Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 8, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 8, 1844 Page 2
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rTii V K ll) i. 1?MY i-Wi .""-A rn?nfthr?o young ladies who, on lids occahorl, ta- i i ini ,;i.i iiiiii iiii; fine tn ... i ?iiui, "H" Krnut the .luiirnal of Commerce of I'riJay. oa i. i ns rii' v, rxii.o3iov oi.' oi: ni. thk i..M!ri': can. nox ox ii.)a iii Tin', v. s. sti:a.mi r l'.tlNCI.I'i'N. Viro ) ni'urt nflhc Cn'iiif' Inntanl'ij killed, Aha, (fttn rt.i.- li'iiifui t'letlm, Cc-ci Mititf C'. ! ir Inter, t'l' a:iif ItlanJ, mid s cm ut.ur per 5(1 'If. iVM.irii in.loi d hive webecu r tiled to record a moro nivful o.iliiiiil)' Hi in which wo nru about In tie K'filn. II. I We liic-ibiv 1 1 I, tliii V. S. steamer I'riiieet.ui, (niiini in If .1 by Cipt, IC.ttxTl I'. Siiip(tni. in nil til excursion from Washouton city .low n tin. l'oln.n ip, li.ivm n:i ! Mttl n great of p"!gniis, mil iiu whom wore tli( 1'rrsnlciil til" lh" Iixti l .t,itc t'p .Secretaries nf Stale,, mil Marine) Cmiinio. ilore li vcrly K'H-iwi, Cht TnT the Hiireau of.Vivil t 'i-isiruoti.m. Ivi'iinno'tlt ninl Rcpiirsj thp Hun. Virgil ilixiy, lite Mi un r to Helgum ; Col. Gardi ner nl'S mtli iiiintim. I.. I ( who has Iippii accustomed In spend his win er in lliu city or at Washington ; s-iV' iiiiiin'i ts of Congress, nil I til inv ladies. T i.i l'ri lPi'li'it, as most nf n.i r readers know, rir rid I two cnnriii heavy guns (besides sneinl s nillcr ones) t!ir mni.r halls of more llnu '203 lb". w.-ijhl, an I n Ming hel wren ID nun VJ Un. of p nv d r for .1 clntge. Tne moro formidable of llio two has been r.I i y I'nl I v illfd "llic Peace Maker." Mul the event Ins ntnveil t'lat.s'.u: might hive been mora tit'v tproiL'd " D.Miruelioii to !kt I'm'tids " 'I'll steamer inn I.i a pleasant run ai f ir down a M milt Vernon, awl wison for r.'inrn, mul within til"'.! or lour nub's nf lcx tiulri i, (it li 'itig nliout nn. K t) wIil'ii lliu iIm wIit ocpiincJ. The Injiriin In I nl rpi ly lav! ili-clnri;p I tw co during ilie tup, mul ho in j .vo I" i lu I, lint nut with lull .1" In fore, (in f tyt u'lr cnrf(!poiiilt'nt,) llip linlcli s applinl, whpn aw ful I pl.ile, llio inn Imrst at lliplirpcrli, mil in an m ffnil lliii ilpiik w is itrowp.l w ill ili'-iili and ilcslmr irni'iim Am ru the pora ins lolLnl, wo arc p.nncil 1 1 IV, W 'lP ill I tnr. li. l I'. It'i'ir, Spprcnrv nf .Stat'-. Hni. Tin n ii W. (I ini'T, Si pn'tiitv nf tliofivv. II l'l, ll-'ViU'lv v'll'l I I 'llii'f of I'l ' II l-i'l I 111 Coll i-trui'ii i'i, I pun nt'iil ami U 'n lir-. Xavv I) ti n tni"til. IIj:i. .Mixiv, I no Minincr In litl.u n ; iin.l I'nl. f i icr, of -ii'il'ii'iiiii v,i f'- A p il in1 1 'rv nit if I'rpit.liMit, nuncil Arnii IpiiI, w n a1'! kil'p.l, an I 'ivp men n plimir'i nf thp pun ri i in i'ii I j 'i mi il of p 'Vpn It i ! I -I o il-riir'U, p pppltlni i'ip Prpt.'lpul'rf ii'rv.iiit livp.l a'mut ten ni'ii. iifi. Moi of l!i ho Iipi ivitp nhockinaly ni inh il. .lu p t.'pi'inr w i3 in .nlv cut in two. dpi. Stn-k-ti'i, II ulirlipynl not ilanprmmly, ami Spnntor flpn. M I liMtiv. r urtli'jr p irttPtilar-i nl Him niPlancnolly i - In t a cm him ami Mr. tmrditkr. ru llic moiiiPiit hefuro lhc ijiiii was lircil. lls (iiriliiipr rcn'ipilnl llio I'rp'nleiit tornniliict htr to llip ciliin. Willi h" Il in; ofc mtfp, ci;nirfii!il, ninl thus IhpIi.p wn -i cil. Of llio ntniipioiH mul j uiiiif! fiiuily of Mr. Cilmrr, I cmiiut Kppiik. I happen In ktiuw f miptliini; of 111 iluvoiion, ns a f ithpr, to Iiii tliihln n of llio intrrpt luliu tnin ipip I for Ih.'in, in itiiltmir hi arrnnp nion's for tin rpi Ipiipo hi tins pi y of llio 'riia"p, in lint own iiiiu J, b 'Iwpmi Iii piivnto ami palprnnl in IpIi et mul If iinui, mill llio fprn iloiinnil of ilillv which st.iMiiul in p i'i him in olTu'e. Ho lorn. ili-fcr- red In ac -cpi.iti"p of til- trii-t. I Ic Inn mnrictnis aliiuiii tn tin' 1 1 -1. Tin- I'niilit h rsuIvcJ by llio niysic.-uuj wi'riui;,'a ol runiuuicc I'mm iho X". V. Tribune, The rpiiiaiui slin uilctl in the pri'founilpl cl'iom. Tim Pciiat lim'tili arc nil closcl. ami will rpiuaiu h.i until I Iiu funeral icicimuiies, whah aro to lake place to-ilav Coii2rs Ins :nl. ourncil, mul ill milv np'cl I cforo tlio luncral In ronctrt inc'iEitrun fur aiieuilmi! in b,nly i lint imuirnful ceieiuony. Tho Jlayor Ins ii:cil his proelainaiiou reroininenilins lliitl all liimiiiii. ho piiiiri ly eloc.l to-il.iv, anil tlic military nn- nil ordrro.l oul lo ininalc wnh tlic ritizrns mul sncll Ilie hi I pro 'c-ion. o conliUasnly 111 I a nftlie walcr, (jtiilifslio ctinofc?, rIiuwIiii no pail,) sIid cnii Mtrprisu an oiioiny. Nlio can at plon.nim tnlii) I, crown initio!i, anil liar own ilia t.inco from llio enemy. Ilur riijrinca ami wnlnr wln!l ln:ing liolow tlio surf.ico oftlio water, sifo friuii an oneniy'fi c!m!. eIiij is in mi tUnrror of lu'iiijj ilis.ilili.'il, even if licr mails bI.ouIJ he do. slruypil. Shu will not In nt a duly r.vpoiue fur fnul, as o'lmr Menu t-lihM aro. 'I'lie on- Slinea bein piilJnin iipoiI, will prob.ilily onttnst two sucli Flnp. I Iipsc mlvant'iics nviko the I'riiicolon, in my (itiiniini, llio cliaipnM, fastest, ami ini'!t cerium ship nf war in the wnrld. TIip cqiiiptnenta nf tlin ship are of the plainest and tniifct limil : the Inrnitnro i f tho cab in. built;; untie of white pino liiiarilj, painted white, with in llmaany cliairi5, table, anil sitlo board, and an American manufactured nil cloth nn the floor. To euinoiniio ronti, and that tho chip may lie boiler vonlilaled, curtains of Atnor- ican tiiannl.ii'.tnieil linen arc sitUftittitcil lor the usual and moro cuinbriiiH ami e.vp'insivo wood' en bulkheads, by which arrangement tho apart' incuts ol the men and nflicors may. in an in plant, bo thrown into one. and a decree of spi ci'itisncss ami cnmlort m attained, unusual in a phipof her chs. .j" itiui iiiu i iiinun uiui-n iiiiu in uvl'i'uuiw ,,,i i . . .--which mark llio lionur. llmt ll,p liiinf. are nivmir In I ho lVlllCOtoll IB armed With tWO lnnj 22.1 the dead i hul surh rpiicr.i ion mul rrpciilion cmid pound wrought iron jrun ; and twelve V2 pound scarcely ho nny iliiiiu hut iliitrsini; m our readers, I carronades ; all of which may bo used at onro MtaMrdph'! will hn I'.niirl i:i tho atiiicicd ullracls frjni tho V'nn 'Inn intvr. I'Viini Iho X.moiril Intilliecnrcr. In Ihe wlulo i! iuro of our live it In never f.i'ln o o ir lot ti aii'i'imr;!! M our renlcr" a ninre s'lifkin cil.rnity 1uieki'i2 in all i' circutnniii:cs and con- n,tni tlin ii lint which oceurrel on board the llnil'd .Sutc s'lip l'rineeinn, vesterday altertmsn, w'nNt mi Icr wav, in the river l'olomac, fourteen or fifteen in. I' I clow this city. Ypitpr.l ly wi a dav app lintcd by Iho rn-irtesv and hoipitility nf dipt, Stockton, coinminder of tho l'ririppion, lor rppi-tviiii; a vi-ilrr in hi fno slop (ly oil' nirAlexan Iri i) a I'rcV limn' crof cucsl, In spen I tlio d iv on hoaul. Tho d ly w.i most favorable, an I the cninpinv waslirjp-nl brilli ml, of bnlb nexcsj tl it to jitob ililc in number linn four hundred, unnm whom werp th Pri'ileiu ofthcll. .State, iho Heads of t In- "pvcral I'ppirlniiiii and ihtir fanihe. Ala projier hour, after the arrival nf iho expected i;iipi, thu vce '"il un ler wiv river, t ' s line ili-liuco IilIiuv I' n I Wa'hi'iton. Oil nn 2 I he piii!e il uvu. one nf the I in'" iron nn b ird (eirryini: a bill of '22 j ,io rid-) wa fired more lhan n ice. exhilulini the ureil power and capacity nf th 't forint I ililo weipon of Tn ladi" hid partaken of a S'liiipluoii repat ; tan 'iillenii'ii hid sueeccdel llioui by the l.ibli', ami .imo of them h id left it ; the veel w.i on her retiirii.:i the riier, niipositeiho f rt, wheref'nl. Sloektnn cnuenled lo fire another s'inifroiii lb" nine ciin. around and neir whiib, In nbsMve its cll'-cls, tinny pi ron In I '!alb"red,lliouah mul n enntent ourselves wilh n i-implo record nf tlic o'ltciit ami oilier movements or tlio most consider.! ble iiiiji'irlanee. Tlio hn lies of the rielim nf this diro calamity wore hroujht tin lo Washington on n sleainlioat at half past olio o'clock nn 'I hiirsday. Tlio MadWoiinn 8ays: At two o'clock, five hearse, eoicvinji the remain of I"pluir, f!. liner. ICeiinon, Mavcv mid Oirdiner, and folloneil by a lom; train of carriages, cit zons on liarFtrback and on fool, pa.ed in Mlcnco nloni; tho nvniie, and priceoded lo the I'iicioksi'-i tuinion The collin were taken into the cist Itnoni, and hid on frame- placed in the i ciilrc, arranged occordinj to the rink nfiho deei a''d. Tin' I'riidi'iit of the United Stales, who was nlinosl overwind in 1 with i'itef, rinninid a few minute, sur roup I. d by tin" -tiriivors of the Cabinet, and a inline rou.b"dv of In nc.'ive the evtral Coinmti tees, Coner.'Jii mal and "l'l -ts, app.iiiiled In wait upon hi. n, mid iho rep irt of the ComtiutiPo"n Investigation j In! remained mi Imaid the Princeton nfhr iho I s.i I occurrence, mid then retired to hi priv.ile ronm. 