Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 10, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 10, 1844 Page 3
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'I was woll known thogcnlloman whoso cro. dcntials hint bnun presumed, had boon snmo time in the city, without, Huh far, rl.iiminp. liis seat j it was equally notorious, that ho had boon alllic. tcil4y a dispensation of 1'ruvidotirc, lie should move tho appolnlniGnt of n select Committee to investigate the circumstances of this case, both as an act of justice to the itulii idual himself, and as the right of tho American people, whose rep resentative was eacli Senator on this floor. Mr l'.iirliold said, that bavins been a follow boarder for soma time past with the Senator elect, and formerly well acquainted with him, lie would undertake to pronounce that ho was r.s capable, of performing his duties hero as any member of this body ; that he had been afflic ted, and still labored under physical debility! ho did not deny. While ho protested aailnst llic right of this body to take the course proposed, he was instructed by the Senator from Cornice ticut, to say that he waived all objection, and would freely accede to the investigation. Tho Chair asked if the Senator Irom Jonncs eee would reduce his resolution to writing 1 Afler a pause, the resolution was sent to the desk and rod, as follows : UcsuhoU the crcdonlials of Hon. .T. .1. Niles be referred to. a Select Committee of live, whoso duty it shall bo to enquire into the elec tion, return, and qualifications of said Senator elect, and his capacity, at this time, to take the oath required by the Constitution. Mr Fairfield thought tho resolution would cm. brace sufficient ground, if the latter clause, re specting his capacity, fcewcro omitted. Air Jaruigan consented to tho Modification. The resolution, as modified, was read. Mr Fairfield said that some around him were still dissatisfied with the form of the resolution, doubting the constitutional power of this bodv to the extent covered by tho resolution, and ho would suggest the addition of the following 'Said Senator elect waiving all constitutional objections to this course.' Aft Cr.tlendon felt great delicacy in approach ing this subject, but lie was constrained to say that, as it struck him, the resolution did not, as now drawn, embrace the only real inquiry in tins case The resolution was of the ordinary tech nical character, and in the form prescribed by llic Constitution, which looked to age, citizenship, &c. as the qualifications necessary for a seat In this body. The question was novel, and of great delicacy ; he would suggest, therefore, that as the Sou lie was thin at this tiuie,the whole business should ho on the table until there was a full attend nice. Mr Allen was desirous that there should bo no delay about forms. If the resolution did not meet the views of tho Senator from Kentucky, as it now stood, lot hun amend it, by nweili'is any such languagn, not lepugnant to the Constitu tion, as would tat sfy him. Mr Crittondon was somewhat cmbirrascd xviih regard to the proper form of amendment, but thought that the resolution should look lo tho mental competency of tho individual. Mr Allou here interrupted him to say, that, at the request of the party most interested, (.Mr Nile, who sat at his side,) he would suggpht that the reso tition should bo in llic thapo first proposed, and let the inquiry (touching Ins fore- lieail sigmli -antly,) leacli the head. I Mr Crittenden said this would be sufficient.) The resolution was thun restored to its original I form. MrTappan was still opposed to it. lie. thought that, whli such a precedent, it would bn in the power of corrupt men, hereafter, if such there i should he, to tako advantage of tho authority j herein claimed, in order to re aina numerical i superiority. The question properly belonged, i in his estimation, to tho constituents of the Sen-1 a-'or elect. Mr Ci it'cnilen thought the suggestion of tho Senator from Ohm well worthy of consideration. The question was novel, and of great impor tance. He would, therefore, move tint tho ere denlials, the resolution, and the whole subject, be laid on tlio table until Mondiy next. Mr Allen insisted all tho evils supposed by his colleague lo arise from the total e-rclu-Eion of thii-e wlio were entitled to suits here, would equally result from a tenipor uy exclu sion. There was no tioeos-'ily for delaying ac tion in tbo i-ase, when, for ought we know, the Senator h is as much right to vote hero this day, as any of us. Mr Buchanan would desiro that tho Senate (should act with entire unanimity in this matter, and that the que.-tinn should be determined with as little delay as possible. The gentleman was placed in a very awkward position by having this question defered. The constitutional ques" tiou might not arie at all. He had enteied in to an implied undeManiliug, he said, with some Senators on this side, who were ab-ont, that no question of public importance should be acted on during their ab-enco. Air Crittenden said that the constitutional question hail already been raised by the Senator irom wnto, Mr r.ippan.; lie xiiovv that some of Hie Senators who were absent li id thought deeply on this subject, and they tuii'ht, some of them, be placed on this Committee. Ho con sidered that this question was one of those em braced by the obligations of the Senator. Air Wright knew nothing of any such ar rangement, but ho would say a single word let the investigation proceed ; the Senate need not act upon it, until there was a full attendance. All delay must he piiuful o tho individual con cerned, whoso position was already sufficiently painful. Air Crittondon withdrew his motion for post ponement, remarking that Ins only object lo meetthis quo.linn properly, and no one could desire mote than him-elf to' relieve the individ ual, who was an old friend of his, from all un neccessary embarrassment. The resolution as originally submitted, was then adopted, without a division, and the Chair immediately appointed the following gentlemen as the Select Committee, viz. Messrs. .Tarnigan. Wright, Uenton, Berrien, and DcDiiflio. The Senate then proceeded to receive Me morials, &c. A large number of private bills were taken up and ordered to be engrossed, after which the Senate adjourned. House of Representatives. Mr Simmons from Select Committee on Mngraving, reported that this committee had examined sundry dia grams referred to them for the purpo-e, and taw no reason whv (he same bhoiild be oin'rav ed. Mr Brown of la. offered a resolution that all debates on tho Tariff should cease on Wednes day the 8th of May. The resolution was