituck Wheat Flour, for sain hv It. W. fJATl.IN. Burlington, Jan, 10, 1811. AVC TtON AND COMMISSION S T O It i: . Ity IIAsVI5I,I, A WAIT. TIinUNOKRSItlNl'.I) having taken tho stand lately occupied by II. THOMAS, will conlinuu the Auction mid Commission business under the firm of Itnswcll A IVnll. A Auvaueu niaJo on properly left either lor put lie or private mle. j-aaies On Wednesdays sml Saliirdnv, N. II. IIASWELL Jr. T. II. WAIT. Uurlingion, Janunr)' I, 1314. 32 IlltlUGS dTuNDUItWOOI A TTOHNE YS AT LAW, eye. Burlington, Vt. 6m32 IlItANIVS UICTIONAUY. Dictionary of Science. I.iierniurc and A nr. coin A nrisinz Iho History De-erintiou. and Scientific princinnls of every branch of Human Knoioltdge -, with the derivation nnd definition of all Ihe term-in general u-e. Ediled by W. T. lln,ND, F. It. S. & E. nui.tcd bv Jo'enh Cauvin. Eo. ami others. Illustra ted bv numerous Engravings on wood. Compleie in one large volume, avc .inninrv i-. uv a. r.i' Aivwn. WRIGHT'S INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS; OR INDIAN PUItGATIVli. rpiIOUGH mativ medicines have I ecu Ictorellie Ji- publie lor a much longer period than Wiujiit's Indian Vnnr.TAntu Pill, yet none stands now In iitoiiER ncrUTE, or has mora rapidly attained a linn hold tinon nstitntion. The thousands that nave used them thrnuKbout the length and breadth of Iho Republic, all I car cheerful testimony to their thorough tjjicacyani mild operation when employed in Ihe iuot di,trein diorJcrs " which flesh is heir to." Tho theory of di-oae on which Wbiciit's I.ndiax VEaLTABi.n'Pii.Ls are founded, is tin-, viz: that there isonhjane primary cause of all the disorders that qjltciiae numan jamwj, nnu mat iscorrupi numurK , nr. 111 other word Imvuritvof Blood. This, princi plo is now so generally admitted, that it may in fact I e said to Lo Misiuiucdj i.y an universality 01 opinion, the low dissenter eonsiilutina lint a vcrvieeiie mi' nority. It i ii-i'Ikh therefore to discuss the sound neol thin ilieoiv 111 ibis rdace and connexion. The ome Disease I'ais'clFLF. leinir admitted, the mode o( allnck proles-ed bv all practitioner I cconics the -nine ti-imelv. nureatlon. Hut manv of the so- called speeifics u'uw lcl'ore llie public, produce only one form of Purgation ; they uie ei'ber Sudorific, Catbartie, Diuretic nr Expectorant. Wright's Indian Veqctable Pills onibinc all ihe-o properties, and a,e Iherefore calculated to allnck the elements cf di-ease at all points, and by a harmonious nnd combined ope ration to expel it radically Irom the system. Therr e.leet is almo-t mag cal, and is nole astonishing for i:s mildne.s than its efficacy Uolh sexes, nnd all ages may employ them, necordiug 10 the direction, without tear, for while they are certain to cure all dis eases that are, they nertr lullietan injury upon the system. '1 hi nrr ftctsnfdu of the mcilicino is another em- importani tniallly. mid one which has contributed more than any thing else to its cxttmiotx and popu lar! tn. . J i ., I" ... 