Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 3 Mayıs 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 3 Mayıs 1844 Page 3
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wm nol otherwise to bo exported. Tlio sub jeclj prejontc.1 wero necessarily abstruse, and repulsive) to a popular audience even to those acquainted with the higher branches of Mathematics and Astronomy Mr. Young could not expect in few evening lectin cs to do himself justice and make his theories fair ly understood. To take up the old theories of gravitation, the progression of light, and tlio quadrature of the circle, upon all which ho thinks wo are in error, and put to the test tho experiments and calculations by which those theories have been establijhcd and held to as correct and then to propose now the ories in place of tho old ones is no small labor. And if Mr. Young could not do this in ten short lectures, wc ought nol to call dim mad, or, as some have done, ndviso him to go and prcacli to the Mormons. For twenty years ho has been hard at work, trying to solve doubts, which much farther back had sprung up in his mind on those points and others connected with As tronomy, and his labors have resulted in con vincing himself and he is confident lliey in time will convince the woild that our pre sent system of Astronomy is a bundle of er rors, and at the bottom of these errors arc principles which the world has cherished for centuries. He says, having admitted and acted on certain laws of Newton and others s correct, we have been obliged, in order to make the phenomena of Nature correspond to those laws, to create disturbing forces, and endless equations and hypotheses, which are entirely unnecessary, and only involve us in confusion and absurdities. With these cher ished laws he has long struggled, and ho con tends now that he has overthrown them, and ubstituted others, which, in their develope mcnt and application to the Solar system, re duce every thing to simplicity and unity. In his lectures here, he took up the laws of gravity and light, and the quadrature of the circle: attempting lo show that, tho at traction of gravity is not inversely as the square of the distance, but inversely as the distance ; that light is not progressive bin instantaneous ; and that the quadrature of the circle is possible. Mr. Young is in hopes to publish Ills book, the prospectus of which was issued while he was at Washington, and which will contain his views in full, next fall. His subscription is partly filled up, wilh names from different parls of llio Union hi! still needs from a hundred lo a hundred and fifty more subscribers. The book will be an octavo, containing between thrco and four hundred paces, handsomely executed, and be sold at $2,00. When the work is pub lished, wo hope those who are capable will tike it up, and examine its merits candidly and thoroughly. Mr. Young is very sail- puine and he is willing to commit himself to the world he asks'no one to be a " mush of concession," and, on the other hand, he wauls no one to stand aloof and refuse to lis ten to what I ip has to say. lie has taken a bold stand, and all wc have to say is, " I'rove all tilings : hold fist lliat which is good." RIOTS IN MONTREAL. Our neighbors in Canada have just been coiug I mini c u die l.irru ol an election, in which Her Majesty's Troops acted as " In gpeclors," and club law was tho favorite ar gument. The scene of die contest was tho citv of Montreal and the occasion an election for Members of Parliament. Tho competi tors wero Messis. Druiiininn and Molson, the former the Liberal and tho latter the Ministerial candidate. 1 lie lollowmg was the result of the poll as declared by the pre siding otiiccrs : Drummond. Moulson. 6j 67 46 80 53 127 463 Si. Mary's Ward 4J9 315 5t 42 60 4G7 rst. l.awicnco Wist Centre East Queen's 1333 Majority for Drummond, 920. I ho deleatiMl partv ascribe the result to all manner of violence and fraud. As a spo- I cimen of the quht and peaceable manner in which our neighbors conduct their elections, wc subjoin some descriptive paragraphs from the Montreal Transcript : la tho centre Ward, Mr. Dclilc, the Hemming offi cer, was m licked liv a parly of cnnallcrs, and n pris oner reamed frnin him j in consequence, of which, n number of the Queen's dragoons and a company of the With were ordered out lo keep the peace, during life first part of the morning it was dangerous lo walk in the public streets. Gangs of ruffians had dispersed themselves in all directions, who fell upon any panv they suspected, ill-using them in ihe most shame ful manner. Dunns the whole of the morning, Mr. Molson's committee room was thronged wilh per sons who had been thus Ircalrd, and whose deposi tions have been tal.en, and will bo made use of hcrenf tcr. At about half-past twelve o'clock, we ourselves witnessed a most murderous assault had nearly pro duced tragical results. This per-on was passing the crowd in the Haymarker, when a rush we made at him, and he was knocked and fallen upon by some forty or fifty rtiffins, who hem n heiting him in n dreadful manner, tearing his clothes from him in tat ters. For several minutes did his rowar Hy assail ants kick and bruise the poor man, and noting could have taken him alive from their hands hut the timely arrival, on the one side of the Captain Comeau, and the other of the troop; who were placet n short dis tance higher up, in McGill street, and whose assis tance had been sought hv Mr. Dydr, who happened lo beonthesooti The soldiers made their way through the crowd to where Dyer was Iving, whom they res cued, but not before several of the rioters hail been voundVtf by their bayonets. We saw one fellow who bad receive! a pretty severe wound in the sides an other w9 wounded in the back s and a third, we are informed, received a dangerous bayonet slab in the chest. Dyer was taken up dreadfully bruised, hut we ore glad to say, nol dangerously, though how he escaped ia a miracle. Il seems that ihis was meant as a kind'ofnae for "s Mr. Molson's voter no longer came near the poll Messrs. Connor and Tully drew olTtheir forces, and reiircd elsewhere. The appearance of the city at this tune conveyed anything but ihe meeting of a peareful body of elec tors, a-semblcd to exercise llieir canttitutional right. In front of ihe Hay-market, n body of troops were sla iinn,d whilst a short distance from lliem, in St. James street, was a body of mounted dragoon', irith sltaflht R9t : n little