'I'ho Coni'iuilec of Con:rcs appoiut'-d a seb-com-mitlee In nipet a Coinmitliooii th" tnrt of tl.o Kxieu. live, Jit llio I'rci letil's IIoui!,al 3 o'clo'di, to aitnligo a iiroL'rniiini.i of tho funeral ccretimnie. A eoiiiuii'loc bad been nppiiinic.l to take chrso nf tlio I'rmcciou anu in insiituto invetimatioiis into llio cauo of Iho accident, who have made a rcporl. corn p'lt ' exonoialiua Captain .Slocl.tnn and iiisoflicers an 1 men from the slit-litest blame. It seems from the testimony of I.icut. Hunt, of the Princeton, that tho gun Y.'hcn it exploded, xvns loaded with twenty-five ponn i oi powuer rum smsle-slmtleil, and that it Had fren'ientlv beflire becnil:cliarfiil with iliiriv and ihir- i ly rncp'iiitid.auilonec,al X'ew Vork with fnrlv-niiie. I ha reports reparilini' Iho i tat b of Cnnlnm Slucl. ton, wlrch were current in tho city vestculay, nppear, 1 wo ire happy lo tnle. to bo entirely wn bout found i- J foil. X'n nieutt'iu nf such event i undo in the Washiii"tnn papers of yistenlav, or ill our letters wiilten Thursday nteht j anil f rlln r, wc learn thai a ' private letter has been reecivul in town couiaimn cssitrance tint uapj. .s. was domj well, ntu that no uangcr was 10 ue anno piieu. Conohdss. Thurs Inv. I.'eb. "!). Roth Houses of Cunnresj convtned iri-dav at iho mid prneee 'a ilowu tlio uinl hour, lull with hearts oppressed and eoiiiitcn ees iii'j"eieii Willi no nlleelnl sorrow. All seenuM ilt-eply nvved at thu contemplation of llio terribly h nstrns oooiirreii'-p of yesicrdiv : nnd the liile n fte'iiii', deep, s-potitancjiH, btarllcll, cnnobliuj to tiervTio every i ns nn, unostentatious, nn'l prcsenltus n i token of its i xmence sivo the solninn oileiiPn nnd tho occaiO'iil liar-droii observib c in either ass lily. Appropriate and fervent prayirs were iifH ri'd in tno House i y nev. .lit. rix'-i.nv. anil in Iho hen ale by Hov. .dr. Tcstoxi and na"iiiLr over iho full olu'rvanee of lliu usinl lornnlities of reading t lie by no mean so many a on similar dip'iare;es in llio journal, Ijin mes-nc of llio PncslDriNT, cotimiiuiiea murium!, th" lull-a who then tiinni.'e.i me Uecii no- ting tiliioially whit wasilrei Iv bit loo finely known ami lutlirly lelt, was hefore llioui by Jo'iN Tv ir. I'.si , ii'. 1'iivaio iiccrtlary, nnu was tiiitno iiL'imibi f ilnl oecisinu almost all between do.-ks. mid nut of reieh nf harm. The 2'tn was filed. The explosion wis followed, before tlio sniuke cleired nway so as to oVervc its i lpel, by shin k of wo which nnnniiiiecd a dirpe.a I unity. Tlio sun hnd hur.-t, at a pninl llirco or four i'.'i i finm lliu breech, nnd . .altered death nnd dcsnla- ii in mound. Mr. Cnshiir. Seerclatv of State. Mr. iiliicr,si recently placed at llio Iipi 1 of llic X'avv, the IIjii. Thomas W. OjLMEn, late Secretary of the C nodore IvPiiiion.ono of il -jallant officers, Vir- 1 Navy. nil Maxnv, lutlv reiiirncd from a dialomalio resi- Tnis mot latnentablo occurrence transpired on il.'iice nt lliu llasup, Mr. larmier, nl .xew Vorii, ilor- tioaru ttio u. a. snip oi war mo I'linccton, on yesior Lr.j diately read, as follows l o tne senate ami jiyc of Hcrtraicntathcs nf tint U. ,s7. I have lo perform the tn.-hnchiilv tluly of annum am; lo I he two Ilou-es of Congress tho dealh nf the Hon ArjEi. r. Upiu,n, Into Secretary of Slate, and on either fkIc of the ship, hho can ennso nuentlv throw a trroalor vvoisht of niotal at ono broidsido than most frigates. Tho big guns of tho l'rineeinn can bo lired witn an cllect tcrrilic and aimnst incredible, and with a certainty heretofore unknown. Tlio extraordinary ef. feels of tlio flint wero proved, by firintj at a target, vvhicli was inado to represent a sor.tinn of tho two sides ami deck of a clouti ship, am: timbered, kneed, planked and bolted in tlic same manner. I Ins target was .ul) varus trotn the run. With tho smaller charges of powder, the shut passed through these immense! masses of timber, (bom;; 57 inches thick,') tearinjrit away and splintering it for sovcral lect on each side, and covcni!" tho whole surface of the nround, for a hundred yards equaic, with fr.i 51111' nl si ol woud and iron. 'I'ho accuracy with which these Sims llirow their immense shot, which aro three feet in circumference, may bo judged by this, that six idiot liiud in sticce.ssion at the simo cle- iiiion, struck the samo hnrizontal plank in a larirot moro than half a mile distant. 11 the application of the various arts to tho purposes of war on board tho l'rineeinn, it is uelioveu that the art of irtinnory for sea service, has, for the first time, boon reduced to mathematical ceitainly The distanco to which these (runs can thro v their shot at every necessary anjrle of elevation, has boon ascertained by a eerie of careful experiments. 7'no d.sianco from the sliui to any object is readily ascertained Willi an instrument on bn.uu, contrived lor that purpose, uv an observation which it requires but 1111 instant to unke, nnd by inspection with out calciil.iticn. fly solf-nctiii'r locks, the (runs can be lircJ accurately at tlio oluva linn, no matter wh it tho motion of the ship may be. It is confidently behoved, that this small ship will bo ab u lo do battle with any vessel, however largo, tl she is not invincilila against any fuo. The iniprovcineiils in the art of war, adopted on board the I'rinceton, may bo produc tive of more imprortant results thin any tiling has occurred miico tho invention ol gun- puvvder. force of other navies, so lonn; bo.istoJ, may bo EOt at naught. Tho liny again boenina neutral ground, and the rights ol tho smallest, as well as thu groat est nations, miy once more bo respected. All of which, for tho honor and defence of every inch nf our territory, is most respectfully submitted to the Hon. Secretary of tho Navy, fur the information of tho Piosident and Con gress of thu U. a., liy your obedient and faithful servant, It. 1'. STOCKTON, Caiilnin U. '. Xavy. To Ilonorablo David IIcnjiiaw, Secretary of llio Navy. ni-rly a member of the Scant) of that Slate,) wore uiiiout; the -lain. Upsides thesp, sevenlec'i somen wuru wounded, several of lliein Indlv and probably mortally. Am 111:1 ilioso stunned by the coiiciisijii, w learn not all seriously iniurco, were vap'. isiock div. nta' out 41 o'clock in the evening, and proceed edro.n the e.xploa.on of one of the laryc g ins of tlut bllip. The los which the fiovcrnment and llio country bavo suslatned by this deplorable event, is heightened with the domestic institutions of llio Stalls was a vir tual acknowledgment of their rivrli t to pais upon the liiostioit, nnd of consi ipictice to decide the tillicrvvay 11 uiev saw 111. 