Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 8, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 8, 1844 Page 3
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liimielf answerable to a civil tribunal, if nt nil, nnd not to a military court, applied in Judga Hall for n Habeas corpus winch ilio .tuoVe, us bo was bound to Jo, jjranted. This was issued on tin 2d of March, 1815, nearly cipht trcc.j after the battle, and after the news of peace had arrived in the city. Tho General instead of obeving tlio writ, causal Ilia Jmlijo to be ar rested by n military Runrd nud taken out nf the city. It was for this net of arrcstm;, and iniprlsoninu the Judge, in order to prevent the exercise of hisjudichl functions, thai tba (mo wn3 imposed. It will bo seen that this proceeding was not only n high handedjibuse of military power, irnmpline upon Iho civil authority, but an act which Ind not the plea of necessity to c.xcuioit, tho ilanarr bcins; over and ihr war at an end. I did not deem it my duty, under these circumstances, to give to the act the sanction of tnv nhnrohation. I shall enter into no argument upon a point so clear for my own vindication, nor should 1 havo noticed the ihc naracrntili in the Tntc Democrat, nt all, were it not for the purpose of removing a misapprehension, so irenerallv lircvn I nn. as to Ihc period wlicn 1 lie trail mction' took .place, and the supposed necessity for such a high banded measure. SAMur.i. s. The dualli of iMcssis. Upsliur ami Gilt.ior lenves two vacancies in tho Cabinet. Wo tliink it more than probable that Mr. Web star will again bo called to tho St.ito depart' nietit.nml tho letter writers assign iMr. Sauti dcrs, of N. Carolina, to the Navy. The Ortr.ioN Qui-.stion. Wo arc sin cerely erafified to see the indications given by the Madisoniaii, that tho Administration at Washington is inoru sine, on tho Oregon ntieititm. tiiat some ol ton inemiiers ol tin ...,. Hiimjps nf Cnnari'ss. Tim siilistmicn w,,,t wis refer to U in tlio follmvinc edilotia tiaragraph from tho National Intelligencer: Prcsiimiiiff tho Madisoniaii nn ibis snlijcct to ex press views common to it and the Administration, wt have md with greit (satisfaction, in a vigorous arlicli upon thr course of ihe l.lnhein resaul to this ipics'ion .-niimi'iil. nt once most i'it and mlriotic. The Ore- iron nuestuin. savs tliat nnner. cannot be made n party iptcslwn the people of the United Slate will never nlunM into a war mtrelv lo cratifv nohlical a-piranls. "If we are to liavc war if wo must have war, we must have tut cause for it, and ihe justice ofnur cause must lie so plain and palpable that tlio whole union wiiuotii aisiiiicuuii oi pm iy in nine iiji .u m-. Amm. nti's ihe same osncr. " We reneat Ilia! the Ore Bon question, which ceriain politicians would use a an instrument to attain their ambitious ends, cannot tie made a partv question in the Senile or out of it. The Kast, the North, and iho South will not permit It." Tin-: oAcitur.i: iikstouiip. I regret to iv thst the na2 rule, which was slricU en out yesterday by a direct vote, apparently to the tmisiariiou oi everv nony excepi uie occk or-iiuiunii oiinonenis of the ri'dit ol tietuiuti. was ibis die rcsior ed. The nnjority ye-li-rdav wss twenty in a full House ! to div. the siilnect was laid nn the table bv a linjoritv of one in a thin Ilciifc. Vou will doubtless wonder at this sudden rever-e. It wa in this wise Great exertions were nude Inst denim; alter the ndjourntnent lo reclaim some oT the recusant Nothrrn Southerners were successful so as to induce a number of them to bo absent to day find join in an excursion on bmrd the steim fricite I'linccton, Captain Stockton. Hut enouyli wi re noi nway to cff'rt the obj-ct. Two or three Northern I.ocos, afier the roll was called throu:li, and ibey saw hiw the members stood, chartered their vote!, and made a tnaj irity ofotiens above nienlioned. This result having been nniimmrcd, Keddtni: ofN. II. im iiflntcly unveil .1 recoiisider.Ui'in, and so clinrhrd the vi te. Tlio amendment rules brina ihus laid on th table, (fur such was iho inoion) the rules of the last Comtres-s reiiniu in forrc. Hut as they were adopted temporarily, until Con cress shall otherwise order, they may still bo changed bv a nnj iruv vote, and Mr. Adams and also K. I) l)ivi iiinneditvlv pave notice of a motion to strike suit the pa; Tlu, howiver, can hi done only on re-.iliilion day, wlii-h comes once a fortniaht, nnd wi'l not eii'iie aaatn until week aflcr net. Tins de fctt is ivh illy owiiu to Ihe tergiversation of the North orn l.oeo I'ueos. Twil.r of fificeii Southern Whijjs aloud up nohty for ihe nqht. Thus are we mve more cacced and fettered, and the 2reali!e fens-i'inn of restored freedom in wliich I was n joi'Tit la night is tumul to dissappointnient and mine's. Tribune. IIcniiy Ci.w ami Tilt'. V DTK or South Caiuilin t. Tlio Hamliif (S. C) Journal, which, previous to the declination of Mr. C.ilhmin, was anient in his snppoit, thus iiniiotiiHVs its determination to support Mr. Clny. it sys " Will Isoiitli Carolina snp jinrt Mr. CUyl is a qui'slion has been jiil.ed over and over a'ain, and yet no defi nitn Hnswpr Iihs been given. And why? llecanse those interrog.ited were afraid to commit themselves, and wcro unmindful of the dienity and unsullied pride of South Carolina. Wo did look with fond anticipa tion to tho nomination of our worthy and gallant sou, but recent events havo cast shad ows ahead th.t give us plainly to understand that South Carolina must stand alone or sup port Henry Clay, tho next best choice to Calhoun, lint wo ng tin unequivocally say that if Van IJuren is to ho the caudidato of tho Democratic, parly, Henry Clav will be suppottcd by South Carolina. Politicians may say whatever they please about the matter, but tho peoplo will havo a voico that will ring from the seaboard to tho moun tains. If we are forced to haul down our colors in defence of Air, Calhnini, wo will rally under tho banner of Clay. Tho friends of Van IJurcn may hold as many Conventions as there arc letters in the Eng lish alphabet, and meet in caucus in every iiolo and corner in tho Union, still it will iivail them nothing." fjr?"AIi. Wisr. has written a farewell to liis constituents, in which he exhorts them to pay their debts and educate their children (JJ The correspondent of tho Journal of Commerce says : "It has been supposed that cither Mr. Wcbstor or Mr Walker, ol .Mississippi, lie caned lo me au ministration of tho Siato Department after a few days. "Mr. Saunders, of N. C, willpiobably soon be ap. pointed as Secretary of the Navy." IJA15K, THE IMIIATE. Tho New York herald contains tho follow ing description of an interview between barber and a piralo : "On Saturday afternoon, Tucker tho colored barber of centre street, near Franklin, proceed. ed to the city prison to remove tlio board of B.ibe, who is fccutenceil to be hung on tlio 7lh of next month, lie placed his lather hox in one pocket, and a razor in another, and entered the cell oi ji iiio, as usiiai,,io poriurni tno necessary duty. One of the keepers clotcd the outer shut ter too keep all safe, and retired to bin post nn the causeway, in the centre of the corridor. No sooner had Tucker entered the cell, than Ilabc, who is a very athletic man, eeizi'd him by the throat, and with an herculean effort, forced him against the wall, and demanded his razor, saying that his timo had come, and ho was determined to cut his (TucKcr's) throat, and then conclude tho tragic act by performing the samo opera tion upon himself. Tucker refused to deliver un tho instrument of death, when liabo renew ed his cnorcics, and twisted Iho neckcloth of Tucker with one hand, while ho held the two arms of Ins antagonist with tlio other, '(jivoiuc tlio razor V says II iho, 'while I end your cxis. tenco anu initio an '. iiuicl: ! nincli ! or I btran-'lo you lo death!' 