further on. in ihe Vi- ger Market, were tieo more troops oftheiid whilst nt other points were bodies nf police, and everywhere groups of citizens remarking on these extraordinary but acandaluur proceedings. The Montreal Editors have had a good (leal to sav about the violrnco and fraud which characterize elections on this sido of the border. Hereafter they had belter ro serve these lectures for their own people. We have had many exciting political con tests in this State and Union, but we have yet to see tho day when Government troops iliall un stationed atiout the polls and the bayonet invoueu to put down tho ballot The nrivilepn of "oxcrcisinc the Consiition al right of suffrage," under tho immediato'su prrvmon of Ilr Majesty's I) racoons and Capt. Comeau's polico, is ono for which our Canadian neighbors ought to he, and doubt less are, deeply gratelul. Rut dofend us from such modes and means of regulating" elections ! Eft, Jour. POSTSCRIPT. VIRGINIA. BRING OUT THE BIG GUN FOR THE OLD DOMINION. By our papers of tho 30th April wo re ceive the checrinrr news that this gallant State has done her duty ! She has floored Matty She has redeemed herself from Lo cofocoism She has not forgotten that Henry Clay is her own son. She has given a ma jority , in the Legislature, securing n senator in Congress, she has elected a Whig mem ber of Congress in Gilmer's District, and probably another in Wise's. In short, she has done all and more than wc asked or ex pected. The campaign of 18-44 opens gloriously, and Virginia protests that the honor of electing her "Mill boy of tho Slashes " shall not be monopolized by her sister Stales. A rumor reached here last evening that Van Huron had declined formally. All humbug 1 The Dutchman dies game. CONVENTION INCIDENT. As the Whir National Conventions about to be held at iJaltimnrc, draw nidi, the nublic ev erywhere feels the impulse, and the delegates are pouring along, on all tlio lines of travel, in continually augmenting number!', sped onward hy tlio more stationary and homo keeping multi tudes of Ilieir friends, whoso spirit?, already up anil confident, are still rising and growing more cajrer for action. Such times produce incidents and anecdotes which partake of the feeling of tlio occasion, and which serve;, bettor sometimes than more formal occurrences, as tokens of what is tocome, besides the lively personal interest as thev tins. sess as episodes to the main action. Of this nature aro the following Mr. Wcthered, representative in Congress from the third district it Maryland, having been invited to take post in the coming National Whig- procession, on tho " Weaver's Car," as representing one of the industrial interests of the people, accepts the invitation in the follow, ing pithy letter : Washington, April 21, 1S44. My Dear Friend In answer to your favor of yes Icrday, informing mo that it is Ihe wish of a noriion of my constituents that I shou d accompany the Weaving Department in Ihe approaching ploriotis Procession, it affords mo great pleasure to say, that Iho position tendered to inc. is of all oihers the mosi congenial lo my fin-lings. I therefore accept it, but upon condition, that 1 shall have the priiilge of weav ing n p.irt of a Coat I'alern lo ho nrc-entcd to thai consistent friend of the industrial classes, " Harry of ihe West." I promise ynu I will neliher make n wrong dratt," a ' mispirk," nor a " double shot." Willi assurances of my high regard, I remain your lne Ul. JOHN YtETIIERED. TiiR. L. Griffin, Esq , Prcs'l, &c. In the Baltimore Patriot wo find the' follow ing intnresling notice of a Veteran Whirr Col. Joint Johnson just arrived at the " Menu mental City," as a delegate from Ohio. He took hidings, with especial fitness at t ie Gen cral Wavne Hotel. The Colonel Ins travelled GIG miles on horseback, and finds him-elf thong's somewhat fatigued, in Good lie-Hill ami spirits. Ho travelled through the Stale nf Pennsylvania, from Pittsburgh to York, and found the people everywhere, from lull lop to valley, loud uuu i-miiesi inr uairy 01 me west. He Slates lint he nln nih-d lhi IlrmishlirtT Pnnvpn tion in 1339, and went heart and hand for that nmni. nation; but truls thcselfClion of a Vice President on this occasion will be Mich that will nol again deliver us up to the enemy. He avows his preference for " Honet John Davis," nsnne whom the people have set tluir heaps unon. The Colonel stales ihni inanv ladies are on ilieir way from Ohio, on a visit lo their friends, so that they may be in llaltiinore in the Con vention week; among them he has tvvo dauglners. The Colonel is far advanced in life, is a tall, manly figure, of grave anJ vcncral le appearance, an intelh- ecin cuuiiieiiance, and manilesls all the characters lies of ill,- bold and generous sons of the West. Nothing but the imperative call of his country wnnsc laie seems to ue uientilieU Willi the success ol IIevbv Cmv and the Whigs would ever have call ed llim so far from his home h it fee'Intr Mint his long and adventurous life had been spent in vain, if now, ne snoniu nesilatplo make whatever sacrifice of comfoit so long a journey required of him this hon ored veteran accepted the appointment tendered him as a delegate to the Convention, nnd when the day arrived for commencing the iournev. mounted his horse and alone set out on his pilgrimage across the mountain. When such a spirit animates the fathers oi me land, now near must ihe cause that moves them no to every patriot 7 IIIIIGirroN MAHKi:T--MondayApiil22. At Market, 300 Beef Cattle, 15 pairs Working Ox en, C'.O Sheep, and 1330 Swine. 40 Beef Cattle unsold. PntcES. fleef Cattle Hicher prices were obtain ed, and vve advance our quotations to correspond, viz. Extra at. S3 23; First quality, SI 50 & St 73 j second quality !ft 25 0 SI 73; third quality S3 50 S 5-4. H'or.m,' O-rcii Sides al $65, G3, 75, and 82, SVieirn-From $2 50 to S3 73 j a few cosset Weth ers 83 -t li. .Sieiiic Sales quick : lots to peddle 5, 51 iff Sic for Sows, and C, GJ d. GJc for barrows. At retail fiom 5 to 7c. JIOSTCJN MAHKUT.--April 23. FLOUR. Howard st. $191 & 5 00, Western canal 5 18 ft 5 37. BUT I'ER. 10'f?20perlb. CHEESE. 