Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 22, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 22, 1844 Page 3
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. nntl Ivi'roTin ATtftN.. -Till? ... v.l.l 1 imi!uii...-v... v ourt of Inquiry as to llio causes of tlm la( calamity on board llm t'rlncpton, tins com ilol(!(l its labors nnd nr.ulo ils report. Wt; liavu itnt room fur tlm whole to-tl.iy. I lie following paragraphs lontain tho li'Mill of the investiralion: "In view nf nil lhc rlreunislnnccs ihus briefly nil. cried to, lK unnulelv detni'ed in tho cvidctic-t- which i. ,,i ,,,,,,11 llm record, tlio Cniirt entertains n dis. tmct nnd conll lent opinion, tint in orisinnlty forming the plan fur Ihe cniisirucimn oi large cms, v.apmn .Stockton proeeediil on well established practical . il.ii in rainm" ti n decision upon i ho fcasihilj. ty ofihe c.inicmplaicd prnjert, lip did not rely upon hit own theoretical opinions, hut resorted to mm of science and prictical skill fiiridvirc, mill tint he was fully sustained nytucir iiiugmeni in every p-imcuiarj tint n scries of experiment ami trials with tho two runsfullv rust mini llie deduction ol mo Gentlemen I...... n wis KouL'hl. nml I islinctl the most nsu- red confidence in tlio durability and efficiency of tho In regard tolhc mode of Im lint; nnd firing on eve ry occasion, nml emphatically lint which was follow el hv tho cxplo'ioiij it is established by the fullest prool, to me enure sni-rirti ,ii i, i uiu v-tnii , ui-ii i tv et- ami Mientirm whieh nrudrnco nnd profession al cipscitv could dictate was observed. No shadow of censure 111 mis respect can no aiiacucn tu any uui ccr or any of the crew if the I'rineeton." sr a n: of VF2it.Mo.vr. A PROCLAMATION. liv Tiin Giivr.KNort. "TjlK Lor.D REMNKTII i LKT.TIIE TKOPLH TUTM. ULKl" "'I'lIE Iitint) TAKHTIt I'LEAsUIIB IN tiieu that rcAn llm. is uio,n that hope in Ills Mr.ncv. As individuals and as people it licr.nmcth us in fear llio judg;. incuts of the Itrtl for our many sins, anil for pinion and hlct-sinir to put our trust in 1 1 tin who is n li u iid.i ii t in Mercy and Guod. ness anil Power: 1 1)0, TI11-2IU2FO.U2, in consideration of the reverence duo the Aluiiohly und, and in compliance with t Im culnni of mir falhcr, ap. point F It 1 DA V, THK F IF I'll DAY OF Al'Itll. NKXT, to In observed as a thv of FASTING, IIUMIl.tATlON.anil l'ltAVEIl ; and l invite nil the people to a solemn observ ance of that day, by abstaining from all secular employments not required bv necessity or mer cy, by confession and heartfelt repentance of all our sins, by humble prayer to (mil to avert the judgments which arc deserved for our trans, jjre.ssions as individuals, and (or the oppression?, tho intemperance, and the wickedness which arc in the land. Let us acknowledge that even the severest afll ctiuns which any of us have been called to endure, as well as ihe tnnsl bin. lial tiillictii'iis of Divine l'rovidenco upon the Jiatinn, are but merries compared wiih the pun. isMinentc tint our firs have timst fully pro. Yoked ; with renewed and sincere resolves to walk in the of God, let us implore for Cjvencss fur the p.:t, through the merits of Christ our Savior, and divine wisdom to ruble, and grace to sustain us. Let us seek his bless ing upon the land lint it tiny bring forth abun. d-uiLy, and upon ail our citizens that they may li prospered in thsir lawful and propor employ, incuts. Jyjt us seek Ins blessing upon the Ktjtc, thai teiuppraucc, jus-lire, order, and obe dience to the laws may prevail that our rulers may be wise ai d fjilhlel men and that our re li'inue. litanjry, and civil institutions mav be eustsincd and improved for the promotion of ri'litcnusnpHf, knowledge, liberty, and the bap. pinesa of our commonwealth. And, finally, let in eek his hlrisinj; upon the Nation,' f.:ace miy be maintained that its rulers may seek tc proiiijle tlu ivclbtra of tho whole that the tsirit of iinioa and ipiiiujI rood will may ; and lit us prr-y tlict God would put it into the hsirtj! of ths Amorican People to abol isb Skvcry at once and forve.r, and to become in ill things that happy people wlinae God is the Lard, and v.Iijb Inch pnvibfje it dull be. I by their own cunsistonl exauiple, u coimnend the iucsti'iiilh- briM of Christituity auj Civil aii Uchgioui rrscdoin to tha iccer'tanoe of the Wirld. Givtv my InrJ at Pcidnn, this 7th. d-.y of Mcrch, m tha vear cf r,i!r L)rJ one tliGUsind ijtjrlii hunlre'J 'iij f... ty.four, f.n,- of thr Independeiiee of tin Uintad States the stxly-oiglilli. , , JOHN MAT I'OCKS. JJ; ths Governor Htsr.Y i-;4!.r., So ere is ry A I,Mtsr..Toa. The Seiut.j nm todeb'ed yuenUy lr a herly laurb, to the ppul -i.r. w i had p-inioinly trifur-iie I il. ineinb-rj ,n Lnuis I'lidllji;. vm a miii of po!..,):., ); ;,,, ner. of Bristol, the Cliairmrt ( th- c , on KJ icatiop, W2.) th ,j ereJii'j mdivn'u i, the cnurtiS of the sVl.ats upm tljr- arictt'f -ir resolutions which he ImJ .niroiu I, i"he :ib,-c.i oi th-. duty imnnrtej soft s.nn w is hrou rl,i uto iiMutf, a,,J Us Uitrluor .-ate i th-.t th; .Iniv on th ? srticb wr.s fifty ("tits psr pound. Hi. wai corrected l,v s,.Vu.rn sCll!,, and amon -olhcra by Mr l.iiernnrr, of .Middlesex, who fUtcd thil the duty oth... anicle was liiiv cents a barrel. I)r Gardiner was highly meonsed ai tins coiitrjdiclioii. and apposed to the tariff it eelf, rpitii -vlnc.h he quoted the provision estab. islil.13 lb, duty on Kofisinpat fnv cents per barrel. '.Vo-V. s , d tl,2 U )Ctor, t(bbl. does no. nieaniotHI w. niur,!, Enme jjeul lotna.i to tell , ,chat t Jr manr A general ro,r from all parts ot the hmrd was the reepoee to in. inquiry, under cover or which the ho id of the couiinitieeoiifducaiion nt down, without insisting : on tho information he had requested lioslon Courier. 1 r ., ., "i ncroupoii ias aris. "T ;-oi renin resigned the office W Itn the fii-niii. il ,m , . .. .1.: - not ink,. Vir . V , resllation won 1,1 C uni. ? Ct, the April term of the bounty Cuurt: but Mr. 'n,.,,, .,., ecivins the ai.noiiu,0t from the t.-ourl. p, ,1 his respects to the late ClerK and suppne im I y deniandiiii' tlm immn ,'!.. .. " ..." , ' " ti.ion 1110 papers, therefore, and the Court must settle tho dispute if tho clems do not Watchman. Ohio. A Cnmmitti.o nfr!r.., 1.. tween the House und t. Sen.ito linvoncroed 011 .1 coiiipronitso upportiuniiipiit bill, wliicli unjosi t ,m U'hljis, js Jt.,,lllL.j i,,,,' ter than to let tho Govt le,..l b.ilt. It -ives tho Locos 17 cerium of uiu ou oen.itois, uitli tilu holier elinnco in tlim, or four other Disirieis. Tho House will stand ubotii 32 cerlaiu to piich putty 8 douhifitl. Wo presume ,,is wi,,,'s rim House has decided, -IS to 10, to abolish 1 ublic Lxecutions. They had two in Co lun.bus tin, winter, which did U) ,lu Lusi. ness efiuctiiiilly. Tribune. I hilailolphia ortll Auioncan of Thursdav n.orninp. on llio authority of a vv l, ai.surcs the editor of the accuracy of his jf1Jr niation, Hut Mr. Tyler has S,;,.