'Murder murder !' shouted Tucker, at the height of his voice. 'Si lenco silence !' cried llabo ; ''dvo me tho ra zor nr I'll twist your neck ell'.' 'Hollow bol. lows' bawled Tucker; '.Mr. Iv'-opor murilor murder help help 1 in lulled coiiio to my rescue oh ! oh I murder murder inurd' At HiIb insnnl, Mr Keeper Fallon, wlm liail been on tho corridor below, rushed to tlio cell door, and throw it open, when ho found Tucker standing with bis back (.gainst Iho wall, palo as moonlight, and shivering as though at tho height of an ague-fh, while Uabe, who stood op. poiito him, wa convulsed with laughter, and shook his sides as though they would crack at the fright ho had given bjrber Tucker, Fallon lostnnilv .aw that ttabn bad born nraclishiL' a startling joke upon I ticker, and he also roared , with laughter, but Tucker quietly cilgoil to- 1 wards tho coll door, and instantly darted out, as though still fearful of tho threats of llabo tint 1 Ind so lerrined and appalled, him. Ho refused to ti;,i'n It ihn. hot rtftnr emisidoraliln sol c tation 1 ... .....w ....... ........ eonsontcd to bold the glass wlulo the gay pirate shaved himself with tho razor that Tucker had i so pertinaciously refused to deliver tip. A sido alanco from llabo, as ho flourished Iho razor, caused a second lit of ague on tho part of Tuck er, who waq cnmpolled lo place his arm nminst tho wall to keep tlio glass from betray- t nir Ins emotion. I ho operation was nnisiicu anil Tucker left ; but ho says that it will boa rarity if bo oi or enters his coll again, as, when ever ho thinks of llabo's determined manner and ferocious aspect, whether it was m earnest or not, bo cannot avoid shuddering at his previ. oils fright. Fatal ('asuawv. A young; man bv tho name of l'mckney Hill, lost his life in Troup county, lia.. on the M lust., in tlio tnllowing painful manner. Ho went out on a htiutin! excursion, and not rclurnitiir when expected, a party start-d in pursuit of hint. After search ing some time, they discovered a lartre poplar tree, measuring soino two feet in diameter, which had recently been felled, and under it they foun.l one of the legs of tho unfortunate young man. The leg, when found, had the appearance of having had the bones entirely mashed, and to have nail I no llesli cut ny 6nmo sharp instrument. The parly continued their search for the body, and about eighty yards from the place above named, found it. A largo knife was found in one of his pockets, upon wliich was a quantity of h'nrnl leaving no doubt in tlio minds of thoo who saw Into, but what ho Ind Iiitnn1f taken tho knife from his pocket, cut the skin and flesh that held the leg tnrreilier, and had placed tho hnifo hack in bis pocket leaving a portion of his leg under the treo. lie then, nn doubt, pulled himself by the bushes to the place where he was found. ltiirllinton illt'chauic's Institutr. Tho last of three lectures, on the princi ples involved in tho construction and action of Hydraulic and t'lictnnatic Inslittntcnts, will he given nt the reading-room, this (Fri day) evening at half past G o'clock. imittllTON MAHKET Monday Feb. 28. At Market, C23 lleef Cattle, nnd 330 Sheep, 12 pairs nuMng uxen. iuu licet cattle unsold. l'nicES. Uecf Cattle First quality S 1,00 & 8 1,30'. second cpiality 63 73 S Si 00; third quality S3 23 i? 53 30. KxtranlSITjiP&S 00. Sheep Small lots sold from SI 23 to 82 23 Wethers from S273 to. SI 00. UorAiii!? Oxen No sales noticed." Sicinc None at market. NMW YOKIC CATTI.i: MAH K HT Feb. 20. At market, 700 Ilccf Cattle, 103 Cows and Calves and 600 Sheep. I'ricks Ilctf Cattle-Tho olK;rmg was smallei than for some tunc, but prices area thada lower for extra. We qno'e SI CO S3 to S3 SO fir SO. Coics and Calves TUe market cleared at SI If S23. Khcep All taken at 82 1 S3 30. If,i'j. larce supply at G2.J a 61c. per cwt. M si ir I? S cd el. In Richmond, on Iho 13lh lilt., by Iho Rev. Mr. T. Drowning, Mr. Ti.motiiv W. 11. Scsn Tina", of l.'ssex. Nichols, to Miss I In Williston, on the 23th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Campbell, Mr. Alpha Austin, to Miss AnioAL Hott, of Ksscx. In Shelburn, on the Gib inst., by Rev. H. Meeker, Mr. Weuji Huckmvs, c Jericho, to Miss Fidelia M. TuAYEn, of Shelburii. B fi o dl, In Charlotte, on tho 27lh tilt., Miss Aoioal S. Feltcii. Atlrasburgh, on tlio 29th ult., Mrs. SAnAii C. T. Alle.v, wife of Col. Iia II. ALLVNjOgsJ iwcnly-threo years and nine months. At Iliucsl urgh, on the 1st inst., Mr. l'r.o-rnn S. Dlsckman, son of Mr. Joseph Itlickman, aged 23 years. Ily tins ilispcnsaiion of Providence his pa rcn's have been bcrifl of a dutifiil son to whom they looueafor support in tlio itecline of life, two sisters of n kind and allectionate brother and society of avahin. bio member. Punters in Indiana and Michigan will please notice. Com hi, Ohltuary; "Tlio spider's most attenuated thread - Is chord, is cable, to man's lender tio On earthly bliss it breaks at every breeze." Mrs. Marv Alle.v was the d lii'ditcr of Mr. Josrnh Morton of Randolph. Ikforo she bad reached her lClh yearsbo was adopted into iho family of her un cle (apaihak Kici) where she lived as a dutiful daughter, greatly I cloved till about IS years of age.- ue was men married to Mr. Artemeas A'lcn of West- ford, with whom she lived most agreeably for more inan-jj years or till her death, which occurrtd on tlie luih ofl'cli, 1811. Mrs. Allen was n woman of hardlv middlin ; stat- nre nnurtilim - lln In,,,. n , '. , are, possessing a line fo in, and engamng futures s ii. wna r..ii,...n.i sv.ii. i.:ii: . i, . s..u.,wU iii uiiiuuiii 1'iieiicci, nn tin- oininon energy, an afleclionale heart, ond a benevo lent and noblo spirit. Her conversation was spright ly and agreeable, spiced with something hkeoriginali- ty. Messed with vvoilJIy competency she was mind ful of the general calls of benevolence and of tho wants of iho poor and tho needy in lur own community. " Slip I..,, .-n.l ..-..II l 1.. l..,..U..,.l ,, ,l .1 ;, , , . . ' uepart- mentsofher habitation wero in order, her children un - der proper rcstrami. and nil her nfTiirs were pro - ecu - ted with vigor, and success. Her friends nhvavs re ceived a cordial welcome lo her homo and will long remember her hospitably. For moro than 20 years before her death had shu been a worthy nnd consist- em mr.ii. I,,. - nfibi. r-, ,,,...,;,., i i i. " -... w..,.s. Luitii. iter church ami her pastor always found in her a cordial irieuu, .oviiucsm rcugiun nau lor tier no attrac- lion, In the paths her fathers trod She ever loved to worship God. Hut sho was cut down in the midst of her years and her ucfulnes at ibo agoof II. Hcrcnerey bad im paired her constitution and paved the way for that great nn.tcrof human life tho consumption. In tho spring oflSI3 sho was declining, till in tho summer hcrhfo was despaired of by her friends yet by tho most untiling caro sho mended till the hope was awa kened of her restoration to health but that bono araiuauy tiarKenen tut nnally on a sudden it went out in the night of the grave. She has ltd behind her ..i.. i.. ..:... i ..... .. , ., , .. un,)r hum., t,u.,.a,iiu.., anu nine l llliureil 10 grieve her loss embalmed in their tilhciions nnd the remembranco nnd aireclions of her acquaintances sho was laid in her quiet grave on the 22d ult. her fune ral having been attended with a great concourse ot people. Comm. PIANO FORTE. TIIRsnbserdier ha on hand nil excellent new PIANO FORTH, one of Muntnn's best, which bo wishc lo ili-po-e of tit n low rice fur ci-li in lian I or on -hnrt credit, Wm. A. GI(ISWOI,l. .March 1, IStl. 10 vvl m IiVSURA-iVsnK. 