4il?5Jdodo. WOOL. No change to notice in prices, with a eood demand for nearly every description. baxonyand Meneno fleeces, 43 f?50 Full blood, 43 J? 45 i blood, 35 af 40 Common I blond, 23 S 33 Lamb's, 1st quality, 40&45 Smyrna washed, 20 J? 20 Bengazi, B&H Buenos Ayres, G (j 18 m si s- a n (fl, In New York city, April 2d, by Rev, Dr. Erskine aiason, lion, Solomon Foot, M. C, of Rutland, Vt. lo Mrs. Mabv Ann Dana, of Clarendon. At St. Pauls Church on Monday eveninc last, bv the Rt. Rev, John II. Horikins. Wm. II. Keeleh. Esq. of South Hero, 10 Miss Okissa II., daughter of Doctor Thomas Chamberlain of this place. B a cs crll, In Ihis village, nn Saturday morning last, of lung fever William Kendbick, infant son of J, K. and Sa rah A. Converse, aged 15 months. In Jericho, Inst Thursday Evening, Mr. Daniel Risiiop, Esq , aged 80 years. He was one of ihe oldest resjilents of the county and a frugal, hard working, industrious farmer. He died respected and lamented. In Shelbum on the 17lh instant, Ransom T., son of the lale Joseph Titpeb, aged 23 years. At Weslport.on Saturday the 27lh ult,.Mrs. Mabv IIv.nteb, oged 6G years, widow of the lale Hon. Wil liam Hunter of Win lsor Vermont. DWARF Marrowfat Pea for sale bv May 2, 1811. 43 11. W. CATI.IN. CLOTHS, CASSIMlCltU-i Si VIJSTI N (ii. 17INK IV.u k and Blue Black French nnd Eneltsh JL Broad Cloth and Cassiuiere-. Newsttle Vest ing. A large assortment ol Tweed and oilier Fan cy Goods, fur Men' Summer wear, iuhI received I y Mar8, 1811. 13 II. W, CATLIN. CROCKERY, GLASS AND CHINA WARE. A Large & Complete assortment, NEW SHAPES and PATTERNS. Also, Camphcno Lamp Chitnnics, Extra Heavy Cone II C and Brass Lan terns, &c. &c., just received by L.U V I'.L. I Oit Ol.l lUVUn. Church St., Burlington, i May 1, 1814. 43tf LOOKING GLASSES. A Large Assortment of various sizes of O G, Dandca Plato, and La Fayette styles, just ree'e by l.uvi'.UY ct sbviuuuu. Church street, Burlington, May 1, 18)4. J 43tf HEW GOODS. TUST RECEIVED, bv J May 1, 1844. L'OVF.LY & SEYMOUR. NEW II AT ESTABLISHMENT. liKYNOLDS & CO. A Kb now oncning in the hold Ji ingdirecllvoppositethe Hank of Burlington a goo I assortment of FASHIONABLE HATS, which thev offer fur sale, and in vile Ihe pnl he loeall and examine thci r hty !., quality nnd price. Ch irch Street, May 1-t, ie44. 48 tf FOR SALE. A DWELLING HOUSE and LOT, situated on Main Street between the Square and Lake, and known as theKilburn place. There is an nnfiiling VjMtt; well of wnler in the cellar of the hnu.r. nnil n claim unon one hall the well in connection wilh tho Franklin llo'd. Tile above properly is ofTurcd for sale vcrv cheap, for further particulars apply to the s bcnher on the premies. A.M.s uurlingtnn, .uay i, isn. -law-j NOTICE. WHARFAGE, STORAOE and FORWARDING, bv the i-ubtcril cr at the New Wharf. EN OS lll.INN. Burlington -May I, 1311. 43-vG EXTRAORDINARY FOR A SHOE-MAKER i Twenty-eight Years Experience. THE Subscriber ha been TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS engaged in ihe manf.icliire of BOOTS and SHOI-- the whole of whi' h lime, with the ex- eplion of7vcar, he b. I ten ill linr, inglon. lie now eiiL-npi1 t" sue me i-e-t pair oi nonis in oi lion tu iinv man, woman, or child that will cerlily lo the fact, diirini; Ihe whole of time, he ha ever, even ome, l.nlcd tu have their wori; done when primii'Cd. liools and Shoe rnn-tantlv Item on hand, and all Kinds of work in his line ne.nly, promptly nnd cheap ly done. Pleaso call and examine work and price-. J.UU'-S H. I'LATI . Church Mreet., May 1, 1S41. 4Sil SELECT SCHOOL, FOR GIRLS AND HOYS. THE SECOND TERM of ltd. School will com mence on Thurday the 51 li day of June. There will le a vacation id three week commencing ix week from the I csinninsof the term, afiei which the term will he completed in live wceiis. Tuition S3.0O. School Room, over H. Mayo's Store, vve-t rule of ihe tquaru. J. M. mjl-.LL., Tcacner. Burlinton, April 29, 1814, 9w49 FANCY GOODS. NEW nyle l.isht and Dark Silks TSalzorincs, Printed Lawn-, Mcu.e de l.ainc-, French Gins hams and Prints a full assortment, ju-t receive I by II. W. CATL.IN. ALSO Fine Florence Timid and Ncapolitnn Ronnctls, sin gle and iln-il h- rim Colored nnd While leshorn Hal-. New tyle Bound, .Neck and Cap Ribbon. Artiti cull Flower-. Line, n sreat vnretv. Glove -and Mils, Jet Necklace- and HairCa-e-. Paraoll, Cra vats, Sliavvl, HandLeri h.efs, cVe. cVe. DOMESTIC COOIIii. Brown Shei-iiiaTs nnd Slurtini:-, Cotton Yard and Carpet Warp, Tu kiiip, Wadding and llnttinz, lile.icli ed Cotton and American Piiul-, all kinds, int opened hy il. W. C'ATLIN. ALSO A full as'crtinent Farewell's and New York Shoe of all kinds and ,-lyle-. Al-o, a full a-sortnient ol Ororerie- (Liquor excepted.) Theiibnve Geo! and a preal many more not enu merated, have I een -elected with care and attention in legard to style, qiialily ami price, andnrc now of fered for cash credit or produce, a low a, any other Csianli-hment m the Stale. N. B- A my inottn i, " a cheap -a the cheap et," tho-c who want the mo-l tor Ihe lea-t money, will do will to call I efore purchasing. li W. C Allen V. Heach's Bstate. STATE OF VERMONT, I r1HE Hon. the Pro District of Chiiit-niler, ss. ) J. bate Court for the Di-lrict of Cniiienden. To all person concerned in the Esuie of Allen T. Beach lale of Burlington in said District, dece.i-el, GnnCTtNO. Whereas, W. P. Briggs, Executor of the last will and testament of sai I decca-el, proposes to render nil aceoiiiit ul his administration, and pre-ent hi ne count again-! said estate for examination and nllnvv- anceat a session of the Court of Probate, 10 I e holden at the Regisici'- rlfiee in said Burlington on the third Wcdne-day of May, 1811. TilEnr-FMu:, Voii ate herebv notified to appear be fore said court nt ihe lime and place uforesai I, and shew r-nu-e, ifany yo-i have, why the account afore said should not l-eallowel. Given un ler inv hand at Burlinmon ihi second dav of Mac A. D. 1814. 43u-3 W.M. WESTON, Register. I.nul Dcrvlllc'sj Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, i rpiIE Hon. the Pro District of Chittenden, ss. 1 J lale Court for the District of Chitien 'en ! Tu all per 'n concerned in the esiate of LOUIS DEUVILLK, late of Burlinglon in sntd District, decea-ed, Giies:tino. Whereas, Wm. A. Ori-vvnld, administrator ol the c-uueui s.11 1 uecease-i, propo-es to render an aeinunt ol hi administration, and pre-ent hi account against p.u.i v i- inr s-jviiniinaiion and niiowauee at a seS' ion of the Court 1 1 Probate, to be hidden ai the Reg-i-tersoilice in .aid Burlington, on tin third Wednes day ol May 1814. 1 iiF.nKFonE, 1 on on hereby notihed In appear i'vii.ju sum i-oiiri ai ine nnio ana place ntoresaid, and siiL-vv i-ii'ise, 11 any you nave, wl.y Ihe account alore. said should not be allowed. Given un ler my hand ul Burlinglon thi second day of May A. D. 1811. 