Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 15, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 15, 1844 Page 3
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taiau-ii'm.J.,-jjjjj-!J-i" r. t::. n ri'i." u and honnrnlilo moans reasonably in his power, to promote iho object of tlio Club. Article ii. 'I'ho Officers nf this Clnli shall be a President, two vice .'residents, a Secreta ry, two nssiHtant Secretaries, a Com miilee insulin?; of 7 members, a Corrospon u1"! ; ( iimittee, cnnsislinj; of 51 member?, a Co iv n " c of Vijj'lanro I'oii'istinu of not ninro i than J no.nbors in each School District In the towr i i Treasurer. At, w o', --Tho first meeting-of this Club hall i, i don caii tltu dtli day of March, 1811, for the ul' ition cf nrlic.llTS of association, or ganizi'i. .n ..nd election of Officers of the Club; iinj !lie.' Ciil) shall nicci regularly thereafter on the fAilov . ir' days ami Iiiiwp, viz: 1st Monday inApril ; 1. and !!d Mondays hi May anil .Tu no; -bvo y Monday in Jul." and Auonst ; 1st Monday in September, mid every Munday in October, at mm-down. AitTlcir. 7. Tho President, vice Presidents nd Treasurer of the Club shall be chosen (on nomination) on tho lirst Monday of every month, by a majority of tho members rcson : Provided tho Piosidont shall not be eligible to a re-election, and shall not nominate his succes sor. Article 8. The President Ehall have pnvv crto preserve order, shall conduct the proceed ings of the Club in accordance with the parlia. tiienlary rutcs usually practised in woll rcgula ted deliberative) bodies, ho shall see this Constitution bo prof-nrved inviolate ; and from bis decision and icoan appeal may be taken to the Club fur final decision. AnT,CLn 0. It shall bo tho duty of tho Con ml Committee to nominate officers, to appoint and fill vacancies in, the Committee of Vigi lance, to call special meetings of llio Club, In prepare and lay before the Club at each regular meeting all business for their cons.ileration and action: Provided this Committee shall not. pro. pose any measure which shall militate against raising a revenue adequate to the wants of an economical administration of tho general Gov eminent, with a fair protection to American In ditstry. Article 10. Tho Secretary "shall keep a Record" of all appointments to office and voles of the Club, and a summary account of its pro ceedings, whr.h records shall not be expunged. Article 11. The Treasurer shall provide the place of Meetings, shall collect tho funds of the Club from tho voluntary contributions of its members, (and pay out the same only by tho direction of the General Committee,) in such kind as tho state of the Currency of the coun try affords always preferring a National Cur rency, regulated by tho authority of the People afT'irdiug a sound circulating medium, at par xalut in all tlio States of the Union. AiiiicLi. IU.Ii shall bo the duty of tho Committee of Vitrilanro to prepare and report to the General Committee a correct list of all the legal voters in thcir,respective districts, v designating those who are in favour of, and those who aio opposed to the objects of the Club, and from lime to time to correct said lists, an circumstances may require in Committee meeting', to he liold'ii in their respective D.s tricts and regul ited by themselves: Provided their Committee shall meet as often as once in the months of June, duly and September, and once in each week in the montliS of August and October. Article 13. Tho Club may adopt such rules and hv-l.uvs, for il regulation, not incon. S'stunt wnli tiiis Constitution as a majority of its members present at any regular meeting may see fit. Articli: M. Tho foregoing Ar'iclcs, ox-c-pt the 1, !.', a, and 1, may bo amended, alter ed or repealed at a any regular meeting of the Club: provided notice thereof bo given in writing, It the limiting novt preceding. Rrmarkmile CiiAvnr.s is the Govr.nN.MEST. Within three yens tlio United States have had 3 Presidents, 2 Vice Presidents. 4 Secretaries of State, 4 siecretirics of ihe Treasury, 4 Secretaries of War, 6 secretaries of the Navy, 4 Attorney Oenernls, and 3 Postmaster Generals. This includes the adminis tration of Mr. Van Hurcn. Since his administra tion, the account, according to a letter in llir Herald, Blind as follow : rn-f .... , fr'c rctiries .Stale Webster, Legaro, Upshur, Nel son So-r tin s 'I r.-asurv Hwing, Forward, Spencer, 3 aei r lanes war lieu, Mpencer, rorier. YVilkins, 4 oecrenncs .-vavyiiniger, Upshur, Ileusliaw, i-iluicr, vtnrrington r. Attorney Oenernls Crittenden, I.cparc, Nelson, 3 i-usunasicr uencrais uranger, wicKlille, loial, 03 In these sivcn offices, in tho ordinary and undis turbed course of event.-, seven persons would admin ister Ihe Government for eight years. Fire and Lo-s of Life On the night of the I n install!, aliout nine n clock, a linii.-c oc ctinied hv Mr. I'r.meis riln rrl ciiiiit.l .1...... .1. ...I I 1.11 flu, , two mile" north of t'ds village took fire, after tin? nun le had retired for tho night, and was tota'y destroyed. Mr.. 11 unbard, his wile and child, bar ly e.-caped m theitjnight ch til s ; hut Airs. VV ill ice, an infirm worn in of no.uly ninety years of age, perished in tiio flames. Then: was hut little furniture in the house Plaits- burgh Republican. Importation or Tca. The "Hand Hook of riants" relates Iho following: Tea was sem-elv known in nnrnr.e 1 pf,,rn tlin nU. die of the 18ih ceniury i but now more than 50,000 ions 01 snipping are employed in its unportition. In 1GG1, 2 Itis 2 07. of it was brought by the Knsl India Company to London, for the King; anil in 10CG it was introduced into F.uropi by ihe Dutch Kan India Company, and sold for 813 per pound. In 1E00 the consuiiipiioii 111 wre.ii uriimn was twenty million liiiuiiup, iviiiiiii js iiuuui mo qiiniiiuy now nnnuall consumed there. The averatro ennsumntion liu npl person would then bo about a pound annually. In iom .1... ............. :.. r- . . . '""i "i- i'"i'." i"""in 1,1 v.itiu itriiiiin were 412, and 111 IS10, 10.433.714 lbs. Tim mvrn. mmi tity consumed in Ire'and is onlv nhom Imtr n nnn,l by evil perton annually. In the United Stales BDO'ita minions, m iioiiinil nlioui l millions, in Rus sia G or 7 millions, and 111 France 2 millions. The consumption in France has lon j dec'ined, nndrnfllo has been snbslitii'ed, liinush it is to bo revmn;. The consumption in the United Slates doo not in crease wiih the popnl.nion. Tlio ruenmo nnninl im. ports for bix je.irs previou. to ISJ0 wnsll.500.0u0 jos. 1 lie value i uie imporlcJ teas into this coun- llj III tO ,U CJ,, 1 , , Floating Alaihi VjusTLE.