Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 24, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 24, 1844 Page 3
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Boi o-Lincoin's Sono. A correspondent of tio K, H. Telegrnph siys this merry vocalist has chnng. rd his sun?" tins season. Ho has become n zealous Whig, and Ins song is ns follows) A 'SlnyMav-comc-awnvlct-us-plny-Mr-Ctay'is''tn-be-thc.Prr.t-ilcnt-A-long-with-SIr-Fio-linK-liuy'Scn- SHcct-May-come-away'lcl-us-play-lct-us-plny." Proniico slates lint a vendible ami well Known Methodist clergyman of Ohio, wa nrrniuned lielore his conference, nol Ions MM, charged wiili interfering wild politics, He fully admitted the truili of llic nr cuaation, and staled that lie " felt himself as much bound to fight Loco Fncoism on week days, as to Eht the Devil on Sundays." Advantage or Wma Sosas. tlrolher Rrownlnw, ol the Joneshurgh Whisjs defend ins Wilis songs from the ntlact mide upon ihem by the Liens, siysi "In ili SiwnnH tlooU of Samuel, and lGlh chintcr, our Loco Poco song haters will learn that Saul, Kins of Israel, when he lay stretched upon his couch wini a devil in him as largo as a modern " democrat," called for " a man who was a cunning plavrr on a harp, to At nrl Tiiivift wflitt. with his ham. nn ass T'tTJ., !"'! 1 . ."Kl .1 onrted I ! Now, if the soft melody 01 uavio nam ennui cuaso the devil from the couch of Saul, and lull his spirit into sweet repose, ns we nrc might it did, why nm not the music of Whin songs drive the devil out of tho Loco Focos I Halt, Patriot. Col. Johnson, in his hie letter nn the subject of Tex as, savsr "I offend tip my lift freelv on the hattlc field thirty year's asm." It is never said ofn mnnthat he has offered up his life, unless ho is dead. Mr Nile, the crazy Senator from Connecticut, it is said, iniis ... , "V II. - ' ' .1 un rind Si fchVfeW.tM 1 that Col. Johnson elains to have been dead (,'nry Louimilli Journal. Philadelphia Riots. Wo arc qratifintl to learn, from L hilarlulphtn papcls, tliat tlio riots in that city have boon put tlnwn, Inn noiu.nii no n..i....ry ,.ou. . juelltlienolnrsll uppoars mat tliero wore , n, lho whig Vons Mc8. Nnlia Con 14 nersnns killed, 39 ivoiiniled, sortio of tlio veniinn. nnd Ihnugh. ns was known lo Ins intimate j,.r it is sminosod Will Vet dit) of lllL'ir.1 r . ' ids. Tup Uiiivs. We saw. on Saturday, the m ina in nsimrinn. tbi blaekoned crumbled walls I of thn Church, of the School House, anil of many, very many dwelling houses, that the pas. aions of men Ind doomed to destruction, Tho heart sickens at such exhibitions, and inquires for Ihe justice of man, that allowed nf such un lawful, unruly violence; orthe justice of Ileav n, which seemed to sleep amid the wrong do iii;s of the wicked, both when the murders woro committed, and Ihe properly wated. Wc learn cd nothin? tliero to answer that inquiry, but returning; by the way of Fourth street, wo wont up and stood among: the snioulderiui ruins of St. Augustine's; and when wo renewed our inquiry, our eye rested on the uppermost por tion of the opposite wall, from which the fire had peeled every particle of plastering, and lick ed ofTthe decorative paint ; but ns if in defiance of the wrdth of man, and Ihe fury of the 11 tines, there stood, in clear uninjured letters, the in ncriptinn, "Thk I.oim Sf.etii." And we turn ed away saticfied in our heart, and exclaiming, in quiet submission, " Shall not the Judge i f all the earth do right V'l'hiln. V. S. Gazette. Quick TnAVrxLlNrs. Two gentlemen regist ered their names at the Treinont House at five minutes before 7 o'clock, on Wcdnesd iv eve nine; having loft Montreal Iho day previous at 0 o'clock, A. M. Tliey ramo via. Hurlinglnn and Conrnrd performing the nm in linurs and 45 minutes. This may well bo called, through lij day light. llostan Gazette. KXTRAOItniNAIlY l)IKCOVttRY. l'rofes-nr Van Grusclbach of Storkholm, !ia very lately brought to a slate of perfection the art of producing a torpor in the whole system, by tit'.- application of cold of degrees of intensi. ty, proceeding from a lesser to a greater, so as to cause the liuiiMn body to become perfectly torpid, without permanent iiniry lo any organ 'or tissue of the frame. In this they may remain one hundred or a thousand years, and again, nf. ter a sleep of ages, bo awakened to existence, as fresh and blooming as they were when they first sunk inlo this frigoric. slumber. Tln attention of tho learned Professor was fir.-t led lo the subject, by finding a load enclos ed in a solid fragment of calcareous rock, ten feet in diameter, winch, when taken nut, tliow. cd unequivocal signs of iife but it is supposed that the concussion caused by blasting the rock occasioned its deal h in a few hours after. The opinion of Rirnn firnilhizen, who is at present to the lwng of .Sweden, was that it must have been in that situation for at least seven thousand years and his calculations were drawn from Ihe different layers or strata by which it was surrounded. From tins hint the Professor proceeded to make experiments, and after a painful and labo rious course nf experiments for tho last twenty nine years of his life, he at last succeeded in perfecting the great discovery. Not less than sixty tlnus.ind reptiles, shell fish, ccc. wore ex perimented on boforo he tried the human sub ject. The proress is not laid entirely before the public as yet, but I had the honor, in compa ny with a friend, of visiting Iho Professor. I shall give a slight description of one of the outer rooms containing sums of his prop irations. Previous to entering we were furnished with an Indian rubber bag, to which was attached a mask with glass eyes. Tins was put nn to pre. vent tho temperature nf tho room from being raised the slightest degree by our breathing. It was a circular room lighted from tlio lop by the sun's rays, from which the licit was entire, ly disengaged by its passage through glass, Sic. colored by the ovidu of copper, (a lato discovery and very valuable to tho l'rofp;.snr.) Tio room is shelved all round, and contains nearly ono thousand specimens of animals. One was a SwedUh girl, aged, from appearance, about nineteen years she was consigned to the professor by order of the Government to experi ment upon, having been guilty of murdering Iter child. With tho cvcoplion of a slight paleness she appears as if asleep, although she has been in a state of complete torpor for two vcars. lie intends to resuscitate her in five more years and convince the world of the soundness of his wonderful discovery. The Professor, to gratify if, took a nnall enake out of lis cabinet into another room, am although it appeared to us to be perfectly dead and rigid as. nnirblc, by application of a mixture of Cayenne popper ami brant) v, it snowoil lmino diate signs of life, and