43w3 Win. WESTON, IleQhler. John Dcavreitx's Estate. VITE the subscribers havin I een nimnimpil K' v V Ihe Honorable the Probate Conn lor ih Oi.- I net of Chittenden, commissioners lo receive, examine an t aiiUt ice claims and demand of nil ner-on against the estate ol JOHN DE.VUHEAX, lale of uK iiiiiouii, in miiu ui-inci, neii'.i.eii, repre-ented in solvent, and nl-o all claims and demiinil piliilu'ied in od-et Ibeielo; nnd six inoiith. freni the day of the date hereof being allowed by said court for that pur pose, vve do Iherclore hereby give 1101 ire that we will attend to the business of nur appointment, at tho dwellmg.lioii.e of Amo B. Cooper, in Richmond, 10 s.uuiiisinui, 011 me idiii nay 01 June and -rep tern bernexl, al 10 o'clock, A. M. en each ol said days. Dated this 2('h dav of March, A. D. 1814. ARTr-MI'S FI.AOG, ) 48 JOHN WILLI M-, 1 Commissioners, SliltlJIlIK A It It .4 !V G K .TI C IV T . IL &. Co., PACKAGE EXPRESS WILL leave Bur lington cry Monday nfiernoou going South, and every Thursday afternoon going fvorin. 1'acl.ages must be left with Me-sr. J J. 11. 1-i.tjK ft Co. M VIRGIL V Co. WOOD LUMUER. Onn Cord gooil Dry Hard Wood, 1000 feel Sipiare Tiiul er, 5000 Feet Good Sen-oned Clanbonrd. 150 M lirst qmlit) Pine nnd Spruit Shinile, lor sale n y liKO. Pl-.TKItSON. April 25, 1811. 47 FIRST IN MARKET. NEW GOODS! NEW GOODS!! rpilE siib'cril er ha ju-t reiurred from Boston and -t- rvew 1 on. ami win n er tin week- a very large and full assortment ofFANOV AND STAPLEDRV GOODS suitable fir the Spring trade, which will l mid at the lowesi mnrkel price for ea.h, produce, or "' II. V, UAILIN. Aj rtt 2 lih, 18t. 17 mm i mifw Woof IflNf Wool! TIIF. BURLINGTON MILL COMPANY arc ready to receive Wool to manufacture Into Broad ninth, cm ihn mm tprin. as heretofore, hv Mesr. Roelnf.tin and Itathbun, who are expected lo remain. Farmer-, Merchant or other?, who are wishing to havo Wool manufactured for their own use or for market, can have it done in the I ct manner. j31litini itn iw ft , April 22, 1811. 47 Azcnt for B. M. Co. CLOVER SEED. AVF.I1Y superior article of F.ASTK.RN CLOVER SEF.D. AIo B0 bh Is freh croiind Oenessce SUPERFINE FLOUR, just received nnd for sa'e by U. i bl llloUiY Burlington, Aptil 21, 1944. 47 VYE'STUFFS, ACWS, OVE-WOODS, tf-c. WILLIAM IAHTRIDGE At SON, 31 Cliff Street, Corner of Fulton, New-York, a constant surrLY or the roLLovvtNo articles WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Lao Dye Cochineal Indigo Hr7.d Wood Red Sander Hyper Nie Wood Peach Wood Hache Wood Cam Wood liar Wood Green El onv Nicaragua Wood 1 .02 Wood Fustic Acer Rubrnm (J icreilron Bark Wlming Wield Tuinerio Sumac Mnnjeet Madder Garramcicn I'udl ear Orchde S.ifllovvcr NultSall Persian Berries Annelto Woad ' Glue Ilrm'sh Gum Priissiate Potash Bjidii-omate do Sal Amomac Littiarase t'oppec Dust Antimony Siii;ar Lead Blue Vitriol Copperas April 24, 184 4. Alum Arzol Cream Tartar Tartaric Acid AqntE Forlii Nunc Acid Muriatic Acid Oil Vitriol Nilrate Tin Muriatic Tin Mnrie Sulph. Tin Cry-tals Tin Chemie Aq Amonia Fuller's Earth Brim. tune Nitrate Iron Oxalic Acid Bleachinr; Salts . Sal Sola Pot A-he Pea.) A-hes Verdieri Pure Tin Bal arv Root Gun rsenepal liidi?u I'.ive Ext. Lo? Wood Pine Clav Floss'd Tin Twine Tberinonieters llvdriiinetera Vat net Wrinsins Cloth Culch Terra Javonien Potato Si a rch Maii!raneee etc. lie. Arc. 3ni47 MARSHALL'S N0TJCE. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ? "PURSUANT Vermont Unlnct, to Kit ; X t o W a rant is-iied out of the Hon. District Court of the I,'ni ted Slate lor said District tome directed, I do here' bv live this public notice, that information for vio lalion of the Law of the United Slates hive I ecu tile I in said Conn, bv Charle Davis. E u. Dis (net Attorney of the United Stales lor sai I I't-tri-'i, against me lollowmg ucscriue.1 gooJ and -ucrchau-di-e : 5J yd., check'd ('aitncre, 3 vd. Black Broad Chub, 2 yd-. Ilhie Broad Cloth, 5'vd. Black Broad Cloth, 5 yds. Doe skin Ca-siinere, 21 vd. Blue Pilot Cloth, 3 Grey Box Coats, seized al li.ixbu.ry, Seat. 7, 1813. 10 yds. Calico, 2J yds. Woolen Cloth, ezedon the waters of Lake Chainidaio, nearEa-t Alburgh in the Di-lrict of Vermont, Oct. 25, 1813. 1 vd BroadCloth, 1 Shawl, seized on the wa'crol Lake Champlatn, near Burlington, in the District of Vermont, Oct. 12, Is 13. 1 Sorrel Ilor-c seized nt Fairfield, Oct. 24, 1813. 1 Red Roan Hor-e, 1 Cutter and llarnes-, seized at Derby, Feb. 15. 1814. 4 Grey Coal, seized nl Swanton, Dee. 17, 1313. 7 yd-. Beaver Cloth, ti yds. Broad Cloth, seized al Hi-'hsate, March 16, 1814. 2 Trunk, containing 18 piece and part pieces of Calico, 1 part piece Broad Clolh, 1 Shawl, 1 part piece Linen Drilling, I Box Gun Cap, seized at Muntpelier, FeLruary 28, 1844. 1 Roan French Hor-e, 1 Black- Hor-e, I Grey Po 11 V, I part piece Kerseymere, seized al Nvrlhficld, Oc tober 2, IS 13. 1 Grey French Hor-e, 1 Black French Horse, seiz ed at Berlin. Oct. 2, 1813. 1 Kreneh llnr-cscize.l at .Montpclier, O -t. 10, 184.1. 2 French Hor-e-, seized nl Northlicld.Oct. 14, 1813. 1 French Hor-e seized at Montpclier, Nov. 13. 1813. 2 part niefo Linen, 3 part niece Broad Cloth. 2 pair Mocassin, seize I at Guildhall, March 21, 1841. z Horse. 1 aied, 1 1 Ion he llarnes. 3 Shawl-. seized ai Fairfax, Jan. 17, 1814. I lllacl; alare, -eizedat Lyndon, beh. 5, 1541. 1 Grey French Hor-e seize I at Barton, Feb. 8, 1811. 2 French Horse-, seized nt Glover, h 8, 1641. 1 Dav French Ilor-e. 1 Brown French Mare, seiz ed nt Burke, Feb. 5, 1811. I rrcnchllor-e -eizedat liurke. Feb. 21. 1SII. 1 Cliesiiut colored Horse, seized at Waldeii. March S, IS 1 1 1 lllacl; rrencli Stud Hore. I Hed Ilnan Horse. 1 Black Gelding, 1 Sorrel Marc, 10 vd-. Broad Cloth. 1 Fox skin, 1 Lynx skin, 1 Sable skin, seized at Woodbury, .March 26. 1811. I w hitellor-e, seized nt Cabot, March 2G, 1344. 1 Brown Mnre, seized at Wheeloek, April 2. 1511 And 11 nl will lo had on said information, nt the next staled term of said Mis'rict Court to 1 e holden at Windsor, within and for said District, on I lie 24: !i lav ot Jlav next, of vv 11 h nil interested will lal.e notice nnd rovern tlieniselies according v. v.iven miner my nann at liradloni, in naul IJistricI, II1I& oily 01 npril, 10-,,,