--Among Mr. Hob's nuinerniis inventions for tho prcsevation of life and properly at era, is a floating alarm whittle, of such power as to bo heard at a dis tance of nntiy milos. The object of the inven tion is to give mariners timely notice of shoals or rocks in Ihe night time, or 111 foggy weather. It is somewhat similar to a latgo barrel organ, with a downward projection in the centre moor ed with a cheek chain to the bottom, to prevent a heavy sea from upsetting it. The motion of the waves gives a continual too. saw motion, and there is an arrangement of valves. In, n-hiM, every depression the water could bo carried through the bottom from the centre of iho shaft driving out the air which had entered at its pre-' vious ri i , 110 a chimney. The whistle is composed of nine powerful tongues on tho accordian priuciplc.aiid there is an arrangement by which nine more powerful tongues act, but only in very rough weather, thus increasing tho sound during tho further raging of the storm A sounding beacon is also among his valuab'e inventions for fiving on rocks, and which always, turning its mouth to the wind, would in a small current, make a powerful noise. fXT8- Tom Dibilin, tlio iiuilior and cele brated punster, Imd u linrso which lio called Grnpliy, mid g.ivu his reason for tlio chris tening ns follows: "When I ni.iiln up my mind to buy n liorse, I suid I'll bi-o-graphy ulien" I mounted him, I was top-u-graphy when I want liimto enter, I say, gco-gntpiy untl when I want liim lo sliind slill nml ho won't, I say, but )0(1 au-lo-graphij ; nnd, there fore, I think 'Grnpliy' is u very proper name." Off-Hano Punishment. In Santa Fo, Moxico.tlioy punish counterfeiters by cutting thoir hands off. Thero is one thing sure thoy can never counterfoil nfter tho first de- lection. DntF.snActi's Driesbach, the lion tanior tins got Into d-ilkully at Baltimore, in consequence of the misconduct of one of his animal. As tho managerial with which ho Is connected was passing through the street, they stopped for n momct, and Mr. 1). stepped into a porter house, taking his lenpird with him. A ho was goiu hack one ol n crowd of boys came too near the animal, who iminndiatly seized him, and graspid his head in his mouth. ' Mr. 1). im meilitly thrust Ins hand down the animal's throat and with somo difficulty succeeded in rescuing the lad from liis frrasp ; though badly, and it is feared, fataly billon. Mr. I), has been arrested, and is confined in prison, for manslaughter by means of the animal. TKMPKItANCIJ MEBTING. 'Tho Temperance Kocicty hold their meeting this evening, at tlio Court House. An address may bo expected from Rev, Mr. Thurston. ItRIGIITON MAItK 11T. Monday Match 1. At Market, 459 Ileer Callle, 030 Sheep, nnd 330 Swine. 100 Ilecf ("utile of iho beet qualities, unsold. Pntcr.s. Href Cattle We quite a few excra nt SlTJi'ff S3 I First quality 51,23 9S 1,50 jsceond qual ily S3 73 O S 1 23 ; third qualily S3 23 $3 50. S'ffi-Froni SI 73 to 62 50. Wethers from 8275 to S3 30. liicinc I.ols to peddle 4 3-8c for Sows, and 5 3-8 for barrows. At retail from 5 lo CJ 1IOSTOX MAIUCt:T.--March 5. n.OUIt. Howards!. 5 12 V 0 00. Western canal 5 12 -r 5 37. HUT Hilt. 8 f tlncrlb. ' CIIHF.SU. 41 61 do do. WOOL. A good demand continues and prices re main firm. Nixonv and Mcricno flcetes. 43'i?48 Full blood, 40 3 43 i blood, 33 (It 37 Common blond, 23 ft 32 Lamb's, 1st quality, 33 3 Smyrna washed, 20f?2G llengazi, 814 lluenos Ayres, G si 19 At Cambridge, Mass. 5lh ins!, at Christ Church, by Rev. Mr. Hoppin, lion. IIeman Allen, of Vermont, F,-.MiriMcr lo Chili, lo Miss F.uza 1). Fav, daughttr of Hon. Samuel P. P. Fay. Biol, In Huntington, on the Otli of JIarch, Malcnda, wifo of Alexander Ferguson, aged 3fl years. At Little Falls, N. V., March C1I1, 194 1, after a short illness, Mrs. Mary Ann, wife of Rodney Duikee, Eq., 'and daughter of 1I11 laio Lemuel II. Plait of Milton, Vt., in Ihe 41sl year of her age. Thodealh of ibis excellent woman ha affected our community with n general sorrow. A mysterious bin unerring Providence Ins taken hcraw.iyfrom the plcaiant tilings of earth, in the midst of her days of usefulness and enjoyment, and severed ihe slrons tics of wife and molher. The husband's poignant grief the tear! of a young and interesting family, and iho sorrow of friends, nro 1I10 clnraclerislics of hu manit) under sucli -llhelions, which cast a mclan iholy gloom around the narrow abode of dea'h. Bui our regrets ore mingled with the thicring consola tions which follow a well-spent life ; and il joys us lo believe that though withdrawn from our sight, she has only passed into the allies Mo'taick Courier. AT PUBLICATION. THIin Bt;r.i.iCTON .Milt. CojirANr, thronrh JL tlio undersigned their Trustee, will sell at I'ublic Auction, at their office in Colchester, on the 'J9th day of March, IS It, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, their valuable Manufactory heretofore occupied by llieni and uod for the manufacturing of llnind doth.", together with tho entire machinery contained therein, and about live acres of land' appurtenant, with sundry huMilini's, theieqn erected. 1 ho Kictory Inn. ding was completed and put in operation in 13.13, is l.Vd feet in leii"th, and feet in width, is built of brick and its?nunda tion upon sol'd rock, is six slorics in height, bo sides Iho attic, the walls three feet thick at b ittoir, tho floors laid with throe inch plank covered with lime mortar, which is also covered with one and one fourth inch plank, and the ceilings plastered. Tho whole structure is of the most substantial and f.tit tifitl workmanship, and Ihe materials selected from the best lo be procured in this country. 'I'ho building is in a perfect state of preservation and in good repair. Tlio machinery consists principally ol the follow, ing articles : 10 Fulling Mills and 2 Scouring Doves; HI fiigs, 1 Indigo Grinder and ifllrushcs in Gig Rooms ; 11 Jacks.Mll Spindles each, and Dobbins for same; 8 Ret Cards complete, and Spools for do.; 40 Looms ton of them' entirely new, not having been put in operation ; 2 Iirgo Tresses and aliout 100 Press Plates 1 Picker, and 1 Duster ; ' :i Cross Cut Shears, and i Dread Shears ; 1 Steam, 1 Cloth and 1 Flannel Drnsher 1 Dye StuirCuttcr.l Ways Cuttor.and 1 Flat Jfolling Machine ; 1 Circular Saw and frame complete : 1 Warper and Dresser, !i Spooler-, and 2 Regulators; 1000 Gig Flats, and 10 Gross Press Papers- 2 Jithcs and 1 Set Joiner's Tools , ' 1 Force Pump that fills Casks in the attic story. ' The whole propelled by 2 Waicrwhcnls SO feet 111 dimnoicr. The machinery wh built m part by R. Diniels &. Co. and in p irt by Leland &. Sabm of Milhury, Mass. ; and it is believe'i that for despatch of business and durability of workmanship, is equal to anv other machinery now running in the Uniled States. Connected with the Factory building 3 a ;ny. IUhr House jW by 2(5 feet, wild two large wrought Iron boilers, also a Brick Dye Home 53 bilS feet with two wash li,,vn.- ,.,. f..: ,r . ...u mh.j supper Kettles, one Copper Cylinder, three Dluo Vats and one Scouring Tub. IJoon tho nromisno niViamt on.l .i. . . ' .J..V.V.,., i in. hi uiu uiosi convenient and safefpositior, are tho following uunuiiiga, 1 oiuru nouse ot wood. .10 by SO feet: an Odlen nf w.,i.i nr u im r 1 i i. " . ' ' 'v " "-Ol W illi .arge Iron Sale, Desks, Timepiece, Red, Chairs ami dun : a Itlwl; Xml.l. ui,n .,1 1 .10 1 ... 0 foot ; a Divelhng House, of wood, 30 by 21 feet; a Dlock of three tenements, of wood, J l.J stories high, 72 by 21 feet; a lllockofsiv Iniminnn,. nf I. ....I. n . . , . . . . . "" V" ", it u, siories ingn, idu by ', reel ; a Wool House of brick, and (iro proof, 7(i llV SO feel: Pmv 'n o-l r..i r.n :.. nl- ,. . -. , ,,, l,rJUK Church Winooski Villago; Indigo, Woad Dye Stuff and 2 Set Fairbmk's Scalos.l stout Horse, I Waggon, 1 Cart, 1 Sled and 2 Harnesses .iiu, .111 me nuuros, uncliinery, manufacturing apparatus, tools and implements and other appur" tenances and things whatsoever of said Company I ertaimil'r In Ibnip o.,.n ...1....: ' ' . i-iiioiaiu uusiness. Ihe abnvn nrnnn.,.. : .-. .... ., ., 1 ,, . ,, . rv.i'-'v 10 oiioaii'o on 1110 nortu bank of Onion River, about two miles from Ihe ,, ,g )0, imriingtonaiid tho navii'.i. b 0 watnrs nf I .:im 11, 1..:.. .. 