1110 House reliiseil to excuse merit , but Mr. 1'. if not Iho other two uciillciiien, refused lo vole, as tint nlsn Air. Ilarnird and soino others. X annnsotheruiiitiiortant resolution were ollered. In Siisatr. anion:? tho neliiions nresenlcil was ono by Mr Wright, from Messrs. Prune, Ward nnd ICinu, of X. Y. f ir payment of Treasury Xoles tnkni in Iho coiirso of business, bin which Iholioveriiiucnt decline to pay ns liciiie rraiiJuleiitly outametl. Mr Dayton concluded hi speech in opposition to tho resolution Innkiu towards llio termination of the convention fur the joint occupation of Oregon. Tncnstivv, Peli. 27. IIoitbi:. Tho House met, nnd the journal of yo tcnlav's tiroccedincs was read nnd approve I. Mr. Collamor roso. nnd staled that, in tho morninc papers, he is repre-inled as having voted negative, on one iir aneh tuonu nf I he resn nt 10 us n lereU veslerilnv by Mr. Ilelser, nnd nfiervvards by Mr Caiiibell. Ho did not so vote, he said, and Iho proper correction was un lc- Mr Ilidlack, of Pennsylvania, wished to bavo tho journal nmended, in relation lo tho procertliiiES on hi motion lo suspend llio rules, for tho purpose of etiniinug ni'ii loouer n resolution 011 1110 suiiject 01 mo use of coal and iion in Iho Ix'avy. Tho House refused lo nmen 1 Iho journal. Mr Hardin wished lo he allowed to cliargo bis vole, on one of tho rculutious iiflercil yesterday by Mr. Ilelser, and staled thu reasons for desiring to do so. Tho House refused Mr Kennedy, of Maryland, explained some remarks that nre attributed to him in one of the murninc papers having reference lo Mr Stetson, of X'ew Vork. Iiu said the remarks attributed lo him he did not make, nnd he then repeated what ho had said on llio occa sion referred to, and disclaimed anything ofl'en-ivo to Mr Stetson. Mr Davis, of Indiana, moved to suspend the rules, for the purpose of conliiiniii (he call 011 tho Stales for resolutions, which had not been finished yesterday. Tho rule were not suspended. Tho Houso then look up the order of the day, bcini; tho rrnort on the rules. Air l nvc Johnson addres'ed Iho Honsoon tho sub ject and opposed ihe nuicndiuent of Sir Drnmeoolo. One objection winch he was understood ns making lo the endo offered by .Air H. was thai it omitted tho one hour rule. Ho contended that this was a salu tary ruleiiid should bo retained. He then turned Ins attention lo Iho '21st rule, and reviewed the ptocccd CLAY CLUB. Pursuant lo adjournment, tlio Vlii",s of Itiirlingtiiii met lit thu Court I louse on Mon day, the fourth iliy of March, 1814, when tlin lion. W.xr. A. (iitiHwnt.i) took lliu Chair, nnd W.xi. WnsniN, I-'sij. tided us Secretary. Mr. Ciiiniiiings from thu Cuiiiniitteo up- DiiATit on Nicholas IIidhlk. This distinguished man departed tins bfo at four o'clock on Tuesday lutirninL', tho 2? th lilt., at his rcsulencu at Andalusia, on the I), laware, about eighteen miles nbove Phila delphia. Prom tho Philadelphia Gazette, wo gather tho following brief notice of hunt " I'or soino iiionlh oast it has been known to the friends nf Nicholas llulillo that his health was nreat lyhnpaired, and his permanent recovery doubtful. It is our painful task lo announce that lliu iheaso which ban nn bum nlllirOoil liim li.rtnii, M l.rn II.,., inortiinir, nt"Andiiliish. Tim hour ef his death was pointed lit thu former meeting to dr.lft n auoui lour o ciock. .nr. liiiliilu has occupied so larco a spaco in tho consideration of tho community and tho country nt large, that n sketch nf his hfc, ne cessarily liriif.-owing lo the very limitrd limn nllownl us fer llio purpose, seems duo alike to his memory and the expectations nf our render.. Nicholas Middle vvnsborn in Ibis city on iho 8th of January, StiSO. His paiemal aneclnrs riniuratril with William Pcnii. His father vvns Charles Middle, a Roviiluliunnrv Whig, who vvns nelivo in llio Ameri- enn cnuso uiirinz urn war of Inilenenilcnce. At the Constitution, reported thu following which was ndoptcd : CONSTITUTION or tub nuzzLirjGTori ci.av clud. AnTict.n 1. This association shall bo called and known bv tho namo of tlio Clay Cluii of the town of Hurlington. Anrlrf.p 1 Tim nblnel nf lb! Hloli la tbn period of tho birth of Nicholas, ho enjoyed Iho sec- promotion of the election of llr.Niiv Ci.ay of nnd oflicn in lb; Slnto, wlulo lleniiinm Krankbn 1 1-, ... ,i, ,(, rr,. r i,.;.ii r il, helil the first. Oilier members of Iho fuller's fiimilv . : ' . 7 . . . ,. ' . ' .. , dislmguishol tbenisclvos by their Intel licence, valor uniicu niaies, ai uio ensuing i-rcsmeniiai cioc and ilevoiioti to the cause of llieir counlry. i tion. 'P ... . Inn-. f XT- III.I.II .. l.ll... A O 'l'l.!- "M..I. l.1! ! Il- un, i.i.iiiiii3iii .,1 1. im'iuiu .13 utemiip.niicil liy illlliul.t; .J. I Ilia Xylllll MIUII COIILIIIil" lia great siillcrinir. In tlio early stages of iho disease, organization and action until the final detormi- no occasionally v sncu 1110 cuy, lil t exilll.ucu 10 inoso n,' inM f .1,,, ,,. . p.psi.ln,,,:,! nlnclion. liiii.lpwaspo'nsnieiiniisin i.r. in.V iinimir. ,. ,. i. Aiiticlc 4.--ny person residing in tho town ow, several elnldrcn and niuncroiis relatives to mourn of Hurlington who is ail elector, or xvlio may Ins loss, at nn ano when Ihcv iniuht wc bavo honed become one. at the ensuimr l'residontt.i 0 ec- to witness the exercise of his varied powers in their tion, and wlio may bo introduced by any H'iiir, "'Whcrno.,lyfifiecn years old," says iho N. Y. my become a Member of this Club by signing Trilrme. "llio subject of this notice grailualcd will, hese articles of Association, thereby pledging llislinflllshcd honors. In lPfll hn went in l.'rnnrn ns himself to USB IllS individual CXOrllOllS, by all Secretary to Gen. .linstrong, our Ministtr to that lawful and honorable means reasonably in his country ucingiiien 111 ins nineteenth year. Three power, to promote tho object of the Club years ancr, , vir. nutuiu returned lo I'hileilelplua and Ahticle 5. The Oflic.orsof tliis Club shall : Zl l; !S Eta a l'rcs,dent.two vice Presidents, a Secreta. ry, two assistant Secretaries, a General Com mitteo consisting of 7 mcnibcn uro hours by cnnlribuiiiig soino of tho most brilliant articles to Air. Demon's 'Porto l-'nlio' n work nllbat tunc iii very luuli favor. In 1 BIO. ho was elected to mitteo consistui2 of 7 members, a (.orrespon the I.cnislalurc, w'herc ho distinguished hini-elfbv his dintr f 'niinnillcn. cnnslstui" of I! members, a ciiu.i leneii pair oi is 1 ami proiounu luueinenr. Cominitloo of Vurilanco consistitiL' of not more III ibll, .nr. iiidi lo was cleclc.l to llio MatoM'ti- ,,,... ,mll..a , ,, !,! 1,, . ,,, tllUll J lin-lllUUI J IK 1flb.ll UVIIVV'I iIOb lb. tllU alt'i nnd.nflcr Iho Peace, nreatly dit nguished him self bv bis Itcport in optioitimi to the views of the Hartford Convention. In llD, bo was appointed by I'resuieni .unnroe, 1 loveriinicni itirecior 01 111c uni- mgs of llio llouso nn tint subject, for llio purpose of . t(.,i Stales Hank, and four years nfier was cleo cd ig niai 1110 iv 1114 party, anil not 1110 opposite President. From Ibis period up In his retirement ..... '.. .1 i,: r rxm--r ,i, ft,. I, pirty, vverorcsponsiblofor this not being initio rest 1 from iniltlic life, the career nnd services of Mr. Middle . 1 ... "... " . town, and a 1 rcasurcr. Articix 0. I ho first inoctinr' of this Club shall be hidden on tho dth day of March, IS 11 for the adoption nt articles ol association, or- lice! nor is thist he nlaco nr tho occasion for a ibor cd eulogy upon t tic ueceascl. FRIDAY MOItNINO , THE PRINCETON ACCIDENT. IiiO.n V.'ASSSlNti'l'OM Ion himself; (Jul. Ilcnton, of Iho sicnale; I.icut. 1 ny tnu tieatii, ai ine same 11:11c :11m uy tliesame cauo. II ml, in Ihe Princetons vx . u. iioliui t.) vn. Oi'nr persons iso were moro of who'p. in the h irrnr and cnnfui in t n 1 pertvn account pool I ho nb'nined. Tho nbove aru . my two iieullciueil iiiioii whose ad vico 1 so confi believe I, however. 10 poinpriso the whole of the per- 1 denily relied 111 iho discharge of my ard ion. task of 8 ns known to llic t'lii'lic .vho were Killed or uange ns in, of fteorge- 1 of several di-liniruished persons anil V0I111I1I0 citiens. orl0 MjIi 0 or less injured, I shall be permitted lo express my eritfot an ' jj, yall 1 1 of the mo'mcnt, occurrence which has thus so sud.lonlv stri'-ken from I unj,,r (, roislvor striouIv hurt. Tho sec no up in llm deck may moro easily be im agined than desciibeil. Nor can the imai'inatinn pic ture to itself iIip half of ils Inrror. Wives, widowed in an inslaiil by llio murderous blast! Diimlilers simltcu with bearl-rending sight of their father's life les corpsel The waibtigs of agoni.ed fcmalisl Tim nitfiiiis (.rli.f nf I lie nn tin rt lull heart .SI rieken gnec- titors 1 Tlio wounded seamen borne ilown below! ndiuinislcrtng iheolliceof llio l!eculivo I'cnarinicnt, and whoso services, at this interesting leriod, were of such vast importance. In some reiki" of iho public sorrow which must ne cessarily accompany ibis most painful event, it nf ford me much satisfaction lo siy lint il was produ ced bv ir careles-neis nr inattention on tho part of the officcts and crew uflbc Pnncet n, but must bo set do .vn ns one of those causualties which, to a "real- er or less degree, ntlen I upon every service, and I'hesilciti loirs and tinivennii lip of llieir bravo nnd which aru invariably incident to the iPinpoial afl'iirs 01 luauiwuu. 