47 WILLIAM BARRON, Marshall. James Marsh's Estate. Petition to sell Land. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T n Session of the District ol Chittenden, $ T. Prol aie Court held nt Burlington, within and for -aid Di-trict ot Chitten den on tho fifth day of April, IS 1 1, comes David Read niimuiislrator ol Hie e-t.tte ol J.inie .Marsh, lale ol Burlinglon, in said district, deceii-el, inte-tate, and filc in said court his petition in wr'ting, selling forth that the said James died seized and possessed of a in. II, uncertain, undivided in'ere-t in al o it seven ncre- of land lying on the south -ide of the W.ecr Quechee R-ver, in Hartford, in the County of Wind. or, nnd of a like undivided iniere-t in nhoiil Ivveiny acre ot -iloiinlain laud in said Ilartfurd lying north ly from said river, and bounded on the ea-l by land owned bv Alel ilnrron, which undividel iniercst in said land- re-le lopon a conluigeney under the eon-iblion- in a disal given by D.nrel Marsh, laleof said Hartford, decea-eil. to the -pjil Jame. and niher bnirs oflhe said Daniel, daled July 10. 1829 ; thai the debts allowed by the commissioner neain-t the estate of inesaii! Jame. ninoiinl to ih.UIU 84, ol which 8570,92 is for la-l sickness charge-; that the inventory ol Ihe personal estate of ihe sai I James amounts toSll 117,84; that the amount oflal ii'kne charges nnd funeral expen-e. have been paid, leavinj 8583,78 for the deli aying oflhe expen-e. of administrating aid e-tale an I the iiaynieut of debts dee front his e-iate, an I thai it will I e necessary to -ill the inn re-t of ihe in J e tale in sai I land b.r the payment of said debt and c xpen-c s ol'ndniinistratiiig tid esi.He, and ray nig mii I id in in lii-en-elhu sai I ailmini-traiur to sell I be interest of said estate in sai I lands, for the purpose aforesaid, ngreeably tothe statute in Miib ea-e made and provide.!. Wns.iiEuroM, the eourrnfnrenid doth appoint the third Wednesday ol May. 1814. for hearing and deci ding on said petition at' ihe otlice c.f the Regi-ter of sail court in said liurlington, nun dnih order that all person interested in said elate be notified thereof by publication of this order, cool lining ibc substance of said petition, three weem uece.sivelv in ihe Burling tnu Freeres-, a newspaper printed in said Burling ton. Ihe last of which publications lo be previous lo sanlihird Welne-day of May 1811. Given under my hand al said Burlington this fifth dav of April 1814. 47w3 WM. WFSTON, Register. TO RENT. I?ROM THE 1st OF MAV.the Store known a the Geiman Stose, nexl to Peck if. .Spear, Druggists. Inquire ol April 25, PECK it SPEAR. TO RENT. TROM the fir-t of May, a convenient HOUSE, lor X a large family, or for two small families, with Barn, Woo Ihou.e andGarden. Also, several Room in a new Brick House with House, &c,, nil situated lietween Ihe Cour: ninin oquare and the Lake. Apply to Burlinglon, April 8. '44. 45 tf II. MAYO. 2J. DISSOLU i ION. rilHh Copartnership c.f M. OSTIIEIM & Co. is tins nay, by mutual consent, dissolved. The uuu v iccis oi ihe firm, are assigned and con veyed to Mosej Samsom, one of the Co., who i. an- iiwm-s. iu ciiio ano receive an the dews and de mands of the Co, M, OSTIIEIM, H. J. HEINEIIERG, .... . , M. SAMSON. Burlington, April 23, 1844. M. OSTIIEIM, one of the late firm of M. O-lheim Ac Co., is hereby authorised to colle-'t the demands q le iim one uompanv. M, SAMSON. Burlington, April 23, I8H. 47 NOTICE. THIS Certifies that I have given my son, Wil liam Deckeb, his lime to acl and trade for him r.i, uuu i snail eiami none oi iu wage nor pay any -"i u, ins imiirnciillg; uuer nils (late, ASA DECKER. Attest, II. Hlriunnsnx, ,VenneW, April I, 8I1 SO RBHS. THE Briclt Building on the cast side of Court House Square, at present oc cupied by Mr. Barnes, ns a cabinet shop. Enquire at this office. Ilurlinelon, April 15, '44. 46 Hi house ro le i. THE nhscrilier will let hi large nnd commodious BRICK HOUSE, situated opposite Ihe Bank of Hutlinglon, nnd on Ihe corner of Church and Hank Street, for one or a loneer term of years. The hou-e ha been oecunied for a nunil er ol vears past n a boarding hou-c, and I well calculated loaceoin. mouate Irom twenty to thirty hoarders, lerm mane known by application to tho ubcril er, and posses sion given on the first day of May next. VV.Vt, A. UlVlsSfVUI.I'. Burlington, April 4, 181i 41 If M. O. RATIinUN A 'o., DRAPERS AND TAILORRS. Peck's BuIlwno, three doors east of Howard's Hotel. 48 Life ami PubllcServlccs ol IICN It Y CI.AY, brought down tuthe year 1841. 12) cts. Memoirs and Poems of Mr. DAVIDSON. 75. do. do. L. M. DAVIDSON. 60. do. do. MARGARET DAVIDSON. 50. Miss Strlcklank's I.lvcs of the Q.uccns of England. 6 vol.. 3,00. Arthur O'licary, new edition with plates 31. Nystcrlcs of Pari, townd New World edition complete. 87J ft, do. do. in French, complete in 1 vol, 2,50, Perforated Paper, Motto Seals, assorted, Ivote Paper, norted, April IS, '44. By EDWARDS. 4G Turlington, Vt., April 18, 1814. YNEof Our mast noble winter within recollec- V tion ha .lust pa-sed til' and we are now in the midt of lovelv inviznraling sprini. the like of which tou is spoken of by many a being Ihe fine. I ever known. There is wily here and there a mur murerwho will nol receive and accept it exhdin linginfliiencc a a l lc-sing for fear of having to pay back nzain, for such there i-i but Ihe remedy, viz. irratitude.charilv and murnliiv. Now to Trade our b isine- through the Winter ha I een goml. The Spring site are opening fair and the small stock ot re-eive uonds tor Ihe pre-ent ,-ea-on are selling od'at cheap snti-facinrv price, at 4G HOWARD'S. I . ADVANCE. GtRA HAM'S M AO AZI NF. for May, the most splen T (lul Marrazin ever i-siie I. . The May number is embellished wilh a splendid Sieel Engraving of the Battle Field of Brandywine, from a painting by Doughty, enirrave.l by James omit.e. 1 ne i.esl engraving ever issiieu in a .Maga zine. The Favored Captive, a magnificent steel cngr.i' vin-r, hy Rawdon, Wright ft Hatch. Summer Fashion, elegant stvlc, from fresh de sirns from Pari, containing all the varieties. Twenty-four Original Paper from somenfthe best writer in me country, aineie rvumier ceni No. I. Peel.' Building. 1G By A. KHWAHIW, FLOWER HEEDS. 4 FEW kinil of Flower See I fur ale by of Fh 101 f. -April 19, ILiIs-smvid & nnoTitr.n. CltUltltlC miU-illI. 'T'O clean bou-c with, much lime and hard work is X savwl by iisintr them Sold by April, 1811. 45 BlllNsMAID it BnOTIIEBS. CHIILDREN'S Leather Belt sold by 40 BiiiNSMtlo it BaOTHF-n. CANES, XKTI7H Crooked and IvorvIIead old by April, '44. 1G Bnis'sMtin it Brothf.ri. Military 110110118, FOR the Vermont Companies, receive! and for sale by BmssMAID & BnOTlinn. April, 1841. 