1:1 a iroru, mucie coii;icni ft. un.j to the patronage of the public, and its use bids fair to cecjme otyore long, aimoti CAUTION. The citizens of New Enslaii 1 are respectfully In formed that in coiiequeiice ot the great popularity which Wright's Indian Vegetable fills have earned uy their a-lonishiug goudnes-, a dang ol Counterfeiter.' are now iiiJustnoii-ly engaged in pa'ming on the on suspectin-r, a valueless and perhaps dangerous mede cine, under the name of Indian Vegetable I'dl-. This is to iniorm the public, thu' the genuine medi cine has on the boxes, Wright's Indian Vegetable I'llls, (INPIAN PURGATIVE) Or THE NcRTIt AMKRICAS COLLEGE OP HCALTII." Andal-o around the Lorder el the iatel will Lu found in sninff type, t " Entered accord 'ns 10 ihe Act of Cong-re-, in the year 1810, by William Wright, in ihe Clerks O.Iiceot llio ui-triel eouri 01 uie i.astcru iMsinci 01 l eansyi vanin." The pul lie will ul-orcmeird er that all who sell ih genuine Indian Vege able Pill aro proviJod with certilicate of agency -igneJ I r William Wright, Vice President or Till' NIHIT1I AMI I1ICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTH." and thai peJIers are never in any case allowed 10 -ell .1 .11. ..l,:.. 1 :ll I uie genome iiieuiciue. kit unveiling i-eius win 11 orovidod wilh a certilicate of A geneva above descri bo l-, and those who cannot shuw one will bs known as ba-o impostors. Thrt following liighly re-peitab'e persons have been appilnted agents for Ihe saleol llie above named Wriglit'si Indian Vegetable IMlls. OF TH C NORTH AM1.UICAS COLLKiF. OF HEALTH. AGENTS Peek & Spear, S. K. Howard, ,1). i)av i & Co., llurlinirtoii ; rran us Laclare, (Jofche-ler Morion & tlark, illisl(iii Lorm Tyler, L-ex J, II. Tower &. Son, Underbill ; A. Barney, J. Ly man, Jvncho ! Win. lthoi'e-, E. B. Green, Richmond J. U. DiI:p. lluiilliiirlon : .Men-.on & Dean. Bri-lol Mon-on cc Dean, Lincoln ; A. 1'. llo-cie, New-Ha 1' t!.,.l ... w M.l,.nf 1. n.t.. M.I..... III! , ... Wan' . iouii, .. . ...ttiv.11 , w, ..., ...iikun, Geo. Ayres, Milton Fall-j Mariin Wires, llnswoid .t Simhe. Cambnd-c: W. S. & U. P. Wood, Wot f.rd: S. W. Brush Co.. Fairfax : H. Cook. Slid burn: Wm. H. icl e, lline.-burgh ; S. II. Barues t'hailotlc; Tuppcnf- llcarkindgc, Jslirksborough Shale- & Webb, Feiri-bi igh. The only O Ike 111 Hotou whera the IuJiaa Vojs table Pills can I ei blamed is at J OB TItEiMONT STREET. 1 Qg I'nneipal Udieeand Oeueral Hepot, 1UJ liaiesirie Philadelphia. 32yl TAViEISIV STAND FOR SALE OR TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM. T'HE well known csiabluh X incut, the "Brown Stand," Ihrcemile-east 01 Uie vi lage i Biirliiiston, located on thu Wi 'lOfsT noosi.i luniciKe. iAiiiiicicu 1 : m :, i J finHA3ria..- Willi 11 is a i.trui ui ju acre, nil .1 . :. r reK aftMi-ur der good cultivation. A great I argain will be given lo a rigidly di-po.-el purchaser, for particulars, apply to me suoscnuer, on ir.e premi se-, c. v. LiUUl. Burlington, January 2, 1S14. 3Itl NEW GOODS, HY EXPRESS. 