Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 5, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 5, 1844 Page 3
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out bolweoii tho virtue of the American people, as tubjects and as tltiicns. Soino idea of tlio subjects, to the discussion of which this Itcviow Is moro particularly devo. ted, may ho gathered from tho runninj. title of the articles already published, which nro m No. 1. 1 Introduction, '2 Ilsrloynnd Idealism, a Tho Church Qucslion, 4 Domagoguisin, 5 Life and Spocchcs of J. C. C.ilhc.un, VI Lite, rarv Notices and Criticism, and In No. II, 1 His. nrvnf Philosonhv. I! No Church tij ltcfortu, 3 Necessity of Liberal Education, 4 Origin and Constitution of Government, 5 Nature and of. ficc of tho Church, 0 Mr. Calhoun and tho Bal timore Convention, and 7, Literary Notices and Miscellanies. We shall not at present enter into naviculars resnectins any of tho above ar ticles, but would say that wo believe every one will feel himself amply paid for tho perusal of them, whether ho adopts Mr. B'u views or not. Mr. Vornon Harrington is agent for this re. view, and also for many other Reviews and Pe riodicals. ABOLITIONISTS HEAD ! ! I it', rnmmniul in iliti consideration of every member of the so styled " Liberty Party," wo mean to every honest member of that party, all who sincerely hopu ami de sire to promote the ends proposed by its or ganization all who do not use it as n step ping stone to advance their own selfish and ambitious schemes of personal advantage the following suggestions from the Albany Evening Journal. If tho Tai iff is repealed if Texas is added to the Union, hits not political abolition brought about these diro calamities. Have you not, persuaded by such designing men, as Luavitt,Uirimy & Co contributed to weaken and defeat the Whigs and thus have you not given to the advocates j of Southern interests, a fatal ascendancy ( Look at Connecticut. Have yn not sent four Northern men with Southern feelings,' to tho House. Has not the ' Liberty Pally' lim.r. iIih direct means of the election of a i , .i.i ... t ,t, .,i-,, ,,r Legisl.ituro that has prevented tho choice ot onu who would vote ag.iinst the admission of Texas, and select John SI. Alios, who but for physical inability .would now bo in his seat to vote for its admission ! Have not the Liberty Party been the direct moans of put ting Silas Wiiaht into tho United States Senate, from New York and Allen into the United States Senate, from Ohio? H.ivn tlmv not sent some fifteen Locos to tho IIousulYom these Suites whero, but for them, Whigs would havo been elected ? If) ... I ... , 1 'II. .'.IV 1 1 exas is mini lieu, anu mu lunn uesuuvi'u , ' , . i , . who have done inoro to bring thoso things about, than the so styled Libeity Party. Atlas, SUGGESTIONS TO POLITICAL AliOLI TIONISTS. If tho bill now before Congres, destroying tho present Tariff, becomes a law, ils pasago will Irive b"on effected by the. votes of Lncn Focn members wVi are indebted for their elections in the action of the Abolitionists in Connect irut, New Vork and Ohio. Did tho Abolition Far mors and Mechanics, in throwing away their votes, coutemplato such a result! Is the abolition of Slavery, in the District of Columbia, the first step to be taken in tho pro. fjress of R u incimtioii ! And if so, are the Ab olitionists doing llieir duty in contributing to the election of " a Northern man with Southern principles," who stands pledged to Veto any hill Congress may pass carrying out thus greatly dertired object. Are the Abolitionist opposed to tho annnxa. tion of Texas lo the United Stales 3 And if so will they aid in the election of a President and Congress favorable to that object! Texas can only h.' annexed or hope to be annexed to the United States through the auspices of Van IJu. reuisui. Abolition, promoting, as it does, by its political action, the success of men in favor of giving a fatal preponderance to the South, must share in he responsibility of bringing Texas into the Union. Will not intelligent, considerate men, weigh the Lesriug of thec suggestions 3 Will en lightened, philanthropic citizen': pursue a course tending directly to extend and prolong the evils which they seek to abolish ! Ec. Journal. Wheeling, March 21, 1811. The herd of Burl'iloos winch aro on their way to the May Convention, have reached this place by way of stcambut Irom Cincinnati. An ac cident in lauding them, by which one of tho herd broke away, nltonlcd our citizens an un expected but very oxn'.iug exhibition of a Ituf. falo Hunt. The liberated animal took his course through one of t ho streets of the town at tho top of his speed, soon followed by ono of the Alcxi cans of the parly, mounted mi liorsebick, provi ded with the lasso and other implements of the chase. The animal, through tho dexterity and skill of the hunter, was fawn recaptured, but not until it afforded our citizens the novel gratifica tion of witnessing ipiito a "Buffalo chase." TO THF. PUBLIC, The subject of Temperance vviihin iho nast few yctrs has cmraged in its cause t lie strongest talents of man, and drawn fonh the kindest and best feehnas of Ins heart towards his fellow man; and whenever it bus been sustained by sound argument, and strength cued by truth in love, it lias "onu on victoriously f,-niu eiMiquo iiif lo conquer, andthc heart of every true pun imiiropisi nas rejuiceu at its success; nnu were 1 possessed ol renui..iie lalenls, I should rejoice 10 eivo the subieei a lie' inlircsi and tu nrisenl it 111 such a Jtjjhl, lint it should appeal still mure strongly lo ihe best interests and feelings of every bean. Such biinir my teehnjis and views on llie subject of temperance 1 jc:jre! exceedingly to have occasion loepeaU villi firm (Hid decided disipprobaiiou of iho return kg nf anv of ils preiendcd friends I allude particularly to the re marks that Mr Clnrlen Adams ma le at Ji rico, on the 23J ins)., rcseiint; me, which vvero wholly filsc, .ntul slanderous, and ca'culattd to prejudice tho public mind against iny nigral and religious chancier. While 1 n juice lo tie many pure minds ami lienrls warmly engagiid in this good cause, it ia n, he deeply Iigretted that any wuh minds pi-rvrtcd from the truth, vind hearts callous to thu finer feelings of man should ever be permuted lo disgrace lha sacred name of temperance by enlisting in ils rnnks, or bilching out upon his fellow ciiraens the pestiferous breath of ubinder, f dsehood, nnd abuse, thereby completely dis (jinlini; his hearers and dishonoring (lie cause. The cause of sober tcmperince will be heard, and when supported with truth, in iho love of it, will pre vail; but when supported by an insane fanatic with falsehood and slander, and hy arguments drawn from a heart blackened, and callous to ihe finer feelings nnd yirpics of mm, it will be disgusting tolhenudi encc, and injurious 10 iho Iruo intere-ts of temperance. Tho real Iriends of this good cause I mn fully satisfied will look wiih decided disapprohilion upon anv Indi vidual, who, under pretence of sus'niuing s.he cnuso of temneiunce, uses il as an instrument to deal forth ihe falsehood, slander, nnd reproach will) winch bis lie-art is so heavily laden. Hut before f drop ibis subject, Mr. fvlitorf il miy not be amiss