( n Tre the Aniiexatioiiofl'exns lo , United Stales. Niouhl this ho true, the monstrous act requires still to be endorsed by two thinh of the Souale, before it becomes pos-essed of vitality and Ihe power to do ni'srhief. Tut: Ni;h- .Mao zim:s.W. II. Graham lias for sale this morninc, Iialmm's .M.iii. zine, tho Lath's liook mid tho Ladies' i,i. tional .M.i"azino for April over half 11 month in advance. They nio very Ijc-.mi 1 iTid, nnd Graham's is splendidly embellished con taming, amoiiL'st other ibitii-s, n very iiilmi table porlr.iit of N. I. W11.1.1,, u.,, a crj,. iipieiipon his writings, which isducidedly tlm bust tiling in ibis lino vu h.ivu for many h month. Tho Aulhor should be, nnd no douht is; eminent. It is v,;ry crBat piv (hut we have not more such dchVlitful criti". cuius. Tribune. N. oitK, March 15 A turnout of Jour noyman Cabinet M.ikors und other Mechan ics, sfiniR liundiods in number, marched through llm streets ypslcrday wit, m,jc u()tj banner?, but in perfect order.- Thoy usk f 1 25 uer d-y. Total Abstinence Society In Ilurllngtoii. Notice is hereby given to all who feel inter esled in flic progress of Temperance, that Mo. sfs P. Pah hi of MassacliuseltF, an ncctedited arrent of the Vermont Total Amslinancc Society will deliver an address on th" subject of 'l'pin. 1 eratire at tho court house, on Fiulay the 22.1, at early ratnllohj.'ht. It is hoped there will he a general ntlcmhurc, pot only of I he members of the society, hut of the citizens genrrally, and all who are willing to be infi rincil of the present aspect of the state in regard to this important subject. HttlOirrON MAItKHT. Monday Match 11. At Market, 510 Hecf Cattle. 330 Sheep, and 223 Swine. CO Iteef t.'atlle unsold. I'bices. lltcf Cattle The prices obtained last week for a like quality were not ncnerally sustained. We qtu to a few extra at SI 73 V 83 j First quality S!,25C3 S 1,50 f second quality S3 75 & 81 23; third quality S3 25 ?? S3 50. Stierji-l-'wm SI 73 to 82 50. Wethers from $2 75 to S3 75. Sicinc Lots to peddle i 3 4c for Sows, and 5 3-4 for harrows. At retail from 5 to 7. In this town, nl St. Pauls Church, on llio 18th inst. bv the III. Rev. Hishon llnnkins. Mr .1. A ofl'omiac, Michigan, to Miss Susan Helen, eldest dauipilero! Israel 1'. llichardson, Ksq.of tlurhngton. 1. 0 oil, In RurltiiQfon, on tho 11th inst. IInntr.T Towner dausbterof the Ucv. 7 Thompson, m;ed 17 years. In this town, Mirch3l, Mrs. Susannah Howe, wife of Henry II. Messenger, nnd daughter ot Win. Phelps, formerly of I'oston, need 31 yenrs. Primers in this Slate, M iss, nnd Ohio please notice. In this villnaeon the I7lhint. Miss Klisa, G. daugh ter of Wa-hinstun Vnughn. nged 27. In Troy, .. V., on tho 10th int., llev. Ciiaius Suekman, aged 40 years. ANOTHKR AGF.D PATRIOT GONE. In Clmilotie.nn the 23th February last, Mr. Ste phen TunriiLL, nged one hundred and one years and four months. Few, if any have experienced prealer vicissitudes of life, or more hardships and privation than did Mr. Turiill: nnd notwithstanding his almost unparalleled longevity, he enjoyed the most perfect health until 1 very short time before his denh. His patri ti"m nnd love of country wore exhibited in early life, and at the ago of 1 3 he j lined the army under the coiuinind of Hen. Abercronibie, in the campaign of 1ij3, and ciniinued in tho servico about four years, sharing largely the perils of tluso limes, agiinst both n savage and foreign foe. At the commencement of the revolution Ins patriotism was ngain aroused in as serting the rights of the colonics, and he again be came a suldier. Mr.Turnll was of that nib'e nnd truly pitriolio band who continued through the war, determined nnd unwavering in defence of his country and in cstal liliing her independence. From the b.irning of Danhury to theclnsu of the revolution he wasn pirlicipitor m almist all the niciiinrnblccieiits of tho war. Ho was in the baflcs of White Plains and Valley Forge, at Saraioga when Gen. Iiurcoyne surrendered nnd at the bjltleof Monmouth, and n!-o at the rapture, of Cornwnllis. The scenes of these eventful periods, he would o'tcn relate wiih great pre cision j and wiih nil tho nrdor of n youthful pitriot. In nil ihe private relations of life .Mr. Turrdl was an example won by of imitation. His cntetprise indu ced him in 1733 to remove to Vermont, where difficul ties and privations incident to the settlement of n new country demanded the most energetic action but by his greit industry and frugality he was ena bled to acquire 11 competency for his family! while his munificence was unsparingly extended to the wsnlsand necessities of those around him. Among oth-r duties he was not neglectful of the great end nf his b 'ing seventy-eight venrs of his eventful lifu he wn member of the Methodist Church, nnd pracli- e-.lly illu-tratfil his profession by christian walk and cor.v-rsstion, and retainin; his senses to the Inst, the npproicli of dtth was met without a murmur, and wiih a dire tint he might wait palienllv for the time of h e depirtnre, which to him would benn x c'iitv of old sgi fir ever blooming youth in tho 'i i ll of b iss Cifnm io-iirjvt: s-t,r ok v(h,k.x and eorro m vein v in: v. fJ' VIIMSIV3 ol Anri.a in . -'o , on v the 'f 11 -e . the n' ! Mni-hineiv l-i i-lv i-e-I 'nn.' 10 ihe N..p 11 ci Man CiiMnrinj Cuui.i.inv, .11 Cani.m, via -.. all m lino or 'cr, (.(,ni,iri dig in in 1. 1 1II0 -, lo wit : 1 lii bgo Crin 'it ; 5 l'i"',er-j ') ) inch 1-t Uru.r er lini Mnelnni. ; l!)3GinHi 2 : in 13 Hiv.i'it do. d ..; 0 35 imdi Fini-hui j, with lyou Vn-er ! 4 13 in h l i fMrd-; I 30 inch 1 I' (loiMc)i 2 3fimeli-2 inl3 lo.i.i.( u"!v); 3 3C im h 2 an 13 !. do. ( loub v) ; 2 30 in-h i'on.l.. it-, (. ingle; i 3 30 inch do. ( lo bV) j 3 J.ifi;., 210 w'vi'u- "''"'i'i!-0,' 3,,n-130. lo; 0,10 .hick Si'Ools; i- j iV 1 "no in-, iiu larn lioxi ; 7.J,. ', ,el".i 4 C.i-iinere, wiih Copner I',:: ' ,'- -t, won popper v vi in - iter. ; C m U'r-j 2 Drawing hrayie- and 230 Ore serS.mnK; jfl I'u-siniere Looms; S Ua.-meti do. ! 1 Plain do. ; .121 Itec J. (M.SOO lljr.-) i 42 Loom Mnxe.; 7 Vfl an I Down Gi 2 Vac! n,.., 1 febcir. Grimier i 2 l)r ,.,i,ig Ma hine. ; 2 Itoillng ily . a llvilra.lielre.-t-. r, '".evy Pro-,e.i 10,500 lb. Pro I'Jate, j 5 Sro?s Co(foiA,icAintril Cotton Picl.eri lCdoCnrds: - C hea I Drawing Frame, i I CI Spindle Spinning Irame.j 3 BG1I0. do. do.; 2 T.inuti.n Specier-: I Cotton Dre.t.r; 2 Warper-; I Circular S.uv; 1 .ogvvi,o,iClniperi 15 pair Fulling S100I.S ; 1 Roller Wn-liuig Mill tosciber with a great variely i.fotli. or Jlachinery, I'ool-, &e. Mc, u-ually l elomiiug to a .M:in ir.i",h.bment. The whole may lu examine I on any day I elore the ale. A Catalogue will be prepared in due -ea on, on which the terms ami run Ilium, ol sale will be siaicd. The sale will l epereiuiorvand llie ailentioa is oar liculanv called to it. 1 ' """ 1 rovmence uarrcai stop williiu a quarinr of a iin'e of llie Factory 42 w2 WIIITWIU.!,, SKAVIJB & Co. l!o-,on and Providence Rai'rcad Cars Auct. I, IIIKIUli, .V con-eT,encc of il, o-imiuueil ielnc-s of Dr Hcinelerg I .edHr.,gPuvi , "u- u" . slop llinneibalely; , ,,,.ful.l. W1 t' " s o-k of goo It, run i-nr, f T Ulur imv coooscitocraiKs & I.IQITORS. u. irr- nre mviie no can ami pure ha-e, as they will lind the Goods, under lhe,e eireuins;auees Also, -o I ear respectfully to invito llio-e who owe m to pay Ibeir m-eouul. imme liately, ,fnot we ,ball I e under llie neee-ity of c-ollei-ting al their cxpen.e ,, 1 , SI. OSTHE1M & Co.' Dirlmginn. March 21, 1811. Ij . 1 1 " Hcirosiwi of Prneiienl .Me,!,- .1 1; 11 ' wnnaii index, jut P'Hili.hed, and fnrsale by 8011 ""ri-li, 1811. U V. IIARIUNOTON'. iri. Ail srKKLHRS OF HKNItV CI.AV. .. 