Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 15, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 15, 1844 Page 2
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"SB WAsuixinos Wedncsdny Match C. lit I'll II iilse, Air J iiii" this inuf nini;, moved to f-cun-i ter IliJ vote) by wiiicli the tcport nl the Com mute; on Acoo nils In I y.-steidny hiS-ii tail upon I he table. ;in I on iv'iieh tnninn ho luuitnile I ilm previ ous question, A'il w i t.iknii and Ilia demand was not eion,!i'd. The q'lestion was taken upon on nnd carried Tin' q n'simn llun recurred upon laying llto tcport titKjn litis i.ihlu, but tile ordinal mover of lint 1110 ion withdrew it. Mr Steen.-od remarket lint the report of the Com mittee provided for the c.ii!'liinilt of additional fireein llii ruMniz Moni and the reduction of thi'piy ir til in now ctnp'uycd liv lif ilnor-Un ier. lie Mr S.h-beved the fues alleidy cmplnycd wnsnhiindant Iv sufll 'icnt if it wns cf llii' right chir.actcr, nn I he 1 ! I ; -i I hints -T, if the present do "keeper would re st,.'!!, Ins plnco could l.c at once tilled with a person wild w.iulil iliiileh all Ihe business of I he House, I'outing within the province of iho doorkeeper, with ml einploviiij rmy additional poisons. The last I'on Fress, which was morr nitinurciifl than this, gotnlong without any difficulty or delay with the nine nuniher of employers as are now engaged, and the cause for i i tipl nut now was not because the force was not nu meric illy larg e.iou.'.h, but because those employed were melTli'ient. Mr James m. ii I there was nnre ivotk to be done T'o vin the foiling room than ever before there were in iredo 'iiPiii'iiia nnil nine spcichrs ol members to lie sent oil now tlnn at ntiv prceieling I ongtrss. Mr Summer-, said the whole uhjct b ul been dd li rule e imini il liv the last I nTjriss. and til it th im nb r of the employees of lite Mouse had burn then lite.) Willi an iniinnitv nlnl nt unnreccdented. 1 hid bi-eu treiti-d not nt a pnty tptcslinn, and he bc- lt-ved that there was u iw no necessity for vnrvtng the iiile ("tibl fb I on tins sibj-cl by the ("on en-ss, 11-iiiom I to lav ihe w h ih subject noon tin utile, but withdrew tin- moil on at the request of Mr I'.uue. who promised to renew it. .Mr I'.iyiie ai I he un-lied to submit an amendment to ihe resi lull. in tepoili d bv the I 'ommiltce, which t'lnuld lnovido lint none hilt public ilncmncn's and peehc.snf members-should be folded by officers of luj llo.ise. A treat number or ileclliiicctiiig itocu litems weo: b'ing folded 1 y pernn employ d by tin lln-'.st: nn I nt th" nu'iltc expense! am ng Ibi-e were '-rtnii " .liiiinm act si a new series of "Tinnec-t lion Son s' an I eerlain pimnhlets containing ' 1 if- tv-twi It a m why Mr Ilnren should not he cle-l".! " were no' nnlv bring folded nt the p.ihhu exp'insi' lull in ihe paper of the pnlilie, which he thonulit was an evil Ihal the House should cor- r"f He wiul I renew- ibe mod in to lay upon the lis'-, alilrin rh be should vote against it Tho moll in to lav upon the t ible was eaniod no's ,1 T lus has ended tho second great i It ol ol 111- Hem leraey at feirenetinient. m ill in w is made In re-'nosider I fie vote bv wbieli la 'I'd nnm.r anurn'imlioos for the ren-iircnd im i ii-i.n 'nt of l't n '-vivvt v.nueba-I ln-en lail li. in t le table Mr ('. .'o -lis n noved tbat the mo ii.ii lo ro-cuiiiiJer bn laid unon the table, which was c.irii'.l. Mr l'.iroi-n'er. from the C'ommit'ca nn Nival Af- fii-s. r parte I a bill lo appropriate ei rtnin moneys in t'u Trea-' irv, air. iii'iiiiv' t.i one lumdred ar.J eiitv to lusan I doll it" lo ihe N'nval ervic;. A lelfr was n-id at the elerVs desk from 5' I.-'iriNiv. ri-swniii'j liis seal in Coniiress, ,is a Iteprc. ilalive fro.n New Tork, he haiui' accepted a .In .ces'iin in t'i-it Slate. tr Dr.i n iole s'llimille.l er-r'ail reMu'ions nf ihe I.-jis'-ilure of i h S nlo of Vir 'ilea, in relation, and a Ivrteto, the ri'i'ilutions of the I.eail.iiurnof M i n 'i;i ctls in ro'-ilim ton rivis.on of the I-ederal Con ('Hiiti-iii ll-'ini'.ed lint the res.ilniions of Va. b r fTrcd 10 a s.-l.-e' eommiilfe of n no, which motion wis a.l.);j',.;J un ler tile pressuru of the picviius ques. Iio-i Mr H I -or aske! 1-ave to submit renluiions nf lb I. 'is'ruurc nf Alah'imi 11:1011 the same sulee. -t. but .M VVi.ittiroii u!ii -eio I, unless ihe resoluti ins from lassaf-hus''ts win -h ihe fous bad refused lie. nut lo be uli-re'. Mere r'C.-ived at Ilia s-tnie time. I.'ave, 111 cons q 1-11 0 jf ill s olj.-clioii was not gran ted. IV. Do i"nn then called tin the bill renor'ed bv the r nn ni ie in r,!"et ms, r ivi lm for the elecnoti of rreii1enli 1 l-.leelorson Ihe same day throusjiiou-i liv 17 iton. Hi went into .1 bisiorv of the c-nmiai n o 1 310, and with a ve v solemn an I dolorous look, pre- -:i e I 111 inv of the finbb-nis used by the Wh'irs in tint o I'linugn, an I 10 w'neh lie mcasureJIv alin'm led lli'-'ir sueeess, and his defeat as a representative n the list (.'onurcss. He IteM 111 Ins haml a scroll w'lieh h" ireoilibii!;!v and -lowly unrolled, and as the t'oin and the 'idi r I' irn-!, were successively presen te 1 t) t'ic v'e.v of ilu Ilouie, Uoc ifocoism liecame nlnr tied, and the Oemne aey lushed from iluir seits ns (ho slaves nf Uo ne fled at the siht of the wlvp in Inn IntiJs of their m isters. T'lii Dr. was evidently fr't;bti-i.'d at 1 cinjr ihns dev ried bv bis fii-nd. an I ns he I ink" I nrmivl nt lln vacant feats, and found himself .'1I111 1st .ioii, and m eontesi with those horrid Willi; cniblc ns. hi'1 voice stneU in his thro-tl. nn I were it nol that a few Wbiir members looliid checiioyly o 1 would, no'loubl have mad ; Inu'lorioiis retreat M'a it was, ibo Whi.'s enc mniired hioi to proceed, and ibe ba-ir 11 it bein FiiflVient for a full recital o( bis cxpo t 'T.e, an amendment to the b II was kin lly su' rut ted bv bis friend Judco l-'.liiifr, upon which tliu ll 'or heio'i L'tven to'ihn Ilr , be mnde a "clean breast." 'I ha Ur. '1 1 1 b'-.'ei do.illy a I na time in tia.-ai J-iitb t"m ppjcch, and the happy ile'tveranee of Ibo ilay, it inav be reas 111 itdv bopil, will brin tiack to jus per- tiirneii spirit, as mil'li oi peiee an t repose, as is eo-n special order of the clay for Monday next. eir. .arenrr niovcii mo printinir 01 ttio Krsoiuuons flhe .einslalurn nf Vlrnttiln nnd Sins nebusdlsoll the siibject'of slave representation. M. Ilnjbv moved linn me sunjeei 110 ocr 1111111 no was prcpareu 10 oiu-r iiiiii?iiiuii euvciiug iiiu wuoie grouilii, wiiivii mis jrerd to. A sham debatn took nl.aeo on the motion to tirinl nn extra number nf copies nf .Mr. (-'ost .lohnson's Heport nn 1114 s ain le'ils. 1 lie sulijcct was rcterrcit to tne onitiii lee on I'nnttne. The liill nranlinri lands for the imiirnvement of tlio mix and Wisconsin rivers, tneetber with the amend- meet nlTeml bv Mr. Ilmwnod. was taken lit) I nnd, after cons deration was laid aside, to take lip Tlio llesolulmn or iilr. I eiuile, 111 relation to ure con, nnd Mr. An her yielded the floor to Mr. Miller, w ho spoke against the resolution for two hours. J. WAsmsoTpv, Kridar. Mareb 8. ksate. Mr Wrielit iirescnled eerlain eommuni eatiops from the Clerk nf the Common Council of fte'l oik. rcspeetins barber surveys, constructing drv dock. iVe. nl IVew iirk. - Mr Itnelianan nreseived a memorial from j-indry itidniduals of Pennsylvania, nskinz that Conrjresi wit so nineni Ihe Unnslitutinn or Hie unite b ales as to ineluile in its provisions the lfilh find Iflth mscof Ibe 21.1 chapter of the book called Deuteronomy. (laiianier.) iitr i:riltenden wnntis in l.aiiching.) Mr Hiich in in nc; nn read the petition. A Senator What are those verses! Senalois Let thet'lerk brinn a Ibhle. (t.aurhter.) i.ietK