4 NEW lot Black and Blue Black Silk and Mo- Ix. hair Fringes; anew lot Black, Blue Black and Colored Gimps Cherry colored Silks, French Kid Gloves, Worstid Mills, Heavy Black Cords and Tas sels, Cup liiUDons, caaics' iignt caps, verj cneap ALSO A new lot Cloth and Fur trini'd Cap", just received, together wilh some No, 1. Otter Caps, at very low prices, by li. W. CA l Lim. January 5, IS! I. 31 TO I'ERSONS AUOOT BUILDING. TtlL L-..,. n b.nH at iku, Lumk.l Yard on Ptarl Street, Boards, Scantling, Plank, Floor Boards and Inch Boards ready planed- Lath, Lining and oilier materials for budding. Persuns in tho adjiceiu towns can be supplied at the .Mills in Underbill at a suitable deduction from the Burliumon prices. N. B. They offer to contract for the ersciion of Isiuldinga on reasonable terms. Apply 10 tl. I HicUok. HICKOK fi STEVENS. Burlington, 3 Jan., 1841. 3! if LUMBER. WANTED hy the suUcriber, WHITE PINE, SPRUBE nnd HEMLOCK BOARDS and LATH in exchange for CABINET WORK. Ship over Win. HURLBUT'S Store. Church Street. SAMUEL NICHOLLS. Burlington, Jan. 1, ISIL 31 If CO HV CRACKERS, A FIRST RATE ARTICLE, manufactured ind tor sale by E. R. GROSSMAN. POTASH KETTLES. PLOUGHS, Wagon Boxes nnd Axsls, conitanily on baud and for sal cheap, at the Winooski Iron Foun dry l y E. R. CROSSMAN. vviiiootki etty, jan, j, imi. . al K REMOVAL. M. G. HATH II UN & Co, DRAPERS .V TAILORS, HAVE removed to Peck's Building, thne doors cast of Howard's Hotel. 'I hev have iut retiirnol from New York, with an additional -imply of TRIMMING'S, nnd an of VESTINGS, uiiuroi lor rielin and varieiy, Durlington, Dor. IS, 1843. tf JJOLASSES, Lamp Dee. 27. Oil, Vinegar, (or sale 1 y h. .GAUTcA Co. 30 STARCH, Salcratue, Copperas, Saltpetre, Allnm, Cocou Shells, and Paste, Scan ai d Candle, for salohy S. N. GAUT & Co. Uec, '-'. JU CASH WANTED, IN txelnnee for Live Gie.e Fratlirrs t 42 rents per IK bv HENKY W. CATLIN. I V ?, JH3. 10 UNITED STATUS DiaTUKJl' CUUltT. Vermont IJistsicj. IN IJANKIlUPTOy. Nollr.o to almtv tauso ngalust 1'etlilott of I.r.ONAllD MAIHII, of l!urlmlon, for his Dis- cbargannd (;erlificnlc, ns n linnkrupt, uttbootlica of Samuel l'renii, in Moniftinr, in said District, on Wednesday, the 20th day of March, A. D. 1314, M 10 A.M. AMI-.S I.. MORION, ol Milton, for hu Ii-l.nrn and Cerllfienle, a n lianl-rupl, nt tin' Ohco ot Sniiui'l I'renti-s in Mou'in liet, m aid Dulriei, on Weilne-dnv, tlieS'Jih day of .lnrch, A. 1). 1811, in 10 A. M. DANIEL WAHD.ofMilli,,,, for h'M f'i-eharirc nnd Ceriiheafe, as a llanlirupt, ut the ynwn ol riiiiiii el l'renli-s in Moutpelicr, In Distriil, on We lne d.iv, tho 20. h day of M.i r. !i, A. D. 1911, at If) A. M. HE LIIUIIN HIGH SCHOOL- rTTIIIH Institution will bu open for the roceplirn L of pupils, on Tuesday iIiosumgikI day of January nexl. Kev. CHARLES CLEVELAND, .S'uperiniciican(. Sir. LVCIEN WEST CHANCY, Preceptor. Terms. Tuition. English Branches $3 00 l.niiguugcs -1 DO Board may be procured including Room, Fire and Washing, per weel 1 50 Trustees, IIoiacc Saxiok, EltSHA RCSSEI.L, Hemam Barstow, E. W. Spear, Asiiiel Nash, Levi Comstocic, jr. II. S. SIousc, il.clburn, ficc. 20, 18-13. (1. A. L'CLLAMKR. J. Anuuew-, Fncnnnieit Maeck, H. Lakr, Geo. B. Isiiam, Lyman Hall. G. nURlUTT, Clerk. 