to suggest lo my friend Admis tho pro priety of rnlarging the subjects of his lectures, nud touching with feeling and interest upon the billowing topics, viz: A lecluie to Husbands and leathers, . To Lauijers, ndviing.hcin never to council ihtir cli ents to pretend to drown themselves in tho lake and leave their estates for them lo settle, that Ibey may de fraud the creditors while lha debtor is still living. To 4rfunifrnriir, counselling them not to defraud Ihe orphan and fatherless, but M pay lliein what is (heir just duo. Ily dwelling on these subjects, if bo docs no good to Iho public, 1,0 ,ay ,PrapS benefit his own hcajt, if It is nol callous to nil good princi ples. I would nUo recommend to his particular nl Jinlion and cartful perustl thai most excellent piece nn Slander which appeared in your Inst paper. Uy givini the sIiovb remarks an insertion in your columns von will nML-e a subscriber. Maich30, 3)i. P IIL4CKMAN', OOlViSSITNXOATION. Mn. Stacy t-Tho hues published In your pn'per soma weeks ngo ihen seemed to mo to nfiord n proof of tho common raying, "snmo things may dono as well as olhers." It struck mo (hat "snmo things might bo said as well ns olhers." I find that "some tilings" were siil soon after by a writir in tho 11 Democratic Union," whether "as well ns others," julgo yo by tho lines that follow , Till: I'URITAN'S MISTAKE. On blcaJ,N"cw Rngland's coast tho Mayflower furls her sail, And ihcshritksof wild December, nro the sounds that bid her bail, Hut who nro they upon her deck I sec beforo mo stand? Their looks nro fierce, their words nro LolJ, they aro n dauntless band, "O. wo nro wenrv nilrrrims. to ibis wilderness wo brine ".1 church without a llishopa state without a Kins.'' A c hurch without a bishop! O.bheker I owrrcd iho And the sea indignant roared, nnd lashed his vncs on high. Vain, impotent nnd foolish, were nil their swelling boasts, Tor they only angered thus, tho mighty God cf IIosl9 In ignornncc they did it, and they found they could not briiis A church without a bishop a slate without a kins- Lang heavy years from Charles' to George's reign they groaned, Aud thus their sinnsainsl God's church, most bitterly nioncd fierce persecution's heart llicy brought, tho faggot nnd iho sword, Tor Roger Williams, exile, for tho Clunker's back, the cord, And strifes among themselves they brought, but in vain they strove to bring A Church without a bishop a State without a king. At hst one rose, he was tin glorious Church's son, Ife name is written on our hearts, that namo is Wasimsuiox, In Mother Church's liturgy his Mnkcr be adored. .And for the church nnd liberty ho drew tho Patriot SHord, He taught mankind this precious truth, "hero Heaven designed to bring A Church adorned with bishops-a State icithout a kins On Congress floor, where knelt our Clutf with brow of noxious care. 'Twas our good bishop White who said tho holy prayer, Those fervent prayers w ere blessed, this is one reason i . 0llr i,lierty and Church nil other things above, And this our fault, this is llie noblest boon thai heaven could I ring, A Church adorned with bishops a stale without a kint; Ilarrisburgh, Feb. 8, 1SH. Ita. GLORIOUS NEWS FROM CON- NECTJCUT ! ! 0. ,,, . . Since our paper went to press, wo havo . . ' - , . ,,. ... o,, ictuituu IUIUIII5 Ul uiu i:u:i.iiuii m una wuuv from all but seven towns, and the result of the whole mutter is, that there is no elec tion of Governor tho Whig candidate, tho Hon. Koauii S. Baldwin, wanting about 400 votes of an election. Out of tvventy-ono Senatois, the Whigs liavu elected sixtkun. In the House of Representatives, we have a majority of from fifteen to twenty. The Legislature will, nf course, secure us tho Governor, and all tho other State officers. Our Whig brethren of Connecticut de serve all credit, and tho highest praise, fur tliu unparalleled exei tions they havo made. They havo used unwearied efforts, and cvo- l-t' II. ,111,,1 ItlJ, ,rt Ilm in. i I , . . . I -' ",U ' ii""M"' , ol Wing pi inclines, antl lo relievo the Statu from ihe dominion of Loco Focoisnt. Their labors havo been crowned with success. Connecticut will now tnko her rank among tho Patriot States, anil assume her duo in fluence in maintaining the great interests of the Nition. Tlio vote is large, antl tho nsgregnto re sult ns follows: Whig, 27,816 Locofoco, 2j,90j I Inrd Parly and scanning, 1.5S9, Tin. .Muitm-.itnn.s m Alit. Srnvnui: Tim Grand Jury at Providence, having found true bills against the Cordons fur thu murder of Ainiisa .Siraiiic, the prisoners were limust into court on Wednesday morning, and nt tlio ditto of our lust iiilelligeiire, were hastening with earnest attention to tho leading of tho indicmont. Jour. Com. MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. A course of 1,-elntcs will bo delivered by tho Hon. AUfiUSTUS VOUXG, commencing Wednes day cveninz, April lOlh. 1st. On tin, lonoiny and l'sr of Numbers. 21. On the Circle nnd its 0.uidrnlurc-nnd of ils perfect applicability to the measures of all ancles, ra uosand propoitions, 31. On the benefits which must necessarily result Inn'icnco from a 1 1 lie solution ot tho Quadrature of tho Circle i whether in its application lo Iho meclnn io arts nnd lh vvnnl.s of tlio practical incchanic, or lo tho mechanism of the heavens. 4th. On Iho laivaof force and motion ns npplicd In Ihe mechanism of tho heavens, in the government and control of the Solar system. 5tli. On tho nrnnnr i li-innnia rmn, ...t.;..u , .1...1 tho laws of force nnd motion nnd of the operaiion of inii-c lans.iniirr inrcnfrienr menrrienrli Is. C1I1. ()n Sir Isaac Xevvton's method of invesiien I'm: the laws of force nnd molion of il.e licunnlv l.nil. ies, nnd of llie evplnnalonssiven bv such of his disci I , nositil) ies crs'u3,n aliu ol"cr'' 111 support of "III. L'nnn llie Filiation! hvnotbosis l,v Kcp'cr, nnd snppnu'd 10 jiav'o been established and conlirmed by Sir Isaac Newton. 6th. Outline of a Theory of tho Moon, and of iho Tides. Dili. On thecvidcnrr.and general assent to tho truth of Dr. Ilradlev's hypothesis in respect to tho proms fcive motion nf light, 10th. Outline of n Theory of tho Solar Svstcm, in w hich Sir Isaac Xevvton's theory ol Universal Grnviiy will bo considered ; nnd niton new ihiory in rcfp;ctto Ccology will be sugur sled. will be found nt S. Huntington's, V. Har rington's nnd A I'dward's Book Slorcs. Tickets, fur the course, 73 cts. (ieiitliman nnd Lady, 01.00 Evening ticket, 25 S. FLI.TCIIF.R, Secretary. Riirlinatnn, April I, 1811. ItltltniTO.N .HAUICIVr.Monday Match 19. At Market, 270 lleef Cattle. 