8 ti J'00 . ' 'I he A,l,lad Text Boo', I -'J. Rational Cay Alin.irel, 10 which prelixl u l.eich of the Life, i'nUiu Services and Uuracier of Henry Clay. prv 23 tws. 42 lly A. ROW Ml n. ST. D'AUIlIGM.'SHi-tory of ihe Relunnalioii. vol. loiuple e including all ihe note-, price ..T?'V. K"r "lle 'y V- IIAKHI.N'GTO.V. 20 h .March, Ml. 4 w HONGS of Woman, Jmlah's I. ion, and Com l.iu.tliun. Hy Chailona Khza'elli. Dr. AlcOll' Vniinrr 11, t- ... . rt ... on ilie 1 arahlis, fly Hon. I.r Ssiuiilt-v : The Far iuer'.Mme; or, fco.irce of Wiahh. Uy 19 . l,lllinn.. a. i.i'yviii)n. CJIXTKKN I.wliire.011 ihc Cau-e., Principle, and kJ Ke.iills ol llie liriliah Itcfomiation, )y Jolm Henry llop!.in., Hi. hop 1 f the I'roietiant Kii.eoi)ai Churi h in Vermont. 42 lly A. KDVVaRDS Oliver Howard's ! state. STATU OF VJCHMO.N I , ( 'PIIK Hon. tho Pro l)ilnei of O'niien leu, s-. j JL l.ale Court f..r the District of Cliilleudcn i 'I o all persons concerned 111 tho c-tate ofOI.IV'Jdl HOWARD, late of Milton, in said Di-trici, ilecca-e.1, GbextInq. Wll..,..u 'Pal. Ml.. 11 -..I..- ..I .1... 1. . .........w, ...IMMIIl ..U.VII1U, lArl.,lll. "I lllUiHM will and lesinment of said docea-cd, propo-es to ren in.-, an minimi ui ner auuiiu i-i rutioii, unu pretnt her Hccoiiut Jign in -1 said e.iaie lor exatnuiatioii and al- Inunni.i nl a ..C . I... I ...... C II. ..I.... i .. hoi en at tlm Kegi.iei'. odl e, in llurlingtoii, 111 said .1.1..... .1 ..I ,S . , ' I .- . . ?. 7 nir..t.uiiu i,tiueody oi .ipril liexi.,, . .-i u i u uci euy noiiliui u ujjpvar 1 e- fore said court nl llie lime and place ufore-aul, and .limir I'llll.l.. irtllll. Villi ll'll'n ...I... ,1, ... nm.n. nl....- . .... .. j j .... IIV U.VVUIII W, said should not I calloweil. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 7ih day of March, A.D., 1811- ' 12 w3 WM. WF.STON, lit sister. HATS. SPRING FASHIONS, for (KP 18 4d. CII Vni.KS A. SKYMOUU, rjFI' KltS to hiscutnmer.,nn I llio pul lie generally, i.irL'e a-sornnent 01 iia 13, Ji Ilie.iaiejl cw 1 uik trijie, ci n-iMlnir ot iii:avi 11 hats, on ku io. MTItA do. IIHI'SII do. CAS.SIMF.RK do. PIIARI,' MOI.E SKIN do. KXTIIA dodo. COMMON NAP'D do. Wnnl. .1,. nil ofwhichare oleredfor sate on favorable terms, nii-r ui iov prices. Mats made loonier on short notice. Merchant' who wi-h to pnrclia-e bats of good qoaliiy by the dozen, nte invited to call and examine 1 iock nun price at till-e-taldisliment. l'enrl Street, March 22, 1814. 42lf NAItltATIVi: OF TIIF. TKXAN SANTA FE I-VI.:rilTlns.' . 11 r. lour through I'exasnml acro-s the great Southern Prnirio, the C.iinaneha and Civgun Hunting Grounds, with an Account of the Sirlerings from wnnl nClnrul l,..en. C., l.n..:ln ln.l;M.. I i:nl ' I -v.-a iivi ii.'-.uv iiiiiau, iinu iiiiai enpliire of the Texan-, and their march ns Pri-oners i.r me i-uy ui.oesieo. v no iiiii-iranous an, I a .nap. Hy tiEonoE Wii.kins KENDALt, F-q. F.legaiitly prinled anil bound in fancy mii-lin. Price S2 50. The Hr.nETici n Novel. Tran-lalcd from the i(ti"ianul laieicliucko.l. lly Thuinas It. Shaw, B. A. Price 121 cents. . Tub I'movED One : a Novel. By Mrs. Holland. 1 rice ti j cent-. Fortune McNTEnt or, The idvenlnres or a Man Ahoui Town. A Movjl of Mew York Society. Uy .Mrs. Helen Berkley. Ronr O'MoriE, By Samuel Lover, Ksq. Price 25 cent, The Jew, tran-lated from ihe German. Price 25 cent-. The MiSTEBtES of Lon-do.v, No. 1. Price 121 cts. GcinE fob Married Ladies, during the periods of n-)riiniiry, i,.ii,or ami Mucuiing, won oircetion lor treatment of Infant". By Mr. Darwell. Price 25 (ts. D'Aubione's Great Wonjt on the Hutorv of the of the Sixteenth Century, wiih all the Holes. Price 50 cents. The Omnircs of MoDEr.N noiiiNC, (Six Inside !) Containing el the Ai'tre-, The Re-del Nun, The Capiiali-t, De l.elonene, Wonderfil -lorvof Peter Sehlemihl, and The Gentleman's Dauglners. All for 23 cents. A new supply of Ara'ella Smart, Chri-tma- Carol, Kendall', .lack -on, and NeaP. Puritan.. 42 lly A. EDWARDS. rpHK Democratic Hevieiv fur Mnrch I'orsile I v i- 20 h March. (42 V. HARRINGTON. Win. Ivllbiirn's Instate Petition to sell Kand. STATE OF VI RMON'T, ) A T a .e.-ion of the Di-trict of Cbillcn leu, s-. J rV Probate Court liel I at llirlington wiihin an I lor -aid di-tricl of Chitten den on the -e-oinl We.lue day of March, A. D. 1811. come. Aim Kill urn, executrix of the last will an I tes tament ol Killbnrn, late ot said Burlington, decea-cd, and die. in -aidco'in her petuion in writ ing, setting fi r'h that llie said William died seized and o..e-scd of the following de-cril ed trad or par cel ol land, siluate in .aid llurlingtoii, viz. about one eighh of an acre ol laud on the south side of Main S'rcet wiih a dwi.llinglioii.-e thereon, bounded we-t by Nathan B. Ha-well's land, I eing the -nine land and dwelling1 house occupied I j- llie -nnl WiPiam, previ-ou-ly to anil al the tune of hi. death j that ani lanil is incumbered with a morlgase exeeme I by ihe said William, 111 bi Iifi-iime, to Plnlo Doulitik-, to .ei-uru the p.iyiiieiu of live h indred dollar., and the inieie-t I hereon, wliicli rental... unpaid i lliul tbeilebts allow, cd by llio comim-sicner. again-t the e.ta e of the .ail V il!Mm (32 qo exvi.u-e (1f .j, ,nurlcae . that the expen-e. iit'ailimm'.tcring.aiil e.talenreuot lc than eighty dollars ; Hot! the invi ntory of tbf personal e-iale, ci n-i-liug of liou-ebold (uniit ire, amo iins to 8121,21, ihailihe per-onale late is m-iiili-1 ient fur the paymeiil of ihciieM.iluolroin .-udi-taie and, the expen.e. of admins! ration and that 11 will he nuces-ary tosell real dale for purpo-e; tbatsiid realcs aie Is .o.s iu.iiuil Hiat a pnii ol it cnuuot be sold wnlio 11 injury to those inicre-ie.l in the remainder, and praying sai I ci urt to grant her liccn-e to sell the whole of .nnl rial e.tate, ngrivably 10 the statute iu -oi-b ca etna le nnd provn'e.1. Where ipon, the co in afore aid doth appoint the -cconil We,!ne.diyi,f April, 1811, for bearing and e iks-iding on said peiuon, al llie offi -e of the Register ol"-a. I court, in aid 1! rlingion, at ten o'clock 111 the I'li.eiioini, an I i ih order that all per-otis iniere-tcd ' c n.iiiiiel iben'ol"1 y pul lii'alinii of tin. order con . lining llie .nl s ,111'e of s ml petition, three week. cie Mvcly in ihe Hulling on Flee Pre-., a new-pa-pei priiitelm .aid II irltngtoii, ibe la-t ofwlneh pub lication, to be tj s.uJ second WeJne-dayof April, 1814. ' Given under my band nlsaid Burlington this 13lh day of .March, 1811. v3 Win. WESTON, Register. roil SAL.K AT PUBLICATION. ''pllE nuF.Ur.TON Mill CoMrANv, lhrou?h tho Uiidereioiiod their Trustee, will sell at Puthe Auction, at their office in Colchester, on the 'J3tli day of March, 1811, at leu o'clock in the forenoon, their valuable Manufactory heretofore occupied by Ihetn and used for the manufacturing of Broad Cloths, together with tho entire machinery contained therein, and about five acres of land appurtenant, with sundry buildings thereon creeled. The Factory building was completed and put in operation in 1833, is 130 feet in length, and 10 feet in width, is built of brick and its"founda. Hon upon s-olid rock, is siv stories m height, bo 'ides the allic, the walls three feet thick at bottom, tho floors laid with Ihreo inch plank covered with lime mortar, which is also covered with one and one fourth inch plank, and the ceilings plasiered. The whole strurturo is of the most substantial and faithful workmanship, and lite materials selected from the best In be procured in this country. The building is in a perfect state of preservation and in good repair. 