2'J,f LANDS FOR SALE. TN Colchestei, Lot No. 1 I I, containing 100 acres. x " 1UJ u 03 1 11 11 67 ii 100 In Burlington, one Lot containing 5 acres, on the Turnpike, between tho farm of Carlos Baxter, Esq. and tho lands beloneinir to the heirs of th late John Johnson. A portion of the purchase money will bo required at time ot sale. 29 J. & J. H. PECK & Co TVTOW (icnlleiuen is the time A 11 u nuv vour WATIJK-l'noOP ALSO, PASTE AND VAR' NISH BLACKlNGfrt BLACK BLUE, RED AND INDEL'. RLE INKS, WAFERS WAX .ES &c. Ac. PI CK &. SPEAR ii A MEMOIR ON IRELAND Native and Saxon A. By Darnel 0'Uoi.nel), M. P. Price 2.1 ct. IJ A. EDWARDS, January 12 1'ItiESi IMIiCSI rET ihe afllicled remember that, they have a Ue.'n 1 ..rl.r i., ll,,1 ni.lllitl,. Itnv.' Liniment. Dozen ami dozeus have been sold 111 thi vicinity within the pa-l two years lestllying to It eibeiency, nt 1 S 30 PECK ,M. SPEARS SELLING OI'l' AT 2-3 Ol' ICOIIMHH i'irii;i.. ril.OTHING niul all kinds of other articles, too Iw numerous to mention. C. BENNS, Pearl street. N. B. All kinds r f work done as Usual. Decern! er 23. 1643. Auction and Commission Store, Hy WM. II. THOMAS, College Street, Burlington, Vermont. A Literal advance made on property. All kinds I. of Dry Goods, Household-Furniture, &c constantly 011 banc. W A N T E D , RlllPIJIVfl Fill!! fiir which cash will be DSld, Unr!intrlon. Deo. 23. 1313. 30tf NOTICE. rpHE subjcriltr ha for sale fcur or five first rale JL Cutter, three Traver-e sleigh. Also, three Lutnler Wairgon, two Concord Waggon-, one two horse plea-uie Wangon with steel spring, tongue and till-. Tlioe wi-hnig for any of the above am ,.'m- u'ill dn wi II 01 call nnd sccthenl. Ui.haud inoit kiuJs of oriil ice will be taken for pav. HEMtY WHITNEY. Bjrlington, Dec. 29, 1813. w5 TOHX CIIKISTINS Fine Cut and S.nokini To J bacco, Cavcidish, do. Pure Ground and other Coi'ce, for sale cheap by S. N. OALrl eh to. Dec. 27. 30 n EST HYSON. Hv-011 Skin. Young fHyson XJ Souchong end OuiiPowderTeas, for sa'c low by Dec. 27. S. liAUl cy co. BOSTON ALMANAC FOR 1341, for salo by 31 V. HARRINGTON. FAR WELL SHOES. LADIES KID SLIPS, do French do do, do do Walking Shoe, do t Gaiter-, light aud dark, do Gailer Boots, do Buskin, do Don! te Sole do, Miiesand Lluldreus Shoe, Genllcmen'- Sim. Lined an I Fur Triuied plain and Flguml India Rubber Over Shoe. ALSO. Ladie-i nud Gentlemen's Moci'a-in. hrye ninrl mem, for sale elieap by LOVKLY Cc SEYMOUR. Church Sireel, Nov. 30, IS 13. MQ.UOHS. 5ip Cogniae Brandy, 5 pipes Swia Bin, 0 Blls. Barber's Waiehou-e Poinl Um, 0 do American Brandy, 5 IlhJs Si. Croix Rum, 25 Bbl. Madeira Wine, Cj do Malaga do 10 do Teneriao do 10 do Pert do for tale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY if- Co. Id Dock, Nov. 23, ISil. M 1'AIHI1AKS SCALES. I FAIRBANKS SCALE! of all eises, for sale at manufacturers prices by FOLI.E1T, BRADtEY 1S1 Co. Agttt Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1343. 