Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 1, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 1, 1844 Page 3
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l'or tho llurlmi ton I'rco Press. I. And ero youth's v.or 1 hail hitly won, 1 stood an orphan -chcrrlo. nml nlutio - No lender chord of broth ho J was thr rc, r.nlwmms round my simple Juiiihful ticattt No inter' softness had the healing ntt, To lunula o'er or to repress my grief) Yet, comfortless, I shed no bumms toir, Hut viewed with speechless np;nny that bier Which to tho tomb my I tiller's form sustained I II. To every loved and we ll-Unown placo I hied, In quest of ninrht to calm my troubled breast) Tho glassy stream, the silent grovo My painful sense if wo cm well attest : And still melhiuhs 1 hear tlio cchos sail Amid the spacious air, returning full, Tlu I i t " d nutca upon each passing nale. lit. And stdl with soti'ncd madness richly frnusht, 1 listened to each meltim. tone nml caititht With sturdy hand cachjojf'il hope of pood, And future pleasures drank with thirslful draucht i While every dear nml much-loved scene of youth Cime o'er my soul-n hallowed vision And the qlnoniy silence of the hidden truth Faintly gleamed o'er thefir Illysianl IV. Then somo mysterious inrtuenco cams SI. With mighty power,and o'er my febrile Inncy Hung A fearful spell Unchantmcnt, c er the same, In moving tales or measured song llefure had veiled in mystic lnde my eye, Which now were oped to (cm realities Of weal and wo. V. Truth like alone meteor nt dead of night, riaV 1 o'er iny mental vision bright, And dni7ling as the glorious noonday sun Upon the. optic nerve nlsnmc blind one 1 How pure, how deep was my heart's devotion To herl loved no oilier emotion round home within my soul s embrace. VI. Cut soon the dreamy spell that bound my soul, Was lost in dreary mournful vision, Is winch the past scenes of my juv'nilo years, Now seemed hearing up in bold derision, Mucking in majesty my ready fears, So well exciud. VII. Kro two short months had made tho'r rapid flight To fill tho measure of the mighty past, Whdejny was smiling nnd young Hope was bright Alas, 83 durlinj lint it could not last The fun! destroyer nipped the op' nine fbwer Then just evpandin ; into beauty's pride J And madly with Ins so-rn relentless power, At once plucked beauty and my future brilo I VIII. I taw the rnso that bUntnrd upon her cheek, Mowly fading, cadi day tint passed away: And easy was thf proves tra"cd each week, Wncn thus she nride toward premature decay ! Slid ofiim s'ie wind 1 say " ' Now don't you thin1. I soon shall heqtiito wtU1 Thsn we can roam again o'er lull and dell, And cull ihe llowers together. IX. She Fighed to rove anion jt the wild-wood flowers : 'I'll 'V wen- hei si-tersnnd the loved them well: With thein t-lit pjent Iter dearest fiv'rile hours; Hent'if I ciiibliMiii lint do sadly led How transient nre ihe f.un'st j tys of earth, Altho' of I'urnj's primi'val liinh. T'i: day n fair a hii.dii and sunny day Al mliire vut'ed and echoed to the song Of wanton warblers cli lining their sweet lay : Alas! tint day ' sh-itj rt-me nber longj It was mv birlhJiy,' ind the Inppy one Willi nuptial pleasiirr'; w had ill inght to crown, Eat oh how ininlv ! W.lislon, 21 irn. I.. E. lvq"tnr.rt Off en, ATUCKT, ) VvVdnoid.v. iv'.. 1 uVlocI; 1'. M. ( v rni Ini Ocamctir' The Assvlumfiir tr I'.ior tiininl ' l'i"i-r,iii nj ; 'fen of the In MiiM ennsuinl in t'i'! 7ih"v .' .' ll is our painful d i'v in roi'urd one of the most distress i s .ecuri-pr.ecs lb it cvor tool; place tipnn the 1-and of N.mtuckot, and we sincerely pray tint we may icver bn cal'ed iip'iu ajjain to note o ip a""iid 'd with iike rn-ispquoncus. About 'i n'ch ck thi murtiiiiy, 'i (irr broke out in the Asylum for th I'.'or, i-nmo ! miles from town, nnd in the cn"r-i' nf two hri'ir.-, tlio hiiildini; iva'it to t!i ;rr"Tid. So rapidly did tio tire fo nid, th it I'usn in tho lntiri wore una 1ji 1 i s ive any of ili"ir cfT'cls and awful to l''.iti', ton of tho inpi'i'ei werp huriiBil to death. Oi.b of thise h inn (l.vdn llinvon,) h id carried her child to a p'rfco ol .ifetv. and returned In try to save viio'lrn.', but d.d not herself ajain rsf i tic (.vn in- r fl tmos'. Thoro wore trty l',, porsons m lb" h iup, besides the fain i'v' nf ('a it. Timothy II iiwor, tho ICoopor. l'y l!. ln-t ali L.k cIl'i'CN and dO dollars in money. There weru HI of the paupers bed rid' n nun of tlioui wo nro told had not walk r r n'i .it 21) varp. The names of those lumed are Paul Jenk'ns aaed fiO : Thomas llu1!. ti7: Jo i uli m ('.iihca-t, 70: Williim Hniii!' . Til; Wm. Un'chin; Sophia lli'i'de, njed .17 ; l'hobo Juiie-, SO ; Dnis, 87; Lyd a lhnven, 3:); Wcibliy Davis, .rj!l fivo men and five womon. This forenoon wo visited the Kceno .of detrui'tioti, and it was a bcoiiu tint would have inovcd a heart of ftone. The firo is supposed to liaio originated in thu Cool: ltiom, and was not discovered until the inmates vvnro nearly Bullucatcil. Lawyetis OuTwiTTf.n. Two Lawyers bv th name of Root nnd lleii 1 hancing to meet the famous, Lorenzo Dow, at a tavern in New Vork and wishing in mouse diemselvcs, asked him ainoiiL' other ques tions, what kind of a place lie thought Heaven was1 lie answered that he thought it was n barren coun try, where there was not a Root or Hcsn, nor never would be I The " Root" nlltideil lo in tho nhove, wns tho old voteran, Erastus Root, who shook his fat sides at tlio willy response, and im mediately invited tho cosmopolite lioinn with him. i.,r fs 11 ?.. -ni siuisu.r. su nut, i,r.i nu.,,1-,--viuv. 1 1111111,1;, Reynoldf, of Mistoun, comtnitteil suicule at Jefferson t.'ity, on tho 0th instant, hy hhooti III" limiseit iiiriuiLTli the linad witlin pistol. He liu jrereil seieral liourti in creat ai,'oiiy. Tito St. Louis Itepublicau of 'he ltilli uistatit says the Ciovernor had been in bad health fur some tituo past. A CARD. In behalf of the Propneiorsof tho East Mill proper ty at Wmooski Falls, I take this method of tendering to tlii' Fife Companies and cil.y.ensuf Hurlington nnd Oub'Vst r, w bo w.-re preunt, the great obligations leu ami ue 10 uu 111, iur imir prompi and successful .- . - 1 1 . . .,. . r . -, , . 1 txertians, labt e .i ,,ing, in saving a portion of said I property from dctnieit 'ti by fire. I feel assured, that lioih nf short of the skilful and vigilant e.lorls and kiinliauccs, that were d splayedon thenccasion, cnuhl fliaie cheikcd the fuilhcr and far moro destructive progress of the Ihines. Such timely nil, so freely and i. in Hy licsiowcd, cannot but receive its reward in the approbation and praise of a just and generous community but more especially, I trust, iu tho grate ful thanks nnd remembrance of those more iniiiiidi dtely intei esicd in the preservation of tho propctly. Colchesti-r.Fth. 29, 1311. I). READ. STEAM 1JOAT MEETING. At a niL'uling of tho slockholders of tlio New Yotk and Cliainpliiin Slcnm Hoat Company, in Ilttrlitigion, on tho 21st inst., tlio following resolution wns adopted : llesolvcd. That it is thn sense of this rmoting that tho directors of the New "or! and Cliamplain Steam boat Company lo and ere hereby requested to iiitet with tho etockbo deta of said company on the bib 4ny of March, 18-11 at Howard's Hotel in Hurlington, lo advise with the stockliolden rihli lo fdlini ui tho board of Dtnrtors. ' 15H1GHTON MARK UT.Monday Feb. 13. At Jtarltot, r.00 Uccf Cattle, 000 Sheep, nnd 40 lleef Ontllo unsold. l'ntqEs. Ha Cattle Tho prices obtained last week fur n liko quality wcro hardly Bustnined. We quote nfowcMrantSITo ''S't Tirst quality SH'i 81 B0 second quality SI V SI 25 ; third quality S3 no Hi SI. v',cfnpromS150 to'S.. Weathers from SI 75 to .SVi'nr None nt market. X, II. We noticed eight premium Cattle, which ar rived in tho cars from Connecticut, after tho close of tho maikcl. Iltirlluston Mechanic's Institute. 