'T,Iin sul senl er ha ncicl a tgent lor tho A'.nn Jb Ins, uaiico Company of llitrtfoid ('oiiuccliciit for moro thin twenty years p. ft, nnd continue 0 iiisinn against losss'as by 'liie, nud all kinds of buildings and personal j.roperiy, and will rcene application at In o lii c in liurliuglon, nud immediately Issue Polices for tint purpose at in buy rate of premium, as any private oomp.iiivrau a lord, Tho un.teublcd re.po.i sit ililyof ibis Company, insures snfety lo thein.u re I, nnd their proinni, honorable, mil III cral course in the adjusimenl and payment 1 1 lo t", will I e at-te-tcd by all wiih whom they Invo ha I occasion o dobii-ino.. WJI. A. CRISWOI.I), Agent, llurlingtoii, March 1, 1811. 10 if WM. O. BAR KUIl. WH.l, pay Cash for n fewgooil m.rkctiblo Hi r - ses at his place Uaplist Corners, F.astChar - lone. Maich8, 1811. 0 AI.IJ OP UANKUUPT lil'KUrTH. -TOTICinshcnbyciveii ibat by viriucnf thosev. 1 rral nn'crs run! decrees or Bankruptcy, Issued mil of tho District Court of tho United Stales for iho District oT Vermont t I will sell nt Public Aiielioii, JJ ffi , .!- . it w. .... i- , : i,i..f..wii ii.ii.mi. win i nrr , no vesieu in niu ,y irfuoir the decrees nfoicaid. vizi 0 ;o undivided siv.ih part of nbout seven nnd a half acres eresof land, near (lueclieo vulago in Uarlfonl, I., now held in trust hy Daniel Maisb. One undivided sixili part of about twenty acres of wild laud near (lueclieo villaco in llarlfurd, Vt., it bcins part of the i.siaio oi iJaiuel .ilarsli laloot itarilorii, ucceascu. At.o, fivo'or six Slips in iho Cluecbeo villico Meet Ini; lloue, together with sundry notes and accounts surrendered bv the said Leonard Marsh. NATHAN II. tlASWJXL, Attignte. llurlington, March 7, 1311. 4" HSW GOODS .3Trdro7'i'i. Jllsriteturiiel from llo-lnn with a supply of New CooiN lo I'oninieiii u tho spring Irnde with, and are openinn ino-i nrtie cs to m il.o our ii'sortuient very comnlele. Ainoni; lliem nro Large New Thermometer.-, graduated to -10 below zero. JlANtroLti WntTr.ns, very convenient for business men nud travellers n it oi'peii'e win. Ink and lnl mind and by it you wriluyoiir b'ller nnd retain n copy or copies in your boi k and all done nt oiicewiitimr. A few of iho-oinee larae cut lnl.tandj made to ex. po-i! veiy btllo ofihe Ink In ibo air. Ivory Meiuoiandiini', larso ones. l!ai:!;gnminon llo.inl', Hones, men nun oiee. Mesnv Card-, n new nmufm; article, (bit and Sieel Herds, Walk Heeds and llurrles. Some new Ibis ioN. (ynncord made, of new uno improved slyle-, an I various other Goods making a goo 1 ussoriineiit. Several iloz. pair Shell Side Unmix, aieloilions, n new and irood instrument for the l'nrlor,Cbureh, &e. u swift ortran tonr.l inrtruineiit and a line accom paniment to tho voice. All will beiuldluw to make room fur numerous Ooiilts. Military Gnoti'. Thn'o who wi-h to I e furnished Willi niuskels or olli-r .M dilar dooils this spring mo desired lo furwerd their onlcM. -" llltl.SM.Ml . HltOTHEUS. Sucees.ors to l'ANnnons it ItiiiNs.MAin. SAAO DOW, Manufacturer of TIN, Slir.t'.T-lRON, AND COl'l'Hlt WARK. and denh r in coPi'Kii pcmi's, i.i:.n pipe, if c. Church, trect, llurlingtoii, March C, 1811. 1y40 piano ronri: for salk. A pood second handed PIANO FORTH is odcrcd L. tor sale at a very low price liy T. F. ,J. V. I.. STRONG. March 3, Ml. 40 Oil,. 5 HMDS, bet Winter Sperm Oil. 1 do do do HI, n"hod Sperm Oil. 5 Tierces of (n'i'iiliaiii) Winier llleuehol Oil. Just reeeivoil from llo?tou. l)rcsed duriutho luontli of January, for sale bv KoLLirrr hi:adli:y &. Co. March, 5lh 1841. t'OllK. Itni.S. Mc.s I'orb. lflO do I'xlra Mess do. of our own naelr- 150 and warraote.l to any Pork ever otn.reil m this Maiket, for Mile I v rOI.I.UTT nitADLKV & Co. March, 8th IS! I. jTa.US AM) iZxhl). Crrw-vrv ''I!S- 'f SmokVd limns. 01K)J 4000 do do Shoulders. GUOO do I.ard ill HI Is. nml ICcgirs, for snleby KOI.I.IVIT HltADI.KV ,f. Co. Henry Field's Kstnte. WF. the siibsrr hers, having 1 ecu appoin'cd by the llouoral le the Probate Coml fur the District of Clnllendcn, Cominissioiier to receive, examine and adiist tlie einiuis nu I deninii'ls of nil persmis fiL'.iinst tliei..tal,.ofllF.NIIV FIl'.I.D, l.ilcof Jerit ho. in said D'siriel, deci'a.ed, icoie-euit'd iiisoUt'iit, and all claims or demands exhibiied in oT-ct thercloi nil', niuiiiiis iron) uie ii )y ui nii'u.iie iiereoi, I )in allowed by said Court purpose, wo do llieietore hcteby give noliee, that we will nllelldlo ihe 1 uinrss of tinr iii))oiiltmrlit, nt iho ilwrllum of Luiira Field, in Jericho, in niil District, on the 1-t Mondays ol April nnd August next, nt io o'clock, A, M., on each of said days, D.iii-d, ihis27lh tiny of V roarv, A. I)., 1511. NATHAN1F.I. IlIiACIvMAN,'! .. . . I.IIMUKI. I1I.ACKMAN, l ""onis-ioncrs. IIcii.amiu II. Skilf's ICstatc. STATE OI1 Vl'.liMOST, ) riTHK Hon. the District nf Cbiilcnden, ss. S L Prolate Coon fOr IllR I'l-lllCI HI' t'tllllt M'1'.. l' Til pi...l.l,o r.n teriied in the Fstateof III NJA.M1.N II. SKIFF, late o( Charlotte, in said District, deeeaseil, f!nt:r.TiNO. Win:nr.', Pally tl. SkiV, Administratrix of ihe e.. talc ol said tleei aed, propo-i-s to rcivtiT an ait Mint of her adiniiiistraiion, mid present her iici'ouni niruiust Miid esta'e tor I'Miiiiiiialiou and nllowitiue at a ses sion of the Court ol Probate, tobol.i Idni at the Reg ister's olhVc in ll.irliiig'ou on the tecond Weihicsday if April nexl Tiil.tiEr'oiiE, von nie hereby nniifiedto appear le- foresaid court at the time and place alorcnid, and shew oaii-e,if any yon b in', why the account afore said should not I f allow ed. Given under my hind at Uurlington, this G'.h day of .March, A. I). 1S11. lUu-3 Win. Wi:,STON, Register. Timothy lSliss' Estate. STATU OF VERMONT, ) rjmr, Honnral le the Di-lricl of Chiiti'iicVu, j I'rol n't-Court with in and for the Dilrii't of Chit'cnc'eii : To ibe credi tornnd other foncerneil in the e-lalo of TIMOT'.IV lil.ISS, late ol Jericho, in said district, deceased. Wiii uI'.as, 'ebina lib's, admiuislrator of the es tate of said dticci-ol, h.t made npiilieaiitm to Inl Court, to extend iho lime buint'd for makmir nayiiicnt of the debt and scllling ijiu i-tate of said ilec'eascl, twelve monilis from tho 2tth tiny ofApril, 181 1, and tho seeond Wcdncstlay of April nexl, being ussi-rnej lor a beiring in the preiiii.t's, ni tlie oilice ol iho Reg ister ol'lbis Court, in lliirbugtoii in sniililistnct and it b.ivinir I cen on'eied thai noli v ibereof be mvcii. bv , puni . mils nostii'creo iiireo weehSMieeessiveiy in ne 1 1, . . 1 , -rt r.n Frco Press, a nriuied at llur- . . . . .' iinctoii, 1 eiore ino tunc nxtn lor iie.inu Therefore, you nre hereby uolilk'.l. to nooear 1 cfore said Conn, nt Ihe.ljiiu; an I pi. ice nfori-aitl, Iheuiinl here, to mal e objection if any yo i h tve, io the snid time of nuvment loins liirlher evlcndtsl n t. ron..:. nl f liven miilir my hand at Burlington, this Gtli day of .llanli, A. ii. IBI 1. 10 w3 Wm. WESTON, Regisler. STATU OF vKUJI O.N T, ! Tho Hon. tho Pro- 1 Di-tnet of Chittenden, s 1 Into Court for the ! District of Chittenden : lo all person coneerneJ Hie iv.iateort ill h-iss, late ol .lern ho, In said District, decease'!. Oreetiso. WiiutiEAs, Xebina I!bs , Administrator of the E- ateof said deceased, tti render an account of ! hi administration, ond present his account against said estate for cvaiiiiiiation nnd nlovvancr nt a tt'-sioo ,,,,,. ,,, i,i...i,i ,!- j i!ico in nrl,nSto ,n' said district, on the Second Wcilnesil ty of Anril next. TiiEiiKroitn. Vou nre hereby notified lo -nnenr leforo s.nd court ai the lime audplacu aforesaid, and hew caii.e, if any you have, why ibo account aforo haul should not I e allowed. (liven under my hand at Uurlmglon, this 6 h dav ofMiinh, A. I). 1811. 