200 Sheep, and 1200 Swine. CO Reef Cattle unsold. Pbices. ISttf Cattle -Wo rpioto a few extra nt S3 25 n SiGOi First quality S175S,S52"; second nu dity 5?4 2)"SI C7; third quality S3 73 l SI 23. S'i eep -From S2 75 to SI. Sieine Lots to pcddlo ac for Sows, and G for bar rows. Al retail from li to 7c. NOTICE. I ".IS f''iflesilmi I hive given my son, NATHAN -1- MINRR. his limn In ni-t nnd lr.iiin and 1 shall claim noqo of ins wages nor pay any debts ot his contracting after this date. ,, ANDRI-.W MINF.II, jr. ISratllcboro', Vt March 20, 1R1I. 4lw3 lioifsn to i,i:T. TIIR nibs 'nl er will let hi luro and cuinmo lions IIIJICK llOl'sr,, situaleil ojipo-ilo tho Hunk of lliirlinston, and on the corner nt Church and Hank Slrcil-, fir ono or n longer term (f jear. The home has leen necupiel for a nnmlcrol years pai as a boarding liou-c, nnd is well calculate I Kincioui mn Lite from twenty 10 thirly boarders. Teims mailu known by upplication to tlio Mib.cril cr, nnd po.te--non eivrn on llie firl day of May next. W.M, A. CiltlSWOLD. n rbng'rin, -1, 1FI. 41 if At Richmond, Starch 27, by Amos H. Cooper Rsq. Mr. Solomon 1'ichce to Miss. SUbecca (Junes. In this town on tha30ih nil. of consumption, Miss M.tiV Jane Patee, daughter of tho lato David Paleo of Lipraric, Canada, nged 18 jcars. In this town on Saturday last, Trcman Russell, Printer, need 2? years. At Michigan Citv.on Salurdnv tho 2d ultRcv. .'as. Townf.ii, aged 17 vcats. Seldom ImS il fallen to our lot to record tho death of one so universally beloved nnd respected by tho community in which he lived, For several years ho had ehnrge of tho seminary in tins city) nnd during uni nine, ms gentlemanly nnu ciirisnnn ueiurviiiiin bis kindness lo lhoo uniler his charge, won him tho respect nn I conndenco of nil. Truly was il said of him. that bis lifu ''ha been nn KnUlls known nnd trad of nil men." Iln died as ho had lived, in the full triumphs of the Chrithti fniih, leaving this leslimnnj behind him I "Thuuah (mill he) my reajon fails t thoiiD inironv iiniieakab o seize Inc. I know whom I have hrheved. nnd not persunded tint ho is nble to keep that vvhieh I have committed unto him ogn'mst mat dav (iazcue. Sir. Towner was a native of Charlotte, in this State, ntul grailiialeil at t lie universily in tins (own, In laiS. to Lrsnms. pt.ANKS for taltin, lists, in nuircs nr bound, for XJ sain liv u. uuoui UII. March 23, Ml. 4l NE I V BOOKS A T A. EDWARDS' CASH STORE. TTAlilVR'S ll.l.ntlN'A'ir.l) lllllhl o. 2. L.L IIOI'KIN'3 U.-l 'I KltS.-Tur. Noveltii 8 which uisTcnn nun I'l.Atu Letter" ni lieeil to the Ilish oii, CU'rpv, nnd l.nity nf jho I' Kpi-copal llircli, I1V JlJlll 11I.,I(V lIMl'MiNK ll. I), Hl-hop (d the Dioee.-e ofttrmunt. P.ipcr 50, bound uzj ceni". Part I nnd 2, Price twenty-live ecnt, of IlT.t.l OIO.N IN ASIUIIHVI, l y Da. lioni.nT HAiun. Itih sion in America, ornti Account (if llie Onsiu. Pro- pro, IMaliou to IheS'nlc, ninl picsciu coudiliuii of uiu inmniKM m I lie I ui'cil Male-, Willi nonce- ul the I nevnngclical l)cmiiiiini"li, by Dr. ItoVcrt llair.l, iiuilior of l.'t'nioii i!u I'J.g'i-e nice l'- r.iai nan-la .vciivcne rtiicificm. m twopart, price tvventy-livei ring per par', fill 37 cent". SHH.MOXS, lie.iriug i n Sill jccls (if the Day, by .loiin iicurv ievviiiaii, i'. it, one. elegant vol. l'J mo Sl.lo. TIIK SACRUD OltllMlt.nnd OITILTS of HPIS- COl'AC', A-iTicd mi I M.iiiiiiiinud, by ihe Rt. Rev. Jeremy l.iylor, l, I), (tucvol. If, mo. SI. M'.M.'.S HISTORV OKTIIU PURITANS. No. I. Piii-c25ci-. AIDS TO PRKACIIINn AND HEARING, Uy l in in in il. o . Ill nri . " 1 ,tru. M.W HOOKS 101! Till. I.AIIIMS. Will I e pub lisiicioo Miur.iay, nojus's woiitii Or Hint" to Italic tlio fcina'e Wi.ii.Mcr. Uy an IJnrlisli Lady, with a rcmmiiien.hlorv Preface liv l.'mdv Marhall - one neat vol. IS mo. price, paper cover, 2j els., cloth 37 mils. ki:m.i.i.'s l.ii'noF cr.Nr.RAt- .iacksox. No. 4. This populai w..rk will be complcieil in lil leen nimi' er-, at twenlj -five cents c.ich. Il i tilully printed (inline paper, and each num! cr will cniimiu tvvo spirrc lillutratinn". Ileuclt's llliimlunlcil A Illustrated pcarc. IMucd l,v tluliau (3. V.iinlcrplaiicl.-, lo le cnil elii.-hcd wiih nlm'ii 1,-100 lCiiL-ravina:-, at an ex. peiiM ol ul oil !?10,(10O, deigned, c.Vvel and nr lansod byRn't. W. Weir. 12 els per No. Xo-. 1 and 2 received. The Second nnmliernrilic "Hysterics of Lon don The work pii"-c-".is a novvcifiil urerel, litt!o hurt of il- ( counterpart, "Tho .Mvtries ol Pan-," and i siippii.vd lo he by the niiie ili-tni'ui-h-elnulior. Translate! I y 11. O. Denim;.', and pub-li-h-d in Pnri. nl 12 irnweach. ."Wartln Cliuzztewlt. ily lii.z. Xo. 5. Arthur, a Novel, by r.ujrcne S ie. The CJiiloved One, l.y Mr-. Holland, new supnly, The Ladies' Science of Ulliiiicttc. t)y an Ha. gh-h L.vli' of Rinl.. Coiinl D'Oi-say's Kllqitcttc; or, Guide to the U-aac- ofS cic'y. Xevv supply. Ulaclivvood's' .Magazine for .March. April 1. .j.j Jajmber and wheat. 1 n Hfin nil.Tof (me inch union While 1 ")WyU Pine CO.UiOS .iiimblu for nlmo-t any u-e, it bavin; I ecu sin-one I fur two venr. A is. i, 100 bii-licls of K iig,., IUI t'luf Jal, iHI'..T upcnor nrlic'e for eil. l-'or -nlobv Wiikmi-I;i Pail-, (illOKUE KDGL'L'MIIR. Iliirlinglon, April 3 1811. 41 vv-1 Tin: xovmriijs AVIIIC1I DISTURIJ OtJIt v IJACI. L'i I.TTI RS addie-md to the lli-hop-, Clercv and LaityiifiheProtc-lant Kii-coial Church ol the ed Ssato-, l.y JOHN HDNUV HOPKINS. 1). 1) , '111, lC Dm .. . . . " , - ......... osliop l the Uio.-c-e ol Virin.nt. Se -ond e lit ion -h . iiAUltlNOTOX. In the matter of f'ny Tracy, Guardian of AI phi'iis l'Ietclicr Petition lo sell Land. STATK OF VF.RMOXT, ) A T n -e-ion ct the UMnrt of Clntienilen, s-. TV Probate Court held nl I! irliiiqtnn, wiihin .uul I rsnid Disinci ol'Chiiteii ilcn, on the 2lh day of .March, A. I). 1611, comes Coy Tracv, (d'Sliellnirne, in s lid di-inei, rii.inhan of Alphcs Fletcher, of sail Slullmrn, nnd ti'e- 111 -aid im ill h 3 peiiiuin, in wining, senilis ibrlh lint hi--ai 1 war I is -eiyed, in hi-own naht in fee ol t'letol lowiinr do-cril el parcel of land, -it late 111 Sliel li'irii, viz. one lumdiel nnd iiincnciu. of land, lnund eilcn llie norih by ihe In-hway le.idius from Hiel- ' i" iiiiii'sniirii, on nie -oilili hy 1111 iel 1 lei -her s 'and, nn theei-t Ly the north nnd mi 11I1 ro.i I Ic.nlins Irutn Ch irloiie ii, IhirluiL'liin. cllod the county n.nd, nii.l on iho west I v Or 111 I. ham's nnd Jiil-iei's, Leuiff ihe farm where the said Alpheisiiow lives j ilint said l.ind i. siihccl 10 a iuori?.ii.'e2ivcn hy s.u.l AI dicus loTliouia-' Fleicher, lo sec. re the in iiirm rt,c sum of f?7ll!6S, nnd in-tcre-i, I land July U, S2i); that there is d lulium -aid ward 10 -nt I, tlc. s,,m of .(65,03, on settle meiil of s.nd !.'ii.irdianS accoiul; 1I1.11 tu. value ol the ier..onil nroperiy on haul, I cloui'ini; to .aid ward, is tS-JJO 50, and ihat il will I e necinry 10 sell the whole of -nid ward's inicicst in said laud for the payment of ihe ile'.is d ie from sail ward, nnd pray pis sai I court to license him, the said ipi.irdian, 10 sell ihe whole of -nul wnnl iuieie-i in sail hind, niieeably m the stutute in such ca-e ma le and pro vi 'ed. 1 Wncnr:uio.N', llie court aforo-aid doth appoint tho fuiirih dayol April, 1811, for hearing and le euiiui; on said pctinen nt the oiilco of llie Itei-ter of satliourt in -nid 11 irliiiton, nl ten o'clock in the forenoon, and do'h or ler that nil persons jnteie-tcl I e nolilied iheieof by pulilicaluni of this nrJer, con l.iiniiiS the stanie (,( said peiiluin, three weeks successively m Ihe Ilurlmiloii Free Pre-, a news paper pruned 111 said Ihulinion, the la-t of which pollinations to I e previous 10 ihesuiJ lounh Wclne. dav of April, 1811. (liven niv'ur inv hand at taiJ Rurhnclon, this 25:h day of March, jHU, 1 11 vv3 WM. WKSTOX, Ri-i-ter. I'UriTIOV TO SI'IjT, I, VXD. In the matter ,r llnrnru Wlieelrr, fJuardlan ol I . ol 1 1 11 Wheeler and olheri. S TAT F, OF VLUMOXT.I T a Probate Court Di-lncl of Clniicn Icn. s-. 