not considered. Some anxiety was manifested to get in ro ports from Standing Committees, but a motion was made to suspend the rules, which, on ac count, prevailed. The House resolved itself into Committee of tho Whole, and Mr Hopkins took the Chair. Air Abner Smith, of N. Y. addressed the Com mittee for an hour in defence of tho TariflT. Air Bayd of Ky., attempted to restore vitality to the buried calumny against Messrs. Adams and Clay, of 'bargain ar.d corruption," Air Caleb Smith, of la., following in an ablo speech, which was confined to the merits of tho bill beforo the House. Air King, of N. Y. succeeded him in opposi tion. Air Marsh, of Vt. followed, and the debate was continued until the adjournment. Wednesday, May 1. Not much wns done besides a rambling debate on die Tariff. Sir Pollock, the new Whiz member from Frick' District in Pcnn. made a good speech in favor of protection. Hut nobody was iberc, oil beinj; away at Baltimore. TucntDAv, May 2. Same ns vestsrdav. A few bills referred, a few' speeches on the Tariff to empty benches and tholloiieo still at tsaUimorc. I'niPAv, May 3. Mr Clay appeared in the House, and was gicelcd wilh every mnrli of respect and attention. Hisbeallh( appears very good. The IIouso anain went into Committee of the. whole on Ihn llrilish Tariff, and Messrs. ( hnppell of Georgia and Muipbv of New York made speeches in favor of il, and .Mr Severance of .Maine ngointt. In tho Senate a number of memorials against the annexation of Texas were received, and the Senate adjourned to Monday. WHIGJ-RALLY! Tho slated meeting of tlio BUHLtNG TON CLAY CLUI!, held on tho first Monday of May, was adjourned lo MON DAY, THIS l';iTII DAY OF MAY in slant, lit 5 o'clock, I. M., to receivo tlio Report of tlio Delegates to tho Uiiltimoro Convention. The altond.inco of tlio friends of CLAY and FR KL1NG II UYSI2N is especially re quested. GEO. A. ALLEN, President, E. A. Stansiiuiiv, Secretary. M sn ip e? ft o dl, In r.ssc;, on the Bib hist., by the Hcv. P. P. liar rower, Mr. Samit.l A. Kiiuejiax, lo Miss. Almiba A Stevens, all of Hssex. 3D fi fla In Williston, on Tuesday eve, 30lh ult,,Mrs. MAniA SncnMAN, aged 29 years. In thisvillmo on ibo 1st inst, of consumption, Mrs Maiiu I.. wifo of l'isiinn Tiiayeii, tiged 23 years. 'IJeiven i a better placs,' we h'ard her say, and hcaid iu more ; uiu iiunci 01 uie ovc nam Wns come, nnd fiithful to his promise .tnod Prepared lo walk with her through deaths dark vale. Anil now her eves arew hricht, nnd hrnjhicr still, T.iobrialit foro irs lo look upon, s ifl'useil With many tenrs, nnd closed without a cloud, Assets llic morning slur, which noes Not down behind the darkened west, nor hides Obscured ainona ihn tempests of the sky, ISut mclls away into llic light of heaven. Printers in IS". II. nrc requested, itc.'i.iTjrT.'i.-'- DISSOLUTION. exf.ims; between - nsiir.ii i iiAii.n, i iini.r.s ii, mti-aiit ana Jmiv ti. Daooett, under Hie lirm of THAI lilt, SI't'ART it Co , i Ibis ihv di-xolvel hv iii'itoa1 cnn.cni. Da?iretl if- Smart u-imie all ibe lia'.ilmes of the tirni and Le.:oinc I o' nil e led-. FISH Hit TIIAVI R, I'll Itl.KS It. hTI'AltT, JUI1N 0. DACitlflT. nutlinglon, May 1, 1911. CHAIRS! CHAW! CHAIRS!!! r.SPnCTI'L'Lr.Y inform tho public lb-it lliey will liereifler cirry on Ibe Ull till nink'ing b'l s'ness, nt tho old stand or Tinvcn, Stcaut it Co , on Church St., two doors south ol ibo Count v lln -ec, and r.el warranted in sajinz that they can furm-h as bandsoine nnil durable an article in ibis line, as was evir offered in lliirlinzlon, and on us low terms. Pleaso call and examine. All kin-l. id r;hnr-, Settees, Seiiee-erad'e-, and Sinol made to order. Old Clnurs lepaned und pamtelal short nu'icc. Ciciniry I' nfall kind taken in exchange for chair-. John n. DACif; kit, CII.VULIS It. SIUART. l'lir'inlon, May !, 1911. 49 JEICSI GOODS. A I'lir.SlI supply of Super, Kxtrafinc 3 Ply Car ' X. pciincsi Druiruciis, tiiei-n liaise, 01 (Jlofh, liu-h Maitinijs! Ri di G-l and S-l r.inli'd Printed nnd Damask Table ("; Caipct l!m.loiu' nnd Thiead. LOVELY Sf SEYMOUR Have alsnimporic a n 'h as'oiitncnt of P.Pi:il HANlilNOi I -ROM PARIS, which lliey oflcr low tos. tlier wilh a Rood assortment of American do. Church St., May 10, 1S1I. 49 SPRING GOODS. L O VE L Y A S E YM O UR , HA Vi: receive I a l.irt'i" as-oniiieiii i. Lnods ndap'. i' I lo ibe -ctoii, viz ; llniii'.nnic-, Iliad, nn I III. le!, and Fancy ,S'i,u-, Rich ll.ilzi.nne-, Sy. plnel and Ze di r Do'l.uinc-, l'ai- mil Furirel do l.aiues, Primed und Oinirhnni M i-lio-and'l.iwns i llicii l.aiindee- and P. it.nrd Sdl.-,Scoich and American fJinah 1111 -; wi , Cambric, lluok, Jacnnel .Nau-nol; nn I al il. Mo-lm- ; n -plen-lnl n-sorimenl ol n M.IGOI'.Sj Rich IJonnet ill.-iin.l l.nwn., Ribbim-, Hosier' , (lluie-, itc. iVc, lordlier with every arnclo in Ibe ranyand Sl.tple Dry (luoAs hue. Cbircli Mrcu, 'Oav 10, Id II. 49 if N E W GOOD S &. il. II. DOOLl'l A RI. just rreeiiins their Spring supply of C.oods, TV cootisiins in part of the Inllowum ar i -les : Itroad Cloths i Plain, l'aney, nnd Tweed I'nssi meresj Cabciee, I'limitinc do. 1 Pimlid I.-uvns and Italziirincs; lirocado. Orcande-s, I.uncilas, Alpaccns, M. ins do I.aine, Swiss Mn,hn. Plain and b'l'iued, .Mull do ; W N't,- nii-J Colore I lambiics, i;d"iii"s, m-.-crimes, and fo. liuirs ; Sh-iwls, , Caps" (Tmips, r.!Mt , 1 .' ,M-" I'lack Chanulli Veils, r.,ML.y l0,ttl Iliac; I Lilian, and Colored Silk Cravats; Dimily dollars and Cuffs ; Ladies' lilac'; -pun .Silk Hose, Cation do. all pi ice j .Men's ISrown and Colored 4 IJo-cj Ladies,' Kid, Silkand Collon Glovesj Men's Kid, Riiekckin. l.inen and Colton do Ribbons, Tans Wlialebones Pongee mid Spitalfiidd llaudkeruhu Is ; Linen Cambrics do j Cotton nnd Linen Drills; mi per Illicit Dnpd' Hii, Moreens, Tabby Whcis, Silk do.; Ilhck (5 ralfu Cloih, Dial) do.; Oambroons, Unilirillas, Parasols, nnd Sun Shad, s; While and Colored Sum Jeam. Puis Needles, While an I Color ed Colton Thread, Lim n do. ; ICmnim; Collon, Fur niture and Carpi t Hindincs; Bird's Hje, Scuich nnd Russia Dnpir-; Cnh, Table Linen Irish l.ini 11, and, Klastie Susiienders, S'win.- Silk nnd f c"' 1VOr' allJ UrcSil"S.' Comb.7 lUitlons, The above, wilh n great variety ol other ar'iclcs, are o 'eredeiiherforea-h or ere III upon as noo I terms asai anv oilier store in town, and persons have only to call to satisfy themselves thai 5001I- can bo bauMil of us at tho lowest rates and of tho best quality. " Uurlinztnn, 8 Alay, 1RII, 40, q IF.). 11URL1UJRT, HAS Ili-eived and is now receivinz a KCiicrul a i-orliiieni i f I'MXCY A STAIU.n DI!V f!()()I)H, anions which miy I .