4G LIBERATION. THIS may certify that I have given my son, SI I ELD KN POTTER, his lime, and after this da'e shall claim none of his earnings, nor pav any debt of hi contracting. AB.SER POTTER. April 15, 1841. 4Gw3 SHINGLES, NAILS, Sec. 2500 PINE SHINGLES, 23 kea nails. ALSO, PLOUGHS, warranted a good article, fur sale low hy S. M. POPE. Burlington April 19. 1BI4. 46 (SjThe following Sale stands adjourn ed to the 10th oj May. AUCTION SALE. On Wedxcsdav, May 1st, at Ten O' clock, Forenoon. WILLlc sold at Pubhe Auction, to (he highest bidder, the large Brick Building on Water st. at ihe loot ot Main street, situated on Water Lot No.. 29, 2D and 30, subject lo an annual rent ot 872. Sail building i substantially built, and i now well fitted to be used a an Iron Foundry and Machine Shop. Also, A son I Black-miih Shoo and Tool. ; Several Hand and Engine Lallie-, Vice-, Drills, and other tools suitable for a Machine Shop and Foundrv ; Several Joiner' Benches, Hand Screw, Boll-, Shafts, Circular Saw and Machinery ; 1 Planing Machine wilh Appara.ti-; 1 Grind Stone, &C. Also A lot of Pat'ern cons,. jn2 of several thousand va rieties, comprising tlielaie.l and mo-t valuable inven tions in Machinery for .MPI-, Steam Engine-, ,f-i., such ns Segment) Gear-, Pinions, Shall-, Gudgeon Inxe, ile., &c. ANo, all the Apparatus of the Iron Foundry lately in operation on the cremises afore siiJ, among which I- a large lot of Wooden nnd Iron Flasks; one Crane and tackle, 1 Cupola Furnace, Core boxes, Ladle-, &c. iV. One 8 hor-c high pressure Steam Engine, wilh hnil er, &c. in good working order; one four horse high pressure Pendaluui Engine. Also A large (j -nntlty ol Won I, Mo dding Sand, Old Iron wrought and east, Wagon boxes, .Mill l. earing. Sleigh .hoe-. Ca ildron Iveitle.. culled Board, on- lini-heil Siraw Cullers, &e., together with one Plea sure Waggon, one Double Waggon, and one Single Harne-. Sale to tale place at Ihe Foundrv afote.-aid. Terms made known on the day of -a'e. WM. C, w HITEMA.N, Assignee. Burlington, April 17, 1811. 46 vv2 Clover and Herd's Grass Seed For sale by J. &. . II. PECK & Co. nuiiingion, aprn u, tat i. tu NOTICE. THIS certifies that 1 have given my son, IIollis A. Dons, hi time lo Iran-act business for hiin- seirduring his muiority. and shall claim none of his ornings aner lln uate. SAMUEL, UOfiR. Burlinglon, April 22, 1814. 47vv3 J 150 Bni.S. Mess Pork. 100 do Extra Mis do. of oir own nack ing, and warrantel equal to any Pork ever offered in this niarnet, lur sale i v FOLLETT BRADLEY i C MAI LiS SUGAR. WANTED 10 or 1500 pounda Maple Sugar in exchange fur foods, by S, M, POPE, April 19, 1844. 46 1 8 44. CIIAMPI.AIN, NUW-YOKK AM) 1IOSTON. rtrrRCHAJvrs' xzns. THE PROPRICTORS ofthi Line have provided a class of first rale boats to ply theiire-enl sea son teivveen imc i-lianiil.iiii mil iievv-Jorl .rurllie transnorialion of Merchaudi-e nnd such oilier nroo. erty as may be citlru-led In their care, nnd hope lo receive, as they intend lo merit, a fair hare ot patronage. The-e loatago through to New York, and ore li le toweil by sieam on Hiid-on II ver, nnd on Lake Champlain when lecc-snry. In thi mule properly i. nol suhjecteil to injury by transhipments, and lot's are Kepi togeiner. Tt.i Line of boats connect nl New Yeik with I Ik De-paich Line of Bi Hon Packets Contracts for Ireigiit I ct vv ecu Boston or iScw York and Lake Champlain, can be made with our agents. Property pasing I elvvtvn Bo.ton and Lake l.'hamplain, for warded in either direction via Wes ern Railroad, vviien iivsirvu. ritOFKI ETORl, fOLLEfT 4 BRADLEY, Burlington, VI. NICHOLS, BURTON f- CHIT 1 ENDEN, St. Albans, Vt AGENTS, U A. Jotissow, Coenties Slip, N. York, C. L, Ware, 10 Long Wharf, Boston. 45'f RUSSIA RODS, (i Tons warranted Ituvsia Nnil Rods, for sal by -r FOI.LE1T BRAIILI Y V io. L.AKK Chauncey Slater's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. J T Prolrate Court District of Chittenden, as. J SV. holden at Barlm' Ion, within and for Ihe District aforesaid on the 18th day of April, A. I). 1844, nn instrument purporting In be Ihe last Will nnd Testament of CHAUNCKY SLATER, late of Essex, in said district deceased. vva presented lo the Court here for Probate, by Lydia Slater, Ihe executrix therein named. TittntronK, il is ordered by said Court, that public nnlif-nlii. r!t-pn in nllnnrnnf-nnf-irnpd therein to all penr before said Court, nt a session thereof lo de hold en at the Rcsiter'9 office in said Burlington, on Ihe second Wednesday of May, A. D, 1811, nndeontert the probate ol said will nnd I! I lurtncr oruerco that Ihis order bo published three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press, n newspaper printed nt Burlington, in this State, ihe last of which shall be previous lo the dav assigned, n aforesaid for hearing. n: ..-a... 1. -...1 .1.- n..n:s,...i nm.. ihij lrn iiiiut'i my mum , iiiu ihisisi s- w,,,sv, 18th day of April. 1814. 4(j wj vvjvi. vvr.siUiM, itcgisier. .Tosliii.t XVIiltromb's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, rpHE Hon. the Pro- l)i-lricioi t;iiiteniieii, . ) jl into uouri inr me histrict of niiitiendeo i To nil ner-ous eoncerncil in tlioe.tnieofJOsllUA WH1TCOMB, late of Richmond in aid District, decea-til, GnEf.TlNo. Levi W hiicomli. one orthe ndillllll-tra- tors ol the e-tale of said ecea-cd, prnpo-es to render an account 01 hi niiiniiiisiration, nnd pre-ent tu ac count again! aid etate lor examination and allow-niu-n nl a sesion of Ihe Court of Prol n;e. to 1 e hoi 'en at tlio Kegistct's otiK-c, in uurltngton, on inesccouu Wednesday nl may next. Tnr.nEFOBr.. Von are hereby notified to nnncar I e fore said court at the lime niid place afore-aid, and hewenu-e, n any vntl have, vv hy tlie account ntore said should not I e allowed. Given under inv hand at Burlington, this 18,h day of April, A. D., IStl. 4li vv3 ai. vvi'.s tu., tiegi-ter. Kbenezrr Allen's Iitatc. STATE OF VERMONT, i rpllE Hon. the Probate District of Chittenden, s. S X Court for Hie District of t'lntienilen : To all person concerned in the csiatc of EI1ENEZER ALLEN, lale ofColchclcr, in said Di-lrict. i licensed. viREETINO. Wheheas, Charles Collins, administrator ol the e-tato of said decea-ed, propo-eslo render an account ol his administration, and pre-enl his account again I said esi ale fur examination and allowance al a ses sion of ihe Court ofProl ate, to I e hidden al the Regis- tcr's otlice in Burlington, on the second Wednesday of May next. TiiEiiErouE, You arn hereby notified to nppepr 1 e fore said court at the lime and place afore-aid, and shew caue, if any you have, why the account alore said should not he allowed. Given under inv hand at Burlinglon, this 18th day of April, A D. 1844. 