23 20,000 POUNDS first quality SALERATUS in Cosks. Barrels and Half Barrels, for sale low by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14,1813. 23 SOLE LEATHER. Sides of middle weights, New York in spection, do of light do do, Now York 200 100 Taned and Inspected, lor sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY ci Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1813. -d I R O N. lO.OOO pounds Eng. Tire Iron.from 1 1-8 to 5 wide 2,000 do do i inch round, 10.000 nssorttd .--wcedes, flat nnd bqusre, 20,000 P. S. I. Old Sable, for sale low by FOLLETT, BRADLEY A. Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1iI3. 28 Casli for Oals. THEsub'crilers will pay Cash for Oats on delivery at the Old Dock. FOLLETT "-i.v f-Co. Decern! er 6lh 1813. 27 CHILBLAINS! SIEDICINE for the remedy of ihese nt A 29 PECK & SPEARS'. LINSI'ED OIL ON CONSIGN' M ENT. 1 BARRELS Raw Oil, 5 Barrels boiled do man J ufacturcd and piepnred in Boston, for sale by FOLLEIT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1313. 2d 1 ( TONS shoo shape manufactured from Scrap 11" Iron, 3 do do common, 3 d. do llamnu-red, a new article, msmiiactured from tho best Peru Iron, 20,000 pounds Ibjnd Iron from 1 to 5 inches wide, 10,000 do Assoiliil Scioll Iron. 50,000 do Ruund Iron from 3-16 lo 2 inches, 20,000 do Squats do from 3-8 to 3 do, 10,000 do Flat do from 1 tn 4 do, for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. grnii. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1S43. 23. PAINTf OIL. 5 TONS pure dry White Lend, warranted fjml to auv manufaciurcd m the United States. '5 do Extra dry Whilo Lead, 3 do No. I. do do do, "00 ""egs pure While Lead in O.l, 10 rtarrila Venelian Red, 10 do French Ye'lnw, I'S da American Liuseid Oil, 10 do Boded dn do, for sain ns usual verv low, by FOLLETT, BRADLEY f- Co Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1813, 23 OYSTERS, BV thftsu or smaller mi iiilily. Alo, Apple by Iho barrel or Inn hut, constantly rn Inn I hv 23 1). BI.ACKMAN. "Tush puid for OATS Pe 20 43, bv Tf W I STRCNr, I 1,11 1 Mil m John Nnit'in' I fttntv. STATE 0 1' V E R M O N T , ) Tfu Hon. tho Pr District of Chincn-'cti, .. t 'nto Cot'tl lor I District of Ch t eii''H ! To nil ;iers"ii-' ' '.icernel 1 ihe E' tateof JOIIS NORTON, In uol It ue.1. .r . In aid Di-tricl, licensed. Gi.ektiso. Wni'.nr.A-, Ao au-l.t Nort in an 1 Josejili M s. , Admliiisiralors of the Est.Ti' of, pr , so lo render an nccomit of their nd,nmi'rn'i' 11. an . prccnt their nccomit Bguml said es a e fur cxa 1 . niton and allowance at a ePinu of the Court ol Pr bale, to be 1ml 'en al Ihe Itegi-tu's olin-u n I!iir''iig ton in diif3istri.'t, on the second Weduesday ol i e ruary nexl, TltLRCftHC, You nro herely notified lo appes I efore said court at ihu'ime an (plain ufor J aid, an I she.v eniie, if any you have, why I be aoto mt aluru said should not l.u ullowod. Oiven iiu 'cr my hand at Burlington, this IC h d of January, A.D.'ISll. . . 