uavn 1 cot one. I much laughter.) Senator Does no onn tliowl Mr Ktnt? I believe the verses relate to refnsinff to bliver un runawnv slaves and 1 movo the ouestii n nf reception be laid nn tlio table. This was done in Hie midst nfinurli amusement. F Tx and HVjcnntiii liicers. The bill waa anain taken up anil amrndeil. It ns still under discussion when the Senate went into hicctitivo session. IIol-sk rr Ui-.pnt-.sKNTATivr.s. Al ibe oneninrr of me House, mis niornitit;. tin' lirsi inisniess tiken up was ibo resnbttion nf the special committee on the nicinofial of the Door members oftliellbo'o Island i-eer lature, nnd Mr t'rnnsion concluded bis remprks bpfiin vestenlny. Mr llaihbun followed in reply i toil ' efote eon ludinii, was interruneed bv the expiration of the morninir hour. Mr McKay, from the Commit- leenf ai s nnd Means, reported n bill to lnodifv the exislinrr tartlVof duties on importsj which was order ed lo be printed, and referred to the Cnmmiticc of the Who'enn the state nrthe ln'on. 1 ne lull is on the a I valorem prim iple, and in-ikcs n verv cinsiderable redueti in of duties tbrnitshout. Mr M-Kav, on leport itiE the bdl, said that be would tomorrow present a de tailed report, accompanied liv tntmlnr statements, it lustrnliveol the prineiplesnf the bill. The remainder of the day was occupied in Hie consideration of private bil's. ALTHllKD TKIOASUltV NOTDS. Xr.w Vonit, March 3 Kxaniina'ton be'orp the U. S. Commissioners. Charles llotlsford, the individu al who was arrested with Georuo ('.aite, for robbing Ihe mail and passing forced or allcred treasury notes of thenarkarje which was niai'cd at Van lluren, Aik., and which never came to band, nnd who was ilia cbarecd, there not beint' sufficient evidence against Inm whilst his accomplice was committed to the Tombs, in default nf SIO.UOO bail, for tiial on ibe eh tree was. arreted n -hort tinio since 011 a charge of In'ving ullefcd two f.irged orallcred treasury notes, at t'incinnati, in October last,- to a .Miss Maon, who had been placid under bis charge, on her way home to her native place, lliirlinalon, VI. The wav it was discovered that the notes bad been altered was rather singular. It was discovered in the Hank of America that otic of the notes which had been paid nt their counter was altered, and was, as ibere was every reason to believe, tillered from onenf Ihe notes in tlio ini'-sinsr package which was mailed al Van lluren. They then nscerlained that it was pre-enlid 1 v Mr. I'rnll, of the Ilr in ol Robinson, Prali & Co , 1 K1 Wall street , from him that he had re ceived it from Mr. Samuel ilunlington.of llurlinzlnn, Venn' nt ', from him that it bad liceli received from Mr. T. S Wales, of ilm same town, a lawyer, who ha I received it 1 f Mis Mason. On these fa Is being as crlaincd, Do'lsford, who was aam on the wini;. nfterbis narrow escape from the Ga:-e scrape, was arrested. lie was yesterdav 1 rought beforo the Commission er, "ylv anus S. llipelyc Mr. Hirrett, for the' I'nilc.l States; Messrs. I'ficc mi l flu Id. ir the prisoner. .Infill M Secor railed and sworn I am a nnd have been In the business about 20 years, and atn funihar will money. (A $100 triasury note, No. 2GD91. shown 10 wilnessA I should think that tlrs nite wis altered ( that the 0 had been e.n 0, and the last y an 0; I should think the number had been io. 20301. Cross-examined -I have not seen Ibis note before. 1-aac Cokefur and t-x-Justice I.owtides wereexam incd ns to Ihecli irncter of the note shown, nnd they both testi'ic I tint 111 their opinion it was nllcred from No. 20D0I 10 2iy0l, nnd the date bad been altered from the I lib Sept. '-13 10 thu'-lih Sept. '42. Alivs I'llz-ilir-ili C railed nod sworn Re sides 111 i'urlini'inn. V1.1 knowii Mr. llotlsford i first saw nim nt Memphis, Ti-nti., on ihe evening of the nth oroetolier, on hoard Ihohoati he was nccom brnecli, wn made nxcltisivoly of Clinton Conn-1 Iv Iron. Amnio proof nf this fact inav bo ob tained front Marsn. Wnril iV. Co. wlm forijoil tlio f-1111. 7'ltnt thcfo (,'Oiitlpinon iliil till that could bo done In order to givo soundness to this, tlio prcnlest piece of Wrought Iron ever forced. may also bo proved : nnd that llicy jiiccccttou to an unprocoilcntril tloirroo was universally ac knnwlcdgcd by all who oxamin.d the gun previ. nusly to the explosion. In opposition to tlio opinions given by Individ unli who havn inspected certain fractured parts of the exploded gui'i and by such unsatisfactory iiivestijiatiuti pronounced Ibo metal uaso, we havo now tn stale llint wo have collected Borings and turnings from the dtlTernnl parts ol the gun, Homo of uliirh talten from tlio interior wo have wrought into various forms, all proving tncon tcstnlily that the material is tougher and more malleable than ordinary wrought Iron a fact hardly it he expected when we consider that the central nart of the eun was exposed tn an intense for many days whilst the outside was in process of completion. Wo deem it important also to advert to the fact, that, when a piece of wrought iron is broken by any sudden force, the fracture exhibits a coarse nranul.itioti resembling that nf cast iron, and wo would caution all against undertaking to pronounce opinions from tlio appearance of the fracture of the exploded gun. As lo the alleged want of specific gravity in the metal, we would stale that tlio specific grav- ity of wrought iron in such large pieces as the Stockton guns is not known ; and that therefore the known density of bar iron furnishes no crt terinn in the present instance. Wo have 1I13 honor to ho, your obedient sor vants, Hnoo &, Df.i.amater. A Cast, op Exttnsivb Fkaud and Em Bt,z.i.i;Mi;Ni on tlio purl ol a clerk, Iihs lioen discovered in New York, of which tlio t rue isun ninkos the following mention : 'A young man, named Ilonry Huffman, of very respectable connections, whose laniilv lives in New Jersey, was arrested by ofTiceis A. IM. C. Smith, J. L. Smith, nnd Welsh and was fully coniinilteil tn prison, on llto charge of ino to his own tiso about $G000 worlli of property, belonging lo his employers, Messrs. Colieti & Un., importers of f.incy stationary, ivc, storo iNo. 11a V tl Ham slieet. On ihu first of J.iminry. Messrs Cohen took an account of slock, mid found a deficit of the amount above uii'iitioncd,biit die notsuspect tlm the time, laiih sequi-nlly llicy wero butter informed, ai:d made application tor his arrest. Un tlio olli ccts arresting him, they discovered a portion of Ihu property, and ho confessing Ins guilt, wrote 11 letter lo It is father, lo deliver up cer tain other portions left with bis parents for s,i ft; keeping. Ho is fully committed to an swer lo llto grave charge,' 1'WO DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE Thcpackel ship Liverpool, Captain El- dridge, from Liverpool, Clli lti arrived at N. Y. 111 the short tiassiice of thirty days. Lord Morpctli buss been returned to Par liament. Tliu annexed report of tlio latest Liverpool Cotton Market is fuvorablo. Tliu report of Gen. Berlrand's deatli is confirmed. THE OREGON TEItUtTORY Commons. Feb. 5. In answer to Sir Charles Nanier. relative to Instructions giv. en lo our slaves cruisers to search suspected Atncrtcan slavers, and a so with reference lo the intentions of the Amorican government as to the occupation of tlio Oregon teritory. Sir It. I'eol expressed Ins deairo that inti mation of such questions should bo given to him nreviouslv tn thoir beinrf nut to him. I lo should answer the question with respect to tlio slave instructions to-tnorow; with regard to tlio oinor part of the gallant commodore's question, ho knsw nothing more'of it than what could bo jjath ered fro 11 the ordinary Bourses of m'brm tinn. In reply to a question by