- fi-in 1 .1 1 ea uilnl a.,onmenl o Lawn-, fir Lube,, lloml nims, plain, black eiil'd mil nitim-l Moo ehuu do l.aino-' rich nirored Dii'ss SiIU, plan, lilac', aodb'uu black C.10 ile Sivi- nnd rolonsl Cro i'd Nap do., Ilonnci Silks, Sipeihuii lloniluzine-, l.i-te and Linen i: b-in"., Swi-s mi l CaiiHrie tUtem:' mid In-erlinK-, Fine Jiniiiy, ( Innlella Veil-, Fancy Ikf, an I Cravat-, b.nnei and oilier Hi' ! on-, wi lu Lace, plain ttnd irsV Sw'- .xiiislm-, an I ('uuihncs. Plain Sa 111 tr pel mid Dama-k Do Laine ShawK L.'-,, 'T.n0 "'''f"' K"' ""-. I.i-t Thread an I Silk do. Sill; Mill, and (.love-, black mid culurej tlim,,-, .Net Cap-, Are. itc. I1R0ADCI.OTIIS, Plain mid Fancy Ca-Mmerc-, Salinieu, Sun iner Cn.-iniere. p'ain and cob n'd (Jainl mini, Drapd'K'e, Linen-, K'eiilur-ky and Ham ilinn Jean.; Irench, Fnali-h mid Aineaieaii Prim., Mo Irani? Ilouihazine, Lawn-, Ticks, I'lannel f ra-h; P. L. Ilat-, L. Ihameis. Leghorn-, Dinbrel-la-, I ara-ol.j rwine, Wiek, U.ittin, unl oilier Ihui?. loo uunieroii. 10 memioii. Also, A General A-i.nment of Familt Crtocrnu:.. P. S. Mr. Jamo- W. Il irllmn may I r(Jlmj ai Ihe n' uve tore where be will I o Ipopy lo wail unon hi. frien Is mi l oihers who luav favor bun wilh a can, oi'ire oire aiy ojipo-iie .Me nioMl' , Cli ireb .treet, Hurlmglon, May 10, 111, Lovely & Sey. 49if TTAVK ju.t receivol Irom Now York a yonernl XJ. a.-oiimenl of Fancy mil S aple Drv (.oihI-, lomiiri-ins the Ijh-m Hyles in Prmn, (linsham-llomlnzini-, llouuei and Dr.'.. Law,,., si'. Sd . Shawl. M. d0 Laine- llrocba Shawl-, I'lo. enee ..... o ...w ..noon., aui. i-ar.ois, uoMery, Wove-, Mill., itc. itc. ' 1 AImi, For Ceiiilemcii's summer wear, Drap D'ele Doe Skin, Ci-Mim-ir, Tweed Cloib, O 101' lonne' lloml nzine, Velveicen, Fancy Silk Vi-tini., I'lai Ian' fincv Vi lvi-t do., Jlar-mllMind Vnleniia do, Fancy and p nin Siuck.mi l Tie-, Craal-, Cllar-, Ac. Which will lo -oil u, eheap us can bo bouahi lor eah or approved eredil. Church sireelLMay 8, 1811. 19 f Arrival al Homo. lnm'AHi) or tiio cun.vf cash .stoku, "O nTFIINF.D la-l evcninj, l v ibo Sieamcr Sara-J-V. nac, with an a-borimeui ut (JODDS iUi'ivIio the prc-cut Mason, and be not bavin,' 111110 10 ib-iios,) nf li. in ill kln,,r ,1.,... 1, ' , . ...... in ic, wn .13 nereioioro nai nine!, audi be 111 for Ca.h. May 9, 1 1 ,19 DAIRY SALT. 300 'iK'1 "a'ry Sa,,i J""1 remved by 1 MS 13 .!") V, 'It. IN NKW YOU If, To supply the City nnd Interior Trade, hy the Piece Ur IMelittJIC, Homo veil ! From 113 Pearl Street to 1 1 CliDAlt ST It HUT. M'.AIl ttll.UAM Sttlim. T I'.K ft llllF.WSTKIt irivc notice to the Dealer. Yji in Drv (IoiiiN, that lliey hue icmoved tboir Wttrchnii-c (or Puiile.l Calicoo-, Lvliisil elv, Peart, to I I Cedar Street. Hy cntiiliitntr their at tention to Prints only L. iV M. are ena' lo I to exhibit an n.-orlmeul far Mi'tpa-simf nny ever belore ilfetcl in America and lo fell at once, as low mid General- IV Lower limn liou-us who-n nltciition u divided ainoiiff a larse varietv of nrlic c. The Slock con its ofsnvi.nAt. tiiousavps or Pat Tt:r,Ns and Col.oiiiNH". eiiihrneoi" i" erv variety of AMKH1CAN AND l'Ot.KIU.X PRINTS In mar1,et many tylosj ofwlii-'li me sot upevlii- .-ueiy or nieir own -nie-, nno eauuoi oe eisc wfieic, evcpl in -ci'on-l li nid.. Deaieis in Prinls will lilt I it for iheir interest to ex amine tin- S to. k t eloieinaMnu tlicir inrdia-e- thev will have llic advantage 1 1 Icirniiu the lowe-t mir l.ei prices ind eoniparini? all the ilo-irablo styles in -i.'e hy 'v. t'alnli'Eue ol Prices, eorrcclo I with every variation of tho Market, aieplnceJ in the hands of buyers. April 0, Ml. JO If "we w" "Gooiisr A OOOD ASS0RTA1P.NT or llroad Cloths, Oros d'p'la, Drab do Tn, Uas.ioieres, Twieds, Snti nelts, Itich Vctinus, Summer Stud's, and Ti homing, itc. itc. which will bo sohl at prices to suit purcha sers. I OVULY ec SCV.MOUR. Church street, Jlay 10, 1911, .19 I1ISS U. R.V.N NliY WOtll.D rcspeetfiillv inform llic Ladies of Ilur hn'jton that she lias just returned from New ork with a rood nssonnunt of Itonnels, Ribbons ami MIKs ol uiiierent styles, l.aees, lionlers and Ar tllieials, iVc. She bos New Patterns for Drescs, which will be made to order. Ladies arc respectfully invited to call and examine llic nanus. N. II. Straw and Florence Hats bleached and sowed in the newest slvle. Ihirhimtmi, May 9, 1111. 19 Now Store, Now Goods, Now Partners, New Prices. New Kverytliing almost. BRIXSMAII) & BROTHERS, (Stuccssors to Ixnghorn tf nrhumaiil,) A II II oprnmg a inoicrtcnic,n,"'tiM)in.,nt nl'l can. V. lil'il Gun U linn fvui, iiiKi lint will Ic mM al nrirrq lli it can't I v lira', we in hns't; -iiliioiii a -null h-t ami invite nil lo call ami t-vc Nf no cot tu lock if vu-i tit tint (rare Malacca Cane. do do II 1 tier Kuive, Sately Lamp., Ctiiniiitiii iiarble, Puli-hnl do ('old Snap., Front 1 1 nok-s, P.i-en'-liulelliblelnli, Cl' Pin-, Whalebone, Drt-injr ComI s, Slaie-, Swili", llriiaunia Tci S;i'on, Pocl.c! Ilool; L"ek-, 1! nicy', ln.lclliblc Ink, Nivi r Pcii"il-, (Icrni'i'i do do Ivurv Poikei Combs, Sul Pen.. Melal Pen Holder-, Itone do do Tin Pla o-, Wool Che- Men, (Chilli lo do l.o Ujiilt Cla.-e-', Lamp (ilu-e-, (Teruini Cologne, (iobl Fi icer R1111;-, (fold G inrd Kevs, (Ini'iici llrea-l Pin-, Col 1 Guard Chain-, Palont Vertical Walrhc Cold and S'tver l.owr . ..nver piaiai rai'icspoou. Silver plate I Tea Spoon llruiiininia do do Tea'., do Cas'or-. (Jerinan Silver Speclaeles Sieel Sn t'ler-, s i-el To,i Tbiml le. Ili'illlnina Cund!etiel;s. Gill Shank- Pin., Gilt Sione llullle Pin-, Stone Head Guard Kevc. Plain did lime, t II 1SC.I do FlIIIT'T do f)e'aaiin Head Key, Ladie.' Hr. ocbe- and otbei ernaineiit. i'o do Fnninclcd, do . do Plain llon'er-, do do S uall Game! do do To, in. Gentlemen's Garnet Ptn- dii Scarf Pins Gok Head-, do do do Stone do Stone llrea-t Pin-, Sieel Watch ltmir. S eel do ICev-, do Slu e lluekle-, Gui'ar Su-mirs, PlatudSicel 11 itter luiive loi do Knife He Is, (! 'Id and SiKer Leinne lo llloek C.II Hucll G"l I nn 1 Sdver Anelior do Navy Vc-t IIuiiliis, G1I1 Guar I Ivcv Silk Sa-lr Jei llracelet Cla-p--, Gull Sue 'Licle-, Jewelers (iold lliiig, Ib'us- Sun ier-, (iold Pen-, Ger. .ilier Tat le Spor n do do Tea Spuon i'I 1 b S' ope-, -e.-, I lei I Pin., , Jet Ornament , iNeclJaee., new patterns. And very many new and .olcil'lltl article W e wo il.l lu.t .iv th II we 1 iveGood. .oilaLlo for cviry body, il a Pin, or Hun.-, or Chain, or Kev Watch, or Clue', or oilier ar.iele. aru wauled lorn few cents or -h llinsr. wu li ivc tbimi, il marc e.pen- .