Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 9, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 9, 1844 Page 3
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For Iho Burlinglon Frco Press. LA UEPliKVUE. raoi the msscH. Qo lo if 10 Fairies ond ask their birth, An J why they ore revelling hero on earth t Speak to iho winds nnd nsk them their homo, And why o'er thoeorlh they deign toroctrit Soar in the heavens and rido tho air t Mount up to tho spheres and view them there i Traverre all naturo and fully scan The end and nim other wisest plan. Then when Iho compass of things you've traced, Above, below, in the trackless waste, Go view thyself in tho tnagie glas9, And ask of Nature, ns thus you pass, Whenco is tho wi-dom sho thus displays, iter being too, and her end of days I Thtn learn 'lis she, a mortal inspires, To pluck a brand from her lambent fires,. And dive to the depth of the human heart, And trill o'er its string with such magic art I mitotan, Jan. 1S14. S. E. L. Communication. Mm. Editor, tly n.i nrticlo which appeared in the Vermont Chronicle dated January 15ln, relating lo the Musical Convention which was held at Jericho Center n the9lh of the above month, we discover nn error. which, whether intentional or unintentional, we lake this opportunity to correct, or rather to call upon those who committed it so to do. The error lo which ws refer, Is the declaration that the Milton, instead of the Colchester choir, was the fifth which sung. The Itoris in itself small s but if the reports which hive asme to our ears are correct, and judging also from the fact tint the Colchester choir was several times mentioned on that day, we havo some reason to fear it Is not altogether uninicntionnlnot that,'we would as cribe the fault to tho ltcv. gentlemen who acted os st-ibe on that occasion, but rather to certain design ing moil, whosj untiring efforts have not extended lo the town of Colchee'er. All the demand we make is, . that Iho error be corrected, a publicly ns it was made. Colchester, Feb. 5lh, 194 1. VOCALISTS. Mr. Edi-.tor; Having for some years thought thai very great 'improvement in education mhrht be ef fected by a incw rrrnngement of school-hours, if you deem it worthy n notice in yourpapor, I bcglee to offer for the consideration of your readers, the prop iilion for nsysjiemof half-day school, for the follow ing among oihvr reosonB. 1st. For lh(4 Durpose of civine opportunity for the oevsiopemcni,ot uotn tiody and mind daily, without the improvement of either being made at the sacri- 6;e ot the cither. 2d. toy ;a division of employment to give occupa tion to the faculties of bosh body and mind in such qutl proportion as shall secure the objects of indus try without the evils of excessive exertion to either. 3d. To lighten the burdens of teachers who now ijirifico their health and time for the unfortunato practical result of clogging and defeating ihe enliro functions of their pupils both physical and intellec tual. 4th. That while a half-day system, from eight A. M. till M. for most of the year, shall furnish I ho best arrangement lor any given time; there shall bo in iis operoiion no cause for injury or false balance requiring long vacations, those blanks inlhecourso of education. 1 will only add,tlie above proposition was submitted to the late Dr. Marsh, and he gave it a his opinion that pupils old enough to work, would accomplish two thirds as much both of labor and study in one day so divided, as in two days separately devoted to sach. II. F. E. Feb. 6, ISM. VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS AT THE SANDWICH ISLANDS. The Auburn Journal has been favored wilh ihe fol lowing extract from a letter from the Rev. Titus Coan, dated Hito, (Sandwich Islands,) May 16, 1313. Gid is not only working wonders in the moral and it, but also in the physical world around us. You have heard of the great volcanic eruption near our stn i'.nn ln lain inmh.. .onAnf a similar kind has ta int, ntni-n boul thn same rli.i"""" frnm lis, but in a Ji'lm. ..... J ..ttll, - .tl directly in the rear of our sta. tion. On the tenth of January of ihe present year, iustat thedlwnof day. we discovered a ranid dis. rorgement of liquid fire from near the summit of Manna Loa, at an elevation of 14 000 feet above the sea. Thi- eruption increased from day to day, for sever?! wcc';s. murine out vast floods of ti"rv ava spread down the s'doof the mountain, and flowed off in broad and hurniii2 livers, throwms a terrific c are upon theheivens, and filling those lol'iy mountainous reeions witn n sneer oi iigni. Thissnectacle continued from wrck to week, with out any abatement, till the molten flood hail progres sed twentyorlhirly miles down ihe side of ihe moun tain nnd across a lush plain which stretches between the bases of .Manna Lm and Manna Kne. It was not till after many wc.-ls ilnl I was able lo visit ihis scene of tenor anu sub imilv At length, in company wilh Mr. Paris, the missionary for Kin, (a sialion south of 'lilo,) I imdo the aliempt. We peneirnn d through a deep 'ores! stretching between Hdo and tlio mountain, and readied Ihe mo ten sirfain ns it flow ed over those nsi and hbh regions lying nt tlio base ofthe mountain. Here we were able to approach the fiery stream and dip up and cool its bnrnlnrr fluid, ns we wou'd approach ihe hank of a river nod drink ol its waters. From this we followed Iho stream lo the top of the mountain, nnd found its ource in a vast eratar, amidst the eternal mows of those wild nnd heaven de-olaied regions. Down ihe sides of the mountain the lava had now rrased fo flow upon its surface', but it formed for itself a subterranean duct, at the depth of fifty or ono hundred feel. This duct was encased wilh wtrifaction ns smomh as gUss, and down Ihis feaiful channel a river of firo was rushing nt tho rale of fifteen or twenty miles an hour, from the summit to the foot of the mountain This suhterranean stream, we saw disiinclly through several larse apertures in tho side of the mountain, while Ihe burning flood rushed fearfully beneath our feet. Our standing al ove it was like standing upon ice upon a river while the li(u:d flood flows under your feet. Our visit was ottended wilh pen! and in conceivable filigue, but wo never reerelted having made it, nnd wo returned deeply affected with the majesty, the sublimity, ihe power and love of Cod, who "lookclh on tho earth and it tremblelh, who taucheth the hills nnd they smoke j" whose presence melts the hill, and whose look causes the mountains to flow down. Fsom Vera Cacz. Important from Mexico. The following letter from Vera Crus, which ws find in the Mobile Herald, contains the intelligence that the demand of Gen. Thompson will, repard lo the California decree was successful. Wc learn from an other source that two members of Santa Ana's Cabi net rcsigntd in consioucncc. Veba Cbcz. Jan. Dili, 1S44. The U. S. brig Biin