40 w3 WM. WKSTON, Register. I'ftltlon to sell Land. ST.1TI-: OF VF.RMONT, I A T a session of the Di-lncl ol Chittenden, k I Probate Court held at linrliiifftoii williin and (or said dislnct of (. bitten, den, on Ihe 20th day ol Felritiry, A. D. 1841, come Amanda Norton, who is ol Utixiinna Atmin tla N'orion, Nalbiniel (!. Noriou, Daniel J, Norton, it , nariiiiaiinira .M rion.ii o limes ur i in situ i sinct i,,,,,,,.,.),,!,!,,.,, .I,,!,,,'. V,,.,,,,, I ,.. ,.r . 1 II K.i-rfl. tlectiisctl, intestate, nnd lijcsin said Court her petitFon in writing selling forth that her said ward lire seized m their own right In fee n tenants in common o( tif ly-tlireonercof land in Slnrksl nro'. in the County nt' Addison, beini' the utile land hereiolbro deeiled by Hurry Kimball to tho said John Norton ', that saiil laud is unproductive and thai il would be for the l est interest ol said wards to have said land sob and have Iho proceeds of such sale inve-led in other and more nrCHluclivu real c-lalo or nut it nt inlcrcst. nnd nuy. ingsanl court to lieeiist- ht.r. the said uiiardian. lo sell said land agrccally lo the statute in such caie ninde and provided. WiiEiiEuror, tho court nforcnid doth nppoir.t the fourth Wediu'sthiy ot March, 1811. for hearing und deciding on saul petition nt tho otfre of llioltegis'er ot s.ii.1 court ui sm I Ii irliiigtou, nnluo'li t.rdr all persons iuleroslol It- iioliliijd thereof by public.! ion. an i mi ii oritur lion ol this order, containing tho sul stance til sail petition, three week suivt's.ively in Ihe II irltiiglt'U Fiee Press, a newspaper piintud in s.tid liurliuglon, the last of which publication to he. previous I thu said sivoud Wvilnesl.ty of .Mart Ii, 1811, iivcn un Icr my h md ut saii liurliuglon this 20,li day ol February, 1811. I0iv3 WM, WliSTON, Register. DAWSON, iLoa, sWV Shop in the south end of Mr, Stetson's new brick building, on Church Street. ! '' 1 '"''ON P. ! Ctitllus tlone In the most nppruvcJ btyle, II F H M N t i T O N , V I I It M O N T nnil i ttuiiainrn, March 1, 1811. Cm39 NEW BOOKS!!, by Miss Pickering, J. Tho Crock ol Hold, n Rural Novel, l.ovcand Money, by .Mary Hottitt, St Patrick's I'ltrcitorv. , Jack of the Mill, by Win. Itowitt, ,hi. ,,i'o Mm,?!!, fur l'Vbniarv. 25 cents. l'2l do. 121 do. 124 do. 121 do. 18 do. it' i,..r...i.. n .....iiitrnnr diseoverv of n Splendid Cily in South America in tho Ifitlt century, with a dtfence, by Sir Waller lta- do. Hcethoven Collection ol Sacred Music, t. ...... ...I ..C i,o,ritr.ttiin. I,V I'.. lve.,.Ir., Alpers&Timm, ,-,nw'? jtnreu I. iiuj i'.v - STOLEN. 17IJ0M the sub'i ri1 er, ill n it the 15th Oi.tnl er latt, r ,. siM.M. 1. 1K1AT wiib .niliuiJ oars. Tho Hoot has n green bottom, the o.irs were marked with n brand, "J. Tolia," nbo, one broad nxe, one carpen ter's ndz, two li.iiinners, two plane, one saw, one shat e, one new clieeki.l, n woolen I e 1 1 lunkot, nnd ono pnir boot. The person who stole the above iroper ty i nn Hnglibiiiiiii or (, about 5 feel 9 inche in height. Anv one aiving liiformalion where the properly nmvbe fonnl, nnd the man secured to bo nrougbt t;. jusiiro shall I e li' erally ;rewar,tal t.ratullsie, lec. Z'J, -11. JJ j.i.m.o iuih.iu. rotlltcm to rcII Land. STATU OF VF.KMONT, 1 A T a Prolate Court Disinet ofChillenden, lieni ni uiision, within nnd for said district til Oliitlemlen, on tlio lUtli dayol February, 1811, conies Heinan GiMcll.a.liniu- isirator oi uio csiuiu ni iii'hl "imhiuu, iiv Ilunlinglon, in ald ilflrict, tieeeaseo, niioiues in ai.i court Ins petit'on, in wriimir, setting forili Ihal the personal e-tatf iihlie said ttecea-cl, hs inventoried, amount to SI39.C3, ol which 871,93 has Icon asan isl by snitt court to the widow of the said deceased J that the claim allowed naaiiisl sniu esiaic ny me eommlssioner amount In $210,13, and that the ex- en.cof ndiiiiiii-tralinn nro not le-llian sixty noi arsi that the aid thvea-ed died JCir.el of two, one biindri'il acre IoN of land in ni.l llunlinirioii, being ihe farm on which he 1 1 veil previous to anil at 1 tie time f hi ilealh, and nl-n of an cvpinl undivuleil hall of another hun lro I arre lot of land in said limiting- Ion, l.ii'iuded soiuli by Hemun (tilletrs inntt, cas by land of Jehiel John, north ry Charles tnd Lot Sttifi's I west by Al'eu Conger' land, which said Ian I-of Ihe said dreea-ct wcrcinurtgaaed bylbe nid deceased, lu hi liti'lime, inJumc Ami let to sj eiire the iiayinent ofn note lor the sum ol three hun dred iin.l lliutv live dollars and interest, diced Nov. 17, 1812, wIik li note was not pre-cntcd uorsllowed by tlii commissioner r,n Mini e-tnti'i mat niu iam mo also s'lbiei t to the widow's nslit of dower there in. nnd i li.ii it will 1 o licro-sarv lo sell ail the interest ofsaid estate in said lands, including the reTerion tif dower therein, lor I lie payment or the tlel.ts allowpl agiin-t -iiid L'siate nnd the expenses nf administration, and praying said court to license the said administra tor to fell all the interest of said estate in 'tid lamU, inclu bug the reversion ol dower tlieiein, agreeaoty to the statute in sueli case inadennd erovi led. Wur.nwroN, the court aforesaid doth appoint the third Monday of March, 1811, lor hearing nnil deoi- ... ,.. . I.-....I.. U..O i w. III.. )UI1 111 B.lli) ifillli M, .11 iuu i.iito nun ill fin., i, mis ton, and doth order thai nil ner-ons interested I e no- tided thereof by publication ot th order, containing the siilistanco tit sani pennon, inree woeus .siuaes sitely in the liurlmgton I ree 1'res., a newspaper printed ip tbirliugloii in said district, Ihe last ol'wln't h publicnlinn to Lo previous to said third Monday of March, 13 It. Given tinier my hand on the day and year first above written. 39 w3 Win. WF.STO.N, Register. l'Icrcc Htanilisli's Kstatc Petition to sell Iiiinil. STA VK OF VDRMONT, ( A T a Probate Court District of Clnllendcn, s. ) i. held nt lliirbnston. wiibii. and lursiii.) district of Chittenden, tin the 22i d.iyof February, A. D., 1811, come Rus-ell llmnsnn, adhuuislratorof the estate ol Pierce Sminli-h, late of Hiiiitliinlnu, in said ili-triet, ileeea-ed, mte-talt, and lilt-sin said court his iieiition. in writing, scttiua lorih that the said ilecca-ed die I se zed ol shout one third ol nn aero ol laud, itimu- in said lliintinglon, t winch there is ainall dvvellin'.'lioue, being ihehou and land occupied by the said iiite-late preyiou-ly lo and atthc iiuieof bis'di'atli ; sai I land is siiljcct to a nn riiiane lo one Jiibii-on to secure ihe payment of a note for Ivvcutv-live dollars and interest, nnd io Ihe widow'. richl of dower therein t thai Ihe claim al lowed by ihe couiuiissionersair.unsi said estate amount lo!37Sfi,21; thai the amount of the inventory of the personal elate I l 1,711, ol wlinti r3l,s!t, lias teen nssignetl liy suid court to the wi low of the said lines, tale; thai lite niiiount of ttieaecoutils in lavor ofsaiil fstatei'o lecled. i- S 17.32. and the exnene ol admin i-lering said e-iato n renin les than sixtj. dollar, unl Ih it il i neces.iirv lo sell the whole of the in ete-t ol said estate m s;ii I t.iud and building, includimr the re vt r-ion of dnwer tlieiein, for the payment of tliedebts nzuinst 'niile-iav and ilicexticn-es of ad.nini-tratinn. and praying si,id court lo license stud administrator lo sell llieiu'ere-l of said e-lale in said hou- a u J laud, incloding the reversion of dower, agreeably lo the stamtein .neb ca-c urrV and irovidtsJ. Wiirarcrov, tlie court afoicsiii.l doih appoint the mini Wecliie-tiay oi aiart.ii. ion. lor nedrul-r anj tie- cidingoii Mini petition at tlio oilier of the Register of saut court in sum iiurling'on, anil uotD inltT that all person inii'resteil I e nolifits ihereot by p, bbcalion of tin order, containing the substsjo-e of said peti tion, tliier v.'ti'!. slice, s-i.