1 V 1,,-U m ii,i, ,,. within nn I lor the di-irict nl Clullon I.-11. on thn"''r! I,' ay "fl, e'niary, A. D. 1911, come. Horace Wluo ,r, ( f s Oil Il'ir liurloil. W llll Is nl I?, .11,., VVI I er Marlha Wheiler La ir.! Wheeler, J, J.,a heeler, Cornelia W lieilcr, nil I Caroline Whcu'er, ii ,V'i "'n'o'S'on, minor clulUren ol the said Horace heeler, and lilc. m mid court liipuntinn in wrmng, helling forth that each of mil wards are r. ,,, , i wii risiit in ice, as tenants in com mon, of, mo undivii'el lorly lilih pari cl n! the land, an I liiiiding-.ilurom, Htuaoliu Sle'hurn, in .aid (li-trici were devi-ed by Joshua I him, late of ait blielliurn, decei-ed, liaif, lo JIariha I. ham bile ol said Midi mn, disea-cd, wlul'.he rem.iincd Ins widow, I emg till the Ian I lying .outh of the ea-t nnd west road, pn.Mg Me ,w,li,ig ,nl,.u f ,i. aid Jo.hiia I-h.-in, deceased, mi l c.i-ioflhe road leading ho'ilheily from the n-lnn.l limi-c-In Nathan I. at f ', and I oiiiuleil so nherly by lands owned by .Li bel Kinney.rind easterly by thei'iver f.a Plot and mill pond, nl huh waier marl.; thntitwou'd bueondit. l ive to Ihe I e-t interest ot i-md words In have the whole of liieJrintcie-l in sail laud -old nnd have- the proceeds nl r-.ich tale put nl. Interest, or tnvc-ic I in o'her red e-l.ilc, nnd iirnying -nid court lo liccn-e tho .aid guardinu to. elf the whole nf-nid ward-' in-leru-l in raid Inn I, f'r tho purpo-i nfore-md, agrcci lo Ihe -laluiu in me i ea-etnadean I provided. Wiininui'o.v, the com ufom-niddoih appoinilhe fourih Winlne-d ivof nril. IS 11. lor heann" mid i'e. cidiug on raid petiiion, nt the ollice of llie Register of oiu conn, in nnu 11 iiiington, at ten n'clnck in t he forenoon, and doth order that nil persons interested bo iiotiiii n inercoi iiypul Iiciiiioii of tin- order, nntain in? Iho uhiauc(! d raid iiemion. three weeks .uc cos-ivelyin the Iliirlinglon Fieo Pres., n nevvrnaper printed in raid I'urlinglon, iholn-i ofwlieh puflicn lion tu le previous to said lounh WednegJay ol April, linen under my hand, at raid Ilurlinglon, ihis20lb unj' ui t viiiii.tiy, ... u, ion, 41 w3 W.M. WK5IOX, Kegirter. NOTICE. A1.!;, rrr-ons having any deinnn Is nsnin-t the iiiiriingii n 4iui v-oiiioiuv, nro reuuc- ei lo nre cut them f. r naviuen'. a iheoneratmns of the (.'mn pauy will I c brought lo an unmeihtitp clo-c by the rv ui tiii'ii ini,ivii, tMDNI.V D.UILOW, Arentfor B. .V. Ca, O.l; a of the Iliirlinglon M.IJCo. ) Mnreh, 27, 1811 Danlbl K!cbaidsoii Kstatc.-rrctlllon lo sell i CT1Tr ,a vi-nMnwi''! t .c.ston of tb Di.lrt ! of riiiu'endcn, ts. I i V. Prol ale Court, hehi at lliirlnistr.n, wilhm nnd lor saiJ district ol Uiillen- iVn, on thcfirst day of April. A. I. 1811, comes Isano Cliu'c, of Wi-tford, in mid di-Uict, ndniini-trntor ditmnU nun, it ihcc-tatc ufDanid, late of snld Wcllord, ilcceii'cd, inle-talc, ntul lilcs in sni.l court bis petition, in vvrititiir, se.ting forth Unit tliu , ..' , . . . . ..... ... I... ,1... .iiumiio cininis niiowcu nsr.itni ' ;" , , tioner., nmoinil lo S1I17.55, ol which IUV, 637,03 ttave ' ten pnul ny Hany iticiiaru-on, iov"vi istratrixol suld c-lalci llmt lh pcr.onnl estnlc or nid inli-inlewns npprni-cil nnd itivnitoriiMui iuj,- 07 i that of said pirsonnl e-lnloS I0U.HU lin eciins- lined lo the wnlowul he nul (lei e.l-o i, nun uiu iu- maiiu'er Ihcrcol ha-1 icn "(Jd I v the snul tsaiiy, n n; mui'Hrairix of mid c-lntc, ndcr nn order (ifnnJ I'ridinlc Oil ul, nnd the nrocccil" ol ' a -nie nave miu expen 'e I by her in part, paj incnl cf Ihe ilhi nv'nmsi ...... ...i t r..1.,it,i.,iMii said e ta'cia lint theiaidht'e-tnKuliel so nolo! one hundred ucresof land in -nid Wcsiford, wiih a. hon e nnd other biiildinzs llicrcon, lemifllie larm on vvnicn no nvi-u .., .1.. ,,,,.. ,.i i.l.. nn,i ,,i ii, n ml" in I lie mcet- , l,,i ( v. Jr..i, ihe widow hasbc(n endowed of one third part of sal I land nnd bindings nnd thai it will I etieccnrv IomII all the interest ol ,..,1,1 r,:,l i.,.i n,t i i,iI.!iiiits ninl -l.cil. iiicIikI- ins tin: reversion of dovverlhcrein, for tho payment of Ihei'uhlsdiie from snul e-lnteniul 1 lie txptli-t ; . .. , : . i.l nnii.iiim.nhl In In. the iiiiiii-ir.iuijii, i, n'j ) i ray in,i mii'i . " ."" , --- sat I l,nae, n ndiniiii-linlor a aforesaid, liceuseto -ell s.nd land, ineludinij tho reversion ol dower, and said stnll, for thepiirpo-ii nfonsaid, nirrccably to the stat ute in such ca-e made and provided. Whereupon, the court aforcnid doth appoint the fourth Wcdnc-dav in April, 1311, for hearing nnd Uc cnliii"nii nid ncNiion. nt thn ollicu el the Itesrtster ot snul court in said llurliualon, nt Icn o'clock in tho fori noon, and d.ilh onler that nil ncr-on iuteresliil I o no. tilled thereof by pulibcntion of this order, conlniuniR , I... . III., fn.w ., .l .,1 I t.ntl.ilM, P.4 ITP!. KtlCeCssicC- W in ll.i. Ilnrlinirtnn l.rce Pre.s. .1 llCrt-nancr lllilltrd ill s.ud lluiliiiston, the la-t nf wlndi publications to I e previous to snid lorlh Wolne-iiay 111 April, mu. (liven under inv baud at said Durlinston this first doyofAiuil, lgll. Ihv3 WM. WKSTON, ncisler, SALIW AT AUCTION, SATURDAY, APRIL 0, 1814. IJY HASM EMi & WAIT, (At Ihe -land lately occupied by H.Thomas.) A Lot of DRV GOODS, enn-i-tine of IM Clolbi", i Tl iilole .sjliiu, Ure and f irnitiiH! tnlico, n.irnel' II irlap-, fc;e. occ. hand furniliiie. Also a (juanlity of new and scconi PECK & SI'EAK, Neil door lo the German Store. In connection wiih Drills, Medicine-, -te. &c., will Le Icund a complete n-sorlinciil ot licsl q inlily J) YE STUFFS. CuiliiiloM, 25th Muich, IS 1 1. 43 DISSOLUTION. TIIR CorAnTNr.nsulr lieii'tofore existin? etween Daniel Davis it Win. II. Curti-, tinJcr the linn ol'Pnniil D.ivis A. Co., i this day dis-olved by mu tual consent ; Win. II Curtis a unies all the liabil ilies of llie l,rm and lecnincs po c-'(il of nil its elect.-. The iiaiucif ll:c linn will le u-cd in'ii dation. DAXIRL DAVI, Riirlingion, March 27, M I. Wji. II. CURTIS. W. II. CURTIS Tenders Ins thanks to ihe pub lie fur I lie li'cral piironiiiru l;u ha- received, boih when alum: nn.l in purluer-lnp, and inform- them that 1... 1..,- r 1 .1 .. I : T t. I I in. un- uni nun iii i.iiici oiieci, w oiijiicu lorn -eric- oi years oy u.vuiei unvi-, and lor ltieia-i year bv l).in,ei Davis eiCo.) where ho lulend-tocon-iinue the -aine b i-ine-s pur-iicd liv Ins prede.'cs-or-, which vinl races alino-l everyarticle Kept in country stole-, nnd he hopes bv u'lenlion lo hu-ine-s an I np-nshine-s in all Ins ileiluii;-, to merit nnd leinin nil Ihe former patrons of this e-tabli.-liiuenl, and oUsuii many new ones, N B All accounts due I). Davis, I). Davis At Co., or Win. II. Curtis, mu-thepud iniinediatclv, or they will be left ,villt an utlorney lor ndpi-tnient. DAMI'I. DAVIS, DANIEL DAVIS, & Co., WM. II. CURTIS. Bishop iiop.'cixsox nmnsH RKFoiuiA 'HON, ill Sixteen Leiture-, iu-t pul li-he I for bv V. HARRINGTON. Much 23, 1811. -13 ICa-eColM. Cambric-, 30 Picu-Sdivia-, 20 do Victoria 'I'w ill, lllch'd Drillin;, S.uin Jeans and Foundation, Just rcicived and fur sale bv VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. March, 20 ML 43 SHEETINGS, fyc. 25 Bales 4-4 and 9-8 Urown Sheetings, 1 Cae 1-1 mcacbed, do 1 do 3-1 do Shirting", I Uale B irlaps -10 inch, 1 do (aiiva- Pa Idinj, 2 do lirovvn Drilling, 5 do Ti d.'ins-i 10 P.