was apparently as active as ever it was, in a minute, although the Pro. fessnr assured us it had been in a slato of tor- pur for six years. fort limige Gazette. The above is an extract of a Idler from young American now travelling in Kurope. ILLUSTRATED SHAKESPEARE Tho7th No. of iliisiruly splendid work is received by V. IIaiirington, nnd when more at leisure we siiuii notice it more at large. Poisosr.D nr thc Leaf ok the Pic-Plant. The whole family of Mr. Havens, of Iledford were poisoned a few days since, in consequence of eating Rhubarb leaves boiled as greens, and It is feared that two ol the children will not re cover. The loaf of this plant, of which the stalk 18 used Tor pies without u ingur, contains a con tiderable quantity of oxalic acid. Jour. Com. CIll'lTENDKN COUN'I'V AGU1UULTU HAL SOCir.Ti'. The Board of Managers of tho Chittenden County Agricultural Society, are hereby notified to meet at J. Howard's Hotel in Durliiiglon, on the third day of June, 18 11, at ten o'clock, in the forenoon, for tho purposo of appointing a timo for holding tho Annual Fair and awarding pro iniuuis, appointing committee;, and for tho transaction of any other business necessary to promolo tlio objects of tho Society. By order of lho President. VM. WESTON, Secretary N. B. Members of tho S.iciety who have 'circulated copies of the Constitution for sigua tire, are requested to make returns at the above yeetin;. COt EDWARD II. 111LL1NU3. It has never fallen to our lot to record n death so deeply nfThcting to the immi'dialo relatives nnd rncmls of the deceased, and so painful to Iho romniunity at large, ns that nf ihe Individual whoso tnntn stnnda nt Iho head of this article. 1 lis loss i one of llioe af. Mictions which Ihu Atari of the eoininiimly feels b io n blow, and in tics case, the mole stunning from the. ficl that it emtio unexpected, nnd tin 'tlcndcd. Had ,0.mci MS ?!", . "V i. . ."z;. : 111 Ills Sirilgmc in; III, mm ii.iv., ii,.n i nnvrr so iinntnibnir. ns nnv one of us nil would hntc periled Ins life to have done, it would, in some measure, have hiiligntcd iho over s' helming grief wilh which bis tinliinc v clcnih has filled etery individual who Ins grasped his hand or iniiuled in his society t nmlcven rcoonriled in some measure, those who knew nnd laved bun best to their irrepar.ihlc loss. So sudden was Iho blow llint Ins friends have not, eien vet, sulli lently recovered lo fully realize llic extent of Iho stunning c.i.nnuty, nnd "it cannot be so wn shall, we must see him, again I he will coma back." is on every lip. Hut it so. Thcv arc nil back who left for tho Convention, all but him nnd he It s a over wil l Mm, tins mysterious Uro. and i. i only left for ,,s lo feci .ha. bisplaee ran never be filled, to see him laid on Ins dreamless pit low, an I to cherish Ins memory till we ro'.low it in. I'oronrseltes wc hate no right, and wo will not speak of the sorrow tee feci for Iho loss of n noble friend nnd a true brother, one we hate known fioin his and our childhood, wilh whom wr, have enjoyed thcnint inlimalo nssochlion, nnd with whom we never had a disagreement, the most slight or trivial tho bcreavcnient is too Generally fell nnd the sorrow too uniiersil. There were so many loveahlo things nboutliimt bo tvn so nenerous, so hiah-soiiled, so disintcrc-lcd, so magnanimous nnd ginllcmnnly in nil i is nlcre- magnanimous onu rtniieinniny u. r bis intercourse will. Ins friends, so prnminet in his cliarneler were all those elements, which constitute Ihe NontB-MAN. nnd so henrt-bmn in bis eonsiilulion w ere nil those fino feelings, nnd lofty and manly im pulses which, in lime, would certainly have made linn what his friends hoped nnd believed he would I e, that it is not strange ibat the whole commnnity should, ns one man, mourn lor nun as lew men - " frn,l.imorP. to attend. friends, not in bis usual good health, vet, able, it was lelmveil, to sustain 'he filigncs or the journey. 1 lie rnenli tmo almwn ilint hisfrieods were mistaken. He was able lo be nut but a short tunc on the day of I he Contention, Thursday, nnd on tlio luesuny nisni, Mlowing, (Mny7lh.ini 12 o'clock, " the sleep that knows no waking" bad hushed forever one of the no- liliat linnrla tlm I r.vpr bent. The deceased wis horn in Charleston, II.. on thofilh of Apri', 1919. nnd was, consequently but n fewil.ivs pas' 2G when he died. He entered thn Uni versity nf Vermont in thc fall of IS3I nnd graduated in Iheclassof 193). A short timnnrter, neenuimcn ccd the siinly of Ihe Law in llic office of O P. Cimsd KEn, Hsq., in eompinv with whom nfter bis admis' sion to ihe bar lo the tioio of his death, ho .has prac iced his profession. II 'oodstock Papers. U. V. M. Tho Sophomore Class would tender their warmest thanks to Aztto Ratines and his asso ciatos of the Junior Class, for the magnanimous efforts', which they made upon tho night of tho loth inst.. to secure a full altcnd.ircc at their exhibition; and would assure them, that they have laid the whole Class under infinite obliga tion by thus deigning to appear in disguise, in order to carry into effect their deed of cbari tv and lovo. Doubtless tho Faculty of College and all good citizens of the town, will join in this slight tribute of respect to manly worth ; but u bother this bo so, or not, the Clats will ever remember this noble instance of disinterested zeal. Should they again desire to engage in'a similar act of pure benevolence, thoy can bo furnished with a largo quantity of cards of their device, which lho Class happen lo have in their possession. Other matters in connection wilh this afi'iir might be specified, but wc forbear heaping hon ors loo thick and fast upon truly modest men. 1JY THE WHOLE CLASS. Burlington, May til, 1811. fXAII thu proof tliu Sopliomorcs have of tho cliurgu iitiovo is it is said " Truth is hidden from the wiso nnd priid'jnt anil re vealed unto bubes nnd sucklings." Am. hut tiii; Sopiiomoiii: Class. 'ID) Si dl , In this town on tho 17th inst , Isac Nm, son cf Horace and J.lecta A. Lane, acd 2 years and 3 months. NO TIC rPIIF. eomini-sinin. I, ntiu-couimi-sioned oiliccr--, pi X oirs r-, iniisii'iniis und privates ol 10 h l.igln In famry Company of BurliiiL'ton, of t lie uniform militia in the Olh Hci'lmenl, are hereby notdie.l io an near. wild iiuiforuisaiuis and equipments rcq'tircd by law, ai II. lii.-liop' llolcl, m n ii I in st on, on lie-tlay. June l b, 1811, nt U o. Io-',, A. M., for mibfiry dn'.l ami inspection, anil Ihere to wait lunlier or.liv.s. liy oruer ol Hie ;tiit:iin. T. W. I.OVF.LL, Clerk. Burlingion, -May 20. 1S1 1. 52 L HI E R ACTION. 'TMIIS cerlilics that I have tin- day given 'my two J- minor ,.011-, I'nt'ur.RtcK an Pmon, their lime to nci and irade for themselves, nnd I idiall pay no debts of their t-ouiraeling nor claim any of lii'-ir wage-alier llii-tl.iie. iiUC.N E. PRIOIt Jen dm, I., March 1, 1311. 