-ly in ihe Ihirhnizion Fico Pics., n ncw'sp.i; er pnnlid in siii I Ih.rlingtnn, the 1 ft ol vtlwli piii II '.ilion to I e previous lo ILeojytl noiiited a nfurc'siiid ler hearing. (iivcn un 'er my band on the day and year first al ove mentioned. 39 vv3 Wm. WESTON, Register. I, other Carpenter's Ilslatc. Petition to sell i. aim. STATU OP' VI RMONT, ) A T a ses-ion ol the Disirict of Chilleiu'en. s.. I XV Proha'e Court btb at lltirliustnri williiu and for the ilis r et of Chitleu i itri on Hit. rait. iv t. I-eiiruary. I'.. 311. conic John I. Firman, ailministraloroflhe estaie ol l.titlier Cirpcu'iT, late of Huntington, in 'Uid ihstrict, deceas ed, intestine, nnd files in said court his iirlition, in wriiiii'.'. seltinir fori 11 that tbeinvcntorynf the .er-o- nal estate of ihe -aid intestate amounts to S2G2,03i that ihc claims against saide-l.tle, allowtil by Ihe comuiis-ii iii-rs against sudcsta'e auiount to S21 1,37 that Ihe f inliiiintterin? Hid e-taleare no le-s than seventy-five dollars ; that a portion of the personal est.uo inveniorie.i na icon coiisiunisi in in siiiii.orl of tbe family of sid intestate : that tho ner-o mil -Mate ol the said uite-talei in-iiilicieiil lo nay the tlebis nllowcil ii-ramst said es'a'e and the expenses of adiniiiistraiion. and lliat it will be inve-sarv to sell a pan oulie real e-ta cot t he saul liiU-lale lor I lie pay nicnt of so iniiL'h id ibeilcbts of admin istration a. the saiil personal estate i iiisiiilieieut to pay; thai tho said intestate died seize I of tt lariii in nnil Huiiimgton, on which he resided preTiou-ly lo and lit the lime of hi death, which is. subject ton mortgage lo secure the payment ol a note lor liny dollars am; interu-t given lo the town ol Huntington: and i- also subiect to the widow's right of dower, am lirnying said court to license -aid administralor lo sell so much of snid real estate a may be necessary to t.ay tno ngain-l sai l e-iateau i Hie ejpenses oi n.l- iniiii-iraiii n, nsricably to the statute ui such case niaitn nnd tirovidcl.'.tii'ON, the court nfore-aid tloth appoint tlie third .mum lyoi .viarcli, is 1 1, lor tiearingaud ileei'liu: on saul petition, at the Faille Hall, in Williston. i said district, nnddoth order lhaiall persons interestel Is" iiolincd tliercol by piilihcatioii ol this order, con titiiiiiiK tno siiosi.tnceoi s'ti i prtiuon. inree weeks sue ces8ivety in the li'irlitigton rreol'ress, a newspaper prinien iiisaii iiuriingion, me tasi oi which publiea' lion io I opreyious lo said tlurj Monday of Marcn IB i i. Given under my handthi' 221 dav ol February iqi I tn...i lv. tt'einnsi n : .... iiii iwiu ii in. " iioii.,, iieyisier Alpliciu Persons' Kstatc- Petition to Sell l.atiil. STATE OT VERMONT, A to session of the Distnei of Uliilteuden, ss. J X Prnb.uo Court be d at llur inn'oii. within and for said district , Cliinenilen. on iheSGih ilav of Febrimrv. A. D. IS 11 comes Reul en Hock wood, administrator nf the estate ol Alpheus I'er-ons, lato or Jericho in s.iu uistrici t'eiensi'ii, ami nics ni pennon in writing, scum; forth that the personal e-lale of the sail inic-lnle as inventoried and appraised, amounts to S237.G2, one hundred dollar of which has been assigned by said court in the widow of sufl intestate; that tbe claim alloweJ against said estate by ihe comnu loners amount to cjii,jij mat tno expenses o ndminisieriiitr said estate are not leesihan sixty dol lars ; ihat the said deceased died seined of 59 acres of land, situate I in Jericho, being Ihe farm on which he lived previously to anJ at time of hi dcalh ; that nt ino imio oi ins neaiii, lie new a mortrage, executt-i! to him by Waller Parker, of about ten acres of land an t doming work's, thereon, situate.! in alcunl Holly Vermont, to secure the payment ol certain notes, and that'tbe sai l it buiiiistrator has since purchased ihe equity of redemption in suid ten acre of Ian. I for the benefit of said e-lale : that said lands nre subject to iim i.M.l. ...... -i.ri.i ..r.irt. I.I.. n lie no 'ess iry lorseli a part of said land for Iho pay ment of the debt against stit'd estate and Ihc exoeu se of alniinisiralion: thata nan of cilhcr of said parcels of land cannot bo sold without injury lo - ' i ' i .. '.' !...Vi .1 ,IU refiatn-er, mm ino it wouiii . . ..,. ..- - , , ., . ' ,. lelcne'icial to the heirs lo said estate and nil person in'crc-loil therein It. havo the whole of said land old, snliwi loibe widiKv' ihiht of dower ths-rein together with ibe reversion of dower in saul anils ond prnyirii' snid curt to In cnsc said ndniiiiistr.ilor to sill the whole ol suid Ian I-, subject to the wnluvv a right of ilovvcr therein, together will, iho reversion of dower, ngriva' ly tti the siaiuie in s lib case ni.tilo an i proyiiiesi j w uitnr.ui'ON, the court nlore.aultloii appoint Ibo third Wednesday nf Murch, 1811, for belling nnd dtciding on snid peluion, nt the oilice of the Register ol'said court in said llurlingtoii, and doth on e- thai oil persons inU're-lcd I e notilitsl llieicof I pul helium uftlu order, containing thu Mibstunce o mid petition three weeks iitvrssivcly in ti) Hurling ton Free Pin s, u iievvsiiaoer nrimcd nt ll.irlingti nfoicaiid, tho .t-t of wliich publication to le prey ions in taidlhinl Wiints.'nv ol March, IRtl. t'lveu under my hand tin 2G'b ilav ol February ' IBM. 30j W.T, Wr.tSlU.1i, KtfUlsr, fi.W"AH.ll Asahcl Wlilni.ti' i rotate. WK tboMib iTili-r, iitvinsr I tin iiuooiiitel ly the Il'Uiom' lu the l'r u'u (to in f. r the Dis- Iriet of Cliitli'iideii, ooinin i :i'T- to re itv. itaio ino and mljit the chum nnd .Ionian ' nf ill' p'T "lis ngninst iliu estntn of A 'A'.ll'l. WIlll'l'l.l , lu'e o' 11 irbinrloii. in said Dish, .i. it,. ... rcnc rn'e I I'l- solvent, nud ul-unll i-bilms nn I I'mnui'ts i -M hi I in I'lsett Ihero'n t nn I six mnnlbs from the d.iv ol the Liteherenf, I t-ni-j albiwol I v m d Co n( l r that ii t- pose, we do tliciefiri' bero'iy :'ive not'ee, that wo will attend to ll,,1 I it. it. nf ,r appointment, nt the dwellinir hi JOHN HOWARD, in llui'liiijrioii, in saiddi.iriet, on ibo mi .Mnnd.iys ol .1 ilv and Sep- iiiiioer uexi, ai lu oiloi'l;, A. .a., on eaeii it buo nays. Dated, this 7ih ihv t,f IV rmiry, A. I'., 1311. til'llllllt I.OOMIS, , T. F. STIIOMI, ( ininiss loners AltSIsS TO IiKASf. IfO'.t i'HUSl ov YKtltt. is-a A l,AROi; FA It. "i I s'of'.el will, m'airy f'W jf jL n ii I sluvp, nil I prepared for even-itfis-siu sowing mid plantinr. Tlio iier-ou JSi--tt j.'',,,. ....,1 0,-1,1.1, ,ha l,.t IL1WIII. men lation f. r inlc'riiy mid ind isirv. Also two oilier l.irms lu let lor an aino uit agreed upon. The-e firms nro s'l'iiati' I on the I.aku shoru o.m'i- ite Apdy to i:. M. Ci V. U. It.VI.-o.'i, Porl Kent, Feb. 2(1, 1811. 33 If BISHOP HOPKINS' I.ccHires nn the Causes, l'riucioles. and Resuls ol Iho liritisb Reformation, received by V. IIARKINUTO.V. 23 ril)., IBM. 41 TI1F. t.KNTr.N FAST the History, Object nnd l'roner Obserinnce of the holv season ol Lent. by the Uev. Win. I. Kipp, for sale by id Ken. H'J V. ll.MilllA(illi.. FARM FOR 8 ALU. 101! S f.E, a I trin in t'uderhill, con X isiiiing one bmi'lrel an I lonyis acre, a! o'i one hundred acres of wliiib is under full v.i'itni, the remaiie'er i covered ly a pond crow h. f hird wood. O.i lie iremi-p sire a eon en entilu t lima lio-i-e, I urn, heil, ie. nud nil i reliant of thriltv If.irin np; u trees, u fieient for ma1 ing some liliy or sixty barrel of liter. AI o, s tar. o n ii'ii.ning one hiiiulri-I aero. lyiiiL'nbii it one tni'e from ihe at ove, t' o il sixty afre til wbifh is under iitiiirnvt'iiieiil, and hastn il n capa- eiou I am, the reni.urcer t well woo 'e.i, principally Willi beach and le. 