-no nee-me waiiieu wo nave inein too, 11 one onlv i. w ante I for n per en's use, woean .updy thai oxr.. 11 in zeus ur more mo wnuteJ lo .ell asani tin 1. the timo and place to set ihein ; and if yo 1 wi.h In .ce fur Mii-c'iiu hi iiiioj. an 1 tin 1 o 11 11 ir price . we arerea'y und willinir 10 alleiul to ou. I VKKV PI'.K.ON, yiiiius or old, rich or poor, no matter wlr are free to come nil I let. h any one -hcv choose, ei'ln 10 ani'i-e ihoin-elve- if hey can m luokimr ihroush our More, or o buy if ibev cboo c tr. We have .lock u Good- rpiru varied an I i'. eu-ne fur u- und we sol iheni not To kki.c, b u 10 -el', uud we in'en to 1 l-tril uiu tbeni, oui.-k nnd cbea 1. Tnev have I e- t"iii logo ijuiie well already and the ipneker yo 1 ml me ueiier. .111 cuaro i r cost 10 100; n ytu uun huvi o call auJ k'o for oartelvc-. May, 1811. .19 J. TKYOS ' XXJOVt.n respectfully iiifiu in Ins friends and the t 1 public lhat he has mm ri turned from New York wilh the Icilrsl fj-hiuns. nnd that lie runtinues to carry on hu?inc..s ni his old stand. IJavuiEr M-l led some of thu best shops m be ( iiy nf New Vorl be truts that, Willi nn ciperuncc of twcnty-iwu years, be can compete wilh die best Tailors 111 this part ol the country N. I) Cm tiny done at short notice, cheap for cash .nay o, iai 1. 4.0 it GROCERIES. Pit It. IL DOOLITTLF offer lor sale, Porto Itieo and New Orleans Sug us, Loaf and Powdered do Hyson, llvson Skin, Younz Ilytonnnd Pow cliong 'IViif, of Ibo very best quilitv, Jaia, Lacuna, lt'o. mid Cuba Cldlle,' Ilest Porlo Uieo, liiee, Pipjicr, Spice, Ginpcr, an I Cinnamon, C.ncn .'ifh and FineCut Tobacco, w I.:.... a 1 J iin.iinii no. Together wilh a ceneral assortnient nf Dry Crocc nr.. i.iiiuii iney uner lur saie ai uie lowefci pnees. .May8. 1811. '.0 DON NETS. P & II. II. DOOLi ril.Kliaio jusl received an . assoriment ol STIIAW A.M) I I.OllI ACI. HIlAlDS.ol the late-i paterns, which they olllr fur I lit' l llt .ljl, Mav 8, 1811. 49 wG SA CK CO A TS. 11 Di 1. Sack Coal-jU.-orio I color, and izc-, jii 2 reee.vel and for mid very Che.ip by Ma ,11. II. W. OATL1N. cosumiss 'A wit. TI'ST rei enol, a Ire b Mipplv of CONUHISS WA " ii.ic.iu hi one and two in zen each, nm lor Mile by GI.O. Pl'.TFIISON. Jiurlmffion, May 7, 1811. 13 il" PASTURING. lOOD pastnrins for 3 Cows near the Cnlleee. in v- ipnreoi Ul.u, j"i;i 'j;nao.. Ilurlinaion May 61b, 1911. -19 !coi'5e Itiumnici's ICslate ""VT"!'! the s'lb.eribers, having been appointed by t 111 minora1 10 uie rruoa'e i;ouri lur I tnei 01 iirani is'e, cottiuii-i-ioiiers lo receive, euin me anj adjii-i ihe c. 11101- and demand, ol nil pcr.-um mrmii.t Ibe e.iate ol GFOIKir. liltUM.MI It. late 1 .tllmrh, 111 mil Di-lr.'cl, ileiea-e.1, repre enled m-ol ven1. and nl-o.nll elaini. and demand' exbi' tied 11 olf el llieretoj an.Kix iiionilislroin ibe day ol'lbe da'e Herein, leinc allow en uy Mini I'uurt lor lint putpo-e wo 00 inereioru nereny j;ive nonce, 111:11 wo will at lenu toino ini.iiie-.iu our iippuinuueut, nuiiodw-ellin ho t-o ul'lbe late Goorj,'!1 Ilrunimcr, in Alburub, n atd, on ibe-ecoud Monday, of July and Sen leinber next, at U n'elimk, A M,, on each cf said da vs 11,.. I .1.... n I. .In., r.1 . I . II IDII 3 1'Ull.l., ,1.13 U tl U HI .l.l, ,1. IO, t. WILI I AM SOWI.LS, 19 w3 1 LLSI1A llLVNOLDi Com. Slcnlien lies' Ustale. Wl! Iho Mib-ei her-, havinj I een appoinle.l byihe llouornl lo tho Probate Ouit for Iho Di.tnci of G rand l.le, Cutnini.Moners to receive, ejiamiim nn 1 0 1.1 list 1110 nanus nun ueinaun. o at i.emoti ..i . ... rrciiMCi. in.... . . lignum nm V-1.1UH11 ji j.i 11 i..s mi j-, laieui Altuirli, in Mini D'.triet, deeea ed, lepre-ented inuleiil, im I ulo all i laiins or ilemands exhllu'led in oliel iberelo : andux month, from tho day of I be dale beicoi; I (.iu allow edl y.aid Court for lhat purpo-e, we do llieieloie hereby eiye noiiee, thai we will attend 10 ihe I usinej, of our appointment, nt the uVflliiiji Iioumi i. Sally Nile, 111 Albnrijli, in -aid Di-inei, on the Ut Monday, ol July mid Se,ilenilnr next, in ) o'clock. A, M., on each of said day., Dale I. thi3ldavufliiril, A. I)., 1811. FUHlil-.ItlCIC IIAZUN, 19 wJ" JOHN HF.YNOLDS, i,im" PIWLAHS AND OTWHIS, 1 A N buy ol u, Clocks nnd Watehc, Hold, (J.ll oi J Plated Jewelry, ( Silver it Plated Sin Comb., llntlcr Knives, I'm-, Nee lie. l!ve!et, II and ll)i's, l.aiel., Horn, Sbelt, and Wood Co nino", hlllki" Clilllll', Razor, tin I many other nrli 'les, nt lb" lowest puces at whole-ale. Id IhilN MAil) & IJnuint.tis. I'Otl 8 A nil. rBMIF subscriber oilers for sale his present place of 1 residence. UUO. CJ. INOKIISOM.. Pcail St. May th, l'Jw3 U'llllam Hny"s Kslale. WU the siibM-ritufi. b.ivinu been nppouitel by Ihc Honorable the Piolialu Coorl lor tin-1)1-- ir id lift liitieiiJeii, t-ui i.-ioiiers In leceive, exam- ine and ndiisl the i laun and ilemand. ol nil pcr-mi, nninsl lliooi.ilu ol Wl I.I.I AM ItAV, la.e ol llint)- luiruli, In saui ih-lnci, ue -ca-e i, repru enieu ni-oi-vent, and nl-o nil elaiiiH mid ililoaii l e.xlubiicd in o Ueil Iberelo; an I -i. inoiiths Irom tlio day of Ibe dalo lieie..!', I emir al owe I by aid Court for pur pose, we no llieieiuiu ueiruy irive n.iuce, inai r win atlcuil to the b imiic ol our .lppointiiii'iit, al Ibo la'.e dwcllinij ol the duira-ed, ill lliuc-biirli, lu said Dis trict, on the fuiirlh Saluiday-of .May and Uctulcr next, at 1IJ o'elo -u, A. iw., on caeii in sai l nays. Dntcii, tins utii u.iy oi .ip.ii, ,x. n., ibii. JOHN S. P.VIUIUK, ) 19 w3 l ANH.L. PA'llllCK', 1 0om 3xts sa?ii.. CROCKERY, i LAiSS AND CHINA WARE. ALarireit Complcie nssorlincnl, NI' W S1IAPF.S . and PATTHUNS. AIo, Cunphena Lamp Chimnieo, Mxtra Heavy Cono II C ami Urass Lan- terns, &c. itc, just reerived by I.OVIU.Y it SLYMOUIl. Church St., lliirlington, ) May 1, 1811. S -ltf LOOKING GLASSES. Al.ariru Assoriment ol various rizcs of O G, Ilaudea Plate, and La Fayette stvbs, jut rre'd hy LOVF.LY it SKYMOL'Il. Church street, lltirlinmnn, May 1, 1911. 5 -lSlf H3W GOODS. TTST UFCF.IVF.D, hv J May 1,1111. LOVI-LV & SLYMOUI!. NKW If AT ESTABLISHMENT. II E3 Yrs'O 3 a5JS & CO. I! V. le iw opeiiin.' in the1 C i J J V in-I'irec'tv ootii.sitethe I nil 1- cf llurbna'oii h l'oo I a-.orlinent of J&M-J FASIIIONAIILK DATS, ff "f?$f?Y5Sl which ihei i flbr for -ale, nnd iu- ClVnW v," ""' I',"1 ',',('"N 5-'Jgy 1'lC' r 'tyli'i qualiiy and puic. Ci irch Slieet, May 1-t, If 11. .3 if l-'Olt SAIjK. DWr.I.I.ING HOUSE and ted on Mam llie Srinie and as iheKiltiiirn ii. J. i IH'V. pi.iee. 1 ucrn in an uiii.-iiiiuk 'ik'Jk't well of water io the cellar of thu j4"w house and a elaim unon one hall tho well in connection with the Franklin Hoicl. 1'he above property is nlPicd for sale verv ehftio. for furl her iiariiculars apply to the s heenher on the ANN KILUUItN. liiirlnmloo, .May 1, 1811, NO VICE. WIIAKFAliF, STOIl GF. and FOitWAI!DINC5, by the -ub-cril er al the New Wharf. l.NOS 11 LI NN. liirlimrion May 1, 1311. 