0. lil'niO.ti t.guicr. TAKE NOTW K. rPl!AT Pitoh who ira pn'Uinly seen to lake L KEG of OYSTERS Iron my do' r en Saturday la!, can have thu privilese ol ri finding me S3 ihr ' themidiuiu tf thu Post O.h'ec, if thai way shoi.ld I o nrefcrre h or take what irl uthtnsisc foltviC. Jan. lti. ui..vft..M..i. IHIICK BOOTS, Rubbers, and Pines: Lfldie Kid Slins. Iiiininmon French .-hps, Children' half Gaiters, Ladies Leather .Shoe, for sale by January 12. S. .N. UAU I i;o. CIIIAP goods. s IUPKRFINK BROAD CLOTHS, BE'AVHl ant 5 1'ILO'I do. Cussimeres. Sailne'.t. Vesting . Black and Changeable Alpacca, Ch i-an-, Crapoan t Mottsdtu De l.ulnes, Black and Blue Black but- , Silk Velvit, a large lot of low priced Shawls, La dies Cravat, lied and wniie r lannci", couon ou. Merino and Saxony woot Shirts and Drawers, with a variety of other Dry Good , wbi'di aro o.'cred at reduced prues for eah by ' POPE. Burlinvitoii, Do .13,1811. SALT. T. I'BESSVLT, BanelSall, 100 --acks Dairy dj lor sale bv o. M. t-ui-i.. Dee. 15, 1613. WANTED IN EXCIIANGK FOR GOODS. rnJl. KVE AND OATS. 300 lb. I.IVEGF.ESI. O FEATHER, GOOD TABLE HUTTEH, &e. &c. by S. M. POPE. Liec. ta, isia. WANTED 1 ALL ERGOT or Sl'URRED RYE, fer whxh Cash will be paid. 30 PEClC f- SPEAR. MYmTERIES OF PARIS-No. 7 and 3 recoir ed bv V. HARRINGTON. NARRATIVE of tho Travels and adventures of MONSIEUR VIOLET, in Cahfornh. Sonora. and Western Texas, wnten br Cant. Mnrvat, for sale by V. 'HARRINGTON. NA ILS. 1500 r'G'3drs'AU0Jfron tho Eagle Factory. A cmnletc assortment of Finiihine Nails, from 4d to20d. Floor Brads of all sizes. ALSO, SOOO Kegs Nails manufactured by the Au Sable Iron Company. Common finishing and brad heads of nil size?, from 3d to C in. spike, The suDerioritv of the nails manufactured hr thu above companies for beauty of form and finish, and for toughness' of iron nbuve all others, is universally aeknowledgfd. I hey are for sale upon terms as fa vorablo and at prices as low as can bi found in thu Stale, by FOLLETT. BRADLEY & Co. Affen.f. Old DrcK, DCC. H, Z-J WANTED, OtTifl CORDS OF WOOD CIT, for which jJ.J fair nricc will be paid. Also an active anJ capable young man, abf ut 19 years o d, to learn the paper maKing traae. inquire at me i-aper miii at Hubbell's Ealls. January 8, 1344. IIURLINGTOX FEMALE SEMINARY. ri'HK first Term in 1314 will commence oa ths A firt of February and continue 22 weeks, tha second on the 19ih July anJ continue alto 22 weeks. Eleven week the quarter Burlington, Dec. 20, 1843. 3twS A LLISON'S HISTORY OF EUROPE.-Hisiory xl ot Eirope from the Com uiemement of ihe French Revolution in 1759 to the Present Time. By Archi bald A'ison, F. It. S. E. Complete in 4 vol. 8w. Janutrv 48, '44. Hy A. EDWARDS. N OTIC E. THK Treisurer of the County Bible Soelety, received a full supply of cowiumn Bibles sad Testaments, for distribution. Ha also, for salesora fine large Family Bible, fine gilt Polyglat do Postal, Testaments which will be sold at the Bib! Eeeiely price. Thoie in want will do well to call. Dec. 7, 1343. H. W. CATLIN, 7aurir. Pork. 100 Bbl Mess Pork 51) " Extra " Lard 111 the Leaf, or Rendered Frail Him, Ihenld. er, Ribs aod Heads, for sale by FOLLETT BEEDLET if Co. December 6'.h 1313. 