Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 23, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 23, 1844 Page 3
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MR. WEBSTER on GIRAIU) MORALITY. Washington, Fob. 10, 1RM. Mr Wcbstorcoinmoncud Ills argument before the Snnrcmo Court this tnorniiij,, in tho L'rcat Girarel case, occiiyitij, from its opuninp-, 11 A. M. until almost !) 1'. M., wliou It nilj.mrneil. Ho finished that portion of Ins arijumctit in which ho attempted to establish the fact that Girard's bequest for tho establishment oftho Institution for the benefit of male orphans was not a clarify It was in answer to arguments of counsel on tho other side, at the same time adding hia own vfeWs rcsncctinff this particular portion of the ubject which lie disposed of. It may be said of Mr Webster's effort to-day, that it was a groat moral sermon, rather than a legal argument, or that it embraced them both. I think ho show ed pretty conclusively that Mr Girard's system of education, which ho directed should bo pur sued at the Institution ho founded, professed to be based upon principles of morality, but sepa rated entirely and remotely from religion. Ho also showed that it was not in the power of man to separate them they were demonstrated to be inseparable thoy must exist together, or not tall; and that without religion there could be no tuch thing as genuine charity. Mr Girard had stipulated in his will that no clergyman of any denomination whatever should be allowed admission within tho walls of the edi fice upon any possible pretext, no, not oven as a visiter,which was not to bo ('eniod to any oili er of tho most humble citizens of the United Slates. This sweeping reproach cast upon the members oftho clerical profession in this coun try vrw ably and magnanimously met and re. futeJ. The !iiilngium Mr Webster parsed up on the character of their services, and tho ex. I ....I !.(1nnh.n ll.n, Tlllf fit I. ed to the country, not litniicu to proicsscuiy re ligious institutions and services, was as honora ble to him, as the vindication was admirable and just to them. Mt Girard's motives were con tended to havo been to divest his institution from all religious sectarianism, but the manner ha had proposed to do it was clearly proved to have been not merely the lopping ofTthe branch es of sectarianism, but he had laid the axe at tho root of Christianity itself. No traced the grand principles of Girard's moral system of instruction to Faille's 'Ago of Reason' and Vol ney's 'Views of Religion." He showed most conclusively the inevitable tendency of these principles to be the undermining of the fabric of Christianity; alto that whatever might have been MrGirards views of religion and morality, that he did not adapt the means to the proposed end that end being the inculcation of a high morality for it shut out morals as well as reli gion. He likewise shewed that there could have been no principle of Christianity to influ ence the mind of A'r Girard in establishing this institution ; for, in my opinion, be proved him lo have lived as he died, without tho influence of religion without Go.l in tho world therefore where this grand, nay, vital principle was want ing, there could bo no charity, lie drew fre quently from the fountains of inspiration lhat 'flow fast by the oracles of Go,!," and his quota tions were peculiarly apt in illustration of his points. His allusion to the widow and her two mites, by way of exhibiting the true principle of charity, was touching and affecting in tho ex. treme. The deep, solemn iutouatioiw of bin Toicc, combined with the thrilling pathos of his language, touched the chords of human sympa thies. While the rich man gave of his abun dance, the gave all (lint she had ; and she was exhibited to us without a name, without a f.imi ly, without a tribe, that she might he held up In the '-or!d a living monument In charily, to en dure forever. Many of the Lidiei were in tears and his own deep eye glistened. In conclu sion, I will romaik, lhat it was tine of the must sound, exhibitions nf united argument and clo. quence that was over heard before that Coin l. Could Girard havo arisen from the grave and been present I., have listened to it, he would havo taken back all that he had given, but he would have given it agiiu with a different spirit, a regenerated heart. It is well understood that Mr Webster never makes a public effort, of any ort, that he does not nttrart a crowd of atton. tive listeners. Today the Supremo Court room his been thronged to ovei flowing, hundreds go. ing away disappointed in not being able to gain admittance. Many of the titled dignitaries of the land were there Senators, Representatives and Citizens : last, though not least, woman, lovely woman, was there to adorn and beautify the scene. Every avenue to the room was fill, ed, as were, also, the recesses within, not even excepting that in the rear of the Bench, whore were seated and standing both ladies and gen tlemen. How does the Ed. of the Tribune account for the ntrtased amount of llieiiresen. year s importations, nd ai the same time nmntain his assertion lhat our manufacturers are enabled to sell iheir wares, &c. cheaper than when the duties were lower, because, the Tariff cntbles them to supply our markets .rcfu- tivtiy ! fjy If our querist will look at the mani fests of the late vessels from Europe, he can answer his own question. We aro import ing many goods nt present, but the bulk of them are such as do not come in competition with our own principal Manufactures. We are not importing plain Cottons, Flannels Nails, Wire, Screws, Glass ware, Sec. Set. in any considerable quantities, and these ar ticles aro co nip-ira lively cheap, hut thru- arc a great many articles inadequately protected by our I arm, or not attempted lo bo at all and these aro pouring in upon us largely. Watches and Jewelry, for instance, it 'as found impossiblo to protect, on account of the facility of smuggling ; and so they aro largely coming in under a duty'of 7k per cent. Cut if we could keep out Foreign Watches by a Tariff, wo havo not a doubt that they would in ten years be niado here cheaper than limy ever could or can ho im ported ; and tho same of Woolen Goods. Wo have always insisted that our Country would impoit more in value and infinitely moro in hulk under a good Protective Tariff than under absolute Free Trado, because tho pooplo being employed and fairly paid would be able to pay for moro hut it would not consist of tho same articles by a great deal. Tribune. The Nnw IIkitisii Miskti:b Tho Hon. Itich'J Packenham and Sedrotary loft this tnor tiing hy the 0 o'clock train, en route for Wash. iflStou. H. U. M. sloop. of.war Vestal, will re rnjin hero until tho arrival of Mr. Fix from Washington, who will return in her to Ilnland, and not to Mexico, as has been stated. Hun. Jviae or the SurncME Cour.T uf New Yjiik. Gov. Uouck has iiomuutud tho Hon. .Samuel Beardsloy lo supply the teat upon thu bench of me supremo iouri, miue vacant by the death otJudao L-owcn. Mr. lieardsley is now a mem. bsr of the U. S. Hou of Koprestntalivsi from Onciida county. Pursuant to tho call of tho Stato Commit ter!, tho Wliigs of IJinlinglon met nt tho Howard's yesterday, and took tho pre liminary stops fur tin eflicetit organization.