7 ....a n..,n nnin, am ny uanai is connected with the Hudson RIVCr. The supply of water is abundant and unfailing, and may be used for all purposes Bxcept KriluVmg ; t, head and fall is 117 feet, and tho h.cTitVon of the Till" ;rr.i ";la"Kruf 'rtshels. , 1 ) 111.11 1. quireii, will bo twenty pur cent in cash at tho lime of the , ...iu imu iMiauco in thirty days thoroafter. when t in nmu.. ;ll i ' 1 1 ,, 1 . "-j"'"-" iu uu passeo. aim 11 lie lulanco is not paid, tho twenty per cent will in n.htinnil ... r...r..., . ., " wiuiiiini Kiine i,iitnpanv. , I.U FllKIl l.OD.MIS, I rustee of Durlington Mill Company. Rurhngton, March 11, 1814. ro ii. .y . "iini-or, recior o lirmr 'rll.'0,0"' S- -""iining a Chnpieron ,, uuoiner on iiocf.sah l-.Piscoi-Acr. Ihe most approveil work or ihese sub jects yet published, aJ Klition, Enlarged and revised, Jusl received and for tale at ' l HARRINGTON'S. HHH'I'HIII'LIIIIII ,T, ItOWKUIC Jr. V Co. tstuntr 't'nff! AK'n mr.).'ni! tst FOREIGN & DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, io. i)u water, corner of Congress Street. KEEP Co'i'lantty on hand all descriptions ot vt oolk, Cotton, Silk nod Llxr.v Goods, ot Foroiirn nml Dnincsiic Mnnulneliiro, STtirp tioons, Tailou' TntMMtsos, ,f.c. Ac, wliicli tlicv will sell on Hie miM reasonable term und lo which Ihcy invite Iho attention of purchaser.. Boston, Mnn h, 1811 41wG IN ItANKKUl'TCY. NOTICi; to all creditors and other persons in inter est, that by order nf tho District Court of the United Stales fur Iho District nf Vermont, a dividmd ontofthoasseis of LKOXAIID M. DI.KON, ofUn dcrlnll, n ll.inlirupl will be made nnd declared by Iho Court on the ninth day nf April next, at ten o'clock forenoon, nt Iho office of Samuel Prenliss, District Judge, in Montpelier, in said District, among the cred itors hn shall have proved nnd filed ptoofs of their debts before siid day, unless sufficient cause bo then ami Micro shewn to iho eonlrary. Dated Iholllh ihvnf March, 1811. fR I'.DWAIID H. PItLNTISS, Clerk. nNGUSlFlfRAMMAll. 7 r"MiACIIril(S nro invited to rail nt Harrington's A nnrleininiiio SWLLTS Urjinniar ol lho Kn gIMi Langingc. In is Kiiiiicit-nt to sty tint it i coimrucled on the hais ol Miirrn,an l has nln-a ly l ecnintrodueel inu fiii'h M'hniiN n " Kimlmll Union Arademv" nnd ihe "Norwich Unnersiiy," rerlifientos Irmn Iho Princi pal snfwliioliinny beeenliylho-e,whii nre interest el. 'I he liM o'lition havmii been exhausted wilhin one year lioni (In- iitncof its llrs publienlinn, iho .Ul tlior lia jpem mi eh time in n'vis ngniid enlarging il, and the Publisher i.fP'rs Iho 2 I eihimn, Willi the eon fi.lenco that whenever it is examined, it will leap proved. Il contains moro matter than any oihur Orainmar in use. NOTICE. ALL pernns imWi'el to the firm of JOSEPH HATCH, it Co., nre hereby noiilie.1 to c.ll and settle the ame imme.liaK'ly nnd en. I. JOS1.PI1 HATCH. Iturlinglon Marrh, S, 1S1I. 41w3. FOR SA 1, E A T AUC TION. rtMlK farm lately owned nnd nc upied by K enezer i- Allen, doecTcd, simaicd in Coelieter, two miles north oflho .Mi eting Hcu.e, ennlaining about 73 acres of coral Land; about one half under improvement, with a g' oil dwelling bouse nnd barn nearly new, n good well of water, a good Orchard an Iwond lot. In pursuance of nu order Irom ihe Hnu. Pro' a e Court I p o;,ose to sell to the highest I j 1 er the nl ovude.i rib ed farm, on the priinise., the :50th day of March ins'. Also some larnunr tool", ome hnusehold linnitiire, nbnjit 15 tons of bay, tnsctlicr Willi various oilier arii cli". CIHUI.IM COLLINS, Adm's. Colchester, March U, IS 14, 4lw3 TAILORING. PCAl.LAN baj returned lo 1 lie Falls nnd open- ed a shop opposite J. W. Weaver's store. The patronage of his former friends and the public generally, is rispeeifiilly soliciled. Iiarnienls rut nrimdebybim nro warranted to fit. Iluthnglon Falls, Jlarcli 12, 1SI4. 41 tf si:i,i:ct sciiooi, i-ok taiti.s a hoys. rpHK first term of ibis School will commenceon I the 3 I Mnnihv nf Ihe present munlli. TuiTios-S.'t.OO. f-'chool-lloums over II. Mavo's store, west s'de of tlieiquare. J. M. l.UI.LL, Teacher. Iliirhngion, March lllh, 1SII. 41 tf Al'I'.W copies nf O'CON.N'KL'S Hisiorv nf Ire land, for -ale by V. H.UU.INGTOX. March 12, 1811. 41 WAIXWUIGHT'S IMilinn of ihe Hook of Coin moil Prayer lllusirateil one of the most ben lifid specimens of priming nnd binding ever produ ced in ibis cuuniry, for sale by 11 V. H.UUILVGTON. Kf HUSIH'L'sHF.ItiGIUSS .-F.i:i), of prime 'jki quality lor sale hv . S. il. PUI'U Durlington March 13,' 1811. 41 ME TJlOniS T EJUS COP A CY. APLAINexhibiiionof ."Meihodit F.piseopncv, in fourteen niiinbersi tiy Asnhcl llrnnson, Minister ni ino i.ospei. "nn lint is first in bis nw.i cnusc i;euielh jusi j but hi neighbor Cometh and searchelh him " Pnov.xMii : 17. " How are the hid 'en things 01 i.sTi earclicd out.' On. C. Just pu'dished bv Mcrch 13. 41 C. GOODIUCH. WOOl,! WOOL!! rnilF. subscriber would respectfully inform the pen- - m.j in. ii no is prrpneu 10 mine wool into cloth for all Ibnt wish lofivnr him wnh i Ii fir cii'iom, vi7 . I'limUoihs, Cussimcre.onU Flannel.for tbcfollowin pricis: " Plain ("h'th. licht mix colors -..:,.. 30 cents i Plain Cloth, dark mix or fuil colors, 30 i-cihu, iis.iiiiere o, cents, mm- I'lmnel delivered white, 1 fi cents per ard for cash, or halfofthe cloth when finished. Also, Carding wool to mils nnd dre.sing eloih. TIIF.ODOItF. I). LVMAN. North Ferrisburgh, March 13ih, 1S1I. 41 mG Daniel -V. Dcu-ey, " Ciiitiendlm Cocsti Court, Daniel P. Lnpltam, I October Term. 1S43. oiirl his Trusleci ( Heuben Xims and I Merrill fellotcs. ) Will If lit- nt the Octnicr Term of this Court, , A. I). 1813, D.aniel , Dewev of Williamstnwn in Ibe County ofllerli-liiie an I Stntc ifMa-ncliu-sc'l-, lilcl bis ili-i-laraiinn wiih l lie Clerk thereof, agiiu-t 1) inn IP. lnm.ofAil im.,.ii ilm-ai. 'oou lyol llerk-luie, nml lleulen Nim.'iind Mtriill Fellow-, Trusicc. of f.nd l.aphnm, in nu nction of Debt oiiaj i.lginenlreu leriil by the Court ofCnmninn Pleas ofihus ii, i'o inivnf llerlisliue on lh; fourth Mon day of October, 1810, for the Mini nf three hundred and thirty dollars ;nU eveulv.five cenls dnmaire-, and iwentvono dollars and ninetv-nme cenls co-ls, nml deinaiidinu' in d.iinai'es the shin oflive bundre.1 dollars: and ihe said Dewey baring appeared at ant Oeiol er term of this Courl, bv Anron 11. Jv nard ii-ntlniney nnd il not appearing lo IheCoiirt that Ibe mid Daniel P. Laplinin bad had peronal no liceofihe pendency of -aid mui; Tiir.r.t.ronn, it is ordered bv the Court thai the f aid I'aiise I u coiiliniied lo the next term Ihereol. nnd that I hoi lerlc lodireclel lo mil lisli Ihe subsiance of s.i .. . i.iuii on m mi.-, ,-tvf.t, a newspaper pub lished nl lliirlmglon m said County, llirceweelcsMie-ces-nelv, the lns of said p ihli-nnons o be Iwentv daj Lclore the nexl Icrm nl snid Court n Fr :rA-S'S')L'UV, Dep: Clerk. nurlingtnii, March II, 1841. . 41 w3 milium l'. Hrizgr, ) CiitTTUNDETrou.NTr Court Unfits Uraylon, lltnry Itrayton, S William lirayton. j anil I October Term, 1813. Folomnn ,J. Pari. J W1V''li;A,ol,l:'',Pt'lober T'1"" o' thi Court, A.D. 1813, William P. Drigi-, ol II irlinglon, in sail Couiiij, nml In. declaration with the Cler!; Iliavi.r, against llnf.,. lirayion, Henrv Urnyton Wil ham Ilrjvion and Solomon J, ).,viN nil of Alburgh. in I he Conntv- ft Grand 1,1c, declaring on a note da ic January 20 h, IB43, payable o said llrigus nr hi. order at ihe runners' and Mechanic.' Itank in ingiun, in Ibrte munlli. from ilaie, lor the sum or live liund.ej and Iweuiy-cinlil dollars and eighty-two cent-, n,v demanding in damage the sum ol eight ; ..... .in. i iiiesaiu Urigg. Iiaving sppear e.l in his proper pcreon j nnd il not appearing lo ibe . t-ourl Ibat nil ot ihe mid Defendants ,aj ,dl ,)t.r,0. I mil uoiico il Ihe pvndenev ol said sit . 1 I TiiEnKFOiiK, II is ordere'd by the Court that iho ssid eau-e I.M'Oiiliiiuullo Ibe nexl term thereof, nnd thai 1 the ricr ; bediMMed In puhli.l, lheib.ance ol ihe , said declaralion iu ihe 1'iee Pres-,n iiewpaper print ' ed nt llurlinglnn, iu said Couniy, hr(v Wes'.s sue J (e.-ivHy, the l said pul licalinns to bo twenlv days I dure the next Icrm cir.nid Courl ,, , 'V STANSIIUKV, Dep: Clerk. 1 llurlinglnn, March 1, 1314. 