bridge, Capt, Maliison, arrived here on Sunday last from s cruise, and sails tomorrow for Pensarnla with imcurlam defp-iiclirsfioni our Jlinislernt Mexlrn. The mad of yesterday from the nty of Mexico brought us the information thai ihe Goiernnient nf Mexico nnu rppcahd the decree issued a frw inonilis since expelling all Americans frnm California, This result has been hrr light about by the fearful course pursued by Cen. Thompson. Ml led, however, loa dissolution of Sanla Ana's Cabinet.) There is every reason to believe that all difficulties between ilie Uni ted Slates and llii- republic will bo rjuielly Ketlled. The English Squadron under Vice Admirable Ad ams (expected here", has not yet orrived. Since it hasbrcome known that an English Squad ron was on ns wav to litis port, the Mexican authori ties hove sent iheir "Navy," consisting of the Mon tezuma and Guadeloupe steamers, tiro brigs, and one schooner, to Alvorndo, a small out of the wsy port some fifty miles distant. Heretofore fhrs hsve been anchored under the walls of (ho Castle of Busn no uuoa. me reason is Ihey are too imper fectly manned lo make much resistance, and henco seek safety in flight. Tho U. S. ship Vincennt, Capt. Buchanan, re mins here until ihe 18th or 20ih, awaiting the arrival of Gen. Waddy Thompson, who hssinlimoled his in tention of taking passsge in that ship on his return to the United State-, to visit his family. There ore now anchored oT Sacrificirs, two En glish, three French, Iwo Spanish, and two American men-of-wor quite n squadron. New York. Feb. ), TAe Weather, the ritersand the WartThe city is actually h'neknded on nil sides, and our communicolions cut off in nil quarters. There are now eleven moils due from New Orleans, s snd two even from Roslon. We have rccehed noih ing from east or Throg't Point since Tuesday morning. Long Uland Sound is completely innavi gable; the ice being so thick ond fast at Throe's point that peoole are pos-ing from Long Island to the main hoi's. on skntej. The sleomboats due from Norwich snd Slonnington nroof course unheard from, nn Iho Mnhegan despatched east yesterday mnrninir, was obliged to return, bovine found It impossible lo nro ed further than Old Ferry Point. The mails have II gone ofT by land and Ihe weather still continues of schornclcr to give very little hope for a free navi fltlion for some time. A CoBFOBATioM not SoutiEM.-in Derembes Ian, Mis; Mary Davis, of Pcachom, Vt.. had one of her hands so badly injured in the Suffolk Mills, lowel ns lo moke amputation nocesorv. The corporation en Idler to the hospital, and nvd nil hills till she was haolarl.' ond then govs hr 8300. The operolives in the till slso raised 8200 more for her. Nashua ( V Dlatii or Judgg PortTEit. The mail of Saturday confirmed tlio announcement previously "givon of tlio death of this dis tinguished man. Ho died nl his rosiJonco near Franklin Atakiipas, on tlio 13lh ult. Tho deceased was in tlio 58lh year, and was ono of the Senators elect from tlui tstuto of Louisiana to tho Congress of tlio United States. Ho met his Into, says tlio Now Or leans Beo, with thu samo fortitude and com- nostiro that ho endured tho painful and Iin- Bcrini? sickness that terminated Ins life. We have no heart to writo an ooituary oi tins croat man (ho nublicwill doubtless do justice to his abilities, attainments, personal worth anu services wo loot ourselves inaa rtiuato to the task. Nor can auclit we ato ahlo to sav nut! a leal to tho wreath that en circles his nicmorv. or abato a pane that these sad tidings will cause in tho bosoms of his friends. Albany Daily Advertiser. Clay in Itn'orE Island. A very full and etilhusi O'tio meeting of the friends of "the great statesman of the West was holdcn in Providence, on Wednes day evening, for Ihe purposoof forming a Clay Club, and choosmir delegates to the State Convention. The Providence Journal gives a very full and inter esting account of the meelinir. The lion. Joseph I.. Tillinghast was chosen Chairman and, on loklng the chair, made an address to the meeting. Charles Jackson, Esq. and tho Hon. Ilcberl II. Crnnsiun, also addressed the meeting, in illustration of Whig princi ples, and upon tho merits of Mr. Clay as the Whig Candidate. A series of strong Whig, patriotic resolu tions were ndniitcd. Delccntca were appointed to the r-lnte Convention, and measure were taken for tho jinmcdiate formation of a Clay Club. Av Anvrvrrnr. On Thursday Itiohl Inst, during- tho rain, a vounfi horse cttlered the alley leading up stairs to Mr- Millington's office. Tho alley not being wi 'o enough to turn, the horso went on up the slabs, until he reached n flit covered hnuso in tne rear of ihe office meniirncd. This roof was enclosed with a temporary railing, ihis thu horse found it easy to break over, and landing on the roof of o house a Ut ile uelow, was'eu irum uini into a ccinr, a fall of some tweii.y-live feet. Stranno lo say the horse was not injured. The horse, when we last saw him. was standing in tho cellar, very quietly eating a bundle of hay. Sr. Charles, Missouri, Adv. Catital Conviction. Cornell has been convicted of the murder of his wife nt Jamestown, Chautauquo county, in I'cbrimy last. When inter rogated by Iho Judge if ho had any thing lo sny. Cornell rose and commended the iiidcmeut and good sense manifested by the jury, thanking them for their verdict, and express:nir his eood will toward them. He was then sentenced to bo executed on Mill of March. The Roctk to Oregon. The emigrants to Ore gon, savs n wp.lf-rn inner, hnvn n Innw rnulp In trnv. Ltl, much of the way over mountains and barren des- ens, nnd hut lew resting-places. The dislanco is set down a-follow-: From Independence, on the fron tier of Missouri, lo Fort I.nrimie, 750 miles j from Fort Larimie loFort Hall, 550 miles J from Fort Hall to Fort Wnllah-Wnllah, 430 miles s from Fort Wallah-Wallah to Fort Vancouver, 330 tni'es. Dasvilie, Feb. 5. Fibe in Peaciiam. We learn that on Tuesday morning last, between eight and nine o.cloelt, a fire broke out in the building owned and oc cupied bv Mr Trustram Sanborn, as a shnnmnlter's I shop, which was entirely rnnuined, with most of its ronlenis. 