4U.V3 win. vr.sii u., terminer. Scvvcll spaiildlng's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, i fl HE Honorable the District ofClulicndcn, I M- Pri bale Court vvi.h in and for the Di-lncl of Chittenden : To the credi tors and ol her concerned in the e-tale of SEWELI. SPAULDING, lale of Underbill in said di-lrict t'e-eea-ed, Whebeas, Raplia Woodworih, administra'or (d the e-tale nl said deceased, has made application lo thi Court, to extend ihe time limile.l lor miking p.ivment of ihe de1 ts "and seltling the e-tale of s.ud i'e ea-ed, twelve month-from the 12lh day of April, 1811. and the second Wedne-day of May nex', I eing assigneil for hearing, al llieolfiiv of the Rerri ter of this Court, and it having I een ordered ibal no tice Ihcrecf be riven, by publishing thi dirree three weeks siieee-sively in the B irliugton Free Press, a new-paper printed at Burlington, Lelore ihe time fix ed lor fie.irii.g. Thi refer,, vou are herebv notified, lo ntviearle- fore -aid Court, at the lime'and place afore-aid, then ndiheie, lo make objection if any vou have, to the sai-J time ol payment I eing lurther extended as aiore sai I. Given under mv hand at Burlington, thi- 18th daj ol April, A. 1). 1S41. W.M. WESTON, ffegisltr. STATE OF VERMONT. mi IF. Hon. the Pro. District of Chittenden, ... j J. late Court lor the Di-lncl d Chiheii 'en : To all per-on concerned in the elate of SKWK'J, SPALLLINU, In'eol Umicr hill, in said district. dise.iseil, . Greeting. WtiEaEAS. Rapha Woodworth, administialorof the es tale ot said dceea-otl, propose- to render an aci ount ol(lii ndmii i-tration, and pre-ent hisaccount againt sai deslnte, for examination nnd allowance al a seion oflhe Court of Probate, to I c holden m ihe Regi-lcr'.-Offue in I'.urhnston, on the second WeJaeday of May next. TiiEnr-roriE. You are hereby notified to appear 1 e fore said court at ihe lime and place aforesaid, and shew cause, it any yoj have, w hy the account more said should not I e allowed. Given under mv hand a Burlington, this 18th day of April, A. 1. 1811. 46 vv3 WM. WESTON, Register. Moses Cntllii'g Estate. STATE OP VEU.VOST, ) rnHE Probate District of Chittenden, ss. JL Court for the District of Chittenden : To the creditors, nnd others concerned in the estate of MOSES CATLIN, late of llur lini'ton in said district, deceased, testate. WiiEiil'.AS, Guy Cnllin, Executor of the last will and testament oflhe sii I deceased, hath made application to said court to extend the time limited for the pay ment of the debts and legacies of the said decca-td nnd settling said esiate, one ycnrlrom ihe mm day of October. 1813. nnd a so nronoses to render an ac count of his administration; Whereupon the court aforesaid doth appoint the second Wednesday el .May lor tiearingand dcciuni2 on said application and ex amining said account, at Ihe otlice ol Ihe Kegislcr ot said court in said Burlington, nnd doth order that all per-ons iniescstcd in said estate be notified thereof by puuiieanon oi this order three vveiKs successively the Bur inton Free Press, a newsnmrr pruned in said Biiilingtnn, the lasl of which puidiealions to he previous to said second Wednesday in .May. mi, mat nicy may men and there show cause vvny saw lime should nol lie so extended and why said ac count should not be nllovvcd. Given und-r mv hand at said Burlington, this 12th dav April, Id 11. 46 W.M. WESTO.N, Register. D SSOLUTION. milE Copartnership heietofore existing 1 etvveen i. D.inkl Davi- & Win. II. Cum'-, under the firm of Dani I Davi- sV Co.. i this day dis-olved by tnu tual consent ; m. II Curti- a nines nil Hie liabil ities ol Hie hrm and I ecomes po e ed ot all lis ellects. Tlie name uf the hrm will I e o-ed in L'n ti- laiiof. DANIEL DAVIS Bufliiigion, March 27, 'I I. Wsi. II. CURTIS. W. II. CUItTIS Tenders bis thank 10 the pub lic for the lileral pilronage he ha- receive I, both when alone a lid in pariner-h p. and informs them that he ha rented the s and in Water Street, (occupied fora series of years hy Daniel Davi-, nod for the last year by Daniel Davis'iV Co.) vv here he intends to con tinue tlie -nine hu-iiie-s our-tied bv hi pre.!ve-or-, which embraces almost every at tide kept in .wintry lore-, and be hope by a'lcnlion lo businc-v anJ up-ighine-s in all In dealing-, lo merit nnd retain all the former patrons of tin etalli.-hmcul, ail J obtain many new ones. N. B All accounts d le I). Davi. D. Davi iVCo., or Wm. II. Curtis, must be paid immcdiaielv, or they be left with an attorney lur adu-tntcnt. DANIEL DAVIS, DANIEL DAVIS, it Co., WM. II. CURTIS NEW GOODS. THE Siibscriler have put rei eived a general a sorlmenl of Spring and Summer Good, which were pirchase.1 lor Cash lotbebc-l advaniage, and will be sold nl a small advance. Co miry Merchants wishing to renlenbh their Stocks 1 efore going to Marl el nnd all others wishing to purchase at whole sal' arc requested tocall an lexvmine Good and pri. ces. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. March, 20 '44. 43 THREAD, At. A fi l-b. Win. and Cold. Cotlon Thread, fliVjls. 300 dozen do Spool do do 50 lbs. Linen, 0 Gross Round l.ncets, Just received and fur sale I v VILAS, LOOMIS 4, Co. March, 20 '41. 43 1WTTONS iyc. rjQ Gro Horn OverCoat, Coat and Vest Hut. ' 100 G'. Prunelh do do button, 250 do Pant and Strap do Cunt and Over coat Cord and Binding, Sewing Silk and Tvvii, Cot. Tape fcr Woolen Manufacturer n-e, foi sale by VII. S, I.OOVtlS .f- Co. INSUItAACE. TIin sol scnl er has nctl a Agent lur ihe Xlnn 1 iu-iiiance Company of llnrlfoid Coiinccticiil fur ntore than tvvcntv ver pa-l. nnd coniiuuvs to insure . I ,... i:-. .,-i t ....i. ..Il....l.t...n. n.l llgUlllsl III99.I.S ins, uim ,, v, .,. - ..uu personal properly, nnd will revive npplicnlions al !ii oilli-c in BurliiiElon.nnd imiiiediately issue Polices for that purpose al u low rates if pieiiiiuni, ns any private company can n iom. i ne unuonuii-u re.po.i -ibiliiv nf Ins Ciomiiaiiv. insures snfc'v 'o llielii-u ml, and I heir prom.ii, honorable, aid III eral cour-c in the adjustment and payment of toe-, will 1 e al-le-nsj by all with whom lliey have had occasion to dobu-ine... W.M. A. GRISWOLD, Agent. Burlington, March 1, 1811. 