- It was very I osjicctitlilu in point of members, nnd full of tho right spirit. Tho following brief notice of tho proceedings has been handed in since our paper was mado up, and is ull wc liavo room for now. WHIG MEETING. At a mooting oftho Whigs of liiirlington, held nt John Howard's Hotel, on tho 22d day of February, 1844, for tho purpose of organizing a Clay Club. The meeting having beon called to order by Geo. A. Ai.le.v, Esq. The Hon. Wm. A. GRISWOLD was chosen President, unci Wm. Weston, Sec retary. On motion of Hon. Timothy Follctt, vo ted that a Committee of seven bo appointed lo report a Constitution, and such business as may bo deemed by them necessary for fu- turo action. The following persons were" appointed such committee, viz: Messrs. Lyman Cum iiiings, Timothy Follutt, Harry Hrailluy .loliii Burstow, John Van Sicklen, Wm. Wfslon and Sioii E. Howard. Hon. Human Allen introduced t!w follow ing resolution, which was unanimously adop ted, viz : Hcsolted, lliat should ilie WI112 Pinto Cnmmillen think it ml unable, durins the comma Presidential Campaign, to call a State Wiiio mas Convention-. we heartily tender lo our brethren the hospiinliti-s nf our town, b it, at tho same tunc, we hold ourelcs m reimness to cu e a no irty response to a call for a meeting to be held at any oilier place. On motion, voted to adjourn to moot at the Court Houso on tho 4ih day of March next at four o'clock, afternoon. Wm. A. GRISWOLD, President. Wm. Weston, Secretary. AMERICAN HOTEL. Wo copy tho following complimentary notice of tliis excellent house, from a late number of tho Montreal Herald. Our friend Taylor devotes himself to his busi--ness willi a degree of spirit and perseve rance which ought to command success : and wo aro heartily rejoiced to find liis efforts thus appreciated by strangers. The following is from one of llip party which left .".iOntll'.l On I 1M 7l l ll limn r..r It,, em,. not lhat llie ndme civen may lie mutually lo Cnn.idiin Handlers, and lo the proprielor of the Ilolel m question : To the Vditor of the Monttieal Herald. Dbao Pin: In common with niv fellow passen gers, I cnnriol help addressing von intim-uuis llic marked allenlion. kindness am civility shown l.v ill,. proprielor and nltcndnnts of the Aincri-nn Hold, Hurlincton. and I bet? lo recommend at ("JnnnHinn travellers passim; llus way lo lake up Iheir quarters in this, lo us, a home after tho uneasy journey we have had. I am, dear Sir, Sincerely vours, J. C. D. Builinlou, 29th Jan. 1911. ' THE ENGLISH COMPANY. The Chaileston Courier confirms the statement a British Manufacturing Com- jinny lias purcliiisctl u Lugo body uf land in South Carolina for the purpose of carrying on the manufacture of cotlon upon a larce scale. The Courier was incredulous when llm statement first appeared, but tho Editor his seen a letter from that pait of the Stale by which it appears that " Mr. James Ed ward C ilhoun has sold his lands in Abbe ville District, to an English manufacturing conip iny, for $00,000 it is said they wield i capital of many millions, and are to re move a largo portion of it to this country so much for tho tariff." ExTiuortDi.VAttv Explosion. On Tups- day evening last, at Ceresvillo .Mills, ono of tho Uurr Mill btomn, six feet in diameter, eighteen inches thick and buund by strong iron hoops.whilo running with its usual speed suddenly exploded with a loud report scat tering its fragments in every direction; a piece weighing upwards of twenty pounds was thrown entirely across tho Mill, and through an opposilu window, which it com pletely demolished. A young man, by the name of W. Eves, who happened acciden tally to bu present at tho moment, had his leg broken and was otherwise much injured. No cause is assigned, except tho undefina hlo one, that circular motion is caused hv tho perpetual conflict of two antagonistic forces, the centripetal and centrifugal. jcreucricK iicraui. j Arrr.cTi.No Death or a Young Physi cian. Wo aro pained to hoar that Dr. Tliuo. Juhnes, of Murrislown. fson of Jnhn U. Johncs,) while niigaui'd in 11 post niortoin oxiiiiiinatiun 011 Thursday last pricked hi linger, anu 11 pnrlion ot tho blond of the rorpso wasspiiuklcd upon il. Awaroofhis ihingor, Dr. J. used precautions to pn-veiil Iho sprnad of llm poison, hut without elTert ; for llm next day the swelling oMcmleil fiotn llm linur ihrousli thu m 111 fever mill dolir iuni set in, and ho expired yesterday niorii in),' ut thu early ngu of 25 'yenrs. 'This is truly nn afflictini; c.ilaiiiily"; iiflliclinj not only to nn honored futher.'lo whoso extun- sivesoliero of piofessioiidl usefulness Iih hid fair ultimately to succeed, but to a Urgu fam ily circle, and a society of which he was ono of tho most promising mombers. Newark Adv. From tho New York Tribune. '1 AUIFl'" mjltTIIBNS. GLAfcsi Ti'MCLr.r.f, prior to tho laying of the present TariH", were mainlv imnortci). and tho liyht cheap article rold al 37 l.U lo -12 ceiits per uo.eii. t nnavy duty 111 T. neirly Hliut IIiohu nut of our market, un as j0od an Ainericin ar. tide is now soiling for .'11 in .'11 cents per dozen. Who buffers (rom this Tariff lav 1' Heavy tumblers) were imported at -15 a 50 corns a dozen unucr llie low 7 aril. ; tho Amor- ican article which lias now supjihutcil those bears the rime prico hut is of a butter quality. ti.Ass.WAnF, generally is now nmlo here under the Protective duty of 18d'.', and is It) to 10 per cent cho iper than it was under the pro vioiis low duly. Cr.ocKCitr, (Fo-cljn) iM now sold at SO per rent, discount from the old scalo of prices ; prior to the Tariff of 18 12 it was -l.jpor cent. Tho American rival is 5 to 10 psr cent, cheaper yot. I'ns, (Euglifcli) avoraged 60 conts per pound under the low Tariff, a hotter American articlo now sells for 70. How this Tariff is robbing the country ! (DIIon. John P. Kennedy of Maryland, took , hia ib !is ,,, nlln ',,:. , Friday. This Is the firs fruite of the Whijr vie j lory in Hint hUte. AGRICULTURAL NOTICE. The Board of Managers of the Chittenden County Agricultural Society aro hereby nntl. ficd to moot at John Ilaward's Hotel, In Hurling ton, on Wednesday the i.'3th day uf February, Instant, at Ion o'clock in tho forenoon, for the purpose nf living tho premiums for the present year, and the transacting of such oilier business as may bo foui.d necessary. Ry order of the President. Win. WESTON, Secretary. Vcb. 22, ISM. N. 1J. The several members of tho hoard and the Town Committees, appointed to obtain signatures to the Constitution, nto requested to make thair returns at tho above mooting. Win. WKSTON, Secretary. imiGIITON MAltKKT..