-. P.ulJiug, Just received and for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. March, 10 'II. -13 NEW GOODS. TIIR S'ibcril crs have iu-t received a pcncral a" sonineii! of Sprinir and S iniuicr Cnoil-, vvhiih were p in b , e I f. r Cash t(thclet advaniage, nnd wid bo -old at u small a Iv.ince. Country Men-haul wi-lutig 10 rcplcm h their .Sioel.s lefo'io goim- to Market and nil nther- wftlnmr to purcha-o at whole--al-aie teipie-ted tocall and examine floods and pri . ies. VILAS, LOOMIS it C11. March, 20 '41. 43 THREAD, $c. A (( LI ". Wht. nnd Cold. Cotton Thread, -.'v-v-' atiu uozcii uo -i,ui do do fit) II s. Linen, SO Gro-s Itiiiind l.nceis, Just rcicived and lor -ale I y VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. March, 20 '1 1. 43 BUTTONS tyc. - II0111 Over Coat, Coat and Vct Hut- oc( 0 fJV ,J ton. lCOti'sl'runelh do do buiion, 250 do Paul nnd Straps do Coat nn I Oier coat Cord and Uiuding, Sewing Sill; and Tvvi-I, Cot. Tape far Woolen Maniifactiuers me, fi nle bv VILAS, LOOMIS .f- Co. March, 27 '41. 43 l'EUIODICALS FOR APRIL BROWXSON'S RLVIKW, being Xo. 2, LtDY'S IlOOkT, OIIAUAM'S MAO MINE, MISS LRSLIK'S do &r. gee. Received by V. HARRINGTON'. 29lh March, 161 1. THE PA'I ljT LACE, iNVKNTcn nr E. P. HAXXIXG, M. D. or, rcNKsvLVANt a. 117ILL be kept eon. t.tuilvon hand bvDr. John V., of fl-.ex, he having jnircha-eil of llieoiignnl r.itenleo tne cfciustcc right to laal.e and rend llierame, wiihin and lor Iho Co times ol Chil- leii'lcn, I rnnl-lin I Lumnire, ninl Granil Irlf. The P ATI 'NT LACK ha. now I ten before the pub. lie for a iriml cr ofinonllis, hun Iruds Inve I ecu up- p!ie! in iiilleieut pnriroi llie country, an I with a sin ce. . i, ever lelum cipiaiPM Hgent Numerous well auibenlicated Cer!ifi.'.ileof it. I eneli inll leucein the removal ofdi.c.i.ea of Ii ng stand- mg. might I u furnished Irom tlii-imiikiluto vii-uutj in addition in the statement ol c.ires nnd certi ea'e- ofcure-fiirni-lied by Dr. Ilanniug nnd others. Hal tuts is not oceineu ncce-rary n- m mo prereni lime, re fe ence can be given lo individuals wearing lilt, .ace, in nuirly every town in nie uouiity, Phv-iiian- have long It-It ihe necessity of a Suppor ter diU'crenllvcou-lriicteil and more perfect in it-ndiip- lion in the human form, than any had I ecu .re- n-nieil to llie pul lie, llie inveriiou ot uani)ing' ineyU Willi ihcjr general npprobalion, n it i. designed In relrye rviuiilouis, nnd remedy u class ol phyrieal maladies which cannot I e reached by medicines nlone. The de-i cut ordi.phu eiuenl of the vi-ivrra I nun re laxation of the abdominal muicle or other cm-is, lend lo ullerund deraust'lhefiiuclion ol every organ m I tic In 1 1 1, .1 ii system, nnd, in many cn-es, this iluvia lii ii Irom ihe natural lieihhy po-ltion of part, i ilio ro'iieai.eolVr,icr.'i di biluy in Mn'o and Female-. at Dyspepsia, Wv ions of the Stomach ant Urtr, Palpitation of the Heart, Spinal Irritation, Hysteria, Hypocondria, Piles, Prolapsm Vleria, Suppression of Urine, Ihe Ironchltis, iindinci' pient Consumption all of vyh idi will I e much rebev nl, if noieniirelv leuiovpd, by tho u-o of tho Patent Lace, when their exinence iscnu.ed by pliyn' do rangemepi ond a iiiecluu'eal di-placement of part, which can I o readily n-coriaiuej hy ob-erviug the farm t,nd synfploms ol iho person nilectml. 'I hisiii-lrumeut ha I ecu examiiio I by Dm. Molt, Roger, Francis np I Orirconil, of New York the Faculty ofPiitrburKh, 1 1 an ford nnd New Haven, and ha ohiaiued their favorable terlimony. Applications for thir Lace may I e innJc lo the t)tb--enter, ul R-sex. or Hagar iV Arthur. Rnrliiiaton, Patients at a di-lanco widbc visiir I at their residence, ilrciuiied. JOHN W. KM FRY. Is-t. Mar h 27, ISll 43 If JM'JSi. S00 Roams letter and crip Paper for snle in icliaiipo for Wbllp ami Brown l(nvr, l.y Ml.AS, I.OO.MIS & Co. ,Mnrcb27, Ml. 43 CASH PAH) I?OH Sheep Pells, nnd Shinpmg Knr, b VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. 41. iijuren (t i i. FEATHERS. 2000 Hi?. Livo (Jo(!S(! Foalhors of n siiperiornuality of country collection 1500 II s Mens readier-,' for snle by VILAS, LOOMIS iV Co. Mnn'h 27, ' I I. -13. TIN PLATE, WIRE rfX IloxosTin Plnte 1-3 X W IS ,lo lo L Snr. 2.i Pacl,s Rusia. Knsr. it Am. Sheet Iron. B0 llnxcs Cnimla Plates a ipeiior OtanJ-, BO Handles Wiro ns'ld. l"n. Al-o n general as.ortmeut of Tinners articles tor salonl prices Ihat will inal,e it fur iIk: interest oftbo-e wisiuotf nny artivies in ltn line locnll nn I examine thcirSKKk. VILAS, LOOMIS Ci Co. MnrU. 1811. 43 ESSENCE, $c. ITC Oro,s Esience 2 oz. via t , ' 10 do Upoleldor, 10 do lirilish Oil, for -ale he VILAS, LOOMIS if- Co. March 27, Ml. 43 David French, 1 Chittenden Cuuntv CoinT, Oi-lo'cr Term, 1913 Peter Owen ? andhis Trustee I Patrick Kath. ) TTTIIKHKAS, nt the Oetnl er T.-rtn nf this Court VV A. 1). 1S13. David French. ( f Willi-tmi. in -ni, County, filed his declaration with thu Clerk thereof, asiiinst Peter Owen, now n reMent ol St, Johns, in Ihe Province of C.inada, Inte of llinIpnrcli, in laid CoiutlV. and Patrick Xn-h, of V'erirennis. in the Count 1 of Addi-on, Tru-tce ol suid Oivcu, dcclnrms 011 a note, dalcd June 0 b, 1812, paval le to said lYem-h nr ririli.i-. ill one from dale, for five! linn dred dollars i and the said French hav in? appeared m his nroiicr iicr-nii. and il rfiot ntvie.irui'' lo -aid Court that tin -nid Owen haJ had r.ersonal notice of Ihe ticm ency ol saiu s ul 1 Therefore, it is ordered by the Court thai the nid cau-o I c continued to the next lertil theieolj and thai liie Clerk be ('irectcd lo mil h-h the siiblnnce ol -aid declaration in the KrcePro-s. a new-paper printed at nuilinloit, in said County, three, wtel.'s .-uccesivcly, the la-t of -aid publications lo I e twenty days hcloru UIU IIL-Al It, III Ul - ,111 lllll I. H. A. STAN'S III'R V, Dept Clerk. llurl!n?loa, March 231, loll. 43 w3 Sallcy .Miner's lintatc.- T7"1. the sub-cril er, liavtn? leen appointed by w me nonorai ie me i-roiiniu uo'irt tor llie itih trie! of Cliitienden. conimi inner- to receive, evain. iue nnd n'ju-l the chums nnd demands of nil per-ons amin-i nie c-iaioot r-.11.iji 1, lale o'Jer- -cyville, 111 Hit Cnuniv ol Jer-cy, nnd State if J 1 i now. decease! . renrc-ented insolvent, and nl.o nil lauus ninl demands e.ih luted tu ollEeit theru'oi nnd si monihs from the day of the date hcreo- letnt? nllowud by s.i id Court (or that purpo-e, we do ihere fore hereby jrive nonce, that we will attend In llie hu-ine-s of our apiiointnieui, nl the Stntc of URN JA.MIN 'AIRCIIILD, 111 .Mdlon, 111 saiddi-inci, on llie Inriceiiih liny-of May nnd August next, at 10 o'i lock, A. .!., on each cf s ml ilav-. Dated, tin- IJ'hday ofFelrcary, A, I)., 1811. KI.FAZMt AUSTIN, C(.miii 13vv3 IIRX-IVMIN FAIHCHII.D, -loner-. rosiriviJ sai.u 01. tV(oi,i: and' COTTO .11 A C HI V C IS Y. rX WKDXFSDAY 31 oi April, at 0 o'clod,, on v' 1 11c premt-u-, tlio vaiuai ie .vinctiinery lately l-e- 1 loncin; lo the Xepon-ct Mnnufaciurinj Coinpanv, I at Canton, Ma., all in lino or'er, cutnpri-iue; hi I pari a- lollo.v.-, to wit : I liul'iro i,rinlerj o picker-; 9 1-j inch 1-t Dre.i'.er Circtintr .Machine-; 10 3G inch 2 and 3 llieal-er do. do. j 0 33 inch Fiui-hin?, with Couden-eisj -I 13 inch 1-1 UrciLcr Card-; I 35 inch I-t do. do. (do it ii') 2 30 inch 2 and 3 do. do. (-msle) 3 30 nidi 2 nnd 3 do. do. (.Jouh'e) ; 2 3(5 up h Fmi-b-er-, (single) i 3 30 inch do. (ilo-i!'0 i 3 Jacl.