Lord John Ktisseit, Sir Robert I'eol said that tlio British govern, ment had originated a communication with Iho gcnoniment of tlio United Slates, with regard to Iho extreme advantage which would result from the settlement of Iho Oregon Teritory question in an amicable manner, and had recei ved a reply which did justify the hope that be fore this time some progress would have been made. A minister had, however, gono to Wash ington with full instructions on the subject, and ho trusted (hat tlio negotiation wottldlbe brought to a speedy and satisfactory termination, (dear.) Corros Market Weekly Report. Liurpool, Feb. 5. The demand for Cotton, which improved last week, has continued to increase daily, and the business transacted is to an extent unprecedented. The advance since" Friday is 1-ld per lb. for American and Surat, l-2d for Egyptian, and fully l-2il. for other de scriptions. The market has been very animated tn-day, and closed with much firmness at the advanced quotations. Speculators have taken 50,000 Amorican. Jnpannod Ware of nil kinds 25 per cent. Cullcry of nil Kinds, 25 per cent, Slcel in bars S1,B0 per 112 pounds, except cost shear and flerman. Steel l'cns, 30 tier cent. , Ciiko offjoal, 30 per cent. Goods from Ihu side nf Iho Capo of Qood Hope lo remain in public soirc 120 days from beyond the uape I ju days. llnil Itoad Iron, ten dollars a ton. Iron in pias, S7 n ton. Tacks nnd brads, 30 per cent. On Coal, n duly of onn dollar per ton. Lead in pins or bars, 20 per cent. Silver Plated Metal, 20 per cent. On I'avinn tiles nnd bricits, 20 per cent. Tanned sole lentber, 25 per cent. Metal buttons, 25 percent. Csliudcr or II oad Window Glass, 30 percent. Glass bottles of nil kinds, 30 per cent. I'ohshcd plain pias, 20 percent. !ilvcrcd glass, 25 per cent. Other kinds, 30 per cent. China Ware, from 20 to per cent. I.auib Skins, tnnncd nnd undressed, 25 per cent. i.eainer moves m nil Mnds, 3D per cent. Pnlenl Lealber, 30 per cent. I'ur Hals, Cans, iV.c. 30 per cent, I'Valhers for beds, 20 pel cent. Ilatsnnd bonnets for men nnd women. 10 nercent. While or red Lead, 20 percent., whether grcund or not. Iron or Slcel Wire, from 11 to 30 per rent, includ- ms iron roos, wrotiui spiKcs and nans, cut nans and 1111 uninuicrcn iron. I'nperof all kinds, 30 per cent. Itlank books, the same. Raw Su-iar, 2 cmts a pound. Refined Sugars, 4 cents do. Situar for clarifying, boilinp, Ac, 3 cents. Cocoa, Chocolate, Cinnamon, 13 per cent. Gin ger, 20 per cent. I 'iks nnd Kaisintr, in boxes or jars, 30 per cent. Provisions. Cheese, lluitcr, Lard, &c., 30 per cent Olive, nnd oilier Oils. 30 per cent. Spirits, from 42 to 73 cents per gallon. Wines. 30 ner cent. It is proposed tbat the maximum duty shall be thirty per cent, until 1st orsoptemher, lal.i, when it is pro posed lo reduce the maximum dulv to 23 ncr cent. It is further propo.ed tlmt the vnluntion shall Lie the cott nnd chargrs nt the places of exportation. it is proposed that tlio duties nol nxed tiy tins tint nan us tliu same as nxeu in 1110 11111 01 ltl.'. MORE PROSCRIPTION. " DEMOCRATIC" CREED. Wo find tlio annexed paragraph in the Richmond Whig. It purports to bo taken from the Inquirer, published nt Cincinnati, by IJrougli, one of iho patent Loco Foco Dt'inocratsof the present day. " VVie tnnn ic'10 WAS a Dcmnnat hrtnty-JiteyertTS ago. ana enicriatns meprincipics u 11, (no! tlicpar- ty 1111 iictmy-jirc years aijo, a.vo has not mo GunssEti wit 11 thk imrtv, oiii rcmatntti IS JUST TWi;.NTV-l-'IVF. VI? MIS FIUDAV MORNING, WHITEHALL STEAM IIOAT. It is known to most people In tills vicini ty tbat the keel of a new sttiam boat was put upon tlio slocks, at Whitehall, tbo foro part of last season ; but tbo real owner, nnd ulti mate destination of it, tiro us yet, unknown to the public. It was at f.rst supposed to be long to the "new company" afierwards charged lo iho "old company," as a back fire; nnd more recently, madam rumour has associated Peter Comstock with it. IS tit wo shall see what wo shall see. Tlio follow ing from tbo Whitehall Chronicle, is tlio only public notice of it wu have soon. Whitehall. March 8 We baveiusl relumed from a visit to the Stoainboal, now budding nt the Ship yard, near tins village, under the superintendence of i. i ollver, I'.sq., ol tew ioik, n sMcnlitic nnd practical builder, and n perfect gentleman, ill every sense of the word. The boat is of the most approvi d model, nnd her mechanical execution, so far, is of the best order, extra care bavins been taken to secure Ihe most strength with the lea-t quantity of limber. We were informed, by Mr Collyir, tbat tlio scllhng of most boals, near iho macbineiy, Is Irmn the want of proper timbers in that quarter. This lioat is construc ted with thrco lines of limbers, running foro nnd nft, the whole length, and firmly lolled with nuts nnd screws to thebotloni and upright timbers. Tbo wilts nre matched into the upright pari", so that there is no possibility of sett'ing in (ho center. Tim length ol the Boat is 200 feel j breadth of beam 21 ft. nnd wheel 23 feel in diameter. The engine is being con structed in New Vorlt, with nil die recent improve ments, nnd is calculated to be one of the finest sncc'i- mensof work, extant. Ilercvhndcr is 37 inches nnd the stroke 10 feet. We wero permitted through the poli, cress of Mr Collver. lo examine the modtla beau tiful minaluroboat, nbout 9 feet long. Should she be nnistied. n near the model, as she is thus far, -he will be one of the finest boats in tbo American waters. The draft of water, with everything on board will not exceed 1 feet 10 inch. Who the Prnpiirtnrs nre, wc do not know, ncr do we care; but one thine is certain that she is n most beautiful specimen of architecture. It is not yet decided how she will run but the proba- uiuiy is inai sne win run lo riausuurgn ana uacn every day. t-nromcle. THE TARIFF THE TARIFF IN DANGER. A bill lias been reported, in the House of Representatives of Congress, by tlio Lo co Foco Committco of Ways and Means in that body, which, if passed into a Law, will The Senate, on iho 8th inst. rejected tbo MARCH 13, 1311 nomination nf Dana Wittslow, as Post Mas ter at this plnro. Tni. is a i'i."iil proscription for iiiitiiiin's s.iko. Wiiislow was of opiuiuii a year ago that a printer ought not to be Post Muster ; the Somite ure of (hat opinion now. "Thusdo ihiso bl.nJy instruction! return," &e. A largo butch of appointments were ac- tl , ., m 'rt 1 c 11 essentially cuango tne present i arm, ami ej lipot) on ,., 8th , fuill(I from slop our country, midway, in Us present Courier, is all llto information wo have on ibt subject. courso towards a high and palmy stale of prosperity. It is time for our Whig friends the advocates of American Industry OUESSEIl WIT II TUB IMRTV. bill rcmainetl llahonary, ln l, nn tlm nb.rt tn lids nvillnr 1INL) THK TIMKS AM) Till; P.UtTV. m;i Confirmations. The Madisonian contains i list nf confirmation by the Senate, a column lonw. We n I..- .1 . ... . rt : , , . . . . , h.i.cim ..."ni i" iii.-ui uj-u.iv. .iniuiiii iiii-iii is int.