4 wi Ilifiam '. Ilriggs, Driggs, I Chittenden County Court, Daniel I', hapham, ' h.'.i T.r"itte O.-tolerTcrm, 1843. Mtrrill I'rlloirs. J WHLIIKAS nt the Oclo'erTerm of ihis Court, . . A. I). 1S13, William P. Ilriggs of II irlinglon in said t ounly, lilcl wnh ibe Clerk thereof his decla ration aanin.l Daniel P. Inpham, of Adam-, in Iho County of ItcrUlnre and Slate of'i-eis, mid Merrill Fellows of Hiclimoml, in said Chittenden County, 'IVu-tee of -aid Laplinm, in an action of as. wnh Iho eommoii courls-, and the said Ilriggs nl I he Term nfnrc-aid appeared ,'n Courl in his proper j,ers nnd II not nppearing lo ihe Court thai ibe sjii I Lipliun had had personal notice ofihe endencv of ibesnid sun j Tur.nElOBE, il i ordernl by tlio Cnurl that the said enuse I econliniu-dlo Ibeiu-xl lei iu ihercnl, and ',t Ibe C'erli lodireclel in pubh-h ho substance of the said d I irali.ui in ibe Free Pre-s a newspaper published nl llurlinglnn in said Couniy, three weeks suceessiyely, ibe la. lot snul publications to be twen ty days lelore tho next term of said Court, , A.STANSIIUKV Dep, Clerk. Uuilinglnn, M.inli 11, 1814. 41 w3 IIBNUV HALK. ATTtmXnV A CtUNsEMi0R AT I,AW on wi:ll, viuimost. PIANO FORTE. rpHK subscriber has on hand an excellent new 1 PIANO FOIM'K, one of Munton't bett, which he w-ishes to dispn-e of at a low i rice for cash in hand or on hort credit, Wm. A. GRISWOLD. March 1, 1814. jg w Kern if- Walker, Ciiittenoem Countt Cccri ?imron I). Mmton. ) . October Term, 1B13. WHKUUAS Daniel Kern nnd Solomnrl Walker, I n.. .nriMcr. iii irndd under ihe firm nf Kern nnd Walker) at Iho OctnlerTrrin of said Courl filed their deelnrnlfon wiih the Clerk iben-of. declaring on n note dated Novcmler Ctb, 1811. naynble to the snid plainllil'bv Ihe name ol Kern and Walker or order, in lour mniiihs nfier date, lor the sum of six hundred nnd riirlvthreednllnr ami one ccni, vnnie reieivcu. ui denianiling ill damages the mm of one lliou-niid dol lars! andlhusnid iilaintill' appeared ntlhe i aid term of said Court, h Henry Leaven worth his attorney j audi' not anne'finif to iho snld Court that Ihosnid Johnou bad had personal notice of the pendency of Bill SUII J , . TnsBhsn... I, id r.s.lnre.1 t,i. snid Court that the n id ciiu.e be fiinimued lo llic'hcxl term thereof, nnd Ihe Clerk I e iliri nvl in publish the sulis'nnceofsnid declaration in the Free Pre, a newpaper pul Iishetl nt llurlingion in said Ci nnty, tlifce weeks successive ly, the Inst or which publications to uo iweniy uuya L'cforc the next term of.a id Court. J:. A. STAIVSUUK1) ftp! i.ttrh: II irlinglon, March II, I8JL l v3 llhamer lltakely, ) Ciiittkmodn CotiNTt Cout, James tlnnzthore. Octnbrr Term, 1813. ITrilHIIIUSnt ibeOctnlcr Term nf ihis Courl, VV A. D. IRil. Iibanier Rlakclr, of Colchester, in said Co inly, filed hi dwlaration in the nilice of the Clerk of said Court, against James Laitgshore, ol Durlington, in mil Uo mty, in nn acnon on rains, tie 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 it in il:im.i"es ibasiimnflwo hundred ilollnrs I nnd the 'nid Hlakely nl the term aforesaid appeared in said Court by Charles linssell his nllorncyt and il not appearing to said Court that ihe said Lang.horo nail linn per-onal notice of the pendency ol sain sun, it i ordered by Ihe said Court that the fa id enuse be continued lo ihe next term therei f, nnd that Ihe Clerk of said Court I c directed lo publish the siib.tnnce nl the said declaration in a new. paper call ed the Fico Press, p il li-licd at Il..rlington, in said County , for Ibree weeks successively, the laslof said publications lo be twenty days before the nexl Icrm of said Court. I.. A. STANSIIURV, rn! Clerk. Ilurlintrtnrt. Mireli 11. 18U. 41 w3 John I'omeioy's ICstntc. WU the subscribers, having been appointed by tli Honorable the Probate Courl lor the Dis trict of Clntieu len, commissioners in receive, exam ine an J ndpi.t Ihe clnmis and demands nl all persons, again,! the e-tate nl JOHN POMKKOY, laic ofllnr Imgton iu said District, decea-ed, repreveniej in.ol vein, and also all claims nnd demand, exhibited in oll'-et therein; and six nionlhs from the day of ibe dale hereof, I cm? allowed by said Court lor tliat purpo-e, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will nt lend to the hii-inos of nor nppoinimenl, nt the ollice ol John N. Pnmeroy, in llurlinglnn, in said District, on the fir.t Mondays or July and September next, at 10 o'clock', A. M., on each of said days. Dated, this Oihdavnf Mnn-h A. D. 1811. l.UTHF.R LOOMIS, ?., . PHILO DOOLI'ITLK, Lom' Asa I.. I.yon's Ilstatc Petition to sell Land. STATD OP rnnO'T,l r a Prolate District of Chitlcn'Vn, s. ) IV Courl held til Burlington, wilhin nnd for said district of Chiitenden, oiiliell h (lav ol" Much, A. D. ISII,come Klvira M. Unison, admui. tr.itrix of ibe e.ta e nf A-a I.. Lyon, In e ol Shell. urn in Mini district, dece.i-ed, and Ides in said co it ber pctilion in writing, seilingfoiih that Ihe said A-a L.ibel sc ed ol'aont fifty acre of land lyin.'in -ni Islclb im, King ihc'f n I nn wh ch lie! i veil pieviously loan 'althetiinenf is leath ; llnil n'd Ian I is in,, m cie.1 wuli a mongane, ivcnhvnid Asa L. 11 hi" lifetime, to (icorgeA Mien, in se inre ihe pameni of seven leindre. dol ars and in ti'ie.t, winch remains due and unpaid; and isiil-o in ciinil cre,l wnh a life lease to Mary Lyon for ihe .ecu rity r.f her maintenance and support during her life ; that ihe personal e-ta'e nf the said A-a L. as inven toried, niuoun e I to S243 83, of which there now re mains nu band, at the apprai-al, property ol the value rf S1P0,59; that iho debts allowed bv the eoinmis 'inncis again.! said estate amount to 8197,90, exclu sive nl sail mortgage; thai there is due from said ctnleto Slid a.lmini.iralrix, on settlement ol her first ndimni trillion account, ihe sum of SI20.33, and that it will be nece-siry to sell ihe whole of sai l land, sitbtect to .aid lllciinibrnnlii. for Ihe nnvmenl ofihedebts duo from said c-tnte an I ihe expenses of .i.iiiiiiiisii.ioi tun praying sain courl lo license tier, I Le -aid iidiiiinsiratrix, lo sell the whole of said laud, for ibe purpo-e alnnf.-aul, lo the siniute in such ease male and provided: Whereupon, the court aforcaid doih appoint the 30 h day of March, 18 1 1, for bearing nnd deciding on said petition nt the otliceof the Register of said courl, in snid Hut l.ngtnn, and dolh older that all persons interested be thereof by publication of this orier, containing the sol stance nt said nclition, three week" suecessivtly in the IllirllllglOtl FC( Press, n nsu-lisiisr oritur,! in said flurlington, iln; In-t of whick inibiica'ions lo Le picviuns in me saiuju ii nay oi ;tiarcn, ID1-1. Given iinlermv hand at said Burlington, this lltli day of March, IRM. 41 WM. WF.STON. Regisier. rpHF. sul seriler has acle.l a Argent Inr iho iT.mii X. In.uiance Company of Hanfoid Connecticut for more lli.ui twenlv wars pa.t, and conlinucs to insure iigam.l losses, by lire, and nil kind, of budding, nnd personal properly, and will rccive application at hi- oillce in II. irlinglon, and immsjialely issue Police for that purpose at as low rate of premium, as any private eumpauvcan a lord. Tie undoubted re-po.i--ll iliiy of tin. Company, insures safety in Ihe in-u-rcd, and thcr prompt, honorable, aid liberal cour-e in the adjustment and payment cf, will e nt Icicd by all with whom Ihey lave had occasion lo do business. WM. A. GHISWOLD, Agent. 1) irlinglon, March 1, 1841. 40 if WM. O. BARKER, VI"ILL pay Cnshforn marketable Hnr- ses at Ins place Baptist Corners, East Char- March 8, 1811. 40 SALH OF UA.VKItUl'T ElffEbTS. TyrOTlCF. is hereby given ihnt bv virtue of the sev eral orders and decrees of bankruptcy, issued mil of iho District Court of the United Stales for the District Of Wmmnl , I uilll ..II I1..1.1:- . . A.V - sin ecu 1,1 inline Aucnon, at my Oince in llurhngton, on Saturday April G. 1814. i'ism?-?,,'?? ,V Al ',1,1.'0 Wlowing described eflects of ,....s...uw .u.iuoii, waicn necomc vested in me bv virtue of tin. il.i-rf. nr...A..: . i- - i 7 V "'"'""i.. lt . U.:o undivided sixth part of aliout seven and a half ... ., nt.., vtuecnro village in Iiartlord, VI., now held in trust by Daniel Marsh. One undivided sivlh nnrt nf nltim, ,,i.An,u ....... r ...:i.i .,, , ."s.i.j ...w " wiiu mini near