-Monday Feb. 12. At Market, 400 Reef Cattle, 1100 Sheep, and 40 Swine. The Swine were reported last week. PntcES. Ilerf Cattle We quole to correspond wiih last weekj a few cxli a at SI 73 if? $3: First mini lly $123S150s second quality SI iff S4 23) third quality S3 50 at SI. Sheep Prom SI 50 to'8.. Wcatlicrs'from $275 lo v4. Sirine No sold lots lo peddlo. At retail from 4 if GSc. M a ir ir S o fl, At St. Paul's Church, in this town, on ths 19ih insl.hy lit. Itcv. Ilishop Hopkins. Mr. Pope Catlis, fo New-Yoik, to Miss HellCn Wiieelch, daughter ol Horace Vt heeler, Esq. In llmcsburali, 12ili Feb. by Rev. Mr. Ten Broeli of Charlotte, Rev. Lyman Smith, of Essex, N. V. lo Miss Reeecca S. Heeciieii, Principal of Ilincsburgh l'cmila Seminary. In Charlotte, on the 1st inst., by Rev. Olio S. Hnyt, Mr. S. Shaw, lo Miss Sarah J Rahker, both of Charlotte. In this town.on the 21st inst. Edwaro Cobmelivs, youngest son of Hiram S. and Cynlhia II. White, aged 4 months anj G days. In this town, cn the 19th inst., Dr. JOHN PO.MEROV, nged neatly seventy-nine years. Dr. Pomeroy was one of our oldest inhabilanls, and one ninons the early settlers of tho town. He was born m Middlehoro', Mass., on the 9th April, 1764. His early odmnlagcs for an education were limned to the opportunities afibided by the common winter school, nnd occasional assistance of Ihe parish minis ter. H hen but a lad of 10 ears of ose he enlisted and served three months, asa soldier at West Point, in tho latter partof the Revolution. Ho studied Physic wiih Dr. Dradish, in Cuinmaipton, .Mass., nnd in 1737 es tablished himself at Cambridge, in this .Slate was married in 1739, and in 1792 after a successful prac- ntCanihridi;e, perceiving tho superior advantages of fered by the location of Ihistown, he removed here wiih his family, and occupied for some months n log- cabin then standing partly in what is now called Pearl treet. The first brick house creeled in this town was built by him in 1790, on Wmtr Street, which continued lo bo his family residence lo Ihe lime of his decease. For more than five years previous to his death he was the su'ject of a nervous disease, which during that whole peuod made him tho object of the most constant and lender care, as a patient. Dr. Pomeroy was tho leading phvician nnd sur geon in this pint of the Stale, for over forty 5 ears, and retired from practice some ten venra isinrp with the reputation of a devoted, enterprising and suc cessful practitioner. His practice was characterized by directness, simplicity nnd originality and to save his patient from every pang not unavoidable, was wiih Inm an object of deep solicitude. A history of his surgical cases particularly, nnd his mode of irpoilnc wound?, would, we nto confident, suggest some iinpor tant hints for the benefit of mankind. He was nn ardent lover nnd promoter of knowledge, and of every useful improvement was fjr many year- a memucr 01 1110 corporation ol the Un vers uv in ibis place, and a Profjssor in ils .Medical Depart ment. He had long been nn open professor of the Chris. lian regligion, nnd entertained a strong and liudy sense of the importance of the change of worlds. 1115 sensibilities wire more linn ordinarily affected by the approach nf that cunt. Never doubiine Ihe justi -e nnd mercy of God as levenled in his works nnd w ord, but behewng thai our stale in another life, de pendelupon iho fidelity with which we discharged our I'uties here, he often expressed his fears for his own deficiencies and iinworihiness. Doubt and fear nrc, with Inm, now dissipated, and the great realities which he looked forward lo with so much interest nnd solicitude, aro his and wo humbly trust that his sympathies, which always nia-'e him nlivc to cmy ihing which is good here, will 111 iheir now fuller render him happy in the other world. fl3 Loud Call.,0 ALL thp-o inde1 ted lo the Mil-cnl or-, whove de mands are &n; are replevied lo call and tcttle the same to save lliemselve- a Louder Call. ,. , S. N. OAUJ' & Co. Burhngion, Feb. 21, 1S11. 33 r-.,TI'eb',l'mco 01 I)r' Oon', W'H I e J-old nt LObT rou cash, 10 innke room for freh Minplic. on llic opining of. Navigation. S, N. (J. & Co. A ?C','WIIJ.T OF GI5IIs a-nd HtlNGKS, ri India Rubier, I.w-e and Wowe.1 Mill-, Lathe-.Nlu'lit-Cip.-, just recenej by Expic-s and for sale J-T l,y o, ,0.. W- RATLIN. K-brunry 23, 1811. 33 STILL MORE NEW BOOKS. QWLRTIIEAKTS and Wives, cr, Before nnd Af O tcr Manage, n delightful siory by T. S. Arthur, l'pce 37j eent. fiiozMphyoi'John Randolph, wiih selections from iiisi bpecches, by Lemuel Sawyer. Price 37 cents. The Junius TracK No. I, The Test No. 2, The Lunencv. No. 3, The Tarri: No. 4, Life ol Henrv Clay.-No. S. I'olit.eal Abolition. 01 """ Natjonal (.'lay Minstrel. L..S. D. Tiea.ure Trove; or, Accounts ol Irish i.y ,-iiu on, i.over, aiiinor ol " Handy Andy. " No. Price 124 cents. " s un 1 11 1,, s 1 ,,1 1 01, a i.nost a,orv of Clrit.niaj i,y Charles )i,.,t.,i.. I'm (! c-enls. 'ri... 1 1. t . . . 1 .. r i ,1 ' "TJ or 1 'c,1,ru 01 "risian L le, 1 y J. ilcs Janui. Price 25 cents. 1 1'au! .lone., 11 Tl0 of ihe Sea. Price 12 cents. The Ilrewcr Kiiil'. I'nif 12 cent.. , Mii-i- wiihoiit a .M.i.ier, coiuuining amnio in'lrue I1011. lor 1 lie Piano Ton,.. I'rico 23 cent. Just I an I lor s .v A KD WARDS. Peek's lliiil.hng, Feb. 20, Ml. 33 DlSSOLurrnx HIin Copar ner-hiji lurciofroo cxNiine 1 e tween rtr l's.n'v,l!:'R''., '".' lhc (lrm "' FORD & l-.JlI.libO.N, w-ns di solus I... ,,a . '..hi!.?', '.:." m"'"' i 7s" ,,el"' 'duu ,hBn niiirt Le ...... .. iwv sum curu, iinuie.i.aielv. .MILTON fORD, Jericho Corner, Feb. 21, IS11, ...c MiMncs,. wit lcconlinue.1 at the old stand by Ihe subscriber, u m ,.. ..J. r'""u. 3 ... f , , ' s.wriuiiirniaroil nt an-e of publio jiiironage. jj. FORD. A F,',w .l"1is,llc!" of Kcniiine IH'SSIAN WAKAT, selected lor teed, for tale by ' I-cb. 23. leil. v. HARRINGTON. . ON CONSIGNMENT. (J '; U,Aii, 0i' 'IfpMlCL.yiUS, ccnMMins of, nr. nno .oixihi, iur .nle by the niece, bv Old Dock, Feb. 22, 18 1 1. FARM FOR SALE. I70K SAI.i:, n larm in Underhill, con lauim? 