51 w3. SOMETIILG i:V i a PRACTICAL 1-e.sson. in Cngli-h Composition for 1 esinners. By Grammar and Rev. P. Hut Ns. A rife a j cents, cor .sale hv May22,'ll. 51 wG S. IIUNTINOTOX. TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. rPlin subscriber will carry on business two door L north ifH. Innici'.. bop, on the New Iload, All work (ii'ru-ied lo him will I e done in a lashioua- Me lylc, an J good Kiti-faction giien. Also Ready made Clothing kept on band and lor sale hap for ca-h. .V H. Garments elcnned. nnJ vutling for ol hers lo make', done cn lho frhorle-t notict'. K. I'A 1 l l-.KSUN. R irlmston, Slay 2?, IS1I, 51 3m NEW (JOODS. TIIL ml siTi-er I now receivin? Irnm New York a sci'ornl n s-nrlmenl of DRY fiflODs. mm. Cr.RIHS, l ltOCKIUtYnnd GLASS WARF. Al-o, Flo ir, Sail, Plaster, Salmon, M iclert I, ('ml Fi-h, eic. KOIIAUL LANK. Hurlmiion, May 23, 1811. 51 M- U- KATIIBUK & CO- DRAPERS iy TAILORS, No. '2, PeckV H id ling, HAVT. returned from Nett- York with their Spring Sloe! , comprising 1111 iis-orlincnl of carefully -e-leciel Vr.SriXOS, a lew choice CASSI MKIHJS, an I an ex't-nsive a.sortment of TiU.MSII.NGS. .May 23, Ml. 51 MOItU NUV GOODS. TLOItLNCi:, Biuid, Ruiland, Siraw and F.ii5lish Uoniiel-, Sli-ses' Bonnets, Silks, 1'iml, Ging. haul., Shawl', nnd Ildkl. tie. &e. m-t re eived by Slay 23, 1811. 51 II. W. CATLIN. riiOHCXCH DONXIiTS, I'Alt ASOI.S, &c. A F1NF asstirtnient of Florence Honnel j also, rV sumo elegant Straw Bounds, together Willi n Inrge variety if Bonnet Tnminmss, &i; now open-'"!-', nt C. F. .STAMFORD'S. Slay 23, 'II. 51 TTnr.c, iticn SHAWLS, rrDKfS, Cravats, Chanlla and Xet Veils, Laces XX nnd Ldgingsvervtbiap a' Slay 23. 51 C. F. STANIFORD'S. A GOOD assortment or Broad Cloth-, Plain and 1 uni'vCns-iuiercs. Hii-h Vcaiim-.. limn .1' rv Tweed-, Sa'linetls, S iinuler Studs, &e, ui pncci luwer than have I ecu sold in llns place. Way 23, 51 C. F. STAMFORD. JT'AllF.WF.LL'.S Shoes, of all kind, are kept and X now cifl'ercd lor snlo by Slay 23. 51 C. F. STAMFORD. NEW EDITION. fF OLMIY'S GKOGRAPIIY AND ATLAS- v very 111 it h en'arged and improved, it is now the tnv uv-i icni,-ra my 11 11-c, lor sine liy MayS2,MI. SlttC S. HUNTINGTON. MRS. FRASIER HAS jn-t rcmrned from New York, wilu her usual assort ment of. MILLI NF.RY GOODS, logellicr wilh lho Latest Fashion'. Florence nnd Slraw rcrairodin the ncwel slylc. B irlingtoii, Mnj 21, ISil. 51 L SPRING GOODS. A Large nni Choice Assortment of STAPLE AND FANCY GOODS, Jul received from New Yi rl by HOY N TON &, UUttllETT. SATIN nnd Embroidered Shawl, Plain Do Lane do., STiisliu iU Lane, Fring, (limp, Cambric und SIullns, Prlireu Lawns nnd .Muslin, Alpine lloinha zincs, iiu,ierv. m. tc. & .- pM.-f'l.q til'INTs. . iu ' ' 1 n Ortoic I'allerns. l ent Hleeohcd nnd Sirii't'l .Slnnnm-.'1 in!. mir. Sntblmrv I'l.inncN, Plaid", Uiuglianis, In'-h l.inen, llrowh Iloll.ind. a laririi of Siiininer C'lolli nnd ti,iiiihrmus and v.tnou l.tnMv nrticlu mil ineiilinretl. A very thoicu n'lcetinn of llnoAD Ct-UTIIs nnd Vestincs. OincctU's. JI(iMes, Hrown Sugar, Lo.ifdo., 1 ouns Hyson, HvMiii, IIvmiii Skin. 1 1 I Imnerial Tea. Coi!'ee.'Gin- ger, lti' O, It.ii-iiis, and Spu'cs ot'nll kinds. (.rockery nnd Glass Ware, .N'niU, Salt-, Plour nnd Fell. -Atso- ill keen on hand n pood nasnrtment of BOOTS nnd SIIUUS nf all kinds, nnd work made to measure by n worknuu that needs nn reconiincndalions, llincsl urgli, Alny 4th, 18 M. 61 Cm N. II. 10.000 lbs mjTTKRnnd SO. II. SHIN. GI.F.S wiinled in exehance for Good, nt the highest market price. Also, rnMi paid for Chee.e. HARDWARE. OTftONGS (f Co. have received nnd offer lo nur- O chasers a very pcneral asoruncnt of IIAHD WAItK, nmongsl wliivu may Lc found the following, Units and Screw, Norfolk nml American I.a( bes, Che-t nnd Window lllind Hinge-, Wire Check Springs, Mortice Hell Cranks, Cor'cd Dell Spring", IWI Cranks Ilotne ndk Hand, Tower, Flat sprun:, Square and Monkey Tail Holts, Trunk nnd Che-t Hnndles, t'nnlen, Fire Inn, flench Vices, Ilniss B'Utoni on pl.vcs, .l.ipnn'd do. Screw Pnllies llnl and Coat Pin-, Iliack Hooksund llinues, Slwtler Screws Slul bs ami Plates. Pad Lock-, Trunk do., Cupboard do., Till do., V. IICM IIU. 1,0115 shanked and Concave Augers, Braces nml Huts, Ilevils, Firmer Clii-eN, Joiners, Mori ire and Socket do. (iomre-, llrass Dividers, Ciinihlets, Sinile nnd dim! le Plane Irons, t'ooipa.s, Cralnng, llund and llippinc Saws. huives nnd rorli, Carver-, Sleel, Ilmcher hnive, llrenuaiKI &noe Knives, 1 'rittiiui i ir do. Pocket and Pen do. I aper dies, .Mill do. Hat llasinrd do. half round do. iiorsei(a-p-, lira-s nulls, Uurlain nm.". Tea be Tape MeiiMires, Holler Chains, Sad Irons, Tail or s (io., I3r.iil, TnMc Spoon, Table IIiinc. till tins rappers, Head Awl, Siiti Fasteners imii i raci,ers, ali Kullers, l'lnlelocU, Iron Spiare-, Stub do, wood aw nii'i r rallies, Pewter Cocks, Hung l iirer-, Butler tryers, Sickle-, Col Tucks, Frying pans, Hal Traps, Box nnd Ivory Kiilp, Toy Hoe-, Ladie-'do. Screw Driver', Mihonany Knobs, Sirap Hammers, Carpet do. Screw renches, Broad Hntrhet-, Sliitighns do. Brass Skimmers, Saw Sells, &c. Ac. Al o, IIKAW IIAKDWAItn. Anvil-, Vice-, S eel, Plain! and Iron Shovel and Spades. D in? Fork. Ilai- do. Cm llnr. Wr,,', Nail-, Trace Chain-, Inn Wire, Bras ICeiile-, ite .u. iy 101 1. J1 HAVING reeived n very ex'en ive nssoriment of DRV GOODS inviie the Ladle- and Genile ineu of B irlinglon nn I vicinity to call nndexninme Ihem. Ainnnir which will I c found Balzorinrs. t.awn-, Saiin Siripcd .Muslin, SlripeJ Sliuhn Ging hauis SI. 1). Laine-, sVe. vc. Also X very extensive ns oilmen! nt Itlni.t.- niul liln Black Alepinesof superior o-ialiw uud fun. h vciv ow. Print s : a very 2 real varieie of bi'.ittiintt it . rli lizbt sround-.and superior quality, the mo-t elegant lylcs in market. 'I Host' l.oorls were I 012 hi in In ton and arc recommended furilurahililynnd lasicdors. Furniture Prints. Wbiie Furniiiire' Dnniu'. rv.,,,. Icriiane-, 111. 11 nnd 12 quarter-, and Curtain 'Fringes, Black nnd Blue Hl.icl;, German, r.nizli h and Allied- can Broad Cln'h-. ( a-sunercs and tstine-s, an cxleni' e assortment, Salincl'f-, Tweel-, Krui neiic, Cninblelien, Doe SI.111, C.tI m-rc, Fnrcre 1 and Plain l.vtjn.r Vnlie- tnit'. Stole, and o'ber rudi Summer siu.l. I nilie.' -uper Hindi K d Gloves, t.iulil Colore-ldo. lor summer, While tin., Half Long do. Abo, Silk, Lile Thicnd, Cotton, if-'-. Ladle-.' In bn Kill .1 er Mill , A few pair Rich C11T GrntVnieo's Kid Gbivea. tiinrk Wbne Hnd t,,lc.rt.,l. Idle Thread, t.incn all J Cotton do.. While Ivid nnd Silk 'In. Superior Sntlalfield Hdkf-.. Pennce. Chonnas nnd B inda. Hlat lc Italian Cravat, extra -ize. Pill; Opera Tics. Fnncynnd Black Salin do. Stocks and Collar. I'lc'iich Dimily, Camliic (n-t'rtmcr nml Ivlging, Frillies, Gimp., P ir es." B irs. Hooks und Kve. on Cards nnd in Boxes, Jet ilut'on. An ex ensue ns-orluicni of Zeibvr Worsteds, Pnrl Bulloii-, with nud wilhoni Innk.. Fine Comb-, Dres-mgdo, Sci-so Pins, Xe.'dle-, &c. Coltons. Pinrk- Slills, Farmer-, Slildlcsex. JTcrrim.ic. Dover nnd other Slueing-. Superior tin! le.ieh'd Family Slnriing and Drilling. Blcadi'd Sbceiing and Shirt ins, Ticking, .Mexican Mixture. Fancy Siripe, Check-, &e. Ihnnl on Slrin'd Jean-. Wiekiiic. Wnldmc, Bailing, Knitting Coiton, Cotton Yam, v.irpei t ai', cw' . in oiii pri e Irish Linen, Double Dama-k, Brown Linen, Jacket do., Superior While Linen Drilling, Dock, Cr.i.h Itii-sia Di.i er.UirdsKje Lintn,TubleCloih-,Spread.