1 he slono building ndjoining, occupied by Guveinor M alio -Its, nsa law office, wodnlso consider ably injured, tho fire destroying the wood work. We hie heard Mr Sanborn's loss cslimalhe atSlOO no insurance Star. Titc MortMoXs. An intelligont gentleman who tesiiles in tlin vicinity of Nnuvoo. in forms tlio editor of the Cleavelnnd.Ohio, Mer uit), thnt the Mormons are rcccivint: constant accessions to their numbers from various por tions ol tlie United btates and from Europe, JEUNEAN INSTITUTE, Will meet Saturday evening, February 10. Question. Is the Irish nation justifiable in demanding a Repeal of the Legislative Union between Great Britain and Ireland ? Thomas Hamilton, ) RoMFti, Af'rt" P. Cai.lan, JX,. O'GltADT. Aa"ie" P. Jones, Essaycst. Declamation, Jas. Lee, M. Sarshelt). W. RUSSELL, President, J. Mi-Ens, Secretary. TEMPERANCE NOTICE. An adjourned mooting; of the Burlington To tal Abstinonco Society, will bo held at the . Court House, on Tuesday evening next, at six o'clock, A geneMl anil punctual attendance is earnestly requested, as business of importance will corno before the incelinp. II. LEAVENWORTH, See'y. Tel.. 7th '13. HHIGIITON MAHKUf Monday Jan. 29. At Market, 300 Beef Cattle, 2100 Sheep, and 40 Swine. The Swine were reported last week. Pnicns. Hecf Cattle A further advance was ef fected. Woquoto a few extra 84 75 (ft S5j First quality 8 125 0 St 50 ; second quality SI S4 25 ; third quality S3 50 (SSI. Sheep Former prices hardly sustained for a like quality. We quote small lots from SI 50 lo S2. Wethers from 8250 to 83 75. Sicine No lots to peddle. At retail from 4 to GJc. No change in the Boston Market except in the price of butler which is quoted by thoJournal 0189 17. M fa ir ir ii dl, In Charlotte, on the 1st inst.,by Rev.Oito S.Hoyt, Mr. James Stone to Mies Sabaii J. Barker, both of Charlotte. In this town, on the 1st, inst., by Rev. T. W. Pear son, David C. Gillet ot Charlotte, to Maranda CiivnciiiLL of this place. In Essex, on Ihe Hi inst., CiiArlvs Pavsb, of bheluurn, lo Sarah, daughter of Dr. Meap, of Essex. Oy the Rev. Jer. O'Callaghan, Mr William Hart net to Miss Mary Heblibv, both of Mi Idlebury. Mr. James 3Iuar:iv to Mis Mabv Green, both of this phce. Mr FaANcsSnEniocKof Sharon to Miss Mart Mc Donocgii, of Shelburne. Also, by Ihosamc, Mr. Henry 'Roberts to Miss Matilda Di'magi-e, both of Essex. Bits a, AtUiics, N.Y.Feb. 2d, Gen. Joseph Kirkund formerly member of Congress, and Mayor of that city, aged 74 years. MILITARY COMPANIES ATTENTION t Uniforms and Equipments For Sale. WILL be sold nt a barcoin, if immediate appli canon be made, the Uniforms ond Equip mcnts of a Military Company, consisiinf of Coats, Caps, Pants, Plumes, Cross nnd Waist Helta, Scabbards, nnd Cartridge Iloxes. All of which arc in prime order nnd well worthy the addition of nnv Company in want of such articles. For further information, address, 'Joshua IF. J7j. tin, Trumpet OJfice, Iloston.' 30w3 MOTHERS OF ENGLAND : their Influence nd Responsibility, by Mrs. Ellis. Neat's Hi-tory ofthe Puritnns, pari 2d. Mysteries of Paris, in French, to be completed in 8 numbers, at 25 cents each. No. 1 received. Do Aubigne's History of the Reformation, 3 vols, with Latin noics. Americon Navsl Biography Illustrated. Tired of Housekeeping, by T. 8. Arlhnr. L. S. D. TreasureTrove, Ly the Author of Handy Andy, Charles Do Bourbon Lot Constable of France. Marmaduke Wyville. Ecoene Sex's Novels! Mysteries of Paris 58 cents. Matilda, 75 " Femolo Bluebeard, 25 " Salamander, 25 " Thereto Dunoyer, 25 " DeSurville, p'l Marn. do Letoriere. I-2 " ALSO, s variety ot now Books received lst eve ning, at Ihe ChespCosh Store, by p , ... u EDWARDS, Peek's Budding, f-VH. 9. 36 CftUtJlQCRY. i.nvrr.v .j tiKvtifnirn. HAVE this dny received from Troy, a largo addi tion to their stock of Crockery, and now offer for sale an extensive assortment of CROCKERY AND GLASS WARN, LAMP CHIMNIKS. looking nr. asses. Ac. nt tho new brick store two doors north of their for mer stand. Church Street, Fob. 8, 1813. 3o CASH FOR LUMBER. THE Snh-cribcrswill pay cash on delivery at their shop, lor 10,000 feet IJ inch Clear Pine Lumber, 5.000 " 1 inch do do do ,000 " 2 inch do do do They al-o oiler for sole a largo quantity of WIN DOW SASH, all size, from 7 X O to 1 1 X IS, as cheap at the cheapest. , 1 r t a. tt n tlt?TTtrv it IV. 11. 1 . iimviiUi. Burlington, February 7, 181-1. SIX CENTS REWARD. 1 UN AWAY from me at Shclhurn. on ihe 7lh day V of February, lSl I, EDMUND DOWNS, a minor who Was indented to mi from the town of Charlotte, nnd I hereby forbid all persons from harboring or trusting him on my account, nnd if any one employs him I shall claim his wanes. Said Downs is about 1C years old, tall and light complexion, had on when tic lelt a gicytrocK coat and pantaloons. NELSON NEWELL. Slielbtirn, Feb. 7, 1814. HERDS GIIASS and CLOVER SEED, of supe rior quality for sale by H. W. CATL1N. Af.SO, a few bushcld Seed Wheat. 30 Febuary, 8, 1344. TO RENT. Ajd oincr. Slion. and two or three Dwel'itiss for "mull Families) near the Court Hou-i' Square. II. LEAVENWORTH. 13. 3G DR. MANNING'S LACE. 'TMin Undersigned has become the proprietor of jl the poient rignt tor mosaic ot tins valuable in strument in the counties of Chitiendcn, Franklin, Gran I Isle, ami Lamoille. 1 llmn u'hn lifivi. mil llnrl nn nnnnrliintlv In bpftr the imcntor e.tplain iho principles upon which ibis invaluable siipporlcr isolUted for alleviation of mise ry and disease, it may be necessary to state that he attributes to the wont of abdominal support, many diseases nnd ailments which havo heretofore been assigned to other and fir diflerent causes, as well ns those in which such support lias been admitted to bo essential, and he claims to have di-covcred, in the PA TENT LACE, an instrument far superior to any w men lias ve: neen nrcseiiieii. lis comD et on nas I cost him years of thought and labor dnd thousands of dollars ol expense, by reason ot numerous experi ment? no was compelled to mane uciore no couia bring it Id its present state of perfection. Dr. Iiannn?g "as lectured tn many ot tne principal towns in this ar. 'i tne adjoining bialcs, and experience has in innumerable' instnnces clearly demonstrated the truth of his theory and the utility of his Lace, by removing from beds of lat; wishing nnd sickness, bun- .!.!- -r l-l ! Urnr.ln .li.M.n. lilol. ti reus oi persons iiiounng iiinu ' v-'m.tin. "i"-'-' " 'j;" ha I piewously defied the ulmos,' Bower of the healing art. In tho views of Dr. Banning the underlined fully concurs, nnd so completely convinced is fe that they need only to be understood to receive gene.'al acqui escence, that he has at crcnt expense become tn? pro prietor of th e patent right for tho Counties above fla med, and hoi- hippr to stale that he has made ar rnnaements which will enable him In answer all or ders for Ihe instruments nt short notice. 1 he undersigned deems it Droncr further to slate that he has been in I lie usoof tlieso instruments in his prncticefor more than three months, and that during tint lime he has been called to apply them in nume rous cases of female weakness, nnd other kindled dis eases, and has uniformly found them productive of inewonueriul results ottnnutcd to them nv tne inven tor. JOHN W. EMERY, M. D. Essex, Feb'y.7lh, IBM. 36 Gw Esther ClinpInN Estate. STATE or VERMONT,) AT a Probate ni-tnet ol Cliitlcnden, s. ,x. Loun nmuenai BlirltUatOII, willlM nnd for ihe rlistrH'l nfore-aid on ,l,e pei-und isy oi r i-oroary, A. w. 101-1, 'i iii-iruii.viii purporting io be the lut Will nnd Telairlent of Esther CitAMn, hue of Jericho, in said Di-triol deeea-ed, was prrseiili'd lo the Court here fir Pro bate, I. y Sophia Chipin and Harriet Chapin, tho Executors therein named. THEREFORE It is ordered by said Court, that p-ilili notice Le iven to nil prre-on'concerneJ therein tn appear It'foro sai 1 Court, at a session thereof to re holdcn at the Regi-ler';. Oificc in aid II trlinglon, on the n-eond We Ine-day of March, A. D. 1841, and con-te-t ihe probate of -ai I Will, on I il i further ordered that this order lo published three weeks siiecc-sively in the Burlington Free Pre-s,n new-paper printed nt Hurlinglon, in llii- Slate, the la-t ol whHi hhall be previo is to the day n iuned, a- nfore-iiiil for hearing. Given under my hand nt the Ri'si-ter'a Olhce, lhu second day of Fi'briiarw A. D. 18)4. 