1 vui nipo nu 1, 11111 11 in 110 uicasuroilc trncs, in my estimation, fioui llio value of iho iiu provements contemplated in the construction ol the Princeton, or frnm tho uicrit of her Lr.ivo and dis linguub.'d coiuunnder and projeclar (Si'-ned) JOHN TVI.r.U. Vnliingtiiii, I'eb. 2O1I1 1311. In ih" Houso, nfier the rending nf tho Mcsirc, Mr. Ilonkt is. obscrvi.i'' thai in llio stale of feelitu. which prevailed in the breast of every member, bu slinnld be pirdonod when hu declined 10 inter ono svllibloin support of lliein, moved llic usual resolution which were iiinnimously adopted, 111 tho Seirite, the message hiving been read, Mr. Hives (ifflwd snmo brief nnd feeling remarks nnd re solutions expre sivo of tin ir detp ben-pof sympathy bonost comrade, who tried in vniu to subdue or to r.incenl llieir fee'iugs I Wini words can adequately depict a scene like ihi. The bodies of iho killed remained on board the ship last right. They will bo brought to the city this morning. Piom tl.o fttobe. Cd. Ilcnton an I Uaptam Stockton were slightly iuju cd. The acc.ibnt happened about IS o'clock, some iwn or llirtc miles In-low Alexandria. O' tone t Hellion's injury arose not houi nny fragment nf the gnu but merely fu.iti tho c lncussion. He wis nl lliu hint nf Ihe gun, Inking its range when il lire I. He vn not "cusiblu of its stunning ell'-ct iiulil be had 1: tiled fur ni 1 10 ihe h'pediii'' sailors. I lo was stun ned for a time, hul was en ililud lo walk after reach nig ih.- sh ire, arid In given a distinct account of Iho nn 1 bereavement, of similar form and provUijus 10 dread ill s Cipt.iin .Stockton was burnl by Iho j thus; of the House, were adopted, (i iwdor, but not seriously injiind. 'I Ih Joint Committee, a, pointed to miko the. ne- Oaptain .Stockton hiving, un successive days ex-' cossiry arranwiin'ii-s coiiecrning ihe funeral nnd ihe tendtsl iiivitaliotis 10 vis'u Irs tbip 10 ihe executive nnd nlleudinco nf b uh Houses then en, con-it, on the co nmiliei s of Concuss, and iben 10 both lloun b 11 irt of the House, of .Messrs. Hopkins, Adams, C. J, uivied Iho ladle.-, nf thecitv loan enipmt.iment on luges ill, I! lrmrii nud Cave Johti'on, and of tho thu, which was mcani ns ihe gala divof his iieait'iful Senile, of Messrs. Rives, Archer, Kinj, Woodbury ship. 1 1 opened brightly, but his closed in llio must ' and I! ivard. drea Iful iilnoin over community. The only eircuin- Moib Hoi)P3 ndjournel to Monday. Hianei! calculated to relieve Ihe fill pcivajing distress, III referen -o lo this niel iiicboly disaster, notion? of is dial of the multitude of ladies win were on bord miporlanco has transpire 1 which was not referred 10 the ship, not one w is injured. The Inppv exemption in mv P. S. oflast oveniu.'. .0110 are ascertained to of such a multitude nf th" tender sex, who witnessed be killed exespt the tix mentioned; nor ia but one (a .,. . 1 - .... 1 .1 II . ..r..- t .l. . .1. . I . ..I .. .1. I.. r...ll .l ' tho h-tvoc made in the iniiUl of lliein of the most dii tingiusheil an I In loved of th'-ii euunlrviucn, while il brings sume so! i'e to llm circle of their iniinedrite trends, can not hul deepen ihe svnipaihies which they, 1111 1 ihe whole coinmiiniiv feel for the bereaved fimi lies of ihose who hive fallen. Mr. Upshur nnd Mr. (5 liner were idols in llic Inppvf inidy by wbic'i eieb w is surrounded. The elder rhildrtx of Mr. lidiner orcj 1st crown i Iho youtnrer slill in Ihe nurse's anus. noininoiore Kennoii, .nr. .vinxiy, nun .nr. ninuncr sailor) deemed lo bo fjlally wounded. Tho bmlirg of ilia deceased were brought 10 tlio cilv to-day, and conveyed in six he use to the President's maiit-inn, atieiicted by a Urtzc procession ofciti7ens. The funeral arrangements are not yetpetfected. The ohs"quies will prohibly tako plxce on .Silurdxy. Hon. John Nelson, Aitornev ticneral, is appijntod by tho President, adinlirim, .Secretary of Slates and Cum. Warrington, Chief of ihe I'ureau of Yards and Docks, becreliry 01 mo-Mvy. (i-rleral orders are nrii all lorn from fnuily endearments from wives issued pulling these d pirlniimts and the department I ,.. 1 r. ... t.r.. ... anu ciiiiurcn. 101 i .ir, in iikhiuiiui;, .uni lor r-ii ipriuc; ine apprnnri' Wo iniderslind tint Mis. Gilmer wosupnn tho deek I at" honnr to tlio memory of the distinguished S.-c when her husliand fe I. II was Hie Hunt ilisehargonl 1 re-lanes anu oiuee ihe gun (ind fired al ihe request of Mr. (blind) 'bat burst ii. 'I ho daughter 01 Mr. llp-hur, several of iho family nfCoinmodoio Keiinon and lh daughters of Mr. Oardiner wore nu hiird iho sleimer 1 but nono of ilio-n, oxeepl Mr. fJilmer, were anprized nf iho dealh of ihoo most dear to lliein unlil after llieir ro- turn to the cuy. Almost nil ihe ladies were he ownt dinner, when ilia calasimpbo occurred. Mrs. fiil. 1 iner was l.roujht to the city almost in a stale of dis traction. Thero were two hundred ladies on board, and du ring the I wo discharges of the gun, were on deck, and lmnyof litem approached verv near to observe the iioursa of the ball nfier il nniek llm water. Prum llio M idlso in. Tim came number of our paper which conlnins the iinf.irliiniklo Cilmcr'a address 10 his constituents, Iie.irs liieui also the account of his death. The ial pnr2rnph in llio official noiiee respecting tboCanddian prisoner, in Ihelasl nmnlier nfnur pi eliii.ii bv llm lamented Upshur. iuH Harl. I ' .1... nip ill,. Ins! U'l.nls liA.i'nr ing Oil IIIU tJlSUlSlu. wrote. Prom tlio Correspondence dour. Com. Mr I'raitof N, York slates that ho hart heard tho explosion, being near Ihe trangway, nnd went forward liislanlly, Ho vvns the fust persnn on iho spot, ex cept one or two sailors. 11 ' men on both st ies nf ihe "iin. prostrated, and two persons, pirlieiihrly on iho'larboaid side, with a mass of iron lying on thrill. Those p'lsonS h o"n recogniied i,s Mr, tiilmer and Mr. IJps'mr A bill.) fsrlhcr on, be siw the mingled rorpsu of Mr. Oydi'ier. Mr. Oai.hner a. 11 fact. Id,.w-,. topicces. He called men .0 l,,lp ih,ev 0 1' hi. cons in lis i-'n'-i, n"d took n. hand, spike, nnd, with ereal diTieullv. remove, he iron from iho lens of Mr. Oibnor nnd Mr. I psh ir.-He stales ihnt Mr. Oihuor wa mill Iirealhtn?. or ni-p-in-. He say. howpv-Dr, ilia! blood n.n nn their for... heads. .Mr. fiilmrr soon ceased lo brcni'ip. ojr. Up. sliur was .load. Mr. (Jiluier was smn line four feet from Iho gun, with bi ba '.- turnod to it, bring engl i.etl in coiiversilion wilh Mrs. Withered, of I nlliiiinrp. A mass of iron struck him hi low llio hips. Mr. Prilt t.lls mo that the iron was of a llimuinl ound xveiuhl, as ho supposes, tin'. Ml un lliuso uufortunilo " lb-ive iusl b-fi Drown's and fia-Uhy's lion ts,vvhleli am our r.x.'lnnac ra-intf by llrnwii, a mourn A deep gloom reus upon the minds of all. Washington Mondiy. Pcb2ij. ThoHoesnor Itrpnnsc-eTATixxs have been occu pied during llio div wilh the reception of resolutions, vvilhuiil do' ate, Thoe lo'almg 10 slavery and b 1 iiiou liituoro uonvc'iiion 01 1310 wiiicu noiiiiiiaie'j buren, vvc.uaJoptiu (n vvi'l be shi Ii-Iivv) noiuralion of tho titcviius n u'slion, though ti nt u.-iilmut 111111 v 11 itemnts lo shulil'ofl'a thrcct vote. A few Kxoculive cuuiiminications were laid upon llietable-ainong vvbiebwas n M.