'I be a' tne are siiua'cl near the centre ol ihe tuifii nolo tho mini ro.i'l, ire well waterel niu wed tenee.l, a conj '; porlii n ..t I tie knee I iiug si-tM't'itial stone w.rl, sin I to'e'h- er composo one ol ihe tie-t ilairy Ijrins in Ine town. The abtive preiuoes will I e h'l d lo elo-e st co'.i'-eru lor luut'li le-s than Iht'ir vn'ue, an I iriveu on the lt of .April next. For finder ptrlic.i lars enu lire of i, FOOIF. Uuiliugtcn, Feb. 22, IS 1 1 33 f John Truman IXatc. STATE OF VI-.KMONT, rHE lion. Ihe Pre District ol" (Iran i IVe s. t I I ale Court lor tbe District of Orau I lie: To tbe creditor- ard nil olhers concerned m ihee.ta'e of JOil.N I'KCMA.S, Ule ol Aim rgh, in sji 1 District, dc r.i-e I, lu. in: ss, nan el ait, udminisirator of Ihe e-la'r has in fie aiipbc.Hi' n lo ilii co in lo fx'end the itmi liuiiied fir tl e payment ol'tbe de Is of ui.l t'.rcet ed twelve months from il.el I day i f .March, A. I). 181 1. and Ibe 10 h day of M uoh I einjr a- igneil for a hear ing lulheprenii e. nt then. ice ol the Register tf mis court. Ant il hiving i ecu or ere.i thai no'i'e icrcofle given Iron! Ii-hing thistle ree in the Free Press, a iievvspa er prut'el ill It irbnuti n. tbieew teks uceo-sivcly t.eloie Itie -ni I 10 o I'uv ol .ilarch. 'I'iiehiiork, Yo i nie hereby no'ifie I to nii.'C ir a! the time and pi ice afore-uid, and -hew cause, if urn you hive, why nn eeu uui sbu dil not I e tiiven uuiter my li in i ui .v.rlh Hem, in -a a uis trici, tin 12th ilav ' I F.ln 'liy, A. n. IS tl. 2Sv3 Al iilSTL.S KNKillT, R.vuler. FARM AT AUCTION. TMJK ln U'r-ttiPeJ, n-lrn in i-f raf r x of tlio rta'c f X Bon-amni I!. S 1 1, Intu ui Ch.irliHti', in tlie county tt ( lutlt'inVn, !( et-c 1, will -ell nt jimMic I'jction, on Ihf JU hiUv o! rcbr nty in-tarn, nt our clock in t lie nt Hrnouri, imdcr a lii cicc trurn thf jiro!ate court tirlhc I'i-trict tit Cliittcirlcn, ('in'. irevionly oU at I'fivlc mlc) a I'.inn .it mle I in said Cha'rloitf, co'iM-nm-f one hunlrcil an I tlirfc ncrtt jei't to the ui inw' naht or iiuwrr Inert in and to certain niMrsMue; 1 ein lUtt lann on whicli thu nu ilenjaiiiin 11. live I pievHKK to niel at li.c lime oi hit tleaih. Tf.u Ian I H of exi't-IIeitt nnriliiv an I in a coo I vav ot cultivaltun, ami the lmifiini?, (hcai-e aid h im,) are couvea till ami in irooj repair. 1 ne wMis tarJii wi.l tie st 1 1 vvjv, or inj-eptrate p.inei, h iiKiy i e wuwi iiu t I cntiu-Hi!, aaiu 10 luue pi a -o un tic premi-ca, SAUUV II. SiillT, Administratrix. Velnmy 13, Its tl. 'A72 DR. BAXNING'S LACE. THV. Unders'snrd ln become Ihr propnetflr of the intent rich! fi r tbeile of tin: v.ihnble in. striiment in the ci. unlit of (.luCinJtn, Kiankhn, Urnn I Isle, nnd I.imoille. I o those who li ivc not Ind an onnorninitv to heir the inventor eipl liu tho rmei.le9 upon winch lln liivalu .ble supporter Holb rtd lor allevi.itiini of mise ry nud disease, It liny lu neeessiry lo Hub) tint he ntlribuit to tlio vviiut of nbdomiiinl .support, iinny tiseas,- ntul ailment w'ni fi line litnlolore l.ein i-sn'ocil to other and fjrtbllercrit c.iii.i , as well ns llio-'oin which uch suiiiuiil hni been a lui'iti d In li" t'saiiiiial.nud becl iiui!) to h ivc ill-covered, in the l'A- TI..VI I. At I., an iiiitruuicnt tir Mipermr lo any which b i et l'i ti nrisi'ilied. It cumuli Hon In col him years of lhoii;ht and l ibor nnd thniwind of lol .ir of txt.etise. bv reiou of numerous cxotii- mcni9he vva couipilled lo iii'i'ie Infore he could brina it to its present sfilu of iierftetion. Dr. I! inniiii; Ii i bviured in iinnv of the pnnnpil towns, in iliisnnd 'hendj 'iniiii. Stuti ,nnde.pciiiiiee h'H in uiu'iuicfnhtu insianc-3 tbirly dcnt'iiiliiiied Ihe truth ol h.i ilnory mi l tlie ulntv ol Ins l.-u c, hy rcmovini; from but of l-ui.-'uishinL. mil .c! ins. Iitiu dredsof pcrs iii I thoiiuiruu ler chri)nieihci-es vvbn h In I previously defied the utmost power uf tho healim; art. In the view? oi l'r. Ilantiinz the undetsi.'nrd full v coiicuis, and sj cmnpleti Iv cmvinced i be lint they to rcct ivc trt Herat nci( i- esceuce, lint he In nt ureit i Misuse tici'itme the pro- pnetor ol the pileiit ruht tor Ine I ounliis above n.i med, nnd he l- hippy to ft He lint be h i made nr r:niieiiicnl which will enible him to answer all or der for (lit) tnstrumi lit nt short notice. The undersigned d. eiti ii propt-r firther to Ft.nte tlnt ho his been in the ueof tlu-e instrument in bis practice for more thin thrce-inonlli, am', lb u diiiim! lint tunc he Ins I ecu t-allnl to apply them in iiuiiii! rom cises of fennle vvei'siies and oilu-r kindled . i-ei-es, nnd In unif irmly 1'iiind tlpiu pro I icnve of the vvonJerlul rts.lills nlinbuti d to lliem by theinven- tor. joiin w. i:.ui:kv, m. d. Esse, FiVy.-tli, lSll. 3d Uvv From ibo Clarcmont I'lgle. Clartmont, Dee. 0, 1913. JIn. Wedi-.b : I tliink much of Dr. Hannius's In born ninona us. They hive done i-ood. Tin y have wakcil up liiA ptiblie uun.l to tnuis. on ino cunie i ni heaiih. And, until koiiio better rtn'.ns nie u'uen tor the " t reel putiirn" w Inch lia " i lunch nrct . us lo ninintiin, nnd which we hive nlway bttn told wns essential, Iain Kiti-ficd with those sot forth by him He leaves lis with Ibe warmest nllci-lions of t'lalilinb burning in tlieboouis of ihu-e whom bis vi t will com tbemosf. ill a pecuniary point of viovv. Tor In hasntlbidtd llitin rc'uf wbii-h they have sought n vain before. And as ihe s ipporl which bis Liceuivcs. is acknovvlcdgi d by n'l, to be valuable, in nnny cam 3 his coiiiuu ninoii'.) us is going tu puc a irection h tlieciiipiiries of nnnv, hereafter, in the ill'-irts to as certain themlureoflbeirdiseiseiind tbe nppropnnli rciueity. And wliilc I... risn--i nnl inimnie lint h. sjsteni is In sppctsedo tho uo ol" medicine, 1 ihink In makes il clear, that medicine, is sometimes resorted lo, win re lhesii;ior( nnd experience he recommends nro all lint is w anlins. His Lice is costly, it is true, and the support it is slid uiiybo fiirnislied cheaper. Very well. Let it bo furnished, lint look tail mil not (my an nto undo only of iron because it is cheaper. It miy bo dearer ill the end. It is evident bis views must ;o tlitoiisli thecountry, and they will have thtir inthicnco to lirm j into KrtMtor proininence, principles and practices, hitherto, loo much neglected. His tiewsiin Voice, Itrun "bins, Consuiuplion, Ppi nal Weakness, Oyspcpsii, l'.slpiliiiion of iholleul, &c, nre well worthy of being tested by f tcls, nud ibey will be. And nno way to lest them is to Iry Ins Itmcdiea. And il will bo done. I mil lad Ibo res ponse to mv inquiry a few days since in yn-ir paper, slnll Do -t. It, coinenmoii!; ii. was " Ityall im-aiis,'' and, lint full nn.l attentive nudicnecs-havo confirmed our judKment, and lb it moro thin one poor pulU'rcr Ins thinked On I fir his visit. As a popuhr lecturer, I think Duct. H. misht improve by usiua u li'ilo more elevated stylnof , p ciuii, and by avm lina souiti nt bis ffuanit teniiirks, nlibou.'h many of I'u-m yive est and i-priahl'uicss in his tecum a, nud euiblu him io bold his audiences lu perfect lielness lor hours. Il s nddrcs to the I iilp-s nn ibo iiunou- inilueneta of ti.-lit Iiciiik was truly cbupieut nnd u.i.siibl,). No one can In-system who does, not hear him through tho course of Lectures. 11. 1'. LAWIUINCI.. r.HVinws & m.gazj.m:s. 1) F.Cl'.I Vr.l) by the latest KtprrM nnd for si'e by IX V. UAUIUKiiTQN. Illaelivyond's IMinbursb Majrnzinei Ilnnv u-oii's ttuirierly lvcviovv t London " " Klintmrssh " " I'oiciiii " " Wi's-tni'iiijlcr " M Now i:unaii'ler. Norlh Aincricm " flr.ib mi's L ulu's' mi l Geiulemcna' Maga7inei (Jmlev'st Lilly' Hooki Lndya' (lirland 1 Uurhnst.011 January !I, 1311, 3 ii. ril'll1"' l'" W NOTICE. 