- those who are 111 favor of maintaining tlio name of Nathaniel Greene, Postmaster nf lloston. llmilncts. nf nur nan bind nnd tlm avails nf The Senate also rrjrrttd Dana Winslow, P. M. nl products oi our own ihiki, anu tne avails oi Hllrln!,Iorii v, c w im ,)sti Atl,y 'RltTl.n. our own labor, against Iho growth of foreign ncssee; I?. II. Stacv, Collector -t Glo icesier, Mass. i soils, and against the labor of foreign hands, chnan7p?MViW a"d E' ' P. S. Wo ato indebted to the Sentinel No man, who lovos his own country, and Ortieo for the "illustration" which heads 03" A week of sunshine, followed up by a steady rain on Wednesday, has pretty much disposed of tlio snow, and some of our streets ure gelting dry. Tlio ice is decidedly bad Teams crossed on Wednesday ; but unless we havo a sudden change in tbo weather, T -II - . ... - m. iew win veniuro upon it nereatter. t he Winooski lias not broken up, and tbo grad melting aw.iy of the .now, with occasion al checks of fierzing, lead us lo hone that wo shall escape tbo destruction which must iimvilalily allend a swollen flood bearing along the immense masses of ice which line the stream. The North Rtvir at Troy ii already over the wharves, and much anxiety is fe'.t as lo the result. Lake Erie is clear, while Boston Harbor is ice-bound. that their " Dcmucwy" cotintlcil in provulinp them selves null o,Iko. To bo sure, tin rc wcie some intir tourings in certain quarters, when the portions were uisiriiiuiid to that pany, but they wero rather lbs murmurs or discontent that they themsclcs wero not also provi 'cd for,thrtn from any settled hostility to tbo principle of the thins. The aspects of tbo two parties nt tlio present lime exhibit very well, n my opinion, tbo inotiVts which influence each. The nno presents lo our view seve ral," nspirnnts for the hiKhcsi office in thccifl of ibo people, en h claiming lo have done iho country "sotno services" nnd thereby considers himself entitled lo her highest emolument. Iltit the party aro to do cide, in a national caucus, who is to be tlieir chief, nnd the rest ntc to take thiir stations ns subalterns. Then they arc to go forth to battle, not to contend for principles, but for tbo elevation of their clnif) nnd if they arc victorious, each is to receive bis pay ac cording lo Ins nrrvices from Iho office of Chief Mno. istratc down to village-postmaster but the poor pco plo nre to bo turned olT without a crumb. On tbo other hand tlio Whig party, stand forth, ns hereto foro the advocates of principles of Proteciion c f a sound National currency, Ac. And when the ques tion arises "who shall we havens nn exponent of these principles V IlENnv Clay, of Kentucky, is Ihe spontaneous response which comes from the heart of every true Whiij. lie who served his country long nnd well, in her legislative- Halls, nnd has stood by her in limes of trial and of prosperity, ana hit been nn open nnd fearless ndvocato of the principles which influence the Whig party, is, truly, n fit expo nent of those principles. Although bis election, may not, like Gen. Harrison's, bo cl1.araclcri7.rd by that unbounded enthusiasm, which sometimes manifests it-clf in n good cause, nnd wlnck like a swollen moun tain torrent sweeps every ibina before it 1 yet I can not regard it ns less sure, (hough It may, perhaps, be more li ly likened to the no less irrcsislable but slower movement of the broad nnd deep stream. The reasons contained above nre 1 he reasons why I am a Whig. Simply, because I regard the Wing party as seeking the best interests of the country while the "Democratic" party is fctkingits emolu ments, nnd fur this purpose, is encouraging a spirit of libertinism, and a I reakingaway from all established usages nnd institutions, nnd might .villi much mora justness bo termed the Demagogue parly. I do nol pretend to say that every member of the Whig pertjr is nn honest mnn, nor that every member of the op posite parly is a dishonest man. Very far from it. Still, the motives and principles which distingui-h the two partus are prominent, nnd I consider it the duty of every christian nnd lover of his country to take a firm stand on tlio side of principle in opposition to Dctnagogucism nnd anarchy. X. APPOINTMENTS. The Hon. John C. Calhoun, of South Car olina, was yesterday nominated lo the Senate f'lclory- "otwilhit.inding the want of more pe r inn apparatus. 1110 mucn praii-e BURLINGTON MECHANICS' INSTI TUTB. Wo have attended tcvcral lectures delivered hy practical Mechanics, beforo this Institution during the past winter; and are much gratified to observe that the gentlemen who have taken in hand the duty iif delivering the lectures, hav t exhibited thorough research into the subject 1 f their discourses ; and evinced a degree of at -curate and precise knowledge, scarcely to be e- . pected from persons, w hoso lives have been spe- t m the various brandies of the Mechanic arts. -The illustrative experiments hich have accoi 1. panied these lectures have boon full and tatn- Sootii Carolina au Mn. Calhoun. It, ... .) n Urmnrrnt .Will' Vnv lt,n mnn who stands in nlilion to some principles now where rejoices to sco her people In a state of pros- this paragraph Hie Ji-nim -iiiiiu '.11 iv utuvmy icii yciirsauo, 10 .u l nnrilv null lintliilMss -mil inr irrn-it inlnrncts A I)I?MOi:itAT NOW- Von mutt change your ,ur" nnu "'"PPlilLss, .ma Her great interests around. If you wou'd be esteemed a Democrat nf in a flourishing condition, can fail to have IbU, voir mlst acasdos a pi rtion or vocn ou- 1 .1 1 rr . e .- .... . . PKIIANU.VTKD K.UTII. Twenty-seven years ago, perceived Iho happy effects of our existing Wo have already quoted passages from sev 1S10, Ibe Dcmoeinlio party in Congress iiiuler the rari f. It has hroiinht our country, wit 1 Lr.l K,,ili r..,rr.;,. i,.,.rn.-,ls .l,nll.n ikn nnioerntic ndmintsir ilion of Madison I-.staclisii- . .. . . . . . J ' .(,..... .... . . .- .... .1... n..i ............ .....I n . .;,., r...... .1... ., , . .t . c . . . . 1 eda hank oi'tiie u . . large portion 01 1110 par- uuiim... uw 1,1 i.j, uuiii uiu 1110 peopio 01 mat ot.ite arc not to tie eirag .Uye 01 commercial torpttmio, Uankrupt- ooni.d into the support of Mr. Van Bu.tuN It was nol 1111 near iweuiy ycarsniicr 111111 1110 party cy aim uimiums, iu a suuu 01 inaivu criifr- lur 1 w. I'ritsjt encv. r 10 f.ict llint their rlt ...vnrn Its I'll 1 JCI I-l KS 111 rrirnnllOl lltl t. Itvilll . t r- , . .

"-"'-- 'J Inx.tlrr .11. Clll-mt, II .llclllu. III... a I.I I - I It . -. .... . a. n llico, toilciiiim ilic -.un.. pitiitiplt-n whiflt you t-oier- I" ""'bl uwJJIU, "'..mi.). ..n..-. serveiiiv I.1VOI IIU Oli.lcstlinn .nr. oai.iiiiun lained in cou.nion with the party twenty live years ed the country, by a natural course of com- ,. ,nriMi, nf Me. Von Rnrnii'.nrm. n''o to tins question, you are now in lavor of a Hank . . .... . . 1 i i bo charted bv Congress. If yon are mercial operations with the preciuus metals, cinul ineastires, does not commend him so ino mucn prait-e cannot e awarded to tlio Mechanics' Institute for the ir eflorts to advance the knowledge of Ihe jo branches of science which are at the foundati n of the Mechanic arts. The mechanical rlast- of community have waited ton long for knov 1- iously congratulate the country. However edgo to come to them by accident ; and in ceti b'. wo may have differed from this distinguished llisliing the Institute have shown their deteri. i citizen on important question, of domestic I nation to wait no longer, but to take the mater by the President of ihe United States to fill the olTice of Secretary of State, and before tbo Sonato adjourned for the day, tlio nonii- ation was unanimously confirmed. This is an appointment upon which wo can conscien- U "rM P""""" overwhelmingly to the.r favor, a, hi, frtends from Mississippi; mvfiiends vvcre about leaving.nnd I was placed unJer tbo proicrtiin of -Mr. Ho Isford j he told ino lint be was coming lo New York; ihav he should remain litre some lime nnd ih"ii 20 l I Snrinnficlil : w lion I met liiui I had nb-ml S100. ncar- Ivall in gold: I brniiuht about SCO iu New York; I It lias set our manufacio- ri-ilib'i' wi h his unfortiimte revival of tbo di-o ii'-ung rave Mr. Poiisford Si90 in irnld. at Cincinnati, for reuiei i is 0 1 s of the campaign ol MO. " llcquittt in '. treitury noli sj it was Mr. II itlsford'.s proposition j-'m!1 lint he should give me the treasury notes, nnd I did T ie Ho i. J. C. Calhaun was to-day mminated nnd J net know myliiiug nbout ibein; b rave me two rtijinnej as .Secret try ofSnte. Uov. Shinnonof S100 treasury notes, Willi interest, and be s'd they O in, was al 1 mnti'iai'd ns Minister to Mexico, in would draw interest fir a year ; the nolo is dilcdSlth the pla -e of Mr. Too. opsin who Ins asked leive In j Sept , l-l 1 ! I know be sail so from circumstances rel.iru. There is yet n 1 oers in nominated lo lb" Na- which occurred al iho linn-; we reached Cincinnati vv D.