1 no lom.oiouiy cuiioiaia principally 01 llie lollow. ing articles : It) Fulling Mills and 2 Scouring Boxes; l!l (Jigs, 1 Indigo Grinder and a Brushes in Gig Rooms ; M Jacks, 141 Spindles each, and Bubbins for same; 8 Set Cards complete, and Spools for do.; 40 Looms ten of them entirely now, nut having been put in operation ; 2 Large Presses and about 100 Press Plates ; I Picker, and 1 Duster ; II Ctoss Cut Shears, and i Broad Shears 1 Steam, 1 Cloth and 1 Flannel Brusher ' 1 Dye StufTCuiter,l Ways Cuttcr.and 1 Fiat Rolling Machine ; 1 Circular Saw and frame romplcte 1 Warper and Dresser, 2 Spoolers, and 2 Regulators ; 1000 Gig Flats, and 10 Gross Press Papers 2 l.-tthesand 1 Set Joiner's Tools, 1 Force Pump that fills Casks in the attic story. Tho wholo propelled by 2 Watorvvbeels 3(5 foet in diameter. The machinery was built 111 part by It. Diniels & Co. and in part by Leland &, Sabiti of Million. Mn.-a t nnrl ir iu . that fordespateh ot business and durability of ....iniii.iiiu!, in ciu,ii in miy uwiur iiiaciiincry now runnin'.r in tin, IToitpil Stiutnc rT......A....i ., , - , . ,. " vonim-iiru with tho Factory building Is a flricfc lloiler io 1... on rn. ...:.t. . 1 juhc n. wj, .u iet-1, wiih ovn largo wrought Iron boilers, also a Iirick Dye Jlouse 53 hv B3 feot with two wash Rnvne. im.. l..nn r..T.n- Kolllcs, one Copper Cylinder, three Blue Vats and niio Scouring Tub. Uooll the fireoilRPS flilinrnnt an,l tn ,l.n I I T -"j .... .., ,1, ,,,u IIIIIBI convenient and safe position, aro tlio following 1... .1.1, 1 11 r . . . r. uuiiuinj-B. 1 oioru iiouse 01 vvooo, w by .JO feet ; an Office of wood, 37 by 20 foet with laroe Iron Safe. Dosks. Tinintiin.... It... I -i..;... - " - --' ... nan and Gun ; a Black Smith Shop, ol wood, 33 by 2(1 foet ; a Dwelling House, of wood, 30 by 24 feet j a Block of thrco lonotnents, of wood, 2 1.2 stones high, 72 by 21 feet ; a Block of six leiiuiiioinii ui oricH, stories lilirti. li)U hy :' i-... . . nr.... 1 11 -n..:.i. . T .: "r icei i a ,i inn nouso ui nrieii, ana liro prool, 7(1 hv :U1 font Pnws N'ns. It o;l r,.- r.rv :.. ! ... -v . , t.., ,j j unci Church Winooski Village; Indigo, Woad Dyo StulT, and 2 Set Fairbanks i-'cales,l stout Horse, I Wmr, mil. 1 Curl 1 Nln.l O II.... AIo alt the lixtutcs, tiudiinyry, mauufacluiinx apparatus, tools and Implements, and other appur tenances and things whatsoever of said Company pertaining to their corporate business, Tho above property is sitiiAletl nn the north bank of Onion River, ntmiit two miles from llie flourislihiir, villnponf Ilurliiifftonnnd llio naviga. bio walcrs of l.ako Cbainpl.iin, anil by Canal is I.. I ...I.I. .I. t til. nm 'I'lil. Bllttllltl toonuineii wiih uie iiuusuo nnui. . .1 of waler is abundant and unfailino, nnd may be used for nil purposes except grinding grain, tl.o head and rail Is B7 root, and llio mcautm 01 111c Mi 1 secures it frnm all danger of fiesliels. THE T KIWIS of payuiont required, will bo twenty per rent in cash at Ibe time of the sale, and the balance In Ihirtv days thereafter when tlio conveyance will bo passed, and if tlio balance is not paid, the twenty per cent will bo retained as a forlcilurn lolbo Company. LUTHER. LOOMIS, Trustee of Burlitirrtoti Mill Company. Burlington, March 11, 1811. J, IIOWKnit Jr. Ac Co. iMPonrnns and dealfms in FOREIGN & DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, jVo. 30 Water, corner of Congress Street. KEV.P Con-lant'v on hnnd all descriptions nl W oolen, Cottom, Stl.K and l.t.vr.N Goons, ol Foreiun nnd Domestic Manufacture, Stuff Goods, TAtion.' TbImmInos. if-c. &c, whieh lliev will sell on the inot rea-onablo terms and to which lliey Invite the attention of purchasers. uo-ton, wartii, tail siwo IN lJANKIlUl'TCV. NOTICK to nil creditorsand other persons ininter est. thai bv order nt the District Court of the United States for the District nf Vermont, n dividi nd out of tho assets of LF.ONARD M. DIXON, of Un derbill, a BnnKrupt will be made nnd declared by Ihe Court on the ninth day of April next, nl ten o'clock forenoon, nt tho office of Samuel Premiss, District Judge, in Montpelier, in said District, among the cred itor? who shall hive nrnvisl nnd filed tirnofs of their debts before said dav, unless sufficient cause be then and inercsliewn to the contrary. d.itcii me inn nnvot Alarcti, IB14. f41 EDWARD II. PRKNTISS, Clerk. ENGL.ISII GRAMMAR. fllKACHKHS are invited to call nt Harrington'. A nnd examine SWIHT'S Grammar of tho En- gli-b Langinee, In i Millie lent to say that it is con-lrnctpd on ihe ba-is ol Murray,and has alrpa ly lieen'inlfod icel into such -cbnol. n. " Kimball Union Aculeinv" anj ihe "Norwich" certificate. Irnm the Pr.'nci- pal'sof which may beecn by tlto-e who are in'ere-t-eil. The lir-t e-lnlon having been exhausted wnhitf one vear Irrim the lime ofits fir-t oublicalion. the Au thor ha- spent til' ch lime in revis'ngand enlarging it, and the Pitl h-hcr ofTer. Ibe 2 I edition, with ibe con fidence that whenever it i examined, it will be ap proved. It contains more matter than any other Grammar in use. NOTICE. ALL pcr-ons inde'.tel to ihe firm of JOS KPH HATCH. & Co.. are hereby notified lo e.ll and settle the same immediately and -aie co-t. . .. ml I juar.m ha it.". Burlington March, 8, 1811. 41w3. FOR SALE AT AUCTION. THK farm lately owned and nci-upied by F. cnezer Allen, deccTed, -ilnaiedin Colcheter, I wo tnde. north ofl be Meellllg Hou-e. cnntnininr'nl oul 75 acre. of good Laud j a! oit one half under improvement, with a ijooil dwelling lion.eand barn nearly new, n oo l well ol water, a goixl Ore hsn an I wood ot. lu piir-ii.iuce of nn order Irnm the Hon. Pro' a'e Court I pionose to sell lo the biube.i I i I 'cr thenl oveile-i rib ed farm, on ibe priiiuse-, the 30 h day of March ins1. Also.ome larimng tool-, .ome household lurnitnre, about 15loii. of bay, together with various other ani- ele-. ('HARMS COLLINS, Adm'. Colche.ter, March 12, 1811, 4lw3 TAILO ,ING. PCAI.LAN has returned to ihe Fall9 and open- ed a shop opposite J. W. Weaver's store. The patronage of his former friends and the public generally, i respectfully solicited. Garments cut or midehy him are warranted lo fit. Butbngton Kails, March 12, 1344. 41 if SKI.KUT SCHOOL I'Olt CIIII.S .k BOYS. rpHK first term of ibis School will commence on J the 3d .Monday of the present month. Tuitio--S3,00. Schoul-Room overH. Mnyo's store, west s'de of tneiquarc. J. Al. liUlLL, Teacher. Burlington, March 11th, 1814. 41 If AKKW copies of O'CONNIaVS History of Ire land, for s!le by V. HARRINGTON. March 12, 1811 41 WAINWRIGHTS F.dilion of the Book of Com mon Prayer Illustrated one of the most bcaiiful specimens of priming and binding ever produ ced in this country, for sale by 41 V. HARRINGTON. WOOL! WOOL!! TUT. subscriber would tespectfulty inform the peo ple that he is prcpired to make wool into cbuh for all that wish In favor him wi h their custom, viz. : Plain Cloths, Cas3imerc,nnd Flannel,for the following prices j Plain Cloth, light mix colors, 23 cents Cassimere. 30 cents; Plain Chilli, dark mi or full color-, 30 cents; Cnssimere 37 cenis, nnd Flmnel delivered while, 16 ecms per yard for cash, or half of the cloth when finished. Also, Cnrding wool lo tolls nnd drcsin" rlo'li. . , .. , 1'HF.ODORF. D. LYMAN. North Fernsburgh, March t5tli, 1341. 41 mG Daniel .V. Peicey, v. Daniil P. Lnp'iam, and his Trustees Jlenben Sims and Merrill Fcltnws. 1 ClUTTENDES COU.VTT COUKT, October Term, 1S13. Y7HMtKS at the O.-to' or Term of ibis Court, a. i). iom, iianiei a, Uewey ot Williamstown in the County of Berk-hire an I State rfMa.-nclm-sell-, hliil his declaration with the Clcik thereof, again-l Daniel P. Laphain.ofAiUm.jin, T'omii lyol Berk-hire, and Reul en Nun. and Merrill Fel lovy.j Tn.tee. of said Laidiain, in an action of Debt on a judgment ren lered by the Co in of Common Pleas ofihc sii I i:o miy of Berkshire on the (ourtb Mon day ofOclr.ber, 1810, for the sum of three hundred and thirty dollar- and seventy-five cents lUniagc-, and twentv-one dollar- and ninety-nine cent, co-t., and demanding in damage, the sum of live hundred