0110 hundrcl mid loriy.sij fS.,.,.Ll. aerc, -.Lou one linndml ncic. of ivlnch J-l-ff111 U"J ciiluva:io,i, ihe remainder is covered by a yood jrrowili of hard wood. On the V ,".sMnsu,i-inowt-iiiiig 1 ,c nrn, sheds, 10. nnd an orchard of 1 .nli,- 1 .... '' . ' fihyor si,?y 'barrel, of ider. Al-o, a tar... one bn, ........ lyina about one mile from ihe n' ove, sixty acre, of whrh Nuiid.r unproveineni, and hason 11 acann cio is barn, the ren1.11r.der i, well w-oixled, prmcipallv with I e., , ;,d i,m,.Je. The above arc s 1 uaied nc" r ...s. ......... ... ...s, in,., ,,0 ,a ., we wa.ere, and well fenced, a consideJable oonhm u, i0 .nice 1 nil,- siiustamiai .,f,ll0 w.,i , . erpomnoso 0110 r A ' ."' "Villi- Tho above nrenioo ' , 11. 35 "' far enn lire of " r "7,BKilie HirliDgton, Feb, 29, 1W4 3f JUST RECEIVED, OA BALES SHEETINGS, of the Exeter and iiJ other favorite brand-, for sole by FOLLCTT, BRADLEY, cfc Co. Old Dock, Feb. 22, 1811. 39 l'cllllon to sell Land. STITU Of.' VKIIMONT, 1 A T a fcnon of the Dl-liicl of ChiltcncYu. i - Probate Co'irl laid nt llurlingloit wilhin nnd for fnid diMncl of Chitten den, on Ihc20lhdayol Fe'ritary, A. D. 1811, comos Amand 1 .Norton, who is iron rd aft ol Knxiumn Amnn d. Norlon, Na'daiu'el C Norton, nnd Sarah Almira N( rton, nil ufllincsl urgh 111 iniddilricl, minor chil dren edJohn Norton, Into rf fnid Hine-bnrgb, decent el, fntelatc, 11111I file 111 said Court her petition In wriiinir mtini; forth lhat her said wards nrc eized In Iheir own right in fee n tenants in common of lit'- tV-tlircencreof land in Slnrl.sboro', in the County of Addion, being the nmo In ml heretofore deeded by Harry Riml nil lo the Mild John orlout that said land is unproductive and that it would be for Ihe I ct inleiet of aid wards 10 have said laud sold and have the proceeds of such ale invested in other and more produclive real e-talo or put it al inierct, nnd pray ing -aid court to licence her, the said guardian, to cll tnid land agreeally lo the statute in such case made and provided. Whereupon, the court a fore-aid ilolh appoir.t the second Wednesday ol March, 1814, for hearing and deciding on said petition nt the otTicf of the Regiier ol said court inlaid liiirlington, and doth ord.-r thai nil persons interested lie notified I hereof by publica tion ol this order, containing ihe sul stnncu of said petition, three weeks successively In the Iturlinglon Kcee Pre-, a newspaper printed in said rturliiiglon, the last of which publications to l e previous to the said second Wednesday of Mnrih, 1811. Given under my hand at said llurliugton this 20th day ol February, 1811. 33w3 WM. WrSTON, liegiitir. John Truman's I'.statc. STATE OF VERMONT, rpHE lion, the Pre District of Grand Isle ss. j L bale Court for the District of Grand Ile : To thecrcdiK r nr.d nil others eoncetnel in Ihuesta'e of JOHN .'HUMAN, late of Alhi rgh, in snid District, deceased, Wuerkas, Daniel Wnii, administrator of the estate has m le npphc.iii, n to ihi- court to extend tho lime limited fcr Hie payment of the de'.ts of snid deceased twelve months from Ihe3l day of March, A. D. 1814, nnd the IC li day of March living as.itrMed for a hear ing in nt the o lice of the Hegislur of llus court. And it having I een ordered lhat notice 1 hereof I e given by pul li hing ihi decree in ihe Free Picssja newspaper printt. Int llm linilnn. three weeks suece-siv-ly before ihe snid 10 h day of March. TiiEntronr., You nie hereby notified to appear at Ihe tune nnd place afore-iiid, and sluw cause, if nnv you have, why an extension should not I e allowed. Given under niv han I at North Hero, 111 sa,d Dis trict, this 12th dav of Kchruarv, A. D. 1611. 33w3 AUGUSTUS KNIGHT, llegitUr. PAPER MILL FOR SALE. SITUATKD ON TIIK LA.MOII.Id". IUVKR, IN MILTON, wiih Steam Drying Cylinders, two Engines, Calender and nil looNnud nmehiiierc neces. Miry for manufacturing paper. The I uildi'ngs are secure from fre-hcl, and have a lull supply of river and spring water. Also, ncijomin? Ihe mill area wood house, barn, two dwelling houses, and about iuu ijiTt-s 01 inmi wiin a gooo orclnrd. Il i llic IllOst northern Mill in Wrmrsnt jitrl ,I,A lest location for a country biiini-s ol anv mill in New Kugland, having a. home market tor all the pa per manufactured. The whole will he sold on a liberal credit, and all the navmcnts mjv le made m tintifmtiU tmll u, lhat iwo industrious pniclical paper-makers wiih a capital of n few hunched dollars each can easily pav r,.r tl, ,.,,,,, c , labor. CHAUNCEY GOODRICH, llurliugton, 15lh tebrnary, I8U. 37if FARM AT AUCTION. THE llndcr-isncd, administratrix of the elate of Heniainm H. Ski:!, late ol Cliarloitr. in ihe county of Chiiieiuleii, ileiei-el, will sell at public .1 iviioii, on inc -.jiii nay 01 rcuniajy in-I.iiil, at one o'clock in the al'leriioon. miller a license (rom the probate c ourt lor the ditnct id Chittenden, (unless prcvioii-ly s.dd at private sale) a farm situated in aid Charloile, containing one hundred and three acre-, subject 10 Ihe wi low's right of dower therein and to cerium mori'ra?i,si L.inT th,; r-rm on u-1,,1-1, Ihe said lleiijamin II. luel previous lo and at the lime of his (Valb. The laud is of excellent cjuality and in a goo I state ot cullivalion, and the buildings, f hou-e and It.nril.l aro foiiit.iiK.iit nixl 111 Lmnti renmr. Tin, whole firm will be sol 1 together, or 111 seperate ,, in ..I,,, 1 u luiillll lliusi I Ifll'llvlUl, caie to lauejca 'e on the premises. SALI.V II. SKIFF, .lcfminif.rarrfT. le'.Tu-iry 13, 1811. 37w2 TIIK It MOM IJTOItS. A New lo' of K0111I.1 l's Celebrated Thermonietorp, era luateJ 10 -10 below zer . t'Cl'-lO. IinlNSMAlO & ItROTiicns. DR. CANNING'S LACE. rPIin Undersigned hns become, tho proprietor of X thcDalcut riuhlfur ihe sih- of this v.ihml.l. in. slrument in the cuunties of Chittenden, Franklin, uinii 1 ibis, iitiu i.iiiiiuiue. To those who Invo not had an opportunity to hear the imentor explain iho nrincinles uiion which ibis invaluable supporter is offered for alleviation of mise ry and disease, it may bo necessary to slate that he attributes 10 tdo want of abdominal support, msny uist-Mscs uiiu uuiiiems wnien invc ncreioiore been assigned M other and far different causes, as well ns 1 h ose in which such suonoit has been adtniiird in b essential, and hoehims lo have di-covered, in the PA TF.NT LACK, an instrument far superior lo nny which lias yet been presented, lis compleiion has cost him vearsnf llioujjht mid labor nnd thousands of dollars of expense, by reason of numerous experi ments ho was compelled to make beforo he could brim; il to ils present stale of perfeclion. Dr. Dannina Ins lectured in manv of ths nrineinal towns in this and the adj lining Slates, and experience has in innumerable instances clearly demonstrated the trull, of his theory nnd the utility of his Lcc, by removinir from bedsof hncuishimr nnd nicUn.R. hun. drcds of persons hborini; under chronic dissre which ha I pret iously defied the utmost power of the healini art. Inthe views ot Dr. Ilonninir the nndeuiined fullv concurs, and so completely convinced is he that they need only to be understood to receive general acqui escence, that he hns at treat expense hecoms Ihe pro prietor of the patent right for tho Counties above na med, and he i happy 10 stale that he has made ar rangements which will enable him to answer all or ders for Ihe instruments at short notice. The undersigned deems it proper further to state that he has been in ihe useof these instruments in his practice for mora than three months, and lhat durinc oui nine ue una 1 een cauvu 10 apply incm in nume rous cases of female weakness, and other kindled dis eases, and has uniformly found them productive of ,1.