7701! SAM', the third 1'IIK'It Itfif-F., t.tuitcd 1 linrlhoflhoStatiirordsi'iur luiii-e l- .r particu lar inquire of NN F.LI'.A MLN-sON. llur uiglou, March 1,1 ill. 30 vv3 oTH i5i n th nit rPO nil pcr-ons in lob'o I to the nl .t'nl cr, lint tbc'r X noti'sHnd nccoun's must I e p ti I, ns Iii. pr pcrly l po-IOil lor snlo nnd uoili llg ' HI i lymi'iit vv id save il. SIDNF.V IIARI.OW. Rurliitglon Fall,, Miire'i I, I3ll. 33 if j.uxinnn. WANTED bv the sn'.eii'.rr. WHITF. PINT.. M'RUi'K" nn I IIIMliOt-K HOMiDd nnd IiVniiii cxdnnge for CAIIINF.I' WO'tlC. Sin p over Will. llUlll.HUrS Store. Clllir-li .Sli.el. .NUIl'KI. NlCUOI.t.S. llurlingtoii, Jan. 1, lall. 31 If F.ilDS Olt.VS-rnn! SF.t'.D, of stipe . rior ouality for silo I y ll. W. CATMN. Af.SO, n few bushrls Seed Wheal. JUST RF.ClllVlil), Q("l HAUW Slll'.l.TINC1, of iho Fxe'.cr and i-svW otlur fayoine brand-, for -nle by FOI.I.iriT, l!l!ADI.l;V, &Co. Old Dock, Feb. 22, 1811. 33 ON CONSIGNMENT. ONI! CASI. OF li::()liCI.OIIlS, cui-i-nnu' of! U nci., lt'uc, an I M vol, for .ale by l lie pie v, by FOMJ.'IT, IIRADIil.V &'Co. Agents Old Doc!:, Fob. 2,1811. Window Sasli. njMIF snbscriler oi'cr for sale n l.irse n innti'V of -5 WINDOW SSll,nll ize-, 7 X 5) to'l 1 X us c.'icoi) as the cheapest. .1. sV II. P. 1IF.RHICK. R irlington, March 1, 1811. 39 tf TO RENT. AzzK A '"in"1 Shoo, and two or ibrff uus for siinll Families, near the Cuiirl IluU'C S piare II. UIAVnNWORTH. no VvK fi, Ml. (LT'Loutl Cal!..tO A1 I.I. tho e in V ted to the snb.cril er-, lin- lV- in mil are it .c, are reuuc!i'd to c ill and .clt'o the iimc to save themselves it Louder (il. S. N. CiAf I' A. ('o. Uurliniton, Feb. 21, 1311. 3-J 1'. S. The bilnni e ol Hry (bml will I e o!d at 1'0T roa CA-iti. to make roolu for fre-b on the ostium; of avirration. S. .N. li. A Co. ANHW i.iXV OF GIMI" AN l FU1.NOIN, Imlia Rttdler. l-ate ami W(trlel Mnt-. I. Ji NmhtC.ipi J'!l rccuivoJ by I'lpu'" an I tirsi'c ..I I II U' ClTI IV Felruiry 23, 1911. 33 STILL MORE NEW BOOKS. QWKr.Tllr.AKTS nnl Wire.) or, Bfore nnd AC O ter M rr.-.'e, a debh siory by T. ij. Ana ir, Price 37 crnis. Itio.r iphy of .fohn R in tolph, with -p'ections from his S eeehe , I r I-muel .'twyer. I'n e 37i cents, Tbe J mu-Tr.u-'s. No. 1, TbeTe-l No. 2, Tlie Currency. No. 3 TbeT.iri . Nu, 4, ol Henry Cl.iv. No. 5. 1'oiei-al Abolition. N.i'u ml ('.iy rtluislrtl. L. S. L). Trt'isirf'lr.ivss,-or, Aei'r.unt" ol Irish Heirs. I v Siniiul Lover, il ilhor of " Handy Andy, " iVe. I'ricc l'.'l i eiit. t'liii lm i . Carol, a "host Siorr tf Cliri-tinas, Ly Clinic Lici en. 1'ir e 6 cent. T ie Amen -m in I'.iri-, or I'.cture vt P.irt-ian t.ile. by. ( de. Jjiiiii. 25 tents. J t , I lout--, a Tu'e of the Sea. Price " cent- Tl.e Ibewer Kuitr. 1'rne 12 cents. Mn-t vvii h--nt it vbt-tcr, )' ii uiitui!r uinplo instru ti' ii lor 'he Pi ni" I'uite. Prii e '2 , t.t,t. .1 i-i receive I an I b-r -ale ' v A. I.UWAItPK. Pel.' Ibid liu,', Keb. JO, 'II. 3-) DISSOLUTION. rpill. UnpirintTslnti her ti.ln.e e-.ism.' 1 ct ween - tne on ii r-iime i, un ter ic linn ol I'OI'I) A- r.Mr.HSON, wis iVsolyed by nril inl con-ent on the lli'h nis'uut. A'l icbi. tlue the lirm must Lo ttlleJ with ll.esaid ( trd, imnio 1 a'cly. MILION I'Olil), cm. W. L'MLKSON. Jcriiho Corner-, l'tb. JI, 1811, i ne Misincss w-tii i c coniinueii nt tne r.i.t . i a ri I ly the r t.scr Iter, w tin vv ill mue.n cr to mcrii a cnni mu- im e t.l pi. blio patronage. SI. KOItD. PAPER MILL FOR SALE, qiTiMTi i) on Tin: i.a.momj.e Rif.k, in yj .ui-iu.t, nr .;r.nn uryiinr cynmlff twn niiL'im". Ca'en Vr ami .ill look an I insit'h iifrr nLr. .lry I'.jr ni.itinl icuinni piper. The huthhh are -tH-fire from fie-het-, am! have a l.ill Mipply U titvt ami v-irin? water. ANo, ndiumine the mill nre a unml he , h im, tvo (hvrlliri huu.e, anl a!-o it lUfl acre of (ami wih n ijofi! orchir... I' i- the tin i northern tniil in Vermont, and ihe ! e-t IcMtieii fir a conn'ry lnmi of anv "nil in Xew i.n.' .in 1, li i viiii a home m n!.et fur ail the p.i ptr'ture'l. 'I he wliute wirl 1 e jol I on n M creht, and ill the payment mnv I e in.i'Ie m p iper iM the null, o tw'o juthMrnm- pr u-tu-al p-iper-makers with a capital of a feu h in tred dollar rich can eail pay for Ihe whole properly in a few j ear by thtir' own labor. CH vrNfRV GOODRICH. Hcrl'iirton. l.yh l'?triinry, 15II. 37 f TAVK'SX STAND FOR SALE OR TO F.N CHANGE FOR A FARM. " r. til 'TMIK we'l Urnvn eslabl s'i. X ii.e.i', Ihe " llni.yn ti md," lb ret mi c cat ol the vi h; of I! irliuslnn, Its-.iud nn lieWi-ni.o-l i T rnpiLr. Coniieels-I .liTfV' f c jl-.. j. - . - will il is ,i l.inn ui 55 ,i -r-, un- - - k..-v- jpr ciil eMliiiuiinn. A i nrpji'n will I ecivon n. a rijh'ly .lisp(,.,.lp.,r. histr. Tor particulars .ip,dy to the sub-crber, on ihe pienu , O. I. UUOU , li.:rlini:to.-i January 2, 1S1I. ' 31tf to ii i.soNs .viiour iivriiiiux:. rpili: siibser hft keep on hmdp thtir I.'imbf-r L Varilou lVnl Slieet, Itjard.' icantlmt', 1'l ink, Moor Hoard and Inch Ho-inis ndv planedi Lull, Linmi' and ,. tin r nntiri il fo- uilih.i!;. lb is.ins in t'it .-idiitim towns eni'lie .upplied nt ibe JIdliii Uii'hrlnll at a suil.ible diduclion Irom the Iturhnittun prices. .. I!. Tin y oil" r to conlraet for iIip erection nf liiuldiu.:s on rejsjiuble term. Apple to H. I' "i.1; ,i!- iiukok sV a-iuvr.vs. Ilur'inpton, 3 Jin., 1311. 31 if LOVELY $ SEYMOUR, KAVH rcninveri to the New Hru'st Hitilninj:, ? doors north of their 'former siand, wlurrthev illl r for sile i Hrae assoriincnt of DIIV GOODS, and DIIV CUO.MUUr', Ac. .hn. H, Churih .Street. 31 I' LA S TER ! PLAS TER ! Qf"W l!A(!S Ircsh around Nova Se.1111 Plistcr, OVK) for sileby P. sV H. H. DO0LI ri'Li:. Jan. 2d, I? 1 1. 3 1 tf u.rn:i) s ta n:s dis pkic p court. Vorino.H 5N:ilct. I. IIANKItUPTCY". Notice lo s.linv c.iinc nutnbnst IVllllnti of I.LONMID MAII-s-II. of lliiihneion. r,,r hi. 11,.. c-linrcunn-l fertitic ite. as a Ihnkrupt, ni the office of Siinuel Prenii, in Jlonipi h. r, in s,y District, 10 JI 1 ' '''' AMI S i.'. jlOllTO.V, ol .Mi'lon, for his Di.cbarse and Ccrtifie.iic, a Itankrupi, nt ht- Otice nt Sim.iel Picnti-siti Mmiip. lu r, 111 said District, on ....iii-..i..,, ti.ty 01 .narili, ., I). ISM al 10 A. M. DAN 1 1 IL W,I(D, of .Millon, (or In I'isi-lurra ant i-.criiucnio, ns a li iu',r ipl, al Ihc Oilice of Sttn el Premiss in .Mom pel rr, in aU I) Uriel, t vie ne.uay, tlio SU.Ii iMy nt .March, A. 1). 13H, LANDS FOR SALE. I Lolclicslct, Lot No. 11 1, cmiiaiiiiim 100 ncrrs. . " " " 5T " 100 1 In llnrlinqtnn, one Lot rnnlninin? acre, 011 thr liiriipiic, ic.tive. 11 the firm nf ( nrlus llixter. list nnl the hnds iL.Inni;uii to the heirs of the late John Julius 111. A portion of the purchase iiioney will br required at time of s.ilu. 23 J. it J. II. Pi:CK it Co. jVTOW ((nnilcnieii is the nine X. to Inn i ur JVATKIt-'.MlOOl'' X.l' J 11 C ..l V All- Nlsll i:t,AMNtii I'LAI'K, 11.11'. 1(1 l AND 1X1 I'.LI. IlLi: INKS, WA1TU& W... i-i iVc. ic. .MM), PWI'I- AND VAU- P CIC st Wl. lll. i"ii.i:s: fii,!:s! I' I'.T the iilth. 'tsl rciueii berih:it,tbcy haven Urn lu 11I y 111 u.c t'cu uiie lluy-' Liuiiueu'. Dt zen j nud ili..tu- have been sold tn tin yii'ii.ily witbin iht p.l t tvvojeurs ti'.titynu to lt fdiciiucv, at I St. pi:o:c sV bpiuks. A -oil -n.V.'- .CHITTKSDKN COUNTY IIOUS1C. 'JS. ( liurch Plrect, r.nvlliigton, Vt l);l... J EWFI.I.INt.TON, ti e leave tti inforni b . I'lit'ii ts nnd the pn' be, ilia' bella taken Ii above Nun I formerly I H"wn u I lie Village Him Punted on Ch reh .sine', in the village of 1 1 irlmgti i The I'.oieo Ins been re in he I, null fitted up, tin o'igli!y,unii 'rnvt-l'crsaiid leain-lcr-can I e iincoinl'io . dl'tsl n well, and on as re;tttn:.l.le Uriiis, us nt anv oilier In ii-i' in the vicinity. Thes'ibsf'ri1 er hope. I y strict n'leiit.'on lo I be wan' and ifort of his g .e-t-,to re .-the a share of pul b pntrniri .t'. A Ititlif il Os'ler will nlvvnv I e in n lcn..anic. A lew I oarJer.. w unle t. 11. V. F.I.I.INC'ION. I! ir1 ni m, Jan. 20 n, Hll. 31 t HlililTwiFliAT AND iTvii." CJH It '.lie' of tbe (kid rule I NIIKI.Lt;!.". r5L WIIKAT, whi.'hwdl If -old ill S),25 per bi sit I. S U ' SO Ibl-hclsSI'Iil! vTi It VK. (!i:unr,i; I'LTflltSON'. 