dollar.: an.l l lie said Dewey having appeared at said Oeioler term of ibi. Court, by Aaron 11. May nnrd his attorney audit not appearing to the Court that the -aid Daniel P. Lapliam had bad personal no lice of the pendency of. aid suit; TiiEnr.rnnr., it i. ordered by the Court that the .aid cau.e I e continued to the next term lliereol, nml that the Clerk bedireetel tonul lish the substance of sni I dwlaration in the Fiee Press a newspaper pub lisbed at Burlington In snid County, ibreeweel.'ssuc ce.sively, the la-l of said p ibli-ations to be twenty days Lcfure the next term of in, Court. H. A. STAN'S BURY, Depi Clerk. Burlington, Mnrch II, 1841. 41 w3 milium Uriiigs, 1 ClIITTENDSM COUNT! COUKT flufus Bray ton, Jlmry llrayton, S William llrayton. ( and I OctolerTcrm, 1813. Oolamon .. Davis. J WHKRKAS at the October Term of this Court, . A.D. 1813, Wilham P.Brigg-.ol II irliugtoii, in ail County, Med hi. declarau'on with the Clerk thereof, again-t Rufu. Btnyion, Henry Brayton Wil liam Bravlon and Solomon J. DavN, all of Albnrgh, in ibe County ot Grand Isle, dei hiring on a note da tod January 20 h, 1843, payable to -nnl Briggs or hi order at ihe Farmer.' and .Mechanic.' Bank iu B ir lingion, in llireu month, from date, for the sum or live hund.cj and tweniy-eiglit dollar, and eighty-two cenl, and tleuunding in damages the sum ol eight hundrol dollar.: nnd the said Brigg-having appear ed tn hi. proper pcrnon 1 and it noi appenringto the Courl that all ot the said Delendants haj hadperso notice orthe psndeney o(ni. .nil TiiEar.roiiF., it isorderiil by iboCour that Ihe unid cau-e ls.conilune.ltn the next lerm thereof, and thai the Clerk Isjdtreited to p ihli-h tliesnb.iance ol Ihe said declaration in the Free Pres.,a new.paper print ed at Burlington, in said County, three wes'.s sue ccs.tvcjy, the last ol said pul licatious to be tweaiv day. Lefure the next term or.nid 'ourt. K. A. STANSBUIIY, Dep: Clerk., B irhnglnn, March II, 1314. 41 w3 William P. Uriggt, l CmiresoEN Cocsrv Coubt, Daniel P. I4apham, and his Trustee October Term, 1843. Merrill Fellows. J WHKIIK.VS al ihe October Term of ibis Courl, . . A. D. 1S43, William P. Briggs 0r II irlington in said County, hied with Ibe Clerk thereof his decla ration ugiiin.t Daniel P. Lapham, or Adams, in Ihe County of lleikshironnd Slate of Mas.aehu-eil, and nierrill J-ellow, of Richmond, in said Chillenden .County, Iru.ieonfsnid Lapliam, in an action of as. suinn-u with the i-ommon couris; and the said "nggs at Ihe Term nlbre-aid apiearul ,'n Court in In. proper person : audit not appearing lo the Court lli it tho said L ipliaui had had personal notice of the emlency i.f ihesaid sun ) Therefore, it is urdvreJ by the Court thai ibe aid lau.e I e continued to the next teim lliereol, and that iho Clerk lediruelwl lo oul li-b llmsub-tanceof lliusaid ilml.irntion new-paper pnbh.haiUt Burlington iu said County, three Weeks i(ve..ivey, the la.t o said publicatian. lo Le twen ly days bolure the next lenr I Caurl. . II. A. STANSUUUV Pent Clerk. IJiirhiigton, March 1, g44. 41 wl NliXV JlOOKt A N Inquiry into tie MbiMcrial Cmmisslon, by -1 a. tno nev, i,in, Windsor, rcclof ol urai Chundi, laickperl, N. Y Containing-1 Chnpler on ArosroLtc Succf.sion, and anoiber on Diocf.san KrucopAcT. the ino.i npproved work or llwo sub jects yet pobli.bed, ad Edition, Knlarged ond revised, Just received and for fale at 41 IURRINOTON'3. HKNR.Y HALM, ATTOR VP.Y A: C(IUNSR,t,on AT IjAW OinVBLL, VEIlMON'f. . PIANO FORTE, THR. subscriber has on hand an excellent new PIANO FORTH, one of ATunson'i bett, which he wishes lo ih'.po-e of at a low 1 riie f"t cah in ban I or on short credit. Wtt. A. GItlSWOI.I). Man h 1.1314. 40 w-4 HERDS GRASS SEED. Kf BUSHKLS HERDS GRASS SKKD, ofprimo Jt quality for sale by S. M. POPE. iiurimgion iiiarcli 15, mil. 41 METHODIST EPISCOPACY. A PLAIN exhibition of Methodist Episcopacy, in fourteen numbers! hy Asahol Bronson, Minister of the Gospel. "He that is first in his ow.i cause seemelh inst but his neighbor eninelh and senrcheth him." Pnov.xvm t 17. " How arc the hid 'en things ot r.saii icarencaout." linn. li. Just published bv Morch 13. 41 C. GOODRICH. Kern if. iroficr, 1 Chittenden County Cocrt. v. Simeon D. Johnson. J Octnter Term, 1813. WHERKAS Daniel Kern and Solomon Wnlker, late partner, in trade under the firm of Kern and Walker, at the Ocln' er Term nt -nnl Conn tiled their declaration with the Clerk- thereof, declaring on a note oaten fiovemi cr ti h, is it, oayahle to Ihe aiil plaiuil Thy the name ol Kern and Walker or order, in lour months aflcrdate, lor ihe sum orix hundredan I forty-three dollars and one cent, value received, nnd demanding in damages thesum of one tbou-and dollar- : nnd llio -aid plaiivill' nppeared nt the tailterin of sail Court, I) Henry Leavenworth hi. attorney: andf not nnnesring to'tbe said Coin that ihe .riiil John-on had bad icr.-onal notice of the pendency of am sun ; TilEar.FOBE. it Is ordered by said Court that the said rau-e be continued to the next term thereof, and Ihe Clerk be ihrecteil o p ibli-h the -nl s ance of -aid declnr-nton in the Free Press, n new.caner ou' li.hed at llurlingtoii in said County, three weeks ucce..ivc- iy i tie ia-t ot which pul licatious to be twenty days I efore Ihe next term of -aid Court. V.. A. STANSBtJRY, Dtp: Clerk. Burlington, March II, IS II. 41 w3 lthamer Ulakely, CittrTENDDN Covnti Covet, v. S James Lamrshore. ) October Term, 1E43. WIIKKEASnt tbeOclolcr Term of this Court, A. D. 1S I.!. Illmiller nl' (?ib-lw..lsp. i,. -aid Cointy, filed hi- declaration' in the office of the Clerk of -aid Court, aaiu.t Jam-s Lang-bore, of Burlington, in -aid Co inly, in nn action on Book, de manding in damage, ihe .inn ofiwn hundred dollar-; .nio me -nm liiaitely al the term alore-oul appeared in -aid Court by Charles Russell hi iitlorncv: and it not appearing In snid Com I that the said Lang-bore had had per-onal notice of the pendency of said -uit j i iii.nF.FOBE, it i-ordercil hy 1 lie ,-anl Court thai Ihe aid cause ho continued to the mxt term Iberei f, and tnat Ihe I lerk of -aid Court I e directed to publish llie -nli-innce ol the snid declaration in a new-paper call ed the Free Pre-, p il li-bed at B rlington, tn -aid county, lor three week, succc-nvely, ibe last of said publications lo Lc twenty days I efore the next term of said Court. E. A. STANSIIURY, Dep: Clerk. Burlington. March II, 1844. 