'I'lio first of two lectures, on tho principles involved in t lie construction and action of I ly ilraulic, nml Pneumatic. Instruments', will he Riven at the rpatlinp.rootn, thie (Friday) cveninp at half past 0 o'clock Temperance Notice. Tho Burlington Total Abstinence Society mceti this evening at tho Court Ilntipp, at half past six. An Address may ho opecteil March 1, 1811. Msiiriru o (3 In Cambridge, on the 22d ult., by J. Soars, Esq, Mr. .Solos IIiicwster, to Miss Saiiaii Thompson, all of Cambridge. At Waddincton, St. Lawrenco Co. N.Y., on the 10th nit., by Hcv. John A. Ch'ilds, Mr. IIkxuv Stacy, merchant, of Matilda, (Cnnada Wet,) to.MiiB Abigail 11. Onvis, eldest daughter of ! redcrick Orvis, formerly merchant of flurlinglon, Vt. At llr'idport, on the 22d inst., Chablis T. Saxe, Esq ,of St. Albans, to Miss Scsan M. Hakes. In Jerico, on tho22J inst., Ilc.vnv Fisld, aged 57 years. In Watcrbury, on thf 17th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Rcssel ItcTLcn, aged 29 years, daughter of tlie late Consider Seveiance, of this town. In Now Haven Vt., of consumption, on tho 17th inst., Miss Elkanoba M. Gr.trrts.daiighlerof Thorn as nnd Electa Griflin, in the 19th year of her age. Though culled away so early and suddenly from hfu, her friends find consolation in the hope that she was prepared by tho grace of God, for an exchange of worlds. NOTICE. port SALE, the third MUCK HOUSE, situated -L north of the Stamford slnne house. Fur particu lars enquire of AXM ELIZA MUNSON. Ilur inglon, March 1, 1311. 39 w'J A. DAWSON, TAILOR. Shop in the south end of Mr. Stetson's new brick building, on Church Street. Itritl.l M1TOX, V KK.MOXT. Cuttlu; (tune In the most approvtil style, nnd art aiueu. M.indi I, ISM. RmSD MITICH! N I TICK 1 1 TO nil irr-im m le'.tu I In the -u! -cnl or, that the j- iiiri';tiiii nt'cuuiii in t-l I c pai.l, a. lii pr perly i-puie i ur :nu tuiu uuiiiiiis cio irivnu'iii will -av it. sidm:v iiAiii.nw li irling'on I "ills, .Mari-S I, ISM. 39 tf STOLEN, iiumi I he Mi'nr cr, a' o it iliu l.'tli Orm' rt lat. i. n M.I. l!OAT Willi -ail ami o.ns. Thu li, ba a iTi'i'ii I mtoni, the were marked vn i bran I, "J. To1 h-," uKu, one broad axe, rne caqn iei h v.. two iiainmcr-. two ni.iiie-. one ?aw. one i-li'ue. one n's i-be.-ke 1, a woolen I e I ' lan'.e', nn 1 one pair i (in-, i ue per-ou wlio siuie the proper iv I- no l.u.'ii-U'iun or iM'i'inan, uiioiit j tiet 9 Inclie in lioiuhi, .Mi v one frivinir imoriiinnoii v.diere ll; pi'i'ieny may he fo m.l, nnd the man iivurcJ lo 1 lirought lo iiis'iee li ill bo III rrally rt-wnrile-l. C.rindUlc, Dei.'. "J.'M. 39 JAMKS TOHIAS NOTICE. rpill. inliabitanls 1 f the town of I'ur'imton, who I arc Icjnl vo'ers 111 town llu'eutiir. nre Lcrcliv wMrni-1 in meet nt the town mum on Mouduv, the -lib il.iv of March next, al 111 oMud,, A. 31., for the ft.l- lowine tiur.iii-e-, to wr. : 1st. To chno-ca Muler.ttorto govern sau meeting, 21. To cboo-e nil neccs-ary olliccra for the year en -mil.:. 31. To re-eive reports ot ibe Selectmen, Over-cool the poor and Town Tn a surer. ddi. To ice it'll, etowu will imlliorizo the 1-t Con s'.i'le toscnei rucvs-e over the County of Clnltcn ecu, 5lli. To raise money Cirlbc support of the poor and dcfrayinit all oilnrtown evpen t... Clh. 'I o st.L. if ihe town will widen Maiden Lane ni d pav damage-. 7 ll. 'lo ( if lite town will build a Fire Knirine Hume 1 n the court bou-e square Ly individual siib .sciiiilti'ii ur o.hcrwi-c. Rib. To see it the town will build a pest hiiu.e. tub. To-ce if the town will build a I rulee across Onion ruer near U. II. IViinunan'.s where the oil br.dje now st'ind. 10 b. 'lo -ce il'lheiown will ta'.e mea-ure. to pre vent the further ir.ifiV 111 inloxi'-aiing liq tors m the i..i 11. lVTHI'R LOOM IP, 1 k . imi 1.11, s Selectmen. TIMO. F.t S TRONG, ) Itiirlinginn, l e . 1-t, IS 11. 39 Asahcl VIt!ppl(' ".state. WE 'be - .h-iipcr-, hi' in'.' 'ci-i niipr.inied ly the Il"iii.ra' le 'hi' Pr,.1 -i c Co ri f r tin- I),.. trie "f C in en li-u, en nmi.sii,,n..r 10 receive, ix.nn ine and a j 1-1 llie c!auiis nn I 1 euin id- of all per.-ens aeniiisi n,e esiuie ol ASUIIiL U HIPPI.E, .,i,. 0f irongio sun uisiriet, iiccciscil, rcpre-enlc I hi- fcolieui, ami nlsiinll clauu, mi l ,', m mils ,.xh lidsl ,11 o ih-ii ineieioi and six inniitli- Irom the day of tin 1. oe ncri-i 1, t cniz auowe I hv 1 iiii-iv ten ,1,1 iliu...!', i..,P.a... 1... 1 ., IITC1 1, 1 ciuz a IOWC I ,V -Iltd l Knit l(,r 1 ,n ,, j attend to the I ie- or our appointment, ui ihe dwelling i f JOHN HOWARD, in Rurlingtun, ,,, R.H Iiti.trii'l il.. ,...1 Vt..n.ln. 1 I..1.. . . teiiiber next : 'i- -"-' 'u'i 'miiu.iya ui Jlv ill (1 r-i'li- I " on cam ci said lay.-. Dated, tin I7'.ll dav of IV! marc A f) I.nilER LOO.M1S,) ' .'' T. F. STRONG, 5 Commi.! 18 1 1. I'ctitinti tn sell Land. V,,VK"-V-'T. ! A l a Pro! ate Court ,.i- 1111 1, .-iinicnucii, ss, ) x. itcld at Willi-tnn. willun nnd (or said district of Chittenden, on the 1 0l ll ilayot I ebru.iry. 1811. comes llcnmn riilb.ii li,. islinior ol the eMail. ofAndiew Clutlield, late of ---","" .' i-iu.iiuici, ucccaseit, nnd ides in said cuuri ins iicni'iiu, in writing, selling lurih that the pcrsjimi e.iaieoi uiusaid ilccea-tit, as inventoried. .. In Slla ,.t ...l.:..l. Ct n. , - , 1 ..-...,,,, . ... vuu.1, 111 w iiirti o, i,yj jas I't'Ctl asson e,l by said court to the widow of the saul ileira-i! ttial t ie claims 11 loneil nirri,Di ,.d.a. i... .1... ' :.:,.... : ii'miui-i-ii'i, it- uiiiuiini io.yiu,t;i, and lliattliec i pen-es ot iiiiniinisimtion an., not c-s ilm, 8ixiv dul- l ! "--'I lu-viii-cii iccii icizeioi two, one 1 iiMi.'iiiu .nre mis 01 idiui ,,i -aid iiiiniinzinn. I cms Ihe l.irin on winch he lived previous 10 mid at the timo if liisileath.andal.oof an equal midivulisl ball i ii iuuii-r numiru'i acre un 01 land 111 said lliintuig ton, oounilisl soiuli by Ileinan Gillett' l.iod, ca-i by laud of Jehiel John., north by Charles an I Lot Swift's land. an I we. t hy Al'en n,,,', Ij.,.1 .. 1....1. Bald lanJ.oftbe sui I de -ca-ed were mortgaeis'l bvlbo ,11111 oei eusci, in 111. nieiiine, to J.inm- Amtlcr to s-' cure Ibe payinent of a hole lor the sum ol three bun drcd and llmty (iv dollar nnl interest, il.iied Nov 17, ili, wliich nolii was not pri-enled norallowisl I y llieeonnnissKJuer 011 said elate j that said lands (110 also s 11 cct 10 tlio wi Iow'h rur it of iluwer tlu rn in nml 11 ii-ill I .. .s.,... a.., tn ...II ..II .1 . . ' - ,.