-, 210 Snindle-i 1 ldo. 120; 2 do. ISO do. ; 000 J.i c't Spools; 100 M. W.irp and Filling llobl ins ; 120 Yarn floxc-, 73 do. Ila-l.ct-j 4 Ca-siniere Dre-crs, wuh ('opner Cylinders; 1 Ker-ey Die.-cr, with Copper Cylinder- ; G Winders; 2'Dravvin? Frames nnd 230 lire ser Spools; 5Q Cii-simcrc Looms ; S ('ainelt do, : 1 Plain do.; 321 Heeds (1 1.SOO llor-) ; 200-citsIlar-ne--e-; 12 Loom Itoxe-; 7 Up nnd Down Oil.'- ; 2 Yorl.-liire do ; 873 Flats for Teazel-; 10 Shearinir Machines; 1 Shcir-Griiu'er; 2 Uni-luui M.i lime- ; 2 liollitifr do. ; 2 Ilvdiaulie Pre-'e, riy xaluablc ; 3 Sciew Prcs-e-; 10,300 lbs. Pre-, l'laies; 5 gro-a Pie Paper-. Cotton Machinery 1 Cotton Picker j 10d'Cnrdf 2 G heal Drawiui; Frames ; 4 61 Spindle Spinning Frames; 3 (!fj,!c,, do. tin. 2 Taunton Speeder ; 1 Cotton l)ri:-.-er; 2 W.irufr; 1 ('ircular Saw: 1 Lniwood Chipper; 13 pair I jillinir S'oc1 s ; 1 Roller Wa-hiiiir Mill together with a creat varictv 1 f otli. , er .Machinery, Tool-, &e. iVe., u-unily I elonsiut; to ! a Mnnufii'lifriii!; establishment. The' w hole may le examined 011 auv day I elore llie -ale. A Cnialoiruc ' will bo nrenaied 111 dee -ea-on. on which the terms I aiidconhlion-ol rale will he Mated. The sale will I e pcreniinrv nu.l the aitcnlion of jnireha-ers i par- lictilariycuneuto it. iCJIhe Uo-lin and Providence Riilma.1 Car-, .-top with.n a quam r of a nn'e of ihe Factory. 12 w-2 WIIITWFLL, SKAVRR it Co.' And. NOTICH. TX eonse-jrenpc of the c-intinned rickno.s of Dr. a. iieiuei erg nie iiiiuci'-iineil wilt iIi-olve pirtner- I ship immediately ; and therefore, will shi. out their s'ock ct giOT'-s, con of dry goods, i.'i(oci:i!ii:s . i.iqpor& .Mcrch.iuls and o'her- are uiviie I to call and purcha-e, 1 as lliey will ln,d ihe Gooduiiderthe.-euicuiiislaiKea j vcrv cheap. Also, we I eg respectfully to invite tho-e who owe ns to pay their iiecoiiuis u'limo hnlcly, if not we -hall ' I e unJcr llie neci uy of colleciinr m iheir expen-e. I M. OSTI1RI.M iV Co. II irliuglon. .March 21, 1811. L iff axi) spi:i:ciii:s ot HLNIIY CLAY. vols. 1.00 nnd I.I2L I be A-hlan I Text iioo., wj, Xatioinl I'nv Miitrel, u which prelixcil a rl.eich ol the Lite, Public Service-, and s-naracicr ol llvnrvCl.iv. Price 23 cents. 42 l)y A. RDWARD.S WRONGS if Woman, Jiii'ah. Lie bination. Ily Cliailone Rljzati ion, nn Ccm- th. Dr. A leott'i. Yo ins llou-e Keeper ; Couvcr-alii n on the Parable-, Ily Hon. Lord Stanley; The Far mer'sMiue; or, Source i f Wealth. Ily 12 A. flDWARDS. QIXTRKX Lecture, on, Pn'ncinle -. ninl kj lie-oils ot ttie nrilisii Kctormalinn. It V John Henry Ilipkin-, l!-hop i fthe Protti,int Fpi-eopai Chuich in Vermont. ii Ily A. KRW.UtDS. Oliver 1 low a id's (-'state, STATR OF VF.HMONT, ) rVU-: He.i. the Pro-Di-lnct of C'lillen len, r-. j L I n'o Court f r the District of Chittenden ; To n'l pcr.-ouo concerned in tho e-tate ot'OI.IVFR HOWAIID, lale rai l Ki-inci, (iccca-e.i, ifREKTlNo, Wtipncc rl'.i III, l.n flni.-nr.! n,ui.i.i,l,. ..I ,1... I..... aiidierlamenl of said oromi-csi,, ,... i- I I...:..: .- I ' i ..... ... ., .in inn ,,i ii.i .i. , 1 1 1 1 1 . r.i I io ii , iino pit ciii li, r iiccount m-ain.i mid'o lor evnmuoii on iin.lni. lowauceat a re ion of the Court of Prol nte, to I e hoi en at the liegi-lei'- olli e, in llorliualoii, in raid di-trict,on Iherecond WVInpil.! of April next. Tiimicruitr., Viiu areheiehy iioinu' 1 10 appear 1 e fore raid court lit tho lime mid place afore-aid, ami -hevv eau. e, if any you hive, vv hy the a .counl afure s ud should nol I e allowed. Given under inv baud nt Ilurlington, this 7 h day of .Manh, A. D., ISll. ' 42 w3 WJI. WFSTO', leii-ier. siMiiccr school ioit i;itti,s & hoys. rplIF. first term of ibis School will comincncoon J the 3d Monday of ihe present tiionth. TutTiox-f-'tl.OO. School-Roonuj over IL Mavo's store, west s-dcqf thoiquare. J. M. I1URLL, Teacher. Ilurhnglon, March Ulh, 1811. 41 If WOOL! WOOL!! frMII-. subscriber would respectfully inform the pen I pie that he is prcpaied io inako wool into cloih for all Ihnl vvish to favor bun well their custnm, viz s Plain Cloths, Cassiiucre,and l'liiniiel,for thu following prices i Plain C'tr.tli, light mix colors, 23 cents ; Cassitnrre. 30 cenls; Plain Cloth, dark mix o-full color-, 30 cents; Cassjinere 37 cenls, ninl Flinnel delivered white, 113 cento per yard for cash, or half of the cloth when finished. At-so, Carding wool Jo tolls and dre-king rlo'h. TIIF.ODORR 1). LYMAN. North Ferrisburgh, March loih, ISll. 41 tnfi NOTICU1 Nl'''ICJi: rPO all pcr-ons indebii-d tu iliHrnbrcnl cr, lint thoir X nines mid account niiiri be paid, ns hi. pr pcrty Is pn-tedfor mlo and nothing bill mvineni will rave il. SIDNRY HARLOW. Darlington I'.illr, Mari I, ldll. 39 if HttlGGS & l)M)l?,RV()OI), ATTORNEYS AT ItAW, ,yr. JIurlinelon, VI. Ci32 ON consignment' ' r .r. l a s r, oi itnrvt nri .ii it... . ... . Black, lllur. and Mixnl, for .ale hy the piece, by ):n-o,F:rs?:ii,ir''''- w eaaxi&isam summit K A SPRING fo r FASHIONS, 1 8 H. CH.Wtl.HS A. SUVMOUIt, OfTFRS lo liiscii-tonier-,an lido pnblio ceuernlly, n Inrire assortment of HATS, of the lateil Ne.v York Itlvlc, coti"istliifr nl ' nl.M t'l-t, 11 ITU 11 I 'il 1 ,S A ., 'J , OTTF.R do. XLTIIA do. liUFStl do. CASSl.Mr.Ri: do. PFARI, do. UXTHA SIOLK, SK'IN. COMMON NAP'D do. WOOL do. all of which nro c'Xciei lor sale on fiivorablu term-, and nl low prices. Huts iiimln to (inter nn -hort notice. Merchants who wi-h lo nurebn-e hats of srood quality by the dozen, nte invited to call nul examine tlio slock mill price at nils c-uinusuiiiim. Pearl Street, March 22, 1811. 4i!tf ATAIlltATlVF. OF TIIR TKXAN SANTA Fl 1 I XPLDITION I coiunristnir a Dc-cription of a four tlirniiL'h leva mil ncro-s th ; ureal Sonlhern Pralrio-, the (.'aiu.iu'clie nnd Cay;?u.t Hutiiinr; (round-, with nn Account or the Mi'Ierinss Irotn imnt oflood. from ho-lilc Indians, ntid linnl eapluro of the Texan-, nnd their 1111 cell n Prisoners to the city ol Mexico. With lllu-tr.ilions nnd a Map. By ( Jvxvimi.l, I -'i. Mennntly primed nnd bound in fancy iniislm. Price S3 50. The a Novel. Trin-lated from the Russian of l.nieichucko.1'. Uy Thuiuas 11. Shaw, II. A. Price 12 cents. Tub Unloved Out 1 Novel. Ily Mrs. Holland, Price 12J cents, Fortl'NR Hunter or, The Adventures 0 a Man About Town. A Novel of New Yorlt So;.ety. Uy .Mr.-. Helen IJcrUey. Roar 0'Mcr.c, Uy Samuel Lover, Fsr, Price 23 cenls, Tin: JuW, translated from the German. Price Zj cent-. Tub JlrsTnr.tLs cr London, Xo. 1. Pn;? I2J cts. (cine ton M,vr.nn:n Lahii-.s, durins the pcriol a of Prcan.uicy, tn) i.r nnd SnrMimr, with directions for ire.ilnieiit of lnlants. t!y Mr.-. Harwell. Pnte 23 Is. D'Audilsc's Gnr.AT W0r.1t on iho History ol he Relormaiion of the Sixteeii'.h Ci-iUury, with nil be notes. Price iO cents. Tile O.MNincs or Modci.s Romanci, (Six Inside I) Containing Mnl 1 1 the Actre-s, The Rescue I Null, The Capitalist, Pe l.eloriene, ... , Wonderful Morvef Peter Schlcmibl, on 1 The Gentleman's Daughter?. All lor 23 cent". A new supply of Aral clla Sluarl, Chri-tmas Carol, Kendall's .laclison, anJ Xeal's Puritans, 12 Ily A. FDWARDS. T'HK DoiocI'.atic Ilr.vir.w for .March fnrsilo by March. I2 V. HARRINGTON. .1. noWKllK Jr. tV Co. lMPoirrnns asi di:ai.i:iis is FOREIGN & DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, No. !i0 Water, corner of Congress Street. KEF.P Con-taut'v on hand all descriptions nt U oorxK, Citton, Sii.k ninl 1 iscv Goons, ol Foreipn mnl linmcsnc .vianuiqciurc, .