13 iB EXTRAORDINARY EOll A Twonl y-cigltt Years Experience. ripnr. Silsenber ha. been TWF.NTV-F.IGIIT IL YFMIS eiitf.isel ill llic 1nn11r.uMi.rc nf HOOTS and SI10F.S the whole ul win di lime, well the e'- ception t.1'7 ear-, lie ha. I ecu 111 II ir'iii'ton. He now encase, to cive the l-e-t pair id Hoot, in hi--hup to uuy man, woman, or child 1 lint will cei'tiiy 10 the fid. durum the w bole ut lhat time, lie ha. ever, even once, failed to have tl cir work dune when pruuii ed. lino's anuiife- lon-iauiiv i;epi on t.ano, an 1 an kinds uf work 111 his line neatly, promptly and cheap ly done. Plea-e call un I work and price.. JAMLS II. PLAT r. Cb ireh-tree!., Mnv 1, 161 1. H.I SELECT SCHOOL, FOIl GIRLS AND. ROYS. mill'. SF.COM) TCItM ol llu. Sebuul will com inence on 'I'll tr.lay llic 5th day of June. 'I'hete will lu a vacation ul iluee week. I'oiuuienein.r .i- week, from ihc I ejinniniofibe teim, al'iet which ihelerni will he c. nileic.l m In.: wic!,.. TciTio-? 815, 0(. .-ehool Iiujiu. oier II. Muyu'a Sioio, wo-t l.,c uf ihe -qonrc. .1. M. HL'LLL, Teadter. ISorlinlon, April 2.9, 1611. O.vlS FANCY GOODS. TSJf.W styles Liiht an I Dark Pi!';-, Ilalz irines, IN Pruned Lawns, M. 11-e Lmue-, French (Imis hains and Print.-, a fall usm rtinent, 1 it iceivel by

II. W. CA'I'LIN, " Aio Fine Florence llranl and Neapnlit.ui Ilonnctis, -in. irte and itoul b; run Cobue I and Wl Leghorn llat. . New .'ylc Ilonnei, Necl. uud Cap lithium.. Arnli c at Flower-. La -c., a irieil varclv. Olovs mil .Mils, Jul Necklace, an I Hair Ca-e-. Para-o'l-, Cra vats, Shawl-, I tn mil crdi el's, iVc. tir. i)ojii:'nc coons. Ilrowu Sliectni'.'s mi I Slnrnnc., dnton Yarn nn 1 Carpil Warp.'IY-kinc, Waililmsaiid Halting, lllcaclt ed Cuiiun and American Piinl-, all kinds 111. t opened by H. W. OA'ILLV ALSO A fill as-orlinent Faiewell'. and New York Sh e. of nil km Is and .lylei. Al-o, a full a-sorliuent ul tirneerie. (l.iiiorf exceple I.) 'I'licihiHO lino 1. an I a irrcat m my more not eii't uicrale I, hau I ecu -eleeled wi'h rare and nlleiitiun in reciird 10 .lyle, ijualuy nnd price, and are now uf feted forca-h ere lit or prodjie, a-low u. any oilier 111 lliu State. N. II ,. my uiuito i., "a. cheap a. the ebeap-e-l," tho-e who want ihc mo-t lor the lea.l money, will (lo well lo call I I'fore piircha-ing. il W. 0 Allen 1 Hcarh's IMale. STATU OF VL'IIMONT, ! rpiIK Hon. ihe Pro-Ii-triei uf Chi'lendei , j bans Court for Ibe Di-lriel of Ciiiiienden, 'I'o all perron, concerned in ihe F.-t.tlc ol'AlhnT. Ik-ach laieuf llurlinginn in anl Di-inei, ilecea-e I, Gr.r.r.TlNO, Wberea-, W. P. Ilri?ii-, Fxecutor of ibo la-l will and te-lameut ul'niil dec.i-ul, propn-u. lo render tin 'aceonui ul hi. ndinuij. trillion, and pre-ent lit. nc count ug.iint mu.1 e-tate fur examination and allow- ' eat 11 -e.ion i.filio Co rl of Prol ale, to I e hoi ten at Ibo llei?t..ei'- 1 ffi e in -aiJ ilurhnsloii on the llurd Widne il.iy of .May, 1811. TilFncionn, Yoii are hereby notified to appear I e fore said court at the nine and place afore.-ail, and hew 1 nu-e, if any yo.i hae. why llic acco.iul aloie .at I fhould not .eallowel. Given under my baud at Ilurliiislon tin, tecond day of.Mav A. 1). 1811. ' 13" 3 W.M. WISTON, h'egistcr. liuuls Dcrvlllc's Usiatc. STATF OF VLIl.MO.NT,) rpm; JQ, ,, pro-)-inei ul t hitieiideu, is. 1 J late Court fi r ihe Ih-trii'i 1 f Clntien 'en ! To all per. mis concerned 111 Ihe iMatc of I.OI'IS DlUt VILLI:, ,,tu 1 f II irlmslou 111 mid Ih-irict, deeea-ml, (Jiikktino., Win, A. Gn-wold, ndniinislrator ul iho e-tate ol sii I dei ea-el, propo-e. 10 render nn account ol his nihnini.iratioti, and pro-em hi. ai count ngiun-t nt e-late for exaiiimaiinn and ullowaticc al Mon ol iho Court ul Probate, to be hidden atlhu He., l-ter. otliiv in .nid liurluigluu, un the lliiul Wedne. day oi May 18(1. Tiir.iu:nnu:, Von an herd y notiliel to nnpear tier re aid i'o in al tho lime anj pbico nloiv-aid, mid .hew cause, n'nny you haie, why iho neeoiint nlore aid -boiild not bealloweil. Given under my baud ut lliirlington llii.H'COud day of.May A. D. 1811. 13w3 Win. WESTON, faultier. John Dcaviciix's tNtale. YVlhynu-cnhcrs bavin? I mi nppointed lyl J., """orablo Ihe Prol ate Courl for tho Di- I inci oi iviiiiienoen, euiuini-Moner lo roieive, exauiino undadU.t tl:o 1 lamia ami demanls of all per-oti. ai?ain,l Ibe cMale ol JOHN DKAUIIKA.V, latu of lliehiiiond, m mid ihttricl, ild-einul, repie-cnleil lu ulveiit, and nl-u all elaiiii. and denianJ. ebibitwl ill o.l-et Ihneloi and it ludiili. Um iht'ilay uf the d.uu heicol I em? nllowod by .ail courl for lhat pur po e, we do Iheiclore beieby five noliolbnl we ni .1. it-u 1 10 uie uu.mess 01 uur niiiioiiiiiiieiii. nt Ibo dwilliui; huiiieol Amo. II, Cooper, in Richmond. 111 -nulili.lrici, nntbo 19'h day. nf Juno mid Seplenn . ... 1Q.I. .1... .' ... " u. i.i-jii, .11 iu u i iuii., .1, .n, nn eaen 01 mill iiay D.UeJ tin. 2nih day nf March, A, D. S 1 1. AJtTI.Ml'S tuur,,'f ' 13 JOHN WILLI M"S I "s'tiiafsionm. as it rfu A fdiiX -TV LOT, situi ittfrX 1 TV'i? fircct betwetn "'! S r i.alie, and known rplll! llL'HLINGTON MILL COMPANY are I leadytore elvo Wool lo maiiiifaeliui; into llruid yjoth, 011 ihc ,nti. lerin. ns lieieiol'ore, by Mc-r. I.o"lol-uii mid liallihun, who niu exncetisl to reiniin. farmer, Mercli nit. or other., who an' wi-hini; to have. Wool inuiiiil'ucitired for llicir own it-u or for lnarkel, can have It dune lu Ihole-t tumnier. , ., SIDMIV IIAItLOW, April S3, 1811. .17 Avenf for II. M. Co. CLOVE II SKICI). AYHIiY tiipcrlor article of F.ASTFIIN CI.OVKIl SF.F.D. Also SO bhla ftcli proiind Gi ntsseo SUPF.IIFINi. I'LOUII, just ricuved and for sa'o hy , o. pi:ti:iisO.. Hiirhmrlon, April 21, 1311. 47 t v;.,s"'f'7'.s ii ciiT$J)Yn7mV)i)sl WII.I.IA.TI PAItTItinCIl & SON, 31 Cliff Street, Coiner of Fulton, New-York, COXSTA1T StlFM.v Of Till. I 01.1.0WINII AUTICLIlS WIIOLICSAl.i: AM) KI'.TAIL. l ac Dye Cochineal Alum Arsrol Cream Tartar I'arl.irie Acid Aip aj I'urtis Nunc Acid Muriatic A'dd Oil Vitriol Nitrate Tin Mitrinlie 'I'm Muiic Siilplt. Tin Cry-lal. 'I'm Cliemie A'i Amonia Fuller's Karth llnm-lone Nitrate Iron Oialie Acid lllcachiiifi SalU Sal S01I.1 Pol A-hes Pea, I A-bcs Vi rdi-jris Pore 'fin Hilary 1!. ot Tea .a Is Guir Senegal Indiiro Pa 10 lt. Lo? Wood Pipe Cay Flus-'d Tin '1'woio ThennoiTieter llvdromeiers Vat net. Wrmirnifr Cloth Cu'eh 'I'erra .la'ioinea Po'.alo S'areh MaiiL'iince-o &.e, ;c, iVc, 3uil" Indlirn Uraz'l Wood Pel Sate'ers HvperNic Wood Peach Wood Haehe Wood Cum Wood 11 ip Wind Green D ouv Nlcarairiia Wouil i,n'X Wood Fu-ttc Acer It'll rum (J icri-il roil Hark Wbiiing Wield Tumei lo Sumac Miiiiieet Madder Garraiucien Cudl eir Orclnle Salllower Nut Galls Pcr-iuu Perries Annelto Woad Glee Ih'ill-h Gum Pr11.