-parl-neiii. Mr M isiin of Vi. is spoken of ns on Sntuliy morning, about eleven n'c'iick, in ihu li-i'U no.v in cotitomputiin 01 ttiel.xecutivc lor mat month nl Uutoirr; we let t i tncintnii tne next ilay o li e. V is said by the friends of Mr Calhoun thai he will accept. It is also rum 'red that the Judgeship has been olVer cd 10 and refused by 6'dns Wright. Thursday, March 7. Aft' r mailing my Hter yesterday, th Sen-iin went into r.-Ci'rntUo -esi m, 10 coiis'dir the nomination -cut n f ir ill olfic of Secretary of State. The rules verc miiiii'diati Iv suspended nnd the nomination un I'lioioi'sly eoiifirni'-d in le-.s dtan five minutis. I l-arn from the Ilmi. .1 ill 11 While of Ili'iuui-ky. tliiih' his d. chni-d Ihe appoiiitiueiil to Ihe It.-nch, rinfi rred upon bun liv ihe (.iiveinor of thai Stale. He t'ler-'firi. reuinns in Congress to do L'oid service 111 ihu'Whig ranks an I for the benefit of die counlry. Im tub lloe-sr., this morning, a few re solutions were ojt Ihe same hour! I cave bun the cold on Sun d.iv night i I saw lioitsford on Monday morninsrnt an carlv hour j he cat I lcakfa-t at Ihe same table; be went nut to get tbo trensin y draft nt n bank, be said; I re-ceived tho notes on .Monday before 10 o'clock t I never saw him li ive money on Ihe pnsfraire ; he bor rowed SO f mo in Ohio ; I got 50 cents of him once j wenrrived here in October, nnd staid nl the City Ho lei; I ki pi those noies in a li'llo bag sewed In my dress, arid carried them borne with ire; Mr. Holts ford had Ibe SI sewed in his coal, nnd win n he came h'-rt be wanted lo look nt the treasury note-, ns he was feattul In- bad not I the interest right 1 I gave thcin to bis w.fc and sl-.n to k them away, and soon brought them back nnd said they were all cor rect; I gavetbein to Mr. Wales. ( 'ro-s-eaiulncd .Mrs. Hottford mentioned tome llint it was belter not lo have the gold about hip, ns were in were in fivor of Stalo Hank, nnd actually granted by a tsof ample revenue. 1111. l.cml 11111 u, 111 niy i ii.iuiin. 1 uu uwiiiiiii-sa iiu- I - .- i. I ! i , licve. in common with that party in those Hank doc- rlcs ,n motion. It lias given amplu employ irinix) vim nrtoil wi h the? nrrtv. Hut th" Dcmnrrn. .,,,. n ,.. mn-tliMnlpd 1 1 I. to m-... .,.,.,? r At I I If It t I ' lu niui'iiiiiiiv.i 11 una iiuiiui;i. Vy ..wu.., v""r: r..:..i... r.- .1.0 --1 :..r.....i nvrc 10 your pfJiiu:ri nun ni icjj, hi reunion 10 mere u ciihs iui uui oiui.i unu imiuiui 111111 mvtteiis voe Anr. NOT a ie.Mocr.AT sow. i vventv- mcrchanls. ll lias provided roa- five vears neo. ttie Democrat c nartv Ihe who e c 1 eonni'rv jcsTicir.n snd susTAiNm the I'liOTEC- ely markets for our farmers, and taken off 7717; '.Wi'A''oriR-.'S-vi-tlliopartyas a partv .. . r ,. , , . is i,nu-nnnnsisi tn a TAiti l-T for Prot.i iion. if v,.n uic sur iius oi our acriciiiiurai prouticis. Ill stand in reierence 10 me quesnon. vncre me party f.lle lils c.irrif -U its henefits and its hies- bi ii''s to all tho t-n ti-rlsint'.l hv geiienlconseol ; but of I'n-ir s-ibst nice it vvonld not be safo to earrv it over the mountains. , us, th iy were inaudible as read by I know 11 ithui li-.e C -r't Kepiriii frvn Coinmiltees were called for, nnd nnoy ib Mittt'd, m istly rel iling to prime t lanns. Tile lna rami nt the Couinr.'t'-e on ,cc. lunts, re pirli'l in favor of n claim (or reiiiunerntinn on the pirt of .in inventor of a riachine used by tliu House for culling patu-r used fir envelopes. M' C K'e J iba'on opp ised it, nn 1 moved its refer-r-ice to I'o'iiniiili'e of the Whole, an he knew of no n uhoriiy by which the Clerk ol the House could eon Iriet tor in n-lnues, He wanted lo niore nbjul I ic matter, and should nhject to its consiJcratljn. Il was referred. Mr Hurke, from the S.-b-ci Committee on t)ie Oor rue ii"iiiOi t il of i-i-rMin democratic ineinbrrs of ibe R!lo 'o Island l.efi'aturi', reporli d a le-solnlion granl itig pou rr to s -ml fir p.i sous and papers. This n-o-lntii'ii was d by Cave John-oil and Mr Can nn of Ml. Tlm f-rmcr w mid like lo know the n un of the p -rsons to b si-ni fur, nnd i It - iii-jeei in t-.'rii'i u for lliu.u. Ho vltjcclnt lo ibo resolution .llto- (.". hif . M i risol of Maryh-id, n inc'iib-r of that eouimitti o rnnaiki! lliat be kivw noihiiio nf Ibe res ibilior, re pjit'd 'mni the coiiinnitee, nnd proi-eeib-d lo exhibit th,' tin" character of iln- llorr outbreak, and i-onebi- i"ed with on ri ig an niiietelini-nt, lo ihepi-mhii!! reso I'iti ill. tint ibe coinuiiilei- bediscliari'i d from the fur ihtr r nisi Ji-riiliou of ibr i-il.ji-ci. nnd llint tl lie sub jcl'd to tlte ofibe Hon o. Mr Crinstou of Kindt Island remar' i-d lint be c i'd nl ice into li binds ol the gentleman from New Ha n:ts'iiro ('Ir I'u U") ""'i i-vidi nee hs he shall r nf-ss is c iiijIii- v. vv lib ri'i'iird lo tbo inani r. Tins bo p't-.lji'd bims'lf to do wbenivcr the subject could i.e goi before the I louse. t t On in itiou n( Mr (.'li'ii'nian nf North Cnrnlina the r ii cs wee hero susp, nded, for oui hour, in order lint lie inav have thc"oi;inrtunily ol'iinburdi-niii'; Ilia ruin I i-p.t-cb, in irply t" one fiiun Jlr Dum-nii ol Ono, in idn yis'i-rdiv on the I ill regu'nling ibe t-ctioi of F.l-et' rs. vv-bi -h seemed lo nppnss him ve y iiiu'ih, j 1 1 nng fro n the eteessive uni nines be c'mccd all I'm in imi'ig. Ho occupied his hour in nrriv.n' nl'r s'i ihe sym'ioU of party, and rein a o e lilt niiiisi llioeniiro Van Hure'i pi'iiv. N. v-rnl I'tecniivn eouini'iiiie.iliotis were hero laid b fori i'iu II iiise, bv the Spia'.t-r, in nnsvvcr to calls of iho Ho is- t one from Iho Male iiep-irimeni. cnv i inif conies of rnm'inimc.ili'His bad Willi ibt Mritish ivfrniiie-nt relaiing lo ibo Colony of I, bena in .f n it- l!:'i-rrnl. mi 1 unlt-le-d 'o bolirilllld. A conlmiiii'i-nion from the Navy I'epartinent was niiiimiimii v ri lrrifd nnd nrili ri-il to lu punted. Mr. McKay, Chatrimn if iho Coniini ee of Ways nnd Means, moved a s-(;.t-nsion uf the rules, which elul not prevail. . , , . The b II ibi'ti r inii'ij rp r""diting Inn election of r.lec.i"r, the m ij inly not riln-hing a d ciiion of 1 do poliMMl loiiics bio la'it forward by Dr. Diiuinn, i was nnvcd by Mr. Hoikiuslo piistpone its c.insid Wion. . . , , , Mr, Him'.diu of Mini" being e nltlled to the fl lot upan ih'H siii.ei. he could o iiy submit llue motion which was nocorihnili' done, nnd iho debalo sitspen dedby vf-ni)3, tiiyni" Mr. M'.Koy iben ninvcil lo lake up Hill No. 30, inn Un" nppniprni'ions for Ihe support of Ibe Military AcidnmC anVest IMtnt, UTid'this bill is now under cnnslibratiln. ... Sesatb -rS'evernl tn'niorrals wrre presented inn vir of the rnssage ol ilm Post Offico Hill repo icil from ibe Ci.n'iii I e n ibi mi' je t. t) i ii ii n f M'. Mpiiii'V Ibai Hill was made Ibe I)I1 twcntv-livi', or only ten years ago, vou nre not with the partv now. 1 might coivinue this contrast between the I'res-nl nn I former positions of the I'arly, upon oth'r questions, nut me. contrasts upon the su biecls of a in inal liiuk. State Hank, nnd lar- ilfare sutrn-ient lo s istniii my position, that one can not be a Democrat now, who entertains the sime emmions be tlid tvventv-five or even ten years ngo, al though ho mnv then have acte-d with the part, and been for that day a good Democrat." interests and groat, predominating public in no department have its at tho North seem tn havo expected : and the following extract from tbo Iliinihurg Journ- il, one of tho slaiiuchi'st Loco Foco papers in tho Palmetto Slate, still farther indicates tho temper and intention of her people. The sentiment is worthy of a man who does not surrender his opinions lo the dictation ol i party : And now that Cnlbonn is out of the question shall wo follow Ihe lib ated banner of Martin Van I'u rcn-7 Halher Ihah do tins, we will bear the name of Thev lold tun at Cincinnati that treasury notes were bei'cr than go'd. Out ol the balance of Ihe gold be p iid my pas aae, &c I computed thcintt-resi nn the n .le s..