36w3 WM. WESTON, Register. .loci Woo.hvorth's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) milE Hon. the District of Chiilriiden, fs. J I Probate Co irt for the Di-lrict of Cliuu-n !en : To nil pcr-ons con cerne I in the Estate of JOEL WOODWORTII late of Jericho, in i-ai.l District, deceased, Gnr.r.Tis-o. Wiir.Rr.A", Myrilla Wondivorth, Admini-tralrix of the e-laie ot f-aul ueceasol, propo-c- lo render 1111 ac count ol lu-r iidmini-trntion, and pn'-enl her mrounl tisain.t -.aid e-iale lor oxaininnlion and allowance nl n -cion of Ihe Ciiurl nl Pruhalp, to be (.olden nl the Itezl-ler-ouiceiii Burlington on the ccond Weunes' day cf March next. Tilr.REFi'Rn, von are hereby notified lo appear I e foresaid court at ili;litnc an I plnee nfnroaid, and Miew i iiu-e, 11 any you note, why the account nlore-f-ail should not be allowed. Gien under me banl al Burlington, this fifth dav of February, A. D. 131 1. jowj' win. vi-..bll)N, Register. John Devercaux's Estate. V7 F. the Mibscnber-, having been appointed by ihe iionoraiuc tne t-roDa e uourt lor tne in net of Chittenden. Commissioners to receive, examine and ndiust the claims nnd demands of nil oersons against the e-tate of JOHN DEV'EltEAUX, late of KKiiinnnu, in ald u.'-lricl, derra.ed, repre-enlisl 111 Milvcnl, and nl-o all claims or demands exhibited in o'bel Ihercloj and ux months from the day of the uaie nereot, being allowed hy said Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby edvenolice. that we will ntlcnd to the lusines. of nur appointment, at the uweiung 01 Amos u. uooper, in Kicmnonu, in said 111-iricl, on Ihe littx days ol March nnd Juno next, at 10 o'clock, A. SI., on e.ich of said days. Dated, this 12ili d.iy of December, A. D., 1344. Alii 1-.11US f l.AliU, JOHN WILLIAMS. Commissioners. John Lee's Estates STATE Or VERMONT, TMIK Hon. the liiliictol ( hitionuen, . 5 X Prol ate court for the- District of Chittenden, to nil pcr-ons concern ed in the of JOHN LEE late of Jericho, in iai 1 di-lrict. (Iccca o I. (lnrrTiiiii. SViiKRr.As Rculeii Lee, edminutfalor of llieu-'a'r nlMiil ili'ieisil, prouu-e- lo render nn account Of in ndniiiiislran'on, nnd pie-rnt his account azainst nM e-iate lor exnmuiaiion and allowance at a -p-sion of iheCnirt ol'Prol ate. In beholden at thi Rp-rl.fer's oMcein Builinglon, iiifHiddis'ricton the 23th day of Fe1 nary, 1814. rri....ur,... .... -1 ... , . , . 1 uLinwii, j u', .irt nciciiy iiuiiiir'i in appear neiorc -ail court nl the time and place afore-aid. and sluuc c.ti-c, if any you have, why the account alorc.aid ilin d I not I u allowed. Given under my bund nt Burlinglon, ihis sixth day of February, A. D. 1844. ' J" wj i. WESTON, Reeistcr. SHERIFF'S SALE. TAKEN By virtue of a writ of attachment to me direcio l.lhe entire Mock of CROCKER V,GLASS AND CHINA WARE, con-i-uns of alout 45 Crnies and lioxc.', nil ol which will be sold nt public vendue at the Lalhroi) I to callc l. in llurliivir.n corner of College and Church hlrcet-, on ihe 4lh iky of February next, est, at 10 o'clock fiuennon. ns Ihe Law uirccin. February 2, 1311. H FERRIS, U. Sheriff. I'EV ARRAiN'GEMEIVTS. FROM AUHAnLE PORKS TO HURLINGTON. rpfll Ice on the lake now leing ron-iderrd per L fecllysafc, the bub-enbers have made the fol lowing arrangements, which will be bept up as long as the ice will adinu : Leave Au-able Forks nt 7 o'clock, A. M. leaves Krcsevillo at 9 o'clock, A. M. leaves Burlington at 2 o'clock, P. M. Leave- Kcesevdle for the Format A oMork, P, M. By this arrmictmcnt. ixmele oominir from the Fnrl.s are enabled 10 reach Kee-eville before ihefloge leaves lor iiuniugiun, anu cnaiue. ino,e wisning to do bii.f ne-sat Bnrlingion to remain there ubnnt three bouni The s.ibscrilers would also -tale thai they have engaged Iho u'rvuva of un exuerienied driver, who will pay alt deference nnd ntteation to those who may entrust themselves. 111 his cure, and will land thuti in safety on cither -hnre. FAKE reasonable. W. J. h J, p. WHALING. January .7, 1314. 34 S fsifl&fl mm. Feb. 0, PhESERVATION .OF THE TEETH. Dll. SPOONER, Dentist, would respectfully an nounce to the citizens of Burlington nnd vicinity, that he will devote a few weeks to his professional avocation in Hurlinglon ond will be most happy to exert tho professional knowledge and skill that he has acquired by an extensive practice, in behalf of all who nn.. tnvnr till.. ..Mil, tltn!. n-imnflfTP. His slay being quite limited, early cans nresuucncu. He will be happy to inspect all his former opera tions. American Hotel, No. u. , reb,2, 1844. ,f FARM FOR SALE. THE subscriber ollcn tor sate nu Farm, s tuate hi the South-west part of Williston. The fvm contains about dfty acres part of which is.wood land, and Ihe rest under eood cultivation There Is a good boue. barn, and other outbuilding' on the premises, wilh a eood orchard, wen oi water he. Terms of payment liberal enough to suit almW any purchaier. MOSES MARSHALL. Williston, January 30, 181 1. 35w4 FOR SALE. A VALUABLE FABM, in New Ha ven, of 130 acres, a two story Hotis-e 30 bv 40 feet, good and convenient Barns Sheds and out immune well waiereu and ri good Orchard, The Farm will lie old cheap. Apply to WM. JAMES, on the Farm, three miles east ot rergennes, or , , J. V . lyllALUUe.UL.AIl'S. New Ilaven, Jan 24, 1814. 34w3 FEMALE TRUSSES. THIS article of variou invention', Hull's, March's, and so on, ol .every size and torm. and far nil the iiurpos-esiurwiucn tncy were designed, lorsaie at PECK & SPEAR'S. Hurlinglon, Vermont. 35 SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL, A LL kinds otTRUSSES lor Ruptures incident to XX the .Male, lor sale, and accurately applied, by 35 PECK 4 SPEAR. WANTED, THIRTEEN thousand feet, board measure, in Hemlock. Elm, or other suitable timber, to be delivered for the purpose of covering the bridge nt the Lower Falls, in Burlington, its soon as the 15th day of April next, Persons wishing to take the contract will please confer with the subscribers soon. L. LOOMIS, ) Selectmen. S. K. ISHAM, V of T. F. STRONG. ) JJurjingfort. Burlington, Jon. 2jiIi, 1811. LOVELY $ SEYMOUR, HAVE removed to the Now Brick Building, 2 doo'.'s north of their former stand, where they offer fur sa.'o n 'larsre assortment of DRY GOODS, ond DRY GROCERIES, Sec. . Jan. 23, 1S41, Church street. PL A S TEH ! PLASTER ! nrif BAGS fresh erountl Nova Scans Plaster, OUU for sale by P. Ct II. H. DOOLITTLE Jan. 26, 1844. 