- .. , r..t 1. 1 . .1 1 . l . in..' Tuiiuciiui cassiua anriouieu iu main uj ineillTen tor. JOHN W. EMERY. M. D. Essex, Feb'y.7lh, 1811. 3G Git From the Clarcmont Eagle. Claremont, Dec. 6, 1813. Ma. Wiser : I lliink much of Dr. Banninn's la bors anion:; us. Thev have dune eood. Thev have waked up the public mind lo think on the subject ol ncaiiu. Ann, until soma ocuer reasons are liven lor lha " ereclposlure" which he so much urges us lo maintain, and whicn we have always been told was essential, I am satisfied wiih those set forth by him. ue leaves us wmi 1110 warmest ant'cnon. ei intituac burning; in the bosoms nf tho.e whom his visit will cot the mot., in a pecuniary point of view. For he nas aucrutu Ihem rciiu which lliey have sought in vain before. And as the sunnorl which his Lace cives. is acknowledged by n'l, to be valuable, in many cases, ins comuiii among us is going 10 give a mreciion 10 the enquiries of manv, hereafter, in the efforts to as certain thenalureoftheirdineaeaind ihe appropriate remedy. And while he does not intimate that hia system is to supersede ihe use of medicine, I think he iiibkcs 11 clear, mac mctiicuie is sometimes rceorteu lo, where theu;mor. and ej-irritne.hs recommends, arc all that is wanting. His Lace is costly, it is true, nnd the support it is said may be formatted cheaper. Very well. Let it be furnished. Hut look, out and not buy an axe made only of iron because it is cheaper. i, 111.17 u? ucin 01 me eou, 11 is eviuene ma views must no throueh thecounlrv. and thev wit hive iheir c. ...... I.. ! .L- 1 1. l:- influence 10 bum into greater prominence, principles and practices, hitherto, 100 much neglected. His views on Voice, liron. hil'u, Consumption, Spi nal Weakness, Dyspepsia, Palpitation nf ibe Heart. iVc, are well worthy of being tested by facts, and 11, c- -vo, uc. Anu unc wuy 10 icm incm i-i 10 iry ma remedies. And it will be done. I am glad tho ics pnnse to my inquiry a few days since in your paper, shall Doct. H, come anion" u 1 x was " lly all inenns," and, that full nnd attentive audiences have confirmed our judg-mcnt, and that moro than one poor sufferer has thanked Go I for his visit. As a popular leciurcr, I think Doct. II. might improve by using a lilllo more elevated slyleof expiession, and by avoiding some of his remarks, although many of them give zest nnd snrigliilincsi 10 his leclurcs, and ennble him 10 hold his audiences in perlect quietness for hours. 1 1 is address 10 Ihe ladies on Ihe ruinou- influences of tight lacinu was truly eloquent nnd irresistible. .No one can fairly decide upon hi-system v10 does not bear him through the course of Lcclurea. II. V. LAWRENCE. LUMBER. WANTED hy the fill serin, r. WHITE PINE, SPRUCE and HEMLOCK HOARDS and LATH in fxehmee for CABINET WORK. Shop over Wm. IIURLBUT'S Store. Churr.h Street. SAMUEL NICIIOLLS. llurlinston, Jin. 1, 1814. 31 tf HERDS ORAM and CLOVER SEED, of supe rior quality for (tie by II. W. CATLIK. ALSO, 1 hi- futktli 9d Wlnt. MORE NEW BOOKS. HAUl'KR'8 Pictorial liiblc, No. I. ntv supply. Arabella tilewsrl, a Romance from L'ugliiti History, by O. P. It, Jmnei. Price 12 cents. New Sketches of L'very Day Life, tcijrollier with Strife and Fence, by Misj llromer, translated by Ma ry Howilt. Piicel2i cents. Tho Ufa of James Armitmn, D. D., by Nathan Unnt-s, D. I). .Martin Chuzzlcwitt, No, 1. to 1, new supply. Mysteries of Palis, in French, No. 2. and J. Wnndsriiiss of a Journeyman Tailor through K11 rnpo and thu Last, translated Irom tho German, by Wm. Howilt. Kendall's Life of Jackson, No. 3, nisi received and for salnby A. LDWARIK Peek's Uuildinff, Feb. IC, 'U. 37 11 0 w a n n ' s 11 0 t w ii Preparatory to a Rail- Hoad from Boston una on to Montreal. coons cur.Ai'. T3REPARATORV lo nn arrangement for an inten JL ded tlilblic iinnrnv.m.n t in thiq V'lllnr,. wliirl. has boon so long and so much both desirednnd rc- 3uircd by all classes of our citizens for the nccoinmo alion of the increased number- of Travellers, friends and acquaintances who may and are really wishing to pass irom a sincio meal or nignt s entertainment, lo a slay of weeks and months in this most beautiful of all delightful sloppinf places certainly duting the summer months, and that the same may ho as fully accom plished as would bo thought j isufiable in nn individu al, I am now so preparing for that cnaa?ement j nnd I now offer my largo slock of Merchandize nt the ii.-np v-a-ii. 3iore, accne same tow prices touon Cloihs excepted) for which they have been silling inrouyu inc winter, notwithstanding llie. general au vnnee on coods in Now York and Boston. Feb. Ml. S. F.AIIL HOWARD. P. S. As tho above enterprise cannot but bo of preii iniercsi 10 tno citizens, I would uc nappy In mel them on Snturdny, 7 o'clock cveninf, nt tho iiunnru coiei, nn-i siiouia mere ue anv wno nuijiu wish Iho intere-l to bo chinned Irom an individual to a slO'lt company husines? it may then bo discussed. CASH FOR LUMBER. nPIIR Sub.cril en will pay cash on delivery at their jl simp, lor 10,01)0 Iccl 1 inch Clear Pine Lumber, fl.000 " 1 inch do clo do 2,000 " 2 int h do do do They al-o oiler for a'e a larire rpianlitv ol WIN DOW SASH, all size, from 7 X O to 1 1 X 15, as cheap as the cheapest. J. it II. P. HERIUCK. Burlington, February 7, IS! I. MILITARY COMPANIES ATTENTION 1 Uniforms and Equipments For Sale. WILL be sold at a bargain, if immodiato appli cation be made, the Uniformx and Equip ments uf a Military Company, consisting of Coats, Capo, Pants, Plumes, Cross and Waist Ilclts, Scabbards, and Cartridge Itoxcs. All of which arc in prime order and well worthy the attention of anvCompiny in want of such articles. For fiitlher information, addriss, 'Joshua IF. J?a zin, Trumpet (Iffict, Hoslon.' 