31 Jan mry 43, IRH. I1M XTt'.t). t7"IHTi: Field I'cniii., in itcbangc fur Coo Is, A' so good New Mdc'i ( hecse, niec lliilti r, ilru-'i Api.b s. nnd produce of nil kinds, fur which the high LSI price v. l.I be paid in tltods, by a, -l t.v l. . tv, V IJ. AUCTION AND COMMISSION a t o u i: . Ilv IIAs.vr,M, st tVAIT. Tilt. rNDLRSItJNr.l) bivm:; laben tlio taul l.tietr tn iii-el Iv II. TIIO.M.V-t. will eontiii -if th" iiettiin and Ciiiniulssion Lusine under the lirnl f IJaiTtfll Tnlt, A Lo cral Advanci nu lo on nroncrtv It'ft sillier r.-r p-i' Id- nr privuti- -ale. ij"Sialc3 on vioJitutdaTS nn 1 Sn'uril.iys. N. II. HASUKl.t. it. T. K. WAIT. Ihirhngton, January I, IS1I. SI iturccs a t;xni:Hyoi, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, tyc. Httrlingtonf Vt, 6m32 WHIG I IT'S INDIAN VF.C.f.TAllLH iMliLSi (Ji! in'diai rvnv, vtivuj ttlOUHH 111 inw incd'cnes have teen lelorutb't n 11 1 c lor it in i"b lonrcr neriol than Wiuoht's Iniiiax Vr.t.T.viii.r. Pin.., yet none star. Is now it' itiuiir.R Rsrerr. or lus mure r.i'inHr ail.tined a tiro! Ind I upon p yd ires.ui.t,ion. The tiioOsamiis tb.T n.ivr ti.el them chuut the lenilh nn.1 Lrcadih i f ibe lirpublic, lllrar cheerful testimony to their thorough efficacy and rni'd operation wli.-n einplovel intbo 1110 .tdi.tie.-tn,' di..orJcrs " winch llch is heir to." Thf theory of di-ei-c on which WntotiT'i lnnuy VtGi.Tsjii I' air lo'imlr I. i. thut third imnlv o.n primary cause of all the disorders that ajjlictt'ic human family, nn.l 1 1 t is eorripi buuu-rs j er, in other word- Impurilyof flltod. This jirinci pie Is DO., so l-Puei.tllv .1 IIIIIIIM, lllll H insy HI J.ti.-I c -lul to I e sust4.iir j 1 y an imiver-iliiy nf opinion, ih le d s-in ers consiiiutuin I ut a very feu' le mi ni ri-T. It i u-f I". llicrt f re tn discu-s ihe sound ness t.l tv v in this pl.11 e an 1 connexion. 'lilt oss DisrAsc Pmsclrtr. I cue adiuilitsl, llm intdeof 11:111 . pro es r 1 l y nil pr u-tilioners I cenuies Ibe sjme niine'y, purgation. Hut many of tlio sn c.ille.1 snei-'fi -s n'lvv I el'ure the nublic, p'riMlucc only one form of Purita'ion ; they are rrhcr Sudorific, ('ill. irtic, ti trrtit or KTprctor.ini. II right's Indian evetabtt fills i.tnl inr an the-e propcm-, uuu a,o llieiibiif 1 ab iflatr.1 to atui k tlie e!r uirnts nf th-easu it all pom!-, and by a b uinonio i nnd combined ope rttion to fT'iej it rt bci'dv Irom the Their e e. 1 1 alino t intj; cal, mid i no Is-.s u.tutiisnii'j for is mild le thin rs eiS.'icy Hot!. t.r.and all arci nit. employ tbein, lu-cnrdine 10 tbe dirts'tion-, witho 11 ts'tr, fjr while ihevnrecerun to cure alldit a' lint lie, they ncrer iiithei an injury iijhiii ihe s.stem. 'I he perfrt safety of thr mrlicinr is another all important quality, arid tne which h.t coiilrdnitt'il omit- than any tiling cl-o to its extension and popu larity. la a irord, 'im medicine commends Itself stranqlij to the pilrunagc of the public, and ih use bids fair to tccjmc b'fjrc Ions, almost unitersjl. i AtrrioM. The citizens c.f Ne.v Kn.'l in I are re.pcetfiillr In fonnrl that 111 ct tie inice ol tbf popularity which Wnulil'sln Inn Vci.tble I'dl. h.i.e r.irnel by their astoii'h'Hff t o lnr-, alianr til Counterleiter are now in luslrio.isly riieued in pa'minr on theiin siispeclin, a Ttlmlesi nnd perhips dangerous modi fine, under the 11.1m-? cif Indi.tti Vrje'abte Pills. 'I his is to mli nu the pul be, thr the genuine medi cine I14 nu the bole-, Wright's ludl.n VeirtaM PU1, (INDIAN PIR(UTIVK) cr Tin Mirth At'c- ciilici op Hiilib.'' An I d'si, the Lurdcr if tbe Isvtvl vill t futiuJ in "T,n typ, T.n'rr'eJ accordini; tn thr Act of Connress, In tin: .vrar IsMO, I y WiIImiii Wright, in the Clerk O.neeol ihe District L'u irt of the Ea-ieru District ofPennsyl'a." Tbe pu' lie will al-o reineml rr that all who sell th irriiuiiie In ban Ve.-e:ubte Pill- are provided with .1 ccrtmca r r.l ncein-v -lynr I I r Vllllara M'tlsht, Vice Prrxldent OT THK -S IRTH AHI RICV-? COI LECIK Or HtllTM," nnd ih. tl pr tiers ;,re never in any ci.e allo-srd limell II. e arnuir.r inr heme. All lr.tvr!bni Airrnt will 1 1 proTi 'e I with a ccriiiieair ol Airruey as above deter i be 1 ; an I iho-e who caniM show ilue will be known as I, i-t- impi s;,(rs. The fj!bi,vni : Injblv rcpc"tab'e pcrsonshavebiseii appi iuitst i-'rnis for 'he salei'l' the above n.iiiied VrlslttN Inillaii Vcelatilc I'llls. WTIItSHIM sMI IUCAs, COLLI OC or HEALTH. OI-ATS Pfk sV S, ,-vr, S. K. I, ,1). Davis it Co., Ibirhhsti 11 ; Kran is L.tchtre. Colchester ; M 'r on .si Ihr!, ill ;, . I.nriu Ty'rr, K.-rnj J,H.T.ver sV Son, frcVrlull; A. Harnty, J. I.y- III. 111, .ler elm ; Win. Khu'r-, K. H.tirtrn, Richiui'ii'l; .1. Dd r, li'iniii!r on ; M. n-i.n iV Dean. Ilrtstol : M n-i n iV Dcin, Liii'-o'n i A. P. Kn-ci v. New. Ha ven j K. han '''is.ui, vv . .11 illt 11 j It. I..,r, .Xillon; 'ei. Ar.v, M, tun P.i Is ; in Vv in s, iriivtlil X Smdie, (".i iibr lire: W. -i. A (J. P. NT.i.hI. Wcl- furJtS. W. A Co., Kairl.ix ; II. Cook, She'- 'urn; W in. H, le, 1 1 1 11 --! 1 ru h ; .s. H. Ildriir.s; t hirl.iitej Tn i er if. Heart, indite, Si irksboro nth ) Mh.iles A, f.-rrisbLrnh. " TbroiilyOn e 111 Ho-tou whert) the In ban tat le Pi!s,-in I ,-1 b'Hint-d 1. at 198 Til K.MONT STREKT. 1 9g Pr 11 mil I) li.-c.tiil (leneral IH-not. I6J H' esiricii I'll 1 1 It lphi.i. 3iyl SIX CENTS REWARD. ' I'N AW.lV from me .11 Sin Ilsirn, on the Tih.lsv iflV r trv. 1;1I.1.I)MUND DDViNS, a minor who w.i. in 'en'V.1 tn 1111 Iriiui the town of thjrlollfj an I 1 here' y f. r'ud all persons from barloriu: nr,' bun 1 11 my a .fuiinl, and il'a'iiv t.ur employs; 11111 I sh III 11 hi w.l -e-. M ml I 'owns Is al out 1G y.-.irs ),id, Mil .111 1 liirhi t-.uiipleiifiii, had on whod ncltlt a o'ey frock ccat and n-niuloou. NI.LsO.N NKWKl.L. SWhurii, IV.. 7, I'll. KheneziT li)o:i' F.ilte. VrK ibe si h-er her h.ivin-' been appointed ty ' the Hi.iiir.ib'c Prol ale Courl fir ibe Diilfict of Cbittcn 1 n, coiu'iii .loners lo receive, ri innne mn,l ntltt-t tl i-1 l ,'ii. i l'n'l per 011s a'.nnsl Ihr .!m. of r.bT.N! Z U LVO.N, lair of Colchci'tr, id ..nidi. tnci, t'e. c.t-i-l, rcpri-enled lu-olrcut, stud al-o all cl.iiiiis nud tleiiMn ls eihibi'tsl in n bet lbrr.10; ud six luontli. I'rciu Ihe d ite hereof leiu allnwcsl by .tilci.urt fur purpo-f, e do tberelnrt' hereby give iiotit-e that ur w ill alien 1 11. tbe l uslneas of our iippoininitnl, at ihcdvvellin?-lioii. ol Lucy Ly on, 111 l ob bi-ltr, 111 .niddislr fi, on thb lust Minnlty of.M.tyanl July lien, al 1U u'clOs-k, A. M. on each nl hi 1 I ilav. Dated till 1 1 h .lay rf IMreary, A. D. 1811. O. .Al, CI AUK, ) M. 1). WR KWAIli:, ! -enii".on-T. CKOCKKH Y. i,ovi:i,v st m:ymoi'Ri HAVK this day rr.i-tvtd from Tiny, largn tcif lion to tbcirstock ofltroikrry, and now oflct for sa'e an extensive assortment of CHOCKI IIY AND OLASS WAUK, I AMP (TIIMNIKS. I.OOKINIJ (1LASSKS, Ac. at Ibo new brick slorc two dooti north of tlicil for-" intr sM.ind. Church Street, Pcb. 8, IS13. W PhESERVATION OF THE rriTi-n-rir DIt. SPOONIIH, DcsiisT. ivonhlrtSpeclfuliyarl. uouncc to Ihe en ze is of l!urbni;ton and ticimly, that be wi I df volo a few wicks to bis professional in lliiilui'on j nud will bo most happy to jeti ill,, profsssiounl',' nn.l r." ill tint he b iciiuire I by nil 1 xtmnt e prnruce, in behalf of all who may favor hi 11 with 'heir piitrouniir. His s'ny bemi.' quite limited, early calls are f ilicinil. Ho will be hippy to inspect alt hi. former opein ions. Aniei I Intel, No. G. I'M.. 2, I -H- 3. If l"K ilALK TRUrsMSS. r . . , , 'VIMS arli.-lo of r.iuii. iiiciiniins al''L UiibV, W-ir-li's, nud so 111, nt i-sVovery siieeanl 1, rm, nud lor all the t') Ibrvvhirh ibey weioite-isur.l, i"f iSiU ill PUCK Sc SPBaB'A l'jilin;-tcn, in)t( )

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