31tl LOST. ON Thur,day the 18th inst, between Burlinglon nnd Milton, a lr ,av-bl Krwffi cl.'lll CAPIh, llnetl wilh doth nnd couon, and butions in front. The fiil'ler will I e Mnmblv rewarded on leaving il at the Paper Mill in Milion, or on giving notice 10 C. GOODRICH. Burlington, Jan. 23, 1841. REVIEWS & MAGAZINES. RECEIVED by the latest F.xpress snd far ssle by V. HARRINGTON. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine! Brownson's Quarterly Review London " " Edinburgh " Foreinn " " Westminister " 14 New Englander, North American " Graham's Ladies' and Gcntlemens' Magaiinei Godey's Lady's Book Lady's' Garland ; Burlington January 21, 1S44, 34 l,TORNING WATCHES. A few words on 1VJ. ' Strauss snd the Gospels' the confessor of raiinoi rreaeimauremer translated Irom the ."Swe dish, for Cale by V. HARRINGTON. No, 3, Strongs' Building. 31 "PRODUCTIVE FARMING A familiar dnest of -X. the recent riiscov-ries of Leibig, Johnston, Dnvy, nnd other celebrated writers on vegetable Chehiistry, showing how the results df tillage may be greatly augmented. By Joseph A. Smith. Fnr sale hy V. HARRINGTON. January 21, IS 14. 34 Wm. IIuslic's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ? A T a Probate Court Di-iricl of Chittenden, c. ? ZXheld at Burlington, within and for the district of Chiltended, on the 10 h day of January, 1814, present the Hon. Charles Ru,. sell, Judge of said court, comes Rue! Cady, adminis Iralor of ihe estate of William Bu-he, late 01 Under bill in said district, deceased, and riles in said court his peiiiion in writing, silting forth that, after paying the debts allowed against said estate nnd the fuiieral expenses and costs of administering said estate, thtre remains a surplus to lie decreed to the person or per sons legally entitled thereto, and further selling forth that Benjamin. Bu-he of Greensboro' in the County ol Orleans, is the sole heir ofthe said William Bushe. decea-ed, ar.d is entit'ed to thu surplus of said estate, and praying said court to decree the said surplus ol said estate to the said Benjamin Bu-he. WiiEREOroN, tho court afore-aid iloth apnou.t the second Wednes. day ol February, 184 1, for hearing arid deciding on said petition at the office of the Regisicr ol said court in said Burlington, and doth ord.-r that all persons interested be notified thereof bv publication ol this order, containing ihe substance ofsaiJ petition, three weeks successively in the llnrlineton Fiee Prfls. a newspaper printed in said Burlington, the last jif which pubiicminns to t previous to the said second Wi-dnesday of February, iSll. Given under my hand at slid Burlinglon this tenth day ol January, 1814, 31w3 WM. WF.3TON, Register. Hiram. h firlstvoldi Estate. WE the subscribers, having been appointed by th" Honorable Ihe Probate Court tor the Dis trie! of Chttlen Jen, commissioners to receive, exam ine and niliust the claims and demands ol all persons. itraunt Ihe e-iate of HIRAM F. IORISWOLD,!ale of iiiulington in snid llistrici, ueei'n.erf, represented in solvent, snd a'so nil claim ami demands exhibited in ofT-et therein; and six monihsl'rom the day ofthe dale hereof, being allowed by said Court lor that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will at tend to the business of our a'ppointmenl, at the oilice ol Shaw & Weston, in Burlington, in said District on Ihe fourth Mondays of February and April ufcxt, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this 27ihdiy ol November A. D. 18(3. GF.O. B. SIHVVJ.. . . 31 WM. WEsTON Comm"'tlorrerS Itojvtcli Morton's' Estate; STATE OF VERMONT, rpHE Hon. the Pre District of Chittenden, ss. i J. bale Court for ihe District tr Chiitenden i To all persons r ncerned in Ihcesiaie of ROSWELL MORTON, late of Willis ton, in said Di-iricl, deceased, UitEEriNa. Whereas, George Morion, sibnini'irator of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, and present his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session ol the Conn of Probate, 10 be holden al the Eagle Ha I, in Williston, in said district, on the third Monday of February next. TiiEnEronc, You are hereby nolified to appear be fore said coutt at the limo and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account tfore said should not be nllowed. Divert under my hand at Burlington this 16th day of January. A. D., 1814 34w3 Wm. WESTON, Register. Guy WJllcox's- Estate. WE the subscribers having been appointed by the Honorable Probate Court for the District ofGrsnd Isle, commissioners to receive, examine and ndiutt the claims of all perrons against tbr esta'a of 01 1 1, mid 01 urnnu isie, in sato uis tricl. deceH.nit. represented insolvent, and sl-o all clsims and demands exhibited in ofl'iel thereto, and six months (rem Ihe dale hereor being allowed I y said court for that purpose, we do therelore hereby give notice that we will sllenil to the business of our nppoinlinentj at the dwelling-house o ihewidow, Fanny Willcox. in Grand Isle, in raid district, on the first Mondays of March and July next, at 10 o'clock, A. ai, on eacn nissm uayt. ptl this 9ih day of January, A. D. 1844 SAMUEL ADAMS. Wk 1 JOHN REYNOLDS I -Jl DAVID (OHIIIN Cewmfi0rir. CHITTENDEN COUNTY HOUSE. Church Street, IlutlliiEtou, Vt. TJ1 .WELLINGTON, take leave to inform his J-J rnendsfiud the i,oh tic. I bat he has taken tho above Stand formerly known as the Village Hotel, siumieu on tiiiuren street, in the village ot miriingion, The l.ou-u has been repaired, and fitted u, thor ouuhtv.and Iravellt-rsntirl ifnin.i.rsi-nii bn aci'ommo- daiH ns wellj and on ns reasonable terms, as at any uuier nouc in tlio vicinity. Tliesub-criU'r hones by strict attention to the want' and comfoi l of his gucits,to receive a share of publio (juironagc. A faithful Ostler will always Lo irl attendance. A tew boarders wanted. E. WELLINGTON. Burlington, Jan. gQin, 1814. 31if SEED WltEAT AND RYE. Qr Bushel, of the Celebrated .SHKLIIUKN U WHEAT, which will be .old at 51.25 per bush CO Bushels- SPRING RYE. " .. GEOROE PETKUSON. January 23, 1841. 34 WANTED. WHITE Field lieans, in exchange for Goods, Al so irood New Milch Cheese, nim Butter, dried An i es. and nrouueeoi a l Kinds, lor whieu ine niiu- eit prico will bo paid in Ooods, by s. UAU l' ccv-o. A Few Half Barrells ihoico Buck Wheat Flour, ii ror sale by, II. W. CATLIN. Burlington, Jon. 19, 1844. 