-ssago frnm llio Prcs idjnt relating lo.aslr.ingu in"dlcy of matters, inform ing liieui 01 ill approval 01 iiiu 0111 iiiiiiiui isio u.iii- fersof .Mval npproprialiolis.alinoiigu sc) resiricieuas lobe ef no iniiuidiato nvnd, 'as nn indication of the wishes of Congress s that llicro has been reabzi-il by ihe silo of old iron, etc. something over AHG.OJO, which is applied lo meet present wants; advising ap propriation for tho construction of several ships of war of n larger cla3 on the principle of the Prince ton (or Ihe success 01 wiiicu 110 speaiis mguiyj lor llio Ciulf of Mexi.-o; and for tho construction of Na val depots on tho Western waters, etc. &c. liefer red to the Committee 0.1 Naval All'iirs. On motiinof .Mr Ilainhn, iho uso of iho Hall was granted to iho Conjrcssiuttal Temperance Society for Thursday next. .Mr Halo ollered a rcsolulicn declaring that tho?vi Military Academy nt Wet Point ought to be abolished, nnd instructing the A'dilnry Coniiuiltc e 10 report n bill for ibis purpose, and in apply the. money now npprnptiilel to ils support, for tho dillusiou ot military science among llio Stales and leiritories. Mr Holmes in ivoj 10 lay it on Iho table, Carried j Yens C3 .Nnva 71). A resolution of Mr Reding to ninend ihe joint rule so as to prohibit thesa'u nf intoxicating hu'iois in the C ipiiol, or on 1 tic adjacent grounds, afier llior.jeclion veas 211. invs 111. of a million of Mr Hamlet to li) on tho table, was carried, lu provision for llio removal of the resnur.ilcun from Iho Capitol, was lost; yeas 80, uav 'JO. a r.-soliiiton of .Mr Adams inouuinir of the Secre tary of .Sixie ns lo any, and if so, what, gros emits occurred in llio returns of tho Clh census, ccc. was adopted. , , re...., Mr I'. Oeyuiour Ol I lo) uitcien 11 1 esiiiiiiiui, uti .t. r,i ndionr'imetit of Ihotirpsenl Session of Con gress on lbs 30:h of.May. .Mr Weller ni ived to lay Otl tllO llUie, mil puoscijuciiuj "iiiiiiicit lliu lliu- tion. t he previous question noe uciui; ecuiiutn, iiiu resolution wnsllilowu oer,vnoi soon 10 ue rencuetij as giving ri'o 10 dtbats, for which several members expressed their desire, , , . . Mr Hainan! ofl'ercvl a resolution inttrucling the n.Cn.mium on Commerce 10 repurt nn nmendmcnt m 1 heir snliiopriau in inuior rivora nun naruur, 01 such an amount as ihey should deem expedient for Iho improvement 01 me .unison nuovc 0110 ociow in,.,.,., nnd moved ilia previous oueslion. Thel.o- cos refused to sustain il, and Mr Hamlin objected thus throwing over ino res iiuiion. Mr Pun nf iew ork uilrudiiced a bill amendalo ry 1.1 tho Naiurnliiaiiou Law (dispensing wilh Ihe present two j-enis' notice, so n to eff-ct Nalura'iza- and the 21st rule ictained. Ho cominenleil on a vote I aru t00 fannhar lo tlin country to require, especial no mi,..,, r..,.. n,.,, ,, ,i, ....,;., r in,.;,,,, ii,, : :.t - .1 1 .(. ';...' 1.1... suliiect ol'lho renorT on the rules of tho table, and' alluded lo llio WIul's from tho Southern Stales, who had voted against laying on the talle, and thcTehy prevented the retention of the 21st rule. Whilst tracing out llic Whigs from tho South who had thus voted, ho stumbled on a few Loco Poem, who bad voted llio samo way. .Mr lll.ack. of Georgia, was among these who felt thcavvkwaid position Ins friend h id placed him in, and desired to explain. Mr. J. declined to yield the floor. Mr Cousin, and other Whigs, also desire I an opportunity to explain, for tho purpose of showing that Air J's. inference from tho Whig vole, on thai motion, was not a just one, and that tho motives which were ascribed to lliein wcro unt Ihe truo ones. Mr J. however persisted in refus ing 10 give way. He expressed himself desirous of stnppiug the de'iaic on llielst rule and though ho in f.ivnr of Ihe rule, fas bn was understood lo I say,) if it could not be adopted, al least let something Inst week be done, and lei llic business ol the tlottso proceed. Mr Hale, of N. II., at nn tho conclusion of Mr J's. remarks, called ihe previous question whereupon great confusion and iioisp occurcd in the Hall, w Inch llioispcaker had much difficulty 10 suppress. A great number of members were on llieir feet nt the same lime, addressing the Chair nt the top of their voices. When order was restored, tho question was put on seconding tho previous que-lion, and there was a seenn I. r.nqniry was made of the Chair what was tho stale of tlin business before the House, and what would be llio effect of llio previous quo-lion. Tlio Speaker replied lb it the report on tlio rules was the main subject before the Houso. Nixt was tho amendment of Mr Dromironle, wnich consisted of a code of Iiiiiwn,embracingihe21st rule. Then camo Mr C. Johnson's amendment to Alt D's nmendmcnt, which provides that the rules of llic list Congress shall bo the rules oftlic present, except the 21st rule, which shall provide that pet lions for tho abolishment of slavery shall bo received and I.11 1 on Iho lablo wilh- out debate. The cllect of the previous question would be 10 bring tho Mouse to a voto on Air Johnson's amendment. Tno Ch iir staled lint the question would now be, "shall tho main question bo now put," and on this qiP'stion the yeas nnd nays were ordered. Mr Ilelser moved tolny the whole subjpct on the tnl Ic, and on this motion the yeas and nays were or dered. In answer to a question, the Chair slated that the effect of laying tlic subject on the table would bn lo retain the 21 s rule, and 10 make llio rules of the last Contrress l ie ru'es of tho present. The vote was then taken, and the result was. yeas 00, nays 93. so the subject wa not laid on lheiahle. Mr liroadhcid moved tint the rules bo suspended, for tho pnrp ise of coiilinung iho consideration of the subject. (This motion was necessary on account of the expiration of llio morning hour, which y devoted lo the orde r of the day.) Tho motion was sustained. Tlin vole was then taken, by yeas and nays, on the question " shall Ihe main question He now put anu and tho Club shall meet regularly thereafter un thu following- elays and times, viz : 1st .Monday of April : 1st and il.l .Mondays of .May ant: June ; every Monday in July and August ; 1st Monday 111 September, anu every ilonday in October, at sun-down. Ahticle 7. I he President, vice Presidents and Treasurer of the Club shall bo chosen (on nomination) on the 11 .Monday of every month MARCUS, by a majority of the members present : I'rovt deel tho president than not lie eligible 10 a ro olcctioif, and shall nql nominate his successor. Ar.TiCLn 8 Tho President shall have now Seldom liavu wo Intel occasion to fill our or to preserve order, shall conduct the proceed tliis tnRpI fnjr ho pulilislieil in tlio Freo Press. The GI11I) then ntljmirneil to lliu first Muii- ny of April next. T. rOLLETT, President. K. A. SrA.vsittmy, Secrete. ry. II. U. Staijv, Ksij. You liiivc Iinreivitlt 1 copy of tlio (Initios of tin; town of IJurliiit;- lon on tlio question of tlic tiso nnd triflic in liquors, which voil will Im kind nnnut'li to - - o tuiblisli. Tlio friends of toiiipcrnnco In this town take tliis method to rnpicst that every town in llio count)- will have nn nrticlo in their warnings to hring it before their respective towns and take the voto of the town upon it. If they have had tlicir regular March meet ing wo would suggest tho importance of hav ing 11 speciul town meeting called. The sub ject is ol more public importance than nil tho other questions which ordinarily comu beforo towns, and it will bo seen at once that whatever is done, should be dono without do- ay. CHARLES ADAMS,) GEO. A. ALLEN, -Com. AMASA CUOOKER, ) 10th AnncLE or the "TOSCO if the town will lake tneasurrn "iho further traffic in intoxicating liquors in the town," being under consult ration,' tho following resolutions were passed ami ordered to be recorded. In I men Micttnp, Hurlington, Ahrch I, ISU, 1st. csotttd, As the sen-o of this tneeline that the use of intoxicating drinks as an ordinary beve rage is nn, I lltsl hfctlia n. the use flttil Irnfif. in them ought lo bedise-oiiraucd. 2d. I'csolved. That Ihe civil authority of this town are advised intake all proper measures tores'rain ibo uso ond I in- trnllic 111 intoxicating liquors that is con sistent with Ihe law. f'3d. 