-i ind Doiahe 1'i.iin SI I). Laine Hdlif. nnu onawt.s, lioniiet, Can and Neck liihlion Marshall's Linen Tliread. do. While Mipcru'nc IVo, from 50 lo 100 for knitting Lace, tXe. Tailor's Trimmings. Silk, Twist, Imperial Canvas., Padding, Brown i.nicii,ccii.i-iii, minims, t,oai uorii nna liraiu. tvirr an-, .f-c. tf-e. Ta)lor's Spool Tluead, Clark's and oihcr kind Burlingion, 23 May, 1811. 51 GOODS AT WHOLESALE. GJKKSIAN Silver Tea nnd Table Spoon, r Pistes Tea and Table Spoon., Uriiaunia Tea and Table Spoons, Silvere I Tea and I able Spoon, Iron nnd Pewlcr S on-, GcrmanSdver m.. P.i'c. Ib-lier Knives, German Silver, Horn, Wood, Ivory, Shell and Bra-s Combs, Bone nn I Sle'af l.'ye'eto. Bool, Shoe an I Ct'r ei Laccls Hc-t New York solid Ilea I Pin.. O nice Pin-, Diaper and Sli.iwl Pin, Gokl, IMaled and Gilt I'm, Rings Jewe'ry. Rings and oilier Hoy's Hells, Glass, Gdied and Pl.ncJBead, Razorsand Razor Strap, f'laiitland Black spring Hooks and Eyes, Wallet-, Pure- and Purse trimmings, Stillellot's, Shtvs, nnd Khistics, lleinnnng and Sous' DriTd eyisl Nectlle, Kniiiias Needles, a-orltsl in fancy boxes, feel, Wood, Brass nnd Whalel.011'0 Husks, Whalel one in pound Iniiulle, Fancy, Shayiuir and Toilet Soaps, Pens and Pen Holder, Lead Pencil-, Tobacco Boxes, Brass, Steel, Silicred, Gilt, German Silver, and SilverTlunihle-, Perciis-iou Cap-, Scis-or, And a variety of other 11 nicies which we intend 10 sell so that the nurcliaicr run orntii hv I, .1, them of us. We-have arranged lho second story of our new siore 'or storing such Goods as we have not room for I elow, anJ for whole-nliug should ihe de mind for such good- a we o 'ernnd our prices ena ble ns 10 whole-ale Ihem. We lire very mix'e-l nnd moderale in uur expecinlions fioin the tt hole-ale de parimen', butlhiiik tve can supply i ii-tomer. satis Ineiorily, and shall I o happy lo shew ihem our good and tell ihem ihe price-, and we know we shall not sell Ihe goods il we put them too li'gh. No harm to call nnd look ; nothing like looking ler yourself too j can'uloniiy thing till you try ; there is a I eginning 10 every ilung. We can sell as much as llits boy warned when lie went to the slave denier and enquired ihe price of staves at wholesale and when the price was nainedsaid "1 will lake oneal wholesale." 11RINSSIAID k I1ROTIIF.RS, Successors 10 Pancborn & HhIksjuid. W. B, Clocks nnd Watches by the 1 ox. NOTICE. rplll, Selcclmen ol Hiirlinglon nml J. i-h lo COntracI for I ml tin.- n llpt.l.r., ......... unior Uiver at the High Itndije, so called. Bridge ; : ""' s ,1 , piojiofais lorine jolt ni-iLiiaui in me urioge wri 00 irom eo 10 00 Icel. An Arch Bridse i in conti n'olaiion. 1,-u ,,.,,. ,.1 lor a Plank orothcr kindj of Bridge will le received uuu uuiy consiaereu. WVLLYS LYMAN. YSIAN. ) TOUtLLY, ! tSF. ) Seleciraen of Burlingion. Selectmen of Colchester. 5! ituvrtvii.'K SEMI SIORSI' JACOB ROI.FK, AIIL'IO.N' D. WICKWAI1K, KLISHA HAKER. May 20, IBM. MAH, 10 llhl., X Slay j. North Carolina, by 50 ri(OMOS & Co. Cork Screws. Hand Vices, Trowels, Steel Yard-, 50 lo 100 lb-.. On I lron-,S.auce pans, Eiinmel'd Mnsiin Keltic-, Bellows Pipes, Bed Keys. Conner Wire. Screw nullii... Axlo.ln TO MERCHANTS, MANUFACTUlt ERS AND DYERS. Dyc-Stufl's, l)yc -Woods, AcliU, Ate. HIIIUMMItl) MOIKiAN.; 17 I'lllTOS S T It E r. T , N 4 V . Will hare constantly for sale, Alum, Arffol, Indieo. I ACIDS. " l.xiraci, iqoa corns, Antimony, Ardul, Annilto, H io, Hichromaie, billiard', Dye, l adder, Nm Call-, lltalic Acid, Priissiale Potash, Pcnrlnsli, Pola-h, Sal Atnoniac, Sugar bead, S im.ic, S.tllloviLr, Tin, Turmeric, Teazels, Tnrtnric Acid, Verdigris, Wood, Whiiing, Stc. tqun Ammonia, iluri.Hic, Innate Tin. v ,t. SI. Tin, .Vi'rie Acid, Hleaching Pow ders, British Ouin, Jil unoi, DVI'-AVOODS. Bar Wood. Hrinilone, Co-hineal, Cudl car, Copperas, Copper I'ust, Cream Tnriar, ('nm Wood, l n-lie, ll.vhe Woo.1, Hyper Nic l.ogwoo I, Peach Wood, lied Sunder", Marbnrv Hoot. t.lieniic, Fuller's Forth, Ouin Scnesral, " I'owuers, Glue, tjuer. H.rk, &e. Aircnts for C, Header's Pliiladelnhia Oluc nnd Whip., nr.d C. Header .V. Co.'.s Starch, to which wo in vile particular ntlcntion. 3C!rCnsh paid for damage I Hides, Indigo, t'ernon-, and Glue Pieec, of nil kind;.. 51 3ni UNION HALL AT CLARENDON SPRINGS. 1844. DAVID HOIIGMAM, the original pro prietor of Ihe nbove establishment, niinouiiccs lo llic public that the same has this Soring tin 'ergonc a thorough nnd (omnlele renovation, and is newly furnl-hcd and iiue.1 lor uic tu'iiii'ii un., in, , .iis.ii u ui ,ii,titwa ....... j..., n...i Ar L.jij. and the reception of fashionable, company, parlies of plcaure, ivc. ve. 01 the iiicd.cinal properties of lhec waters, nothing need be i aid. Hundreds who have proteil ibeir vir tue, aie ready lo le.titiy " lliat lliey were once blind they now see," and tliousli once lame and in (inn " they now can leap for joy." A LADIES' .SrilOOL is now in succe-fil operation con hs'tel l y Mis .1. M. Smith of Roekinghain, Vt nn able an I accom plished instroctre-, which will give uch young ladies n wi-Ii lo ro-toie iiupaiied health nml nt the Mime lime nticud to literary pursuits, nn opportunity of spending n few weeks ino.-l plca-anlly, and at a'tri thus expense. The subscriler pledges him-elf lo mi di as may pleae lo favor hiiu Willi ibeir palroui'.-u llnl they shall go away sati-fied with lu accomodations nn'J Ins charges lor the -ame. DAVID I10DGMAX. Clarendon Spa., Mny I, 1811. Slw3 18:4. LAKE Gil A MP LA IN. I'are through the Lake reduced to S;,Ot), (JItals extra.) THE BURLINGTON', CAPT. U. W. ElltllMAS, Will leave Whitehall every 6't. Johns every Tue-d.iy, Monday, 'I'htirsrliy, Wedne-day, Saturday. THK STF..Mi:it SARANAC CAl'T. G. LATlIIlor. I Will leave Whitehall every Si. Johnscvcry Mon lav, I Ttie-ikty, Wedne.-djy, 'Ihurd.iy, FnJay. I Saturday. At one o'clock, P. M. from each end of the Lake. 'I he nbove is ibe nr.'angement lor running fur the season, nnle-s notice i given Io the contrary. The Company intend In p'acc the Steamer While hall upon ihe l.mein-leadol iheSaianac, early in Ju ly next. She will I e comma tided by Cnpt. G. Lithrop. Burlington, IG Slay, IS 1 1. 50 S TliAYED. FROSI the subscriber, in Br stol, on the IfJih insl. a laree HAY JIARE. heavy wilh fold, with a I ...l,:... .. u:.- I.:..., . J, ,, . .. ' imii iitut-. "nnu iiiiin irei, nna sunn grey spoi on Ihe mall side, nnd shod btforc. Whocier will ttive information uheie she mny be found shall he well re warded. ASAPH PARM.U.F.C. Bristol, Slay 23, 13ll. 3l w3 FOR SALE. r"I"MIF. subscriber oilers for sale his present place of residence. GliO. G. INGF.RSOLL. Pearl St. May Till. 19w3 NEW 'fill! STORE AND NEW GOODS. ib-crd er has taken the New Store one tloor X north if .Me- Biuisinai Is' ti here he has ini reccitetl nnu now o ers lor,., u gnr;,! a.vort luenl of Fancy and Staple Dry Goo I-, Dry Groceries,