17 BOI.TIXG CLOTIB. a 4 nnd 40 inch New Anchor Brand, from 00 la 'A' No. 10, constantly on hand, on consiiameat. FOI. LETT, BRADLEY, & Co., Agents. Ok!Po;k, Nov 23. 1313. 23 PTJ3LI3 ITOTiaS. WINTEK A It RANG EH E NT. VIRGIL ii Co., PACKAGE EXPRESS WILL leave Uurliii2lcn, every Wednesday mori-1111.-soing South an I eieuy Friday morning eoinz North, Pac'.age- and Parctls iiiut te left with Me-srs. J. & J. II. PKCK & Co., ihe day previous to starting. 27m3 VIRGIL i Co. P LOU It. BARRELS Superfine Flour, U VV 200 do extra Suni-rfine do. equtj loan inadu in the Unit. J Slate, 150 Half do dn for sale by FOLLETT. BRADLEY it C. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1543. 2 CAST STEEL AXES. dozen La'hrop's Silver Steel Axes, nirrat.t', i)kJ 30 do Simmon's Cost do do do, 25 do Brooks and Browa'f 4a do, foi sale very low by FOLLETT. BRADLEY & Co. Agents. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1643. U CASH FOR PORK. npiIE Subscribers will pay Cash fora few bunsW J- well fatlcned nnd cleanly dressed Hogs, deliver ed at Iheir Store, Old Dock. 2S Burlinston, Nov. 30, 1S43. FOLLETT, !,. EY A Co. IICltLAPS. I O Pcs I'iuches wide for wool tacking, A ' 15 do 27 do do for Bagginc, 10 do 27 do do Dundee TuilUs1. 300 ready mado common and milled Bijt, far sle by r cut. I-. i i, uiiiULbl if- Co. Old Dock Dee. 14, 1343. STOVES.'! A FEW COOK and BOX STOVES will, Pip,, Sx. for sale cheap. Good Beach and Mtple wm4 would be taken in pay. H H. BOSTWICK & Co. Burlington, Nov. 30, 1S13. 28 tf SAW MILL AND CIRCULAR SAWS. I f DOZ. Rowland's Philadelphia Mill S.-wifrota JL J 6 10 7 lect, mado expresily to ord.r, sad tr anted superior to any in maiket. . HOE if- Cn.'s cast steel circulsr sw, from 10 te 26 inches, slitting and cross cut. Also, Crass cii saws, English plate, for sale bv FOLLETT BRADLEY f- C. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1SI3. St TRENCH HUH It .MILL STONES ANI IHIIt It ItLOCUS, 1 PAIR Buir Mill Stones, 200 Burr Blocks, for mle nt Trnr bm(i anJ eight, by FOLLETT BRADLEY t Co. Old dock, Nov, 23, 1813. 25 Aerate. 3,00 'xes i;. ipes ion ivegs longer, CO Boxes Extia Soap, 0 Superior do, fill delates do, 10 do Cushion Shaulng S00 Malls ('lif.i.i. d 20 Boxes Ntanh, lOlllbs. Clove, f1 do Nutmegs, 23 Bags Pepper, 2S do, lO'lierccsltiee, for sleby n- , FOLLETT, BRADLEY C. Old Dock. Nov. 23 1343. tf CAST STEEL. 5000 l--. Sanderson unci Rroc. Ax Slssl, 1000 d.i assoried flat and square from J in to I jaehea Also, W, Je.sup & Sou's extra and coalmen Cast Sleel, square end fiat, for ea'o br follett, Bradley 4- c. Q'd Dock, Nov. 23, 1SI3. t' I S II , Yl (fff Qils Cod Fish. sV'V- v? 20 half IbL. No 1 Maclere), 20 Th rces imtili shore Hia!-on- Bay Co. Silsirs, IS half barrel do do du for ulety FOLt.m', UKADLRY V ('. Q,''U's'oV,Noe, S3, 143, M

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