36w3 "TOTHnHS OF ENGLAND: their Influence and 1X Responsibility, by Mrs. Lllis. Neil's lli-tory of the Puritans, pnrt 2d. Mysteries of Paris, in French, lo be completed in 8 numbers, al 2 cents each. No. 1 received. DeAubignu's History of the Reformation, 3 vols, with Latin notes. American Naval Riography Illus'ralrd. Tired of Housekeeping, by T. S. Arthur. L. S. D. Treasure'Irove, by the Author of Handy Andy. Charles Do Itourbon Lot Constable of France. Mnrinndukc Wyville. Ecgene See's Novels! Mysteries of Paris 5(1 cents. Matilda, 73 " Femilc Bluebeard, 25 " Salamander, 25 u Thercse Dunoyer, 25 " DoSurville, 12 " Marn. del.eloricre. 12s " ALSO, a variety ol new Hooks received last evening-, at the Cheap Cash Store, by A. EDWARDS, Peck's Ruilding, F, b. 9. 28 TO RENT. AJoii Dw iners S ion. and iwo or three Dwel'niss for siinll Families, near the Court IIoue Squan. 11. L.l-.AVL-i.'.WCJKTll Feb. C, Ml. 30 Kstlicr Clinplu's Estate. STATE Or YE HMOS fO.VV' j AT 1 Probate n, S-. J A Court holilcnai Di-lnct of Chittenden Uurhnqton, within and for the district afore-ai Ion the second day ofFel roary, A. D. 181), an Iii-trument purportingio leihe last Will and Testament of EsniEa CiiAriN, la'e of Jericho, in said District deceased, was presented lu llie Court Ticre fer Pro bale, by Sophia Chipm and Harriet Chapin, the Fxecuiors therein naineil. THEREFORE II i. ordered bv sai I Court, that pul.lii. nonce I e L'iven to all person concerned therein to appear 1 1 1 ire sal 1 i;o in, al a seion lliereol lo I e holdon at the He -i ler's Oilicu ill said 11 irlmilon. on the second We.lne-d.iv i f March, A. 1). IS II, and eon let the proline of-nid Will, and it i. further ordered lhat this order I e O'lblishcd three weeks successively in the liiirlington Fiii- Pre.., a newspaper p.intrj at lliirlinstnn. 111 Mil. Stale, the a.l of which shall bp previn i 10 ihe davn isned, a. aforesaid for hearing. Given under niv hand nl tl e Itesi-ter't OiKcc, tin-, second day tf Fibruarv, A. D. 1314. stow-si w.U. wiissTo.-v, Register. Joel Woo.lwortli's I .'si ate. state or VEK.VOXT, ) rn District of Chittenden, g. 5 1 THE Hon. the Prol ale Co in for the District of Cliitl.-n 'i-n : I'o all per-ons con cerned in the Esiaie of JOEL WOODWORTII lale ot Jericho, in said District, deceased, Grr.Ts.-rt., Myrilla Wood.vorlh, Administratrix of ine c.iaie 01 tnio ueeensevi. 10 ren. er an ac count ol her administration, and pre.eni her account against said e.tate lor examination and allowance at a se.sion of the Court of Probate, to beholden al Ihe Register's odiceiu Uurlins'.on, 011 ihe second Wcdnes 1l.1v of .March next., you nre hereby notified lo appear 1 e foresnid conn at ihe limo and place nfore-aid, nud shew cau-e,if any yoo have, why llie account afore said should 1101 1 e allowed. Giien under my hand at Curlinglon, this fifth dav of February , A. D. 1914. Win. WE.STON. Pisister. John Dcvcrcniix's Estate. WE ihe her-, having been appoin'elbylhe Honorable the Probate Court for the Di-trici of Chitlenden, Conimi-.ioncrs to receive, examine and adjust Ihe claims an I demands ol all i.ersons ngainsl the e.tate of JOHN DF.VEREAUX, lale of Kic Union. I, in said lii-triii, dsVea-ed, represented in solvent, and also nil claims, or demands exhibited in oil'-ct therein-, and six months from (he d.iv of llie dale hereof, leingallowe I by aid Co in for that pur-110-e, wedo therefore here! v sive noih e. flint we will attend to the business ol our appointment, at the oweiunj 01 Ainos o. uooper, 111 Richmond, in said Di-lnci, on ihe 12th days of .March and June next, at luoeioei,-, a. on eacn 01 sam clays. Dated, this 12ih dav of December, A. ., IS14. Alt TEMI'S FLAIJG, J. JOHN WILLIAMS. Umi",-'1"' John's r.stalc. STATE OP VEHMOXT,) rjMIE Hon. the DiMiict of Chittenden, s. ( X Prol ate court Mr ihe District of Chitten.icn, 10 n.. neronconcer nl in the esuue of JOHN LEEIate of Jericho, in said district, dci-easnl, (Jncr.Tisc. Wiicar.As Kent en Lee, administrator of ihoestale of sai.l de ea-tl, propo-es in render an account of his adminislrnlion, and pie-ent his account a;ainst said e-iaie for eaminalion and allowance al a ee.sion of theCo.iriof Prol ale.lo I eholden at lbi Regi-ter's ofllcem Hiirlinston, insaiddisiricton the 23th day of February, I8U. Therelore, you nre hereby notifie.1 to appear belore said court al ihetimeand place aforesaid, and shew cause, if nny you hale, why the account nlore.-aid should nol I endowed. Given under my han I nt Hurlingion, this sixth day of February, A. D. 1SI4. 36 w3 WM. WESTON, IteRister. REVIEWS & MAGAZINES. RECEIVED by ihe latest Express and for sale by .. 1 r-j- , , V- HARRINGTON. Hlaekwood's Edinburgh Magazinej Urownson's Quarterly Review London " " Edinburgh ' Foiei;'n " " Weslinuiiitcr " 11 New Englander, North AiuiTican Grnhain's Ladies' and Genllemcna' Mscitinet (oilei's Lilly's Hook ; Lnd)s' Garland ; Builingion January H, ISU, St TVTORNINU WATCH E. A fw worHj on Hi 'Strauss nnd Ihe Gospels' lha confessor of l.'n ib ..r s,...l.,.,l !. .' r, .1.. c... - " . 1 s si. , inu .'ici.ici 11 n.n. 1.1 1 1..11 1 11 u .VO' dish, for sale by V. MARRING TOW No. 3, Stronss' Iluifdinj. 31 , PRODUCTIVE FARMING A f iiniliar riuesi of 1. ,111; niciii (ii.i-uv.ii.9 ui i.ei.n, iinsioii, imvy, and olher celuluaird writers on vegriabla C-litni.siry, .slmwin? haw lha rosulls of lillace may be sreatly anincnled. By Joseph A. Smith. Tor silo by V. HARRINGTON. 1 Jannary 24, 1814. 34 16 nalrs of North West and Upper Missouri Rnbe, CbMrffrcub, 11 COLE & HOFINfiO.V il. CIHTTI2XDCN COUNTY HOUSH. Chutcti street l..!!!?-;7 sir, Uut Huston, VI T.-t V.'FLLIN'DTON, lit,e. leave to Inform bis Jli. Fr.ends and tbo imblic, ibiilhehas laLcn Iho above Stan I formerly known a- the Vi!lai.-o Iloto', iluntej 011 Ch in li .b'lriot, in ibe villucof U irlm jlon. The louse his been repairel, and fitted up, ihor oughly.antj 'ravel'era and 'caiiuier-''an lo accommo dated m u ell, nndrmni rcasonablu tcrni', as at any other bou.u 111 the vicinity. Thes'ib-cri! ir hopes I y -'rlcl nUcntionlo thu wants and comfoits ci hi. g..u-ts,'.o rectueu sbareofpublie patronawc. A fa. ihful Osllur will always le in attendance. A few boarders wanted. V.. WELLINGTON. R irlinzton, Jan, 20 11, 1811. 34lf SEED WHEAT AND RYE. OH lliishel" of Ihe Clelrated SHKLUURN &J WHKAT, which will I e sold nt ULSS per busih A L S O 30 Bjsbels SPRLN'O RYE. GL'ORfJK PETERSON. January 23, 1811. 