Paper Hanging-, &:, ttlndi for quality uud chenp-iic-s eauntii le sorpa-el. Purcha-ers are invited lo call uud examine lur lliem-cltcs. C. F. STAMFORD. H irlinglon, Slay 10. IR 1 1. 0 LEATIIEIl! LEATHER!! T K. C. I.OO 318 S TTAS just leceivcii Irum .New York 11 Inrgj stock of XX of LF. THKR, ofeierydc crip'ii n, which with a good R.-soriiiienl of bis own nun il'acn re, makes Ins siock cm 'land second lo none in ibis pan ol Ihe couniry, and tiill le M fort wid nol miv as cbcap', chea 1 ch.isnl ihi.',ide of New York castt or good nicer) he heaper, lliati il iar. le par- lllfl Si.lf. of V V.ipl- Snl.. l.nllw.r Ii-miti Is- IfiSfl coins n pound. Oak Skirling, Bridle and Hog Skins. French Call Skin,-, Kip- and Seal Skins (Oak in 11 inn. 1 Morocco, Kid, Lining, Trimming, Hoot Slorocco, anu i' renin hi,i ouin. All kinds of Shoe Makers Tool and Findings of etery dcsei iplion. F.ifhionable Lists and Boot Tree. Ilutnc.-s, Band, Top, Bridle, Skirling, Fpper Leath er, llor-e Hi le, Call nlm, e.c. Thick Bouts from (52,00 lo ?'2,50, rah. Plcae give him a call and examine tho stock nnd prices. Pearl Slrcet, Slay 10, 1811. 50 NOTICE. T.I1IS certifies that I hate given my sons, De McniT and Svlvani's SI. Parsons, their lime to net and trade for themselves, and I shall claim none of their wages after this dale, JAMKS A. PARDONS. Colclicslcr, April 27. lc-)l. 50 w3 NOTICE. ALL nble bodied uhilu nulecilizcns, between the aire, ol 18 and 45. who arc not by law exempt from Military duty, resident withiit ihe limits nf llic 31 Hallaliou Company, of iho 9 h Regiment of Ver mont Sldilin, nte bereiiy notified to appear on Ihe Court House Square in the town ol Hurlimtton, on Tue-day, lho -lih tlay of June next, al 9 o'clock, A. SI. fully armed and ' etpi 1 ope I according to law, for in-pcciion and drill, and there auaii further order-. Ily order ot the Captain. N. H. FOLWELL, Clerk. Burlington, 17 May, 18 II. 50 NEW GOODS. SSL POPF. has ju-l recti ted hi Spring Slock ol Dry Goo I and Groceries, which be will tell for cash or ready pay a cheap as the cheapest, Burlingion, Jluy 15, 1811. 50 I?LORF.NCF. Braid Honiiet, Ruiland do do SIises' and Children's Straw do While and Colored Palm Leaf do for sale by Slay 15, 1811. 50 S. Al, POPF. NOT I CIS. THF. sub-cril ers wi-h 10 uuiily ibeir customers who bate bad wool manufactured, that ihe cloths are all ready for delivery, nnJ a Ihey wi-h lo close up Hie concern wouiu 00 mau 10 nave ineiii eau uc fore ihe lir-i ol June. The business will ihen I eear riedon by Ihe H. .Mill Co. All persons indebted, by oolc or look, are reque-tel lo seillo Iho same b) thut time. liOF.LOFSON, ItATHBUN .f- Co. 11. Mills, May 15ih, 1814. 50 tv3 STRONGS it Co. have just received and now of fer nt low prices, 10 Tons assorted English Tire Iron, 3 do do Sttcdc, 2 do liii-s'a Old Sable, 3 do tlo Nail rod-, Sanderson'. Cast Sticl, Swedes do, English llli-i. do. German, Too Cnlk, do Aiivib, Kotler Key, nnd Patent, Vices. Shovels. Snadci. Hoe. Cro Bars. Hay "und Manure Forks, Scylhe, Scoop fcbovcls, and full assortment 01 ironmongery Jday, 1541. 50 (3 II I V II STONI!S. TONS Nova Scotia Grind t-'toncs, linishol nnd tJ iinlinilieil. sizes ns-orlcd tSTRONGSttCo. Slay IB, '41. 50 1 G t'ASIl lsLTTLI-!S. M and 120 callous. Caul IT droit do 30. 45. CO and 120 aallon. vciy cheap, IT droit do 30, 45, CO and 120 aallon. vciy ( .May, 1811. 50 SIRO.NGS Co. vm few DISSOLUTION. rilIFeo-parliier-hip hcro'oforo existing between A Fisiir.n Tiutt n, CiunLRs II. Stuaiit and Joiim 0. DACor.TT. under lho linn of TIIAYKII, Si t ART A. Co, I this day di.sK.lved by eon-enl, Daggeit if- Smart 'assume nil ihe liabilities of the firm and Lccuinc pos,cssed ol nil M elects. TIIASTlt, CHAItbUS H, STL'AHT, JOHN 0. DACOiriT. Butlington, May 1, 1SH, CHAIRS! CHAIKSil CHAIRS 1 1 1 DAG as IT CiSTUAElT . r.SPr.CTFUIJ.Y inform lho public dial ihey ' 1 will hcrenflcr carry on lho CIlAlR making bu s'ness, nt the old stand of Tu.wr.n, STCAnT i& Co., on Church Si., two doors "outlinl lho County House, nnd ficl wnrraiitid in saying that they can furnish ns nnnasome nnu durante nil nrii'icin ims line, ns was ever olil'red'in I'urliniiloii, nnd un as low terms Please call and examine. All kin Is (il Chnrs, Settees, Sellce-era lie, and Stools made to order. Old Cluiirs repaired nnd palnlejat shori notice. Country Produce of all kinds taken in exchange for chalr. JOHN fi. DACfiinT, CIIAKLIM It. S'HIAltT. Hiirlinglon, Mny i, Iflll. 10 MICH GOODS. A FHF.SII supply of Super, Fxlrafine, 3 Ply Cor nelincsl Druecells. Green Bai7.c. Oil Clnlhs. Hush Mailings) Hich G-4 and 8-1 l'mb'd Printed nnd Damask Table Covers! Caipet Binding and Thread. LOVELY SEYMOUR Have also imported nnch ns'oitment of HANGINGS FROM PARIS, which they offer low together with a good assortment Of A MKniCAK do. Church it., May 10, 1911. 49 SPRING GOODS." L O VE L Y iV S E YMO UR, HA VK received a large nssoriment of goods ad.ipl el to he season, viz t Bombazine-, Black and Blue Hindi and Fancy Silks, Hu h ll.ifzuniie-', Syl- phied mill ephvr l)e l.aines, nil I Figured tie l.aincs, Pruned an I Gingham Mu-tins and l.awns; Rich l.uundi'cs and Pi.pbns,Fn ilard Sill.