Quechee village m Hartford, Vt., il being part of the . u,c, ..i.ii3i into oi iiarnoril, fleceased. , Also, five or six Slips in ihe Quechee village Meet- intr House. -.tnm.fln.r .vol. .i.n.1... J . -. m-- .... p....". j iiuira onu nccouillS surrendered by the snid Leonard Marsh. n , " .J "'P " "ASWELL, Assignee. Burhnglon, March 7, 1S44. 6 40 US 7f GOODS.-March 6, '44. TUST rtelurnel from llo-ton with a supply of -New (..ood to cnniinence Ihe spring trade Willi, nnd are opening most arnee lo make our assortment very conuilele. Among Ihem nre Large New Thermometer, graduated to 40 below Zero. Manifold Writebs, very convenient for business men and traveller.. . n nivpen-cs with Ink and Ink stand and by it you write vour leiler and risin n con.. or copies in your hoi k and all done at once writing. A few of those nice large cut Inksiands made to ex. po-e very htile ofihe Ink to ibe air. Ivory Memorandums, large ones. Hackgammon llonrds, Hone-, men nnd dice. IIcsdy Card-, a new amusing article. Gill and Steel Ileitis, Hlack Heeds and Bugles. Some new llass Viols, Conconl male, of new and improved style-, and various oilier Goods making a goo I ossoriinent. Several doz. pair Shell Rule Combs. Melodions,' a new nnd good instrument for the Parlor.Chiirch, lie. a sweel organ toned instrument and a line accom paniment lo the voice. All will be told low lo make room fur numerous Good., Military Goods. Thore who wish to be furnished wiih ini'sket. or oilier Mduar Goods this spring are desired 10 forward their orders. BltlNSMAlD St BROTHERS. Siieccisors to Pancbobn & IIbinshaid. ISAAC? DOW, Alanvfaelnrer of TIN, SHEF.r-lUO.V, AND COPPER WARE, and dial, r in coprnu pumps, leap pipe, f c. Church street, Uurlington. March 0, 1814. )y40 PIANO FORTE FOR SALE. A pood second handed P1AHO FORTE is offered for sale at a very low price by ., ., T. F. tf V. I. STRONG. March 8, Ml. 40 C HIips. be.t Winler Sperm Oil. - I do do ,0 nieachetl Snerm Oil. 5 I icrces of (Elephant) Winter Bleached Oil. Jii.t rcvivol from Boston, pressed during the month of January, for sale by -1 , r, 101J MJLU.IT BRADLEVcV Co. March, 5ih 8lt. I fffi BBLS. Mess 1'ork,' J"--V 100 do Kxira Mes do. of our own pack tug, and warranted equal to any Pork ever offered in this Market, for sale l y FOLLETT I1RADLF.V ii Co. March, 8th 1814. HAMS AND LARD. etftfin l'"s- f Smoked Hams. UVrUV 4000 do do Shoulders. 6000 do Lard in BbU. and Kegcs, for i.leby FOLLETT URADLEV Co. Itenry 'tffcliVa tistate. WE the subscriber', having been nppoin'el by the Honorable the Probata Com! for the Delrict of Chittenden, Commissioner to receive, examine md adjust the i lnim mi l demand ol nil Person against theestnteofHUNIlV FIELD, tale of Jem ho, iu said D'slricl, decrn-ed, teprceiiled in.olvenf, und also nil claims or demands exhibited in o'l'-et iherciol and six months rrom Ibe day oflhedale hereof, I eing allowed by said Court for purpose, wo do therefore hereby givcii'itice, thai we will nllrndtnllie I iiinrs of our iippniutmenl, nt the dwelling ol Lnura Field, in Jericho, in snid District, on the M Mondays ol April nn I Aunusl next, nt lo n'clool. A. M.. on each of said day, naie 1, inis!j,iii nav 01 t ei rnarv, A. D., IS 11. NATHANIEL lir.ACKMAN. ) .. . . ... l.FMttMl. Iii.ani.-M am ' i commij.ioners. , ltctiamlii II. Skill's Mstntc. STA TI3 OFVr.liMONV, mllE Hon. the District of Chitlciulen, s.. j I Prol ale Court fnr the District of ChitL-nden ! To nil pcr-nnq con-is-rncd in the Esintenf IIKNJAMIN II. SKIFF, lale ol Charlotte, in said District, deceased, Gnr.r.TiNO. Killy 11. Ski r, Admlnl.trairix of the e lale nl said deceased, propo-e to render nn account ol her adininitrnlion, and present liernecouni ngainl said estate lor cxnmination and allownnce at A .c. sion of the Court ol I'robald, toheKoldcn .11 the Reg istcr's olHee In Llurlingion on the second Wednesday of April next. TiiF.nF.pnnn, you nre hereby notified lo appear Ic foresaid enuri nt iln: lime and place nlnre-md, nnd shew cau-e,if any you have, why ihe account afore said should not be allowed. Given under mv InuJ at Hitrlinglon, Ihi C:li day ol' March, A. I). 1341. 40w3 Win. nwiuii, Itegisler. Timothy n;iv STATU OF VFJt.M'',. Ilrnnral.le the District of Chi'leHtli", t - t ml nie Court with in nnd for the District of t'hilleiu'eri : To llieensb iornuil oilier cniKcrncd m Ihe e.iaic ofTf.MOT'.IY BLISS, lale of Jericho, in 'aid district, dcieau'd. W'nr.tiuAs, Zcbina Bin-, adininis'rator of Ihe es tate of said deoca-el, li,l ma le application lo tni Court, to exiend ihe utile hmind for making payment nf the debt, and .filling the e-lale of said ileceaed, twelve nionlhs from ibe 21lh lay of April, IB! I, and the second nf April next, being ns gnetl lor a bearing in tlie preinie, ai the oillce ol ihe Reg i.lerofthi Courl, in It irlinglon in said di-incl nnd II having Isren ordered thai noli ; tberenf be given, ly pubh-hing Ihis decree three weeks successively 111 the llurlingion Free Press, a newspaper pruned at Bur lington, before the tune fixed for hearing. Therefore, you are hereby noiified, In appear before said Court, nl the lime an I place nfurc-nid, then nml here, to mal e objection if tiny yo 1 have, 10 the .aid lime of payment I eing further extended as ufore.aid. Given undirmy hand at llurlingion, this O.h davtif Man.h, A. D. 1811. 40 w3 Wm. WESTON, ltcjtor. STATE OF VERMONT, The linn, the Pro District nf Chittenden, ss. ; ',nlu Conn for the District of Chittenden : To all per.on concerned in the K-iateol TIMOTHY BLISS, lale ol Jericho, iu .aid Di-iricl, dccease i. tlntir.Tiso. Wiietikas, Zebma llbss. Administrator of the Us- ateof said deceased, propo-es to render an account of Ins'iiui, nml prc-cut lit. account nganisi s,iid esiale for examination andntlnwnnec al a se siou ofihe Court nl Probate, lo be lu.l ten at Ihe llegi-tcl's nince 111 i iriiuginn in .aid di.tnet, on ino sncoml Wtslnesd.iy of April next. Thereforf., V01 nre herelv notified to nnpesr I efore said court ni the lime and place aforcaid, anr' shew eaiee. ifanv vnu have, vvbe itm accooni afore- said should not be lilloweJ. I'lvcn uniH:r mv hand at llurlingion, this 0 h day of March, A. D. 1811. 40 w-3 WM. WE.YTON, Ilegislcr. Petition tn sell Laud. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 A T a .cs.ion of ihe Dislricj of Chi'tcndeil. s.. j J V Pro'jite ( Viurt held at Burlington within nnd for said district of Chitten den, on Ihe20lhdayol Felrniry, A. D. Isil, cnme Amanda .N'orlun, who is gunidi.iii of Roxuiiiin Aman da Norton, Nathaniel (i. Ni rum, Daniel J. Sarnli Almira Ni rlon.