33 AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE, ny HARWELL. k WAIT. THE UNDERSIGNED, having taken the stand lately tccuniel by II. THOMAS, will continue the Auction and Commission business under the firm of Haswcll & Walt. A Lineral Advance made on property left either for puidie or private sale. iTisi es on neuuetuavs anu ca imiav. N. 15. HASWELL Jr. T. U. WAIT. Burlington, January 1, 1914. SI J1RIGGS Ac irNDEHlWOOD, Attorneys at law, ;. Hurlinzton, Vt. Cm32 BRAND'S DICTIONARY. A Dictionary of Science. Literature and t . prising the History De-t ription, nnd Scientific principals of every branch of Unman Knowledge J wilh the derivation and delinition of all the terms in general u.e. Edited by W. T. BriAN'D, F. It. S. & E. avs.sicd hy Jo-eph Cnuvin, i'.-q. andolhcr llhislra leu ny numerous Kiigravings on wood Complete in one large volume, avo, January 12. tlv a. r.DWARns. WRIGHT'S INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS; OR INDIAN PURGATIVE. npHOUGH man' medicines have It-en Iclorethe Jt- public lor a much longer period than Wright'- Indian eohtable Pills, yet none stands now in iiioiiEii nEPUTE, or has inure rapidly attained a firm iioiu 11 ion popular estimation. '1 he tiiou-ands mat nave used them throughout the length and I readlh of the Republic, all bear, cheeiful letunony 10 their thorough tflicacu and mild operation when cmidoVcl ,....-. f.i. .. : I! f ... 1 : 1 ... 1. ..:- mine ihum uiirusj uisuruura "wiucii ncsu 13 iii-i to." The theory of di-basc cn which right's Indian Vegetable 'Pills are founded, is ihi-, vizi that there isonlyone primary cause of all the disorders that afflict Ihe human family, and lhal i corrupt humors j nr. n uiuer wurii immirtLvoi isioou. iiu- iriuc nln is now sn ncnernllv nihnitltsl. thai it may In fact I c said to l.c Mittaiiiulj by 1111 universality of opinion, lhe ewMl.sseniers conMltiitiiig 1.111 a very lee'.ie m - nuriiy. Il 1. tt'clss Iherefore lo d.-cu-s the sound - in s ni:irs nun ctmiip-ciun. the mode of attack pro'es-cd by all praelilioucrs 1 ecomts ihn .aine namely, mirsallan. But many of the so- called specifics now lefore tlio public, produce only form of Puriraiion : they are ei'ber Pu lorific, Uatharui , liiurein or i-.jsvt.i"i.uu. a .""'- t'rr,ttihu T'llts t oinbine all iho-e properties, and a,e . ... r. ... l- ii'-:;,,'. Iherelore calcu audio attncK the cieinents 01 disease at all point", and by a harmonious and combined i'pe ratiVin id exnel it radically Irom Iho system. Their e.lect is nlmo-t magical, and is 110 less astonishing fur i's mildness than its efficacy Uoth sexes, and all aeet rrtav employ (hem. nccordinir to the ihrcclion without tear, fur whild thcVarcfersu'ii to cure alt dis ease! tbnt arc remedial, iliey ncrer intlici nn injury upon ine sysieni. Tbi ntrftct safctu of the medicine is another off- imnor.on. aualit'l. and one which has contributed more than any thing else to its ejtriiort andpopu larittl. In a word, this medicine commends itself itrongy to the votronace of the public, and its use bids fair 10 octomc oejore long, aimoji umtcr.u. CAUTION. The citizens of New Ln gland are respectfully in formed lhal in con-cquence ol the great popularity which Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill have earned by tlieir nsionishtnir goodnes-, a Gang nl Counlerleiicrs are now- indusrion-ly engaged in palming on the un suspecting, a valueless nnd perhaps dangerous medi cine, under the name of Indian Vegetable Pill This is to inlorni the public, tha1 the genuine meJi cine has on the boxes, " Wrl;ltt'si Indian Vegetable Pills, (INDIAN PURGATIVE) or the North A.-tEnicAN coLlxr.r. or HnAl.TH." Andfllso iiruiind the Lordcr cf the laLcl will be found 111 smnll type, " Entered aerording to the Act of Consre-s, in the year 1340, by William Wrisht, in the Clerks O.liceot ihe Disirici Court tif the Eastcrit District uf Pennsyl vania." The pul lie will aNoremcmler that all who sell th genuine Indian Vegetable Pill aro provided with a certificate nf agencv sinned I y William Wrlsht, Vice President Or TUB NOKTH AMI MCA.N COLLEF. OF HEALTH," and thai nedler nreneer in any ca-e ulluwel lo-ell Ihe genuine medicine. All travelling Agents will I e provided wilh nccrtilicaleof Agency a- ubovc descri bed j and those who canllol show one will be known as base impostors. The following highly rrpeclnb!e perrons have been appointed agents for the sale of the above uniued Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. OF THE M11I1TII AMF.UICAN COLLEGE or HEALTH, AGENTS Peek & Spear, S. E. Howard, , I). ).vi 4. Co., Biirlingtotii Francis Laclarc. Colchester i Morion ii Clark, Williston; Lorin Tyler, Es-cxj J, II. Tower & Son, Underbill; A. Barney, J. Ly man, Jericho: Wm. Rhode-, E. I). Green, Richmond j J. B. Dike, Huntington; Munson & Dean, lln-tol; Slonson it Dean, Lincoln : A. iJ. Roscoe, New-Haven ; It. Sanileison, W. Milton; C. L. Drake. Milton; Geo. Ayri's, Milton Falls; Miirna yircs, Griswold it Smilie. Caiiibrulie; W. S. & C. P. Wo-kI, Wc-t-ford;S. W. Brush & Co., Fairfax ; II. Cook, Shel burn: Wm. B. Vielie, llinesbiirgh ; S. il. Barnes, Charlotte 1 Tupper if-Bearkuidge, StarksbofOjgh ; Shales & Wtbi', Ferrishnrgh. The only O Hce in Boston where the Indian Vege table Pills can I o obtained is al J98 TREMONT STREET. 198 Principal Oih'ceand General Depot, ICJ liace street, Philadelphia. 32yl TAVEIiN STAND FOR SALE OR TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM. THE well known establish ment, the "Brown Stand," three miles ea-t ol ihe village of Burlinglon, located cn the Wi nooski Turnpike Connected wilh il is a f.irtn of 55 acre, un der eood cultivation. A ureal bargain; will be given 10 a rightly dispo-cil purchaser. For particular, apply to the subscriber, un the premi se.. O. P. BROWN. Burlinglon, January 2, 1944. 31tf M3W GUOUS, BY KXP1IESS. . ANEW lot Black and Blue Black Silk and Mo I..;. Crinfres , nnnw lot Black. Blue Black and Colored Gimps 1 Cherry colored Silks, French Kid Gloves, WorstecfMitts, Heavy Black Cords ond Tao sels.Cap Ribbons, Ladies' Night Caps, very cheap. AlBO A new lot Cloth and Fur trim'd Caps, just received, loeclh er wilh some No, 1. Otter Caps, nt very low PrTees,.by IL W. CATL1.N. January a, ion. Jl TO i'KItsONS ABOUT IIUI.JjiNG. THE subscribers keep on har.j at their Lumber Yard on Pearl Street, Boards, Scantling, Plank, Floor Boatds and Inch Boards ready planed; Lath, Lining and other materials for building. Persons in the ndjiceni towns can be supplied at the Mills in Underbill at a suitable deduction from the Burlinglon prices. N. B. They offer to contract for tho erection of Buildings on reasonable terms. Apply tn II. P. Hiekok. HICKOK it -STEVENS. Burlington, 3 Jan., 1S44. 31 if LUMBER. WANTED by the sul sctiher, WHITE PINE, SPRUPE and HEMLOCK BOARDS snd LATH in ex.hangafsr CABINET WORK. Slur over Wm. HURLLlUT'S Store. Church SireeL SAMUEL NICHOI.LS. Burlington, Jan. I, IE44. 31 if YnTERIES OF PARIS-No.7 nnd 8 ree. td by V. HARRINGTON. tIAHII WANTED, TN exchsng for Live G,se Feathers at 43 rn henry w. catlin. X ;23, IS4J. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. Vermont District. IN BANKRUPTCY. Notice to show cause against Petition or LEONARD MARSH, of llurlington, for his Dis- charge ana uernticate, as a uanurupt, at ine omen of Samuel Premiss, is Monlpclier, in said District, on Wednesday, tho 20th day of March, A. D. 1814, nt 10 A. M. AMES L. MORTON, ol Milton, for his DMinrgc and Ccrliticele, as a lidnkrupl, nt the Uihce oi Samuel l'rcnlisln Monlp'-lier, in snid Diflrict, on WiiincHiav, tueiiuth nay ot .March, A. u. ish, at to A. M. DANIEL WARD, of Milon, for his Discharge ond ucrniieaie, as a uanurum, at tuu uime ot sainu el PrcntUs in Montpclier, in said District, on Wednc-dav, the SOth day of March, A. D. 1314, at 1U A. M. HE LBURN HIGH SCHOOL. THIS Institution will be open for the reception of pupils, on Tuetday lliescjoudday of Jauuary next. , Rev. CHARLES CLEVELAND, Snnerintendant. Mr. LVCIEN WEST CHANCY, Preceptor. Terms. Tuition. English Branches S3 00 Language, 4 uu Board may be brocurcd including Room, Fire and Washing, per week I SO Trustees, Hobacb Saxtox, U. A. CoLLAMEft. Elisiia Rvssell, Heman Babstow, E. W. SrtAR, Asaiiel Nash, Levi Comstocs, jr. II. S. Mobss, J. ANPBEW, FnEPEnlcic Maeck, II. Lake, Geo. B. Iiiiam, Lviian Hall. G. BURR1TT, Clerk. 2&if Shelburn, bee. 20, 1843. LANDS FOR SALE. IN Cslchcstet, Lot No. 114, containing 100 acres 109-9 " 63 " ii ii ii R7 inn " In Burlinltnn. ons Lot containing 5 acres, on the Turnpike, between the farm of Carlos Baxter, Esq snd the ends be oneme to the neirs ol tue ate Jolin Johnson. A portion of the purchase money will be required at time oi sale. J. at. J. ii. I'l.uiv. oc uo. NOW Gentlemen is the time to buy your A WATF.It-PnOOF BLACKING. ALSO, PASTE AND VAR NISH BLACKING-1! BLACK, ULIJF, RED AND INDELI BLE INKS, WAFERS WAX .ES &c Ac. PI'CK &. SPKAR. A MEMOIR ON. IRELAND, Native and Saxon, XX Uy U.iniel 'J'Ucl.nell, M. P. Price 25 els January 12. B A. EDWARDS. PILES! PILES 1 LET the afflicted remember that, they have a Rem edy in the Genuine Hays' Liniment. Dnzens nnd doieu- have been sold in this uciidiy wi ilitn the past two years loslilying to il fillciency, nt , , i) ri'.urw oi oi'i-jiita. SELLING OFF AT 2-11 OP POUMEIt PItlCliS. "1LOTHINO and all kinds of other articles, too numerous lu incunun. C. BENNS, Pearl street. PL B. All kinds of work done asusiicl. December 23. 1S13. Auction and Commission Store, Ily WM. II. THOMAS, College Street, Burlington, l'rmon. . Liberal advance made on proper!. All k 1 Mrv GooaSi HouschoWpuVlllttirc. kinds &c I .. constantly on band. WANTED, SHIPPING FURS, for which ca.h will U paid. Burlington, Dec. 23, ISI3. 30if NOTICE. THE subscriber has for sale four or five first rale Cutters, three Traverse sleighs. Also, three Lumber Waggons, two Concord Wagson-, one two horse pleasure Waggon with sled springs, lonsue and tills. Those wi-hing for any of the above arti cles will do well to call and sec llic'rn. Cah and ntu.-t ItinJa of pro I ice will be taken for l,l' l,S- IVII1TVL,- pay. riL...xvi iiiui,ii.i . Burlington, Dec. 29, 1843. w5 TOHN CHRISTINS Fine Cut and S.nokimr To- J bacco, Cavendish, do. Pure Ground and other Cmlee, for sale cheap by S. N. GAUT Sc. Co. Dec. 27. 30 BEST HYSON, Hy-on Skin Souchong and Guu Powder Tt Dec. 27. S. N Youim lHvon. lea-, for sale low by V : ITT .S. f BOSTON ALMANAC FOR 1841 for cale by 31 V. HARRINGTON". FAR WELL SHOE Si LADIES KID SLIPS, do French do do, do do Walking Shoes, do Gaiters, light and darlt, do Gaiter Boots, do Buskins, do Double Sole do, Mi:tesand Chddrcns Shoes,' Gentlemen' Slip-, Lined and Fur Trimed plain and Figured India Rubber Over Shoe-, ALSO, Ladies and Gentlemen's Moccain, a lame assort ment, for sale cheap by LOVELY & SEYMOUR, Church Street, NW. 30, 1643. i.iauons. 5ipes Cognise Brandy, 5 pipes Swan Cia, 0 Bid-. Barber's Warehouse Point Gin, 50 do American Brandy, 5 Illi ls St. Croix Rum, 25 Bbl-. Madeira Wine, 25 do Malaga do 10 ilo Tcnurnl'e do 10 do Pert do for ale by , , FOLLETT, BRADLEY ff- Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1343 23 FAimtANKS SCALES. FAIRBANKS SCALE 5 of all sites, for sa'e at manufacturers prices by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Agents. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1843. 28 20,000 POUNDS first quality SAI.ERATUS in Casks, Barrels and Half B.iircls, fur sale low by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14,1313. 23 SOLE LEATHER. ()ff S.des of middle weights, New York in UdlUll, 100 do of light do do, New lork Taned and Inspected, for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY -V Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1S43. 23 i no n. t rf,OO0 pounds Eng. Tirfc Iron.from 1 1-8 to 5 wide 2,000 do do J inch rodnd, 10,000 assorted Sweedes, flatand square, 20,000 P. S. I. Old Sable, for sale low by ' FOLLETP, BRADLEY ctt Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11,1843. 23 Cash Tor Oats. THE subscribers will pay Cash for Oats on delivery atthe Old Dock. , FOLLETT Li.. f-Co.. December 6th 1813. a7 CHILBLAINS! A MEDICINE for tho rem-dy of t'.lCss at 29 PECK, & SPEARS'. LINSEED OH, ON'OONSIGNMENT. -I tt BARRELS Raw O.'i, 5 Barrels boiled do man 1J ufactuted ond puptred in Boston. fr salo by FOLLE.T, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dee. 14, 1313. ' 23 10 TONS shoo shape manufactured from Scrop Iron, 3 do do common, 3 do do Hammered,, a new article, manufactured from the best Peru Iron, 20,000 pounds Band Iron fiom 1 to B inches wiJe, 10,000 do Assott-sl Scroll Iron. r0,000 do Round Iron from 3-15 to 2 inches, 20,000 do Square do frnm 3-3 to 3 do, 10.000 do Fist do from 1 to 4 do, for sale hy FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co". Agents. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1SI3. 23. PAINT & OILS. 5 TONS pure dry White Lend, warranted equal to sny manufactured tn Ihe United States. 6 do Extra dry While Lead, ,.3 do No. 1. do do do 200 Kegs pure While Lend in Oil, 10 Barrels Venetian Red, l5 do French Yellow, 2S do Americon Linseed O.I, 10 do Boiled d.i do. for sale a s usual very low, by FOLLETT. BRADLEY 'JJ- Co Old Dock, Dee, 11, 1313. OYSTERS, V the Veg or smaller quantity. Alo, Apples by tb barrel or!, constantly i n Inn (by 'SO D. BLACK-MAN B 1 I'neli paid tor OATS M. U. It A T II 11 U N & Co. DRAPERS iV TAILORS. HAVE removed to Pk's Building, three dw,.- cast of Ilowanl's Hotel. They have jrf-t retnrnvl from New York,wilh an additional .niiplv of TRIMMINGS, and an aon inent of VES I'INGS, UnsUrpiutd lor richne. sii.l variety. Burlington, Dec. IS, 1811. If jyjOLASSES, Lamp Oil, Vinegar, for salo l y b. N.UAUTb Co. 30 Dee. 87. QTARCH, Saleratus, Copperas, Saltpeire, AUn i., O Co?ou Shell j and Paste, goap n 6 Candle', lo. a!oby" , OAUT & Co. nee, i7. 30 CO UN CltACICKUS. A FIRST RATE ARTICLE, mannfartured an! lor sale by E. R. GROSSMAN. POTASH IIKTTI.ES. PLOUGHS, Wagon Boxes and Axels, constantly on hand and for sale cheap, nt the Wuuvjski Iron Fo in dry by E. R. GROSSMAN. Winooski City, Jan. 3, 1941. 