'Ittsotvrd, That the Town of Durhmrion do hereby respectfully request Ihe Judges nf Chittenden County Court lo discontinue Ihe licenses to retailers an I In Inn keepers, and that the Selectmen nf llio town nn directed toiieiiver to each of tho said Judges a copy of this resolution." llui'llnglnii Town Clerk's Ollice, ) March -1 , 1811. I, Clnrles Uussell.Town Clerk of siid Durlinjlon, hereby certify that tho foregoing is a true enpy of re cord in this office now retmininp-. examined bv me. CHAltLHS RUSsT.LI., 7Wn Clerk. And, I further certify that the two first of Ihe nfnre siid res ilutinns passe I almost unanimously, mil lint tho 3d resolution passed by the following vole, vii : 183 in favor, and 71 against. CIIA'S RUSSF.M., r. a im;s of the Club in accordance with the parlia mentary rules usually practised in well regula ted deliberative bodies, lie shall Fee mat tin Constitution be preserved inviolate : and from his decision and icoan appeal may bo taken to the C ub for final decis.on. Ar.T.CLF. i). It shall be tho duty of tho G011 oral Committee to nominate officers, to appoint and fill vacancies in, the Committee of igt- lancc, to call special meetings of the Club, to columns with the details ot so sail nn acci dent as that which occurred at Washington Not that tlio destruction of hu man life was greater than in many other ca ses; hut the official relation of the parties, and all ihe circumstances of tho case, com bine to bring it homo to every individual in the nation. We have thorefoto devoted con siderable spaco to the details of tho affair anu in connection .1, we nave pun- - , mmiB - lire)t0 caus5 to be eiI ,,. or remmp mfh llcl, r.,l r.,.. Q.l., ,,.. .toc.;.,..,,.. nr .I.r. 1 ' . . 3 . .... ... lin.trt n.nll.o. 1,...l,l.., ,V... .I.I..I. .... II3U..U vsuj'i. wiui-niuii a utavi ijiuuu u, raising a revenue aticquaie to tne warns ot an 1 "u" ",- m it mum uc rrincolon her capacity, peculiarities, iv.c. economical administration tit tne general vkiv ItULCS AND REGULATIONS OF THE IJUHMVfSTOV FIKI2 C0.1IPAXV. Kxtract from the act of Incorporation. "The fire Wardens are hereby impmccrctl, in times of fire, to dein ind and require assislaneo from any of the inhabitants of the town ol Ilur- lingtop, and others who may then be in said town prepare and lay before tho Club at each regular , tp extinguish and prevent the spreading of such M.nniin.r nil liiisitinss fnr tlmir enns.tlnrAiion and lire, to remove L'liods and effbcls out nf anr . ... . ,, . 1. -t . ......I -t I 1 I ..!! action: 1'rovulcd this Committee shall nut pro- ami'-. . omcr pii-it- eoii.iiireu oy rani This report was made, it will he observed onimcnt, vv.tu a ia,r eaion ,o a,c in- . . , . . , ,, 'lustru. some time prior lo tho accident, when all AitTirxr. 10. The Secretary "shall keep a was going on prosperously ; and taking this Record" of all appointments to cdl'ice and voles account ns correct, the Iiig Gun was proper ly christened the " I'eacc-makur" for sure- Iv, no two nations could bo found to send their lleets lo battle, with the certainty that a single shot from the enemy would sink a seventy-four and annihilate a whole ship's crew. When war is certain destruction to both parlies, wars will cease. So far as thu investigation has gone, nothing appears to of the Club, and a siitnuriry account of its pro reeding?, which records shall not bt expunged. An-ncix 11. The Treasurer fchall provide the place of .Meetings, shall collect the funds of- tho Club from the voluntary contributions of its members, (ami pay out the samo only by the lirectton nf the (leneral Committee,) 111 such kinds as tho state of the Currency of the conn- try affords, always preferring a Sitlitmal Cur rency, regulated by tho authority of the People allor.ling a sound circulating medium, at jiar lalue in all tin- Slates of tho Union. 1iTic1.r. I!!. It shall bo tho duty of the ... ... ... 1 , . SlUJll.1.1. 1'.- It ni call in question llio sum anil prii.lenco 01 ;mmltlpp nf Vunl.inro to nreaare and report Committee a correct lint 01 all the lejril voters in their respective districts, those having llio vessel in charge, or to shake our faith in the valuo and practicability of (This motion was necessary on account of t0 p l incctati and her Iiiu L'uns. The very existence and exercise of such tremendous power implies danger ; but tho bursting of 11 ten-pounder, under similar circumstances, Senator Phelps was on board tho vessel, Asses. TIIR PRINCRTON. The arrival of this noble ship in our waters last evcnini', will give additional interest to tho follovvinr; letter from her ctllant rmntmnder, to the S-jcrciary of tho Navy: Washington spectator U.NiTrn States Ship l'r.tNcrTON, ) Philadelphia, l-'eb. 5, 1811. f Sir: The U..S. Ship Princeton havin" re ceivedhor armament on board, and boimr nesrlv ready for tea, I have tho honor lo transmit to you the following account of her equipment, ccc. ; 1 In; Princeton is a "full-rigtred ship," of great speed and power, nblo to perform any servico iniican no ox Micieil iron) a slni) ot war. Con- strucied upon the most approved principles of arciiiiocture, she is believed to ho at least rqui to any slim of her class wild Iter sails. She has an auxiliary powor of tteam ; nnd can unr.u greater speed than any sea-going steam or or other vessel heretofo'ro built. Heron gines lio snug in tho bottom of tho vessel, outof roach ol an enemy's shot, and do not at a in terforo wild the use of the sails, but can. at anv tune bo m ulo auxiliary thereto. She hIiows no chunni'v, and mikes no stnokf, and there is 1101I1 ing in her external appoarauco to indicate that jho is propelled by steam. 'I'ho advantages of tho Princeton ovor bnth sailing sli ps and niounor, nrop"ll.l in thu usual way. are groat and obvious. ?!ho can go in and out of put at pleasure, without regard to tho force or diioctiou of llm wind or tide, or Iho tlilrlc ncsa of tho ice. She can rnlo safely with her anchors in the most opon roadstead ; and may . . . . .1 ton ... 'TIS q'iion bdngabout tJ bo paV Winch could hardly have produced less destruction was on .Mr Johnson, s amendment, a member desired to have lbs proposition divided, so as to bavo a direct vote on each branch of it. ConsiderahV lime was spent 111 .determining wheth er tllC aillCIIUIIieul wus pu?ieiii"iu VI umaiuii, ami great confusion nt limes prevaueu. The Clnir eventually decided that it was not sus ccpnblo of division, unJ (turn that decision an appeal vvostaiien. II r llarrnison moved to lay tho appeal on thetablo- aml tho motion was carucu. Mr A. Ihown. of Teniic wbolo subject on the Hide, and the yeas and nays were onb rt'. 1 no resuu was, yeas uu, nays in. The-voto was (lien la'ien on .viro. jonnson s amendment, and Iho decision was in tho negative. Ayes 3, nays 11:1. ... , Jlr Ilelser moved tolay ttio win la supject on Ihf table and as inei;uair sectneu mcuueo iu eiiiiii.1111 lcsi'MUting tho.-o who aro in favour of, and 1 un-i! who aiu o,ip'i-ed to the objects of the Club, and frnm tune to time to correct said lists, J as circumstances may require in Committee meeting'-, to lie holdeti in their respective D.s-1 tricls and regul itcd by themselves: Provided I tlicir Committee shall meet as often as once in the months of June, July and September, audi r.,.nn ... nn..l. irnnl? Ill tin, It.ritllllS (if AttirllSt I ... ., ), , , t IIIIIU III ;i,L.ll ... .. ...".... w. . but escaped, it is said, with barely tho loss aml October.' ! of u few buttons ! ArticlcH Tho Club may adopt such ' rules and by-laws, lor its regulation, not mcon- AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. sistcnt with this Constitution as a majority "f ils mpmhnrs nrpsoot .at anv rn"illar mooting Wo publish on our lirst pago the list of nny scc tu premiums proposed for competition nt the 15.-Tlio foregoing Articles, ex- 1 ' 1 bn 1. '. A. ami .1. 