-,Scolch and American Oini'hiiu-1 nwi. Cambric, Book, Jaconet Nan-ook nnd Mull .Mo-lnis- n splendid n-sorimenl ol CAI.ICOKS: Rich Bonnet bilks nnd l,.uvn, ltibbon.. lliien. tiloves, ,Ve. CVc., together with every article in i tit- i-ancyana staple iry iiooas line. Church slrccl, .May ID, IS 1 1. -19 tf N Ii W & II. II. GOODS. DOOIilTTLE AIM? just receiving their Spring supply of Goods, consisniiL' in nirt of the billoiMii'' nru'i lis : Broad Clollisj Plain, Fancy, and Tweed Cossi lucres i Calicoes, Furniture do. i Pruned Lawns and Baloriues; Brocade, Orcandics, Luncilas, Atpaccas, Sinus' tie Laine, Swiss SIiisliu. Plain and Figured, Sliilldu. ; White nnd Colore I Cambrics, F.dgini'S, in--erlings. and footings i Shawls, iViaht Caps, Gimps, Mile Friuie, Blnck Chaiilillt Veils, Fancy Points, Blue!; Italian, and Colored Sdlc Cravats) Dimily Collirsand CufTs 1 Ladies' Black spun 6'ilk Hose, Coiton do. all piiccsi .Men's Brown and Colored Hoscj Ladies' ICid, Silk and Cotton Gloves ; SUn's Ivid. Buckskin, Linen and Cotton do. ; Ribbons, Fans Wlnlrbmi's. Pongie and Spilalfield Handkerchiefs ; Lint'ii (yaiubncs tlo. ; Coiton and Linen Drills; mi per Bhclc Drapd' Hi i. Slorcens, Tabby Velvets, Silk tin. 1 Black G.r.iffe. Chilli, Drab tlo.; Gainbroous. Umbrellas, P.irns-ils. and Sun Shadcsj White and Colured 'aim Jeans. Pius, Needles, While and Color ed Cmtun Thrcnd, Linen tlo. j ICmliing Coiton, Fur nitiue nnd Carpet Bindiupsi Bird's, Scotch and Russia Diaptrsj f'rnsh, Table Linen, Irish l.inen, Brown Holland. Klastic Suspenders, Sewing Silk and Twist; Twist, Ivoiy and Dressing Combs. Bullous, .r-c. .1- . Tile abnie, wilh a prcnl variety of other nriiclcs, arc o letcd cither for cash or ere In upon as ijood terms ns al nnv olhcr store in town, and persons hate only to call to satisfy themselves that goods can be bought of us al the lowest rales nnd of lho best quality. Burlington, S Sliy, 1S11. -19 tiG SPHIITO- GOODS. IVM. JIURLHURT, TT.s5 Re'e;vel and is now reectvins a general as- 11 -or orltneni of I'"AXCY & STAPI.R nnv GOODS among which liny I e found :i leantilul assortment of Lawn-, for La lie, l)ru-e-, Homl nziuc. plain. bine 1 1111 1 ngiirei .uoneiine tie l.nmc-, rich fig irc.l Dre-s Silks, plain black 1111 1 b'ue black Gro tie Swist. nnd colore 1 Cro t'e Nap do., Hound Silks, Supcrliite Bi zorine, Lite and Linen FIginr-, Swi.s mil Cnmlri" Filsnig nud Inserting-, Fine Dimily, Chnntcll 1 Vcl-, Fancy II Ikf. an 1, Honiiet and oilier RiU 011, wide Lace, plain and lij'd Swiss SIosluis, an i ('audirio. Plain Si'iii stripe I and Dama-I; De l.aine Shawl De Lame Hill fs. Kid Glove-. List Thicaditnil Side tlo. Silk .Mills and Glove-, black and eolorcJ Gimps Net Cap-, etc. 0.0. ' ' BROADCLOTHS, Plain nnd Fancy Ca.imere. Sallinells, Sun iner ( assinit-re, plain and colored ('anil roon, Draptl'Lte, Linen-, Kcnliicky nnd Ilain ibon Jeans ; French, llnzli-h 1111 1 Amcaican Print. Sloirnum- lialzirmc, Liwn-, Ticks, I'lnnurl-, Cm h ; P. L. Hal-, I.. Bounci. Le.-horn, Uinhrel-ht-, P.n.i-ol-; Twine, Wick, Batting, and oilier things too numci cms to incnlioii, Als, A General A-srrlment of Family P. S. Mr. James V, II irlburl may I e found al the a' ove slire where he will I e h.ipy 10 wail 1111011 hi friends an I others tvho may favor bun wilh n call. Sloie directly oppo-ue Sle-s. Lovely & Sey-mii'it'-, I'lnirdi ir'eet. Burliii2Kn,.May 10, 161 1. AO f KEIiiN &- SPEAIt HAVI! ju-t reerivol Irom New York a general assoiiineni of F.uicy an I S aple Drv Good, comprising the l.ilcsi sltlc. 01 Prints, ttinshani-, Boin' nziiies, Bomiel nnd Dre L-iwu, S Iks and Sill, Shawl-,, Lam-. Brncha Shawl-, I'lurencc nu 1 Straw Bonnet.-, Silk Parasol, Hosiery, Glove-, .Mills, Ac. Also, For Gentlemen' summer wear, Drap D'cte. Die Skin, I'n-suncic, Tweed CI01I1, G.nnl roone, Homl nziuc, Velveu cn. Fancy Silk Vi-im, l'lni Inn' I ' ou'v ', vct tin., Slar-aill and Valcnli.i do, Fancy I nn 1 p ain 'iii-i;anu i ie., t.ra.-ai-, u,.iars, ifce. cVc. Win. h will le -oil a. shcap us can be buintlit lor cash or approved credit. Uluirch slrcet, Alay S, 1H1I. 49 f DAIRY SALT. QOf Sack Dairy Snlt,jut rcteitel by JUU II. W. CATLIN. May 9, Ml. -ID P2lZrJT IVABjRHOUSB IN NF.W YORIC, To supply ibe City and In'enor Trade, by the Piece or Package, Removed ! From 113 Pearl Strict 10 1 I CI! DA It ST U HUT. NKAIl WllllAM SmETI. LFE & HliEWSTEIt give nolice to l,0 Dealers in Drv Gottl., 1b.1l ihey have remotcsl ibeir Wiirchoa t' lor Primed Caheoe-, l-'xelusiu'ly, fr..m Pearl, lo 1 I Cedar Slrcet. Hyconiiinng their at leniion to Prims only L. tSt H. are enal led to exhibit an assortment far siirpa-sing any ever belore ciffeicd in America and lo sell al prices'a low and General ly Loiter linn" huu-es wlio-e atlcniinn isclniled among a large variciy ol article. The Slock cou-iss ofsKVEUALTiioi'SANrsor Pat tei.ks ash Coi.oniNCs, iinbracin!r etery variety of ASIEBICAN AND FOItEIGN PRINTS In market many styles of which are got up ev hi sitely 'or their own sale-, and cannot be had else where, exccpl 111 second bauds. Dealers in Prinl will liud it for their interest to e. limine Ibis Sli k I efore making ibeir purchases 1 be)' will h.ivi'lbendvanlai:e it leariuus the lowest inar- kel prices ami eouiparing all thu desirable styles in marl. el Vo by ti V. (.'aiulogiie of Price, enrrecto I with every variation 01 uie tuirKci, uroiiai-vM in 11111 uanu 01 imyers. April 9, Ml. 49 tf NEW GJOODr A GOOD ASSORTSI F.NT nf Broad Cloths, Gros d'Kin, Drab de Ta, Cassiinercs, Twi-cils, Sali nclts. Rich Yi'stiiiEs, Summer Sniffs, nnd Triinminos. ivu. tve., ss ijisrii ni uc aoiu in prices 10 sun piiretia sers. LOVELY tv SEYMOUR. Church street, Slay 10, 1811. 49 MISS U. IiViNNEV WOULD respeclfullv inform the Ladies of Hur liniton that s'io lins just returned from N'ew Yotk ttilhn good nssoriuunt of Bonnets, Ribbons un., .7iih u, uniciciii biyu-s, i.aces, uoruers auu .x lilicials. cVc. Hio bos New Patterns for Dresses, which will be tnide to order. Ladies am respectfully intilcd to call ond examine 111c t.oous. N. H. Slraw nnd Florcnco Hats bleached and scwrrt in the newest style. Burlingion, .May 9, 1811. 40 DONNETS. V it II. II. DOOI.l lTI.Uliate just rcceitcd an L . assortment of STRAW AND FLORI NCF. iitcAiu.t.o inc laio-t paicrns, which Ihey ofler fot c ite eotni'. May 9, 1S1I, iO c IVoW Store, Now Goods, Now I'm -.tiers, Now Prices. Now Kvory thing utmost, lilllNSMAID & BROTHERS, ISwccssort to Pangliornip llrintmald,) Alll! opening n moreexleniveassorimcnlof I e.t i llfil Goods Ihin ever, nnd they will In sold a prices tint can't I cheat, we In has'e subjoin u small llt nnd invito all lo call and nit u, no eot to look if vou do not trade Mnlaccn Canes, do do Hotter Mmc, Silver plnlMTihlo Spoon-, Silver plated Tea Spoon', Braiianiii.i do Safety Lamps, Common Marbles, Poll hi"l do Gold Snaps, Front Hook. do T ea do Cus'ors. P.iysnn's Indclbble Ink, Cd' Piii, German Silver Spectacles, Steel Snu'lcrs, V li.ltebones, Drfsing Coml s, Slate-, " Swifts, vcel Top Tiinni lo-, Britannia Candlestick, Gill Shank I'm-, Gilt Sione Ifullli' Pin, Hrilatinia Tea Siirons, Sloue Ilea I Guard keys, Pockci Book Locks, Plain Gold Kings, Chased do Fincer do Bailey'- Indcllible Ink, Silver Pencil', Oeiiaon Head Key, licnmtn do do L.aitie' nroociie- niu oilier Ivory Poiket Combs, Sled Pens. ornament do tin Fnamt'lcil, do do Plain Border-, do t'o Small Garnet, tlo tin Topaz, Gentlemen Garnet Pin, tin Scurf Pins, Gobi tt...l,. Metal Pen Holders, Bone do do Tin Pla'ps. Wool Cbe.s Men, Chinese do do Looking Glasses, Lamp Glasses, German Cologne, lo tlo do Stone do Stone Brea-t Pin, . (old Fi iger Rings, j'eel wan h Kings, S:ecl tlo Keys, tlo Slue Buckles tmlil liuiru Kevs, Garnci Brca-I Pins, Gold Guard Chains, Giiilnr Siriuirs, rateul