-ill ol Hine-I iirgh in said district minor children ol John Norton,lale( f -aid Hine-b irgh, decen.el,iiiie.ate, and file. in said Courl her petition 111 writing soiling forth that her ..nd ward, nre seized iu their own right in fee a. tenants in common of lif-tv-thrce acres of land in Sinrks1 oro', 111 1 be County of Addi.on, hems the same land hercmfoie deeded bv Harry Kind nil In tho said John Norton; lliat said land is unproductive nnd lliat it would be lor the I c-t Interest of .aid ward, to hnve said land .old nnd have the proceeds ol'-iich ale inuMed in oilier and more productive real e.talo or pul it at inierct, and prav-mg-aid court to licen-e her, thes.iiil guardian, to -ell snid bind agreeally to the statute in such ca,e made and ninvidcd. Whf.beupon, Ibe co in afore-aid dolh appnir.t the fourth Wednesday ol March, ISlt. for hearing and deciding on .aid peliiinu at ihe ( (Ti -e nfihu Itegis'er nl -aid court 111 sail Burlington, nu I do'h nil persons interc-teJ be nolilicd thereof bv ptiblie.i. lion o! this order, containing ihu .11I s'nnee nf sail petition, three weeks sucve..ively in the B irlinglon l-rce Press, a newspaper printed in said It irlinglon, the lat of which puhlicn'inn. to le previous tt the said second Wiilmsdav nfMindi, 1311. fiivcn under mv h i u'd at said Burlington ibis 20.h day nl February, 1811. 40w3 . WM. WISTON, llegtster. A. DAWSOV, TAILOR. Shop in the south end rr Mr. Stetson's neie briek buililinc, on Church Street. B I'R L I N (! TON, VERMONT. Cutting done in the most approved htylc, and Warranted. .March 1, 1841. GuijD NOTICE. 70It SALE, the third BRICK HOUSE, siiinted i- north nf iho Stamford sinne house. Fnr p irncu lars enquire of ANN ELIZA MUN-OX. Bur ington, March 1, 1311. 31) 3 NOTICi:! Ml'l'll-1- TO all person indebted m ihe snb-cril er, thai their nines and ncccunls mu.t be paid, as pcrly ) posted fur sale and iioihmg 1 111 p.iviucui will -aw- " , , SIDNEY BARLOW. Burhnglon alsl Marea 1, 1811. 33 tf HERDS OKAS, and CLOVER SEKD, of supe. nor quality for sale by II. W. CATLIX ALSO, a few bushels Seed Wheal. JUST RECEIVED, n BALES SIlF.LTIN.liS, of , he Exeter and swW oilier favorite brand., for -ale by ro, , , ''OLLI.TT, UR.HJLEY, &Co. Old Doc!;, Feb. 22, IS II. 33 ON G O NSIGX M : V V 0'S; V?KS,b 0I', lil.OMICLOIHS, er.n.i.ling of "'si-, mui iiixcu, tor -ale i v 1 lie piece, bi nt 1 1. ,' (''',LlrlT' ""sADLLY st Co. .lsen(s Old Dock-, Feb. 22, 184 . WANTED. WHITE Field Beans, in exchange for Coo ls, Al so good New Milch Cheese, nice Butter, dried Apples, and producoof nil kinds, for which the high est pine will be paid in Goods, by .S N. GAl'T&Co. AUCTION AND COMMISSION STOKE. llV IIAVHI.Ii .fc 1VAIT. -yilE UNDERSIGNED having taken th stand 1. lately iH-cnpie.1 by II. THOMAS will continue 1 lie Auction and I oininission business under the firm of Haswell .te Walt, A uns-ral Advance made oa property lefl either for put he or private snle. U-oures 011 Wednesdays nnd Saturday, N. II. HASWELL jr. ,. , T. R. WAIT, iiurhngton, January 1, 1811. 33 mtictcs & uNDEiiwoon, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, IJurlington, Vt. Cin32 lh,.,i7..r I Anuld e.i.i. WE ihe subscribers having been appointed bv Ihe Honnrahle Probate Court for ibe District of Chiitenden, commissioners 10 receive, examine and n.tiii.i il m i-lsfin. 1,11.11 ........... ..... .1 ................ , v, la,r , Lioicnesier, in snidili.- nn.., ..v...,-..., n pre-eint-u in-ciTent, and alo all claims and demands exhihiicd in o bet thereto; and six monlh. from the dale hereof I eing allowed by .'."i...i.u.r, wu uu iiiereiore nerei.y give Hotice that wo will atlem lo f lie business of our aiinninllncnl. n, ihi.iln'i llm,..!,...... n, 1 .. ;. 1 1 ' , , s. ui j.ncy l.y- nn. Ill l'olclio.,i.r. in .nut, ..I....I .... .1...... . .. ' . ' ...... Uii ,nu ,,rl .iioniinys of May and July next, al 10 o'clock-. A. ii. .,n ol said day.. Dated this llih day cf February, A.D. 1814 n xi 01 ine M. D." W1CKWAIIE, J Commissioner: ' SIX CENTS HEW a int. R".;rt;VV-V flia'.."K.?!,?,l",'""lrn' 0,1 1'10 7ihday , ."", io"ii'u "-J.-.U i.uiv.-ss.a minor who wa inilcnul to nit Irom the town (H'Charloitc anil I hr..l.,. r. .I...I all . . . 1 - -s. j 11 ii--iswi,. irinn narior ug or Irilslin-P hill, m. Ml .. b nmi. . . . . 1 .r..... . ' i . ' , , ,, t "s 1, nun 11 any inic eiUIUOVs nun I shall daim hi Wages. Saul Downs 1. ii ... 16 - ears old, tall and liglu complexion, had on when nelelt a giey frock coal and pantaloon. V 1. 1 .i.ts.' . . Ehelburn, reh. 7, 1844. 2O.00O POUNDS firtt qualily SALERATUS in Calks, Barrels and Half Barrels, for tale low bv , KOLLETT, URADLEV & 60. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1843. jo NEW BOOKS!! THKORUMBLEU, by Mis Picketing, Tlio Crock ot tiold, n Rural Novel, Lovennd Money, by Alary IloHitl, Ht Patrick's Purgnorv, Jack- of Iho Mill, by Win. Howitl, 11 nek wood's Mneri7.ini" for February. 26 cents, l.i do. 2l do. m do. Ii. do. IS! do. Kl Dorado, a nirraliveor discovery of a Splendid Cily in .South Amcriei in the IO1I1 century, with a tlilence, ny sir ivallcr 11a leieli CO do. lleclboven Colleciim nl Sacred Music, with a new melliod of instruction, by I. Ives. Jr.. Alners cV Tnnm. 1.00 March?. 1101 llv A. EDW A III)-!. STOLEN, T?I!OM ll:e stibscri1 er, nl oul the 15lh Oro.l lal, . n SMALL BOAT Willi .nil nnd oars. The Boat Im n green boilnin, ibe onrs were marked wnh a brand, " J. Tol iJ"," nlso, one broad nxe, cne eitrpetl lei's adz, two hammers, (wo plane, one saw. one shave, one neweheckel, a woolen I o I l lankc', and one pair boo!. The per. on wdio soc the nbove proper ty I an Englishman or German, about 5 feet 0 inches iu height, Any one giving information whete the property maybe fo aid, nnd Ihe man secured lulu nronght In jusiioe shall I IP --rally rewarded. Grand l.'le, Dee. 20, '4 1. 3'J JAMES' TOBIAS. Petition tn sell I, and. STATE OF VEIIMO.ST, I A T a Prola'e Coirl District of Cliillenden, ss. I YV hild at Willi-ton, wilhin nnd for said district oT Chtiienden, nn the IO1I1 dayol February, 1811, eonie. lleinnn Gilh-tt, ndititu ilralnr ol the' ctnie of Andrew Chailield, late of Huntington, In said disiriet, dw eased, and files in said eourl hi petition, 111 writing, se'ting lonh tint the pefsaml cta'e of die ail i'ecea-el, n inventoried, nmoutit to SI3H,en, id which S7I.05 ha I ceil n-sgn-el by nid court to the widow of thusatd decca-ed; that 'the ilaim allowed ngainst .niles'aie by the coinmi. si tiers niilounl to S 2 1 0,1 3, and lint the ex-pen-e nf nre not le lhan sixty dol lar; that the .aid t'e-ea-ed d-ed setsteli'f two, one linii'lrcd acre lot of land 111 .aid Il.iulingion, I eing ibe farm on which be live 1 pievio t tn antl nt the time ( f bis dea'h, and ul-n of an crpial undivided hall of niinther bun lrc.1 acre ln nf land In .aid limiting, ton, bo tiulcil .n.nli by IIeman Gillctl'- lind. c.l-t In land of .Icliicl John., iiorill l-y Charle an I Lnt Swift's, laiid.aud wo-t bv AlVu Conger'- land, which sail jin Is of the sail deccn-cd were ,'niu ignse I by the snid deceased, in In lifetime, In.liimo And ler to se cure ihe payment of 11 note lor the sum ollhice hun dred and tliiitv live dollar- nnd inlcte-t, ds'el Nov. 17, HU, which note v..i-not pre entel Uornllowcd by the commissioner on -aid c.lnlc; 1 lint .till land, aio nlso suljeet Jo ibe widow's right of doWcr there in, and lliat it will I e tioi-c.-nry 10 sell all the irt'cre-t of .aidctate in .aid land-, including tlie reversion of dower therein, for the payment of the t'e' t allowed agnn.l ai I e.'a'e and thcoxpen-e nfii liii'ni.tratiuu, and pravuig said court to licen-c tie- -m l adminisira tnrto ell all the interest ol'.anl'i; in -aid laii'L., inc'ii hug Ihorevcr-toii of dower ihei-ein, agreeably to llic .:tltite 111 such case m ule. 111 1 provi-'ed. Wiir.r.r.eros. t'.ecnifi nfore nid doth nppn'nt the ilunl Mnnduv 1 f March, 1SI I, for he, ring nnd deci ding on said pctilion, nt llic Eagle Hall in -ai I Willi. Ion. nnd dolh or ler that nil per-ons iuiere-led I c no tified ihereol by pul lH-alii 11 nl lb s nrhr, coniaiiiing the-siib. lance of said ptiinou, Ihiee weo'is succes sively in lite Burlington Free Pre-, a newspaper printed in Burlington in sai I district, the last ofwhii h D iblicalions 10 1 u previous to said third .Monday of .iiarrn, isi 1. Given nnser my baud on tho day ant 5 car first above written. 