41 w3 John I'omcroy's Instate. WE the s ib-crihcrs, having been appoin'cd by lh- Honorable llie Proba'e Courl lor the Dis trict of Chinee leu, commissioner to receive, exam ine an I adjii.t ihe claim, and demand, ol all persons again.t the etale ol JOHN POMF.ROY, late oflliir linglon in snid Di-trict, decra-pd, repre enle l in-ol-ven', and also all claims nnd demand- exhibited in olTet thereto j aud-ix months from the day ofthedaic hereol, I einc allowed by -aid Co in fur that purpo-e, we do therefore hereby give notice, ibat we will at tend to the bu.ine.s of nor appointment, at the oifice ol John N. Poincroy, in llurlingtoii, in -aid, on the fir-t Mondays of July nnd September next, at 10 oolnck, A. -M., on each of said days. liatevl, thisOllidayol Man'h A.D. 1814. LUTHER I.OOMI TLE, jCl I'HILO DOOLITTI Com, Asa I,. Iyou's Estate I'ctltlon to sell Land. STATE OF VERMONT,) AT a Prol I li'.l ri.'l nf I 'li.-t...i.lun n. ( r f . I I I ., , .7 ' v.iiuri neio at llur inston, within and for said district of Chittenden. on the lllli Jay or .Match, A. I). 1811, comes Elvira M. Ben-on, ndmmi-tratrix of the e.ta e or A-a L. Lyon, la'e ol Sbelburn in said di-irict. deeea-ed, and file. 111 saiJ co irt her petition tn writing, .citing fiitih that the said A-a L.die.1 seized or about fifty acre of land lying in sai I sbelburn, I wins Ihe land oil wh ch lie lived previously to andattbetuneoriii. death j that aid land i. ineuinl ered wiih a mortgage, riven by -aid Asa 1.. in ni tuetune, to George A. Allen, to sc cure ihe pnunent of seven hundred dollar, and in tere-t, which remain due and unpaid i nnd inl-o in cinnl ered wiih a liTe lease to .Mary Lyon for the -ecu rity of ber maintenance and s mtiort during ber life that the personal e-tan of iha .nnl A.n I., n. in. . toned, amoiin c! IOS215 8S, of which there now re mains on band, at the apprat-nl, properly ol the value of S1S0.59; that the debt, allowed bv the commt.- loneis aginn-t sanl c-iaie aniouut to $107,90, cxclu sive 01 sail mortgage; that there is ilue from .aid e-taieto siid admini-trainx, on settlement ol her first adniini traiion aiTouni, the sum of SI20 33, and that it will be ne-essary to -ell the whole of said land, .ubiect to said tiicnmhrnnces. for th.. ,,.i,i of 1 he debt due from said e-lale and the expenses of .. ,,,.,,i, -,i, 1, ,n, mm praying -am court 10 licen-eher, Ihe sell the whole of -aid land, lor the purpo e aluraul, ngrecal ly to the statute tn -mh case ma lc and provide I: Whereupon, the court afore-nnl doth appoint the 30 h day of March, 1814, for bearing nnd iJividiug unsaid petition nt the oiliceorihe Regi-ter of-nid eonrl, in -aid Burlington, and doth order that ail per-on. intere-tcJ be notineil iiiereot tiypnoiicauon ol this or.ier, containing tho sin stance 01 saw petition, three week- successively -aid Burlington, Ihe la-t or which puUioa ions to Le,. ,.. I... ..LI -JO I. .U.. ,.e , . t . r-. . me iHin i"tuil I'lee I're.s. n n.u,.Miu.r fi. in IU uimj ui ..1.1 ren, 1311. Given under my hand at sliJ Bur inglon, this 11th ii.ij ui .niirc-ll, nil. 41 WM. WF.STON. Itegi-ter. Lsri.ArR. THE sul scril er has acid as Jwni i..- il... Tn. i. In-iiiance Company of Hartl'oid Connecticut for more than twenty years pa-t. and conuniie. to in-ure .ij:uin-i losses, oy lire, and all km I- or building, and personal properly, and will re-eive application at hi- o.lico in Burlington, and immediately i.-ue Poliee- .... 1 i,iiu3 ui us iuw raie. 01 premium as any private company can a lord. The un loubted re.po.i. -I' liny of tin. Company, insures safety to the in-u- re. nml it.ui. .. .,.. t...... it.. 1-1 . . .11 I"",",, aiu iii era eour-c 111 the adiu.lmeiit nn, n.nnm.iti I.... ., . ie-ied by all with vvhom they have hnd occasion to do W.M. A. GUIS WOLD. Agent. u.iriin8ton, .March 1, 1811. 40 ,f WWM. O. DARKER, ILL pay Cash for a few good marketable Her ses at his place Baptist Corners, EasiChar lottp. Match 8, IS4I. 40 SALU OF IJA.NKIttllT Klfl.-2t,TS. TVOT1CE is hereby given that hy virtno of the sev, , r 1 v.- nna a,;(:r'''s of Bankruptcy, issued ',.""". iinunirici i-ouiiot llie united States tor the Disirtet of Vermont : I will sell nt Public Auction, ntmyOfhcein llur lm,t,ni. n S,n,r,l... a...:i r. ic. 1 rn v?m ,1s b .'V. '.'.he f",ll,""'"S described effects of MHu.iftiiu, wmeri oecome vested tn byvirtueof the decrees nfoipsniil . l, . Ota undivided sixth part or about seven and a hair ,qml, unecnee vninne in llartrord, Vl., now held in (rust by Daniel Marsh. One undivided sixth part of about twenty ncres or wild land near aucchee village in Hartford, Vt., it being part of the hsiale of Daniel Marsh late of llanfuril, deceased. Also, five or six Slips in the Qiiechee village Meet ing House, topelher with sundry notes and accounts surrendered hy ihe said Leonard .Marsh. NATHAN II. HASWELL, Assignee. Burlington, March 7, 1844. 4 4fj W37f GOODS.-.March 0, '44 I Us I lletitrnl Irom llo-lon with a supply of ?vew ..uuu. iu .uiiiiniu; iu spring iraite with, and are opening tno.-l to mike our a-soriuiem very complete. Among them are Large New Thermometers, graduated to 40 1 elow zero. .Manifold Writers, very convenient for bnines men anJ traveller a- it with Ink and Ink. stand and by it you write your letter nnd retain a cojiy or copies in your bin k and all done al oniv writing. A few of tho-e nice large cut Inkstand, made to ex. very little orthe Ink to the air. Ivory Memorandum-, large ones. Backgammon' Board, Bone-, men and dice. Dusdy Canl,a new nmu-ing article. Gilt and Steel Heeds, Black Deed mid Bugles. Some new Ba Viol., Concord male, of new and improved siyle-,and varioti, other Goods making n goo I as-ortim-nl. Several dor. pair Shell Side Comb. Melodious a new and good m-truineni fur the Parlor,Chiirch, fcc! a sweet organ toned instrument and a haaacrom. paninieiit to the voice. All will bo told low to make room for numerous Good, Military Goods. Tbo-e who ui-h to le furni.hed with muskets or uiber Military Goods Ibisspiln" arc desire I to forward their order. IMINSMAID & BROTHEItS. Successor to Pangdo oi IIkiksmaid. 6 Bal. of Norib We and Upper Missouri IW-js UiNpisroattt,! (X)LB & RsJfaiijt Henry Field's. Estate. WB the sib.criber",haTlfKrbrcn nppoinleilhythe Honorable the Probate Coutt for the Di.tricr of Chittenden, Commissioners M receive, cxninlne' nnd ndusl Ihe claims and demands ol nil Persons against thce-tateof HENRY FI KLD. late of Jericho, in said D'stricl, decea ed, repre-enled ia-olvent, and also all claims or demands exliibiled m oiret thereto and six tnonlhs Iroin the day orthedale hrenr, 1 eing allowed by said Court for thai purpo-c, wdft Iberelore hereby give notice, thai we will atlcndlothe-husinfss of our uppointinent, at thedwellinii ol Laura Field, in Jericho, in said District, on Ihe 1-t Monday? ol April nnd August next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on eaeh of said da y. Hale, i, I hi. 27in tiny ot rohrnnry, A. i'., ib-ii. NATHANIEL BL.CK.MAN, .,-..., LFMUIiL I1LACKM AN, I omra'S-'on"8 llcnlanilii II. SkllPa Kstittc. STATU OF VERMONT, rnllE Hon. ihe District of Chittenden, se. t 1 Probate Court for tho Di'.iriel of t'hltl-nilcn i To all ncr-ons con cerned in the Kslateof BLNJAMIN H. SKIFF, late otClmrlolle, in said District, Ueccaseu, unr.ETiNa. tt.. cit.. .t i.lmi.l. ,- it... A. " nr.RI.A-. .iii v ... or. r I, .1i.i,lli-ll n i i ... ,nv . late ol said decsnsed. Drono-es lo render nn acount ot ber iidmini.trnlion, nnd pre-ent liernreounl against saio e-la'e lor exainination aim allowance nt a -e sinn nf the Courl ol Probnlo, tn be hidden at the Reg ister's nlhec in Burlington on the second cduesday of AnriV next. TiiEncroRc. von are hereby notified lo annear 1 e- foresaid court ut the time ami place nfore-nid, and shew can-c, nany you have, why Ihe account nlore said -hould not I e allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, tliisth day of March, A. D. 13-11. 