31 WANTED. WHITE Field Deans, in exchange for Goods, Al so good New .Milch Cheese, nice liullcr, dried Apples, and produce of nil kinds, for which the high est price will be paid in Coods. by S. N. GAliT &. Co. AUCTION AM) COMMISSION STORE. By IIASWELIj & .VA1T. THE UNDERSIGNED, hiving taken the itanJ lately occ'.iiiel bv II. THOMAS, will conlin ie the Auction and Coiiiuussioii Lusine. under thu firm of Ham-ell & Walt, A Liberal Advance made on property left either for I po' no or privm." sole. CfS.iles on Wednesdays and Saturday-, N. II. HA SWELL jr. . T. 11. WAIT., January 1, 1311. !2 ItKIGGS ii UNDHIWOOD, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, cj-c. Burlington, Vt. Cm32 WRIGHT'S INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS OR INDIAN PUIia TIVI2. THOUGH manv medicines hare I een lelorelhe uublic lor a much onzer Dcriod lhan Wright's Indian-VcnETACtr. Pills, yet noie elands now in ulfiiica ntctiTU, or has more raoidly ailamed a lirm nou ii pon popiiiuresiimauon. 1 lie tiiousavdi mat nave Used ihem throuzhoMt the lenrrth and breadth of Ihe Lepublio, all I car cheerful lestimony lo their thorough 'JJicacy nnd mild operation wlien'emploved in Ihe most dislrcs-in j disorders " which llejh is heir to." The theory of disease on which Wnicm'.s Indian Vccsctabi.e are Inunded. is this, viz I thnt there isonlyone primary cause of alt the disorders that afflict the human family, and ifurrupi huinor J or, in oilier word Impurity cf Dlood. Thi princi pie is now .0 cenerallv ndinmcl, that il may in fact I e said lo I e sustained by nn universality of opinion, thelewdis-eniers constituting but a very feeble nu noriiy. Il is useless iheiclbre to di-cu-s ihe sound ness ol mis ineoiy in l.'iis piaee anu connexion. The one Disease Principle leini admitted, the mode of attack prots-cd bv all practitioners 1 ecomes llie same namely, purgation. l n many oi me su- al ed MieeiHi-s mm. lelore Ihe imblic, pro"lucc om ono form of Pursa:iou j they arc ei'her Sudonlic, t'atharlic, Dciretir or Kxpcctor.ini. HVig'it'i Indian Vegetable I' ills, oinbine all ilie-c nroperlie-, and a,e Ihcrcfore calculated lo attack the elements of di-ea-e at all points, nnd by a harinomo i- and combined ope ration lo expel it radically Irom the system. Their e ieet i- almo-t mag cal, nnd is no less astonish in 7 for is nnld'tossi than its ellicacv Hoth 'ens. and all ages may employ them, accorilina lo llietlircelion, wiiiio'ii tear, lor wime ineyareeerain m curt an dis eases that are remedial, they ncrer inflict an injury upon the system. I lie ncriccl snlel'j 01 llie medicine is anoiner an- important quality, and cue which has contributed more than any iluii; else to its extension and popu larity. In a tcord. this medicine commends itself stronrlv to the patronage of the public, and ils use bids fair to become before long, almost universal. CAUTION. Th,. nil i'.n: r,r Wu. Kivrla n I nre ri'sneelfullr in formed that in coii-e.-iuence ol lhc popularity wlncli rurlit'-Indian ve;ei.ihlel'ils navecaruej oy their nstonibhins; jroodness, a Gang ol Counterfeiters nrc now industriously in pa'niiu-; on the un siispeciin?, a valueless and perhaps dangerous medi cine, under ihe name of Indian Vegetable Pills. I his is lo inform the public, Ilia" the genuine medi cine has on the l-oxe-, " Wrlslifs Indian Vegetable Pills, (INDIAN PL'UGATIVE) or tub NoaTii American college or Health." And also mound tho torder of ll.e label will be found in small type, " Entered aecordins to the Act of Consres, in the year 1810, I v William Wrisht, in ihe Clerks O liccot ihe District Court of ths Eastern Di-tricl ol'Peniisyl yjiua." The pul lie will aNn remember lhat all who veil lb jrenmne In ban Vese:able I'dl- nro provided with a cerlincaie of acencv -izned by William, Vice President Or THE NORTH AMIRICAN COLLEGE OF HEALTH," and that pcdler. are never 111 any case allowed to sell ibe peiiuine medicine. All Iraiellinir A rents will le provi'lpd with accrtilicateof Age.icy a above descri be I j nnd tho-e who camm show one will be known as ba-e impostors. 1 iih louowing ln?hly re-peclabie personshaveoeen appointed nuc-iiN for the sale of the nbove iiameJ 11 rilil's Indian Vtsclaule fills. Or THE NORTH AMr.nlCAN COLLEGE OF HEALTH. AGENTS I'e.-'i it Soear. S. E. HowarJ. .1). Davis it Co., llurlinston : Frap. is Laclare, Colchester: .Morion & Clark, Willisicn; l.orin Tyler, E-ex ; J, II. Tower it Son, Underbill ; A. Barney, J. Ly inan,.loriclio: Wm. Rhode., E, U. Green, Richmond ; J. U. Dii.e, lluntinrton : Mon-on it Dean. llritol; Mon-ou Jtt Dean, Lincoln ; A. P. I'.oscoe, New-Haven : It. Sandcison, W. .Miltcnj I.. Drale, Milton; Geo. Avrcs, Jlilton Fall, i .Mar m Wires, Uriswold & Smrlie, C.iinbridze; W. S. it C. P. Wood, We-t- S. W. Ilruslut Co., Fairfax J II. Cook, Shel- 1.11m ; llm. I. Mcl e, ; Ss. II. Barnes, t'hailoite; Tuppcr if-HearUindiC, Surksborough ; Shale. & Wibb, Fcrrisbnrgh. The only Or.ce in lloston whers the Indian Voje table Pills can I e 1 blamed is al J9S TREMOXT STREET. 1 9S Principal O.liccaad General Depot, 169 Raiesiree;, Philadelphia. 32yl HENRY HALE, ATTORNEY A COUNSELLOR AT LAW, ORWELL, VEHMOXT. SIX CENTS RE WARP. !" UN AWAY from me at Shelburn, on the 7ib day ! ol February, 1S4I, EDMUND DOWNS, a minor who wiih indeniVl to mt from the town of Cliarlotie, and 1 hereby forbid all person, from harhorins. or trusting him on my account, and if any one employs nun 1 snau cia'in ni wage, iwitinuwr, t-oiuui 16 yenrs old, tall and light complexion, had on when he felt a grey frock coal and pantaloons. NELSON NEWELL. Sbelbum, Feb. 7, 1811. CUOCKKK Y. I.OVHI,Y SKYMOlin, TTAVE this dav reccivid from Trov. a lares addi 11 uon to Iheir slock of Crockery, and now offer for sa.'c sn extensive assortment ot CROCKERY AND GLASS WARE, LAMP RHIMNllvS. LOOKING GLASSES, stc. at ths now brick store two doors north of thr'r for mir stand. Church Street, Fob. 8, 1343. Jfl PhESERVATION OF THE TJ'tTJTiVT'Tr b MMM,- MM DR. SPOONF.R, Dentist, would r'speetfully an. nounco 10 the ciluens of Burhns.con and licinity, that he will devote a few weeks n his profeaional aiocaiionin Hurlinir'on t nndwil'ibe moot happy 10 exert the professional know ledcy and s'.ill that helms acquired by an extensile practice, in behalf of oil who mnv favor him wilh their patronage. His stay hem;; quite limited, early calls are solicited. Ho will be happy to inspect ell bt former opera- inns. American Hotel, 'No. 0. Feb, 2, 11-11. 35 If FARM FOR SALE. rnllE snlsmber offers for a'e lii 1 r.irin, s Male 111 ihe Souih-wct iftK-upan if ilhsiin, The lirm contains I, t 1 1!,:.-? !.,, If,,. , ,.. ,.!. i.,,nr.l. l,.