crncal aleties. Gold und Silver l.cver il rljtciIMccl l liter Mute, tlo Kude Re-Is, Block (;.il Buiiles, Navy Vest H.iltuns, (iold and Siher I.epine do itniu nnu puiver Alienor no (nil Guard Keys, Jet Bracelet Clans. !ilk 'Sashes, 'I clesropcs, Necklaces, Gol I Sue 'lacli's, Jewelers (told Ring", Brass Snui;cr, Gobi Thimbles, il.OCI.Cts (iold Pen Ilea I Pin, Ger. sdver Tal le Snot n, Jet Ornament, tlo tlo Tea Spcon, Necklace, new patterns, And very many new and iilendid ar idc-. We wo ild iii-t say th 11 we have Good suitable for every body, if a Pin, or Ring, or (.bain, or Key, or tvalcb, or Clock, or other articles ore wanted lor a few cents or shillings we hive them, il inure ex pen -site ones aie wanted tve hate llieni loo, il one only is wauled fora pcr-en's use, we can supply ihal oKr. ifib ens or more nie wnn'ed 10 s,! nir.iiu Ibis is the time and place to get them ; an 1 if you wi-b 'o see our alu-euiu ol iiuoU- nn I tin I o it our price , wc are rea !y and willing lo attend lo too. l.VI RY PF.R-O.V. voting "r o'd, neb or poor, no matter who, are free 10 come and fetch any one ihey choose, cither 10 11111 i-e ihcm-eltes iTlhey can In looking tliroimh our . Store, or to buy If ihey choo-e tr We haven slock of Goods niiiic varied and cxien-ive for u- nnd wc sol litem sot TO Ktxn, but lo sell, nnd we mien I lo ('i-trihute ihem. tiunk and cheap. They have I e gun logo quite well already and the quicker you (al1 the letter. So charge tr'cost lo look if vmi don'i buy; so call and sec lor yoursclvc-. Slay, 1811. -19 J. TRYON YTfOUI.D respectfully inform his friends and the v 1 inline tliat lie lias just returned Irom .New Yolk wilh tho latest fashions, and ihal he continues to carry on business ai bis old stand. Ilnvuig tin ted soma of Ihe best shops in Ihe t ily of New York ho Iriuts Ihal, wilh an experience of twenty-two years, ho can compete with 1 lie Lest Tailors m thu pan 01 ino country. N'. H. Cutting done at shoit notice, cheap for cash Slay S, 1SI1. sjy it GROCERIES. P. &. II. H. DOOLITTLI! offer lor sllc, Porio Rico and New Orleans Sugits, 1. oaf and Powdered 1I0 Hyson, Hvson Skin, Youni Hyson and Pow chong leas, of the tcry best quiuty, Jata, Lai'iiria, Rio. nnd Caba Collie, Best Porto Rico SIoInes, Uicc, Pipper, Spice, Giucer, nn I Cinnamon, Cavendish and Fine Cut Tobacco, Smokiii" do. Together with a rencral assortment of Dry Grocc rics. which they utter lor sale at the lowest prices. Slay 8, 1311. iO ttG i:ss ir.i nut. TI'ST re-cited, a frc h Minnly of CONliRISS WA 'I THU, 111 boxes of me and two 1I1 sen each, nud for ule I y G1.0. Pl.TLHSON. Burlingion, Slay 7, 1 111. 13 tf George Drummer's. Ustatc T7I! the s ihscribers, bavins I ecu appoin'ed by 1 t in-iiouora' le llie I'rt.oate i.oun u.r uie wis Irict f Grind Wc. commissioners 10 receive, exam ine anJ n Ipi-t ihe claim and demands ol all persons u-.'ain..t Ihe e late ol lil'.Ulllii;, late n Alburgh, 111 sail Di-tricl, dci-ca-ed, rcpre-entol inol vt-tr. ttu I also ,itl cialoi end nYnmiid- sliil.ii. I o oll'ei Ibcrein; and fix months from the day of I he date hereof, I erne allotted liy -aid ( o irl lor purpo-c wc tlo ihcicfiic hereby ciie notice, that we will ill lend 10 the hti-ine-s ofonr appointment, at the dwelling ho ne 01 llic lain tieorgt lirummer, in Aiuurjn, u -aid, on iherccond .Mondays of July and Sep leuiner nexi, ni u n cioci;, a .11., on e.u-n 01 saiu u.iy Dated, th fl.h tiny ol April, A. 1). IS 1 1. WIl.l.lA.M SUWI.i;.) 19 w3 I.LISHA RLVNOLD; Com. Stcplien .Mies' i;lalc. w E ihe her-, bavin 1 1 ecu aniinin'e.l hylh Ilonoral le thu Probate Couit for ihe Diirici ol l,raul Isle, I oiuuusoners 10 reieivc, cxauunu nnl adiust the claims nn I demands of all person against the e-taleot M l-;i-lli'..x linn-., i.ueoi Aiimr in said D'siricl, dece.i cd, lente-eulisl in-olteni, nu al-o all claim or demands exhibited in o bet ibereiti and-ix month from the day ot Ihedatc hereof, hem a'lowe 1 ny ai-i 1 u irl lor purpo-e, wo no ilierftorc. herei-v give notice, that t e will alien-1 to I he I usmos of our inipi'iiilinent, at thcdttelhng bo i-e ol Sillv Nl'c-, in Al' iin:!!, in mid Disinci, on ibe 1-1 .Monday ol July anil .epteinlnr next, at y o'clocl,, A. .11., each ot said tlay. Daied, this 3 1 day of.lpril. A. D.. .ll. 'FUKDEKICIC IIZi:N,,... 49 w3 JOHN REYNOLDS, L0" V ill la 111 Itay's) I'.stalc. XT7F. ihf sib-criters, li.ivins been uppointel ly s v Hie iionoraoie nie iro. nie t 01111 lor ine lit iriclcl l utlenccn. conimissioncr. to receive, exam ine and iidjusl the claims and demand- c I" all per-on asninst Hie e-lalu 01 K.ty, late of lime biugh, in said District, dei-eaiu I, rcprc enled 111-0I tent, utiil also an claim- ami iiem.iii 1- exliiluic.l o 1-etl therein; and six mouths froiu Ihe day i.t da'e hereol, I einvr al owe I y said Court for Ihal pur pose, we un there lore nercuy give notice, llial we w alien I tolhe h.i-iue-soj our ap)oiiiluicnl, at the laic thi ellins ol the ilc.vaeil, m llincsliorga, in snl u met, 011 the fourth Saturday of Slay and I7.ti.ler next, al 10 o'cln k, A. SI., on carh of naid 5. Dated, this 2Gthdiy nf April. . D., IS II." JOHN S. PVTRICIt, ,-.,. 49 i3 DANIEL PATRICK, loom' SELECT SCHOOL. FOR GIRLS AND HOYS. TtHF. SECOND TERM of thi. School will com 1 incuce 011 Thiir.lay ihe 5'h day ol June. There will le a vacation ot llirce weeks commencin six weeks from ihu l eginnmgof the lenn, nfiei which llicltTlii will tieeolilplcltxl 111 litewcclv. Tuition SIS.OO. St hool Itooins uier II, Slayo' Slore, west sl. e ot the sipiaru. .1. SI. BLTl.L, Teaiher. Hurlinton, April 29, 18 U. B,v48 I'l.OGIt. 1 ff lllllS Superline Fiour, " ilerrinclons"' IUU 50 half bbls. do do Slay 13, 1811. 50 STRONGS el- Co. , I.IIAD IIIU. Ac. 5 TONS Lead Pi'C J lo IJ inch, I do Slice) Lead, I C.i-k Shcs'l uic, 20 Haas shot. aioried No. by May 15, Ml. 50 S IRONG? .f. Co. MIIS. SAXTON HAS retuiued 10 Burlington nnd opened a .Millena ry Shop nt her old slnnd cm' door ni r.h of Lot ely and Seymour's s 010 011 Church si., w here ihe will be happy in ice nil her o'd c istomer nud 11s ma ny new ones a limy favor btr ttithneatl. Ladles' bonuet and Gentlemen's hats whitened and repaired in Ihu best manner. 50 w3 Alary Clark's Cstatc. STATE OF VERMONT, A T a Prol ate Court Di-lrk-l ol Chiliciiden, s-, ) . hidden nt B irling ion, wilbin nud lor ihe Disiru t afore-ai l on ihe 111111I1 day of. May A. D. 1811, an Instrument purporting 10 bu llic ia.t Wil nml Testament ol M.litY CLAIIIC. lale of lliu'erhdl, in mid Hi. met deoeu-ed, was pre seniei) 10 iho Court here for Prolate, by Naihan WdO.lruirtho Executor, therein named, T11r.n1 ronr. 11 is ordeusl I y said Co irl, lint pul I c nolice le given lo a'l person concerned ibeiein In I etorti iiml Cntirl, at a e-.iou ihercoflo le hidden at the Registers o-Hcem said Burlington, 011 (he second Wednesday of J inc. A. D. 1811, an.l conte-t Ihe probate of said Will, nu 1 11 is fur her ordered I lint tins nrler lo pihlishe! ihrco weeks lucc-e-sively 10 lho Burlington Fiee Pre, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this S'nle, the last of which shall be previous tolhe day n.sizued as nfurj-iii-l fur bearing. Given under my ban I at the Register's Ofll-'c, this Oth .lay of Slay, A. D. 181 1. 