-1.1tc Pulasli llfhromaic do S il Amoniac l.itharane Copper 1 irsl Animiony Suirar Lead llbic Vitriol Copperas April 21, 1SII. MARSHALL'S NOTICE- t'MTl'D STATF.SOF AMLIIICA, J pUKSUANT I Vermont DUlrlcl, lo c!l: I. lo Wa'i-: rant- i.-ue 1 in. t . f ihe II011. I)i-irict Court nf ihe 1 ni- ! ted Sla'e. lor -aid Di-lriel tolnedlicotul. I do here- hycivetln p ihl"-11 lie-e, ih it inf rm it on- lor vio lation, uf ihe Law. nf lln; Fnilel S1.H1 s hive I ecu die 1 111 -mil Conn, I v Cb ulc. Davi-, F. . Dis trict Attorney 1 f the Tui'c I S'a'es fur -ni I Di-tricl, ajaiu t the Llluain de.cnbej good-an I Merchan-dt-e : ."J yd-. ehcc'.M Caimere, 3 yd-. P.lack Proa 1 CI01I1, -2 yd-. Ill io Urn id Cloih, ,-,'d.. il'iicl. llroad Cloth, a yd-. Doe t-l.iti Ca stmeic, 21 yd-. Ill icl'dot I Colli, 3 Grey llu Coat", cized al II xl 111V, Se,,l, 7, HI!. lfi yd-. Calico, 2J yte. Woo'en Cb.lh, -e 7e I un the wrn- uf I a', Uhainul 1111, near F. i-t Alhiii'sh in the Di Inci uf Vetmuiil, O t. 2.i, ISI'l. d yd- llroad Cloth, 1 Shawl, seize I on the wa'er. ol L 1' e Cbamiilain, near lluiltn'toii, 111 Ibe Di-lncl of Vtrinonl, Oci. 12, IS 1 1. 1 S rtel llur-c .cized nt Fairfield, Oct. 21, IS 1.1. 1 He I Rnati llor-e, 1 Cutter mid liarue.-, -cized at Perl y, Feb. 13, 1311. I Griy Coat-, -cicdat .Swaiitnn, Dec. 17, 1811. 7 vd-.' lie uer Clmli. -1 vd. Ihoad Cloth, e.z.l al Ilnliale, Mm eh 111, 1311. t! Trunk., coiilainimr 13 piece, and part pieces ol Cnlico. 1 pari piece llroad Clo h, 1 Shawl, 1 part nice Linen Drilbuir, 1 llo Gun Cap., -cized ut Muntpchcr, IV ruary 23, Ial 1. 1 Iloan I'iciich Ilor.e, 1 llla.-k Hor-e, 1 Grey Po ny, 1 part pu'.u Kerseymere, -eize I at Northlield, O.--to' er 2, IS 1 3. 1 Gicv Fieiich tlor-e, 1 lilaek Fieneli Hor-e, stiz ol at llerlm. O -I. 2, ISI'l. 1 French llor-o.e zel at MontpcLer, O !. 10, 1313. 2 Freni h Hor-e-, 'eized al NorihlteM, Oct. 1 I, IS 13. 1 Fiench llur-cseized at Muutpeber, .Nov. 13. Icll. 2 url p.e 'e- I. nen, ;( pirt pieie- llroad Cloih, 2 pair loc.i in-, sc zjlat G ttldhill, March 21, 1811. 2 Morse-, 1 S.'ed, 1 duublc llurues, 3 Shawl-, sczcl ai l'.infi, Jan. 17, 1311. I Plaek Maie, ictzedat Lyn Inn. Feb. .1, 1311 1 Giey From h llur-e ie za I al Ihrtun, Feb. P, 1SI 1. 2 Fieach Hoim'-, -eize I al Gloicr, .M irch 8, IS 1 1. 1 Hay French llur-c, 1 llruwn Fieneli Maie, e,z- liut'.e, IV'i. j, IH1, 1 Fiench llur-oe z.-d al 1! trke, Feb. 21, SH. 1 Clie-uiil eoloied Mur-e, M'lzcl -at Walden, .March S, IS 1 1 I ir.ic'. French Stud Inr-e, 1 IleJ II, an Horse, 1 111 id. Geld 1 11 ir, 1 Suirel Mate, 10 d.. Ilioa-I C11.1I1. 1 F. x skin. I Lynx -km, 1 Sal le, -cized al Woodbury, March , 1311. 1 White II r-e, scielat Cabot, March 25, 1311. 1 Ilrowu Marc, s-e z sl at Wheeled , April 2, ISI I. An I liial will I e b.i I nn -aid mlmm tii, n-, at the ncV s'a'e I term uf ni I n.s-ri -I Ouuittole huldeu at Wind-ur, within an 1 for -ai I Di- net, on ibe 2 I Ii day 1 f May ncxi, of wlu-h all per-un. mteie led will ta' e no' 11 e nod jruvern theiu.ele. accoidinjrly. (1 1 veil 011 'er my hull 111 Ih-adiorJ, in kii.1 Di-iriet. thi, 22ldavuf A ril, 1311. 17 WILLIAM IIAUUON, Ahrshall. .lames Marsh's Kstatc I'clllimi to sell l.aml. sTATL OF VI'IIMONT, J T a Ses 1011 ol ibe Di.'rtct ul Cluiien 'en, A. Pro' .To Court held at Ihirlint-ion, witlnu an I lor -ni l Dt.iri.'l ol Clu'iten I'en 011 Ihc hfih ii iv nf tpril, 181 1, ci.nics Davi I Ilea I a.liiiiiii.iiatui' of ibe e-laie ul' James, la!u ol llurlitiir'oii, in siul di-trtci, decea.el, iuie-i.iic, mil IVc in . i.dco 1 11 hi. petition 111 wr'toij, ettmir forth that the said Jaiuc died -czed and pi s ul of u -tn II, tun er am, imdivi 'ed in ere-l 111 a' o 11 seven ncre-of hind h in..' on ihc -ooih n'c uf ihe W.i'er Quechee ll n, in Hai I r I, in llie County uf Win !--ur, and of a li' e 1111 bvuled invre-i in ubotit Iweirv acte- nf JIu iipain land 111 -a'd I lanford Ivinc north ly from md river, and I oiinocd 011 ibe ea-l by Ian I owned hv Alel iliirron, which itudividol in'ere.t 111 mitt l.uid. ie-te liipon 1 eoiitiiiijeucy tin ler the con ihiiun. ill a deel jriei! I y Dan il .Mur-h,"la'eof -aid liar ford, decea-ed, 10 the' .aid Jamo., an 1 other heir, ufthc-aid D iuiel,date.l.Iuly HI, IS2!) ;hat the del I ullowed by ibucommi-. oner-acam-l llie e-tate nf ihe.mi'.I.iine. amount to IJI.UIOSI, ofw bi.-h 4070 92 is for I i-l Miknc-. i harue-; lint the inventoiy ul the personal e-iate nf the rai I Jatne. uniuiint. InSll h7,81; lhat Ihe aniuiinl ufla-l .ickne-. elinrae. mi l funeral espen e. have lien paid, le.ivina 1?0SS,73 lor the defraying nl'lbe epen-e. nf adiiiinistranu mid elate an I the payment'e'ils d.'e fioiu In. e-tate, and that it will I e necessary to -ell ihe intere-t of ihe aile-la'e 111 .ai I land, lor ihe pavnieiu of .-aid debt, and expcn.e. ol n.ltii 111 1.-1 r.i 1 1 nir . lid es'im. and ni. in;; ..aid i'o in 10 ticen-clho .ai I aduiini-nalur lo -ell 1 ihe tnlere-i nf-unl e-tate in -ai I land-, lur ihe purpu-c 1 alore-uid, ly toibe tiaur.c in mhIi cac made an I provide I, Wiiriir.ui'iiv. ibe court nfure-aid iloih appoint ihe third Weiluc-duy ul May, ISI I. fir licariuj; and deci ding on pentiuii al llie oiliee 1 1' Ihe Keji-ler ol Killcoun in mul II irliiiL'luii, and doth order all per.nn. nitercsteil lu ai.l v late bn ninitic.l thereiifby p il licatii.n nl'ihi. ordcr,eoiii iiiiinu' Ihe -nb.tnnco of mid pe'ition, ihrco wec. Micie ivelyiu ihe'im; 10 n Fu'O i'ii'si, a ne.v.paper pnutc.1 !n ,aid ttitrl 1 11 r tou, the Inst ol'w Inch publication. 10 be ptcvioii. to mid third We hie d iy nf May 1311. Given tnu'er my baud al .-aid II trliutoii this libit 1l.1v ut Apnl an 47w3 WM. WIVSfl'ON, fafihltr. TO RENT, "TMIOM Till: 1st OF MAY, the Slore X l.tiovvn as the Get.mvs f-Tonu, tied lo Peck ,f. .Vpcar, DrtUiT'.'s. Inrpureol April 25, I'M K it SPl-.AI!. i I a S' TO RENT, PMtOM ihe (ir-l rf Slay, a convenient HOI'SII, lor 1 a larcii family, or fi r two mull families, wilh Ham, Wuo Ibo and Garden, Also, fcieral lloom. in a new Uriel; Ilmpe wilh wood ho i-r, ito all .jtiiiifl bdween llie Cour. IIouso Sipiare and toe Lake. Apply to ''"'linnlon, April 9, 1 1 1. 10 ifj 11. MAYO. 2 1. l)ISS()T,l'l(KX ' f'HK Coparluerslnp rl" SI, OSTIIKIM ,V Co. 1. llu. day, hy mutual eon-enl, di..olvisl. The poods and e lecis uf llie lirm, are n.sino.l anil con veyed lo Slosr.s Samson, one of the Co., who i. n'l-ll'on-eJ to senile and leivive all llie deb. nnd de. mauds of ihu Co. M. OSTIIKIM, II. J. HHNFIIKKO, , 31. SAMSON, niirliiigton, April 23, 1311. 31.' OSTIIKIM, oneoflhnhte firm of SI. O-ihum it Co., 1. her.