31 tf JUS T RE C HIVED, HARPEIt'S ILLUMINATED AND NEW PIC TOSUAL BIBLE embellished wuh ICOO His- torical Engravings, more than 1400 nf which nm from orininal designs, to le completed in about 50 Nos. at 25 els. each j No. l.jjst received. Prescotl's f'nmiucst ol Mexico. History cf tho Conquest uf Mexico, with a preliminary view 0. ...'l! ! T. '.L. .L . l .1 ine Aiicieni .Mexican viviuzauon, wuil ine llio 01 llii, Conqueror, Hernando Cortex 1 by Wm. H. Prescott lliustrstea oy engravings, i vols. avo. ft ice Sij.UU. Mexico as It Was and as It Is ! by Branu Mayer, secretary nf the U. S. Legation to that Conn try in IS 11 and '42, wilh 160 Illustrations. Price, 32,50- Prolssftrt's Chronicles of England, France," and Spain, ond tho adjoining Countries, from thu reizu of Edward II. lo the coronation of Henry IV T with an original Introductory Essay on the Charac ter and Socictv of the .Middle Ages, hy the Rev. John Lord! 1 vol. RovnlSvo. Price 63.00. The Select Works of Mrs. Mary 12111s, com prising, the " Women of England," " Wives of Em land," " Daughters of England," "Poetry of Life," &c., designed to promote the cultivation of the Do mestic Virtues. A new and beautiful edition, illustra ted with five engravings, four steel 1 lvul.Svo. Price S2.E0. Eliza Cook's Poems. Melaia and other Poena, by Eliza Cook, beautifully illustrated with Cue stc.f engravings. IVAtiliigiit's History of the Reformation, cheap tdit'.ori. Price 75 cts. in boards, 1,00 bound 111 clolh. D'Aublgnc's History of the Deformation, abridged b the Rev. Edward Dallon. Price 60 cts. The Youns; Student, by Madame Guizot; from the French, by Samuel Jackson, 1 vol. ISmo., very beautiful, 73 cts. Matilda, or Memoirs of a Yourig Woman, by Euccnc Sue. Tllcrcc the same author. Prcncli, Spanish, German, aild Italian without a Muster. Price 25 its. each. The Mysteries of Paris, a new supply including Gcrolstcin. Price SI cts. bounds B6cts. in Nos. The Luc and Sncechci of Heury Clay, 2 vols. 8vo. Price 31,00 nnd 31,25. The Whig Almanac fur 1314. Also, n variety of new cheap nublications, for sale at the lowest city prices, by Jan. iu, ian. n a. liuwAiiub. NOTICE. THE firm of VILAS LOOMIS if- Co. being dis solved, by the death of Freeman C. Vilas, onool the Co-paitners, will be continued by the surviving partners and the administtalor of the deceased partner who has employed Mr. M. Noyes, agent on the pan, cf the Estate. 'Ihe former businesof the firm, will b continued inall its branches at the old stand. W. It. VILAS, , Tl rv nv 1 rCl !-. L. B. VILAS. Adm'l n'r. Burlington, Jan. 1S43. 33 ATEW MILCH CHEESE, for sale bv 1 32 S. N. GAUT & Co. John Norton's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,! The Hon. the Pro-. District of Chittenderf, s. i I ale Court for tho' District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned m the Estate ol JOHN NORTON, late ol Hine-burgh, in said District, deceased. Greetino. Wheoeas, Airand.i Norton and Joseph Marsh, Administrators ofthe Esialeof said deceased, propo se to render an account of their admini-tralion, and pre-ent their account against srfid estate for examin ation and allowance at a se-sion ofthe Court ol Pro bate, 10 be hohlen at the ltegi-ici's otlicc in Burling ton in said district, on the second Wednesday of Feb ruary next. Therefore, You arc hereby notified to appear before s.u'd court nt the lime and place a fore, aid, and show eau-e, if any you have, why the a'ceo int afore said should not be allowed. Givfh under my hand at Burlington, this lG'.h day of January,. A. D. 1511. WM. WESTON. Register. TAKE NOTICE. THAT Person who was positirely seen to lako a KEG ol OYSTERS Irom my doi r on Saturday List, can hiue.ihs privilege ol refunding me S3 thru' the medium of the Post Oifice, if that way shuulJ bo preferred, or take what will otherwise follow. Jan. 12. D. BLAOKMAN. THICK BOOTS, Rubbers, and Shoes t Ladies Kul Slips, Imnutation French Slips, Children's holfGailers, Ladies Leather Shoes, for sale by January 12. S. N. GAUT cc Co. . GHKAP GOODS. SUPERFINE BROAD CLOTHS, BEAVFR and PILOT do, Ca-sinieres, Sntinett-, Vestings, Black nnd Changeable Alpacea-, Chnsan-, Crape and MoiisHiii De Lames, Black und Blue Black Silks," Silk Velvets, a large lotuf low priced Shawls, La dies Cravat-, Red and Whi'c FianneN, Cotton do. Merino and Saxony wool Shirts and Drawer-, wuh a variety of other Dry GooJ.-, which are ttMered at rcluctsl prices for casHby S. M. POPE. Burlington, Dec. 15, 1843. SALT. ST. L'BES SLT, Barrel Salt, 100 Sacks Dairv do" for snle hy S. M. POPE. Dec. 15, 1643. WANTED IN EXCHAM.E FOlt GOODS;. Ort.N, RVE AND OATS, 300 lb. I IVEtiCESE J FI.'ATHER's, GOOD TABLE BITTI I!, Sea' d-c. by S. 31. POPE. Dec. 15. I3. WANTED i ALL ERGOT or SPURRED RYE, for whloh Cash will be paid. 30 PECK if- SPEAR. NA I LR. 1 "fin KEGS AILSfrom th. Eagle Factory, IOUU from 3J 10 40d. A ctunnlste assorlnien'. of Vlnithinis Nails, from 4dto20d. Floor Brads of all sizes. . ALSO. 000 Kegs Nails manufactured by the All Sable I'ron C-.sinsnv riimmrtn finishini. and brad heas o all sixer, from 3d to C in. spike, The supK'riorUy of the nails manufactured hy tha above cc.nipii,,,.. for beauty of form ond finish, ond for toitglius, of iron -bote all others, is universally ackiow '.tJjied. Thevcre for sale Uwn ttrms aifs vbrab',0 and at priec'ass low as ran be found in the, by FOLLhTT. BKAOLEV sM C3. Agents. Old Dnck, Dec. 11, 1343. 23 Wanted, OnC CORDS OF WOOD CIT, for whteli i 2JJ fair price will be paid. Also n seme snd capable yoiuiff man, sbriu 13 years o d, to learn the paper making trade. Inquire at the Paper Mill at' tluhrell's Falls. January 8, 194I-- N FEMALE SEMIN A ft Y." ri'HE first Term in 1814 will commence en the - first of February and continue 22 weeks, the" second on Ihe I9:h July snd continue also K wruks.' Elcu-ii weeks the quarter Burlinglon, De 20, 1S13, 32ir A LLISON'S HISTORY OF EUROPF..-History v. 01 Eirnpe from the Comment ement of ihe Frencji Revolution n I7S9 10 Ihe Pre-ent Time. By Archl I aid A ison, F. It. S. E. Com.ilctc in 4 vols. 810. January pj, Ml. - Ily A. i.D WARDS. NOTICE. HMIE Treasurer of the County Bible Socisty, bos" L received s full supply of common Bibles ond" Trsinmenl. forriistrirjulion. Hnsolso, for sslo"n.nte" hne large Family Bible", fine gdt Pnlyelnt do PoiVrt, Teslamrnls which will he sold at the Bible Sieiety price. Those in want will do w-dl la call,. Dee. 7, ISiJ. . II. W. CATLIN, Treasurer. .. Pork. ICQ Bid- Me- Fork SO " Extra " Lard in ihe Leaf, or Heqdere.1 Fr:h Ham, bould- ew, Uih and Heads, fnrs o7o by FOLLETT CREDLEY 4- C". De:ember 6th 1313. . 7 PUBLIC! HCTlOS. W TN T E It A It n A Jf C E U E N T . VIRGIL i'i Co.. PACKAGE EXPRESS VI TILLIejveil.irlintion, t vi ry VInr-d.iy morn'' ing routs Smith unl e-.'trv Fr lv rv.tntntt fOTig Nor'h, Psrl,agr and I'jitL mutt t I It wi 'Jr M"irJS-J II in K t C in-ilfiite ,r ?7.u3 viH'.L. i- r l)v.:0'iX by T F. .V W L STRONG ,,-im if

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