-prn tunes iieiore he nKkeil to see them asked I!, if he cuul I get u 530 treasury note, but he snd he couldn't. Pireci lesiiuie-d I saw Airs. Holli-ford with n gold watch In fine we reached I.ouisvilln, but nol after; vlien I arrived nt Iliirlingtoii I giva the treasury note, to Jlr. Wnlcs. 'Ii-trey S. Wales ca'lcd nnd sworn I reside nt Itiirlinjlon, Vt, ; I know Mi;s Mnson, and have for five years; I have bid, within the last six months, two irenmrv nues for SlOOeacbj 1 received tbein liom .Mi's Mason on the 'Id of November. I lliink, nnd retained them for a month, nt tho expiration of which linn: 1 negotiated iiicinuili .ilr. Uunlingiun, ol llurliugion. Samuel Hunt'iii'ton called and sworn I rcid" in Kiirlim'ton. V I., mill know both Miss Mnson and Mr. Wales; I ieciive-d two noies from Mr. Wales, forone of which I gnvo Mit Mason cre-tlii; I got that one cus'ied ntthe bink for UlOOlheotbcr ono I sent lo tho linn of Robinson, I'rnll it Co., in a letter, request nig ibein lo give uic credit for tho amount. Air. Praii wan called, nnd swore lo bavin? receiv .! a iri-asuiv note from .Mr. HunliiiL'ton. for which . ' .. I...I...,. i - t.. i..t. he gave mm cretin, mm which nu goi casucn ne me Hank of America. Air. larreti here n ererl tn show, liv the cxamma rinn of lloiisfoid and (iaire. ihst a close intimacy had existed between them, by way of showing the scitnla fore-kniivv leilgi. The comiiiissioner ruled out lite testimony Mr. Unit 1 sum ned un fir ibe nrimnrl. Tim commissioner de-cided lint the evidence was sulficinl lo wairant him in committing him for trial in defiu lot tiai1. lloaccnrilni'lvuirHCtcel that Holt- lord fm bad in l ie sum of 1510 000. to answer the charge prtferred agninst him ; in default of which he wan cuiiiiniliea lo the tombs A 11UCKEYE LElTEIt. Gen. Vanch, of Ohio, a staunch Whir; and veteran member of Congress, wrolo ihe following response lo an invitation to attend tlm great Whig gathering in Now York on tho 4th inst : WAsniN-aTON. Tcb. 20. 1814. Gentlemen : I have re-ccivi d vour friendly inviia tinn lo meet the Democrnlie Whigs of the city of New Voik. on the 4lh day of Mnrrh next, to join web Ibcni in such exercises as will tend to give an impetus to, and promote the great cause in which we arc all engaged. Il would be pleasant for mo tn bo with you on this interesting occmi in, but ilutie- which I do nol feel nt liberty to Iiy aside, mm' plead mvexc sefor Ihe pre sent! nt east tin I a ter I am releasee train mat o . final trammel that at this time binds mo to the House lii'iinfilx linen ninio nroniinent ur pfTicarinns turn coal, runegtide. niio'lale, or any name ihal sun ...... nlclons m iv choose to cive us. We nsk llieni no fa than II) the lavotalilo ulloct It lias wrought Vnrs! Wo do not intend lo beg our bread from them. ...,.. .1... ..,.,.,., I I. ( ., , Wu live in a ftee counlry ; nut home is on ibe broid IIIIMII IHU III IIIUUI Ul IIU 1-IJll III , e P . , , 1,1 I - tmsiiiii of free and bannv America ! nt d we s in 1 do Will ihu Whip I'artV of ibeso United States and sav whatever the dictates of common sense nnd I ..111 ,!. ..I ,,,, propriety point out. Though wc lake pari with ibe aiuiM. o.iii, ui.u u ....... iiiiiiuji mi. mi in i ii nim? .1 num. u in wt rill nn ornament 10 the ci untrv. we nio uniting with a parly which In., tl,. cviiiimni nf durrrfirv tn llmll.imn ces under which they havo beoll placed lias There nre none so bold as to say, that Ibe Whigs nre -.11, I tlmm In lifrf..rr nnil r-irpir itiln not republicnns. llicy arc equally as right in lllcir allowed them lo perl-jet, anU carry into op,ni' ns lhe pemncrnis pr'fess to be. Then who operation--a measure which bus far moro U to judge of the greatest republicanism that either than realized even ihe most sanguine bones p'.ijij,, .e provo sinhborn and expectations of its friends will tlii-y we prove stntinorn and neutral, ncenttse South Carolina can-ni have a Pre-s'dent nt this time lV..tnn..niir.... llint mi.- I,, I......I Stnli la na r-bii- fold their arms, and, without an effort for its nlrons nnd honorable in every way, asnny ofher sis 1 e n 1... .1.... i ..c 1 .. er ri ales. : nui is 'no more so ll we mere ore. can eil'IL'IICl-, ilUUVT tut; uusti nuiivt; nuinc ui iu- , l,, (.,, a ..I I..I .... .I,,,,,..., ibnl co Focos to lay violent hands on this niea- is next best. Tlu-re ne but two candidates before us - . r . ... - c . r. . .1 Clav.and Van lluren Now every man of oliserva- sure, fruitful us It has been of benefit to the .. ,i ,,..,1.. w.ii cenoinlv choon l lav: nrd nl- w iii ti people, and to demolish it at a single he'-c ong 10 no vnug la nuv, m; is ju-i as 1 ' B irond as if ho were a Dcmncrar. In fact the nampof Ulowf WI112 sounds moro npprnprnle to Uarolinians, man ... . . . . . ibatnf Dcuincrat! Ins n revolutionary name, nnd Wc have scarcely time, to-day, to CO into ,i.,.ro ;3 ,,,.,,,1,. i lle word. Vcerv nod Democrat any critical analysis of the new bill reporlrd '"ie " '" ie inoreheariily with you in feeling than Iho hiitnble ,u il,,. dnsiriiciivi's in thn Houso of Ren !. l:..t.l. In nn... nil I. ..pans a.m. nml nnlna. I J """" I IIIUI. Iill.oi milt ii"" .... -i.n. a , tin, i tin ,i ,.. 1.1, , , , ,,, , , the signs of Ihe nmejnre more deceptive. Iliau nt nny rescniillives. uur rcaueis win peiceive linn of Reoresentatives. lu the me in nine permit me 10 siv mat no one win other period tn our political .history,, ho great cause in mn rllnn!nv devised, to concilitate which we are entraeed win ns ceriainlv succeed, ns " --- o The " I'eacf.makei'.." Tho following is copy of a letter addressed to tho Secretary nf tho Navy by Messrs. Hogg it Dolamator, and despatched to Washiiii'Um. It will be found interesting : I'iicksix Foundkv. ) New. York, March 7ib, 184 J "J 7'u the lion the Sea itaiv of the .Vary, nd interim : yIP. Wo learn fr the public journals tint the I'rw.di'i.t has ordered a Court of Inquiry to sit at Washington, for the purpuo ol investig-a tint; the recent explosion oftlio large gun of the (I. X. ti'oiiiinr Princeton. We h ive abstained hilhnrlo from noticing the serious cliarfes made agaitibt Ihu manufacturers of ihu nun, not desiring lo pre-ocrupv tne puo lie mind, or lo fix upon any individual the res neinmn tlilv nf thin terrific, disaster. Hut sin'cu wo find that a Court of Inquiry has been instituted, we havo lint been call. nl ilium for auv exnlaiialinii. we aro comnelled in state lint tho gun wi.far from being made of base materials (so conlidenlty cnargeu to oe tn kkIi raiisn nf thin calaiiiitiiun event) was com. nosed entirely nf trn'ricriri Charcoal Iron, and ( ihe explmlcd pait. lliat frtini ihe trunnion to the thai Ohio will faithfully coiuintie tn na'v the inicrcst ilic nrn.lncmo inleiests of I'ennsvlvania and L 1.1.--. I.I.I ..ul tr. V-... V 1. I....... If D . ht,. nui., ... . . . , . , , ii anon anu wean u n ine vi-ar isiu. ..n.iai..i..., . 