-,-,,, i nil 1111 h-i, r, I ol s.ud e-late in .aid Liu I-. inchidiii" the revcr-un of dower therein, tor tho p.iyiueni of the i!c t nllowr I iir.iin-l ai I e-tnie and lliecxpen-e. ofadiniui.iraiion, .uu .iiiv im sum n.uri io nten-e the said udiumi-lra-torto -ell till .be interest of. aide-tale in said land., liieluiliug tliurcver-iun nf ilnw,.r ibercin, ngrceably lo Ibe .tat. ite in such case m.ulennd provi lcd. t N7'",u;i'u-V Ibecoirl albre-anl dolh appoint the th ird. Monday tf. March, 1811, lor hearing and dcci ding i n Ml. pelilion, ni ibe Eagie Hall in sai 1 Willi-. ton. and dolh order that nil piTsoua iutcrolisl I ,. no iiiusl thcrcol by pul In-aiioii ot th s ord.r, .oniaiiniig Hie suli.ianro o mi id pnuion, ibrco wicks niccc- a'"0 in itiw ii ii uimiiiii rrce i'ie.... n ii..i...,,n,n- piintol in ll'irliiigion ui said dislrid, the last'of which pni ii. a'inn-to Lo previous u said third Monday of M ii .vl 1 (. I I Given my hand on the day nnd year first alano wrillen. 30 w.l Win. WESTON, Register. i'AIUIS TO I.IJASi: .)U A Ol' VIlMtS. Ai.Altiil-, r All it s'oet,ed wilhni'niry and sheen, and tiieoareil for exicn- lSlln SOIVIM'. mi1 i,l,,,ilin.r M'l r.on iVtUfe!"''!'')''"-'' mul bavu siiihVicnt mean, to -carry it on ami fuini-hthu best leeoin. men lalioii for integrity utul indusiry. Also two other I'aruis tola for an amount agreed upon, Theio farms nre situated on the Laku shore oppo sito Hiirlingn n, Apply to I'. M. it W. C. WATSON. Port Kent, Teh. 2(1, IBM, if Jusl ns wo nro poing to prcs1, n firo lias lirohon out in Mrs. Cunkltn's house, nenr tho Mutltodist clittrcli, (ncctip'tutl in part ty Mr Cornwall,) ant tlio barn, wooil-hotiso nnd ilclicn am destroyed. Tlio front pari, nml the adjoining liottso, owned by Mr. Whitney .... .it-. c .1 1 wcro saved wtlliout material injury irom t"" firo : nit ml 1 sur nils v ( ninaoei . I)V till un- . ----- atdonnliln destruction of furuiltiri1, doors, I windows, &. Thrro is somo radical do feet in our organization, in this respect, and wo limy tlio wardens to look to it. Wo hould considnr 11 good cloan hum n blessing, ronipared willi such desolation. Again, wliero tire our firo liools, and ladders? With ono good fire-hook tlio destruction might liuvo been arrested in fivo minutes, with barely tho loss of tlio barn and wood-liouso, it most. Hut nothing ofllio kind was to be had. Lontr exemption from calamity lias inndo us negligent ; but wo seem to be in a fair way of being brought to our senses. And, qucre had we better wait for another admonition X All credit is duo to tlio Boxer and Volunteer ongino companies, for their prompt and efficcnt services but for which, both tlio buildings named, and, in all proba bility, tlio now Congregational Church, would have fallen a sacrifice. On this occasion, too, wu have bad practical demonstiation of tlio importance of our suction engine, and its long hose, and qttito ns clear a demon stration of tlio necessity of llireo or fivo hun dred feet more. Tho firo is supposed to havn been com municated from tho chimney of tho Vestry to the bay loft, which was open. Mrs. Conk lin we nru happy to loam, has an insurance. Klieliczer l,yoii's Instate. "Mrii tlie Mibscribcrs bavini I ecu nnnointed !iy T the Honorable Probate Court lor tho District of Chittenden, eoninii-.sioncis lo leceive. examine and mliiM tie claims of all ncr-on n".un-l tlie eslalo of 1:III:M'.ZI:U I.VON, l.m; of Colchester, in saiddis tricl, deceu-ed, repie-cnlcd 111-olvciit, anil nl-o all claims nml demand exlubiled 111 olUct thereto; nml six month fiein the date hereof being allowed Ly aid cotiit Cor that purpo-e, we do tlicrelore hcrcliy give notice that we will alteml to the business of our appointment, at the dwclhn-hoii-e ot l.uey I.y 011, in Colche-tcr, in -aiddi-lnct, 011 the ur-t .Mondays of .May and July next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. on each ot said d.iv. Dated this 1 lib day of I'cLruary, A. I). 1S11. ll. .11. I I.AliK, ( jM. 1). WICKWAItE, 1 CommiVji'oneri. l'lcrcc Slanillsh's Ustatc l'ctllliiu to nil Laud. STATE OF VERMONT, A T a Prol ate Court Di-inct of Cliittciidrn, ss. ) i held at llurlinrrton, within and for said di-trict of Chittenden, on the 22d d.iv of February. A. D,, IS 1 1, comes Ru-cll llroiioii. adiiuuisir.itorof I lie estate ot Pierce Sinndish, Lite of ll'iiiiinirHiii, 111 Mud di-lrict, dcce.i-eil, lntcsta!l,, and li't's iu -ui I ctnirt Ids peiit.mii, in wriinnr, setting forth that the -aid dccca-c.l die I se zed 01 about one third ol un n"ro ol land, sihmc m mid lliiututglon, on whiidi there is a small dwelling house, liciug tluMinii-e an I land occupic ! by the aid iuie-latc tireviou-ly lo nud al the liuieof In-dcitli ; that siitlauli sill Jccl to a mi riirace 10 one Jnhn-on to seeuie the payment of a nice for twenti-liieiliillarsiind uveic-t, and 10 the Ui 'oW's liulll If ih.wer llieicill J llial Ihe claims .ll- tm, ,,i,i,iii.s,n,.rsi,,..ii;,l,.iiiipninnnni lo S7Sfi.21 i that Ihe nnm ml of the inventory of tlie personal e-tiiiei. il 1,79, of wlir. h -.l,'-!, Iu I ecu a.-imie.l Ly -aid court lo thewi !ow of the said intes tate; that the alum nit id' the accounts in l.ivnr of mi id ost.,1,. riilli-citl, is si 17,5-, and itie epcn-cs of admin isierinir said estale .lie noi les siiy dollars, and that il I ncces-iirv lo -L. I lie whole of the m eic-t ol said iMate m ai I land and bud.Iiut-, incbiilm? the rc vcr-ioil ol'duwer tlieicin, fur the payment of llieilc'its against sni.l e-iale am! ihccien-cs ofadinini-tiation, and praymt' .tod coiut In lircn-e ,aid ndniinisirator to -ell the itrere-t of s ml e-l.Uc in Mtul hou-e and land, iiicliiduit' the revcr-ion ol'duwer, ai-ice.ibly to the statute in such c.t-e ma !e and nrovi led. Wur.m.L'i ov, the court nl'uie-nid doth appoint the ' Hur l w eJue-il.iy ol .u.ncli, tst 1, lor hcarimr ami in eiiliicj' on saul nctiliou at the ollite of tlie Register i-tcr of .aid court m mid HUrlins'on, aud dolli i tikr that all pcr-on iniiTcsiul I e notified thereof by Iiiblicalion of tin. order, routniiiuiir the su'i-tance of said peti tioiihicc wiv'.s succis i v c I y in tho Hurlingion Free Pie-., a newspaper printed in sail ll.ulington, of which pul hi'iilu'iis lo I c ptevtous to theday ap pointed a afjrc-iiid lor hcarim. ti'iicu un 'cr my lund uu the day anl ear first above luciiliomsl. 39 w.5 win. w r.STO.N, Rcnislcr. I.ulhcr Carpenter's, Eslatc. I'ctltlon to sell i.aue. STATE OF VPRMONT, ) A T a se-ion of the Disiricl of ( hiilcui'in, I -L V Probate Court Held al Hurl nstmi willun and lor the dis'r it of Clutlt-ii-ilen on the 22 I day ot IVbriary, A. I)., ISII, comes tin I . l- irinan, ai'iiiiins'rauiroi iiiee-ia'coi i.uiner Ciipcu'er, late 1 1 il uiinigiim, in -aid di-lrict, decea intestate, ami lues in sain co in 111 pennon, in wriiiuu', -e tinur tor ll lieu tlie iritiiiiii- hi me pcisu- nal csl.i'e ui' the -aid iule-tale amounts to S2G2,0.5 j thai ibec'auu. n.iui-t said e-tale, allowed tv the enniriii--i iut- air.iiiis, saiiics'uionino mt tob-ll,a ; licit 'In' evenscs i f aihninis'eriiiir said c-laleaie not Ic-s ilrin rcven'y-l'ne i!ol!.ir.s ; that a portion of lhL. ncr-onal iietror'ei iris i,-ou cuiisinncl in lb sujiui rt of ii,e faintly of .aidinte ta'ej titat tlie pcr-o- iiale la'enl ll.e -aidinle laiei- m .iiilicicnl to pay the deb's .ill., wo I at'iiinsl 'aid e a'e and the expenses of aduiiin-ir.itii n. nml thai it will be tie. e-niry lo sell a par1 oftlic n al e-ta'e ol the sai I uilc-late fur the pay ment of -ii much ot tliei'e'ils nnd expeioe ofadiniii-l-lration n- the mid pcisi.unl e-lale is in-ulh'cicut to piyi thai ihe .aid inle-late died mmzc I of a larm in -in'd Iluntinirtnii, on uhieh lie resided previously m and at the tune of Ids death, which is subject ton inorlunge to ncure i ,o pnytnent of a nolo lor fifty dollars nnd iniere-t given lo the town ot Huntington, and I al-o siibjeel to the widowriabt of dower, nnd praying said court to license said udinintstrator lo sell so much of said leal estale asiuny be necessary lo pay tlie c'ehls again-t siii I e-ta'eand the expenses of ad ininisualii n, agreeably to the btatutt iu such- ease inailo and provide 1. Wui.r.r.Epo.!, the court aforc-nid dolh appoint tho third Moud ly of March, 191 1, IV r hc.inng ami dcci ling on said pelilion, at the l at'le Hall, m WiHi-ton, in said i!i.rjcl, auddoth order lli.uall per-ons inlercs'cd I e notified thereof by publication of tin. order, con taining tliesiilisianccol sai 1 pelilion, three week suc cessively in the lliirliuzlon Free Pre-s, a newspaper primed in said llurluiston, tho last nt which publica tions to Le previous iu said third Monday of Marcn, 1814. Given under my hand this 221 day of February, 1311. 