-.!sV V "- I""' "".v.. - - " tan 1, nmi tne ret mi.ier rooj ciuin-auon There i 11 Rco I lion, e, barn, and olher oulbinldin; on lie wilh a l'ioJ urchanh will of water lie. Term, of payment bbeinl enoili to sul almo-l any purcuaier. MOSES MARSHALL. Wi'l jton, January 30, 1344, 35w4 FEMAlilO TRUSS KS. rpiUS arti. le of rariui invention', i Huli's, Mar liV, and so on, of every nn' uii1 torni, and lor a'l toe purposes lor wnioa incy wsro oesijn, fcr aale at VVXb. K SPEAK II rlinsfn, vi;im.t ?J TAVK52N STAN S3 FOR SALE OR TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM. n it . i rHF well kn wn ei'nbln!' ffS"W(PKr- V -L "th lbs "biown Hia,.,,," fV5fc?V i 'hrc-' mt'e- ei.t ol the vi la."' Will 4 1.1 V ,! 'rliilon.liCTtcd on lie V. sfivtii t t t.r..-'; noo-M Turnpike. C.'iicitc tg.-z3S2&llig wuli it is a rami orsl, un -w-vi;'-..-:- (itr ,,! cuhiva:ion. Ai;i'i l argrtin will be given to a rightly di-poseJ pen has-1 For purticular. apply to the subscriber, on Ihe tircnii te-. C. P. DUOWN fltirlinjlon, January 2, 1E-1L 21tf TO Pl It'ONS AIIOUT nUILDI.NG. rpiIK subscribers keoji on bandnt iheir I.'imb J- Yard on Pearl Street, Iloardi, Scaniluip, Plan.-.. Floor Hoards and Inch Hoard, ready planed j Loth, Lining nnd oiltor malerials for buildi.ig. Persons in the ndjiccm towns can be supplied L llie .Mills in Uiidtrlull at a euitab.o diduciwn from tho llurliugton prices. N. It. They offer to contract far the erection Huildiii;! on reasoiuble tenns. Applv lo IL P Hickok. HlfKOKA. ts'IRVE.VJ. IJurlirif ton, 3 Jan., 1841. 31 tf sRSlfcOVAL. LOVELY iy SEYMOUR, HAVE rcmovid lo the New lirick Builoin?. "5 doors north of their former stnnd. where ihe offer for sale a 'larce assortment of DRY COODS, and DRY GROCERIES, etc. Jan 25,191!, Church Street. 31 PLA S TER ! PLA S TER I Q(V BAGS fresh pround Nova Scolii Plaster, lor snleby P. iV II, II. DOOL1TTLE. Jan.2S, 1511. 2411 L O S T. ON Tluir-i'ay the 18lh ins", between Burlington nnd Millon.a larce invi-ible irrcen cloth CAPL, lined w.tli cloth an 1 cotton, an I bullous in front. The finder will le stiiinl Iv rewarded on leaving il at the I'apcr Mill ill Millon, or cn L-ivins nonce u C, GOODRIUL Burlington, Jan. 23, 1311. UNITED SI'ATKS DISTRICT COURT. Veruioiit District. I. BANKRUPTCY. Notice to slioiv cause against Petition of LEONARD MAR--!!, of Ilurlini-lon, for hia Dii charge and Certificate, si a llanltrupt, nt tho ofUcd tf Samuel Pienuss, in Montpeher, in said District, on Wednesday, the 20ih day of March, A. D. ISU, al 10 A.M. AMES L. MORTON, ol Milton, for hi- Dieharr' and Cemhcalc, n a BanUupl, at the O.r.te it Samuel Prentiss m Monlp-lier, 111 said District, rn Wednesday, llie 20lh day of March, A. D. ISU, at 10 A. M. DANIEL WARD, of Millon, for his Discharge sa l Cernlicate, asa Bankrupt, at the Office of Samu el Prentiss in Montpelier, in said District, 011 Weilne-day, ibe 20. h day uf March, A. D. 1511, at 10 A. M. LANDS FOR SALE. IN Colchcutei, Lot No. 1 14, containing 100 acres. " " " 103-3 " B3 " 11 11 11 57 11 -op 11 In Burlington, one Lot coutaininj 5 acres, on Ihi Turnpike, between the firm of Cnrlos llaxter, Es-j. nnd the lands belont'ini; to the heirs of the late John Johnson. A poruoh of llm purchase money will bs required at lime of sale. 29 J. & J. H. PECK & Ca, jVJOW Gentlemen is lha umo il In buv vour WATEIt-PROOF AL0, PASTE AND VAR NISH BLACKING?! BLACK, IILFF, RED AND INDELI BLE INKS, WAFLRS WAX ,LS sic. itc. PrCK it SPEAR. A 1 PILEiil 1MLES1 LET the afflicted remember lhat, they have a Rem edy 111 the Genuine Hay.' Liniment. Dozen and doieu. have been sold in'ihi. 1e1mty within lL past two years lestilyiu? to it. eilicicncy, ut 20 PECK 4. a PEARS. B.3M0TA1. M. C. RAT II It U N & Co. DRAPERS cy TAILORS, HAVE removed lo Peck's Building:, threa doori east of Howard's Hotel. They have ju.t reluriiel from New York, wiih an additional supply tf TRIMMINGS, and an assort ment of VESl'INGS, unjtirpaiicc. tor richatu aad variety. B.,rlinetcn, Dec. 13, 11S. rf COItN' Clt ACKERS, A FIRST RATE ARTICLE, manufactured and for sale by E. R. CROSSMA.N. POTASH KETTI.E9, PLOUGHS, Wagon Hoxea and Axels, constantly on hand and for sale cheao. at the Winooski Iron Foun dry by E. R. CROSSMAN. Iiiliujlnl i-liy, JQI1. J, lli. il u Auction mill Commission Store, Ry WM. II. THOMAS, College Street, Burlington, Ferment. A Liberal advance made on properlv, A'l kinds of Dry Goods, llousellold-l'"ui ultlil c, ic. constantly on band. WANTED, SHIPPING FURS, for winch cash will le paid. Burlington, Dec. 23, 1313. S0:f Liauons. 5lpe Coyniar Rrandy, 5 pipes Swan Gin, 0 BMs. Harl er' Wa'ielioue f' Gia, 50 do American Brandy, 5 Hhda St. Croix Rum,' 25 libls. Madeira Wine, 25 do Malaga do 10 do Tcneri.l'e do 10 do Port do for rale bT FOLLUTT, BRADLEY d- Ca. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1S43. U I-WIRHA.NKS SCALES. FAIRBANKS SCALE i of all lists, for aa'.e at manulaciurcrs prices bv FOLLEIT, BRADLEY & Co. Agents. Old Dock, Dec. 14, IS43. 23 20.000 POUNDS first quality SALERATUS in Casks, Barrels and Half Bmrela, for sale low br FOLLETT, BRADLEY 4. Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1343. 29 SOLE LEATHER. 200 Sides of middle weights, Naw York in- anection, 100 do of light do do, New York Tuned and Inspected, for sale by FOLLEIT, BRADLEY Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1S43. 21 I RO N . 4O,()00 pounds Enj. Tirelron.from 1 1-StoS wide. 2,000 do do i inch round, 10,000 assorted Sweedes, flat and square, 20,000 P. S. I. Old Sable, for aale low by FOI.LF.rr, BRADLEY di Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1?43. M Cash for Oats. THE M-,benl er will pavCnah forOa'.t on dtlirstir ai'.'neOU Dock. FOLLETT 4-Co: December Cth 1313. T CHILBLAINS! MEDICINE for the renvdv of those nt 23 PECK & SPEARS'. A I.INSI IT) Oil, ON CONSIGNMENT. 1 CZ BARRELS Raw Oil, 5 Barrels boiled do man. 1 t-l ufaclured and piepired in Boion. fcr sal by FOLLEIT, BRADLEY i Co. Old Dock, Dee. 14, 1343. 23 PAINTS Ai OIL. 5 TONS puro dry White Lad, warranted equal to any manufaclured in ihe United Slates. 5 do F.itrsdrv Wi He Lead, 3 do No. 1, do do do, 200 Kefs pure While l.'nd 111 O.l, 10 Barrels Venetian Red, 10 do French Yellow. 2" do Amxnean Litistrd Oil, 10 da boiled do clo. for sale aa tuna! very low, by FOLLETT, BRADLEY 4- Co Old Dock, D-e. 14, IS43. OYSTERS, BY th-l es or smaller quantity. Also, Apples by Iho barrel or bushel, constantly onhan.lbv 20 D.' ULACKM AN. Porlc. 1C0 r.M. Mes fork 50 " Ixr. " Lard 01 the I.cnf, cr RenJt'ri! Fieib l!ia, ihoulJ. ei, l!ib und Heads, for sale I y I'OLLlsTT UREULEV tf- Co. Deinhcr6'hlS13. 17 ?-J3LlG JTCTIOH. W 1 N T 11 U A KUAN C. 15 .11 l i T . MUCH. & Co.. PACKAGE EXPRESS WILL ten eKiirinslPu, tvi ry Wednesday morn. 111? goins South and ertuy Friday inornliiir coint, .North, Psekaaif acd Pan-l, ii.iki f t-It wilb Me.ns. J. t J. H. PI CK ct Cu , lb- dav pruTlns,. to eiatunr;. I7in. YIROlfuVOo

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