1 am a naiiveoi wuai is nowcaiieu me t.rcni wen. nianufacliirinc interesls or the INoitliern and Was in the territory llint now makes Ohio, when ttie ,,, .. e . . rille and the s'eel imp gave lo u our only ttaple nnd Middo Slates. We trust this nelurioits plot nearl our enure currency. The e-oan and iho beaver ... , ,rn,,i Wn indiiluc a cnnfidi'in rli stanlin No 1. end of ibo bi'-hesl nrnde. whilst Wll ,lot UccCctl W O IIIUIIIi,c d Gn.v. IIahuison's Otinion or IIknuv Ci.av. Tho following report of a speech niado by Gen. Harrison was furnished to I il.n .wKlant .,f tin. liuttiiin!:in hi flmrli.e. Ci no.itnsl 1 ,n '"" ",w " "-' "b 1...1... .l..l II. n. ... r UllOIl, Willi III .11 ll 11, nnu IVIir. nuil-a ill ie ill the time. It was published in the lMaeliso . r-ri Ol ID It TV'.. I II man ol Jiuy 01, ion. 110 inn: iwu-w in n the minor grade were regulated 10 soil .tho whim and hope, that all those who have contributed to caprice of some Indian trader. F.ven in mv lime the , ,. , , . 11 .... . beaver was abundant in Ohio, nnd since I was able- to establish tho present excellent protective system will stand firmly, shoulder to shoul der, and maintain the principle, until it is so handle a steel Iran. I have known ns lush as six of n morning strewed upon ihe floor nf my father's cabin, ns th nroduel of one ni'dil's Irnnniii!?. A a tinnier trapper, nnu a son 01 01 a larmer, won . , .,,.,.. ,, f ,,, v-.n.n-.l P..II a knowledge nf the : proper lengili, breadth nnd correct firmly settled as il part of the I oil- proportions ofevery slick of necessary timber lo con- cy ,),. no a5silnts of reckless pnrlizans struct a perfect lav cabin, from I lie door sill 10 the - c-ii - ridge pole, I trust 1 may, without nny mid e prepir- can utstuiii 11 no ruori in itiim-u usp n lion of self-sufficiency, claim to know eonietbing of i. ...... , r.... ii, r,., c, i.,,:...,:.. 1 - iu llOWfl alltlVO ll IIUHl iiaiim i . 11 n.iii 1 1 ii 11 1 1 1 1 .t t. .t. . 1 ; . : . ..1 1 . . r .1 i And aiuioiigii youmnyiiiinn inai niinnni. ir.ippioi! n) coilllUenCO anu support oi uie people. HUH IQ2 e.llllllB IIHTD l.-.lllllll.' IV UU "IUI nillll' into their own hands. That this Institution w U be successful there can be no reasonable dou t. Its mcelings have baen well attended, and I e interest which they have excited aiiiot g Mo chanics cannot be barren of result. Our bi it wishes attend it, and our hope is llint no Inech. u- policy, wo aro happy iu the belief that, in the station to which he has been called, under circumstances well calculated to flatter an honest pridu in him, ho will do honor to him sell and to Ins country. Ex-Governor Wilson Shannon, of Ohio, was yesterday nominated by the President to ho Minister dignity of his calling will stand back and refit to Mexico ; and Capl. Win. C. Dolton, U. the sanction of his name and inlluencr. S. Navv to bo Chief of tho Bureau of Con- - Y. Z. struction and rep iirs of tho Navv. I'al. I Int. March G. tc who fully understands or would advance t CLAY CLUB. In furnishing the proceedings of the met t nc titr; i.. u.v. it is stateu mat tne nig nt die Luurt llousn on the 4lli, ny soi s uig onn" winm exploded on board the niistaKev tlio prcam'.no was oveilookeil. v steamer Piinceton, was fifteen feet long and therefore republish tbo constitution accoi t- weigiieu ten ions. 1 lie liore was twelve named iy tne preamuie, as auopied uy t to intlies, and the ball discharged from it Club. weighed two hundred nnd thirty pounds. I I'rcamble and Constitution of the Iturlluct m Clay Club. The Whigs of the United States, in 1S40. feeli ir the necessity of a vigotous tfl rt on their part to o ist the cormorants from office, (who were preyi tj upon the vitals of the American people nnd ennu I- ing ino wuoie country ny ineir uirhonest snd i e murnbzin, practices,) made a bold and heart stun t nppenl to their countrymen, in behalf of ihe Gr i lsst Old Sotoinn or TirrEcANoe, which resuh d in ihoelrclmn of that honest capable nnd venrral la palnoi to the high office of President of ihe Unit d States, by an overwhelming majority nnd in lb electing bun they nlso elected n mnn fi r Vice Pre i- r... I ...I . ill ..i . !, oeni wno sucu tears oecause nenry u ay was n n nierly. (..apt. Lalhro 1 will come out al tlie ,,,,, ,.,i f. pr.i,int i,,sion,t r iii,..;.,.,. I "- - -.M ult. ..,.1 lov... When wc learned that the man of our choice, i n whom we relied to lend in the icforni of abuses ih t had been growing more and more elating and atom able undtr Martin Van Huren s ndminii-tration, hi .1 been suddenly called away from his sphere of u -fulness here, although the nation mourned his Ion', nil we felt as-urcd that Ihe Vice President, wh i wept because Jlr. Ulay was nol nominated for th" Ii.kt. Cimmflaim. We learn that tho Opposition Stcainhiat Company and the Old Line, on I.ake t..nauipiam, uavo comprotnisi-u, nnu i lie upposuion win not nuild a boat. II is t .intention of the Com pany to start the boats ftoin U hitihall in the morning nnd go through by daylight. Tho Hii'bnglon, Capi. i. iiurop. is in taiee ner place, vv e itirtner learn inai the fare has been reduced lo three dollars, meals ex- Ira. Whitehall Chronicle. Tlio Chronicle is mistaken. Cnpt. Sher man will command ihe "flac shin," as for um me in sav vou are ill rreal error. Al least one dair.if ibe hunters are Whiffs. two thirds of iho trap pers nre Wings, and every man, woman nnd child ol '. . ... - I .. l.t.. ..!. ll'l.:... .I. l.nnlr 1110 genuine log CUUIII i hin nio .fliilia i inc im.n bone: nnd tho very npnenrnnce of a log cabin, with a "coon" unon il. immediately throws the Iioco I'ocos into convulsive spasms, that prevents tnein irotn at tending Ihe clecltonsnt nil. Pno word more, nn 1 1 am don at ut tau in Con grrit, And Ihal is this, that ihe log cabin boys of Ohio will gtvo Henry ( lay a larger mnjonty al the next Pre-ideniial eleciion, lhan they gave lo their fa vorite Harrison in 1910. And this you may order In be put down by your sectctary, na prophecy made Ihe day ana yearanove. Written, by JOSIU'l! VANCE. ry Clay heller than tho lamented Harrison and no ono mure tin roughly apprecialc him, and ibis is not tbo only instance in wbic he has done jus-lieu to the great statesman of the west. A dinner was given lo Gen. Har rison at Georgetown, a few weeks previous lo his inauguration. Tho health of Henry Clay having been piopoi'd, Gen. Ilariioon rose and spoke- as follows : "I tnko great pleasure in responding lo the senti ment which has just been received with so iiiui-b en .i.....ln... I... it... i-iiiiiiniw fur I nm oriilld Id bp nblit .... , ., C .1.- 1.511 ! IIIU-inn, ... . .. . , .... - , -- " 1 lie lottowing synopsis oi ino uui is top- n, state that iiienistin opening ol navigation Willi tho aiiranac, which is to take tho place of the Wbitehal for the timebeing. This boat has bee lengthened out, and much improved by th addition of a ladies' cabin forward, several statu rooms, nnd all tho cabins furnished wilh highest office in the gift of a free people, would carry . .. . i oui enose it-iuiug measuees vviiieu .nr. tiav , uunug i6 wii.i,iuuniini..iiip, the long period oi nts puiuio uie, had so nuiy, elo. qncntly nnd zealously ndvocated. Uui in this we nnrvernr i;q nnr li'iee: nviiTirc! t wero eioonie-a lo ne uisippoinieu. too "nccuieniai ....... ........... ti.;, ,. Uim n i i i. ,.n inJi i-n . nilni... Mr. Stacv t-i'.r n few years past 1 have taken necitdlv rlevau-d lo power. The locos, like the er considerable inicrcst in political matters, not ns an pent in P.den, whispered treason in his ear, and ha active politician, but tallier ns a looker on, and an iiiimcuiiniy iu,Ku. ,.,s um. m n-. ion ouy un m observer of ibe principles or moving-springs of the I'V' " ?"'u "i""'" J? "VJXl Iwo great parlies which now txtsl. And I have might to do this, in order that I mighl becomo