40w3 Wm. WF.STON, Remitter. Timothy Bliss' listatc. STATE OF VERM0. '.', ' J II :,onoralle the Di-trict of Chi'tcni.c", j rol ate Court wiih in and for the Di-lrict of Chimndeii : To the credi torsand oilier- concerned in ihee-taie ofTIMOT'.IY BLISS, lale o( Jericho, iu -aid district, tlci-en-cl. Whereas, Zebina BliS', administrator of the c tale or said decea. el, has male application lo tnl Courl, to cxiend the lime for making payment of the debt, and settling the e-lale nf .aid ihs-ea-cl, twelve month- from Ihe 21lh day orApril, 1844, nnd the second Wednesday of April next, being n. signed lor a hearing in the premi-e-, al the office ut Ihe Reg-i-leroTihis Courl, in B irlington in said rh-trict and it having 1 een ontered that notice thereof be given, l y thisdecree three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Pre., a newspaper printed at Bur lington, before the tune fixed nir bearing. Therefore, you are hereby notified, to nppcnr 1 efore -aid Cocrt, at the time nn I place nfore-aul, then an 1 here, to mal e obieclion if any vo 1 have, to the .aid tune of payment Icing further extended as afore-aid. Given under my Imidat Burlington, this 6th day of Manh, A. D. 1814. 40 w3 Wm. WESTON, RejMcr. STATE OF VERMONT, (The Hon. the Pro District of Chittenden, .. t I atu Court for lliu District of Chittenden : Tn all per-ons concerned in the E-tnte ol TIMOTHY BLISS, lale ol Jericho, in said Dislricl. dccease'J. Grectixg. Wiierea, Zeluna Bliss, Administrator f r,. ateof -aid deceased, propo-e- to render an account of hi admini.traiion, and pre-ent hi. account again! -am es'aie lor cxaminaiion anuniiowauec at a -e-ston of the Co irt ol Probate, lo he hul ten al the Rcgi-iei' oifice in B irlington m said district, on the second Wednesday or April next. TitEnF.riiRE, You are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforc-aid, and -hew cau-e, if any you have, why ibe account afore said should not I.e. utlovvel. Given under my band at Burlington, this C h day of March, A.D. 1341. 40 w3 WM. WESTON, Register. Petition to sell I.atid. STATE OF VERMONT, ( A T a einn of the Di-trict of Chittenden. ... j J. probate Court held at Burlington within and for .-aid district or Chitten den, on Ihe 20th day ol I'e'ruiry, A. D. 1811, come Amanda .Norton, who is guardian ol Roxanna Aman da Norton, Nn'h.iniel G. Norton, Daniel J. Norton, it Sarah Almlr.i Ni rtt n,all ol Hine-I urgh in -aiddi-irict niinorclnldren ot John Norton.laieof -aid Hmesbiirgh, deccii-e.l,inte-tale, and files rn said Coutt her petition in wriling soiling forth that her said ward- arc seired in llicir own nglit in Tee a. tenant in common of lif-IV-thrce acre- or land iu S'nrl.s1 oro', in the Count v ol Addi-on, being the -nine land heretofore deedi.-d" by Harry Kimball to tho -aid John Norton ; that sai'J land is unproductive and that it would be for the I e-t interest of -aid wards to have said land sold and have the t.roi-eeds ofsiieh sale invested in other and more productive real e.tate or put it at iniere-t, and pray ing -aid court lo licen.e her, the .aid guardian, lo sell .aid land agreeably to tho statute in such case made and nrovidcd. WtiEBEOro-r, Ihe court aTcre-aid doih appoir.t the fourth Wednesday ol March, 1311. for hearing and deciding on said petition nt the effi'-e of the Register ol -aid court in sai 1 Burlington, and doth ord.-r that all per-ons intere-led be notified thereof by pubhea. tion ol (hi- order, containing the substance of sail petition, three week, successively in the Burlington Iice l'rc-s, anew-paper prinlel in said Burlington, the la.t of which publication to be previous to the said second Wednesday or March. 1SI1. Given under my h ind al said Burlington ilus 20ih uay oi ret.ruary, ton. I0.v3 WM. WESTON, Register. A. DA.VSON, TAILOR. Shop in the south end of Mr. Stetson's new brick building, on Church Street. BURLINGTON, VERMONT. Cutting done In the most approved style, and Warranted, March 1, 1811. 6m39 NOTICE. 70R SALE, the third IIRICK HOUSE, situated . norm 01 ine staniioiu stone Iiouse, t- or pirticu, lars enquireof ANN ELIZA MUNON. Bur ington, March 1, 1314. 39 w3 NOTICK! NfTIrn!! TO all persons indebted to the .iibseril er, thai their notes and accounts mu-t be paid, a. hi. pr perty I po-ted rbr sale and nothing 1 ut pavmeni will -ave " ,. SIUNCV 1JARI.OW. B irlington Falls, March 1, 1814. 39 tr HERDS GltA;-, and CLOVER SEED, of supe rior quality for sale bv rior quality for sale by ALSO, a few bushels Seed Wheat. JUST RECEIVED, y l"r;' sut-.l-.-lI.MiS, of ihe Exeicr and siuci lavoriie nrami-, lor -ale by nur. , ... FOLLETT, BRADLEY, & Co. Old Dock, Feb. 22, 18J4. ' 33 ON GOXSIGNMENT. I i'V uASfc OF llltOADCLt)IHS, con-l-ting of u.acl;, H ue, and .MixtsI, for -ale by the niece, bv FOLLinT. BRADLEV i Co. Agents urn nocl;, tuli. 22, ISH. WANTED. WHITE Field Bea'ns, in exchange for Goods, Al so good New Milch Cheese, nice Bulter, dried ipiMi-s, unu prouueeot an Kithis, lor wntcti tnonigii est price will be paid in Goods, by S. N. UALT Cfc Co. AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. Hy II.ViWEI.Li Si .VAIT. piIE UNDr.llSIGNED hiving taken th stand L lately iH-eipie I by II. THOMAS, will continue ihe Auction mid Commission busiue-s under the lirm hi iiasvveii u M ali, A Lineral Advani-e made on properly left either for (in- in- ,,r iirivme- -aie. iTSalea 011 Wednesdays and Saturdays, N. B. HASWELL jr. ,. , T. R. WAIT. Burlington, January I, 184-1. 32 tlRIGGS it UNDER WOOD, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, S,c. Burlington, Vt. 632 llienezer l.vnn's Flsl.-vir. WE the subscribers baying I een appointed Ly ibe Honorable Prol aie Cikiri flir il, 1 1 ...... of CliiitenJen, iMiuini.sioners lu receive, examine and auu. tteciMins ot nil per-on iigainst Ihe estate ol LIIENlZI'lt LYON, lale of Oolehe.ler. in .ni.l.l... I net. decea -nil. reure..enied in.olv.'ni. nn.l Bit claims and demands exhibited in ol-et thereto; and ix months frcm the da'e hereof I eing allowed by -aid court for purpo-e, we do theiclore hereby give notice thai we will atleuj to the business ol mir appointment, at Ihedwelling-hnn-e ol Lu-y Ly on, in Cob-he. ter. in.aiddistsiei. nn ,li.iir.i t..n,t..-. orMsyand 10 oVIuvk, A. M. on each ol.atd days. Dated ibis 14th day nf February, A. D. 1844. O. M. CI.ABIC, )' . . M. D. WIUKWABE, ) Comm,""""r' SIX CENTS REWARD. UN AWAY rrouimeat Sbelburn, on the 7ihday V- ofFebriiarv. IS11 llnviltvil iimv's- who wa. indeiiie.1 to lot from the town of(, and I here'iy furbid all person from barloring or irii-lmg him on my account, and if any one employ him I shall i-Uini his wages, Saul Downs i, al out 10 years old, tall and light complexion, had on when he Ivll a giey frock coal and pantaloons. -1 ' r rv nr-iir.i i Shelbiirn, Feb. 7, 1814. 