-jtcif noons, Tailor-' Thim.mIsos. if-e. ie, which thev will -ell on Ihe most reasonable term,- an J to w hi.h ll.ey invite ihe altention ol pnrcha-crs. ll.i-tun, Man Ii, 1SU Uwu IX lIANICItUl'TCY. "TOTlc'''; o ah crcdilorsatnl oilier persons ininler 1 cut, tint by order of Ihe District Court ol the United Stites for the District nf Vermont, a dividend out of Ibe assets of LEONARD M. DIXON, of Un derbill a nank.'unl will be made and declared by the Court the ninth day of April nex t, al ien o'clock forenoon, at tho otTice of Saniuc, Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpelicr, in slid District, anion; the cred itors who shall hive proved nnd filed proofs of l itir debts befoio said dav, unless sufficient cauie be then and there shewn to the e.ontraiy. Daicdthcllthdavof March. 19U. fll RDWARD H. PRl'.XTISS, Clerl:. ENGLISH GRAMMA R. rBtF.ACIIKRS are invite I lo call nt Harrington': X mil eximno SWiTFS Grammar of tho Fn I.Tntiiia-e. Ill is -mlicii-nt loay that il i conilriictrd on the ba-is ol Murray, 1 In alrea ly I cciiinlrol nel int., such -chools as " Kimball I'uion Acai'emv" and the "Norwich Dnivcr-iiy." ccrlilicite-Irom Iho'i- p il s of winch may bo -een by tho1 ulio are iiiere-l one year Irom the lune'i.f it-" lir-t publicaiion. ihp Ml 1. I lie lir-l C'lition n.ivin been exhausted wiihin tin r h.i- -ocni ni' i ll tiu.e in revising and enlarsin: it. and the Publisher i iler- the 2 I edition, wi'h llie con. filcnce lint whenever it i examined, it will leap provel. Il coiii.mis more matter than any oilier Grammar in use. NOTICE. A1 1 to ihe firm of JOSl-.PII I A 11.11. it Uo.. nie liereuy nou.iei io cu juu settle Iho tame unmcdia'L-lv an I -nve co-i. JOrjlPH HATCH. Rurliniton March, 9, 1911. 4Iw3, FOR SALE AT AUCTION. npil L farm hit ly owned an I oc upicd by F. enczcr S-, ilecea-e I, -itua'clm Colche-ter, two mile, north ofthoMiHfiiuij Ilcu-e, containing :d out 73 acres ol'goii.1 Land ; a1 out one half under improvement, wuh n oil ilwclltmr ho i-n un I b irn nca'lv, a l'ooI well ofw.uer. n l'oihI Orelurd-in I wood lot. In I piir-n.iiice of an onler Irom the Hon. Pro' n o ln in i pio.iofe to m-II to the highe-t 1 1 1 'er tlual ovede-i rib nl farm, on llie nniiuse-, the 30 h dav ( f March ins' Alro soine tanning to5l-, mine household lurnitiire, about 15 tou of hav, maether wuh various other nr i ch-. 'CH Mtl.ia COLLINS, Adm's. Col.die.ter.Minh 12, 1511, iHvd TAILQ 1NG. 1y ('ALLAN has n turned to ihe Falls nnd open . . cd a shun ti nosne J. W. Weaver's store. The patronai'O of lie, foriner friends and Iho public ecnerallv. t respeciluliy s uicttcu. Gnruienls cut or in idebv luni nio varranc i to tit llutl nslon Falls, .Vlarcli 1'.', Idll. -il it AFKW cotiiis of O'LOXXFL'S llisiorvof Iru Imd. far Vale by V. IIARKIXGTOX. .Mircli I-, itHl. 41 WAIXWIMGIIT'S l'.lu'ion di ihe Rooi of Cum moil Praver Illusitaled-one of the mn hratiful speninens nf printing nnd bindin.g ever produ ccd in this country, for sale by 41 V. IIARRIXGTOX. Win. Ivlltiuni's llstatc IVtltion In sell Land STATK OF VFItMONT, ) A T a .e-ion of 111 'JiV i H'lnct ol nuncn leu, a. l I'ro' ivi ui'liri i, ! n, II irtni -n n VVI ll ll and fer raid ill-ll'irl l l I till' I i , , ,., , . i.,.i, i it den onihe.e-nnd Uednv da ol Marcli, A. ll. ISll tam.'iiiol William Kdlburn, late ol mid 11 nbuglon nnd hie. ill railcoirt her octeion m wrt imr. seitiii" f rib thai Ihe raid Willmtn diel reize.1 mnl no..e.t!.l of ihe folb'Winir de-en! el Irnct or liar eel of land, situate inniil ll.irlinglon, viz.nbo-t one eigh'h of nn acirtid hurl on Ihe roiih -ii'o oI'Mm'n Street uitlin ilwilluin hou-e thereon, iki'iiicm vvv-i by H. 1 la-wcli'- Imvl, I em.' the-auelan.liinr dw.-lnir hnu-disiiiiiicl Ivihe-ni'l Willim. iircvi- ott-ly to and at the tuny of hisdeath ; thai md laud i incuml e.-tsl wiih a niortgaire exee.uel by liv said W illiam, in hi- lifetime, to rinto no , nine, lo .c-ure the payment ol" lived indre.1 debar-, mid the tutere-l I ,.-..-, i , ichu-li ic m.ii. ,s unpaid : that tho debt a'low ed I v thu eoinmi-sioncrs neain-t ihe ela o of the raid William are SOWtflevbi-ivo ol -aid mortgage; ii,.., il. evrieiirei of adiiiiiiirtering-a d e-tatenre not lo-s Ih.iu eiglny dollars; tlul tin inventory of ihe licrrnnal e-nue, con-i-nng Ol no-i-euoui i iriiu ire, ,,,,.,.i,,i. ,,, 1, t hi'lihe iierronilc-lateisin-ulli ..,-ni r.,ril,.iiavmeiiilif llieiW ld lelroni s-iul e.tale mi I Ihe Lspeu-es of admuu-t ratioii aud lha t it will be nccj.nry to ,el red e.t.To for that purpo-e; thilriid real ee-ta'e .siiri(u.i'flllula pail of ll e.inuol I erold wiihoul inpiry lo lliose mlere-le.l in lU" remainder, and praving sa) I pourl lo urant her liuui-e lo sell ihe whole of nn I real e-tate, ngni ahly to lt,o rtatule m nidi e.v-e ma le nirl proviuei. , Where man, Iho court atnrcnul, doth appoint tn .im,i Weitcelivof An.-i1. 1814. for hoiri.ig nud e .LsMilnwr on ..lid lie l.l. 111. 1.1 I lie oll'l 'f of lilt ItrglrllT of raid eiiiirt, tu raid 11 irluui'iii, al leu o'elnek ill the iimiiimn nn I i hi , order t hut a t ner-i'ii. leiiinu'olihereuf ly puhlic.iltop if tin- onler con laiiiiug the nil r'aiv e of said lu'liliou, three week iicce-rively in the Hulling on Free Rr , a uewrpi ,,..r ,, rimed in .aid I! irliniilon. the I... I ofHdneh null licitionstn le pffvio is In iqid rccond Vj'ixlpesilay of ' 'itiven under my hand at mid llurlmsien ihl' 13lh ttavi imareii, its 1 1. ... 2-3 Wm. WrSTON, Itevmtcr. NEW BOOK I A X Inonirv inio Iho Muil-icrial Comini.ripn, by r ,1, Hi. I.lovd Wmd.sor. leclor ol Grnis' Church, Loc'-pi rt, N. V. Containing a Chipu-r on and nnolher in DiiicrSAS , - .,' i"v i .. ,t, it . i je'cls yet pulrllrhel. 2 1 Kluton, I'llliliysil ami revi,d, y ,.,. ?,.i .1-. lh!.IM,,0Vi, iiuiaaei Uciny lfRld Ustatci, WR the nibscr ber-.havinj I een appointed by Ihe Miinnrr.l Id tin, I'robalo Ci.utt fjr tho District of Clilttendfn, Commissioners lo receive, exnininu and iwiust llie claims nnu ueiii.-nus 01 mi person n?ainM lhclateorilt,NRY I IKI.D, lsleof Jeriibo. in -ant D-trj.1, deccn cd, irpre-emuil in-olvenl, and nlsonil tl.inris or demiiJ'.i;Ahiliileil u ni-ql Ihereto",, ninl -is- inunthsf.opi the day oflliedalt) hcrsof, I eiint allowed by snid C011rtforll1.1l purpo-e, we do llieiulore hereby give notice, thai wj will nltcndlo the lusuies, of our iippoinlmenl, nl l!;o dwillinji ol Lniirn I ild, in Jericho, in raid Di-lncl, on Ihe 1-t Mondays ot April mil August licit, nl 10 uYdvckA, M., on each of said day. Dale.), thi27th day of February, A. I)., I8tt. NATIIAKIKI. III'.ACKMAN, ) ,.,, !nn.rH. LF.MUIIL lL.CKMAS, I tominis-ioncrs. Ill'NR.Y II ALII, ATTORXr.Y & CIIUNSt'Iil.tilt AT IjAW OIlWr.LL, VHIiMONT. ' PIANO FORTE. rplIF. substnber has on hai'1 nn excellent new I. PIANO FORTH, one of Munson's best, which he wishes lo di-po-e of nt n. low rice for ca-h ill luivl or on -Imrt credit. W.M. A. CtltlSWOLD. March 1,1811. " - tsarr HERDS GRASS SEED. Cf UUSIIKLS I1RRIW GRASS M'.FD, of prima QK) quahly for sale by S. M. POI'L. Iliirlinj-loii March 13, 1811. ' 'n,7lODlSTEl'ISCOI'A CYT A PLAIN exhibition of Methodist npiscopacy, ir foutlcen numbers, bvAsahtl llrnnson, .Minister nfthoGojpel. "Ho that is first in his ovv.i causa scemclh just j hut Ins r.eiehhnr Mxmctli arjl searchelh him" Pnov. xvin t 17. " How are the bid'eo thins's. of I sin searched out." Oda. 6. Just pmuir,e 1 v .Muich 13. II v. uuuiniiin. ISAACS D07f? Manufacturer $f TIM, SIIRRT-IRON, AND COPPRR WARD and (linh r in COPPVtl PVMPS, I.n.W, PH'C iT-c. Ch irch treel, Ilurlington. March G, ISll. PIANO FORTE FOIt SALE. A pood Sfond hr.r.ded PlAJlO FOR 1 12 is ollerea, Ci. for sale at a vtry low price by T. F. if- w. L. i'umu. March 9, '41. W OIL. DIlllOO. Ul-l lll'll ..,"1 i.t vi 1 1 1 do do do It ct bed Sperm Oil. tnti-c, t... . .i':i..