settled in my own mind, whether I could consistently .den lify myself wilh cither party, and if 8", with which one. I have come to a conclusion, which I trust is not a hasty one i and believing that every one should be nble lo give a reason for the sentiments ihey may hold, I respectfully submit tn your discretion Ihe rea sons wh h hate iriflue iieil me lo become one of tb great Whig party eif thisounlry. History has sb wn us that, in Penincrntic Oovern ments, or In those countries where Ihe l.otcrnnienls approached nearest lo n Demociacy, there have nl niies fur the promise of a mess of pottage. Under Iht-se circumsinnces we were disnpartcned nnd ome were disposed lo give up all for lost. INVverlheleM, n Whig Congress battled manfully for ihe rights of ihe people and endeavored to entry out their mn ures by parsing laws to relieve the eounlry from Hi then embarrassed condition; laws imposing a urilT for protection ns wed as revenue, nnd lor Ibe eco nomical administration of tho government. The tariir bi'l becamo ihe law of the land, and ns benefi cial e (Tects are now fell in every pait nf our widely extended counlry; and had not King Veto so oflin defeated the efforts of the whigs in Congress, wi should, before ibis lime have fully readied ell the I em-fit which we anticipated fieni the ascendancy of the whig party to power. The time will soon nrrive when we sba'I agsin ba Alias from the Baltimore American: On all coarse manufactured Wool 15 per cent. On nil other, 30 per cent. On n.i ted or fulled Clo ll. 10 ner Cent. On all Carpeting of cotton, wool, hemp, or flax, 20 per ccnl, olher Carpeting Jo per cent. Woollen illankeis, 20 per ccnl. Hearth Kugs, 30. Woollen Yams, 25. Wnralpil Vnrns. 50. Woollen and Wonted Gloves, Stockim, Shirts, Ac. 20 per cent. I.'lnnnpts Manufactures ofColtun, nnJof wnii U Cotton uball T rrtrif 1VJ t HiniT C.Ml N PR ! . Wo aTQ plaJ . . i. y i . . t ii ' I h n rnmvintiont nnrt. 2. nrr Cent. to have good tidings iroin Snieu m.ssour..- - - - y. '0fSl k,;x(.rp,ine i0,in!: Cloths, 20 hIii'iI itidividual nlluded to is my firm personal nnd poll! nil frn nd. My own incli nation, as well ns a dulv which I owed to ibe conn irv, prompted ino to tender lo him Ibe fir-t post in my cnbiiu t Inn in his own good mdgnient. nnd no earth ly man was blessfd wi'h a belter judgment, he de clined it, nml 1 fell willing lo yie'd to bis wishes, both from tho knowledge tliu my a Iniiuisiration would rre-rivo cordial s ppnrlfrom himnsa Scnanir nfihc United Stairs, nnd fioui ibo experience which had lauht mo that Ur.snv Clav ten ahc.iyt rii;ht,c linn diflcr wilh whom ho may. I consider his judg ment superior lo ihal of any man living, lor ihutng my political bfo I h ivo never differed with him on nny important subject that I did not afierwards become coiitiuctd lliat he if n right and I irot tfreng." inn.i :iluir. L-ni i . .1 onri r- t lis- one btarinr a'oft called upon toolofora President and Vice l'rui. Ibe standard of principle, and contending manfully dent of ihe Untied Stales - What is oui -duly under '. , i . -,i. existing ciicuitistanccsl ftball we, bv dltlSlon or mils support ag.mi-t popular passionsand prejudices )n coli;f qllcllco of ,,e ,reac,ery of John Tyler, Biv. the other,, nppcaling in l ust passions p th0 6np, or shnll we, ns p.ilrrots, buckleoneur an I preju Ires, nnd reidy to in ike any promises or armor, nnd, shoulder to shoulder, go foith lo ihe sacrifices of nritn-ip'o lo obtain power, i-o I con- citciiun m u it, mm inn ui-vtnui ma menus, nor prineil it ive ii lo be in this counlry. '1 be Whig parly is the conservative party oftlio Nation. While the self, styled I'emocriiiic party, have for tluir only aim llic elevation ol some one of their patty leaders to the chief office in the Nation, bv parly drill and manage ment, so thai ibo hordes of greedy cormorants who forgot his duly to his country 1 Among white mere is tun ono opinion, ono voice; thai voice i, "Although disappointed in Ihe icsull nf 1840, let us 'perk our (lulls and try again,' and the remit "vvdl be im election of Haciiv or the West to thn "office of I'rc-idenl, nnd Honest John Davis, or "some other honest nnd irue whig, Vice President, "nf the United Slates;" and for the purpose of Itecent accounts Rive token ol the uprising on K,k ,lillB cloths, 15 per cent. Iho penplo anil the consequent prosiraiinti oi ,dk Twist and like material, 2U Loco Fncoism throughout the State. A letter, under dale uf St. Louir, lUlh ult., says: " Or. I-'loss .Itinny Cloth, Ac. 3Q.per cent. ; per cent. i ml similnr Silks, lfi ner cent. Ail ml.ui- stlli iiiniiiirncturcd articles. 25 ncr cent imiiiration and nrenaration for action aro enim? Mnnuf.iclurcd Hemp, JU per ceut.i voiuum, ... " .... i .:.... ....i ...t..,t. p.,. vvt.ii. an'' I' lax, 25 per rent. nu wiui in........ .v ...... una v.v., Cbles, Cordige, tl m."" ""' I , . i I Vll viiuill lilt" nillliC . , , , nf Ashland. And Ibo sum of tho whole matter Bar nnd Holt Iron, not manufactured in whole or is. that f ilr. Van lluren m the lyico t'Dco can. in part by rolling, lo a inn. ... , didale, we proclaim to tho croat Whig parly . Dar and lloli Iron, mado wholl or in part by roll- throushout the land that, i.nlesa all human , . ,nS,ttVr?Iwn. six doll.,. . Ion. culationet anil foreslfrht shall be put to nauj-ht, .Mnnufa. iiired lion,30pr trnl. Miitnurt mil voir for llixnv l I.AT. I Strcnaof Iron 30 ef crntum. The Louisville Journal eays it earnestly hopes Mr, Van lluren will nut withdraw from tho field. "Our motto is like tin.; of Iho Loco Fo. cos juslico lo ,lfr. Van Huron ; and, if ho wero to withdraw from tho contest, wo uhould consid er him a fugitive from justice." Fast. Gov. Mattocks has appointed Fri day thn FIFTH DAY OF APRIL, day of fasting and prayer. follow in bis irain may bo provided with place an I aiding in securing this glorious result, we, the avhigi power, according to tiieir lespeclive merits, the whig "PJ crt-uv ., .... p v,u,cti toetiner . j, r .i .:.!. under Ihe following Const luiion. party have sprend before tbo counlry the principle " which Ihey are to have established, and Ar.TlcLE 1. This association shall be? culled which they are confident aro for tho pood of ibe anj known by tho name of the Clav CtrB of country; and for these Ihey contend, and not for the town of llurlinrrtnn. place and power inertly. As an illustratijti of ibisi Ar.TirLE 2. Vhe object of this Club ia th Wb n, in 13 SO, tho people, hiving became heartily promotion of tho election of Henrv CeaT of tired ot the nnmbeiless experiments and expedients Kentucky to tho office of President of the which were adopted lo defrnud iho counlry of a sound United blatcs. at tho ensuing l'reeidontiol elec National currency, arose in Iheir might and shook oil iho shackles which bound idem; then, when they saw nil their hopes blasted by one, whom they f up- posed to be an exponent of their principles, by piov ing recreant lo those principles upon this rock ihey split. They gnvo up tlio emoluments of office at once, showing thereby that tlio interests of the e-oun-try were dearer to them, titan tho paltry honors of office. But how was it wilh ihe " Democratic" par ty 1 When the bait of office was proffered to them tiny grasped it wilh grevlincss, showing cencutirrfy tion. Auticie 3. This Club 'shall continue itt or ganization and action until the final determine., lion nf the next Presidential election. Avticli. -1. Any person residing in tho town of Burlington who is an elector, or who may becomo ono at the ensuing Presidential election, and who may be introduced by any Whig my becomo a Member of this Club by signing theia articles of Association, thereby pledging hint roll' to use his individual exertions, by til lawful