33 w-3 Wm. WESTON, Register. I'lcrec Standlsli's Ustatc Petition to sell Land. STATE OF VERMONT, A T a Probate Court Di-iricl of Chilleni'cii, ... ) held at llurlingion, within nnd for .aid ib. trict of Chitieiu'en, on tlie 22d d.iv nf February. . D IS 1 1, come Ilus-cll Brnn.on. adiniiiistratorof the estate of Pierce riandish, lale of Il'intingu.n, in said iti-lriot, ilecei-ei, into. tale, an I files in aid court hi" petilion, luwri'ing, -euiug forth that llic -aid ilccca-e I diel so zed nl i'm it one third ol 1111 acre ol Ian I, situn'e 111 said ll uitiiigton, on which there is a -in ill dwelling house, being the hnu. e and land ivciipuil by the -nidin'et.i!cpreviou.ylo and at the lime of his "ilea th I tint siillaudi .ubecl In a nu rigage 10 one J.'lin-on 10 -ccure the payment of a note for twenty-fill' dollar and iu'ere-t, an I'm the widow'., right .f dower therein I lliat the claim, nl lowe I bv' he enmiui. sinner. 11 gnni'l saidcslnte.imntint In S7S0.21 ; thai the amount of the inveninry of ihe person il ctaiei. 321 1,73. of whi h 591,21, ha been as.jgrusl by said courl to the wi .W of the .aid inte. tnte; that ihe amount nf lheaccount in lavnr of. aid claU'collcctiil, is SI 17,52, and the expen-c. nfadmin-i-lcring-aul estate are not le 1 ha n sixty dollar., and lliat il i ncces-arv to sell the whole of the in eict el snid c. late in sai I land and buitding, including Ihe re-ver-inn ol'dower therein, for the payment of thede'iis against -aide-ia'c ami the ex pen-cs nf ad mill i-t ration, and pnving .tod court tn licen.e .nid administrator lo sell ibeiu'ere-t of s.iid cta'e in .-aid hou-e and land, including liie revcr-iou of dower, agreeably to the .tntti'u in -lich c.i-e 111a 'e and prnviJed. Wnr.Hiii'rov, the court nl'ore-uil doih appoint the linr I Wciliie-ibiy nf March, 131 1. for bearing an I de ciding on said peliiinu nl Ihe ollice nf tlie Kegi-lcr of sai l 1 oiirl 111 -nil Hurling on, ami ili.tti ( l.itr that all per.on. in'cresiid I c unlilieil ihereol by pt.bhcaiion of this order, containing the .siib.tuve r.f .aid peti tion, ilnee wtc'.s slices ively in the llurlingion Free Pre, a newspaper printed in sai I Btirlingiun, the last of which p iMicatinn. lo I e previous to thedayap. pomled a aforc-aid for hearing. Given 1111 'er my hand 011 the day anl year first nLove nieniioned. 39 w 3 Win. WESTON, Register. I.ulhcr Carpenter's Kstatc. Petition to sell I, and. STATE OF VERMONT, ( A T a sc'-ion t( the District of Chittenden, s-. j J. Prnba'c Court held al Burlington wilhin and for the dis'ret nf Chitten den on dm 2-2 I day ot February, A. D., 1311, enmc. John F. Firman, administralorof ihe estn.e of Luther Carpenter, late 1 f'lliinliiiglou, in -aid di-lrict, decca od, line. late, nnd file, in said court his peliiinu, in writing, setting forth that iheiiiveniorynf die per-o-nal csiiee of ihcsnid tule-talc amounis'tn $-2(52,03; that ihe claims against .aid e-t.ite, allowed bv Hie coinmi. -i. in-r against s.ndcs'a'e amount tn S'21 1,37 that Ihe expenses of adiiiinis'cring said e-lale are no le-s than eieniy-fivedollar ; thai a portion of lb per-onal et.iie invcnioriel has I ecu consumed in III support oftbe family of said intestate ; that tlie per-n-nnliMa'onl the -aid inlcinlei. in.nilicienl to nav Ihe debt, nllnwisl ng.iinsi .aid es'a e and the expenses of, .inn 111.11 11 win ue iie-e-ary in sen a pan ofihe enltbesaid nitc-iaie for ihe pay nicnl of o iii'ichol ihodebts of.idmin-i-lration a- the said personal dale is iusiiihc.eut lo pay; thai the -aid inte.i.iie died setzel of a l.irm in mid Huntington, nn which he resided previou-ly 10 nndni Ihe tunc of his deaih, which i ubeet Ion mortgage Insecure iho payment of a nine (or bfiy dollars and in'i-re-t given 10 ihe nnvn of Hunlingtcn, and 1. al-n .ubieci lo the widow's right of dower, and praying said court 10 license -aid milium. irainr 10 sell so inu. h of .aid real elate amny be nece.-ury lo piv Iho i'e' I- ngain-t sai I e-taiean I ihe expense of a I' mmisirati. n, agreeably 10 the statute in such ease made nnd provided. Wm RLl'roN, the conn aforcaid dolh appoint the third Mondiynl March, 1911, for hearing and deciding oil said pennon, at the laglellill, m Willision, iu .aid di-inct, nml (hull order thai all per-ons in'eres'ed I c noiified thereof I y piiblic.innu ol ihi. order, eon lainiug Ihe siibsianccol s ii I pctilion, three week, .ue-ee-sively in the II irlinglon Free Pics, a new. paper primed in sai I 11 irlinglon, ibe last ol w hich p.ihlica Iion.10leprev10.1s to snid third .Monday of Marcn, 1811. Given unlcr mv Inn 1 tin 221 dav ol February, 1S11. 39w3 Win. WESTON, Iiegistei. AlphciiH Persons I'Ktatc. l'ctlllon to Hill I, .11111. SVA'I'n OT VIWMONV, A t a session ofihe District nl Cliillenden, ... IV Prohnte Court . .him. on, wuiiiu nii'i lor sniu ei-tru-i m f- . l..n .I...O.S t. 1... ..CI . .1. .... - .1.1. 1.. .11. .-. u.iy in re innrv, .1. l'. IBI1, cmc Rciil en Rocl.woo.1, ndniinilr.itor nf 1 he e-tate nf Mplieus Person., lale of Jericho in Slid district, ''VV ' "'t,s hl Tcilion in writing, selling the personal e-iale of Ihe sail imciate, a inventoried and apprai-el, anvi'ins to !237,C2, one bun Ircil dollar, of which has been assigned by said courl to Ihe widow of snid inlostnio ; that the claim, allowed againt snid e-tate by the coinmi. . sinners nmnunt to $311,31 ; that ihe of jidiniiiisiering said e-taie are 1101 lees than sixty viol lars; that the said ihsei.ed diwl sciml of 50J acres of hind, situate I in Jericho, being Ihe farm on which he lived previously 10 an I at time of hi. death ; thai at Ihe time i f his death, be held a mortgage, cxecu'eil lo 11111 by Unhtr 1', of nboui ion a.-res ol'lnnd, Jil l clothing worl.. Ihcreon, silnaiw! 111 Mount Holly, ermnnf, 10 secure die payment ol certain notes, nnd lhat ihe siid milium. tratnr has since purcha-ed ihe enuily id rei'enipiion in snid ten n( re. nl" laud for Ihe hciiHit of said ctate) that said lands nre subject tn Ilia wi low' right of dower therein, nnd it will be ne.cssiry in sell n pnri of siu.l bmds for ihe pay mem o! the debt, ngain-t said cinio and ibe expen se, ol adinnii-iralinn ; that a pan of either of said parrel- of land rnnnoi bo sold without injury to those mine ml In -ho remain 'er, nnd that it would e I enelicia 10 the heir, lo said c 11,, and all person Iniere-tiM therein to havo the whole of snid lands sold, sibieci tnlhe widow', tight of dower therein, together wnh ibe reversion of dower in said lands; anl prnying ,nid court 111 Incuse -nid administrator lo sell Ihe whole of. aid Inn I-, nibjeci 10 I be widow's riglilor doner ibereui, together with ihe reversion ol dower, agrreal ly 10 the sianne in s ich in.f made ...... iiKRF.urov.tne court niore-nniiiolh appoini ihe third Wtslucday if .Marsh, It! 1 1, fori hearing and deciding on said petition, nt ihe nlRce of, Ihe liegi.ler of ntrl ,,iir ... ..,..1 li.., ...1 ,i . u I , , ,, - . .'. '..i .'.irilllnli'll, ll" .i.'n, oner I lull oil persons iniercie.l I e notuicd Ibeieof by pilillcaiinn oflln, order, remaining the substance nf said petuioii three weeks successively in Ibe Burling, ton Hee Press, a newspaper printed at Burling.' n aroretaid, the lat of which publication to le prev lous 10 raidlhird Wtlmglay ol March, 1P44. ttven under my han I this 26 h day ol Fcbriary, I8U, fsof WU. WKSTON, H.. -Asahel Whlrvlc's Ivstate. w1 E liie siib't-rd er, hnvittg been appointed by the Honorable ihe Probate Court for the DU' trlel of Chittcndeii eommlssioiter tot receive, exam ine nnd a '1 11 the claim nnd demand of all per.on ngninl the esiale or A-'AHEL WllIl'I'I.E, lale of Burlington, in said District, deceased, repre entel in-sulu-nt. nnd nlsonll claims and demand exh bi'edin o Iseit iliereuil nnd six month from the dav oftha dale hereof, I eing allowol by said Court lor lliat p ir-po-e, we do therefore hereby give notice, iKnt we wi'l alien I to ibe In-mi'. of our appointment, at bu dwelling of JOHN HOWARD, m Burlington, In said di Iricl, on ihe si'.'nnd Mondilys ol Jine nnd Augml next, ut 1U o'clock, Ai M., on each cf sil day. Dale I, this 7ihdav of February, A. D., iHii. I'A 11.114 TO l.liASi: FOIl A ThIDI Ol' YI!S. A LARGE FA RM s'CK-ke.1 Willi n .'airy jfl. nnd sheep, nnd prepared furtxu-n-' sive sowing nnd planting. The person" applying ntu-t have ullicienl mean to ....... i .....1 ,-.,-..