39w.1 Win. WESTON, Hcu'istc,!. AIplicus l'ersons' Instate. I'ctltlon to Sell Land. Sr.l TH or VIUIMOXV, ? A t a scion of the District of Chittenden, s,. S A Probate Court held nt B irliugloo, within and fur aid district of Chittenden, on llio2fi'h il.iy of lebruary, A. D. ISM, csine Reuben Rockwotsl, administrator of ihce-tate of Alpheii. Persons, late of Jericho iu said district, deicanil, and tiles his pelilion iu writing, selling foilh that Ibe personal elate of the sail imc-tale, a inventoried mil appraisel, amount to S237,(i2, one bun !rtd dollar of winch ha been assigned by raid court to the widow of sail inlesiale ; that the claims alliiwel ngain-t said eslnto by the con, in, - sinner amo int to 511,31: that the of administering said estale are nol Ices than sixty dol lar! 'hat lliu h.ii I decd-ed diiil nfd of 5'JJ ncre. of laud, situate I in Jericho, being the farm on which lie mod pieviously lo and at tune ol hi. dealli ; that at Ihe lime i f In death, be held a mortgage, executed to linn by Walnr 1', of about ten acres of land, and clothing works Ihcieon, situnied iu Mount Holly, Vermont, to secure the payment ol certain nous, and th it the sail n biuni-tralor has since purclia-iil the equity of redemption in said ten ncres of land for the Icnetit of said e-late ; that said lands nre subject to tlio widow's right of duwer therein, and that it will be. ne 'ess try to sell a part of said land, for the pay inent of the debts niram-t said t-tato and tho expen se, of !idiuuiistr.iiou i that a part of eiihcr ol said ih'o,e iniere ted in 'be remainder, nnd that it would pan el ol land cjniioi lie sold wiinout inmry tn I u I euelicial to the heir losaid e.lale and nil person niiete ted ibercin to lino the whole of said lands si 1 1, a ibis't tothu widow's ticht of dower t!irein, togetlier with ihe reiersion of dower in said lands; nml prayinir .mil c. urt to Incuse said ndniimstrator to sill llie whtilet f mid land, sul'icet to the widow's rnrhl uf iluwer therein, together with the reversion ol'duwer, a.recal ly to the slaluie in s icli ca,e made and pioyidcd j Wiif.iiF.t'rov, tlie court albie aid dolh iiiiiiuint Ibo llnrd Wislnii day of .March. 1811. fur honing nud deciding on said petition, nt the ollice of the Register ot said ci urt m sunt llurliugtou, and doth order thai all person m'ere-ted I e uniilied then of by publication of tin. ordt r, oiutiiuing the substance of said pciiiKiii three wteks Micces.ively in tho llurliug tou I' reo 1'it'ss, a newspaper pruned at llurhiigttn aforesaid, the last of which publication to lo prev ious to snidtliird Wednisday ol March, 1611. Given under my hand tin 2fi'h day ot Frhruarv, M1. 1.10) WM. WLSION, Kigittir I BISllOl HOPKINS' Lcciures on the Causes, l'rmciplts, andltcsijUolthcllritlsli ntformation, received by V. IIAR!UNOTO.. 23,IVb., 1811. M rpiMi 1,1 NTAN PA ST -tho History, Object and JL Proper (Jhservanro nf the holy season ol Lent, by tbn lluv. Wm. 1. Kipn, for salo by 23I.M). 39 V. IlArtRINGTON. JWIt.M EOR SALE, Jtpf 17011 HAM'., a linn in Umlerhill, con Tna$) t-'inin? ono liundrel nnd Inny.sft jj'ri'l acres, ol 01 one hundred ncre. of which SJi'jli.' under cultivation, the icinaiii'tcr is eovercil ly a coiu irruwin 10 u.iru wuon. m nie prcml-es are u coincnicntdwilluig bou-e, I am, sheds, A'V " nn ore nut (.1 inn y 1 car ni; iq p e ices. Miilieieut for m il in nmuo tllty or sixty bands of eider. Also, u Carol remaining one hundred acre Ijimr a! out one pule from Ihe above, about sixty arrei liCwhieli isiimbr liniiMVement. nnd has on it a ciun- eious bnrn, the ruinainder is well wooded, principally Willi beach ami maple. I lie iidoo are situaieii near the cenlie ol the town nnd in the main road, are well walere.1 nml ell renrcu, a eonsnlerablc portion of the fence I cini mb-lnnliiil stonewall, and toacth cri'ompose one of ihe be-t dairy farms In the town. Tho nboye prenii-cs will I e so'il to close a concern fur much less than their real value, aud po-cion given on the 1st or April next, rur turtlier particu lar enq lire of ' A. KOOTK. Ibuliiigton, r!i.2l, 1814 38'f Petition to sell I, and. STATE OP VF.IIMO.NT, 1 A T a ic.sion of the District ol Ulnttenuen. . 1 m. rrotiate 1 ourt held nt llurlington within and for faid district of Chitten den, on the 20tli dny ol Kobrnnry, A. D. 181 1, comos i 11 iii 1111,1 nunun. wiiii is nuii runtii ui ivu.hiiu a tniiii- ii.i Ivorton, .Nathaniel U, Norlon, and Sarah Almira Ni rton, nil ol Iline! urch in aid district, minor chil dren of John Norton, late of -aid 11 incburgh, deceas ed, intestate, and files 111 said Court her pctilioa in writing seiting toriiiinat tier sain warns nre seized ill their own right in fee as tenants in common of til-tv-lhieencresof land in Sturkshoro', in the County of Aililisun, heing the same land hereiulore ileeilnl by Harry Kiml all to tho John Norton i that said land is nnpiiductive ami that it would be l'or the I e-l intcio-t of said wards to have s.u'd land sold and have the proceeds ofsiicli sale invested in other and more productive real eslnto or put it al interest, and pray inu -aid court lo license bur, tbesnid guardian, lo el! mi id land ngrccally to the statute in such case made and movidcd. WiiEREiiroN', the court aforc-aid dolh appoir.t the sccomnVeiliiesday ot .March, IBM, fur hearing and deciding on said petition at the olfi 'P of I lie l!eiiter ol sunt court in said Hurlington, and do'h onL-r that all iierson nilere-ted Le notified thereof bv nubliea- lion ot Ibis order, containing the siiLslance of sail petition, three weeks successively in the Burlington 1'iee 1'ioss, a ucw-papcr printed in said Hurlington, the List of which puhlicaiinns to Le previous to the Mild -trout! Weilnesday oI' h, 1811. tiivcn under mv hau'd at said Hurlington 1I111 20ih day 01 1 curuary, tail. 33w3 W.M. WESTON, Register. .I11I111 Tinman's llstatc. STATE OF I.HMONT, 1 rnilE Hon. the Pre District ot' Grand ls!e s, ( X bale Court lor the District of Grand 1-le : To the creditors nru 11 1 otlier concerned 111 the e-tale of JOHN TRUMAN, Lite of Aim ran, in said Iiisirici, deceased, Wiichcas, Daniel Wall, ndniinisirator of the estate has 111 nie n .1 ic.i it hi to lhi court to exlcnd the time liinilci lor Ihe navmclit 01 nie uciits 01 said uecci twelve months from Ihe3l dayof March, A. D. 1S11, anil 1 he 10 h d.iv ol Jiarcii 1 em ns-:noii tor a hear lug 111 the preiiu-es at llioollice of the Kc;itur of this court. And it h.iving been ordere.1 that notice thereof I siven ! V hiibli-hmi llii.decrce ill the Free Press, n newspaper pruned at Hurl inst on. I hree weeks siiivc-siivly before ihe sal I day of March. Timr.ct'iini:, run nie hereby noiificd to appear nt the time and place aiore-ai'i, and sliew cause, it am you have, w hy an cMcn-ion should not he allowo l. iilicu umicr mv mill ' iil.soriu 11cm, 111 -niu iis' tricl.tlns l'ith dav of rebniarv, A. D. 1811. 