41) II 70.000 POUNDS firsl qualiiy SALF.RATUS ip. Casks, Barrels and nan narreis, lorsaioiovv oy FOLI.ETT, BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1813. 23 "cTiiai-iiii. gA Bag Old Government Java Gofer, isvV.' 20 hags Gicen do do 25 bags Laguira, OS .0. II,., 20 do Angostura, a splendid arliele. for sole b FOLI.EIT, BRADLI-.V U Old Pock, Nov, 23, 113- -3 HENRY HALB. ATT)IINKV it COUNSi:i,I,()R AT tiAW. OH WELL, VEIIMONT. 1'Tan6 forte' foii sale. A pood second handed PIANO FORI E is offered fur sale al a very low price by T. F. if. VV. L. STRONG. March 8, '44. 4B A. DAWSON, TAILOR. Shop in the south end of Afr. Stetson's ntw brisk building, on Church Street. BURLINGTON, VERMONT. Cuttlnc done in the most approved style, and warranted. March 1, 1811. 6n39 HED CEDAR POSTS. A Fi'M rale article, on baud. Jl and for sale by JEIIIEI MU.NSON. Burlinglon, ) April 11, 1811.) FOR SALE, A GOOD single pleasure WAGGON, nearly now, and any kind of pinoiice or wood rcie ved for pav. Also, 20 Ton good HAY, which will I e delivered anf wli. r i in the village. GEO. PET EliSON. Burluiamn, April 8, '14. 45 wl LUMUER AND WHEAT. 10,000 FEET of one inch common Whit uvu rme liUAiiu-) siuiai te lor auuuai any it-e, having leen sta'One-1 t"r tvvo vears. Also, 100 liiibel of English Red Chat!" Bald WII EAT superior arliclc for seed. For alc bv Wmoo-kiFalU, GEORGE EDGCUMIH.. Burlington, April 3 1814. 44 vv4 rilSIIOI' HOPKl.VsS'ON BIIITISH REFORMA- TION, in Sixteen Leiture-, iu-t nut li.he-1 fs.r bv V. HARRINGTON. March 23, 1844. 41 PAPER. 500 Roams letter nnd cap Paper for sale in exchange for White and II row Rais, 1 y VILAS, LOOMIS 4t Co. Morel. 27, '44. 41 THE Democratic Review for March for le by 20 h March. f42l V. HARRINGTON. TO LISTERS. 1 JUNKS for taking lists, in quires or bound, Mr .i-J sale tiv GOODRICH. March 23, '44. 44 CASH PAID TTOR Sheep Pelts, and Shipping Fur, JL VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. March 27, '4 I. I. FEA THERS. 2000 1) Live (iccsn Feathers of a superior quapty of country collection 100 II s Hen, Feathers, for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. March 27, 4 1. 41. TIN PLATE. WIRE Src. Boxe Tin Plate 1-3 X I O IS do do IX Sor. 25 Packs Ru-sia, Fng. & Am. Sheet Iron, 511 II -xe Canada Plate s ipeiior Brands, 50 Bundles Wire ns'td. No. Also a general as-ortmenl of Tinners articles fbr nleat prices will make il for theinterest oflho-a wishing any articles in tin line loinll anl examine iheirSimk. VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. March 27. IS 11. 4S ESSENCE, Jyc. Gros Essence 2 oz. v ia!, 10 do Opodeldoc. 75 10 do British Oil, fur sale bv VILAS, LOOMIS 4 Co. March 27, '41. 41 NOTICE. THIS certifies that I hive given my on, NATHAN MINER, his lime to act and trade for himself. nnd I shall claim none of hi wanes nor pay any dcbla uf his contracting after tin dnte. ANDREW MINER, jr. Brattleboro', Vt., March 20, 1914. 44v3 PECK &- -SPEAR, RE MOVE D! Aejri door to the German Store. In connection wilh Drugs, Medicines, &c. itc, wilt le huud a complete anrimenl of be! quality DYE STUFFS. B irlington, 25lh March, 1311. 41 11'a-eCol'd. Cambric, 30 Piece Stleeia-, 20 do Victoria Twill--, Blch'd Drilling, S.tiin Jeans an.I Foundation. Jest received and fur sale by VILAS, LOOMIS It Co. March, 20 '44. 41 SHEETINGS, Ac. 2 n.t!es4-4 mid 98 Brown Sheetings, 1 Ca-e 4-1 Bleached, do 1 do 3-1 do Shirt'tig, 1 Bale Burlap 10 inch, 1 do Canvas Padding, 2 do Brown Drilling, 5 do Ti-I,iiigs( 10 P.. Padding, Just re.eivej and for snle by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. March, 20 '41. 41 SIXTEEN Lectures en the Cait-e, Principle, and Ite-nlt ot the British Reformation, By John Henry lIunLtn, lii-hop i f the Protestant Episcopal Ch irch in Vermont. 12 By A. EDWARDS. WOOL! WOOL!! THE subscriber would respectfully inform the pee nlc that he is prepared to mike wool into cloth for all thai wish lofavur him with their custom, vii. : Plain Cloths, Cassnnere,and I- lanncl.for the following prices : Plain Cloth, light mi colors, 25 cent; Cassimer. 30 cents; Plain Cloth, dark mix or full color, 30 cents; Cassimere 37 cents, and Flannel delivered white, ltieni per yard for cash, or hall" of ihe cloth when finished. Also, Carding wool to toll and dressing rlo'h. THEODORE D. LYMAN. North Ferrisburgh, March I5lh, 1344. 41 mS NOTICli! NOTICE!! TO nil per-on in Jebte.l lo the subscriber, thai ihelr notes and accounts must 1 e paid, a hi pr ipertf is posted for sale and nuihing but payment will lv it. SIDNEY UARLOW. B irlington Falls, March 1, 1814. 39 if iihiggs uNnnitivoon, A TTORNE YS A T LA W, tr. Burlington, VI. 8m OA CONSIGNMENT. ONE CASE OF RltOl:CI.OTHS, enilin; of Black, B'ue, anl Mixed, for sale by Ihe piece, br FOLI.ETT, BRADLEY it Co. Acini Old Dock, Feb. 8,1814. NOTICE. A LL persons indebted to the firm of JOSEPH lOtitieJ to Jl and J hatch, & Co , are herol-y noiitiej to settle the same immediately and save co-t. JOSKPH HATCH. Burlington March, 8, 1844. 41w3. TAILO ING. 1J CAI.LAN has returned lo the Falls and obc . ed a shop opposite J. W. Weaver's itore. The palronageof Itib former friends and the publun generally, i rcspecifully solicited. Garments rut or mnde bv liiui arc warranted to St. Buthngion Falls, March 12, IS44. 41 tf FOR SALE. riMIAT large and eommisliou-iwo s'ory BRICK 1 DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT, inmie-l on the west side of College Green, nt the head oft'ellega Street, in this village. The House i 32 by 45, with a bii't'inenl siory, withki'chen nnd provision cellars, and a wing 32 I y 05, ex emiing nonh on l ollega (teen, with vvorsl and store home I elow, and i ham btr and sleeping rooms nlnve. A large ami com. moJiuiis burn, carriage hone, ice house, and othrr out-houte-, and a spneious yard wet of theilvrellinir hoiee, and a good dura! le well of water oflhe be-t quality in the village, and abriik cistern. One and a quarter ncie of land, of the firsl qualili, a laxce ganlen and choice fruit Iree west of the hou-e and yanl. The buildings are coua'riicird in modern style, of the best material and workmanship, were erected by the nibs.-rilr (or his own ue, and the location a lords a very expensive and pleasant propeet oflhe villaw and lakeon ihe We-I, and i nut urpaitod by any Hlher in ihi pari oflhe country. ALo, for sale a good pair of work hor-e. Puoliasers are invited In call and examine r,-. Terms ina 'e known ly the nl.serilj onX ,ale( AMI1I L RFT.D. Birl'iigtr-P, r"' ?i 18 fi'f