111.1v he arivoni oil. a tnr- 'X hero will doubtless no ' ' ... '. , ' ,r ,,. f ,i, ... . . Ull Ol IU J.lH:i4 -II .!...? s. - Club: provided that notice thereof bo given in writing, at the mooting noxt preceding. Thoso of tlio Whigs of Hurlington who wcro present then subscribed tho Constitu- lltown, of Teniicssi'e, moved lo lay tho approaching Fair some additions to the list, should tho sub scription prosper for tho next few weeks as well as theru is good reason to expect. There is a good state of public sentiment, tho motion. Mr White roso to a point of order. He anj a vory jjiiJ0 effort in tho matter of pro- nrevio'ns qneslion had been ordered, was nnt'in order, curing subscriptions, would place tllO Socie The Siiea'-erilecidnd otherwise, from which decis- . DOsi,j0 (0 exert a wholesome influ- ion Mr Wlulo louk un appeal. ' '""I Tho yeas and nays were ordcrd on the appeal, and unco. S. L. Howard is t lio agent lor pro being taken, the decision of the Chair was sustained.- ... ,i,c,.;,11:.n. : ,1,; ,... Aves99, nays.G. 1 -uuno v.- The q icsii in ihen recurred on motion of Mr Ilelser 10 lay iho whole siij"ct of tho report and remaining neudmeni on iiioi.iinc. The veas and navs wcro ordered, and tho result was, yeas 73, nays 107. The Mouse is sun in session. During the course of llio day, tho Clerk of iho tion. "CLEAN SWEEP." Such, the Truo Democrat characterizes the resultof our late town meeting, and seems IJIiriU' lliu course's utu u.iy, mu vjiuiu uiiuu .... , p i, it. i .Scnaiodelivercd 10 ihellousosevcralbills which had to hail it as tho omen of Mr. an Uurcn !. been passed by the Senate. Washington, Saturday, March 2d. At ten o'clock this morning, thcro was n general movoincnt of our citizens toward tho Prcsilenls House. Tho members of Conuress came down in carriages from iho Canilol. The different military corps were also on their march, including iho Klying Anillerv. The citizens had, at the recommendation of the .Mayor, abstained Irmn all llieir customary .pur suit, nnil iievo etl me u.av to ilie luncrni solemnities I lie stores were all closed, and most 01 inc nouses on the Avenue were dressed in til.ick Hon in nvo veaif, " ' i'.s,...., . u.r..,-. 1.. 1 it iri irv 1.0 n-iitt ea. si. iin,.,les .ilVered a lesilution declarinirthe right Of the SOUlll 10 lllOCIIj ij lticiii , 1 1 ci 1 .,.ri- naleil Itv I coeiill nci'Uil . lliu I eeew it. ill it y Congr-ss . f Abolition petitions an. infraction of ilia ....... .r th.. imtisniunon. a 10 an nitviiuiriita 1111 ilie rijhis of the Styes, e. Mr Cave Johnson nvived to lay on ino muic j tvj"i - .' -j-tn 11. ir,.ulons Question was seconded, bill nud. inL'ihfinielves brought to a vote, under pretence of affording opportunity 01 inou ncanon 01 1110 resoiu .i...Mn,t ms reconsidered, and Mr Ilainiir civiri. notice of dehile. the subject was laid over. Mr J. Cunpbell, of S. 0., now brought forward the Itsliimore resolutions of Ihe same nature, (which 1.. frnm ihe several di visions of which irers adopted under the previous question ns follows t ...... 1 mi.. a..i nmniisniomliclanna- that isltce as we II 1 ..olieu forbids llio Tederal Government lo foster any brineh of industry t Ihe expense of an olhet ortochciishlhe inleresls nf one to the injury of those or another of tho country j 1. as 161 to 4 Navs vizt Mesiri Adams, Gnnnoll, Wiulhrop nd Tho that every ciiizm of our common country has a r1 ditto demand an duality of rights and pnvi le"cs and to compleienn ample protection of person n.,,l ,rnn"r.v lro 1 uiiiesii' ti'"r'. ". " : ..: ..nonltniitslv. Veas 1 71. na vs 0 Tlin 31, that Congress under Iho Constitution has -:..!. i.. irifiirier.i Willi lit luiiuui tut' uuni'o'iu tu- stiliiiions of Ihe several States, and that each Sialo is the solo ond proper Jii-H'ooi overyining periauuu Iiu to iii tho severest L'alo i viud wilh safety Kiio rairnol 'Jn'y tvo hnrself, but will bo ahlo totowa sri'iadren from thod.ini'nrsof a leo-shore. .xeinoai . "- '7 .., i:,.,i .. r ,i. ,vi.l n,t r.. n"'l l!!V heart S'l'ls W'iCU 1 saw mi iieni'--u t i. m utuiii.' fin J"' " " s- niiw fiibi ri 's "iris, dt" Mi-ses Car liner I-'- n in- rviug her fuel for oiner,'encif..s, she ran r" 1 1 Ihe Preside" I'searr igf lo be (-oil ve veil in li sU ise , iniai h0a tho samo length of time us Other sail eluction to the Presidency. Verily our neigh bor is thankful for small favors. Wo have seven hundred voters in tho town of Hurling ton. Uy concert, on a " still hunt," tho lq; cos mustered out 250 of those 700 voters, and inado a " clean sweep," of what 1 why, Selectmen and Listers! while tho Whigs carried tho Town Clerk, Treasurer, Hoard Tlin interior of the President' house was fes'ooned nr Auditors, nnd a full sharo of the minor of- vvun unciv inwn. i ntrnn.-i usocinui . Ii.. rsreW lieen called forth here on any occasion. Tho order and tho rteep sl cnce of the vast throng ..liotvp I ih.n their leelinns become the occasion. Afler the services in llio mansion ot tno i-resuicni, the procession moved slowly forward, Ihe bells tolling, niinnio min finn". on I acconinniied by sweet and solemn music. The procession was long, and well arranged. The milllarv was drawn un in front of the Con gressional Burying Ground, and llio procession, of iiicmuers, piiimc omcers, ine comiiiiiteu ui uusiyf ftccrs. There was no contest lor Constable, and Mr. Lnno was elected by a unanimous vote. This i3 llio extent of tho triumph which tho Democrat very lamely attempts to magnify into something of importance. Hut perhaps the Truo Democrat is right in im proving even this oecasion to stretch its little incnis, pall bearers, &c., passed, on foot, in the (.ir0at; for if it " crows" at all this year, it Grounds, in ine Xvonurcss nun. I ... . ..... t t. .1 The coffins, brought in on biers, ond each appro- will be over mtnortti triumphs. It was thus priyelyoiicndid. vvere brought to ilie Vault, and pla- . camp,,jK opened in MO, and wo recol- nnd it was truly affecting 10 bear the words of "the ec distinctly how our opponents fired their Order of the Burial of the Dead," particularly the part ... vnr n . , nf 1SOn votes in llio cilv. which follows. " l.'orasmucii as 11 nam rueaseu ai-1 u.g gu " mighiy God. inlus wise Providence, to iai.o out ot i?ns j UesscJ God tbat it was no worse ! world Iho soul of our deceased brother, wo therefore " . . . . .. lillt OVell lliailllU, iu ui;iiuu , On motion of James II. I'latt, Esq. a com mittee of three was appointed by tho Chair to nominate officers for tho Club. The Chair nppointod Messrs. Gcorgo A. Alien, Timothy L. Strong and Harry Brad lev as such committee. Thu Committee after a short absenco rc- portcu tlic loiiowing list 01 oniccrs: I'or l'rcsulent, TIMOTHY FOLLETT. For Vice Presidents, Lyman Cummings. Enw.vnu C. Loomis. For Secretary, EnwAiin A. Si'ANnunv. For Assistant Secretaries, Ciias. HcMtv Hall, Ciias. l Uiiadluv. For General Committee, ir.xnnv Hit.xDLr.v, Ciiauli-.s L. Nelson, John Van Sickli:n, John K. Gray, I'uusson Choi-ut, Cassius V. Vech, 11i:miv Mayo, 2d. For Corresponding Committee, Gcouot: IJ. Shaw, Sion E. Howahd, EnwAnt) Smith. For Treasurer, James W. Hickok. Tho report of thu Committeo was unani mously accepted and adopted. Judgo Follutt on taking tho chair, return ed his thanks to the Club for tho honorable position to which they had assigned him, with reference to u cuuso which he consider- cessary for the purpose of preventing the pro. gres of said tiro, to suppress, with force if neccs & try, all tumults anddi'orders and direct labour of all persons prcsentduring the continuance of said lire. And if anv person shall refuse or neg lect to obey the orders of said fire wardens or any of them in time of fire, surh ofTeuder shall forfeit and pay a lino to tho Treasurer of eaid Company not exceeding 97,00." n.xtract from the P.) -Laws of the Co. J' Hvcry member nf the fommiiv, exrppt firemen, sliill keep two mind B u-kt-ts or pails, j for use at fires, libelled with his own name, which shall he conveniently situated at his ren- deuce or place ol busmrss, ami shsll mi alarm of fire repair with them to tho spot, umW pen alty of ten cents for his di'liiitpionc.v, and th samo for inn appearance of hi bucket's or pails," Kims rm in, .w.iiiu.t utmitieii-. iu t.wui in. " 1st. Tint Ihe wardens shall, as soon as may be, report themselves to the Master War den and receive his orders. 