35w3 AEtilSTUS h'l(!HT, llegister. FARM AT AUCTION. T""iHE rmlcrigned, administratrix of the estate of X llcniamm It. ,, (ate ot Uliarlolte, 111 the cointv it C'liineiu'en. dccea-el. will sell at iniblic auction, on the -Jtldidav ui rdiruajv lustatit, al one o'clock 111 the af'eruin'111. under a license troin tlie pro! ale court (or the di-irict ol Chittenden, (unless previously s I nt private sale) a farm Mtu He I 111 '" ' " "mmminu uu unn ni .nn iiiisu i acre-, subject to the widow's right ofilowcr therein mil lo cerium mor'ir.mes; being the faun on winch tlie saul Rciijuiuin II. Iiwvl previous to and ut tlie time of his death. The land is iif excellent quality an I iu a good stale fit iiiliiialion, nniMbe buildings, (hou-e uud barn,) are convenient nml in irood icpair. 'I be whu'e farm will be sol I together, or in septrate parcels, a- may I e fuum! most I enelieial. s-'ale to lal.ep'.i -c nn the iTemises. SAI.I.V 11. SK1FK, Administrntrir. Fe! ruary 13, IS 11. 37w2 Ult. BANNING 'S LAGE. THE Undersigned has become tho proprietor of the nntcnt ricbt for ibe sale nf ibis valuable in. I struinent in tlio counties of Chittenden, Franklin, Gran I Isle, and l.amoille. To those who have not had an opportunity to hear the linentor explain the principles upon wliich this invaluable supporter isoftered for alleviation of mise ry nnd disease, it may bo necessary to state that he attribute s to the want of abdominal support, many diseases and ailments which have heretofore been assigned to other nml farddlcrent causes, as well ns those in which such support has been admitted to be essential, nud he claims to have discovered, in the PA TENT LAI E, nn instrument far superior to any which has vet hem nrcsenled. Its completion has cost him years of thought and labor and thousands of dollars of expense, by reason of numerous cxpen meriisho was compelled to make before he could bring it to its present stnte of perfection. Dr. Manning has lectured in many of tho principal towns in this and the adjoining Slaies,ande.pciience has in iiinuineiohle inslancis ilcaily demonstrated tho truth of Ins ilieory nnd the utility of his Lace, by removing from ImLsof languishing and sickness, hun dreds of persons laboring under which ba I picuously defied the utmost power ol the Healing art. In the views ol Dr. Hanning the nndeisisned fully conruis, and so completely convinced is ho that they need on v to bo understood to receive general acq i- iscrnce, lint he has nt ureal expense hecomu ihepro- prnlor of the patent Usui tor tlio i ouniics nnovo in Hied, and hoi-happv to stale that he has made ar raiicements which will enable him to answer nil or ders fur the instruments at short notice. The undersigned deems ll proper firlher lo slate that he has been in tho use of these instruments in his practice for more than three months, nnu mat uutin; ilnt time he lias I een called to nnidv them in inline runs etiscs of femala weakness, and other kindled dis eases, and has uniformly found litem produetiie of ihe wonderful results attributed to tnein uv itiPinvcn tor. JOHN W. E.MERV, M. D. Essex, Kcb'y.7lh, 1S11. 30 Cw From the Claremont F.aglc. Cloremont,, 1B13. Mn. Witnrn , I think, much of Dr. Uanning's In Lr..mnna T ll S C ll n VP ll (1 111) COOll. TIlCV liaVC wnked up the public mind to think on tho subject of health. And, uuiil some ftuer iiuiiuii. on; kuch iui the "i reel posluie" which he so much urges us lo maintain, nnd wliich we have nlways been told was ic.,iili,il I nnl fttlisnVil Willi lllOSe SCt forlll bv 11111 He leaves us with the warmest affection of gialiludo burning in the bosoms of those whom his visit will enst ihonios. ill a necuniarv point of vinv. For he linn nlt'ordid them relief wliicli iliev have rouclil iu vain before. And as the support which his Lace gives, is acknowledged by nil, to tie vniuaoie, in many cases, ins coming among us is coin to give a direction to il,,. onnnirlpo nf mm v. hpreafter. ill the efforts lo as certain ibonaturaoftheirdisensesand the sppropnate remedy. And while he does not intimate that his ejnieni is lo supetsede tha use of medicine, I think he maKes it clear, mat meaicine is sunituiuca icsium to, where thetumior. nnd Mrricucehe rceoinniends, nro nil that is wanting. His Lace is costly, it is true, and the support it is said may bo furnished cheaper. Very well. Let it be furnished, liut look out and nnt lute an nn mada only of iron because it is cheaper, It may bo dearer in tlio end. It is evident his view;s must go through thecounlry, nnd they will have their inllucncu lo lirinu into greater prominence, principles and practices, hitherto, too inucli neglected. Hisvicwson Voice, llronibilis, Consumption, .'pi. nnl Weakness. Dvfiiensia. Paloilalion of the Heart, ulc.. nro well woithv of bciii" tested by fac's, nnd they will be. And one way to test ihom is to iry Ins remedies. Anil it will be clone. 1 am glad tho rcs oonsc tn mv iftnittrv n few dnvs since in your nancr, shall Duet. H. come nmong u. ? was " Uv all means," , nnd. lhat full nnd ntiontivu audiences have confirmed our juugsiupni, nun uiai iiu.ii one iuui buihh i has thanked God fur his visit. As n popular lecturer, I think l)nct. II. iiiinlit imnrove bv usinir 11 lilllr more clcvaicd slyleof expression, and by nvoiding somo of Ins ipiamt remarks, nlihouah inany 01 ineiii gne xesi nnd stiriiibtliiics. lo bis leclurfS. and enable 1)1 tit to hold his audiences in ncrlccl nuictness for liours. His address to tho Indies nn tho riituou. influences of tight lacing was truly eloquent and irresistible. Jo ono ran fairly decide upon hi. system v ho does not henr timi llirouuii the course ot tenures. R. F. LAWRENCE REVIEWS it MAGAZINES. "P ECEIVED by the latest Express nnd for sn'n by .1-1 V. llAtUtt.lJ iu.i. Illackwood's I'dinburgli Magazine) i'rownron's Uuarleily Review j London " " Edinburgh " ' " I'oiclgn " " Westminister " " New Englaudtr, North Ann rican " Graham's Ladies' and Oentltinens' M;nn Gudev's Lady's Hook) Lady's' Gatland; nuilincion January 24, IfU, MILITARY COMPANIES ATTENTION 1 Uniform and Equipments Vof Sale. WILL he sold nt .1 baruani, if immediate nptili calion bo made, the IJtill'ni m nnd I'.(iilp- E. tnctltsi of a Military Company, con-isiina of C nits, Caps, l'atiti, riunifs, Ctosi nnd Wnlsl llvi Scabbards, nnd t'nrlrlilcn Mimes. All of which nre in piimu ordrr nnd well woriliy Ihe attention of nnv t,oiiipany in want or such nrliclcs. for tiitllier iiilorm ntinii, nuilrt-ss, 1 Jos'iut 11 i" tin, Trumpet (Iflice, Jhstun.' Sfiwlt l mm eii. WANTED by tho su' scribcr, WHITE PINE, SI'llt'BH mil IIEMLOCIi IIOAUDS nml lATIlin txrhiiiL'ofor CAIHXEI' WOlllv. Slur, uvcr Win. UUIIMIUTS Klore, Church Sir. i t, SAMtEl. NICilUM.S. Hurlington, Jan. 1, 1311. 