-,.1, ,i,u 1...., ..,.r.i... tnendalinn for integrity and indnstry. Als'itwo other farm to let for nnomoint agreed upon. The-e firm nre si'ualel on liie Lake shore oppo s iBurliiigt'.n, Apply lo 0. M. a w. c. Watson. Port Real, Feb. 20, 1811. 33 If HOPKINS' I.eciures nn the Cause, J I'rineiiilca. nnd ltesulsot the British Reformation. received by V. II ARRINOTON. 23 Feb., 1911. 39 rPHF. LENTEN FAST-tho History, Object nnd J. Proper Observance nf the holy season ol Lent, by Ihe llev. Win. 1. Kipp, for sale by 23 F. b. 39 V. HARRINGTON. FARM FOR SALE. J$fa 7UH SALE, a farm in Underbill, cori' ti' Vii taimug one huildrel and lnny.ix acre, al nu one hundred acre of Which JPXijL. is under eult va'ion, the retnaini'er it nvered I y a good grow h of haid wood. On Iho ireiuee nre a couven. cut dwelling bou-e, I am, sheds, iVc. and nn orchard of thrilly bearing appc Irecs. u'iicienl for making jume filiyOr sixty tnrrsl of ider. Al-o, a Llrui cc.n'aining one hundred acre-., lying a' out one mile from ihe al out sixty acre of win h 1 under improvement, nnd has nn H a' caps emu l am, the rcmairdi-r 1 well wooded, principally with I each nu I maple. The at nve are iiua'(-.l near die centre nl ibe town nnd o the nnin road, are well w.i'erel and well fenced, a rnniderrtUu portion uf llic li-itee I dug stone wall, and logi-h' or enmpose jnue ol the bt-1 dairy farms iu ibe lowit, 'The a'mve preuil.c will l.e so'd to ilose a concern for ni'ich le.j tlinu thcr real value, an 1 po.e.inii given on the Li of April next, For f irilu r parncu" eutl il-ei.f a. 1 OOI E. B irlinglon, I'e',. 22, IS 1 1 33 f mi. MANNING'S LACE. THE L'ndcrsignrd has become the prnptlelor of the patent right for the sale nf this valuable in' slrument 111 the counties uf Chiitenden, Frankhiii Gran I Ile, and Lamoille. To those who have not Ind an opporiuhilv to heaf the inventor explain the principles upon which litis invaluable sjpporler isolTerid fur nllevialion of mise ry and disease, il may bo necessary to slate that ha attributed to tho want of abdominal support, miny diseases and ailments which have heretofore been assigned 10 other nnd far different causes, as well ai lhoein which such suppoit line been ndmilbd to be essential, and he claims lo havcdi-covetcd, in the PA TENT LALE, an instrument far superior to any which hasveihein presented, lis completion bat cost him v ears of thought and labor and tliousandsof dollars of txpensp, by reason of numerous expeti nienisho was compelled lo make lufore he could bring it lo ils present state of perfection. Dr. Binning Ins lectured 111 many of the principal towns in this and the adj ming States, and experience 1 11 is ui iiioiiuiiu .nut; iniiances nearly uemonsirnfea the truth nf li.s iheory and the utility nf his Lace, by removing Irnm lieilsut languishing and sickness, hun dreds of ierjns laboring under chronic hich ha I previously defied the ulmost power of the healing art. In the views ot Dr. Banning the ntldetsiened fully concurs, and so completely convinced is ho that they need only to h understood to receive general acquis escence, that lie hns at great expense become the pro prietor of the patent right fur the Colonics above na med, and he I-hippy to stntc that he lias mnde ar rangements which will enable him to nnewcr all or ders for the instruments nt short notice, The undersigned deems 11 proper firlher to stats that he has been in the useof these Instruments in hit practice fur more than three months, am! that durinj ibal lime he his I een callvd to apply them in nume rous cases nf female weakness, nnd oilier kindled ill eiscs, and has uniformly found ihem productive ot the wonderful results attributed tn them by th'inren '"f- ' JOHN W. EMERV, M. D. Essex, Fcb'y: 7lh, 1844. 315 6sr ALL time in V ted lo the sub-cnl er-, whose de mands are d ir, are ren,ue.ieil lo call and seal the same to save themsclvt- a Louder Call. S. N. OAITT 4, Co. Burlington, Feb. 21, 1811. 3g P. P. The balance ol Dry 0wl. will I c sold at COST for cash, to make room for Ire-h .uppliet on ihe opt mug of Navigation. H. N.O. &,Co. PAPER MILL FOR SALE. OITFATKI) O.N THE LAMOILLE RIVfk, IN O MILTON, wiih s'eam Drying Cvlindert, two Engines, Calender an I all tool, and maehinerr necet- ary for m.iiitif.icturing paper. Tlie I uildliigs are secure Irom frchci., and have a lull supply of rivtr and spring water. Al-o, adjoining il.e null art a wood house, barn, two dwelling house-, and about 100 acre, of land w iih a good orchard. Il i-the mo-t northern mill In Vermnnt, and th let location for a country business of anv mill in New England, having a home market for all the pa per man if.iciured. The whole will be sold on a liberal credit, and all the payment, may I c made in paper al the null, so lhat two md i-triou pr.1el1r.1l paper-makers with k capital of n lew hundred dollar, each cm eaily pay for the whole properly in a lew v ears by thiir own labor. , CIlAt'NCEV GOODRICH. Burhnglon. 15th K-hruary, 1814. 37i TO tJ IlON ABOUT I!UH,I'I,G. rPHE subscribers keep on handr their Lumber 1. anl 00 Pearl Sireet. Boards icantling, Plank, Floor Boards ahd Inch Board --ady planed; Litk, Lining und otier nnlerials fo' iiildi.ig. , 1,,r.?,',"'? il',lh.e "sj.'wni towns can be supplied it ihe Mills in Underbill at a suitable deduction Irom ihe llurlingion prices. '' Ths,?y ITr to contract for the erection of buddings on reasonable terms. Applv to H. P. nn'",k- . II1LKOK A. STEVENS. Burlington, 3 Jan., 1844. 31 1 - O 'E L Y .5 SE YMO UR, HAVE removed to ihe New Brick Bmlainf, S doors north of their former sinnd. whtrrthtf ofler fur sale a large assortment of DRV GOODS and DRV GROCERIES, ftc. ' Jan. 23, 164 1, Church Street. 14 PLA S TER ! PLAS TER ! 300 BAGS fresh ground Nosa Senna Plstitr, Jan.2G, 131 1 Mir unieuv iX n. u, UOUL.HTI.K. Jill UNITKD STATES DIS riticr COURT Vermont IlUirici. i. nANiTiiuPTcv. Notice to lioiv came against Petition f LEONARD, of Burlington, for hit Dif ...... k-'.i.m, 1,1 11 nannrupi, at ine oine of .iiinuel Premiss, m .Montpelier. in said Disiriet on V rdnesJay, the 20lh day of March, A. D. 1844. nl 1(1 A. M. AMES L. MORTON, of Mi'tnn, for hi Di-charr. and Leriilicaie, as a Bankrupt, at ihe Ollice l Mnmel Prentiss to Monlpelur, 111 said Distriei, nn in'', s, llle20h day of March, A. D. IS44, Bl III A .'I DANIEL WARD, nf Milfon, for hi Disclitrge tad teriilicaic, as a Bankrupt, nl ihe Office of Fa mil cl Premiss in Mnnlpclier, In pud D strict, on .e.incdav, tho day of March, A. D. 1844, iMLnsi PII.CS ! r ,F'Ti ,ht nmi,,,e'l remember thai, Ihey have a ReB J edv 111 the Genuine Hay.' Liniiiien-. Domt and do-icu have been sold in (hi vicinity within lb past.two yeert titulying lo it eilictency'ai JO PECK it &PEARS. 1VTOW Oentlemcn is ihe tiail xl lo buv veur WATEH-PnOOf BLacKuva. A I .SO, PASTE AND VAR NISH BLAOKINHs., BLACr, IILUF, BED AND INDFXI BLE INKS, WAKERS WjlX. 1.1 ...C, CVC. pi ck & a?y.AH. FE U A LLC TRUSSKS. rpilIS article or various iriTanlimii 1 11.,11's Map. V.. .nrt . every me and form, n. for al b Ipurroses for which ihey wm rasirard, for tale at i'eck a srs Ktve. Burlinftee, V,rmrai, fl '"c? tMty&a A 1 jffirnS f7 1 -