20,000 POUNDS first minUix sai un atiis in Casks, BitteU and Half Bairls, for sale law by A,. .. ; WW. BRADLKY 4 60, ww worn, ucc. ii, itfu, 'li D0.7Ta Manufacturer f TIN, SriEET-mON, AND COPPF.R WAUH. and dealt r in coppF.n pcMps, u:ai pfp' ur-c. Church struct, Burlington. March 5, 1811. 1) 43 PIANO FORTE FOR SALE. Ajtood second- handed PIANO FORI E is offer! for tale al a very low price by for tale al a very low price by W. L. STRONG. March 8, '41. 40 5 BHDS, be-t Winler Sj.enn Oil. 1 do do do Bleai-heil Sperm Oil. S Tierce, of (Elephant) Win er Bleached Oil. Ju-t received from Boston, pro-icJ during the mouth, of January, fur sale I v FOLLCTT BRADLEY & Co. March. 5'h 1914. I'OIIK. BRLS. Me.s Pork. 100 do Extra Mess do. of our own Rack 150 ing, and warranted equal to any Pork ever offereJ it. Ibis Market, for sale I y FOLLCTT BRADLEY to. Co. Mnrch, 8th 1844. HAMS AND LARD. Clrtfin LI!. of Smoked Hams. UVIUU 4000 do do Shonh'crs. COOO do Lard in Bt I-. nm) Kein, for sole Ly FOLt.EIT BRADLEY Co. NEW BOOKS!! THE GRUMHLER. by Miss Pickering, The ot Gold, a Rural Novel, Love and Money, hy Alary Huwitt, St Patrick's Pitrgitorv, Jack- of the .Mill, by Wm. Ho-.ritt, Blackwood's Meclizine for February, 25 cents. VI) do. tat do. m do. 12tV do. 13i do. El Dorado, a narrative or discovery of a Splendid Cily in Smith America in lite lGth century, with a difuticc, by sir Walter Ra leigh SO dov. Beethoven Collection of Sacred Music, with a new method of instruction, by E. Ives, Jr , Alpcrs & Timm, 1,00 March 7. 10 By A. EDWARDS. STOLEN, ITTIOM the uhcri' cr, al out ihe 15th O tnl er latt. a SMALL BOAT wiih sail and oars. The f! at has a green bottom, the oars were marked with a brand, "J.Tol ia,nn!o, one broad axe, cne carpen ter'. ai'2, two hainnwr-, two plane-, one -aw, one shave, one new ebeckel, a woolen I e 1 1 lanke'. and 0119 pair buot. The person who stole the above proper ly is an Engli-btnm or derman, about a feel 9 Inches 111 height. Auv one siving- information where llm property maybe fo uid, and the man secured to Lo drought 10 1 11s' it-o shall I e lil erally rewarded. uranui-ie, uec. sv,'44. ay JA.w-.s i i uuias. Asahel Whipple's Cstatc. WE lh" viib-crilers, hiving leva appointed b the Honoral le the Prubate Co in for ih.i ri,.. trict orChuicnden, commi inners to receive, exam, ine ond a,'j l-t the clntnis and demands or all person against the estale or A'-AHKL WHIPPLE, late of Burlington, in said District, deceased, represented in" solvent, and alo all claims and demand exh bned in o-fsett therein; nnd six months from the dav ofth dale heiei.r, I eing allowed by -aid Court lor that pur-po-e, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the I u-ine-s of our appointment, at th dwelling t,r JOHN HOWARD, in Burlington, in said di-trict, on the -e.-ond Mocdays ol Jjne ant August next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each or uid days. Dated, this 1ibdav of February, A. D 181-t LU'I IIEIt LOOMIS, ) . . T. F, STHONG, v Commissioners. rAll.MS TO I.liASt: VOU A TLU. 11 Olf YEKS. A LARGE FARM a'ccke-l with ac'oiry and -beep, and prepared fur exten sive sowing and plant nr. The person applying inu-t have sufficient means to carry it on and furnish ibe best rentn. mendation for integrity and industry. Also two other farms lo lei for an amount agreed upon. The-e farms are situatel on the Lake shore oppo fi Burlington. Apply to C. M. & W. C. WATSON. Port Kent, Feb. 26, 1841. 39 tf BISHOP HOPKINS' Lectures on the Causes, Principles, and Rcsuls ot the Uritih Reformation, received by V. HARRINGTON. 23 Feb., 134-1. 3 THE LENTEN FAST tho History, Object and Proper Observance of the holy sca"sonot Lent, by the liev. Wm. 1. Kipp, for sale by 23 Feb. 33 V. HARRINGTON. FARM FOR SALE. FOR SALE, a farm in Underbill, con laining one hundred nnd loriy-M'x. acre, ikon one hundred acre cf which is under cultivation, the remainder ia l y a good grovvh of bard wood. On tha are a conven.ent dwtlbna ho, i.e. barn, sheds. ".c. unu nn orcnara ci tnruty tearing app e trees, stiilicient for inal;ing some filly or sixty barrels of cider. Al-o, alarm containing one hundred acre, lying about one mile from the al ove.about sixty acres cf which is under improvement, and has on it a capa cious barn, the remair.cler is well wooded, principally with beach and maple. The above are situated near the centie ol the town and 01 ihe main road, aro well watered and well fenced, a considerable portion of the fence being substantial stone wall, and togeth er compose one of the be-t dairy ftrms in the town. The above preini-es v.-tll be ao'd 10 clo-e a concern for much lesi than their real value, and possessjoa given on the I-t of April next. For further particj-lar-enqiireor A. FOOTE. Biiilinmon, Feb. 22, 1S41 3Sif TO PI- HsOS ABOUT BUILIH.VC. THE subscribers keep on handr their Lumber Yard on Pearl Street, Bonrds icantling, Plank, Floor Boards and Inch Board ndy planed; Lath, Lining and other materials To" uildiii;. Persons in the ndjiccm towns can be supplied at the Mills in Underhtll at a suitable deduction from ill Burlington prices. N. B. They offer to contract for tht erection of Buildings on reasonable terms. Apple 10 H. P. Hickok. HIC'KOK fc STEVENS. Biirlutfion, 3 Jan., IS14. 31 tf PIL.ES I PILES I LET the afflicted remember that, they hnve a Rem edy in the Genuine Hay-' Liniment. Dizons and dozcu have bt en sold in'lhi vicinity within the pa-l two j cars ttstilying to it- ctficicncy.'ai 30 PECK it aPKARS. Window Sasli. rTMIE s ib.cril ers o"er for sale a larrt qunnli'v of 1 WINDOW SASH, all -lie-, Iri-m 1 - O to 1 1 X 13, as c'ican as the cheapest. J. ts II. P. IIERRICK. Burlington, Marcn I, 1614. 33 tf CUOCKKKY. LOVRI.V ft SKYMOlin, HAVE this day received from Tioy, a larje Bddi lion 10 thcirstock of Crockery, and now ufjir foi sale an extensive assortment or CROCK HIV AND GLASS WARE, LAMP CIIIMNIES, LOOKING GLASSES, Ac. at the new brick store two doois norlb of thtir for. iner stand. Church Street, Teh. 8, 1S43. So PhESERVATION OF THE T3STH. DR. SPOONER. Dentist, would respectfully an-. nounce to the citizens or Burlington and vicinity, that lie will devote a few weeks to his professions, avocation in Burlington ; and will be most happ 10 exert Ihe professional knowledge nnd skill that he'hsa ncquireJ by nn extensive practice, in bshalf of all sho may favor him Willi iheir pstronnge. His s'ny being quite limited, early calls are solicited. Ho will bo happy to inspect all his brinrr opr. lions. American Hotel, No. C. Fih,2, 1344 - 33 tf LOVELY A- SEYMOUR. HAVE removed to the New Brick Rmlninf, doots north ol" their former stand, where th 3 h.. offer for sale a large assortment of DRY GOODS. ,t nnv r-nnrspniro .. 1 u..u .... . . ... . ...o, .Sl Jan. 23, I'll, Church Strict. 34 PLAS TER ! PI, A S TER ! Qnfl BAGS frtsh ground Nova Scotia Plaster. OUU for sal. by P. o H. II. OQOUTTLF.. Jnn.M, 1F44. 31if MOLASSES. SO Tierces Now Iberia Syup, a lUMriuj article, 30 Hhdi. Porto Rico dot 20 do Trinidad, 20 do New Orleans, 30 do Cuba, forsslebv. , FOLLETT. URADLET t Civ Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1841. jj CAST S'l'nnr. 50QO lbs. S inJerson and Bros. Axe Sin,.t 1000 in ossoried ff-it and squara from in to 2 inchc Also W, Jennp & Son's extra and cominca Ci -Steel, square and IVit, for sale bv . 1 ISAAC ItlllHSsg covered prenn-e "OLLKTT, IRADLRY . (. Old Dnk, Nov. SI, 13U. " wuu