31 If TTEItDS GIIASS nnd .SEED, of sunn. li rior quality fur ealo Ly II. W. CATMN. Af.SO, a fow bushels Scod Wheat. JUST RECEIVED, 20 DALES SIIEI.TINCS, of the Exeler nnd other favorite brnn l, for inle by roi.i.E'rr, 111tAUi.Br, &ei. Old Dock, Feb. 22, 1811. 33 MOKE NEW BOOKS. TTAltP EIl'S Pictorial Uible, No. 1. nw supply. XX Arabella Stewart, a Homanco fiom English History, by (!. P. K. James. I'ricc 12V cents. ew aKctches ot f.very nay i.ite, together wun Strife and l'caco, by Sliss llreiner, traiulnlcd by Sla rvllowitt. Price 121 cents. 1 tie 1.110 ot James Arminius, w. i., Dy -ntnan uangs, li. I'. Martin Uliuzzlewitt, io. I. to I, new supply, JIvsteries of Paris, in Trench. PCo. 2. and '.i. Wanderings of a Jonrnevniaii 'I'ndor throunli Eu rope and thu I.'ast, translated Irom tho Herman, by Will. IIOWIII. Kendall's l.ifo of Jackson. No. 3, 111st received and torsaietiv A. i-uivaiui- Peck's lluddinj, Feb. IB,' 11. 31 ifo W All 1) 'S iioteT Preparatory to it Rail-llaacl from liostqn and on to Montreal, noons c'iihai. DREPAIlATOItr lo an nrrancemcnt for an inten X ded Public iiiinrovement in this Vdlane which has been so long and so much both desired and re 3! in red by all classes of our citizens for tho aecommo IIUIIUII Ul IIIC IIII.I U IllllllUt.'I 'Jt 1 lilVt IILIf. 1 1 (JII 1, 1 9 I ation ot themcreiscd nuuibcrs of 1 ravellcrs, friends and acquaintances who may nnd aro reallv wishing lo . r-:....i t ... :.:i..i . r I iinsn iiijiii a biiiijii; uieiii 1.1 infill s enicriiiiiimciii, ! u Mmo,fiL in,l'il,,. .i l..i,,,i,rt nf nll dcliqhlfidstoppiiigplaccscertainlydu.inglhesummer mombs, and that the same may be as fully accoin- n is in wnn u in I lnnohi t iam hn i n in nn int tvn 11- ft 1 1 nin now so prepmiiL' lor t h;it rtisaireiiieiit ; nnd I now olTer my lalgo stock nf Merchandize at the 11 iv.i. c...... .t .... - 111,111 V U-ll ,5 11111, ,11 IIIU 1" IIIIU 1HW iiiiui.3 i.iniiiiii , , , f t. .1. .; ., tl.i Clotlis excepted) lor which tbev have been selling ""''J.fni rnmetru cause of alt the thsorUeri hat through the winter, notwithstanding tho general adA'""' through the winter, notwithstanding tho general vanco on goods m uiv 1 or nnd iiostnn. 13lb Feb. Ml. S, EAR!. HOWARD. ON O O NSIGNMEN T. CAS !. OF l!IIOI)CI.OI'l!S, consisting of s-J ltlael.', Itiiie, and M set, fur a!e hy thopie-e,t,y 1111, t.l.i 1 , lilvAUI.l.Y 00 1.0. .lgenis Uld llocl., r eli. 22, lslt. Window Sash. rilHE s'lb-crdcr o'Icr Cur -ale a larse qi-nntitv of J. WINDOW S SII, all ie-, (r..m 7 X O to 1 .v 101, as ticap as the cheapest. J. .V II. P. IIEURICK Hurlington, March 1. IS 11. 39 if "MOTHERS OF ENGLAND : their Influence and 1 L Responsibility, by Mr. 1 His v.,i.. ,1: .v.i ... ii..... 0.1 .-i'ii.iiiiiiiviiiiiiuiiiiii,iis.iri,iu. .Mysteries of Paris, 111 French, to be completed in 8 number, nt 2) otntscach. No. I received. DcAubigne's llislory of tho Rtfjrmation, 3 vols. with I. nun notes. American Naial lliograpby Il'us'rated. Tind of HniisokeeinnL'. bv T. S. Arthur. L. S. D. Treasure. Trove, by the Author of Handy Andy. t liarles tie linurnon Lot i onstauicof ! r.ancc. Mariuadukc Wyville. Ecucne Set's Novels : Mysteries of Paris ."I cents. Matilda, 7.i Female Hlucbcard, 2", Salamander, 21 Thcrc.-e Dunoyer. 2 DeSuniIln, 12i " M.irq. do I,r toriere, 124 " ALSO, a rarietr ol npw Hanks received asl eve ning, nt the Cheap Cash Store, by A. I.IIVV.U.U-, 1'eck s liuiluing, 1 b. 'J. m TO Rl.'NT. A Joiners Shop, and two or three Dwel'ings fur snnll Families, near theuour: llou-e .Square. ii. i,i.avi'.nwo!;til n. 3d Kstlicr ChapltiN Kst.ilc. .S'7'.l or Vi:i!V()ST, AT a Prolate Di.-trict of Clullcn 'en, s-. ! Ji (Virl holden at Hurhnstnn. widi'ii nil I lor ihodistriet afore-ai Ion tin second day ot ro'riaiv.A. n. tall, an in-iniinent pur lorting io I c the li-l Will and Te-lnmciit of F.sTiir.a Cu.vriK, l.i.r ofjeiieho, in .aid l)i-tnct t'e -ca-ed, w.i. tirestn ed io ihet'ourt lieie ll r Pro lan', I y Sophia I h l.iin and ILiincl Ch.ip'ti, the i xcciitiirs therein named. THEREFORE, It I oulered by s.ii I Court, that piildii. nut ice I e giicn lo all per-ou coin-erne ! tberi'in to anncar 1 ctoie sin t oui I, al a sc-siuu uicrcoi to i liuli'cn at ll.e Regi-tcr's 0;!i' e in -ui 1 II irluiluii, on Ibe sis'nnd We ne i ivl March. . I'. IS 1. an I tc-t tlieproliale of sin I Will, -m I u is furdier or.'eic I that tin. order !e nnlilislied lliree v.'tek. -'im' Mit !y in the llurliiiL'Ir.n ! ice 1'ie-s, a new-inner minted at H.irlinntoii. in I Iii- Slab', the la-t ol which shall be nrevio'i toihodava-sincd, a-nfuresaid fur hc.irin uicen iiniieriuy nami ai no nei-ier wince, uiu ecnii I day of IVbruarv, A. D. IS 1 1. 30.V3 W.M. WESTON, Itigister. (rLou.l Call.XO A M. ihn.ii ted to the .ub.cri! cr-, whose de- A mauds are due, arc rcuiic-ted to call and -oiLe thesiiuetu sale ihcinselvcs a Louder Call. S. N. GAL'l' &. Co. Hurlington, Fell. 21, 1311. 3j P. S. The balance, of Dry Goods will I c sold at COST roa cash, to innkc room for fre-h supplies on ihe ojicnitig of Navigation. S. N. f r, it Co. A NEW LOT OF GIMPS AND FRINGE-:, 1,1,1m Rubier. I.aecnni Wnr-toi -Milt-. I.tiics Sight-Cans, just rcceiied by Exn'- ami fursile cluap. bv 11. W. CATUN. Fel ruary 23, 1311. 33 STILL MORE NEW ROOKS. SWEETHEARTS an I Wives S or, Hefure and Af ter Marriage, a delightful story byT. S. Arthur, Price 37J ccui. Hiorrrapby ol'Ji hn Randolph, wtili .e'ectinn. from ids Specchc-, Ly Lemuel Sawyer. Prne 37 cent-. Tlie Junius Tract-. No. I, The Tel. No. 2, Tin' Currency. No. 3, The Tan '.No. 1, Life ot Henry Clay. No. 5, Political Abolition. National Clay Mimlrcl. I.. S. 1). Trea.iiro Troie , or, Account ol Irish Heirs, by Samuel Loier, author of "Handy Andy," iVc. Price 12 cents. Clui-tmas C.nol, a GluM Siory of Christmas, ly Charles Dickens. Puce (1 ccni-. The American in Pari-, or Picture ol Parisian l.lle, by Jules Jaiiiu. Price 2b cent. Paul Jouc.,a Ta'e of tlie Sea. Price 12 cents. The Hrewer King. Price 12 cents. Mu-ic without a Master, ci uiainiug ample in. true lion for the Piano Foile. Price 2.1 ccni-. Jnl received and Iur sale by A. EDWARDS. Peek's. Il.ulJing, Feb. 20, Ml. 33 DISSOLUTION. ryUW Copartnership hcrilolrue existing I etween X the niidirsigncd, under the firm ot FORD it EMERSON, was d.solu! by miilual con-cnt nn Ihu lu'lli nislant. Ad nits due ihetirni must le sitlltd wilh the said Ford, minicl aiely, .MI l.'ION FORD, GEO. W. EMLRSON. Jericho Corners, Feb. 21, ISII, The biiine.s will I e continued nt the old sinud ly llu suli-cribcr, who wdieu Icavtr lo merit a roniinu uuce of public patronage, M, FORD, PAPER MILL FOn SALE. SITI'ATED ON THE LAMOILLE 111 1 1'R, IN MILTON, wilh Mcaiu Drying Cylinders, w. Engines, Calender and all im I-and machinery ncoe sary fur manufacturing piper. The luildmg. are Mc.ire from fu'-hets, ana have n t dl supply of river and spring wuter. Al-o, ndio.iiiiig tho imll nre ,t wnou house, uirn, two dwelling liuuso-, and alum 100 acre of land with a guud orchard. It i. the uio-t northern mill in Vermont, and the 1'i'st location Iur a country luisiucs ol any null in rvuw i.ngiand, having a liuine market tor all Hie pa ner niauiif.iciurcJ. The whole will lo silicon credit, an I all the pajuieuts may le mane in paper nt the null, n that tw'o industrious! paper. makers wuli a eamtal of a few hundred dolurs ouch can easily nni for Ihu whole property in a fawjeara by tlieiruwn , ' CHAl'Nf EV GOODRICH Hurhnirlon. 