50iv3- Win. WF.STOV, AVgitfcr. MESS POKK. May 15. 10 U'L-.U- STIiONGS t. Co. 60 CKOCKERY, GLASS AND CHINA WARE. A I.irgeifc Complete assortment, NI'AV S1IAPKS V. mil PATTFRNS. Also, Cnmnheno Lamp Chimnies, Fxtrn Heavy Cono B C and Brnss Lan terns, itc. &c, just received by I.UVI'.l.l (v Sl.l muuii. Cliurch St.. Miirlington, May 1, Bll. 5 13if .OOKING GLASSES Af.nrge Assortment of yarious sues of O O, Bandea Plate, and I.a (nyctlc stybs. iusi rt-e'd hv LOVELY & SKY.MOUR. Church slrcet, Burlingion, 'I .-iay 1, lin. 45tf HSW GOODS. t'ST HEf'EIVED, by Slay 1, 1311. LOVELY & SEYMOUR NEW HAT ESTABLISHMENT. KsTCYKOIiDM & CO. Altl. now opening in Ibe'nill in ir directly oppfsiti: the Hank tf llurlinglon a gixi I nsornient of FASHIONAIliiF, HATS. w Inch thcv oIRt for snle. and in- isra i i o ... . pfp.,i.-K viiuine iii.i is- lot'Hii hihi r.tiiuii( RS r stjIjtpiHliiynndpriie. I Street. Slav 1st. INI. 4i if nrssiA nans. - 1 ons tvarranieu i(iisn ixmi nous, lursaietitr O FOI.LETT I1RADLF.Y ct Co. PUBLIC 1T0TIC3. s v n .ti e it a ie;it a i a n n e iv t . VIRGIL &. Co., PACKAGE EXPRESS WILL leave bVrhflfeon every Monday nf ernoon coi'112 Soulli. and etery 'I hursday aliernooii room .North. Packages 01111 be left wilh' SIer. J. sV J. II. PECK tt Co 47 VIIIGIL tS: Co. WOOD f LVMUEU. OHO C"r,U "oa ,)rV Hard Wool, "'" 1000 feet SuiiiircTunler. 50111) Feet (iood Seasoned t'laplnard, 150 M lirt uuilin Pine and Sprint; Sh nile. foraleby GEO. Pl.TERsON. April 25, 1311. 47 Arrival sit Home. HOWARD of the CIIIJAI CASH STORIJ. P El'IJItNED l.f't evening, bv I lie Steamer Sara LV. one. wilh an a-sorlincnt ol GOODS sUi'cl to the pre cut M"ison, un I he nol havin-i nine lo dispose of them al since and deir price-, tt l'l as heretofore sell qti'i'k ninlOhcap for Lash. AWV a, II 4J It'Ul-: PAPER. 800 P-. Ilou-e Pa icr, as.or.ed quality, ami new Patterns, very tliean. lu-t recpive-Lbr Slay 1G, 1811. 50' II. W. CATLIN. TIN 11, AT FS, &c. I PlO HOXES'lin Plate 1-3 X anil extra size. I VJV CO Rolls Iron Wire, No. 1 lo 18, Sheet Cupper, Tinned and Black rivets. Copper rivels nnd bar--, Bo t Cornier. Willi a neutral a-sor'ment of Tinners Tin's, STRONGS i Co Slay 1(1, '41. 50 IVf)T!CR. TF. it W. L. STRONG baring as-ooialed with . lli-iii ANDREW THOMPSON, ibe SJcrcan- ti'e and Cominiion business will le combined under ' lit- linn of STRONGS & Co. April 1, 1811. 50 TAILU .AT. P UAH. AN has returned to ihe Hills and open- e l .1 -hop oj pasiie J. W. Welter's store. Tim tat ronareot Ins. former friends and tho public generally, t respectfully solicited. Garments rut or nndeby him arc warranted ti fit Burl nglon Falls, SInrcli 12, 1314. 41 tf FANCY GOODS. TVTEW styles l.iiht and Dark Silk-. Balzorincs, IN Pruned Lawn- . SIi ue ce Laiue. rrcut-h liuig- haiii! and Prints, a fall assortment, Just rrcet'vcl by II. W. CAT LIN. ALSO Fine Florence Brai I and Neanoliton Honnetts. sin- L'le nnd ilout le run Colored nnJ White Lcjliurn Hat-. N-w siylc Bonnet, Neck and Cap Uihbt n. Arliu eial Flower-. Lace, a l' real varctv. Gloves and .Mi's, Jet Necklace- nud HairC.t'e.'K, Cra vats, Shawl , H h cfs, ccc. ike. DO.MESTIC GOOD". Brown Slu-etiir-'S and Shirting-', Coiton Yarn anl Camel Warn. Ticking. Wadding and Balling, Hlcicb- cd Cullon and American Print-, all kinds, just opened by II. W. l'AILI.. AISC A f II assortment Faiewcll'san l Ne.y Yoik Shoes of all km I an I siylc. Al-o, a full assortment ol Groecres (l.upicrs excepte I.) The above (i- ok .111 1 a treat many more not enu merated, bate I ecu selected wilh care and nuentiou in rtgard toty!e, tpiality nnd price, nnd are now cf fcred I'orc.i-h creilii cr prolucc, a.-low atanyottur elaiili-hmenl in ihe Stale. N. B A my motto 1, "as cheap as ihe cheap-e-t," iho-e wlui want ihu mo-t lor the lea-t money, will il ' will to call I cforr iatR'lia-in!r. lIW, C c.nX rP"F "riclt Budding on ihccast sido of e&vsJjS J- Court House Square, ai present oc- ait c i'4-. ''"pfd by Sir. Barnes, as a cabinet shop. Liio iire at lhi office. Burlingion, 'April 15, '44. 4C IXTACKLRXf CihI tl-b, Snlmon, Smut ed Bret by J.ViSIay 15,'jl 50 S TRONGS A Co I Z)ff Kl GS as.orleilCnl No Is, x WW V 2.) Ton- Pern nwu iiaciurcd, Iron, ni'ui I an I -q iare, a s Tied, 10 Tons Scro 1 Iron do 10 do Baud do t'o 10 t'o I f or.-e Shoe tin SI lnulact ire I by ihe Peru Iron Co. nn I for ala oo eim-izumeni, by STRONGS tfc i"n. Slay 15, 'II.' 50 SALT. 1 f( RI"'S' rnie-Sall, 1 K.JVJ 250 S icks (SS lbs.) Dairy Sal', '.'0 Sacks Liverpool I lown ib S!ay 15. 51) STRONGS & Co. yonci:. r"plll-s Ccriihe thai I hate siven my son, Wit 1 11 1:1 Dkckcr, hi lime to act and iradeforluin e f, an I I shall claim none of hi wage, nor pay any debts of h.s couti.iciing after ihis date. ASA DECKER. Alte-i, II. Ricttinpsnv. Wcsiheld, Annl 1, ISI1. Till! sul s-riler has uciti a- Ageni lurlhe.Ctm liisiuancv Company of Hartfoiil Connecticut for more than twenty years 'pa-t, nud conunue 10 tn-ur again-t losss'sts by 'lire, and all kind of building and personal proper y, and will re-eivr application at In oilii-em Burlingion, nud immediately i-sue Polices for that purpose ni as low rate if premium, ns any private cumpanv cm a lor 1, The un louhied re.poa il ilily of llii Company, insures iaVy to lli-imn. rcsl, iiiicJ ibeir pinmpi, honorable, mil III eral coiir-a lit Ihe ndjiisiiiient and payment (.f lo-fi-s, will leat lc'scd by all tvilh w horn Ihey hate ha I occasion lo do I ie.s. W.M. A. GltlSWOLD, Agent. Burlington, .March I, ISIl. 40 II" '20,000 POUNDS first quality SAI.F.RATUS Casks, Barrels and Half Barrel, for sale low bv I'OLLF.TT, BUADI.KY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. U,SX 23 A. D.VWSOX. TAILOH. Shop in the nouth end vt Mr. Stetson's 7iiv briei buihline, on Ctxureti Street. 11 1' R L 1 N G T O N , V E II M O N T . Cuttlns 1I11110 In the most approved tylr, ami M'arranteil. Mirch I, 1811. 6m33 WoollrfWool! rmlir. HI 1 readyto iw-eive Wool n inanufiiciure into Broad Cloth, oil tho nine lenn ns hereiofore, ly Sler. ItoclnlVi 11 and Rilhhim, tvho are expctisl 111 remain. Farnier-, Slcrclnnis or others, who ure wishing 10 have Wool mauufaituicd for their own use or fur market, can have It done in the l.e. manner. SIDNEY HARLOW, April 2J, 1811. 47 .4 got, .for li. M. Co. (Tl( ) VEIt SKIil). AVF.ItV superior ariielo of EASTERN CLOVF.R SEED. Alsj BO bbls fresh ground Grni'tr SUPKHFINF. FLOUR, just rcceitcd and for sn'e liy G. PETERSON Burlm.toti, Apul2l, 1S1I. IT