-by iiuthorirfd 10 telle t iho demands due Ibo bile Cuttip my. M, SAMSON. Ilurliiision, April 33, IS1I. .17 NOTICE. ' milW CVrn'ies thill I have rivcij my ,on, WlL I tiAM Dm Kr.n, hi. litno to uctand irii'efurbiui se'l, mid I shall elmni none of his wage, nor pay any del l& of li.tiontracllUB ulter lhl date. ASA DKIKKR. Attest, II. Hiciitiir.snv, WcHhcId, Apnl 1, 1511. 'PIIH llriek lliulilina on tbccnsl side of .t. Conn IIouso Sriunte, at present oc iiiiMJ-, I'lipted byMr. Ilnrnes, 113 a cabinet hop. iHVJ;!V"rI i.mi'inenl llusoHiec. llurhnttinti, April 1-,,'tl, V, UOUSi: TO Lll'l. fpilR nhs'ril erwdl let bis Inrie mid eommoliotii I. IIIIICIC HorsH, -imatiHl im 10 ile ibe Hank ol II irlinnlon, and on the corner of Church and Hank Street-, fi r one ur 11 lonirer. 1erm if tears. The hoti.e ha I ven iiccipiel turn nitnil er of years pn-t ns a IniarJins hoti-e, and I. well calculate I toa'-coni-inokite from tweu'vloil iny bi.nri'er Tirol, made known by npplic.a'iou to the .ob-eri1 iT und pone--sion given on Ihe lir-l day of Mny ui'Xl. WM. A. GUIS WOLD. Ilurhnglon, April 1, HI I. 41 tf ill. a. it riiiit;N a Co., DRAPERS AND TA I LOURS.'s Pciuiini:, tlneo doors oust of Howard's Hotel. W S TTl : ( E's7TNrATr.lltc7 2500 I'INi: SIIINGI.r.S. 23 kegs nails. ALSO, PLOUGHS, warranted a good article, for sale low hy s. M. l'OIT.. lliirlington April 19. 1911. .(i fXT''ii! fiUmc'iit" Sale slamle adjourn ed io (he Wti oj May. AUCTION SALE. On Vi:i), Mail , at Tun O' clock, Forenoon. WILL 1 o bidder. sub! at Public Ini-tinn, lo the )nsbe I the laree llriek II ol bmr on Wtx or -I. al the lout ni Main ftrrct, Minuted inWa'ir Lot No.. '33, 21) and 30, .iib;ect man miu'inl lent ol S7J Sail hinlilitirr S ..ib-tanlially b uf, nnd i now will line 1 10 1 c ii'uJasnn Iron Fu'indrynn I M ii liineSbop. Al.-o, A sroirl lllackniiiih Shop end Tool-j Several Hand und Uniriuo I.Thu, fee-, Drill", and oilier tool, tunable lur u Machine Shop nnd Fo'indn ; Several Joiner's Renehe., Hind Screw., Poll-, Shafis, Circ dar Saw ami .Machinery j 1 PI.1111112 Machtni" with A.ipar.i tn 1 GrihJ Stone, Ac. Alo A lot of Pat'erils I'Ull-l-titirr of si'Vci-.l! llino-nnd i-t. rirtie-, cuinpri-iiiir thcl ilea 1111 1 mo-t vahin di-mvi n linns in Jlaclimery lor Mi'L, Seam Undine-, if-c, Mich a. Scrnieui'i Gear-, Pinion-, Shalt-, G.i.tucon luxe-, Ac., ir, .-o, nil the Apparatus nf ihe Iron Fiiuiniry lately in opctnlion on the riemi-e afore . ii 1, anions wbi"h 1- n kirirelot uf Woo len an 1 Iron Fla-I;-; une Crane mil tackle, 1 Cupola I'uriiai e, Core boxu-, Li lie-, it'-. Al.-o One 8 hor e hich pre. ."ire Sleiin Rtisfne, '.villi Poll er, itc. in si-tii! wurkiu? order; one lour bono high pres-urc Peudaluui Lupine. At.-n A larL'eiJ inntity ol Woo I, Mo ild'tiir San I, O'd Iron wrought anil i-nst, Wa.-on loses, Mill ln'.i 1 insr, Sleiirh -luo-, C.i ildron Kettle., culled II. art-, 1111-lini-bclS'raw Cni'ers, iVc, inju-ber Willi one Plea- i -tire Uniriron, ono Duublc Wuiron, and one Smile 1 Ilarne-.. I Sale to ta'.c place at ibo Futinilry afurc-aiJ. I Term, made known on the d-iv nf -a'e. WAI. C, WIIITCMAN, Aesirnec. Ilurlingto 1, April 17, f SI t. 1G w2 Clover and Herd's (Jrass Reed I'm sale by J. iV. J. II. PF.C1C &. Co. Puilincton, April 17, IS II. lfl iY07'f::. THIS ecrtilies liial I have "tven my son, Dolus A. Dona, hi. lime to Iran-act h i-m'e-. for biui- -e.ld 1 r ill Ins minoriiy, carinuqs alter llu. dale. and f-hali claim none oft SASIUF.l. DOUR. 47w3 IS. 11 button, April 22, ISI I. I CTQ DHLS. Me.. Pork. ' l'JJ ltll) do Fxlta Mt.N do. ffotrown pack in.', and w uiratre 1 equal to any P01 1; ccr oll'ired 111 thl. Slatket, fur Mile I v FOLL1.TT HHADI.r.V .t C MAIM, 10 SIJ(JAR. XTTANTlCD 10 or 1300 pounds .Maple Susrar in exchaime for poods, hy S. M. POPK, K, 10 April iy, 1311. I S 44. I.Atvi: CII.V.MIM, VIN, SKtV-VOllli AM) IIOSTOV. rPIli: PJIOI'HII.'IOIiS 01 tin. Line have provided J a ch-. uf iir.-t ra'o I uat. In ply the pre cut ic.i .011 I el ween La'.e Champluin an I New-Yuri . for the triu-p nation of Slerohaudi-e an 1 Midi oilier prop- erly a. may 'e ciiuu-le.l to their bono to leceive, a- they intend to merit a fair .hare ufj pu'ruince. The-e 1 oa's co thro ti-h to New York, anil are to 1 c lowed I y -team on 1 tiul-un It ver, nnd on Lake Cbauiliin when ; ece-ary. lu tin. mode properly 1. not .id iiv:." I to injury by traii-hipniciiis, and loi. ar" kept lo'jelher. 'I'1. 1- Line ol'hoa's eonnec at New V. it; with ihe Do p.nch Luc uf lb Moil'.es; Contracts lur Ircibt Ictweci llos'un or New- Yi r'. a-ul Lake Chaninlain, can b- 111 idc with oar ai-int-. Properly (a--itii ' I'lwci'ti lln. Inn ami I, i ,- Cli iiupbun, t'ur-w-ir.lel in en Iter direction via, when dcMrc.l. rr.nrni r. T 0 n s , FOILIM"!' i- till DI. F.Y, llurlineton. Yt. NICMOL S Ill'UTON .f-1 HI I'l KNDK.N, St. lbatt-, Vt. A o r. N T s, L. A. Ioiin'iix. 0 (Yfin.'es Slip, N. York, C. L. Wauk, lli Lout; Wharf, Il ...ton. .10 (' DI'SSIA XMI, !!f)l)S. f Tons warranted l!u--ia N iil liod., for sale by FOi.LKTT I IIADI.KY & C. s v .ti .ti s: s .v ii nx x H 1: 7,1 1; x t . VUICIL it Co., PACK At! K r.XPHLSS WILI. leave 1! ilingion eviry Jloiiday nf ernonn suing Souih, an I every 'I h 1 ..'ay .ifierneo'i com .101111, raei.,ise Icll with .Me-r-. J. A. J. II PI CK it Co. VIIIGII. iV C,f. WOOD M'Mlirjl. i)f( Corl- pool Pry Hard Wool, y ' 1001) feet Sipure Tun1 er, 50110 Feel Good bea-oncl Clnplonrd-, 100 M lii-ft iiuillH Pine mil Sir 1, o Sh ncle forialul y ' Gi;o. P1.TKIISON. April 23, 1311. 47 FIRST IN MARKET. ni:w goods! ni;w OOOIISII rTMIi: iii'.-ert' er ha. m l reiurreJ from llo-ti 11 find .1. New York and wid o'eriln- week a very larce and full a.-oriment u! FANCY AND STA Pl.K DltV GOODS .iiiiable fir Ihe Spring Ira le, win. h will le .. 1 1 at ibe lowi'sl market price for -a li, .r. ducc.or cndit. 11. W. CA'ILIN. A rtl, ISt 1. 17 D SSOLUTION. TMIF. CorvR 1 NKRsiiip heieinfoio ex .tin : 1 clwi 1. Dan el D ivi. it Win. II. Ourn-, un ler the lirm of Dan il Co., I- ibis day dis-nlvcd I 5 11111 lual coiimup ; Win, II Curti-ii.-ume. all the liuliil ilie. r 1 be lirm and ItT'oinys pn-.e-ied nf nil it. eMeets '1 be n.iinei f ihe lirm will leu-cd in Lirru daiioii. DANIKI. DAVIS llurlin?ion, Starch 27, M f. Wm. II. CL'HTIS. W. II. CIJICI'IX Ten ters Im. thank. (0 Ihc Pul I ic for Ibe li'eral palnuiit-'C be hi- nvciiel, bulh w ben alone and 111 p.iriner-h'p. iin.l inform, iliem lhat be ha- rented ibe a and in Water Street, (occupied for a icrie- of vcars hy Daniel Davi-', mi I fur tbei.u-1 yearhy PnnicI Davi.'it Co.) lmue llie mine h Mile-. pnr-uei by lit. pred' e..ur-, vv hu h euil no e. nlino-i every article kepi 111 coiiivry -tine-, and ho hopea by a trillion 10 bo-inct, un I up. ricbint'-. ill all In. ilealuip-, lo merit and ream all the former patrons of tlni e-tabli. mem, an I obtain ninny new ones. N; II ll accounts due D. Davis, 0. Davi'it Co., ur Win. II. Cum., 11111-1 be pa d tiumil,atily, or ihev may I cleli with an attorney lor ni cut. DA.MI L DAVIS, DAN1F.L D v VIS, i Co., WM. II. UlllTIS. M. MARSHALL, aiu iiiti:ct intosi .iiA!:Acni;sr:T IS, OKI- nils Ins services 10 the public to Draw Plan, ot all kind ol Piihhu Ibil'ditics and Duelling nouses, and li.tewiso to cuntracl lo build the same It quired, llurhnalon, April le, ISI I. 4Glf oi'i. ut:. Q( "ai Old CioTcrnnictit Jam Cotlee, iC I 20 ha.