2d. That delini'o orders shall be given to earh warden, and that it should be his particu lar business to attend to the duly assigned. !5 1. That ono warden should be appointed to tal;o rharge of and direct the operations of each Fire Kugii.e. 1th. That it should bo the duty of each war den, in case of resistance to orders to render prompt support and assistance to the warden re quiring it. otli. That the Master Warden should tako his stand in one place and there maintain it (so faras circumstance will permit) and on his call of " Wardens" each warden shall at once repair to I he Master Warden. Oth. In case of fire, and where it is impor tant to ascertain the sense of the wardens as to the propriety ot some steps tn be taken, the vote, it tunc will not admit of a belter niode,.shall be ta. I;en by a token, to be lodsnd with the master war den which shall bo an affirmative vote." Published by order of the Trustees. March 1,1811. IA'MA.V CUMMINGS, Clcrl. loitsownaffiir not prohihitinr- by llio Constitution yeas 151, to Messrs. Adams, Vance, and Collamer .ni,'. ti. tliii 'efforts of Iho Abolidonists or others tnln.llIM .-,llt,tr ASS III interfere with dm question of SUvcrv or to talis incir'i' nl steps in rchtion llierelo; i..i,,...i ... i, 1 in ibo most nhrmmgaml dan geroiis coiisermcnccs, bavo nn incvitib'o tendenryto endanger in" inpiuie"t "u i,w"i"v " w 1 , nenry of the Uuion.-ind might not i'i bo cnun'enanred by any friend of our no! invitations." Veas 133, to Navs, Messrs Ad mis, Abbott, Halter. Oiekney. Cidditu's, (irinnH'l, llnrdin. Harper, Hudson. Hunt Irvm, I'. H. Johnson, I), I, King of Masi., McCler na'nl, MrClellsivl, Mcllvoine, Rogers, Severenee, A. Smith, Mildcn. Vanco, Vinlon and Vmlliro;i 21. Messrs. lihelt, I'ajneand lllaik, of Ga. asked tn be e xe-uscil from voling on tho last division nllegine thai iho Jcdaratiou tint Congms ouuht not (0 inlvrfotc coiiimilhis jiody to the ground earth lo earth, ashes to ashes, dint to dust." Hero tho Minister paused, vvlnlo carlh was cast on 1110 conn. 01 .nr. upuui.- Helhen repe-iied, "earth to earth, ashes lu ashes, dust 10 dust," while it was cast on the coffin of Mr, Gilmer. I'o ir times was the solemn ceremony re- proled, when tho Minister proceeded, "looking for iho ecnrral resurrection ill iho last dav." eX:c. Tho coffins vvera ihen slowly, ami severally, each nceonip inied by ils respcclivo attendants, taken into tho vault, whilo Ihn guns or tho artillery, ond vollies of mii9etrv nuiired out llio last reoiiicm. The bodies wi' i remain in the vault subject to ihe uispns lion of the mends of ihe deceased. That of .vir. liaidcucris to bo taken to morrow, I learn, 10 New YorK, and our young neighbor will yet learn that it takes moro than 250 votes to amount to much of a triumph over 700 voters. U. V. M. Wo aro informed that tho Societies of tlio University have elected tlicir Orators and I'oct, for their next Celebrations and that tho gentle. men elected, bavo signified their acccptanco of their appointments. Kcv. Joseph I). ickham, iXTTho N. Y. Standard, ono efficient of tho Jacobin papers which, in 18 40, advocated tho claims of Mr. Van Huron tn tho Presidency, thus defines its position at the present day Tim Standard will mike no compromises, hot .fontlemon, steadily adduce all evidences which co to show, 11ml . , f . of tho most Principal of Uurr Seminary, is to address the vi i. is Society for Holigious Inquiry, and Hov. I'resi. Ci It A I. JACKOX'S KINK. Wasiiinoto.v, I'cb. 26, 1S1I. Mb. Sjacv, I nolicein the True Democrat of tbs 21st iust., an article in relation to the recent action of the Senalo upon the Hill refunding 10 Gen. Jackson tho fine imposed upon him by Judge Hell in IS 15, in vvhicli it is asserted lhat 1 olh the Senators from Ver mont veiled against doing Justice to the hero of New Orleans. Tho editor gives the vote upon the amend ment proposed by the Coininitleo on the Judiciary, providing " that nothing in ihe bill should be consid ered an imputati'ii upon the conductor Judge Hall ir imposing the fine." This amendment was resisted bjr llicfriends of Gen. Jackson and of the bill, not upon the ground that llieir desij n was to reflect upon iho conductor the deceased Judge, but upon llic ground that the bill implied no such imputation, and ihitths amendment was unnecessary. If such was their con struction of the bill, 1 saw no harm in exprring what they considered implied, nor did I see any injus tice lo Gen. Jackson in rendering the bill mors sa pient in expressing their views. II is true however, that I voted ajunstthe bill upon ils final passage, ond for reasons vvhicli I most cheer fully submit to the good tense and deliberals judg ment of the people of 1 crmont. A more gross decep tion was never practised upon the American people, than has been imposed upon them in relalion to this matter. It his been represented, thai ihe transac tion for which the fine was imposed occurred in Ik presence of the army, ond while the city of New Or leans was in imminent danger. Indeed I have re cently seen it osscited that Judge Hall was conspiring wilh a class of men, who we ro engaged in a secral correspondence with the enemy. Tins assertion is an cd identical with tho honor and welfare of: tends that such was the fact. Hut under the impre tlin Heniiblic. Iiu commented in a few . ion that the conduct of Gen. Jackson was demanded dout WooiIk of llowdoiii College as Orator, with Hov. Calvin Colton of tho U. S. fvavy as root, of the Literary Societies. l'Voni tho known characters, and well earned reputation oftheso we hazard little 111 saying that tho . 1 e I T. - if t. msn 111 twin n aili -II tl,.' MI. ln .lemnn.lrale. InellllS 01 llio unnwiij iJ -.j".-. ....... tint Vntln Van lluren cannot obtain the noHifmi- treat, in connection with the exercises of next linn Irmn llm Ita'tiimre I uiirenuii. uilil lft(( oe uc ,, .. f.i 'r 'li ..-.;...,)..,,,. .-; v.a'ui'iieni.niivi.. j . - v ... - - - ...... ... brief and pertinent remarks on the vast in terests involved in tho coming contest, nnd expressed lliu hope that the Whigs of Ilur lington and of Vermont would not fill behind their brethren of othor parts oftlio Union in their efforts to elcvato tho illustrious Ken tttckian lo tho Presidential Chair. On motion of W. Weston tlio following resolution, adopted at Iho previous meeting was taken up and passed by tho Clay Club. llcsolced, Shit should the Whig Slato Commiltco lliink it ndvi-able, during ho coming Presidential Camnaiim. 10 call a State Winn mvss CONVENTION. vvolioarldv tender to our brethren iliehospilaliiie-sof our lown, but, at llio samo nine, we hold ourselves 111 rcadiuesi lo si veil hearty lespouso to u call for a meet ing to bo iiehi at any oilier place. On motion of W. Weston ordered : That tho preamble und Constitution just adopted, together with tlio proceedings ol by llieexlrcino exigency of the case, that the salva tion of ihe country requited that bo should put him self above all law, and tiample upon the judicial au thorities, a clamor for tho remission of the fine boa been raised, and even SiateLegislalurrs hav sent 011 tlicir liesoluticns to this effect, vv liich show upon their facolhat tho men who adopted them wcro ulUily ig norontoflho real facts of the case. What arc the facts' On the Blh of January, 1613 tho decisive battle of New Oilcans was fought. Tho enemy wcro discomfited neatly annihilated. Their ormy, already crippled by tho tremendous .laughter of that day, was daily wasting without the means of lecruiling. Under llicso circumstances, n renewal of the attack would hovo been madness. There was no danger of il. Vet Gen. Jackson, having in the firt place illegally and without authority declared martial law, persisted in maintaining it. A citizen by mono of IsHialhcr having, ut some limo previous to the 3d of March, published in the papers of the cuy an rtl clo offensive to Gem. J.ickson, he caused Lniialher to he urrested and place I in confinement with a view lo Ins trial by a com I martial. Isju illier, conceiving

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