- c ...... n.t 5 Tierce-1 f (R'ephant) W inter Bleached Oil. .In. I rc cived from llo-ton, prc.-sed d irinrr the inoutL of Jain.ary, for sa!o I v roi.i.rrn i!i!.vnt.n.t fin. March, 5th IS 1 1. IIA.US AND LARD. 5000 LI1S. (f Smoi.ed Hams. 1000 do do Shoulders. CdOO d'i Lard in ISII-. nnd Kecgs, for. FOLLRIT liltADLI'.V .f- Co. nlo ly STOLEN, T7ltOM Ihe MlbscrP er, alont llie IStli Ortnlcr la?, 1 n SMALL IIOAT with rr,di,ud oars. The Heat lia a gn-cii boitoin, the oar.- vvcre inarUed wiih a, brand, "J. Tol ia," nLo, one broad axe, tne, (-.-.rpen- ler'.s ai z, two h imuiers, two planes, one raw, ono havo, one new;e I, a woolen i e 1 1,ei, an i uni pair hoe's. The ier-on who -u.le the almvo i.-oper-ty is an Knirli-hinan or German, about 3 feet 9. inches in lieicht. Any oi.o giving luforinalion vvl',eri! tlm propeny may tie fo i,d, nnd the man reeurui to lo i rought lop s',ce rh ill 'old crally rewnrdel. Granil l ie, Uei. SU. -1 1. U ja.vii.o iopi io. I'AitJir? Ti) li;ask for a ti:m VR1IIS. I.,V, LARlii: FARM s'ncl.edvvilhai'airy fi'Aih. . ami sheep, and prepared for ti'en-lieitRrwr-'ivc sowing nnd plannnz. The perron .1 iljvjj'applvins niiisl lay.: miiicienl means to sSLiiw (.llrr :. . 0ii nnd fumi-h the lest lejutu men lation f"r in'tcgrilv and md istry. Also two other farm- tu let for an amount ugrco.i "Ii''"' - .... ... ., . ..I........ 1 he-e nrm are sruaiei cn iue i.;i;.e -nun. ,-j-.-i Uurlingti-n. Apply to ., C. JI. & W. C. WATSON. Pan Kent, Feb. 2C, ISll. St) " )ISI10P H0(IKINS' Lectures on the Causes, i3 Principles, and RcsuUoi iheltrilish Rrfor,nr,iion, received hy V. HARRI.UTqs- ' ii Kb., ldii. rPHK LFNTF.X FAST the History, Object anil I Proper Observance of the holy season ol Lent, by the Hev, Win. 1. Kipp, for sale fij iS I CO, SU . l.IUVI.SsJlsJ4i. PLASTER! PLASTER ! OflfV HAGS fresh ground Nova Srntia Plosior. (JV.IU lor saleliy P , iV II. 11. DOOLITTLE. Jin. 23. 1?1). 3-lif HRRDS GltASS and CLOVRR SRr.D, of supo nor quality for sale I y II. V.. C.YILIK. ALSO, a few huslieb Seed Wheat. A. IU1VSDV, A I L O H Shop in the south end of Mr. Sletson's new brick buildimr, on Church Slrcet. R I'R L 1 X G TON", V i: It M 0 Ti' T . (lulling dune iu tl.o iiinst uppiovcd styic, unil aiT.'inic.l. Minh I, 1311. 6"nJ I N SS 5j IS. A X C K . l-i 111'. ! il s -nl er has ace I a l.'cnt for llie .R Ml L iii-ninnce Conuunv of Ilartfiud Coui'icclicul f?r more than Iwcniy war.- pa-1, and con'inues io insiirti again-l Itiss.-s- by liie, nnd aU km I- if l.ud I1112. nnd. ir-onai pr -peny, aaa win revvc iiini .inoiis ni . o ni-e 111 llurlii.s'tiiii.nnd ii..medn;tly i.-nslVifiies lor 1I11! purpose al as low rate, if premium, as any private company can a mr I. The iri loiibled r-po 1- 1' ililv ol 1U1- Uimiuiii,, ills-lies raieiy 10 iiein u ie-1, and llnir prouijit, liouorible, al d Id eral cour o III III,! .li'jiisiii'ent ail 1 payiucui 1 1 101--, win 1 y.'.i" te-tod bv a'l with v, I10111 they have Iiti ocaioii la lol ie--. WM. A. GKIi OLD, Agent. Ilurlington, March 1, ISll. ' 43 t' 20.000 I'OUXI S first ntinhiv SALRRATOS in Ca .'as-kr, llarrtls and Half ll.irrcls, for sale low bv FOLLF.TT, IliiADLRY it Co. O'd Dock, Dec. 14. Sri REMOVAL, LOVELY &' SEYMOUR, T T AVK rcniovi'd the New Brick lliu'oiiig, 1. FL d.1013 1101 1I1 of their fanner stand. where llicy oiler fir talo a large nss-ortiiittit of DRY GOODS, and DRY GROi'F.ltlF.S tVc. ' " Jnn. i", 1311, Church Slreit. John iMmcmy'k Cstale.. WR the s ib-criheis, Invng leen appointed br lb' Ilonnra' le llie Pn bite Ciuirl (nr ihir Dm-, tncl of Chilten 'eu, eiunun-noiPTi. lo receive, exam ine an 1 .1 bu-t llie c'rcni. and demand- ot all per-i ns, again t the e l ileol JOHN POJUIUOV, laissof llur ling 1,11 111 raid Di-lr'( 1, dmc.i ed, te,ue tntisl in-ol-veil', an I u'-o a Ic'iiin.s nul drmncd- eshiVileil in. oft' et ilnTi'to; an l.ix mi n'iisl'roni nie diy ofthe da'sv hereot, I ei.i? nllowe 1 ly -mil Ci-iri for that piipp-e, we do thcrcliirc litre' V (,ne aotic, tl.jl we w'il( at-' end to 'he I ii-iue-s of .,1 r i.ipoin'im-itt, ul ;V,e otliciv nlJulm X. Poiiierov, 111 Ibirbnglon, 111 rasl, oi the lir t Monday- ol'J ily nnd -ii p.einbir next, at It oVb cl.. A M.. on eai h 1 f sikI i'iivs. Dal'el.lhis " Inlay ol March . D. ISll. LI'TII Kit l.fn.M- PIII1.0 DOOLI Ll'lTLK, Conij Asa I,.'s Hitatc-s-Pctltlou toscll Land. STATU OF VHl.laX'I ) l T a Pro' ate. t of Chuitn 'i-j, s-. f I V Co'ut hel l nt Ibir'tnglon, within an t for raid district of I'.imen leu, on the IIih diy oiMhii-Ii, A. D. ISll, coinivs R,'viri l, Rt 111111, ndniuii-tratrit of 'lie e-tn e ol" A-a L l.voii, l.i e ol Shell "rn in -aid district. i'eeea-ed, and hie. in .nul co ul her'iwtiiioit in wr liar, foningfoiih, Ihat Ihe rani A-a, L.i'.c.l e 5tl of aboul li,j r,crtM of land lying in ai ishelb - rn, Icing icr land on w h ih he lived prev'o isly to an I at the lime of hisde.vh; that -nid Ian I ir iiicnin' rrt-,1 wi ll a morgage, given I'V.-niil s.i l m hi- bfeli ne, 111 li'ivrge A. Allen, to ("- cure the p'lvinent (f even h-indiel ikil'nr. and iri-,1-hifh rensn.ns du ami uiinnid ! mi'll-ilUlini eiiml ercil wiih alifcleuM in Miry t.on for lh. nty oilifr lunntenaiue anu a ippoi'.u irui; per nn ll al the personal e-ia e of the aid A-r, L. s,. ii, u& torn!, aum iu'el 10 SC 13 S5, of which there now re. mini, in liivi.d.nt llie appi-.u-nl, froperiy ul (he val. a. of SlEO.o'Ji Ihiu Ihe i'e1 1-nllow.l bv the . uuniis. .inner? acain-l rai l i-ta'e amount n Sl'J7,90; exe.n nve ol rail nioriir.t-'e 1I1.H there is die fron uul'oto mid alnimisifat-'X, on ciilyniist ol hct lir-t adinuii trillion a'voutt, le un of 3ri'(33l and Ih it it wilt It' novisary to rell the u holy of raid, ml jis-l to mid tnciiml rnncfa, lor tbe pn,yrnent , of i,,.vd(bstbio.froiu raid a-latti and tna cip.ii.-us of n lriiui-lrivion, and praying -nul coin lo fiiwe her, ihe rr,id nihil 1 11 -1 rains, 10 tll iho vvbo'e of. a id laud,' l'or tho ivupo e alireaid, ain eal ly to ihe riaim in, sii.h 1 mi ll''st and pfovi.VJi Wherpippii. ihg e.i irl afore ipddo'h rtmi,ii,t tjio 30 h illy oi'Man ll. 1811, for heating nnd ilis-nlinp on said peiuiou at lbs jlitvof ihe lifui-ifrof.mdi'ouri,)!! ninl Uurlirislpn, nnd doth order tint i;'l per-ons ii,yre-'ed lie lio,lnl hereof by pul Ii' iit'oq of Ihir or cr, conaii-ue ilus .iibrianceotrnid-ietitii n, Ihrts'wwkr riiecessiiriy ir Iho llurbns'on Fits 1'rt.s.j n ni'vvrpaiifr itrin'c.1 ii) runt lliiilir-sion, the ln-t ol which pul imi-lp Is pr.v,'.lbera.l30h.iay(,, S1L Ciive i midti' my hand at ttd hir inglon, ihis ltl .lavol'ilati'h, 11 1. 4 VM WRSTON, Kfgi. e ,(

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