-. Grien do do 21 b.i;; Lanuirn, 25 do P. to, 10 do Alufostuia, a nilendnl arliclc.fortalehy FOLLKTT, IIRADLKY & Co. Old Deck, Nov 33, IS13i 85 Att3" ma nam: on ro iius't. THU Large nnd e(iiiitiio.lii,us Dwellimr lloi e ltnnted on Peirl i-lr'cl, nbw fiecii)icd by Mr llrin-lnald mid opiio-ilo UeV. Geo, (I, Inncr-ou's.-Pos.e.ioti L'lu'll i-t M . For dir tier par'iculat' en pure of NATHAN II. IIASWI'.I.L. April II, 1811. AS If HKNIIY IIAIii:," ATTOitNP.V A C(ILT.Ns:i,l,()U AT lt. (HlWni.L, S'lUlMOSV. "' PIANO FOIl TE FOlfsALE. A pood second handed PIANO FOR'lKis offered for sab; al a very low price by T. F. if" W. L. STUONO. March 8,' 11. 40 A. DAWSON, A I L 0 !sv . Shop in the toulh end nf Mr. S'ctsoil'a into IriJ, building, mi Chunk Street. Ilt'RLINGTON, Villi MONT. Ciilllu? done In the most .appi ovcil style, ami Waii.uilcii. Mardi I18II. .ImSU ni) CEDAR l'OSI'S. A I' irl ralcarlicle, on hand, and fir ale bv .ir.lliUL MONSON. l'.nrl'iii.'iOM, I April II, IS H. ( LUMIiEll AND WHEAT. 1 ( IM( I'KI'.T of nnr inch enmmoti Wlnto I )f))J Pino llOl!l)S Miilnlle for alhiu-t nnvioe, lnvirjix Uen sea-uned for iwo 1 ears. t'so, 100 bo-hels of Kusili.h Hed Cha'I' Ual.l Wlll'kvr .tmerior artlc'e for .ee.1. For -alcbv Wiuoo-ki Fa'l-, GI.OIlUK LltJCFMlii:. Ilurliiiston, April 3 1811. 41 4 PAPER. SCO Hnnins letter nnd enp Paper fur inle in cxehair-rc for Wlufe and Ilrowu lins., I v VILAS, L00M1S i. Co. March 27, Ml. 4.1 'PIIL Dcm.iciutic I'l v;w for March for s ib" I v 1. 20 hMar-li. I2 Y. II.UHUNaTON. TO LISTERS. 1"LNKS for lakinj lists, in n itres or bound, fur ) s.ilebv C. C-OODKICIL .March Ml. 41 CAS 1 1 PAID T70I! Sheep Pells-, and Shbpiin: Fur.. I V 1 VILAS, LOO MIS Sc. Co. . March 27, '1 1, 41. Ft: A TUBUS. SOOO Il. Iivn ''(-'so Feathers ul'a .iipor or q ial ty of co miry collection 1500 II s lien. Fu'ili.'er., tor .a'e by II.AS. l.UUAUS Ci l.o. Sinn II a, ' 'I! 13. ESSENCE, fye. Gro.s F..-cnce 2 oz. iab-, 10 do Oco'cllw. 75 It) do Urili-h Od.f.r -a'c 1 c Vll.AS.L OUMU'fif- Co. .March 27, Ml. 43 NOTICE. THIS eer'iTir that I have (riten my son, NATHAN M INLIt, Ins t-nie (0 act and trnile for himself, nnd I shall el liui none of bis waiics nor pay any debts of his contracting after tins dale. ANDIll.W MINER, jr. Ilrattlchoro'. Vt., March 20, 1314. 44w3 PECK & SPEAK, REMOVED! ATat door tn the German Store. In ci wilh Urns., Mt-leine-, &c. itc, will le It und a complete :i-m rimeiit o'lie.l q lahly YE STUFFS. I! irlitiKlon, -2 jth March, IS 1 1. 43 IC.a-e Col'd. Cnnibric, SO Piece Sdeeia-, 20 do Victoria Twill-, lllehM Driilunr, Satin Jeans mid FounJalioti, J"st reeeivis.1 and for -ale bv VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. .March, 20 Ml. 41 SHEETINGS, tyc. 2;"? n.-iles4-4 ami 9-8 Urown Sheetings, 1 Ca e 1-1 llleached, do 1 do 3-1 tin Shirting-, I II i.'o lbirlip. 10 inch, 1 do Cuuva-. Padding, 2 do Mrowii Drilling, ' to 'li: , ' , . '"' 10 P-. Paddru- J"-"1 reveivej aim mr nle by LOOMIS March, 20 '14. 43 r",IIF. sahseriber would respci ifully inform lliepeo- plo th it ha is pn pared I.) make wool into ehth for all lhat wi-h to fivor Inm wrlr their cii'toin, v z Plain Ckilhs, C.ts:incri',and I'laiincl.for the follow in; pricis: Plain Cb lb, belli mix colors, 2j cents; Cassimere, SOients; Plain 1,'loilr, dark nny or full color-, 30 ccius; Cassimere 37 cents, ami Flannel delivered while, 10. 'cms per yard fir cash, or hall'nfibe cloth when fun. bed. Also, Carding vooI to tolls and dre-inz elo'h. THF.ODOIIF. I). LYMAN. North Fcrrisl-urjli, Slarch ISih, 1311. 41 mfl OTIC 55 .' Ni'TICHJ! TO all prr-on. 111 leb'e I In the .ti' -cril er, lhat their note, mid accounls uvt-t I e pai I, a- hj r perty 1 . po-fe.l fur iiilc an I no'.h'iic 1 ol p ivmetit w ill .av'e it. SIDNF.V IIAK OW. I! irlinuion Fall-, Sf.uv'i I, Itfll. " 3D tf ItlllC.CS ,t UXDCJUVttOI), ATTORNEYS AT LAW, $r. Hurlingon, Vt. Oni ON C O NS IG N.UEN T. ONF CASK OF IHKUnCLO'lHS, cnn-i.inT of li ack, ll'ue, an I Miel, for -ale by llie pit -e,by FOI.I.I."IT, llllADLLr ifc'Co. Agenfs Old Dick, Feb. 22,1811. NOTICE. LL per-ons indc'iic.l to 1 lie linn of JOSf.'PH II VTC'II, it Co., mv here'.y iioi'iiU-il lo Ul and settle the .nine iinuicdia'rly mini uur 00-1. JOslPlI HATCH. Ilurliiision Man h, S, 1311. 41w3. TAILO ing. Iy ("ALLAN has rt ii.rned lo the Falls and open- . ed a shop opposite J, W. Weaver's store. The onronaqeof In. fi rmer fi binds and Ihe pnblic uenerally, I- rt.peeifiillv solieited, (armenls cm or made hv hun are warranted to fit. Iluibnjton Falls, Sfiirch 12, 1S1I. 41 tf NEW GOODS. TI1H Sub-cri' er baveu-t ri'ieiviil a pencral as .oi'inienl uf Sprtnir nnd Suinuir Good., vvlnrb were purcha-el for Cash toihele-t a Ivainace, and will boold nl a stnill advanie. Country Slennanls wi-lii is lo retdeni h ihcr Slock. Icfue jrnini: 10 Market and all other- wt-hhiir 10 purcha-e at whole. alarc rcquoteil toeall atulexainine Oik.I. ami pn. ces. VILAS, LOOSIIS it Cn. March, 20 ML 43 THREAD, tyr. A ()C 'J ".Win. nnd Cold. Cution Tlireaif, 'i'KJK.f 300 dozen do Spool do do ' .!0 bs. Lmen, JO Oro-. I!i und Laretsi, Jos', rciehcd and lur ale I r ' VfLAS, LOOMIS &Cc. Starch, 50 Ml. jj IIUTTONS Aj'c. 300 ('r'1" H"mtherCt,atil''"at. and Ve.t Hul- lPOG'.'l'rnntlli do do tuition., 250 do Paul nnd Straps do Coal nn I Over coat Cord and Holding., Ffvvms Silk ami Twi.l, Cut. Tape fcf Woolen Manufacturer 11 e, for ml," by VILAS, LOOMIS ,f. Co. Till", sul seril er ha. acitsl a-.lsent I'or llie A'.inn ' In-inaiice Company of Mtirtfuiil Coniin iicui for moic twenty vrar..pti-t, and cuinuiue. 10 in.iuti anin-l losses, by fire, and all km I. of bud hue- ami pcoual properly, and will re'-CivC application, at lii-oiliiein Ibirlingtoii.aiid immediately i-mic Police, for lhat purpose al as low rate, if prrnnuin, as any priva'C l otnpauy can a'lbr ', The un loubied re.poa. .il.iltiyol'ihi. Cumpaiiy, Ins irts mfi'iy lo.ibe mm red, and Iheir proni(u, honorable, aid 111 e'ral csior-s in Ibe adju-iinent nnd payment uf lo.,e, will I c 1. Idled by all wilh whom (hey hove had occasion m do bu-ine... TV.M. A. WilSWOLUWn Ilurliiision, March I, 1811. -10 if 20.000 POUNDS first nualiiy SAI,F.RATDSii Casks, Uaireli and Half llarrels, for sale love bv fUULLTT. UliADLEY Co. 1 m dock, lite, ll, ibij.