15 h lei ruary, 111 "7 ( Feb. fi. CI1IITUSIJEN COUNTY IIOUS11. f litirr-ll ftlent l, sMlfr-'.V.N IJttillnglou, VI. H.J'.',i'"il WKI.I.INnTON, la c lenvo to Inform bis l'lien 's 1111 I '.f ! ' ,ic, thu' he In- m 'bo love fiirincilv lliowii n.lliu i' 1 lio'll1, -iiiiiiled nn Cli .Mi U rt", in ihevillnirfotl) 1! u n. 'I he I o m; lias been repairel, nml title I u ', ibor iviahly.und travel eisnnd icaiiLtcr-eati I 0 nci-omnio-ila'e l ns uep, and on as ri"aihuLle termi, ns nt any oilier lu.u-e 111 the vicinity. 'I lies I'.-eri1 it hopes by ttriet ntlcntion to tho want and 1 full, of his ff ,u-t-,tu received sIiareol'puLlic pairnni'-rc. A l.i.llifil Ujiler will nlways 1 e in auencance. A lew I oar-ler-wuu'.cd. ll. WELLINti'lO.N. Ibirlinff'on, Jan. 2011, 1811, 31 I' SEED WHEAT AND RYE. CS( It, ohels of the Cclel ruled StlEUJUItN WIII.AT, winch will I e Sl.'Jj per A I, rf O CO HivhclsSPRINt; HVE. OEORGi; PF.TEItaUrv. Jnnunry 23, 1811. 31 WANTED. WHITE Field Ucins, In exch.anpe for Goo 's, Al so rrood New .Milch Cheese, meo Ilutler. dried Apples, and produceof all kinds, fur which tha high est prico will be paid in Uoods, by S. LrAU l 1,0. AUCTION AND COMMISSION S T O 11 i: . ny IIA"Wi:i,l, .i WAIT. THEVNDF.IISIONKD hiving taken tins tnd 1 lately occupie I by II. THOMAS, will continue I the Auction and ('nuiliiisiou Lusuieis under the firm ' of llaswell & Walt, A l.ineral Advance made on tironerlv lefl either for 1 pir lie or private sale. j"s)Jlc3 011 Wednesdays and -niiiriiavs, . i. iianm-Liu jr, T. R. WAIT. Hurlington, January 1, 1811. 32 nitiGCs & I'NDiiuwoon. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Hurlington, Vt. C?n32 WRIGHT'S INDIAN VEOETAIII.E I' I f, I. S OR IMIIAN I'UUCJVTIVi:. rf THOUGH mane niedieincs have I een 1 eloro the -H- otililio tor a mucli longer oeriod Wiuout's Isoiam Vcor.iAULr. PiLt,-, vet now1 siaml luw in . ' ., . "'"' nsro n. or 11.1s more ra umy anainc, a in. hol.l iinon ono ilar esi iioaiion. T ie thou asds that i',' , i . .1 r .1 11 1.1 . r ''"- iie, llicni iliroiiuhout the leiiclh nnd I rea.llhof ''"hl'". all 1 ear cheerful tediniony to the, t "'"rou - l, ejjieaey an I jiuld operaiioi. w he , 1 em doved '' k'i' -..onwc. . - ...... - , i i w ., t.....t' L Tho """" f h"iso on which Wn r. 1 J ; I ,LL9 ars luiiuded, i tin, v z: that there .I...- .1 r .,-:.. tn.,.l I'l.l. I, pin. , 1 ,r, lit siiuui im 11111.1 t.y'i wiiiuu, , dn is now so ircncra v a Imitlcl. tint it may in Met . .. ... ,... .1,1 --,.1.1,. ..I .,!,. i I 1 e s,i u, m 1 z s 11 ? m 1 1 ic ! iij ,iu inn , si a.iin .11 ibe lew di3enier eoiis'iluting Ind a very ice' le 1111 nuri'V- It i iisele s therefi rc to i!ic'is the oiind' I'ssol tin tbeoiv 111 tills place and connexion. The one Disease 1'r.iNcici.r. 1 cng mlinitted, the mode ol attack proles-cd by all prai-lilioner I e-'omei tin. -nine inmclv. mirealion. 1! it many of the o- cilled siecifics niiw I et'oro the public, iroduco only one form of Purc.iliou j lliey are cdlier Sndoritl'-, Catharlic, Dnuelii or Exiieciorant. Il'ng'il's Iiulutn Vtatlahle T'll s ombine all thc-o nroiieriie-, and nie it. lure nli-iilatcd 10 nllack tlie elements of ib ni .,11 noints. nml be a hiruleuio i and ootn'iincd ope rnf imii In 'T iii-t II raibcidv Irom the. sv-tein. Their e icct isalmo-tmag cal, mid is 110 le- a'slonislimg for is inildiic's than i' cllicacy ;o(i sexes, ami an (jn may emplny tlicm, nccoidinn to tlie direction-, .I.,, Him i, win n I hcv arc cnam 10 cure auuis- 1 " -- easts that aie remedial, they nrcer inllietan injury uunii tlie svstein 'I be perfect safety of the medicine is anchor al! quality, nnd one which has contributed I more than any thing eUo to its extension andpopu-i larity. la a icord, fits medicine commends itself slronrly to the patrona-qe of the public, and its use bids fair to ttcmie before long, almost universal. CAUTION. The citizens of New En dan I are respectfully fn fnioied that in eoii-cqueucc ol the popularity which Wri'-'ht's Indian Vegetable l'dl have earned by their astoii'sliuig goodnos-, a Gang ol Co inlerleitcra are now indu-lnoii-ly cngaucd iu p .'iniiis un tlie nn-siispcctitiL-, a ralu'less and perhaps dangerous medi cine, under ibe name of Indian Vegetable Pill-. 'Ibis is to inloriii the pu! lie, ili.i' the geutiuif medi cine ll l on the boxes, " Wrights Indian Vegetable Plllij (INDIAN PI'RGATI VE) TtiK NKit, A.itu cam oiii-rr.c. cr" An I also atoiuid the I order of the la! el will l.c lound m small type, " I'.ii'eicd according In tlie Act of Consre-s, in the year 1310, I y William Wright, iu the Clerk O.liceot ihe District Court of the Eastern Di-lrict of Pennsyl vania." Tlie pul lie will nl-n reinem! cr tint all who tell th con. lino In hail Vczctal le Pill- aru provided with a eeituicaic of at-ein'V MiTlicd I v William Wright, A'Icc l'renldcnt or Tin: si , inn a Mint cm tot-ixcr. of iicvltii," and ill it poller, nru never m any ' ae aliowe 1 ne!l the gt'ii'iinu medicine. All lr.ue..uig Al-ciiIs will I r provided with accrtilicateof At'e.icya. above descri be ' ; a n I 'lio-e who caum.1 -huw one w ill be known a- b i e impi siors-. The foliuwmg hicrldy rcspeciable persons hare been apptinlcd auenis fur i lit sale of ihe abuve ua ncd i-Istlit- liiillnn Vtgelalile I'llls. or tiif. n nni amcrkan cui.i i on oi health. G. 1'S1'cj iV Spear, S. F. II.iwMr.l, ,l. Davi it Co., liui'i iigiuii ; Fran la Lio'lare, C'i'Icbe.-ttr; Mor on A t lark, Will.s'inj l.i rin Ty'er, 1 .-ex j J, II. Tower it Sun, I'nderiidl; A. Han cy, J. Ly man, Jer elm: Win. Rliole-, E. n.Grit'n, Richnii n I; .1.11. Dile, lliiiitinsion : .Mon-n it Dean, liritlj Jli n-iin it Dean, Liih-c'ii; A. P. Ro-ci e, New-Ha-uni It. Sandeisun.W. .Mdtcni ('. L. Drake. Milton; Ge i. Ayic-, M.'lon I ".ill ; Martin ires, uriswold Sun be. Cunbr, lire: W. S. & C. P. Wood, U e-t- i S. W. ltni.liA- Co.. Fairfax: 11. Cook. Shel- luirii : Win. I. lube, lime-iiiiruii , '. " iiarnrs, I'liaibmei Tuppci-.f. ItearkMidye, iirl..lioio.igli ; Shales ci, Tlio i.u'y O lire in llo-toa whera the Iiuban loje la' le Pi'lscan I e i blamed is al SOS TRGMONT STREET. 1 9S Prmcinil OdicenuJ General Deiiot, 101) Raie-ireei, PhilaWphia. si2yl HKNIIV IlAIii:. ATTOR"nv& c(UN.-ufji.on at r..vr, (). iiv;ss, vr.H.vosv. SI A' CENTS RE WAR P. I : UN AWAY from urn nt Slitlbtirn, on the 7lbday " of Fel ruary. 131 1, EDMUND DOWNS, a minor w in in. indented In mt Irom tlio town ol l-harloilc, nil I bere'iy lurlud all person. Irom liarooriui: or tripling him on my account, ana 11 any one employs bun I shall claim his wa-'e. Saul Downs is nl out lfl year. old. tall an J light complexion, Had on wtin be lell a giey IrocH coat and pantaiuuns. 0 s-. , w-r,v is NI.LSON NEWELL. Shclburn, Feb. 7, 1311. CHOCK 1CH Y. I.OVI'.I.Y MIY.tlOUII, HAVE this day received from Troy, a Isrfe addi tion to theirstock of Crotktry, and now offer fur sa e on eienne assortment of CROrKI UV AND GLASS WARE, I AMP CHIMNIF.S. LOOKING GLASSES. iWc. at the new brick store two doots noitb of fhttr for. mur stand, sChurch Street, Feb. 5, 1S13. 35 PhESERVATION OF THE DR. SPOONER, Devi 1st, would respectfully fin nuance to the cit.z us of lliiihiigton and iiciiuly, thit ho wid devoto a few weeks to Ins proLusiona! avocation in Hurling ou t nud will be most happy to ci nonprofessional knowledge and n .it, that he lias icquni',1 hy nn extensive prnei'cc, 111 ucnaii 01 an nno mav favor bun wuli 1 lit ir ialronag. His s ay being quite limited, carl) calls are 9 ilicttro Ho will behappyto tusiect all Ins former ofnta lions. American Hotel, No. 6. lb,2, 13-11. 35 If FARM FOR SALE. 'V Illl. snls 'iiber odeis for n'e his Farm, . tuatit ,n ihe Soilh-we-t part ut Wdlisli ii, Tho linn euinauis tihoul tifty acre put of which 1 Mond ial! I, an I the re-t uu 'er si o 1 1 ultiva iun There 1 a puo I bou-e, Larn, nnd oihcr outbuilduiir on tho promt o-, with a eiod uvhard, well nf water .'.;'. Term, of payment libe.a! eiK,itt:!i to a ill almo t any MOHES MARSHALL. Wtllision, January 30, 1811. 3."nv4 FKMAliK TRUSS l-5. rnilis nriicleuf various invention I Hull's. .Mar-h'., nnd so in, of every sire am torin, nud tor a t inc iri u-i's turn men nicy were i.c-isun., f r s i'e at ri:i i & ,t'i;tr. It 1 n-i n. I n : nt ii TAVKICN ST A S3 FOR SALE 01! TO JiXCltANGP FOR A FAR.,1. 'pill X isir Wi I n li" ii- iri ibe . , - three nn n t 1. li ilin.iton,!-" iii d 1 u . Wi IK... I i T ru,.i r 1 nn C wilh it is a Irtrm nf SO n re , un der roi d eiilinn sin. A rcti I ari!.iin will be given lo a rih'h dis ,0,11 pun h.nei l'or puttieularsuiiply to the tuh-ei iber, on the niomi- e .' ' 0. p. urtuwrj. 1'nr'iiiEton, January 3, 1914. 3llf TO P.' ItM)NS A IIOUT II II.Dl.NC. TH E subs, r.bers keep on hands .lieir Enmbn Vnrilou l'tnil Sitect, llmd ' ..jntlin?, Plnnk I'hor I'.onids nnd Inch lluurd' ''v dunodi Lul , I. luliip nnd oilier nialeiitdsl'i uny. Persum in the tnliiceni w. ,s can be supplied 01 the Mills in Underbill nt a suilab i dcduciion I ruin th 1 '. 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 c 1 0 r 1 pricts. N. II. They ofT-r to contr"et for the ertction 01 Eiiddiiigs on reasonable term Apple to II. P Hickok. Hit KOK it ts'l EVENS. ltur!inpton,3 Jan., leil. 31 tf LOVELY SEYMOUR, HAVE rcmovid to tlio New lirick Huiliting, 2 doors north of their former stand, wbire the olllr for salo a Jlarre assortmiiit of DRY GOODS, and Ulir GROCERIES, &e. Jan. 23, 1R 1 1, Church Street. 31 PL A S TER ! I' LA S TER I QfVl HACIS fresh ground Nova Scotii Plaster, tiuu for saloby P. 6i II. II.DOOI.1TT1.E. Jan. 2G, IBM. 3ltf L O S T. f"X Tliur.iUe the ltli ins1, be' -' nn I Milton.a Inrce invi lble crei-n cloth CAPE limsl with cloth and cotd n, an I Li.t'ons in front. Tliufini'er will I e Mii'nl Iv rewanle.l on leaving n at tho Paper Mill in Milton, br on r,i mj notice, to C. GOODUIc H. Burlington, Jan. 23, 1 11. UNITED STATUS UIS I'lllO 1' COURT Vermont Distcict. IN BANKRUPTCY. Nollcolo show cause against Petition of LEONARD MARSH, of Hurluuton, for his Di chargonnd Certificate, as a Hankrupt, at the otlico of Samuel Pren'iss, in Motitptdur, 111 sod District, on Wednesday, the 20tb day of March, A. U. 1311, nt 10 A. M. ' A.MI.S I.. MORTON, ol Mi'ton, for hi Disebargu and Certificate, a. a llan'.rupt, at the Olice ot Kiniucl Prentiss 111 Munlprlicr, in .aid District, 01, Welncvlav, the 2O1I1 day of March, A. U. IS 14, nt 10 A. M. DANI El. WARD, of Mdli.n, for his I)iehirro an I Cernticale, njrt Ilanl.rupl, nt the OlUce ofSainu si Preuti-s in M'litpclier, 111 said D. strict, on Weine-i!av, the 20. !i day of March, A. D. 1341, nt 10 A. M. LANDS FOR SALE. IN Colcl.citet, I.otS'o. 11 1, cuiiaining 100 acrss. .. 11 i-g i. 53 .. " " " 37 " 100 " In Hurlington, ono I.ol containing 5 acres, on tho Turnpike, between the farm of (.'at Ion P.axter, Cf. nnd the lands bulonsing to tlio heirs of tho late John Johnaon. A portion of tho purchai: money will bu mquircd at timo of sals. 20 J. it J. II. PECIC & Co, NOW Ucntlemcn is tho tim to buv v ur VVVrHlt-IMlOOT? A10, PA-l'h AND VAR NISH BLACKING0! BLACK, III.ll, Hi t) A.M l.MJt.l.i ISLE INKS, W.U'l RS WAX ES etc. &c. P CK & SPEAR. 33 I'lIjr.Sl IMLI2S1 J' ET the afflicted remember that, ihrj haicaRera J edy 111 the Genuine Hay.' 1 -.utneiit. Dieus and dozens have been solo m" this i , ,ty within tLe pi.t twotar testiiyni? ton- e"icienc,ut 30 I'LCK tt & PEARS. M. CJ. It A Til It UN & Co. D R A P i: R S V T AI LO II S , HAVE removed to Pe.k's (bidding-, thru doort easl of Howard's IL tel. 'I bey have just returne I from New Vork, wilh n additional stqvlv of TRIMMINGS, and an assort ment of VES 1 INOS, miinrjiajteii ijr riebosM and variety. H.irhngtnn, Den. 13, 1S13. f CI1RV'UF.itS, AriRST RATE ARTICLE, manufactured n4 for sal. by E. R. CROSSMAN. POTASH KI2TTI.r.S, PLOUGHS, Wttpin 15om.s nnd A xels, constantly on linml and fur na'e ciicap, nl the Wino iski Iron Folia drv ! y E. R. CROSsfMAN. Wmooski City, Jan. 3, I'll, 31 tf Auction niu! (.'ommi'-sion Store, y WM. II. VIIOMAS, Colligo Street. Hurlinrton, Vermsnt. A Li! eral advamc 111a 'e in pr iicrtj. All ki of Dry Goo.N, llintsel:ul.l-lfuniltiirc, J nil constantly on h.tu . W A N T li D . SHIPPING FURS, fur which tn.h will le paid. II irliii'.'ton, Dee. 23, IS 13. SO.f i.iauor.s. p" ipes Copnine Hr.andv, 0 Swan Gin, U 0 II I-. Car1 er's Warcliou-e Po.nt tiln, 50 do AmiT'can Hrandy, 5 lib 's Si. Ciou Ruin, 2.1 llbli. Madeira Wine, 23 do Ma!aa do 11) do Tcntrile no 10 do Port do for ta'e M' rOLLF.TT, URAULEY a Co. Old Dock, Nov23, 1343. 8l 1-AIIiIIAMCS SC.VI.I'S. IT'AIRPA'.'KS SCALE i cf all tiscs, for s' at manufacturers ptiasby i OLl.ElT, IIIUDLEY &. Oo. Agent. Old Dock, Dec. 14, IS13. 23 5o,00tri'Ol.'Nr S first quality SAI.ERATUS io Casks. HarreU and Half H.nrels, for sale low by I'OLI.ETT, URADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, H43. ii soiii: i.i:.Tiii:n. "VfV Sides of middle we'shts. Ntw York In spec'ion, 100 do of bj-ht do do, New .ork Taned and Inspeeied, for sale by rOLLEl'T, URADLEY i Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1313. 2 Jlfo N . I O,000 pounds Enj. Tire Iron.from 1 L3 to C wldt 2,000 do do 5 inch round, 10000 assorted Sureties, flit and sqiuro, 20,000 P. S. I. Ol ' Sable, for salo low hr FOLLF.T!', URADLEY A Co Old Dock, Dee. 11, 1-11. Cash for Oats. THE vil-cri' er will pav Cash for Oati on de'lvtry atlbeOll IVC. ' FOLLETT "AV f- Co. Decsmlrr Cth IS B. 8T CHILBLAINS! A MEDICINE for thu remedy of that t 29 PECK A SPEAR . I.INSEl-.I) Oil. OX CONSIGNMENT. 1 K HARRELS Raw Oil, S ilatrels boiled do mtn iJ ufjcturcd and pispir.d in Hoston, for stls kf FOLt.'ilT, URADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dee. 14, 1SU 1 '.IXT .t OIL. T TONS pure thy Wlnte Lrad, warrant! rqail to .-J any uiM afacturid 111 thel'inieJ Slatts. 5 do I'xlrndiyW ue Lend, 3 do No. 1, do do do, "00 Kecs pure Wlide Lrad in O.I, 10 Hands Venetian Rid, in An Vn n.-b Ye biw. 1", do American I.uiK.d 0,1, 10 do Roiled do il l. for sal. si uiaal Tfrvlow.hy I'tlLI.F.TT. URADLEY Co Old Dock, Per. 14, Wi. 3 OiSTERS, thelc rr n 11 hr qu.inti v. Alr, Apples by lb. barm! or Luiliel, Cslalj5 '" g'.ljVi s' I'urk. IPO 111 Is Vp-s Pork ill f n ra Lard in the la at', ir Renderol Fie-h IIa", ShoulJ. ei-. Ribs and Heads, ii r ml" Ly e, , uinsn u FOLLETT HREDLEY sf- Co. December Cth JS13. IV 1 X 'I 11 It A H 15 A X C. 11 I HNT. MRGIL i". Co.. PACKOE EXPRESS lLLIciwllurUncion, iviry Wnlne'y mem. nz 10111? Souib and eioar Fr.d.iy mornn ".imir Ncrih, tensKOs aim t'" "'"' ' " -Vl -ssif J i'i I. 11. l"'CK A C'. 'h.'dsv IT' i .in2 17 J VIR'M. 0,n A t S'ai'inj

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